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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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Phillip Leonhart

Friday Morning - Evergreen Sociology Corridor

Projects, projects and projects. They are big big decorations to an engineering student's resume when he is finally out there in this working world. And in this case, Phillip's greatest achievements, as a perfect model with pretty much a dreamlike grades for an average student, along with achieving a reward for an international competition, wouldn't haul his asses into these big companies so easily. They don't care if you're a genius or not. They care if you can work for them, have the necessary experience so that they don't have to drill them into you themselves. This is something that Phillip didn't have, so he ought to take this seriously, even if there were no teachers or deadlines nagging him on.

But even if he's taking this seriously, there was no fun to enjoy.

Even if there were no obligations for him to do this project, he felt he needed to. To take this seriously and do this project properly. To get this engineering degree done, and get a job at some big shot company, make some good money and be happy with his life. That was the goal right? But he asked himself again. Would getting good money would make him happy? Now this was no philosophical debate of money equals happiness. That the man had already settled years ago with the fact that despite not meaning everything, it still played a major part, and would still be up to the person's definition of happiness and their inner desires. Is being financially successful what he truly wants in life? Or something else. Or worse, is he following engineering because he wants to, or is he following it just and only just to satisfy some people in his life?

The question hung over his head as he exited the Evergreen lab and passed the prep room for professors. To his surprise and thankfulness, his mind was given a short break when just as he was about to pass by the room, emerged one of his old teacher and now a conversational friend, Dr Brower.

"Hey Phillip! How're you doing?" He immediately greeted the moment Phillip made eye contact with him.

"I'm doing good, thank you." Phillip returned his old professor a friendly smile before he matched his pace in a casual stroll. "How's everything going?"

"Hmm. Nothing significant I'd say." He replied. "I'm still up for the schedule, a stable 9 to 5, doing the things I love: teaching philosophy to bright minds like you."

"Hah, I'd beg to differ, but thanks for your compliment." Phillip laughed a little.

"No no I'd be dishonest if I said you aren't." The professor said. "There aren't many students who were attentive enough with philosophy. Even critical thinking, one of the courses I teach up at St Paul and arguably the most practical of philosophy courses, many students were already falling asleep halfway. You being engaged in class is already a reward to me, and an achievement for you, so it's alright."

Curiosity did get people everywhere. It made him feel a little sad though that it was so underappreciated nowadays. People aren't curious in anything.

"So anyone else in particular that you've taken an interest in?" Phillip asked out of the pure curiosity he just thought about.

"Hmmm..." Brower hummed for a while, still walking across the corridor of Evergreen, browsing through his piles of lectures to find an outlier. "I do remember this guy in Sixth Form. Quite knowledgeable with these stuffs, poses some interesting questions too. Though he's a bit...weird."

Phillip's eyebrows were up.

"I usually catch him walking around the corridor multiple times while heading to my other classes. It feels like he's living his own separate world." Phillip wasn't that surprised to be honest. He was like that sometimes. However...

"Wait, is that him?" Brower tried to zoom in on the sight before him. Two guys bumped into each other, both on the floor. And one of them was the delusional conspiracy theorist Phillip had the misfortune of running into the other day. And the dude was just about to punch the other student, before something stopped him. Seriously, he could have just ended up being a delusional kid like before, and Phillip would be all than willing to dismiss it as a phase in his life. High school - people can do a lot of edgy stuffs then. But now he was trying to act violently against someone over merely bumping on him? This guy had some serious issues that need help IMMEDIATELY. This guy could be a threat to society.

"My my." On the other hand, Brower confirmed the other student's identity. Yes, it's that guy he was talking about earlier on. The professor wished internally that the guy was ok before turning over to Phillip. "Oh well, I have to head to my next class. It was nice to see you again today."

"Thanks. I hope I'll catch you in the hallway sometimes."

The two exchanged them goodbyes before Dr Brower headed the other direction down the corridor, whereas Phillip turned back to the whole commotion. The guy his former professor had mentioned was now heading down the hall toward the so called genius from St Paul. Phillip observed his somewhat passive and non-existent aura before gently giving him a brief reminder his way as he was passing by him.

