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Current This is why you shouldn't use an actual toaster to host a website.
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[@Dnafein] Because people are salty about didney and have forgotten about the prequels.
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*angry moth sounds*
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Joke's on you Dagoth-Ur, I brought eighty bottles of sujamma.
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Aggressively T-poses

My own character will be up at some point during the week, but so everyone knows I'll be playing Velocity, essentially female Flash.
OOC is now live. Should note that despite already having a few people and many ideas swirling about, we are still open for more.
@Jumbus Should have the invite, just let us know what kind of hero you're thinking of.
Alright Alf. Lemme see about this.

How many people are playing non-powered heroes

We have two that I know of at the moment, but can always hope for more.

Seems cool if y’all are still open.

Not going to lie dude, you bailed on our last RP without a word after your character got accepted. I can send you an invite, but we kind of want people who actually want to stick around, or at the very least have the courtesy to say when they are no longer interested.
@Potter Invite out, do feel free to let us know what kind of hero you were thinking of.
@Haydrian Cindel Sent you an invite to our discord.
@Skelm I see nothing that needs addressing, a nice addition to the cast of characters so far honestly. Go ahead and pop Aron over to the characters tab and feel free to post when ready.
Ayyyyyy. Invites out for people, and to answer the question I do believe we have plenty room for people, with no firm upper limits on active people. Just trying to keep things in balance as we go.
<Snipped quote by Alfhedil>

Aight, actually let me think real quick. I dunno if I wanna do the priest character since I kinda wanna do a light-hearted character but don't have the specifics.

Might just do a streamer who got powers if I can't think of anything but a part of me wants to make a fast-food mascot hero as a tribute to a story author I followed before he disappeared.

Actually I really wanna do the mascot hero, aim to make his themes and character arc about facades in the name of uplifting the spirits of the people as well as balancing an idealized character he actually loves with the corporate interests he doesn't agree with. Part cinnamon toast crunch, Sekibayashi and Nezu from Kengan Ashura.

A bit weird, and not sure it will work but I think we'll have better luck hashing things out in the discord rather than back and forth here.
<Snipped quote by Alfhedil>

My idea would just be crawling in my skin emo guy who had a decently alright life but still quotes the edgy pretentious parts of reddit cause he semi-hates everything for no reason. Powers would be generic shadow or fire manipulation which in any other character would just be a regular, flexible power but this character would consider it his "curse". The other idea would be slight cyber/bio ware implants like a datajacks to plug in implants or completely unnoticeable muscle enhancements, either of which would make him consider himself a "monster".

Mostly like a 70% joke character but it'd be amusing, also if he survives long enough I might put him through character development. Honestly he might even turn normal if slightly awkward if he actually finds friends that try to tell him to quit his bullshit and act like a normal person.

Yeah, neither myself or Jessie are fans of the edge for no reason kind of character, so that's going to be a hard sell for us. I can kind of get by on the somewhat edgy powerbase with a decent guy, though honestly the powers really aren't that edgy. They're a bit generic as you said, so not really sure how it's too much of a curse beyond the whole metagene thing. As for the other idea on the implants, I mean it would require some work and some back and forth on it to get an idea on how viable it is, but it could be plausible.

Before I toss an invite to the discord though, I want to make it pretty clear with you on that closing note. We don't like joke characters. If you're intending to join the RP with a character that is just a joke, something that is meant to bring comedic effect, or that you are not serious with, then don't.
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