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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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After Acion's introduction were a few more. One of whom was the girl he had carried halfway to the nurse office. She had some sort of electrical-related quirk, which she mentioned was incredibly short-ranged. Good information actually, for the winged boy had a few ideas of what it could do, and potentially knew how to counter it in combat exercises. But she did not mention how she would use it practically outside of fighting villains, along with a few more. Nevertheless, their quirk were also interesting. Haruka was capable of making robotic suits and deal with techno stuff while the pretty girl with sheep feature, Maeda Hitomi, who was from support class, was...sheep-like. Entirely according to her words.

After the intro, White Hat continued on with his lecture by showing pictures of a disaster area using the projector, and distributed the handouts, telling the students to write down what they would do in this situation to help the citizens.

Acion's first impression on the handout was that it was very practical, and real. Although it did not cover the whole detail of the disaster, for example which disaster was it, but the incidents and circumstances were like the real thing. However, incidents like citizens trapped under rubble, and the train tunnel, he couldn't really help them. First of all, he wasn't that all strong to lift rocks and debris. Going underground was also out of the question, as despite how neat he could wrap his wings around him, it would still take a considerable amount of spaces. And in a place that could potentially collapse at ANY moment, it's best not to touch anything, even accidentally.

Taking out a blank piece of paper from his bag, he noted it down.

Thinking back to the practicality of his wings, he did say that he could transport things, as long as they are not too heavy, such as people. Then he could very much carry supplies from other cities to the shelter, or maybe transport water supplies to help the water trucks. That could be very useful, though it was to be expected. Still, it was something he could do.

He noted it down.

But how about rescuing others? He definitely couldn't dig, as he had noted in the sheet of paper. Taking out the looters was also unnecessary. Sure, they were committing bad deeds, but should he spend half to three quarters of an hour to deal with those garbage? In that minutes, dozens, maybe hundreds, could have died. Which mattered more, lives or objects, everybody should know.

Then an idea came into mind. White Hat did mention the damaged buildings. Assuming that there were still people inside, he could carry them out. By simply going to the rooftop, or any possible windows that led to the outside, then he could fly over to carry them down. But then he would have to establish contact with those inside the building. Still, a good approach.

He noted it down as well.

Is there anything else he could do? Help find lost friends and family. Maybe, but not his priority. Help other heroes. Also maybe. White Hat did say assume everyone was in the same scenario, same world, so interaction was possible. Still thinking about transportation, he could possibly carry Donny to debris sites so that he could eat them, clearing the rubbles, though carrying him would be damn hard. He could also carry others if needed, though he could not really think of anything else than transportation.

'Alright, that seems to be a lot I've noted'

He had prewritten most of it. Now to place it into the handout, in a logical order.

The first priority would be saving lives. In this scenario, I would try to save those inside the damaged buildings, assuming if there were any inside. Establish contact with the stranded, inform them to come to any open spaces like windows or roof, so that I can pick them up more easily. For those trapped under rubbles or from the underground tunnel, I unfortunately cannot help, but I can quickly carry someone there to help. For example Donny, who is capable of eating the debris.

Then comes supports. I can carry supplies and water from other cities to the shelter, or anywhere else. Or possibly be on the lookout for lost people, or any signs of an after-effect of the disaster.

After writing it all down, he placed the handout where the teacher could collect them. It was much shorter than the note, as he had left out a few details like the looters. It wasn't necessary to mention it.
My apologies fellow roleplayers, but I'm going to have to pull out of this one, due to the sheer busyness of my schedule recently, so I must drop out several unimportant RPs, so I apologize for any inconvenience, and feel free to put my character to drop out characters.
Garuda Pacifier

"Indeed they need so. My country needs fighters. And I desired for it...But anyway, I have no restrictions on food, nor do I have any particular interest in specific culinary masterpiece. And besides, I need to recover from my last duel with a boy in the arena, so anything would do."

