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June 1st, 3176 - Ankarra Breach

You're dying.

Flashes of energy burst with each stride, a thunderclap of power unleashed propelling her forward. To either side there was only the black. Endless space and the corpses of consumed stars slowly burning out. Behind her Sol burned brightly, the final beacon of life drawing the survivors to her bastion. The last few billions of mankind sheltered there, back at the cradle of their civilization among countless alien exiles. "Where did it all start?" It was always her first thought when she took to battle the great enemy. No one really knew the answer, not since The Severing so many years ago. She felt like she lost something there, but was never certain… It was just so fleeting and vague. Every Time she reached for it, it would pull away and become even more uncertain for a time.

There were others who suffered, many far more than her. With the arrival of the great enemy entire civilizations had been erased. Histories undone, reaching even into the past and destroying them before they began. Such a terrible foe had only the names they had bestowed upon it, and sown misery across the multiverse. Her companions had fought it of course, as they had done in the Great Cosmic Wars against Dominion, but this enemy was something beyond them. Perhaps that was the worst of it, and why she had to be the one. She had been there when the Lanterns died. Each light snuffed out one by one, a last stand that had united the Corps like no other threat, and killed them as if they weren't even trying.

What do you mean? What is causing it?
We don't know.

All that remained were the Seven. Seven heroes from across the multiverse, dedicated to defending it from the great enemy. Lady Arcana and herself from Earth-342, Tyrant from Earth-X, Deathstroke from Mars-36, Hawkman and Hawkgirl from Thanagar-17 and Uther. They were the last of what had once been a great Legion of Superheroes. At the thought, her fingers clenched around the chain at her waist, medallions of her closest friends hanging there as reminders of those they had lost. She would finish this. She had to finish it.


Uther's synthesized voice spoke quietly in her ear-piece. The construct didn't have an origin in any of the multiverse worlds, instead existing outside it until they had found it. An odd one, but reliable.

"Yeah, I'm nearly there."

Her leading foot found purchase upon a micro asteroid, propelling her forward towards the ongoing battle. A fleet exchanged blows with a vast entity before her, lances stabbing out into the black and piercing ethereal limbs that seemed to glimmer as they twisted in and out of every dimension at the same time. Few were successful impacts, but the Legion was determined and would not back down despite going to battle with fewer and fewer each time. She could just barely make out the forms of her companions ahead, silhouettes against the Breach. That was her destination, the great seeping wound in reality that preceded the arrival of the great enemy. It pulsed with the bleedoff of energy, cosmic threads spiraling off to spawn microsingularities which ripped apart the nearby planet and sowed chaos among the fleet as they struggled to maneuver.

All we do know, is that your connection to the speed force is connected somehow.
Are you saying my speed is killing me?
No, Verra… Just that… Well, it's not saving you like it should.

"Lady Arcana and Tyrant are preparing the vortex now, everyone else is buying you two time. Remember, you have to hit it at the precise moment of collapse at light speed."

"I know, Uther. We've run the simulations countless times, and we're all hedging our bets on this."

Tyrant spoke next, her gruff voice at odds with the face she wore. "Don't get lippy kid, you're our best shot at taking the bastard out." Despite the vast distance still to cross, she smiled as she knew there was a concerned look on the old woman's face. She had been like a mother to her oddly enough, despite her being friends with her eternally young doppelganger.

"I'll do what needs to be done, just get me a breach."

In the distance the two sorcerers were alone in the eye. A vast maelstrom roiled around them, ripping asunder Jupiter and throwing the debris of the dying planet across the solar system. Tendrils reached from within, questing into reality to try and grasp hold of the fabric of space-time. She could make out the winged shapes of the Thanagarians battling to keep the great enemy at bay, coordinating with the fleet and buying as much time as they could. It was a losing battle and everyone knew it, but they weren't fighting to close the breach this time. This time they were fighting to secure a way to undo everything. They were fighting in order to break the single most important rule imposed upon the Legion and the powered individuals within.

