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Current I have finally, after about two years, changed my avatar. Yayyy!
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Watching Halo: The Fall of Reach, and moaning to myself about how 343 destroys lore. Again.
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When you talk about a 'Knobsnatcher Offensive' tactic and all you can think of is someone going around stealing dicks.
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If I go missing for a few days, well, let's just say this: Sky broadband.
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"Why did you replay my snapchat?" "Maybe because it's 2 seconds long, and so how the heck am I supposed to know what's happening in it without looking it again!?"


I have no idea what to put here. Recommendations, please!

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@FrostedCaramel, forgot to mention you in the IC post before I edited you in so it probably didn't notify you. :P

Many were taking their assigned seats in the hangar. Some were chatting in anticipation for the event ahead, whilst others sat with their hands on their lap, silent, eyes searching for friends among the many. Major Nathan Noir had seen it all before, and unless he died, he would see it all again. He could understand their anticipation, their excitement for the oncoming action, however he knew that the road ahead was going to be slow, and that they may not all make it out.

Major Noir let them continue on their chatter for another few minutes, allowing them to release their thoughts into the air. Finally, the captain stepped onto a mini-stage that stood in front of the chairs. Those that saw the major doing so went silent, others going silent as he cleared his throat, resting his hands behind his back in parade rest.

"I am sure that each of you has once told a story in your life that is exaggerated, is over the top. You may have told a story of yourself standing before all odds and coming out on top, a story where you have completed some extraordinary deeds. You have told a story where you are a hero, you are some badass, but you are the main character of your own little story."

"In a few weeks, you will be telling a new story. You will still be the hero, you will still be a badass. The only difference is that this time, the story will be true. You will have kicked the Covenant back on their heels, you will have stood against all odds together with your brothers and sisters in arms."

"You will not all make it, not in your physical form. Your spirit, your confidence, and your devotion to your duty will, and it will be what keeps us pushing forward. I want you all to push your hardest, and beat those Covenant bastards back to whatever piss hole that they came from."

"They may hit you with whatever plasma bullshit they have, but we will hit them back with lead, rockets, grenades, and pure fucking determination. We'll create a new river on Harvest, the river of their blood that will form as we fill them with holes and stand triumphant!"

"Your deployment orders have been passed through the chain of command to your squad leaders. We will be the first boots on the ground. Mount up in your pelicans, and you show those alien mother fuckers what it's like to mess with the Marines! Dismissed!"
PFC Emily Fox & PVT Holly Romanov

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"Fox, Emily, 59891-31225-EF." Emily still wondered how she could remember that, and pondered over it until the armourer placed her M392 as well as an M6G and pair of frag grenades down on the counter, followed by quite a few magazines. Her pouches were quickly stuffed, before stood aside to wait for Holly. After meeting in the cryo chamber, the two had already grown to become friends. The younger marine apparently had a brother serving in the Marines, and privately Emily wondered if he would be somewhere in the fleet - there was a fair chance of it, it looked like a lot of assets were being deployed on this operation.

"So, you were saying?" Holly asked, as she slung her weapons onto her back and slid her pistol into her holster. Emily eyed the amount of gear that the girl was carrying, before starting to walk with her in the direction of the hangar. She had probably been looking a bit too closely, because Holly laughed. "Don't worry about it, I can handle this stuff."

The two walked together as Emily told some stories of her career and her life, and Holly told some of her own stories in return. It was soon that they reached the hangar, walking toward the chairs. Looking around, Holly suddenly stopped, eyes fixing on someone she thought she recognised, before her eyes widened a little. She raised her hand, pointing at Victor Romanov himself. "That's him, that's my brother. What on earth is he doing here?"

"I'm surprised he was assigned aboard the same ship as you," Emily replied. It was a bit of a surprise, there was somewhat of a chance he's be assigned to the same operation but the same ship?

Holly approached her brother, who was trying to talk to someone else. She tapped him on the shoulder from behind. "Excuse me, Sergeant. You haven't been sending me any mail lately," she said, a big grin on her face. Emily, behind Holly, giggled softly.

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