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Current If anyone is interested in joining a DBZ Rp please PM me and I will respond as soon as I can
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Anyone interested in a Pokemon Rp featuring the first three generations only? If you are, feel free to PM me.
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Almost done with my Pokemon Colosseum Rp Story line. Should be interesting.
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Working on a Pokemon Colosseum sequel Rp once again. Anyone interested?
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Anyone up for a Warcraft Rp?


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Warpath, New Mexico
January 1st, 2052

Danielle Steel could feel the rage course through her veins. It was nearly tangible. It was the first time she had felt such rage towards someone other then her parents after that fateful day nearly a year ago. She could nearly feel the waves of anguish and emotional pain roll off of the family as they wept over their son's shattered body. The drug use in Warpath had gone down quite a bit due to a few certain individuals active in the area but there was still the occasional idiotic user of one of the meta-drugs. No matter what the side effects were, someone was always looking to experience what life would be like as one of the meta-humans or while beefed up on Venom.

One thing Velocity had learned by observing those on the meta-drugs: Power tended to corrupt that type of person. They felt invincible, above the average citizen, and most of the time the civilians were the ones to suffer from the tyranny of those nutcases.

The drug that had been used in this case was one of the Meta-drugs, she didn't know which one.

The costumed individual watched coldly as the parents of the young man let out a wail of grief and anguish as the breath left his body and Velocity's body shook with barely contained rage. She didn't care much about either the Justice League or the Legion of Doom although at one point, in a darker time in her life she had considered learning more about the Legion but that had changed once she had seen what they were bringing across the border. A certain costumed member of the Justice League had been responsible for her transformation into what her "loving parents" had called "an Abomination". No...Velocity refused to aid either faction but if something or someone caught her attention then it had her complete attention.

And right now whoever had supplied the lunatic currently running through the desert with the drugs that had allowed him to tear this family apart now had her complete attention.

A brief moment later, the weeping family looked up as a faint wind and a faint vibration seemed to slightly shake a vase off to the side.

Outskirts of the Chihuahuan Desert

Velocity tore through the desert at high speed as she locked in on her target. Said target was coming down off his Meta-high. He was laughing joyfully and had his hands raised to the sky as thought he was praising whatever force had given him his temporary strength that had allowed him to commit the brutal murder so easily. He was barely able to tell something was coming before the speeding blur knocked his legs out from under him. His cry of shock and distress was cut off as Velocity grabbed him by the front of his stretched out tunic before he could hit the ground and slammed him into the ground with a good amount of force. The meta-drug user stared up at her with shock as her fist violenctly slammed into his jaw twice in the time it took him to blink. "Why did you do it?" She asked in a calm and somewhat cold voice.

He looked up at her in shock as though he couln't believe that this was happening to him. Velocity slammed the back of his head into the ground and slowly lifted it once again and stared at him. "Why. Did. You. Do it?" She asked again. The Meta-drug user's eyes widened in fear. "M-Money, He owed me money! Wouldn't pay!" The man exclaimed in complete and utter fear. Velocity shook her head in disgust. "It usually does come down to money, doesn't it? Now...Where did you get the drugs?" The man paused for a moment as he considered his options. Either tell the clearly angry lady he didn't have a shot in hell of beating or having to deal with an angry representative of the Legion. Velocity smiled darkly under her mask and a moment later the murderer was gasping for breath as a vortex appeared around him that was rapidly cutting off his oxygen. A few moments later, he could feel the Oxygen returning to his lungs as the vortex disappeared and the masked woman appeared in front of him.

"Choose carefully."

Chihuahuan Desert

5:37 PM

Velocity ran across the desert. If anyone were to look down from above they would see a barely noticeable blur easily passing a number of Federal vehicles that were heading towards the deep desert. Velocity had gotten the information she had needed from the drug user and learning a bit about Vigilante and Bloodsport before depositing him back in the home of the man he had murdered, what the family chose to do to him, she didn't care. He had earned whatever they had in store for him. After putting the dots of what was going on together, she had simply kept an eye out for suspicious activity and a number of Federal vehicles heading out into the deserts definitely counted as suspicious. It had been relatively easy to figure out where they were going once she had barely seen a far off building surrounded by Federal vehicles and heavily armed men.

Of course they never saw her coming. A number of them briefly felt a breeze that seemed to come out of nowhere pass by them but by the time they had to react, she was gone. She kicked her speed up a notch as she tore through the facility at high speed as she heard the sounds of the agents outside finally beginning to understand what was going on. A few moments later, she had found what she was looking for along with a few of what the Justice League called "Peacekeepers". Before they could react, Velocity had passed by them at high speed. She chose not to harm them. Her grudge was with whoever was running the drug lab. She wasn't sure if it was producing Venom or Miralco but either way it was getting shut down or quite possibly, blown up. As she raced down the elevator shaft she couldn't help but hear the sounds of combat. She figured she was going to have to deal with the League but hopefully they wouldn't start trouble with her. A moment later her eyes widened as she saw something she quite honestly wasn't prepared for as she approached a balcony overlooking a massive chamber.

