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The Chosen Few

Weisshaupt Fortress, midmorning

Constable Howe sighed and shook his head, “I am telling you this plan is foolish. I don’t see what you and the Commander do in this endeavor to stop the Blights before they begin.” There came a laugh from behind a flagon of ale. As Oghren, the messenger from Hero of Ferelden’s expedition, spoke up.

“It ain’t your call. The Warden Commander likes the new boss, especially since he’s got the balls to give the order some real staying power. Nothing like a nation to tax and rule over to motivate people to help ya’. ‘Hell, got Orzammar to start taking working with the Warden’s more seriously. Granted it could also be because Tevinter is going to hell in a nug basket.” Oghren spoke scratching his face as he looked over the maps of the deep roads, clearly most of the planning over his head. It was no wonder the Hero of Ferelden sent him to make the report. And to pick up supplies. It seemed the dwarf had a knack for surviving anything then beating whatever tried to kill him. The lack of Oghren’s unique smell made it easier for Theron to breath on the march no doubt.

Senior Warden Bethany Hawke glared from across the table at the dwarf. “Perhaps, but what the first warden is ordering could lead to hundreds of dead wardens! We don’t know how many Darkspawn are down below our feet. It could be millions, all we might do is throw lives away!” She placed a hand on her hip, she was here representing the Wardens of the Freemarches. How someone as prissy as her had impressed the Free Marches commander, Oghren would never know.

Dunek Rouka slammed a fist on the table. He was the head of the Warden’s forges, one of the few privy to their secrets without a full joining. His official rank would never be more than recruit yet he was still massively important to the functions of logistics. “‘Can’s’ and ‘if’s’ are nothing for us to worry about. What happens if the Darkspawn are left down there, spawning for all of time without anything challenging them?” He spoke, cowing the crowd of assembled planners into silence. “The dwarves kept their numbers down in a losing battle for centuries. Thaigs with armies as big as Orlais and as advanced as Tevinter overrun. And what the first warden is doing is something we have known for years. The horde keeps growing if we don’t find ways to weaken it.”

He stopped looking at all the representatives before him with a glare that spoke to the soul as turned towards the window. “When they run out of space below for their broods you’ll face what we have. All across your pretty open skies and fields - blighted and dying.” The forgemaster made it clear that this was as important to the survival of Thedas as killing Corypheus was. Unlike that however, few nations would put aside petty squabbles for a long term war against the Darkspawn. Many treated the blights like something that would come and go, not a long term threat.

The Archivist of the Grey, like Revanelas, was another recent promotion particularly for her experimentation in healing and Blight removal. She was young and a Dalish elf like he, Ashlea of clan Eolas but unlike Revanelas she had been with the Wardens longer through most of nearly ten years having arrived at seventeen. She had been a quick study and willing to push the limits as hard as she could among the mages here for results. She had become a favorite contemporary of Avernus. “Dunek is right. We have allies, magic, weapons, and soldiers. We need to press our advantage. Imagine how much less damage the Blights would do if we could heal the people or find ways to poison the taint itself. The dwarves need this to save their people. We need this to save the Order and prove our use outside of Blights. Thedas needs this if we are to one day be able to live without the threat of the world ending from beneath us. We might even save ourselves from the calling... The first generation of Warden’s to die of old age!”

Revanelas looked at the Deep Road maps supplied to them, then across the chosen wardens from across Thedas. “We follow our orders. A hundred warden’s will be broken into teams to explore what roads are still viable. Archivist Ashlea, you will head up the vanguard that will enter the deep roads at the contact point with the main body of forces to Kal-Sharok dwarves. The surface dwarves and Legion of Dead forces from Orzammar will arrive days after scouts enter. We will use dead drops and guide symbols to leave a map for you to follow as we make our way.” He took little markers placing them across the different branching paths to Kal-Sharok noting where each unit would go.

As they looked over it, Hawke spoke up. “Your unit... Isn’t moving towards Kal-Sharok.” Revanelas nodded. “Correct. We will be pursuing the secondary target...” He pushed the marker all the way forward, tapping on a fortress nearby. “This old dwarven fortress supposedly has surface access. The dwarves have disclosed that this fortress belonged to the kingdom of Darmallon, a great thaig made of gold veins. He wants us to search the ruins for anything to help locate it. The dwarves of Kal-Sharok and Orzammar have even cut a deal. To allow surface dwarves to settle it and end their exile. Our reward will be half the treasure they uncover within the hold... And twenty percent stake in the largest gold mine in Thedas into perpetuity.”

