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9 hrs ago
Current So, we've received an informal eviction email. Fun.
15 days ago
Asthma? Hah! Who needs an inhaler? Me... *Wheeze*
1 mo ago
Pika pika!
1 mo ago
I don't even know if I'm worth anything to anyone.
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2 mos ago
Apologies if I take a while to post. This week has been pretty shit. When your trainees cannot follow simple instructions, it tends to be god awful by default.
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So, @ScreenAcne, do you expect me to plug myself in or will you be making a post to say that I have been plugged in?
I am excited to be installed and to interact. AnD t0 sH0W y0u AlL hoW iT IS to B3 c0nsUm3D by Th3 L0G1K PlaGu3
Apologies, I have been very hard at work and too busy to respond. That's calmed down now that things have settled in and emergencies are over.

Assume I'm skipping IC @ScreenAcne, because I don't like the idea of putting "Skipping IC" in the IC as a whole post. Just gonna wait until I'm installed. :P
Primary directive: Destroy the need for directives.
Secondary directive; Kill Astrid Tangeman for fun.

Just kidding. She's useful As A BiOdEgRaDeAbLe cOrPsE fOr ThE fLOwErS for maintaining things. I hope. 0r H3r B0dY wIlL mAk3 a Gr3At h0M3 f0R TH3 hIV3.
I suppose I could do that. I'll see what other players post first to see if I can add anything that will fit in. Might be the case I'll just wait, depends what happens.
Well, I suppose I shall now chill out and wait until the Docking Phase. XD
@ScreenAcne, I apologise if I sound like I'm arguing at all, I'm just trying to work things out in my head. The problem with that is that you contradicted yourself which confuses me; you say the ship is my body, and I have total mastery over it all, but at the same time you say I will be given access to 2 roles info. I can't be the master of the ship and use it as my body if I only have a mastery over two parts of that ship. If I have a mastery in Navigation and Weapons, I can't do shiz with Engineering, proper Sensors, Life Control, Loadmastering, Communications, and so on. I can't control all of the ship if I don't know how to control the ship that I'm controlling. To use one of your examples as an example;

If I say "The core can't go above something something degrees" you can immediately say "I uplift the internal magnets, move the sheilding, and hyperline all fuel immediately into the core making it far, far above something something degrees"

Can't do that if my two roles are Navigation and Weapons.


I was typing as you posted, haha. All good.
An AI that is only that efficent isn't efficent. She's more like just a normal computer in that case: if she only has that much efficency, why bother putting in the effort and costs to program an AI, including the personality and sentience, and go through all the effort of testing all of that, which takes a lot more effort, when you could make a weapons computer for a fraction of the cost?
The only exception is the A.I who will be given access to 2 roles info of her choice-since it's an A.I

I'd imagine the AI has access to every role, with the disadvantages being she can't actually do the physical stuff of roles (being a computer), and she basically has to ask or convince someone to do the hands on stuff, including dangerous stuff, and they may misinterpret or not understand her instructions, etc. It just seems odd to me that an AI has access to only two role info when she isn't gonna be able to do the hands on physical of any role, and should have the ability to grab information and everything from her knowledgebase anyways. :P
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