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Don't worry, despite being evicted soon, I found a new place to live. The streets.
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So, we've received an informal eviction email. Fun.
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Asthma? Hah! Who needs an inhaler? Me... *Wheeze*
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Holly Farstel

Safety came in numbers, some said. Holly disagreed with this; she thought that safety came in being smart, and knowing where to be. If she was in a place she knew she was safe she was guaranteed a higher chance of survival than if she was in a place that wasn't. Underground criminal sanctuaries were her main place of safety; sure the criminals may duke it out in the underground itself, or anywhere that wasn't a sanctuary, but within it there was at least some civility. It was a place to rest or sleep, to trade off stolen goods, or to brag about your exploits. Everyone still was still suspicious of everyone else, though.

However, despite this being one of the safest of places to be for her, Holly was not there. After sleeping, she found little to do for herself within the sanctuary, and had made her way out by one of the sewer exits. It seemed a little funny to Holly that the exits were incredibly dangerous compared to the safety just within the sanctuary. Once you left, you were fair game. You were no longer trying to hide, trying to sleep or trade. You were outside, and that meant you were prey.

Thankfully, most saw no value in trying to stop her. She was a teenager with a bag that most knew was empty, but some still tried to stop her to check. Holly knew that there were a few crazies out there, but hadn't come across one yet. Whenever she was stopped, she just opened her bag to show she had nothing for them to take for themselves, and then carried on her way. They didn't follow her, after all, she had nothing for them.

It was now later in the day, and Holly was sat on a roof, eating her sandwich. She watched a large screen mounted on a building, playing the news, of which currently was an attack on an MPD convoy. Holly observed the monitor casually, taking bites out of her stolen meal, before the screen flicked and changed, speaking words that intrigued her;
"You are not alone… The Change comes to all things in time. Break your shackles and embrace true freedom."
She didn't exactly feel like she was in shackles. She felt free, as free as she could be. She figured it was just a Para that had managed to gain access to the screen. He'd be apprehended soon, she thought to herself. They all were.

Phoebe Harper

Patrolling the alleyways of the city was Phoebe. Her main source of entertainment throughout the day was knocking out every thug that tried to stop her. She didn't need a job, she didn't need much sustenance (though still savoured the taste of food), and she didn't have many friends to hang out with. There were things that she could do for entertainment that wasn't punching a thug in the face, such as going to the cinema or a museum, however those were risky for many reasons.

Her helmet could thankfully provide her with entertaining audio, such as music, news stations or, as it currently was, MPD communications. She still had the same access as she had before the Tower had exploded, because it had been saved to the data of her armour. According to the communications, Ibis had been mobilised to a truck crash, and against her better judgement, Phoebe was going to observe. As she grew closer to the scene, or where the scene was said to be, she climbed herself up onto a rooftop, moving herself to the edge and crouching down.

From what Phoebe could see and hear, things were going to be turning out differently. Already, several Paras had been released from a transport vehicle it looked like. She felt sorry for the crew. As much as she tried to avoid dealing with the MPD, she used to be one of them, and so felt sympathy for those working for them - at least in the low positions. Anyone in higher positions were evil, she told herself. It wasn't the fault of the lackeys on the ground, they were just following orders and didn't know any better. It almost made her want to go after those higher herself, perhaps study, follow and ambush them one by one, to destroy the corruption that they were. She was smarter than that, though. It would make her even more of a target than she already was. And so, she observed the chaos below her.

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The Solonis

Captain Duncan was proud of her ship. As she strolled through the interior toward the main hangar, she was happy to see that the crew were not flapping their arms about the current situation as much as when they had first arrived. Making sure that the ship was in the best condition that it could be was keeping them too occupied to think about it, and Captain Duncan knew that was an endless task. They would come to relax soon, Hayley was sure of it. You couldn't keep too worried about something forever.

