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The violence slowly shifted from that spontaneous moment and into a stillness, tension in the air as blasters were still pointed and it seemed one slight motion out of place would reignite it all again. As ever, Solace's attention was split between herself and the target directly before her, and that of her sister not too distant. Using her force abilities she was at least able to momentarily neutralize the threat by tying up the main attacker, his dog heeling to a command hissed through the man's teeth. That was curious, as the shared memory of Sena called to her of that instant before the blaster bolt. There too the command was non-verbal and when he fired the blaster he didn't give any sort of demand or warning beyond the shot over everyone's heads. Under any other circumstances she might have taken a moment longer to analyze that in particular, putting some thought into the why, but as she slowly followed the motions of his body with her vibro-blade Solace focused a little more on her sister in the cargo hold and Sable defensively poised before her.

++Sena, calm your thoughts like we practiced.++

Silence followed her telepathic attempt to soothe Sena, seemingly unable at first to break down the mental barriers that always seemed to raise during moments of stress like this. Again she tried, a little more firmly this time in order to try and reach her and for just an instant there looked to be an effect on her.

++Calm… Take a deep breath, then exhale. Sir Elbas is with you and I'm also here. The danger has passed so collect your plushie and join Airus at the door. Once I've taken care of this here we'll be on our way and you can go back to watching your shows, okay?++

When the soft reply came to her over their bond there was clear reassurance to follow, Solace immediately less tense than before and able to focus far more clearly on the issue at hand. A blaster pistol and rifle laid at their feet as she remained behind the man for a moment longer, eyes on those still in the hold and the cargo bay door shuddering as it wanted to close but could not at the moment due to her own presence at the bottom and her sister's at the top. Sliding her foot around in front of him, she kicked both weapons to her right and away from them and the dog, who had just been fired at by Lucien, but that wasn't her concern at the moment.

"Sable, disengage the boarding protocol. I think we've got this handled now."

Solace was about to step fully in front of their uninvited guests when she felt a slight disturbance, something on their ship sending a tremor through the force that felt every bit like an untrained user having a bad time. As if things weren't complicated enough… Her thoughts immediately went to closing things up here and in a hurry, knowing that someone else on Anchorage would have felt that and it wouldn't be too long before they got some very unwanted attention. At least less so than that of the Port Authority who was already watching the dock carefully and seeing how this situation resolved itself. That was someone she really didn't want to have to deal with today, and actually took precedence over the growing issues on her ship. With a quick tap of the communicator on her ear she swapped channels to a private one, glancing up to the tower overlooking the CR-90.

"VSA NE-3358 Confirming resolution in hand, Authority negotiators unnecessary… Understood, will keep appraised."

As soon as her report to the tower was received and she switched back to the crew channel the defenses stood down around them. Understandably so, Port Authority was not happy with the situation at hand, and the momentary pause between her reporting the resolution underway and their acknowledgement was mostly due to her receiving an earful for yet another incident of blaster-fire in the dock. That left her a little less endearing to the man before her, still unsure of just what drove him to open fire while outnumbered, outgunned and without even the background on who he was dealing with. She would have felt insulted if it hadn't been for the heap of other shit on her plate that needed tending to and competed with each other first place on what was worse. The answer came back as a Yes in general, only the slightest pulling at the corner of her lips showing her distinct irritation as she stared down their intruder before turning to regard the stowaway for a moment and send Airus a private command telepathically.

++Airus, I know you felt that too. I suspect it might have something to do with Natasha, as she had with her a rather bookish looking Core-Worlder when she left the cantina. Even if it's not though, it might be best for you to go and see about removing her from the Zeltron's presence and conduct a force-sweep once we're in orbit and away from prying eyes and ears.++

It came as she turned to make eye contact with her fellow Miralukan… Well, sort of eye-contact considering he didn't use cybernetics and actually relied more on his force-sight than she did. That was something that came to mind here and there in moments when she really could do without it, one of those sudden moments of clarity of sorts that left a lingering idea that she wouldn't be able to shake for hours. Could it really be considered eye-contact if someone didn't actually have eyes? Solace shook the idea from her thoughts for the moment, focusing her cybernetics on their stowaway and a smirk forming as she recognized her. It was that twi'lek from the cantina, the one she managed to get a couple decent angles of on her way towards her and out the door. Seemed the day wasn't entirely bad, considering. Sena too seemed to be okay with their stowaway, giving thanks to Sable for a moment as she gently ruffled the ewok's fur atop his head and slowly made her way to stand at Airus' side. She was calming down now, but the edges of her blue-silk veil were damp from her tears and still a slight shudder caught her here and there as she worked through the exercises to calm her mind and bring back stability.

