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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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Amane Makes an Entrance

Kaida sure packed a great – and painful – punch.

Seriously though, it hurt. A lot. His shoulder was not in a position that could be used effectively. Or that it could be used at all. Despite having most of his abilities not utilizing the arm much, the violent body movement would make it sting badly. Acion couldn’t let this go on. He still had to assist his teammates.

Seeing that he was about to reach the auditorium, the point of contest, once again, instead of flying up into the sky like he did two times before, he landed on the roof of it. For one purpose: fixing this damn shoulder.


He quickly made a touchdown, his other hand trying to stabilize the dislocated shoulder, not letting it be swayed by the strong wind or some kind. And then, he would do what Joann once did just yesterday at the gym. He vividly remember seeing her banging her shoulder onto the wall, thus pushing it into space again. He would need proper treatment after this, but that temporary measure would be viable, for now. Acion smashed his shoulder onto the nearby hard surface, trying to mimic her. The strike was so painful, as the bone quickly moved back into position, but still, like a thunder striking through his mind.

He breathed out heavily, trying to recover from the shock. Damn, he didn’t know that this would hurt so badly, a dislocated bone could cause him. And if he knew that Kaida was so powerful in terms of raw strength, he wouldn’t have engaged her. And she looked so frail. What the hell was her quirk anyway? He remembered seeing a bunch of scales popping out of her skins. What could that indicate? Some sort of reptilian-related quirk? Still, he shouldn’t mess with her like that again, knowing that she would be able to intercept and ground him. He ought to be more careful when initiating another dive.

Once reaching the side of the building Amane released his purple orb reversing the gravity, he then squatted low to the ground and took a large leap into the air. The knight floated effortlessly to the top of the infrastructure. He hovered over the building for a few seconds scouting the area, he noticed another person who was on the roof trying to recover.

“Hmm?” he mumbled as he released his gravity well, Amane landed on the edge of the building. His armor gleamed brightly into the eyes of the avian boy in front of him. Under his helmet, the boy squinted his eyes as he surveyed all of the strangers injuries. The first thing to pop out to him was his heavy breathing, his eyes darted around the boys body seeing bruises, dirt, and scratches. He was clearly in multiple battles, the biggest damage done of all was the missing wing. Amane began approaching the boy at a slow walk before stopping 5 yards in front of him.

“You must be the person everyone was worrying about, you look like you’re about to keel over. So tell you what” Amane reached for his staff and grabbed it retracted the beam. “I am pretty sure you’ve gotten a good view of everyone on your way here. If you tell me your locations I’ll spare you.” he said without even saying what the consequence would be if he didn’t, the knight was sure that this man would get the gist of what would happen.

Who’s that?

Acion looked around the rooftop to see a man in a knight’s armor, just as shiny as he would look, but with his face covered. His voice was confident, really really confident, to the point that he dared to threaten Acion. Heh. Then so be it.

”I got the locations, yes, of everyone. Serving your every single tastes.” He replied, his voice hollowly manipulative, despite being in a difficult situation. ”One on one, one against many. Which would you prefer? Or your team would prefer?”

Amane gripped the staff and placed one side of it on the ground before replying. “Everyone in the vicinity of this building,” the knight said lowering his guard a bit. “Don’t lie either”... he said before approaching even closer to Acion. Throwing his staff against his shoulder, his eyes stayed fixated on Acion, even if this was an ambush his body or eyes would give off a funny vibe. Once he was within reach of Amane’s staff and quirk thats when he spoke again, “Preferably who is to the east and south of this building”

”Then I have just the target for you.”

Acion then told Amane the location of the blonde haired girl from team A. If he remembered correctly, her name would be Mina. She appeared to be alone. Her position was out in the open that Acion could remember it correctly, from the slightest glimpse of her before he descended on the rooftop of the auditorium to recover.

”If you think I am lying, open your mind.” He said, seemingly triumphant in his argument as he stared back at Amane. ”This...negotiation is either a win-win or a win-lose, on your side. So there should be no reason to risk having a win-lose. Wouldn’t you agree?”

After all, Mina was from team A, his adversary team. He would only risk lying if he was targeting Acion’s team, but he didn’t define anything. And whether or not the guy was pitying the avian man for his wounds, or just looking forward to a fair fight, it wasn’t wise to let Acion go here. But still, he was given a chance to escape the predicament, at a good price. So why not?

Mina, the girl in question, was walking towards the school. She was no longer hobbling. The exercise was doing her good, and alleviating the aches in her body until they were dull and ignorable. She did see a glimpse of Acion flying overhead, though. What the hell were Erza and Tomoe doing if not neutralizing him? Did they run into anybody? How did the plan go this awry so quickly?

She brought her comms to her mouth and switched it on. “Jett, I’m approaching the school. I’ll wait for you at the northern fire exit on the west side. Not the auditorium. The other one. Then we’ll go in and carry out our attack together. Over and out.” With her check-in complete, she carried on, unawares of the fate that awaited her.

Jett finally heard from Mina and sighed in relief. He winced as he stepped on a rock wrong, his attempt at bracing his ankle worked, but it was far from perfect. He had to kneel for a moment and wait for the pain to subside before pushing himself again. He was close to where Mina said she would be, but with his ankle throbbing it was going to take him a little longer. “Copy that, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” he said back to her.

Amane walked past the avian boy with a confident stride, he didn’t even bother with looking back to the boy before setting his foot on the ledge of the building. He knew this guy was not stupid enough to try attack him from behind, the odds were stacked against him. Before leaving Amane held his staff by the lower half while the rod laid on his shoulder blade.

“Thanks for your cooperation, I’ll save you for last so rest up nicely” the man said before leaping leaping from the building. It was a long descent that would cause injury for someone who was ill equipped for the drop. Once he was halfway Amane reversed the gravity once again and used the outside of the institution as impromptu breaks. Soon he was floating back to the earth with serene grace. Amane extended his left foot forward touched the ground, he squatted low before releasing his gravity well and running in full sprint.

Meanwhile, Acion simply turned away from him, and prepared to flee from the rooftop. He was lucky that he was able to get out of this in one piece. By the stature and manner, he seemed to be one formidable opponent, or that he pretended to be. But it was very likely to be the former. Acion could feel it. The tension from his senses. That he was going to go down if he fought him right now.

”Forget it.”

He suddenly remembered his team. Damn, he had been under radio silence for a while now. He should give them a call to see what was happening. They shouldn’t have been defeated right?

”Guys?” Acion finally turned on the comm link. ”What’s happening?” He could hear them clashing with the other team. ”Do you need assistance?”

Mina was within sight of the fire escape when she stopped and rested. She started to stretch her limbs and back, to the sound of much popping, and massage the kinks and aches out of her calves. When that was done, she began to scan the area for any sign of Jett, Erza and/or Tomoe, or, less ideally, anybody else.

Using the same technique, Amane jumped onto the roof of the school so that he could survey the surrounding area. He had a clear vision of the school grounds and could see where his target could enter. It would be difficult for her to bypass Amanes detection from his viewpoint.

Mina’s surveying included the sky and well as above the school, knowing full well that Acion was flying around somewhere. She spotted Amane on the roof, sticking out against the skyline like a sore thumb, but had he seen her? She quickly rushed to cover. Dammit. Jett needed to get here ASAP. Or she should wait until the student on the roof looked away and then get inside the school, waiting for Jett there, out of sight. Of course if he saw her dashing for cover, all the planning in the world was for naught. She didn’t recognise him, so she didn’t know his quirk.

With a mischievous grin Amane floated to the ground like a fairy. He didn't know where Mina was exactly but she should have made it to the school by now from the Avians calculations.

“I know you are here, come out now. You'll piss me off if I have to find you myself”

The boy walked through the courtyard almost daring someone to come out and ambush the boy.

“I'll give you to the count of 3 to reveal yourself” the knight said.

Not knowing his quirk, Mina did not want to call his bluff and give no reply at all for the full three count. She could see him from her hiding place, but he hasn’t seen her as he was still searching. She wanted him as close as possible, so she waited until he had counted to two and was about to utter the ‘th’ sound of three, when she shone a very brief beam of light from her position. Not a full giveaway, but it clearly came from her location. Hopefully his quirk wasn’t one which negated his need to see his opponent, as she was relying on him walking closer to her hiding place.

Amane let out a sigh, he warned them to come out or else he would be angry. Incompetent fool, the light shone causing an immediate reaction from Amanes eye. Mina would hear the clanking of his armor getting closer and closer before briefly stopping at the corner of the fire escape.

