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Current I'm doing my best [@DarkFey], fighting with all I got :|
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Never made the distinction between "IRL" friends and online ones. Just didn't really feel right to label only one of them as "real".
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At a certain point you learn to assume that everything is a potential Lovecraftian abomination intent on possessing your body and taking over the world. I'm watching you, Ted from billing.
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No pity! No remorse! No fear! For the Emperor and Dorn!
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As much as a MassEffect RP would interest me, I feel I really shouldn't after the last character I made for one.


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@Lemons We've still got the discord up and going, though it's been quiet for like, ever now. Reviving it would obviously require a new GM and co-GMs, as well as a new interest check and OOC/IC thread. So basically, would have to literally restart rather than just keep going where we stopped. Also, might even need a new discord since the first one is still run by HopelessSwan who is still MIA lol.
@Syn Without reading the background(holyshit that background section though) I can only really comment on the part about Desmond and the Compel. I think we discussed a bit about that in the GM PM regarding genetic immunity and how we felt it more down to mental willpower, though unsure if that was communicated back to you. Overall it's a pretty hefty CS and I like what I was able to read through. It's nice to see a vampire who's not all refinement and posh, one who skirts the line that separates man from monster. Interested to see him in action personally.

Other than that, I saw a part in there where you mention Ambrosia under the limitations that should probably say Desmond :v

@Queentze Looks good to me, so unless Lion has something to say about it I think you're in the clear to add him to the characters tab.
@Monacho Awesome! Ihinka and I are getting ready to post up our collab we've been working on, so it's up to you if you want to wait for that or go ahead and post.
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From her vantage point high in one of the many trees overlooking the ruins, Absolution watched the Republic retreat through the scope of her rifle. It seemed that as much as they didn't want the cult to continue their operations on this world, they weren't quite willing to die for it. She wasn't sure if that weakness was particular to the Republic or organics as a whole. Bracing the long rifle along the branch she was also resting on, she drew a bead on yet another officer leading their landing forces. With a trigger pull she marked the eighth kill on this operation, engaging stealth as she made her way down the tree. A few cursory blaster bolts found the upper boughs, setting it alight behind her. Her presence had been noticed by some of the keener eyes among the enemy's forces, one sharpshooter in particular shifting from their coverage of the ruins to try and end the threat she posed.

A threat that was no longer in play, she thought, moving through the brush and towards the ruins where she would see about scavenging the fallen of the battle. More than a few troopers lay dead on the outskirts, her metal feet finding the stone surface between them and stopping at each as she perused their belongings. Blaster rifle clips were plentiful, but she had enough of those back on her ship, choosing only the ones that were full. The rifles themselves were of little concern, finding few that caught her eye. It was a shame that the sith and dark jedi of the cult had such a love for disabling the weapons of the enemy she thought, crouching over a commando with their chest a scorched ruin and their rifle in two pieces to either side of the body. At least the helmet was in good condition, the seals opening with a press of her fingers against the chin-release.

She turned it over in her hands briefly, wiping away the blood that flecked the respirator and unspooling a cable from her arm to link up to it. Optics were intact, that was better than expected. More to her interest, she found that she could easily connect them to her own, pulling up a brief interface that let her see through the helmet. Absolution indulged in a moment of vanity, turning it around to face herself and let out a sound of disgust as she saw the vegetation coating her chassis.

"Disgusted remark: My paint is ruined, I'll have to get a fresh coat when this job is over, and there will be pieces of green stuck in my joint for weeks!"

Without further comment she disabled the link and hooked the helmet to her waist, the magnetic clasp on the back keeping it secured firmly. Her looting continued for a few moments longer, finding a couple thermal detonators and a rather nice looking blaster pistol as well as another helmet with a red stripe down the center denoting rank. That always perplexed her about the Republic, why make it so obvious who is in command? Granted, it made her job of picking them off so much easier, but life expectancy would sky rocket in their ranks if they stopped advertising them.