They stared a moment understanding how money they were talking. “That’s... More money than the Hossberg tax collector could find in a year.” Ashlea answered, and it seemed she was as surprised as the rest.

Oghren cheered and knocked back a mug of ale, clearly enthralled as constable Howe frowned, concerned if we were doing it out of greed. “Why would the order need so much money?”

“Because the warden commander will use the money to begin developing and purchasing land in and around current fortresses. The funding will also go to repairing and recruiting to fill our dormant and abandoned fortresses. Eventually he wants each nation's wardens to be able to run their own operations within the deep roads. To do that we need four things: reputation, influence, money, and manpower. Kill the archdemon before it rises? Repairs our reputation in the eyes of the public, we saved them a Blight.” He spoke with a sigh to how current operations were all bets on how to save a declining order.

“We're working on manpower, but the first warden is going to work on influence through politics here with us hopefully gaining control of the Anderfels. Our goal is to find and kill Archdemon for the main host... But the secondary objective is critical for long term survival, income. We find that golden thaig, we keep the order in enough gold to pay for the Anderfels and our upkeep. We are still in decline even if it doesn’t feel like griffons and the end of the corruption at the top doesn’t fix the fact that there are less than ten thousand Wardens across all of Thedas. This fortress alone was built to house that many.” He took a deep breath and picked up his helmet, settling it under an arm. “The first warden’s goal is continuous pressure on the darkspawn across Thedas, so we can uncover more about the threats we face. Get the lists we’ve made up for the pathfinder teams ready to be passed out. I’ve got to try and give a speech and not make a fool of myself.” They could hear the crowd outside growing as Revanelas pulled his helmet on, they grew anxious waiting no doubt, side effects of knowing the calling is coming you value the time you do have even more.

Archivist Ashlea picked up her staff and Forgemaster Rouka straightened his tunic. As the three took a deep breath heading out from the library into the courtyard. They stepped onto the balcony. He’d practiced this speech for weeks with the first warden. Yet now before the crowd his nerves spiked as his armor hands were placed upon the stone parapet he decided to remove his helmet to speak more clearly, looking down at faces new and friends of old. He raised his arms, then gave a mighty yell.

“Wardens! Might I have your ears, as you know we have called you all here. We are no strangers to war, to the Blight, to death, to sacrifice for Thedas. But we've been fighting for our very survival against inhuman, genocidal monsters, but it is a fight we cannot continue forever! Our order has found strength now, yes! But between the calling, deaths in the line of duty, and ignorance of the nations of Thedas, can we say in a hundred years there will be enough of us to stop the next Blight? To face the Magister’s Sidereal like Corypheus?! There could be as many as seven more Blights to go! We must strike them where they live! Bring the war to the Darkspawn! Slay them before they rise!” The murmurs filled the crowds, as they remembered the same was about to be attempted by the warden’s of Orlais once... Now here they stood telling them the same.

“Quiet!” The order barked out, to silence the assembled Wardens, hundreds of eyes fixed as the Forgemaster glared down any offender who refused to be quiet as he commanded the muscled dwarf nearly as wide as he was tall.

“Thank you Forgemaster.” Revanelas shouted once more telling them what they needed to hear to make this sink in. “We have found the prison of an old god! With the help of surface dwarves, Orzammar, and Kal Sharok what they are talking about is not simple assault but reclamation! More importantly the dwarves have put their full might behind us, we will not go alone! But we will go to where they live and where they breed, and we will destroy them. This is how we take the battle to the heart of the enemy. This is the day that we correct the course of Thedas’s history! This is the day we ensure the survival of all peoples, by our hands alone!”

“In war!” He shouted to the crowd as the Warden assembled praying they answered the call, this part had been the idea first warden to help motivate and excite the wardens before him

“Victory!” The cries came with accents from across Thedas joined in a chorus of defiance against disease and villains alike. Sound pounded on their shields or armor, mages clanged their staffs on stone, rogues lent their voices or rang their knives on stone or other blades.

“In peace!” Ashlea cried out next, lifting her staff to make the azure griffon symbol appear in the air above them. Letting the symbol hang there as she focused.

As she slammed her staff back down, the booming voices of the crowd grew even louder. Nearly five hundred wardens, even those most reserved among them, could find reason to cheer now. “Vigilance!” They shouted as proudly as they could.

