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I'm a Futurist RPer.

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Location: Hizuru·Hokkaidō·Otaru, Chishigiri

Otaru City is what's left of Hokkaidō as it's been a decade since the catastrophic Moonfall and because of the April Spring, Basaranoō Maoto sent his son, Captain Madoka Minoru with the Inquisitors to Hokkaidō in order to retake it and setup the expanded fortress of the Pro-Accords.

Otaru City is truly what's left of the bustling prefecture, Hokkaidō and to make things matters worse, Otaru is actually the city of the dead, governed by vampires, led by the Akashiya Family, and because of the thick fog and clouds that surrounded its atmosphere for a decade, the vampires had been tremendously increasing, the area also reeked of overflowing cursed energy. It's implied that the Vampires took advantage of feasting most of Hokkaidō and imprisoned hundreds of humans for nutritional value, the Basaranoō intended to capitalize the overwhelmingly sinister prowess of Vampires in his army and if not, it's best that they're burned to death, Pro-Accords style should they ever oppose.

The Inquisitors and the Ashikaga aka Samurai Soldiers are stationed in a first class, multipurpose Planeblimp, Vimana operations carrier, gifted by the Sindria Empire.

They'll soon reach the point of mission in no time.

"Miladies. Despite being the Emperor's son, he bowed before the presence of Myriam and Yo, like the gentleman he is, as he gathered in the fine dining round table discussion, served with first class cuisine.

"By the way, I'm a huge fan of the both of you~

Soon this land of the dead shall be the land of the living once more, my Father...I mean the Emperor has vested you the power to capture that wretched researcher, alive.

While I do not doubt your achievements, Lady Myriam, it pains me to say that you most likely do not leave your targets, alive.

Father...would be infuriated and it would be ashame.

Pettiness aside. Do you think that the Researcher is in cahoots with the AA?"
He said in a smart yet flirtatious manner.


Team Mizo is inside the horrific demonic capital of Otaru that thrived in layers of fear and cursed energy.

Uchiha Honoi, Kusanagi Iori along with Amaya found themselves at the spooky railway, it's been a week since they chased after Akashiya Chiharu, the Akasha Researcher, who happened to also be a vampire.

30 of their Shinobi either dead or lost.

Zeal sighed with Mizo's Chūnin showing signs of fear.

The former #1 Hero upon the video call expressed that they better not bleed or otherwise...

"I'm here with Akashiya Chiharu, this bitch researcher and it seems that she got you lost?
Like really? I know it's obvious Satoru wanted me to join you just because I burn vampires alive and cancel their subscription to life but your kids aren't really the best pick for this mission, Aberashi."

Food for thought.

Food for naught.

You can't spell laughter without slaughter.

What hope do you foster when your roster falters in this bloody impending slaughter?

Hizuru Accords
Summit of the Accords, Kou Empire, Hizuru

In the mythical ninja capital of the Imperial Nation of Fire in Kagoshima, countless socialites of the political world gathered under the same roof. The Shinobi Accountability Accords would be signed today in the name of political progress, and people of this great nation would witness it on live television.

The leader of the Samurai, Shogun Kensharu Namakoma, guarding the emperor with none but the best of his Kenjin-rank warriors of the nation. He lamented that his most trusted, the Pale Blade Kenshin Myriam Hoito could not join them, but he continued all the same.

The Pro-Accord Shinobi of Konoha lay in the shadows of the Samurai, Talia Castle, known to some as the Penrose, was among them.

The eyes of the nation’s people were glued to this event and what would transpire.

Before the cameras stood the Great and Honorable Emperor Madoka Maoto of the Three Nations, to address the longstanding conflict that had wracked Hizuru for close to a century now. The Samurai knelt before him in long lines as he made his way to the center of the stage where his address would be held.

All were silent.

”Good people of the great Land of Fire. People of Hizuru, people of Goryeo, people of Xia, I stand before you today, as Emperor, to declare a prosperous day, and dreadful news.”

“For long generations, the noble Samurai of our lands have kept the peace at our borders, our Heroes follow the example of the great Kirigami and lead us into bright tomorrows. Our Magicians stretch the boundaries of what we have known, all for our common good. You, the people, believe them all to be deserving of the respect they have earned for themselves.

