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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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@pkken Well, Delta is ready.
Arthur Reyes

Answers were given, but that did not satisfy Arthur's confusion, as it created even more questions that require proper explanation. There were so many things that just didn't add up. It just didn't make sense. The question how did the young manager got into this manor was still left unanswered, and before he could move his lips to ask, the only source of answer was gone. The deafening roar of thunder blasted his sense of hearing away for a brief second, causing him to nearly jump out of his own chairs. His sight was also lost, as the candles, the only source of light was blown away. For a moment, he was stunned by both incidents happening simultaneously, and when it came online again, both the Countess and the maid who just served them dessert was gone. No traces of them were left, aside from the big red marks on the countess's chair. And for some unknown reasons, the chairs that were unoccupied were placed upside down on the perch. All of them, only a second ago, were on the floor.

'Is this...'

He was conflicted. Both outside and inside.

'...some sort of sorcery?'

The thought crossed his mind, for a very short time before vanishing. That there was something very demonic was going on in this mansion. Human logic could not understand, how in just less than a second, all the chairs moved drastically while the householder and the mansion staff suddenly vanished. His logic could not understand. He hated to admit that sorcery existed in this world, in this new age that he was raised in, but he couldn't help but to resolve to such thoughts to explain what just happened, even if it was only for a brief moment.

His sense of hearing was regained soon after, but the room was in complete darkness for a while after the disappearance. Luckily, a man, who he had introduced earlier as Solaire Astora, wearing some sort of priest looking outfit, lit up the candle for some lightings. By his manner of speech, it appeared that he was either more convinced about these devilries, or he was being sarcastic. But on the while, he was right. It's better to stick with those around him, for a better chance of survival, especially in this mentally strained place.

Arthur had no choice. He stood up and quickly head over to Solaire's place, which was on the other side of the table.
Count me in as well, if you have spots for me.
I'm still up to this, as long as people still keep it running. But now I don't know what to post, since I just posted just a day ago
Oh, ok sure. Then when the RP starts and those elephants arrive, then I can ask them to do him a favor and build it
So you're putting it on my beast? Ok sure, just don't leave those elephants out
Don't leave me out please. Probably the first day will not be his day, but just let the elephants defend the area

Acion peered over the roster, in which Mamoru was holding, acknowledging all the names of his own teammate, and also the three location of the battleground. Point A's only notable feature was its high crane, pretty useful for a resting point for observation, but in exchange it allowed his opponents to engage him at a height, thus negating to some point his high ground advantage. Point B was pretty pointless to take control, since it is a building framework, thus hindering his flight effectiveness. The building was also high, although not as high as the crane, so they can make use of it against him. It might be possible to engage point B for elimination, but that wasn't the ultimate goal of the battle. Point C however, had almost nothing of height. Only sand dunes and a few vehicles. His perfect vantage point to use his techniques.

Acion then looked at the enemy team's roster. He did not know what his enemy's capabilities were, nor some of his own teammates as well. It's the first day of class after all. But provided that his observations and intuitions were correct, then the transparent guy might be the only one who was able to match his flight capabilities, for his form of body may allow him to float like how ghost tales described such creatures. Of course, Acion did not mean to say that he was dead and was resurrected. Death is eternal, there's no such things as resurrection. So when you don't know yourself and don't know your enemy, the best possible strategy is to go with the most reasonable. And Mamoru seemed to understand it pretty clearly.

Still, they could still obtain an advantage. He could execute a fast takeover with his great speed. And even better, taking someone along for defense in case he was counter-attacked. His overall strength was pretty mediocre, but he could still carry someone lightweighted with him. Probably Mamoru or Toni, since carrying the others would probably be a bad idea, because of the weight difference. He should probably ask them in advance.

"I'm heading for point C, since it's the best area to take advantage of my strength. I will be able to carry one of you two there for a quick takeover, but it's your choice whether or not to do it."

