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The Solonis

Captain Duncan was proud of her ship. As she strolled through the interior toward the main hangar, she was happy to see that the crew were not flapping their arms about the current situation as much as when they had first arrived. Making sure that the ship was in the best condition that it could be was keeping them too occupied to think about it, and Captain Duncan knew that was an endless task. They would come to relax soon, Hayley was sure of it. You couldn't keep too worried about something forever.

Arriving at the hangar, she saw the shuttle that she was meant to board not by the fact that she had been told which but because there were a pair of marines standing guard, and from her approaching angle she could see the flutter of hands by the pilots as they did their preflight checklists. What surprised her a little more than anything that it wasn't a standard ferry shuttle but was a marine assault shuttle - clearly Lieutenant Knox was concerned about her safety. A smirk appeared on Hayley's face as she thought about it; perhaps that concern in safety was just in case an engagement happened and Commander Furret had to take over the ship. No doubt if Elliot was taking the same journey as herself he would be using a standard shuttle.

Hayley didn't march over at full speed, she walked leisurely over, looking over the hangar as she did so. The insignia on the side of the fighters that were in their berths told her that Apricot were still landed whilst Fang were on CSP. No doubt some of Fang would latch their patrol onto the shuttle as it made it's way to it's destination. Some of the crew gave her salutes as she walked near them, and Hayley returned them with ease until she arrived at the shuttle. She returned the salutes of the marines and the crew chief at the entrance, and then looked the latter up and down. "Permission to board, chief?" She asked as a matter of formalities. She grinned immediately after, and so did the crew chief.

"Permission granted, welcome aboard, Captain!" The crew chief replied, turning to make his way into the shuttle. Hayley followed behind, and the marines made up the rear. The interior of the shuttle was cramped and built for efficiency rather than looks. The crew chief took his station near the cockpit door, and Hayley took the station that would normally be occupied by the marine compliment's platoon leader if a platoon had been on board and buckled up. From there, she could at least look outside of the craft using the displays. The marines sat down at the closest seats to the hatch, talking among themselves. The buckling up was different to standard shuttles, and she knew it was just for additional safety. Marines had a harder job.

Hayley wasn't too bothered about the cramped spaces and ugliness of the interior - she had been a midshipwoman once and had to sleep in a similarly ugly cabin. The real thing that bothered her was that at any moment the pilots could hit a button and all of the marine's seats, including her current one, could drop out of the bottom of the craft. If they came under attack or had to drop quickly, it was a good way to get out of the shuttle. On the other hand, Hayley wasn't wearing a sealed suit, and so didn't feel like taking a joyride on her chair out into space.

The shuttle's hatched closed, and Hayley watched through the external cameras as they lifted off the deck and drifted toward one of the waiting airlocks. A massive door closed behind the shuttle, and after the atmosphere was drained from the airlock, the exterior hull hatched opened, revealing the inky black of space. Hayley reminded herself that all of the other ships were friendly as the assault shuttle activated it's main thrusters and flew for the Resurgence. Hayley took immediate notice that Assault Shuttles lacked in stabilisers; whilst the tug was minimised, she still felt herself wanting to slip out of her seat. She cast a glance over at the marines in the back, and felt a little more at ease by their relaxed looks and conversation. They were used to this kind of movement.

The assault shuttle slid it's way into the Resurgence's hangar, and then stopped with such abruptness that Hayley thought she was going to break some bones. She had been expecting the gentle acceleration of a normal shuttle, but the marine pilots thought differently. Once the craft touched down on the deck, the marines were already halfway outside of the hatch by the time she had undone her seat buckle; she wondered if they had even had the buckle on in the first place. She followed them outside, and was met by one of her own, who saluted her as she exited the shuttle.

"Tell me you know where we're going Robert," Hayley says, returning his salute. Their arms dropped, and Robert Sinclair motions for Hayley to follow. The marines remained at the shuttle, chatting to eachother again. Hayley often wished she had the ability to listen into such conversations, just to poke at her own personal curiosity, but she knew such a gift was a curse as much as it was a benefit.

"Aye, Captain. It's not too far, we'll be there quite quickly," Robert responds, before adding, "Which is a good thing, because it's due to start quite soon."

On the journey to the meeting room, the pair discussed what Robert had been doing aboard the Resurgence, and Hayley tutted him for the argument that he had managed to get into. She should have expected as much with Robert being aboard with a load of scientists, but there was little other option other than sending a few other optimistic engineers over, whom she wouldn't trust as much with presenting the proper values of the ship.

Robert was correct that they would be there quickly, but Hayley was cursing herself for not being a little earlier - they walked in just as the meeting began, it appeared. The pair quietly took seats to listen to the beginning of the meeting as well as get a proper look at those around them, a lot of whom they had not properly met.
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Holly Farstel and Samantha Wiles

Oh, and White Rabbit, too

Rabbit was actually starting to enjoy the walk with Holly. Sure they didn’t really say anything so it was a little awkward, and there was always the worry that someone was coming after them, but for now it was just nice to act like… none of that existed. He took in the surroundings, as well as keeping an eye on if anyone approached them. However, it didn’t take long before something happened, as per usual in this town.

"MPD, Hands up and turn around!"

