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In the early hours of the evening near the south eastern coast of New California, Spartan Aviza found herself among friends and family, both new and old. The sun was setting in the horizon and its fading golden rays of light created am amber glow upon the clouds that were slowly vanishing in the far distant sky. The scorching heat from the day still lingered around the area though soon the cool, soothing calm of that summer night would take its place. For the first time in many months or even years, Aviza felt at peace, she felt happiness that she was allowed to be on leave to spend time with those she cared for the most, and even someone she had begun to develop feelings for. All was right in her eyes, and the night was only just beginning. The sound of light hearted conversation tailed by sometimes laughter mixed with the music that came from the rear deck of Aviza's personal three hundred and fifty foot yacht she had named the Windrunner. Sitting upon a lounge chair and looking up at the night sky that was now filled with stars, Aviza merely let her mind go blank. "Aviza!" The voice of a woman could be heard from behind the lounge chair, breaking her state of calm and bringing her back to the conscious world. "Aviza, let's go grab some racks of ribs and other cuts from the freezers in the kitchen to make on the barbecue." A woman with short black hair was motioning for her fellow spartan friend to join her in helping prepare dinner.

"Sorry sorry, I was caught up with relaxing. People are already hungry though? We just ate three hours ago." said Aviza as she stood, adjusting her civilian cloths once she had. "Yeah, and people need snacks sometimes!" said the woman before Aviza quickly responded, "A full barbecue and smoke out is not a snack, Maya." said Aviza as the two of them walked through the group of gathered friends and family that filled the yacht. "Yeah and these are mostly Spartans, what do you expect to happen?" The two of them kept talking as they walked through the Windrunner and made their way to the kitchen, discussing how much food and drink a ship of mostly Spartans could put back in a short amount of time. When they arrived, Aviza felt even more uplifted than when the night had begun. "Tri-Tip, Brisket, Ribs, Tenderloin, Pork Belly, so many to choose from." said Maya with a smile spread across her face, "Yes well, I say we take a bit of each, that sound like a good idea to you?" Aviza responded with a smirk. The two of them gave a light nod of their heads in approval before grabbing a bit of each type of meat cut, then quickly headed to the large professional grade grill near the rear of the boat.

When they arrived back at the main gathering which had formed near the grill, a few of the more rowdy guests cheered at them and swiftly headed over to help them prepare the food. After a few hours of grilling, all of the meat had been prepared expertly, as well as served to each guest who had wanted some of this early dinner both Aviza and Maya had prepared. Aviza had found herself sitting alongside Maya and a few others who she thought of as her best friends. They had been having a light hearted conversation about all the fun they had over the last few years after the war had ended and they finely found time to do the things they wanted. Maya suddenly stood up and motioned for everyone else to do the same, with her right hand, she raised her glass into the air and said "Let us all show our appreciation to Aviza here by having a cheers to great friends, great times, and a great retirement that we have all worked and sacrificed so much for. To Aviza, cheers!" said Maya, and the group that had gathered repeated "To Aviza!" A warm feeling of happy emotions washed over the Spartan who seemed to hold back a blush before her eyes fluttered open.

The warm feeling of happy emotions lingered for a few seconds once she fully awoke but quickly vanished as her mind snapped back into reality, all that had occurred was merely a happy dream of what could have been, something that she wanted. "Maybe once these missions are over, I will hold that gathering, for everyone involved as well as my family and friends." said Aviza under her breath, a ONI operative sitting next to her tilted her head, her short black hair following the movement of her head. "You alright Spartan Aviza? Need some water or ... ?" inquired the unnamed woman. "No I am fine, just had a dream and was commenting on it, how far out are were from Sydney, Australia?" asked Aviza, brushing off the comment. "We are roughly five out, you should prepare your gear, I mean you should consider checking your gear." said the woman, correcting herself. Aviza nodded her head in agreement, moving to her feet and checking over her gear with an expert eye. Everything was in order, and the Spartan moved to the front of the ONI D81-LRT Condor.

