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Current Anyone up for a Pokemon RP set in the Orre Region? Gonna try setting one up again.
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Ah. I see. Like I said, not very technology wise myself.
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Is it possible to file a complaint with his internet service provider? Not very good with technology myself but isn't that an option?
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@LadyAnnaLee As someone who has done it in the past, I highly recommend you don't do it. I don't want to see you harm yourself.
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If anyone is interested in joining a Pokemon Orre Region based RP, please feel free to get a hold of me.


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Keldabe City

Vorax took a sip from his drink and looked over what remained of the Silver Fangs commanders. He wasn't surprised that the majority of them were understandably angry over having to leave Hutt space. Many of them had been slaves of the Hutts before Vorax had managed to liberate them and they were still hungry for blood against their former owners. The commanders were trying to keep from disturbing the other patrons with their discussion but the noise level was rising considerably. The captain of the Hound's Charge, a one armed Weequay named Xoren took charge of the discussion by slamming his remaining hand on the table to get everyone's attention.

"If everyone could please quiet down." The Weequay said politely as the noise level at the table began to go back down. Xoren was usually quiet but his skills as a tactician were nearly unparalleled and had made him an essential part of planning raids. Not to mention he was as respected as Vorax was among the crews, when he spoke, everyone listened. Vorax smiled a toothy smile at the Weequay as thanks and began to speak once he could be heard by everyone. "Friends, I ask you to put aside your thirst for blood long enough for us to decide on the future of the Silver Fangs.. Our numbers are at a fraction of what they once were. Our ships are badly damaged, I'm not even sure when the Guiding Light will be functional again and the rest of our vessels are in no shape for a fight. But most importantly, we have lost many of our comrades in arms, our friends and for some of us...our family. It is imperative we don't let our thirst for revenge impair our judgement. No good will come from returning to Hutt space in a blind rage."

The Trandoshan leaned forward over the table. "I have a proposal for all of you. During our time in Hutt space we managed to gather quite a bit of data from our raids, not just on the Hutts but on certain large pirate groups, Hutt mercenaries, even data on the Empire and the CIS." Xoren scowled for a moment as he recalled the raid that had allowed them to get the CIS data. "Captain, we lost good men in that fight, I hope you aren't suggesting giving them the data as a sign of our goodwill. We need credits and honestly, a new mechanical arm is the first thing on my list when I have enough." Vorax shook his head. "I'm actually suggesting we ally with the Republic of Mandalore."

The outburst of shock and confusion from the table drew a few eyes from the other patrons before Xoren slammed his hand down on the table a few times to silence the outburst. Vorax looked each of his remaining commanders. "Think about it, The Republic of Mandalore has already beaten the Hutts back once before and the Hutts are frightened enough not to screw with them. We have the opportunity to align with a major power that despises the Hutts as much as we do. I suggest we offer the data we gathered in exchange for being allowed to join up with the Mandalorians.

Torro, who was staying uncharacteristically silent finally spoke. "Captain, I think it's a good idea but I feel I need to ask: are you the one making this decision? As I recall, when we joined up you said each commander would have a say. Vorax shook his head. "Of course not, my friends. We'll take a vote and see what you all think. So what say you, my friends? Who is for and who is against?"

Each of the remaining commanders looked at one another and each of them raised their hands in a show of support for Vorax's plan."

"Excellent." Vorax smiled a toothy smile to his commanders. "Now we just need to find someone in charge." He said with a hissing chuckle.
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Guiding Light
Mandalorian Space

“Wake him up.”

Vorax was quite suddenly brought back to consciousness as he felt an armored fist impact the side of his face. His eyes shot open and he let out a loud hiss of pain. He looked to his right and saw the unwelcome sight of a massive grinning hutt holding his customized double barrel blaster pistol. “Obadah. What a surprise.” Vorax said in a deadpan voice. “Be careful with that blaster, it’s custom made.”

The hutt stared down at the trandoshan and his sadistic grin grew wider. “I think I will have your head mounted on the wall in my palace. If you wish, I can place it next to my throne at all times. Or better yet, perhaps I can blast your legs off before we leave the ship.” Torro let out a mechanical sounding chuckle. “If you blast off the captain’s legs, You and I will find out first hand if hutts can regrow their tails.”

