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Current This is why you shouldn't use an actual toaster to host a website.
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[@Dnafein] Because people are salty about didney and have forgotten about the prequels.
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*angry moth sounds*
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Joke's on you Dagoth-Ur, I brought eighty bottles of sujamma.
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Oh hey, I remember this. I quite enjoyed the short run we had last time, though I unfortunately don't have the time to bring Genevieve back for this one. Hopefully round two goes a lot better!
One thing about the midwest, is that I've placed Central City as a casualty of the Two-Month War, leaving scattered survivors having relocated to other cities on the East Coast or trying to stick it out with the coven. That will be covered more in Velocity's backstory as I write it.
I'm still working on Velocity's CS as well, mostly because I have to redo all of her backstory and remove a bunch of characters. Except Arsenal. Because that happened.
Also would mention that Velocity likes teaming up with people regardless of power-level. Also hanging out, especially for wing-night.
Happy to hear it, I'm just waiting on a few particular people to submit profiles before I start.

You look to be in CRUSADING DISTANCE
Velocity, our resident speedster, will likely not be in New York. Have yet to decide where to put her.
I'll put updating Velocity's CS on my list of things to do.

As said before, I can't really guarantee much time due to my own RP actively running at the moment, but could possibly reprise my role as Velocity.
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