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Apologies, yes, just ASDAValueMilk would be fine if that is possible.
Eliza sat quietly for the mayor's speech, in the years she spent travelling West this was all too normal for her. Raiders were once again causing trouble for a settlement, yet, this time it was her home, her settlement. Certainly she may not know those being held hostage, beyond a friendly greeting in passing but it made it all seem more… personal.

A hushed chatter made its way around the room before the Mayor could continue with his address. It was not until the Mayor got to reading out names of those volunteered to go and fix the problem that Eliza’s attention peaked and It was seemingly inevitable that her name was on the list. ”Fuck. I just wanted to go back to bed." she muttered under her breath.

The Mayor was quick to finish the rest of the address and upon its conclusion the remainder of the townsfolk made their way out of the hall, muttering and glancing at those staying behind all the while. With the hall cleared Eliza made her way to the front with the others. There was a flurry of questions and ideas from those assembled, each one had their own merits and downsides. But there was one that truly stood out to her, Sam, the Ghoul. A few years ago the thought of even standing next to a Ghoul would have made her sick to the stomach yet here she was. But it was the words he spoke that truly caught her off guard, there was venom in them, honestly it reminded her of something her father would have suggested to do to Sam and other Ghouls.

Once the others had finished she felt ready to say her piece. “Look I don’t really like the idea of just being volunteered for this sort of work, but say I play ball the only advice I could offer would be that, despite what my gut says, it may be best to at least try the negotiation path first. These are Raiders at the end of the day, psychopaths and drug addicts.” The irony of that last point was not lost on her. “The moment we start; picking off a few, breaching the compound... Drugging them somehow or generally acting shifty, they could start executing hostages. And as for a leader, while I’m all for democracy, personally, I think for something like this it’d be best to be appointed with absolute authority, trying to vote on how to save lives could just end up costing those lives instead.”

Eliza Rolled over in her bed and let out an audible groan, lifting her face from her pillow to read the time on her clock. 7:00am. She groaned again. The Sun was beginning to rise over Whitlash and had come to such an angle as to perfectly beam onto the Blonde's face through a gap in her curtains. Sitting up in bed she rubbed the sleep from eyes and swung her legs round to the floor she grunted again, running her hand through her hair as she did so. Getting too old for this shit She thought to herself as she stood from the bed and made her way to the wardrobe. It had only been 11pm the night before when the Caravan she was working with had trundled back into town and it was after 1am by the time she managed to crawl her way into bed. Eliza yawned loudly as she finished getting dressed and left her bedroom.

Eliza’s place was quite spacious if she was honest with herself, too big for one person, but alas, it was one of few surviving apartments in a crumbled block at the centre of town, a sizable living room, bedroom, kitchen space and a bathroom. Considering how cheaply she got it she certainly wasn’t going to complain. Making her way from the bedroom to the kitchen area Eliza noted how cold it was getting in the morning lately, at least her walls were solid brick unlike some unlucky few in town. After retrieving a can of radstag stew from her cooler Eliza fell into her couch and turned the radio on, if she was going to have to suffer being awake then may as well have some music on while she did so.

With See the light playing in the background Eliza reached for her breakfast and noticed her left hand begin to shake as she
did so. Retracting her hand quickly she gripped the base of her wrist and clenched her fist, “Can’t even enjoy my breakfast can I?.” She whispered to herself before reaching to the table next to her and opening a small medical box. Inside were half a dozen Med-X needles, taking one out carefully she rolled up herself and plunged the injector into her arm. Within seconds the shaking had stopped and she relaxed her hand, Eliza sighed as she threw the used injector into the bin and went back to eating her stew.

The next few hours Eliza would spend bumming about the house cleaning and washing her clothes, the radio her only companion the whole time. Oh if only mother could see me now she thought to herself as she finished hanging her garments up to dry. After putting some dry clothes away her peace was disturbed by the loud ringing of the town's bell. Eliza rolled her eyes and made her way to the front door, making sure to grab her .45 and holster it on her hip, as well as her shemagh which she wrapped around her neck. Making her way out of the building the town was bustling with activity, people from all over were making their way to the town hall. It was only a short walk to the hall and upon entering she saw that it was already filling up. The religious nutters had already begun filling up the space so she had to be quick. Making her way to an empty seat on the back row, just in front of Sam she parked herself, double checked the safety on her .45 was on and leant back in the chair, awaiting the meeting to begin.
I'd like to change my name to ASDA_Value_Milk, please and thank you.
@Andromedai Thanks for the advice on the image stuff, I've changed her weapon over to an Assault Carbine for the moment, is that a better choice?
Here she is, my lovely Enclave girl.

I'm not quite sure how to link the image I have of her as it's saved via Discord and I know that RPG can be funky with links like that, would appreciate advice regarding that.

@Andromedai Awsome, I'll get to writing tonight when I get off work.
Awesome, @Andromedai. I already have a couple ideas for characters based off of ones I've used previously with some changes made to fit the setting my pick of the bunch though would be my Enclave girl, because I've got some nice artwork of her done. She's from Raven Rock originally and after Adams she just fled west and never stopped, always fearful the Brotherhood could be hunting her.
Hello, if this is still open I would be very interested in joining, Fallout is my absolute favourite setting and I've been looking for a Fallout RP for a while after the last few I was involved in just sorta withered and died.
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