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8 days ago
Current People who drop RPs without a word may not even think it is "okay" to do so. Some of them feel actual remorse, some of them can't work up the courage to apologise. I know the feeling, I don't blame.
18 days ago
I'm so upset that I can't sleep. Literally just laying there with my eyes closed, and just opening my eyes / waking up in ten minute intervals.
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18 days ago
Well, I now have insomnia. So yay.
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19 days ago
Lucky school kid bastards with your "holidays". Office Workers don't get no holidays. Except one week of holidays in two weeks. Which will most likely be my only one for the year. >.>
2 mos ago
Life has hit me pretty hard with stress and long workdays. I'll be unresponsive on anything other than Discord for a while.



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I'm super excited for this to start! But now, I must sleep. Well, I should have slept like, five hours ago, since it's now five in the morning. So, goodnight!
@TheDarkTemplar Yup, but interesting makes fun!

@TheDarkTemplar, thank you very much! I'll put her in the character section now. I've got this massive smile on my face, heh.
@TheDarkTemplar, that certain tasks would be harder for her is natural as certain tasks would be more difficult for something humanoid, too. The main idea behind her is that yes, tasks such as requiring grabbing that could not be done by her teeth or delicately holding something between her paws would be hard, but ultimately can be done, however she excels in her own fields, just as others would have difficulty in some talents and skill in others. She's also there to be a non-humanoid, as to add some diversity in. If you really do want me to make her along the lines of werewolf-style or create a secondary character, then I could try, but I'd much rather have the chance to use her as she is and how she's made to be, if you'd allow me to. Hardships are hardships, and she's managed to work through them for years in the OIA.
Fair enough. And I loved the idea of making her a wolf professor for some reason.
Pffft, ignored my one. ;-; xD
There we go. I kinda changed it from my original want from her, but I'm still happy with her. @TheDarkTemplar

You know that little smile you get when you think of a character that would fit in? Well, I've got one of those smiles. I'll be writing up a Character Sheet.

Few others arrived after Holly, it seemed. Thankfully, it appeared that the Guild was going to be turning into a Guild and not a harem for Zane - it was just convenient that the first to arrive were female. Holly took a few moments to look at them both, studying them and their features. While she had lowered most of her worries of it being a trap, she still remained cautious. The larger a gathering was, the more likely it was for it to be spotted.

Holly had heard many speeches in the past. Warriors in the second group trying to lead allies into battle, those who claimed they could do great acts for everyone, and a speech down to herself, telling her what exactly would happen if she tried to stand up to Catamount in front of the second group. Those speeches came in variety; some of them were actually quite good, but a lot of them were poor, false promises. But the speech was only one part of it; what was spoken in the speech had to be true for those below you to really believe in it. She knew a fair amount about preparing and giving speeches for as one of the top of the second group, she was practically forced to keep her allies going, to keep them fighting against the Vulcans to save them from Catamount. Until the time is right, that is.

Though slightly pessimistic, there was only one piece of Zane's speech that Holly believed, and it was that she was one of the strongest people in the second group. The rest of her beliefs would come in time, would be proven out by the actions of those around her. She found it hard to believe in words without the actions to prove them - that did not mean that she didn't support the speech, however. It had good intentions and was filled with good will, and that was what was needed. A light in the darkness.

Holly, whilst deciding which hand to get her guild mark on, was soon approached by Aria. The emotionless face that was her helmet turned to greet the girl, despite the gentle smile hidden on her face beneath the metal when she heard what the girl had to ask. At Aria's description of Wallace, Holly recognised him in her head, and knew who she was in relation to him; pink hair and pink eyes may as well have been describing herself as well as it was describing Wallace.

"There is two things that keeps Wallace from rising to the top, rising to be one of the best of the second group. One of them is Catamount. They see how powerful he could be, how skilled he is, and they hold him back, they make sure that his skills are used only against the Vulcans. I am powerful and skilled because they let me be an idol for the second group, to give them courage, but Wallace his own courage, his own strength, and a will inside of him. If Catamount were not holding us back, all of our skills would improve, but he has the will to shoot for the stars."

"There was two things that are holding him back. The first was Catamount, and the second is his worry. Wallace worries for his sister, his questions to Catamount being brushed off without an answer. Many a night have I heard Wallace's worries and his fears, his private wishes for his sister to be doing well. But his worries drive him on, so that he can grow strong enough to find his sister."

"Your brother is fine, Aria. Don't worry about him, he can handle himself."
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