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Current Got my first covid vaccination today. I was terrified, but the staff there were very well trained and things went well.
6 mos ago
Every few minutes playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, I tear up from the memories. It's not often you get a game that truly pulls at the same heartstrings as your childhood playthrough's once did.
8 mos ago
If there's an any% category, then there's also a 100% category.
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9 mos ago
I think, for the first time since COVID-19 started, I've just realised how much I miss physical contact, and how much I really do miss being able to hug someone and hide in their arms from the world.
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Boomers, the lot of you. ;)



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In Grimm Noir 29 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Mentions: @TGM

Of all of the places that Mistral could receive air traffic from, Kuchinashi had to be among the top rankings for danger. As a home to many individuals from the darker, more criminal walks of life, everyone making their way off a Kuchinashi airship was watched suspiciously by the receiving officials. It was likely that the staff didn't trust any kind of security checks from their Kuchinashi counterparts, reinforced by the increase of 'random searches' conveniently around the time one of their airships did arrive. Travelling out of Kuchinashi by air was more expensive than by rail however, and so there were thankfully some leeway compared to the groundside arrivals. Plus, air arrivals typically arrived at the higher locations of Mistral city, which was far more pleasant. There were many reasons why Cleaver had picked travelling by air for Azure, but the girl wasn't focusing on the reasons for the method of transportation; Even as she skipped her way toward Haven Academy, her mind was still glued on the aerial view of the city from her time gazing out of the airship's window. Which, admittedly, had been the entire flight. Thankfully, she wasn't daydreaming hard enough to forget her suitcase nor weapon case, the latter of which held Starsweeper within.

Mistral city seemed to be a lot cleaner than back home. A lot friendlier, a lot safer, but the level of mistreatment was almost similar if the signs on a few doors were to judge - Azure paused to glance at a No Faunus poster beside a shop's entrance, before carrying on her way. Azure hadn't had to worry too much about such matters back home, being the daughter of a large gang's leader was a free pass, though she only really tried to get into them if there was something spectacular inside to lure her in. Away from home, the young Faunus girl decided to avoid them as much as she could, though there was no telling when she'd spot something to take her chances at. She knew that a quick exchange of lien-for-item was hard for a shopkeeper to ignore if it was swift and with little fuss. A hat or hood would help, too. Azure allowed such thoughts to overtake her in an effort to ignore the countless amount of stairs that she had to climb. She didn't want to tire herself out thinking about how many there were left to go. As Azure began to near the top, her excitement also grew. She could see the top of Haven Academy peeking over the last step, her view increasing with every step. When she finally reached the top Azure took a moment to examine Haven from her position with the largest of smiles on her face, before raising her arms in the air (almost tossing her weapon case away in the process) and whooping, causing a few others that were scaling the steps to take glances at her. She had seen images of Haven before, but to see it in person was spectacular.

"It looks amazing!" Azure exclaims, letting her arms drop down from their elevated positions and making her way forward once more. Her eyes flickered from the building to all of the other students. So much variety, people from all sorts of walks of life. People with different appearances, different weapons, many from what looked like different school years - she could pick out who was new just from those who didn't have uniforms yet, just like herself. Deciding that she was going to approach one of them, Azure did so, making her way toward one of the girls, one that was definitely a bit taller than herself. "Isn't this fantastic? Haven looks wonderful in person!" A bright Azure spoke gleefully, hopping a little on her feet in excitement.
Pfft. Endgame Azure just instantly winning all fights by presenting her opponent as being dead.

"And with our awesome package, you can use your bandits against huntsmen all you want! Lungs not included!"

Nah, not going to go quite that far with it.
And finally, Azure is done!

How many players/characters are you looking for?

Eight people, including the GM. So, seven people.
<Snipped quote by datadogie>
--and out of rp hiatus the furry comes.

Pffft, you're the one who lured me here.
You already know I'm interested!

Still with us?

Still with you. The speed is just, quite fast. I'm having trouble keeping up. Plus, I had been trying to contact Goblin for a collab to get our bit done, but no response, so now I'm behind a little. Hhhhhhh. The Timeskip may be the best time for me to get caught up.
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