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Current Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?
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I will be gone for a few days
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Time to start thinking up a new Pokemon Colosseum Rp I think. So many ideas, so little time.
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Interested. Very, Very interested. Now to think up a character
"No. My Master is taking part in the battle now."

Former imperial Hadrex turned at the sound of the bones of his men being crushed and his eyes widened in shock at the sound of a lightsaber being activated. He raised his comnlink and yelled an odd series of words to whoever was listening on the other side.

"Activate Counter-protocol Cheska!

The Imperial gang leader unleashed a barrage of blaster bolts and immediately dodged to the left to avoid the bolts that would most likely be deflected back at him. "Heads up!" He shouted to the other gang members as a series of explosions rocked the walls above him. He grinned as he ran back out of range of the falling debris and the explosions as more and more pieces of buildings and other debris came down around the force-user and the few remaining mercenaries. ZD locked onto the fleeing imperial general with his blaster cannon and fired off a quick series of shots, one of which hit his leg and he staggered but managed to keep on his feet, albeit he was fleeing much slower. A few of the surviving mercenaries began to fire cover fire at the droid and the others as they attempted to protect their fleeing leader.

The droid saw a large piece of debris coming down on the force-user and yet another coming down on the one who had attempted to assist them in the first place. ZD immediately locked onto the first piece with his blaster cannon and unleashed a barrage of blaster bolts which was able to shatter the first one into two pieces that would be more easily handled and then locked onto the second piece that was coming down on the force user and was about to unleash another barrage when a piece of large building came down and slammed into the droid, knocking him to the ground.


Also, any chance I can make a low power level saiyan?
Still interested. Sounds like a good idea
"You there! By command of the Emperor, relinquish your weapons, your uniform and your life."

The former imperial General raised his eyebrow in mild surprise at the appearance of the new enemy and his mercenary getting knocked over. "You do realize that you are outnumbered by quite a bit don't you?" He said with a smirk. "The Emperor died at Endor and the Empire died with him. I'd kill you myself but I have other things to do." He motioned for four of his remaining mercenaries forward and the woman with the oversized blaster rifle aimed it directly at the newcomer's head.

"Kill him." The former general said simply as one of the remaining two mercenaries grabbed the unconscious Trandoshan and the other attempted to lift the droid only to find him too heavy.

The Trandoshan shook his head from side to side as he slowly began to regain his senses. He looked up and saw that the Mercenary was attempting to drag him away. So he did the best thing he could do under the circumstances.

He bit him.

The Mercenary let out a howl of anger and pain as he dropped the lizard man on the ground and grabbed his bleeding hand with his other hand. The Trandoshan turned to look at ZD and saw a few of the optical sensors were lighting back up.

"ZD! Corellian Sunrise!" he shouted the reactivation phrase to the droid.

The droid's optical sensors fully reactivated and the droid slowly rose to his feet. "Damage assessment: Armor plating damaged. All other systems are fully online. He targeted the woman with the over sized blaster rifle.

"Targets locked."
Nar Shaddaa

Strakisssh fired another round from his A280 blaster rifle and was able to force a number of the attacking mercenaries to duck before he was forced to duck to avoid getting a number of blaster bolts to his head. Off to the side he could see ZD-6R doing his best to try and minimize the damage by attempting to duck and dodge but his armor plating was making that difficult. "ZD! I'll try and give you cover! Take them down!" He shouted to the droid. The droid immediately straightened up and his built in heavy blaster cannon began to glow as more blaster bolts began to find their mark as the droid opened fire.

"Rerouting power to weapon systems." The droid intoned as the droid's blaster cannon found it's mark over and over even as he began to stagger from the amount of blaster bolts hitting him. The former Imperial General turned gang leader was forced to duck along with the woman with the oversized blaster fire as ZD-6R did his best to thin the ranks of those firing at him. Strakisssh was doing his best to assist taking down the few that were managing to avoid the droid's deadly blaster bolts. For a moment, the Trandoshan thought they might get out of this alive only to see a small circular object land next to ZD. His eyes widened in alarm.

"Ion Grenade!"