"As for you." Solace rounded on the source of all this trouble, eyes narrowing and the hue of her iris' changing to a more threatening color as she menaced him with the vibro-blade still in her hand. "What the actual fuck was that? You know who we are right? The guns, armor and big-ass ship aren't just for show. What did you think you could accomplish with that, and I hope you have a damn good reason because I'm short on time and patience right now."

Conversation continued around her as the situation on the ship was being handled. All around her she could see the patrons working through their own problems, winding down afterwards or just about to make decisions they would likely regret later. One such regret was making her way towards her even as she sent another on their way. Natasha. Narrowed eyes communicated clearly her feelings on the matter towards the Zeltron, suppressing through willpower alone the gentle drift of pheromones that seemed to always waft from her kind. As troublesome as they were though, this one had been useful so far and despite her reservations towards exactly why the woman was on her crew she allowed it under a few of the usual restrictions. One it seemed that had perhaps not been communicated quite clear enough.

"Always be aware of who or what you bring onto the ship."

Doubtless Natasha had an inkling of who the girl was, and though they were close to the same age this one was most certainly just a girl out on the rim in the grand scheme of things. Her name wasn't familiar to her, or if she even was the one she was thinking of, but people like her were hard to miss. Someone who looked every bit like they were so far out of their depth they should have already drowned, and more than that she didn't have the usual look of desperation that most who found themselves in such a position had. No, she was here by choice and it wasn't hard to tell either. Solace locked eyes with the girl, a more stern expression meeting the demure wave as her mind worked to think back on some of the more recent wanted posters they had reviewed for possible crew candidates. A Kuati girl had come up not too long ago, though the reasons for the posting were strangely vague and seemed a bit high considering the charges.

Either way, the hapless pair was off and likely on their way back to the ship. She would merely have to lecture one or both of them later, especially if the girl intended to stay with them. For now though… Another person was starting to approach her, a man making his way through the crowd and once more she felt as if there was something strangely familiar about him. Exactly what could really only be determined if she used her force-sight, but to do so in the middle of the cantina like this on a whim would be irresponsible to say the least. Better Jedi than her had been caught doing just that in "safer" places and paid the price of their lives. Any number of bounty hunters would be more than eager to capture someone assumed to be a former Jedi and cash in on the bounty, nevermind that she didn't even carry a lightsaber anymore or that they would have to go off the word of someone claiming to "have a bad feeling". It was the Empire though, and it was best to play it safe on such things. So she merely offered a smirk, lipstick glistening in the half-light of the cantina as she turned to face the newcomer and offer a greeting in return.

At least she would have if not for the strange tingle along her spine, a sudden sense of danger looming nearby that had only been felt twice before. It was not the usual forewarning that force-users tended to have before imminent danger, such as the split-second before a blaster bolt screamed overhead. No, this was quite different. This was a more primal instinct, feeling the ripples of fate around her and the coming of a potentially life-changing moment. That the first time she felt such a sensation was moments before her clone-commander received the order to kill her and her sister, and the second was that night when they killed a moff was not lost on her. Immediately adrenaline flooded her body, muscles tensing as she went into a combat state and in a blink stood with a fluid motion that had her facing the man with her hand on the concealed vibro-blade at her hip.

There would be precious few seconds, already eyes were turning towards her and the man before her, the crew at the table and seeing others around the bar reacting in their own way. Without knowing his ability and armament it was impossible to fully judge how those next few seconds would go but… Almost as soon as her grip tightened on the pommel of the vibro-blade another more distinct sensation cut across every other thought. Fear. Realization struck her like a blaster in the chest. It wasn't him, and it wasn't here that the danger was. Sena's emotions flooded across their telepathic bond and almost as an afterthought she turned to the gathered crew and they would know even before the hurried messages came across the commlink.

