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I hope your day is as nice as your butt. <3
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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Shitposting that was, shitposting that is, and shitposting that has yet to come to pass.


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@Rithy IT IS NOW D:<
@Rithy You and I both D:
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@Rithy Naaaaa, I just really like Inkuyo!

From within the heavily armored Rhino, the sound of gunfire could still be heard through the vehicles thickly armored exterior. The shots that were fired from the damned were muffled to the point of where they sounded like distant pops. Thankfully, they did not currently have the firepower to actually do any significant damage to the Rhino. Remotely manning the duel heavy assault cannons that were mounted on top of the Rhino, Aviza carefully picked off hostile targets around both of the vehicles while avoiding friendly friend.

The low thundering hum of the duel heavy assault cannons filled the area around them with bright flashes of ember light. Red hot bullet shells rolled down either side of the vehicle and eventually found their way to the floor below the Rhino, forming an oddly neat pile of metal. Aviza's HUD showed the Rhinos ammunition count drop as she continued to cut down the heretics, there was still quite a bit of it left and the thought about running out did not cross the Sister of Battles mind.

After cutting down a group of the heretics in a shower of shredded viscera, the sound of Vala's voice came through her helmets com, recommending that they bring down part of the tunnel on top of the seemingly endless mass of the possessed civilians. "Negative, that could cause the whole tunnel to collapse or worse, hold your position and keep firing." said Aviza in a calm, steady voice. It was not a bad idea, Aviza gave her that, but there was a chance that the whole tunnel could collapse and bury them alive, along with a number of other issues that were highly plausible. It was at that moment that part of her HUD informed her that two of her squad mates had moved away from their vehicle, the Chimera.

Upon investigation, the vehicle showed heavy damage to the front of it, and would undoubtedly no longer move forward on its own. Opening her coms for her whole squad, Aviza now gave new orders to everyone. "The Rhino has enough power to push the Chimera into and through the wall of civilian vehicles in front of us. Second squad is ordered to leave the Chimera and filter into the Rhino immediately, squad one will provide cover fire until everyone is inside and safe. I am in control of the duel heavy assault cannons on the Rhino and will also provide heavy covering fire to insure everyone makes it. You have your orders, move immediately."

The heavy assault cannons opened up once more as another wave of heretics came around the corner behind the the group. The heavy buzz of their 12 combined barrels unleashing explosive rounds in a frenzy of fire and chaos cut through them with no effort. For now, there was a moment of silence, but Aviza knew that was going to be all to brief.

@Jbcool I love that movie. <3

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The server works again!
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