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Current Purity seals turn me on.
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∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ "Well, hello there stranger."
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I hope your day is as nice as your butt. <3
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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Shitposting that was, shitposting that is, and shitposting that has yet to come to pass.


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@Poi & @FireMoon You two are approved, please toss your character sheets into the characters tab.

I need to commission someone to do a portrait of my two main characters in WOW. (Andromedai Morgesntern my Bloodelf Pally - Aviza Azuremoon my Nightelf Warden.)
As the rules say, character sheet goes here, once approved it goes into the characters tab.
@Chev Please, just one for now.
I'm here, and yes this is still a thing! -waves-
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"Affirmative Ansgar, I will relay the information back to Andromedai immediately." said Nova, as she waved her hand over the control panel for the holographic map table they had all been gathered around a few hours earlier. "I can see your location and Aviza's location currently. Your two are actually not that far from each other." After a few seconds of silence, Nova came back onto the com, now speaking to Aviza and her team. "This is Nova back at the Imperium Headquarters, I just received word from Ansgar that the charges have been placed, they are currently heading towards their extraction point. You are all clear to detonate the charges, as soon as they blow, I will have our Valkyries strafe their targets then land for extraction."

Aviza was quick to respond, "Roger that Nova, if Ansgar and his team are in the clear then I am going to detonate the explosives in ten seconds, I do hope they will be ready for extraction once all of this is over. We are already at our extraction point and were waiting for their confirmation." Glancing over her left shoulder, she gave a slight nod to Adrianne and Nergüi. Opening her coms so that both squads could hear her, she started to count down from ten to zero. Once she reached zero, she pressed down upon a button on the surface of her data pad. Somewhere in the distance, an eruption of fire, light, and raw energy rose up in the evening sky. Nothing happened for a few seconds, but then the shock-wave from the explosion ripped through the city, breaking glass, kicking up dirt and debris, and drawing quite a bit of attention to its location. A number of secondary explosions went off, adding to the cacophony and chaos that flowed through the evening as day quickly turned to night.

The Valkyries had been sent out to strafe their targets as soon as Nova had detected the first explosion. It did not take them long to reach their destination, and when they did, the Orks that had been drawn to the explosion were easily wiped clean from the face of the planet. Swaths of them were cut down by automatic gunfire, decimating their ranks, causing those very lucky few who remained to flee. The Valkyrie gunships would do a couple of passes before breaking off and flying to their designated extraction zones where both squads were waiting for them. Each squad would hear a low roar in the distance as the gunships flew towards them, that roar growing much louder once they had arrived and touched down upon the asphalt below them.

Now seeing her squads Valkyrie, Aviza quickly ran up to the side of it and opened the cargo door. Thankfully, it was much more roomy than she had remembered it being. Aviza stepped inside, motioning for the rest of her squad to do the same and quickly took a seat. Once everyone was ready, she would close the outer door then tap the door that lead into the cockpit, letting the pilots know they were ready to move out. The VTOL aircraft would suddenly raise off the ground and start its short journey towards the Titan Forge. While on their way, Aviza would make contact with Ansgar and his squad, "Ansgar, are you and your squad on the Valkryie?"

Vala: You mean like how they look on strippers on the pole on halloween?

Personal experience? >=P

I will have a post up soon.

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