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Current Fallout Tactics has death claws that can talk, scary killer robots, and the ability to have a tank. It just doesn't... Sit well with the rest of lore.
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Very sick, will post when not hurting.
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I'm awake at weird hours again.
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Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Jedi Temple

Airus snapped back from his thoughts when the room shut, the click of the cortosis weave shelter them from all who might glance in this direction. the Librarian instead stepped forward, listening intently examining the Holocron once again, it seemed less dangerous now but it still unsettled him. Well, he soon knew why, he heard it say it's name without his datapads or any major resource to hand he could only run off his passing knowledge. "... I am Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Acina's most trusted adjutant, Marisena Alleron the Dark Lady. Though in certain other circles, I have other titles."

Airus crossed his arms, tilting his head up towards the hologram adopting his more respect if stern tone again one that more befit the station he tried constantly to prove worthy of. "I am Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath... Marisena, you were also known as the Empress's Light? One of the other titles, you were rumored to have a cult of Sith who practiced the Light Side inside of the Empire." He paused touching his chin.

"So this isn't truly a Sith Holocron... I would think it more of as Imperial relic, since Sith are Dark Siders. She, is not." He spoke rubbing his chin a moment. "Which I suppose gives merit to further looking into this holocron... It's far more advanced and the more complex system implies that one does in fact contain a Ghost." Airus spoke force pulling his staff back to himself, tilting his head up at the ghost.

"There is much to learn here... I'll have to look into her history and more so on the the family in general." Airus muttered as he leaned on his staff. "Hmm, this is... A lot to take in." He spoke shaking his head. "Solace do we need to keep going, I'm not sure how many more revelations I can take more today."
Outside the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, Korriban

Overseer Corinth Genbit

Corinth stared hard at each of the students walking down the line, inspecting them as they made final preparations for trial and the combat they would face. Corinth knew, others had plans of course he would follow along with the goals however, he would be protecting one particular student. He saw much of himself in her, so he decided to help her, quietly for now. She would need it if she was to survive here, the world of the Sith was not kind or friendly, but you could survive it you could learn to be useful and thus tolerated if you could make it through perhaps retain some of who you were before the Sith took you. Either way, Corinth would take care of the young girl, she would need something to help her survive.

With a solemn expression, Corinth stood slightly too close to Mahree as he spoke. "Preparations are complete. You will enter, from here only your own skill, courage, and fortitude will guide you to victory. Go forth acolytes, prove to me your potential or prove to me you belong here serving as practice for others." Corinth ordered, when the students moved forth he got in Mahree's way for a moment. A training staff, one that could resist lightsabers, procured early that morning appeared in the dirt before Mahree.

"Take it... And know, I too once suffered here. You will survive, if you let me help you. You will have the strength if you let me teach you. That, I swear to you on the Code and on my own life." Corinth whispered quietly before moving to let Mahree move into the caves, after they all left. Corinth would give a small smile and then begin to follow along lazily, sipping from his mug and letting the sound of training ease his worried mind. They would all make it, he would see to that... If anyone happened to go overboard he would remind them they were not allowed to kill or maim the students. He would take it as a personal insult, there would punishment for defying his words whether of not they heeded him was there choice.
Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Great Jedi Archives

Airus gaze fixed on the Holocron, seeing it through was... Unique, he focused not on the voice or the fact that Solace was the bloodline relative of a Sith, though that would certainly be a topic when they had a moment alone. Airus focused on the fact, this kind of lock was layered even if it had opened it seemed like there was more to it. Because the elegant and impressive design, it proved with no doubt in his mind that the Holocron housed a ghost of a long dead Sith. Either way, it unlocked for Verra, while normally he would be ecstatic right now he was worried what the High Council might think he didn't need her in trouble.

Airus spoke this time not in the curious and questioning tone he had moments ago in a more serious and respectful tone, one more suited to the station of Chief Librarian. "This is most troubling. However, I won't conduct the investigation into the thing now. Even if the bloodline is related to you Solace, it could be fluke. Similar enough to another persons to match, you should know it is possible for these old bioscanners can be spoofed." Of course that was a lie, it could be using the force as much as tech or it could have used advanced Sith Alchemy for he knew right now.