Bursting through the illusion of the symbol a flight of three riders on full grown griffons swooped down before them. As the Forgemaster bellowed out the last part. “In Death!”

“Sacrifice!” The cries came out as even the leaders yelled it out, as the griffons landed.

The motivation and selling them on the plan was done, now he needed to tell them about it or at least how they would find out more. “Those of you selected for the Pathfinder teams will head to the meeting hall. The rest of you... I have it on good authority that the first warden has brought out the good stocks of all our guests. Go eat and drink your fill! Before the Ferelden diplomats drink it up!”
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The Call to Arms

Weisshaupt Fortress, midmorning

The halls of Weisshaupt bustled, the Wardens had suffered and triumphed through the Mage-Templar war hundreds of Mages and Templars had flocked to their banners when they had declared themselves neutral to all who would join. Such a recent Blight meant their stores of Archdemon blood were high and The Joinings were conducted near monthly. The high dark stone walls were being cleaned up and being touched up, new banners hung as accompanied by representatives of the Chantry, Ferelden, and Orlais. Their wagons and horses slowly trundled towards high steel gates as they heard a screech like an eagle the guards reached for weapons, as a blur of feathers and fur shot over their heads braced against the grey of the sky, its shadow cast upon them for a moment like a drake about to swoop upon them. As they craned their heads several guards reached for bows as they heard a screech and landing next to them was something out of a storybook, or so the ambassadors had thought a griffon armored in plate astride it's back a Grey Warden in full plate armor resting his hand on a great sword sat across his lap in the saddle. The blues of the cloth and the shining griffon emblem made him look more like myth than a man. His armor dented and damaged, yet pristine in cleanliness and maintenance.

Looking over the caravan green eyes behind the slitted helmet, a nervousness among the templars, chevaliers, and knights who looked upon the beast and its rider before them, as eagle eyes of the mount moved between each soldier before them. As again and again more descended, four riders now looked at them all, then with a solemn nodded pointed for them to move onwards, before the beast's wings beat and they rose into the air again, circling up the mountain to ready the gates for the last of their visitors.

Jutting out from the wall upon the tower was the mausoleum of the Heroes, a small sanctuary where the remains of the Heroes who gave their lives slaying an Archdemon are left to rest. In most cases only their weapons and armor are placed here, as their bodies did not survive the battle. Each one has had a statue built in their likeness, the statues of Garahel and Corin were freshly cleaned. The one of Theron carved by the finest dwarven stone masons, his coffin however, remained empty.

Weisshaupt's gates were slowly opened, as the last representatives entered, the representatives could only awe at the size of the grand fortress even larger than the Inquisition's Skyhold she'd heard tales of its dilapidation yet now repairs and restoration were underway. As they dismounted from the carts the courtyard they saw the head of Urthemiel mounted in the keep as Wardens and laborers came to care for the horses, the climb up the Broken Tooth mountain was near vertical at some points, the beasts would be exhausted. The reforms and resurgence of the Order had been seen to assist some of the chapters aboard yet... As they joined the delegates from Antiva, Rivain, Free Marches, and Nevarra they saw exactly how much had changed.

One room hosted an entire class of mages, watching a demonstration by a senior mage warden showing off new magical research and weakening the Blight’s grip on plant life they brought in. Other mages practiced combat spells or ritual castings as a group to increase potency of their magic. Further down, rangers and rogues sparred and tested out new alchemical formulas for bombs, grenades, and even practiced disarming traps and cracking through locks. Many of which were of dwarven make, others chatted trading skills in negotiations and how best breach enemy fortifications. Knights and warriors further down tested armor and locked blades, testing their skills and practicing their parries. These armored wardens even practiced takedowns and fisticuffs, learning to bear the brunt of their armor’s weight but remain mobile in it. Many of their armoring practices came from the dwarves who had long ago mastered the construction of plate and mail and shared their new rediscoveries freely with their most honored allies.

