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Serenity & Steffen

In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: River
Interactions: None
Mentions: None
Equipment: Longsword and Plate Armor

After that ordeal with the dark elf in town earlier, surely nothing would happen from now on, right? Well, he was surprisingly correct, for the most part. He just ventured to where he was supposed to go, did his business and quickly, as he physically possibly can, left. Now he could breathe relief for a moment, having something to live for a bit before the next inevitable menial labour he needed to do to keep his belly fed and equipment in check. In a way, it wasn't too different from his old clan's way of life: living on what they have until they inevitably have to raid for more. But at the very least, the self-exiled orc would not be causing any terror upon others. It's a civilized alternative to life, even if it was ultimately frugal and unfulfilling.

Speaking of a fed belly, Barrock remembered that he hadn't had a meal yet.

He didn't want to waste his money on the expensive shops and restaurants in this city. In fact, there was nothing here that could be considered cheap to him, being quite a prosperous town and all. The orc would simply get his own food instead, and to that it would be fishing.

Sitting down by the riverside near the town, Barrock set up his little 'picnic' corner - a lone fishing pole and a nice flat area to sit, contemplate, reflect. With any small thing in this world instinctively triggering every desire to rage, to tear down whatever those annoyances are, these moments of silence provided much needed respite to combat such cursed roots.

Irian Sinewell

The rest of the Lions disappeared into the tombs leaving Irian and a number of guards just outside the stone gate, on alert, but with chatters here and there. Something something goats vs cows when it came to its milk taste. A conversation Irian would join, if not for the relative importance of making sure the entrance was clear of enemies in case of any evacuation were to be had, and absolutely not that he absolutely despised cow milk for giving him all sorts of discomfort, and joining that would just trigger bad memories. Just hope that things don't come to a boil with the guards.

The elf simply kept tabs on his surroundings with his bow resting on his thigh, his feet tapping on the ground to a melody in his head, something he commonly does whenever he needs to keep watch of the forest to ward away boredom. But the melody was quickly overridden to a high-pitched squeak. To the fortune of the recipient, Irian recognized that voice, and so knew to not have his weapon up upon arrival, but not without pain as the high-pitch continued onto the explanation.

"Wo-wo-woah, what murder doll? What witch?...Wait..."

Witch...Doll...Doll Witch?

"Stay here, yall." Irian gestured immediately upon suspicion towards the guards, who seemed just as confused as he was a few seconds ago. But the keywords Lirrah blurted out let him knew what his opponent might be, and the arrow he drew from his quiver glowed a cyan color. "Chill, I'm here. Just guide me there, alright?"


Time: 6pm
Location: Sorian Park, Princess Sadie's picnic
Interactions: @Tpartywithzombi Violet @JJ Doe △△△ @Potter Sadie, @ReusableSword Roman, @Rodiak Mathias

Her name is Violet. It really is her.

"My name is John. Dr. John Williamson of the Varians."

Contained behind the friendly and polite greeting, his mind continued to run amok. He knew it was virtually impossible to medically revive someone. He knew it was possible to even heal from such an injury within a single night. He knew something weird was going on with some of the people around him. This made too little sense.

A metallic taste formed in his mouth. John barely was able to contain his panic as he took a gulp from the cup of water he had. Thankfully, the taste went away, or it was made up by his own mind.

'Why would anyone be dabbling in this? Don't they know how dangerous it is?'

Speaking from first-hand experience, this was looking very serious, even if people around him hadn't realized it yet. Maybe except for one individual.

"Oh yeah, now that we're both here, Lord Ravenwood. Is it alright if I can see you later tonight? There's something I want to discuss with you."

Two even...but that person John didn't have much trust in.

"Anyway. Hope you'll enjoy the picnic Lady Violet." John gave the lady a bow before excusing himself to a different area of the picnic, exchanging a glance with Count Fritz inbetween. He stopped by Sir Mathias and offered the man a cup of water.

"Good evening Sir Mathias." John greeted. "It's been a while, eh? How's your trip been so far? And Lukas too, how's he been doing?"
Renar & Steffen

Steffen Gravinir

Where did that Hundi ran off to? Messing with that door was serious business. It took him too long to get the last one replaced.

It almost made him break his own rules when it came to Candaeln, one he would happily remind to other knights: No running in the hallway!

Still he wondered what the hell Lein was breaking into his office for. He doubted that the Hundi was just there to mess with him: he knew what Lein would've done just for that. If only he knew, he would have remembered which notes or books that had been misplaced, then he could make guesses on what he wanted. Even after the heart-to-heart with Lein, there were still bits and pieces he was worried about from this inconspicuous Hundi. Hell, in fact there might be more to be worried about than his previous image of the mischievous rogue going about in a semi-nomadic lifestyle. It was something expected as he got closer to the lad, but ought not to be ignored.