"You may want to look around a little. You're spacing out."

Oh, ok. Interesting. Michael didn't know dogs were a part of the army. Apparently, it looked like it was a long part of Isaac's companionship already, so it was safe to assume that it was just Michael not knowing things. He learnt something today.

Having enough of Rikes and Isaac, Michael remembered why he was here in the first place. He headed over to where the garlic breads were placed and grabbed a couple more, thankfully before the next batch of hungry soldiers finished them off. Then he headed back to where Anna was sitting to hand her her favorite dish. Upon seeing Michael, carrying her nostalgia ticket, the sapper couldn't help but beam with sparkly eyes.

"I'm really gonna taste garlic bread?! Thank you Daunte for taking your time!" She squealed

"You're welcome. And please feel free to call me Michael, if you are insistent on using your first name." Michael chuckled a bit at her response. Is this really a thing among Francians to squeal at good food? Francian cuisines indeed are worth it, but really? But at least she responded with much less of second-handed embarrassment, and to be honest Michael found it kind of cute

"Hmmm..." She seemed to be lost in pleasure right now, of perhaps impeccable taste. "Ahh...Such a change from the usual rations we have."

Michael nodded in agreement. Not that garlic bread was his favorite dish, but it sure was a good change to the bland and tasteless rations that were made just to keep soldiers alive. If talking about cuisines, then seafood paella would be his personal favorite, then dumplings, though that one wasn't easily accessible, as it was like at the other side of the planet, in some far away colony of Edinburgh. But eh, those were the luxury of peace that Michael was supposedly fighting for and toward. Now, anything but rations would suffice.

Once dinner had been served, it was free time. One could supposedly take that well-fed stomach of Britta's love and care and call it a day, ending it with a high note. But the two sappers had a couple of other things to discuss. Plans for the tunnel assault.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but we're gonna have to bundle up on this small piece of paper." Michael said as he took out the folded paper from his pocket to be laid out on the table before him.

"What is it?" Anna went to sit beside Michael. "Is that a map or something?"

"Yeah the tunnel map." He said. "I happen to capture this during the briefing."

"Oh that's so nice. Makes our lives much easier."

"There are two entrances to this tunnel, the north and the south." Said Michael. "The north is a little far away than the south from here, but it's not much of a big deal. We ought to take both routes in to make this faster."

"Split up?" Anna was a little skeptical.

"Well, we probably have no chances even if we are together anyway, so I expect this to be a secret attack. The faster we blow it up, the faster we can get out, and the easier we can get out alive."

"Ok." She seemed convinced. "We'll depart as soon as the sun rises the day after tomorrow, so we ought to arrive at the location around eight. Let's make it eight thirty as the marked time. We'll enter at once when the clock strikes."

"Agreed." Michael looked over the map and marked two spots on the map. "I've been studying this map earlier today. I think we can spare a couple of explosives for these areas. They're the medical bay, so many soldiers would be in the area. If we can block their exits, we'd essentially take out a majority of the men we may have to fight."

But in exchange, these men...

"Hmmm, that seems like a pretty good idea on paper." Anna said. "These areas have two exits like the entrance. So we'd have to blow them up at almost the same time. Is it even possible? We can't talk with each other when doing it."

"Then we'd just have to arrange the time for it. We should attack this first, to cut off their reinforcements, then ammunition and whatever storage we could deal with later."

"Then make it eight fifty to reach the area. We'll commence the attack at that time sharp. But, in the case you or us fail to make it..."

"We'll just have to do whatever we can, and only whatever we agreed on." Michael admitted the painful possibility. "If I can't do my part, you don't have to finish it. Just do yours and leave."

"Fair enough." Anna couldn't really disagree. If a part of the tunnel was destroyed, it wasn't like they didn't try for the other intact ones. And frankly enough, Anna was already heavily opposed to such a risky operation already, she'd take any exits she can. "But to think these soldiers will be buried alive if we manage to pull it off..."

The thought was already cruel enough, not just for Michael but Anna too. But they'd likely have to. Facing that many soldiers at once is a huge risk. But that wouldn't make it any less immoral however. Was this the sort of things that commanders and officers would have to make everyday? If that's the case, then Michael would have had a more sympathetic look to them. Hopefully that justified some of their decisions. That they were doing it in good faith instead.

