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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Aviza nodded her head once lightly at Roy, "I appreciate it, going to work on getting our teams set up here in a moment, I'll make sure you get a Spartan escort." Apparently, a few of the squads members from both factions had forgotten their place among rank and felt it acceptable to give their own orders and do whatever they wanted without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Aviza was not about to let that happen, and quickly attempted to rectify the problem before everyone started running in different directions, ending up with a critical mission failure or someone getting killed. "Belay all orders, get back here and hold this position until I say otherwise, that means you as well Grikgar." Aviza was becoming frustrated with some of her squads behavior and would have to have a strong word with each of these individuals once there was sufficient time. Now was clearly not the moment for such a talk, Aviza knew she had very little time left to plan out how they were going to handle the two split paths ahead and formed a battle plan, giving out orders once more. "I am setting up two teams with a good balance of skills so that they can handle whatever they may find down either path." began Aviza, "My squad will consist of our new pilot, Yalu, Rex, and the two ONI agents I will not split up. We will be taking the left path into the facility. The second team will consist of Vael, Ben, Grik, and Ryker, and Tas who will take the right. Ryker and Ben, if you find the communications center before us, I expect either of you to be able to interact with its interface, we did learn how to do such in training. Will this be an issue for either of you to do?"
The main residential area of Dalenarth had been built and designed for maximum comfort, grandiose and opulent, all expected upon a pleasure planet. These structures that held those lucky enough to find themselves residing upon a garden world, still retained the common gothic arcatexture that was on so many other worlds of the Imperium. Within the middle of this residential area, surrounded by lush vegetation that was rarely seen anywhere else, was the Silvanus Garden. A monument and attraction upon the world, this garden stretched out for many miles in every direction, giving those who entered it peace and privacy, without the worry of someone intruding. While this was an area of relaxation, once Andromedai and her retinue had touched down at the Aquila Arch, those who were intelligent enough had fled back into their homes or merely ignored their presence.

For the moment, nothing felt out of the ordinary, but Celestian Andromedai knew the calm before the storm would only last so long before the forces for Chaos presented themselves and the area, planet, system, was tossed into a full out war. The built in HUD of Andromedai's helmet was showing detailed information about their first target of interest, Aphillia Tamiya, who was currently nearby. According to the information, she was with another person, and no others were near these two individuals. It was decided that this other individual was most likely her partner, and that they were out trying to enjoy the afternoon in the Silvanus Garden. Andromedai frowned slightly, she was not one for such affectionate activities.

"Multiple psychic auras could indeed suggest unsanctioned psykers, or the presence of additional Chaos forces." said Andromedai into her com as she began to walk towards their first objective. For someone in such a heavy suit of power armor, her steps and movement were surprisingly quiet, something she had learned to perfect. It would not take them long to find Aphillia Tamiya and her partner, who were sitting upon a stone bench looking over some sort of book together and enthusiastically chatting about its contents. Andromedai purposely place a heavy foot upon the ground, announcing their arrival to the two who glanced over in their direction. Their looks of enjoyment had instantly faded upon seeing the retinue, now being replaced with one of fear and concern.

"I do hope we are not intrupting your time out in this beautiful garden." said Andromedai, in an emotionless and dead tone as she took a few more steps and approached the two figures. "Aphillia Tamiya, my Inquisitorial retinue and myself have questions to ask you and your partner. It is in the best our your interest to answer quickly and honestly, I would hate to stain the surroundings with the blood of the corrupted. Then again, I think the plants in this park could use some fertilizer." After placing her left hand upon the hilt of her Phase Sword, and lightly gripping onto it, Aphillia spoke, stuttering over her words as she tried to form them. "Inquisitor, I do not know what I have done but I will answer any and all questions you have. Please, just let my partner leave, he has nothing to do with this, I..." Her partner has stood, and Andromedai unsheathed the phase sword and had it pointed an inch away from the mans neck in one swift movement.

Nothing else was needed, the man slowly sat down, arms raised above his head as he did so, now sweating profusely. "No one is going anywhere, any more sudden movements and both of you will be lacking heads. Now, you said he had nothing to do with this, which means you do know something? I want to know what happened two weeks ago at the gathering below the Aquila Arch. There was reports of Chaos activity at that same spot only a few hours before." Aphillia had turned a pale white, though her replies were clear and easy to understand. I had been invited from a friend, Misalea Endlia. A wealthy neighbor of mine, even for a garden world such as this. She said we were meeting to talk about the future of the system, and some people who were going to make it a better place. I thought someone would want to know what was going on, and decided to attend. They, she said that it would be under the arch, and that many others would be attending. When we arrived, my husband and I, with many others, she appeared differently, like ... a mirage in the distance upon a hot day."

