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I hope your day is as nice as your butt. <3
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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Shitposting that was, shitposting that is, and shitposting that has yet to come to pass.
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Stories are much tidier than real life. Stories have neat, happy endings, but all you ever really get is unfinished business.
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Well... =[

@Rithy I may just stick with that typo and use it as her nickname. x3
As soon as Adrianne walked back into the command room, Aviza had her eyes locked on the blood soaked Psyker. "Psykey Adrianne, would you mind explaining to me why you are soaked in blood?" There was a momentary pause before the Sister of Battle spoke once more. "Don't' answer that, it's better if I do not know." said Aviza, turning back to the holographic command table in front of her. After bringing up an image of the surrounding city, Aviza pointed key locations where anti-aircraft cannons were located. "Here is the situation at hand, the Orc Warboss leading the assault upon Tarson is known as Gutwrencha. He was last seen here, trying to break into the Titan foundry." Aviza pointed at the foundary in the middle of the city with the index finger of her left hand.

"Our guess is that he wants to acquire or destroy the Titan within. The issue is that we cannot reach for forge on foot for a number of reasons, first off being that the Orcs have created a barricade to keep us out, beyond that there are a number of traps that have been laid and it is also being watched by mortar teams. The only way to get to the forge is by Valkyrie but the Orks also have full control of the anti-aircraft weapons in the city. This is where we come in, as a team we will head to each of the Orc anti-aircraft cannons and mark them. Once they are marked, we will return to the command center and the Basilisk Artillery Guns will take care of destroying them. Our next move will be to take a Valkyrie and arrive at the foundary, then use its defenses against the Orc horde, hopefully pushing them back and giving us enough time to find something of use against the Warboss."

Aviza paused and turned to her squad, "There is one more thing though, Strike Cruiser Erathell has departed from the star system to regroup and gather additional support, they will return within a week. In the meantime, we have officer living quarters to use untill that time comes, are there any questions?"
I just woke up D:
Unless my motherboard starts to derp. x_x

Anyway... - (Steam is having a huge WARHAMMER Sale.)

I will have a post up today.
@Eisenhorn@Mega Birb No idea what to write for an intro post? D:
I shall have a post up today, I promise. =3
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