"I know my heart is going to tug me for long." Michael sighed. "But we have to do it."

"After the initial attack, we're on our own then. Me and my partner should attack these areas."

And the roles were then split. Anna and her company would proceed to demolish the northern part of the tunnel, where the ration storage were located, whereas Michael and Reyna would attack the heavy ammunition area to the south. There would be no deadlines after the eight thirty and the eight fifty time. After that, it would come down to merely each individual's courage and responsibility to their duties.

September 27th

It had been a good night sleep. One that did not involve pain, hunger nor thirst nor misery. Instead, he was fairly relaxed after the good meal the day before. Although quite far-fetched, he did wish for more days to be like this. He was up quite early though. Last night he had taken the opportunity to sleep early and catch up on the sleeplessness that he accumulated ever so slightly ever since the White Hart trip. Nevertheless, the awakening was also partly due to habits that had been drilled onto him for long, perhaps even longer than military life, so even if he wanted to sleep more, he couldn't.

Quickly getting out of bed, Michael proceeded to have a bit of a stretch exercise around the camp ground, before heading over to the kitchen area. Even if there was nothing to feast on in the morning, watching the sun rise would still be a thing worth seeing. Especially when it's so peaceful and quiet right now. One could lose himself in such a spectacular view, when majority of people are still asleep, to momentarily erase the horrible gory of war and enjoy what nature perhaps really wanted us to do.

'May God have his eyes on us tomorrow, and bless all who deserved his blessings." The Cruxian mused his prayer quietly within, before drawing a small cross with his finger on his chest. Perhaps a simple and crude prayer, but the Cruxian God that Michael had chosen to believe in, should be ok with it. If he really was the all-loving God that people of his faith said so, then he should need not colorful prayers. He did find colorful prayers a little too superficial, but not like he objected to it anyway. Cruxian is a pretty obscure religion after all.

However, for some particular reasons, Michael found another one of his kind that belonged to that camp. A dazzling lady with beauty that seemed to transcend this world. Her strange and wild gem-colored hair went in a yin-yang relationship with her uptight collared military uniform. But the most striking feature that dictated her similarity in Michael's impression would be the crucifix worn around her chest. The same sort that Michael had in his pocket. At first glance, Michael was a little taken aback, before she finally spoke to him, with manners that befits what she had just displayed.

"Ah, yes. You're more than welcome to." He replied, still somewhat curious about her. "If you need any help with the squad with the squad, I'll answer as best as I could."
Phillip Leonhart

Does he think this is some sort of anime? Kids changing the world. Against an oppressive imaginary empire that isn't even there. Sure, Phillip would admit, even the British governments had some shady stuffs going around, and distrust is a common thing to do. But distrusting all the scientific community, the one formed by millions of established scientist around the world, each with non-intersecting and even conflicting interests and biases is just equivalent to the modern movements of conspiracy theorists nowadays. One of Mikhail's statement even go as far as offending the St Paul student.

"I go to St Paul because I want to, not because of some of your distrust theory bullshit." A rebuttal escaped Phillip as soon as it formed in his head, though the man half-regretted it being blurted out. It was rather not very polite of him to say that, in front of whoever he didn't care.

He closed his eyes a little, trying to calm himself down while trying to compile a response to what he said next.

"And how much of the antidote do you know is useful? Is this some sort of pandemics? Do people just carry around these antidotes in case the Russian governments decide to use it, which in chances are like extremely rare? Not to mention the cost of research, manufacturing. Not to mention the Russians can simply use another method of assassination, disclaiming that drugs don't work like a magic bullet. Too many variables left out of your naive conspiracy theorist minds who doesn't think things through."

With that, Phillip turned around to the door of his library room, hoping to mop this pointless debate up. He's sick of this.

"If you think having ambition is enough to get you anywhere in this world, then you are sorely mistaken. Ambition without knowledge is like birds without wings. You will very soon crash."

