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Current "Remember to look at the stars not down at your feet." Inspired me ever since. Rest in peace Professor Hawking
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I don't know why, but the boredom is killing me slowly
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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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Oh god, I am exposed.

I have that feeling from the beginning, but I think male NPCs is alright right? Cause I have in mind the most cliche character I have ever thought up myself.
Yurius Diencrade

As those Imps were racing away to preserve their own lives and cowardice, Yurius could only sneered, as he threw the rock in his hand down their way. So was all the trouble and incidents that happened here was attributed to them? He swore, if he met them again, he would rip their throats out. He came here expecting a large threat, but it turned out to be a whole bunch of brats. He couldn't just leave them be. It was his and the student's mission to remove them. What a colossal pain in the ass.

Talking about students...

"Hey you!"

Yurius said, as he noticed the young and impulsive Circe trying to prey on the Imps, single-handedly. Unless you are an ancient vampire who had lived for hundreds of years and had once caused a lasting terror upon the inhabitants of the lands you came across, going alone wasn't a good idea. Still if they were only those brats and nothing else, it shouldn't be too worrisome.

"Please watch the others for me." He said as he began to walk in the direction of Circe. He was keeping his eyes on her, also to find out what the hell was going on in this place.

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I'm seriously gonna be condemned by my dudes if they know I'm here. But anyway, I came here because: WWII and a bit of anime.

Though is our character limited to girls only?

Aurelia Nakamiji
Acion Nakamiji

"Alert, Sky Knights! I repeat, alert!"

Such was the current state at Sky Knight's HQ. Emergency calls from the citizens were received repeatedly in the last few minutes. This was no drills. This was a real incident, though things were still unclear whether it was an accident or a planned attack, but early conclusions and preparations were already drawn based on all the previous reports and investigations they have been doing in recent days.

Even though the leader was not present, procedures were still executed.

"Ma'am, scouts from sector 2, 5, 6, 8, 12 all reports smokes coming from sector 13!"

"Ma'am, calls from nearby citizens dictate that a bus has rammed into a ramen shop downtown Shino!"

The leader of Red Squadron was taken aback by the sudden and overwhelming number of reports coming from this incident. But this was not the first time things like this happened.

Decisively, as if she was the group's leader herself, the dragon-horned girl stood up.

"Sky Knights! Prepare for combat!"

"Get your weapons ready brothers!"

"Let's move!"

Every members were raising their combat readiness to unsheathed swords, spread wings and drawn bows.

'Sector 13? That's where Aurelia is patrolling.' Forte looked at the map of the city skeptically.

"All members station at key locations. Be ready to lock the area down in case of a consecutive attack." She said over the trans-organizational communication channel, as she passed the command baton down to another SK's member. "Red squadron follow me!"


"What did you say?" Aurelia was listening to the reports coming in from a Sky Knight's ground staff when her brother gave her a poke

"Look sister. To the west."

The two looked to the said direction, as black smoke could be seen far away. That was when the message finally got through, lout and clear to her.

"It may have been just an accident, but Forte have ordered mobilization to certain key points, in case if it is a real attack."

The Sky Knight's leader simply nodded.

"Great. I'll look into the site and report back soon enough."

"Be careful ma'am." The voice replied, as she logged out.

Left with a mission at hand, Aurelia and Acion immediately flew in the direction of the smoke. Whilst on the way, Aurelia suddenly tossed over to her younger brother her sword, leaving the latter a bit stunned.

"What's all this?" He asked.

"I have a feeling that this is no accident, so you better have a weapon at the ready." She answered, "I'll cover you. And right after that, we'll switch so that you'll cover me instead." And gave him a thumbs-up. "This is unofficially your first mission. You better be ready."

The winged boy returned the gesture. "I am ready."

Once reached a certain distance, Aurelia suddenly said.

"I will be climbing up now. You go investigate and handle the victims in that restaurant. If there are really someone there, I will be right there."

Acion nodded, as both flyers suddenly separated, with Aurelia soaring up to hundreds of meters in the air, while Acion flying at roof level. Once there, Aurelia quickly executed her procedure. She took out the binocular and looked closely at the target location, which was no longer far from her current location. On the while, Acion was on top of the building that oversaw the ramen shop, along with the burning bus, which was suspiciously placed sideways in the restaurant.

"The smoke's so heavy, I cannot see anything." Acion said as he landed on the street nearby. He tried looking into the bus, the scorching hot flame prevented him from getting any closer. There didn't seem to be anyone inside that bus. Hopefully not.

