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Current Fallout Tactics has death claws that can talk, scary killer robots, and the ability to have a tank. It just doesn't... Sit well with the rest of lore.
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Very sick, will post when not hurting.
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I'm awake at weird hours again.
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Drank a lot last night currently recuperating with large bottle of water and black eyed peas to eat. Happy New Year guild.
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Merry Christmas to all!


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@Eviledd1984 So to start, we have an issue namely with the fact that the group is mostly Brotherhood and Enclave personal while the BoS tolerate ghouls and the Enclave are starting to tolerate them, they aren't in the habit of tolerating super mutants. The Brotherhood of Steel has been fighting them as long as they can remember on both coasts, not only that but they just won a major war against them. The Enclave reformists and Bos would shoot on sight super mutants.

Baring that, this is an expedition to fight a Super Mutant army and deal with a large number of mutants so even the more local individuals have only heard super mutants would probably be scared of attack him. There is also the fact that for him to reach North Carolina, he would have had too travel all the way down from New York through some of the worst of it. Avoid all the groups that would attack, attempt to capture him, and more. Which the way he seems he might have even tried to befriend or join other groups before North Carolina I'm sure the Pitt would enjoy having a Super Mutant among their numbers.

Either way I'm not sure he's the right fit for this story, as it would fairly difficult to integrate him.
@Eviledd1984 I'll give it a read through shortly and have my Co-GM's take a look too. If you want to join the discord server the link is on the first page of the OOC.
@Silverwind Blade Alright, well I wish you well and hope you have luck in future RP endeavors.
@Eviledd1984 Yes we still have room.

Finn, hand was at his side in a second, his fingers danced along the the handle of Piecemaker when the old ghoul grabbed him Finn couldn't help but crack a smile, it reminded him of his days in training. "Howdy, Sam-o! Relax would ya, we ain't here for trouble. Actually, I suppose you could say I hoping I'd see you. Now I've said before and I'll say it again, I was plum wrong for what I done did, but that don't mean that it didn't need doing." Finn spoke, back calmly in the same quiet tone. "But I'm here cause you are gonna have worse problems than raiders in a month or two, you've got an army of big green and yellow bastards marching up from Florida. Super Mutants, like the kind that used to wander down occasionally from the Virginia's?" He placed his hand that wasn't on his hovering over his pistol on Sam's arm making the old ghoul turn him loose.

"So I'm here with the Enclave and forces from up in the Great White North, and volunteers from DC too. Course we're still looking for more..." He eyed how the other Marshals and Tarheels responded to Sam's movement, still had the authority he hated using. "Sam, I still got family here and you still care about this place same as I do. I'll show you the proof of what I'm claiming once get things safe around here but we both know the Trade Council don't believe there is any threats out there a few Marshals couldn't stop. What would you do if a few hundred muties rolled up with miniguns and rocket launchers?" Finn asked in a serious tone, knowing the answer and that Finn was right they would need all the help they could get, especially with the Tarheel soldiers having been reduced to a shell of their former numbers.

Finn finally stepped back letting Sam mull it over, as he grabbed a radio tuning it to the command frequency. "All units Brotherhood soldiers, sweep for threats then meet up in the town square." Finn then clipped the radio back into place in the jeep looking back at Sam. "Check on your boys, we can handle watch while they get some rest..." He addressed Sam first, he could see how exhausted just about every member of the defense was. This was the first solid break they in days Finn would wager, he'd seen shit like this during his time in the Super Mutant purge up in Capital Wastes.

"Captain Eliza! Mind grabbing one of those maps you showed me, we're gonna do a little show and tell with the locals once things are calmed down. See if we can't make a few friends while we are spinning our spurs here, mind having your team take watch on the southern gate? Even if we got the IFV's pointed at them want a little insurance against'em." Finn spoke stepping towards the Enclave officer, she seemed well rested probably thanks not riding in the spine breaking Jeep like he had. He could feel the tension with the Enclave troops and the ghouls in town, Enclave had even less tolerance for ghouls than BoS hardliners up at the top. While he wasn't in charge, he was the most familiar with the people here so he figured he'd do his best not to ruffle any feathers.