Everytime you go into battle, every time you run you build up speedforce within your body.
Yeah, I know. It all gets discharged as electrostatic energy.
Not all of it.

"By the power given unto me by the gods, old and new, I call upon the powers of the Rock of Eternity!" Both women spoke as one, invoking their sorcerous powers and drawing upon it with everything they had. All of their experience, all of their arcane knowledge was being summed up into this one moment. She could time travel on her own of course, but it was almost always a very temporary and limited interaction. Just a few questions here and there, finding information. Anything beyond risked damage to hypertime, the conduit that ensured the stability of the multiverse across all of time. What she needed to do required going back further than she had ever gone, and enacting a change so powerful that the ripples would echo across the speedforce for eternity.


Their call rang out across space, followed by the dual thunderclap of arcane energy flooding into them. For a split second, everyone could see the leylines of interstellar space flare, new conduits being formed directly connected to the two sorcerers. It was now that she stopped focusing on the battle at hand, and began to recite to herself the words she drilled into her mind.

"My name is Verra Valinova, and I am Velocity, the fastest woman alive."

"Verra! Remember, you're going to feel temporal dissonance when you arrive on the other side, and it will be far worse than any you've ever felt before."

"I know, Uther."

She clung to the treasured memories of this lifetime, of the last time she was with her mother. The short companionship she shared with a fellow hero. Her first time saving someone, and seeing the gratitude etched on their face. For over forty years she had been a hero with the Legion, and she was risking it all in order to ensure that there would be a Legion.

A flash in front of her alerted her to the opening of the singularity, a rip in the fabric of space-time through arcane means. It was shimmering and pure, a doorway that beckoned her to come forward.

"If I don't come back… I just want to say that you've all been wonderful friends… And that the sandwich in the fridge is mine."

Verra's foot pressed into the last solid surface of her home timeline, yellow lightning wreathed around her body as she sped past the defenders. In a single instant she was there and crossing the vast battlefield, just a streak of light aimed at the collapsing breach, and then she was gone.

December 25th, 2020 - Conowingdo Dam, Maryland

The skies above shifted suddenly, an ozone taste tinging the air as the cloud cover cleared away. Stars disappeared one by one and a clarity descended upon a vast region. It began to focus, steadily coalescing into a spiraling disk of energy, lightning crackling from the edges and striking the ground for a hundred miles from the focal point. Over a few seconds it shifted from what might have been benign to a slowly roiling vortex, then into a full-fledged singularity. The water loosed by the breaking of the dam began to stream upwards, stalling the tsunamis. Leaves were shorn from trees to mix into the updraft, drawn into the center of the black hole now dominating the sky.

"My name…. My name is…"

Verra struggled to focus as she ran down the speedforce towards her destination, feet pounding across the highway of pure energy. All around her she could see the events of her own life flashing by, memories of things that she had lived through, and curiously enough things she didn't quite remember. There were faces she didn't recognize, a woman she knew as a mother but wasn't her. A strange sense of belonging to a time that wasn't hers, and worse that the life she experienced was never meant to happen.

Ahead of her she could see reality opening up, exactly where they had chosen to deliver her, to strike the blow that would change history. Cronus was supposed to strike the blow here and now that would inspire centuries of bitter resistance. The defeated heroes would retreat back to their hideouts, laying low from a victory that had been so close at hand, yet yanked from their grasp. Dozens would die, and out of mourning the Justice League would be born in order to right the wrongs the Titans imposed upon them.

"I am…"

Everything went still. For that briefest of moment, the universe simply stopped. A building energy grew from the center of the singularity, expanding outwards and lashing out at the wounded titan to bind him into place. Chronus' rage broke the silence, sundering the fragile wonder of the event taking place. Everything fell back to the earth away from the singularity as a pinpoint of light formed in the center. Incredibly, something was exiting against the gravitational tides, and the titan's gaze fell onto it. With a flash of speedforce energy, the singularity collapsed. The shockwave dispelled clouds across the entire eastern seaboard, lighting up the sky in an artificial borealis. And at the center was a lightning bolt that struck Chronus directly in the chest, stopping his heart.

