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Well I suppose I could always put up the app and see what you think.

What year is it, anyway?
Processing is hitting hiccups and I'm still not getting the sleep I should. Post eventually.
Someone soliticed me to check this out. I have an old character written up, but she's more of a wild card than completely on one side.
Alright, I'll be working on a post. These past two weeks have been just awful at work and my employment status is currently up in the air right now, but I go in for processing for the US Army tomorrow so there's that.
It's been one helluva week. Anything major happening that I should know about?
Veronica Callaway
Squad 04

Well, everything had happened so suddenly. Luckily for her, Veronica was able to get out of the award ceremony by having not been assigned to the squad until after their mission at Vasel. She couldn't stomach the thought of the embarrassment of having to return the medal to the noble before them. But, it would've been the right thing to do. Medals were awarded to show recognition of service, and she hadn't been at Vasel to be recognized for service there. She didn't get a medal for her wounds either, but perhaps the noble who had overseen Squad Thirteen just wanted to be rid of the whole mess. That made sense to her, since she was the only survivor and instead of getting publicity, she was swept into another squad. Well, fine with her.

She waited out the ceremony, concerning herself with the shortness of her PT shorts, but generally nothing else. It took a while until they were under way, but she too was given an envelope. Weekend pass? Well, she could use a little down time. PT had already worn her out a little, and you never say no to R&R. She learned that from someone in her previously assigned unit. Soon enough, they were underway to the train station and aboard. Well, this was certainly shaping up to be a great day so far. She picked out one of the few empty rooms in the traincar and set her bag down with her things in it.

Veronica looked at the bag and felt something calling her from in it. She knew what it was. She opened it up and pulled it out. A patch with a black cat and the number "13" on it; her old squad insignia. She kept it as a reminder of what happened, but it didn't haunt her. She sighed, trying to push back those painful memories for now, and slipped it back into her bag. It was pretty nice to be in the traincar, even if she needed a shower from that early morning PT session. That was the first thing she'd do when they got to Randgriz. For now, she threw her bag onto the bench and flopped down onto it for a nice nap.
So I bought Valkyria Revolution and hopefully this will spark my inspiration for this again. I need to catch up though, but like I said I'm still here.
Okay. Assuming that I don't have to work any extra days, I'll probably be able to get a post up by Wednesday.

I'm not dead. Well, I'm not dead physically.
I am bad and I should feel bad.

Well, that's what happens when you have to work full-time midnights and develop a sleeping disorder along with not eating right...
I swear, I'll catch up after Wednesday
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