Garuda then began wandered into the crowd, as he reached for a plate on the pile of plates. Dear God, this place had almost everything in the world in terms of culinary. From the far deserts, to the frozen north, this chef seemed to know everything. What a welcoming committee it was.

"If you want to slake your hunger for your homeland's traditional food, then you can look for it somewhere in here. I'm pretty sure the diversity will ensure its appearance here." He said to Shamir, as he pointed at the food table, whether or not he could hear his words.

@Letter Bee

So far, the lecture of his teacher proved to be a lot more interesting than he thought it would be. As it turned out, the ideology that a hero class student must be capable with their quirks did not truly exist in this place, this academy. Also, the mentioning of being productive was also one of the reasons Acion did not regret taking the class. What could be better than a man who could use all of his strength and ability to serve the humankind. And he was sure that it was the intention of the divines when they create humanity. They never wanted villains, they never wanted hatred, nor sadness. They wanted people to use whatever we have to assist each other in our lives. It was actually us, our jealousy, arrogance and hatred that manifest caused all the heroes and villains to exist. Such a shame that there were some who just couldn't see that. That's why their path only came down to nothing but destruction and predicament.

White Hat then mentioned both limit breaking and team cooperation, something in which Acion were completely fine with. In fact, he was very willing to cooperate with others so that both could achieve what they desired. Then came the introduction part. Donny's introduction was rather rusty, as he was extremely nervous during the presentation. Poor guy. Whether he didn't really have anything in mind about implementing his quirk into reality or he was just too shivering to say it, Acion felt pretty bad for such an introduction. But that's something he could not help with. He'd have to man up and be more confident on his own.

After Mina's turn was Acion's turn.

"Good afternoon everyone. I am Acion Nakamiji, and my quirk, as you can see clearly, allows me to possess six steel sharp wings at the same time. It is, yes, inconvenient, but I consider it a blessing, since it allows me to take to the sky, and grants me power powerful enough for complex aerial combat maneuvers. And I can always recover it if necessary...For application, I also believe it is applicable in many situations, such as cargo transportation, or coast guarding. That is currently what I have in mind." Acion did have to pay attention to his pattern of speech this time, not letting it becoming too awkward, now that he had somewhat becoming aware of it.

@Lucius Cypher

Acion felt somewhat satisfied with her answer, for both he and she had the same goal. But her way of answering was a little bit forceful, and cold. If he could draw comparison, Dulga would be a perfect parallel, illustrated by her own reaction towards him. They may have that determination Acion liked, but they did not really necessarily have to react that way. Perhaps they had problems of their own, but in general, Acion did notice others also acted weirdly when he interacted with them. Those two, the people at the lunch table, and especially his older sister, Aurelia.

Ok sure, his behavior might have been weird, and flowery, but Acion felt that the answers couldn't have been that simple.

'Is there something...wrong about me?'

Is there? If there is something wrong about it, he had yet to see it. And that's...

"That's unacceptable."

A man never is God. He is never perfect. He had to have flaws. But one's worst enemies were the inability to see it. If he couldn't see the errors in him, how could he prepare for it. How could he walk on the path that the divines had fleshed out for him, if he couldn't see it? And once an error could not be realized, it would grow to become a greater error, a mistake that could trail him off path. But then...

Wasn't everything was preordained? Then so, shouldn't he be too worried about it, or...

There's no time for that.

He had to get going.

Arriving in his class and taking a seat on the far edge of the windows, he noticed aside from Donny and Mina, who arrived before him, there was also a pretty girl with a pair of...sheep horns, and the teacher. He did recognize him as White Hat, though he had not heard much about him. Nevertheless, he was old, and usually the older the ginger, the spicier it gets. His experience in the hero world might prove to be beneficial to Acion in his endeavor.
Garuda Pacifier


'What was it that you desire? A life and destiny to eternally protect everyone else, in spite of everything you have been through.' The thoughts ran through his mind as the Prince of Abazin finished his story.

