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@Wildling I'll set you up with a link to our discord then if you want to join us in our character creation channel.
@Wildling Yes there is, what kind of character did you have in mind?
@webboysurf I don't see anything off hand that requires tending to.

@Arthanus Personally feel that there could be a bit more to the limitations, but I'm not too firm on it.

To both of you, I do feel that a little more could be done in some areas like personality and the appearance section, but I'm not going to require it, just ask that maybe put some thought into it going forward. For now though, you are both approved to put your characters in the characters tab.

Almost forgot to ping you @Lord Shaxx as well. I do like the concept of the character so far and am looking forward to seeing the finished product, though should note that Coruscant is in ruins and they likely would not have lingered there. If you're wanting to keep the House Viszla connection I would suggest either Concordia or Mandalore, but if you are preferring a more ecumenopolis world for him to start on in his background then Taris works perfectly as it was an early supporter of the Mandalorian Republic.

Either way, I'll be sending a PM your way with a discord invite.
At this moment the following characters are accepted without further commentary, as has been explained on discord. Simply posting here for sake of transparency and explanation.


The following have been reviewed as presented to us, and we are in the process of collating comments and agreeing on what needs addressed in what order.

I have a series of plots in the works and talked about with my co-GMs. For the beginning, the AU will mostly be a backdrop to be explored as we settle in and get an idea of who is who before getting to the real stuff. Think of the first arc to be more like a prologue.
@Alfhedil Thanks for the info. I'll probably work on a knight of the Shadow Council, so I'll get started on that.

Sounds good, I'll yeet an invite to the discord up to you in PMs soon.

On the subject of the Shadow Council, would Stormtroopers ever work with them, or interact with them?

They would work with them, yes. Most of them time at their orders, you know burning villagesdoing some hearts and minds type missions to drum up morale for the Empire.
@Alfhedil I'm interested in making a member of the Shadow Council - is there anything I should know about them? Specific things I'm curious about is their code, organization (if it's of importance), typical duties, stuff like that.

Edit: Also, do they have ever make public appearances or lead public/secret 'civilian' lives, or are they entirely seperate?

They actually have no code beyond serving the Emperor and the Empire, as early on it was seen that the Jedi Code interfered a bit with their efforts to keep the peace at times. Some decided that it wasn't the way and left for the Enclaves or the Green Jedi, but a majority remained with the Shadow Council. Think of them as an expanded Inquisitorius from Canon, except with more civil duties that involve going around and interrogating civilians, reprogramming people with the force and all around being pretty much Dark Jedi in all but name. A majority of them that are just acolytes would probably have the ability to have a more civilian life, but pretty much once they become a knight within the order, they spend most their time with their duties for the Shadow Council in the various stations and bases around the Empire.
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OOC is up. I'll give it a bit more time to let people finish character sheets, have them approved and get a solid cast before I put up the first IC post and we are officially underway. Thank you everyone for your patience and your excitement, I hope to at the very least live up to that and ensure we all have a good time of things even outside the bants.
Dramatis Personae

The Grand Republic of Mandalore
- Mand'alor the Paladin: The Mand'alor, warchief of the Mandalorian clans
- Jaessih Suard: Secretary to the Mand'alor, official diplomatic liaison
- (C/L)Satine Kryze: Duchess of Mandalore, head of the civilian government
- (C/L)Wilhuff Tarkin: Grand Admiral of the Open Circle Fleet
- Ash'ad: Mandalorian Intelligence Operative
- Darasum Ramikaad: "The Eternal Commando" Veteran of Mand'alor the Uniter's personal guard
- Ezali Halkrin

The Jedi Enclaves
- (C/L)Qui-Gon Jinn: Master of the Enclaves, Envoy of the Grand Council
- (C/L)Obi-Wan Kenobi: Grandmaster of the Jedi Enclaves
- (C/L)Dooku of Serenno: Master of the Enclaves
- Airus Vel-Ath: Jedi Consular, Archaeologist
- Sena Alleron: Jedi Consular, Seer and Illusionist
- Verra "Solace" Alleron: Jedi Sentinel, Diplomat, and Battlemaster in training
- Ro Nuul: Jedi Ace
- Jai Rennings: Jedi Padawan

The Renkar Imperium/Galactic Empire
- Jira Renkar: Emperor
- Kin'dinissa Renkar: Empress and official liaison to the Chiss Ascendancy
- (C/L)Ki-Adi Mundi: Master of Shadows(Alleged)
- The High Inquisitor: Head of the Empire's Inquisitorius

The Alsakan Republic
- Chancellor Cardes Anethru

Corellian Hegemony
- Hegemon Aeron fein Novar
- (C/L)Garm bel Iblis: "The Corellian Wolf", Grand Admiral of the Army of Light

Council of the Green Jedi Order
- Lord Sair Halcyon
- Lord Tormax Berethon
- Lady Melanah Graeff
- Lord Jaster Erelen
- Lady Jenica myn Berethon

Confederacy of Independent Systems
- (C/L)General Grievous: Supreme Commander of the CIS

Hapan Consortium
- Prince Koren Omi-Ren: Prince of the Hapan Consortium, Commander of the Royal Guard, Official Envoy of Hapes

- Mor'gann Arnhar
A designation of C or L next to a character's name indicates "Canon" or "Legends" to denote where they are sourced from.

Factions of Knightfall

As a note, this list is not to be considered complete and total, as it will continually be updated as the RP plays out.

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