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22 May 2017 14:11
Current I have a fear of flying insects, and there is what looks like a giant ant with wings and a stinger in the hallway. How did it get in!? I want food, and it's blocking me! AHHHHH!
7 May 2017 11:47
I dont understand people who are like "This is me" and send a picture with a filter that covers two thirds of their face. Sure, let me see your cheeks and head because the rest is dog eyes and tongue.
27 Apr 2017 18:59
Wanna RP something? Hold on, let me just write every idea I have into a separate 1x1 check and bump all of them at the same time.
24 Apr 2017 17:06
I'm in tatters emotionally right now. Sorry if I don't respond to anything right now.
19 Apr 2017 14:13
The feeling when you're put in someone else's bio is indescribable amazingness.


I have no idea what to put here. Recommendations, please!

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@OfWindAndRain @Luna_Maria
Be advised, I will be posting like, tomorrow. I just need a little time. Thanks to @Klomster for explaining this better than I could in the state I'm in right now and for worrying about me.
And Luna, @CowboyCommando has permission to use my nation in their CS. We've been PMing.

I was wondering why he kept stalking the thread. XD
Zerg Planet: Light of New Dawn
Galactic Coordinates 13788-0920
Lynat Sector
Border World 0248

"Sir, we have detected six more enemy ships, carrier-class. Warning, enemy fighters detected, coming fast!" Before the captain could issue any more orders to counter this, the sensor consoleman issued out another announcement; "Captain, the corvette has jumped. It's no longer in-system!"

That changed things; the whole point of them staying was to defend the corvette. Nonetheless, there was no way they could turn around without dramatically slowing themselves and then being forced to speed up again, a time of which the fighters would definitely catch up to them. And so, they were forced to fight. The system behind them would have seen that they hadn't sent a ship back to indicate safe passage and would get help. With the discovery of a whole new race, possibly two, hopefully it would be a few battleships.

"Order the ships into a square, facing the enemy ships and unlock missile tubes and point defence. Weapons, unlock the pulse laser as well, target the closest of the first three carriers." Immediately after that order was complete, the captain began to issue offensive orders, "All ships, fire missiles at these three carriers." He selected the closest three, the ones that had been chasing the corvette before. "Engage."

With that, all Zenohunt ships unloaded part of their missile load, a stream of around 140 missiles leaking from the tubes of each ship. As well as this, the pulse laser fired from the heavy cruiser, a harsh red beam that beamed across space almost instantly, aimed directly at the targeted carrier. The drawback was that at such range, the power of the laser was reduced significantly and drew a lot of power from the ship. Captain Nasko hoped it would at least do some damage, however, but they didn't know anything about the hostile ship's armour nor even if they had shields of some kind.

"Point defense, engage the hostile fighters," he then ordered, crossing his arms behind his back as he watched.
@Luna_Maria Sorry, last night was a little busy. I'm the event coordinator for an Arma group, and we have three events per weekend. I'm also part of the mod development for that same group, so I was trying to add some more factions onto my mod.
But yes, I'll respond.
Gonna wait for a post from @OfWindAndRain before posting again.
Sorry for the double OOC, just wanted to let @Luna_Maria and @OfWindAndRain know I am working on the assumption that the carriers have not yet deployed their fighters in Luna's edit. If not, well, let's just say that since the Zenohunt ships just arrived their sensors have not yet properly adjusted, yes? :P
Zerg Planet: Light of New Dawn
Galactic Coordinates 13788-0920
Lynat Sector
Border World 0248
Several Hundred-Thousand Kilometers in front of the JSBF Silent Sentinel
@Luna_Maria & @OfWindAndRain

UZF Siren's Rose
Space seemed to distort in a circular pattern in multiple positions, and from these came a variety of ships. A few moments later, the ships activated their sensor suites, scanning the surrounding area. "Captain, we're through. All systems are coming online now, sir," spoke a young lieutenant manning the operations console, before returning to the task that was the tapping of keys and pressing of buttons.

"Thank you, lieutenant," Captain Nasko Feo spoke, before returning to reading the latest report from the too-smart Zenohunts aboard the UZF White Wolf, the science ship that was accompanying the flotilla - or rather, that the flotilla accompanied. Ever since the war with the Lasdan, expanding the territories and known lands was never done alone. Whenever going to a completely new system, a ship was accompanied by a formation of UZF ships. It wasn't something that captain Nasko cared for - he figured that if a science ship was armed enough, it could go by itself. At least it gave him something to do rather than guarding a border planet.

And, it gave him a shot at commanding a flotilla. That was sure to make him seem better to the promotion board.

"Captain!" Someone yelled, freeing Nasko from his own thoughts. Upon looking at the speaker, Nasko realised it was the sensor consoleman. "We have a contact on sensors, one ship, perhaps corvette class, approaching fast." The captain reacted quickly, issuing out orders with a strong voice. "Red alert! Bring guns to full readiness. Comms, hail it. Send it the first contact greeting, text and vocal. Also, warn it not to engage. Tell commander Wilar to deploy his fighters."

"More contacts! Three ships. I'm presuming them carrier class because of their size," the sensor consoleman called. This surprised the captain, and forced him to think. If the carriers were already moving at such a speed, there was no way that they had moved to attack the flotilla. Had they just walked into an internation, perhaps interspecies conflict? If so, who was the good, and who was the bad?

Taking a gamble that the corvette was fleeing, as the carriers were flying straight for it, he made the decision to help it; perhaps it could tell him more of the situation, if they could even communicate; It was almost a one-hundred percent possibility that the occupants of the ship spoke a different language than Zenospeak, the Zenohunt's own language.

"Order all ships to move to defend that corvette. To clarify, we are not targeting the corvette, we are going to try and see what is going on here, and engage the carriers if they remain accelerating. Comms, send a message to the three carriers via text, tell them to hold position or at least stop accelerating. Hopefully they can translate it."

Just saying, I'm still here. Just still making that collab with Klomster~ :P

I'm unsure if I should have a Zenohunt flotilla come across the encounter between the Zerg and the Juran Ark Federation. A flotilla may be small, but tier 2 weapons for the win! Yeah... Tier 2 weapons... So powerful.... Why are there so many unknown ships, captain... Why are there so many fighters... Retreat... Retreat... Help us...
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