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Current Why doesn't anyone want to do a Metro 1x1? Those games were amazing!
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If anyone wants to add me for chat and fun and stuff, my Discord is SifTheAI#8098
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I keep getting out of bed too fast and then feeling ill because of it.
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I'm worried. He's been gone a while. I'm scared I've done or said something wrong. He's been my brother for years now, and I don't know where he's gone.
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Well, I got five likes, so you all get your wish. New profile picture~


I have no idea what to put here. Recommendations, please!

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Bump! Craving Metro RP!
Saffron Kelly

Saffron attempted not to cringe as the orc let out laughter, keeping her cat ears uncurled and bearing the full sound of the laugh. "Then perhaps I should just call myself a spirit. It may convince the religious not to hang me on sight. It'd be nice to be accepted for once," Saffron replied to the orc. "Perhaps other tribes may feel the same way yours does about spirits. Anything of nature is a friend of mine, Humans, Orcs, any. Save for demons." She shook her head.

Her smile could not help but grow as she thought about how the situation would look to others. A small girl talking to a massive orc, like something out of an artist's creation rather than that of actuality. "Well, as funny as it may seem, I use nature magic. Manipulating nature. I can communicate with animals, too. I'm hoping to do more with my magic, to develop and create new spells, though that would take a lot of effort."

Trying to reverse a certain spell is proving to take the most effort, Saffron thought to herself for a moment, wiggling her cat ears to herself a little.

"I came here to help get rid of demons. At least, get rid of the bad ones," the cat girl replied, crossing her arms over her chest. "If there are any good ones. Every race has an outcast." Humans made me one, after all.
Bump! Fantasy Craving!
Saffron Kelly

Her eyes flickering among the room, Saffron's attention quickly found itself upon a Raven that had just taken flight from the shoulder of an orc. Saffron focused on the bird rather than the orc, primarily because the former was flapping it's way toward her, however she did save part of her attention for the orc; the bird came from the orc, perhaps the orc had sent it at her. With people she didn't know, it could have been anything.

Saffron's head tilted slightly to the side as the raven landed on her shoulder, a gentle smile on her face appearing once it had landed on her lap. She moved her hand to run a single fingertip over it's feathers, letting the bird relax there, however her attention shifted entirely upon the Orc moving. Something about being smaller than those around her was that everything seemed like a threat, and Saffron was forced to control herself quickly; being in such a situation many times before, that wasn't hard.

Adding to the ease of calming was the Orc's reaction toward what Saffron guessed was her cat ears. She fought not to grin as he asked her a pair of calm questions and sat himself down, only offering a calm smile as her finger traced over the raven's feathers again. "Very abrupt, but I understand why. I'm Saffron. And what I am, well. You could call me Human, because that is what I was. You could call me a catwoman or catgirl. Perhaps I should just announce myself as a spirit of nature, because that's what I look like," she replied, her voice smooth, her tone mature for her apparent young age.

"And yourself? What is your name?" Saffron asks the Orc, keeping an eye on other conversations. "Does this beauty on my lap belong to you?"
Saffron Kelly

Walking to a location far away from her current was not how Saffron Kelly believed she would end up, however that wasn't a negative. Saffron was no stranger to being on the move, for such reasons as need or pleasure, yet it allowed her to take in the sights that were around her. There was little danger for her in the way of fauna; Only those that took it upon themselves to sneak would were the real problem, she could talk herself out of a lot of situations if she lived long enough for the words to leave her mouth as the realisation their prey was speaking in their own tongue was enough to get many to listen. Insects were the real threat to her, they rarely communicated, though there were easy solutions to their particular problem.

The real negative of walking was the animals that stood on two feet, though mainly one particular breed of them; Humans. Every run in with them where they had discovered her true identity had ended up a bad one, and mage hunters would be on her tail instantly, if they weren't already. All they had to do was look for the person with the hood up. For all she knew, this invitation could be a very elaborate trap, no matter the circumstances. Saffron had learned to stay cautious.

It was easy to know that those at the gathering were other mages, though Saffron felt out of place amongst them. She was a child before them, despite her real age being otherwise, and furthermore, she wasn't even a proper species. What was she supposed to call her species if she was asked? Saffron was somewhat surprised that she had never thought of this before, however banished this thought with a quick answer; she didn't believe she'd be in a group of other mages that had friendly intentions (at least, she hoped and believed so).

The stone chair that Saffron sat on was cold against her, however she ignored the feeling and focused on the conversations and people around her. She didn't say a word yet, she wanted to see who to talk to, or if anyone would approach her, as well as get the replies to the questions already asked. She, too, was curious to what the answers would be, no matter how truthful.

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