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Current If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.
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Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?


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Name: Okora
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Blue
Power Level: 910
Location: Approaching North Capital
@IceHeart Open

Okora was flying at extremely high speed towards North Capital and she finally located her target just as she approached the city. He was fighting with two of the others she had met up with and...there was no way in hell that could be a Saiyan! Okora forced herself to keep to the task at hand despite her revulsion at seeing someone that so resembled one of her own race.

Focus on the task! She mentally shouted at herself as she did her best to increase her speed. Hopefully this time the bastard would be so busy fighting the others he wouldn't sense her coming in. She saw the not quite human woman named Erika using her bike as a weapon and a sudden idea came to mind. Her face was beginning to hurt as she continued to increase speed. This was most likely going to hurt her a bit. But not nearly as bad as it was going to hurt that green bastard.

"Hey! Screw-head!" She shouted as she closed to point blank range. A split-second later, the alien looked up at her just in time to see the bottom of her foot as it slammed into his head at high speed. The alien was taken by surprise by the attack and he slammed into the ground but not with enough force to break his neck or cripple him. Okora could feel that she had broken her foot with the high speed attack.

This moron doesn't know when to die! Plan B it is then.

"You will suffer for that! This entire world will suffer!" The alien shouted as it began to rise to it's feet just as Okora managed to charge up her signature attack and pointed the ball of energy at his slowly rising body.

"Die!" She snarled as the Alien stared at her with dawning realization. "Mega Explosion!" She shouted as the ball of violent energy slammed into the alien who let out a howl of either rage or pain or hopefully both and was blasted back a short distance.

Okora turned to look at Erika and smiled. "I got the idea for the head kick from you. Thank you for the inspiration. Sorry about the bike by the way." She said as she launched herself at the alien once again.
Name: Okora
Race: Saiyan
Ki Color: Blue
Power Level: 910
Location: Near Ginger Town
@Weird Tales@Double@IceheartOpen

Okora let out a mutter of frustration as she tried to keep going. The battle with the alien freak had taken more out of her then she thought it had. She could barely keep going and to make matters worse she had somehow lost him. All she was getting was a vague sense that he was heading north but right now she could barely keep herself in the sky. She tried to see if she could get a more direct sense of where he was going but instead of getting a more direct sense of where the alien was going she was picking up other higher than average power levels that were extremely close. They weren't as high as the alien but they were almost exactly as strong as her own

What the hell is going on now? Why are all those power levels gathering in Ginger town?

She gingerly lowered herself to the ground near where she was sensing the power levels and cautiously approached the small group of people.

"So...Anyone else here going after the alien that blew up Parsley city?" She asked hopefully. Finding others with the same strength as her was a game changer, maybe she wouldn't have to fight that monster alone again when she caught up with him. "I tried fighting him myself earlier and that didn't work out as well as I hoped it would."
Ki Color:Blue
Power Level:910
Location:Ten miles outside of Capital City
@Holy Soldier

Okora decided to forgo grabbing her possessions after a few moments consideration and waited until she got away from a number of people who were busy running around in a panic and a number of looters. She took off into the sky and shook her head. She didn't want to abandon the people who she had come to know and actually like but there was no choice. If there was someone from Planet Vegeta coming after her then there was a good chance that everyone near her was going to die, of course there was also a good chance the planet was going to be destroyed as well.

She was ten miles away from Central Capital when she suddenly felt a massive power signature approaching her at high speed. Okora stopped and dropped to the ground and attempted to take cover among the trees and boulders that littered the open fields.

Okora looked up into the sky and saw a figure floating in the sky above her. She paused for a second in confusion. Whoever this person was, it most certainly wasn't a Saiyan. It looked nothing at all like one of the race of creatures she so despised. She rose up into the sky and stared at the figure with a frown.

"So, I take it you blew up Parsley City, huh?" She asked carefully. The unknown figure simply smiled an evil smile at her and extended his left hand towards her. Okora's battle skills were rusty, she had thought she was done with fighting after leaving Planet Vegeta. A moment later Okora was forced to dodge to her right side as a barrage of punches tore through the air where she had been a moment ago.

Holy...Damn he's quick! She thought as she tried to open up some distance between her and whatever the hell this was. As if the alien was reading her thoughts, it grinned. "Nice dodge. Really stinks for you that I wasn't even trying. It seems like everyone on this planet is incredibly weak."

Okora could feel her blood beginning to boil at the creature's words. She didn't want to fight. She didn't want to kill anyone. But this thing had already destroyed a city and it's entire population. "I don't like fighting and I don't like killing but I'm going to make an exception when it comes to you." She growled. "You wiped out an entire city so in return I'm going to grind you into dust."

