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They're bringing Bleach back? That's good, the shops were starting to run out with all this panic buying.
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Literally no reason to be like "Of course you chime in". Thank you for your pointless passive-aggression.
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"Take out those fuckin' PT boats!" - Call of Duty, World at War
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Don't worry, despite being evicted soon, I found a new place to live. The streets.
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I'm leaving the RP. I hope you guys continue to have fun. If you guys want to talk, you can still DM me.

If you saw my previous message, please disregard it. It was an emotional outburst.

Holly ignored the crashing that was happening within the Guild Hall, not wanting to look up and bear witness to what was happening. Ignorance was key, if she looked up, she knew, and if she knew, she had to act - which was most likely acting in disappointment in whatever she saw that involved crashing. the sooner they went out on the job, the better, if only because it meant she wasn't the one that was going to have to figure out who was going to pay for the damages. Zenith's comment in regards to the spirits made Holly smile a little, and turn her head back to him.

"Forgive me if I'm speaking too much about then possibly being spirits. I'm working off of what we have, because if we tried to think of every single scenario, the world would have ended by the time we even leave for the job." Holly replies, shrugging her shoulders. "In reality, a job, especially an S-Rank job, can go any six ways. We can happily discuss it being spirits, or curses, or whatever we like for a few hours, but in reality, we can go out there and it turns out there's a goddess hiding out in the forest." She was exaggerating, but she felt she got the point across. At Marduk's comment, she turned and gave him a thumbs up. Privately, she wondered if he had caught onto her emotions.

Holly turned her head to listen to Torys as she spoke to Gwen, but made her way a little closer to add in her two cents. "Thank you for the advice, Master," Holly replies. It was good to know about the travel difficulties involved with getting to the village. "I believe the train would be the best choice." And hopefully the other two agree, because it's what I'd do if I was going solo, she added on mentally.

She turned to Tone, and couldn't help but frown a little under her helmet. Two people were a lot to deal with on the S-Rank job, but a four person to their team would, in Holly's eyes, mean she had to watch over someone else. That was assuming he wanted to come with them. "Indeed, we will be heading out soon. We already have a few of us on this job." She paused, taking a moment to think about her attitude. There was one person she was happy to be taking on this team, and more people added on took away from her ideal enjoyment. She didn't, however, want to be too rude. "But, you can come if you'd like."

Turning back, she decided to approach Zenith again, to ask what he wanted to do for transportation. She knew what she wanted to do, but something tugged at her, just wanting to ask Zenith and make sure he agreed with how they were going to get there. "Are you happy taking the train, Zen?"

Holly could not help but eye perhaps the worst addition to the Guild as he made his way into the guild. Kaden was not the worst in terms of his magic, but in terms of his attitude. She despised the cockiness he presented, as well as just how generally rude she observed him to be. She took private joys in her victories over him however, such as the fact that she had managed to snag an S-Rank quest before he had managed to saunter his way into the Guild for the day. If she had not been wearing her helmet, she would have stuck her tongue out at him. Alas, that was impossible, and she refused to let her distaste for the man show - her helmet helped with that.

Zenith's smirk helped with that too, bringing a touch of a smile on her face. Holly was very glad that he agreed to joining her on the job, and was about to say something when Gwen, thankfully with clothes on, joined them. "Three's a team," Holly says, though privately she would have enjoyed the team being just herself and Zenith. Holly didn't shift from her position beside Zenith, instead bringing the flier back in front of her so that she could read over it again and discuss it with the pair that were going to be going with her. "Well, if the spirits have suddenly popped up behind the village, something had to have happened for them to move in. If they had been there the whole time, I doubt the village would have been put there in the first place. We might just get the answer from talking to the villagers right from the beginning. I especially want to know what happened to their local wizards."

It seemed that Gwen didn't want to go on the job, or was ignoring her, and so Holly turned the flier over to peer back at it's words as Asher looked to ask others what quests they were all looking at. Holly gave a simple reply, "One that quite simply seems very dangerous," before looking amongst the others in the Guild to work out who, if anyone, she could take with her. The answer walked in with various meals for various tables, and she watched him as he did so. The problem was that Zenith seemed to be very busy with kitchen work, and he seemed to be enjoying it, too. She didn't want to take him away from something he liked doing, unless it was eating fries with mayo. That was something she didn't oppose getting him away from.

