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Current If anyone is interested in joining a Superhero Rp, please PM here on RPG and I will explain what the RP is about.
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.
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Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?


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<Snipped quote by Chev>

OK, so, first things first. Why are the symbols Mandalorian? Was the bounty hunter Mandalorian? If he was, why didn't he stay in the Enclave or, more importantly, at least inform them he was there and then leave instructions with the Droid that should anything happen to him, he should go to them? Also, why does the droid go to the Mandalorians? I hate to be brutal, but most of them would think "Hey, target practice."

I figured it was to make the droid look intimidating and the reason the droid was heading for the enclave is because he wants to prove himself as more then a piece of property, I'm going to put in that he asked to speak with the leader of the enclave. I'll edit it in the morning. Right now I feel like I'm going to pass out. Thanks for looking at it :)
@Chev I have no major issues so will leave the reviewing to @Zarkun

Got it. I'm currently waiting for him to take a look at it.
This is the character submission I sent to Sep. Let me know what you guys think.

<Snipped quote by Chev>

I mean... if you want the concept. I can hand it over.

Got some ideas for other character concepts I can work with.

I was trying to get a laugh xD Don't worry. I have plenty of droid ideas xD
I feel like creating a Separatist droid that's been heavily modified to speak Hick.

Darn it. I had a Droid idea that now doesn't seem good enough xD
@Chev any interest?

Yup. Thinking up a character atm
Also watching
Collab with @MrDidact

Justice League Watchtower

Velocity stared out the window as she thought about the chance that had been given to her. One week ago, she had been alone in her life and had thought that she was happier that way. Now she didn't know. Two days after the mission she had woken up in the med bay and had been confronted by the man at the time she hated nearly as much as she despised her parents. She had always wondered what she would say when she finally came face to face with him.

One Week Earlier

Danielle Steel looked around in confusion. The last thing she remembered was getting aboard the Javelin or whatever they called the vehicle they had arrived on and then getting dizzy and then the floor getting really close to her. She had woken up a few minute ago and had no idea where she was aside from the fact it was obviously some sort of hospital. Is this some sort of Justice League hideout or something? She wondered as she looked around and saw a number of nurses and doctors walking around the bay. One of them finally noticed her trying to sit up in her bed. The nurse spoke quietly into a communications device and said something to a nearby doctor but all Velocity heard was the words she had spoken into the communicator. "She's awake"

The doctor came forward and gently eased her back to lay down on the bed. The doctor's name tag read, "Dr. Cross" and he was an older gentleman with shots of silver in his white hair. He also sported small black lenses over his eyes. Cross said, "Don't try getting up too fast. You pushed yourself hard down there. You might be a speed force conduit, but it can take a toll on your body when you haven't had the training. You almost went too fast for too long. Thankfully you're also healing at an accelerated rate but you should be on bed rest for at least a few days. We'll get you some food and water. You speedsters burn through energy quickly." The doctor gestured to a nearby orderly, who nodded and disappeared to fetch some food.
The doctor shined a small light in Danielle's eyes for a moment, turned it off then slowly waved it in front of her. Scanned her with a small medical device. He nodded and said, "Your cognitive functions seem nominal. So are vitals. You're in stable condition and there should be no lasting damage from the fight. We'll have you moved to a recovery room sometime today. Just don't try using your powers until you're fully recovered or you could go back to square one."
"I'm sure you must have some questions, so feel free to ask."

Danielle looked around in confusion and tried to make sense of her surroundings. "W-Where am I?" She asked carefully. She continued looking around for a possible escape route in case she had to leave in a hurry. The smell of food caught her attention a moment later as she turned in the direction the smell was coming from. "I...I guess I'm a bit hungry." She admitted as her stomach began to growl

Dr. Cross smiled and said, "You're on the Watchtower in the medbay. One of the most advanced medical facilities in the solar system. And I just happened to have patched up a few speedsters in my time. I used to be a bit of a costumed adventurer myself, when I was a young man. You're safe now, you're in good hands. And I bet you're more than a bit hungry. I've seen the Flash work through a whole taco truck like piranhas with a cow carcass after a big fight." The orderly returned with a cart piled high with food. Fruit, pancakes and toast, eggs and bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. A whole breakfast, and for more than one person. The nurse came back as well, adjusting the machine next to Danielle as Dr. Cross examined her chart, "You're still on pain medication for the wounds you suffered but you should be off of them by tomorrow. All in all, your prognosis is good." Dr. Cross tapped his ear and listened for a moment before turning back to Danielle, "If you're up for it, there's a visitor who wants to see you. Shall I send them in?"

