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Current If there's an any% category, then there's also a 100% category.
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I think, for the first time since COVID-19 started, I've just realised how much I miss physical contact, and how much I really do miss being able to hug someone and hide in their arms from the world.
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Boomers, the lot of you. ;)
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They're bringing Bleach back? That's good, the shops were starting to run out with all this panic buying.
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Literally no reason to be like "Of course you chime in". Thank you for your pointless passive-aggression.



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Saffron Rupalfeather

With the Grimm on the retreat, Saffron was satisfied that she had done an efficient job defending her side of the intersection - with Rio helping, of course. It definitely wasn't an easy battle, however; Whilst she had a little experience fighting the Grimm within primarily controlled training environments, the real thing definitely told her that despite how realistic the trainings had been at Signal they had definitely been holding back. The Signal Grimm had been fierce, but out in the real world, Grimm were ferocious. And whilst she was proud that she had managed to hold back the Grimm with her teammates, Saffron was also relieved about that fact. Hopefully things continued to be as successful as they were now.

Saffron's eyes fixed upon a corpse of one of the fallen Grimm, observing the black smoke that was rising from it. Whilst it was interesting, the Faunus took care to follow Nivea's advice and try not to breathe in the smoke. Though, within a closed environment like this, Saffron wondered if it would soon become impossible to avoid doing so. She could see why Huntsmen would have such a problem clearing a nest, particularly in even more dangerous environments than this one. If they happened to get locked in by the degraded environment, either by collapse or mechanical failures in places such as this, she wondered what the consequences be, if it wasn't an ending of death.

Taking a glance to Kohaku as she spoke, Saffron offered the girl a nod of agreement. "Good call," Saffron replies, shuffling herself to be more along the centreline of the room. She was, however, bothered by Rio's sudden wish to press on at speed - and slightly bothered by the fact that he was telling them that the Grimm were less than a click away. "Less than a kilometer? How big is bunker anyways?" She asks, starting to face Nivea, before reconsidering and turning back to the front. "Never mind, I don't want to know." She adds, starting to pursue Rio, mostly so that he wasn't running off on his own ahead of them.
Popping in just to say I have been working on a character ever since the interest check. I have an idea down now so will get it done tonight, hopefully.
Saffron Rupalfeather

In truth, the whole aspect of walking into a nest of Grimm worried Saffron. She was no stranger to fighting Grimm, however that had mostly occurred within closed environments with teachers watching. She knew that each Academy had their own selection process, and even knew a bit about how Beacon's own entry exams tended to work by talking to one of her classmates at Signal. This was just Shade's own exam, their test to the students. At the same time, Saffron knew that the exam benefited the kingdom as a whole, too; Instead of a closed-door environment like at home the team was going to be directly contributing towards the security of Vacuo, and the Faunus imagined that other student teams were doing the same. Another reason to solidify her mindset that Vacuo was the best decision, though she supposed other kingdoms were safe enough that they didn't need student teams to help as soon as they could.

No bodies. It was a sight that Saffron was both thankful for and unsettled by. The Grimm didn't eat, at least to her knowledge. There was plenty of variety in them, so there perhaps was one or two types out there that gobbled up people as some form of attack - she could see a King Taijitu doing so, it was certainly big enough. No King Taijitu here, however, so that mental suggestion was worthless, and she preferred not to imagine the Grimm swallowing people whole. She paused to stare at a bloodstain from a respectful distance, as if trying to pick out if there was anything wrong about it, though she turned away after a moment. People had died here, and she didn't like it. Saffron was going to be happy when she and her comrades cleared out the bunker and avenged the fallen. Nobody deserved to die like this, even the bandits that had so obviously been the previous tenants before the Grimm had moved in.