The thunderclap of the impact blew outwards, sending debris flying and briefly lighting up the surrounding area. In that moment a figure could be seen standing upon the ruined body of the fallen titan, electrical energy wreathing her as she slowly looked around herself.

"I am Velocity, the fastest woman alive."
It's alright, just trying to see if anyone else is still here now that guild is mostly functional again.
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As a reminder to everyone who can actually load the page and view posts, we do have a discord to keep in contact with each other. If you're not on it yet and it's possible to keep Guild up long enough to do so, PM me and I'll hook you up with an invite. Benefits of the discord are that it's not hosted off a soviet-era toaster.
I'm still hanging around, though did have some doubts about things lol. Might be beneficial to do a fresh round of recruiting in the int check section.
@Skelm@AnnaBeth You guys got a new app, and it's been a little quiet lately. Anyone else still hanging around?
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- Unregistered waystation, Outer Rim

There was a distinct moment of calm before it happened. Solace felt the atmosphere shift through not just the force, but also her basic instincts. The man felt off, even before he caught sight of her. Something about him was wrong, almost fake… As if his aura was carefully constructed so as to- She swore internally as soon as she noticed the very particular details that set her senses off. The man had noticed as well and was already reaching for his gun, shouting two words that set the bar into chaos. Her sister dove before the first blaster bolt, crying out and scrambling for cover. For her it was a little harder, as all she had was a flimsy durasteel table now flipped on its side between her and the agent.

All around the cantina was shouting and drawn weapons. Some of the bounty hunters had decided to take this moment as an opportunity to cash in on the chaos and the smugglers thought it best not to let that happen. It provided an excellent distraction however, as while not many in the cantina cared much for each other, no one like the Empire and the stormtroopers that hastily entered to try and quell the brawl. Solace took the time to reach out to her sister, finding her hunched over behind the bar and cowering, all the while the Trandoshan next to her simply carried on cleaning glasses.

++ Sena, we have to go. Now. ++
++ H-how?! Everyone is shooting, and there's bad guys at the door! ++

As much as she disliked how adverse to conflict her sister was, she was quite right on this one. Just a cursory glance towards the door with her force-sight told her that much. There were six troopers advancing into the bar, firing sporadically into the cantina patrons and shouting to try and restore order. It was incredibly ineffective, but they were still a significant problem. Her mind raced as she thought through the ideal scenarios to get them through the blockade and out the door, but with her lightsabers still on the ship, they were poorly equipped for any kind of assault. Even less fortunate, it seemed Henrik saw fit to die before she could get any use out of him. Shaking her head, she sighed as she reached into the man's coat pockets, idly thumbing through his belongings while she thought of a way to get them out.

++ V-verra! What are you doing? That's not yours! ++
++ He doesn't need these credits anymore, and besides, an extra blaster could be pretty useful right now. ++

Requiem was always that way, so steadfastly tied to the old codes that she didn't even jaywalk. It was infuriating at times, especially since she had been so opposed to something as minor as getting some cybernetic eyes to blend in a little better with the human populace. Solace paused for a moment, an idea coming to mind that sounded so stupid that it might actually work. If they couldn't directly engage the stormtroopers, then throwing them off balance would even the odds enough for both of them to make a run for it.

++ I'm going to do something stupid, be ready to run for the door. ++

She didn't bother with her sister's protestations, instead taking another look at the group at the door. With just a gentle brush against their minds she got a feel for what kind of people they were. A wicked grin spread across her lips when she saw exactly what she wanted, a distinct lack of combat experience among them. Her plan ready, she waited for the precise moment that the group was clustered together, signaling Requiem to be ready to bolt on her mark. Solace stood from behind the table, drawing the attention of the group as well as their blasters. It was down to seconds now, she had to not only be accurate but also fast. One hand braced the table to vault over it, the other reaching up to her face.

