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The advanced HUD that was built into Aviza's ARGUS-class Mjolnir armor showed that the Mammoth was now nearing their position, they would hopefully be able to retreat to the vehicle shortly. "The Mammoth is almost in range, get ready to fall back into it and provide each other with covering fire." said Aviza her into helmets coms. As the massive vehicle approached, Aviza stayed in cover, still behind the G79H-TC/MA Pelicans right wing, only taking opportune shots at the sentinels with her MA5D when available. So far, they Sentinels were not posing much of a threat as the group was primarily working well together, of course the two ONI Spooks who had ran off in hopes of getting to the Mammoth first did not exactly fall under this. As Spartan Aviza's old instructor once said to her, the best way to learn is upon the field of battle, and the current situation reinforced that statement.

When Grikgar had yelled out for everyone to take cover, Aviza had already been safely positioned behind the Pelicans right wing, loading yet another clip into her MA5D Assault Rifle, but also getting ready to move out towards the rapidly approaching Mammoth. Thankfully, the EMP had no effect upon her suit, due to it having protection against such an attack. The shock-wave was felt, but due to the other attacks from the rest of her squad, was mostly drowned out. The low rumble from the Mammoth only grew with every second that passed, and Aviza had decided that it was now time for them to move to the M510. "Mammoth has arrived, everyone fall back and provide cover to the rest of the squad." said Aviza through her helmets coms as she stood up and away from the cover of the crashed Pelican.

Once the M510 Mammoth had reached them, the large door upon the rear of it opened, allowing them to enter while the automated rocket pods upon the vehicles exterior locked onto the remaining sentinels and fired volleys of their armament. Aviza was the first of her squad, separate from the ONI Spooks, to board the Mammoth and enter its vehicle and cargo bay. The Spartan turned around and made sure her squad had all entered, still alive and in one piece. "Is everyone alright? Any injuries that need to be tended to?" Asked Aviza.

“The number of Sentinels attacking us could grow if we do not tread carefully.” Said Aviza over her coms as she snapped to her left and picked another Sentinel before firing upon it. The Forerunner construct fell to pieces after a sustained burst of fire from her MA5D, littering the ground in debris, some of which was burning with a vibrant blue flame. There was a momentary pause in fire from Spartan Aviza as she quickly moved to the right side of the Pelican and took cover behind one of the wings that had dug itself into the ground. "Not that many left, keep firing upon them while I contact the Marines in control of the Mammoth." It was at the time that she noticed that the ONI Spooks were making a mad dash for the Mammoth in the near distance. "You two, get back here and stay in cover, now." Said Aviza in a much more commanding tone, different from her calm and collected voice. She would be responisble if the two were killed under her command, and expected everyone to follow her orders to the letter. After crouching down to give herself better cover, Aviza contacted the crew of the Mammoth and gave them orders, if they could not move to the Mammoth at the moment, the Mammoth would have to come to them. "Move the Mammoth to our position, most of the Sentinels have been destroyed and should pose much less of a threat at the moment." The Mammoth could easily hold its own against the Sentinels, due to the heavy weaponry and armor plating installed upon it.

Aviza had been listening intently upon every word that Shih spoke about Sarcophagus, clearly the A.I. would know more about the Forerunner construct than she, and learning about the environment they were about to land upon was very important for their mission. The loud mention of contacts from the Pelicans mains pilot interrupted the two of them. Aviza barely had time to lean forward and look out the front cockpit window before the Sentinels attacked them. Quickly leaning back into her seat, Spartan Aviza pulled the safety straps over her body and secured them tightly into place. She had seen and heard about members of vehicles, either ground or air, being tossed from their seats when being attacked and did not one to be one of those unlucky individuals. The Mjolnir armor would most likely protect her from a fall from most heights, though she was unsure if she would come out of such a predicament unscathed. "Brace for impact." said Aviza over her helmets coms in her normal calm and collected voice, as if nothing was out of the ordinary and this was a normal occurrence.

The jarring impact from the crash was enough to violently throw Aviza around in her seat, though thankfully the safety straps had saved her from much worse. "Is anyone injured?" asked Aviza as she removed the seats safety straps and stood up, grabbing onto the automatic rifle with the under-slung shotgun upon her back and prepping the weapon to fire. Spartan Lucas brought up a good point, if there was a swarm of these Sentinels, they would have a much more difficult time handling all of them. "If it is a swarm of these Sentinels, there is a chance we would take severe damage before we reached the Mammoth. These Forerunner defenses use energy beams that can make short work of armor, even more so for our squad-mates who are not in Mjolnir." said Aviza as she attempted to open the Pelicans rear door.

