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I hope your day is as nice as your butt. <3
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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Shitposting that was, shitposting that is, and shitposting that has yet to come to pass.


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I am not new here on the forums but have been absent for over 6 months due to real life problems that I needed to take care of. I want to apologize to all those who were in my RP's around the time these arose. I feel bad for having to vanish, and seemingly ditch the RP's. The good news is that I have taken care of those issues and am now officially back. (I will be rebooting my Halo and Warhammer 40k RP shortly.)
Welcome to the party. \o/
(You need to make a character and then have it approved by the admins before you can join.)
@RangingWolf It is indeed, feel free.
A bit more interest and we can start. ^_^

I am aiming for [3 RP'ers on Sith/Imp] & [3 RP'ers on Jedi/Rep] but am flexible.

@Torack Thanks for joining! What faction will you be playing as?
@Archetype Zero Glad to have you. ^_^

“For decades, these computers have been plotting a journey. Outside the known galaxy is an unexplored infinity. One closed off by a labyrinth of solar storms, rogue magnetospheres, black holes, gravity wells, and things far stranger. Any who tried to conquer the maze did not survive. The ships were obliterated, or returned to the galaxy devoid of travelers. Communications from those explorers were incomprehensible, either shot through with such static as to make the content useless, or filled with enough inane babble to serve as a perfectly clear sign that the explorer had gone utterly mad out there in isolation." Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious about the Unknown Regions.

One year ago, the Imperials had sent a fully crewed BSX-5 Dreadnought known as the Amethyn into the far Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Their highly classified and dangerous mission was to explore this mostly unventured region of mystery and intrigue for anything that could prove useful for their forces. While their orders were mostly open ended, they had been informed to attempt to find new recruits to join their ranks. Three months into the journey though, all communications suddenly ceased, and the Amethyn vanished into the endless void of space.

Now one year later and much to the Imperials surprise, the Amethyn has reappeared near the inner wing of the Unknown Regions with a single message of distress being sent out across all channels, to both the Imperials and the Republic. This message that repeats itself over and over simply says "Unknown specimen recovered...We need immediate..." then fades to unintelligible static.

While the Imperials scramble a team to investigate the Amethyn and hopefully find out what has happened to the ship and her crew, the Republic is also forming a similar team in an attempt to reach the ship for their own reasons. You, are one of those that have been given the opportunity to take part in this highly important assignment, that must be carried out with the utmost delicacy. Will you accept to take part in this once in a life time opportunity, or will you let it pass and allow others to shape the galaxy?


Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in Star Wars: Beyond the Void. This RP will mostly take place near the inner wing of the Unknown Regions. As you can take from above, we will be heading to the BSX-5 Dreadnought known as the Amethyn to investigate the SOS, why the spaceship went silent, and why it vanished for a year after being active for only three months in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. While my story is more focused on the Sith Empire / Imperial side, I would actually like to have Republic and Jedi players join in as well.

If you are part of an Independent Faction, there are quite a few easy ways to get you into the RP, which we can discuss.

To avoid any confusion, I want to explain how I am going to manage having two stories running at once here. For the start of the RP, the Sith and Jedi forces will be separate from each-other. This is due to the fact that they are enemies, are departing from separate space-stations, and are arriving at the Amethyn at different times. The Sith / Imperials will be arriving first, hearing about the return of their ship, but the Jedi / Republic will arrive very shortly after. I will be handling this in two ways, either a split post that is half Sith then half Jedi, or I will handle this by appointing someone who would like to lead the Jedi party and basically become a co-gm. After the first part of the RP, both the Sith and Jedi will join forces due to reasons I will not spoil here.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the RP, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

Greetings, just your friendly Imperial Agent wanting to join in on the RP if you will have me!
Agent Aviza Niskaru
I am back and alive and healthy!

I want to greatly and sincerely apologize for my absence. I went though some life changes with some medical bullshit, that I am mostly done with.

Thankfully, I am back and 100% ready to get the RP moving again, if anyone is still interested?

Can I get a show of hands here please?

Once again, I'm sorry, really. =(
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