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Current I really want to get a Pokemon Colosseum based Rp running again. The Orre region never got enough love in my opinion.
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Starting up a World of Warcraft RP, if anyone is interested please PM me. Probably going to be AU or in the future.
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If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.


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Daniela Steele
Wednesday 8:00am- 8:53am
Ashford Institute for the Gifted
Interactions: Self
Mentions: @Brioko Jobe

Daniela Steele was feeling better the she had in a very long time. A few consistent hot meals and a safe place to sleep without fear of being picked up by the police for something that had been beyond her control had done wonders for her mental state in the short term. Not to mention making a friend in Matt. He seemed like a good kid. The long term mental state would be a different story but that wasn't what she was focusing on today. The past few days she had been spending her time learning as much about the institute as possible, from the courses offered to the teachers to her fellow students. She had learned quite a bit about the courses offered but had learned very little about the majority of the teachers and the other students.

Today she was going to focus on the challenge ahead of her.

The Danger room

She had heard other students talk about it but she still wasn't exactly sure what going into it would entail. Something dangerous certainly, hence the name but she wished she knew exactly what she was getting into. Truth be told, she had been quite nervous since she had heard that she was going to be going in. She had already made the decision that before she would walk in, She would square her shoulders and do her best to gather her courage.

She still had about an hour to go. She had woken up earlier then usual in the morning and had taken a shower, gone downstairs around an hour earlier and grabbed a light breakfast before taking a little bit of time to try and center herself out on the grounds. She had found herself relaxing near the track with her eyes closed and taking slow consistent deep breaths. Over the past few days, she had found herself having slightly better control over her powers now that her mind wasn't in a constant state of fear and the idea of having a place where she might actually belong was also having a positive effect as well. She slowly took a final deep breath rose to her feet and checked her watch.

Son of a...the alarm didn't go off!

Daniela took off towards the danger room at a quick pace. She only had seven minutes to get to the danger room.


Daniela had pretty much dashed across the grounds and had arrived at the danger room exactly at 9:00am. Right on the dot.

She stopped to catch her breath and smiled as she saw Matt and two students she wasn't familiar with standing next to the entrance to the Danger Room. She thought she had seen then walking around a few times but she wasn't sure. She turned to look at Matt and flashed a cheerful smile at him.

"Morning Matt. How are you this morning?"
Possible new character.

Location: Ashford Institute for the Gifted
Interactions: @Una
Mentions: @webboysurf

"You really need some real food. We can all go together. Unless of course someone objects…? Well I'm going for sure."

"So... where are you from? I'm from Seattle, personally. Would have killed to live out here in LA though."

Daniela smiled a very small smile at Una and Nikolai. "Wisconsin originally." She said in response to Nikolai's question. "Nice little town near one of the Great Lakes. I was in New York with some friends when my mutation decided to show itself." She looked over at Una. She asked curiously. She didn't like thinking about her home...well, former home and the assholes who lived there.

"I'd be very interested in getting some food. Do you happen to know what's on the menu today?" She asked hopefully.
Daniela Steele
Mentions: Anyone in the Danger Room

Daniela was trying to make sense of what she was hearing but for the life of her nothing was making sense. Una had apparently tried to kill one of the professors last night and from what she was hearing someone had tried to kidnap her. Apparently Daniela had missed quite a bit from what she was hearing. She was doing her best to keep the amount of stress she was under from showing.

"um. excuse me..." She tried to speak over the louder of her new classmates.

No one noticed and truth be told she was getting somewhat frustrated.

"Excuse me, but Una did help m-." she tried to speak as Cleo spoke over her seemingly without realizing it and before she had a chance to respond another student spoke up. It was at this moment that all that Daniela had been through since New York broke through, all the running, all the stress, all the fear and all the suppressed anger that she had been bottling up broke out.


Two streams of electricity shot up from her hands in a display beyond her control and slammed into the top of the danger room and made a loud crackling sound. Daniela's eyes flashed yellow for a full minute as she stared at the assembled students. She knew she sounded and looked crazy at the moment and truth be told, she didn't care. She wanted to know what had happened. She wanted to know why it seemed some of the people here had an issue with Una and she wanted to know now.

"Listen. I'm new here. Una brought me here. As far as I can tell she seems like a nice person. I want to know what the hell people seem to have against her. I want to know what the hell happened that has some of you freaked out."

Daniela's eyes flickered down to her hands and she saw that they were still radiating with electrical energy and she quickly shoved them into her pockets in an attempt to get rid of the electrical glow. "S-Sorry." She said quietly. "Still working on the control part of that. But I want to know exactly what happened and why people seem to have an issue with Una."
Daniela Steele
Interacting with @webboysurf

"Hey, don't worry about it. Takes all of us time to learn how to use our powers."

Yeah...but you didn't kill four people when your powers manifested. She thought angrily to herself for a moment before she squashed the thought down to the bottom of her mind for the time being.

"Point is, we're all a bunch of misfits in some way or another. But we're all in this together. So why don't we go back and meet the others?"

