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"Remember to look at the stars not down at your feet." Inspired me ever since. Rest in peace Professor Hawking
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I don't know why, but the boredom is killing me slowly
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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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Took a little bit of liberty with the door on the eastern side. Hope that doesn't go out of boundaries.

Goroth looked around the eastern side of the building for any signs of the thing that the faun was indicating earlier. There was nothing in particular outside that he could call as a sign of life, aside from the soothing treeline along the cobblestone wall lining the barrier between artificial and natural. It would be a nice area to work out in the morning, but his concern right now was still about the building. There is a door he found after walking a little deeper into the side of the building. Though it was higher than the windows, it was still shorter than what his species are. He still needed to bend over for the entrance.

"Goroth." The orc heard the faun's voice as she caught up with him. She also introduced herself as Tova. Not a bad name though. A little typical of fauns, but he'd take that. He thought it'd be something dumb instead. She also seemed a bit more comfortable around what is normally a predator to species like her. Hopefully she ain't as dumb as when they met.

As the orc looked at the door, preparing to get inside, he turned over to Tova for a curious questions.

"You like exploration?" If they were going in, in small spaces, if there were dangers, they better stick close. Him going first is just going to leave her behind.

Almost just as Goroth figured out what these people are up to, the feet shuffling was quickly swapped back to his normal walking stance. It appeared as if they're indeed upkeeping their end of the deal, regardless of species and whatever animosity they had towards each other non-humans. But that still did not discount the fact that they were still different species with different clashing ideologies. And what do you know, tension already broke out between the Dracon named Ophion and this...small person. Her features were human-like, but her fangs weren't. Probably that's why she's here with that invitation. Regardless, when this arrogant and spoiled dracon referred to the small girl as a child, Goroth already doubted Ophion's claim to having been around humans. That's not a child-like speaking pattern. Her expressions and choices of words are not indicative of someone of younger stature. Either she had also been spoiled to the core, even more than this dracon, or she just looked so.

"Tch. Aren't you a little too spoiled to be speaking that way?" Goroth scoffed. His claim to be skilled in magic, swordplay or brute strength is just as valid as his heart-sobbing story of personal growth. In fact, the orc would love more than anything to have a clash of swords with this dracon. It would be thrilling and no less satisfying to show him his place.

That'd have to wait, however. As everybody proceeded inside the manor, Goroth still found himself wondering about the mage that sent the letter. No one here apparently is that individual in particular, and just as clueless as he is. Fine. That can wait. What could not wait is the faun earlier banging on his armor. The hell does she want? Something in the house? Goroth looked over to where she indicated. Huh, she wasn't wrong. He did see someone, or something, but he couldn't discern from this distance.

"Where are we going to leave to? Look." Goroth pointed upward as the distant sound of thunder followed his echoes. "Wanna be drenched like a rat? If not then follow closely."

Looks like they're gonna be staying in this manor tonight whether they liked it or not. Goroth wouldn't want to have to drench the water in his armor anytime soon, so he made his way to the eastern side of the building. He let the faun check out the windows, because he was in a weird position of being too tall for the first floor windows, needing to bend down for it, while being too short for the second floor. So instead he checked if there was any side-entrance.

Alexander Kherol

(( Note: Time in this post is relative, so whatever happens in this post does not mean it is happening at the moment for other players ))

When he mentioned he was laser focused on this group of lying Star Marines, he meant that. His ship made beeline towards Plenty, pretty much in hot pursuit of the Xuanzang. Though given the time he had allowed these kids to take initiative, by now they would definitely have arrived and possibly doing what the hell they wanted to do there. He might have been too late to reach there personally, but thankfully, some of his men are there, so his one hope of subduing these Star Marines was all on them. Or at least gathered as much data on them as possible. By now, he only knew those two brats Ashton and Flame onboard, along with Natasha. But who knows which star would also shine bright in this whatever justly ideologues they are imposing. Could it be Trajen, the famed sniper that went AWOL from the army? It would suck to see such talents working for demagogues. Or other Star Marines. These ankle-biters tend to go in groups. If there is a Star Marine 'leader' of sort like that one kid wounded up in this too, chances are there would be loads of his followers on it as well. But much of it were speculations, and he shouldn't go too far with it, lest he forget real actual facts.

