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would've loved to explore the concept of a Marshmallow Marshlands.
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The only time I've shown interest in a Nation RP was something based off Candyland of all things, but it was dead in the water before all of us were able to submit CSes. A shame too,
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Hi yes, we talking normal skittles? Hershey's chocolate?
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Goin to the store, what ya'll wantin?
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"What the fuck, already?"

Well, here he was again. With the back up of Ashley and a new face, Estelle the Witch Hunter, Finn finally has the opportunity to investigate the starting point to his curse. And to find out whether or not Cherno-Baph and Amanda were just figments of delusion or real demons who had taken advantage of the boy's fatigue to communicate with him, curse or not. The fact that he couldn't even trust his own mind was concerning alone but Finn's grim curiosity actually wanted to see what comes out of this involvement.

I mean, they have been genuine with me so far. Shockingly. Just as long as no one else finds out there shouldn't be any issues...

The thoughts hadn't stopped running laps through his mind yet, the longer he'd have to wait. Was it eagerness, or an attempt to rationalize?

That'd have to come later. With a steeled expression the boy took a glance over through the diner's windows. Well. Why wasn't he surprised that there's been no changes to it? He could give his parents the benefit of a doubt, or perhaps consider that Lydia hadn't gotten his message about convincing them to help renovate, but honestly that'd be a damn miracle if they acknowledged him.

For once.

Finn's brows rose in surprise once he counted how many patrons were inside at the moment. Asides from the group of civilians inside, that many possible fighters? Against the three of them? In that Tiny-Tim of a goddamn diner? This is gonna be tricky-

The boy flinched when he locked eyes with Dante. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god- He knows he's back?! And he had a bad feeling as to how.

"Th-That's him." Finn quietly spoke up after the other agents asked for his input. His eyes never broke away from the line of sight. "I killed a- Some weird bog man? A-A succubus that was working here. He- He must've seen me revert back before I left somehow!" But he didn't see him, just the human waitresses. Unless they were also monsters somehow? Did they rat him out to their boss?? He was trying his best to remain composed, but Ashley and Estelle could tell he was getting anxious. There was too much he didn't know. Way to fucking much. Take a deep breath. "He knows I'm here and I know he cursed me so let's just get this over with."

He was practically anticipating a bar fight breaking out. He stepped up to the front and opened the door.

"Back to the old header for now."

In its efforts to aid “seekers of knowledge” to the fullest extent, Torvald’s Tomes and Trinkets had a rental policy when it came to books. When all the needed knowledge had been gleaned, a “seeker” could return the tome or tomes in question to the shop and allow others to partake of the knowledge held within their (allegedly) ancient pages. Thus it was that a certain young esper entered the quaint little shop to return a handful of manuscripts detailing spirits with powers over dreams…

“Ah ha! We meet again, young seeker!” Torvald greeted with an amiable gleam in his eye. His amusingly archaic outfit and long, white beard might have made him look like a storybook wizard, but if he actually held any mystic power, one could only guess. “I trust these tomes proved most illuminating, yes?” he added as he reached out a wrinkly hand to take back the small stack of books.

”I-I don’t know, not yet at least.” Finn held out the books for the shopkeeper to take. ”Just wanted to make sure I returned these before I forgot.”

“Oh, how kind and considerate!” Torvald commended. “Such splendid manners truly give me hope for the youth of today! Now then,” he added, placing the books behind the curiosity-covered counter. “Did you simply come to return these tomes, or did you plan to linger and infuse your mind with yet more esoteric knowledge?”

Well, he did have a lot more free time while he was on leave. ”Got nothing else planned at the moment.” Finn shrugged in response, moving to browse the shelves. Though his planned meeting with Cherno-Baph was still in his mind, thus he took more interest in grabbing anything pertaining to demonology. Best to brush up on homework beforehand.