Andromedai had remained stoic and purposeful while the woman spoke, her phase sword still in hand and ready for any movement from the two. "A mirage..." She glanced back at Psyker Adrianne, and said "A Chaos illusion, I have seen them before when someone or something wants to hide their appearance." She then looked back at the two sitting in front of her, and told Aphillia to continue with her story. "She was not human then, not exactly human, she was humanoid though, just overly ... voluptuous?" The woman crossed her arms over her chest and sunk slightly into a slouching position, thinking she had maybe said to much. "And then what happened?" asked Andromedai, making a threatening movement with her phase sword for the woman to continue. She held firm eyecontact with Andromedai, and did so swiftly. "She said we were held back by our false god emperor, that the old gods of ... Emperor protect me, Slaanesh and Tzeentch would lead us to such wonders unbeknownst to any mortal mind."

"A demoness presented herself in public, in the open, and used these words to those present, and no one said anything to any of the local forces? Are you aware what this makes all of you?" asked Andromedai, before she spoke into the com of her helmet so only her squad could hear her. "This is one bold Demoness, and we now know that Slaanesh and Tzeentch are present within this system." Aphillia cringed, as if in pain, her husband looked as if he was going to pass out, then she spoke once more to respond. "We were all scared, terrified that they would just kill us all or even worse! I have a family to take care of, most of us do, we did not mean to cause any trouble or harm." Andromedai held up her right hand to silence the woman, who quickly did so. "Your actions, and those who were present may have damned this entire system to the forces of Chaos. A swift death would be a mercy from me to you and your partner, but I am not as vengeful as most. You will remain in this position until the local forces apprehend you, do you understand?" asked Andromedai, the two of them nodded their heads in understanding.

"Good, now if I find you two have moved from this position, I will show you that there are things much, much worse than death or mere torture." Andromedai spoke into her com, contacting Aviza. "Send the local forces to my current position on highest priority, the two of them are to have the last three weeks mind-wiped then returned to their homes with a cover story. Aviza responded, "Yes Celestian Andromedai, I am contacting them now with your orders. The next target is nearby, oddly, watch yourself out there." Andromedai turned and walked, expecting her retinue to follow her to the next target of opportunity.

Instead of following the path through the man made forest, Andromedai made her own trail and found her way to the next target who was on their list. "Our next target is Jyestha Minda, a woman who stands out among a crowd, check your hud or data pad for more information." The image of said woman would suddenly appear, she was very pale and had large dark brown eyes that bordered on black. As before, Celestian Andromedai was the first to find their target, and seemed to do so before Jyestha knew they had arrived. Unlike the other target though, this one was standing, and in front of a large statue of something that should not have been there, a statue of Khorne. The woman turned around and looked at the retinue, she merely stared at them with a dead, emotionless face before suddenly exploding with such force that it sent the power armored Celestian flying quite a distance away and into a tree that almost broke in half from the impact.

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"I only have minor injuries from the blast and the following fall, give me a moment to tend to my head trauma and we can move out towards our objective." said Aviza as she reached for the advanced medical kit upon her left hip. Once she had it within her grip, it was gently placed upon the ground and then opened. A soft hiss followed, informing her that everything within was sterile and ready to be used. Aviza sorted through its contents, finding what she needed for the bleeding from her head, some soft cloth with a coagulation agent upon it. Once pressed upon her head, the cloth felt oddly cool, soothing, even comforting, and was quickly absorbing the blood from the cuts upon her scalp and face.

To some, seeing a Spartan hold a thick white cloth upon her face and head would appear comical, but the piece of medical equipment was doing what it was deigned for. "Give me a few more seconds with this." said Aviza, though her voice was muffled due to the cloth. After another short moment, Aviza would lower the cloth from her head and face before tossing it over her left shoulder. The medical kit was sealed once more, and reattached to her left hip before Aviza carefully moved to her feet.

"That should hold for a few hours before I need to actually tend to my injuries." Aviza stumbled for a moment, catching herself upon Spartan Rykers left shoulder with her right hand. "I'm fine, just getting my bearings once more." Aviza smirked at her fellow squadmate before putting on her helmet once more, and quickly moving down the ramp and into the complex with her MA5D assault rifle at the ready. "Moving into the complex, stay with me and watch your corners. We are to take the rebel leader alive, so do not use any lethals." Aviza expected her squad to by her side within an instant and ready for whatever came next.

After the banshees fuel rod cannon had founds its mark, all that followed until the point of Aviza making impact near the crashed Phantom had been little more than a blur to her. The world still spun around Aivza while her vision slowly returned, the gray haze fading away, reveling that she was now looking up at the artificial night sky above. The HUD within the helmet of her GEN2 Argus-class Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor had somehow remained fully functional, even after impact.

The Cyan overlay showed that she had flown quite a distance from the tower she had been set up upon, and that Shih was thankfully unharmed. Aviza let out a sigh of relief at that, if something had happened to Shih, neither the UNSC or ONI would take kindly to it. That was the good news at least, her suits systems informed her that the blast from the fuel rod cannon and the impact, had inflicted a number of injuries upon her, none were apparently life threatening.