The trooper on the far left and closest to the bar had leveled his blaster on her, finger hovering over the trigger as all six of them watched and the imperial agent turned to face her. Fingers dug into the soft flesh between the bridge of her nose and her right eye, in a single motion scooping the cybernetic implant from her face and launching it straight ahead of her. A feeling of disgust and horror seeped from the group, the eye spiraling through the air until impacting with a wet thwack against the chest of the trooper in the center.
Both sisters were in motion before they heard the panicked scream from the man, his finger spasming on the trigger and lighting up the one next to him. More shouts followed, but by the time the stormtroopers were able to pull together, their targets had already fled into the halls and towards the hangar decks…

Their flight through the station had been frantic, taking the long way around checkpoints and trying to avoid the closing noose of the Empire on them. All communication channels had been cut, even the intercomm for the station had been redirected to broadcast imperial messages demanding compliance. It only became clear to them just how screwed they were when they found the hangar sealed and patrols closing in. That had been mere moments ago, but felt like forever as Requiem hid behind her side of the barricade and tried really hard to put on a brave face. It was difficult for her, mostly because she rarely left the ship anymore, and never had to deal with this type of stuff anymore.

The bad men at the other end of the hallway weren't too open to talking, so she didn't know what to do. If she could find a sense of calm, then it would be no problem at all to use the force on them, or at the very least put up a barrier. Her sister's side was looking particularly worn, the boxes melting from how much blasterfire was being put down the hall against them. It was all very mean she thought, and didn't make any sense at all if they wanted to take them alive. Then again, she supposed that maybe they were just afraid because of what the Empire told them about force-users. A feeling of sadness overcame her, thinking of how easy it was for it to look like they were just doing their jobs. That settled it! She was going to try to be nice one more time, and give them a chance to see just how good force-users really were!

Requiem slowly calmed her breathing, walking herself through the Jedi code and the short meditations taught to her long ago. It seemed to be working already, as she felt like a weight was lifted from her and could already tune out the blaster fire. She kept at it though, thinking on how she would defuse the situation. Opening with a force barrier would let her speak to them face to face, but also protect both herself and her sister. It was easy and quick to establish, which would let her focus on weaving a calming effect on the force around them… Yes! That would work perfectly! Requiem was quite happy with herself, having found a non-violent solution to their stormtrooper problem.

Standing with confidence, she held a hand before her, incoming blaster bolts dissipating upon contact with her skin. The force flows through me… She projected a barrier forward a few feet, stretching it to cover the entire hallway and sighed as she heard the gentle thump of new impacts upon it. Slowly they stopped, their officer clearly recognizing a force-shield when he saw one and knowing that merely overwhelming it was not an option. Yet, both of them knew that it was a defensive measure and nothing more. Solace left cover beside her, moving to start working on the doors, but that would take precious time that she wasn't sure they had. That left her with the next part of her plan, and one that she really hoped would work.

Gently projecting an aura of calm forward, she watched as it washed over the squad of stormtroopers, confusing them at first before sinking in and slackening their grips on their weapons. "Please, set your weapons down." Her voice was soft and light, but carried clearly across the hall. For a moment they hesitated, but she put a little more will into the force swirling around them, and they complied. Even with their helmets she could tell that they were disoriented, and she wanted to try and end this before she risked damage to their minds. "Return to the cantina, tell your captain that we had already left when you got to the hangar." All of them nodded slowly, turning around and beginning to shuffle back the way they came.

++ Verra, they're leaving but I don't know how well that's going to work. ++
++ Trust me, I don't want to sit around to find out either. I just got the door, so let's get out of here. ++

The door opened as the sisters relaxed, the stormtroopers now out of sight but not quite out of mind. Luckily all of the supplies they had purchased on the station had already been loaded, so all they needed to do was board and get out.

++ Alright Sena, strap in because we're not waiting for clearance to leave… ++

- Jedha, Upper Orbit

It had been several days since their very unfortunate run-in with the empire in the outer rim, most of that spent in hyperspace so as to avoid patrols but also due to necessity of their destination. When Solace had gotten to the bridge of the Absolution, she had noticed a pending request for their services on Jedha, something regarding the temple on the moon. Neither sister really knew much about it, other than the rumors of it being under Imperial occupation and the local citizens heavily oppressed. Such was life across the Empire though, so it was not hard to imagine.