Holly spied Lavinia barging into the guild hall, something she wasn't sure how to feel about. It could go either way with the truly evil being that she was, or intended to be. Today, it went the negative way, as Lavinia used her grimoire to send spears of blood out toward those following Gwen around. Normally, Holly would have walked over to tell Lavinia that was not a good thing to do, but today, Holly just wanted to take her job and get out.

Holly found it a little surprising that Marduk was the one to suggest that she take Zenith with her, and she gave him a nod. "I agree, it might be good for him to get out of the kitchen. I'll go and ask him," she says. She found herself suddenly having a question. Why was I hesitating before, but now that someone suggests it, I'm happy to go and ask? She paused to think about it briefly, before casting it away to think about it later. She makes her way to the bar, moving beside Zenith and leaning herself against the bar. "So, Zen," she begins, questioning why she was smiling so much under her helmet. "I was wondering if you'd like to accompany me on a job." She holds the flier between them so they could both read it.

While Jasper was sat observing the Guild hall quietly, he spotted Lilliana making her way out of the Guild hall quietly. It wasn't so much as he saw her, as much as something was tugging at him, telling him that she was there. He had worked out that it was her that brought that feeling to him, as he felt a slight nudging every time she entered the area, but he still wasn't sure why he felt such a subconscious little poke whenever he was around. By now, he had worked out that it was definitely her that drew him to the Guild, but he still didn't know why. Speaking to Lilliana briefly about it in the past few weeks, she wasn't too sure about it either.

His thoughts were interrupted by someone making their way over to his table. Jasper turned his head to watch the girl take a seat, a shy little smile plastered on his face. "I'm just watching everything," Jasper replies to her first question, though she seemed to be asking some more. His eyes moved to observe Lavinia's frightening display at those who were stalking Gwen, before turning his head back to face the girl who was talking to him. "But... I'm a bit overwhelmed. It's kind of scary having everyone just shooting their magic off," he claims, despite only Lavinia having done so. "I just, I'm not sure what to do other than sit here. I want to talk to Lilliana a bit more, I don't want to be like, annoying or something though. And she just walked out to do something."

The Guild was definitely different than what it had been a few weeks prior. It was a startling change for Holly, who had subconsciously become used to the relative quiet of the Guild's daily operations, and to the small group of people that she knew as friends. Now, there were people in the Guild that she didn't know at all and would most likely not meet for a long time, but almost all of those people knew her. It was odd to be recognised within the Guild by people that she didn't even know, but she knew she would grow used to it. Holly was smart enough to know that the hype would die down eventually, and things would become stable once more - but definitely not go back to the way they were before.

Holly had stopped peeking out of her window in the mornings. Even though it was on the second floor, she didn't feel secure enough to even put a hint of her face at the window in case a reporter was waiting. Most of her second floor windows remained closed with the exception of a few outliers, meanwhile her ground floor windows remained just as closed as they always were. Now, it was only when she made her way out into the garden in her armour that she could stand for a moment and enjoy the sight of the flower bush that she had put so much care into growing. She had to ignore some of her fans, who were waiting and watching, but she had managed to grow used to that part, at least.

Walking the streets to the Guild Hall was certainly different, too, because now it wasn't just the shop owners along her path that knew her (though now they knew of her in a little better capacity), but those that she passed in the street also gave her more of a look that they had a few weeks prior. She was happy that Fenixtear actually meant something now, but it was still a little odd to be stared at more than before. All she had to do was ignore the countless questions that she was receiving on her journey, for if she stopped for them all she would make it to the Guild a few days later than she intended, or perhaps she would never make it at all. For a brief moment, she imagined herself putting a job on the board for a couple of the newbies to escort her from her home to the Guild, and the thought made her smile. Not only would it be funny, she imagined it would probably brighten a few of their days if she did. However, she was not going to be doing that. Holly made her way into the alley that once held a quiet and peace, though now could probably be called a street of it's own for the amount of traffic that it now got. Definitely not as much as the main streets, but she knew people walked past just to see the hall, or to go to the souvenir shop that had opened nearby. Definitely not as peaceful as before.

