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“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.” – Samwise Gamgee
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Your time is precious, so spend it wisely and with those who care for you.
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5 Years? Damn, that is impressive @Nallore.
@Spin The Wheel You mean Mr. Torgue?

Side note, I am not allowing people to play lore characters, such as him.
@TheyraThat's fine!
I actually like this idea and will allow it, I just ask no one adds Siren powers to other classes! @geminironin I am going to add that into the OOC section.

[IC Introduction]

So, you would all like to hear yet another story eh? One where the choices of a few disturbed individuals could effect more than just the galaxy? To begin, there are individuals known as hunters, some see them as lunatics but others see them as hero's. A group of Vault hunters managed to learn about a vault upon Pandora, that could only be opened with a mystical key. The Vault turned out to be much more what it was rumored to be, it was actually an alien prison, and from it came what could only be described as an eldritch horror, and a massive disappointment. What followed after the Vault's opening though, came as a surprise to everyone. It triggered the growth of Eridium, a priceless alien element. Soon, the rare and valuable mineral emerged all across Pandora and attracted all sorts from across the galaxy. One of these individuals was Handsome Jack, the C.O. of Hyperion an all around jackass, terrorist, and much more. Thankfully though, the original group of Vault hunters along with a team of newly arrived friends helped take him down, though at a great price. Once Jack had fallen, and the formed vault key tampered with, it showed that there were many other vaults across the stars.

Thus begun yet another chaotic series of events that seemed to rapidly fire off. A cult had formed around two individuals who quite a few people had considered gods, known as the God Twins, due to stupid rumors, a power vacuum, and their abilities as Sirens. A new group of Vault hunters joined the last two generations, and started to work together to eliminate the newly found threats, calling themselves the Crimson Raiders. Jumping from planet to planet, the Crimson Raiders recovered key fragments to open vaults across the galaxy, though the so called God Twins and their cult, the Children of the Vault, seemed to always be ahead of them by one step, or showing up mid vault to cause issues for everyone involved. The Crimson Raiders eventually were victorious against these cult leaders, though yet again, at a very heavy cost.

So begins our story, one of chaos, action, mystery, horror, investigation, intrigue, random crap, and of course a little bit of love to keep things interesting.

One year has passed since the defeat of the God Twins, and the Children of the Vault. A momentary peace has fallen across the galaxy. This so called peace is merely a calm before the storm and everyone is quite aware of that fact. However, it has granted everyone some well earned rest and relaxation. The Crimson Raiders have taken this downtime to mourn, regroup, rebuild, recruit, and become stronger than before. Sanctuary 3, has now become Sanctuary 4, resulting in a much larger and more pleasant place to live from the Raiders. Almost every aspect of the ship has been upgraded. Siren and also head commander of the Crimson Raiders, Lilith stands at the helm of the ship, remaining ever vigilant for any new threats that may appear after the events that had ended only one short year ago. This legendary figure and part of the original Vault Hunters who arrived at Pandora, also helps train newly recruited Vault Hunters, on top of her other duties.

Upon this Monday morning, a day that would be known as a red letter day by those upon Sanctuary 4, Lilith had been at the helm of the ship, like countless times before. A faint message was coming through the open coms receiver of the ship. From what could be heard, the message was an SOS originating from a lesser known planet, named Valkyrie. It warned of a fleet combined of what appeared to be remnants of Hyperion, Maliwan, and Vladof seemingly working together to lay claim to the world. A large amount of static followed this part of the message, followed by mention of a great vault, and some sort of entity like nothing recorded in the pages of time, something called The Grand Empress. Suddenly, as soon as the message had arrived, it was abruptly cut off, as if someone or something had done so. What followed this was a sort of EMP effect upon the ship before fully fading away.

Immediately, Lilith called all able Vault Hunters upon the ship to meet her at the helm with an emergency coms message. While this could all be a trap, she had to rule in the odds of it being real, and a in-depth discussion about their next course of action was about to take place.

[OOC Introduction]

Hello my friends! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read the introduction post for Tales from the Borderlands. I have always been a huge fan of Borderlands since the first time I played it at an Internet Café quite a long time ago. The story, the characters, the action and mystery, as well as the humor have always interested me and pulled me back to the game. For the first time, I would like to try and create an Borderlands RP that takes place AFTER Borderlands 3. As I am sure some of you have noticed, I have bent the lore a bit, for those of you that do not know, I recommend playing the games and seeing the story first hand.