Rabbit whipped around, not taking any kind of stance but definitely keeping his fingers wrapped around the handle of his blade. He briefly looked down to Holly, who surprisingly didn’t make any kind of signal that she wanted to run. Time was ticking down and the Hitman definitely did not fancy a walk down to the Police precinct. He couldn’t dash [i]with[/] Holly and it was entirely possible that she’d fight him off if Rabbit tried to grab her. Down to his left, there was a possible escape route down the alley. He could make it to the rooftops fairly easily but it would leave Holly behind.

"Face down, on the ground!" Samantha yelled at the girl. She didn't like pointing a gun at a kid. Even if said kid was setting off all kids of alarms with her helmet's facial recognition software. Still at least her target was co-operating.

"Hands off the weapon and away from the girl!" Briars was shouting at the strangely masked figure. "This is your last warning."

Rabbit looked between Holly and the Police as he took a couple of steps backwards. Seemed like they were protecting Holly from him, which made sense. There’s no way to tell what exactly has been reported to the Fuzz. Rabbit backed away towards the alley, looking over his shoulder before making his move. While they couldn’t see the smirk behind his helmet, Rabbit gave the police officers a mocking salute before Vector Dashing backwards down the alleyway. Getting about half way down, he began to wall hop between the buildings in an attempt to get away before any of the cops could draw a bead.

There was no turning back for Holly when Rabbit Vector Dashed away from the scene. Now, it was up to her to get herself out of the situation that she was in. With hope, all would be as simple as they had been before, and she would be able to find a way to escape once the cops relaxed themselves. She first started by obeying the officer’s instructions; even as someone who had lived on the streets for a while laying on the dirty ground was not fun, so even as she got herself down on the ground she kept her face off of it - she couldn’t do much about the smell, though. She almost reached into a pocket to try and shift her phone, which was sitting in an uncomfortable position that pressed against her thigh, but quickly realised that was a bad idea and returned her hand to a position which helped keep her head up.

A shot rang out towards the empty space that once held the officer's perp. "Shit," said Briars "I'm sorry, I just-"

"It's fine" Samantha cut her off. It wasn't like they had much hope of catching a speed gamma. "Call in to the precinct and let then know what happened. I'll bag and tag the kid."

After a nod in agreement from her partner, Samantha approached the girl, keeping her weapon drawn until she was close enough to straddle her legs and snap cuffs on. “Holly Farstel.” She read the name off the inner display on her helmet “I’m guessing you know your rights?”

Rather than wait for a response, she pulled the girl up from the ground and began to lead her back towards the squad-car.

Shit, Holly thought to herself. They clearly knew who she was right off the bat, and that made things much harder for herself. She tucked a hand inside of her hoodie’s sleeve, trying to find a thin pick she kept in there. She barely had her fingertips on it before she was pulled off of the ground, accidentally pushing it further up her sleeve where she couldn’t grab it without looking ridiculously conspicuous. She was forced to resort to sympathy tricks. That, and she could try and say she was forced to work for Rabbit all along. It was a stretch, but she had to try and garner some slack.

“I’ve heard them before,” Holly said truthfully. “But thank you for getting me away from him. The phones are in my bag, he forced me to take them, you can have them,” she added, trying to add a touch of panic to her voice.

Holly’s words gave Samatha enough pause to actually stop walking and look over the young criminal. Maybe she was getting soft, but she almost felt a glimmer of truth in the girl’s words, even if the trembling voice was laying it on rather thick.

“This doesn’t have to be difficult Farstel. You know we don’t care about the phones. Give us info on the para you were with and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Holly hesitated. She may have been willing to lie and claim that Rabbit had been forcing her to work with him, but completely ratting him out was a different story. There was a chance that he could understand her wanting to save herself when she knew he was definitely capable of saving himself. But giving out information on him was something that couldn’t be easily reversed.

At the same time, she didn’t have that much information on him in the first place. Holly could give them what she had and hope that was enough, and still not too much to have Rabbit hate her if he found out the information came from her. At the same time, she had to stick with her backstory, that he forces people to work for him. She closed her eyes for just a moment, before saying, “You saw how fast he can move, and that he has those swords. That’s how he forces people to work for him. If you don’t, he’ll probably kill you with them, probably stab you faster than you can see it happen. He threatened me once or twice with them.”

Samantha nodded. “We already saw the damage he did. What I want is information on where to find him and who he’s working for.” She began walking them down the alleys again. “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to get your story straight while we get you back to the precinct.”

Briars was waiting for them at the car, her cool composure from the confrontation gone in exchange for almost nervous-dithering. “Get her in the car” She instructed Samantha, barely sparing a glance for Holly “something’s happened, and we need to go.”

“In the car? B-But I’m innocent!” Holly states, trembling again.

A good deal more concerned with the worries of her partner than Holly’s protests, Samantha ignored her and pushed her into the car, slamming the door behind her, where the girl stared at them pleadingly through the window.

“What is it?”

With the cops now distracted with their own internal affairs, Holly made sure they were talking to each other before shifting her body so her back was turned slightly away from the officers and her arm was rubbing against the chair. She couldn’t reach into her hoodie with the handcuffs on, so she started to grind her arm against the chair, trying to move the lockpick down her sleeve so she could get at it with her fingers.