As Finn browsed the shelves, one of the shop’s other visitors was making their way down his current aisle, their arms piled high with a stack of musty tomes. So high was this mountain of manuscripts, in fact, that it thoroughly prevented its holder from seeing where they were going. Finn had barely noticed the stack-holder’s approach, before they crashed into him, sending the tower of books tumbling to the floor, along with Finn himself.

“O-Oh gosh!” a nasally voice filled with worry called out. “I-I’m so sorry! Are you all right?!”

Upon regaining his senses, Finn would find a fairly scrawny and bespectacled teenage girl with black hair styled in twin braids kneeling beside him, her blue eyes filled with concern.

”U-Uh, yeah! Hang on,” With a groan the boy pushed himself off the floor. He glanced over the scattered books, and began to pick them back up. ”Believe it or not I’ve been dealt worse. This? Is nothing.” He reassured the girl with a smile.

“Oh, that’s such a relief!” the girl exhaled. “I know I probably shouldn’t have been trying to carry so many books, but they were all just so incredibly fascinating! Local legends, haunted buildings, various monsters native to the city… I just can’t wait to start reading! Oh! I’m Olivia, by the way!” she added with a smile, while holding out her hand. “Olivia Bell!”

”Finnegan. Most people just call me Finn though.” With a free hand he shook Olivia’s. It felt weird not introducing himself as his alias, but he figured there’d be no point in keeping it up if people already knew he was Timekeeper.

Maybe he didn’t do a good job with the whole “concealing your identity” part of this whole thing. Finn began passing Olivia’s books back to her. At least the ones he thought were her’s. ”So what’s got you into researching the paranormal?” He asked.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Finn!” Olivia told him with a smile. Then the boy innocently asked about her interest in the paranormal, and the proverbial floodgates opened… “Oh, I just find that sort of thing absolutely enchanting!” she gushed. “I’ve always loved learning about monsters, and spirits, and all kinds of otherworldly entities! It’s been a hobby of mine since I was very little, although most people called me a freak and a weirdo for liking those sorts of things…” she added with a frown, before quickly brightening again. “But my school’s guidance counselor said my love for those things meant that I would be a perfect candidate for a single-student field trip to Pax Septimus, since this city is filled with all the things I love to learn about! And she was right! There are so many different types of monsters living here! I’ve heard stories about vampires, weretigers, and even a giant snake that lives underground! And then there are all the various haunted structures, like this abandoned laundromat, and the cults! Oh, they all sound so intriguing! This book here has a bunch of information on some of the more prominent ones,” she explained, holding up a tome titled Paranormal Pax Septimus. “They all have such unique themes, like this one that dresses up as bees!” she added with a giggle/snort as she pointed to an artist’s depiction of a member of the cult in question. “And of course, there’s also the city’s nickname, The City of Blood! It just sounds so ominous, like something out of a horror story! I never imagined a city like this could actually exist, and I’m just so happy I found this wonderful little shop! Now I can learn about all the best places to explore! I haven’t encountered any monsters, ghosts, or cultists yet, but I’m sure after studying these books, it’ll only be a matter of time!” she declared triumphantly, before giving voice to yet another delighted giggle/snort.

Single-student trip…? That just sounded like the teacher looking for an excuse to be rid of her. Finn frowned in thought. ”Those people are idiots, for one. Like what you like, you’ll find people you can bond with over your interests eventually.” He assured her, glancing aside. ”But stuff like vampires aren’t all it’s cracked to be, believe me.”

“Oh, I was able to make lots of wonderful friends at my new school!” Olivia reassured him. “And, of course, I’ll always have my darling Xolys,” she added with a happy giggle/snort. “Oh!” she gasped as Finn’s last comment sank in. “Have you seen a vampire, Finn?!” she asked, an eager gleam in her eyes as she thoroughly invaded his personal space, her face mere inches from his own.

”Unfortunately. U-Uhm, could you back up a bit? Finn blinked in surprise at how…eager the eccentric girl was. ”Right fucking creep he was. There was an incident weeks ago, a girl about your age got kidnapped by the aforementioned, turned into his thrall.” He tiredly furrowed his brows as he told Olivia how he learned about Justin. ”People ended up clamoring for her rescue, and for the vampire’s demise of course. Both eventually happened, but not without a bit of struggle.”

