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Current Drank a lot last night currently recuperating with large bottle of water and black eyed peas to eat. Happy New Year guild.
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Merry Christmas to all!
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Yes in tactics you can bring Deathclaws with your unit once you rescue their momma. They also talk.
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Fallout Tactics is fun, where else can you play as the Deathclaw?!
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I don't know what going on but I'm concerned.


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Ariin had started the drop in high spirits, it was about twenty seconds in he realized that was a bad sign but there was one bright side as the pod veered wildly, he had skipped breakfast so at least he wasn't going to puke. Slamming down on the ground, he knew how to compensate for the gravity and such but he hadn't expected such a hard landing, he grabbed the small drone in the cockpit just before his head slammed into the hard metal side of the cockpit and he blacked out. With a ringing in his ears, he blinked the world felt heavy, everything blurred and unfocused. Distant noise of someone speaking, as he fought to breathe properly coughing hard. Paladin's drone opened comms as he coughed again.

"Fuck that hurt..." He groaned as touched his forehead, blood soaking his hair it was already red he figured it wouldn't affect the color too much. "Possible broken rib... Maybe a concussion, I'm okay let's get it done." The young cyborg answered as he fought the controls to make Paladin stand up, the armored goliath moved to kneel. He grumbled. "Systems are green, possible stress damage but I should be good for a fight." He gave another hard cough, as usual, he didn't plan on saying how it really hurt.

Paladin's shield folded out as the werk stood up, it was a damn near valiant display considering how badly the landing had gone. The heavily armored work shield deployed ports as the Phalanx system came on, he leveled Pompey at Cruxi Beasts. "Smile you sons of bitches." Letting off a volley at a Cruxi war beast then retarget and taking another shot. Ariin had range on them and more importantly the ability to put a hole in anything that pissed him off, and currently? The pain was great at motivating him to be pissed off at the Cruxi.

Paladin got up, deployed shield and fired shots at D6 and C7 Cruxi Beasts. Ariin also bitched about getting hurt again.
@Amaranth Alright!
@The Elvenqueen I'd prefer everyone start with one character and we see how many characters are on one side or the other. Then based off that I'll allow doubles.
OOC is up an everyone was tagged. OOC with Character Sheets template right.
@LordZell you all play Imperials and rebels force to work together to survive.
Awesome hope to CS's after holidays.
@Azazaa @Amaranth @LordZell @mattmanganon @IAmKnight @Katthaj

I went ahead and put the OOC, feel free to put up sheets might be busy for awhile but I'll try to look at them and update things further here.
The Liberation of Arkanis

The battle of Endor is won, the New Republic has just been formed but the rebel soldiers within still call themselves rebels, more out of pride of the title than anything.

Arkanis is a training center for Imperial pilots, soldiers, and officers, under the rule of the Regency worlds but allied to the Empire giving it some autonomy and freedom other Imperial citizens lack. However, this has led to stunning conflict with Arkanis being home to a large number of Imperial soldiers and pilots as well as gained aid from local military rebel groups have a hard time pushing them out.

To help secure the planet still trying to train and arm Imperial soldiers, the New Republic has deployed the rebel Cruiser Courage and support fleet to the system along with New Republic troopers. The fleet has kept its distance but the planet is currently guarded by a three of Venator star destroyers supported under the command of a single Imperial Star Destroyer with large crews of fighters and smaller corvettes backing them. While the rebels have only one large capital ship and several fighter groups available alongside the frigates and corvettes backing, the initial battle saw fierce fighting skies and in space between fighters with neither side willing to commit to full-scale fleet warfare.

While the Imperial pilots had numbers they lacked the training and quality ships, soon the rebels had destroyed to TIE fighters for them to continue to fight but the rebel pilots had lost far too many to have a hope of assaulting the Imperial fleet.

Yet the fighting in the air and in space has changed the war, Empress Leeya has turned on the Empire on the ground three-way war wages with the Imperial General in charge of academies and forces here battling against the Empress and her forces while rebel cells battle both. At this key moment, New Republic forces launch assaults on the planet to take key positions from the enemy. The Empress's royal forces descended on a weakened enemy force decimating rebel and Imperial forces in crossfires and ambushes with the major cities.

The Imperial's saw supply lines and local support vanish instantly while many rebels groups were able to limp out of the city scatter and disorganized due to rebel sympathies many Imperial soldiers were not. Immediately in the aftermath cadets from the academies were made into line soldiers or officers to replace losses. Many sent out to distant forts in an attempt to siege the city and hold important roads so troops retreating from other sectors could join the main force here and begin a retreat.

The New Republic wasn't about to just give up stop fighting.

Imperial forces in retreat were caught completely by surprise by landing Republic commandos and soon after New Republic soldiers landed in force. They engaged Imperial soldiers and fought with Empress's soldiers which soon led to a three way war. Retreating Imperial's caught between angry local government's personal army and the artillery batteries and the rebels with control of the sky.

One unit has been assigned to take a mountain fortress held by Imperial forces rumored to hold local rebel leaders and aliens who are believed to be Jedi sympathizers. The Imperial soldiers here were exhausted and spent, having held the mountain pass for days when rebels landed they broadcasted surrender if they fought they would be overwhelmed and unlike the Empress's forces the New Republic soldiers wouldn't just execute them.

A company of New Republic soldiers along with brand new T4-B tanks arrived to accept the surrender just before fortress fell under attack. Having disarmed the Stormtroopers as an artillary barrage struck the fortress the rebels leapt into defensive positions though victories they took severe casualities and the main gate along with three of the four takes the column had brought were destroyed.

Communications have been jammed and both forces depleted and trapped, the Imperials and New Republic have agreed to work together. Failure will see them all dead by morning and once they escape they plan to deliver us the local leaders to discredit the Empress and bring down her forces. The Empire may surrender to the rebellion but better it in the hands of New Republic where it can be won back than a rogue state would betray the Empire that gave it the autonomy it has used to attack the weakened Stormtroopers.

A victory here at this remote prison fortress could help end the war and see both sides leave the conflict with fewer casualties and allowing Imperial soldiers to safely leave the planet and rejoin the other survivors.

Hello and welcome! It's my first interest check in awhile but I thought something forcing decayed Imperial force and a motley crew of rebels to work together would be interesting. I was actually inspired to create this by the battle of Castle Itter where German soldiers and American soldiers fought against the SS together.

As such I wanted to create a scenario where Imperials and Rebels had to work together and they would have no chance of survival otherwise, the idea being that it's the end of the war for many of them. They know they can't hold the planet and they would prefer not to die, the goal being to have both factions work together in hopes of ending the fighting with Imperial's being allowed to retreat to join the other remnants.

That said the entire RP can't just be one battle at one old fortress in the mountains so the story does have a plan moving forward with the goal being once the prisoners are free few twists will come and the group will decide where to go.

As for rules, I'm pretty open but will not be having Jedi or Sith involved. This a boots on the ground war with soldiers gunning each other down, this is not a conflict where we will have Sith Inquistor leading a garrison or a Jedi knight as commander of the rebels.

That said I'm not really to picky about backgrounds, these soldiers are not all from the same units or rebel groups. They are surviors of attacks and battles gone by, they should be different. I'll mostly be playing NPC's and supporting cast with the focus being on the players battling through the war.

That's enough interest I'll start work on it now.
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