"I should go. Jarak, CR-90 at the port."

Without even waiting for his response, she was gone. Solace wove the force around her as her body was in motion, first disclosing her presence even further in the force until she looked every bit like any other person even to the more observant of force-users. Step by step, more and more she blended in with the crowd and even though she hurried to the door and out into Anchorage beyond, it was as if she simply evaporated…

Just a moment prior...

Entirely consumed with the creature within her arms, Sena was oblivious for the one moment where it had mattered most to not just herself but to the crew as well. It made such wonderful and strange sounds as she squeezed it, like nothing she had heard from the other plushies that her sister gifted to her. Perhaps it was something new and rare, one of those more lifelike droid toys she had heard of on the holonet recordings… Or maybe an actual teddy-bear from some far off world she had never heard of before. No matter where it had come from, she was simply infatuated with the creature that Sir Elbas seemed to call an "Ewok". It as a strange name, but she gave him a curious look from behind the veil across her face and gave a nod. Ewok it was, but that was such a silly name and didn't seem suitable to just a singular one.

A few thoughts floated around in her head as something else started to gently press in from the periphery. Just as Verra was sensing danger, so too was she but it was ignored as she looked down at the "ewok" in her arms. Mr Cuddleton? No… Beary? Not that either… Hmmmm~ Her thoughts swirled around an appropriate name for someone so fluffy and adorable, the stick in his hand seeming less like the threat he likely intended it to be and more like a toy. Oh! Sudden inspiration struck as a shadow loomed beyond the collected group in the hangar bay. There again was a more insistent press from her deeper consciousness, a voice cutting through the chaos of bright colors, fluffy things and sweet candies.

"Get down."

It ripped through and disrupted her train of thought, in that instant her expression slipping from that of joy and cheer to one more serious. For a split-second it seemed another person entirely was holding the ewok in her arms, lips pulling into a scowl as her gaze turned towards the man standing at the base of the cargo ramp. That was all it took for the image of danger to be sent across the telepathic bond linking the sisters. Man. Tall and lean. Armed. Control was slipping, panic rising. She had but the scantest moment to gauge fully the situation before it was no longer her's to guide. Canine. Anooba. Hostile. The man breathed through his teeth twice in slow motion, her senses finely attuned to the subtle world around her as she was entirely focused on that singular moment. Once. Before her the animal seemed to respond, body lowering just that slightest fraction that told her of a predator preparing battle. Twice. Eyes narrowing, ears flattening. Sure enough the man was the master of the creature and had given it an order of some kind but… A thousand simulations swirled about her of how this encounter would go-

The blaster bolt shattered what little control the other held as Sena was once more everything the crew knew her to be. Such a drastic action provided the expected results as everyone around her sprang into combat without even thinking. Her panicked cry echoed around the cargo bay as she fell to the deck, huddling up in a ball where she had stood while her newest friend abandoned her for the safety of a nearby crate, the only hint of him being there the spear sticking out and menacing anything that might dare to come close. Tears pattered across durasteel as her fear emanated from the woman in waves, afflicting most of all her sister as she rushed across the short distance to the port, but doubtless having just the same effect as her joy from before. The return fire of everyone around her only intensified her fear, crying out for her sister to come help even as Sir Elbas stepped before her protectively…

Solace wove through people as if they weren't even there, pushing some aside and leaping over others without even the barest of reactions to her presence. The force wrapped about her body like a cloak, disguising her fully and not even the press of her shoes against the duracrete steps up towards the port made the softest whisper of a sound. It was her greatest gift, one that had earned her a thorough scolding back in the Temple when she was younger and discovered it, of course using it to her advantage quite eagerly. With training and focus she had found she had an aptitude for simply disappearing to all the senses of those around her, able to slip by even some of the masters who had been actively looking for her. Up until now it had only been used here and there to get by some stormtroopers or play jokes on new crew members. This would be the first time she had purposefully cloaked herself for what was clearly a battle situation.

