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I really want to get a Pokemon Colosseum based Rp running again. The Orre region never got enough love in my opinion.
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"Now, whenever you need it, it should be as easy as flipping a switch, this switch to be precise."

Both Okora and the Kai looked at one another for a brief moment before the Kai let out a sigh. "I'm almost afraid of what we're going to see. But we need to know." He said quietly as he hit the switch and a large holographic image appeared above the group. It was a massive map of the multiverse. There were almost too many universes to keep count of. But Okora couldn't help but notice that a good amount of universes were either highlighted red or seemed to be voided out. The voided out universes were ones she assumed were already destroyed. "Those red universes...I'm almost afraid to ask but what's going on with them?"

The Kai was examining the map very carefully. "If my suspicion is correct, it's either universes that are under attack or the device can't scan anymore. Which means they might as well be gone. But look at the positions of the universes that are confirmed gone: It looks like the majority of them are located near the center of what we know as the multiverse."

Okora looked at the map again. "The way the universes are almost looks like they were arranged as some sort of lock."

The Multiversal Kai's face took on a look of fear. "It looks like someone is picking the lock if that's true. The way the destroyed universes are arranged... It looks almost like someone is taking them out in a certain order."

Okora looked at Titanius and the Kai. "We need to tell the others. Now."
Collab between @Chev and @SupertinyKing

Chronoa was fuming a bit that the Supreme Kai of the multiverse had somehow managed to get the dimensional scanner off without any effort. Why haven’t I heard about him before? She wondered idly as she headed back towards what remained of the time nest. The more she wondered about the Multiversal Kai the more she wondered if the other Kais had known about this seemingly unknown Kai. A moment later, she passed a seemingly empty trash can and then stopped.

Are those legs sticking out of that trash can or am I hallucinating? She wondered as she reversed her step and looked down to see the lower half of a trash covered figure in the can.

“Hello?” She asked carefully.

The legs sticking out from the trash can, spindly and a dijon mustard yellow began to kick furiously as whatever was in the can heard a voice. “Ack! Hello! Could I get some help? I seem to have ended up in this trash can and, well, I don’t think I can get out without potential collateral damage.” A high pitched, slightly nasally voice spoke. No doubt it’d sound familiar to Chronoa.

That voice...I know I’ve heard that before. Chronoa looked down at the legs that were kicking. The female Kai reached down and grabbed the creature by the legs and pulled. A moment later, she found herself facing a very familiar face.

“Babadi?” She asked somewhat hesitantly.

“Bubabe, unfortunately full rela-....Oh no.” The short green alien says, his momentary smile at being freed quickly turning to an exhausted fearful look. “Of all the things to help me, a kai? I guess it tracks with my rotten luck. First some yahoos attack my people, then they blow up my planet, and now I’ve managed to get stuck in a kai’s realm. If I can be so bold, may I know the name of the kai who’s caught the horrible Bubabe?” He asks. “At least before you vaporize me?”

Of course, Bubabe was stalling as he tried to look around for a way out of this situation. He was tired, sore, and low on energy, so his options were limited. Maybe I could talk my way out of this? Beg for forgiveness? Bah, no, begging was beneath me. No, maybe I could use the last of my power to throw the can over her, and then book it? That was a worse plan, my legs are too short, and no doubt she could fly and teleport. I just need more time to think….

In a move that was sure to surprise Bubabe, The Supreme Kai of Time simply righted him right side up so his head was no longer facing the ground and placed him so his feet were touching the ground before she let go.. “I’m the Supreme Kai of time and I have a feeling that you weren’t expecting to be here, am I right?”

The kai gave him a careful look over before speaking again. “Listen, I won’t vaporize you. I give you my word. I have a feeling that the wish I made on the dragon earlier somehow brought you here.”
“So that’s what that was, I should have expected it to be some deific wish. Yes, I felt it reach through in a flash to grab something and I hitched a ride here. You got me out of quite the pickle, the planet I was on was going to explode, some nasty business. I had just come to terms with what was most likely my death when I felt it. In a weird sort of way, you saved my life...A kai saved my life, who would have ever guessed? But I suppose I do owe you now, don’t I?” Bubabe asks, raising an eyebrow, or more accurately part of his head wrap raised where an eyebrow would be.