The hutt turned his attention to the wookiee and pointed the blaster directly at his head. “You are in no position to make such a threat.”

Torro simply smiled at Obadah. “You’d be surprised what I used to do for a living before I joined the Silver Fangs and Captain Vorax. You wouldn’t be the first hutt I’ve gone up against.” The wookiee said with a smile that brought a chill to Vorax’s bones. He knew what Torro used to do and right now wasn’t the time for it to be brought out into the open.

“So Slug, You’ve captured Vorax Tezar, the Bane of the Hutts. What do you plan to do now? Show off your prize? Follow through on that ripping off limbs idea?” The hutt let out a booming laugh. “Little lizard, while you and your crew were unconscious I came up with a punishment that will suit your disobedience.”

The hutt leaned closer to Vorax until Vorax could smell his breath which nearly caused the trandoshan to vomit. “I know you sent the non-combatants away. Even now I have slicers at work retrieving the data on their hyperspace routes. I will find them, bring them to hutta and have them executed in front of you. And then, little lizard, we will see how much pain you can endure.”

A loud, guttural humming sound resonated through the Guiding Light. It was a sound known far too well by those who flew the cold emptiness of space: the ship's generators powering down. All lights in the ship blew out, leaving only the sparse emergency lights to provide any source of glow. With a deafening silence present… The sound of a single blaster bolt rang through the mostly empty corridors.

Over whatever radio signal Obadah's men were using, a voice rang out. ”Sorry about that… must have cut the wrong wire… You should probably send someone down to fix that. Your last mechanic…” The voice paused for but a moment. The sound of another blaster bolt filled the silence. ”He didn't make it.”

Vorax and Torro looked at one another in confusion as the lights went out. As far as they knew, all the survivors were on the bridge with them. Obadah on the other hand let out a loud roar of fury as he looked at his eight remaining mercenaries and pointed towards the corridor that led to the engine room. “Get down there and kill whatever or whoever you find!” He shouted at four of the mercenaries who grabbed their blaster rifles and ran down the corridor. “The rest of you, make sure your blasters are pointed down that corridor at all times.”

The hutt turned and looked at Vorax and Torro and the rest of the surviving bridge crew and narrowed his eyes. “Do not think this will save you, little lizard. I don't know what you are up to but it will not work.”

Vorax let out a hissing chuckle. “I’m in the dark as much as you are, Obadah. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s pissing you off so I’m all for it.”

In the enclosed, dark corridors leading to the engines, the mercenaries filed in two by two. They stuck themselves back to back, heads on swivels as they desperately checked around each corner carefully. Down one of the narrow passages, one of the mercenaries stopped dead in their tracks. Lying face down in the middle of the hallway was a single mercenary lying limp. The pairing that discovered the body moved over towards the corpse quickly, one checking for a pulse while the other stood guard with blaster aimed down the hall. The body was still a little warm, and the two quickly rolled the body over onto its back. Clear blaster burns scorched the corpse’s torso armor, and magnetically attached to its front was a small detonation pack. As the body moved, small red lights on the device rapidly beeped to life. The explosion radius wasn’t particularly large, but it was enough to send the two mercenaries flying back. They were dead before they hit the ground. The last two mercenaries sent to investigate came rushing over, blasters primed and at the ready. The three very charred corpses were enough to send the two into full panic, as they turned their heads rapidly to search for any sign of the intruder that caused this disturbance.