There are a few rules I would like to mention here, the first being that your character will be a vault hunter, and can pick from any of the character "classes" that are available in the game. Examples of this are, Lilith the Siren, Mordecai the Hunter, Brick the Berserker, Roland the Soldier, Claptrap the Fragtrap, Athena the Gladiator, Nisha the Lawbringer, Salvador the Gunzerker, Krieg the Psycho, Gaige the Mechromancer and so on.

You can combine classes if you would like but please do not add any anything from Sirens to your character unless you pick the Siren class. The reason for this is because I would like to keep the Siren %100 unique. Skills and ultimate's such as being able to fire faster and setting everything on fire are not going to be things you earn, you already have them but PLEASE use them sparingly or I will have to make changes to how they work.

As the story above says, we are all newly recruited Vault Hunters who have joined the Crimson Raiders, and are trying to prove ourselves when a strange message comes in over the ships coms for all to hear, something that has never happened. We are all called to the helm of the ship, or the command deck if you would like, beginning our adventure. The details above will obviously be discussed but I do not wish to say much more in worry of spoiling the story. What I can say is that the story will take us across Valkyrie and perhaps beyond, using everything we can to reach our goal, while meeting new and familiar characters, hostiles, and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Once again, thank you for stopping by and giving this wall of text a read. <3

"It's said war, war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk." - Ulysses

Montana, a land of unparalleled natural beauty and wonder. This region of what was once part of the Northern United States of America has some of the most diverse landscapes within the country, including huge mountains with gushing streams, vast plains, large meandering rivers, lush forests, big open skies, and so much more. To this day, all of these still thankfully remain even after the nuclear apocalypse, though much has changed with not only the landscape, but also the weather, and the wildlife. At one time, it was believed that heading up north would protect those who did so from nuclear fire, unfortunately that was only a half truth. For when the warheads did blanket the world in radiation and destruction, not even Montana was spared.

Something miraculous followed though, showing the true tenacity of mankind. Small settlements had begun to spring up across the state, while other occupants of Big Sky Country returned to the towns and cities, that many used to call their home. Not all of these areas remained empty though, for nature had inevitably retaken much of what humanity had left alone over hundreds of years. Besides the worry of hostile forces of nature, there was also the concern of bandits and raiders, who saw many of the areas of Montana as free game to take and do what they wanted with. Shortly after, the Brotherhood of Steel moved in, establishing outposts and bases across the state, while also helping protect those who now lived in this post-apocalyptic world. Many now see this protection as more oppressive than helpful, though it is hard to ignore the facts that the Brotherhood did help in some areas.

You are one of the few survivors of the apocalypse, finding yourself tossed head first into a new and dangerous world. Perhaps you came from a Vault, Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, New California Republic, or any other factions that now wanders the wasteland. That does not matter anymore, what now matters is what you will do upon this new world and the choices you will make, which inevitably will impact not only yourself, but also those around you, and perhaps even beyond.

As dawn rose upon the western side of Montana, vibrant rays of pastel light began to illuminate the lands still clinging onto the early morning. Slowly the sun barely appeared upon the horizon, its warmth burning away the stubborn chill of night that seemed to only get worse as Winter approached. The village of Whitlash was also awakening, and getting ready for another long day of merely surviving among the waste land. Many people had already begun to do their chores for the day, or were getting ready to head out to fish, hunt, or anything else that would help them all survive longer. Others were still asleep, considering the hour to be to early to do anything beneficial. Then, there were those who had partied a little bit to hard the night before and would be out for most of the day.

Near the north eastern side of Whitlash, along the great river that ran right alongside them, the village leader known as Nicolas had begun his day a few hours before everyone and was currently fly-fishing. Even though he was a talented fishermen, he could only supply so much food for the village on his own, leaving the help of others to ensure that they all had enough food and clean drinking water to survive for another year. There was little to complain about though, the fish were biting, the suns warmth could already be felt, the birds were chirping, and a positive aura surrounded the village, uplifting the spirits of those who called it home. Nicolas's thoughts drifted away from fishing for a moment, remembering a time in his past when he was part of the New California Republic. Very few people new this detail about him, and he liked to keep it that way. This was not due to some of the mistakes that were made from the NCR in past, it was merely that he wanted to start a new life, away from politics, returning to nature, and living off the land.