Right now it was important to distance this from Solace and move the subject elsewhere, the Holcron was no longer Imperial and thus it could be looked into later. "Solace, why don't you and Ila take the Holocron down to the vault, tell the guard I sent you. Perhaps you two could look into some of the other Holocrons for her training? I'll see to our guest with a tour of the Citadel and I could impart some of the knowledge we've already obtained from our years of study here?" Airus offered looking at his fellow Jedi, trying to move things along before they had time to start pouring out questions on the following events.

Ila's joke and Drakal's question were things he didn't need to answer now, more importantly they were things he didn't want answers too in the first place at the moment. Today was supposed to be a celebratory one and for the time being he would forestall any trouble in the name of keeping some semblance of order. Even if internally Airus dreaded having to review this Holocron and what it could mean for Solace, what it could mean for them both if the council didn't like things.

"Either way, for now the matter of the Holocron will be put on hold. While it has opened Solace may be related to the bloodline. We cannot make assumptions until research is completed and we know the history of this Holocron. Which I cannot work on currently, as such until I can get the answers we need." Airus turned looking between Ila and Drakal, then decided to be clear about why they were doing this. "It will be stored and we will continue about our day, I know Solace well. Whatever this Holocron may think to indicate is not true, she is a Jedi Knight and one of finest I've had the pleasure of knowing, someone I trust completely and wholehearted with my life but those of others in the Order." Airus spoke as addressed the other two Jedi present, very clearly tilting his bandage covered eyes towards them.

"This matter is for the library, Solace, and myself to determine then make a report to the High Council. We will determine what exactly that Holocron intends and whether or not it truly is related to Solace." Airus cut off further conversation, trying to close the matter before any accusations or speculation could get out of hand. Making it clear to them all that discussing it at length would only cause trouble with no real research or data on the device being known.

Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Great Jedi Archives

Airus had yet again been up all night, the Holocron vault door's power breaker shorted last night when Knight Leia had been putting back the few holocrons they had just finished cataloging. This of course, caused the security protocol to be tripped and sealed all of the holocrons up and armed the locks and the ray shield generators. Now they were going through disarming it section by section, to ensure nothing else had happened Luke and Leia had gone to be while he'd been working.

Now back at work after a good nights sleep, they were nearly done, looking over at Luke he called. "Luke, head down and talk to the maintenance, then see if you can go into Keldabe to get some new power converters. I'm not sure how the are current ones will hold up, with the new breakers you installed." Luke hopped up from where he'd been checking the panel near the door shutting it as he stepped back.

"Yes Master Vel Aath." Luke spoke with a practice grace as he headed out towards the exit. Airus still didn't like that they referred to him that way, even if was chief librarian he was by no means a Master, though the other Lorekeepers didn't see it that way. Especially Leia and Luke, who seemed to be part of the surge of younger Lorekeepers like himself, Jedi who viewed keeping our traditions and knowledge safe so we could ensure more Jedi would come.

Airus turned to Leia, the more knowledgeable of the twins at least though far more headstrong. "While your brother does that, Leia, let's get the closed up and pray to the force this doesn't happen again. Council of First Knowledge already has me second guessing myself, I don't need malfunctioning locks to ruin my life too. Would you then please, head over to the Council Chambers with my report on the most recent Mandalorian Wars heritage site survey." Airus gave a tired sigh as he withdrew a datapad from his robes, offering it to Leia.

Leia chuckled a moment as she collected the datapad he offered her. "You worry to much Master Vel Aath, ought to go out into the city more. Even if your the Chief Librarian you have to be a person sometime, go out with somebody seriously. You've been working in here for three days now, only time I see you leave is for a bath or food. Sometimes not even for food." The Lorekeeper elbowed her boss smiling as she started away from the archives. Airus could only give a soft smile and be grateful to having such wonderful people helping him keep the Jedi Archives in a functioning state.

