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Nico had somewhat evaded the air strike, coming out looking a little worse for wear. There were several things that he’d have to get looked at later, mainly bullet scrapes and a stab wound from the Dragon. But that was an issue for future Nico. He was still moving, so he could still be of use. For now, he stayed still for a few precious moments and looked around. Between the new backup, and the setting sun draining him of his raw power, he had nearly nothing to offer. Then he stopped, and almost laughed out of shock.

There was an active volcano that wasn’t there before. And there was a landslide with teeth.

Suddenly, Nico started to believe that his ancestors were onto something, because the things occurring didn’t seem possible, even with Noble Arms. It was like someone opened up Tartarus and let out the most angry thing they could find. He tried to think about what he could do in this situation, but he’d never even thought of anything remotely similar to this happening. Okay. The world is ending. I have a sword. There’s a magic man and a demon next to me. How am I going to survive this? How am I supposed to do anything to a volcano, let alone one with a face?! Nico’s thoughts were a mess as he began trembling, gripping his sword tightly. The Fates were going against him, and probably laughing at his misery. All he had was a blade that barely liked him and his resolve. He took a deep breath, and then another. It didn’t help much, but it set his thoughts straight.

Alright…the world isn’t ending. There is a lava demon in Lingayen. No pressure. Just focus on what you can do. He felt the sun set, and all of the world snapped into focus. His panic started subsiding as he cooled off. He could feel some of his less worrying wounds begin healing, softly heating up like embers. It gave him a moment to adjust to the sudden change of scale. He looked around for any way to be of use while he got his head together. He had to find a way to do something, anything. But then, he got an answer as the comms crackled to life.

"Priority message:," Qingshe broadcasted through the allied Philippine channels, once in English, then again in Filipino. Her Chinese accent was as lilting as ever, but her tone had gained a serious edge over her normally playful voice. Simultaneously, her voice was echoed by the many serpent heads bobbing above her ooze, just in case anyone lacked a functioning communication device. "For those yet unaware, the enemy has deployed a terrakinetic structure in function not dissimilar to a volcano. I do repeat, this is not a drill. Environmental hazards are imminent. Evacuation of non-Arms Masters and wounded is highly recommended."

Nico had never been more thankful for the Snake than now. If anyone had something resembling a clue about how to get through the absolute state of this place, it was Qingshe. But, he’d never been more worried. What fresh hell lets someone make a volcano? It was probably yet another Zodiac, all things considered. But, this time he had directives. So, he used his heightened sight and hearing to guide as many wounded as he could find through the smoggy beach to safety, making sure they were all as safe as could be in a war zone. He stayed by them, listening for more orders when the comms crackled to life again.

Broadcasting again, Qingshe stated, "I need sharp eyes in the sky and some determination of how far the enemy's direct power extends. With the right angle, the inward flow of the lands should suffice for an approximation." Inhaling slowly and then huffing, she added, "Moreover, as an immediate concern, for all those that can still manage to fight even now, your priority until the terrakinetic is located should be venting that volcano! She is building up pressure, and we need to release it yesterday and in a manner she'd not prefer." Firming her tone, she reluctantly spoke more demandingly, with the air of a commander. "I don't care how you do it, but blow some holes in it! Get that lava flowing out the sides and not the top. And avoid venting it in the direction of the city, or Tian Fei will surely take advantage!"

He thought about it. The volcano was, without question, the most dangerous thing in the area. Preventing it from eruption was a top priority. If it was daytime, he could help on that front. Hell, if it was noon, he could bombard the volcano at range until Tian Fei decided to rear her head. But it wasn’t noon, and direct heat from a volcano was not something that he was inclined to experience. The golem was less a priority, likely just a big stick meant to cause havoc and unrest. It was also likely a major threat to any civilians and non Arms Master personnel nearby. But with night approaching, he had a bit of confidence that he could help someone smarter solve both. He took a deep breath, and spoke through the officer channel of his comms.”This is Nico Makri on site at Lingayen Beach. Currently assisting with casualty and non essential personnel evacuation. Requesting to assist Lei Qingshe against the terrakinetic once my current objective is complete.” He said in English, his accent a mixture of Greek and British. “I believe I may have the means to locate this Tian Fei.”

