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It's a little weird, actually.

There's a bunch of folks here who know how to DM, but there was no real desicion who would do it, and there aren't so many players that an extra DM would be needed. I simply stepped forward with my campaign, though I was ready to use another one if players wanted, in this case Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

Although, if I'm still the DM, I have to tell ya that I have no idea where you can find Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

I do have some other ready-made campaign books though, like Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil...
<Snipped quote by Chiro>

I suppose that could work, though I would need more information on the powers the Guardian would have, and what kind of offering would be needed.

Let's see...

I'll put what ideas I had regarding the pact, which can be taken or left depending on situation.

Forming a pact: Master of the House (Owner of a building or in this case a high ranking member of an organization) offers the coming guardian a magically weaved piece of clothing (usually a red cap) to wear, which the Guardian accepts. During the forming the duties and offerings are decided.

Ending the pact: The Pact is considered null and void if Household Guardian receives clothing that is specifically given to him (Guardian can use discarded clothes or make them himself)

Offering: A series of demands for which in exchange the Household Guardian works. There's a wide variety of different offerings, but the following two are the most common.
- Guardian will receive special meals. This can for example be the first serving of a dinner in the mess hall
- Guardian can choose a specific place for himself to rest, where he is not to be disturbed

If offerings aren't maintained, the Household Guardian is not required to work. Some Guardians are known to get aggressive if displeased too much.

Possible tasks:
- Cleaning the house
- Mending clothes
- Maintaining the building
- Carrying loads
- Taking care of the animals
- Taking care of the crops
- Protecting the household, whether from intruders, curses or bad luck
- Maintaining discipline

Household Guardians can also protect the lands. There is a known case where a nobleman, who was proud of the fish available in his lake, made a Household Pact with a Kelpie, so that the latter would keep the fish plentiful and get rid off anyone who tried to fish in the lake without nobleman's permission.

Possible powers granted by the Pact:
- Invisibility (to do work unseen and to protect the household)
- Strength (to carry heavy loads), alternatively telekinesis
- Speed (to do tasks quickly)
- Luck Magic (for protection)
- Animal empathy (for livestock care)
- Danger sense (for protection)
- Plant empathy (for plant care)
Good point.

Speaking of which, I did consider some possible limitations for those who might wish to play the "big ones".

Let's say that there are two kinds of "Deities" in this world: Spirit Gods and Incarnates.

Incarnate is a mortal who has ascended, gaining an Office to represent in the world. The Alicorn Princesses are Incarnates. Their powers are stable, and usually related to whatever is their Office is. An Incarnate can lose her Office, and the ascension, or gain additional ones. Incarnates typically manage themselves.

Spirit Gods are beings who are usually rather weak, sometimes less than mortal, but gain strength by causing and/or absorbing their Essence. For example, Discord's Essence is Madness, which is why he causes chaos, while Tirek's Essence is the Self, which he gains by absorbing symbols of identity, such as talents.

Basically, an Incarnate is strong, but must spend their existence taking care of their Office, and can risk losing it if other Incarnates so decide. Meanwhile Spirit Gods are typically rather weak, thus the need to be tactical.

What do you think?

Anyway, what do you think of the premise in its current form? Do you have any wishes regarding who can be played, for example?
A little bump. And as always, wishes are accepted both here and through PM.
It's already set up. Goes with the title "Interest check for a crazy crossover (Game of Thrones/My Little Pony/Detroit:Become Human)."

I'll give one more bump to the interest check to iron things out. Then I suppose we can try the rp development.
Game of Thrones, My Little Pony and Detroit: Become Human.

In retrospect, maybe I should have promoted it with more than just "looking for players for a crazy crossover".
Ghosts of Saltmarsh it is.

In retrorespect, it seemed more likely, since there's a lot of inexperienced players here.

@Mistiel , when do you think you could start running?
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