Danielle stared at the cart piled with food with undisguised hunger. She was starving now that she thought about it. She barely heard him talk the watchtower or about the pain medications or the prognosis as she dug into the cart. She was halfway through some bacon she she finally heard him say that someone wanted to see her. She looked up from the plate of food and nodded. "Sure. Send them in." She said with a brief and small but noticeable smile.

Dr. Cross nodded, smiling back, "If you need anything else just press the call button and the nurse will be with you." Cross stepped out of sight as the nurse pulled privacy curtains around Danielle's bed, leaving her alone with the food for a moment. A second later the curtain parted and the Flash stepped in. Don Allen and his twin Dawn had become Flash and Streak respectively, and had together taken their father's place as the leading heroes of Central City while he was in semi-retirement. The Flash smiled slightly at Danielle and stepped in, "I've had a heck of a time trying to track you down all this time. Almost gave up. How are you feeling?"

Velocity was halfway through a pancake when she saw the man who was responsible for the accident that gave her her powers in the first place and she nearly fell out of the bed. "You..." She snarled angrily. "You stay away from me!" She snarled again as she grabbed a plate and threw it at him as heard as she could. Tears began to roll down her face. "Your the reason I'm a freak! My family abandoned me because of you!" She shouted angrily.

Flash sidestepped the tray in an almost imperceptible blur of movement. His trademark smile was gone, his eyes were full of remorse and regret. He said softly, "I'm sorry. I tried to save your life and I made a mess of it. I had no idea that giving you that shock would have activated your powers. There wasn't time to do a metagene analysis and I just... acted. I tried to find you afterward, but you were already gone. And here we are. Funny how things work huh?" By the look on his face, Flash didn't think it was funny at all. He walked slowly over to the bed, sat down on the far edge. He said, "If I could change what happened I would. But I can't. Doesn't usually work out well when you try to change the past, my dad would know. I can't give you your family back. But I can offer you a new home. Here, with the Justice League. You proved already you believe in fighting the good fight. You don't have to fight it alone. And I can help you. We can all help you. Jay, Barry, Wally, Jesse, Jai, me. You can be one of us. In control of your powers, able to harness the Speed Force instead of letting it run you." Don Allen looked Danielle in the eye, "You don't have to make a decision right now. And I'm not saying we can replace your loved ones. But we'll give you anything and everything you need to get you back on your feet. I promise you that."

Velocity turned to look at the Flash as he sat down on the far edge of her bed. "I...I wasn't expecting you to say that." She muttered. "I thought you were going to gloat or something that you managed to catch me. Listen...a part of me is pissed as hell right now. Not at you, but at my "loving" parents. They saw me at the hospital after the incident and decided they no longer wanted anything to do with me the minute they saw I had powers. They disowned me without a second thought and honestly I'm surprised you made the offer you did." She looked down. "I need time to think, but before I say or do anything I want to ask you a question: What would my life be like if I joined the league? Where would I live? What would I do besides fight crime?" She looked up at the Flash with tears in her eyes. "Listen...I had someone in my life before the...incident. I know that my past life is over. I can't ever go back. But I want to ask you something, are any of the people you've known in the past in danger because of your actions as the Flash? I'm not asking about my far as I'm concerned I'm done with them. But I want to make sure that the person I loved is safe. I've never gone back to the city after the incident but I want to know if she moved on...if she's safe"

Flash shook his head with an understated smile, "I've been accused of bragging often, but I never gloat. Especially not at times like this." He sighed, "It happens. Sometimes normal people can't handle people like us. We scare them. And not without reason. But we still help them."Flash looked back at Danielle smiling more openly now, "You'd have quarters here on Astrapolis. You won't have a massive suite or anything, but it'll have all the essentials. We'll pay you a salary, and you can use the services here. We've got quality stuff here, and cheaper than you'd think. Plus you can't beat the view. You'd also have a dorm earth-side, whichever Hall of Justice you end up being assigned. Central City most likely. And you don't have to just fight crime."