At the very least, the bandits' choice of furniture and aesthetics were of superior taste to that of the Grimm. Black sludge and tendrils weren't exactly Saffron's ideal taste. It reminded her of a nightmare that she once had as a child; Wandering through her home in the darkness of night, with zero power, and monsters roaming all throughout. It brought an odd sense of familiarity to the unfamiliar situation of the present. She was wandering through the dark hallways of the bunker lit only by Nivea's staff, with no apparent power in the bunker, and the Grimm roaming deeper within. The difference was that this time, Saffron had Nova Limbo with her, and equally armed comrades, ready to fight the monsters, not run away from them like Saffron had within the realm of the nightmare.

Saffron's ears perked up as she heard the newest residents of the bunker. The Grimm, and their strange noises. The fact that they resided deep within the bunker made her wonder if they were choosing to stay within the depths or if they just hadn't expanded their little home to the entrance's floor yet. Anticipating their arrival, Saffron mentally and physically prepared herself, readying Nova Limbo. Fire and Lightning dust were the two types present within the weapon, though she knew to use them sparingly since she had arrived at Vacuo - whilst in Vale she could have obtained some more easily, that wasn't so much the case for Vacuo. Readying herself only took a moment, and once that was accomplished, Saffron set her eyes on the Grimm that were approaching.

Kohaku yelled for them to take the left, and so Saffron did so, trusting that her teammate had something planned for the Grimm at the right and that they wouldn't be allowed to rush through claw at her back. Upon turning left to face the Grimm that approached, the sounds that came from behind her satisfied Saffron that she wouldn't be snuck up on. With the Grimm approaching fast, Saffron darted forward to meet them with no apparent regard for the fact that she was supposed to be the second line of defence, behind Rio. It wasn't like she wasn't protecting them, as she swung Nova Limbo at the first of the Grimm that entered her range slicing straight across it's belly and rewarding her with a snarl as it twisted to the ground in a deceased heap. She twirled, keeping momentum in her movement in order to deliver a hard swipe across the next Grimm's front, lopping off both of it's arms, and then doubled back to just before her strike. She ducked low with her still-present momentum, slicing through the Grimm's still intact legs. Saffron was thrilled to be in the fight, and to be winning.
I'm somewhat interested in this.
Saffron Rupalfeather

If Nivia's father couldn't stand the heat after almost thirty years, it left Saffron wondering how she was going stand it during her time at Shade Academy, and perhaps longer if she chose to stay in Vacuo once her training was complete and she became a certified Huntress, which she knew she was going to accomplish. Staying in Vacuo was appealing in some ways, yet she felt that she could always go back to Vale afterwards with better skills from an arguably better training experience than she would have had if she had stayed home. She would have to see how she felt after the next few years, because whilst she knew that she would push through and complete her training to the end, it was also a very long time before that would happen.

Saffron's thoughts began to subside as they drove into view of the vault-like building. The Faunus moved her hands to the back of Fiona's chair to support herself as she stood up to get a better view over the heads of the pair riding in the front. It wasn't exactly the best of things to do on the bumpy ride, but Saffron made it work, despite the fact that their ride was going to be over in a few moments anyhow. She gripped the shoulders of the seat in front of her as the jeep came to a halt in order to steady herself, and promptly climbed over the side to escape the confines of the vehicles so that she wasn't squished in any more. Added to that was the satisfaction of not having her tail squished in the seat any more, either. Her eyes, however, did return to fixate upon the Atlas Bunker in her attempt to analyse what Nivea was saying to the team of students.

A nest being within made sense. Whilst the vault itself would likely be a little more than warm if the power was out and the air inside being made cool, it was shelter from the elements, such as the harsh sunlight and perhaps sandstorms. It made sense that anyone or anything, such as the Grimm, would take shelter inside. Whilst the Grimm were currently taking up residence, nobody knew if someone else was hiding inside before the Beowolves - if that's what was really inside - had set up shop. Saffron's imagination drifted to the thought of someone locking themselves in a room, their own fear of the Grimm outside keeping them trapped due to their Grimm's natural sensitivity to fear. It wasn't a good image, and Saffron shook her head, redirecting her thoughts to something more useful; Namely, the comments of her teammates.

