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@Chiro: Uh... I would rather you not play royalty, if that's what you're asking.
That aside, uh... We probably want to try and balance the cast in terms of abilities/personality to some extent...?

I'll keep that in mind.

Well, better re-check what others have made. BRB
@Chiro: We're still open, yeah. As for that concept, though... It's all about execution on that front. Gotta come up with someone compelling to be more than just "a character who tries to mess with meta-knowledge" like that.


I'll try and see, what I can come up with.

Speaking of, what's your stance on playing royalty(or are there any preferences to the rank or skills)?
I decided to check if there was still room for one more. It's says "apply", but never hurts to ask.

Now, I haven't pondered the character's "Original Role" much yet. I was thinking of developing him according to what kind of character this RP would need or is missing (bored prince, commoner kid, novice monk etc.).

Anyway, I was thinking that historically my character was more knowledgeable of Otome genre from reading manga and webtoons, and generally didn't have much interest in Visual Novels. He got pulled into playing Cross Heart Academy after hearing it would take inspiration from otome mangas, including villainesses.

Within the story the character's drama would center around "flawed meta-knowledge". He knows the tropes, archetypes and flags of the otome isekai stories, but he has trouble seeing the reality behind them. For example, he thinks Anne is the main antagonist, because "Whenever Heroine reincarnates, she becomes the new villainess".

But, what do you think?
Henri Janssens didn't fully understand, why he was sent to the Philippines. Laelaps-unit was supposed to be a European unit. It would have been more sense if Henri was sent to Ukraine, or maybe deal with domestic troubles. Global Mafia and the sort.

But he wasn't one to question orders. A soldier obeys. Not to mention that as he listened to the conversations around him, the full picture began to form.

This was no simple military crisis. Combined with the situation in Ukraine, it was effectively World War III. No one had said anything officially, but with two powerful countries, both of which had seemingly good ties, attacking their neighbors, what else could it be but another world war?

In other words, Henri was here as a show of solidarity.

Those thoughts had to pass soon, however, because the invasion was already under way, when Henri arrived. The first moments were intense, but nothing much that Henri and others couldn't handle. There hadn't even been much need for Leonidas.

It was probably likely that Henri wouldn't be in the front lines in the near future. There was another shielder among the Arms Masters, and the command didn't want Henri accidentally negating his defense. Instead, he would be in the city proper, protecting the civilians still in Lingayen.

It was soon proven a wise choice, as what could be best described as a second sun appeared in the sky. A Noble Arm attack if there ever was one.

"Fighting in Shade!" Henri shouted out of trained reflex. Luckily it seemed that it wasn't a very long lasting attack.

"That was too close" Thought Henri to himself as the strike passed. Those within his radius would be fine, but he needed to check if anyone else needed help. The ground zero was in the beach itself, but who knows what else it could have destroyed...

And twice in a row, at that

This forum really needs a Delete Button

Sorry, wrong button

I was going to use Edit, but used Quote instead
Okay, here's my character. Fifth edition made

Hypothetically speaking, are there Noble Arms, natural or otherwise, that are meant/designed to counter other Arms and their powers?

Block, neutralize, that kind of stuff.
First, I apologize in advance for leaving this to the last minute

My old email address seizes to function tomorrow and need to change it to my new one ASAP. Otherwise my account will be lost. I'm fine with my current name.
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