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Current My grandfather is well... Dying, best word for it. So I'll be spotty at best doing a lot of driving and taking care of my grandmother.
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Heading off on vacation be back in a week.
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Mass Effect Andromeda is better than Fallout 4.
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Someone I've looked up to for a long time has passed away. I'm going to be slow for awhile because just... Well it hurts.
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So... My basement flooded, posts might be in short supply while I clean it out.


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Marwood cursed quietly as the party traveled through the tunnels, he'd failed already to protect the person Lord Rioga had entrusted him with... The family screw up at it again, he was never prince his brother was or a leader like his mother. Fiona nipped his shoulder leaned her head against his as if telling him it would be alright. "Thanks, girl... You always know how to make me feel better even without a word." He added stroke her mane before pausing to look at Isolde, no doubt it hurt her too... She was a knight and this had been her task as much as his.

Marwood tapped Fiona's side as climbed on to her back and moved towards Isolde placing a hand on her shoulder. "You aren't useless. We were surprised... We will find her but this isn't a one-man mission... It takes a team we need start to working like one rather than blindly rushing off alone." He added trying to reassure Isolde. "Rallying anyone we can sounds like a good plan." He added using his own tactician's stone, seeing the kids in trouble.

"Were outnumbered by a lot here we should stick together." He looked to the rest of the group, while he did have battle experience so he decided to try and take charge. "Isolde out in front I'll be right behind you with my lance, try to engage the ones with axes for me. I can handle swords and lances." He answered clicking his tongue as he drew his lance giving it a spin. "We are going to win the day. We're going to get away and prove we can do this... It's our duty." Marwood answered looking at the others, before Fiona shook out her mane and dug her hooves in. She was as eager for battle as her rider.


Marwood turned seeing the new person join the fray he growled as the thief grabbed Reina before he could run Marwood was clicking his tongue and Fiona was off. "You will release my friend or I'll run you though damned scoundrel!" The princeling added as he rushed after the man, trying to get around him and block his exit trap him between Isolde and himself.


"I'm no fan of magic... And I know she's a bit infamous but, she's knowledgeable and no threat without her magic." The prince added, looking warily at the woman. "We cannot abandon her to die here, and if we're going to keep the Emblem safe we need all the help we can get. Even if it means trusting criminals, better than Jehanna's who've caused all this pain for Grado." Marwood sighed and waited to see what Reina made of the situation.

Daniel "Spectre" Matthews

Daniel check his gear when he finished heading for the lounge still a little sore from body blocking the trainer's rubber rounds, so with a grunt, he found a couch and kicked back on it. Drawing out his phone to look through a few things Daniel decided to check in on his sister, texting her about how his daughter was doing with school. He knew he should be there walking her to class and such but... He couldn't, he had a duty and more importantly, he needed to make sure the world was safe for her to grow up in. The White Masks had shown any city, anywhere could be a target the way he saw it taking down Rainbow in Vegas was... Well, it was to add insult to injury to prove that were the real deal. It also told Daniel they knew Rainbow Six's past and meaning they probably had intel leaks somewhere... With so many nations involved and so much red tape and black ink, he had to wonder about it.

Maybe they had put a team of Ghosts on it or another unit was handling it, Rainbow certainly wasn't in a position they were going through pains rebuilding already. To Daniel it also spoke volumes that the rather than more FBI or Navy Seals they had sent a GST soldier... Probably because they didn't want more of the best and brightest to die. But these were just ponderings of a bored and paranoid soldier, pulling his mask down and his shades off he yawned and looked at around to see if anyone else had turned up in the lounge still surfing on his phone mostly looking over a testing report on invisbility suits. They had success cloaking objects, the US wanted to leap it forward it seemed, make an invisible soldier. He prayed the GST got the tech, it was a GST wet dream to have tech like that, he could only imagine how much fun could have.
Ariin had left Katya's room heading for the mess finally reuniting with Pally, the little drone scampered up into his hair as he moved to towards his mech. "Not a damn word about last night you little troublemaker. I hear a peep out of you I'll let Katya upload you to a toaster!" He grumbled, stopping for a cup of coffee as Paladin only gave chirping laughter mocking him. Ariin was annoyed and little hung over but he had the morning to himself he decided to get in a little training... While he had come a long way he wanted to make sure he could still run like he used to. So getting a shower and heading to the gym he arranged himself a little obstacle course.

Ariin tried not to think about last night, they were both a little more than tipsy and Pally had pushed him into admitting feelings not to mention Katya mocking him as well. He needed to really think... To do that he needed a good fashion run... Maybe lifting a few wallets could help too, that could happen after a workout. Stretching himself out he lined up several mats against the walls laid a couple out on the floor, running down city alleys was normally a lot dirtier than this... Good change if you asked Arinn. With that, he ran forward leaping against a wall jumping between them moving as quickly as he could. The goal was to use the walls to avoid the stuff most people would trip over chasing thief.

It used to be he would wake up early and go for a run before making breakfast for his siblings a perfect escape from being the big brother to just being Ariin. He began to practice again and again he ran the course, letting his mind wander... What he wanted, Katya told him he had to stop thinking like he was going to die. So he decided to think about it as if his service was voluntary, he wanted to go home and see his sisters and brother. He wanted to move them far away from Mars and maybe learn an honest trade, let his siblings go out and succeed.

He wanted to live, rolling as he stuck another landing Pally wondered over curiously. "Yeah, buddy... I'm just thinking." Little drone flashed up text which he read. "What? About you? Kinda... About my family." He picked up the little drone. "You might be annoying, violent, unhinged, and prone to disobeying but... I'm starting to think of you as part of my family too." She chirped eagerly sending another message.