Samantha very nearly forgot about Holly as her partner informed her of the Lorne break out, along with the second apparent hack. At least this time it was localized to the Tower.

"Dan wants us back at the station?"

Briars nodded. "Captain wants you to go on air, on behalf of the police, backing up Lorne's announcement, reiterating the importance of the tests... You know."

"We're already investigating a para"

"Are we? We could just drop the girl."

Samantha squinted at the tinted window of the cab, but couldn’t see any movement inside. She rapped on the glass for good measure. "I'm not going back empty handed, we take her back for processing at least. She might even tell us something."

Briars didn't argue, and followed Samantha's suit; sliding into the drivers side and starting the engine.

Holly froze up as there was a tap on the glass. She had just managed to squeeze the lockpick into her fingertips. Pressing her face against the glass to see the reasoning behind the taps, she quickly returned to sitting upright as the cops entered the car. Fortunately, there was a little need to grind her arm against the seat any more, and she shifted the lockpick around in her fingers.

As she began to pick the cuffs, she did shift her body a little bit and make a few little sounds of worry; most of it was to cover up the clicks and sounds of metal-against-metal as she sought to unlock the cuffs. “I did nothing wrong, can’t you please just let me go?” She asks.

“Afraid not sweetheart.” Samantha had retrieved the datapad from between the seats and began searching for the Lorne broadcast, which she displayed for the back-seat captive and herself.

“Jesus” Brairs almost winced at the end “They’re really pushing this ‘save the city’ narrative aren’t they.”

Samantha looked back to Holly. “I need you to trust me that you’re safer with us than you are on the streets right now.”

Holly pushed up the pins inside of the cuffs, making a loud click sound, which she instantly tried to cover up with more whining, though legitimate whining; “But you don’t believe me! You’re going to send me to jail, or to Lorne!” She stammers out, adding a kick to the back of the seat in front of her for good measure. She realised she made a mistake in her wording instantly, and renamed all instances of ‘Lorne’ to ‘jail’ in her head. “I’m a teen, I’m not going to jail!” She stated, starting to slip the cuffs off behind her back.

Samantha was quick to pounce on the slip and exchanged a glance with her partner. “Lorne? Why would we take you to Lorne Holly?”

“I-I meant if you thought I was a Para or something! You’ll probably send me to some child correction facility or something, or jail, just don’t send me to jail, I’m innocent, please just let me go!” Holly was genuinely starting to panic. She’d fucked up hard.

Samantha let Holly finish, and gave her another moment to breath. The girl was actually frightened, from a kid with a wrap sheet like hers, was notable. Ignoring her partner’s protests, Samantha removed her helmet, to look at Holly un-obscured.
“Holly, all I want from you is to calm down, and answer my questions.”

Holly lifted her head to stare at Samantha, worry in her eyes. She made sure to keep her hands behind her back as if she still had the cuffs on, and slowly, she nodded her head. She was sure she wasn’t going to like the questions, not one bit.
“Okay,” Samantha tried to shine her best reassuring smile “We’ll start off easy. Where do you live Holly?”

Holly was thankful for the easy first question, but was still not happy. She gave a vague but truthful answer. “Anywhere.”

“Where are your parents?”

“Dead,” was the quiet response.

“Is there anyone you want us to contact for you?”

“There is nobody to contact. It’s just me.”

Samantha swallowed and did her best to remember she’d been a cop much longer than a mother. “Alright, why don’t you tell me how today started for you.”

Holly tried to hide how worried she was. She needed to make up a lie and keep with it, because the way her morning had really gone was going to ensure she was locked up for a good amount of time. So, she stuck with the story. “I woke up to a call from Rabbit saying he needed phones. He reminded me that he’d give me some money for doing it so I could at least feed myself. So, I went to the mall and stole some phones, and then met up with him. I forgot to take the chips out and he got angry with me for it, so I had to quickly take them out and break them, but I guess it was too late because you caught up with us shortly after,” Holly lied.

“What work had you done for ‘Rabbit’ before?”

“Stealing other things for him. I guess he sells them on or something,” Holly replies quickly.

“How much does he usually pay you?”

“It depends how much I steal for him, or what I’m stealing for him. He thinks that going into a mall and stealing stuff like phones and watches is easy, and doesn’t pay much for them,” Holly says, quietly. This line of questioning was starting to worry her.

“Did he ever buy bigger items off of you?”

“What do you mean by bigger items? I haven’t stolen displays or TVs before.”

“But that was all he was interested in? Stolen tech?”

“That’s all he made me do, I don’t know if he was interested in anything else,” Holly retorted. She was lying hard and it was troubling her.

“Right.” Samantha sighed and rubbed her forehead. This is what she’d traded an afternoon with her husband and son for. “Was he ever with anyone else? Where did his money come from?”

“I don’t know, okay? I don’t know! Please stop!” Holly cries out all of a sudden, separating her arms slightly in order to bring her hands to her face but quickly pressing them back together, correcting her mistake - she didn’t want them to know she had uncuffed herself. “Stop asking me questions!”

“Holly,” Samantha’s gaze flickered briefly on the girls arms. “Remember I said I wanted to help you? I can only do that if you’re completely honest with me.”