And he closed the door. Even if his words didn't get to Mikhail, Phillip's fine with it. He never appeared to be someone deserving of help, and he didn't deserve one with that demeanor. No one's gonna spend time for you if you're always angry and complaining.
@Letter Bee
Phillip Leonhart

'Oh my fucking god...'

Seemed like it was a huge mistake in hindsight to walk out and correct these people themselves. That Russian kid was looking for HIM directly. Upon realizing how Phillip was such a sensation back then - surprised that he still was even after all of that had died down - the guy immediately unleashed all the roses, all the red carpet he could think of from the top of his head to try and seduce the apparent genius in his eyes to come to his cause or something. The pompousness and cheesy dialogues made Phillip want to vomit. In fact, he was vomiting internally at the moment the dude was spewing them out, while attempting to keep a cold unfazed demeanor, hoping that he would stop this as soon as possible.

And it worked, eventually. He lowered the curtain after a while talking, though everything he revealed is nothing different from what Phillip had overheard a while ago, albeit barely even a part of it. It really made him wonder if the guy was specifically trying to limit the information flow to his side. What about the whole curbing down the Great Power that he boasted so confidently a while ago? It was made out of an emotional outburst, for sure, but curiously he didn't say it when talking to Phillip. Was he trying to make himself sympathetic?

According to the other girl in the group, Merja, the Russian guy's name is Mikhail, and he seemed to have coerced her into the cause. The guy, whom Phillip remembered back in that tree incident, began to talk logically for once. Although he sounded pretty rash for a person with thin skin, Phillip must admit, he had a lot of points correct that he internally thanked the man that Phillip need not repeat the same point. Though apparently, one of the fact that him being involved in the Chekhov incident is somewhat validated, thooouuggghh by a tabloid made by journalists that does not cite ANY sources whatsoever. Chances that it is the result of false information is quite problematic, but hey, even if it's the truth, it wouldn't make his goals any believable.

"If things are taken at face value, things would have been too simple." Phillip finally spoke. "Intent is very hard to measure. I cannot take the benefit of the doubt that it's for a greater good just because you said it. But let's just give it anyway."

He probably wouldn't leave until Phillip break this to him, so he will.

"If you don't trust scientists, then why do you trust a son of a scientist anyway? You know that I am, do you?"

That was in fact pretty unsettling that Mikhail knew a little too much.

"In addition, how do you know so certainly that the antidote has never been made. In the years ever since, assuming it's the first case of using that poison, how do you know if the scientists haven't figured it out already? If somewhere in the archive there already exists the antidote, you are wasting a good chunk of your time." Phillip put his index fingers on his chin, breaking down all of Mikhail's scheme coldly. "And finally, even if you manage to create a sample antidote, then how do you know if it actually work perfectly, or rather just a delay of the symptoms? And guess who will verify that your antidote works? The scientists and authority that YOU distrust. All the scientific progress in this universe in the last few centuries are verified through thorough peer-review process done by those people you intentionally not place your trust in."

With that he crossed his arms while facing Mikhail face to face.

"And I haven't glossed over your wild ambition with politics yet. You should think this through before approaching me again young one."
@Savo@Typical@Letter Bee
Acion Nakamiji


A cough escaped the winged man as his gaze turned to the floor. Even the mentioning of it made his cheeks warm, both from flusters and cuteness of his new girlfriend when she so excitedly announced her new relationship with him. It wasn't in his mind that she would be so straightforward about it, without much of embarrassment, not that he could see. Acion loved it. He could hear it forever. Perhaps it was a little too abrupt, but he didn't mind, as he followed her declaration with an affirming and warm smile to Tomoe, for as long as it could last.

And that was until she made her statement about...well...that. And she looked proud of that snarky question too. Replying to her in earnest may not be that necessary anymore. She wasn't clueless. She knows. And she wants to see both of Hitomi and Acion's reactions for her own amusement. And he'd had to grant her that, it was a move he didn't see through right away. Before he realized it, his already somewhat reddened cheeks went bright red. A look at Hitomi then immediately turned his eyes away. He knew it would work out that way at one point, but he just changed his status like five minutes ago. It is too early of a step.