"There's lots of ways to help people without punching someone else. Humanitarian stuff, charity. And if you want, we can pay for you to finish school. You can get a degree. Work with us on all kinds of projects and fields. Or even go private sector if you choose to do so later. Heck I'm not a crime-fighter full time. I work in the scientific division as well, hard as that may be to believe. We won't decide your life for you, but we'll help you get a start. Help you find your way. A lot of metas have a hard time integrating into the world. We can help you do that. And even if you don't just us, we can still help you control your powers and get you a start."
Don looked into her eyes, nodded with understanding, "We do our best to protect ourselves and those we love. Close family gets the best in security technology. And even those of us who don't have a secret identity, the media and the governments often help us out by referring to us with code names or public identities only. All of our personal records are confidential. We minimize potential blowback as much as possible. It's easier for a lot of us now than it was in the old days, we tend to hang out and associate with others in the community more often than not. But there will be no public links to anyone you know from our end. As for Selena, don't worry. I've been checking up on her. She's doing just fine. Life is normal." "As for me, well if there's been any danger to people close to me, it's because they're in the game too. It's the family business after all."

Danielle stared at the Flash for a moment as his words hit her with the force of a punch to the face. Selena was okay. And if life was normal for her...then she must have moved on. She was hit by conflicting feelings upon her realization. A part of her, a rather large part of her was relieved that life had gone on for her without complications due to what had happened at the Flash museum. She was safe. But another part of her was hurt...well, devastated was a better word, a large part of what had given her life meaning was now lost to her forever. She shook her head as she wiped the newly forming tears away. She looked over at the Flash and smiled slightly. "I need some time to think about it. Give me a few days." She said quietly.

Flash nodded, stood, and said, "Take all the time you need. It took me a long time to learn this lesson, but one of the most important things to know as a speedster is when to slow down." He smiled softly at her once more and then he was gone, the curtain to her bed closing with a soft flutter as the Flash left Danielle alone with her thoughts.

Justice League Watchtower
Present day

The stars twinkled in the darkness of space as Danielle gave her decision some final thoughts. She had been staring out the window for a few hours now, in all honesty, she hadn't even noticed the hours go by as she thought about her conversation with the Flash a week earlier and her final decision. She could do more with the League then she ever could by herself. She had been lonely and angry for quite a long time, she had been without a family for a long time as well. She would always miss Selena and her friends but now she had the opportunity to become part of something greater. She could save those who couldn't save themselves. After she had woken up, she had heard the news of what had happened in Thailand. She wondered how many families had been ripped many men, women and children had been slaughtered in the attack and how many couples had been separated either by the chaos of the attack or by death. I can't let this keep happening to people. She thought as she rose to her feet and asked a technician if he had seen the Flash recently. After finding out that he had been seen in the mess hall no more then five minutes ago she headed in that direction. After entering the mess hall, she saw the Flash sitting behind an impressive plate of food. She sat down across from him and extended her hand. "I'm in." She said simply.

Flash had been sitting with his sister the Streak and his cousin Jesse Quick, all of them in understated funerary versions of their costumes after returning from Sandman's funeral. He smiled at Danielle and stood, reaching out his hand to grip hers in a firm handshake, "You'll get the official nod from the big 3 later on. But welcome to the League." His smile turned to a wide grin, "And if you're gonna run with us, you're gonna need a new suit."

Danielle thought about it for a moment. Her suit was a bit beaten up and had a few bullet holes in it. And it lacked many of the things that a Speedster would want, such as comfortable padding on the shoes. The thing had been made from scavenged resources and it was most likely going to be a reminder of a time in her life that she would much rather forget. "So...any ideas where I can get a new suit?" She asked As she looked over the two others besides the Flash. She was familiar with Streak but the other was unknown to her.
"You! Get out there and secure my evac. Take out those corrupt cops and start evacuating civilians once you're done. Move it!"

Velocity simply nodded. "Got it." She said as she took a moment to assess her gunshot injuries. Nothing too major and she felt like she could run, not at full speed obviously but at a fast enough speed that these corrupt cops wouldn't see her coming. "See you in a few." She said with a very faint grin as she took off. She tore through the complex at speeds that made her look like a blur and a moment later she emerged outside to see what she pretty much expected to see: Cops firing on the League peacekeepers.

Money talks, corrupt cops listen apparently. She thought with a frown as she looked for the peacekeepers and then took off once again and stopped next to the Sergeant after locating them.