“Have it your way” Amane gripped his hand tight before opening and releasing a small black orb which circled around him before sitting atop him staff. He shifted his left foot back and gripped mid shaft of the rod with both hands before activating his black hole. His quirk attempted to pull anything and everything out into the light. Mina could visibly see the dust being sucked into the void.

‘Huh,’ thought Mina, as she was half-sucked and half-vaulted over her cover, and positioned her feet lightly to allow the black hole to drag her forwards, making her slide gracefully towards Amane. When she deemed herself close enough, she raised her hand and emitted a disorientingly bright flash directed at Amane’s face. She hoped that her attack would stop the black hole, because attempting close range combat with that thing around would be dangerous.

Amane smirked as the enemy was drawn out of hiding, but as soon as she was about to be brought out into the light for all to see as a bright flash hit the boy in the face causing him to close his eyes. This really ticked him off, so her quirk was to manipulate light.

No matter, Amane had his other senses to use. The boy stopped his black hole so he could properly hear the enemy. Dropping into a wide stance, he was prepared for what Mina had in store.

Mina, assuming he’d try and use his other senses to locate her with his vision temporarily impaired, started running to gain momentum, but then her footsteps would cease, as she launched herself off the ground, attempting a flying dropkick straight to Amane’s chest.

When he heard the sound of Mina’s heels leave the ground he smirked, gripping his staff he braced for whatever attack as coming. He was sure she wouldn’t use this chance to try and escape because she knew it would be near impossible. He then felt a force kick him in his chest, though it didn’t hurt really it made him slid back. This foe was puny in comparison to him but she packed a lot of power, Amane chuckled under his suit as he skidded back. That would have knocked the wind out of him if he wasn’t fully armored, she also struck the hardest part of his suit which was made of steel. It weighed a lot but provided excellent defense for the lad.

“I can tell you are a martial artist of admirable skill,” He wanted to test this theory of how good she really is, Amane had trained some martial arts training coupled with his bo staff.

“Alright...let’s see what you can do,” the Knight said with a hint of excitement in his voice, he threw the staff away to the side before holding flexing his finger before making a fist. The knuckles on his gauntlet were the equivalent of brass knuckles, coupled with his strength he could put someone out easily. Amane dashed at Mina once her feet hit the ground, the boy delivering a flurry of strikes.

Mina took the third option. Doubtless, Amane had rarely fought somebody as aggressive and as cheap a fighter as Mina. She had no intention of being put on the defensive, and leaned her top half out of the way of the punch before grabbing it, kicking off the ground and applying a flying armbar lock, putting the strain of supporting the full weight of her and her ridiculous dress onto her opponent’s shoulder joint. The bad side was that from this position, her skirt was succumbing to gravity, but fortunately for her, she was wearing knee-length white hose underneath it.

He watched as Mina sidestepped the flurry before grabbing onto his arm, she wasn’t afraid to get in close despite her small size which humored the guy. She then slid his foot out from under him before performing an arm bar on him. If she was going to fight like this, why even wear such a flashy dress? Amane laid on the floor as this girl attempted to break his arm; turning his head, he stared at Mina in the eyes briefly, with his amber pupils looking like a burning fire. He made a fist out of his free hand before reversing gravity. Using his legs, he pushed off the ground, sending the two spirialing in the air as Amane took out the girl’s gravity out of play. There was no longer strain on his shoulder joint; it appeared as though Mina was clung onto his arm like a newborn Koala. He waited until his foe’s head was pointing at the ground before releasing the gravity and immense weight on the girl’s petite body.

Mina let go of her foe’s arm as the tarmac ground started to get very close very quickly, and shielded her head with her arms for all the good it did her, as she landed head first and almost folded like a napkin before falling to the floor, lying prone and clutching her head. She was in pretty severe pain, that was for sure. She could have even gotten a concussion or a spinal or neck injury from that landing, but the way she writhed and tried to get back to her feet ruled out anything life-threatening. Even so, she was struggling to get to her hands and knees, let alone her feet. That attack hurt her. That much was clear.

Amane hit the ground with a large thump before stretching his arm out, she had a good technique with her arm bar. But she got to close without caution, the knights quirk was on cooldown for the meantime. He walked up to Mina and cocked his leg far back as he was prepared to punt the small girl.

“Out of steam from one attack? Where did all that spirit go?” he said before making a powerful kick right at Minas core.

Mina, a far cry from the fighter she was before, cried out in pain as she was kicked with such force that she had now been rolled onto her back. Her breathing was labored and it was clear from her face that she was so dazed right now she probably wasn’t even capable of comprehending events enough to get angry and fired back up. He could probably leave her as she was right now and she’d be no good to her team until the exercise ended. But why take that risk?

The knight walked over to the girls limp body, he was pissed that she was already done but that didn’t stop him from gathering intel. Amane kneeled down to the ground and wrapped his hand around Mina’s hair. He then pulled her head up so that she was forced to look into his eyes.

“Why did you come alone? What are you and the rest of your team planning exactly?”

He wondered why exactly she had come all alone? Especially cutting through the school, what did they have planned. Going inside the school would surely she would have encountered the other team that was making their way over to the point. Either way she had a very slim chance of coming out on top in either interactions.

Mina shook herself out of her daze enough to try and let her brain process that she had been asked something, and to try and hear what the question was, which was a herculean task for her in her current state. She wasn’t going to talk. She wasn’t broken in spirit, and if she was capable of getting up, she’d keep on fighting. Nevertheless, she pretended to strain herself merely moving her lips barely to whisper something inaudible to Amane, before sighing and beckoning him closer.

He raised an eyebrow as what she had mumbled, with his free hand he grabbed the top of his helmet and pulled it off. Revealing a rather good looking fellow with sharp features, Amane tossed the helmet to the side. He wasn’t going to be able to hear her mumbles with that thing on his head. The boy got closer to her, his expression cold, serious, and clearly upset at this poor excuse for a ‘fight’. He waited for Mina to speak again once he was close enough for her.

Taking off his helmet and getting close to an opponent he knew could create blinding flashes of light was a bad move, and the moment when he got as close as he was going to get, and she grinned, was the moment he realised that. Before he could take any countermeasures, She raised her hand to his eyes and flashed his face at point blank range. While he was distracted, she pointed to his relatively un-armored legs and started to focus a beam of light, trying to make a laser. She could still win. That was the thought that was driving her.

Dj...Queue my music

As he came closer he was met with a bright light, it was if his eyes were on fire. Was she really that dumb as to try and keep on fighting? In this situation, Amane didn't need sight, hearing, smell.

As long as he could feel, beating this girl into a bloody pulp would be an easy feat. He felt the slight burning sensation in his leg as the beam concentrated. It was hot, really hot but Amane was blinded emotionally and literally. He got an even tighter hold on Mina's hair before cocking his left arm back. The guy was shaking with rage, he had struggled restraining himself. One strike in the right place could kill her. With his heavy fist he slugged Mina right in the stomach, as the brass knuckle like gauntlets connected he could feel the shockwaves from the attack circulate through her whole body.

“Pathetic insect...” Amane dropped Mina's body to the ground and glared at her with disgust. Trash belonged in the garbage. He gave the poor girl another kick to roll her over on her back again. “Choke on your own blood.”

Mina was about to learn the pecking order.

Unfortunately the fight hadn’t had the sense to leave her yet. She had more fight in her than her body could allow her to carry out. She was in tremendous pain, and her mouth was filling with blood, but she was too angry to be scared. Her pride and ego were too hurt, and the need to avenge them too great. She managed to turn her head to Amane’s boots and spit some of her blood on them. It was all she could still do, but it was still an insulting act of defiance.

Amane scrunched his face as she spat blood at his boots. Still trying to fight tooth and nail huh, looks like he had to break her spirit.

He kneeled down in front of her, “Do you really think you can defeat me still? Your quirk is useless against someone with real power...your lucky that I still want to be a pro,” Amane twisted his gauntlets off and tossed them to the side. He flexed his fingers cracking his bones. His hands were filled with scars all over, certified lethal weapons.

“Can you still speak at least? I still want some more information out of you...” he grabbed Mina by the head again before punching her square in the face. Totally disregarding that his hand was covered in her blood. “You want to become a hero, right? I could end your hopeless career right now if you'd like. Paralyze you from the neck down. Haha, you would be just like a lamp, shining in one place for the rest of your pitiful life.”

Mina was making a sound halfway between a groan and a whimper. She wouldn’t let herself cry or scream, though. She was going to become the number 1 Hero, not just in this school, but in the world. She was about to retort that all she’d need was control of her head to be a better hero than him, but she didn’t. She was scared that he might just make good on her threat. She stopped, and it dawned on her – Mina was actually scared of somebody. She wouldn’t betray her team, but instead kept her mouth shut in silent submission. It was clear from her eyes that the rebellion and fearlessness were gone, though her hatred remained.