While his mind was circling thoughts, he turned a corner and speed-walked right into a familiar face. One of the Iron Rose Knights, the same one at the eventful ball the previous week, but also the same one from many years ago too. The first memory served was a tattered, beaten and bloodied face, stumbling and wobbly from his injuries. It wasn't a good memory per say, but the bond between the relatively senior knight and this outlander now turned Iron Rose bookkeeper tightened from such a starting point.

"Oh, Sir Steffen. Didn't expect you to be in such ruffles." Sir Katte, bemused by his friend's appearance, said. "What's gotten you so worked up?"

"Oh, nothing really." Steffen replied, with a chuckle of his own. "Some troublemakers that's all."

"Can't get away from those folks eh?" Katte laughed kindly. "Makes sense when our knight membership shifts younger, especially after the war."

"Any administrator's nightmare, really." Steffen rolled his eyes. Youngsters and their roguish ways nowadays. "Anyway, what are you up to, Sir Katte?"

"Oh." The knight gestured to an envelope in his pocket. "I'm heading into town. Had to deliver this to May."

"Oh May, how's she doing right now?" He recognized that name. She was someone Steffen called his compatriot and friend, hailing from the same village he was from when he arrived in Thaln, and fought on the same side as him and the Roses during those desperate hours. Last time he heard, she was in Aimlenn, trying to make a living in the capital.

"Eh, not too well?" Katte shrugged. "She's living for now, but hasn't been able to get a stable footing. I heard that the school she was teaching at got closed down recently due to funding."

"Ugh, that's not good." Steffen frowned. Poor girl. Fate hadn't been kind to her.

"So I'm sending a bit of money her way, hoping she'll get back on her feet."

Hopefully that would do something.

"I'll see what I can do over here, maybe putting in some good words for her. I do have a voice in that regard."

He wasn't a political powerhouse by any means, but to some, he was a hero of the War of the Red Flag, and was loved enough that he was given the honor to join the Iron Rose. His words would carry a bit more weight than others, considering May also had parts to play in those days of the war. But she wasn't a knight, and had no nobility connection to speak of, so when it came to state actions it would still be limited.

"Good luck Steffen. I'm sure May would appreciate your effort regardless." Katte gave the Ingvarr a kind smile, a wave before parting ways.

Steffen would take a bit of time back in his office for the aforementioned task. He had told himself to excuse from paperwork for the day, but if it's for a friend, he was fine with breaking his own rules every now and then. On that note, it would be great to send a note to Sir Renar's office about that creaky door that he now knew a particular Hundi had caused.
Irian Sinewell

It is a flashy end to the engagement, isn't it? Kinda boring, but hey it works, Irian didn't have to lift his fingers further. Once the battle moved into its cleanup phase, he was comfortable enough to leap from the tree into the ground, walking into the open battlefield now littered with the Lion's handiworks. Irian was content letting the other members to finish off any stragglers, as he scoured the dead, still remembering the tentative locations of the targets he chose, and the ground beneath his feet for any arrows retrievable. Surprisingly, a lot of those that found its marks were still so, the arrows lodged cleanly in his victims that he could remove them without significant if not any damage. The elf completely expected a follow-up fight in the cultist camp, even with Kayliss tasked with the job.

But turns out, he was wrong.

The camp was completely empty. Desolate, ransacked? Ransacked. Velvetica and Lirrah suspected a simultaneous attack by another party. Gisela thought there was magical in the works with the necromancers. As someone who had some degree of magic capability, she was correct. There was magic at work. While the possibility that both scenarios presented actually happened, Irian considered the former to a bit less probable. It just looked too clean to be an outsider's attack. Just a feeling though, with few physical evidence to back it up.

"I'll need some of you. Let us cover the exit." Irian gestured to some of the Lions staring around the camps. "Last thing we'll need is a counter-ambush with no escape."
David Liang

David's entry along with the rest of the group matched their awe in tow, but by this time it wasn't a new emotion at this point. Everything about this world had been rather awe-inspiring. He had been the same way when he arrived at the new land, and similarly here as well.

As soon as he got past that, other things began to be evident to him. The origin of the Song that accompanied and blessed his every steps. It stopped briefly as the singer, the princess herself Rulania, greeted her guest with heartfelt fanfare. The emotions of a lonely friendless individual bursting at the seams as she finally got to meet her otherworldly friends made David, and for certainly others, to extend a smile to her. For sure it was dubious circumstances that she did this, but a smile of genuine happiness was easy to forgive her faults.

"I'm David." The robotic man gave a bow with one of his hand crossed on his chest. "It's nice to finally meet you Princess Rulania. You as well Prince Ralek"

Afterwards, he was presented with a rather (overly?) flowery offer to mend his heart. Or rather make his heart whole? Weirdly enough, David could understand what she said perfectly, despite his mind consciously telling him he had never heard of these Old English words ever in his life. Wait, those are Old English? Or was it Yo'Bikur's language. Now everything is confusing to him again, but compartmentalizing taking effect, David cut through it to get to the real thing he wasn't sure about.

