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Yeah, considering the leveling, we're probably not that bound to D&D or another system. More like we take inspiration from here and there while giving a little original touch.
Both ideas would work well enough. It's all up to you and what you want to play. ^^
Just makes sure you pick something that you enjoy, rather than something you need everyone else needs. If multiple of you want to play similar characters, the same classes or whatever, don't be afraid to do so, there's no "we can only have one of each!"-rule here. :)

That's the thing. So many ideas I like go through my head it's hard to pick one, so I wait and see, where to go.
Just as fair warning, if you decide to go for a weak monster-type character, like say a Kobold or Goblin or something else like that, expect the world to be very, very mean to you. Especially humans and human settlements.

I expected that much. This is your average isekai world, after all.

Speaking of Kobolds, are they draconic or canine in Oubliette Online?

Constructs like golems or automatons are a no-go though. Unless it's somehting like, a person's soul got trapped/bound to it. But even then I'm not sure about the idea.

Yeah, maybe it was a little too ambitious.

A not so evil villainess? What, like Naga from Slayers? xD

More like the MCs in Otome Game Isekais, where the main character reincarnates into an evil rival character in her favorite dating sim and tries to either avoid the bad ending or make the best of the situation when that happens.

In this context she could be a noble (or otherwise high class) girl who was supposed to marry a prince (maybe the crown prince of Palargia), until she ended up hitting her head. The formerly spoiled brat of a girl became an eccentric and friendly buffoon. Unfortunately the marriage didn't go through after it was decided that the prince couldn't marry a lackwit, not that the girl was that willing to marry anymore. Nonetheless her new personality managed to gain plenty of friends among the higher circle and was welcomed to the palace, although as a jester rather than a princess. The girl however is smarter than she looks, and has for years acted as the Crown Prince's eyes and ears in the court.

Or something like that. Needs refinement.

Class I'd say would be bard.

A beast tamer/beastmaster could certainly work though. Provided they tame beast-like monsters and not things like, say, ogres or giants or vampires and such. ^^

I'll keep that as an option as well. And yes, the monsters she tames are beast-like. Chimera Cubs, Cockatrice Chicks, Kirin Foals, that kind of stuff. Maybe a mimicling or the like on the side.

In general I think I'll take whatever the group shall need to "Balance the party". The weak monster would probably be a healer of some kind.

Worth a try, I'd say.

I might make a character inspired by one of the known isekai archetypes. We already have the "Super-Tank", the all-defense and no attack champion, but there's plenty of more to go.
- A weak monster with lots of potential
- An intelligent object or construct
- A not so evil villainess
- And others I can't remember right now.

Alternatively I could use my idea of a woman who raises and tames monsters.
Docks is fine with me. Musaeum is going to be part of my character's, Andreas' pilgrimage. Depending on the circumstances Musaeum might be his next stop. Alternatively he has finished memorizing his piece of knowledge.
Although the question regarding Player Races wasn't meant for me, some of the more monstrous options offer some interesting possibilities, especially regarding the theme of cooking.

For example, does it count as cannibalism, if a minotaur eats beef?
Could be worth a try.
<Snipped quote by Chiro>

Would love to hear more about this!

EDIT:: btw that video was absolutely perfect! lol


I also love how y'all are knowledgeable about the Waterworld movie and cannon lore. This will be a Waterworld-esque RP, so somethings will not be included, for instance gasoline is not a thing in this world, as drilling for crude oil is basically impossible. Things like guns/bullets are also incredibly rare, because of what it takes to make and use them. Mariner kind though not realistic, are going to be a thing because a little fantasy in an RP is always fun. I will also be using elements from the anime gargantua the verdurous planet. Keep the ideas and suggestions flowing, I love seeing them, and they are helping me put the OOC together.

All right.

So the mariners, or whatever we're gonna call them, I was thinking would be more like partially aquatic mammals similar to polar bears, sea otters or (if we want to go all the way) seals. They can't breathe underwater, but can hold their breath for a long time thanks to their diving adapted lungs. They can also close their ears and nostrils at will to avoid water getting in (Mariner ears might be abnormally small and they use scarves and similar headwear to hide them). They have more body fat and incredibly thick skin to regulate their inner temperatures. Mariner feet have webs between the toes (and might be longer, broader and flatter than human feet, forcing them to wear big shoes similar to those found in Kingdom Hearts and other Square games). Their fingers are however normal, allowing them to grab and throw objects without trouble (and are very good at throwing underwater)

I Haven't planned anything regarding Mariner culture and society (if they even have them), but I think they'd consider "mutant" to be an offensive slur.


Well, there are still plenty of fuel options, ethanol, vegetable oil, that kind of stuff. We could also have "Sparkies", who have (re-)mastered electricity instead of combustion.

Also, what sort of anime elements did you have in mind? The Mariners do have aquatically adapted ears, so it would be easy to explain kemonomimi direction.
What are some plots/settings/stories you would be interested in seeing within the RP?

Although I wasn't part of the initial poll, playing a Waterworld game interests me, and I did have and idea or two

I found this video on youtube

Long story short, it's about the Smokers being stupid villains in how they waste their valuable fuel (and just about everything else) in raiding (thanks to them) ever-dwindling populace of survivors, and would have been much more successful in using their (relatively) advanced engineering and industrial base as peaceful traders.

So, what if the Smokers (or their equivalent) in this game were originally benevolent gardeners and fishermen, until Deacon (or his equivalent) took over and turned them into the self-destructive pirates we know?

I also had some ideas for more realistic mutations for the Mariner's kind.

Harano looked around, but didn't see much else besides the forest, although in a distance there seemed to be a village of some kind. The Kobold wondered whether or not to go there. He was technically a fantasy monster, and he didn't feel like getting slaughtered as one.

It was then that he noticed a young girl in a dress of some kind, gathering firewood. Perhaps he could determine from her reactions how people treated kobolds here. The girl probably wouldn't try and kill Harano immediately, but she might run back to the village to get a mob. Then it was a matter of finding a hiding place. Nonetheless, the kobold decided to get closer, jumping down from branch to branch to get down faster.

Harano might have landed with too much force on the next branch, because all of a sudden it broke underneath him, sending him as well falling to the ground. Terrified of dying again, Harano grabbed the branch, useless as it was, but then his fingers started glowing. The branch suddenly went back up, pulling the Kobold with him.

"Umm... what just happened?" The confused Harano thought aloud after discovering himself holding onto the branch, now reattached to the tree.
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