Suddenly, he was pulled back into reality as a fish took the bait and pulled upon the line, prompting Nicolas to reel in the line, fighting against the rivers waters and the fish. The fish had its stamina give out shortly after, and was quickly reeled in. He had caught a large rainbow trout, and one that could feed a family of four if prepared correctly. With a nod of satisfaction and thanks, he walked over to his small truck and loaded the last fish of the day into the small cooler on its back before getting situated in the drivers seat and heading home.

Once Nicholas arrived back at Whitlash, the truck was parked, the fish were safely stored and he made his way home, where he now lived alone after his German Shepard had passed a few months earlier due to a rad-grizzly. As he approached his front door, his eyes landed up a letter shoved half way into the mail slot. Reaching out with his right hand, he grabbed the letter before carefully opening it and reading its contents. The letter was from a friend who had supposedly gone missing a few years earlier, she was still part of the NCR and wanted to meet up with him sometime in the future. The letter was obviously suspicious, how could she have found him out here? Did they follow him? Perhaps it was a prank, or perhaps a trap. If it was indeed a trap, whom would have placed it? The NCR had a lot of people who wanted them dead, but this far out from where they were located? Nicolas carefully folded the letter and placed it into his left pant pocket before heading inside. At the moment, he had more important matters to tend to than a supposed ghost coming back from the dead and leaving him a message.

The local raiders of the area were the villages main focus at the moment. They had been encroaching upon Whitlashes land for at least a few months now, apparently moving closer and closer with every week that passed. It seemed a confrontation was inevitable at some point, though everyone hoped they would move along peacefully. What made this worse was the small amount of people living inside of the village that would be able to defend it if the raiders did attack. Whitlashes supplies would make for an easy target, and Nicolas knew this.

"War, War never changes.

In the year 1945, my great-great grandfather, serving in the army, wondered when he’d get to go home to his wife and the son he’d never seen. He got his wish when the US ended World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The World awaited Armageddon; instead, something miraculous happened. We began to use atomic energy not as a weapon, but as a nearly limitless source of power.

People enjoyed luxuries once thought the realm of science fiction. Domestic robots, fusion-powered cars, portable computers. But then, in the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream.

Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. China invaded Alaska, America annexed Canada, and the European Common wealth dissolved into quarreling, bickering nation states bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.

In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the storm of world war would come again, and the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation after only two brief hours.

Though it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world, and from the ashes of nuclear devastation, mankind would struggle to rebuild and rise once more. – but war, war never changes."

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to check out my Fallout themed roleplay. As the title suggests, this Fallout story will begin in the North Western area of the United States of America, within a state known as Montana. This region has some of the most diverse landscapes in the United States, including huge mountains with gushing streams, vast plains, large meandering rivers, lush forests, big open skies, and so much more. Robert Redford once described it as, "A world with dew still on it, more touched by wonder and possibility than any I have since known." I felt that having the starting location for my Fallout RP located in such a region would provide a unique opportunity to tell a new story, away from the large cities and the coasts where most vaults seem to be located.

Do not be fooled by the serene setting of Montana though, the radiation from the last great war has now tainted the land, creating horrific abominations from what used to call the wilds home. Even the plant life seems to turn against those who may wander to far into the forests. Those who now call Montana home or find themselves within its territories, eventually end up fighting against old threats that have bled into the state from the mainland, or the new adversaries they have rarely or never seen before. The weather is also an issue, still being as viscous as the other threats one may find themselves up against.

Instead of starting inside of a Vault as a Vault Dweller like in almost all of the games, your character will be a member from a small community known as Whitlash, within the town of Butte, built upon the cities edge next to a large flowing river. Where they came from before being part of this community and how they joined it is up to you entirely. Were they from a Vault? Were they part of the NCR at one time? Brother Hood of Steel? The Enclave? A Raider outcast? Or were they always part of the community? The choice is yours. Please keep in mind that all the characters will currently be living inside of Whitlash, but they do not need to know each other that well.

Unlike some other roleplays, I am going to do my best to allow the players to explore and interact with the world around them freely. Feel like heading down a random road to see what is there? Go for it! Want to explore a random factory building you see in the distance? Why not? However, I will be forcing some story moments and interactions to keep the story aligned with where I would like it to go. You will also have choices to make at different moments throughout the roleplay, each of them having a number of different outcomes depending on what is chosen, just like the games.

@Eviledd1984 Hiya! Please no super mutant characters at this time! Any other ideas?
@Apollosarcher Approved! Please post your CS in the character sheet section.
@Andromedai Thinking of working on a former Brotherhood member who went West after Sarah Lyon's to try and find the Mid-western elements of the BoS.

Sounds good!
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