One of the mercenaries, a Duros, turned his gaze upwards momentarily in his panic, looking back down the hall. But something made him stop in his tracks, frozen in fear. The other mercenary took a moment to catch on to his partner’s panic, realizing something was wrong. The two were panting in the dark, deathgrips on their blaster carbines. Finally, the Duros screamed and lifted the blaster up towards the ceiling, where the Clone Commando was clinging to the ceiling. Several blaster bolts flew at the armored figure, who took this opportunity to drop onto the Duros mercenary. Blaster bolts pinged off the Beskar, bouncing off and shooting sparks in the surrounding walls. A loose tube of gas was ruptured, clogging the area with a bit of opaque smoke. Crossfire had managed to wrestle the blaster carbine from the Duros merc, pinning him down with his body weight as he slammed the butt of the blaster into the mercenary’s head several times. It lacked finesse, but a kill was a kill. The other mercenary, blinded and coughing, began running away from the scene, firing blaster shots behind him. He fumbled for his communicator with his free hand, but seemed unable to hold on to it as it slipped from his grasp. It fell down into the grate flooring, but the hutt’s thug didn’t have time to stop and search for it. A primal desire for survival overrode every other base instinct. It wasn’t quite enough, though. Crossfire’s whipcord fired out from the darkness, wrapping around the mercenary’s foot. The helpless gun-for-hire fell on his face, losing grip of his blaster. He reached for it, only to suddenly be pulled back into the dark red smoke behind him. The sound of dragging and screaming gave way to a single gross squelching sound, as the soldier drove the vibroblade embedded in his vambrace under the mercenary’s collar. Silence once again filled the majority of the Guiding Light.

Vorax let out a small chuckle as he heard the sound of blaster fire and a small explosion down the dark corridor. Obadah on the other hand was shaking from fear. “Report!” The Hutt bellowed fearfully with a small touch of anger into his communicator. Of course, there was no answer. The Hutt looked at his last four mercenaries and motioned them down the corridor. Three of them obeyed the order while one of them looked as if he would rather take his chances with Obadah. The Hutt pointed Vorax’s blaster pistol at the mercenaries head and motioned again for him to move forward which the mercenary cautiously did.

Vorax and Torro both smiled fang filled smiles at Obadah. “What’s the matter, slug? Afraid of the dark?” Vorax asked ominously. Obadah stared at the Trandoshan and then slowly turned his gaze back towards the darkened corridor.

The corridor was pitch black, even the emergency lights seemed to be nonfunctional as the mercenaries began to move slowly down the hall. One switched on a headlamp, and a single beam of light pierced through the inky black. Dust particles filled the space, dancing in front of the light as it didn't do much to fill the space, instead only showing a patch of wall or flooring as the mercenary carefully scanned the environment from the front of the pack. The light shone up, facing down the hall, and briefly illuminated a single figure in blue armor. The second the light illuminated the figure, the mercenaries started opening fire. Crossfire winced at the sudden light as it disrupted his night vision, and recoiled as several blaster bolts hit his armor and knocked him back a step. He quickly moved into the nearest doorway, pressing himself up as flat as he could in the small alcove, as blaster bolts continued raining in his direction. He blinked away the white spots as he grabbed the blaster rifle from his back.

The hallway was filled with intermittent red glows from blaster fire and the golden light of a single headlamp. The trained soldier sighed and steeled himself, cursing the cocky attitude that forced his back against the wall. But this was nothing compared to the hell his brothers had put him through. The aim of the mercenaries was sloppy, and their formation weak. He could work with that. Crossfire plucked a single grenade from his belt, pressed in the activation trigger, and tossed it blindly down the hall. He counted out the seconds.

”Three… two… one.”


As soon as he heard the explosion, Crossfire pivoted around his impromptu cover and fell to one knee, lifting his rifle. Using the flash of light from the explosion, Crossfire fired off two quick shots into the closest mercenaries. He tapped his vambrace quickly, switching to thermal vision. He aimed his rifle at the two glowing figures left standing. With a couple shots each, they were down before their wits were even about them. Though, the one at the rear still seemed alive and breathing, desperately trying to drag his injured form back towards the bridge. Crossfire slowly walked up and fired a single shot in the back of the merc’s head. He then turned his gaze back up towards the hallway.

”This is your last chance to beg for mercy, Hutt. If you apologize, you will hardly feel your death.”

Obadah reeked of fear as the last of his mercenaries were killed. He stared at Vorax and Torro and back towards the hallway and the armored blue figure. He briefly looked down at Vorax’s blaster in hand and pointed it towards the darkened hallway. Vorax couldn’t help but notice Obadah’s hand was shaking violently and he smiled. He knew he could possibly be next on this guy’s list after the Hutt but at this point he didn’t care. He had liberated countless slaves from the Hutts and had been a thorn in their sides for years. If this was his time to die, he could die content.

