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Merry Christmas to all!
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Yes in tactics you can bring Deathclaws with your unit once you rescue their momma. They also talk.


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Airus Vel Aath

The doctor didn't answer Brin's accusation, plenty of people used the force who weren't Jedi, the girl herself was proof enough of that not to mention he didn't carry a saber, unlike her."I'm just a friend of the captain's from childhood. I come from a place where the force is common. When the galaxy changed, I decided it was better to be close to people I cared about than away from them, so I'm here." He spoke, waving off the idea of being a Jedi, as it was something too good for a person like him to be, in turth that was how he felt. Airus just took a moment breath, when the blaster fire was exchanged he'd nearly charged headlong forward until he reminded himself the crew could take care of themselves, they didn't need the doctor in a fight it wasn't his place. So he kept his distance, he could sense Solace's approach while he might have wanted to run to Sena and care for her he knew that doing so would be leaving a risk to the ship unattended thus the doctor kept Brin square in his sight.

Of course, there was yet another presence this one panicked, nervous, and scared one that alarmed even Airus it had gotten so close without detection. Very few force sensitives with training to do something like that were alive and few would be that startled by something like that, an odd combination of effects to be sure. Solace gave him an order, one he would carry out with time he did have to maintain normal appearances. However, he decided to give Solace a warning he could sense much from the Twi'lek none of it was good, his talent as an empath made him good at reading aura's and emotions though it was hard not to get caught up in other feelings when they were strong enough.

++Solace, she's trouble I know we don't exactly run with very honest and upstanding people but she seems about as moral as Kabal. Just... Be careful, I don't want anyone to get hurt over trusting someone again I might not say it often but being here does mean a lot to me. I'll take Sena up the lift and get her a treat while you do with things down here, just... Don't make me need to prepare for surgery, please?++ The fellow Miraluka nodded and gave Solace a small smile as he tapped his staff once more again the ground, moving towards Sena he placed a hand on her back walking with her into the turbolift.

"Come with me Sena, we will go up to the conference room and I will make you some hot chocolate and you can take your new friend to meet all the other plushies afterward. If you want we can even see if our good chef has any cookies left you could have since you were so brave back there." He gave Sena a very gentle pat on the head before stepping into the turbolift, deciding it was best to focus on his tasks. Get Sena away from danger and then find the disturbance in the force, contain that until he and Solace had a moment to discuss this without prying ears or eyes.
Airus Vel Aath

When the girl agreed Airus relaxed however at her insult and noting her movements he lifted his heavy Bes'kar staff and thumped it against the hull of the ship. "Gedet'ye, gev."(Please, stop it.) He spoke Mando'a with not even a hint of an accent, he knew the language well thanks to his time spent among the people. Yet he froze a moment when he heard the familiar beeping from the little droid, it made no sense in binary but they were the first few notes to the Republic national anthem, All Stars Burn As One. "Your droid... Seems to be an old friend of mine, a fellow veteran, both of you come along for tea then." He gave a smile to the little astromech a friendly wave to boot.

As Airus stepped back, offering the weapons taken from the Twi'lek girl to Sable he caught sight of something strange... Small but equally confusing appearing more like a Wookie child than anything he recognized. In an instant, Sena was upon the creature hugging it tightly as Airus gave a chuckle. "Well I suppose we will have to wait on Sena joining us Vasani'Brinme, she'll want to greet her new friend for a bit. Sable? Would you make sure Sena is alright while I take our guest, Vasani'Brinme, to the conference room until Sena's sister gets back to discuss what to do with our stowaway?" The doctor gave a chuckle as he slowly stood up straight backing away a moment he turned towards turbo lift and started to walk towards it, stopping by the doorway to wait for Brin.

By all appearances Airus wore bandages over his eyes on his hands, he spoke well and calm even in a situation where emotions would run high. He appeared as an old doctor hiding his face and body due to war ravaging his body it was said that the Confederacy of Independent Systems forces used horrifying weapons and murdered indiscriminately even medical personnel of the Republic. He knew the young Twi'lek's droid which would suggest he was older than her by enough to have served in the Clone Wars. He was force sensitive she knew that much and that could make him something more than the sum of his parts might suggest.
Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath was asleep, down for a nap in the medical bay, he rarely had peaceful sleep and usually, when docked he preferred to spend time training alone... Of course, that wasn't happening with so many people on the ship. He had been using herbal teas to calm his nightmares and more violent ones sometimes called for proper sleeping agents, after nearly taking Clu's head off when dozed nightmare struck while at his desk having passed out.