Drawing Nova Limbo, Saffron gave it a little twirl, a little show of her dexterity but also an act to unclog it from any sand it may have picked up during their journey. Due to the environment that the bunker was bound to be, Saffron would likely be keeping Nova Limbo in it's sword configuration, and sand wouldn't affect it's operation. The problem came with the transforming capabilities of the weapon - a large amount of sand being trapped within the mechanisms would definitely not be great for their performance, and a few times already Saffron had found herself cleaning the weapon. A quick shake would usually loosen things up enough, but she had a feeling it was only a matter of time before a deep clean was required.

With that in mind Saffron gave the sword a final twirl, listening to Rio as he told Kohaku not to doubt herself, and then proceeded to point at him, using the sword as an extension of her pointing arm. "Can't wait to see you clanging off the walls in there," she jokes, indicating at his weapon. "Don't worry though, if you want to go in front, I'll be right behind you to catch the ones that slip through," Saffron adds with a grin. She didn't actually know if it would be tight in the bunker or not, but she partially hoped so, so that her joke about him clanging his halberd on the walls became a reality. Safely, of course.
Saffron Rupalfeather

The heat was hard to bear. Back home in Vale, a particularly bothersome day in terms of temperature would have individuals cowering under the shade in order to protect themselves from the harsh sun and it's boiling warmth, and could be safe in a nice air conditioned room, at the perfect temperature for the patrons. Even then, a little heat was nice sometimes, and the sun paired with a nice blue sky made for a gorgeous day, particularly when seen over ocean and it's waves as they crashed against Vale's harbour.

Now, Saffron was begging for the sun to go away. A cold day in Vacuo would perhaps have been candidate for the hottest day in Vale, and the sand definitely didn't help things. Yet, Saffron was enjoying her time in Vacuo so far. Whilst it was boiling hot, and not exactly the most advanced of places (or civilised, for that matter), it was a welcome change from the monotony that home had presented itself as being. Vale had been too simple, too well structured. The unique structure of Vacuo interested Saffron in the fact that the structure barely existed in formality, yet the system was present. The other advantage was the lack of contact with her parents - she could tell them that she was out in the sticks and didn't have signal, even if she did enter proximity to Vacuo's CCT, just to avoid their messages. Saffron did miss them a little bit, but part of the reason why she had come to Vacuo was to get away from them, something which she was succeeding at.

Saffron's thoughts were soon interrupted by the Team's overseer. The information that the drive was going to be ending soon was a double edged sword - whilst Saffron would be glad not to be squished together in the back with her teammates (causing jealousy of Fiona's front seat position), the driving at least provided some respite from the heat in that she could lean out or lift herself a bit and feel the air rushing past her. A brief moment of consideration brought the decision that unsquishing would be more advantageous, though it wasn't like she had a choice regardless.

Turning her attention to her teammates, the Faunus quietly contemplated their answers. The fact from Rio and the extra fact from their Overseer made Saffron wonder if emigration to Vacuo was popular in the past. It was something she could look into, if not for her own curiosity. Whilst they had brought curiosity, and Kohaku's own fact brought amusement and a smile, what really piqued Saffron's interest was Fiona's fact. Fiona had studied dust before coming here - Saffron wondered if that was a slip up in wordage, or if Fiona had decided to stop that path of study. Perhaps that was what had gotten her into Shade, as Saffron knew that the ranged capabilities of her weapon, Nova Limbo, relied upon the usage of dust. Someone who knew how to use dust efficiently would be a worthy contender in a fight.

However, now it was Saffron's turn to present, the last of the team to do so. As well as pondering the facts of her fellows, she had been thinking up her own fact. "Saffron Rupalfeather is my name," she proclaims loudly, as to make sure that she was audible over the sound of the engine. "I'm the second Huntress in my family tree. My family doesn't believe in the effectiveness of Huntsmen and Huntresses. I'm out to prove them wrong, and enjoy myself along the way. Extra fact, I'm from Vale, and this heat is killing me," she states, before letting herself sink back into her seat a little bit, lifting her legs and resting them on the back of Fiora's seat so the air could get at them a little better.
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