"Spartan Aviza, we are about to land outside of Sydney, Australia. The landing pad is where I was told to drop you off at, once I do so, you are free to do as you see fit apparently. Do you have any questions, comments, or requests?" asked the main pilot. "I do actually, where can I find the rest of my old squad?" inquired Aviza, before the pilot responded, "One moment please, I am just checking my information and ... alright I have the information you request, I will make the location for you on your data pad." said the pilot before finishing with one more comment, "Information has been sent, good luck out there Spartan." The ONI D81-LRT Condor touched down upon the landing pad and its rear door opening with a loud hiss. By the time it fully opened, Aviza was already moving, heading down the ramp and out into the fresh air. For a moment, Aviza merely stood and took in her surroundings before checking her data pad for the information she had requested. "Some of my squad is not far off, I wonder if they would mind if I visited them? Hmmm ... probably not."

Within a few short moments, Spartan Aviza had found her way to where Vael and some of the others were located. Approaching the door, she lightly knocked upon it, announcing her arrival. "This is Spartan Aviza stopping by to greet some friends of mine. Would it be alright if I come in?" inquired Aviza.
There were multiple paths presented to the retinue, all they now had to do was choose one and hope that something horrific did not happen with the tome while they transported it back to the inquisitorial safe house. The odds of the tome tearing open a portal to some hellish warp damned dimension of one of the Chaos gods was rather high, and Celestian Andromedai knew this. "I do not want to take any chances with this cursed tome of Tzeentch so here is what we are going to do. First off, I want our Tech-Priest Medaria to gather up sheets of metal then craft us a make shift containment box. For the one and only Adrianne, I would like you to form a energy field around the make shift containment box and then transport it back to the ship for us. As for our local Guardsmen Stukov, please keep an eye and ear on the local area, I do not want any surprises or ambushes while moving this Emperor damned tome anywhere. Everyone has their orders, so let us get to work, alright?"

Celestian Andromedai then opened a private communications channel to Solares, who swiftly responded, "Andromedai? Maya is on the ship sitting next to me, was this your idea? Did you know she was going to show up? I tried to warn you earlier but you were uh, preoccupied?" Andromedai responded in turn, "I was not aware of our friends arrival untill she dispatched the Chaos Spawn we were fighting. Regardless, we will be returning to the ship with a chaos tome, I was a secure area for it to be stored, also allow Maya to do as she see's fit just, no messing around with the weapons systems." While she talked, Celestian Andromedai kept a eye on her team as they worked around her. After a while though, she made her way back into the dome shaped room and glanced around it, merely observing all the damage they had done to it and the Tzeentch murals that covered the walls around her. "One last thing Solares, I want you to send a team here to do a in-depth search around the area for anything that stands out while we take care of this tome, alright?" There would be no reply directly from Solares, but the Celestian did receive a message from another Inquisitorial team that said they were on their way to their location.

"Do me a favor Tar..." began Spartan Aviza, speaking through the open coms so not only her team but also the Rebel Leader could hear her. "Release the captive hostage and let her escape safely, the pawns are of no significance to us at this time." As soon as Aviza had finished speaking, a sudden wave of dysequilibrium washed over her, though the Spartan held her composure and remained on her feet, letting the feeling run its course and eventually pass. Acting as if nothing had happened, Aviza turned around to face their female Sangheili friend, hoping her orders would be followed swiftly and to the letter. At the same time, she ran a message pass Shih, "Please inform command we have injured and will need immediate medical attention once we arrive back on the ship. Two medical teams, one for humans and one for Sangheili will be fine."

