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Current This is why you shouldn't use an actual toaster to host a website.
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[@Dnafein] Because people are salty about didney and have forgotten about the prequels.
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*angry moth sounds*
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Joke's on you Dagoth-Ur, I brought eighty bottles of sujamma.
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@Eviledd1984 Sounds good, feel free to join the discussion on our discord, or the bants. Whichever is going at the time lol. Same to you @Hellion
@Jasonhero Pretty much what Tracyarmav said. I don't mind if you jump into the conversation on discord, and there is quite a bit of room to still join in. We've got an entire CR90 as our ship, so don't think we'll run out of bunks soon :v
@Moro No, and no. I'm leaving it fairly open for new people as and when we get them, and I want to make it fairly clear from the get go this time that if people want to app in more than one character it's fully allowed. Those additional characters merely have to go through the same review process as all others.

As for knowledge on the series, it honestly isn't that much of an issue. We have the wonderful wookiepedia to fall on if there's ever a question and most of us are fairly well versed in the setting to the point that if you have a question, all you need do is ask. Despite how rough and tumble our characters are, most of us are nice people and readily available to chat on the discord.
@Apollosarcher@Seirei No Hai@HamakazeKai@Cuddles 1438 Your characters are also cleared to send over.
@Hellion Both do have contact with the Empire, arguable to just how much with the latter. Either is fine though, as I'm sure you'll have a somewhat reasonable background for why a member of a somewhat isolated race has joined with the crew. Plenty of possibilities and all that.
@Ghost Shadow@webboysurf You're both good to go and toss your CS over into the characters tab.
So the RP takes place sixteen years after The Empire took over, yes?

Correct, the year 3BBY to be specific unless I was a dumb and miscounted. Entirely possible, I can be rather bad at math :D
For all those interested, I have posted the link to our Discord, where both this SW RP and my other Fallout RP have discussion groups. Be sure to identify yourself by your forum name for at least the purposes of getting tagged appropriately initially. Aside from that, I'll be reviewing the submitted characters and work on sending feedback where applicable. If there's a preference for private feedback, do be sure to mention otherwise I'll be dropping it here in the thread.

Side note, because I'm a dumb and must have gotten some deckplans mixed up somewhere the armory is actually deck five's cargo space converted to be closed off from the lower decks.
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