Arriving at the hangar, she saw the shuttle that she was meant to board not by the fact that she had been told which but because there were a pair of marines standing guard, and from her approaching angle she could see the flutter of hands by the pilots as they did their preflight checklists. What surprised her a little more than anything that it wasn't a standard ferry shuttle but was a marine assault shuttle - clearly Lieutenant Knox was concerned about her safety. A smirk appeared on Hayley's face as she thought about it; perhaps that concern in safety was just in case an engagement happened and Commander Furret had to take over the ship. No doubt if Elliot was taking the same journey as herself he would be using a standard shuttle.

Hayley didn't march over at full speed, she walked leisurely over, looking over the hangar as she did so. The insignia on the side of the fighters that were in their berths told her that Apricot were still landed whilst Fang were on CSP. No doubt some of Fang would latch their patrol onto the shuttle as it made it's way to it's destination. Some of the crew gave her salutes as she walked near them, and Hayley returned them with ease until she arrived at the shuttle. She returned the salutes of the marines and the crew chief at the entrance, and then looked the latter up and down. "Permission to board, chief?" She asked as a matter of formalities. She grinned immediately after, and so did the crew chief.

"Permission granted, welcome aboard, Captain!" The crew chief replied, turning to make his way into the shuttle. Hayley followed behind, and the marines made up the rear. The interior of the shuttle was cramped and built for efficiency rather than looks. The crew chief took his station near the cockpit door, and Hayley took the station that would normally be occupied by the marine compliment's platoon leader if a platoon had been on board and buckled up. From there, she could at least look outside of the craft using the displays. The marines sat down at the closest seats to the hatch, talking among themselves. The buckling up was different to standard shuttles, and she knew it was just for additional safety. Marines had a harder job.

Hayley wasn't too bothered about the cramped spaces and ugliness of the interior - she had been a midshipwoman once and had to sleep in a similarly ugly cabin. The real thing that bothered her was that at any moment the pilots could hit a button and all of the marine's seats, including her current one, could drop out of the bottom of the craft. If they came under attack or had to drop quickly, it was a good way to get out of the shuttle. On the other hand, Hayley wasn't wearing a sealed suit, and so didn't feel like taking a joyride on her chair out into space.

The shuttle's hatched closed, and Hayley watched through the external cameras as they lifted off the deck and drifted toward one of the waiting airlocks. A massive door closed behind the shuttle, and after the atmosphere was drained from the airlock, the exterior hull hatched opened, revealing the inky black of space. Hayley reminded herself that all of the other ships were friendly as the assault shuttle activated it's main thrusters and flew for the Resurgence. Hayley took immediate notice that Assault Shuttles lacked in stabilisers; whilst the tug was minimised, she still felt herself wanting to slip out of her seat. She cast a glance over at the marines in the back, and felt a little more at ease by their relaxed looks and conversation. They were used to this kind of movement.

The assault shuttle slid it's way into the Resurgence's hangar, and then stopped with such abruptness that Hayley thought she was going to break some bones. She had been expecting the gentle acceleration of a normal shuttle, but the marine pilots thought differently. Once the craft touched down on the deck, the marines were already halfway outside of the hatch by the time she had undone her seat buckle; she wondered if they had even had the buckle on in the first place. She followed them outside, and was met by one of her own, who saluted her as she exited the shuttle.

"Tell me you know where we're going Robert," Hayley says, returning his salute. Their arms dropped, and Robert Sinclair motions for Hayley to follow. The marines remained at the shuttle, chatting to eachother again. Hayley often wished she had the ability to listen into such conversations, just to poke at her own personal curiosity, but she knew such a gift was a curse as much as it was a benefit.

"Aye, Captain. It's not too far, we'll be there quite quickly," Robert responds, before adding, "Which is a good thing, because it's due to start quite soon."

On the journey to the meeting room, the pair discussed what Robert had been doing aboard the Resurgence, and Hayley tutted him for the argument that he had managed to get into. She should have expected as much with Robert being aboard with a load of scientists, but there was little other option other than sending a few other optimistic engineers over, whom she wouldn't trust as much with presenting the proper values of the ship.

Robert was correct that they would be there quickly, but Hayley was cursing herself for not being a little earlier - they walked in just as the meeting began, it appeared. The pair quietly took seats to listen to the beginning of the meeting as well as get a proper look at those around them, a lot of whom they had not properly met.
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