“I’d be lying if I said it was a pleasure knowing you, Obadah.” The trandoshan said with a faint toothy smile. The Hutt stared at him for a moment before deciding on a course of action Vorax knew was coming. The slug decided to turn and run, perhaps hoping whoever had slaughtered his mercenaries would kill Vorax and Torro and the remaining bridge crew and give him enough time to get away. “Typical.” Vorax hissed. Torro nodded in agreement.

The two looked at the approaching armored figure. The hands and legs of the bridge crew were still bound and Vorax had a feeling that they weren’t exactly high on the kill list. Obadah was clearly the one the figure was interested in.

The matter was over rather quickly. There was no spectacle, no further one-liners or tricks. As Obadah attempted to slither away, Crossfire simply opened fire. Several blaster bolts riddled the Hutt, before the slug slumped motionless. Crossfire's approach was measured, as he took a quick scan of the room. He did linger on the prisoners, but kept marching towards the corpse. Once there, Crossfire's motions were quick and simple. He moved the corpse around like the carcass of an animal, and cut its tongue out like he was simply taking a trophy. He secured his prize in a compartment on the side of his Jetpack, before turning finally towards the prisoners. he scanned the expressions and body language as he approached, before finally settling on Vorax. He wiped the blood coating the blade sticking out of his vambrace before quickly using it to cut free the Trandoshan's restraints. It was only then that he spoke again. ”Are you the captain of this ship?”

Vorax watched as Obadah’s tongue was taken, most likely as a trophy and let out a hiss of relief as his restraints were cut. “I am. My name is Vorax Tezar, Commander of the Silver Fangs and Bane of the Hutts. My thanks to you for killing Obadah, I only wish I could have shot him a few times myself.” He grabbed his modified blaster pistol Obadah had dropped and put it back in his holster. He motioned at his wookiee first mate. “This is my second in command, Torro.”

Crossfire nodded, his expression hidden behind his helmet. He stood rather stiff at this point, arms crossed as he appraised the situation. After a moment, he spoke up again. ”I can put some calls out to get a ship out here and lift this ship back to Mandalore, since I doubt this ship is flyable in its current condition. But you and your crew will have to deal with the… cleanup.” Crossfire motioned towards the fresh corpse of the Hutt. He then looked back towards Vorax and Torro. ”Before all of that, I'm also going to need an explanation why your ship dragged a Hutt into Mandalorian territory. I'm not ungrateful for the opportunity to put my training to use, but I am going to need details for my report.”

Vorax nodded in understanding. “We’ll space the Hutt as soon as we can. The Silver Fangs were an anti-slavery based organization operating out of Hutt space for the last year at most. We were attacked by Obadah the Hutt as we were preparing to leave Hutt space, we lost most of our space forces and most of our personnel while trying to escape.”

Vorax pointed at Obadah’s corpse. “What we didn’t know was that Obadah had managed to board the ship before we went into hyperspace. He used slicers to take control of certain systems and he and his mercenaries managed to knock us out with stun grenades and that’s when you came in. We were heading to Mandalorian space since it’s well known you and your people don’t care for Hutts.” The trandoshan paused for a moment. “Pretty much every galactic faction we know of considers us pirates but we are not. Everyone in the Silver Fangs is expected to pull their weight but in return they are protected and fed until they are able to find a place to call their home. Four ships full of civilians were sent ahead into your space earlier so they would be safe until the battle was over. If you want, I can try to get in contact with them and inform them the danger is over.”

Crossfire once again paused to consider this information. The mention of being pirates caused him to lower his hands to rest on the two DC-17s Pistols on his belt. After a moment of reflection, Crossfire simply shook his head. ”The rest of your crew can clean up. You can come with me and make some calls to who you need to. I'll contact my CO and report that the situation is handled.” He turned on his heels, and began walking towards the dark hallway, reaching up to his helmet to turn on a small headlamp. They had a bit of a hike to make it back to the airlock.

