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Current If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.
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Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?


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Tabaga had been nearly overwhelmed with joy after flying south and finding a much more temperature friendly climate. There had even been a small island with tall trees and small brown fruits hanging off them. Truth be told, she had still felt a bit drained after the time in the pod so she had landed as gently as she could and had laid down on her back on the yellow sand and had almost immediately decided that this planet wasn't as bad as she thought it was.

The sound of waves and the cries of the flying animals above her had nearly lulled her to sleep but just as she had drifted off her stomach had begun to growl.

Damn, I'm hungry.

After looking up at the trees and seeing the coconuts hanging from the tree next to her a sudden idea came to mind. It might not be meat but I don't care at this point. She thought as she smacked the tree with the palm of her hand and four the fruits landed next to her as the tree shook violently. A few minutes later, nothing was left of the coconuts except the shells and Tabaga was content.

At least until a somewhat familiar cry echoed through the air. She recognized it from somewhere but she couldn't place it.

Her eyes shot open and she turned towards the approaching dot in the sky and her eyes narrowed angrily. Whoever had disturbed this relaxing afternoon was going to be in a world of pain. A moment later, a green skinned Saibaman dropped down in front of her and she rose to her feet and extended her hand towards it.

"I don't know how you got her little guy and I don't know why your bothering me. Why don't you just go back to whoever planted you? I'm having a great day so far and I'd rather you not ruin it."

The Saibaman responded with a growl and a somewhat angry hiss and Tabaga sighed heavily. "You know, I used to enjoy fighting you guys when I was little but I'm a little beyond your level now. Last chance, go away."

The Saibaman launched itself as her and Tabaga was barely able to dodge out of the way in her somewhat weakened state. "Huh. Your a tough little thing aren't you? Okay. I could use a work out." The Saibaman let out a laugh as it launched itself at her and attempted to claw her repeatedly with it's claws. Tabaga was barely able to avoid the attacks but she was confident she could destroy the thing with a few good hits. A moment later, the Saibaman released a blast of acid from the top of it's head which Tabaga dodged but it hit one of the beautiful looking trees behind her.

She turned to look back at the disintegrating tree and then back at the Saibaman that she swore was smirking at her.

"Bad move on your part." Tabaga growled as two glowing orbs of light appeared in her hands and she unleashed a barrage of energy blasts at the Saibaman which let out repeating howls of pain before Tabaga finished it off with a full power strike to it's head.

She sighed heavily.

I need to find out who sent those little pests. And I was having such a nice day... She rose into the air and switched her scouter on and locked in on the highest power source she could find.

Whoever you are...You are in for a world of pain. She swore to herself as she flew in the direction of the highest power signatures.

I already hate this planet.

Tabaga muttered under her breath as she rubbed her hands together in a futile attempt to stay warm as she stared daggers at the attack ball. Already damaged in an asteroid field, the damn thing had found her a planet to land on for which she was grateful. But did this planet have to be so cold?! She had been stuck in this frozen wasteland for nearly five hours now and the attack ball was damaged enough that it wasn't going to be flying anytime soon. Or ever now that she took a closer look at it. It was probably the asteroid field encounter that had done the most damage.

Could be worse. I could be a frozen corpse in space. She thought as she tried to find something in this frozen wasteland other than ice and snow and not succeeding. She was still feeling a bit weak after nearly five years in stasis and the fact that her current environment was less then hospitable.

If I don't get out of here I'm most likely going to freeze. She thought bitterly as she slowly rose into the air and tried to catch sight of anything other than ice and snow. The only thing she saw was a far off storm cloud approaching her from what she assumed was the east. She thought she could see a far off body of water and a few distant specks which could be islands off towards the west.

"Screw this." She muttered aloud. "If I head south I might find something warmer." She quickly rose a bit further into the air and flew off south.

@Eviledd1984 Well, namely, did he land somewhere remote and just sort of quietly integrated himself into the population or did he land in the middle of some city and cause a societal meltdown? Personally I prefer the former, but you get the idea. About the only thing that makes him different from humans is the blue skin. And honestly, when the Earth in this setting is known for having people like Chiaotzu, then a dude with blueish skin probably isn't going to be too difficult to explain away.

@Chev If I may ask, did her pod drift for 5 years before it finally made it to Earth? Just wanted to clarify that Planet Vegeta's destruction was five years ago and Negi would have arrived on Earth some weeks or months after that. It would be awfully hard for a second pod to also end up on Earth without Negi or someone else detecting it. Like I said, if the pod's been drifting with her in stasis for 5 years then I can accept that, otherwise... I'm not so sure.

Yeah. The pod has been drifting for about five years. I feel stupid for not putting that in the character history XD

They really seem to be popping up again
Name: Okora
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Blue
Power Level: 1365
Location: Kousetsu Village
Tag: @Holy Soldier Open

“Wow, you’re strong like Grisha.”

Okora couldn't help but smile. "Thank you. I normally try to keep it hidden though. I'd rather people not know." She said quietly.

“What about you? How did you get here? We thought Grisha was the only one of his kind. What do you call your people any way?”

Okora paused for a brief moment as she remembered what had happened to here back on Planet Vegeta. "I guess you could consider me a refugee." She said quietly as she tried to push the memories back down. "There are others like Grisha and myself but...they aren't nice. There might be others who prefer to peace to war like us but I doubt it." She turned to look at Lena. "What I'm going to tell you next you have to promise to keep secret. No matter who asks, you can't tell anyone."
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