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I hope your day is as nice as your butt. <3
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"I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there." - Captain Alessio Cortez, Crimson Fists.
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Shitposting that was, shitposting that is, and shitposting that has yet to come to pass.


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@POOHEAD189 I am sorry for you loss buddy, take all the time you need. =(
@POOHEAD189 You too, buddy!
@JbcoolThat would be appreciated, thanks.
@Rithy That's a very very bold statement Rithy. D:
No worries, just waiting on @JBcool
"Eh, it's the whispers of the warp. The barrier to the immaterium is weakening in the proximity of the ritual, allowing the voices from beyond to reach through."

Adrianne's reply was devoid of any actual information that the Sister of Battle did not already know. She felt as if the Psyker was purposely avoiding informing her of who this Zirael actually was. Aviza figured this was either for her own protection or for some other reason. Aviza was quick to point this out to the Psyker, "That is not what I asked you Psyker Adrianne, I directly asked you who this Zirael is and how they or it tie into all of what is happening around us." Aviza's eyes narrowed behind the visor of her helmet, glaring back at the Psyker who was apparently more than she appeared to be. They would have to talk about this later, but for the moment, they all had some mission planning to discuss.

"I agree with taking a side tunnel to flank the heretics, while at the same time avoiding their main force, is the best option for the situation. As stated, there should be less Chaos in those tunnels. Perhaps we could even quickly and quietly eliminate those hostiles in the tunnels, avoiding unwanted attention and giving us more of a chance to infiltrate their base unnoticed." Aviza scanned her surroundings and looked for the small opening that lead into a side tunnel that the mini-map on her HUD showed. It was easily located, allowing the Sister of Battle to mark its location until they were ready to move out.

The discussion of taking down the Chaos portal and putting a stop to the ritual that allowed the heretics to flood into the city followed shortly after. The tech-heretic, also known as the mercenary Vala had the idea of combining their remaining explosives to create a more powerful explosive that would hopefully destroy or at least severely cripple the Chaos portal. It was as good an idea as any, and Aviza supported it. She handed Vala her metla-bombs, informing her to be careful while tampering with all the explosives. The last thing she wanted was for them to all go off, effectively killing most of the squad.

"Whatever is below the cathedral, we will be able to handle it. I brought a couple special grenades with me that I had quite a bit of trouble trying to get my hands on." Reaching into a securely fitted bag upon her left hip, she produced two hallucinogenic grenades that she knew were bound to come in handy somewhere down the line. "These will cause whoever breath in their particles to go into a hallucinogenic rage, attacking anything and everything around them, regardless of friend or foe. Using these wisely, we could cause pandemonium within their ranks." Aviza placed the grenades back into the fitted bag and sealed it shut with great care. "Vala, get to work with those explosives, every second we waste means more enemies to fight in the end."
According to Halopedia and a couple other sources, Spartan IV's in MJOLNIR GEN 2 armor allow them to keep up with Spartan II's.

@Slim Dicken I'll send you a PM shortly and I will also try to get a couple of my friends to toss their hat into the interest ring.
Closing down the RP for the moment, I will try and reboot it later this summer. Thanks you to all of you who showed interest and stuck around.
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