Vorax turned and instructed Torro and the remaining crew members to get a cargo loader and space Obadah’s corpse. He turned and followed after Crossfire. He was hoping he would be able to get in communication with the refugee ships. He knew it would take a while to repair the Guiding Light and get in contact with his remaining forces. He didn’t bother Crossfire with pointless questions or small talk but he was interested in learning more about Mandalorian culture.

Crossfire remained silent on the way back, moving with purpose in each step. Once they reached the airlock, he quickly tapped a button on his vambrace. The hatch between the ships opened, and the Mandalorian was through before it was finished opening. He motioned for Vorax to follow as he climbed a ramp on the left of the rear hold, moving swiftly up towards the cockpit. He took the pilot’s seat, tapping a few buttons on his controls. As the ship’s systems roared back to life, he plucked a spare headset that was gathering dust on its mount and plugged it into the co-pilot’s console, holding it out to Vorax as he finished bringing the ship back online. [color=0aeef]”I only have it set up for audio… if your ships are in Mandalorian space, you should be able to reach them. I’m going to step into the command room, make a call to my Captain and report in.”[/color] He stood back up and began to walk towards the exit of the cockpit, pausing momentarily in the doorway. ”Don’t mark up my console, while you’re at it. I just had it polished.” He opened the door into the command room, stepped through, and closed it behind him.

Vorax nodded his understanding and began to input a series of commands. For a few moments there was nothing but static, but after a few moments the static began to clear up. “-ilver fang vessel Hound’s Charge. I repeat: Please Identify yourself. Vorax smiled in relief, the non-combatants had managed to reach Mandalorian space. “This is Captain Vorax. Security authorization: Zero, Seven Beta.”

“Captain! We feared you were among the dead.

“There were a few moments I thought I was going to die.” Vorax replied with a hissing chuckle. “I need a status report on all remaining silver fang vessels.”

“All four vessels with the non-combatants are safe. We’ve managed to meet up with the other surviving combat vessels. Five in total. Most of them are pretty beat up. The Hutts did a real number on them.”

“You have new orders. All vessels are to regroup at Mandalore. From there we will decide the future of the Silver Fangs.”

“Aye Captain.”

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Mandalorian Space
Silver Fang Vessel Guiding Light

"Hostiles approaching the bridge." Vorax looked away from his first mate as he heard the sounds of oxygen being sucked out of the room. "That damn slug. He's got us bent over a crate of blasters. We either stay here and are knocked out and captured or we are forced off the bridge and possibly captured or killed." Torro grabbed a massive blaster rifle and smiled a very disturbing smile as Vorax pulled his double-barrel blaster pistol out of his holster. The three remaining crew members each grabbed a blaster pistol and pointed it towards the door.

"Time is up, little lizard, Once you are unconscious I will drag your body to Nal Hutta and see to it your limbs are ripped from your body by my beasts. Then they will regrow and I will have them ripped off again. We are going to see how many times they can regrow before you die." Torro looked over at Vorax and cracked a wolfish grin. "I think he likes you." Vorax shook his head. "I'm flattered. But I'm still going to shoot him."

It was beginning to get difficult to breath as the oxygen was sucked out as both Vorax and Torro pointed their blasters at the door and opened fire on the already damaged door. After a few moments, a barrage of blaster fire hit the door from the other side and cut through the door.

"Take cover!" Vorax shouted to his remaining crew as he and Torro took cover behind the weapons console as the barrage continued. Torro let loose a snarl. "At least we have oxygen again. Better we die on our feet rather then surrender to that pile of Chobska." More and more blaster fire had reduced the door to rubble and Vorax was about to open up with another barrage of blaster fire when suddenly the barrage from the hutt's men stopped abruptly.

What the...? Why did they sto-DAMN! Vorax had a sudden realization of what was about to happen. Before he could call for his men to get down, four spheres were thrown through the spot where the door had been and a series of white flashes filled the bridge. Moments later as he tried to clear his vision he could hear the sound of stun blasts filling the bridge.

Damn...it. The Trandoshan thought angrily as a stun blast hit him in the chest and he hit the ground with a thud.

