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As Ernesto saw the veritable wall of deadly flames rushing in his direction, the heat already warming him up to an uncomfortable degree, he found himself grinning. This is what he expected when he signed up for this whole Soldier thing! Not the skulking and bribing around, not the creepy uncomfortable back-and-forths,but to get himself in situations such as these,Where his very life's on the line! And nothing was gonna bring his mood down this time!

Rather than slowing down, he pushed harder, his Warform enveloping him, making him stronger,tougher,faster, and propelling him forward at an accelerated pace. His blood pumped in excitement, his muscle coiling in anticipation of what was going to be the best fight he ever had in his life. As the flames neared, his grin widened. ‘Now we're talkin'!’ he thought, his excitement almost tangible.
‘This is gonna be so much fun!’


The flames' touch was far more bearable than he thought. Sure, His skin was sizzling and charring already, and he was sure that if he stayed in them too long even his regeneration wouldn’t be able to save him, but as things stood he would come out of it still relatively fine. It seemed that Huo Ren was still not taking them seriously, something he aimed to change.

“I'm disappointed, flame boy! Ya gotta try something better than those measly flames!” he taunted , as his still claw breached the flames edge. Another step and he launched out of them and straight towards Huo Ren,body still burning and the Warform sloughing off in the thinner places,but not stopping. The bunker's window frame in between him and his target offered meager resistance before shattering like the glass it once held and letting his full bulk pass.

“Or you’re gonna face the consequence of underestimating us!” He was already upon Huo Ren, his enhanced speed closing the distance impossibly fast, Claw already poised to take a chunk off of him, and even if he somehow dodged the strike, he would still had to deal with a 3 meters tall Arms Master-shaped torpedo rushing him without stops.

Ernesto couldn’t be happier.This is what he has been made for.The rush, as if High on life itself. Truly, nothing could bring his mood down now.

(Adrenal Surge:High Superhuman)

As Ernesto looked at a Sun, rising in the night sky and illuminating all of them, he found himself Thrilled. This whole Soldier gig was already to a great start if they got to fight people with such overwhelming power.

Assalto Implacabile already in his hand, he could feel the surge of power in him. His blood boiling, pumping faster and faster, his sharpened reflexes seeing the world as if slowed, his muscles singing to exert themselves. No matter how many times he experiences it, the sensation of his body getting empowered by Assalto Implacabile never gets old.

Unfortunately, his mood fell as he heard Alonso talk on the radio with who he assumed to be the fabled Huo Ren. A phenomenon that lately,to his dismay, started happening far too much for his liking. One had to wonder if every mission would be like this, or if he'll ever get a chance to enjoy himself before getting his excitement hamstrung.

And then he saw it, a moment of hesitation. Hopefully enough to get them out of this situation.

With his enhanced form, he moved, His arms shooting out to grab and secure both Myron and Alonso, electing to leave Quingshe to her own devices. Afterall, from what he understood of her power, if she couldn't get out of this situation, then the mission was as good as failed already.

“Sorry in advance for the rough ride”, and with that, he jumped, his feet leaving indentations on the boat as he propelled himself and his human cargo towards the coast.

One moment he was in the air, feeling the air rush over him, the next he was landing, taking the brunt of the crash so as to not shock his passengers more than his actions already did.

Settling his superiors on the ground, Ernesto started to look around, afterall they still weren't out of danger zone and the sooner they dealt wit-

Discomfort, he felt as if every muscle in his body cramped for a moment before it passed, and his surroundings changed. Similar to before, but far more different, as if someone took black paint and threw it all over the world and then used glowing white to outline how the world was.

Alonso and Myron were gone, but he didn't worry, for he could still see Huo Ren, momentarily dazed from the shift.

As he charged,trying to take advantage of the situation, he felt a bit disappointed. This must have been the work of Cristina, and he probably will never get the chance to go all-out against her.

Alas, there was no point in wondering about what-ifs, especially when he already had his hand full with someone like Huo Ren.

‘Let's see if you are as good as they say you are’


Ernesto was excited as they closed in to their objective,the boat they were on making a racket as they steadily moved along the river. He couldn’t help it, it was his first actual mission, and a dangerous one at that. Infiltrate the Dam and rescue the PoWs so that they could airstrike it to their heart's content, it seemed like something straight out of a movie.

Looking at the defenses, he could already feel his blood boiling at the prospect of charging against the guards head on, and engaging in a life or death battle.Not even the uniform they gave him, that still felt one size too small, could dampen his anticipation.

His excitement quickly evaporated when he saw his comrades tense up as a PLA boat came close, or when they found themselves blocked by a chain of all things, and Myron had to frantically respond to the guards so that they could be let pass after a…bribe.
‘Right’,Ernesto Thought ‘Important mission, everyone is risking a lot and they don’t see things like I do’.

With that revelation, he focused, hunching himself a bit now that they were in a better-lit area, so as to seem smaller to any wandering eyes, as his own scanned his surroundings, looking over the PLA forces. While he thought that he himself could take them, that wasn’t accounting for his own squishy team, or any enemy Arm Masters that are sure to be here.

‘Winging it is probably a bad idea,isn’t it?’, their disguise wouldn’t hold up to intense scrutiny, and if they tried to fight now, they'd get bogged down. Unless they wanted to fight through all of the PLA ‘which,as nice as that sounds, we don’t’, They probably needed a plan.

As they reached yet another Chain blocking the river, Ernesto spoke up. “Hey,err,Sirs?"He remembered to add,even as he felt strange saying it to such younger people than him "I don't know how long we can keep this up. Sooner or later they're gonna find out we are just impersonators.” Especially since security seemed to ramp up even higher the closer they got to the Dam
“If we go into action or we are found out, do we have a plan on how to proceed?”
@Deide, Approval One will be given, but there is one spelling error in your bio.

<Snipped quote>

This one.

Fixed, thanks


6’8/ 203 Cm
337 lbs/153 Kg

Name: Ernesto “The Juggernaut” Falcone

Age: 34

Nationality: Italian

Noble Arm Name & Appearance:

Noble Arm Rank:

Noble Arm Type, Element, and Range:

Melee | Relentlessness | Touch-Melee

Misc Abilities:
Fluent in Italian and English,can cook really good Italian cuisine and is skilled in unarmed fighting(thought any master that has seen his style calls it “crude and savage,but effective”),Either Terrifies or Delights childrens with his mere presence

While he enjoys a good fight, Ernesto is still a good man at heart that’s trying to better the world. He knows he’s not the smartest or trick-iest(but he’s definitely the Densest, his words),and he takes all the jabs against him good-naturedly.

Has a hatred for the Downward Spiral, especially after their recruitment attempt that made him question himself.

At the end of it all, Ernesto is a simple Man. All he wants is to be helpful, and have fun while making a difference.

Likes: Honesty, Food, Adrenaline Rushes

Dislikes: Injustice, Dishonesty, Monotony

Fears: Becoming a Monster, Failing those that rely on him

Current Goal: Make a difference, and have fun on the way.

Military or Civilian Rank: Soldato/Private first class
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