Daniela carefully looked at Nik and then back at the Danger Room and then back at Nik again. "Listen...I...uh..."

Just go back there already! They're not going to try to kill you or anything! Her inner voice screamed at her in exasperation. Daniela forced herself to stand straight up and forced a small smile onto her face even as another part of her screamed at her to go run away to her room and lock the door.

"S-Sure. Let's go meet the others."
Daniela Steele
Interacting with @webboysurf

"Hey... uhh... wait! I don't think we've met."

Daniela slowed down slightly and took a quick look behind her and saw one of the students jogging after her. She didn't recognize this one but that was to be expected. It was still her first day at the school. She closed her eyes for a moment and did her best to try and force herself to stay still instead of running to a room.

"H-Hi." She said quietly. "Uh...listen, sorry for the electrical blast." She said in the same quiet voice. "I..uh, don't have the best control over my powers yet."
Daniela Steele
Interaction @RedVII

Daniela watched Ashford with a somewhat cautious stare as spoke. The words he had said while looking at her seemed to cut deep to her core. She hadn't intended on joining the Ashford institute, but so far most of the people here had been welcoming...friendly even. So far only one person had given her an odd look and she was sure that was because of her outfit. She still hadn't had a chance to change or shower yet and it was something she was looking forward to.

“Is it for protection?”

Daniela couldn't deny it, that was part of the reason she was considering staying, but since she had arrived, she had felt a slight sense of...comfort for lack of a better word. Aside from her appearance, the people here weren't giving her a second look. Granted they didn't know what she had done but that was something best kept to herself for the moment. Once the overwhelming fear had been replaced by cautious optimism, she had felt a longing for something that she had wanted to find for quite a long time if she was honest with herself.


Not just acceptance of her mutant abilities, but acceptance of who she was.

Maybe the Ashford institute can be more than a place to hide...maybe it can be the start of something new. She thought with a growing sense of hope.

A moment later a small blast of electricity shot from her hand and dissipated against the ground as she heard a scream come from somewhere in the room that snapped her out of her happy daydream. Truth be told, she was still strung high enough and nervous enough that anything could startle her at this point. She turned to look behind her and saw a man with a beard was the source of the disturbance.

He looked somewhat embarrassed and Daniela sheepishly looked at him with an embarrassed faint smile.

I...I'm electrical." She said weakly and then was immediately quiet as she realized what a stupid thing she had just said. "I...Uh...I'm going to leave now." She muttered awkwardly as she left the room and walked quickly away, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.

Daniela and Aya

Daniela was doing her best to keep her mouth closed but the more she saw of the school the more her jaw seemed to drop. It was beautiful. She looked towards the other girl who was approaching and immediately shut her mouth and stood straight.

Aya, still unsteady, vision still difficult to focus, braced herself against the wall as she saw the figure in front of her. It was a girl. Maybe around her age. Aya didn’t recognize her.

“...Hi,” came her soft voice, almost timid.

Daniela forced herself to make eye contact and tried to smile, but she was still nervous about this whole situation. “H-Hello.” She said quietly. She mentally slapped herself. You need to at least introduce yourself. She admonished herself.

“M-My name is Daniela.” She said quietly.

“I’m Aya,” she said out of reflex. There was something… surreal about all of this. Aya was still reeling from her… experience. What was she even supposed to call it? The fight, using her power for so long, the monster… She felt unmoored, like she was placed in a harbor when she was certain she still should’ve been caught in a storm out at sea. Another wave of dizziness came over her. Aya’s fingers curled against the wall holding her up.

“Ummm…” She didn’t know what to say. Eventually politeness won out over the need to find some sort of shelter. “Are… are you new?”

Daniela seemed to flinch slightly. “You might say that...I was hiding out in the snack shed.” She muttered as she looked down at the floor. “I-I was hiding. I-I think the authorities might be looking for me...T-There was an incident in New York a while back. I didn’t know it was a school. I just wanted somewhere to spend the night.” She motioned towards Una. “S-She found me.”

Aya tried very hard to focus on Daniela as her head swam. Her muscles ached where she’d pulled the needles out just minutes ago.

She clung to the name she knew.

“Uná,” she said, almost to herself. “She’s… she’s ok.” Images of the night before flashed in her mind. She looked back up to the taller girl. “The ahh… the school will take you in if you have nowhere to go and you’re a…” Mutant.

Daniela’s expression became a mix of relief and concern. “I appreciate that.” She said quietly. “I-I tried to go home...they yelled and screamed at me...called me a murderer.” She shook her head for a moment to clear the images of charred bodies from her mind. “If I may ask...where exactly am I?”

Aya’s focus pulled inward, fighting to stay conscious, stay upright, stay present. Daniela’s voice became distorted white noise as Aya squeezed her eyes shut. She stood in that hallway, bare feet against the cold tile floor, dress rumpled, skin too pale and eyes sunken in.

Daniela’s question some how drifted through the fog.

“Ashford Academy,” Aya managed to say. “I’m sorry, I think I… excuse me. I think I need to go lay down.”