It was pretty much a full fledged battle. Men who were clearly on Venom along with two figures in massive exo-suits were approaching the group she was watching from the hallway leading to the balcony.

An old saying came to her mind as saw one of the men who was wearing a dark purple jumpsuit with what looked like a golden cape over one of his shoulders somehow created a shield out of what appeared to be nothing as a barrage of firepower tore through the air and slammed into it: "The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend"

"Screw it." She muttered reluctantly as she watched him take out a venom solder by taking his head off. "Lesser of two evils." She sighed as she hit high speed and began knocking the guns out of the hands of those firing them. The first few or so were relatively easy to disarm but a few moments after she began her work she knew that the enemy forces were aware of her presence as a number of firearms were pointed in her direction. Gotta give credit where credit is due, they caught on quick. She thought as a number of bullets tore through the space where she had been barely a moment ago. Unbeknownst to her, one of the supposedly disarmed solders had managed to pull some sort of custom weapon that she must have missed and took careful aim in the direction the blur was going and fired two shots.

Velocity was actually beginning to enjoy herself as she continued disarming the solders. She was on solder number twelve and had just disassembled his weapon when she felt a sudden pain shoot through her side and a moment later another sudden shot of pain go through her left arm. She nearly hit the ground before she managed to steady herself and took off at high speed away from the solders and she tried to locate who had managed to shoot her. A moment later as she took a hard left and came back the way she had came from and saw one of the solders she though she had disarmed holding some sort of custom weapon that had managed to punch through her suit. She was barely able to dodge the next few shots before she grabbed the weapon from his hand and punched him repeatedly in the stomach. "That really hurt." She snarled as she smacked him across the face a few times with the pistol and then knocked him to the ground before running back towards the man with the cape.

She held her side with her right hand and was breathing heavily as she tried to get a handle on the pain she was feeling. "Anything else I can help out with?" She asked as she tried to staunch the blood-flow from her side.


As far as I know, the Orre region has not been explored yet. There are no mentions of either Ash or the Hero from the Colosseum in the other's respective regions. I don't know if this can be accepted or not. I'm hoping we might be able to but I am prepared to redo the CS if need be.
Name: Daniel Cross
Alias: N/A
Title: Colosseum Champion
Age: 25


Personality: Daniel is a rather nice person to those who know him and don't use Pokemon to commit crimes. However, if he does run into someone who does use Pokemon to commit crimes that person can expect to be challenged to a battle and have their Pokemon taken from them and turned over to the proper authorities. He has zero tolerance for Pokemon abuse due to being raised in the Orre Region and having around during the two Shadow Pokemon incidents. He does have a soft side for people who have been forced into gangs and will sometimes offer to help them turn their lives around.

Biography: Daniel was born in Pyrite Town and as such was raised in a rather rough environment due to the constant street battles and the fact that overall, Pyrite was a rather rough town to grow up in. He was around ten years old when Miror. B rolled on through the town and took down Duking by taking his Pokemon hostage. The town was nearly taken over completely by Cipher and at one point, Daniel was beaten up by a couple of Cipher goons who grew mad at his constant outbursts towards them and the fact that he would occasionally throw rocks at passing Cipher member and on a few occasions drew Anti-Cipher graffiti on their original HQ in Pyrite. He was saved by the police chief at the time after the Cipher goons were done with him. At the insistence of Chief Sherles, Daniel laid low during the Shadow Pokemon incident and was able to see the downfall of Evice and the current Cipher organization.

Over the years between the two Shadow Pokemon Incidents, Daniel was able to acquire a small number of Pokemon and showed them the compassion and understanding that they needed and as such formed a strong bond with them. He laid low during the second Shadow Pokemon Incident as well as he trained his Pokemon to become stronger. As time went by, he heard rumors that a small number of Cipher members had escaped from the Orre Region and had gone underground while trying to rebuild the organization. He made it his life's mission to track down the surviving members of Cipher and bring them in for crimes against both Pokemon and the various people they had stolen them from. As the years went by, he managed to take down a large number of Cipher members and was able to turn them in, but there was one that always seemed to avoid capture. After receiving a tip about the Nishi region and hearing rumors that his target may have gone off the grid, he figured that the sole remaining Cipher leader may have somehow managed to smuggle himself into the Nishi region and was hunting down various Pokemon. Knowing the region had closed it's borders, all he could do was write letters to the leaders of the Nishi Region, begging them to let him in to try so he could try and end the threat to the Pokemon of the region and finally putting an end to Cipher forever. His invitation to the Nishi region was eagerly accepted and he immediately started on his way.

Pokemon Party:

Gyarados, Male, Intimidate, Adamant
Ursaring, Female, Early Bird, Jolly
Aggron, Male, Sturdy, Gentle
Nuzleaf, Female, Chlorophyll, Timid
Kabutops, Male, Battle Armor, Adamant
Arcanine, Female, Blaze, Rash

Reserve Pokemon: (Make a list with question marks only, as shown below.

This does look interesting. Normally I do casual but this has caught my interest.
I'm interested. I always love a good story xD

*Ponders what will be on his future team*
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