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Current Anyone up for a Pokemon RP set in the Orre Region? Gonna try setting one up again.
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Ah. I see. Like I said, not very technology wise myself.
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Is it possible to file a complaint with his internet service provider? Not very good with technology myself but isn't that an option?
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@LadyAnnaLee As someone who has done it in the past, I highly recommend you don't do it. I don't want to see you harm yourself.
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If anyone is interested in joining a Pokemon Orre Region based RP, please feel free to get a hold of me.


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Battle in progress
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Vorax snarled at one of the mercenaries who had boarded the Guiding Light and pulled his blaster pistol out and shot the mercenary at point blank range just as the towering nikto was pulling out a vibro-axe. The mercenary hit the ground with a thud as more of them came running down the corridor. Vorax turned to look at Torro who was currently in the process of slamming one of the mercenaries against a wall with enough force to leave a dent with one hand and crushing one of the other mercenaries windpipe with the other.

"Sir! Radiance is reporting that they have taken heavy damage! A couple more hits and they'll be done for." Vorax snarled again as he responded to the intercom. "Instruct them to withdraw and jump to hyperspace. We'll try to meet up with the-" A massive explosion shook the Guiding Light and Vorax closed his eyes for a brief moment as he silently wished the crew of the Radiance a safe journey to the afterlife.

"How many ships are left?"

The wookiee roared as he finished off the two mercenaries and turned to look at Vorax. "All remaining Silver Fang vessels have managed to escape into Hyperspace. Five of them made it. They managed to disperse so hopefully the Hutts won't be able to track them. Seven Hutt vessels remain. They are taking up position surrounding the Guiding Light." Vorax looked back and could hear the sounds of footsteps approaching. "It seems we are down to our final option. We need to get back to the bridge and see if we can get past them."

The intercom blared for a moment. "Captain! Slicers are trying to override the lock down protocols for the bridge! You and Torro have about two minutes to get to the bridge before we'll have to physically seal the bridge off." Vorax and Torro looked at one another as a group of mercenaries came running down the hall. Let's go, Torro!" Vorax snarled. The Trandoshan had already been wounded during the fight and Torro had taken a blaster shot to the back which at the time had simply pissed him off but now it was starting to slow him down.

The two ran down the hall as Torro unleashed a series of blaster bolts at their pursuers. A number of stun bolts were hitting the sides of the corridors. "They're trying to take us alive." Torro growled as they approached the bridge. Vorax hissed. "They will not succeed." The two managed to get to the bridge and Vorax began inputting coordinates to the helm as Torro and the rest of the bridge crew watched. "Seal the doors!"

Torro approached Vorax and shook his head as he looked at the coordinates. "It's a dangerous plan, captain." Vorax nodded. "You are correct, my friend but I think it's our only option at this point. What are we going to do about the mercenaries still aboard?" Torro shook his head. "I scanned the decks. Those of us on the bridge are the only ones still alive. I recommend venting the decks, once that's done we have enough power for one hyperspace jump."


A few moments later, the badly damaged Guiding Light shot into Hyperspace.

Battle in progress
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Alarms wailed across the bridge of the Guiding Light as the heavily modified attack vessel unleashed a barrage of turbolaser fire at one of the smaller Hutt vessels which took out it's engineering section. The light from it's engines flickered once before going dark as a moment later it slammed into one of the other Hutt vessels. A massive explosion engulfed both vessels a moment later. "Status report!" The Trandoshan shouted as the pilot of the Guiding Light continued to do it's best to evade the worst of the enemy fire.

"We've lost the Liberator and the Dragon's tooth!" Torro's mechanical voice filled the bridge. "We have destroyed or heavily damaged four of the Hutt vessels." Vorax hissed angrily. The Liberator had held a crew of nearly fifty with the Dragon's Tooth holding twenty. He turned to look at the Weequay pilot. "Keep them from catching us in a cross-fire!" He shouted as the ship shook violently. "Bring us around and open a channel to the fleet! We may have a way out of this!" He turned to look at the human tactical officer. "Coordinate with the Radiance's weapons officer and begin targeting the larger vessels. Target weapons and engines, once they are disabled, move on to the next one.

The Radiance was one of the largest vessels in his fleet and was heavily armed and shielded but had the maneuverability of a block of carbonite.

"Captain! All outgoing communications between ships are being jammed. Incoming transmission on all frequencies to all Silver Fang vessels. I am attempting to block it but I'm not having much luck." Torro snarled.

"I am disappointed, Vorax. I expected much more of a fight from the lizard that stole so many of my slaves." Each of the bridge crew looked up quickly as the familiar and unwelcome voice of Obadah the Hutt filled the bridge. "I am here to see that you and your little mercenary group are removed from my side." Vorax smiled a toothy grin as he looked up. "What's the matter, Obadah? Are you afraid to bring your worm-ridden self into the fray?"