"Permission to speak freely?" Carina quickly broke the silence, while still at their individual posts. "Alex, you seem to know more about those child soldiers than you are. Just curious, how many more of these individuals are out there?"

Alexander pondered for a moment, sighing as words left his lips. "Couple of hundreds, anecdotally, pre-war. Who knows how many of those facilities are out there. And how many of the kids are left after."

"So you did see these facilities?"

"Yeah, I even went in. Unfortunately the extent of these facilities are very much limited and sanitized for my visit. The chief scientist probably wet his bed when I announce my arrival."

"Wait. I thought those are classified. I couldn't request entry if I wished to."

"I kinda abused my Admiral's position. And seeing that I was making a fuss about not letting army generals know the details about their own troops that they would be assigned, they relented."

"Jeeeeezzz." Carina turned around to give a mixture look of bewilderment but with the knowledge that this is exactly the type of thing Alexander would say. "For a fascist dictatorship, it's borderline insubordination what you did."

"And that's politics, my dear Carina." Alexander merely shrugged as he let out a laugh. "But I only see what they want me to see. But that much is enough already. These kids are potentially very dangerous."

"That's why these scientists want them, I guess." Carina sighed heavily as she was quickly reminded of her. "I don't wanna see what happened to Sarie again."

"Sarie..." Alexander rubbed his eyes before applying lubricant drops he had readily in his pocket. He shook his head firmly. "They better not."

He would not let that happen. Not under his watch.

"I'm gonna go down to Plenty as soon as we arrive." He said.

"Sure." Carina just nodded. It was probably unnecessary, since he could very well send in an experienced ground officer for inspections, but considering Alexander had already expressed personal interests in these Star Marines, there's no way in hell he wouldn't be directly on the scene. The smells, the sights, the sounds, the senses. Everything is just more vivid when in person. And most importantly is personal control. When in person, it felt as if everything was in hand's reach, that he could let go what he needed to let go, and grip what needed to be held. Because if it really came down to it, it would not only be his duty...

It would be his personal responsibility.

"Of course sir. Men like us are all subjects to our beloved."

Takeda let out a low chuckle at the wife joke. In a way yes. Men like him were bound by responsibility. Yet it was never a regret. Having a family is a great thing, yet many did not want to pay the cost for it. And that's perfectly why they never got involved in this political mess that he was in, nor did they ever get anywhere significant enough as citizens to pose a threat to these parasites of the country. The appeal for that kind of life was great for Takeda, but for someone like him, he had work to do. And to that, like a daimyo to the shogun, an accomplishment was promised.

"But yes, when Wednesday comes, you need only ask." The Director bowed politely but firmly as Mashai left the room. Three days. He only needed one, if everything goes perfectly to plan. But then again, this team was new. Freshly formed, they contained a surprising amount of foreign agents or mixed-nationality. It is a cause for some raised eyebrows, but Takeda found nationalities pretty much irrelevant, only national interests. One of those members that Takeda found particular curiosity was this former FBI agent. She was to serve as Squad Operational Manager, which means she would share some degree of control over what personnel Takeda had at his disposal. Her professional dossier is impressive, but her medical history is the true glimpse to this woman's strength and character. Takeda more or less found something more than just mission completion to look forward to.

Once the details of the task was fully downloaded to his personal devices, Takeda quickly gathered his accessories and filed out of the office. He made his way up to the main lounge, where some of his operatives were lingering for a good conversation, his cane accompanied his every step, in the same rhythmic pattern of one normal step one sluggish tap of wood on the floor. The most distinguished fraction of his identity, and yet to outsiders, it somehow gave a strange and mildly unsettling vibe. Like there was something crawling behind their backs. This unassuming middle-aged man with his chiseled face and a limp in his leg, there was definitely something to it more than that.