Airus's nightmare was a new one this time he stood on Mandalore, a planet he might have called home in another life, protecting a group of civilians who had come for medical aid from a Deathwatch bomber. This was familiar and yet new... The force had a way of mixing up everything you saw in a vision, especially when you lacked the eyes to see it as most did, though in other ways it made things clearer. Airus moved forward to get close enough to hit the Mandalorian commando but... Then an explosion rocked ground beneath him... More Mandalorian's arrived but they were different. Airus turned to face them and understood these Mandalorian's were the ones fighting for freedom from Deathwatch. Airus refocused himself and drew his second saber shots hurled around him suddenly another Jedi stood at his back, much like how his old friend had done so years, yet he had two sabers... The second should have been hers.

Soldiers moved forward firing back, one by one the Mandalorian's attacking the wounded were driven off, the Clones perhaps?. Airus turned to thank his reinforcements when he paused, these were not his sabers no they were properly curved dueling blades. They burned red as he frowned and calmed his vision to focus on who was around, Stormtroopers, and an Inquisitor one of his old classmates from the academy stood with him. It was not wounded he was protecting but a work camp for Mandalorian dissenters who spoke out against the Emperor and the Empire. When he focused on the fading force energy of the Mandalorians, Saija was among them. Airus dropped his sabers, he dropped to his knees... Was this his fate? To betray everything and serve as-

The buzz of a commlink awoke the doctor, the noise set to be loud as it could be to wake him. He shot upwards gripping his staff as he jumped awake, leaping from the bed staff in hand.

++Boss we've got a problem in the hold, another stowaway, armed and possibly dangerous, you might want to get back here as quick as you can. And Airus, I'm gonna need your help... she's got a lightsaber.++

Airus groaned slowly coming down off the adrenaline spike, reminded of how far away he was from lightsaber duels and open warfare, the doctor answered back over the shipwide comms.

++I will be there momentarily, Sable++ The Miraluka cut the line and stood up, he grabbed his staff he might have once worried more about someone being on the ship with a lightsaber but he did sense anything strongly. Usually, he'd at least get a bad feeling before the dark siders came prowling around... He also got a bad feeling every time Solace decided to speak to him. Airus was just his pilgrim's robes bandages wrapped around his extremities.

Airus didn't bother to pretend to be truly blind around the crew, few would care if he was Miraluka while they were not tolerated by Imperials there was no reward on the species itself. Few here cared if no money was to be made on turning them, the heavy clank of his staff echoed as the young man moved through the halls. Few would probably believe his age, his physical condition and lack of any notable age markers made him look mid-twenties at worst. Entering the turbolift he waited until it dinged and stepped out humming All Stars Burn as One as he made his way into the cargo bay, he had always enjoyed hearing it played.

As he approached he heard a very familiar tone, a Clone trooper barking orders. "Intruder! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands up! Now!"
Airus kept humming walking through the darkness unphased and for appearances untroubled by this development.

He saw Sena approach the Twi'lek girl, speaking to her and her usual kind tone. "Hello! I'm Sena, what's your name?" He could sense something about this Twi'lek she was... That was something to discuss later.

"Thank you Sable. Calling me was a good choice, Sharps I don't think we will need the binders." Airus spoke setting his staff down. "Hello, Airus Vel Aath. I'm the doctor here and a friend. Give your saber to me, please... Come peacefully and we will talk, I swear. Airus crouched low a moment, getting down where she could see his face, he extended a hand to her.

"I can promise fair treatment and kindness from myself... Sena here will even help make you comfortable while we talk about why you are on this ship..." Airus spoke nodding. "And kindness to your little friend as well, I even used to have a droid like that one. Back in my soldier days. Now Sharps, Sable? Until the captain gets back I suggest we close the ship up and check it over once more, make sure we have no other unexpected guests."

"I'll take Sena and we will talk to our current guest in the conference room, perhaps some tea as well that would be nice right, Sena? I only ask this of you two since your both people I trust on this ship." Trusting a clone and battle droid... Well considering the rest of the crew they were probably the ones he had the most reason to trust and he knew they were capable. Airus sensed the Twi'lek seemed to want not to get blasted and any movements that threatened him or Sena would probably result in getting blasted... Sable and Sharps weren't likely to miss from this distance.

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Marwood gave a curt nod as he cleaned the blood from his blade with a swift flick. Turning his eyes back to Viridia he smiled, giving her a thumbs up as he sheathed the blade. "Good work soldier, little more experience you'd fit in right at home with the Knights of Renais." He offered the praise as picked up his lance turning his head back towards Kara.

"Aye Lady Manakete! But she's a charger, not a nag don't insult Fiona. Dragon or not I won't have it." Marwood called setting his sights on the soldiers he angled the lance from the saddle taking aim for the fleeing soldiers back, planning on burying his lance in it. Fiona's dash a frightening sight to any he passed.

Knight Phineas Holiday Cassidy

Finn nodded to John. "Plenty more and better, that's my brew so it ain't exactly oak cask aged." He spoke to the older man as he laid out a few more bottles of whiskey to be spread around. He had a feeling the group could put away quite a bit of his stockpile, that was good Maine had started to complain his stash would overtake the armory soon if they didn't drink some of it up.