“I am being honest with you!” Holly said, straight up lying. She didn’t want to lie, but she had to save herself from prison.

Samantha didn’t respond, but remained turned in her seat, watching Holly as they pulled into the lot of the precinct.

“Where should we put her?” Asked Briars.

“I have to go see the detective. Get her into an interrogation room in the meantime.” She slipped her helmet back on. No one else needed to know she’d broken the rules. “Watch when you let her out, she isn’t cuffed anymore.”

Holly’s eyes widened as the female officer told the male one that she was uncuffed. Now that there was no use hiding it, she grabbed for the door handle, trying to pull it open fruitlessly for a few moments to try and get out before instead resorting to burying her head in her arms against the back of the seat, sobbing. She wanted out, wanted free again.

”You don’t need to interrogate me, I promise! Please let me go!” She wailed.

Samantha gave the girl a final pitying look hidden behind the mask of her helm. She really had tried. At least she hadn’t told Briars to test her; she had a feeling the results would get the girl in more trouble. As she left the car, she signaled two other officers to help her partner deal with the unsecured fugitive.

With the help of the two other officers, the wailing Holly was removed from the vehicle and moved into the main precinct building. Other than a bit of initial struggling, Holly walked her way in without much need for dragging, though she now had a new set of cuffs on. Inside, she was walked through the halls. After a rough search to make sure she had no more hidden surprises to get herself out of the room or her cuffs, the handcuffs were attached to the chair in the interrogation room and she was there to cry in terror. Usually, Holly had managed to escape by now. She suspected she had finally her match.
The Resurgence - The Labs

McKay sat at his terminal in the makeshift lab aboard the Resurgence. He wasn’t too fond of it, but it was deemed as a kind of ‘neutral’ space where individuals from the different ships could come together to do work. The problem was that most of these ships had engineers and technicians and not actual scientists. Sure there was the Blathriin-Va, and it’s race of highly evolved egotistical maniacs however they didn’t seem as willing to play ball as everyone else was. Even they seemed to be relatively stupified with their current predicament. Typically when he had a problem to face like this, as much as he hated to admit it he had a team of people.

It helped to have people to bounce his ideas off after all. He looked between the monitors he had set up, why this station had been assigned was ridiculous. The computer systems in this universe were shocking, convincing a Goa’uld Mothership to play Call of Duty would have been easier than convincing the ship to run simulations on their predicament. In the end he had determined with very little doubt that they had been brought here by an outside force, the lack of any form of consistency in their respective departures supported that theory, as did the energy signatures that each vessel radiated. Even now it could still be faintly detected on their Asgard Sensors. Right now Rodney was the only scientist in the lab, all the others had returned back to their ships or their quarters. Ronon yawned loudly in the corner, while Rodney merely shot him a look of distaste Teyla actually threw something at him, jolting him awake.

“Perhaps if you are bored, you can find something better to do with your time?”

“Like what? There’s nothing to do here. There’s no raid planned, no drills, no training. Besides-” He gave a sideglance at McKay who just scoffed.

“We’ve been here seven days Ronon. They even let us put some of our computers into their ship-” He indicated the terminal he was currently sat at. “-If they were bad guys, they would have acted by now.

Teyla put a hand on Ronons shoulder as he was about to retort. “Perhaps I can remain behind to guard Rodney and his work, and you can go spar with some of the local troopers or try out their weapons, which would be a valuable use of our time in order to gather information. Which would also give you something to do.” Ronon grunted as he stood up.

“Call me if you need me.”

The door opened as he left, and he squeezed past the engineer from the Solonis. McKay looked up at the man. He had to guess he was from either of the newcomers, as he was human and wearing a uniform he didn’t recognise. “Scientist?”

Sinclair barely turned in response to McKay’s question. It took him a few moments to realise that McKay was actually talking to him, as he was no scientist. “Oh, me?” Sinclair responds as he finally turned himself away from the screen he was examining. The way he spoke made him sound offended, but that was not the case - he was taking being called a scientist as a joke. He planted his back against the wall now behind him, barely missing the display. His eyes examined McKay with some interest. “I’m no Scientist. I think up the solution and then get my hands dirty making it work, not sit on my butt on a chair and let other people do the dirty work for me. Lieutenant-Commander Robert Sinclair, at your service.”

McKay scoffed. “Doctor Rodney McKay, expert in wormhole physics, Asgard and Ancient technology. Member of an away team and responsible for saving, oh. I don’t know how many lives as I am thrust into situations where I need to save the day with very little time to do so.” He turned away from the ‘Commander’. He was so typical military, didn’t care about the scientists until he needed them. How did he think his engines were developed? By a scientist. Now he had to admit he had taken on a more active role since joining Atlantis, but even then there was no element of a scientist doing nothing while someone else did the work for them. “If I may be so bold then Robert, what are you doing here in the lab if you don’t hold high regards to scientists? After all, I’m trying to figure out a way to get back to where we’re supposed to be, which requires an understanding of theoretical physics.” He offered the engineer a smug look as Teyla just rolled her eyes.