Thankfully the attention shifted away to another topic. From that image of the girl who seemed to be using her knowledge to her advantage for shits and giggles, Tomoe suddenly reverted back to that clueless girl he knew. Now he began to doubt whether or not she actually knew what she was talking about earlier. She really is a mystery.

"I don't recall that's allowed."

Dorm switches are stuffs that can't be done that easily. Approvals from dorm mothers aren't something done in a few seconds, and knowing the person behind this, it would be another layer on the absolutely mountain of rocks they had to lift to get through to her.

Though before anything, Tomoe suddenly gave him one big hug, and again apologizing for what she did. Perhaps she was referring to the time he fought her in the classroom, or just a while ago, but to him, it seemed too small of a deal to keep making a fuss over. Acion wasn't someone to hold grudges, especially over the quick moments like that. He gently laid his hands on her shoulders for reassurance, though ironic how she promised that she was never going to hurt him again, but she was hugging him tightly enough that it could've hurt him if he had been a few years younger.

"Hey, it's alright. Nothing has changed my mind since. We're still gonna be your friend, regardless of who you are, or who we become. Right?"

Acion looked up to Hitomi, his new, kind and beautiful girlfriend. It was good to know he had found these new friends and loved ones here at Komei, one that went deeper than any of the relationships that he ever knew.
@Silver Carrot@liferusher
Phillip Leonhart

Perhaps fortunately, the tree climber decided to come down by himself. However his slide down the tree before he decided to move to class was a little too dare-devilish for Phillip to feel comfortable with. His heart nearly sank as the boy went down the tree in seconds, half-wondering where the hell did he get those tools to begin with. It totally didn't look like something coming out of a student's inventory, and frankly Phillip didn't know why you even require such a thing anyway. It just seemed out of the blue and, in his humble opinion, insane. But things were like that now. He had a safe touchdown, everybody didn't have any further crazy ideas and they all dispersed, leaving Phillip having to explain to the security that everything had worked itself out already and having to apologize for the stupid commotion. So much for a visit back to his old school. In essence, something did happen, but the sheer ridiculousness of it just made this visit seemed cheap. Oh well, seemed like it is back to the dorm then.

Time: Thursday
Location: Evergreen Library

It seemed a little unfair that he booked the entire silent study room just for himself, but they didn't seem like in high demands. It seemed too much of a waste to Phillip, as he could have way more productive time with a couple of history and sociology book than a couple of quarreling groups in a project that would almost certainly end up with some students gluing themselves to their phone or laptop while the others do the work themselves. While these books or at least some of its content were and should already be taught back in Evergreen, but his unusual curriculum had partly derived him of it, combined with the fact that he, or the people around him, were already dead set on making natural science his forte, everything else seemed like just a horse ride in the flower garden. Now that he revisited all these stuffs, it seemed so interesting and resonant. Phillip wanted to look more in it. Perhaps this might be his true interest, one that he could live his life with.

He was halfway in with it though, before something forcefully dragged his attention out of this quiet, empty space time surrounding him and those vast reservoir of human knowledge. A conversation he could hear somewhat vividly. A pretty loud greeting, and something about Simo Hayha. Normally Phillip wouldn't care their obnoxiousness that they are in the library not a cafe or a social gathering, but the reply to the greeting was attention-grabbing. Not minding the fact that introducing your background as some sort of tragic hero was cliche and unnatural as a talking animal, the mentioning of the incident somewhat brought his mind into work. The Chekhov incident? He remembered hearing about that a couple of times on the news. An interesting and surprising fact that one of the Evergreen was related, but then again, coincidences are more common than one thinks. He did want to hear more about the incident from his side...but apparently, this guy seemed like a total asshole, and sounded pretty delusional from the dialogue that he spoke. Did he really think a lone high school student could single-handedly topple the entire political climate of this world? The whole lone genius used in movies are wayyy overdone that it is starting to have bad effects. Remember the dude who discredited the entire scientific world in a comment section on social media and proceeded to win the Nobel Prize? No? Then perhaps people should appreciate the collaborative and peer review process in science. And same could be said with anything and everything else. The p-value to this kid managing to do this would probably be close to zero, five decimals followed by a one.