Chronoa shook her head slightly and motioned for Bubabe to look at the city. “You don’t owe me anything. You can stay here if you wish but first I need to warn you of the danger that comes with staying here. Conton City pretty much has a target painted on it right now. We’ve been attacked once and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.

She turned to look directly at Bubabe and shook her head.

“You’ve been pulled into something much bigger than you can imagine. Right now, we’re trying to fight an enemy that has annihilated possibly thousands of different universes. If you want to leave, you can.”

Bubabe was silent, his head tilted back to look the Supreme Kai of Time in the face as he contemplated his options. “....A good person would want to stop will...I will help you stop them. I don’t know how well I will be able to help, but I will t-try. If you wanted to kill me, you would have. If you wanted to trick me into an ambush, you could have easily invited me in. This doesn’t seem like a lie, and I will admit that I am…terrified. Thousands? That’s not an it?”

Bubabe began to sweat and wobble slightly as fear and fatigue took their hold, before he began to grit his teeth. “How many people have died, do you think?”

The Kai raised an eyebrow in slight surprise. She had expected Bubade to run as far and fast as he could. When he asked how many had died, she didn’t have a clear answer for him. “I don’t know. More than I can imagine. There are people here who are being targeted by whatever enemy we’re fighting. The universes that are being destroyed always had at least one version of at least one of them. I made the wish on the balls to try and rescue some of them before their native universes were destroyed.”

Bubabe was almost floored by the admission that the Supreme Kai of Time, a being who you’d expect to be able to drop incalculable numbers, admitted the body count was beyond her imagination. His mind wandered to the people who had saved him when he was so low, and how no doubt countless people like them had just….been washed away, like nothing. He wanted to recoil, and let out a shrill fearful screech at the idea for a few moments before his terror was sundered by a realization. Whatever was doing this could go after the people who had helped him, who had shown him that there was more than his own twisted ways.

Fear gave way to fury, and rage as the Supreme Kai of time would be seeing this internal struggle from the outside. Bubabe’s terrified expression slowly shifts to the scowl of hate, veins bulging against his skin, threatening to tear it off of his body. The trashcan he had been stuck in moments before began to shake, and then compact as it was crushed by an unseen force, being twisted and shaped like someone would with putty, or bubblegum, until it was transformed into a small walking cane. The cane would float to Bubabi’s hand, and he would lean on it for support.

“Well then, we don’t have time to waste do we? Let’s get to work. Lead the way, Supreme Kai.” He says, regaining his composure as he speaks.

"Forgive my intrusion, but at the moment I feel my abilities would best be served in the pursuit of needed knowledge rather than any minimal amount of training. I believe if you handed me the dimensional scanner I could achieve the optimal efficiency needed for whatever calculations you are currently running."

Okora and the Supreme Kai of the Multiverse looked at one another as Titanius offered his assistance. Okora shrugged her shoulders. "It can't hurt to have him take a look at it. Maybe he can get it to display the overlap of the multiverse."

The Kai looked at the device and then back at Titanius. "Fine. Be very careful with it however, I have a suspicion that that device can prove a very disturbing theory. What we're trying to do is have it display a holographic map of the multiverse as it is now. There's enough data in the device's memory to accomplish it. We just can't get it to display it as a holographic map."

Okora carefully handed the device to Titanius with a faint smile.
Collab between King Kindred and Chev
@King Kindred

Super Saiyan? Tabaga thought as she searched her memory for any trace of the term. It rang a very faint bell but she had no idea where she had heard the term before. She looked at the other Saiyan for a moment before speaking. “The term super saiyan is ringing a bell but I can’t place where I heard it, in any case I don’t like using it that much. “Truth be told, I haven’t encountered nearly any of the other races I’ve met here back in my universe. The only one I’m sure I’ve seen before is whatever Darbin’s race is called, I think they called themselves Hera Clan or something.”

She sighed heavily. “I have a feeling that despite whatever similarities our species share, our histories are very different. I’ve never seen that guy with the tail who took off earlier or anything like him before. I’ve never seen whatever that pink thing calls itself before, not to mention the machine man. Everything here is...different from what I know.”

Maize was surprised more than anything to hear that the Saiyan before her had never seen someone of Ovaan's race before. It seemed that she was from a universe where Frieza and his family never "employed" the Saiyan race. They likely never existed because Maize couldn't imagine them existing in a universe and not conquering everything in their path. That universe was lucky, but other than that they seemed fairly similar.

