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Current Smarty Jones... Just... Consider removing the 'Smarty' part of your name if you're going to try and kick up a side-argument here, there's no reason for that. Otherwise, let's just move on.
2 yrs ago
People don't tend to think about rules when in disputes. Instead, just point out that whoever stops arguing first gets to see the other make a fool of themselves if they going after it all stopped.
2 yrs ago
The best part about being on the Guild this long is that nowadays, I can sit back and chuckle as the newcomers try to start a fight an instead get all the old hands ganging up on them. Popcorn for me.
3 yrs ago
Got my first covid vaccination today. I was terrified, but the staff there were very well trained and things went well.
3 yrs ago
Every few minutes playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, I tear up from the memories. It's not often you get a game that truly pulls at the same heartstrings as your childhood playthrough's once did.



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Mess Hall | In Transit
February 21st, 3061

Someone crazy had sat down nearby. At least, that's what William thought about Mox's comment. The grub did not, in fact, look good today. He'd describe it as rotten, though he doubted he'd know what a rotten cube looked like, let alone live the few moments required to complain about it. Perhaps the paprika taste was the scrumptious cube finally reaching the end of it's long lifespan. Nothing like a bit of mold to spice things up a little, he thought, prodding a cube with his finger. Not surprisingly, William no longer felt hungry. At least Mox's mood kept spirits high. He took a sip of his water in a futile attempt to wash the taste away - both the actual taste, and the imaginary moldy cubes.

William's eyes met Marlowe's, and he had to bite his tongue gently to keep himself from grinning at his expression and the silent request that followed it. Rolling his shoulders in a fashion akin to a small shrug, he let Marlowe speak. It seemed Marlowe had come to the same conclusion that William had, something that both made him happy he had the same train of thought, and also worrying. If others were coming to the same conclusion, perhaps the food was going bad. "That's if it even gives you something to burn off," William comments, giving Marlowe a wave. Turning to Mox, he finished his thought. "It almost seems like a placebo at this point. Something to make you feel like you've eaten, just to push you a little further."

Just as he was going for another sip of his water, William was pleasantly surprised to see Andrea beginning to sit down across from him - perhaps he had been stuck in his thoughts too much, or maybe it was from talking to his colleagues, but he hadn't seen her walk in. He was a touch embarrassed about that, but he didn't let it show. He hid it through the mental questioning of how exactly Andrea was able to consume the food cubes without complaint - again. It still amazed him.

Her question, asked so sweetly, was not as worrying to William as it might have been to others. He knew the reputation that she had - he had rescued her from the results of that reputation back on Kallas - however, to him, it was different. She had never hurt him, and had protected him more than anything. Even the small amount of concern conjured from her tone was overshadowed by the fact that he knew, even it might not have been as true for others, that he would be safe. She wouldn't hurt him.

"Hello to you too," William chuckles. Andrea's fascination and dedication to her work was admirable, if a bit hair-raising. "I'd be glad to help you. Just let me know later or tomorrow and I'll come to the medical bay." His eyes drifted to the cube that Andrea was holding as she spoke to Mox, and in turn, his eyes then fell to the remaining, uneaten cubes on his tray. Shaking his head a little, he used two fingers on both hands to slide his tray a few inches away from himself. After three full seconds, he cursed himself quietly. No camera picked up on the gesture and signalled for waiters to take his tray and cutlery away. Pulling his tray back to himself, he shook his head a little - he'd put the tray away himself when he wanted to get up. Old habits died hard, even after years of trying to batter them down.

Specific Location | In Transit
February 21st, 3061

When one had resided in the height of luxury for most of their life, even years later, one would likely struggle to adapt to radical changes in both lifestyle and quarters. In the case of William Prescott, he had managed to adapt to a great many changes, however one such adjustment of which he failed to attune to was the lack of a large, Sereon-feather mattress beneath him, even if he did disagree with the poaching of the animal on his homeworld. Each sleep had left him relaxed and ready for the next day, and offered comforting relief from the duties of the day. Following his departure from Kallas, William had never quite slept the same - after the first year, he had only just acquired the ability to sleep without tossing and turning, however he still questioned if that was due to the sleeping conditions or fear of waking up on his way back to the royal palace. He knew the ramifications of his departure; People were likely asking where the crown prince was. The fighting on Kallas was likely worse than it was before.

Alas, William woke up from the - relatively speaking - uncomfortable bunk with a jolt. After a moment of sitting upright with his hand under his pillow, he relaxed, moving his hands to his lap and away from his sidearm. With a shake of the head, he moved to his feet and began his awakening duties; He washed, he dressed, and then ventured out from the bunks to occupy himself. For a moment, he contemplated trying to track down Andrea - he still owed so much to her. However, knowing she was likely busy, William settled on getting food. More accurately, he settled on getting nutrition. He hoped that they could get some real food soon, and envisioned his breakfast with disgust as he made his way to the mess.

Upon entering the mess hall, he spotted a fellow Exoframe pilot - Marlowe - consuming exactly what was envisioned by William. Bland, disgusting food cubes. Allowing the dispenser to provide him his 'meal', William plopped himself down on a table near his comrade's, and began the process of forcing the food cubes down his throat. He let out a little cough after a long sip of water, and shook his head at the remains of his meal. "Breakfast, your royal highness," William mutters to himself sarcastically, before continuing.