Up ahead she heard blaster-fire, those first return shots at the boarder who had so foolishly chosen to brazenly attack their cargo-hold. That almost gave her pause, but she only slowed enough to give a cursory glance around her. No one except the port authority seemed to be concerned about what was unfolding just beyond the open blast door to port-35. Battle-droids rumbled to life in their charging stations, red eyes lighting up as they activated to remove the threat to Anchorage that cropped up in their port. Shit. Need to take care of this quick. If they got to the ship first, then it was likely they would take the return fire from her crew as a hostile act and that would only end poorly for them.

Solace leapt over a barrier, sensors unable to pick her up as anything more than a light breeze and the shouts around her showed ever more that time was not on her side. It didn't matter though, because she could see the man and his dog there before her standing boldly at the ramp. He actually was alone… No one else was in the port except for him and the dog, her crew shooting back at him in that instant after his first shot. Time to end this. She thought, a glance up seeing the shield barrier erected above the ship and blocking any attempt to lift off. With a slide around the corner and one foot pressing against the back of the Anooba to give her a launching point, she was there behind the man and in a fluid motion one hand pressed a vibro-blade taught against his throat with the field off, and the other force-pushed the thermal detonator bouncing down the ramp off into a grenade pit.

Twenty-five seconds passed, a heavy breath passing through her lips as she pressed against the man's back and allowed the force-cloak to slip from her, now fully able to be sensed by everyone around her. At the very least it would mean that the crew still aboard the ship wouldn't open fire on her and the man in front of her just yet… Well, she could at least depend on Sable and Sharp not to. First though… Her sister was behind the commando-droid sobbing on the floor, her fear paralyzing her for the moment, but she was safe enough unless someone made an exceptional effort to target her specifically. "Make your next choice count." Her tone was sharp and unflinching as a soft crump sounded from the detonation of the thermal detonator off to the side. Whoever threw that was also going to get a serious lecture later on, and might even force her to amend the few rules of her ship she bothered to have written down. For now though… All she could do was wait to see how this guy reacted.
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A throbbing headache began to form right along her temples. First it was this whole business with some edgelord reaver who probably didn't even know they existed, then a stowaway and now her sister seemed to take it upon herself to be the official welcoming committee. She could practically feel the enthusiasm from her other half across the spaceport, in fact she literally did. Their bond transcended all other definitions of such, allowing them to know each other's thoughts, share memories and to feel what the other was feeling as things were happening around them. So it was that Solace could feel her sister's unbridled joy at greeting the stowaway, thinking her just a new friend or possible crew-member, without even once thinking that perhaps this person could be dangerous. While she could do little from the cantina except put fingers to her temples to try and dissuade the throbbing pain, one of the things she could do was cull an image of what the girl looked like through her sister's memories.

"Clu." She cut through the idle conversation of the rest of the crew around her, ignoring the gamorrean bouncer attempting to talk down to that K6 droid for killing what was presumably his crew, and the short squeal that announced that the giant pig-men did have some softer bits. A short crump followed and it seemed that was the end of that particular mess, as no one wanted to mess with the droid after that.

"Let me see your datapad, I'm going to upload an image from my cybernetics." A moment to wait for him to comply, her hand sliding along the skin of her face to behind her ear, wincing as she pulled a thin wire from her skull and offered it over to him. In the meantime, Kabal was more focused on their adversary that most of them would prefer not be their adversary. He had the right idea though, as it seemed that one of the few things they agreed on was a singular principle and why she had brought the strange little creature onto her crew to begin with. "That's right Kabal. There is no problem that cannot be solved through the appropriate application of high explosive."

"Our stowaway problem is being handled, but while we're on the subject I think we could take the opportunity to not only look at some potential crew…" A look in the direction of the K6 Enforcer Droid showed clearly that it was of interest to her, and a few others in the cantina caught her attention as well, including a red-head that seemed to have gotten herself into a little more than she could handle with Natasha. "But to also acquire some specialist ordnance. Take these credits and see about gathering up something suitable. I think I heard something about some Gand in the green ring that have a baradium fission device or three."