Airus was glad the twins had become Lorekeepers, the help from them was amazing. They were fine assistants and unlike so many of the older Masters they seemed genuinely interested in the work not simply using it to pass the time. As Airus and Leia stepped out of the vault and the massive door rolled shut and sealing the vault without the security system needlessly arming. A voice called out behind him, as he turned he was greeted by one of the Padawan's waiting assignment. "Master Airus. Could you spar with me if you're free? I don't have very much to do while I wait for assignment."

"Sadly I'm already late for a meeting but... How about I let you accompany me Padawan Orina?" Airus added giving a small bow in return. "A new Holocron has been brought to the Citadel, I have to go meet with our guest and my favorite diplomat." Airus chuckled, waving for Ila to follow him. "It might not be sparring but I can promise, it'll be interesting. Afterwards we can see about that training too, of course I'll be careful of you." Airus gave another friendly smile, a walking stick floating over to him. The staff had been a gift from his old master, a branch from a tree she had grown. One of the saplings from the old garden on Coruscant one of the few things she had ensured survived the temples destruction.

The soft thump of the wood against the metal floors as Airus made his way to the stairs, he was late already no doubt but Solace knew how to keep a guest entertained. The sounds neared as the service desk, one clerk looked up at Airus the young man smiled back, Airus wearing his usual soft grin. The Clerk pointed towards the Imperial room, as Airus headed right for it catching the tail end of a conversation being had there, no doubt their guest, Dra'kal Sherom. "The Imperium had tried to open it for years." the kaleesh explained bluntly, "They've always boasted in housing the best experts in the galaxy... but alas, not even they could open this perplexing case. Thus they turned to your order for assistance, although even they seem to doubt in your capabilities."

"Forgive for being blunt to our esteemed guest but, the best experts in the galaxy died in the temple twenty years ago. We are still learning but I like to think I'll match their knowledge soon." Airus gave a polite bow to the Shadow Council's Jedi. "I am Chief Librarian, Airus Vel Aath. I heard you brought a Sith Holocron for me to... Oh my word." Airus head turned, the Miraluka stepped forward his robes of purple sliding back revealing the black synth leather gloves as he gently picked up the Holocron carefully turning it over before his blindfolded face. He laid his staff against the wall, pulling down the hood, an expression of genuine curiosity as he looked it over. With his tousled hair and bandage wrapped forehad one had wonder if he saw what they did when he looked at it, or if there was more to it when view through the force.

"It's ancient... After the Second Sith War the design is more elegant than the Sith of that period... More likely from the period just after the Great Galactic War..." Airus muttered tilting it careful to avoid the bio-metric system, tilting his own head as well. "No distinguishing marks or memory crystal insert points. Possibly contains a Sith spirit..." Airus suddenly shook his head and placed the holocron back down looking back to the others. "I'm so sorry, it's been so long since I've gotten to a proper investigation into one of these. From what I can tell it's from a minor Sith, possibly a Lord maybe a lesser known Darth. Probably promoted to the position after the death of one of other Sith during the Great Galactic War." Airus gleaned this in a couple of minutes of looking it over, it probably helped his days most recently were spent working with holocrons constantly.

"It's obvious this was more academically minded craft rather than one of the more war like Sith of the time... It was made with great care, hence my thought about it being used to contain a spirit... Of course that would be opposing the idea of a having a bio-metric lock. What's the point in trapping your part of yourself if you might never be freed..." Airus spoke picking up his staff. "It's interesting no doubt, though the answers will have to come from the archives rather than the holocron itself. I doubt the bloodline of a Sith so ancient could have survive in a enough of an amount to connect to any modern relatives." He paused looking at Dra'kal with an eyeless stare, before giving another deep bow.

"Thank you Knight Dra'kal, I'm sure this will be something we can learn much from if nothing more than as a curiosity." He gave a friendly smile to the man, even if the aura he saw not one he'd want to befriend he could still be respectful. "Why don't we all journey down to the vault, place this away then perhaps a tour of the Citadel? Or at least the library, I can offer that much. The rest of day's agenda will be determined by our esteemed Diplomat. So, what say you Solace?" Airus spoke tilting his head towards, with a small knowing grin, not the usual one of simple kindness. Instead this smile one that betrayed he did not choose to smile but did so merely did it upon looking at her as just a glance at her could brighten his day.