Having taken cover behind what she considered a more sturdy crate, one that she hoped would not disintegrate when fired upon or explode, the Spartan team lead observed the scene that was unfolding before her with an attentive mind. A few scenarios ran through her mind as she quickly tried to decide what was the best course of action. She had non-lethal flashbangs that could be used, the weapon could be shot out of his hand, active-camouflage could be engaged and the target could be incapacitated that way. All of these and many more ran through her mind. "If we fire upon him, there is a very good chance he will become critically injured from doing so, or he may end his existence. Everyone, please stay back and allow me to attempt to handle this, if my plan does not work, then you may engage." said Aviza into her squads private coms. Moving onto her feet, she would show herself from behind the cover she had chosen, not taking any steps forward and remaining where she currently stood.

"Commander, I am the team leader for this squad, they will follow my orders swiftly and to the letter depending on what I say." began Aviza in her normal emotionless tone, though this time more humanity could be heard behind it. "We do indeed want you alive, and in all honesty I rather avoid more loss of life. We have heard your demands, and it is obvious you are a man who cares for those who server under and around you, and that you fight for something you believe in, unlike the Jiralhanae. I would like to inform you that I agree with your demands, give me a moment to contact the ship and inform them." There would be a pause as Aviza opened a com with the ship above them, "This is Spartan Aviza, we have the HVT in sight, but he is demanding that we allow his forces to leave in peace while focus firing the Jiralhanae forces instead. Do not fire upon the rebel shuttles, and allow them to leave in peace." Aviza said this out-loud in open coms so that the commander could hear, though she did reach out to Shih and thought "Shih, inform them to do as they see fit once the shuttles leave, but allow us enough time to capture the Rebel Leader and move him to an area where he will not be able to see anything you all may choose to do afterwards."
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Surely unknown to the ex-covenant forces who were currently part of Aegis Team, Spartan Aviza had been educated in some areas of Sangheili culture. This of course included how they were quite hesitant to receive any form of outside healing, less they have their honor insulted. The request for the anesthetics came as surprise, regardless though she was happy to comply with Yalu. While still walking down the hallway towards their next objective, she reached into her medical pack and produced a few metal canisters before handing them over to the Sangheili. "These contain an extremely potent anesthetic, they will dull the pain but the injury will obviously still remain and will need to be treated by a medical professional as myself." Once the cannisters had been taken, Aviza would then turn her attention back to the matter at hand, locating the Rebel Base Commander.

Within Celestian Andromedai's helmet, her HUD was informing her of her retinues current state, thankfully only a few of them had been injured, while Stukov had unfortunately taken the brunt of the Tzeentch Chaos spawns opening assault. She considered this a blessing is disguise due to the fact of how powerful these Chaos Spawns could be, and the fact that this massive hulking beast could only use that attack a set number of times before it would become much weaker. Regardless of this, she did not want anyone under her command being severely wounded or even dying while they still had their missions to complete. Reloading her Adrastus Bolt Caliver, Andromedai was prepping another hail of highly explosive rounds to be fired upon the Chaos Spawn when she saw Stukov raise his chainsword and being to charge forward towards their enemy, throwing all caution and sense of wellbeing to the wind, a trait that she knew was all to familiar with Guardsmen. "Stukov, as Adrianne said, I do not want you to fulfill your duty to the emperor just yet!" said Andromedai over the chaotic sounds of the battle and the almost deafening roars of rage that filled the chamber.

Glancing over her right shoulder, she witnessed Adrianne toss a Krak Grenade at Medaira, it conveniently landed upon her lap and thankfully did not explode. If Stukov was attempting to fulfill his duty to the emperor by charging into the melee range of the Chaos Spawn, and Medaira now had explosives, there was a good chance their Guardsmen would do just that. The idea then dawned upon her, she could have Adrianne teleport Stukov back to where she was before he received any mortal injury, though this would have to be done quickly. Opening up her coms, she spoke privately to Adrianne, "Adrianne, I need you to teleport Stukov away from the Chaos Spawn and to your position before any explosives go off, for we both know that if one does, that will most likely result in Stukov ending up by the Emperors side." Though, before any action could be taken by the Psyker, the sound weapon used by Medaira's servo-skull caused even the fully armored Celestian of Battle to flinch. The Krak Grenades had also been tossed, adding much more to the situation at hand.