"No that does mean I'm going to let you wander off on your freely... I'm still responsible for you... Ugh, I thought I wouldn't have to do this anymore when I joined the military." Muttered Ariin as he headed to get cleaned up and ready for a briefing.

Ariin arrived sharply in uniform, Pally sitting on his shoulder peeking up at the others as Ariin listened to the news. Seemed they would be taking back Zim's home, he hoped they still had people to help and it wasn't just another dead planet. Ariin almost stood up and yelled at the idea of having Irina of all people on their team, the women was a maniac and treated the members of the team like dirt. He didn't want to stand next to her let alone trust her on the battlefield he was also relieved until the moment when Katya shot down the idea. It made perfect tactical sense but Ariin didn't have to like it he just had to deal with it, be a good soldier and follow orders. He said nothing and saluted as the briefing finished before heading to his werk, Pally riding on his shoulder worriedly monitoring her human.

Ariin climbed in, before crackingly in over the comms to Katya. "Katya, mind letting me dropp just before the others... Paladin can take the stress better and the landing will make a crater. I can drop the shield create a beach head while providing supporting fire." He added as he keyed up the squence for the drop fine tuning the systems, Pally meanwhile had nestled herself behind the chair curious to watch how Ariin piloted the werk from a new angle.


Marwood cursed as the blade bit into his side, he turned Fiona with a snap on the reins. "I'm not done with you yet, you dastard!" He cursed and charged between Voss and Morag. "Your facing me you damnable mercenary!" He spun his lance with practiced elegance. "And unless you care to unseat me from my horse, you won't touch this man." He looked at Morag, he might not have had the experience of skill to beat him but he could damn sure hold the line and keep Morag busy.

"Spellslinger." He called to the man behind him keeping his eyes on Morag. "Stay behind me and don't let up and don't worry about me... Take more than some Jehanna mercenary snake to bring done me." He spoke wanting to get Morag angry and keep his attention focused on the cavalier rather than on the spell caster behind him.
Daniel "Spectre" Matthews

Spectre raised an eyebrow a solo clear of a house against numerous hostiles, the difference for him was the fact he couldn't depend on his usual tricks. Rubber rounds and lack of being able to stick a knife in someone was annoying, to say the least, his CQC was fine but they didn't really teach you restraint as a Ghost so he wasn't sure he wanted to be beating on targets. Of course, to him, it just meant getting more creative with how he was going to take the building he'd show them what why he was Spectre. He smiled at the big Russian man behind his mask, pulling off the sunglasses he checked over the weapon with practiced speed. "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam." He looked at the mountain of a man before him. "I shall either find a way or make one." He gave the translation from Latin, he waved as he moved to exam the building and plan his assault.

He watched the others before him... So loud and fast, that wasn't his style at all it was getting results however so credit to them. Standing up from his seat he smiled grabbing his drone. "Right... My go it is." He answered as he moved to began the assault.

The Ghost placed his breaching charging on the far window of the dining room, eight signatures inside on the thermals his drone held position hover well placed above the building. "Well, well it's a party ain't it?" He muttered into his comm as he kept the drone in place watching how they moved. "Right... Now." He added before blowing the breaching charge making everyone alert to that location, the guard by the front door moved to check the next room so with practiced silence Spectre pried up a board and rolled up the barricaded doorway. Keeping an eye on his camera as he moved through the door into the bathroom laying down in the tub having just barely missed the now alert patrols.

Watching as the patrols now swept the building he watched one approached the bathroom he shifted only slightly the curtain hid his position and the darkness of the room he couldn't be seen when the trainer entered to finish his sweep Spectre pounced with practiced grace he grabbed him and pulled him close to 'choke' him out. Grab his rifle before it fell, a backup weapon as he laid the 'body' down knowing he had about a thirty seconds now he used the moment to go into the kitchen where the bio-hazard was. He laid down the defuser spare rifle beside it and then flipped over the kitchen table for cover as the blaring noise began, the silence was gone, but he'd turned defenders into attackers, changed the game to give himself a chance.

They came quickly but it didn't matter. He popped up over the top the first time from cover firing as the three that advanced down the long hall until his clip empty tossing that rifle aside as two more burst in from the hallway near the bathroom, he leaned firing back forcing them to seek cover in the doorway. Yet two emerged from the long hall they were making headway moving from cover to cover as they traded shots he hadn't bought enough time yet.

So he rolled towards to take cover behind the kitchen counter letting off small bursts near the targets no more kills, grazes as best until he was forced to reload as he did it he set the rifle auto and swung out from cover firing at the two closet to the charge before being struck by a dozen rubber rounds. He wasn't sure if the timer had ticked down far enough, he heard one person grunt and then complain. "Four wounded and four dead. Not bad." Spectre slowly got up from death smiling. "The goal was always to defuse the biohazard, living through was just a luxury." He added with a shrug, GST smiled. "Granted if could shoot you all through walls with a silencer be a very different story." He groaned and walked back towards the others, they nevered told if the defuser would have gone off in time, didn't matter to him personally it was a losing situation he'd tried to make the best of it.


Marwood clicked his tongue and readied his lance looking at swordsman a distance away frowning, he looked as Isolde and nodded. "I can take him, help Reina and the others get past. I'll deal with the damned mercenary then join you." Marwood told them as looked at the others. "Reina, why don't you go see what that Shaman has to say? He's not our enemy it seems and he could be one of your people." He added thinking it might have been someone sent to help make sure they escaped, Reina stood the best chance of convincing them to help, either way, she was the future ruler of Grado.

He looked at Morag as Fiona had moved to charge into position the horse cantered forward, then with a tap at her sides she broke into a gallop the charger readied herself as Marwood aimed his lance. "You want a fight! Face a knight of Renais coward!" He called out as he aimed his lance for the man's chest Fiona carrying the young prince forward at considerable speed as he made his taunt.
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