"I'm somewhat familiar with the Hera Clan. My squad and I were fighting some pirates from their race before I ended up here." She felt a mixture of anger and sadness remembering her team. The fact that their enemies took prisoners gave her a glimmer of hope but she didn't know how long their prisoners would remain alive before they joined the numerous piles back there. "But about Super Saiyan. How'd you achieve it?"

Tabaga couldn’t help but shudder at the memory of what had caused her to unlock the transformation. “In my universe, we managed to create an empire. Everyone was treated equally but in the end it didn’t matter. The Saiyan Empire lasted ten years before those armored troopers we saw earlier began their march across our galaxy. We fought them as best we could but they would simply eradicate all life in their path and move onto the next planet and begin the cycle again.”

She turned to look at Maize with eyes that had seen more death than anyone should have. “They finally beat us back to Planet Vegeta after years of fighting and what remained of our warriors tried to hold the line until we could deploy some sort of device that King Vegeta and his scientists developed. We never got the chance though. In the end, it was just Okora and myself in orbit after the planet fell. One of them blasted her and the last thing I remember was this golden aura surrounding me. I guess that was what you call Super Saiyan. I have these brief flashes of myself cutting down the invaders and some sort of massive explosion.”

She shuddered again. “I don’t like the transformation to be honest. Maybe it was the circumstances that led me to unlock it or maybe it’s something else but I’m always overcome by a massive feeling of rage and grief and guilt when I use it.”

As Tabaga explained the circumstances that led to her transformation Maize found herself more and more intrigued by her universe. A Saiyan Empire and a much better one than Frieza's it seemed. Then their armored enemies came and instead of annihilating the universe in one fell swoop they snuffed out life planet to planet. It made her wonder if they were just using the planetary genocides to cover up the fact that they were searching for something. Something that was likely connected to the Imprisoned One. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her head for now as she continued to listen.

The circumstances of their transformations weren't all that different. She lost the people close to her and the one closest to her before her rage and other emotions boiled up inside of her until her lid popped. Tabaga's feelings towards the transformation made sense, especially considering it was still fairly new to her. She was still in Grade One.

"The circumstances of the transformation are the initial trigger, but the Super Saiyan state isn't beholden to it. When I first transformed it was… complicated. I had led a rebellion against the man who raised me. He wasn't a benevolent man or leader. He terrorized the galaxy and for a while I did so as well at his side. The perfect soldier for the perfect tyrant. And so for a while rage, anger, and survival was all I had known and the day that I faced him was the day it was all put to the test." Maize paused for a moment hating to remember this next part. The thought of reliving that pain she felt as she lost the people close to her still wasn't something she could entirely bear. She wasn't sure how she was still holding it together now.

"We defeated his most loyal and strongest soldiers and the battle was for a while on our side until he got tired of playing around and wiped out two of the only four remaining Saiyans in the universe before proceeding to kill every member of my squad. And I stood by helpless to do anything until I wasn't. Those same feelings that you feel and the ones I felt most of my life gave me the power to fight back. The Super Saiyan form isn't about the circumstances of the transformation. It's about channeling those feelings into the power to do something about it. And when you reach that point while in the form those feelings subside and there's an almost too serene calm."

Tabaga listened carefully as Maize explained what her life had been in her home universe and the super saiyan transformation. “I’m sorry for your loss.” Tabaga said quietly. “I lost my squad the day Planet Vegeta fell. It was rough, losing people you’ve fought alongside with, eaten with, laughed and joked with.”

“I’ve never felt calm when I’ve gone super saiyan.” Tabaga said quietly as Maize finished explaining the super saiyan form. “I have a bad feeling that if anyone else had been left I would have attacked them as well. But if what you say is true then I’d like to ask a favor of you.” Tabaga paused for a moment. “Can you teach me how to best use this form?” She asked hopefully. “I don’t want to be a liability in battle and I have a feeling that with the super saiyan form I can help out a bit more. I’d rather not feel guilt and rage and grief when I use it.”