The boy released his hold on the girl, dropping the foe on their back. Rising from his kneeling position, he walked over to his gauntlets, picking them up and twisting them back onto his hands. Using his black hole, he pulled his helmet and staff into his grasp, folding his weapon and placing it on his holster. Amane held his helmet at his side before walking over to Mina.

He picked her up by the neck, his cold metal grasp cut into her neck like ice as he slammed her into the fire escape wall. He started her in the eye menacingly, almost daring her to try and rebel against him once again.

“You look like you hate me. You’re going to remember me as long as you live,” With each word he said, the grip around her neck would get tighter almost to the point of strangling before he released his hold. Amane pushed her hair to the side and took the girls communicator. He placed it near his ear before and began relaying his threat.

“Your blonde lady friend here is in pretty bad shape. Shame on you all for leaving her behind. She was a lowly vermin is all hopefully one of you can provide me with more entertainment. I'll be making my way over to the auditorium right now if you want a piece of me...but if I get bored I might just end your friends career right at the start.”

After relaying his message, Amane turned off the communicator, placing it back in the girls ear before flinging her body over his shoulder. It was time he made way over to the auditorium for the finale. He planned on crushing 1-A and solidifying his spot as the strongest freshman. Mina made absolutely no resistance, but she was still conscious. Just saving her strength, and biding her time...

Jett stopped when he heard an unknown voice on the coms. Instantly looking to where he was supposed to meet Kasuke, as he was across the street and down a few yards. Was this the big guy with the armor that came in at the last minute? He started moving faster, trying to ignore the pain in his ankle on the uneven ground. At least the guy told him where he was going. He winced with every step as he made his way to the auditorium.

Jett’s anger was rising as he replayed the guys words in his head again and again. Wondering really how bad Kasuke was hurt, and if he would really make good on his threat. Nevertheless, he was pissed. Any guy who beat up a girl and insulted her like that was trash in his book. He started thinking on what he needed to do. He clearly needed an advantage over him, He wasn’t in exactly tip top shape at the moment.

One thing's for sure, he still needed to cut off the power. He looked around him as he walked and noticed a gate that lead to a bike trail, chained off. He moved over to it and pulled out one of his metal batons and jammed it between the lock and ring that held it to the chain, shoving it up with a quick thrust and popping out the lock. He then took the chain off the gate and wrapped it around his hand. Turning to force himself into a limping jog.

As Amane made way towards the auditorium he looked up at the roof to see if the avian was still up there. He fixed minas position on his shoulder as he walked up to the doors and prepared to kick them open. The knight stepped with his left and punted with his right as he planted his foot right on the door flinging it open. Once inside the lobby Amane placed Mina on the stairwell leading to the second story. He ripped off a long strop off the bottom of her dress and used it to tie her hands up just so she wouldn’t get in the way if he fought with the other team. Some of her blood was on the shoulder plate of his armor in which Amane didn’t pay much mind too. He returned back to the receptionist desk waiting to see if any of her teammates would pop up to challenge him.

Jett picked up his pace as fast as he could on his ankle, skipping the school entirely and heading for the auditorium. He paused for a moment to add more duct tape to his ankle to stiffen it. Really wishing he had his boot at the moment. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself forward once more. He would come to a stop under a powerline next to a transformer and look up. Stepping back a few feet and making sure this transformer connected to the auditorium, before swinging his newly found chain in his hands for a moment. Once he got a rough guess on how hard to throw it, he wiped it up with all his might, as it was a bit heavier than a bicycle chain.

The chain flew up, still in rotation of how he swung it. The end catching one of the power lines and wrapping around it. Causing the other end of the chain to swing onto the second powerline and locking into place, causing the two lines to complete the circuit. As he threw it up, he was already running away, not wanting to be under this when it exploded.

Sure enough, a few nanoseconds after connecting, loud buzzing sounds could be heard as the two lines arched a few times and the smell of burnt ozone was in the air. The overload caused the transformer to explode a few times. Destroying it and effectively cutting off power to the auditorium...and likely the entire block.

He quickly made his way towards the side door to the lobby, where he saw Amane walk into a few moments ago. As soon as he made it he slowed his pace and took a few deep breaths and slowly entered the building. pressing the button on his helmet to lower the thermal vision goggles. It might be still too bright in the lobby for his night vision. He did pull his batons from his sheath and connected them, creating a bowstaff. He slowly shut the door behind him as he entered.

Amane stood silently on the lobby as he waited for someone to come, he could hear the fighting going on in the auditorium but he had a different agenda first. He wanted to gauge the power of the others before entering the fray that was already ongoing. Soon he could hear the power failing and the lights shutting off in which caused the boy to smile under his mask.


Amane pulled out his bo staff from its sleeve before letting it rest on his shoulder, ‘company should be coming soon’. Despite the power failing, he was still at the front of the building. Two large glass panes on the entrance doors was shedding enough light for Amane to see fairly well, he glared over at Mina making sure she was still in the same place and being obedient.

“Looks like someone has come to rescue you possibly...either way they will soon suffer the same fate you have” the guy said before rising up from his position to greet the challenger in the auditorium lobby.

Jett paused as he heard someone say something. He could see two people ahead in the main part of the lobby, one was laying down and a much bigger figure was just standing up. He assumed it was Kasuke who was laying on the stairs. He lifted his thermal vision again to make sure how lit the room was. Thinking a moment before lowering it again, spinning his staff under his right armpit and pinning it there as he then reached into his vest and pulled out two smoke grenades and pulled their pins out awkwardly. His left hand still having the restraint over the palm over his hand.

He then moved his staff enough so he could chuck the grenades around the corner, low as to confuse him where they came from, and hard enough for them to bounce off the back wall and closer to them. ‘Sorry Kasuke…’ He thought to himself.

As he stood at the entrance he heard the sound of plastic hitting the floor from his left side, immediately he turned his head in the direction before seeing two grenades rolling toward him. Immediately Amane took cover behind the receptionist desk, vaulting over it with haste. Returning it back to the sender was also an option but it was unknown how long the grenade had been cooking and the exact kind of grenade it was.

The knight kneeled down under the desk as he heard the sound of the grenade going on which was rather quiet. A silent spraying sound permeated the air as smoke followed right behind it? Were they trying to blind him again? They were clueless as to what his quirk was, he would simply just disperse the smoke by using a black hole..

Jett took this moment as he jumped away behind a desk to run up. The loud clanking of the guys armor would help mask his heavy steps due to his his injury. Ideally he would try to get Kasuke out of here, but with his injury and quirkless, he wouldn’t get far. He instead jumped up on the desk, and swung his staff like a golfclub. Having the advantage of seeing where he was behind the desk already from his thermalvision. Angry still, he used all of his strength to knock the guy out with one hit to the head.”FOUR!”

Amane rose from his position to clear the smoke, activating his quirk. The black ball appeared and was about to activate before.


He felt something with immense power slam into his helmet knocking him off balance and into the wall. Surely if he didn’t have head protection it would have transformed his brain into putty. Amane slammed into the infrastructure with a large thud before clinging onto the wall for support. The boy’s helmet was twisted off to the side blocking his view, he stood there trying to regain his footing before fixing his helmet. His head was ringing a bit and his vision hazy. The guy chuckled as the smoke suddenly shifted in the knights direction, it was clearing out the room at a dramatic rate though it would leave one more opening for the boy to attack the room was completely cleared.

Jett wouldn’t have been able to see Mina’s features beyond a thermal outline, and of that, she was thankful. She was dazed, wobbly, and her face and dress were caked in blood. If she was in better condition, slipping these bonds would have been easy, but right now, she could barely gather the strength to stand up, so she projected thin, aint beas of light from her eyes, allowing her to see the fight, or at least, parts of it through the thick yet rapidly clearing fog.

Jett spun his staff in one hand to bring up the momentum before using his hip as a stabilizer to smash the staff once again into his head with the strength of his right arm and the momentum he gained. He then jumped down, heavily on his left foot to spare his sprained ankle before running over to Kasuke. Lifting his goggles to see her more clearly. He was shocked to see how beat up she was, and tied up with her own dress and covered in her own blood. “Kasuke! Are you ok?” He quickly pulled out his knife and sliced the makeshift restraints on her. ”Jett?” Mina asked, focusing on the boy in front of her. She allowed herself a brief smile as she rubbed life back into her freed wrists, before frowning again and looking pissed off. ”What are you doing, you idiot? Amane’s still behind you?”