The Saiyan woman charged towards the alien and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks that the alien was easily able to dodge. Not a single punch or kick landed. "So weak." The alien said casually as he continued to dodge. Okora's eyes widened with rage. She put on a burst of speed so she was nearly face to face and unleashed a barrage of Ki blasts at point blank range.

That's not good. She thought as the smoke cleared and the alien was revealed to be completely unharmed. There were a few scratches on his armor and that was about it. The alien was smiling. It was not a pleasant smile. "Is that really the best you could do?" It asked with what seemed like genuine curiosity that was tinged with mockery. Okora clenched her teeth and let out a growl as she held both of her hands out in front of her and a massive ball of Violet energy began to form. "LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS!" She angrily shouted as she unleashed the energy blast. "MEGA EXPLOSION!" The alien's eyes widened for a brief moment before another smirk appeared on his face as he took the blast straight to the chest. The alien was laughing with what seemed like genuine delight as it extended both of it's hands and managed to push her attack directly back at her.

Oh...This is gonna hurt.

Okora didn't even have a chance to dodge or try to redirect the attack away from her before it slammed into her and slammed her into the ground. Okora screamed in pain as the attack continued to push her into the ground. She could feel her bones straining under the pressure and her body being burned by the attack. After a few moments, the ball of energy finally faded and Okora was left out cold in in the crater caused by her own attack.

"That was the best you could do? I don't know why I expected more." The alien sighed heavily and flew off into the sky once again, most likely assuming the woman who had challenged him was dead. After a few minutes, Okora's eyes slowly began to open. She could barely see the alien with how far off he was in the distance but she knew she had to put aside the pain she was feeling. That thing had wiped out an entire city with no provocation. After a few moments, she unsteadily rose to her feet and mentally assessed her condition. As far as she could tell, she didn't have any broken bones for which she was thankful, she had a large number of burns on her body and she felt weak after getting hit by her own attack. She took a deep breath and slowly rose into the air and began to follow the massive ki source.

So, I'm no match for him one on one. Well, I guess it's time to work on a plan. No time like when your rushing to your death to come up with a plan. She thought grimly as she took off into the sky.
[center]Name: Okora
Ki Color:Blue
Power Level:910
Location: Central Capital

Okora smiled as she balanced on her head while spinning around and around, quickly enough that she was nearly a blur. She was able to float slightly off the ground while continuing to spin. "Watch and learn, kids!" She shouted to the crowd that had gathered around her as she floated higher up before finally doing a back-flip while still spinning and finishing the trick by landing on her left hand smiling at the crowd. "Ta-Da!" She called out to the applauding crowd who began putting dollar bills and other small change in her basket.

"Thank you!" She called to the crowd over and over. "Thank you again! Please remember that I perform every Tuesday and Thursday!" She smiled and bowed to the crowd over and over. A sudden shout interrupted her as a shop that had TVs in the window suddenly cut to a breaking news bulletin just as she suddenly shook as she sensed...Something. It felt somewhat similar to when she used a scouter back in the dark days back on Planet Vegeta. But this...she could feel it even without the use of a scouter. What the hell kind of person had this kind of power?!

"-Repeat, Parsley City has apparently been destroyed by an unknown individual. There do not appear to be any survivors! We will continue trying to bring you any news we have!"

Groups of people began to run towards their homes as screaming and shouting began as people began to panic. Okora immediately began to pack up the things she used to entertain people and prepared to run towards her home to grab what few possessions she had on this planet.

She was praying to whoever was listening that she hadn't been tracked somehow but for the first time since landing she felt almost pure terror.

<Snipped quote by Chev>

How's it going Chev?

Going good. Had a few rough months but once I get back to my home computer I can get a character up. How many Saiyans do we have at this point?
Looks pretty interesting. Mind if I put up a character?
<Snipped quote by Chev>

OK, so, first things first. Why are the symbols Mandalorian? Was the bounty hunter Mandalorian? If he was, why didn't he stay in the Enclave or, more importantly, at least inform them he was there and then leave instructions with the Droid that should anything happen to him, he should go to them? Also, why does the droid go to the Mandalorians? I hate to be brutal, but most of them would think "Hey, target practice."

I figured it was to make the droid look intimidating and the reason the droid was heading for the enclave is because he wants to prove himself as more then a piece of property, I'm going to put in that he asked to speak with the leader of the enclave. I'll edit it in the morning. Right now I feel like I'm going to pass out. Thanks for looking at it :)
@Chev I have no major issues so will leave the reviewing to @Zarkun

Got it. I'm currently waiting for him to take a look at it.
This is the character submission I sent to Sep. Let me know what you guys think.

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