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<Snipped quote by Chiro>

Seems pretty good, if you could elaborate a little more on this power armor that would be great.


Shall I post the upgraded character sheet or just notify when the original is edited?
<Snipped quote by Chiro>

Funny character for sure, but I think he'll make a good fit! Welcome!

Thank you

And as promised, here's the Hero

Sorry this is a bit late, but Here's my villain.

Hero comes next.
1: How many people are interested in the overall genre, and would like to try a roleplay based on the concept?

I've been going through Otome Isekais for a while now, and would certainly be interested in an RP of it.

2: If you are interested, how serious would you like the roleplay to be?

Half-and-half is fine... or something like that.

3: If you were to join, what kind of basic role in the "game" plot - like Male lead, villainess noble girl, heroine, heroine's best friend, etc. - would you be most interested in playing, and would you rather be a reincarnator or not?

Although I'd prefer a reincarnator, an in-game is fine as well. As such the villainess or an associate of hers (servant, the "Bad ending" husband, etc.) would be interesting.

4: If you're playing a major character in the "game" plot - like a male lead, for example - how much of the plot of your character's "route" would you prefer to come up with yourself, and how much would you expect me as GM to provide for you?

I think it would be best to discuss it together with the group. I've read enough otome isekai manga to know the tropes/flags/cliches inside out, but I don't want to step on toes.

5: Would you rather do the RP through this site, or through Discord?

Site, definitely site. I'm fine with discord OOC, though.

As far as ideas for the setting are concerned, I'll probably do some kind of medieval fantasy with rare superpowers - blessings from the fairies, elemental magic, something of that sort. Gotta make our various assorted bishies special, after all. Could go the generic route and have some kind of academy setup to justify an anachronistic high school in a medieval european setting, but I dunno about that yet. All I know is that it must obviously be aristocratic in nature and have plenty of opportunities for miscommunication, unwanted engagements, forbidden love, and possibly political assassinations and the ever-looming threat of war if we want to tell a more serious story.

Anyway, since I still don't even know if anyone will be interested in this, better keep it brief, so that's all for now. If you're interested, I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading!

P.S.: I would like to request that if anyone reincarnates as the heroine, please don't just psychotically recite lines trying for the harem end. I know this entire genre is built on cliches and all, but seriously, enough is enough. We don't need any more evil heroines. I dunno, be a male college fratboy reincarnated as a Disney princess instead. Throw me a curveball here. I want to watch the world burn.

Well, if you want something new, I don't think I've seen an Otome Isekai with a jester before, so I could be one, for example.

Or, if the setting feels cliched, you could try space opera. Or add some RPG elements. Or... well, we can come up with something in the OOC. There's so many options.
So, how bad are things in Fae Creek? Are one fifth of the female students pregnant with half-demons, one kid permanently a cat because the school can't afford to change him back and half of the quidditch team riding mops?

Pixie dust is probably contraband in this setting.
Yeah, considering the leveling, we're probably not that bound to D&D or another system. More like we take inspiration from here and there while giving a little original touch.
Both ideas would work well enough. It's all up to you and what you want to play. ^^
Just makes sure you pick something that you enjoy, rather than something you need everyone else needs. If multiple of you want to play similar characters, the same classes or whatever, don't be afraid to do so, there's no "we can only have one of each!"-rule here. :)

That's the thing. So many ideas I like go through my head it's hard to pick one, so I wait and see, where to go.
Just as fair warning, if you decide to go for a weak monster-type character, like say a Kobold or Goblin or something else like that, expect the world to be very, very mean to you. Especially humans and human settlements.

I expected that much. This is your average isekai world, after all.

Speaking of Kobolds, are they draconic or canine in Oubliette Online?

Constructs like golems or automatons are a no-go though. Unless it's somehting like, a person's soul got trapped/bound to it. But even then I'm not sure about the idea.

Yeah, maybe it was a little too ambitious.

A not so evil villainess? What, like Naga from Slayers? xD

More like the MCs in Otome Game Isekais, where the main character reincarnates into an evil rival character in her favorite dating sim and tries to either avoid the bad ending or make the best of the situation when that happens.

In this context she could be a noble (or otherwise high class) girl who was supposed to marry a prince (maybe the crown prince of Palargia), until she ended up hitting her head. The formerly spoiled brat of a girl became an eccentric and friendly buffoon. Unfortunately the marriage didn't go through after it was decided that the prince couldn't marry a lackwit, not that the girl was that willing to marry anymore. Nonetheless her new personality managed to gain plenty of friends among the higher circle and was welcomed to the palace, although as a jester rather than a princess. The girl however is smarter than she looks, and has for years acted as the Crown Prince's eyes and ears in the court.

Or something like that. Needs refinement.

Class I'd say would be bard.

A beast tamer/beastmaster could certainly work though. Provided they tame beast-like monsters and not things like, say, ogres or giants or vampires and such. ^^

I'll keep that as an option as well. And yes, the monsters she tames are beast-like. Chimera Cubs, Cockatrice Chicks, Kirin Foals, that kind of stuff. Maybe a mimicling or the like on the side.

In general I think I'll take whatever the group shall need to "Balance the party". The weak monster would probably be a healer of some kind.

Worth a try, I'd say.

I might make a character inspired by one of the known isekai archetypes. We already have the "Super-Tank", the all-defense and no attack champion, but there's plenty of more to go.
- A weak monster with lots of potential
- An intelligent object or construct
- A not so evil villainess
- And others I can't remember right now.

Alternatively I could use my idea of a woman who raises and tames monsters.
Docks is fine with me. Musaeum is going to be part of my character's, Andreas' pilgrimage. Depending on the circumstances Musaeum might be his next stop. Alternatively he has finished memorizing his piece of knowledge.
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