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Current Life has hit me pretty hard with stress and long workdays. I'll be unresponsive on anything other than Discord for a while.
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I was wondering what was wrong with my mouse, and then figured out I was holding it backwards.
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Kilts are better.
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You ruined it at "Mushrooms and onions".



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@Hitman Thank you. Sorry for the bother.
It's not just if he will do well as the leader and such, it's just that I'm not sure I'll like playing him as the leader. Again, it's not my intended direction for him.

I feel terrible now. Like I'm a drama queen or something.
Eh, I do see both of your points. But the problem is that he is built to break down, and to lean on people rather than have them lean on him. Sure enough, he can grow into the role, but one of the issues I'm having is that he's a character made to be simply one thing, and that's a flaw in the team, someone the team has to look after and encourage him to go on. As a leader, I feel he'd be completely incapable of this and break down from the stress.

I guess it's also the fact I haven't gotten to really play him yet. If it was within IC, and during a ceremony it was announced he was the leader of the team, I'd roll with it, because I'd have a real feel for him and a real connection with him. Jaune was chosen to be a leader because he was a leader, and showed leadership traits. Ruby was picked for her silver eyes, and because she burned with a courage to be a huntsman. Russell? He just doesn't fit, in my eyes.
<Snipped quote by Hitman>

I had a gut feeling Sol and Russel would end up on a team but I did not expect Russel to be the leader. Russel trying to give Sol orders...those scenes are gonna be a treat to write xD

the goal was to have the least likely leaders. hence the decision.

Oh god, you have just set Team RSTC on the worst possible course. You have literally picked someone who is going to climb into a high cupboard and peer out of the cupboard door.

All in all, I'm not sure how I feel about Russell being a leader. He's not really the leadership type, it doesn't really fit with his character, and wasn't really the direction I wanted to bring him. He's more the type to get lost and then realise he's lost, get worried, and run around in fear, getting even more lost.
awesome people like y'all

Gosh, you make me blush. XD
Fye McDouglas

Being awake when she wanted to be asleep and had nothing to do other than sleep was something that Fye McDouglas did not like. She could be awake when she wanted to be asleep, she could be awake when sleeping was one of many options, but she did not like both of the options combining into one. She didn't like being awake when she could just be sleeping instead. She glared at her alarm clock - there was time, plenty of time, to drift back into the dreaming world. Either that, or she could just get up early, grab a coffee and pore over research before she was inevitably summoned for duty.

She was, after all, a researcher. Sure, she was a Spartan now, but she had always felt more at comfort doing research work. Ever since receiving the augmentations, she was placed in more dangerous locations, but they weren't so dangerous as to being warzones or real threat areas, just places that something was more likely to happen than other places. Everywhere was, after all, a danger area. Nobody knew who, or what, was lurking. Your house is a safe haven, until a burglar happens to bust through the window.

But Field Assignments wasn't combat. She couldn't place an exact ratio or split on the amount of times that a research assignment had turned to fighting ever since she was given the augmentations, but it was definately enough that she would consider herself experienced in combat, albeit definitely not as much as anyone on board the ship. She might be the least combat experienced of everyone. Even the rank 'Lieutenant' was for the sake of organising a research team and it's guards.

It wasn't something that phased her, however. It didn't stun her knowing that she was the least experienced, because even a lion knows how to kill before it's first hunt. And even then, it wouldn't be her first, not ever. She was an equal to those around her. In combat, anyways. Perhaps she had a little bigger of a brain. The thought made her smile, despite herself. Her eyes did not match her smile, however. Fye's eyes still glared at the alarm clock, attempting to force her brain into deciding whether or not she wanted to get up and study Unggoy translation logs for an hour or two.

The alarm was the one that made the decision, however. The one that did not allow her to waste any more time. It started to buzz and ring.

Despite already being awake, Fye made the same groans and complaints at the alarm going off as she usually did. Sure, as she glared over her pillow at the alarm and willed it to stop, she was already trying to decide to get up, but she didn't like being forced out of bed, nor did she like the loudness of the alarm that was required to make her get up if she had actually been asleep.

And didn't I set it for later?

Fye grumbled to herself - she was definitely being summoned by the gods themselves, or the ship's AI, and that meant there was a task ahead of her. Rising to her feet, she entered and left the shower in the space of three minutes, allowing herself a look in the mirror and the fixing of her hair before she dressed once more and left the room a fresher and happier lady. She clutched her datapad to her side, holding it was she walked her way to the mess hall. She needed breakfast. She needed coffee.

It was a short walk before Fye arrived at the mess hall, joining the queue and peering over shoulders to see if she could spot anyone else in her squad. It was not that hard to spot Commander Morgenstern as she took her (appealing looking) breakfast to a table. Fye made a mental note of the breakfast, before letting the queue carry her, person by person, to the front. With sausage and scrambled eggs on her plate and a cup of coffee as an addition, she made her way to Aviza's table and sat down.

"Morning, Commander," Fye chirps.
Player characters must be of a humanoid race (as long as it has two legs, arms, and one head, I’m good)
The OP

@Gisk I'd presume by no answer to my original question and by the above quote from the original post that AI aren't character options.
All I have to say:
Fun RP drama
But uhh... Don't grimm eat bodies too?

Grimm don't eat people. They don't even need to eat, I believe.
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