Finn focused on cooking, but an eye rested on the others he knew how to watch them and look busy he noticed an exchange between Baily and Prism but he decided not to say anything. Wasn't his place and knowing mercs it could be a fight about getting paid or dealing with BoS Maxson had been dragging them down from the once lofty heights the Brotherhood aspired too. "Y'all best get over here! I finished potatoes and I'ma start on the steak, how you like it cooked rare, medium, burnt?" He hummed a moment, using it was a way again focus attention towards him.

"Servius, Deathclaw steak is all about the one you kill. Male Deathclaw's are wanderers, smaller, and very little good meat on them mostly around the stomach. Females are a bit better, slightly more fat... Still not very good, the mother Deathclaw's though!" Finn gave a proud laugh as seasoned the pan adding herbs and oil. "They have lots of good cuts, they are more sedimentary taking care of the young and such, eating a lot more as well makes them marle nicely. These steaks are from a group of 'claws that got cleared out by another group of mercs. We watched the fight, scavenged ammo, and then Maine had me mark the bodies for cuts and he got to chopping."

Finn chuckled for a bit. "After Maine cut'em I sliced all the best cuts out and we dumped the bodies and spare meat near the harbor." He rolled his neck as he moved to the fridge and retrieved something it took hours for him to make and which he was very stingy with, butter. "As for cooking steaks... Best recipes use a mixture of rad-away in the oil. You combine that with a bit of spice from the garden and then you douse each steak with butter." He grinned looking at the former Legionary.

"As for how I ended up here..." Finn grew quiet for a moment, the same question had come around a few times and Finn never gave the same answer twice. BoS had found himself useful and his knowledge of machines, clean food prep, and most importantly skill had gotten him the offer to train, they knew Finn had been part of several local disputes and lost people. They also knew he had once been much worse about his drinking, now he merely drank with meals and light between, he kept it where no one in the Brotherhood complained.

Originally Finn was only sober when he couldn't afford the booze and was working on getting more, Finn was in a good mood so today's lie would only be half-truths. "Lost what made me happy... Without it, saw no reason to live where I did, I couldn't be happy. Figured I'd go somewhere and try to make sure other people could be happy." He left out the murderous revenge, the years of blackout drinking, the self-loathing, and other attempts to find peace.

Then, that song started the music played from his pipboy and Finn turned away, eyes focused on the pan. As the music played, anyone with ears could hear Finn was the male singer... Then a female voice joined in. Finn tilted his hat to cover his eyes, as they watered slightly. But the smile never moved, Finn fought the tears his voice never betraying his hidden sadness.

"So how you all want those steaks?" Only a few with great powers of deduction as well as Maine the ever observant and knowing the Knight well would know this was a song he had brought with him from his old home. One he sang with a woman he never spoke of and ignored the existence of if you dared ask her name, Finn just wished it hadn't played... Hearing Jess sing so sweetly in that melancholy love song made him want to be home, just to make sure his grave lay next to hers outside next to the little garden beside the church.

Phineas didn't feel like talking much once the song began to play but he didn't dare turn it off... He loved that voice to much to ever do that.
Ariin had started the drop in high spirits, it was about twenty seconds in he realized that was a bad sign but there was one bright side as the pod veered wildly, he had skipped breakfast so at least he wasn't going to puke. Slamming down on the ground, he knew how to compensate for the gravity and such but he hadn't expected such a hard landing, he grabbed the small drone in the cockpit just before his head slammed into the hard metal side of the cockpit and he blacked out. With a ringing in his ears, he blinked the world felt heavy, everything blurred and unfocused. Distant noise of someone speaking, as he fought to breathe properly coughing hard. Paladin's drone opened comms as he coughed again.

"Fuck that hurt..." He groaned as touched his forehead, blood soaking his hair it was already red he figured it wouldn't affect the color too much. "Possible broken rib... Maybe a concussion, I'm okay let's get it done." The young cyborg answered as he fought the controls to make Paladin stand up, the armored goliath moved to kneel. He grumbled. "Systems are green, possible stress damage but I should be good for a fight." He gave another hard cough, as usual, he didn't plan on saying how it really hurt.

Paladin's shield folded out as the werk stood up, it was a damn near valiant display considering how badly the landing had gone. The heavily armored work shield deployed ports as the Phalanx system came on, he leveled Pompey at Cruxi Beasts. "Smile you sons of bitches." Letting off a volley at a Cruxi war beast then retarget and taking another shot. Ariin had range on them and more importantly the ability to put a hole in anything that pissed him off, and currently? The pain was great at motivating him to be pissed off at the Cruxi.

Paladin got up, deployed shield and fired shots at D6 and C7 Cruxi Beasts. Ariin also bitched about getting hurt again.
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