When Tabaga finished Maize decided first to respond to her condolences. "Thank you, but my friends were later soon revived thanks to these wish granting orbs called Dragon Balls on planet Namek. But… now I'm not still sure if they're alive, but seeing Okora and the other prisoners gave me a glimmer of hope. One that I desperately needed. I hope that even the stubborn prince is okay." She sighed. She didn't quite understand why she was being so open, especially about how she was feeling, with Tabaga. She was barely even that way with her squad. Maybe it was because she was also a Saiyan and a woman at that. She was the only one back in her home universe so she never really had a girl friend that could relate to her.

"But yes, I can teach you. I'd say we should head to the arena for this, but the city is already damaged. We can't do much worse to it. First I'm going to teach you about controllable rage. I'm sure you're aware of the Oozaru transformation. I've never once turned into the giant ape. Instead I…"

She flexed her arms at her side and erupted in power. Her hair grew slightly spikier and her eyes turned yellow. Her muscles expanded causing her arms and legs to both grow slightly in size. She continued to speak but this time with a deeper, almost angrier voice. "Enter this state. At first I couldn't control it. I was like a feral animal because I was. But eventually I was able to control the beast within. It made controlling my rage in Super Saiyan a lot easier."

Dragon balls...I’ve heard that before as well. Tabaga thought, although she couldn’t remember where she had heard that term before. She had heard of the Oozaru transformation of course but she herself had never transformed. She watched as Maize transformed into a state she had never seen before. “I’ve never seen this form before.” She confessed.

"I had never heard of it before or seen anyone else achieve it. It might have been the circumstances. I dubbed it my Wrathful Form. But turn Super Saiyan. We Saiyans learn best through battle, right?" Maize said before doing some light stretches as she awaited Tabaga's transformation.

“Correct.” Tabaga said with a faint smile as she took a deep breath and her hair began to turn golden as the familiar feelings of rage, guilt and grief began to form in her mind. Come can do this again. Just power on through. Tabaga let out a roar of rage and a moment later a golden, glowing form stood in front of Maize. Tabaga was gritting her teeth in an attempt to keep the form stable and to keep her emotions from overpowering her.

Maize recalled the first time she transformed as she watched Tabaga enter the legendary state. The power was there, but still unrefined. But she at least had some control. Now. Time to get her mad. Without any warning Maize's right fist sparked to life with electricity and she sent a quick punch to Tabaga's gut.

Tabaga let out a gasp of pain as Maize’s fist collided with her stomach. She glared at her opponent. “Not gonna lie. That was a cheap shot.” Tabaga growled as she launched a barrage of punches at Maize.

Maize smirked in response and casually dodged or blocked Tabaga's punches as they came. She had potential as a fighter and even as a Super Saiyan. She was still able to maintain control over herself so that was good. Maize was growing tired of being on the defense and decided to step things up a bit on the offensive front.

She let out a roar of rage that sent the air in front of her bursting back towards Tabaga. Immediately after Maize would follow up with a barrage of punches of her own at Tabaga and moving forward with each punch thrown. She had no intention of letting up with her punches and wanted to push Tabaga's rage to the brink.

Tabaga was being forced back by the unrelenting barrage of punches. “Not bad.” She snarled as more and more punches connected. She was getting angrier and angrier as more punches connected.

Maize could feel that her plan was somewhat working, but it just wasn't enough. It was time to bring out her secret weapon, her words. "Is that all you got? It's no wonder you failed to protect your universe and your empire. The one universe that stood a chance and it failed. You failed. Because you're afraid. Afraid of your power, of yourself, of your feelings. Does Okora even know how you feel?" She continued to throw punches in between her verbal attacks quite literally adding insult to injury.

Tabaga’s eyes briefly widened at Maize’s words and then immediately narrowed. “You pushed the Okora button. You shouldn’t have done that.” She growled as her hair began to glow a somewhat brighter shade of gold as she fired more and more punches at Maize, taking careful effort to try and knock out a few teeth or leave an eye blackened or something. Tabaga suddenly shot forward in the middle of one of her barrage of punches and slammed her knee into Maize’s stomach.

Maize was starting to become impressed. She had never fought another Super Saiyan before and the feeling was incredible. She could feel the power emanating from Tabaga's fists with each punch. She noticed her primarily aiming for her face and lifted her arms to block the area, but leaving her vulnerable elsewhere. Tabaga took advantage of this and kneed her in the stomach making her hunch over. It hurt, but this is what she wanted. She had to push the button again.