Entering the Guild Hall, it was to no surprise that Gwendolyn was already walking around without any concealment of her body, much to the enjoyment of her fans. Holly's first destination had been the job board, but as she made her way over to it, she took the time to stop, turn, and glare at Gwen. There were many different reprimands that Holly wished to speak, many different variations of put your clothes on before I kick your ass, but instead, Holly settled for a cold glare, and just two words. "Clothes. On." She spoke, before continuing on her destination. She didn't want to spend more time on it than she had to.

Holly's eyes caught sight of a job very quickly, one that interested her the most, and she took it off the board to read it. Lift the curse from the haunted woods! She took her time in reading the details of the quest, a grin showing on her face. She was definitely going to be taking this one. But, she figured she had to take a few of her Guildmates with her - while she was perfectly happy to take the quest by herself, she knew that she had a responsibility to make sure her lower-ranked guildmates got their shot, if they wished to join her, or if she permitted them to do so: A lot of her Guildmates would barely be able to imagine what some S-Rank quests got the mages into. A few candidates immediately popped into her head, and she turned to face the Guild to sight them out. "I suppose I should take someone with me for this S-Rank Quest," she says, loud enough that she could be heard, but not loud enough to be picked up as purposefully asking for volunteers. Her eyes, and the gaze of her helmet, rested upon Gwendolyn. "It would be a good way for someone to, I don't know, escape from those who wish to peer upon them, though clothes would help with that too," she spoke, equally as loud, and this time clearly directed toward Gwen.

It took Jasper a few moments to awake from his slumber, but when he did, he had no idea where he was. His head bolted upright and surveyed the room he was in, filled with all sorts of people, before quickly realising it was the Guild Hall. He vaguely remembered that he had been sitting in the Guild Hall before, but at a different place, one of the tables a little further in. It took him a bit longer to realise that he had probably fallen asleep, and that someone had most likely moved him to one of the tables in the corner of the Guild Hall so that he was out of the way and undisturbed as he had slept through the night. Not to mention someone had draped a blanket over him, which he had definitely not had before, but was appreciated.

Jasper slowly sat up, moving the blanket off of himself and onto his lap, and took a proper look around the room to see who was in the Guild Hall whilst rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. From the sounds of it, it was probably Gwen that had woken him up, as she was partway through yelling at people who were staring at her. He quickly diverted his attention away from her to survey the other faces (and helmets, in the case of Holly who was just now entering the Hall). Soon enough, someone would probably notice that he was awake and approach him, but for now Jasper was quite content with just sitting and observing. He didn't want to walk into the groups, not yet - he still wasn't familiar with a lot of the people there, and he wasn't sure he wanted to be stared at as much as Gwen was.
Hi, so on the note of me not posting much, I've been having some super-hard Sci-Fi writer's block recently. I'm trying to read some Sci-Fi stuff to get over it, but... Yeah.

Holly looked up as she was approached by Astoria, who was checking up on how everyone was doing. She was grateful for the checkup, as it showed that even through what had happened and the intense fight that they had been in their Guild was still operating to make sure everyone was alright. On the note of the checkup, Holly was feeling a little bit of pain from the fight, though it was enough that she could handle. She preferred that the others, if there were any others left to be treated, be tended to first. "I'm doing fine, Ria, thank you," Holly says with a nod of her head. "A bit of pain, that is all. Nothing I can't handle."

Zenith's joke about the tabloids implicating them as secret lovers made Holly's cheeks burn a little bit warmer, and she let out a quiet chuckle. That... Would be embarrassing, she thought, thinking about what reporters and editors would be noting down about the whole situation. Zenith was attractive, but Holly wasn't involved with him, and wasn't involved with anyone romantically. She couldn't be. It did sting a little bit to think about, but she had made her choice long ago that doing so would only be a risk to herself, and would definitely not be good for whoever she was. Nobody loved a suit of armour.