Acion proceeded to look into the restaurant himself. No one seemed to be in the restaurant as well. They might as well have already evacuated already. There were little signs of human. There were details that really ticked his senses off, like how the bus was sideway in the building. But at first glance, and to an untrained eye, it may as well look like an accident. In this case, he should call his big sis.

"Now how do I use this-"

It was at that moment when a frightening sound sent a chill down his spine. The sound of howling hungry wolf. Multiply and overlapping one another. It appeared to come from the alley nearby.

"Yeah? What did you find?" At this moment, Aurelia's voice could be heard over the com link.

But the winged man was a little too shocked, too stunned and too confused at what he just hear to reply.

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Yurius Diencrade

Yurius was looking around the area as all of a sudden, his hearings began to pick up noises. Engines to be specific. When he turned around, he could see the three forklifts racing towards him, along with the students. His initial idea was to use his mighty power to stop one of the forklifts right on its tracks, but seeing how those forklifts were lifted to the chest level of everybody, which was around the stomach level for him. Not only that the thing were a little sharp, the position was a little uncomfortable to hold onto. So he abandoned that plan, as he simply just made a sideway jump, moving out of the way of the forklifts as they charged through.

"Hmph. What a puerile tactic." The vampire crossed his arms as he recited his usual mocking tone. He could obviously notice that hooded Imp who was trying to make fun of the vampire, Mako and the rest of the students with that seemingly 'innovative' strategy, in which to him was just a dirty trick from a brat.

Still, he need not act now. Let us hear what this brat had to say, and what that thing had to do with what we were investigating here. The vampire looked around his feet and picked up a rock, which sized at about a golf ball. Placing the rock onto one of his hand, he tightened it into a fist, hiding the rock, and then placed it behind his back. His lips curled into a blood-thirsty smirk. Just in case...
Don't worry about the ranks, I've got ways around that. It's that I have a concept of my officer, who is pretty much a sensitive, considerate but strong and calm who had seen through the war himself. Basically the ones who feels pain when seeing his men around him die, but is still following orders. His personality I think can work well in this scenario.

I could see more potential interactions if some characters are inexperienced draftees. But it's up to you to decide anyway. And I may have him present on the front line when combat happened. It'll be easier for interactions and I won't be sitting around in HQ when fights begin. I mean British majors do fight frequently according to what I know.

And discord, I would recommend. It is faster to talk stuff with each other. I mean a successful RP's OOC I am in right now is almost completely in discord, as talks are much quicker

Photographic Identification: [Insert image here if applicable]

Personal Basics:
Date of Birth: [For simplicity we will use the same 12 month cycle. Alternative month names may come eventually.]
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Civil Scars: [Scars obtained prior to enlistment]
Nationality:[Desti by default although foreigners are allowed. Until the names of other nations are sorted just put Foreigner if you would like to participate as an immigrant.]

Military Basics:
Date of Enlistment:
[War began in 574 Leralis Etix. Volunteers were sent out until full escalation in 581 L.E. Massive losses began to occur in the Sixth month of 581 L.E. When leading faction nation of The Murvak Accord (named after the large Murvak river they shared) fell to opposing forces. Credit to massive losses has been credited to revolutionary warfare.]
Enlisted Rank: [What rank did they begin as? Was it the result of academy training? Desperate times? Or were they set as private?]
Rank: [Current Rank]
Battle Scars:
Sustained Casualties: [Times wounded from battle. You can add monthly dates if you would like.]
Status: [Active, Retired, WIA, MIA, KIA]
Training: [Pristine (0-1 Week),Basic (1-3 Weeks), Regular (1-6 Months), Operational (1+ Years)] [Veteran tag can be applied to those who has served in combat and have survived with the training they received. For instance: Pristine Veteran, Operational Veteran. However in most cases they will simply be addressed as veterans or as their rank. The latter is most likely.]
Military Branch: (Army, Navy, Airforce)
Unit Operation: (Infantry, Pilot, etc)
Division Name: [Although I've not gotten this far yet I am welcome to suggestions.]

Bio Summary: [Fill in backstory here although you are just as welcome to link

I think this is more visible if you have some difficulties.

Also a few questions. Do you prefer or not prefer any types of pictures, because I know a few people don't want real life or anime-ish pictures in their CS? And the officer role. How far in the military rankings can we start with? Like I am thinking of either a company commander, with around 100 men, as a major, or if possible a battalion, 200 to 300 men, as lieutenant colonel (though I prefer the former, as it is easier to interact with other players)? What's the limit to that of an officer role?