Maize aimed her palm at the ground firing off a small ki blast that would push her away from Tabaga without any extra effort on her part. She recomposed herself and glared at Tabaga. "Why? Because it's true? You're fighting me, but you're really fighting yourself. You don't think you're worthy of her, do you?"

Tabaga was preparing another close quarters attack when Maize’s words hit her. And they had hit hard. Tabaga’s eye began to twitch for a few moments as the aura around her began glowing brighter and brighter and the flickering of the aura stopped altogether. “She...She died on my watch.” Tabaga growled as she ground her teeth for a moment. “I don’t know how she’s here today...but I swear it won’t happen again.I WON’T LET HER DIE AGAIN!” Tabaga let our a roar of rage and sorrow as the aura around her seemed to flare bright enough to illuminate the entire city for a brief moment. When the flare died down, Tabaga was standing there as the golden aura of the super saiyan transformation burned around her. She seemed deadly calm and serious. “I lost everything that mattered to me once. It won’t happen again.” She said in an oddly calm but still somewhat frightening tone. The Saiyan woman looked down at her arms and at the golden aura surrounding her. “It feels...different this time. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before.”

Tabaga's words resonated with Maize except that she had let her friends die again. She was saved but they weren't and now her universe was gone. Would she ever see them again? And if she did would they forgive her for being such a terrible leader? Always getting them into danger and putting their lives at risk. She never felt that she deserved their love or loyalty but they followed her always without hesitation. Maize fought back her own feelings trying not to show Tabaga her own inner turmoil. At least not in the middle of their spar. But her own issues aside she was proud of the results in front of her. Tabaga had did it, with her help of course, and now was time for the fight to really begin.

"Good. Then maybe you could give me a real challenge." Maize exhaled slowly before easing out of her current state and transforming into Super Saiyan. The Golden aura of the form temporarily blazed around Maize as a single tear managed to escape her eye. She thought that she had held down what she was feeling in time but it apparently wasn't the case. The year evaporated in the fiery aura before the aura itself disappeared from around Maize leaving just her with the golden hair to show for it. "Ready?"

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@King Kindred

Tabaga had done her best to try and locate the other saiyan but wasn't having much luck. She was about to give up and try and find something to eat when she suddenly caught sight of the other woman and cautiously approached her with a faint smile.

"Hi there." She said in her best "Hey please don't blast me in the face I'm trying to be friendly" tone of voice.

Okay. Try and find something in common. Maybe she'll be nice and not just get pissed and storm off.

" can do the gold hair thing as well?" She asked somewhat awkwardly. "I don't really know what it is. Makes me feel kind of off to be honest."
@ChevIn other news I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment Should I do whatever, go train with our frost demon friend, or just wait for the next story post?

At this point it's time to find someone to interact with or train. Whatever you decide.
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Plot Post
Character interaction/Time Skip

After telling Darbin that training should indeed be their priority for the moment, Chronoa had begun looking for the Supreme Kai of the Multiverse and Okora only to find that they had barricaded themselves in a nearby building and all attempts to reach them were met with silence and nothing she did could get them to come out short of blowing up the building. The Supreme Kai of Time simply threw her hands up in frustration and retreated to the time nest to try and fully regain her energy.

Tabaga had tried eavesdropping at the building a few times only for Okora to repeatedly appear behind her and tell her politely that they needed time to figure out what was happening and that it would be in her best interest to leave them alone. Tabaga, seemingly taking the hint after the fifth reprimand seemingly gave up and began looking around for Ovaan and after failing to find him after a few hours of searching, began looking for the other Saiyan.

Inside the building, Okora and the green skinned Kai were looking at a list of the destroyed universes. "It's odd." The kai said softly. "Many of these universes were ones that I myself visited in my youth. There never seemed to be anything special about them aside from their own indigenous species and unique histories."

Okora paused reading the list for a moment as she looked at the scanner. "From what I've learned for you over the years, the multiverse is made up of countless other universes. Isn't there some way we could program this thing to show us an overhead view of what we know as the multiverse and try to look at this from a different approach?"

"It's possible. I haven't dealt with technology this primitive in quite a while but it's similar to something I used to use in my early days of exploring. It will most likely take a few hours."

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