As the smoke quickly drained out he was prepared to go on the offensive, until the staff hit him a second time in the head sending his body jeering towards the left and into the lobby desk. He grunted before laughing once more, sure his head hurt but he was excited that someone was fighting back with the right mind. By using a weapon they were at least able to make break through his armor and deal some decent damage. The boy scrapped on the desk as the smoke cleared, his laughter getting louder. You could visibly see the dents in his helmet, on a big one on his left cheek and the other near the ear hole on the right side. He watched as Jett immediately went to Mina’s aid, in which Amane took advantage off. The boy trudged over to his location.

“You should finish the enemy off befor-!” he grunted as he slug his armored forearm into the side of Jetts head knocking him off balance into the stairwell. “Taking your eyes off them” He said finishing his sentence. The knight kept on with his onslaught grabbing the boy by the straps on his chest and flinging him along the left side of the stairwell railing, allowing him to post up on top up on top of it. Amane lunged at Jett quickly and held him up on the railing with his left arm as he dealt a punch to the stomach and a punch to the face with his reinforced gauntlets. He was armored as well but he would surely feel the force of the boys stomach jab and right hook.

Before he could say anything to Kasuke, he felt a massive force slamm into his his head and sent him into the stairs next to Kasuke. He knew he shouldn’t have turned his back to the guy but he had to make sure she was alright. Dazed from the blow, he was pulled up to his feet and thrown against the railing of the stairs. His staff clattered away from him as this happened and before he could defend himself he was hit twice. The gut wasn’t as bad but the hit to the face would have sent him reeling if he wasn’t held down.

But while it was a powerful blow it seemed to shake him out of his daze. His eyes burned with a fire that was shocked at seeing Kasuke hurt so badly. Before he could punch him again, Jett used the opportunity while pinned against the railing to help prop him up and lifted his left foot, kicking with his heel into the knights right knee. While most of the power in his kick was taken down because of the metal armor, the knee was still a joint, The blow normally could have broken the knee cap, as the move was intended for. But for now it would only cause him to bend forward from the shock of hitting a sensitive area. He would then grab the knights left arm, pinning it to Jett’s own chest and reaching behind the knights head with his left hand, grabbing it and pulled it down, while turning counter clockwise and slamming his helmet into the railing he was once pinned on. While using his arm as leverage.

Amanes helmet slammed into the railing placing a large dent. Jett had the upper hand currently as he hand the guys arm in a submissive hold. He could feel his armor turning on him as it dug into his shoulder joint, with his free arm Amane gripped the railing and tried to pull his body forward towards the other side of the railing.going against Jett's opposing force and putting even more strain on his shoulder. To his opponent it would look like the knight was trying to escape but Amane was going for something else. He grunted as more pressure was put onto the joint until finally.


His arm went limp as his shoulder was dislocated, the boy bit his lip at the pain causing blood to trickle down his chin. His stomach laid flat against the railing as half his body was already over it. With his lower half now in the air he kicked at the Jett's hand that had him pinned before wrapping both his legs around his opponents waist. The knight gripped tight to the railing bar before he began his next move. He reversed the gravity so the two would become weightless in the air before twisting the railing causing his body to flip over it and launch jett into the wall with the momentum he produced during zero gravity. His opponent would collide with the infrastructure though it would not deal nearly as much damage compared to if gravity was still a factor. Amane twisted back over to the other side of the railing. His left arm completely limp and the big bad Amane breathing heavily.

Jett was shocked the guy dislocated his own shoulder, enough to be caught off guard by his kick and grapple with his legs. Again shocked as his body just lifted off the ground effortlessly. As he tried to break free as they started to spin, only to be thrown into the opposite wall of the stairs. While it didn’t hurt as much as he expected, it still knocked the wind out of him as he slammed into the drywall and caved it in, breaking a few wooden blocks in the wall.

Jett was expecting to fall and found out that he was still in the air floating next to the wall because his arm had got stuck in it. Shifting himself he got his arms free of the drywall, gripping some of the broken wood blocks. He threw it at Amane’s face. In all honesty it was more for distraction as the wood would just clang off his head, some of the drywall followed as he pulled something from his vest and he shoved himself off the wall. His thumb pulling a pin on a grenade as he slammed his body into Amane with a grunt, Using this moment to shove the grenade in between his helmet and his paldron. The part of his armor meant to protect his neck that was connected to his shoulder guards.

Then using all his might and what little leverage he had, including his injured foot, as he grunted in pain as he put an odd angle of pressure on it. He was trying to pull them away from Kasuke as suddenly yellow gas spewed from the grenade he just pinned in his armor. Luckily Jett still had his gas mask still on.

Amane back peddled into the wall, his Amber eyes locked onto Jett as he laid plastered against the infrastructure. The knight gripped his arm and was breathing heavily. With his left hand out of the battle he was only at half power. Being unable to barely use his hand his black hole power was out of commission for time being.


Something had hit him in the head...but what?

Clink! Clunk!

It was coming from Jett! He was throwing chunks of wood at him as a desperate attack? Amanes armor began vibrates from the impact as he threw pieces of the wall at him.

“He...hehe..hahahaha” he began laughing as the wood made his helmet rattle before one hit him hard upside the head causing his cranium to turn. At this moment of distraction, Jett pounced on him and lodged something in base of the boy's helmet before holding to him tight. Soon a yellow gas before pouring in and out of the boy's helmet,

“Tear gas!”

Amane looked at his limp arm before shutting his eyes close as Jett clung to him like a newborn. His eyes watered profusely as the tear gas began going to work. The chemicals that were being released burned his lungs.The knight held his breath as he felt his body began shifting up the stairs, it looked like Jett wanted to take the battle elsewhere. As his body shifted up the stairs, Amane tried to take the grenade out from its fixed position

The boy used his power to reverse the gravity within a small radius of himself, pushing off the ground the two began spiraling towards the ceiling and up towards the second story of the theatre lobby with significant speed. being in such proximity of the tear gas was dangerous , the feeling of his lungs being on fire began to intensify. Amane wrapped his right arm around Jetts left forearm making sure he wouldn’t escape the radius of his power. Securing the boys limb in between his forearm and bicep as he took the chance to stop the grenade. Amane reached for the grenade which he unwedged after clawing at it desperately for a few moments. After pulling out the chemical weapon from his armor the boy dropped the tear gas on the staircase softly so it wouldn't bounce everywhere before turning his full to Jett. The two would deflect off any and every surface like a windows xp screensaver as they made their way up to the second floor. Once they reached the top they were inside of a corridor with two doors to enter the through the back of the auditorium. Amane was just glad to have breathable air. The boy waited for his body to be in perfect position to create some space between the two, once his back was facing the floor Amane released the gravity causing the two to slam into the floor. The knight used this moment to his advantage by tucking his legs in and pushing off on his opponents stomach sending him towards the midway point of the corridor.

With this opportunity for a short rest, Amane decided to cough his lungs out as he released all of the oxygen in his lungs. He was on his hand and knees as the other arm was completely limp and out of order. The hacking becoming less and less as fresh air flooded his lungs.

“That was nice...impressive even.maybe I should fight you more seriously.” Amane’s eyes were stinging intensely but he was able to see out of one at least, despite blinking rapidly.


He rose to his feet before slamming his shoulder into the wall causing a gaping hole in the wall opposite of the auditorium, it sounded like a sledgehammer as his arm went through the wall as Amane popped his shoulder back into place. He then took his right hand and began beating on his shoulder blade like a drum until it his arm was back in place . Grunts echoed out of his helmet as he practiced the unorthodox procedure without hesitation. Once he was done he wiggled his fingers before making a fist to confirm he was ready to continue fighting.

“Are you ready? I am going to kick it up a notch!” the boy said, from the emotion in his voice you could tell he was enjoying this fight.

The knight opened his hands and 3 black orbs flew out before expanding in size similar to Reina’s own quirk. Two orbs went behind him and began draining the tear gas rapidly from the stairs as well as the intent to prevent Mina from suffering its effects. While he used the remaining one for battle.

“Draw your weapon”

With one leap, Amane was face to face with Jett. His staff was drawn but still in its retractable state, there was still enough time for Jett to lock blades with the knight.

Jett slammed into the ground after being kicked and rolled like a ragdoll, crashing into the far wall. Grunting in pain as his ankle banged a few times on the ground. It was starting to throb from the abuse he put it through. He groaned as he looked at Amane. Smirking as he mentioned he was going him more seriously. “Oh really? That’s just me messing around. I didn’t even have to use my quirk to fight you.” he said egging him on. Not wanting him to go back to Mina. He had to admit, he really missed his quirk right now.