Sure enough, upon exiting hyperspace they found their sensors overwhelmed with imperial IFFs, a fleet orbiting the city of Jedha and overseeing all visitors. "Shit." Solace swore openly, taking evasive maneuvers and working to minimize their own presence on sensors. Generally, she tried to avoid occupied planets for this exact reason, but the growing rebellion was a decent cause and they paid well enough that she answered what few jobs they sent her way. This one was already looking pretty bad, as they had to swing wide around the fleet and towards the desert regions of the moon in order to avoid them.

++ Sena, check the speeder in the cargo bay and make sure it's ready to fly. We're going to have to set down a ways from the city. ++

An affirmative came her way as her sister left her room, her presence telepathically broadcast to her as the ship slowly began entry of the moon's atmosphere. Well, at least the ship was rated for planetary landings, if it wasn't then both of them would be in some serious troubl- A loud crack from the aft of the ship interrupted her thoughts the moment that they hit atmo, followed by a very brief loss of gravity. All across the panels in front of her were angry red lights, most of them flashing and somewhere a shrill alarm sounded.

++ W-what was that? ++

Solace checked the readouts, a bead of sweat trickling down her face as she let out a morbid laugh. Of all the times that it could happen, it chose this one particular moment.

++ We… We lost power to engine two… ++

Silence crossed the telepathic link between the sisters, both of them knowing quite well what that meant for them. Their ship was already barely hanging on, and without all three engines their landing was going to be a little rougher than normal. Requiem frantically moved about the cargo hold, tying down what she could before running to the bridge, finding her sister at the helm and doing everything she could to control their descent. Both remaining engines strained past their threshold, an angry red plume illuminating either side of the smoking trail of the central one.
Genevieve Alleron

Location; Washington Square
Interacting With;@ihinka, and @Lionhearted in passing

There was a curious moment as Genevieve listened to Blaine, catching that she was about to say something but stopped herself. The woman's eyes seemed strange in the short glimpse she had, but rather than dwell on it she decided to move on and perhaps question her later. "You're right though…" She began, attitude shifting slightly into a more introspective one as her mind worked on theories. "They purposefully attacked into a large crowd during the day, something that even the freshly turned tend to avoid. Not only that, but they did have a strangeness about them…" Genevieve calmed herself, the threat of the werewolves gone for now and leaving her able to think more clearly.

If only Blaine knew the threat these creatures posed… No, she was irate enough that her own nature had to be shown to her "friend" so early on. The rest she would have to take care of back home, where she had her books and could make some calls to the local witches. Perhaps one of her contacts might have an idea on what could cause werewolves to suddenly berserk like this.

"I'll leave the more serious wounds to you and focus on getting those who can walk to the EMTs." Times like this really made her wish that she had focused more on battlefield medicine back in basic. With only the bare minimum in combat triage, she could really only deal with patch jobs and surface wounds, of which she was sure there were a minority. Countless innocents were holding bloodied limbs close to themselves, trying to staunch bite wounds. Hopefully whatever sickness drove the weres to attack had also dulled the spread of their disease.

Genevieve went to work immediately, letting Blaine know that she would be within the square and try to stay visible. That part was more easily said than done, as most of the fair goers had sought shelter within the perimeter of the arcane barrier, leaving it quite crowded in areas. She focused on helping those on the outer areas first, lending a shoulder for those who could walk, and calling out for the roaming medics to those who couldn't. Others not too far away seemed to be in some kind of debate over the care of the injured, though she swore she recognized one of the women as one of the more prominent vampires. It wasn't really the time to be hunting right now though, and she rarely had conflict with Salem's vampire coven, so she left them be but made sure that she had been seen as she passed. If that woman really was the coven leader, then she would know the huntress by sight.
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