Once Tasuma said he would distract the enemy, Aviza stopped what she had been attempting to do and turned to face the Hunter. "I am unsure if your shield will hold up against their weaponry Tasuma, if we focus fire on targets, we may have better luck thinning their numbers to the point of where falling back to the Mammoth is possible." Aviza moved to the far right side of the Pelicans rear door and pushed a switch, thankfully the door still worked, albeit slowly while the sound of groaning metal filled its interior along with a few sparks.

The two Oni Spooks were the first out, and Aviza was directly behind them with her auto-rifle raised and already firing upon targets close enough to maximize damage. "Shih, where is the Mammoth currently located? What is the current number of Sentinels in the area? Everyone else, group up and do not give them easy targets to pick off." Asked Aviza, waiting to open fire at the current moment.

Spartan Aviza shrugged lightly with a soft smile across her face, she had found what Vael ‘Virisusai had said about the seats being to small for him to sit upon quite amusing. The Grunt he had made though, she was unsure if it was one of irritation, amusement, or something else. It was not important at the moment, none of what she had done was meant to be intentionally offensive, so the thought was dismissed. While Vael ‘Virisusai continued to speak to Aviza about the differences of leading a Squad of Ex-Covenant forces over a Squad of Humans, the serviceman who had been dishing out orders of food approached the table with Aviza's club sandwich.

The plate it sat upon was of the same materiel her mug was made out of, something that looked like pewter, but clearly wasn't. "Your club sandwich, Spartan Aviza, is there anything else?" said the man as he placed the plate down in front of her. "Thank you, that is all I require." said Aviza before the man nodded his head once then turned back to the kitchen to deliver more orders. Aviza looked over the contents of her sandwich to make sure they had gotten everything correct, thankfully they had and she would not have to go have it remade.

Picking up her food with both of her hands, she took a bite out of it while listening intently to Vael ‘Virisusai. Once he had finished, Aviza spoke in her calm and collected voice, "I understand Vael, I will be sure to give out detailed orders before our mission, and during it. While I understand your worry, I assure you that I will be able to handle wrangling our fellow troops." Aviza had taken another bite out of her food and was chewing when Grikgar returned with a massive plat of food. "That, could be a problem." thought Aviza to herself, she quickly finished her bite and swallowed before speaking.

"Hey Grikgar, maybe starting with a sampler would be a good idea before ..." Grikgar had already begun digging into his food, scarfing everything down like a mobile garbage disposal. When he had his reaction to the ghost pepper, Aviza covered her face with the palm of her left hand and shook her head back and forth a couple times with a sigh. She would then quickly drink the rest of her coffee and finish off the rest of her Club Sandwich, wanting to get a move on.
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"You have a valid point Vael, we may not get another chance to discuss the mission, since time is indeed limited." said Aviza, all the while looking at up the Sangheili who had oddly decided to stand across from her, and not take a seat like she had. "I just remember the Major instructing us to not speak about mission sensitive details while in public areas, but perhaps we can bend the rules slightly for the moment being, due to how important the matter is." Aviza leaned slightly forward in her seat, repositioning herself to be more comfortable before continuing. "What aspects of the mission would you like to discuss, Vael?" As soon as Spartan Aviza had finished speaking, one of the ships crewmen who had been assigned to the mess hall for that morning walked over to their table and set down a plate with Aviza's coffee, which was inside of a metal mug, and a small cup of creamer to be used as she saw fit. Wasting no time, she thanked the man before pouring a bit of the creamer into her coffee and stirring it with the spoon she had been provided. "Are you going to take a seat or stay standing like that for the whole conversation?" inquired Aviza, before taking a sip of her coffee.

"I'm sure that you and the others heading to the War Games deck will have a good time as well, by the way, I would appreciate it if you would call me Aviza and not Fire Team Leader." said Aviza with a slight nod of her head. She would then turn back to Spartan Lucas Ryker and the rest that were heading to the simulation before walking off in the opposite direction with those who had decided to join her in the Mess Hall. "Once we are done grabbing something to eat and drink, I am going to head to my personal quarters to drop off a few personal items, then I may even go observe the War Games taking place, if they are still going on of course." The fact that she could silently observe her team while they were fighting inside of the Simulator drew interest for Aviza, not only because she could do so without them knowing, but also because it would give her the chance to see some of her team in combat before they deployed.

