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Current I really want to get a Pokemon Colosseum based Rp running again. The Orre region never got enough love in my opinion.
4 mos ago
Starting up a World of Warcraft RP, if anyone is interested please PM me. Probably going to be AU or in the future.
1 yr ago
If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
2 yrs ago
Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.


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Tabaga slowly turned around at the sound of that word.

Oh no he didn't. She thought to herself. She wasn't going to respond to the insult with words. But she was going to beat the living hell out of the kid so he could learn some respect.

"You know...I didn't really know what was going on when I first woke up." She commented casually. "But when you sent out Saibamen to murder innocents that's when I decided to choose sides. The Saiyan race needs to change. We can't be killers anymore, we have to be better."

She cracked her neck. "I'm going to beat that lesson into you. It may not be the best way to do so but I have a feeling that it's the only way you'll understand."

Tabaga let out a growl as she began to focus her attack power.

"Bring it, kid."
Location: Snack Shed
Interaction: Una O'Brian
Mentions: @Almalthia

"Hello I'm UnĂ¡. You?"

Daniela had managed to find a few bags of junk food in the shed and had been enjoying a small bag of chips when a figure suddenly appeared next to her. Daniela let out a yelp of surprise mixed with fear and small sparks of electricity shot from her fingers as the red haired, blue eyed woman who apparently went by the name Una asked her who she was.

She scrambled backwards as she felt the unwelcome feeling of her power beginning to flare up. "Stay back!" She called in a terrified tone of voice as electrical sparks began to flare up around her. "I-I can't control it." She said softly. "I don't want to hurt anyone again." She whispered hoarsely as she stared at the woman with wide, terrified eyes.
@IceHeart If that's what you want, then I won't stop you. Best wishes to you.

@Genon I'll admit Chev caught me off guard when they had Tabaga go after Korun after he was downed. I was going introduce a means for him to get back on his feet and keep fighting (albeit while severely weakened) alongside Jagen and Po when they arrive. I guess I could still do that but the item I was going to introduce will end up being a bit stronger than I first intended.

I can edit my post if need be

Tabaga watched in satisfaction as her attacks seemed to scuff the Saiyan warrior's armor but managed to draw his attention away from Negi for a few short seconds. Whoever this guy was he was clearly after Negi big time. Something the prince had done had really pissed him off.

She braced herself as she was about to be rushed when another sudden attack caught Korun's attention. A few moments later, the blue fighter somehow managed to pull Korun's tail off before being blasted point blank by an energy blast. For a brief moment, she was hoping he may have survived the attack but could only watch in horror as the smoke from the blast cleared and Korun was left holding the blue man's head.

"no..." She said quietly as her rage began to build up within her. "He was trying to save lives!" She shouted angrily as Prince Negi managed to beat him down. But at that moment, she didn't really care if he was on the ground and his strength had been somewhat lessened. All that mattered was that he had taken someone's life, the motivation for the murder had appeared to be to infuriate the prince.

Tabaga let out a scream of rage. It had been a long time since she had become this angry, all she wanted to do was make sure that Korun was out of the fight for a good long time. "Let's see how well you can fight with your arms broken in seven different places!" She shouted as she shot down to the ground and slammed both legs on Korun's right arm at high speed. She didn't know if she had broken his arms but she was really hoping she had.

She aimed a glowing ball of ki energy at Korun's head as she took slow and shaky breaths.

"You deserve to have your head blown off right now." She whispered to him. "But guess what? I'm not like you. I'm not a murderer like you and the others anymore. But I am going to make sure you stay out of commission for the duration of this fight." She fired a series of high power ki blasts at his other arm before standing next to Negi.

"I say we knock him out. He may be weaker now but that doesn't mean he still can't be a threat later on." She stated coldly.

Not quite sure yet. Got a few ideas though.
Very interested
Location: Outside the Ashford Institute for the Gifted

Daniela Steele was scared.

Of course after what had happened to her back in New York would scare even the most hardened of people but the fear of what she had unleashed and the consequences of what she had done had been driving her onward for weeks now. She had run as far as she could after the Incident back in New York but still, people kept coming after her. In the past week she had nearly been caught twice after being recognized in two separate states.

She had come across the large building last night while hiding after seeing a police car with it's lights flashing. In her case, it was better safe than sorry. It had a large track and field and a number of large buildings. She was assuming it was some sort of school but she wasn't entirely sure. Last night, after managing to onto the property she had found a pool and a small building. She was very grateful for the smaller building. She had managed to get past the lock on it and and finally managed to enjoy a mostly uneventful night's sleep.

Daniela had been in the middle of trying to find something to eat when her hands began to emit a faint yellow glow as she reached for a light switch. A moment later, she felt power begin to run through her body as the lights in the building began to flicker.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!


"When this fight's over, maybe let's you and I see if we can learn a bit more about this planet. Like it or not, Earth is gonna have to become our home for the foreseeable future."

Tabaga nodded and assumed a battle stance as her damaged scouter picked up an incoming power level. A moment later two separate events occurred in rapid succession, First a blast of energy slammed into one of the fighters who seemed to be supporting Negi and a moment later, an unknown Saiyan appeared directly in front of Negi. A short conversation went on between the two warriors for a moment before Negi unleashed a blast of energy at the unknown Saiyan and moved backwards to put some distance between the two.

"Friend of yours?" Tabaga shouted at Negi as she gathered what strength she had and began to rapidly fire Ki blasts at the unknown Saiyan. Whoever this guy was seemed to hate the prince quite a bit. Tabaga was a bit upset at the fact she wasn't at her full fighting power yet. Being stuck in that pod for a number of years had more of a detrimental effect then she thought it would.
@Weird Tales@Genon@Chev

Where are you guys? We're waiting on you.

Running a bit behind on posting. I apologize. I'll try and get something up tonight.
Looks interesting
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