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5 mos ago
Current Smarty Jones... Just... Consider removing the 'Smarty' part of your name if you're going to try and kick up a side-argument here, there's no reason for that. Otherwise, let's just move on.
5 mos ago
People don't tend to think about rules when in disputes. Instead, just point out that whoever stops arguing first gets to see the other make a fool of themselves if they going after it all stopped.
5 mos ago
The best part about being on the Guild this long is that nowadays, I can sit back and chuckle as the newcomers try to start a fight an instead get all the old hands ganging up on them. Popcorn for me.
1 yr ago
Got my first covid vaccination today. I was terrified, but the staff there were very well trained and things went well.
1 yr ago
Every few minutes playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, I tear up from the memories. It's not often you get a game that truly pulls at the same heartstrings as your childhood playthrough's once did.



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Dark Cloud 1 yr ago
Floch 2 yrs ago
Specter189 4 yrs ago
To be fair it is a little odd to see a stranger eyeballing my profile ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
False Prophet 4 yrs ago
Sorry about your discord account, something like that happened to me a bit ago. I would suggest creating a second account and try to contact your friends that way just to tell them what happened.
SammyPanda 4 yrs ago
Todd Howard 5 yrs ago
TwelveOf8 5 yrs ago
In your bio I recommend you put a description of yourself ,along with your hobbies, hopes, and dreams. Write it all in the form of a rap song. That would grab people's attention.
kittyluna45 6 yrs ago
Sending you some friendly hugs~ *hugs*
Glitch 6 yrs ago
Random friendly message, hope you get better soon! ^^
Krinos Solstice 7 yrs ago
Oh dear. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that. I couldn't imagine my best friend doing that to me. Keep your chin up, I'm sure there's a better person more suited to be your best friend. :)
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