Solace slid some of the company's credits towards Kabal and assumed he would take to the task with glee. It wasn't too often that she let him off the leash and with specific instructions to get the good stuff. Hopefully he would be too distracted with the idea of acquiring something exceptionally deadly and illegal that he wouldn't be torching the ship anytime soon in the pursuit of Piff or the latest stowaway…

Sena on the other hand, was less than worried. Sure, everyone around her seemed to be on high alert and none too pleased with her assistance, but it would all be okay in the end. Both stowaways seemed quite enthusiastic, the smaller droid chirping out all sorts of pleasant messages that prompted her to take a step closer in order to more fully inspect it. Lingering traces of others swirled around it in the form of an aura of past owners, her force-senses picking up something familiar to it but not quite able to place it as of yet… Deeper down she knew what it was, a tilt of her head towards Airus wondering if he could see it as well but he seemed a little distracted in actually doing what Verra had asked of him.

"Nice to meet you Brin!" She repeated back to Brin, a broad smile as a hand came up to hold onto her braided hair and the woman swayed a little back and forth. It would be hard for the more organic members of the crew to ignore the gentle waves of enthusiasm radiating from her, calm washing over them from her innate presence in the force and her desire for everyone to get along regardless of the circumstances. "It's okay, Airus is nice and your stuff will be safe with Sir Elbas. We just want to talk with you a bit first and get to know you~" And then, just as suddenly as she had arrived, another entered. Time would feel as if it was slowing down as her head turned to regard the soft thump that announced the latest unwanted visitor to their ship and while the others might take to the blaster first or try to stop her from what they knew she was about to do, it was already too late.

Soft fur, beady eyes, those fluffy ears… A gentle tremor ran along her body as she saw the creature and almost immediately the force acted as she instinctively used her ability to calm creatures on it and took those few steps to close the distance. Of course she couldn't know that this was in fact a sentient creature, that it was not some kind of over-sized plush or a miniature wookie. No, while the crew saw the ewok for what it was all she could think of was how soft it appeared to her in the force, and how she had the overwhelming urge to pick it up. And that is exactly what she did. All the words of warning in the galaxy couldn't have stopped her as she came right up to the little creature and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him tight against her chest and squeezing him with all the joy of a small child being gifted a life-size plush.

"Fluffy!" And with that exclamation of joy, everyone around would know that unfortunately, the ewok was untouchable. Everything that Sena picked up and took a liking to got that way. Her sister was ever so clear about it, explaining that the last thing anyone wanted was to upset her, because primarily that would upset her as well, but also that bringing the poor girl to tears would end badly for everyone involved. It wasn't her fault of course, clutching the ewok despite whatever flailing he might offer or the protests in a language that she couldn't understand, but would start to decipher soon enough. A thin barrier would flare slightly with the creature's presence so close, a sign that while she may be exceptionally excitable and prone to acting on instinct, there was still some presence of mind deep down that ensured the fragile woman was protected.
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A thousand colors bloomed before her, racing along paths that dipped in and out of the ether in strange and twisting patterns. Blues and yellows skipped away from every footstep, splashing along the walls just to return when next barefeet touched upon deck plate. Purple danced along with her fingers above her head, the slow motions almost lazy as she danced with them, swaying and bobbing along to a tune only she could hear. To everyone else the ship was simply a box of durasteel and cable, but to her it was so much more. For Sena, it was a wonderous world full of color and sound that was there just for her. The cabling just below her feet sung with the data it carried, a potential of video from across the galaxy that could be anything from the face and voice of a friend to one of the holonet programs that always delighted her so. Joy was everywhere if one was but to seek it out, and of course she rarely had to try.

This was her home, a galleon of the stars that carried her and her makeshift family to many places of wonder. Verra always insisted that she stay inside, remain within her room, but how could she when there was exploration to be done? Her heart yearned to see what could be seen, to feel the winds of strange worlds on her face and listen in to the people of them. This one in particular called to her, whispering from far below of cold secrets and mystical treasures hiding beneath layers of ice. All one had to do was gently peel them back and it would all be there for them. At least, that's what she believed and had made up in her mind, imagination running rampant from the few stories sister had told her of the planet. Anchorage sounded to her like a wonderful place, even if it was supposed to be anything but. Thousands of aliens and humans alike, all gathered in one city that belonged to no one… It was like the stories of the old independent worlds before the Republic.