"Hey. I'm here to help. Who's the first target?"

The Sergeant pointed at a number of officers armed with what looked like some type of weaponry that looked like it could punch through a tank if it was used properly. "Good choice. Be right back." Velocity took off at high speed and knocked the weapons from their hands with her first run past them. She knocked a few of them out with her second pass as she lashed out with a number of punches and kicks. When she was done there were around seven hostiles down. She stopped for a brief moment and heard the sound of angry shouts and yells of surprise and she saw the majority of the hostiles turning their weapons on her. She narrowed her eyes beneath her mask and cracked her neck.

"Alright. So that's how it's going to be.

Velocity took off at a speed that she usually only reserved for extremely dangerous situations. She felt that this situation definitely qualified as one with the number of weapons pointed at her and the fact that the turrets were starting to target her as well. The only good things about this situation was that the peacekeepers were hopefully going to have the pressure lifted off them enough for them to catch their breath and could hopefully regroup.

The speedster took off and began knocked weapons from the hands of the cops holding them. A few shots nearly hit her by chance and she was forced to up her speed even more. Little sparks of lightning began to form around her as she forced herself to keep her speed consistent. Can't go any faster. I'm already pushing my luck as it is. At her current speed it almost seemed as if the people firing at her were moving slowly. It was much easier to dodge the bullets then before but she could feel her heart beating faster and faster the longer she kept going at her current speed. The corrupt cops around her were falling apart and beginning to panic as more and more of them were taken out by Velocity until they were only three or four left. She figured the peacekeepers could handle the rest of them as she turned her attention to the turrets. Just a little longer...Just a little bit more...She thought as her vision started to get blurry and pain started to spread through her chest and arms. Not now...I'll be fine when I take it down a bit... A few moments later the turrets were either silent due to the fact that Velocity had managed to get at the individual firing them and had knocked him or her out or she had managed to take out various important parts to the turrets. She was barely able to get back to the Sergeant before she felt the pain increasing. "Can you handle the rest of them?" She asked as she tried not to show any sign of the pain and weakness she was feeling.
Warpath, New Mexico
January 1st, 2052

Danielle Steel could feel the rage course through her veins. It was nearly tangible. It was the first time she had felt such rage towards someone other then her parents after that fateful day nearly a year ago. She could nearly feel the waves of anguish and emotional pain roll off of the family as they wept over their son's shattered body. The drug use in Warpath had gone down quite a bit due to a few certain individuals active in the area but there was still the occasional idiotic user of one of the meta-drugs. No matter what the side effects were, someone was always looking to experience what life would be like as one of the meta-humans or while beefed up on Venom.

One thing Velocity had learned by observing those on the meta-drugs: Power tended to corrupt that type of person. They felt invincible, above the average citizen, and most of the time the civilians were the ones to suffer from the tyranny of those nutcases.

The drug that had been used in this case was one of the Meta-drugs, she didn't know which one.

The costumed individual watched coldly as the parents of the young man let out a wail of grief and anguish as the breath left his body and Velocity's body shook with barely contained rage. She didn't care much about either the Justice League or the Legion of Doom although at one point, in a darker time in her life she had considered learning more about the Legion but that had changed once she had seen what they were bringing across the border. A certain costumed member of the Justice League had been responsible for her transformation into what her "loving parents" had called "an Abomination". No...Velocity refused to aid either faction but if something or someone caught her attention then it had her complete attention.

And right now whoever had supplied the lunatic currently running through the desert with the drugs that had allowed him to tear this family apart now had her complete attention.

A brief moment later, the weeping family looked up as a faint wind and a faint vibration seemed to slightly shake a vase off to the side.

Outskirts of the Chihuahuan Desert

Velocity tore through the desert at high speed as she locked in on her target. Said target was coming down off his Meta-high. He was laughing joyfully and had his hands raised to the sky as thought he was praising whatever force had given him his temporary strength that had allowed him to commit the brutal murder so easily. He was barely able to tell something was coming before the speeding blur knocked his legs out from under him. His cry of shock and distress was cut off as Velocity grabbed him by the front of his stretched out tunic before he could hit the ground and slammed him into the ground with a good amount of force. The meta-drug user stared up at her with shock as her fist violenctly slammed into his jaw twice in the time it took him to blink. "Why did you do it?" She asked in a calm and somewhat cold voice.