The droid barely had time to look down before the ion grenade detonated, ZD's blaster fire increased for a moment before he hit the ground with a thud. "Defensive systems disabled. Offensive S-S-Systems disabled, Shut down imminent." The droid intoned as he hit the ground with a thud and the red lights of his optical sensors faded as the droid was disabled. The Trandoshan let out a roar of rage and rose to hit feet and unleashed a salvo of blaster fire. He was barely able to count the six remaining mercenaries including the target and the secondary target before four blaster shots caught him in the left arm. He hit the ground with a thud and a moment later heard the sound of approaching boot steps. He grunted in pain as he turned over and saw the target they had came her to capture standing over him.

"Filthy lizard." The former imperial general snarled as he kicked the trandoshan in the face, knocking him out cold.
Nar Shaddaa

"This isn't a good idea."

ZD-6R barely looked up at the sound of Strakisssh's voice. "You should have said something three minutes ago when we were done placing the charges. The informant told us he was last seen in this area therefor targeting this particular operation is a sound strategy. Besides, you said yourself you do not enjoy spice and would gladly like to see the trafficking of it cease."

The Trandoshan shrugged his shoulders after a moment. I still think we should have gotten more data before we placed the charges. All we know is that he's in the building with at least two body guards. At least that is what we will face if the informant spoke the truth. We have two minutes left, it's time to take cover."

The two mercenaries ran to the side of a building and Strakisssh watched the countdown continue. ZD's eyes suddenly flashed after a moment. "Intercepting communications signals from inside the facility...oh dear."

The lizard man slowly turned to look at the droid. "What? What's wrong?"

"Some sort of energy field was just activated from inside the facility. All explosives are now non-functional. Detecting life-forms approaching from all directions. I believe we have been betrayed." The two mercenaries looked up to see a very disheartening sight: heavily armed men and women of all species had their weapons trained on them. A hearty laugh echoed from above them.

"I hear everything in this sector. You really thought I would be caught off guard by a lizard and a tin-can?!" A man wearing red and silver stormtrooper armor appeared. But it wasn't that individual that caught ZD's attention, it was a mercenary wielding a massive blaster rifle strapped across her back that stood at his side.

"Target identified." ZD said in what could only be described as an enraged tone.

Anyone still here planning on posting?
Who's all still in?
En Route to Nar Shaddaa

"Were you able to gather any more information on our target?" Strakisssh asked the droid as he checked his weapons that he had gathered before leaving Paradise. It never hurt to be prepared. ZD-6R's optical sensors flashed once as he retrieved the information he had gathered before leaving Paradise. "I was able to gather a small amount of relevant information: Apparently our target left the Empire shortly after the Battle of Endor which in itself is not surprising. What is surprising is how quickly he made a name for himself. From what information I have, he has gathered a number of mercenaries and smugglers and computer experts into an organization that he seems to be in charge of. He appears to be spreading his influence throughout the criminal underworld."

The Trandoshan paused at ZD's words. "I'm surprised the Hutts haven't dealt with him. From what I understand, they don't react well when upstarts try to muscle in on their operations." The Droid paused for a moment. "It does seem somewhat odd now that I think about it. Perhaps he doesn't have as much influence as he thinks he does."

The sight of Nar Shaddaa began to fill the view ports and both Strakisssh and ZD both checked their primary weaponry and made sure their blasters were fully charged as the shuttle began to head for a docking bay. "Remember: We need to take the target alive." ZD-6R told him in what could be construed as a stern voice. The Trandoshan nodded in agreement. "You said most of the sightings have been in the Red Sector?" The lizard man asked the droid.

"Correct. The last sighting was two days ago in the seventy third residential block of the Red Sector. Accounts state he and a small number of mercenaries were seen fighting with a local gang who were forced to retreat."

"Do you have a plan to draw him out?"

ZD's optical sensors turned blue for a moment. "I always have a plan. Despite our target being a former Imperial general he was known to be overconfident while serving in the Empire. What we need to do is attack his sense of pride."

"And how do you plan to accomplish that...?"

The droid turned to look at the Trandoshan.

"We need to attack something or someone close to him. I suggest we start by either attacking a number of his operations or territory."

The lizard like alien sighed heavily. "I'm going to be the bait again, aren't I?"
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