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Current Fallout Tactics has death claws that can talk, scary killer robots, and the ability to have a tank. It just doesn't... Sit well with the rest of lore.
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Very sick, will post when not hurting.
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I'm awake at weird hours again.
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Drank a lot last night currently recuperating with large bottle of water and black eyed peas to eat. Happy New Year guild.
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Merry Christmas to all!


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Flynn listened happily, hearing just the thoughts on what they might find made him smile he knew he'd be happier here than he ever was stuck down in the mountain working on reading books and translating text. "Well, I'm curious about these Dwarves as well, I admit though they are much more of a long shot... Supposedly they a species who made gifts for others, even made a weapon for Thor his favorite if you believe the texts." He sighed paused pulling out a small journal as he kept for interesting things he wanted to note for research as he flipped through it.

"Of course, the Dwarves stopped talking to them even before the Replicators arrived, so they could be gone for all we know. No what I'm interested most in is the fact that when the Ancients came out here they said Ida was already teeming with life. Who knows how many more species could have appeared here since." He spoke as he flipped through the pages. "Honestly... There were rumors that if we were successful out here they might start up the idea of phoenix base here again. Namely bringing together Alien species to explore through the Star Gate themselves."

Down below, in James hideaway

"Yep, got the corn mash ready and the still's good to go." He spoke as he pulled his flask with little need to explain he offered it to Morrigan. "You ain't a fan of Hermiod... Yeah, heard from Sheppard that Hermiod was... Difficult, apparently he is one of the smartest of the bunch, it's why his AI was picked for the ship." James spoke leaning against the wall chuckling a moment as he looked at the Tokra woman with a smile.

"Well whatever ya reckon you'll be needing I'll supply gratefully Commander." He added as tipping his hat to her. "But if'n ya just wanna talk beyond earshot of Hermiod or the others my personal quarters don't have any security recording devices or listening devices. Mostly encase the ship compromised to have a singular spot for meeting to talk in private picked me room just for that... Mostly so I could keep with whomever I please with an Asgard memory nosing in." He answered giving her a wink, as he let her drink from his flask.


"True, though Commander Thor would be more excited by the idea of showing you all around the Ancient's technology and our own system. However, it was the opinion of your superiors was that technical expertise and experience working with humans was... Necessary." Hermiod answered as he reappeared seemingly looking over another console. "I agree that you should not touch many of the items we leave behind, some of them are to dangerous for us, they would certainly be far to dangerous in your hands." He continued about double checking the crew using the hologram system for the moment at least to acclimate them to his presence and leave them aware he was here.
Flynn smiled and took his seat carefully noting the comfort of it for a moment. "Oh I came to discuss your thoughts on what Ancient technology we should prioritize looking for?" He explained as he sat forward excitedly. "Also because I've never really gotten to work with anyone from off world, so it's my first time getting to hear thoughts and ideas from someone with a different point of view." He explained happily as took one of the fruits with a smile eating it. "Not to mention... Ask what's its like to explore through the Star Gate... I never got to go through it before we left."

"That and... Well I figured we could talk since we are both non-military for the trip." He answered as he scratched his head seeming a bit nervous now that he was in the room.

Hermiod paused bringing up the system. "It was planet for last ditch weapon testing, hence the fatalistic name as you put it. We called it such because the weapons we researched there would be far beyond the scope of normal equipment. Far more dangerous than anything we gave you. However the site was abandoned after your assistance in defeating the replicators." The AI answered then muttered in Asgard annoyed with the question.

"We selected the site as the Ancients used for testing their work when they seeded this galaxy." He explained as he looked over at the captain. "The city itself is similar to Atlantis, in fact we believe the city there was used as a model for Atlantis." Explained Hermiod as he blinked out of the room, his voice now coming from the speakers only. "As for the exact research the Council decided it was better left unknown however nothing dangerous remains there, please try not to change that."
Flynn couldn't help but smile as they made the jump, however he knew who he wanted to meet first. He'd gotten to know the Colonel a bit and the Captain and her XO were interest as well but... He was more interested in Falnore, heading over to the engineering section he hummed a song as he walked down.