"I guess that's fine? But..." David crossed his arms and looked down at his chest with a sigh. "I know there's something clicking away at my heart, but I don't know how to fix that. How would you be able to help me in this case?"

Time: 6pm
Location: Sorian Park, Princess Sadie's picnic
Interactions: @Tpartywithzombi Violet @JJ Doe △△△ @Potter Sadie, @Mole Felix , @Rodiak Zarai, @ReusableSword Roman

"Haha, I'm glad to hear!" Any of John's semblance of formality vanished as soon as the princess just jumped right on him and giving him a big bear hug. "I've been going around town, ya know, looking around. It's...well...been a while. Just catching up on stuff around here."

He wasn't sure if the princess was aware of his Caesonian roots, but it wasn't necessarily secret information. Even otherwise, he's willing to let her in on a bit of the past.

The next few Varian compatriots John gladly gave a bow to as well as offer all coming a glass of water (with a bit of confusion seeing Felix, thinking he had already gone back). Not wine or any fancy drink, quite typical of a doctor's stereotypes. But hey, at least he wasn't offering distilled water, a bland and flat brand with any doctor's approval. John knew of that though, and still sometimes offered that to any visitors around as a joke.

And typical of any doctor, he too was worried upon seeing Zarai's condition. He was briefed recently as he took the position of the head of the Physician Corp, but he wasn't sure how serious until he saw her current state, having to be helped by a helper. But given that they allowed her out to the field, it probably was fine. The resident's blacksmith decided to keep her company now, so John held back from interfering with the two.

"I guess I'll go first then." John eyed those still around the princess lively. "I already said to Your Highness earlier, but yeah I basically just hopped around town, looking for cool stuff, catching up with some old pal." He had no intention of keeping this a secret from others either. "There were some hiccups along the way with patients just soooo happens to be along my path, but hey, good ol' me here can't just outright refuse them, am I right?"

He debated if he should discuss the ruckus at the park this morning or the murder that happened the day before at the library. They were trusted Varian compatriots, so it's not like it's terribly unsafe to share that, but this was also princess Sadie's picnic. Shouldn't ruin the mood with it. "Other than that, yummy pancakes at the park this morning and late night library visit yester-"

Just as that topic was brought up.

He saw Count Fritz, accompanying a hauntingly familiar face. Instinctively, the doctor's eyes twitched and opened wide for just a brief second, right before forcefully readjusted back to his normal friendly face. A trained response, but not one easily recognized.

"Oh no, you're welcomed here, at least on my end." There is active deliberation in his word choices. "Is that alright with you, your Royal Highness?"

But in his head, there was a cacophony of thoughts twirling inside. This has to be a joke. A costume? A look-alike? There's almost zero chance that she would be alive. Almost. He was there when the corpse was discovered. Even if she survived the wounds, there is no way she is back so quickly within a night. That is not medically possible. This lady even looked quite well-cleaned too, in contrast to the bloody mess on the cobblestone. How does that make any sense?

'Calm down.' John thought to himself. The explanation is probably simpler than he feared. But if that scenario turned out true...

"I don't believe we've met." John said to the lady. "May I know your name?"

At the same time, the doctor occasionally looked over to Count Fritz with a friendly smile but a dubious gaze. He had been acting rather strangely this morning.
Steffen Gravinir

She didn't have to do it slowly, but she did. Steffen was at least thankful she didn't damage the training ground further. He'd need to check that roof a bit later on once everybody was done with their day.

On the more technical aspect, the number of little details in her movement was quite mind-boggling. This wasn't a trick or magic. She was right that this was attainable from practice, though to be precise it was more of the right technique and executed few hundred thousand time to perfect and improve it. She likely wouldn't be able to do the same feat if she had just swung the sword mindlessly now, would she? If he were to find a comparison, a martial art technique that was taught by his mother utilized pretty much similar concepts, one of which was the perfect coordination of the muscle groups to create fast acceleration, which translates to power. He might not have used swords to expertise, but those ideas could have been transferred over to his own weapon style.

Now that he had ideas, he was pumped to hit the field, but alas, Rui's presence seemed to invoke more work than it seemed. So much for training in the field with the others.

"Alright." Serenity would receive an obedient nod as he took some of Rui's heavier luggage from Lein. If there were someone fit to handle the boring part of a guest arriving, it would be Steffen. "There are vacant rooms in the southwest corner of Candaeln. I'll leave a sign to which one I used, but they should all be the same." Whether Rui wanted to continue the duel with Fleuri or proceed to settle in was up to her. "My office is down the hall for any issue, or if you just want a chat. You're always welcomed there."

As for training, he'd probably go to his usual spots in the forest later at night. Or that reinforced statue in the courtyard. It's quieter and he could enact his own training methods that he normally wouldn't be able to for regular dummies.

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