Still wish I could’ve been there to bash his skull in, but I’m just glad that’s all over with. I’ve got my own problems now.

“Oh gosh! How exciting!” Olivia replied. “I’m so happy that girl is safe now,” she added, thankfully backing away a slight bit. “But how did you hear about all this?”

Finn glanced back up at Olivia. ”Cause I was technically the one who brought it all to the public’s attention. Well, I had a bit of help, but they sorta drew more towards me for some reason.”

Not for some reason. He just didn’t want someone else to think Betty was his girlfriend.

“Are you a paranormal investigator, Finn?!” Olivia asked, her eyes lighting up as she leaned closer to him once more.

”Yes actually-”

“Oh wow! I bet you have all sorts of knowledge about all sorts of interesting things!” Olivia gushed. “Oh, I know! You could be my guide to the city! That way you can show me all the best places to find ghosts and monsters! And cultists, too!”

”I-I still don’t think you should approach these things without a way to defend yourself!” Finn quickly spoke up, then thought it over. Technically he’d be around to protect her, and he guessed whoever this Xolys was too. He pulled his phone out of his pocket. ”But, alright, we should keep in touch in that case.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea!” Olivia agreed, retrieving her own phone and presenting Finn with her contact info. “You know, at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a signal here, but my counselor said she’d make sure I wouldn’t have any problems, and she was totally right!” the bespectacled chatterbox explained with another giggle/snort. “I really shouldn’t have been so surprised, though. She’s super smart and super resourceful! Oh, and please don’t worry about me,” she reassured him. “Darling Xolys always keeps me perfectly safe!”

”Who’s Xolys anyways?” He couldn’t help asking as he added Olivia to his contacts.

“He’s my super handsome best friend and soulmate!” Olivia gushed, her eyes sparking with delight. “Ever since I met him, so many wonderful things have happened!” she continued. “Before we met, I didn’t have a single friend, but now I have lots, and we’ve done so many fun activities together! Like, a short while ago, we had this really fun slumber party in a haunted classroom for Halloween, and Xolys dressed as this adorable bedsheet ghost, just so the real ghosts wouldn’t notice him and run away before I could get a good look at them! Isn’t he just so thoughtful?!”

The boy tilted his head. ”Guess he’s like your good luck charm. Sounds like a sweetheart. But aren’t soulmates usually in a romantic context…? He trailed off with a mumble.

“Yes, of course!” Olivia agreed with an enthusiastic nod. “We’re both very much in love!” she added with still another giggle/snort.

”O-Oh, well, good for you both then!” Finn’s eyes slightly widened in response. Guess the best friend part threw him off.

“Thanks! Do you have a special someone, Finn?!” Olivia asked, seeming quite eager to know the answer.

He went silent for a second. Instead of answering outright, he sighed. ”Despite what people think, no, I don’t. I’ve never even been in a relationship like that with anyone. Well, I- I don’t really know what to make of what me and one of my friends is yet, if I even feel anything like that for them, I don’t know yet.” Finn frowned. ”I don’t really know anything.”

“T-That’s okay!” Olivia hastened to reassure him. “Until I met my darling Xolys, I didn’t think anyone would ever fall in love with me, so you should never lose hope!”

If I ever feel that way for anyone.” He shrugged. Big if, as far as he was concerned.

“Well, who can say what the future holds?” Olivia noted with a smile. “A-Anyways, thanks for all the help!” she added as she somewhat clumsily regathered her books. “I-I’ll let you know when I’d like to start exploring, okay?”

Finn nodded, letting her grab the books before collecting the ones he grabbed. "I’ll let you know now, I won’t always be available once I’m back at work, but I’ll try to be there at the earliest convenience.” He added. Until the other agents can get rid of whatever, or whoever cursed him, of course.