James for his part waited until after the captain and XO has settled then, like so many times before pulled his vanishing act no doubt off finding materials and ingredients for his still. If he wasn't doing that probably finding somewhere to hang a hammock where he could nap undisturbed when he wasn't working. When he worked he did an outstanding job but when he wanted to be lazy well... It was hard to find someone more dedicated to achieving the goal of doing nothing for hours at a time. Usually he could be found watching cow boy movies, listening to music, or goofing around at some point. While he did annoy some of the crew he was resourceful and clever, claiming laziness was the mother of invention.

Flynn stopped as he stepped into engineering before calling out to what he believed to be the engineer. "Falnore? It's Flynn Fletcher, I'm the Ancient expert for the expedition. I've been looking forward to meeting you personally." He called trying to spot the engineer from among the half dozen or so in the room busying themselves. Flynn had mostly been interested to get to know his fellow team member and someone else who would have a rank within the team. He understood the Tollan were usually not to thrilled to be doing anything like this. He hoped this one would be different at least, after all they had volunteered to be here like many others.

Hermiod muttered something Asgardian a hold over from his biological self. "The Asgardians defeated you because you preyed on others technology when while we innovated our own... Also because of your baser instincts guided impulses we had long ago eradicated."He paused a moment the hologram appearing near a console." Were it not for the degradation of our species and the Replicators we would have wiped out your people long before humans on Earth achieved space flight." He added as if a point of pride, perhaps more of the Asgard lived on through the memory matrix than let on.

James gave a grin. "Well if we're getting cattle when we get there I'll call up mom and pop arrange for some horses and longhorns! I know how you loved it when I slipped steak onboard." He chuckled as he moved towards Morrigan adjusting his hat, before taking it off giving a small bow the former Queen, placing his hat over his heart. "Morrigan, might I accompany our wonderful XO to her ship? Give us a bit to catch up, I missed ya something fierce while they had me down learning to play nice with all the flyboys, water jockeys, and jarheads." James put his hat back on and offered his elbow as if he was planning to escort her to fancy dinner party, not onto the latest battleship built by humanity.

James chuckled as he watched the Captain leave the ship. "She's not a big fan of anything she can't control... Like what I do in my off hours, she's great fun off duty though." He stated looking at Flynn with a chuckle as stood next to Morrigan cracking a sly grin. "When your working she's all business... Unless you got the luxury rations to bribe her. Speaking of which, I hope that cooler made onboard... Picked out a few choices steaks, wine, and a few other tidbits from back home. I figured if I make all personal items food she'll be a little less mean about the whole drinking on her ship thing?" James tilted his head curious if Morrigan knew if the Captain was still particular upset about him and his rather... Unorthodox methods of relaxation and creative use of his time.

Flynn was simply confused deciding to ignore all of it, mostly because he didn't really understand all the science behind it nor did he want to really. He heard from Daniel that Samantha Carter could make even interesting topics go right over anyone's head with techno babble skills, he decided he didn't want to chance it. "Well... Were ready down here. Just finished our briefing and the Captain's already gone." he explained to the Engineer turning again shaking his head at James and his seemingly unimpressed attitude to all of this.

A second chirp could be heard in the earpiece before the AI of Hermiod spoke through the comms. "It would be faster if the captain would also simply use the transporter herself. Should I start factoring this human illogical stubbornness into all of my calculations involving the Captain of this vessel?"
"So... If there are no more questions, mind if we see the ship? I couldn't sleep last night, it's my first proper off world trip. Not to mention it'll be a whole new galaxy! Perhaps one without a bunch humans or things that just eat, use, or convert us..." He froze remembering the former Goa'uld at the table. "Uh... No offense intended..." He gave a blush nervous, though he looked rather the part of the brute. Flynn was obviously the most green of the group, though his knowledge and enthusiasm for the work were commendable. He was one of the top minds here at the SGC getting him as their own personal nerd meant they were avoiding the more cynical McKay and the more all knowing self righteous Daniel. Of course, both were annoyed they were not going on the trip, but of course the military was barely okay with one civilian, even if they had trained before all this.

The Colonel got up smiling, as he pushed the brim of his Stetson up. "Well, maybe when we get there we can get some proper army boys instead of the jarheads... Cap'n I just don't plum get how you put with 'dem crayola loving navy lovers." Chuckled the army soldier as got up from the table. "And kid, don't worry... Alien's only try to kill most of the tame... And hey once in awhile you meet one that can talk all pretty and helps ya out." He gave the XO a wink as he turned to head for the stairs. "So... Where did ya park the ship? Is it in orbit or did we least put further out to shorten the trip?" James asked as he turned leaning on the railing looking back the crew.