With a single though on what may happen, Andromedai sprinted forward and grabbed onto Stukov, putting herself between the Chaos Spawn, the explosives, and the Guardsmen. She was aware of the fact that the Krak grenades could quite possibly severely injure her, leaving her a prime target for the Chaos Spawn, but it was a risk she was willing to take. When the explosion did go off, it knocked both her, and the Stukov she was holding onto across the floor. Her armors HUD was now informing her that a good portion of her shield had been used and burn marks now appeared across it. "I am going to kill Medaira myself after this." Thought Celestian Andromedai to herself, knowing she would not do such a thing but a very stern talk would have to be had. Now quite sore from all she had endured that day, she helped pull Stukov to his feet just in time to turn around and notice the damage that had been inflicted upon the Chaos spawn. Part of its body had been burned and melted away, but the demon spawn kept fighting. Now, it lowered its body once more, and prepped to fire off another hail of razor sharp quills into the retinue. Grabbing onto Stukov just in case he had trouble moving, she began to pull him in the direction of the nearest cover when the quills fired.

"Everyone into cover now!" yelled Andromedai, as the quills flew towards them. She braced herself to at least take some hits from the quills but instead, the air around them fell silent, and still. Moving quickly into cover, Andromedai remained there for a few short seconds, waiting for the quills to fly past or for something to at least happen, but nothing did. Looking around the corner where she and the Guardsmen had taken cover, what she saw confused and surprised her, something not easy to do to a Celestian. The quills had stopped in mid flight, and were held suspended in the air by unknown means. At first, she assumed that Adrianne was to thank for this show of great power, but then noticed that they had a new arrival standing before them. Someone dressed in the same Celestian armor as her, though with black and white colors, stood in the middle of the room, holding both of her hands out. Swirling lights of dark crimson red emitted from them, and with one swipe of the woman's left hand, the quills flew back at the Chaos spawn and struck it with tremendous force. It wailed in pain as the chamber returned to normal, though the Chaos Spawn was not finished with the retinue and this new comer. Instead of retreating, it now opened its many maws and lunged directly at the mysterious figure. With her right hand, she would wave it quickly in front of her in an arching motion, though now instead of a crimson light, a violet light would appear around the Chaos Spawn before a horrific sound would be heard. Half of the Chaos Spawns body fell to the ground, the other missing completely from reality. If one had looked closely enough, they would have seen her open a portal of sorts over half of the Chaos Spawns body before closing it, cutting it clean in half down the middle of its body.

For a few, very short seconds, the creature lived and tried its best to crawl across the floor before vanishing in a bright blue flash of light that filled the room. The female figure that stood in the middle of the chamber kept her back turned to the retinue for the moment, merely tilting her head to the left and looking forward as if waiting for the Chaos Spawn to return, or something else to leave from the chamber in front of them where the Chaos forces had spawned from. Nothing happened, and then the figure turned around, to finally face the retinue. She would offer a slight wave before noticing her gauntlets had been horribly burned, to the point of where the ends of the fingers had begun glowing red. Quickly, she carefully tossed them free from her body and inspected her hands to ensure they were still in working condition, thankfully they remained unharmed. "I do enjoy getting out into the field of battle every once in a while, it is never a boring day around you is it Celestian Andromedai Morgenstern?" asked the figure, her voice smooth, calming, and oddly relaxed. Celestian Andromedai was slow to respond, but stepped forward towards the woman who wore armor like her own, though the coloring was different. "You have oddly, or should I say conveniently good timing, Maya." The two of them stood silent for a moment before the one Andromedai called Maya quickly pulled Andromedai into an awkward hug, before making a line towards Stukov.