As the mercenaries cautiously approached the bridge to secure the hutt's captives, they remained unaware that the distress signal was still transmitting, nor were they aware of the ship's current location. A damaged console that the mercenaries had ignored that still had a mostly functioning display showed a small vessel approaching the Guiding Light.
Entering Republic of Mandalore Space
Silver Fang Vessel Guiding Light

The Guiding Light shook violently as Vorax heard the whine of the hyperdrive generators grow louder and louder. The Guiding Light had taken severe damage over the course of the battle but Vorax was unaware of how much damage the hyperdrive engines had taken. So far, the five surviving members of the crew were on the bridge, doing their best to keep the ship going until they could find someplace to hopefully make repairs and possibly attempt to meet up with the refugees they had sent to the Republic of Mandalore before the battle had started.

Torro approached him from the side and motioned at the hull integrity monitors as the ship continued to shake violently. "We can remain in hyperspace for another five minutes before we risk the ship tearing itself apart. We are close enough to space claimed by the Republic of Mandalore to possibly reach a repair station, we just don't know if they'll consider us hostile or not." Vorax sighed heavily. "This would be much easier if our reputation had not been ruined by the huttssss. Granted, with the number of slaves we freed from their greasy clutches there is no way to avoid it, but still, it would be easier to find someone willing to repair our shipssss. I tell you my friend, We have been labeled as pirates by most of the known galaxy thanks to those damn slugssss."

"We are not pirates! We are freedom fighters and liberators!" Despite the fact that his mechanical vocal cords usually made his voice sound flat and mechanical, this time he somehow managed to add a low angry growl to it. "If we can somehow meet up with the refugee fleet I'm sure they will speak the truth. We will finally be recognized as what we are: Heroes!" Vorax turned to look at his first mate and shook his head. "We did not do this to be seen as heroes, my friend. We did this because the hutts have enslaved so many across the galaxy. We began this crusade against the hutts so that sentient beings under their rule had a chance for freedom." Torro looked at his captain and nodded. "Of course, sir. Forgive my enthusiasm."

Vorax clapped his first mate on the back and smiled a toothy smile. " It'ssss alright, my friend. You are right though, if we can meet up with the refugees we sent ahead it is possible they can explain that we are not pirates. And the more they believe we are not pirates or trying to steal from them, the greater the chance they will let us us dock at a repair yard."

"Approaching Mandalorian space, sir."

Moments after that announcement, the Guiding Light suddenly dropped out of hyperspace and and the lights around the bridge suddenly began to go out one after another. "Status report!" Vorax shouted. "Bridge functions are being rerouted to deck four!"

The communications system suddenly activated and an unwelcome but familiar laugh boomed across the bridge. "I didn't think you had it in you, little lizard, to vent the decks. It was a valiant attempt and it may have worked had you used the technique a few minutes earlier. Thankfully, I was sealed up in the engine room along with my guards. One last chance, little lizard. Surrender yourself. Or I will vent oxygen from the bridge and watch as you and your men die gasping for air."

Torro and Vorax looked at one another. "Why won't that damn slug die?!" Vorax growled angrily as Torro barred his teeth. "Is the distress call still transmitting?"

"Yes sir, it looks as if they haven't deactivated it yet."

"Keep transmitting, and let's hope someone hears it. In the meantime, try to keep him from carrying out his threat."
Battle in progress
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Vorax snarled at one of the mercenaries who had boarded the Guiding Light and pulled his blaster pistol out and shot the mercenary at point blank range just as the towering nikto was pulling out a vibro-axe. The mercenary hit the ground with a thud as more of them came running down the corridor. Vorax turned to look at Torro who was currently in the process of slamming one of the mercenaries against a wall with enough force to leave a dent with one hand and crushing one of the other mercenaries windpipe with the other.

"Sir! Radiance is reporting that they have taken heavy damage! A couple more hits and they'll be done for." Vorax snarled again as he responded to the intercom. "Instruct them to withdraw and jump to hyperspace. We'll try to meet up with the-" A massive explosion shook the Guiding Light and Vorax closed his eyes for a brief moment as he silently wished the crew of the Radiance a safe journey to the afterlife.

"How many ships are left?"