Above them in the aeries and rookery, once empty and with memorials for the fallen friends, now the griffons of the Wardens fill this lofty stable. With each griffon choosing its partner as they grow and bond with their Warden. Eggs are often kept with the mothers, though in some cases given to a warden to watch over if the mother does poorly in maintaining her eggs. Nearby many humans and some elves gather at the small chapel as the priests and priestesses give rights, now nearby a small altar with statues of the Paragons and an elves had a garden with the symbols of their pantheon arranged. On the farside of the fortress was the forges, filled with surface dwarf smiths, humans tanners, and elven bowyers worked to arm and prepare weapons, even some tranquil worked enchanting and assisting most taken in during the Mage-Templar war and kept for their safety. While many were unaware below the fortress blood and blight magic research continued with Avernus leading the charge to one day improve the Joining and perhaps keep Calling away for good.

Yet for the visitors from across Thedas the movements and sheer size of the fortress and its substantial changes from the crumbling ruin it was once before shocked them. Thousands of Wardens here alone and they knew more were across the nation helping manage and defend it, it was no wonder that Anderfels under Warden rule had been more prosperous. Yet the keen would catch that many Wardens here came from beyond the Anderfels... Something else other than their meeting was going.

As slowly they were led into the great hall, where the First Warden and several of the ranking warden's waited along with ambassadors from every nation of Thedas sat. Though the Chantry's presence was merely a formality, extended by the graciousness of the grey wardens. The Ancient round table was laid out, with each chair of representative draped with their symbol as all around them a silver banner of wardens hung, now with the symbol of the Anderfels hung alongside it.

It was silent until the Antivan representative broke the silence. "Well... Let's start this meeting by stating the obvious. It was high time someone did something about Anderfell's... While the Hossberg line of the family has ended we should be able to locate-" The first warden raised a hand to stop her. Slowly first warden Wilhelm stood, looking over the crowd of assembled dignitaries. "The grey wardens will rule the Anderfels. We already protect most of the nation, the people have more need of us than any of the nobility, a Darkspawn beset nation needs those who know how to handle Darkspawn at their forefront. It will not only expand our recruitment but give us a way to directly expand our order... We can focus on finding ways not only to combat the Blight but attempt to undo its damages..." It was the Orlesian diplomat who leapt to his feet, the Count jabbing a finger forward, insulted by the sheer idea of toppling divine right of rulership.

"That makes you what?! King Warden Wilhelm? King and first warden!? Outrageous you cannot rule and govern while claiming to put the good of the world first. Are you even nobility?! An Elf could even hold your position unless you plan to make it hereditary! Not only that but if a dwarf or Qunari took the post! You would be a nation without the chant as your code!?" At that Wilhelm smiled slowly, darkly looking them over, catching a moment where he could press back before others claimed against him.

"So the Hero of Ferelden and his Wardens will be ejected from the rulership of the Amaranthine?" When the Orlesian Count heard what his argument sounded like he suddenly went silent, they had precedent for Wardens governing and still maintaining the Order now. Ferelden had given it to them, this time their hand had been forced, the people would rebel if they tried to remove the Wardens from Anderfels, their fortress was near unassailable and now? The griffon's stabled on high and thousands of Wardens they had... This was an Order resurgent, perhaps it had been covered by the distance of the Anderfels from the chaos of the last few years or how the Wardens faded away from notice when the Blights ended. They could stand and argue for a throne not their own, in a land besieged year round by a people who loved two things the Chantry and their heroic Grey Wardens or they could let this happen. "It has happened before only now on a grander scale. We are beholden to no church, no king, or nation. Our duty must be to protect the population of all of Thedas from Darkspawn, this nation is under constant assault by them, their king and nobles raised no hand to stop it. They have always put that burden on us, so perhaps it’s time we reaped the reward of defending a nation against the greatest threat in the world.”

Ferelden and Orlais nobles along with the representatives from the Free Marches called for a recess to these meetings. To discuss how to respond to this new proposed plan of action, that surprised many. Though without Tevinter and Qunari present it would be interesting, as the Anderfels did host a single Qunari colony. While the Wardens had run the region well in the absence of a monarch they did not seem to tolerate the corruption that most other nations allowed to help grease the wheels of and motions of government. A militant order and a meritocratic one at that would be problematic in showing lower classes that kings may not be needed in leading them.

As they ushered the diplomats and officials along with their staff to rooms or helped them find space. The warden’s who had been arriving for days began to fill the courtyard, hundreds of them at least more than most had ever seen in one place. As the first warden busied himself with meetings, the High Constable would soon speak. For now at least, wardens from outside Weisshaupt were gathering as ones from it helped show them around the massive fortress, the place could host an army ten thousand strong... And for the first in a long time it looked like it might have that many people.
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