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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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As many times as Aviza had sat upon her bed and watched the stars shift elegantly as if alive through her viewing window, she would always find herself adrift with her own mind. Today was no different, her duties had been completed for the time being and once more found herself wanting to reflect upon her past. The tranquil infinite of space was a simple way to do so. It always listened intently, never spoke back, never questioned or judged her, was always there, and would remain to be long after Earth and humanity had vanished.

So lost in her mind, Aviza had not noticed the first ring from the door to her personal quarters. The second ring did manage to pull her from her semi-unconscious state of mind, though. Standing up slowly and carefully, she walked over to the light switch next to the door, gently pressing down upon its surface. Aviza's personal quarters illuminated with a soft but warm light, what she was most comfortable with. Pressing a button near the light switch, the door slid open with an almost inaudible hiss. Now standing in front of her was one of the ships ONI Operatives, the woman made direct eye contact with the Spartan before speaking in her normal, emotionless tone.

"Spartan Commander Aviza Morgestern, by orders of Captain Nickolas Colistis, you are ordered to report to the command deck of the ship with the rest of your squad while fully mission ready. The armory is aware of your arrival and will be ready to assist you. Thank you for your time, ma'am." The ONI Operative would salute Aviza before quickly turning and leaving the Spartan to herself. Aviza had heard the Captains announcement and was aware of when the Celestian made the slip space jump, but was not expecting to be called to active duty so quickly. She was guessing they would have twelve hours to a day to prepare, but it was clear the Captain wanted to get their assignment moving.

Within a few moments, Aviza had managed to take a shower, perform other daily tasks, be in the outfit all Spartans wore under their armor and heading directly towards the armory where her Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Argus [GEN2] and other equipment was waiting. Her chosen set of armor came from the highly secretive ONI division known as Watershed. Not even she knew much about the Watershed division, but was right out denied any other information she already had about them. It was better to not ask any questions, even more so when it was ONI, and merely be thankful for the chance to use such a suit of armor.

Getting into armor these days went much more smoothly and quickly, compared to the old days. New technology was to thank, along with better training and better armor. Aviza found herself fully equipped and mission ready in less than five minutes, which was a new record for herself and the team that helped her. They had brought this up to Aviza after she had finished, informing her that hopefully they could make the process even shorter with given time. The thought was a welcomed one, the faster the better, it would mean they would be able to fully gear Spartans and get them out into the field of battle much quicker, with obvious results.

Moving with a purpose, Aviza dodged passed fellow shipmates that crowded the halls of the Celestian. It appeared everyone on the ship had an assignment of their own before they arrived at the Erathellian system. This was no surprise, the magnitude of the assignment had said enough to really push everyone. It would not take long for Aviza to find the ships main lift, a large and heavily decorated elevator that had enough room in it to hold a few M12 Warthogs and their crew. Stepping inside, Aviza noticed that a number of normal UNSC marines were also on the lift, but these were pilots. Most likely on their way to the hanger, quite a few floors above them. As soon as the doors shut, the lift quickly ascended the multiple levels of the Celestian, gently coming to a stop at the main hanger. The UNSC pilots saluted Aviza before stepping off the lift and disappearing into the crowds of fellow soldiers who were all carrying out their own duties. The door would shut once more, now quickly taking Aviza to the command deck of the ship.

Whenever she visited the Command deck, Aviza took into account how different it looked and felt from the rest of the ship. Its design was much more clean and sleek looking. Instead of being brightly illuminated like most of the ship, this area was actually quite dark. Computers and monitors lined a good amount of its open space, all being manned by personnel who had received intensive training and knew exactly what they were doing. In the middle of the room was a massive holographic table that could be used to show all types of important information. Of course, this level of the ship had the best view, one that Aviza never got tired of seeing. From here, you could see most of the ship and most of its surroundings. Standing on a glass viewing platform overlooking the vast emptiness of space or whatever planet they were in orbit above, was something special to behold.

"Spartan Commander Aviza Morgenstern, welcome to the command deck of the Celestian." Captain Colistis approached Aviza, offering a hand which the Spartan Commander carefully shook. "You are the first of your squad to arrive, which is nothing new." The captain flashed Aviza a quick smile before moving over to the large holographic table in the middle of the room. It currently showed the Erathellian Solar System in great detail. "I hear the rest of your squad will be here shortly. Once they arrive, I will explain the situation at hand and what our mission is in whole. Though just between you and I, Alyn chose to accompany you while on this mission. She has shown interest in doing so in the past but this time, I am allowing it. Having an AI merge with your armor systems can be disorienting at first, but I am sure you will have no problem adjusting to it. Just keep in mind that in a way, there are two of you in there now and I expect you both to watch other for each other." Aviza nodded her head once in acknowledgement. The fact that the ships advanced AI had chosen her to assist upon missions came as a surprise, even more so that the Captain allowed it this time around. "I understand sir, I have no doubt we will get along just fine. It is an honor to have such an advanced AI hand pick me." said Aviza, taking a few steps forward, placing her hands upon the large holographic table in front of her. For some reason, Alyn had not commented on the situation, but Aviza knew she was listening.
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