To be honest, nobody would have doubted if he had chosen the path of becoming a warrior, seeking for vengeance on those harbingers of astrocities upon his family and friends. And yet...And yet, he had denied the path of hate, and embraced the light side of destiny. Garuda could sense it. He could read his words, see it, feel it, words that could only be technically heard. His words were almost certainly genuine, and harbored little falseness in it.

"Such is is cruel." He began. "It has spoken to your nation in words crueler than mine. And you weren't even spared. And yet you chose differently...You must have heart, my friend."

Such desires and ambitions could not be overlooked.

"And yes, to answer your question specifically, it is more than pure worthiness. It is divine. A goal that I wouldn't think someone of your circumstances would choose, nor myself would choose if put in your shoes."

Garuda realized that he was a little bit carried away by his manners. The way raised by the nobles of Acity.

"Anyway, consider me as your friend now. We might not walk on the same path, but I can lend assistance whenever I can."

It was at that moment that the announcement of the feast came in from the crow, in a rather...very rude manner.

"If you have time." Garuda gestured Shamir if he would like to come to the feast or not. He wasn't exactly hungry, but considering that he had battled just a few moments before, he required something that could refill his huge reservoir of energy.

@Letter Bee
I'll make a post in around 4-5 hours or so. I have a bit of presentation preparations to do
Garuda Pacifier

"Garuda Pacifier. But please, call me Garuda. I am the son of a noble lord and mage in the far northern country of Acity. And you are...a prince, eh?

Garuda glanced him from top to bottom, his palm placed on his chin. Well, he certainly had that appearance of a prince, though his posture might not suggest it very well. He might not be able to slake his thirst for battle, but he was indeed a friendly one, and forgiving. But the thing that caught his attention more was the fact that he was usurped from the throne. That's a cruel fate he had been spoken to there.

"I have no means to intrude your personal affairs, but may you explain your statement. You said you were...usurped from the thrones."

He could have guessed the answer as something controversial, and some scenarios played in his mind, but the true answer could only come from one source. And that was if he'd be willing to speak.

@Letter Bee

Donny's reaction was as usual, shy and curious, while Mina struck him with a more cold expression.

"Dramatic? Heh, you weren't exaggerating when you said so. It was tempting, but I am not that kind of person who takes classes simply because of pure interest."

Villain Psychology was indeed interesting to listen to, but unfortunately, Quirk Application had attracted his attention.

"You see, I don't limit the job of a hero as to just defeat villains. It is to utilize every possible moments and ability one can have to good use. That's why I take it, to put my wings into good use."

He then realized that he went a little bit overboard with his explanation. They should have known this already.

"Sorry there. Considering that you are in Quirk Application as well, you should have known it already."

'Very well...'

If she insisted it so badly, he shouldn't breach such determination.

Acion then turned back to the armory, as he was so busy carrying Jojo that he forgot to pack his things up. Well, it was already packed, since he never opened them when he first arrived. He returned to the shooting range that he previously used the LSAT and retrieved his items, including his backpack and the box of armor Aurelia had given him. In fact, that box was the more precious thing here than a bunch of notebooks and pens.

Quickly departing, he rechecked the schedule of his class. His next class was also an elective one, and was the final class of the day. So much for one day. Quirk Application. Indeed it was necessary for his future, so he couldn't afford to miss it, or even be late for it.

As he walked to class, he noticed the sight of two of his classmates, Donny and a relatively small blonde girl, who he had seen but never talked to. If his memories did not fool him, her name was Mina. She was a significant fighter, indeed. And perhaps had significant heroic traits as well.

The winged boy approached both of them, his hand waved slightly to catch their attention.

"Good afternoon you two. Are you two in Quirk Application as well? If so, then we are on the same boat." A ghost of a smile appeared on his face, as one of the two was the one he knew and had befriended. Actually, not really friends yet, but he could at least put up a more friendly and less stoic face in front of him.

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