The armoured woman's eyes went skyward at the appearance of an airship. She quietly watched as it made it's way down to the ground, yet offered a silent nod of acknowledgement toward Zenith's comment about the day being filled with surprises. She gave Zenith a little pat on the shoulder, resting her hand there for just a moment before she raised back onto her feet, making her way toward the two young men from Obsidian Kite. A free ride sounded excellent, though Holly felt just a little bit of frustration at Lavinia's response to the offer. Luke seemed to already be apologising for Lavinia's attitude, but Holly felt it needed that she put in her own words, too. "I'd like to apologise for my guildmate's rudeness toward your offer. We would greatly appreciate and accept your offer of transportation. as my friend Zenith said, we're the guild Fenixtear, from Crocus." Holly realised something quickly, though. Word was getting around. If these two young Obsidian Kite members had called their Master, who had offered them a ride back home, word was getting around faster than she had anticipated. That was something Holly was proud of.

Holly thought that she saw a few little flickers of light from a few individuals within the crowd taking picture of the armoured mage crouching down beside her guildmates. Of course, they were going to take all the eye candy they could get to shove into their newspapers and headlines, but Holly did not mind. So long as they didn't follow her home like puppies and try to knock on her door, everything was going to be fine. Unfortunately, she knew that reporters went to some mysterious lengths to catch a fish, and the appearance of her unarmoured self was definitely a big fish. She tried to shove that out of her mind, though.

Instead, Holly focused on Zenith. She felt her cheeks heat up a little as Zenith gave her a smile, and the way he just pushed his hair away from his eyes like that made her heart skip a little beat. She failed to hold back just a little giggle at his interpretation of what the headlines were going to be, and then quickly fought to control herself. She didn't want to be the giggly girl that she wasn't, she could do that when she was home, and when she was alone, if at all. "Well," she starts, "I'd be honoured for them to put me as the big picture on the headline. They might even put one of the ones they're taking now of us in the actual article." She tried to ignore his eyes staring into her's, and thankfully Lavinia gave her an opportunity to do so.

Holly tilted her head over to face Lavinia, and with a little laugh, Holly nodded her head. "Yes Lavinia, I'm certain you'll be on the front page, too," she says just to please she who was truly the most evil of them all. Holly knew that the big picture would be of herself, though who was on the page itself didn't matter (much) to Holly, nor who struck the final blow. She knew the entire Guild had put in work to eliminate the dragon, even if Lavinia had struck the final blow.

Holly remained atop the dragon's head for a bit longer as the citizens began to push in to question the mages. A fair amount came toward her due to the way that she was acting, and so she began to answer their questions, which were thrown at her with speed. If anyone could cast spells as fast as the people asked their questions, they would probably be very highly ranked. As it was, she was bombarded with questions as to who she was, what her name was, and the way that they were fighting. A few also asked about her relations to other Guild members, as obviously she was one of the strongest just from having stood upon the defeated dragon's head.

The talk about her other Guild members filled her with a little bit of concern, though. Holly slowly turned her head, looking upon the state that her fellow Guildmates were in. When she spotted Zenith, she paused for a few moments. One of the problems with being the current face of the guild was that with everyone pummelling her with questions, she couldn't walk off to help her Guildmates - not that she had anything to really help them with, but she wanted to do something. She wanted to be in the place of Lavinia, beside Zenith, helping to treat him... And treating other Guildmates too, of course, of course!

Holly quickly snapped out of her thoughts, quickly bringing her gaze away from Zenith and focused back on the crowd, trying to take the state of Zenith - of the Guild - out of her mind to focus on pleasing the public. The dragon was still disintegrating, and she didn't want to end up falling, she hopped down from atop it's head and in front of the small crowd - a move that seemed to please them, they all wanted to see the armoured mage right on front of them.

Very quickly, Holly became very bored with their questions. "If you'll excuse me, I do need to check on my Guildmates," she says, slowly making her way through the crowd, and toward Zenith and Lavinia. Once she arrived beside them, she crouched down beside Zenith, ignoring the eyes of the crowd that were still on her. "You okay, Zen?" She asks, quietly. She didn't like the state that he was in. She wished to knew more she could do than just talk. She didn't look at Lavinia, though; Holly was a little afraid she would say or do something drastic. She had spotted Lavinia's poor usage of her magic a few moments ago, but she was more thankful that she was doing something to help Zenith than she was upset enough to complain.

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