Finn hadn't been looking when he heard the commotion, spinning towards it with gun in hand before he was met with the sight of the small girl with what looked to be robotic limbs. Her voice and tone seemed almost robotic in nature, he was wondering if she was really robotic or one of those god awful things the US of A cooked up. Finn gave a look at Sam then sighed, "I uh, see you got your own problems too? Look we might be able to help, got access to records from the old Pentagon might be able to help you figure who she is?" Finn offered, staring again at the small war machine, she looked pretty human be she sure didn't carry herself like one.

Inside the hotel, the raider who had made it in were falling quickly few had guns with enough ammo for a prolonged fight even fewer had the training or skill to make use of the weapons. As the last shots rang out, a couple of Tarheels moved through the wounded and dead outside the gates in the town ending the lives of any raider unfortunate enough to have not died on the initial attack. The worn out began to move wounded into the restaurant of the old hotel, Scribes move to gather tools and start work on repairing the walls, others helped break open weapon kits and unload power armor for those that wanted their suits. While people muttered about the Enclave and Brotherhood presence, they did look the gift horse in the mouth.

However, Stanton Danforth recognized the face of one Phineas Cassidy as he stood in town, getting on the radio he did his best to make contact with somebody. He figured radio station might give him a reward for that tidbits on the Brotherhood, Enclave, and of course info on the fact that one of the new DJ's brother had rocked into town. Not to mention the fact he needed to rescind all of those reinforcement requests, so the tired radio man soldiered on with what would hours of work trying to even get a decent signal with this hot-wired garbage.

As they moved the wounded into the makeshift hospital, many people took the chance to head for their homes or unload their weapons as the threat finally passed. The Tarheels for the most part were in either laying wounded or moving to their barracks in the warehouse for some much needed rest. The Marshals on other hand were moving about town keeping an eye on the new comers, until Sam told them otherwise they were treating the new comers like they could be a threat. All of them however gave a wide berth to the strange tailed girl, BoS and Enclave might have been unsettling but she was complete unknown.

Outside of the town miles back in the raider camp, the survivors were telling their leader what had happened that now metal behemoths from before the war had minced the entire assault in moments. That now reinforcements had reached the town, war horns sounded in the distance to tell the other raiders out on patrol or scavenging to come home. They would us all of their supplies and have one last great feast and party, tomorrow they would storm the town with every single raider in their camps. They would have to end this now or their leaders would lose power and they would turn into small bands fighting each other once more. Freakshow himself had given the order, he would not be denied his prize his right as prophet and leader of this great army. They had to make it, if they didn't it was death for them and they all knew it deep down.

Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Talia and Riven Je'and@Zarkun Ila'Ira Orina@rusty4297

Mandalore, Jedi Temple

Airus answered with a nod. "We are leaving in thirty minutes, go grab anything you need for a trip. We can meet at hangar six, I'm in launch bay five. My ships a retrofitted Hammerhead Cruiser, so we will all have plenty of room." He explained as his cat purred before moving to follow at his heels. "Rancors are common there, yes. When we get on the ship we will have to discuss the Krayt egg mishap I'd love to know how you found one as rare those great beasts are. Either way, I must head out and get our other companion for the trip." The chief librarian spun on his heels and headed back towards the turbolifts.

A short ride in the lifts later he found himself back near the entrance, Ila had been waiting it seemed and he stepped over bowing his head slightly. "Terribly sorry about the wait, ran into a couple other I thought it would be good to invite along and I wanted to ensure we had the company if this does turn into a long trip." Airus offered to the padawan before him as he gestured for them to continue over to the dock outside. Airus took the lead letting Ila follow behind him as they began to short walk towards his ship.
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Hi, just bumping this to let people know we've got the IC going and such, we are still taking recruits!
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