“O-Okay!” Olivia confirmed as she wobbled her way to the front counter. “I’ll pick out a location, and we can go whenever you’re free!” she added. “Oh gosh, I’m really looking forward to our first adventure together!”

The boy nodded with a smile. ”Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of research to do. See you later!”

Little did poor Finn realize just what he had gotten himself into…

Finn had been raiding the vending machine in the break room when Ashley had approached him about his investigation into Cherno-Baph. But before he could answer her with what Dr. Moller had told him, she herself stepped into the break room to share some news. Mika and Binky interrogating who he assumed was Sovereign was the least of his concern, and then Fritzi brought up something that actually was his concern. Betty fully recovered. She was finally cured.

"I'll explain later talk to you later Ashley!!" Finn hurried down the hall soon as Dr. Moller was done talking. Hopefully they can talk longer than a few words this time, especially with what Betty implied before.

”Shinji!” Faith rushed out of Betty’s room to meet Finn. ”Oops! Haha! I meant Finn! You know, the only reason why I called you Shinji was because of our discussion about Evangelion the other day. I wasn’t sure if you picked up on that so I figured I would repeat it. Though the more I think about it, you seem more like Kosei Arima from Your Lie In April. His emotional distress makes it impossible to hear music. That’s not very good for an esper is it? Hahahaha!” She patted Finn’s head. ”Well tiger, did you want to practice smiling before you went in to see her? It might send the wrong message if you walk in their with a frown on your face. I bet we can stretch those lips into a big smile if we try.” She reached for Finn’s face. ”Did you need help?”

"What-" He gently swatted Faith's hand away. "N-No I don't need help! Just let me go inside already! Uhm. please?" Finn asked her. He seemed more eager than distressed even if the vague insult didn't register in his head yet, practically fidgeting in place the longer this was going to take.

”Oh…” Faith pursed her lips. She didn’t say anything for a moment, but eventually tipped her head towards the hospital room. ”Right in there. She’s up.”

Finn wasted no time in rushing into the next room. Sure enough, Betty was sitting at the end of the hospital bed watching TV. She wasn’t wearing a hospital gown, nor did she have any bandages sticking out from her clothes. As soon as Finn entered, she turned her head.

"Ah… Hello." She averted her eyes. "You’re back."

Finn sighed in relief, and straightened himself up. "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He walked over to take a seat next to Betty. "A part of me is still hoping you can just... forget all this once you're free to go home. But that's probably not gonna be the case, is it? How're you feeling?" He asked. Though his gaze rested on the TV instead.

"For someone that was turned by a vampire and spent the past few weeks doing god knows what? I think I’m feeling a lot more normal than I should." There was an awkward sort of tension in the air. Finn knew brainwashed Betty longer than he had ever known the real one. All things considered, they were more or less strangers. "Fritzi told me a lot about what’s going on. What espers are and what they do. I got the impression she wanted me to join you guys. I wish I could just go home and pretend it was all a dream, but Justin might not have been able to turn me if I knew I could transform into a superhero. This sort of thing is becoming worse, isn’t it?"

Finn only hummed in agreement. His face twisted into a remorseful frown when he looked back at Betty. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have let any of this happen."

Betty turned to look at Finn. "Knock it off with the apologies. Circumstances beyond our control brought us here. You didn’t teleport me into a bathroom, and you didn’t turn me into a vampire, okay?" She grinned. "Now, please tell me you wanted to do more than just apologize."

The boy's expression softened. "To be honest? ... I-I don't know. Just wanted to see you off, I guess." He pulled a knee up and wrapped his arms around it. "Or maybe I needed the catharsis in knowing everything's okay now, that my efforts weren't wasted. Hell I don't even know if there was a reason for me to do any of this. The only thing I cared about was getting you back." He didn't hate her either. "Even if people ended up taking it the wrong way, It didn't seem fair for you to have to give up on the life you had before this. I certainly don't have much to lose, myself..." A tired scowl crossed Finn's face for a second.