The wookiee roared as he finished off the two mercenaries and turned to look at Vorax. "All remaining Silver Fang vessels have managed to escape into Hyperspace. Five of them made it. They managed to disperse so hopefully the Hutts won't be able to track them. Seven Hutt vessels remain. They are taking up position surrounding the Guiding Light." Vorax looked back and could hear the sounds of footsteps approaching. "It seems we are down to our final option. We need to get back to the bridge and see if we can get past them."

The intercom blared for a moment. "Captain! Slicers are trying to override the lock down protocols for the bridge! You and Torro have about two minutes to get to the bridge before we'll have to physically seal the bridge off." Vorax and Torro looked at one another as a group of mercenaries came running down the hall. Let's go, Torro!" Vorax snarled. The Trandoshan had already been wounded during the fight and Torro had taken a blaster shot to the back which at the time had simply pissed him off but now it was starting to slow him down.

The two ran down the hall as Torro unleashed a series of blaster bolts at their pursuers. A number of stun bolts were hitting the sides of the corridors. "They're trying to take us alive." Torro growled as they approached the bridge. Vorax hissed. "They will not succeed." The two managed to get to the bridge and Vorax began inputting coordinates to the helm as Torro and the rest of the bridge crew watched. "Seal the doors!"

Torro approached Vorax and shook his head as he looked at the coordinates. "It's a dangerous plan, captain." Vorax nodded. "You are correct, my friend but I think it's our only option at this point. What are we going to do about the mercenaries still aboard?" Torro shook his head. "I scanned the decks. Those of us on the bridge are the only ones still alive. I recommend venting the decks, once that's done we have enough power for one hyperspace jump."


A few moments later, the badly damaged Guiding Light shot into Hyperspace.

Battle in progress
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Alarms wailed across the bridge of the Guiding Light as the heavily modified attack vessel unleashed a barrage of turbolaser fire at one of the smaller Hutt vessels which took out it's engineering section. The light from it's engines flickered once before going dark as a moment later it slammed into one of the other Hutt vessels. A massive explosion engulfed both vessels a moment later. "Status report!" The Trandoshan shouted as the pilot of the Guiding Light continued to do it's best to evade the worst of the enemy fire.

"We've lost the Liberator and the Dragon's tooth!" Torro's mechanical voice filled the bridge. "We have destroyed or heavily damaged four of the Hutt vessels." Vorax hissed angrily. The Liberator had held a crew of nearly fifty with the Dragon's Tooth holding twenty. He turned to look at the Weequay pilot. "Keep them from catching us in a cross-fire!" He shouted as the ship shook violently. "Bring us around and open a channel to the fleet! We may have a way out of this!" He turned to look at the human tactical officer. "Coordinate with the Radiance's weapons officer and begin targeting the larger vessels. Target weapons and engines, once they are disabled, move on to the next one.

The Radiance was one of the largest vessels in his fleet and was heavily armed and shielded but had the maneuverability of a block of carbonite.

"Captain! All outgoing communications between ships are being jammed. Incoming transmission on all frequencies to all Silver Fang vessels. I am attempting to block it but I'm not having much luck." Torro snarled.

"I am disappointed, Vorax. I expected much more of a fight from the lizard that stole so many of my slaves." Each of the bridge crew looked up quickly as the familiar and unwelcome voice of Obadah the Hutt filled the bridge. "I am here to see that you and your little mercenary group are removed from my side." Vorax smiled a toothy grin as he looked up. "What's the matter, Obadah? Are you afraid to bring your worm-ridden self into the fray?"

The Hutt slaver's laughter filled the bridge as Vorax looked up sharply as a very unwelcome alarm began to sound. "Kark!" The human tactical officer swore. "Captain, they somehow managed to sneak some sort of assault craft through our lines! We've been boarded!" Obadah's booming voice filled the bridge. "Foolish lizard, I'm already here. Those who surrender will be given a quick death or will be taken back to Nal Hutta in chains. But you...you are different. I'm going to see how many limbs we can remove before you finally die. Rest assured, I will make sure they will not grow back this time."

System displays began to flicker as did control consoles. "They must have brought slicers with them." Vorax growled. "Try and get a distress signal out. Break through the jamming field, whatever it takes!" A few moments passed as before the communications officer reported her progress. "I think I got a distress call out but I'm not positive. I'll keep transmitting it, sir!"