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Outside the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, Korriban

Overseer Corinth Genbit

Corinth was tired, he'd been busy recently with transfer paperwork and report compiling, while he was a teacher he was standing among the great tombs of the Fallen Lords, they had a duty to learn from them as much as they made students learn. Either way, he'd arrived a black mug of caf in hand with 'Overseer of Year' written across it in dark red lettering. The Arkanian Offshoot took a long drink staring into the tomb, it would be a minor challenge really he remembered something similar in his days here. It had been far more dangerous then the tombs had been over taken with dust and age, he didn't want to say it but this was easier than his days.

When he had been taken, they had done this by being told to retrieve a chunk of rock from the burial chamber the cave had been filled with predators and worse. Many young children had been torn asunder in those caves, he wondered if any others would be ripped apart today or if they would all survive this challenge.

"Acolytes, assemble at the entrance!" He bellowed in a commanding voice usually reserved for those who spoke out of turn in his classes. "In a moment you will enter these caves, this is the tomb of Dark Lord Marka Ragnos. These former students of mine, will be testing you along the way." He waved his hand at the assembled group of Sith apprentices, smiling slightly like a proud father showing of his family. "Overseer Cessair will also enter and wait with a baton. You will find her and take the baton, if you die it will not be by the hands of a Sith but by your brainless actions." He spoke calmly taking another long drink from the still steaming cup of caf.

"If you attempt to leave or escape this training, I will throw you in there. If you return without a baton you will go back in. If die try to die on me, I will go in and haul you out and you will be healed painfully then spend the next three months polishing the academy with a brush on your hands and knees." He spoke stopped staring at the assembled crew of acolytes, nodding to Mara.

"Apprentices and Overseer Cessair, please enter. The rest of you, make final preparations for what you will face, it will not kill you but that does not mean it will be easy. Know this and be ready for what comes, failure will be punished and I will monitor your progress you will become strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with apprentices by the time you leave my care." He spoke with a bit of pride and bit of rehearsed boredom. Everyone present knew Corinth wasn't the biggest fan of the group tests but he still did them as tradition demands, even if he thought the tradition ridiculous.

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Galactic Vices Resort and Casino

Sabacc Table, Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath smiled as revealed his cards, taking another hand. So far he'd won four hands and lost one. No one seemed to mind it as they kept going, players were here to drink or were waiting for a turn with a girl, using cards to kill a little time. Airus on the other hand seemed to be playing pretty well, he didn't act he was trying to win more showing the same surprise as others. Endearing them slightly to the crowd of players before him, he was young and even poured whiskey for those at the table. He ensured even if he was winning he wasn't being greedy, if they just thought you were player a turn of good luck who shared the fortune, they'd tolerate you more.

Airus took hold of another hand, watching the others smile as he surveyed those around him he felt a darker aura nearing him, one that could stand out slightly. Getting closer he could see it now, a Sith woman was watching him he couldn't tell her focus but it was on him occasionally though it seemed more occupied by the bottle he'd ordered. "Fold." Added one of the men at the table as he got up knocking back his drink, his thoughts and aura altered to one of lust and thoughts of what he'd do to the Zeltron beckoning him away. Airus gave the man a wave, even if he was disgusted by the ideas that bubbled to the surface of his mind.

Airus took the hand smiling at the others, as another left to go look something better than booze. The last player seemed to like Airus, an older smuggler but one who was just here to get by and have a little fun with his pay. Airus turned towards the woman behind him, the one with a darker aura he knew as Sith. "Care for a drink miss?" He offered one of the glasses that came with his bottle pouring the Corellian made whiskey into the glass, he couldn't see the liquid but the smell of it reminded him of the sweet smells of the countryside on his last trip to Corellia. Offering the Sith a drink, now that was something most Jedi would have balked at, but Airus understood this wasn't the place to start a fight so a peace offering because he'd never known a Sith to make one. "Hope you don't mind but I like to share, easier to make friends when you do... And I so hate to have enemies in such a happy place." He spoke with a gentle grin at Aria who was no doubt happy to receive a drink from the young man.