@Lucius Cypher, @McFazzer
Name: Hakuryu Genikos
Age: 17
How your char looks:


Hakuryu was the first son, along with a younger sister, of a retired military commander in the imperial army, yet a myth was spread that he is the son of the god of war, Odin, due to his natural born supernatural power of soul summoning. Never once known the face of his mother, who died shortly after giving birth to his younger sister, Hakuryu was raised entirely by the kind yet strict father who was widely reowned for his significance in the resistance against the demon lord. During his childhood, Hakuryu was impressed by his father's ambition as a soldier, which was to use his grits and strengths to defeat the demon king. He was obsessed with studying his father's old records and legacies, and vowed to leave an even bigger one. He did not go to primary nor secondary school and was instead tutored at home by an old acquaintance to his father, professor Sarafin, who was a brilliant tutor at Magicana high school, who was reowned for her wide research in many fields, including ethics, medicine, politics, history, mathematic, physics, chemistry, leadership and most importantly curiosity. For the next nine years of his life, he was taught, developing a passion for pursuing knowledge, a decent understandings about the world around him, and a fairly good control over his power

Impressed by his intelligence and learning potential, Sarafin offered him a scholarship in the Magicana high school, where he would continue to further his powers and his understandings of it, while learning to grip on his life purposes, his ambitions that Hakuryu had discovered before. He was granted the chance to study at Magicana free of charge, but his living expenditure wasn't covered. Because of his big ego was to be independent, and the fact that his younger sister was still in needs of care from his father, he accepted the work as a school librarian and a grader to earn some extra money to buy his personal belongings.

Character traits:

His most notable traits, the one that can be seen right from the first contact with him is his hard-working nature. Clinging on his lifelong goal is to do something big for mankind to look at, Hakuryu is very industrious, taking his study and job very seriously, and is prone to get irritated or even angry when people around him do not do the same. He takes his steps cautiously, never making any assumptions, prefering to analyse basing on facts and logics before making decisions. However, this trait can be abandoned when someone drives Hakuryu into a bad mood, as he is likely to be impulsive and have violent mood swing.

Born in a family with high social status, and his vision for greatness somewhat caused him to be condescending towards other students, especially for lazy ones. And that condescending trait can be more severe when he faces those who lack the vision of their own future and those who are being weak-willed, not trying hard enough, or pushing their responsibility to others, to achieve what they want. His manners and behaviors in times like that can be inconsiderate, cold and ruthless. Nevertheless, if you get on his good side, he can be friendly, fair, sympathetic and loyal, as he values the bond he has with the souls of dead soldiers in Valhalla.

He has an ambition, and works himself to achieve it. But sometimes he aims too high and too far, thus resulting in him over-exerting his stamina. This can lead to exhaustion and sometimes stress. He can also be greedy at times, due to his 'aiming-high' nature.

What your character dream is: To continue his father's will and ambition to defeat the demon lord, and create an everlasting legacy for the next generations to remember.

What kind of magic your char has: Warrior's soul summoning

A rare type of magic especially granted to him during childbirth. Specifically, Hakuryu has the ability to access the gate of Valhalla, the realm that contains the soul of deceased warriors who fell in battle, open them and summon these souls at his side at a cost of his own energy. This thus earned him the title of 'the son of Odin', the god who rules the place. The longer the stay of the soul at Valhalla (or simply the longer the time they spent there since they died), the easier it is for him to summon. That is why he mostly summons ancient to late-medieval soldiers, as they do not require much to call from Valhalla. But still he can only call around two hundred men at best, and they are generally not as tough as normal humans. Once they are killed, the souls will dissipate and return back to Valhalla, awaiting for further calls. This allows Hakuryu to summon the same soldier as many times as he wants, but he still needs energy to do so, and it also depends on the soul's willingness to be summoned.

For personal combat, Hakuryu is able to summon a long, Greek-styled, forward curving blade. The weapon acts nothing different from a normal sword, aside from the fact that when it is broken, the weapon can be mended back, at a significant cost of the user's energy, of course. He is decent at fighting on foot, but he is best when he fights on the back of his companion, a black heavy war horse, Seraphim, named after his most respected tutor, Sarafin, which he is also capable of summoning.

Things were going pretty lousy for Acion. First, the analysing of the pink-haired girl about the oncoming exercise, which was pretty logical and well-fit into his likings. Indeed, a hero must prioritize their divine goal of saving lives first before anything, even their own well-beings and safety. Acion commended that, the girl must have had the heart and soul of a true hero.

And then came the exclaims of those two 'protagonists'. Acion couldn't help but chuckle in slight amusement. They surely had the confidence of a hundred men, but half the restraint of a child. But well said! He will take that offer! There is no reason to show restraint! Strength on its own must be demonstrated! Only that would he know his own true power!

"Well enough! Let's bring this challenge to a perfect conclusion!"

He shouted out in joint, his six wings spreaded out in all directions, his two palms facing upwards as if he was holding something. A signal of readiness.
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