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Current If anyone is interested in joining a DBZ Rp please PM me and I will respond as soon as I can
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.
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Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?


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"Well well, we do appear to have some visitors, they don't really appear to be the friendly sort."

Sythis eyed the threatening bug people with interest as he cracked his neck and began to gather his strength. "Times like this I really wish I had a scouter that still worked." He muttered as he turned to look at the others.

"From what I can tell, they're all roughly the same... With one exception"

"I agree. The bug-man might prove to be a problem." Sythis was forced to move towards one of the bug-solders as the bug-man fired a Ki blast at the group. The bug solder immediately attempted to take down Sythis with his clawed hand as he approached and Sythis unleashed a Ki-blast directly into the creature's chest which sent it flying backwards into a boulder. Sythis gathered his Ki into his hands and smiled as the bug-solder rose to it's feet and tried to gather it's bearings. It seemed like the blast had disoriented it.

"Burn." Sythis said simply as he unleashed a barrage of Ki blasts at the creature.
Nar Shaddaa

"You know, we seem to have the worst luck."

Captain Alran Haltres who normally enjoyed the opportunity to leave his vessel and get field work done turned from his view of the space-port and glared at the second in command of his recon team and shook his head before responding. "I didn't think the Believer's would actually hit the Hutts in the heart of their territory. Don't get me wrong, I admire what they're doing but they should have known the Hutts would get pissed off and take it out on the population." The five man team was hiding out in a deserted building near the space-port and since the attack, had been trying to find a way to get back to their shuttle.

The second in command motioned towards the space-port where the small civilian shuttle they had arrived in was docked. The shuttle was heavily modified with extra armor but lacked a good deal of weaponry. It could take a fair share of hits, but it couldn't do much in the way of fighting back. "Any chance we can get to the shuttle?"

Haltres shook his head. "Not a chance. The Hutts have most likely locked down the space-port. No way we can get near it without getting seen. Knowing how happy the Hutts probably are at the moment we'd most likely be either shot down or captured and interrogated. It's too bad we weren't able to install the remote access systems on it." He said as he raised his eyebrows and looked at his Second in command who shrugged. "We were short on time. And we did get most of the system installed. Problem is we need a direct line of sight to activate it and as you pointed out, the Hutts won't let us near the space-port.

Haltres could seen that the majority of his team was exhausted by the running they had been forced to do. "Alright everyone, time to take a break. "We're going to take turns on lookout duty. I'll take the first shift. "Get some sleep boys and girls. I'll let you know if and when something comes up."

The rest of the team saluted him and began to look around the room for a place to rest. It wasn't exactly a hotel but it was better then being out on the streets. Haltres couldn't help but shake his head.

Such a great time to visit Nar Shaddaa
Just curious, how many people are still involved with this?
I'll edit. My bad
A pair of eyes watched from the corner of the training area and a massive grin appeared on the figure's face as the Ki orbs began to fall and shortly after began to zoom and zig-zag around the area in unpredictable maneuvers. He could see that if the orbs touched anyone, it was going to hurt like hell, but he didn't care. This being was giving him the chance to become strong. Stronger them he could have ever imagined possible.

The figured wearing old and beaten Saiyan battle armor let out a laugh as he jumped into the fray and immediately was shocked by a few of the orbs as two of them slammed into him and a third hit him in the back. He let out a shout of pain but managed to barely remain on his feet as he raised his hands above him. "Heh. I've felt worse back home. Some of my food used to fight back." He laughed as he began to try dodging as many of the Ki orbs as possible while firing off ki blasts of his own at the orbs to either knock them away or simply blast them into oblivion.

What Sythis wasn't detecting was the incoming natives of the planet. His damaged scouter had been destroyed years ago by food that had decided to fight back. He was unable to sense the incoming natives of the planet.
Working on a post now. Might be a bit, I want it to be good

"Anyone got some plans on how to go from here? If there was only one of you I could probably smuggle you out, but more than 1? Not a chance."

ZD turned to look at the other droid and for a brief moment thought about scanning her but decided against it. It could be taken as a hostile action and they didn't need any more issues then what they already had. "I would rather not try to fight our way out of this situation but at the moment it doesn't appear the odds are on our side. If I could repair my blaster cannon I could provide a distraction but it is currently beyond my ability to repair." The droid stated as it filed the image it had of Alix and stored it under his "High Priority threats" category. It should have been impossible for the shot to hit the weak point of his armor but he had.

Strakisssh thought for a moment before placing the captured target on the ground and checked to see how many grenades he had left. "I have two thermal detonators left. Maybe I could cause a distraction and draw them away from here. But we still don't have transport out of the immediate area."
Talked to Demon Shinobi on discord. Will have a character up sometime soon
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