Before he knew it, Phillip snapped out of the attention filter. They didn't seem like someone to learn more from. His attention weren't necessary, but their distraction required some reminder. This is a library after all.

Phillip promptly stood up, his book still left opened on the desk, and walked over to the door, looking at a couple of people standing near a bookshelf. They were apparently the people in question.

"Excuse me." Phillip said, trying to suppress his annoyance. "If you guys are playing the 'noble hero' here, then please go somewhere else. This is a library."
@Letter Bee@Savo@Typical

The call went through his hippocampus, yet had not settled in properly to his complicated decision making mechanism. For he was still trying to squeeze in something perhaps a lot more important than just loaves of bread. Holding up by his small yet tough hand was the small piece of paper he had placed in his pocket the other day. The map of the Amone tunnel that he jotted down when Middleton was still bastardizing about their task. It was dandy and all when he accepted (rather without other choices) the order from Baker about the tunnel attack, but reality still hit him with the fact that this is a pretty ridiculously one-sided fight. Now that he actually thought about it, this may be the closest he would ever arrive to certain death, probability speaking. Would the four sappers be enough to deal with the entire underground city? He'd only ever receive one answer tomorrow.

But eventually, the encouragement from other fellow soldiers convince the aristocratic Edinburghian to enjoy the feast of Francian garlic bread. But before the whole thing was Jean's announcement to the squad about the next day's mission and the scouting mission. It was already clear that this wasn't Michael's problem. He had his own mission issued already, and the man was there to witness it. While Michael still attentively listened to Jean's words, they were mostly non-useful info that the only use he'd have is to re-inform some slow pokes who were late. Michael just tried to recite the direction of the tunnel while waiting for the long-awaited call to dive in the food...

His brows quickly folded as if he just saw someone trying to scratch their fingernails on a solid pieces of metal. Or in this case, Jean imprudently trying to get a taste of the garlic breads like a hungry mouse falling right into the trap if there is one in the way. In one fell swoop, our beloved squad leader just violated most, if not all, of the basic table etiquette ever taught. Sure you can call this a warzone and that no one would care, but apparently that claim looked easily falsifiable. Other soldiers were already looking his way with a rather not so impressed face.


He's even giggling at Michael. Like what? Is this even funny? It's so aggravating to watch someone embarrass himself in front of everybody else.

Deciding to spare the pain to him and him only, Michael took a couple of garlic bread and placed it on the small handkerchief he had before moving away from the commotion for a quiet meal. Seeing how Jean act upon seeing what appeared to be one of his favorite cuisines reminded him of the proper way he did at home, or at least as proper as he could with what he had. Held the bread with merely tips of the fingers, a gentle bite, not too much but not too little, followed by an occasional wipe of handkerchief. Out of this entire army, the son of a certain Edinburghian noble already seemed too unique. It may already be second nature to him already, but perhaps he was just subconsciously trying to cope with how his NCO just acted. But in anywho...

'I want to go home already.'

Would the fall of Amone be the last battlefield he and his squad'd be fighting, or would there be more than that? Would this be his grave? He probably asked that a little too many times now though. He had grown tired of dreaming of home now, but he couldn't help but crave for that day when he'd be able to be set free, to return home with the wish that his beloved mother had carried for him all the way. Back to his normal life, where he'd go to university, get a job, get a house, get married and...


Now that he mentioned it...would he be able to bring home Lucia? Of all the people he cared about in this squad? She seemed like a perfect woman for him. A naive foil to his philosophical mind, and a caring white to his devoted black. But as of the moment, she was also as chained to Michael's free spirit. She was under the control of that accursed Middleton. The name brought the blood tension rising to critical mass again, but again, things get boring real quick. Now he was just wondering if she'd ever be set free, or he'd ever be able to do that for her. He didn't intend on playing the knight in shining armor, but if that was the case. Or even more short-term than this:

"I wonder how she's doing right now?"

"Who's doing what?"

Before he realized it, the girl from company D before was already right beside Michael's shoulder.

"May I have a seat?"

Anna was it, Michael recycled his earliest memory? The blue side ponytail was a little unique to be unrecognizable. He gestured her a seat next to him.