Once she arrived, Maya would reach up to her helmet and grab onto it, for a moment she seemed as if she was going to remove it but then suddenly thought better of the action and let her arms return to her side. "I am going to need you to cooperate with me here Guardsmen, all I ask is that you hold as still as you can while I tend to your injuries. It is in the best of your interest to look away while I do so, alright?" Maya did not wait for a reply, she merely reached for Stukovs injured hand. With her left, she gently took the injured hand in her own, while with her right, something like white light flowed from it, surrounded in a what appeared to be a form of smoke. The quill would be quickly removed, and the wound healed, all while Stukov would feel nothing more than a comforting warmth in the effected area. "Your other injuries are what concern me, they could prove to be life threatening. I can stabilize them for the moment being, but more delicate medical attention will be needed back upon Andromedai's ship." Once more, without asking, the quills would be removed and the area healed to the point as if nothing had happened, though Maya did not comment on this. Like before, he would only feel the comforting warmth, and nothing else. Once the quills had been removed, Maya gave a swift look over the other members of the retinue before walking back up the stairs and out of the chamber, making one comment as she did, "I'll be on the ship, none of you get impaled in my absence."

Celestian Andromedai had remained calm and collected, merely observing the woman as she carried out whatever she wanted before leaving as quickly as she had appeared. "I know there are questions but, it is best not to ask at the moment, I think it would be better to show you all once we return to the Inquisitorial safe house. That is all I can say at the moment, let's head into the chamber where these beasts came from." She knew this was most likely not what they wanted to hear, but it was all she could offer at the moment without causing unwanted drama. So, for the time being, she stepped forward and into the chamber where the Chaos forces had appeared from, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Within this chamber, Andromedai noticed that it had been set up somewhat like the Planetary governors office, this made her greatly suspicious but she also knew that the Tzeentch forces could have done this to try and confuse them.
What did stand out was some sort of dark tome that gave off a sister vibe, and a black golden mist with tendrils of dark violet light intertwined within. "Adrainne, do you have any idea what this book, or tome could be?" inquired Celestian Andromedai as she approached it with the knowledge that anything horrific could happen if she touched it. At first, she reached for it, then with her better judgement, drew her hand back and glanced backward towards Adrianne, who would most likely be able to transport it for them safely. "Would you mind picking this up for me and protecting it till we arrive back at the ship? I believe you should be able to handle it without any issues, if my assumptions are correct." Celestian Andromedai motioned with her right hand towards Adrianne, hoping she had some way to safely move it, and do so away from eyes that wished to see it.

Listening closely and intently to Shih as she briefed them on their current situation at hand, Spartan Aivza was already strategizing and plotting their next course of action. Rex still needed to be stabilized for medical evacuation and she was going to ensure that this happened before they moved out again. Moving to her fellow Spartan who was injured, she took a knee and held her right hand over his torso where the Brute had managed to make contact with his armor. Sensors indicated that he had received severe injuries, internal bleeding, broken ribs, and fragments of bones threatening to puncture his lungs if there was to much movement. Her suits systems informed her that their best option was to be medically evacuated as soon as possible, and that Rex's suit of armor had already stabilized him.

"Rex, I will not lie to you, the strike from the Brute Chieftain inflicted severe damage upon not only your armor but also your body." began Aviza as she moved to her feet once more. "It would be extremely unwise to move you at this time, even more so to have you try and attempt to assist us further. For now, you must relax and refrain from moving until we return. My advice is for you to engage your active camouflage and remain hidden untill we have finished with our mission here. Aviza would then send a private message to Shih, "I want you to send a message to the Chorus of Thunder and inform them that we have injured and will need a fully detailed medical team on standby once our mission here is finished. Secondly, please forward the most logical path to take next to everyone's HUD, along with any other information you believe should be shared with the squad." Aviza would hold her position, waiting for the path to appear before her, once it did, she would quickly head off in the direction it lead. One last message would be sent to Rex before she departed, "Keep us updated on your situation Rex, if you need help, I will send a team back to you."
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