Sinclair gave a hearty chuckle at that. Doctor McKay was a feisty one, he’d give him that. “Alright, my good doctor, why do you think I’m here?” It was a rhetorical question, and Sinclair was asking it purely because he had already answered it. The doctor was clearly so high and mighty in his head that he had missed out on the easy answer. “I think up solutions, not just make them. And to make them, I need to be at the place where the solutions are thought up. Let’s say you think yourself up a little, I don’t know, atomic-powered Asgardian dooda, who do you think is going to have to build that for you? This man right here, and others like him.” The engineer thumped a fist against his chest to emphasise his point.

McKay laughed again, Teyla rising to keep an eye between the two men. “Yes, I suppose once I’ve built it there would need to be someone able to maintain it, after all I’m not able to always be on call. Without a solid understanding of theoretical physics, wormhole theory and a number of other sciences too long to list I don’t see why you need too-”

Teyla at this point stood up. “Perhaps you both have use, and merit.” She turned to Robert. “Though, should you be seated at the negotiations later then I recommend your first move be not to insult someone-”

Rodney chimed in. “Exactly, what gives-” She then turned her attention back to Rodney.

“-Though you of all people Rodney know the value of others in helping solve these problems. After all, we have Engineers on Atlantis.”

“Yes, we have Engineers but a lot of the scientists, myself included, know how to build the things we’re designing. It’s the whole point in having us there. I’d like to see mister engineer over there build technology able to harness energy from our own spacetime, stop a nano-virus from killing everyone, figure out how to create an artificial wormhole without the unstable vortex or a myriad of things we’re expected to do on a daily basis.” McKay was staring daggers at the man by now. “After all, the moment you have a problem who is it you go to? A scientist. Scientists may be useless in your universe buddy, but you’re not in your universe anymore.”

Sinclair was starting to get frustrated with McKay. He was no longer leaning on the wall, instead stood upright with his arms folded, a scolding glare focused on the doctor. Slipping an arm out from it’s folded position, he waved it at the room around them. “You see all this, doctor? Maybe a long, long time ago, some monkey came up with the composition of metals for the deck plating, the hull plating, even the screens on the wall, but you know who built a ship like this? An engineer with his cold, hard hands. Maybe you designed a wormhole container, a magnet to suck in energy from space, or thought up the tech for some incubator that artificially generates chicken for us to feed on, but you know who shoved the hull plates together, who made the plating by pouring some hot metals together in a shitty smeltery, and who formed the ship we stand in now? An engineer. I’d like to see your big-headed ass try to make a ship. Not design it, not sit on some cushy chair with a display in front of you tapping away at some plans, but getting a set of tools and trying to figure out where the hell you start assembling the gigantic jigsaw before you. If it weren’t for someone like me, you’d be standing in the emptiness of space, not a nice, warm room.”

Teyla rolled her eyes as she sat down. Neither was really better than the other in this scenario. McKay stood up now, leaning on the table infront of him. “Have you listened I’ve just said? I’ve had a hand in building ships. I’ve built life support systems, weapons arrays, scanners. Without scientists like me you wouldn’t have a nice warm room aboard a spaceship. You’d be standing on the ground looking up at the stars wondering how you would get there.” He gritted his teeth. “I appreciate the work of an engineer, I do but the fact that you come in here with accusations of me doing nothing but sitting on my backside while other people do the work is ridiculous. As soon as I come up with a working theory to get us home you can be sure you won’t be building it. I will. Now is there something you need? Or are you just here to test my patience? Because frankly I have more important things to be doing. If you want to insult someones skills and intelligence go back to your own ship.”

“Oh really?” Sinclair says, taking a step closer to McKay. “First off, you’re the one that wanted to speak to me, not the other way around. Second off, you’re the one that first started blabbering about how you needed an understanding of theoretical physics to be in this lab, and how you save oh so many lives. You instigated this whole argument, and you’re going to pin it on me? Oh no, you don’t get away with that. You’re the one in the wrong here, and I ain’t going home with my tail tucked between my legs,” Sinclair growls. In an impressive bout of self control, the engineer spun with great speed back to the display he had been looking at before, and went back to examining what was on the screen, though noticeable more furious than he had been before.

Rodney stood up and picked up his tablet to storm out however Teyla stood directly in front of him. Rodney rolled his eyes at her but she continued to speak. “Rodney, sit down.” She walked over to Sinclair and tapped him on the shoulder. “While it is true that Doctor McKay was out of line, you yourself are not without blame for you insulted his profession first. Perhaps it is best to concede your differences should you be looking to create a solution to this problem?” She looked between the two of them. “If you are both as smart as you say you are then you should have no problem doing so.”

Rodney sighed as he sent something to the screen Sinclair was working at from his tablet. “I’ve actually been working on this. It’s a, well. I guess you could consider it a probe. I’m working on miniaturising an Asgard hyperdrive in order to make it hyperspace capable as well as dialling the sensors up to eleven. My hope is to make it strong enough to detect any energy signatures that match our own. Frankly, I don’t know how to get us back, but if all suspicions are correct and something dragged us here then that technology has to be out in the Galaxy somewhere and we simply need to find it.”

