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Backstory currently in the works, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to look at it as such.

The first patrol to the south, was hammered hard. Within seconds they had destroyed two Widowmakers and two Lancer, as the bunkers blew the crew of the damaged Widowmaker tried to scramble out abandoning the vehicle. Comms lighting up, they had been trained to expect guerilla operations at the rear. Never a coastal assault through the worst weather of the season, no one in the homeguard had the bravery for that. The remaining Lancer surged forward with excellent speed diving for the Cardinal's firing it's rotary cannons as it brought back the pile bunker. The two remaining Widowmakers locked down and took aim for Rimau doing their best to buy time for the infantry to fall back towards the woods and deploy anti-frame weapons.

The Northern patrol spun towards the southern and central bunker... Before finding their own bunker detonating, as they tried to trace the source of the energy weapon back down the coast. The Widowmakers scampering down the coast to find the target as the Lancer's prepared their rotary cannons. As the infantry and support vehicles booked it towards the base, knowing if they couldn't get a radio call in they wouldn't know it was an assault by crazy new Frames.

Meanwhile along the central bunkers a handful of personal emerged from the ground lucky few escaping the blast of the central bunker with the patrols to far away to help they began run towards the tree line. Indicating to the pilots where they might find the base for their comrades.

As the fireworks Edward took a deep breath, as he lined up on the incoming Widowmakers. "I'll target the Widows, Sanngridr go for the Lancer's. Show'em whose better up-close. Outlander pick off any widows I don't get with the first volley we can't let the twins be the only one making fireworks." Edward added as he came up, engaging the burst fire on the M3 manages to get two volleys off as three Widows caught the plasma rounds that scorched directly through their hull and left smoking glass on the sand under them. Unfortunately, the remaining two let their cannons roar as they fired on Edward's shield, pushing him back as he waited for the coolant to cycle on the rifle.

Aurelia of course was busy keeping her network together. "Enemy alarm has been raised, they are attempting to establish communications with their reinforcements. All bunkers are down, using the Crawlers sensors to expand combat profile database." As behind them on the beach the roaring sounds of the crawler breaking through the waves as the lights came on across it. Casting the imposing shadows as an array of sensors, lights, and more equipment came online. "Enemy reinforcement position triangulated, sending approximate co-ordinates for Cavalier and Orge will attempt to breach and disable their comms, standby." Aurelia spoke to the Phantoms as the full might of their force could now be seen.

"Do you think we could make anymore noise?" Aurelia asked cheekily over the line as a waypoint appeared marking a base behind the cliffs buried in the treelines. No doubt the majority of hidden by the great pine forests ahead. "Enemy units expected to deploy in the next three minutes, I suggest extreme speed and urgency towards the base Commander." She advised the Blackhound and Shikari as she turned her attention back towards Edward's own struggle. "Outlander, could you be a dear and save our Saint before Vinland's finest goes down to Ruziyane's expendable tanks?"

As the attack progressed the Cavalier has gone on past the Bunkers letting the Ogre handle that, instead he spun around and took the hand cannon his suit was issued. Aiming for the infantry from the patrol's firing on them with it's beehive rounds as the convoys poor fucking infantry crumpled. It was fish in a barrel to a pilot of the Blackhounds skill, as he fired he place his steps on the survivors of the bunker he and Shikari had assaulted. His attacks would have earned the ire of the surviving frames and tanks if they had not otherwise been engaged. When he was satisfied with the lack of life signs and movement he turned back towards the forest. "No one survives. I don't want them to know were coming. No prisoners, no mercy for the invaders." He spoke with conviction as he pushed his machine on towards the base.

As they entered the forest several underground elevators arrived, delivering a pair of Ironguard to the surface that instantly brought their rifles to bear slowly moving off the elevator as they let off heavy cannon shots towards the Cavalier who barely managed to change direction with a quick thrust left. The heavier frames were not what he expected to run into first thing. "Shikari I believe these guys are just your type!" The commander yelled smoke curling off the Cavalier as it heated up even further as Blackhound pushed the machine harder.

Airus had taken to the task like any other, whole heartedly though his force sight meant the tunnels and darkness would bother him not he still precautions. He found himself venturing off the beaten path squeezing through passageways also to small, as he kept himself bundled in the robes he wore. Though as he worked his way deeper he felt something strange, a calling of sorts pulling him downward. Working his way deeper and deeper into the caverns he tried his best to avoid disturbing the wildlife. Though as he went further he found himself beyond where Jedi had walked before. A warmth came from below, but the warmth of heat but that of home... A long forgotten to the Miraluka. They were a tight knit species... Considering all of their brother and sisters through the force, it had taken him over a year to break the habit of addressing his fellow rebels as brother or sister, some had been... Unnaturally adverse to the subject. Unlike himself, Varina had taken to life beyond Alpheridies quite well Airus had struggled to find his place for awhile. A lack of eyes... Is unnerving to some.

He felt along the cool stone walls as he came to a long abandoned cavern, here unlike the rest of the caves he saw no glitters of force energy one might note as kyber crystals. No here in this place they had long since been taken or forgotten, but the warmth grew and Airus could not help but be drawn further in. Slowly he stepped into an larger open cave a single Gorgodon slept on island of geothermal rock now exposed to the cold air. The warmth was great however, the sleeping beast posed an issue as upon the once lava cover island sat a pair of crystals... His crystals, he could feel the pulse and pull. Varina had asked him to bring back two... She wanted to make a saber for him, they were close and he knew it was important to her that he carry something from her with him.