"I wonder what kind of food they have supplied on the Chorus of Thunder." said Aviza to no one in particular as they continued to walk through the corridors of the ship, she did not really care but was more curious about what they would have access to. This thought lingered for a few more moments before it was interrupted by Vael ‘Virisusai addressing Spartan Aviza. The Swords of Sangheilios commander explained that he was concerned about the fact that they were most likely not going to be able to train sufficiently as a unit before the mission.

Aviza was quite aware of this, and decided that now was as good a time to speak about such concerns. "I share your concerns Vael, I would also prefer getting in actual training with all members of Aegis, perhaps the War Games is a good substitute? Back when I was still a Marine in the UNSC, my old instructor use to say that the best way to train was to be upon the field of battle. Maybe that was true back then in someways but now, doing so allows to much room for failure, and with whats at stake, it is entirely unacceptable."

As they reached the Chorus of Thunder's Mess Hall, Aviza cut the conversation short, there were quite a few people inside of it and she felt talking about their mission outside of a private area was inappropriate, who knew what kind of curious individuals could be ease dropping on them. "We will handle this later, when there is more privacy, but for now let us focus on what we came here for." said Aviza in her calm and collected voice. They were undoubtedly a sight that stood out like a flood infector form upon Earth, which she had read about happening many years back. "Let's just get in line and try not to draw to much attention to ourselves." Aviza would walk to the back of the line that had formed in the Mess Hall, thankfully it was moving surprisingly fast.

[Club Sandwich - Extra Protein - Bacon - No Mayo] + [Drink: Coffee with creamer] was the order Aviza punched in, before stepping back and allowing the rest of those who had followed her to order whatever they would like. "I'm going to go find us an empty table to sit down at." said Aviza before taking her leave and attempting to do just that.

One was identified in the far corner of the Mess Hall, there were a few other vacant tables around it which made it perfect for what they needed. Spartan Aviza swiftly moved to it and sat down, giving a slight wave to let those who had joined her that she had found a table, and that they could join her once they had ordered their meals.

"Captain Leroux, if I may speak with you in private, that would be appreciated, I have something I would like to run past you." The Captain would nod his head once, then motion with his left hand for Aviza to follow him to one side of the conference room, far away enough so that no one could hear them. The two of them could be seen talking, holding a conversation that appeared silent for any who were observing. This would continue for a short while until the Captain and Aviza would shake hands, though the Spartan now had a rare smile across her face. She would then place her helmet back onto her head and secure it into position as the two of them went their own separate ways.

"I'm heading to the Pelican." announced Aviza to anyone that cared to listen as she departed the conference room, she wanted to be one of the first onboard. When she arrived, Aviza would enter through the back of the Pelican, walking up the ramp and into it. From there, she would take one of the many vacant seats, and strap herself in for the ride up to the Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser, UNSC Chorus of Thunder.

The view of the Earth becoming smaller and smaller from the D77-TC Pelican was something that always created a rush of emotion inside of Aviza, part of it was joy, part of it was sadness, mixed with many others. This time was no different, and Aviza peered out the back of the Pelican at the spectacle.

Once they had arrived at the UNSC Chorus of Thunder and touched down inside of its hanger, Aviza quickly stood up and moved to the rear of the Pelican, stepping down the ramp and out into the hanger itself. Being inside of a Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser was something Aviza was not use to, she spent most of her time on the UNSC Infinity or a UNSC Phoenix-class colony ship. This was obviously much smaller, but she could adjust, "At least we have our own personal rooms." thought Aviza to herself as she peered around the interior of said hanger.

It dawned upon her that she had not had anything to eat or drink for the last twenty four hours, and finding the ships mess-hall sounded like her top priority at the moment. "I have to admit, I am quite hungry and thirsty, I'm heading to the mess hall if anyone would like to join me?" announced Aviza, while looking over a highly detailed local map of the UNSC Chorus of Thunder upon her personal data-pad.

Shield World 006, sometimes known as Sarcophagus but more commonly known as ONI Research Facility Trevelyan had become partly-common knowledge among some of the UNSC. Aviza remembered hearing about the joint UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios Onyx United Research Project and that it contained a growing settlement with a population in the thousands. A few scenarios as to why the Brutes and or Rebels would want to attack such a colony that was undoubtedly heavily protected ran through the Spartans mind, perhaps it was for the Forerunner technology that was undoubtedly being integrated into humanities own, to create unrest among the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios as had been suggested, or for some other unknown reason.

