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Current I feel like a Deadspace Roleplay
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Destiny 2 is coming, can't wait just a few hours left.
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On a mini vacation while doing class work. Sorry to all my 1x1 partners for a day or so. I'll be keeping up my duties to my forum RP's primarily right now.
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I made a new RP... Lot of work and hopefully I get few more interested folks!
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My aunt just died. Expect things to be slow.


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Ariin had been busy since the team had been getting so many heavy hitters and the fact that he performed so poorly on the last mission he'd doubled his own training regime. Even working with Paladin to improve his personal combat skills, there was something to be said for having an electronic eye with military grade AI able to help run targeting software through it. Granted the task had to be completed by a human but it still helped him none the less learn to better control his own body in personal combat.

When he wasn't practicing his martial arts he and precision he was usually in a simulation, he'd been trying to come up with a method of deploying the heavy hitters with himself. He knew how effective his own weapon could be but he'd seen first hand what focused fire could do, but they needed to organize it. Paladin was biggest of the bunch and if there was going to be a backline operating fire support they would at least be organized around Paladin and it's protective ability.

With energy weapons becoming more common and the shield having been replaced, Ariin was going to check on the new system sent over with the parts to keep Paladin in repair from Mars. An energy shield generator, the Phalanx was a toy he'd never gotten to use before but with recent developments, he'd finally been approved to get it going. Of course, his real reason for working so hard was to distract himself... He wanted to go see Elora but... He didn't know if he could... Face that, he'd failed her. He had blamed only himself for her being taken, his own inability to do anything to protect her. If he had been a better pilot... If he had placed those shots better... He'd seen how they had locked her up, he'd read the reports of what it had been like getting her back.

He'd heard about the new pilots getting brought in, though he'd taken no time to meet them he was to busy. He wasn't going to fail in protecting his squad again, never. Had just pulled his casual clothes on over his plug suit as he stepped out into the hall from the simulation chamber heading for the hangar and another person smacked into him.

Groaning as he landed on his side he turned, Paladin focusing his electronic eye on to the girl before him. He'd never seen the brown haired girl before. "Ow, yeah... I'm Ariin Sorus, I pilot that big hunk of metal in the bay we call Paladin." He grumbled taking her hand and getting up, as he did Ana would see his eye flash with an exclamation point and then flash the words 'baka' on its screen. The eye then flashed a waving hand and a pixelated image of a large shield carrying werk, Paladin had been working on his introduction. Since Ariin had been avoiding human contact he wanted to make a good impression when he did get to see people.

He turned and stepped into the hangar, Paladin, the werk, sat kneeled the PBS being installed. "I was coming down to check out the installation of the new system. Paladin wanted to make sure he was still pretty after all the holes they put in him last time." The pilot spoke walking towards the massive kneeling protector. "And I wanted to make sure the system is working."
@Ariamis Here's what I've got for Paladin's new toy.

Secondary System: Phalanx Barrier System- The PBS is the first Martian made energy shield small enough to be placed in a Werks. This upgrade to Paladin's Legion shield allows him to generate an energy barrier over the sides, the top, and front of his shield. Helping to shield from flanking maneuvers and barrages from above. The Phalanx system also reinforces the already impressive power of the Legion shield making Paladin into a mobile fortress it was meant to be.
@Evil Snowman Ariin would be crushed, he'd have to obey what Paladin tells him to do.
Prince Marwood

In distance came a thundering of hooves, as joining the group arrived a detachment of knights from Magvel. The colors of Renais and Rausten flew openly for the two group of cavaliers that had arrived. At the head of the was the prince of Renais named Marwood, between the two groups of horsemen was a cart with groups of diplomats and nobles sent from Magvel. Detaching from the Knights of Renais Marwood stopped and asked which unit he'd been assigned to, the knights were here as bodyguard to the nobles. The moment he'd gotten the chance he'd volunteered himself to assist in the fighting, he wasn't about to spend his time listening to old tacticians and politicians argue over funds and methods. With his mother too far away for complaints about his behavior to reach her with any speed, he could actually enjoy this trip.

Being told he'd been assigned to the units of miss fits the prince carefully dismounted, a few glances from the Magvel representatives were thrown his way, they didn't approve of the prince joining the fight. Then again it was not unexpected for brash young man. Patting his mares side he moved towards the fire they all sat at, his horse lazily following her head stuck at the ground eating as a couple of other knights. Marwood took a seat looking at the others, scratching his head a moment after he tugged off his helmet.

"I'm Marwood, Prince of Renais... Suppose I'm assigned to you all, I look forward to the fight." He offered with a grin, as his horse approached and laid her head on his shoulder he scratched her neck gently caring a great deal for his steed. The late arrival looked at the others not worried about he was quite good with them and figured he'd get the names through actual conversation rather than asking for introduction they had no doubt already made.
@Evil Snowman Wait, Paladin or Ariin? Because it would be hilarious to give the AI living in Ariin's head the job...
@Ariamis You are right, tired brain is dumb. Yes, I'm thinking an energy shield layered on to of Legion because if Paladin needs anything it the ability to laugh off more damage!

As an apology have a picture of something I spent twelve plus hours painting is still not done yet.

@Ammokkx I was making a bit of a joke about the influx of new pilots, sorry.
Right, catching up on posts more now. Also considering new character because the thing we need now is more pilots.

@Ariamis Also I wanted to ask if for my additional secondary system I could an energy shield installed on Pompey as my second secondary system. I've noticed that blocking energy based attacks seems to be my mechs crippling weakness.
@Plumbum I'm fine with working something out, I'm willing to change a few things for sure.
Ugh so sorry I've been so lax here, school and holidays and then a week of snow. Seriously been a mess here. I can do a post soon as I catch up on what've missed... Got a lot to read.
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