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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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"Aviza, this is Nova back at the Imperial Guardsmen Headquarters, we have moved out a Basilisk Earthshaker Cannon as you requested and will be able to fire a tight hail of shells at your designated area shortly." The voice of the last remaining officer of the Imperial Guardsmen upon the planet came through Aviza's com clear and without any distortion whatsoever. In the back ground of the com, Aviza could hear Imperial Guardsmen yelling to load [132MM HE Cluster Shells] into the Basilisk's Earthshaker Cannon, followed by coordinates. "Do not fire untill I give you the command to do so. I am recalling my squad-members back to the safety of the bunker." Quickly flipping the to the com channel that connected to the rest of her squad, Aviza called all those who had left the bunker, back into its safety for the time being. "Fall back to the bunker and prepare for direct fire support!" she yelled into her mic over the sound of Toof-Dakka-Arms roaring angrily and heavy gunfire. Rounds flew all around the bunker, some even making their way into it and ricocheting off the metal and concrete walls, floors and ceiling.

Barely peeking her head around the large metal pillar that she was using for cover, Aviza had managed to see Adrianne finish off Toof-Dakka-Arms in an impressive show of power, that was also slightly concerning for one of her rank and position. "Impressive work Adrianne, but get back here before you end up in the middle of the shelling." Aviza would wait untill everyone was back inside of the bunker. She would close what was left of the bunkers metal shields, not that it would do much. "You are clear to open fire!" said Aviza into her com. Shortly after, the sound of cannons being fired in the distance could be heard, followed by the soft sound of projectiles whistling through the air. Aviza had moved to the large opening in the bunker and brought her two arms and the middle finger upon her right hand up into the triple threat at the Orks, giving them a few seconds to see the insult.

For a few seconds, all that could be heard was the sound of normal Ork gunfire and the storm outside of the bunker. Then suddenly the first shell made contact with a blinding white flash of light, shaking the ground below them violently and causing an impressive explosion to tear through its area of effect. Debris that was made up out of random pieces of Orks, their vehicles, dirt and anything else in the impact area to flew in every direction, some of it ablaze and others disintegrating in mid air or becoming dangerous projectiles of their own. All this time, Aviza stood her ground with the same rude gesture, watching the chaos unfold in front of her at a somewhat safe distance, the shock-wave of each shell sending smoke and other small debris into the bunker, past her or bouncing off of her shield. At least twelve shells were fired and once the smoke and chaos ended, Aviza put one foot up on the lip of the mostly destroyed bunker and looked out at what was left before their wake. "Good shooting Nova and crew, nothing but smoking craters and some flaming debris."

Stepping outside of the bunker, Aviza motioned for the rest of her squad to follow her, "Everyone still in one piece and able to stand? Good, let's move to the next objective, but this time I think we should use those Servo-Skulls of yours, Adrianne." Aviza would turn to Vala and then point at Adrianne, "Think you can alter those Servo-Skulls to suit our mission?"
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@Jbcool 2 Warbikes and 1 Wartrakk.
Peering through the scope upon the top of her heavily modified bolter, Aviza swiftly took aim at the Ork that was rapidly approaching them. He held some sort of satchel above his head and yelled incoherently, somehow missing all the hostile and friendly fire that flew past him. The scope adjusted itself upon the target automatically and Aviza pulled the hairpin trigger. The first round found its mark and hit the Ork in the head, dropping him flat upon the ground and leaving little more than a bloody torn stump of a neck where tendons and muscle showed clearly, quickly creating a pool of blood below where the xeno had fallen. The satchel that the Ork had held had now fallen to the ground a couple of feet in front of him before detonating on its own, obliterating the Ork and creating a good sized hole in the ground for a shaped charge of the sort.

After attaching her heavily modified bolter to the magnetic slot upon the back of her armor, Aviza reached for the heavy flamer and moved to one of the unoccupied slots in the bunker, sticking its nozzle out side of the slit in the window then quickly powering it on. There was not much fuel left in its tanks so she would have to choose her bursts carefully. A jet of orange and red fire shot from its nozzle in a swirl of intense heat, igniting a number of the Orks in an inferno that illuminated the surrounding area. Those that were unlucky enough to be hit by the flame now ran around in a panicked state as their screams echoed and could be easily heard, even through the growing storm. If anyone would have seen Aviza without her helmet at this point, they would have noticed a smirk spread across her face as she continued to burn away the Xenos in a cleansing flame.

The built in HUD inside of her helmet quickly highlighted a new approaching threat just before a cloud of green smoke went up in front of the bunker, momentarily drowning out Aviza's vision. "Filters on!" the power-armor that Aviza wore automatically picked up the biochemical weapon that was being used and sealed the sister of battles suit, it was now using a back up O2 system and filter to allow her to breath freely without any worry. Suddenly, a message popped up on Aviza's HUD informing her that the gas was flammable and could combust if care was not taken. Aviza weighed her options and looked around at the rest of her squad, the gas had not fully filled the bunker so the Orks weapon could be used against them, very carefully.

After adjusting the heavy flamer, she brought down the weapons intensity before poking the nozzle out of the bunkers slit in front of her and informed her squad to move back slightly and remove their weapon from the slots in the windows that they were firing from. Gently, she pulled the trigger of her weapon and eased into the strength of the heavy flamer, the gas suddenly ignited with a sweeping blaze of azure blue fire. Aviza had been quick enough to pull a lever so that the shutters on the outside of the bunker would swiftly close, keeping most of the inferno from entering the bunker and causing any trouble. A loud roar could be heard outside as the gas ignited before everything returned to the way it was, that was except for the wartrakk that still stood its ground.

The heavy flamer had now spent all of its fuel and was useless, Aviza tossed it behind her and grabbed the one rocket launcher that Vala had apparently not wanted to use. pushing the lever up to the position that would open the windows, Aviza prepared to fire as the Wartrackk came into view. Once the window was open enough, she pulled the trigger of the rocket launcher and watched as the rocket sailed towards its target and made direct contact with it in an awe-inspiring explosion that sent a shock wave across the ground, kicking up a good amount of mud and debris at the same time. The Wartrackk had taken a good amount of damage but had responded by firing its own rocket launchers at the bunker.

"Incoming!" yelled Aviza, quickly moving back from the open windows and taking cover behind some of the more heavily armored areas inside of the bunker. The concussive blast that traveled through the bunker was enough to knock out those who were not properly protected or prepared for such a thing. Thankfully, power-armor could easily protect its wearer from such a thing and Aviza had only been violently knocked forward a couple of feet and left a bit dazed for a few seconds.

Now, a good chunk of the bunker was missing, flaming debris were scattered around them and the Wartrackk was prepping to fire one more.
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