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It was a mistake on my part. I am still unfamiliar with all the nuances of replying here.
Sorry, posted this by accident
Well, time for me to make my own contribution.

Now, although Marvel and DC are big on this universe, it also contains other superhero comics, which I intend to use fully.

A bit skeletony, I admit, but it will build up in time.

@mattmanganon All right.

I had no particular plan for anything gratuitous. Let's just say that comics about "bad superheroes" (Black Summer, Irredeemable, The Boys) tend to be on the mature side, so it was more of an FYI.

I think Marshal Law would align more towards CADMUS. I think he and Waller would have some interesting bonding experiences over their shared antipathy towards superheroes.

History of legacies is probably very interesting in here. After Superman (or whoever was the first flying brick) appeared, other flying bricks started appearing as well. I don't know how many Superman-packages are out there, but one potential number could be 84 (after the PS238 character, who is the 84:th confirmed flying brick).

Then there are of course all those vigilantes who see Batman as their inspiration.
Now this is my cup of tea!

In fact I already have at least two possible character concepts in mind. They're both pretty out there, but I can easily come up with some more grounded ones.

Marshal Law: He hunts heroes, Hasn't found any yet. The alter ego of war veteran and supersoldier Joe Gilmore, Marshal Law is a government sanctioned superhero hunter, who takes down heroes who have gone rogue, which he does with maximum force and great pleasure.

Marshal Law would fit into a story with a darker and grittier tone with +18 possibly added in, with a focus on the hidden nastier side of superheroics. Although rogue heroes are Marshal Law's main targets, he can fight supervillains as well (they're all superheroes in his eyes). Possible targets for him (which double as crossover potential) include among other things Plutonian, Kid Miracleman, the twisted franchises of Vought-American and (if you want to go to that direction) Brightburn.

Supreme: Ethan Crane has been many things, more than he can remember. He has been a son, a brother, a lover, a man, and a hero. But most importantly he has been an observer. Ethan has seen his past and his future change before his eyes, and now he awaits eagerly to see, what the next universe will offer him.

Supreme fits best a campaign that has room for metafiction. This Alan Moore's reimagining of a Superman expy could have some adventures in places where stories happen, such as the Dreaming.
@ShardA monster's fine. There is an age rule, though. I don't want characters being younger than 16. It makes things a bit ridiculous because everyone starts making super young characters.

What about older characters?

One character concept I had in mind is an old mystery man (i.e. non-superpowered hero), who worked in the early days of super-heroics and has recently come out of retirement to held quell the chaos.

How long have superheroes been in this world? Was there, for example, a mystery man tradition prior to the arrival of metahumans?
@Chiro I don't know about the Joker, but, uh...

You can't run for President until you're 35. While these are desperate times, I don't think they would start letting teenagers into the White House.

So no Prez Rickard or Beth Ross in this world.

Good to know.

Luckily I've got a lot of ideas for this. There's probably a serious increase in vigilantism as of late at least.
Has there been any lore made regarding the Joker and other members of the Batman's rogues gallery?

Because if not, I did have some ideas for a more Slasher-esque Joker, who takes inspiration from Stephen King's It and Cabin in the Woods, along with other horror franchises.

Another character that I had in mind was a teenager who is a politician seeking to become a presidential candidate (or a POTUS already).
Worth a try
Add that detail to the background, then he's approved
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