"Thanks." She subconsciously held onto her skirt to straighten it out before sitting down. The problem was...there was no skirts. Only pants. And she seemed to realize that just now, as she flustered and tried to laugh it off.

"No be my guest. We're on the same boat."

You don't particularly wear dresses and be mindful about it unless you originate with a wealth privilege.

"Ahaha, sorry for that." She giggled. "Though I'm a little surprised. I thought I'm the only upper classes here in this war."

Michael leaned his head on his shoulder a little before answering.

"Let's just say unfortunate circumstances brings me here." He said. "And brings me to cooperate with you tomorrow. We were supposed to finish that a week ago."

"Are you ready?" Anna asked. Michael pondered for long.

"No matter how much, I can't be fully prepared."

"It really is a thing of luck and chances sometimes. If the rolled dice appeared our name, we're goners." She replied. "There's not much we could prepare for it right now than rest I suppose. But I hope we could compile some sort of strategy, you know, to maximize our chances of survival."

Strategy? Well, he did have the map. Whatever works.

"Though later. I wanna enjoy my dinner first. Is that garlic bread you're having?" She said, and Michael nodded. "Oh I love those! I miss the old days with these."

Seemed to be a Francian thing.

"I can grab you one, if you don't mind."

Anna brightened considerably upon the proposal, and accepted without hesitation. With a small chuckle, Michael headed back to the kitchen area. Today seemed like a day full of surprises somehow. Now before him was Isaac playing with a dog. He didn't know it even existed on the battlefield, and Isaac even seemed to know it much better than anyone else. An intrigue a little too much to let go.

"You know him, Isaac?" Michael couldn't contain his curiosity as he turned towards the Lance Corporal instead.
Phillip Leonhart

The scale is definitely not balanced.

The impolite remark from the young boy, the willingly-ignorant response from the guy on the tree, the naïve and air-headed response from the girl trying to climb the tree along with him, and the ineffective solution from the other girl, Phillip's cellphone has never been pulled out so quickly. Scrolling quickly through the contact list, he pressed the one fairly forgotten number that he rarely ever touched, but glad that he kept it just in case of this stupid incident: Evergreen Security.

'Is this really the next generation of great students?'

Even though the dissonance between Evergreen and Phillip's level was relatively a huge canyon apart, but to a normal student, the standards are demanding. You couldn't be some nobodies and get in Evergreen. But then again, geniuses and social skills are almost two opposite spectrums. Doesn't imply causation, but correlations are too common too be ignored. Phillip couldn't really say that he was complete stranger to the whole concept of eccentricity. He too had a couple of hobbies and interests that probably would not line up with societal norms. And sometimes he would lean on his own self-serving bias for justification, but to that degree of obnoxiousness is a little over the top for Phillip's sympathy. And besides, he's putting both himself and potential others in danger. That much was already more than enough.

"Hello, is this Evergreen Security?" Phillip was just dying for the phone to be picked up. "We have a student on one of the trees up here...Yeah, do you mind coming here quickly, he's recruiting people. Thank you."

The call was then hung up. Sliding it back into his pocket, Phillip began approaching the group below the tree. If they weren't going to help him down safely, then at least Phillip would stop him from doing anything rash. He seemed to be talking to someone else, then hopefully the guy would proceed to keep that conversation going. When two people are talking, they're not in any state or form to do anything else, anything else drastic. Would he be smart enough to do that? He wouldn't put much hopes on that, but he had no choice.

"No need to call them." Phillip said as he was approaching the two girls and the rude fellow. "I already did. If you can't convince him to come down, then keep him occupied."
Phillip Leonhart

Location: St Paul Campus -> Evergreen Campus
∇ƒ =〈ƒx , ƒy〉= (∂ƒ/∂𝐱)*𝓲 + (∂ƒ/∂𝐲)*𝓳

That should help the purpose well.

"The argument parameter should be directly coming from the location sensor, while the return value is a vector object. That's the direction of the ascent you're finding."

