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Current I feel like a Deadspace Roleplay
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Destiny 2 is coming, can't wait just a few hours left.
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On a mini vacation while doing class work. Sorry to all my 1x1 partners for a day or so. I'll be keeping up my duties to my forum RP's primarily right now.
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I made a new RP... Lot of work and hopefully I get few more interested folks!
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My aunt just died. Expect things to be slow.


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@Starlance Good to move over
@kingkonrad All good
@Drakey Of course they are pilots after all.
@Drakey Sadly that doesn't really fit with the idea of the RP and is not formatted to CS skeleton I provided.
@kingkonrad So two things, one your Titan image seems to be bugged. Second, pilots all hold officer ranks at least, much like the pilot in a plane. Fix those and you are good to move it over.

@Starlance Thanks for checking in.
@Yoyo Yep! We've set a proper RP and I've started taking character sheets it can be found here.

Bran Brass

Bran rose from his spot as he clicked Needle back together, looking over at Jasper. "And you have an idea of where exactly we should eat to get that information?" The redhead asked as he placed the rifle on the magnetic clip on his back. "I'm thinking anywhere that serves dishes from Mistral, I miss home." Bran yawned as stopped a moment grabbing out some thread from his and a needle he could work on patching that hole in his cloak while they were at lunch. "Well at least while we're out here I'll have time to sew up a few garments," Bran spoke gladly about his hobby.

"Well let's head out. Though I would keep a weapon close..." He paused walking towards the door. "I believe we have a secondary objective which is to bond and get to know each other more as a team." He said turning to look at his teammates. "So over lunch, we can all talk a bit about what we did while we were on break? We putting each other lives in each other's hands so whats a little gossip. It's not like our scrolls get decent reception out here, we can't tell anyone what we find out until we go back." Bran shrugged as he waited by the door looking over the squad. They were usually all reserved but he needed to get them talking and trusting each other first way to do that is by making them all more than friends but good friends people they wanted to trust and work.
"Stand by for Titanfall! God I love saying that."

The IMC has struck back, across the sector the Remnant fleet has begun to assault Militia held worlds forcing a sudden withdraws meanwhile the Ares division and Vinson Dynamics have suddenly struck at key targets across space. The sudden attacks have forced many pilots and militia companies to dig as fleet redeploy to aid other colonies or retrieve far out teams of pilots. In response to this, the SRS commander Sarah Briggs has gathered the pilots nearest to Angel City. Her SRS are almost all on assignment and with support from a small fleet and rifle companies these handful of ragtag pilots have been asked and paid to perform an assault to rescue Barker and free Angel city from IMC control.

For accepting the risks and knowing no reinforcements are coming to all pilots have been given the honor of being made members officially of the SRS and given access to the advanced equipment that comes with that title. While they are still members of their own mercenary groups these misfits and survivors are getting access for free to tech they would usually have to steal, beg, or buy through SRS.

So as it reads above this RP is based in the Titanfall universe with the Remnant fleet under Spyglass having completed his master plan. With the Militia, however, has become a real fighting force they are able to hold ground even as they war across dozens of plants. With the IMC forces trying desperately to wage an all-out assault the Militia believes that this is it's best chance to hit the now lightly defended key IMC controlled planets.

The first mission will be the rescue of Barker from IMC capture where they plan to put him to death in a public execution and the liberation of Angel City. After that additional missions will come in based on choices made and votes taken by the group in the game. You are mercenaries after all you can decline suicide runs if they don't seem rewarding enough.

Bran sighed as he carefully withdrew his clothing taking a moment to press each and then hang it up in the closet. Upon arriving he'd started to unpack and try to make the place feel like home, even finding a desk in the living room to drop off his sewing supplies. "No Jasper we are not going to spend the day acting like we're on vacation. We're here to work." Bran spoke pushing back his hair as he fixed it looking over at her.

"We should try to gather information on the gang and scout around, then we can set guard shifts. After that, we can work on finding out what this gang is up to and keep the people here safe." Bran sighed as he found a hole in his cloak, deciding to patch it later he began to fiddle with Needle, checking the scope.

Bran was normally not so assertive with the team preferring democracy to orders outside of combat, however with was the first real mission they had been given. He wanted all of them to excel and prove how great a team they were. "However after all that's set up Jasper, we can start to rotate free time... Which means you can start drinking if you must." Bran rolled his eyes as he tugged on his gloves slightly starting to disassemble the rifle on the floor as he sat down on the floor as he worked. The redhead was usually a little more businesslike and official when he wanted to impress people. "Before we see too anything else, are you guys hungry at all? It was a long trip and a hot meal would be pretty good.
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