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Maybe I'll make my character college age as well. Give some synchronicity.
Ah, here we go. Sorry it took so long to find this.
Sounds good for me too.

Can't wait to see, where this goes. What we create and build.
Sounds like something worth trying, and I'd probably be leaning more towards Zootopia as well.

Although, I should probably ask something at this point: What's your stance on religious characters?

You see, one character concept I had in mind was a rabbit priest of Frith (the one from Watership Down) using the predator affairs to recruit more followers.

"Feel no shame for your claws and fangs, for you are the Elil, sacred hunters each granted a unique gift by Great Frith himself. It is you who keep the world in balance, so that no people will reign uncontrolled."
So one hero and one rogue already.

Maybe I'll make a villain to complement.
I'm not really into having canon characters or events, either.

Canon characters tend to overshadow PCs, when they don't feel wrong one reason or another. Meanwhile canon events aren't exactly done with roleplaying in mind, leaving very little wriggle room.

And, if you ask me, RPs set in an established settings in general should go against the expectations, otherwise it feels like we're just treading old ground.

However, since Manchester is an unexplored part of the Wormverse, or at least I think so, we should be fine.
I know what you mean about Superhero RPs here.

Anyway, I think I have an idea or two. I'll present some here to see if any work for your vision.

- The Judge/Harvey Dent: After years as Two-Face, the Face wanted full control and tried to destroy Harvey by ruining the non-scarred side. But after the deed was done, Harvey woke up alone, the Face having destroyed himself instead. Realizing that he can't go back to his normal live, Harvey decides to fight crime in the shadows as The Judge (Basically a reversal of Dark Knight Returns).
- Duke Thomas/Signal: Leader of the "We are Robin" youth movement and Batman's sidekick. Specializes in daytime operations.
- Gavin King/Orpheus: Specializes in stealth and infiltration. On police records a supervillain, Orpheus is actually a member of the Bat-Family, working inside the underworld by pretending to muscle in on the rackets and then disposing of his "rivals" (Think of the Green Hornet)
- Charlie Duffy/Nice Batman: A savant Batman-fan. Though he has received training from Batman himself, Charlie's true strength is the community spirit of his neighborhood.

Other roles can also be taken when needed.
Would certainly be worth trying.

I wonder what kind of weird thing I could be.

Name: Brody Jackson

Age: 16

Nationality: British

Noble Arm Name & Appearance: Le Bouclier - Spartan Shield

Noble Arm Rank: D

Noble Arm Abilities:

Sentinel By striking his shield to the ground, Brody can place a protective shell around himself or an ally. This shell can block all damage of a single attack, but is destroyed simultaneously. Only one Sentinel shell can exist at a time.

Phalanx Le Bouclier can absorb strikes hitting it, and then release them back. This requires touch, however.

Personality: Kindly, sensitive, foolish

*Likes: Personal space, metalworking

*Dislikes: Doing laundry, music

Fears: Dark

Bio: Brody Jackson was born to an average middle class family in Yorkshire, England. His life has been as normal as a person in a world of Noble Arms can be. He went to school, did some part time jobs on the side and surfed the net. He did at one point pick up metalworking as an art hobby.

Brody had mostly drifted through his life, with little lifelong goals in sight besides metalworking. Everything changed when he was looking for some scrap metal to work with. At the scrapyard he pulled out a wrong piece of metal and the unstable pile of scrap fell on top of him. Scared, Brody put his arms above his face. However, he wasn't crushed, but instead found to his surprise an ancient Greek shield attached to his left arm. Brody gave a push, and suddenly all the scrap on top of him just flew off, like exploded.

After some time of emergency calls, questionings and surprises, it became obvious that Brody had gotten himself a Noble Arm, one taking the form of a shield. Although Brody had no real interest in fighting and just wanted to return to normal life, as drifty as it was, It was decided that Brody would need training in his Arm before he could decide his future. And so it was that Brody Jackson ended up in Trinidad, with a shield in his arm and an uncertainty of future in his mind.

*Current Goal: Find some sort of calling in life, preferably before he graduates.

Student Rank: 748
That should do it.
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