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6 yrs ago
Current @Tearstone I'm a European viewer, so I have to stay up till 4Am or wait till Monday Q_Q Enjoy the stream for the both of us!
6 yrs ago
"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men..."
6 yrs ago
Just finished my week long preparations for my first D&D session tonight with friends, as a DM. Wish me luck! *Super giddy right now*
6 yrs ago
The vast majority of ways a person can behave has been done before, and by extent to some degree predictable. That's how some people might know you better than yourself: They've seen it before.
6 yrs ago
Pain doesn't play fair. It doesn't disappear just because you say it isn't there. Sometimes you have to look the devil in the eye to see the work of God.


Used to write a *long* time ago. Would like to get back into things c:

I love to create worlds and throw challenges at characters in them. A world can be unforgiving and solace is only found in good company. In my stories I love to present both the relentless role of the world, as the sanctuary of a good friend to your characters! Challenge me and I will reciprocate!

I lean more towards Fantasy-based settings and timelines as it more easily opens up for thinking outside the box, leading to a wonderful surprise in the next town, inside the deep crystal forests, or your father's basement (Wait, what?)! However, anything with a deep, moving and intimate plot usually catches my eye.

Let's create a world together!

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January 20th, 1995 (currently 21 y.o.a.)

Love this initiative! ^^
Santa Claus - 20
Dasher - 20
Dancer - 20
Prancer - 20
Vixen - 20
Comet - 20
Cupid - 20
Donner - 20
Blitzen - 20
Ms. Claus - 20
Santa's Elves - 20
Jack Frost - 20
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Raindeer - 20
Frosty the Snowman - 20
Grandma(from Grandma Got Ran Over by A Raindeer) - 20
Grinch - 20
Mr. Scrooge - 19
Ghost of Christmas Present - 20
Ghost of Christmas Past - 20
Krumpus - 23
Jack Skellington - 20
Sally - 20
Cindy Lou - 20

Krumpus is love.
Krumpus is life.
In HiHi 7 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the Guild, Tea! How nice to see that you've found writing again :D I hope you'll have a lot of fun here! Don't be afraid if you're a little rusty, we're all rusty at some point! You'll be in the swing of things before you realize it! And if you're stuck and need some help, there's always someone around to ask ^^

We're glad to have you!
In Hi! 7 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Everyone starts at some point, Killuminati! Don't be afraid of anything here, we don't bite :) Remember that you choose to write because it makes you happy, not to reach a certain level of quality or anything. As long as roleplay makes you happy, you're doing it right! ^^

Delighted to have you, @Killuminati! Welcome to the Guild!
Karoline's right. That badge is whack!

Welcome to the Guild, Angel Sky! You seem to be quite the sociable type, so you'll do just fine here! I hope you'll find everything to your liking and should something be amiss, don't be afraid to poke someone to help you out. Welcome! c:
Welcome to the Guild, Daggerskull! I'm sure you'll find this place quite to your liking!

Also, Bleach is awesome c:
Yuck! Kind of taste-less if you ask me, but that could be on me there.

My bitch-moment of the day:

Job openings that require someone of 20 years old but with 30 years of experience.
Yes, I'm exaggerating, but COME ON! I understand you have your own company and think you're cool and all, but don't demand things from a field that requires time to develop skills in >_>
Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary situations.

I know what it feels like to feel numb to everything. Lustless, not having the desire to do anything you used to love. Not even pizza tastes that great anymore.

But to speak bluntly, you could end it now and it'll always be a memory of being horrible, miserable and all-round not of great quality to live. Or. You could keep fighting. Keep struggling. Keep going and decades from now make the memory a story of heroism. How you could have given up but you didn't. This is your story - make it a legend.

They're YOUR emotions.
They don't control you,
You control them.

They're YOUR thoughts.
They don't control you,
You control them.

It's YOUR life.
Life doesn't own you.
You own it.

Me, and many others believe in you, my friend. I might not know you but just from your very first message I can tell you're clever and think about things important to you. Maybe not everyone gets that, but remember that there are billions of people in the world. I promise to you, it will be a life worth living :)
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