The day had still yet to ripen up, yet the three men in this room was already primed and ready for the day. Well, at least for two of them. Exam periods were picking up the pace for the students this term, both Evergreen and St Paul students alike. The amounting knowledge to squeeze in a 3 pound organism composite, the growing impatience of every minutes of studying and revision in the ever-moving environment, and the rising tension of the hours before the pen would be called to lay firmly on the table. That's why these two hatchlings of engineering and program designing were making use of every minutes they could. They wanted to splat the itching bugs that had been running around in this program of theirs for so long, all the while trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible with the software. Funnily enough, they never would have thought to be making this much progress whilst still somewhat only being in second year of St Paul. They knew that their hard work had a lot to do with their overall fruit of the labor, but still the majority was still down to the third member of the project team.

"So now is just trying to implement the numerical partial derivative as a separate function?" The student in front of the computer asked, to which the man wearing the suit nodded, with two fingers raised.

"Two. To make it safe." The man replied, as quickly and concisely like a cube, seemingly certain of every suggestions to come out.

They surely didn't regret saying yes to Phillip Leonhart when the renowned genius of St Paul decided to take up their side-project. The guy is really a genius. Doing these practical side projects are particularly challenging for many students because they do not fill the role of accomplishing a class assignment or earning a particular grade for their degree. Things are not so perfectly fine tuned for the students to make use of only what they have learnt. Undesired knowledge gap would sometimes seep in to humble their progress. It turned out so well for them that it would be somewhat filled by the genius who won the International Physics Olympiad at merely the age of 15. Things they didn't know, he knew. Things he didn't know, that statement would be falsified in a couple of days or so. It wouldn't be a surprise that they wondered why he decided to take up their project instead of just building his own project from scratch, to which the man is totally capable of if he's interested.

"Bah, I'll do this once I finish these triple midterms I have tomorrow." The same student sighed as he closed the laptop screen. "I should study for that today. You want to join us Albert?"

"Nah, I have class in a few minutes. I need to leave now if nothing else." The other student, Albert replied, as he began to pack things up in a hurry.

"That's a shame, how about you Phillip?"

The man in the suit simply gave an apologizing headshake, and a shrug of a shoulder.

"See you then."

And there goes the fun he was expecting in this early morning. Well it was indeed so while it lasted.

Unlike the two of these students, Phillip had already finished most of his midterms and assignments, with relative ease. Classes had avoided the day for him, so he had a little too much time in his hand, and too little direction to give him a sense of work and purpose. Maybe perhaps joining a group of people would help him. And he did, but unfortunately they were normal students, with struggles of their own.

Should he just go back to dorm? There seemed to be little that he could find enjoyment at right now. But the same could be said with the same sight of the white wall, ceiling and the soft bed. Wasn't the reason that he go out to St Paul today was to enjoy something more than a mind-numbing repetition?

A slid of his hands on his pockets, and Phillip's gaze wandered around like a horizontal pendulum, whilst he strode down the St Paul's campus hallway to the courtyard, basking himself in the sunlight as the glory of the new day was finally approaching. Then, through some heaven to earth force, his gaze landed on the gate. The gate leading outside. And his thought back to his old high school: Evergreen. He didn't know what exactly caused him to do so, but it seemed like Evergreen was like the only place that he could find something interesting there. Perhaps a mathematical probability that Evergreen would be the most likely places to have something entertaining. It had been his home for a while before he picked this new one, and since it was so tightly connected, events were very likely to happen there.

'Oh well.'

He started walking. Back to then.

Along the way, he bought some biscuits to accompany his somewhat uncalming stomach that didn't get enough for breakfast. Once he reached the school ground, however, is when things seem to get a little more interesting. A little. Highest probability indeed. Some of our next generation, one of our 'brightest minds' of our future, had decided to climb a tree at the school courtyard...for some reasons. It didn't seem like valid reasoning though. Look at his laugh. Like what was he even thinking?

It drew a crowd, for sure. A small one, but someone. Phillip was standing from afar, his left hand enjoying the biscuit while his right one was fiddling with the phone in his pocket. Should he call the security on this? It may be necessary, or be a waste of time. It didn't seem like a suicidal attempt or anything. But still, someone may get hurt, including the guy on the tree too.


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