Sinclair remained staring at his screen for a few moments after Teyla had tapped him on the shoulder, but finally, he nodded his head. “Fine. We’re both wrong for fighting eachother. Things got as heated as a reactor without proper coolant, but if we can at least work with eachother. Yes, fine.” He offered a nod of his head in thanks to Teyla, but only a shrug of his shoulders at Rodney. Spinning back around to his screen and bringing up the file that was sent from Rodney, he studied it for a few moments before yet again having to turn around. He noted to himself that perhaps he should bring a tablet of his own next time he came to the labs.

“In my eyes, whatever dragged us here, because I’m certain that something did, may not even be in this galaxy, or heck, in this universe. Whatever it was could be intergalactic or interuniversal, and reside in-between even the void and existence,” Sinclair explains. He tapped his chin with a finger.

McKay shook his head. “No no, that doesn’t make any sense.” He threw up the data of the various ships arrival. “Look. With the exception of yourself, the ‘Egg Carrier’ and UNSC ship whatever its name is. We all ended up in the same region of space going from not being in space. The deviation of our arrival points could be justified by your vessels travelling via FTL means during the moment of transfer. We weren’t randomly thrown here, we were placed and that indicates an intelligence behind it, intergalactic doesn’t make sense as from what we gather from the crew here while this universe has some differences to their own there aren’t extra-galactic threats. They don’t exist, and if that was the cause why would we be placed near the middle of the Galaxy?” He brought up a galactic map. “From what we’ve been able to determine there is a faint reading similar to that radiating from our vessels here-” He highlighted a planet labelled Coruscant. “-So far we’ve been unable to determine what it is, but for all we know it’s another ship or person. Sending probes near that system could provide us valuable information on our position here.”

“That doesn’t mean whatever dragged us here isn’t both inside and outside of the galaxy. Think of a ship entering a warp gate, if that makes sense to you. If a ship is halfway inside the warp gate and halfway outside, is the ship truly inside or outside of where the warp gate is? Do you say that the ship has left, or the ship is still there?” Sinclair says, tilting his head. “Now, an intelligence being behind dragging us here I can agree with. But it’s how it dragged us here that I’m concerned with. Not just because it managed to pull us all from so far away, but because, if the data I’ve been provided with is correct, it pulls us from different timelines. I believe that happened with the ‘Zerg’ ship and the ‘Terran’ ship, if I’m recalling those names correctly. It pulls us from a far distance away, or, or perhaps as well as, from different timelines, or perhaps alternative timelines. Here’s another question for you: What happens if we leave? Will we get pulled back here? If so, then that supports the fact there may be an intelligence behind it, but it also means that we’re targets. If it’s intelligent, then it knows it’s pulling us here, to a place we don’t belong. And that means that someone knows we’re here, and someone planned this.”

“Well, considering I’m not familiar with whatever warp gate you’re referencing, as would the ship be existent on the other side at all until it had all passed through? If not that seems like a potential failure on the technology.” Rodney noticed Teylas raised eyebrow and shook his head in order to focus on the more pressing issues. “That’s why I’m trying to design this probe to detect energy signatures that indicate interuniversal travel. Once we find the source of the intelligence that dragged us here we can figure out what it wants, and find a way back.” He pointed at all the work that had been done throughout the lab. “This is all a moot point-” He brought up the image of the probe again. “-This is a way of tracking down the disturbance so we can talk to it. Figure out what we’re supposed to do, either do it or find a way out of doing it and head home. I’m not a subscriber to this whole ‘we’re here to topple the Empire’ methodology that’s going around. From what I’ve gathered from this ship and it’s database the Empire gets toppled anyway, and they don’t have the technology to bring us here on their ship I doubt anything else flying around as a predecessor does.”

He sighed as his watch beeped. He looked at it and sighed. “Well, the meetings starting soon. Guess we better get ready to talk some more about what we’re going to do as a group.”

“Us being here might even change the Empire being toppled. Maybe with us being here, it doesn’t get toppled because we’ve interrupted something. Either way, I’m with you, I don’t care. I want to get back to my own home universe, not muddle around in this one’s issues. My home is at war, and I want to fight my war, not theirs. I can’t speak for the rest of my ship’s crew, though. Particularly not those higher in rank than me,” Sinclair explains. He wasn’t too happy about a meeting starting soon, he would rather step out of it and work on something practical rather than debate for the rest of the day on their next action. He could probably get out of it by just being quiet the whole time. “You’re right about the meeting. Let’s hope something worthwhile is discussed, yeah?”

McKay shrugged. “I’ve got a stronger feeling we’re not going to be called on until they have a problem they need to be solved, only for them to be annoyed when we don’t have an instant answer to all the problems they have going on.”

Sinclair laughed at that, turning back to his screen. “At least we can both agree on that.”
The Solonis

The bridge of the Solonis was a lot calmer than it had been on it's arrival to this new, unknown galaxy, but it was still quite tense. Captain Hayley Duncan believed that had to do with the bridge crew being the most experienced of the ship, and though there were many other experienced men and women aboard her ship, she knew there were a lot of inexperienced personnel, too. She already knew two individuals had both ended up in the brig for acting on their emotions, but she couldn't blame them. Hayley was as lost as the rest of them, but she couldn't act out on it, she needed to set an example.