[Left Arm Sprain - Left Arm Fracture In Shaft of Humorous - Bruising In Left Rib Cage - Bleeding From Head - Ultramoprh Administered For Pain] Aviza decided that she was lucky enough to still be in one piece after being hit, or at least assuming she had been hit from a Fuel Rod Cannon blast. The one injurie that concerned her the most was the fracture in the left arm, though with her advanced medical kit and some free time she would be able to mend that.

Putting some weight upon her right arm, she pushed herself up into a sitting position, feeling the numbness from the ultramoprh taking effect very quickly. Her HUD informed her that friendly forces were converging upon her position, she was thankful for that, and managed to greet them with a slight wave of her right hand. Vael was the first to arrive, with the rest of her squad, and the new comer who promptly reached for her injured arm and began gently shaking it.

At the same time, Spartan Ryker removed Aviza's helmet, the cool night air felt refreshing upon her exposed skin. Though the feeling of warm blood running down her face and matting some of her short black hair to her head pulled her away, and back to the matter at hand. "Please stop shaking my injured arm before you cause more damage, yes I can hear you and yes I am fully operational. I am hyped up on enough drugs to melee a hunter in close quarters combat." Aviza smiled at that last comment, feeling a bit high from the drugs in her system.

"I am aware you are under heavy fire, about to resolve that problem for you." said Spartan Aviza as she adjusted herself and took very careful aim at the Golden armored Brute that was assaulting Tar. Slowing her heart rate with the breathing exercises she had learned back in training, Aviza aligned the cross-hairs of her sniper rifle upon the Brutes head, before squeezing the trigger, and releasing the shot. The fifty caliber round left the barrel of the sniper rifle and flew towards its target, striking the golden armored Brute in the head. His head, and most of the Brutes upper body would explode into a fine red mist while the other half of the body fell to the ground near Tar, hopefully missing her.

"Hostile Brute is down, providing more cover fire from my position." said Aviza, though before she could reposition herself, her armors sensors informed her that a particular Banshee was now lining up for a shot at either her or the tower she was hiding upon. The aircrafts heavy fuel rod cannons had already fired upon her before she had the chance to climb or jump from the tower, resulting in an explosion that threw the spartan from a great height, and at tremendous speed into the distance where the crashed Phantom was.

If anyone had been paying attention, they would have noticed Aviza fly through the air following the explosion, and land upon the ground roughly ten meters from the crashed drop ship. The impact of the heavily armored figure would create a loud thud, followed by a cloud of dirt and debris that hung in the air for a while afterwards. It would obscure anyone from seeing if Aviza was still alive or in one piece.
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Having broken off from the rest of her squad, Spartan Aviza moved to higher ground. Climbing one of the Forerunner towers untill she reached a flat enough surface where she could perch herself and set up a sniper nest. From her newly acquired vantage point, Aviza was able to give her squad full overwatch of the field of battle below. The hybrid muzzle flash hider and silencer that she had installed onto the end of her SRS99-S5 AM proved to be an invaluable addition to her collection of attachments as Aviza picked off high value targets from great distances, causing panic and chaos to those who were around their leader when their head ceased to exist. While doing so, she kept a close eye on her squad, having Shih constantly give her updates on their whereabouts and how she could best assist them. Targets were marked, and subsequently taken out shortly there after, either giving breathing room for Aegis below or helping cut down upon the enemy number.

What broke Aviza's concentration was the appearance of a Phantom, though this one was firing upon the other hostile vehicles, and was being fired upon in return. Shih was quick to inform Spartan Aviza that the Phantom was friendly, and would be heading towards their location shortly with reinforcements. The friendly Phantom would then be highlighted for her convenience. This Phantom did not stay airborne for long though as a barrage of rockets collided with the drop ship, causing bright flashes of light to illuminate the night and field of battle around it. Aviza watched as the Phantom slammed down violently on the far side of the roof of the complex, though thankfully her position already gave her an advantage. Enemy forces immediately began to swarm in the direction of the crashed Phantom, hoping to either kill or capture anyone left from the crash.

The mention of possible survivors from Yalu made Aviza quickly open her coms, she was about to speak when Spartan Lucas Ryker beat her to it. Once he had finished speaking, Aviza would follow up with a comment of her own. "I will provide cover from my position, if there are any wounded at the crash sight, I can be there shortly to stabilize anyone in need." Were there any survivors, it was very likely there would also be wounded. While she would have rather been along side Spartan Lucas Ryker's side, she was more useful at her current position for the moment being. This was proved all the more true when friendly forces did emerge from the crashed Phantom, and were immediately engaged from the hostiles that had been forming upon the crashed drop ship.

"Watch yourself out there Ryker, I will be firing rounds close to your position." said Aviza as she made the correct adjustments for distance and wind-barring upon her sniper rifle. To prove this point, Aviza took careful aim at a Brute that was now charging Spartan Lucas, and was shortly within melee arms distance to him before its upper half torso and everything else connected to it ceased to exist.

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