Aurelia Nakamiji
Acion Nakamiji


The Sky Defender was waving repeatedly to a man in the distance. The Sky Defender had been flying straight from the river bay down the industrial zone straight to downtown within minutes. The clock ticked. The clue could disappear at any moment. They must be quick.

The one that Aurelia was picking up on was the same man in the meeting room a few hours ago. As expected, he was dressed in a medieval costume, with a saber held firmly on his hand. The noticeable and indicative thing was that he wasn't really flying. He was levitating, hovering hundreds of meters in the air without any visible assisting equipment or mutated body parts, and he did so just as if he was standing on the ground. Upon noticing the two siblings, he quickly and effortlessly flew to meet them.

"Au- I mean, Mustang." He was on normal speaking pattern, until he noticed an unexpected guest coming with her. "I think you have been informed."

"Where do you see this man, Al- I mean Corsair?" Aurelia asked, as the one presumably called Corsair as a codename pointed straight down where he was hovering.

"Right down there. I was happening to patrol the area when I receive the call from HQ. I skimmed the area and had gotten track of the said man walking across the boulevard." But then he shook his head. "But then I lost his track after he entered an alley."

"I'm not surprised with that clan name." The silver haired girl replied as she looked down to where he was pointing. "Alright, who is in here along with you? Tell him or her to move to the adjacent sector, be on standby and act as patrols. I will search the area personally."

"Sure..." The man's attention finally turned to the six-winged boy looking a little like him but with the Nakamiji's trademark white hair, and looked a little younger than him. "Who might you be young man?"

Before Acion replied, Aurelia looked at the saber-carrying man, puzzling.

"You didn't know? I've mentioned him a few times already."

"Acion Nakamiji, sir. I'm her younger brother."

"Ah! So it is really you. Sorry, nowadays people looking alike is commonplace. And you need not to speak formally. I'm only worth being your older brother." The man's tone suddenly changed for a more friendly and intimate one. "Anyway, I am Albert Saratogi. Just call me Albert, to be short." And he held out his hand as a form of handshake.

"A pleasure, Albert. But are you fine with the first name formality?"

"Why not? You're going to join us and we'll be brothers in arms eventually."

Acion quickly turned to his sis. "I haven't even been through the first week at school and you've already dictated my career path?"

"Hey, you said you want to join us right? Then why not?"

"I want, but it makes me feel like you're forcing me instead of my own volition. I decide my own future you know."

"Then what will you do? There's no better disciplined and brotherly group than us."

Acion did not reply. He knew he lost that argument.

"Ahem." It was Albert who brought the three of them back to their topic at hand. "I have informed HQ, they are conducting a surveillance through the street cameras. They'll inform you directly if they found anything."

"Great work. Initiate CR4. All units, be ready for possible actions. Pull out the current patrolling units to the East, South East and North East of our current position, replace it with the knights defending sector 2, 5 and 6." She commanded. "Act as patrols, but be on perfect standby in case of a fight."

"Affirmative. Be careful out there you two."

"And now, Acion, come with me, and stick close."

Acion simply nodded as he complied.
Oh, I am definitely interested in this one. I'm particularly interested in playing the officer role. I'll be keeping my eyes on this one as well
Yurius Diencrade

Once everybody had gathered, the trip began, with the vampire and Mako acting as their guide. It was a quiet trip, as the vampire did not engage in much chat. He did have a few exchange with Mako, but that was it. The Industrial Zone was in sight within a short period of time. The place was pretty much desolated, abandoned. The presence of men were fleeting. It was definitely a sign that the creatures were ravaging the area. Dusts were beginning to collect on objects, a gentle reminder of Dawn Slayer's adventure out there. And a weak reminder of how savage this world was. Yurius simply just curved his lips as the students walked. But then a student suddenly asked him directly a question.

"Like Ms Mako said, you gotta figure it out on your own. For your own live experience, I will not help you. Until you get your ass kicked." He smirked a little at his own joke. "Still, I will give you one warning. My centuries old senses are picking up something. Those creatures are here. That we are here at the right time." He said, seriously, yet there was a subtle bloodthirsty tone to his voice. The vampire was definitely up to a fight if there need be. There had rarely been a worthy opponent to him ever since he clashed with Alister, so he was eager. Definitely so.

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