Hayley made sure that the crew didn't have time to dwell on the fact that they were lost in space. Departmental heads were running drills, and a few sections of the ship often found themselves marked as locked down as the Marines ran drills. They had already ran two Rabbit drills, which often left the crew a little disgruntled or intrigued (or a mix of the two) as Marines ran the length of the ship in powered armour, searching for their hiding target. A pair of marines had made their way onto the bridge on one of the drills, only - to the amusement of the bridge crew - to be chased off by the Sergeant On Deck. "You really think I would let some sissy on this bridge?" He had roared, stomping after them. Holly knew that Major Stanforth was working the marines hard, but a few times had wondered if he should give them a break. She wasn't in any position to direct that, however - while she had the authority, she wasn't going to direct the marines. That was Stanforth's job.

Commander Furret and Lieutenant Clarke were both standing over the latter's station, planning out the next set of operations for the crewmen. With interest, but not to intrude upon their work, Hayley unfolded her screen and brought it in front of her to look at the current ship operations. External maintenance was on the list, and she navigated her way to the external cameras. Panning the camera and zooming in, she watched a pair of crewmen in zero-G using a tool that looked like a hair comb attached to a wrench on a panel. To her amusement, she also saw a fireteam of marines on security. The serious part of her thought that external security was a good idea when in unknown space like this, when who-knows-what could come crawling onto her hull. The non-serious part of her wondered what each and every member of that team did to get such a shitty job. The crewmen had firearms and were capable of using them, and their suits would send out an alert if something happened to them, so that in case they had a puncture or accidentally floated themselves off into space there was a chance for rescue. She knew the marines would rather be on board the ship or even helping the crewmen by moving some a hull plate instead of standing around.

A flash of light on the center of the bridge made Hayley turn to the central holotable, expecting a report. She found one wasn't needed, however; Lieutenant Allan and Second Lieutenant Knox were playing with holographic fighters. To anyone that wasn't a part of the crew it would look like they were playing games, but Hayley knew that whilst it may have been some fun for Lieutenant Allan, it was practise for Lieutenant Knox. Lilly Knox was new to her role as Flight Operations Director, and though she had experience directing shuttlecraft in her logistical role, directing fighter operations was new to her.

Hayley observed the table from the Captain's chair, watching the simulated versions of Fang and Apricot squadrons destroying a first wave of missiles headed for the Solonis and then getting into a knife-fight range dogfight with the opposing fighters. Fang and Apricot were marked as Aces with a single little dot next to each fighter, whereas the opposing fighters were novices. Hayley thought the fight was a little unbalanced; all enemy fighters were destroyed with just one damaged fighter in Apricot squadron that returned to the nest. There was a lull in the fight before more fighters came in, a couple of Aces this time in the mix. The fight was harder this time, but Hayley knew that Solonis' fighters were going to win. However, two enemy carriers then entered the fray, holographic beams stabbing out at targets and deploying fighters and bombers. There was no way Solonis' fighters would win that fight, and Lieutenant Knox looked a little upset. "That's not fair!"

"Hey, I didn't do that!" Lieutenant Allan replied. As the two battled it out not just on the table but now with words, Hayley scanned the bridge. She had a sneaking suspicion that someone on the bridge had done that. As she had seen everyone else of the senior crew was busy apart from Lieutenants McEwan and Jameson, she looked over to the pair's stations. Jameson's station had been having some trouble, and there was currently a tech buried in cable spaghetti underneath it, so that ruled her out. Hayley didn't need to see that a two-dimensional representation of the holotable was on McEwan's table to know it was him, nor the fact that he was sat backwards on his chair facing the holotable; his grin alone told the story. Olivia and Lilly figured that out quickly.

"Can you not interrupt, please?" Olivia asked, folding her arms. Lilly was glaring at Toby, clearly wanting to say something but holding herself back. Olivia entered with some more words of her own. "We don't exactly interrupt your simulations or fuck them up, do we?" She asked. Hayley knew that much was true, but only because Toby's simulations were done on his own station and two-dimensional; he only watched the results on the holotable if he had to.

"Battle isn't simple. Anything can change, and sometimes you don't win," Toby responded with a smirk. He then turned back to his own station, leaving the pair of women glancing at eachother, and then looking back at Toby with a face of disgust. Hayley was never a fan of these situations, because technically both were right. Toby was the weakest link on her bridge - he was great at his job, but he was someone who took jokes too far, and perhaps sometimes at inappropriate times. He was a bit of a troublemaker.

"Lieutenant McEwan, please don't mess with simulations in future without permission from those running them or my own permission," Captain Duncan states. That seemed to ease the expressions of the ladies, and they went back to their training. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Commander Furret turning back to whatever he was doing with Lieutenant Clarke. Commander Elliot Furret was her other problem. He was older than her, which was not surprising with Hayley being a touch young for her own position but not too uncommon. The surprising part was Furret's age gap between her being a little large, and his experience too being much broader and further than her own. Some would have thought that Commander Furret would be commanding his own cruiser by now, or perhaps the Commodore of a small flotilla if they wanted to stretch it a little. Hayley knew Furret's position was by fault of his own but by political connections, and she understand his frustration. Fortunately, he never second-guessed her, and followed orders. She knew he was watching her, however. He always was, and it worried her a little. Turning her head over to Kayla Jameson's station, Hayley addressed the technician there. "Mister Roberts, how long until the Lieutenant's station is running again?"