As Aya answered the question Daniela had posed to her, she suddenly noticed the condition that this woman was in. She didn’t look the best.

“Uh...I-I think you might want to go see a doctor or something.” She said quietly. “Is...Is there a nurse here or something?” She asked Aya quietly as she more carefully examined Aya.

Aya shook her head and immediately regretted it.

“I just came from there,” she answered. “I’ll just… go to my room.” Aya managed to push herself up from the wall, though she was still unsteady. Then, because her manners required it, “It was nice meeting you, Daniela.”

Daniela couldn’t help but feel something was very wrong with this woman. She could see Aya was unsteady and obviously ill in some way. “Listen...I know I don’t have any right to say this...but I think you might need assistance getting to your room. W-Why don’t you let me help you make sure you get there. I’ll walk you there.”

Aya automatically opened her mouth to politely decline, but then another wave hit her. A hand came up to her head, her eyes scrunching shut. She nodded.

“My room is…” At the moment, Aya couldn’t quite remember. But if they started walking, she was sure it’d come back… hopefully. “Close. Thank you.”

Daniela nodded and waved at Una as she put Aya’s arm over her shoulder to support her. She was praying to whoever was listening that she didn’t blast this poor woman with a jolt of electricity or something by accident. “There you go…” She said quietly as she managed to get Aya mostly supported. She wouldn’t fall over or anything.

“W-Which way are the dormitories?” She asked carefully. “We’re bound to run into someone who knows which room is yours.”

“No, I can find it,” Aya said, trying to hold onto whatever was left of her dignity. “The dorms are…” it took her an embarrassing amount of time to remember. “Down this hall, then second left.”

As the two walked, Aya tried to find some way to fill the silence. This poor girl… it was her first day, she was clearly nervous, and now she had to deal with Aya being… Aya.

“So…” she eventually tried, “how did you find the school?”

Daniela was doing her best to keep Aya supported but it was somewhat difficult due to the height difference. “I-I was running from the authorities last night and I jumped the fence. I just wanted someplace with a roof so I could get some sleep without the fear of getting rained on. She paused for a moment as a sudden somewhat frightening thought came to mind. What if they thought she was a criminal with that last comment?!

“Listen...I-I’m not a criminal or anything.” She said quietly. “I-I just didn’t know what to do after New York.” As the two approached the dormitories she began looking for the correct door.

Aya only listened, letting the soft sound of Daniela’s voice guide her back to some sense of stability. That she’d been running was… concerning. But then, Aya supposed she wasn’t really in a position to judge.

“It should be the fourth door on the right,” Aya said. Then, after a moment, “The students here… it’s common to have a history, I think,” she murmured. “The… abilities. No one tells you what to do with them or how to control them when they start.” Kainoa’s scared voice drifted through her mind, still painful. “I don’t think this school judges you for the mistakes you’ve made.” It was like Aya was realizing the truth of it as she said it. Something small and tight loosened in her chest just a bit.

Daniela was a bit relieved to hear that hopefully she wouldn’t be judged for what had happened. A wave of guilt rose up in her chest though as she thought of the four people who had died because of her mutation activating. Granted, one of them had most likely been about to kill her but still...the idea that four people had lost their lives and that one of them had been one of her best friends still hurt her badly.

She saw the door that would lead to Aya’s room and opened it as she helped her into her room. “Here...I don’t know which bed is yours but I really think you should lay down.” She said quietly as she helped Aya towards one of the beds. Truth be told, Daniela had no idea what to do after this. Was she supposed to report to one of the staff? Was she supposed to just wait for someone to come and talk to her? She felt very lost.

The relief that reverberated through Aya’s body at seeing her little twin bed came as a surprise. It was familiar. Safe. Somewhere along the way, Aya had begun to think of this room as her’s — the school was becoming home. She let Daniela help her lay down, wincing as her muscles shook to try and control her fall.

“You should find a teacher — Professor Everose, or Ashford, the headmaster. They won’t turn you away.” Aya remembered when she’d first arrived at the school — how she’d gone to Professor Everose’s office to try and cancel her enrollment. She idly wondered about the poor nurse and if she’d found Aya’s cot in the medical wing empty yet, machines still beeping alarms. “Thank you for helping me,” she said to Daniela.

Aya wondered at her confusing, chaotic, painful time at the Ashford Academy. Last night had been terrifying, she remembered that much. But after a lifetime of feeling like an outsider, even if her powers still scared her, she couldn’t remember another time when she’d felt like she’d belonged somewhere.

“I hope you give the school a chance.”

Daniela smiled faintly down at the woman and turned around as a faint frown replaced the smile. “Anywhere is better than life I left behind.” She said quietly enough to herself that Aya couldn’t hear. She could still remember the screaming and angry yelling when she had gone home. The hatred in her adopted parent’s voices, the horrible things that had been said.

“Sleep well.” She said to Aya as she left the room. A moment after she left she had a sudden realization: She had no idea where any of the staff were.

The realization was making her nervous and a small spark of unwanted electricity erupted from her finger and she hurriedly shoved her hands in her pocket as she looked around for someone who could help her.
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