She could see like no other except her sister and their friend, a thin veil of blue silk hiding eyeless sockets that still peered through anything and everything. To her left as she turned her head, she saw their chef Mr. Grel already preparing the evening meal. Everyone called him Five-Toes because he was missing one, but she thought it was a little mean even if he insisted otherwise. The smell of the food called to her, and though she was tempted to come say hello to see about getting just a little nibble early, she also knew that he didn't like that much. That, and the familiar shape of a gizka was lurking nearby. Admiral Piff was once again trying to sneak into the kitchens, a sharp warning between pursed lips to get its attention was just enough to let it know she was watching. It scrabbled along down the hallway further, ducking down into one of the smaller maintenance hatches presumably to nibble on some cabling, but she knew that Piff was a good gizka and didn't do those kinds of things.

The adventure continued, a swish of color from both her sundress and the long single-braid of hair over her shoulder as she peered around a corner to see what might be awaiting. Since everyone was out and about, it was just her for now, and that meant that the conference room was hers to tap into the holonet. Verra didn't like it, said she needed to be careful, but she had also made it so very easy for her to understand and get what she wanted. A large remote sat on the table, her name on it in big stickers indicating it was hers and for the screens. Just the press of a button did what she wanted, recorded shows coming up right where she had left them.

At one side the rodian cowered as if under imminent threat of death, and on the other Clu prattled on and on about the same moron that seemed to have impressed half the bar. Regardless of how she had put on, she did recognize the guy as a threat to the crew should their paths cross, however there was just one minor detail that seemed to be lost in the midst of all the rest. Yes, she knew his reputation quite well. Who in their right mind immersed themselves in the environment of pirates and mercenaries such as Anchorage without at least knowing the major players? Solace had Clu to thank for a few of the more obscure ones, but this guy… He stuck out like a lit lightsaber in a stormtrooper barrack. A good deal of the information on him was likely pure hyperbole, but it painted a picture clear enough that when it came down to it you just had to ask yourself one thing. Do you really want to risk it?

So far, she had done well enough for herself, her sister and this crew by answering a pretty firm "Fuck that" to said question. It was all the same for Viron Jek. If there was one thing she was good at, it was puffing out her chest to look tough and talk shit anyways, and it seemed that Clu might have forgotten that for a moment. Speaking of puffing out her chest, her cybernetics caught something of interest passing by, snapping a few pictures into digital memory as a remarkable looking Twi'lek blew a kiss and a wink her way as she left the bar. Red was most definitely not a common color on them, and she was almost tempted to force-sight to see just how far that red went, but she restrained herself and returned her attention to the topic at hand.

"Look Clu, I get it." She held a hand up to stop him, the glint of her armourweave catching the neon strobe of the cantina for just a moment.

"If we run into the edgelord, we'll play it nice and easy. However, we're still not exactly up there on the ranks and that's personally where I like to be. Yeah, climbing up the ladder and gaining notoriety is cool and all, means bigger paychecks and more legitimate contracts, but I would rather not deal with assholes like that."

It was a rather firm position she held, and had always stuck by. The Gray Mariners had a bit of a reputation already, partially from the fabricated background of her alter-ego, but also from their previous actions. It was a bit of a balancing act that she wanted to keep in the delicate state that it was, not too willing to jump into that extra bit of risk. Most, if not all, of the crew was wanted by the Empire. Herself and Kabal perhaps more than the rest, as the bounty had long since changed to proof of death rather than any attempt at bringing them in alive. For her it was that whole mess with the moff nearly ten years ago, a real pain in the ass that the imps seemed to be capable of holding a grudge like none other. The little gremlin though, oh that was a mess. It was one of the few times they had to trade shots with other ships, and very nearly made her regret letting him on. The little bastard had a skill though, and unlike most who are simply skilled at what they do, he enjoyed what he did.

Not too far away at the table with her was Kabal, adding in his own two credits to the conversation. Big was a bit of an understatement, but she wondered to herself if he was already thinking on how to take down Jek. It was hard to tell, the Ubese had been a mystery for almost as long as the republic knew them, and strangely her force-sight had never quite been able to perceive what he was beneath that suit.