I'll prolly post tomorrow after work. Chickenwalker reins above all others.
Mentions: @TGM

Despite being a joke, there almost was some truth to the other student's words. Mistral was a bright place, well lit, at least on the upper levels where they were now. Back home in Kuchinashi, there were many dark, unlit areas where less-than-desirable individuals lurked. Regardless, Azure's face remained smiling as brightly as the lights in the city around the students. Her hands gently squeezed her suitcase and weapon case, casting a wonderous glance at the entrance to Haven Academy's interior, before fixing her gaze back at the taller student with a little laugh. "Yup, it's your last chance," Azure replies with a nudge.

. . .

During the opening speech, Azure's excitement did not die out - it grew, even if the speech was a touch sombre at a few moments. She did not know too much about Goldi Lockhart other than the most obvious bits and pieces; Azure knew that her father saw Goldi as a target. It wasn't about money or a bounty, he had told her. It was about making the gang even more known that it was. Already, Last Ones Out already performed various large criminal acts - The burning down of a few homes, attacks on various police departments, the festival kidnapping - but to attack a headmaster would boost their reknown. At one point, Azure would have agreed with such an act. But now, hopping up and down on the spot with a beaming smile resting on her lips, she wasn't a part of that life any more. Cleaver had changed her mind on the matter, and had assisted her in going to Haven to make her the Huntress that she now wanted to be. Until she had completed Haven Academy, she was a student. After that, she could take any path she wanted, even if that meant going back to her father.

Though they were given access to a hotel, Azure wondered if she was going to get any sleep. Her mind would be running all night, envisioning what tomorrow could bring. The hunting grounds sounded particularly interesting, though Azure wondered what the students would be hunting. It seemed obvious that it would be Grimm, however she wondered if there would be some kind of twist involved. Or, perhaps she was just overthinking things. As Goldi concluded her speech, Azure patted herself up and down to make sure that she had remembered her pamphlet, and was relieved that she had.

Finally, Azure turned back to the taller student that she had been hanging with ever since they had started to talk outside. "Tonight is going to be fantastic!" She exclaims, resting her chin on her hands. "There's just so much to take in!"
Putting my interest here!
Mentions: @TGM

Of all of the places that Mistral could receive air traffic from, Kuchinashi had to be among the top rankings for danger. As a home to many individuals from the darker, more criminal walks of life, everyone making their way off a Kuchinashi airship was watched suspiciously by the receiving officials. It was likely that the staff didn't trust any kind of security checks from their Kuchinashi counterparts, reinforced by the increase of 'random searches' conveniently around the time one of their airships did arrive. Travelling out of Kuchinashi by air was more expensive than by rail however, and so there were thankfully some leeway compared to the groundside arrivals. Plus, air arrivals typically arrived at the higher locations of Mistral city, which was far more pleasant. There were many reasons why Cleaver had picked travelling by air for Azure, but the girl wasn't focusing on the reasons for the method of transportation; Even as she skipped her way toward Haven Academy, her mind was still glued on the aerial view of the city from her time gazing out of the airship's window. Which, admittedly, had been the entire flight. Thankfully, she wasn't daydreaming hard enough to forget her suitcase nor weapon case, the latter of which held Starsweeper within.

Mistral city seemed to be a lot cleaner than back home. A lot friendlier, a lot safer, but the level of mistreatment was almost similar if the signs on a few doors were to judge - Azure paused to glance at a No Faunus poster beside a shop's entrance, before carrying on her way. Azure hadn't had to worry too much about such matters back home, being the daughter of a large gang's leader was a free pass, though she only really tried to get into them if there was something spectacular inside to lure her in. Away from home, the young Faunus girl decided to avoid them as much as she could, though there was no telling when she'd spot something to take her chances at. She knew that a quick exchange of lien-for-item was hard for a shopkeeper to ignore if it was swift and with little fuss. A hat or hood would help, too. Azure allowed such thoughts to overtake her in an effort to ignore the countless amount of stairs that she had to climb. She didn't want to tire herself out thinking about how many there were left to go. As Azure began to near the top, her excitement also grew. She could see the top of Haven Academy peeking over the last step, her view increasing with every step. When she finally reached the top Azure took a moment to examine Haven from her position with the largest of smiles on her face, before raising her arms in the air (almost tossing her weapon case away in the process) and whooping, causing a few others that were scaling the steps to take glances at her. She had seen images of Haven before, but to see it in person was spectacular.

"It looks amazing!" Azure exclaims, letting her arms drop down from their elevated positions and making her way forward once more. Her eyes flickered from the building to all of the other students. So much variety, people from all sorts of walks of life. People with different appearances, different weapons, many from what looked like different school years - she could pick out who was new just from those who didn't have uniforms yet, just like herself. Deciding that she was going to approach one of them, Azure did so, making her way toward one of the girls, one that was definitely a bit taller than herself. "Isn't this fantastic? Haven looks wonderful in person!" A bright Azure spoke gleefully, hopping a little on her feet in excitement.
Pfft. Endgame Azure just instantly winning all fights by presenting her opponent as being dead.

"And with our awesome package, you can use your bandits against huntsmen all you want! Lungs not included!"

Nah, not going to go quite that far with it.
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