I, too, share this sentiment.

Today, however, I bring news of unsung heroes. Once thought to be of myth and legend. They wield weapons deserving of such an ethos, they perform feats of greatness that none ever speak of, but I assure you, good citizens, they are all too real. They are Ninjas, the Shinobi.”

Tension was felt among the many individuals there at the address, but the common belief remained: This had to happen.

”I call them heroes, not for their personhoods, but for their actions. The Shinobi wage war in secret and deception, their enemies never know their presence until the end has come. Shinobi, therefore, lie among you all, your friends, your families. They work in the shadows to serve the common good.

But, the history of the Shinobi is stained with the blood of their own countrymen. Today marks close to one hundred years of a hidden war in the nation, waged against peace and progress by these warriors from the shadows. I stand before you today, with the ambition of all they have slain, to part the veil of deception they work to keep that the Land of Fire may pass judgement upon them.

For too long have the Shinobi gone unchecked. Their nature of enigma and deception has allowed them to work in secret behind the eyes of the nation. They are patriots just like you and I, that much is for certain, but their actions have proven indistinguishable from treason for generations since the beginning of their war.

Many of these Shinobi recognize their legacy of misguided loyalty. As such, they have chosen the side of honor and stand with me today to redeem their creed.

There are those among them, as I loathe to admit, cling to their enigmatic insurrection even to this day. Some of you may know their leader for their corrupt ideals. He hails from the clan known as Uchiha, of the mainland police force. Now, the Uchiha are retainers of our great Unifier, Oda Nobunaga, I do not fight out of hatred just because of a bad apple. This particular clansman wields a devilish power that no Magician, Esper, Demon Hunter nor Hero and so on could hope to stand against. A loyalist Shinobi witnessed this horrid power with her own eyes.

Their leader, the Devil Incarnate and Clairvoyant, is a man named Satoru Uchiha, wielder of the Mangekyō Sharingan, the eyes of truth with which he witnesses his fate before it comes to pass. I feel no less than vast remorse for the poor souls who faces him in combat. Today, his path of treason ends.”

A collection of documents were brought before him, serving as legal binding to the address.

”This signing binds the Shinobi to the beholden will of the Kou Empire, and calls for the immediate surrender of the Shinobi who have remained in favor of Satoru Uchiha’s insurrection. The Samurai of the land shall act as the enforcers of these Shinobi Accords, and hold all Shinobi, loyalist or otherwise, accountable to the laws of our great Empire.”

The Emperor was the first to sign.

”By the power vested in me as Basaranoō of the Three Nations, as witnessed by the people, I hereby order the immediate surrender of Satoru Uchiha and his defectors under threat of execution.”

Shogun Namakoma signed the Accords afterwards, binding the honor Samurai to enforce the word of the Emperor. Talia Castle signed, representing herself, as multiple loyalist Shinobi emerged from the shadows to sign, placing them all under the authority of the Samurai, and by extension, the Emperor himself.

Amidst the televised event in the shadows, somewhere in Taihoku Prefecture, a human-fox like spirit grinned upon the foreseen chaos as Hizuru's certain doom to fight against each other commenced.

"You're a lot more charismatic than the puppet you projected, sheesh, decoys nowadays are convincing especially if they are paid actors, I kneel in reverence before you today, Emperor Maoto, I mean Lord Keyaru."

A half shadowed figure rested on their side along the length of a couch, watching the televised broadcast as their two golden slit eyes glowed as a laugh erupted from their lips yet immediately stopped as they felt pain from their recent skin third-degree burns. “It is so good to be the puppetmaster in these times. We have all the time in the world to freely move our pawns and reap all we could want from this chaos.” He spoke smirking as he leaned his left cheek against his fist “Now, I just wonder how long they will take till blood is shed, I’m betting a week tops.” He spoke.

Location: Hizuru·Kumamoto·Konoha City

T'was a decade since Elentir lost its Moon & the world set afrost in an Ice Age of life throttling hardships that not even the radiant blessings of the Sun could hope to thaw. When hope despaired, Jupiter & its gravity took solace upon our broken world to realign life as it should be yet onward nothing will ever be the same in the tearful starry night skies of void. Such ashame as one would blame the world for being untamed only to came in later realization which was always at the back of our minds that nothing is ever the same that it drives us painfully insane like we're hit with reality's cane.