Brigadier General Lorne sighed as he took a seat in the SGC, the crew of the Nyx the first completed X-307 type vessel the newest ship in the fleet. Of course if the mission didn't get result she'd be the only one in her class, however that wasn't Lorne's problem he just ran the base and the SGC teams. As the senior officers all arrived he took his seat and looked around, this would be be the first time since the Pegasus Expedition a completely mixed background group had taken on a mission. "Now, you are all the senior members of the expeditionary team that is being sent out to explore Ida, I don't need to tell you how big a deal this mission is. This is expedition could be as important as Pegasus, however I'm not exactly sure what the hell you are all doing other than locating a star gate building ship. So I'll let Doctor Fletcher explain, if you will doctor."

Fletcher smiled standing up, a power point appearing on the wall as the lights dimmed. "Thank you General, now the expedition is two fold my research into the Asgard talks about another race. One that the Ancients met around the same time as the Asgard, they were a long lived but delicate race whose technology equaled the Asgard. In Norse mythology they were friends of the Asgard who visited many worlds through the gates. References to them and dwarves, though I can't be certain if both exist still are found in the Asgard's records which they gifted us. The Asgard supposedly helped them to hide long ago when the Replicators became a threat further in the Ida galaxy while they went to war." He seemed excited almost a bounce in his step as his blue eyes darted across the screen, his hand move to brush his red headed bangs out of his eyes.

"Now, while trying to search for ancient technology of that level in Ida using long range probes left behind to monitor the system. We figured ancient signals and... It turned out one of their Seed Ships never completed it's return home journey. It's sitting above from what we can tell is a garden world. One that used to have an Asgard research base on it, now the research there was fairly mundane but from thousands of years back." The tall young man spoke as he showed several dozen pictures of the planet from taken by the probes and passed around detail analysis of the planet.

"But that Seed Ship could allow us a means of learning how to produce our own Stargates, or even improve upon them. If this works out we could build our Gate bridge home like they did in Pegasus." He explained as he showed them the theories and calculations. "But, we don't know what threats our out there. I mean... We have the entire Asgard knowledge base at our fingertips but, it seems they weren't really explorers like we were." He scratched his head as he took his seat again. "So... Questions?"

Colonel Tyler raised his hand before asking anyway. "Yeah so Doc, what if we get there and we don't find squat? We just run home with out tail between our legs."

"That's a uh... Good question... I've been told we aren't allowed to make the return trip unless we know nothing from that galaxy could follow us back... We only got rid of all our major threats a few years ago, the IOA isn't exactly thrilled about jumping into the deep end where we might meet something worse." Doctor Fletcher answered scratching his head. "But, that's why they are assigning a mostly small and contained military force. If we can prove something valuable is out there... We can bring more people over to explore and build a permenant outpost." He sighed as he looked at everyone else.

@Legion X51 Approved, you can move it on over.
@Eviledd1984 So to start, we have an issue namely with the fact that the group is mostly Brotherhood and Enclave personal while the BoS tolerate ghouls and the Enclave are starting to tolerate them, they aren't in the habit of tolerating super mutants. The Brotherhood of Steel has been fighting them as long as they can remember on both coasts, not only that but they just won a major war against them. The Enclave reformists and Bos would shoot on sight super mutants.

Baring that, this is an expedition to fight a Super Mutant army and deal with a large number of mutants so even the more local individuals have only heard super mutants would probably be scared of attack him. There is also the fact that for him to reach North Carolina, he would have had too travel all the way down from New York through some of the worst of it. Avoid all the groups that would attack, attempt to capture him, and more. Which the way he seems he might have even tried to befriend or join other groups before North Carolina I'm sure the Pitt would enjoy having a Super Mutant among their numbers.

Either way I'm not sure he's the right fit for this story, as it would fairly difficult to integrate him.
@Eviledd1984 I'll give it a read through shortly and have my Co-GM's take a look too. If you want to join the discord server the link is on the first page of the OOC.
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