"Yeah, he's a bit big, but not our problem. He's a reaver, and reavers gotta reave. That puts him in direct opposition to the Empire, and if we just sit back and let him do his thing, he'll get what's coming to him eventually. Besides, the dude just ups and disappears from time to time."

About to continue, she felt the soft buzz of the communicator in her ear alerting of incoming messages. Sable had seemed to have found himself a bit of entertainment in the cargo hold, yet another stowaway. Looks like they would need to reset the incident calendar in the conference room. It was one of those things that they just had to accept when traveling in such a large ship, inevitably there would be people sneaking on board to try and cheap out some transit to another planet off the shithole they had been stuck on. She didn't blame them, Miraluka had a natural wanderlust that inspired her to travel and left a strange unsettling feeling when she sat for too long. Or maybe that was the deathsticks again? Either way, she knew eventually she would have to intervene, so tapped the communicator to transmit so she could give her instructions.

"Copy Sable, do the usual. Subdue and keep her restrained until we get back to the ship. If she cooperates and willingly surrenders herself, then we can negotiate some kind of travel arrangement. If not I'll put a blaster bolt in her myself when I get back."

Listening in, Sena couldn't help but see a misunderstanding waiting to happen. She could already see the auras converging on the cargo hold just down the hallway, and heard the passing steps of four of the other crew. Sir Elbas was down there at the moment, peering through the walls she saw his outline standing in direct opposition to another. That one was interesting, and almost immediately it was clear that she was the stowaway. Aside from the shape of the person, there was a strangeness to her aura, tainted in a way like her sister's but not quite. Things were getting tense now, Sharp had joined in with weapon drawn. At least as she watched Buure was trying to de-escalate, but it wouldn't take much.

She got up from her seat, smoothing down the front of the flowing dress she wore, the pleated skirt swishing with every motion as she took one more look out into the hall. Good, no one else seemed on the way, though she was sure that Airus would be coming as well. Today, she was going to do the thing! It was always left up to Verra or Airus to take care of things like this, but she knew she could as well. Yes, a firm nod and confidence was all she needed to set off into the hallway.

++Sena, no. Go back and watch your shows.++

And of course her sister had felt her resolve to help out, speaking to her over their bond and trying to convince her to return to her room or at least the conference room. She pursed her lips and huffed, a little disappointed for the moment and about to do just that when she decided to be just a little more firm on it. Most of her time was spent in her room or on the ship in general, it always being too dangerous to go out on her own, and even when it wasn't she had to stay close to sister or Airus. No, this time she was determined! Mop-deka padded on by as she clenched her fists and nodded, seeming to think that perhaps it was directed at him and pausing to stare up at her. He always seemed so sad, so she did what she always did. First check his spray bottles to make sure he had all the water he needed, then a quick check of the small pouch at her hip. A sticker. That always made mop-deka look happier, and this time was no different. A small rainbow decorated the insectoid head of the former battle-droid, a series of beeps sounding his acceptance as he continued his routine.

++I'm going to help~++
++We've got it covered, honestly Sena.++
++I want to help, I can talk to people too!++
++She could be dangerous though, you don't know who this is. Just let Sable and Airus deal with her and we'll talk when I get back, okay?++
++Hmmm… I'm just going to say hello~++

Further protest was pretty much ignored as she skipped along the hallway, barefeet just barely kissing the durasteel as she made her way down towards the cargo hold. It wasn't far, and already she could see the standoff without any effort peering through walls or doors. The lights were off though, and that was weird. No one could see anything without the lights, so without even thinking about it she hit the light switch at the door to turn them on to full. There! Now everyone could see, and no one would accidentally trip on anything. She didn't need the lights of course, and could see everyone just fine, but still. In front of her were the people from the crew that had come to look, and there was the other woman.

Now, she was no expert in such things, but seeing the guns pointed at her and the way she had been cornered it seemed to Sena like she might have been hiding and afraid. Certainly there were hints of it in her aura, whether it was fear of being shot now or just the normal fear of discovery was beyond her, but she was determined to do her best to solving the problem before her. Without even waiting for the others to react to her presence, that of the near-identical image of their captain except with long multi-colored hair and a brilliant smile, she took a step forward and introduced herself.

"Hello! I'm Sena, what's your name?"
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