Vorax opened a ship wide communications signal. "All handssss! We've been boarded! Arm yourselves and make them regret setting foot on this ship! Five thousand credits to the one that kills or captures the Hutt!"
Edge of Hutt Space
Silver Fang Vessel "Guiding Light"

Vorax Tezar stared out into the endless night and watched as the last of the of the four transport vessels of the Silver Fang fleet began positioning themselves for a group jump into hyperspace. The Trandoshan hoped that he had made the correct decision in instructing them to seek refuge among the Republic of Mandalore. The galaxy was a very dangerous place these days and although he knew many of the factions currently fighting for control considered him a pirate and an outlaw, he hoped they would at least give the families that had sought refuge among the Silver Fangs the benefit of the doubt. Those four transports contained the last civilians and rescued slaves of the Silver Fang fleet.

They cannot be allowed to come to harm. The Trandoshan thought. The Hutts would simply take them as slaves once again or worse yet, execute them to show the costs of defying the Hutt Cartel. As the Trandoshan stared out the window, he saw the rest of the fleet begin positioning themselves to cover the retreating transport vessels in the event the Hutts found them again. I should have called for us to leave Hutt space sooner. Vorax thought as he saw the battle damage on the remaining vessels. Where he had once had a fleet nearly forty vessels strong, now only seventeen remained and many of them had taken heavy damage in the last engagement.

The trandoshan felt his blood begin to boil at the thought of his lost friends and those he considered close enough to be family. He had lost many in the past week. Many of the Hutts had thrown everything they could spare at the Silver Fangs and one Hutt in particular had made it his mission to wipe the Silver Fangs out to the last man.

Obadah the Hutt.

Figures the old slug would be first in line to try and kill us. In truth, Vorax could understand why the Hutt hated them so much. He had been one of the largest slavers in Hutt space and he had been raided by the Silver Fangs more than a few times. His musings were interrupted when his towering first mate approached him and stood at attention. The Trandoshan looked over at him and smiled a tooth filled grin. "At ease, Torro." He told the towering Wookiee. The former freedom fighter had been one of the first to answer Vorax's call to arms and although the two didn't always see eye to eye, there was no one Vorax trusted more. The wookiee looked out the window before turning back to Vorax. "We've received word from one of our operatives in the Cartel: The Hutts are en route. They will be here in ten minutes give or take." The wookie's voice was flat and mechanical, his original vocal cords had been badly damaged years before which had force the wookiee to replace them with mechanical ones.

Vorax looked out the window. "How large a force?" He asked quietly as to not alarm the rest of the bridge crew.

"More than we can handle. At least twenty vessels."

Vorax looked at the transport vessels as they jumped into hyperspace and turned to look at his first mate. "Open a channel to the fleet. I wish to speak with those who remain." The wookie nodded and moved to the communications console before signaling that the channel was open.

"My fellow freedom fighterssss...The last of our transport vessels have managed to flee into hyperspace. As you know, those transport vesselsss are full of innocentssss, those who simply wished to live their livessss free from slavery and oppression as all beingsss wish. We will make sure they will not once again be crushed under the fist of the cartel. The Huttsss have whittled our fleet to a sliver of our former numberssss and we can assume that they wish to finish what they have started, but I know in my heart they will not succeed. The Silver Fangs have freed thousands of slaves across Hutt Space and now we will do what must be done. We have received intelligence that a large Hutt force is closing in on us."

The Trandoshan sighed.

"The Silver Fangs have never retreated. We have always stood and fought even when the odds are against ussss, but this time is different. This time we are being faced with capture or worse yet: complete annihilation. I am ordering all vesselsss to disperse. The Guiding Light will stay behind and buy time while the rest of you escape into hyperspace. The fight against the Hutts must not die here. The fight against intergalactic slavery will not die here! One day, the slaves of the Hutt Cartel will know freedom!"

Vorax took a deep breath as the rest of the fleet began to maneuver into position for a group hyperspace jump. Moments later, klaxons began to sound across the bridge of the Guiding Light as multiple vessels emerged from hyperspace in front of the Guiding Light. The ships were in an attack formation.

"Battle Stations!" Vorax roared

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