Nico didn’t let it show in his voice, but he had never been more afraid in his life than he was now. But it didn’t matter. He had priorities.

Troy loaded his pistol after giving it a final inspection. He looked over the thugs outside, using his optics to zoom in and search for anything unexpected. Still, Top Gun was right; it was either they got the chip, or some other chooms made off with it. And the payout wasn’t something he’d be willing to pass up easy. Besides, it was too hot outside to wait. Someone would make a move, and whatever happened next would be that.

“Alright, I have a plan. Well, a concept.” He said, keeping his voice down. Never such a thing as too careful. “We zero the choobs up front, and wait a bit for an apartment number. If Rex comes to us, we’ll be ready. If he doesn’t, we’ve got surprise on our side.”

He looked back at the group and holstered the Nue, ready for any other suggestions. Gods know he’s not a genius, but he’d try to get everyone through the door.
I hope you’re doing better, man.
You know what, if I live through this, I’m buying better shoes.

It was a stupid thing to think while running, but the burning sands created by the Dragon’s Noble Arm made the thought pop up all the same. Then he saw Huo Ren manage to get up from the cannon shot. It was as terrifying as it was baffling. Even though Nico hated that his fears were realized, the Dragon being monoplegic made this seem almost like a fair fight. Even if the railgun wasn’t enough to kill the Zodiac, he’d at least try to finish the job.

At the sight of the Noble Arm appearing inches from him, he used Helios Rod’s guard to bat away the tip of the burning spear. There was no hesitation this time, only his instincts guiding him. Trying his best to keep his momentum, he aimed a full force kick at Huo Ren’s chest. He didn’t think about getting hurt, or even death. All that mattered was making sure the Zodiac finally stayed down.


There were two big problems with his evening: the heat and the apartment.

It was a scorcher tonight, although that’s not a new thing for Night City. It made his optics suboptimal, but they were still working. More importantly, he got called to help the crew flatline some choob who snatched a chip off the wrong Militech’s suit. Days like this make him nearly miss TTI. At least they had air conditioning, plus decent life insurance. Still, this was infinitely more exciting than waiting to help some suit who wandered into a turf war. 20/20 hindsight’s a bitch, but it’s better here than a megacorp.

Fingers started pacing around while Jorick dialed Top Gun. It gave him a chance to think. On the one hand, assuming they all live, this’ll be the biggest payday of their lives. On the other hand, the choob’s apparently chromed to high heaven, and the goons outside the apartment didn’t seem like decorations. The odds seemed in their favor, which was rarely true. This could easily blow up in their faces, possibly in a literal sense if Rex ended up being psycho. It wasn’t exactly comforting to think about, so he didn’t linger on it. Better to think of the here and now.

What Zen said made Fingers almost stumble. It was almost funny how ready she was to ice people. Almost. ”Fumigating the place is a waste of ammo and time; I can see through walls. The only flatlines that matter in those apartments are Rex and the choobs up front. Everything else is gonna come out of our paycheck.”

He had the usual equipment for this job. A med bag slung on his shoulder, a fresh Kevlar vest under his shirt, Slide at his hip, and the cure in the bag, just in case. Troy was almost jealous of the Doc’s iron. All of it looked pristine, and also meant he had some TTI chooms. Lucky. However, Zen’s iron was something more worn, but clearly reliable. Then again, all that cyberware was probably enough to widen the gap. Speaking of cyberware…

Troy stopped pacing and looked at Zen and Jorick. ”Can you ask Top Gun about his chrome? I might salvage some when we’re done, assuming it’s worth a few eddies.”

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