Regardless their reasons, the fact that they would be traveling to Shield World 006 drew great interest for Spartan Aviza. From her knowledge, Shield World 006 was the largest Forerunner creation known to the galaxy, and being able to explore such a place caused a small flare of excitement. The mention of Remnant forces was oddly something Aviza had not considered until the moment, but then decided that if the Remnant had indeed carried out the most recent assaults, they would have been much more clean, precise, and well executed. The Remnant were more of a threat than the brutes, in all areas, and fighting them would prove quite a challenge.

The Unggoy known as Grikgar had broken the chair he had be leaning back in, but had also brought up very good points that she had somehow over looked for the time being. He was correct, if the Brutes were as hungry as they appeared to be, why would there have been human corpses laying about? Clearly, Grikgar was much more intelligent than his fellow Unggoy, the thought of Yap Yap the Destroyer ran through her mind but was quickly pushed back at the mention of the flood. Aviza had heard of the Flood, seen videos and images of them, and even fought against simulations of them in War-Games but fighting them first hand was nothing she had experienced, and in all honestly, was not something she ever wanted to do. Thankfully though, Vael ‘Virisusai explained that it was impossible for the Flood to be on Shield World 006.

What happened next came as a surprise to Spartan Aviza Morgenstern, she knew Vael ‘Virisusai and Major Robinson were in command of Team Aegis, but being selected as the Fire Team Leader caught her off guard. Still with her calm and collected demeanor, Aviza responded by standing then giving a momentary firm but crisp salute. "It is my honor to not only be chosen as Fire Team Leader but also to work with the Swords of Sanghelios, I will carry out my orders in the best interest of the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios as a whole." Once she was finished speaking, Aviza would grab onto her helmet with her left hand, assuming that they would be departing very shortly.

It was in Aviza's belief that the Human members of Aegis Team would be lead by a human fire team leader, while the ex-covenant team members would be lead by Vael ‘Virisusai. All while staying in communication with each other. This assumption was based off the fact that she had seen such practices be put into use through her lengthy career with the UNSC. Though, times were changing and perhaps she had been mistaken in her assessment. Aviza knew she could easily adapt to what was being requested of her and her fellow humans, and would follow orders swiftly and to the letter regardless if they came from a human or Sangheili. There was a want to comment on this bit of information, though she decided to ask her questions when appropriate, and allow the briefing to continue.

With the arrival of Captain Leroux, Aviza would swiftly salute the man then return to her comfortable position, though now crossing her left leg over her right and leaning back in her seat. The captains inquiry had caused Aviza to nod her head once at the man, but this was apparently unnecessary, Major Robinson had responded for them once again. Spartan Aviza hoped this was not going to become a common occurrence, she was plenty capable of responding on her own to any questions that found themselves pointed at her. Perhaps Major Robinson just wanted to get the briefing moving, perhaps she felt above the rest who were present, there was no way to tell why she had done this. The thought was quickly pushed out of her mind though, as Captain Leroux addressed the A.I. known as Shih, informing her to begin the detailed briefing.

Holographic images of two CS-class battle-cruisers and one SDV-class heavy corvette suddenly appeared in the middle of the table, Aviza leaned forward slightly to get a better look at them while Shih began explaining the current situation at hand. She had not heard of the Brute war chieftain Brakabus or his clan before, but she knew all to well what fighting those giant ape Berserkers was like, and they were no push over. The fact that they had only only raided easy targets over the last five years did not add up, Brutes were more aggressive than that, perhaps this one was playing it safe at the moment? A few scenarios ran through Aviza's mind while she remained paying close attention to all that was being said.

Once Shih had finished with the briefing, Aviza saw her opportunity to ask a number of important questions that she had been holding onto in the back of her mind. Once more in her calm and collected voice, she spoke. "Major Robinson, you said that we will be part of a Swords of Sanghelios team? I have absolutely no problem with this but I was under the assumption that the the Human members of Aegis Team would be lead by a human fire team leader, while the ex-covenant team members would be lead by Vael ‘Virisusai? Perhaps I am mistaken in this? As for Brute war chieftain Brakabus and his clan, the fact that weapons with the clans distinctive markings upon them were found at the colony may suggest that they have been trading with the rebel group for a while now. It is even possible that the rebel group attacked the colony. Do we have any information on what kind of numbers and firepower both hostile groups have?"
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