He eyed some of the people around the main lounge with a stern and steely gaze before making his way into the briefing room. There, after uploading the data onto the machine to be displayed, a message was broadcasted to every room in the building with his voice.

"All Operational Personnel. Report to the briefing room with your name and rank as soon as possible. I await your introduction."
Yeah, I'd wait a little as well.

Also it would be hilarious if Tova hiding behind Goroth is going to be the trademark when they both appear together.

I mean, anyone would shake if they get stared down by an 8 feet tall orc in full armor and weapon XD.

Also I switched the naginata to the guandao just a bit yesterday. I hope that isn't something too significant.
The sight of a shaking and bumbling faun would be a little funny if she hadn't been a faun. One of those creatures he viewed good when dead, since their meat was admittedly delicious, their furs made great coats and blanket, but after his departure from human settlement and became a wanderer, he gradually find less pleasure in the slaughter of these naturally cowardly creatures. Not even as warriors to warriors. So lucky for her, he had no intention of making her his snack. Given the letter she also showed him, this probably meant both of them were in on this offer, that they would live together in this manor, in peace, fending off humans if they show up. The orc too signed up for this deal, though more out of curiosity than anything, but that still meant he was bound to honor his end. What the actual purpose of this letter was also a matter of concern, though if he thought clearly about it, she probably is too much of a daisy to actually plan harm.

"Hmph. Artistic director." Goroth scoffed at the euphemism. If she meant being the boss that told him what to do, she'd be better off outright saying so. He had been a slave for almost a decade, then a mercenary to be bossed around for over one. He knew the hierarchy. "If that's all you're good for, then so be it." Though he didn't have much intention on actually following her advice if she said anything. He wasn't going to snoop around looking dumb. He'd approach the manor directly. If these people had no intention of upholding their end of the deal, then he'd have the honor of having their head. And oh boy, someone was already down for the test.

This skeleton, having clearly been under the earth for too long, with his rusted armor and battered targe, was observing Goroth from afar. The orc didn't need to look him in the eye to know he was tensed up. Every minor detail in his body screamed that. In turn, as the orc neared the skeleton and the group of creatures gathering outside the manor, his walking stance shifted from normal walk to a slow forward leg shuffling along the ground. His red eyes stared locked at where the skeleton's eyes would have been, while the letter was held out for everybody close by.

"Who's the mage who sent this?" He curtly asked, assuming they knew the details.

Goroth had various doubts as he approached this mysterious manor he was supposedly invited to. Like the fact that the letter just mysteriously appeared by him one morning, even though he should be in the middle of nowhere at the time, away from any inhabitants. And the fact that it promised pretty much everything that he himself had to work tirelessly for in the last 2 decades. For free as well apparently. It sounded too good to be true. But he also had to count the fact that it might not be those humans who delivered the letter to him, given he wasn't where they were supposed to be. It had already been over 10 years since he escaped that wretched place. Surely they wouldn't exert that much effort just to find a single orc. Regardless, he was curious enough to go there. If it actually was a trap, then so be it. He's not afraid of a fight. Or death.

Travels didn't take that long, as the orc was not afraid of any confrontation with any opposition, human or not, though he wasn't so arrogant to travel the main road in broad daylight. The greatsword hung on his waist while the guandao and the bag of tools and possessions firmly on his back as he gradually approached the manor. The sounds of chirping birds made it a lot less unsettling, but seeing that...whatever is curling up behind the cobblestone wall did. There were also various other creatures outside the manor as well, some of them human-like, but he knew some species just look like that. How envious he was of them, but that's just a fact of life.

Regardless, it still wasn't enough to trust this place just yet. Goroth decided not to approach the manor until he knew what is going on. He instead turned straight for the creature hiding behind that cobblestone wall, if he could call it that.

"You." The orc, towering over the small faun, in his ironclad armor and weapons right in his hand's reach, pointed at her as he neared. "The hell you up to? You part of this?"

His voice was growly and mildly threatening, yet if the faun paid attention, she would notice the same letter she had crumbled in his other hand.


Thanks! Ducking is the fun part ;)
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