"Nothing to lose, huh?" Betty’s smirk remained. "When talking to Fritzi, I got the impression that I would have been killed if we weren’t a ‘Shimr sensation,’ So I very much think it was worth doing." She raised an eyebrow. "Or are you saying I wasn’t worth saving? For some reason?"


Finn's head quickly snapped back at Betty. His eyes were widened and a flustered shade of red colored his face. "WHAT?! Nonononono- I didn't mean it like that! Hoooooly shit why did she tell you about that part?!" With a groan he curled himself into a ball, hiding his face in his knees. Betty held her hand over her mouth to stifle a chuckle.

After taking a moment to recollect himself he'd speak again. "Of course you were worth it. I-I tried to quell the rumors about us, trust me, but they wouldn't listen. I n-never wanted it to come off like that, I mean, w-we've only just met. ...Right?" Finn slightly tilted his head back up to look at her.

"I was just teasing you! You’re wound way too tight!" Betty couldn’t hold back her laughter at this point. Even her perfectly white cheeks were getting red. "Ah, I don’t think I’ve laughed like that since coming to Pax Septimus." She took a few deep breaths. "I’m not really a famous musician or anything, but I can’t say this turn of events surprises me. I’ve had casual conversations with fans before, only for them to get misconstrued by others. I think people really like the idea of watching romances bloom in front of them. It is a little awkward, but there are worse people I could be associated with. Like that vampire, or the person who threw me into a bathroom." She clicked her tongue. "If everyone thought I was going steady with one of them, I’d probably just flee the city."

"Y-Yeah. I didn't expect to get so popular so quickly either, so." The boy cleared his throat and rested his chin on his knees. "But you have no idea how relieved I am to hear that. N-No offense, or anything! I'm just... I don't have experience in romance like that." He confided with her, like he did with Olivia. "Never had any crushes or anything."

"Did you want some experience?"


"Do you want to be in a relationship?"

It took a moment for him to process what she was saying, longer so to figure out an answer. As if he wasn't flustered enough, Betty was actually asking him out?? Finn sheepishly glanced around. "W-Well uhm, I-If it's something you want t-then- then maybe? We could f-figure something out...?" He fidgeted in place as he stuttered in response.

"Did I say that was something I wanted?" Betty’s grin kept getting wider. "Well, if it’s something you think you might want to try, why don’t we pick a date to go back to the Great Escape? Maybe we can finish our talk this time. After that, we can decide how true we want this rumor to be."

Finn nodded, quickly nodded. "Y-Yeah. Yeah, that sounds wonderful actually! O-Okay!" He giggled, an anxious yet elated grin mirroring Betty's. "I'm probably going with the other agents to investigate Dante's but after that I should be free!"

Betty laughed. "Alright. I’ll talk to you later. Maybe then I’ll know what I want to do in regards to Fritzi’s offer."

"Mhm!" The boy quickly bounced off the bed and, after waving her goodbye, hurried out to the meeting. His schedule's going to be packed as hell between this, Dante's, and his meeting with the demon, but a part of him knew it was all going to be worth it.

Faith watched as Finn ran past her without saying a word. Once he was gone, she thought out loud. ”He certainly doesn’t look like Shinji anymore. I bet they kissed, and I missed it!”


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As Finn’s consciousness faded, the figure over Oros’ shoulder came into focus. Their black body, their white face, their red eyes.

It was

Finn looked at a clock.

It was a neon pink wall clock. Among the roman numerals was the silhouette of a bat swarm. Rather than having hands, the clock rotated bats around its axis to point out the time. It made a light ticking sound as the seconds passed by. But it didn’t take Finn long to realize that he couldn’t remember when he started looking at this clock.

What had Finn done?

How did he end up here?

He had no recollection.

Though it did seem to be late, far past his bedtime. His parents would likely worry about him. Upon looking around, Finn would discover he was in a bedroom. One that had to belong to a girl going through her goth phase. Everything in the room was either pink or black, and was morbid and cute in design. A light on the nightstand used a human ribcage as a shade, but the bulb was a pink heart. There were a few decorative spiders placed around the room, but they all had big smiley faces painted onto them. Anything that might have been scary seemed less so if it was examined for any length of time.