He reached for his staff, but realized it was downstairs. Trying to stand up, but only made it to his knee when he said draw your weapon. The only other weapon he had was his knife and gun. Drawing both he crossed his arms, not having time to make an attack of his own, he brought his knife up to block the blow while his opposite forearm, covered in carbon fiber plating, braced the back of the blade.

While still in this kneeling position he blocked the blow. Wincing as the flat back of the blade still hurt his arm with the force of the attack. But he managed to stop his advance. Amane could see he was straining by the look in his eyes. With no leverage to push back because of his ankle/ kneeling position on top of that. He quickly thought of what he could do all while trying to make sure he didn’t get knocked back.

That is, till he thought it was actually not a bad Idea. Not a good one, but not bad. He tried to push back more, trying to force amane to push back more. Then with a sudden change in tactics he collapsed his arms, bringing the back of the blade to his chest as well as his gun. But his elbows stayed where they originally were, creating a V. This also cause the staff to crack Jett in the face, but it was expected. But this would allow him to pinch the staff between his forearms and he twisted his arms. While allowing all of Amane’s force to push him back onto his back.

The idea, was to get his gun inline with his helmet and fire off a few rounds.

Amane smiled at Jett’s response to his attack, it put his skill on showcase for sure. Not a lot of people could block an overhead attack with a pistol and knife. The sound of metal crashing into each other rattled the second floor. Clearly the knight had the upper hand in strength over his foe as he made the boy get low to the ground. Amane frowned thinking about how his foe was saying he only messing around and not using his quirk. This caused his mind to slip, surprised at how Jett’s arms collapsed, he leaned into the attack smacking Jett dead in the face with his staff.

No...this wasn’t an accident, but it was planned. A smile crossing his face as Jett locked the knights weapon in place. He managed to counter Amanes superior strength and range by pulling him close. That was when he felt the boys firearm get inside his helmet before shooting a couple shots.


Amane winced, Jett would surely feel the jolts as he caused some real damage to the armored man. Amane bit down hard as he took his right hand off the staff and grabbed Jetts arm pulling it out of his helmet, the boy was still shooting making a series of dents in his helmet as he altered the guns projectory. Though a red liquid began leaking from the boys helmet and down his neck staining the silver metal around his collar. With his right leg Amane cocked back and delivered a swift kick to the rib with enough power to jolt Jetts body outward. With his body exposed he would give a few jabs with the staff to the boys core before holding extending the staff and holding it up against his neck. He then pinned him against the wall of the auditorium with the pistol in his hand facing upward. Blood was gushing out the side of his helmet.

“Are you truly holding back against me or was that a bluff. When you were trying to heave me up the stairs you seemed really concerned about that girl back there. I’m not a small guy. The amount of force you exerted for me to get up those steps had some urgency in it.” Amane began chuckling under his helmet as he pushed the staff even more into Jetts neck beginning to choke him.

“This whole time you’ve been fighting me you’ve had a sense of urgency huh. Who is she and what importance does she have towards you?” Amane released some of the pressure of his staff so that Jett could squeeze out some kind of answer. This was a breather for him so he could recover from all those blows to the head, it was beginning to make his vision hazy.

Jett grunted in pain as he was kicked in the ribs and followed up with a few more hits to his stomach. It caused him to bend over in pain, only to be pushed back and choked by the staff.

It was then amane spoke to him again. He smirked, amane could see this because his gasmask was broken off with that hit to the face a few moments before. He stared directly into amanes visor as he smirked. He knew he was getting under his skin with that comment. He knew his teleportation didn’t work still as he just tried to do it again.

He shrugged at his first part. “ I work out… it must really irk you…with all that power in your quirk… a little guy like me can still knock you around. ” he said being a smart ass. But while he then looked serious as he said with fire in his eyes. “It doesn’t matter who she is. I’ll kick your ass just the same.”

He had used his free hand to pull a flare out slowly. Thend right when he delivered the final sentence he Ignited it and shoved it in front of his visor

Amane chuckled, he was pissed at how this guy was being a smart ass. After his last word he saw Jett pull out a flare and shoved it in front of Amane. Amane let go of Jetts arm and pinned him against the wall with two hands. He the picked up his right leg and shifted the direction of gravity forward increasing it to add power to his next attack.

The knight planted his foot right on Jetts stomach, he generated so much force that the boy went straight through the wall and into the auditorium, shedding some light into the dark room. The flare begon burning annoyingly in front of Amanes face, he grabbed it and pulled it out tossing it into the room. The debris from the broken wall begin pouring into auditorium. He closed his eyes before taking a short Jett fell to his doom.
“You’re a peon compared to me”

All of his breath was knocked clear out of him with that kick. It felt like getting hit by a car all focused into one point. He didn’t really feel the force on his back breaking through the wall, or even as his body rolled like a ragdoll down the stairs, his helmet coming off at the force as well, while still connected to his hood it simply banged the back of his head a few times. All he could think was that if only he didn’t have a sprained ankle at the time, or even a hand that was in an awkward position. He could have taken Amane down.

This thought process ended as he hit into something….or someone rather. Both of their bodies intertwined and rolled together for a few feet until they came to a stop. It took a moment but when everything seem to drop into place, he felt oddly… comfortable… for a man who was just kicked through a wall with such force. His head wasn’t on hard ground like he thought...nor his body. No. I was on something firm, yet soft. He felt this firmness all around his face and didn’t know what it was, as his face was buried into it and he had no energy to lift his head at the moment.

Tomoe was awoken from her slumber again after her clone was dreadfully captured by the enemy robot. There was however no time to dwell on something like that when they still had the time to win this battle. Tomoe softly sat upright on her bed and moved her legs to the side of the bed so she could sit normally. Her body was tingling all over from the wounds her clone had gotten. She was used to some irritating wounds on her body but not this much. She rubbed her eye softly as she pressed her finger against the communication button on her headset. She firstly let out a big yawn that sounded through her mic before she began talking drowsily.

”Goodmorning… Is anyone there? Mina? Jett? Uhum… I lost Ezra, I don’t really remember where he went but I hope he is safe. Are you alright Jett? You didn’t seem so great when I saw you. Should I head to you or somewhere else?.”

Mina, while a battle was being fought mere feet from her, was lying on the stairs, not quite recovered enough to join in and help Jett to beat Amane. Not even the motivator of revenge could get her up. When she heard her communicator buzzing, she grabbed it and raised it to her mouth, though the simple action sent a shooting pain from her neck to the base of her spine, making her grit her teeth and groan in pain through them. She flicked the comms on and responded.

”This is Mina. Jett’s a little busy right now. We’re at the school, just outside the auditorium walls. Backup would be greatly appreciated.” Mina replied, her voice betraying that she was weak and in great pain.

While she patiently waited for a reply back from her teammates she gave yet another big yawn as she stretched her arms up at the sky. Fighting like this wouldn’t let her mind rest peacefully so sleeping like this only helped a little to how tired she felt. Mina spoke back to her. Apparently Jett was busy with fighting at the moment, she could definitely hear some ruckus going on in the background of Mina her microphone. Mina herself didn’t sound too great either, she sounded very hurt and not all too comfortable right now.

”Alright, I can get there I think… but umm. Mina are you alright? You don’t sound alright. I’ll get a teacher if you are hurt.”

Tomoe could almost hear Mina shaking her head in the pause that followed. She didn’t, but the effect was there. “I’m fine,” she replied in an icy tone. “Don’t take pity on me. My injuries will have been for nothing if we don’t all win the match. I can get checked out later.”

When Tomoe offered to help Mina she almost fell back onto the bed by the sudden change of tone in Mina her voice. She was taking this way serious! Tomoe immediately shot awake as she shivered for a moment.

”O-okay M-mina-chan!.. I’ll try getting there as q-quick as possible to help Jett.

Mina could hear the coms cut off as Tomoe released the microphone button. Tomoe quickly lied back down onto the bed under the sheets.

”Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Quickly sleep, sleep.”

Tomoe rolled around a little before the tiredness struck again drifting her in a deep sleep again. Seconds later a clone formed next to her bed sitting at the bedside. Piercing red eyes shot open as a wicked smile formed between her lips. Teeth as sharp as a sharks teeth were shown. One of her abilities to form her clone to her will if it was only a little bit of it. Every bit helped. Tomoe her clone followed the way Tomoe indicated it to go and eventually arrived at the scene.

Mina was there to greet her, leaning against the wall, in obvious pain, with dried blood caking her face and dress. She pointed to a hole in the wall, further along than she was. She had been in the process of carefully and delicately moving her way towards it.

”They went in there,” she wheezed out, then added in a fiery voice, in spite of looking in such a state, fighting was the last thing she should be doing, ”Leave Amane. That bastard’s mine.”