Her musing would continue later, as she was once more inside the ruins and among the other mercenaries of the cult. A few gave her strange looks, it being unclear if it was because of the makeshift ghillie suit or the trophies she had collected. Perhaps it could have been that she was an assassin droid walking around freely and under her own orders? No matter, she had done her job and was looking towards the next phase of the operation. For now she was going to take advantage of the short respite while others pursued the Republic forces.
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@Heat Have a post in the works, assuming everything goes well it should be up Monday morning.
@Blackstripe@Descartes While I'm entirely unsure about the backstory and some of the aspects of the character regarding different versions of specific people directly mentioned, I don't personally mind if you want to do an actual Lex Luthor. Rammon was always his own thing in a way, I just referenced him as the Luthor analogue because he was well-connected, stupidly rich, and was poised against the Superman because he just really doesn't like aliens. It doesn't bother me in any way if you want to do the actual Luthor analogue and play them off as a more national level villain, as Raymond rolls more on the global scale.
When it comes to Hunters, I also figure it comes down greatly to how they were trained, which Lodge/Family they are part of and what they hunt, as well as raw willpower. A combination of that would make individuals more or less resistant to the compel ability, perhaps even some witch/voodoo hexes. Genevieve doesn't have any proper Hunter training beyond some cursory lessons, and is not affiliated with any Lodges, so she leans heavily on her military background. Someone like Alden or Maximus with proper training and equipment would start out with the knowledge of how to combat such things, so they have an innate advantage before any non-Hunter training comes into play. All three of them have their own resistances and techniques, probably quite capable of fending off a younger Vampire's compel and mid-range ones if they are aware of them. Can't speak for Monacho or PrincePierce, but I've put down Genevieve as quite resistant to the compel in her own way, up to an Elder. That's largely due to her training and a mental technique that she uses when she feels it coming over her.

On Regeneration, I do think that Were's should have the stronger side of that ability. Most fiction describes them as essentially living tanks, able to take excessive amounts of damage and recover from it in relatively short periods of time. It's why we thought it appropriate for Blaine to have largely healed from the silver bullet she took in the battle in the forest, though still somewhat limping. A normal person would have sustained serious injury if untreated, and might still be recovering in the hospital if they were shot like that. Rolling with a factor of ten might be a tad excessive, but since we've already discussed them being able to regrow limbs, it might not be lol. Definitely agreeing on the point of regen being stronger while shifted though, maybe even to the point where injuries sustained in human form might still leave scars?
Genevieve Alleron

Location; Washington Square
Interacting With;@ihinka

The strange glow to the woman's eyes didn't go entirely unnoticed, though the haze of a full day's work had been wearing on her. She had been on her feet for hours, most of it standing around and pretending to be interested in something or another, and so her normally intensely keen awareness was dulled. It looked entirely for a moment like the ethereal glow of a transformed werewolf, and in the back of her mind she could already feel a creeping paralyzation start before it was gone. Genevieve blinked a few times, wondering if she was just seeing things, watching the woman for a moment before filing it away to think on later. She had initiated contact, so it would be rather uncouth of her to break away just because she felt a bit off.

"That's implying of course that you could land such a hit." A light tease, if a bit awkward. Conversation was not one of her many skills, and it had shown in their previous few interactions. She tried to keep things quick and short, anything that required more than a moment's thought or attention had invariably led to her stumbling over herself. Unless of course, she was in one of those very particular moods that required an extended chewing out. Blaine didn't deserve such a conversation though, not yet at least.

At the rate they were going, it might be a long time yet. Genevieve wondered on that, on why she seemed to tolerate this person more so than others. It was quite clear at times that there was a little something more to her, but she never was sure of it, and she didn't want to pry. Neither of them did. She had been rather sparse with the details of her life, enough that being acquaintances warranted, but no more. They shared a military background, one green and the other blue water. Genevieve didn't fully trust her to the point to discuss the extended history she had there, but maybe in time.

"My excuse was being hired by the city as private security. They needed a few plain clothes to keep an eye out for trouble." Luckily there had been rather little of that, except for the one hoodlum. With how close much of the community was, such things were generally relegated to outsiders. "Been around since sun-up with the people setting everything up. Was on my way out when I noticed you walking by, thought I would say hello."

A thought that she still wasn't sure on, if she was being honest with herself. This woman was in many ways like herself it seemed, but also very different. Her smile came easy and she appeared to be able to find joy out of things she was uncomfortable with. Not so for Genevieve, who was visibly irritated with the crowd. It wasn't just because of the multitude of people though, she had seen more than one known vampire, and a couple wolves of the local pack. They had been showing signs of discomfort, likely because of whatever spell was on the square.

She had felt it as well, but it was more like a soft background noise instead of whatever it might have been for those supernaturals. Likely because of what kind of magic it was. At least she was sure it was magic of some kind. Only one other time did she experience something like this, two years ago when a foreign witch had come through town on her way up north. Her work had been on rituals and blessings to keep other supernaturals away, as well as what she called people "with bad intentions". That one had never been clear, but she didn't really bother asking too many questions and just told the witch to get out of town as soon as she could.

Those kind of people brought only trouble with them, as it seemed that not only were they hunted by the Hunters, but also by her own kind. Her thoughts were drifting though, and she reigned them in as soon as she noticed, meeting Blaine's eyes with her own and allowing the barest hint of a smirk to grace her lips.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stick around, though might have to hit up one of the food stalls first. Been a long day on my feet, and with little to eat."
As a note for anyone who is waiting for the full round to cycle before posting, you don't have to. There isn't a posting order yet, so feel free to post back and forth with each other as much as you like, so long as you're not doing big town-affecting actions :v
Also a reminder for people to check their PMs for the discord invite :v
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