Before Finn could find an exit, he heard someone chewing something. He hadn’t watched nearly enough ASMR muckbangs to know what it was, but it sounded… crunchy. His ears would guide him to the bed. It was hard to tell what the girl was supposed to be. She had horns like a demon, but fangs like a vampire. Her revealing clothing invited the eyes, but her spiky accessories warned not to touch. She said nothing as she reached into a bowl of vegetables and stuck a piece of broccoli into her mouth. Once she was done chewing, she stared at Finn for a moment.

”You call him Chernabog, right?” She shrugged her shoulders. ”You wanted to know what he can do? Welp, this ain’t even half of it.”

The boy tilted his head at the stranger in confusion.

”Well he hasn’t exactly graced me with a proper introduction.” He finally spoke. ”Mind humoring me instead, since you apparently know of him? Miss…?”

”Amanda works, I guess. We both know none of this is real.” She sat upright. ”And I do mind, actually. You became a Gemini agent, and I’m pretty sure that means you’re at war with us. He’d kill me if I gave them his name.”

”Charming considering he already implied siding with the Mavericks wasn’t a good idea earlier.” Finn rose a brow. ”And if I wasn’t there with them, Justin would’ve survived. Someone had to distract Betty. And who else but the one she wanted dead the most, right?” He solemnly glanced aside. Yeah, she said she didn’t actually hate him, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. ”But that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna suddenly become some murder-bot or whatever, I’m working on common sense here!”

”Yes, you have a complex situation. I can barely keep up with it.” Amanda chucked her bowl of broccoli at the wall, but it just sort of phased through it without making any noise. ”I’m not going to keep you totally in the dark. I wanted to show you something, but I wasn’t expecting you to drop by while I was setting up.” After humming a bit, she fell backwards onto her hands. ”Actually, if you’re here, I guess we can talk a little bit. Chernabog wouldn’t approve of me throwing his name around, but they are kind of interested in you. He can’t figure out what your deal is, you know?”

Why though? Why me? There are other, more powerful Espers out there, out of every one in Pax why did he settle for some- some-”

”Let’s see…” Amanda brought her hands in front of her and fell all the way on her back. She kicked her legs in the air while counting off her fingers. ”You’re as cute as a button, you take on some of the most dangerous jobs, you went from nobody freelancer to town hero really quick, all while having significantly less experience, power, and-” After looking at her next finger for a moment, Amanda shrugged before folding her hands over her stomach. ”It’s all very curious. I should also mention that Chernabog doesn’t like most espers. So you know, it’s expected that he would have me harass you a bit.”

Finn blinked. The demon thought he was cute??? ”So I’m like, an exception to that? The ‘town hero’ part was never intentional, I was just doing what I thought was right. People just…catch on quick, so to speak.”

”There’s not a lot to be optimistic about, I suppose.” She grinned. ”You’re taking this all very well. I thought you might freak out, but it seems I was wrong.”

The boy shrugged in response. ”It’s just good to finally get some sort of explanation.” He did freak out at first, he’ll admit. But he quickly understood this was something he was going to be stuck with for a while. Much to his annoyance.

Amanda studied Finn for a moment before folding her hands behind her head. ”Tell you what? We’ve gone about as far as we can here, I’m going to see about setting up a meeting between you and the big guy. Expect a message from us in a few days. Obviously, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about it.”

They probably wouldn’t believe me either way. And if Oros is gonna keep trying to kill me, I’ll need whatever help I can get. Finn thought about it for a moment, then looked back at Amanda with a nod and a zipping motion to his lips.




Bleh. Sand. Finn slowly woke back up, pushing himself off the weird pile of sand up to a sitting position. He may have been untransformed, but at least his legs were still intact. He dusted his face off and glanced around. He looked like he was expecting Oros to pop up out of nowhere and try again.

"I-Is she gone?"
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