Mina was sluggishly hanging onto the wall to support herself up. She didn’t look so good but far from the point of death. She would be fine if she didn’t move too much. Tomoe stared at Mina as she was trying her hardest to get to the broken out wall near them. Mina gave direction to Tomoe that everything was happening in there. Tomoe went up the broken down wall and was greeted with a lot more people in the auditorium. She stepped through not minding Mina trying to get through as well.
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By the way, for some who is following Yurius, you can either have them converse with the vampire along the way there, or just arrive at the communal room right away, I don't mind either. He is just doing his duty.

If I unconsciously breach the rules or any bounds, please correct me.
Yurius Diencrade

The vampire said nothing further after the confrontation with the brown haired boy, and he was going to do that as well right after the encounter with the seemingly shy white haired boy, as he walked pass the teacher and student bodies, but the boy's question pulled him back to face him. It was then that he had the chance to look at him closely. He was, as expected, a young child, likely to have not had his twentieth birthday. But perhaps the most significant of him was a birthmark. He wasn't aware or had any knowledge at all of the power behind that birthmark, nor was he affected. All that came to him was that birthmark was a pretty good sign to recognize him, that's all.

"Yurius Diencrade. The Vampire King." Yurius held out his hands for a handshake. If the boy took it, he would be met with a firm, tight and powerful grip from the old fellow's man. The vampire's gesture was old, but the power yielding behind it was still vast and fresh. "I don't need gratitude. Just do as I say. As we say, and your safety shall be ensured." He said, with the latter statement not just aiming at Lumen. Ironic that he used to be the one causing terror to people. "Defy it at your own choice and risk, but your danger shall not be looked at, and your death shall not be missed." He may sound harsh and a bit insensitive, but to a degree, the vampire was just displaying his point, accumulated from centuries of wisdom. It's just that his expressions were in a more 'tough love' tone, rather than the usual kind and forgiving that some students might have experienced.

With that, he led Lumen and a few more of the students, along with the handful that he just collected before the confrontation out of the door to the communal room.

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Yurius Diencrade

The vampire strolled casually through the school ground, appearing absolutely and completely calm, in stark contrast to the fear and solemn expressions of the students, and some of the teachers and staffs, especially the new ones. The death was perhaps the most significant event that ever happened in Yurius's career here ever since he abandoned his exile and decided to take up tutoring as a job, but comparing to the long years of life he had lived through, this wasn't any different from a daily meal. There was no reason to panic. Sure, the death was tragic, but it did little to concern the safety of the school. Or at least in his mind. This vampire was no common fool. He was once the terror that struck fear into the heart of the people wherever he went. So much so that the Head Magister had to send her underlings to put him down. He was not afraid.

He arrived at the assembly, near the last, as he was doing things so casually while everybody else just hurried there. He stood right next to the door, watching it, along with Reiko's information exposure to the public (or in this case the school staff and students). The death he already knew, and then the curfew, the escorts requirements and some other information. Almost immediately after her announcement, some of the students who were in his class, flocked to him. Sure, some of them were independent individuals, but they knew better than to break a direct order from the Vice Principal. He had taught them well. But apparently some here didn't receive such tutelage. A brown haired boy, seemingly discontent, voiced out his opinion, in a pretty rude manner according to the usually polite vampire. Yurius's brows were raised, but he wasn't too surprised. Youth...always youth...

Another student popped up confronting the rebellious student as Yurius made his way there, telling his students to wait for him. He was the exact opposite of him. After pushing through the last student standing in the way watching the confrontation, the old vampire did not hesitate, nor feel any sort of hesitation to walk forward, facing the two students.

"He's right..." Yurius addressed the other boy who was defending the staffs. "If you want to go out there so badly, you can. But you will be alone." He said, his hands still in his pockets as he walked towards the two of them. "And then you will return with the price of your limbs, or a dead man." Judgingly, yet politely, he looked at the brown-haired boy. "Young man. You do understand that we may be dealing with a professional murderer here. What if someone like you decides to go along with your reckless actions and then gets killed? What do you think? Will you take responsibility for his or her death?" He left one last remark before turning away. "Just deal with it."

Whilst leaving, he noticed a timid white haired boy watching the whole confrontation nervously. The vampire was walking towards him. The disparity between Yurius and the kid's body size, and the aged looks of the vampire, would easily confirm his identity to the boy as a teacher. Upon nearing him, Yurius just said once. "Looks like you're gonna need an escort. Follow me if you wish."

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Yurius Diencrade

The old vampire was standing as firm as a rock as he continued to monitor the gate. A murder? Who would have dared? He had seen occasional pranks and so on, but this was too serious to be a prank. Those who dared to challenge the tranquility of this realm. Yurius slammed his two fists together, as his eyes glowed bright blood red, not in anger or fury, but in interests and slight excitement. The thought of vanquishing those individuals brought thrill to him. But before that...

Yurius brought his hands back into his pockets.

"An emergency meeting huh?"

Reasonable, but simply boring. Considering it may barely just be informing the student body about the situation, or maybe altering it to avoid chaos. In meetings, the thing that Yurius desired was the very end, when the orders would be delivered. When all the actions would ensue. Or at least put into it.

He had fifteen minutes to head there. Way enough time for him to casually pace down the courtyard, his hand still in his pocket. Let's see what our staff had in mind now....
Yurius Diencrade

The old vampire was standing as firm as a rock as he continued to monitor the gate. A murder? Who would have dared? He had seen occasional pranks and so on, but this was too serious to be a prank. Those who dared to challenge the tranquility of this realm. Yurius slammed his two fists together, as his eyes glowed bright blood red, not in anger or fury, but in interests and slight excitement. The thought of vanquishing those individuals brought thrill to him. But before that...

Yurius brought his hands back into his pockets.

"An emergency meeting huh?"

Reasonable, but simply boring. Considering it may barely just be informing the student body about the situation, or maybe altering it to avoid chaos. In meetings, the thing that Yurius desired was the very end, when the orders would be delivered. When all the actions would ensue. Or at least put into it.

He had fifteen minutes to head there. Way enough time for him to casually pace down the courtyard, his hand still in his pocket. Let's see what our staff had in mind now....
A Duel of Amity

Storm Bird


Solar Sentinel

He’s gone…

He shouldn’t be far away. He must have been hiding behind one of the trees.

But the problem was that Acion’s position was widely exposed. He was seen. If Roy could see him, while he could not see him back, he could easily stage an ambush against him. Not that he had anybody else to gang up on him, but he could surprisingly attack from somewhere. Anywhere

”Hey wait…”

What if he just let him do so? Deliberately so.

That was a good idea. He would even bait him into doing it as well.

Acion took off from the tree, as he zoomed down the trail where team C just headed. Passing the feather mark area a bit before making a loop downward facing the opposite direction. Now he was flying at ground level, only a few meters above the ground, heading straight for the point. He deduced that Roy couldn’t possibly headed back to his spawn point while his team was heading forward. He would want to catch up with them, so why that. So he must be somewhere along those trees that Acion was passing. And most likely he would attempt a hit on the winged man here.

’Just try it…’ Acion thought to himself.

It was Roy's turn to be on the assault, the boy claw soon grew incredibly large. He sunk his construct into the tree and began climbing up onto a large sturdy branch. “Alright Acion let's see what you'll do?” the boy’s construct changes from claws into a saw. He began cutting off the top of the tree to give away his position purposefully. The boy was confident he could repel any feather attack of Acions. Once the top of the tree fell Roy pushed up his helmet visor revealing his face.

“Hey bud” the boy said waving an arm, “didn't expect you to attack us so early!”

While on the flight, Acion could notice a tree top falling. He did flinch a bit, doing a spiral as it nearly fell on him. Then he flew up and hovered only meters above the tree top height, as his friend spoke.

”I saw you and your friends hanging out in the open.” Acion replied to the greeting. ”With three ladies. You have good taste. So I think I would give them a little introduction, but didn’t expect them to leave so urgently.”

Acion then glanced at Roy’s costume. A pretty scifi looking cloak, befitting of his power. Looks pretty good.

”So it’s just you and me…” He said as he began taking stances. ”Watch yourself, brother!”

And he flew up.

For starter, he simply flew up to a certain height, not as high as before though, then come diving down again. Again, the diving procedures and feather hailstorm.

Roy chuckled displays his acknowledgment of the boys attractive company.