And you wondered why cranes photographed in frames alluded the days you chained yourself to train in every aspect of your life to free yourself from the strangled grip that mangled your soul in Sheol untangled. The farthest days in these darkest days shows the clearest ways in your hopelessness that the road is certain of where your missteps becomes footsteps that off sets the two sets in the sign posts that you've caught up to ought to bet & set the destiny that you'd met in the making. Because in the world that's devastatingly shaking and hearts that are viciously aching, we don't intend our spirits to be soonly fading as we're rocking the boats sailing across the cruelty of this world like the stomach grumbling & seeking to devour souls as we're those who fight the monster that's called destiny.

I say it again: T'was a decade since Elentir lost its Moon & the world set afrost in an Ice Age of life throttling hardships that not even the radiant blessings of the Sun could hope to thaw.

Within that decade, humanity revolved around the fear of the sudden changes, things like absurd flow of energies like magic, etc. Things like megafauna, megaflora & other eldritches, the extinct shouldn't be roaming free but they do, we're fortunate to be safe within the progressive cities but the souls of those people in the rural areas suffer daily fending themselves from this monstrosity.

To control chaos, the World Alliance has established the White Out Order to mitigate the absurd magical flow of energy that's making all this absurdity progress.

To control chaos, nations have limited travel.

In Hizuru, to control chaos — the White Shadows strived to break their government's Fascism who's blackening lights are slowly dividing the nation. These are the days of secret civil wars that not even the innocent civilians knew happening, the revolution has begun but for now it's within & between the battlefronts of Anti-Accords Ninja vs the Pro-Accords' oppressive government & the Armed Forces of Hizuru. A battle of wits to fulfill the mission to retrieve that Akasha Divine Fruit from the dimensional tree, the coordinates are yet to be known or was it already known?
Kakumei is the first installment of the Shōnenverse taking a darker tone similar to Shingeki no Kyojin & Basilisk.

This Naruto roleplay not only retold the canon itself to what fans ideally wanted, Kakumei focuses on how Ninja are positioned to covertly solve noire-esque cases into the modern world as urban legends against government corruption & the criminal underworld.

The Hakuē aka White Shadows are an anti-accordist unit within Konohagakure directly under the command of the Hokage. Their long standing purpose has been going on in this almost a century civil war as constantly assassinating officials, subterfuge & espionage within the Hizuru Mainlands. The Hakuē call their elite force of spies as Fighters aka the Fighter Unit.

The Fighters had been riding to their deaths with severe casualties to their cause until Uchiha Satoru became the Hokage & conspired with financial institutions, Eirei Hero University & his allies from overseas to overthrow the Emperor of Hizuru by acquiring Akasha's Godfruit.

On the flipside, the Kurokō are an elite force in the Armed Forces of Hizuru, part of the Shinsengumi Police, they're Samurai who will do anything to protect the interests of the Mainland.

Anti-Accords, Pro-Accords or somewhere in between, the balance between hope & despair is zero: each of us are heroes and villains of our story, it's just a matter of perspective on how our differing philosophies are tackles for the greater good of protecting Hizuru from its enemies but we will only band together in the face of the common enemy and go back our separate ways in this vicious cycle of hatred.

It's okay to make non-Naruto OCs but I have them limited.

The conflict is focused on the Hakuē vs Kurokō, the specific unit that deals with the Hakuē.
I'm gonna have to be concise.

Magic is the root of all energy, everything is an offshoot of magic, I'm kind enough to present an algorithm.

For the most part Chakra would be dominant because this season is a Naruto RP.

If Kishimoto was inconsistent with his lore & retcons it every chance he gets, we do not do it in Kakumei and we have our own iteration of things in a mystical sense.

I don't think I ever need to explain the rules, ask and you shall receive, cooperate and you will flourish, defy and you'll be evicted.

Anti-Accords characters are completed but there's more, I'd only need 1 Anti-Accords character of Ninja.

The rest are going to be Pro-Accords and part of the military, ala Samurai roles.

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