New players shuffled in as casino floor bustle finally settled down some, more of the crowds who weren't here for the auction moved into the lounges to spicers shifting off to get high, many patrons headed upstairs to find a room to rest or grab a partner to share it with, and finally the bar began to fill as those whose items were up for auction drank and partied thinking they had scored bigger than they could have dreamed. Airus vision began to clear some of distance view returning as casino occupants spread out, he kept his vision focused on the low levels he didn't want to see what people were up too. So taking a deep breath he gave the nearby Sith woman a curt grin, turning back to the game letting the rounds play out.

Losing few credits and winning more than he'd lost, Airus made little jokes or laughed at others stories as they joked around the table. This was no high stakes game, these were smugglers, scavengers, traders, bounty hunters and pirates who had been on ships with the same people for months itching for new friends or voices to hear. It was wholesome in a way to see the people of Nar Shaddaa in this way, interacting and being friendly of course he knew upstairs people would shoot each other over games like this. He might have been able to get enough credits to avoid costing the Order in a round or two if he played upstairs but they were far more likely to think he was cheating. Here, most gamblers were here to enjoys their vices loses didn't matter as long as they had fun doing it and the Hutts ended up profiting from it.

Airus watched players rotate again when his vision caught sight of something he'd never seen outside of the temple, Grand Master Satele Shan's aura was like staring into a sun... Or as close as it could be for a Miraluka, she was committed perhaps too harshly in Airus's view to protecting the Republic and Jedi Order, even at the cost what Airus might feel was part of the soul of order. He'd never openly disagree he could sense she was here on serious business, but that couldn't be related to him... No certainly it couldn't, he was no important Jedi his former Master was maybe but he was just some Knight. Instead he turned back to the game, a bit worried for the nearby Sith that sat close to him and how the Grand Master might view it.

What followed was the Grand Master approaching Airus, a worrying tilt of the head and the once permanent smile dropping as the round concluded one of the men claiming the round. The Jedi's focus left the other players, barely staying on his own cards as Satele moved towards him, a dark presence soon moved to join as well, a darker one than he'd encountered in person before. Airus could focus, sitting between to Masters of there arts, he focused on reading them just like the rest of the players. As the other patrons became distracted he took the moment to up the anti on the game, as Darth Marr and Satele exchange words fear grew among the players. By the time Marr began to leave, most of the players had folded.

Airus paused a moment looking at Satele, he gave her a soft smile, the girl who had stayed in grinned laying down her cards. "Pure Sabacc." That was unbeatable, yet Airus's grin became one of a bit of pride and bit more of happiness turning towards Satele. Just like Satele, it seemed Airus had no aces, pure sabacc was hard to beat. Airus didn't seem concerned even though most of what he'd made tonight was on the table, instead he was composed even his own emotions betrayed no fear or worry, he seemed content and secure with what was going even if it was about to be his loss.

"Idiot's Array." Answered Airus, the woman's jaw dropped as he placed the idiot down, a two, a three, and two fives. "I believe that's my take." He answered with a grin as the woman pouted, getting up. The table empty and Airus's taking the chips to cash out. He turned towards Satele. Airus might not have known on the details, but he did know what Satele was feeling it was written in her and in her emotions, even if she didn't show them easily Airus had practice reading it. "If I may Grand Master... I'm big fan of cards, I think personally... Holding a perfect hand is great but... It might just be better to flip the rules. The Idiot's Array beats the Pure Sabacc every time with cards that most people would call worthless."

Airus's kind words were followed by an announcement, "For those who would like to attend the auction it will be starting shortly with many fine items on offer for those with the credits to pay." A passing droid exchanged Airus's chips for credits as he listened to the announcement turning his head towards Satele speaking with the same friendly tone one might address a fellow Jedi not some honored Master he asked.

"Would you like to join me for the auction? It shouldn't be a worry, my newest Padawan is still on the ship. The mission is supposed to be a short one, I wouldn't mind the company even if you make me more conspicuous than I originally planned to be." He offered as he gave another soft grin, while internally he might have been shocked by the appearance of both. He knew better than to let it get to him, Sith or Jedi they were all people with emotions, dreams, hopes, and fears no different from each other.
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