“Yeah looks like I got lucky with some attractive, imagine if I was like Jett… but I'm sorry to say I can't lose to you here. They have a lot of faith in me so I can't let them down.” Roy flipped his visor back on,

“But if you want me to put in a good word, you know where to find me” the boy said as he jumped down from the tree. The battle had begun, Roy didn't want to take his eye off of Acion. Once the boy sent his onslaught of feathers Roy pulled out his shield held his position. As the feathers made contact with his shield they seemed to have gotten lodged in the construct and the surrounding area. The sound of splitting wood filled the forest. The boy smirked as he took the attack well. Acions attack made Roys rebuttal a whole lot easier to perform. Roy moved the shield from his face to survey the destruction. All around him was covered in feathers.

“Now it's my turn” Roy took made a fist with his free hand as he condensed the solar energy in his hand. With his right he picked up riot shield and slammed it into the rocky forest floor sending cracks traveling through the construct. With his free hand he sent a concussive blast at the broken shield sending construct shards and feathers back at his attacker as a widespread attack. It was merely a copy of Acions attack yet with a touch of the sunny boy’s magic.

Acion looked away for a moment as he climbed back up. He managed to reach to the previous height, and was doing a turn as he noticed Roy’s counter attack: a spread of broken golden pieces in different shapes and sizes coming at him. However, it was noticeably slower than his own feather attack.

It was fairly similar to how Acion’s attack. And he knew the nature of such move. Dodging would be difficult since there were so many, and each projectiles were small. Similarly to how Roy just countered his attack, he quickly exerted his muscle groups to turn his body facing Roy’s projectile, in mid-air. There, his six wings immediately pulled over to block all the projectiles that may hit him. They were sharp just like his feathers, some of which was his own medicine as well, but since it was blasted at a lower velocity, it simply didn’t have the strength that it supposedly did to the trees and ground like how Acion’s feathers did. All of them slammed into his wings and then fell off. None managed to lodge into his wings. But it was pretty powerful. His wings were still tingling after the attack.

His initial momentum propel him in an arch. At the latter end of the arch, the gravity was gradually pulling him down to the ground. But before it managed to do it, he rotated his body again, his wings spread proud and might again. The air flow elegantly stopped his fall just a meter above a tree. And his wings flapped powerfully, accelerating him towards Roy, creating one beautifully drawn flight trajectory.

”Nice one friend. But how will you deal with this?”

Acion was flying horizontally above the ground, fast enough so that when he stops using his wings, he can still maintain the horizontal path for a few seconds. Then, he did another feather rain, but this time not from above, but right ahead of him. One flap, from his left wing, one from his right, creating a wave of feathers coming at him. Just seconds after launching his feathers, when gravity was pulling him downward, he slammed his right leg onto the ground, as propulsion, jumping him into the air, above Roy. There, he would repeat the procedure and send feathers down his way.

Now it felt as if his friend was playing around, like this was a test to see the boys capabilities, Acion sent another flurry of feathers from two directions. Roys eyes quickly shifted direction to direction, he slid his legs arms length apart and squated hold his arms out and cuffing his heads. Straining his muscles the boy created a 360 degree barrier around himself, it was hard to tell if this was the same kid from yesterday. His costume allowed for him to perform at a much higher level, as the feathers lodged into the boys barrier it sounded like a hammer hitting steel. All around the boy’s barrier there was not a place the feathers didn’t hit.

“Come on Acion, fight me for real” the boy said releasing the barrier, he was breathing heavily a bit after that showing but he wasn’t done yet. Roy got on all fours sliding his left foot back before gathering energy under all his limbs. He pushed off the ground with a concussive blast kicking up dirt and rocks as he flew through the branches reaching the forest roof. The boy stopped on a branch high up before taking another energized leap shooting himself above the forest with a clear view at the avian man.

The boy held out of fingertips and fired a barrage of pea sized energy shots, it was almost like Roy was shooting a machine gun with how many blasts he got out. Let the battle fever come to you, relax.

Acion was flying up when he noticed a barrage of energy fire coming from below. He immediately spun around his longitudinal axis a few times to dodge the incoming fire. It worked at first, initially, but the bullets soon catch up with his position. And finally.


He was hit.

It wasn’t something serious though. One or maybe two of those energy bolts crashed onto Acion’s middle left wings. This time, the power of the bolts were way more powerful than the previous attack, as it nearly pierced to the other side of his wings. The pain suddenly received rushed up to the winged man’s mind, but he didn’t mind such things. This was nothing.

He stopped flying and hovered nearby.

”So you want me to unleash my true power, eh?”

The avian fighter began rolling up his left glove to only below his wrist. And then finally he ripped off one feathers, holding it firmly in that left hand, in reverse grip.

Then he charged. Close quarter combat time.

He bolted into him, the sharp feather in hand, slicing whatever is in the path of such blades. After clashing away from him, he made a quick and sharp turn backward, zooming at Roy again.

And again.

And again.

A few times like that before he stopped the attack, slowed down and rolled up the other glove, as he looked at Roy, issuing a challenge.

Acion took advantage of Roys positioning in the air knowing that he was unable to dodge,

“Damn” he said as Acion began his flurry in close combat with his feather, the boy hadn’t seen this coming. He didn’t think his foe would come into close combat. As gravity took its toll, Roy came crashing down into the forest breaking a thick piece of tree branch as he fell to the forest floor, grunting as he made impact with the large chunk of wood all while Acion continued his flurry. Instinctively the boy tried to halt his fall by digging his claws into the tree he fell next too. Having to make a decision whether to hit the ground hard or take his foes strikes he made his choice quickly. The boy clung to the wood sinking his claws into it, as the feather ripped into his costume most notably the hood and his forearms.

There was a large slash traveling from his wrist up to his shoulder oozing with the crimson liquid. The boy was to pumped on adrenaline to realize all the damage he sustained. Letting go and making contact with the ground once more Roy kneeled a bit to collect his nerves. He looking up at Acion as he hovered in front of him awaiting his next move.

“Alright then” he said as he placed his palms on the ground, the lights on his costume burned a bright yellow as the boy fired off two blasts into dirt kicking up a storm of dirt, branches, and rocks. He planned on obstructing the boys view and taking advantage of his foes lack of headgear.Sliding his feet back once again in the same stance, Roy was beginning to perform Kenichi’s Jet hunting attack. As the balls of his feet left the ground he shot off a burst of energy from his heels, he may not have been able to move in a blur like Kenichi but it was quick enough to notice a significant increase in the boys speed. Cocking his fist back Roy planned on a empowered strike to the core followed up by a point blank blast of energy. He had a grin on his face as he performed his attack, showing his enjoyment of the battle between his friend. There was no ill will or any deep seated feelings behind this fight.

Just two kids chasing their dreams

”Oh dear…”

Acion hastily set up shields using his wings, as Roy slammed into him, the force in motion being transferred to Acion as fresh as it was: incredibly powerful. It was so powerful that he sent the flying man literally flying. He had to spread his wings wide, perpendicular to the direction he was going to stop.

For some reasons, his stomach hurt.

How? He was hit in the wings.

The real truth was that he was hit in the wings, but the momentum was so powerful that it transferred to his entire torso as well.

Despite knowing that he should not underestimate people, Acion was quite surprised at his friend’s capability, comparing to his performance yesterday. But still, this was a hero course after all. A place full of beautiful tales of people chasing their ambitions. And this was nothing more than a friendly clash of life path that served to bolster it.

Despite the pain, a smirk appeared on Acion’s face.

And he charged down once again. Like how many times he did before.

He delivered yet another hailstorm. But instead of pulling up, he immediately went for it, his legs straight for a flying kick diagonally down his way.

The boy slammed into his wings with a lot more force than expecting knocking the winged foe briefly off balance. Roy cocked both his arms back straining his body and pushing his limits, the lights on his costume began blaring brightly. Soon an aura of golden energy began leaking from the boys body.

“I’m doing this out of respect!” he said as he pushed both hids hands out, the aura from his body began moving in the direction of his hands before a dense ball of energy came into view. It looked as if he was pulling another flashbang but this attack was different, the color of the ball was an bright orange color. There was a significant amount on energy put into this attack meaning this was most likely going to be the boys last. He kept an eye on Acions movements as he flew into the sky and returned with another bombardment of feathers but this time Acion had gone past the point of return. Roy’s high energy attack began kicking up dirt and rocks as he collected his energy. The boy was confident in his victory once he came close into view. He discharged his attack on his foe, the recoil sending him sinking into the earth and off balance slightly.

Roy wasn’t counting on a direct hit, he was banking on the after effect of the blast. After traveling some feet it would expand covering a 10 yard radius of destructive energy. Roy immediately took a kneel clenching his chest, his heart rate sight picked up greatly as well as is breathing

Oh shit!

’Disengage! Disengage!’ He told himself.

But it was already late.

Although he managed to dish out his feather bombardment, his flying kick was immediately countered by a huge ball of energy. Orange in color, this looked nothing like the previous attacks.