"About five minutes, Captain," Technician Roberts responded, not taking his eyes off of his work. Hayley was disappointed, but not by Roberts. If it took that long to fix, it took that long to fix. She didn't need to communicate with anyone in particular, and communications was being run by a junior crewman on the bridge in the meanwhile, but it still didn't make her happy. The only person she wanted to keep tabs on presently was Lieutenant-Commander Sinclair, who was presently off-ship and on board one of the other ships, the Resurgence, but she didn't want to be too nosey, either.

Lieutenant-Commander Sinclair was in the makeshift labs of the Resurgence. As an engineer, people most likely expected him to go to Engineering and look around there rather than in the labs, but Sinclair knew that whatever was there was possibly beyond what the Solonis had or could do without a major overhaul. Plus, there was no way he'd be allowed to look into the depths of the engineering specifications, as that was a great risk - at least, he would class it as that, and any other engineer from his own galaxy would. He had know idea what those of this one thought of that in regards to security. Therefore, the labs were the best place for him to learn something new, something small that could help increase the sustainability of the ship.
Holly Farstel

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Walking with Rabbit, Holly tried to find a reason other than I don't trust you to say to Rabbit. She had already concluded that she would have trouble staying with him, especially longer term. To her, Rabbit clearly had enemies - in his line of business, it was inevitable. Families of targets, gangs of targets, the police, there was a lot that could be reasonably slotted onto that list. Whilst Holly had her own list of people that didn't like her, she knew that list would be considerably shorter than his would be. That, and Holly could easily fix relationships with the criminal factions of her shitlist; nobody refused free gifts. Hanging around with Rabbit not only reduced the amount of people she could sell stolen goods to but also put her at more risk than she normally would be.

She was also a little bit worried that a refusal of staying together with him would make him immediately turn her back around to the gang that wanted her, or even to the police. She knew people just like that, who flipped like a switch if things didn't go their way. Usually they wouldn't effect her, but Holly knew that this was one case that could if Rabbit turned out to be like that. He had risked a lot and lost an employer by saving her. If she turned away from her, he could claim her to be ungrateful. As she started to work things out in her head, Holly began to work on the phrasing and wording. She wanted things to be clean in case she ever saw him again, which she wasn't sure wanted to happen. However, none of that worked out. Holly heard words that she always feared hearing.

"MPD, Hands up and turn around!"

Holly didn't put her hands up and did not turn around. Instead, the instant the words stopped being spoken, Holly activated a Pause. There was little worry in Holly's head, as she had been faced with the MPD a few times before and had managed to flee. She always knew that one unlucky time could be her last, however. Picking cuffs was most likely in her record somewhere, so she couldn't try that one again unless she managed to do it before they checked her records. To the woman standing behind her, Holly was probably just another small-fish criminal girl.

In front of her, Holly sought out escape routes. She could try climbing pipes on the sides of the alley like she had tried with Rabbit, but the problem, wasn't super speed this time, but the prospect of getting shot in the back - nobody was going to complain about a dead street girl. What were they going to do after that, tell the orphanage that she had last slept in a few years ago? They'd probably just leave her for the rats. Running for the streets or other alleys would probably be a similar story. The only real hope in her own personal regard was that she was a kid, so whoever of MPD's finest had found her might hesitate in popping her. Holly didn't know who else was with the officer behind her, though, as she couldn't turn around while paused. For all she knew, it was a SWAT team that had been looking for Rabbit.

A risky plan slowly built into her head as she thought of Rabbit. If Rabbit didn't just kill whoever was behind her, she could use him to get out of her crimes. He was clearly the larger one here, the more adult, the more criminal of the two with his blade and obvious Para ability. She was pretty much forced into her plan, so she tried to run through it cleanly in her head. She was going to claim Rabbit was using her for his own advantage. The phones which were probably the reason why the MPD were in the alleys in the first place - damn those EID chips - could just be claimed to be what she was giving him. The Rabbit's present criminal occupation could easily fill out the reason as to why she was doing it - the threat of death. She could hopefully get out of a formal check by claiming to be a helpless victim of the criminal beside her. And if not, she would have to make up another plan on the fly.

It wasn't a good plan, but there wasn't any other plan she could act on beside hoping Rabbit killed the officers. A larger risk came with that, however: A healthy addition of murder would be added to her record. It didn't matter if Rabbit did it, she was right there with him, and would be classed as his partner in crime. Holly would rather try her plan and risk Rabbit's disapproval than a murder added to her record. She'd be hunted down in days by MPD. Plus, it would be that reason she was looking for to part ways with him.

Holly ran through the plan in her head once more, before Unpausing. Slowly raising her hands up, Holly did as she was and spun herself around to face the officer slowly. It turned out not to be one officer, but she appeared to have a partner with her. Either way, it didn't affect her plan. With her head tilted ever so slightly away from Rabbit so he wouldn't be able to see it, but still facing the woman, Holly silently mouthed the words "Help me," to the female officer, with a light shudder starting in her body. The shudder was not by her will, though - she was genuinely worried about what would happen next.
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