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The only answer Nergüi would receive, or would need, was the contentious fire from Aviza's Adrastus Bolt Caliver. With each round that was fired, one of the tech-priests from the Dark Mechanicus would be blown apart, sending flaming viscera flying through the air. Once the sound of bolter fire finely died down, the low hum from all the machines and electronics that flowed through the interior of the Titan could be heard once more. Aviza and Nergüi would extensively check the rest of the Titans internal weapons storage to find it completely void of any other hostiles, "That was all of them, my sensors are picking up no other movement or signs of life upon the Titan."

Kneeling down next to one of the deceased tech-priests that were in better condition than the others, Aviza motioned for Nergüi to run a quick medical scan of the heretic then to forward his findings to her. When all was said and done, there was no doubt that these tech-priests were indeed from the Mechanicus, for what reason they were inside of the Titan, still remained unknown. "We should head back to the rest of the retinue and report our findings to them."

Aviza took out a vibro-knife and cut something off of the tech-priest that they had recently scanned before putting it into one of her sealed containers for safe transportation and holding. Aviza knew their findings would have to be reported immediately back to Nova once they could reach an area with a strong and secure signal that others could not listen in on. That would have to be either outside of the warehouse or finding a position where the signal connected perfectly from inside. When they reached the docking hall that connected to the exterior of the Titan, the easily distinguishable sound of gunfire could be heard coming not far from their position.

Their coms would now work, and Aviza quickly made contact with Vala, "I hear gunfire not far from our position, we are heading to investigate the source." Aviza did not get a reply from Vala, but from Tech-priestess Malig, and remaining Skitarii as orders were give in a calm and relaxed tone, issuing fire upon the Orks and heavier firepower upon a shield of some sort. "Sounds like they need our help." said Aviza as she started to sprint back towards the control room before taking a sharp left and jumping over the railing. She would free-fall before landing feet first, letting her armor absorb the force of the impact.

There would be no time wasted, Aviza would sprint towards the sound of the gunfire and arrive a very short while after. Not only was the Tech-priestess there with her Skitarii, but also Herold and Psyker Adrianne. Raising her Adrastus Bolt Caliver once more, she fired upon the large ork. "Focus fire upon the Wire Boy!" yelled Aivza as she continued to dump rounds into the hostile Orks that were now apparently going into a blood-rage.
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The tunnel that connected to the Titan was filled with the sound of heavy fans that kept the air inside of it flowing, their low hum was an oddly comforting sound over the otherwise silent surroundings of the forge. The hall was roughly fifty feet long and illuminated with bright lights that were installed into the ceiling every few feet or so. Their white light bleached out most of the color of the hallway, giving it an eerie look. Half way through the hallway, Aviza would receive a message from Nova back at the Imperial guardsmen headquarters.

"Aviza? can you hear me? there is quite a bit of interference in the coms as of late, not sure what is causing it but I know it cant be anything good." Aviza was quick to reply, hoping Nova could hear her on the other end of the com. "I hear you well enough, we are currently heading into the Titan to investigate what is causing the interference and a number of other concerning occurrences." Nova quickly replied by saying "We made contact with Techpriestess Malig, she is leading a group of Skitarii and a number of Tech Guard to your location. There is also word of Ork movement in your area, at least that is what our sensors tell us, you could have more company heading in your direction shortly."

Aviza thanked Nova for the information and switched channels to inform the rest of her squad what was currently happening. "We have incoming Orks that are heading to our position, as well as friendly forces. From the control room, you should be able to control a number of heavy bolter turrets that are positioned around choke points that lead into the main area of the forge. Use them to take out the Orks and watch your fire for friendlies. I will contact you all again once there is more information to be had." With one swift movement, Aviza pulled open the large metallic door to the end of the hallway that lead into the Titan and quickly scanned the entry point for any hostiles.

There were none, at least that she could see at the moment. Suddenly, both Aviza and Nergüi's coms would be flooded with trash code and blasphemy that was seemingly being screamed at them from a source close by." Aviza flinched slightly and brought her weapon up, and aiming it forward into the darkness ahead. Her visor quickly turned on showing her a number of valuable things and enabling her to see everything in the dark with advanced night-vison and thermal sensors.

A message would show up in Nergüi's visor, the message would say "Hold fire untill squad leader engages, watch your aim inside of Titan to minimize damage." Stepping quietly forward, they would make their way further into the Titan, carefully rounding corners and checking every square inch of the Titan for anything out of the ordinary. Everything that was happening outside of the Titan was a mystery to both Aviza and Nergüi for now, since their coms were completely shut off from the outside world. For a while, all would remain the same, nothing stood out besides the strange messages that came through their coms every once in a while.

While rounding a corner near the internal weapon storage for the Titan, they would hear metalic footsteps upon the floor, there was quite a bit of hurried movement coming from inside the room they were near. Aviza took the right side of the door and motioned for Nergüi to take the left, Aviza motioned with her left hand that she would enter into the room first and Nergüi would follow very close behind her. There was most likely going to be a firefight so Aviza readied her weapon and would fire the first chance she saw anything hostile. The number ten would show up on Nergüi's visor and count down to the number zero, as soon as it did, Aviza would breach the room and use her training to shoot at their new enemy, The Dark Mechanicus. The darkness around them was lit up with the flashes of her bolter as round after round flew through massive area. For now, they did not fight back against the two of them, and merely scattered about in a panic like motion.

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