His kick smashed into the ball, the red hot energy quickly spread through the boot he was wearing, and into his feet. He could feel the blood in his leg boiling. But his momentum was not enough to reverse such power, as he was pushed back, and the ball sent him into the air again.

He could feel the heat, the potential energy inside the ball. And he was sure if he stayed still any, ANY, longer, he would get obliterated by it.

”There’s no way I’m gonna get knocked out here. Ha!”

Everything seemed to be going in slow motion to him.

His other feet also slammed onto the red hot energy ball, as he did a jump away from the energy orb, just mere seconds away before the ball explode into a huge radius of destructive energy. The jump was powerful, but the blast was slightly faster than him, as it was capable of catching up with him. His right wing’s end was being blasted away. He could feel it. The moment his muscles, his feathers and part of his skeletal figure of his wings being dislocated, or in this case obliterated, from their position forcefully.

He was literally holding his breath during the whole ordeal.

But thankfully, the explosion ended after it blasted away half his right wings. The shockwave continued sending him into the air, but at least that was the only damage he sustained.

Acion span his body so that he was in his usual flying position again. But this time, it didn’t feel right. Half his wings were already gone. His entire structure was disbalanced. Flying was a lot lot more difficult now. However, this wasn’t impossible. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to sustain flight long, he glided instead. His body exerting its muscles to keep his body stable in the air, despite the loss of his wings. He was slow and vulnerable, yes. But still, he avoided the fate of crashing face down to the ground. He could just hope that nobody would be there to finish him off.

Thankfully, he did not suffer that fate. He glided out of the forest and onto the ground to the nearby east. There, he made a touchdown. Not so gracefully, but safely.

”Now that was dangerous.”

He could risk getting knocked out right here.

But due to his skills, or maybe some luck, he managed not to. His objective was completed. Team C was pretty disorganized at the moment, and he was pretty sure that Roy took some damage to himself during the fight as well.

The winged man then concentrated. His adrenaline rushed high, as the composite in his wings began to re-materialize. It was hard to explain how this happened, but this was one special trait to his capability. His eyes furrowed as he pushed on. And then the wings suddenly grew back. The feathers back just as new.

But that costed him some strength. Sweats broke out from his temples and forehead.

”I guess I will leave you to someone else then.”

He is one good fighter. Managing to catch Acion off-guard is not an easy task.

”See you later friend.”

He mumbled, despite knowing that his friend wouldn’t be there to hear it.

And then, with his new wings, he soared through the sky once again. Team C should be there at the moment now. He should report that to his teammates, wherever they are at the moment.

”Guys?” He clicked his comm link. ”Most of team C are at the point right now. Where are you now?”

Roy was not getting out of this scab free, the feathers that Acion launched prior had found their way into the boys right shoulder. Taking a few shaky steps, the young hero posted himself up against a tree in order to stop from keeling over. He was breathing even heavier as the pain from the feathers began racing through his body.

“Damn, if someone was to come right now I don’t know exactly what would happen” he looked up as the huge explosion hit Acion and illuminated the forest as the large explosion roared across the battlefield. Pressing the button on the communications come with his operational arm Roy signaled over to his teammates.

“Guys I am fine, a little banged up but I will be good to go just need to recharge my reserves” he said as he slid down the tree and took a seat on the forest ground. Roy took off his helmet putting it to the side and taking a deep breath of air. The boy was drenched in sweat and his hair was messy and clumped together. Acion was surely a fitting rival, the only possible reason he came out on top was that the setting played in is favor. He looked up to the sky continuing to take in deep breaths. The breeze hit face nicely in his position as well as the sun. Slowly but surely he was feeling a bit revitalized as he absorbed the sunlight and restored his energy reserves. That final attack on Acion took half of his energy reserves to perform. Currently he was working with 15% capacity, just enough to possibly escape a foe if he plays his cards right.

Over the river and through the woods JoJo sprinted as fast as she could in all honesty she would have gotten there much sooner if the fight between Acion and Roy hadn’t moved itself, but thanks to her goggles she could actively tell the path they took in their fight. Following the pseudo trail of destruction, she could tell she was getting closer so in order to speed up to extract him or help take down the winged one Joann began catapulting herself from one tree to another only kicking it into overdrive when she heard the explosions roar throughout the forest.

“Oh bother” JoJo thought to herself, if Acion was still fighting, they were going to have a lot of attention meaning she had better get a move on. Thankfully, she found the epicenter of the explosion and soon after hearing Roy’s transmission from that it wasn’t long at all until she found him physically leaning against a tree looking banged up. The girl didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence or even warn him that he was about to receive the roughest transportation of his life she just grabbed him but the collar and bucked off to the point.

Storm Bird

The moment has arrived.

Once the cheers had been done, Acion moved to his starting position and waited patiently for the signal to go. As Akihito's speaking, he silently gave his teammates a thumb up, without looking back at them, as they were preparing to go underground.

" may now begin!"

The time he finished it, Acion immediately flew. His elegant white wings began to spread, proud and might. And as always, his wings movements appeared so natural that it lifted his entire body up without strain. Up, up and up, he soared.

The weather was clear, the wind was in his favor, so the six-winged fighter was able to go high in a short time. In just a few moments, he was already a few hundred meters above the ground. He kept on increasing his altitude, before he delivered his payload: a set of three spy cameras. As much as he wanted to position it in the right spot, he was risking running into people, so he instead threw them. He had traveled quite a distance, as he now neared the debated point. Then, he did a 180 degree turn, as he threw the spy cameras. They were equipped with a gyro sensor and a magnetic mechanic that allowed it to stick to something without actually having the lens being blocked. The place that he placed the camera, even Acion don't know.

After doing so, he flew up again, It took him a whole minute to reach the position. At that point, he stopped, and hovered, checking the cameras and so on. It was working perfectly, but he couldn't know where exactly it positioned. One appeared to have landed on a building's exterior, while one appeared to be stuck on a tree. But after a while, there were no movements visible on any. Therefore, he began using his binocular to watch the battleground from above, using in combination with the three cameras. It created a pretty wide vision of the battlefield.


He noticed something.

"What do we have here?"

To the north of the battlefield, there was a group of people on the move. Four shadows. Remembering vividly the composition that the teacher gave him before the match, he knew that was team C.

He was mildly surprised. He knew that team C would be a tempting target, but instincts told him that things would never go his way. But it appeared that he was proven wrong. Logically speaking, he would still have a chance to intercept them. And this was that that he was looking for.

"Who was in C anyway?"

He remembered Roy was in it. Along with it, there were only...two more: Hitomi and Joann. That was weird. Were they one man down? No, there were four. He saw it pretty clearly. Did somebody unexpectedly join? Hitomi and Joann he did encounter once before, but they were merely talks and stuff. Hitomi patched him up yesterday, while Joann was the one in the gym incident. He did not know their quirks and so on. And that one guy...

They appeared to be heading straight for the point, which was going directly into the team's plan. But currently, there were no other teams that he could detect at the moment. So plausibly he could blitz them, and maybe cause some first-hand damage to them.

"That seems like a good deed."

Suddenly, Donny called him via the com links

"Donny? Yeah, I have detected team C. Engaging now."

Once said, he retracted all the holographic projection of the cameras, and began free falling. Meanwhile, he was keeping his binocular on, to continuously keep track of his targets. After a minute, he began taking his stances and initiated diving procedures. Their guards were down. Let fate let him exploit that to the maximum...

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I assume that the main entrance is facing the other way from the forest. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Yurius Diencrade

Main Entrance

While the main commotions were at the back of the school, the front entrance wasn't free from chaos.

"Get back in here. Immediately!"

Yurius pointed at a student, who was trying to sneak out of the gate using a some kind of invisible spell. That did not go through the vampire's eyes of course. His eyes maybe fooling him now, but his combat instinct was as powerful as ever. No one would go out of his sight that easily.

The guy, busted from his disguise, quickly retreated back into the courtyard.

It wasn't entirely out of order though, as it was simply most students being curious of what was going on. They were all in their youthful years, with their rebellious attitudes and so on.

Soon, both the vice principal and the Head Magister had to deliver their orders to the students to calm them down. A little bit it seemed.

But still, what the hell is going on?

Yurius was far from the scene, as he remembered clearly that the scream came from the back of the school. He was not sure where though, as it could happen inside or outside. While it wasn't much related to his current task right now, the curiosity within the vampire resurfaced. What dark creatures could be threatening the academy now? Or maybe assassins from some agendas?

Whatever it is...

"Ms Aria. I know you can hear me. The gate is secure, but what devilry is going on there?"
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