The Hutt slaver's laughter filled the bridge as Vorax looked up sharply as a very unwelcome alarm began to sound. "Kark!" The human tactical officer swore. "Captain, they somehow managed to sneak some sort of assault craft through our lines! We've been boarded!" Obadah's booming voice filled the bridge. "Foolish lizard, I'm already here. Those who surrender will be given a quick death or will be taken back to Nal Hutta in chains. But you...you are different. I'm going to see how many limbs we can remove before you finally die. Rest assured, I will make sure they will not grow back this time."

System displays began to flicker as did control consoles. "They must have brought slicers with them." Vorax growled. "Try and get a distress signal out. Break through the jamming field, whatever it takes!" A few moments passed as before the communications officer reported her progress. "I think I got a distress call out but I'm not positive. I'll keep transmitting it, sir!"

Vorax opened a ship wide communications signal. "All handssss! We've been boarded! Arm yourselves and make them regret setting foot on this ship! Five thousand credits to the one that kills or captures the Hutt!"
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Vorax Tezar stared out into the endless night and watched as the last of the of the four transport vessels of the Silver Fang fleet began positioning themselves for a group jump into hyperspace. The Trandoshan hoped that he had made the correct decision in instructing them to seek refuge among the Republic of Mandalore. The galaxy was a very dangerous place these days and although he knew many of the factions currently fighting for control considered him a pirate and an outlaw, he hoped they would at least give the families that had sought refuge among the Silver Fangs the benefit of the doubt. Those four transports contained the last civilians and rescued slaves of the Silver Fang fleet.

They cannot be allowed to come to harm. The Trandoshan thought. The Hutts would simply take them as slaves once again or worse yet, execute them to show the costs of defying the Hutt Cartel. As the Trandoshan stared out the window, he saw the rest of the fleet begin positioning themselves to cover the retreating transport vessels in the event the Hutts found them again. I should have called for us to leave Hutt space sooner. Vorax thought as he saw the battle damage on the remaining vessels. Where he had once had a fleet nearly forty vessels strong, now only seventeen remained and many of them had taken heavy damage in the last engagement.

The trandoshan felt his blood begin to boil at the thought of his lost friends and those he considered close enough to be family. He had lost many in the past week. Many of the Hutts had thrown everything they could spare at the Silver Fangs and one Hutt in particular had made it his mission to wipe the Silver Fangs out to the last man.

Obadah the Hutt.

Figures the old slug would be first in line to try and kill us. In truth, Vorax could understand why the Hutt hated them so much. He had been one of the largest slavers in Hutt space and he had been raided by the Silver Fangs more than a few times. His musings were interrupted when his towering first mate approached him and stood at attention. The Trandoshan looked over at him and smiled a tooth filled grin. "At ease, Torro." He told the towering Wookiee. The former freedom fighter had been one of the first to answer Vorax's call to arms and although the two didn't always see eye to eye, there was no one Vorax trusted more. The wookiee looked out the window before turning back to Vorax. "We've received word from one of our operatives in the Cartel: The Hutts are en route. They will be here in ten minutes give or take." The wookie's voice was flat and mechanical, his original vocal cords had been badly damaged years before which had force the wookiee to replace them with mechanical ones.

Vorax looked out the window. "How large a force?" He asked quietly as to not alarm the rest of the bridge crew.

"More than we can handle. At least twenty vessels."

Vorax looked at the transport vessels as they jumped into hyperspace and turned to look at his first mate. "Open a channel to the fleet. I wish to speak with those who remain." The wookie nodded and moved to the communications console before signaling that the channel was open.

"My fellow freedom fighterssss...The last of our transport vessels have managed to flee into hyperspace. As you know, those transport vesselsss are full of innocentssss, those who simply wished to live their livessss free from slavery and oppression as all beingsss wish. We will make sure they will not once again be crushed under the fist of the cartel. The Huttsss have whittled our fleet to a sliver of our former numberssss and we can assume that they wish to finish what they have started, but I know in my heart they will not succeed. The Silver Fangs have freed thousands of slaves across Hutt Space and now we will do what must be done. We have received intelligence that a large Hutt force is closing in on us."

The Trandoshan sighed.

"The Silver Fangs have never retreated. We have always stood and fought even when the odds are against ussss, but this time is different. This time we are being faced with capture or worse yet: complete annihilation. I am ordering all vesselsss to disperse. The Guiding Light will stay behind and buy time while the rest of you escape into hyperspace. The fight against the Hutts must not die here. The fight against intergalactic slavery will not die here! One day, the slaves of the Hutt Cartel will know freedom!"

Vorax took a deep breath as the rest of the fleet began to maneuver into position for a group hyperspace jump. Moments later, klaxons began to sound across the bridge of the Guiding Light as multiple vessels emerged from hyperspace in front of the Guiding Light. The ships were in an attack formation.

"Battle Stations!" Vorax roared

Thank you kind sir!
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Doing pretty good. Gonna be honest, I've been giving some thought to seeing if I could join.
Looks interesting. I do like Warcraft. Not sure I'd be able to post frequently though.

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