He looked up at her in shock as though he couln't believe that this was happening to him. Velocity slammed the back of his head into the ground and slowly lifted it once again and stared at him. "Why. Did. You. Do it?" She asked again. The Meta-drug user's eyes widened in fear. "M-Money, He owed me money! Wouldn't pay!" The man exclaimed in complete and utter fear. Velocity shook her head in disgust. "It usually does come down to money, doesn't it? Now...Where did you get the drugs?" The man paused for a moment as he considered his options. Either tell the clearly angry lady he didn't have a shot in hell of beating or having to deal with an angry representative of the Legion. Velocity smiled darkly under her mask and a moment later the murderer was gasping for breath as a vortex appeared around him that was rapidly cutting off his oxygen. A few moments later, he could feel the Oxygen returning to his lungs as the vortex disappeared and the masked woman appeared in front of him.

"Choose carefully."

Chihuahuan Desert

5:37 PM

Velocity ran across the desert. If anyone were to look down from above they would see a barely noticeable blur easily passing a number of Federal vehicles that were heading towards the deep desert. Velocity had gotten the information she had needed from the drug user and learning a bit about Vigilante and Bloodsport before depositing him back in the home of the man he had murdered, what the family chose to do to him, she didn't care. He had earned whatever they had in store for him. After putting the dots of what was going on together, she had simply kept an eye out for suspicious activity and a number of Federal vehicles heading out into the deserts definitely counted as suspicious. It had been relatively easy to figure out where they were going once she had barely seen a far off building surrounded by Federal vehicles and heavily armed men.

Of course they never saw her coming. A number of them briefly felt a breeze that seemed to come out of nowhere pass by them but by the time they had to react, she was gone. She kicked her speed up a notch as she tore through the facility at high speed as she heard the sounds of the agents outside finally beginning to understand what was going on. A few moments later, she had found what she was looking for along with a few of what the Justice League called "Peacekeepers". Before they could react, Velocity had passed by them at high speed. She chose not to harm them. Her grudge was with whoever was running the drug lab. She wasn't sure if it was producing Venom or Miralco but either way it was getting shut down or quite possibly, blown up. As she raced down the elevator shaft she couldn't help but hear the sounds of combat. She figured she was going to have to deal with the League but hopefully they wouldn't start trouble with her. A moment later her eyes widened as she saw something she quite honestly wasn't prepared for as she approached a balcony overlooking a massive chamber.

It was pretty much a full fledged battle. Men who were clearly on Venom along with two figures in massive exo-suits were approaching the group she was watching from the hallway leading to the balcony.

An old saying came to her mind as saw one of the men who was wearing a dark purple jumpsuit with what looked like a golden cape over one of his shoulders somehow created a shield out of what appeared to be nothing as a barrage of firepower tore through the air and slammed into it: "The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend"

"Screw it." She muttered reluctantly as she watched him take out a venom solder by taking his head off. "Lesser of two evils." She sighed as she hit high speed and began knocking the guns out of the hands of those firing them. The first few or so were relatively easy to disarm but a few moments after she began her work she knew that the enemy forces were aware of her presence as a number of firearms were pointed in her direction. Gotta give credit where credit is due, they caught on quick. She thought as a number of bullets tore through the space where she had been barely a moment ago. Unbeknownst to her, one of the supposedly disarmed solders had managed to pull some sort of custom weapon that she must have missed and took careful aim in the direction the blur was going and fired two shots.

Velocity was actually beginning to enjoy herself as she continued disarming the solders. She was on solder number twelve and had just disassembled his weapon when she felt a sudden pain shoot through her side and a moment later another sudden shot of pain go through her left arm. She nearly hit the ground before she managed to steady herself and took off at high speed away from the solders and she tried to locate who had managed to shoot her. A moment later as she took a hard left and came back the way she had came from and saw one of the solders she though she had disarmed holding some sort of custom weapon that had managed to punch through her suit. She was barely able to dodge the next few shots before she grabbed the weapon from his hand and punched him repeatedly in the stomach. "That really hurt." She snarled as she smacked him across the face a few times with the pistol and then knocked him to the ground before running back towards the man with the cape.

She held her side with her right hand and was breathing heavily as she tried to get a handle on the pain she was feeling. "Anything else I can help out with?" She asked as she tried to staunch the blood-flow from her side.
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