Airus looked at the lava, certainly a single good jump would get him down to the island... But back up would be tricky, it was further down from his spot in the cavern. Not to mention the noise might awaken the sleeping Gorgodon or worse it might smell him having to get so close to the damnable creature. But not just any crystal would do... He needed to find his crystal... "Listen to the crystals Airus... It will call to you, Bogan take you Varina... Me without a damn thermal detonator..." He whispered to himself as got an idea his staff certainly wouldn't do much against a beast like that.

Yet... It could buy him time or perhaps... It was time to trust in his own gifts over his weapon of choice. Airus took a deep breath, summoning up his courage he focused on one thing calm. Dropping down onto the island as the heat washed over him finding himself sweating as he stepped up the bank. He moved towards Gorgodon as tossed in it's sleep his scent and the sounds of his approach even as quiet as he could muster disturbing the beasts restful sleep. But Airus instead of tensing relaxed pushing outwards with empathy exuding his natural calm and peace... As each step brought him closer to the beast and his twin prizes, he kept it up doing his best to share his serenity with the predatory beast watching as it slowly nestled back to sleeping he advanced carefully towards the crystals.

He snatched them, his own excitement that it was working filled him... Only for the beasts eyes to shoot open as Airus then realized his mistake, one moment of joy had allowed the beast to awaken. He backed up yet before it lunged forward trying to grab him in it's embrace he rushed towards the other edge of the island and using his staff like a pole-vault, he launched himself at a ledge. Kicking off of it, he grabbed the caverns edge. Airus scrambled up the cavern as the taller man bolted for the caves he'd come from as the Gorgodon leapt up giving a roar. Airus's sight could see more moving through the tunnels, that would explain why this area was so sparsely traveled it was full of the damn things!

Sprinting Airus worked his through the tighter passages as the creatures forced to work their way around eventually lost interest in their hunt as Airus ascended further and further till the air turned freezing once more. "Why must you be so much trouble?" Spoke the Padawan before collapse to lay on the cool ground legs numb, slowly lifting the pair of crystals to stare at them. Slowly and exhaustingly Airus made his way back, the occasional howls of the Gorgodon's following him up. As he took a seat to being construction he grunted. "By Ashla... Never doing that again." He spoke breathing heavy.

Edward frowned as Klara called him and Aurelia her 'handlers' he spoke up deciding to try and clear the air. "Hey... I don't have any issue with you. You chose to be here like anyone else... You've got your reasons for what your doing but I got your back, so let's prove the commander wrong about you, alright?" Edward tried to reassure, hoping he could work with the former enemy, he wanted to trust and work with his unit like he had back home. He heard Rimau ask for status and jumped on the comm. "We are all good here, just about in position. He stopped as the commando thermal sights could make out the bunker in the distance as he looked over Klara's machine. He was about to say something to wish them all luck, when the machine intelligence he was babysitting spoke up instead.

Aurelia cut him off knowing it wasn't the time for pleasantries, updating the unit with their new contacts and positions. "Syncing all brigade systems, acquiring enemy silhouettes." A moment later their camera's and sensors pinged and Aurelia highlighted the targets as well the moving patrol. Even picking a second patrol moving towards the northern bunker, Edward readied his rifle as he sighted one of the suits. Aurelia soon broke down the two patrols, letting them know what was in the unit two units. "I count five widow makers, three lancers, and a large number infantry and their support vehicles in each patrol. Guns are out of position to fire... Our arrival is unanticipated, shall we ring their bell?" Asked Aurelia with a giggle. Everyone now able see what their fellow pilots had encountered and even in storm Aurelia was able to monitor and highlight enemies for them seems Vinland's little computer was proving useful already.

Edward finally spoke up. "Outlander, I'll keep their attention so don't worry anything but that bunker. Sanngridr, let me get the patrol's attention once the shooting starts. I can take a beating and give it right back." He added as he stay about five hundred meters out crouching down and planting his shield for cover as he aimed his rifle for the lancer in the lead. He shook a bit before taking a deep breath, he jumped out of planes with nothing but some silk... He could pull a damn trigger.

The Cavalier stood ready just behind the Ogre as the commander listened to Aurelia's report. Watching the screen highlight targets he gave a nod. "Thank you Aurelia, do try not to make wonder why you can't operate the Commando yourself." He spoke as drew his heat sword and revolver, lining up on the bunker. Only two patrols meaning the middle was wide open. "Shikari, we hit that bunker push straight on through if the patrols are out that means the rest of their Frames and support are close enough to the bunkers for certain. We find their base we can prevent any additional hostiles." He spoke letting his fellow pilot now the plan hadn't changed, they would still still burst straight through the enemy and find their main facility.

The commander finished his cigar snuffing it out as he clicked on the frequency for all teams. " Operation is a go, hit'em hard Phantoms!" Came the order as the Cavalier waited for the Ogre to launch forward following it in as he fired on the bunker to damage any smaller guns they try to use to stop their charge. They wouldn't see a damn thing coming.

The mechanics and engineers vanished up the catwalk as the last of checks were finished and the pilots found themselves nearly ready to launch. The Black Hound took a deep breath as he listened to the chatter over the comms. "Jackson is Cardinal one, Cassandra is Cardinal two. Don't make me have to start assigning push ups. I used to be in charge of selection for the Royal Guard." He barked, making it clear that he wasn't making an idle threat. Making sure his comm was muted before continuing "Between those two and Edward I'm not sure whose greener." He muttered as he checked over the Cavalier's systems he might have had first pick but Vinland had to sign on each of them. Sending out the data packet to go over the mission briefing now that they were all in place, they had to keep the operation close to the chest after all. "As for the rest of your Callsigns, Black Hound for myself. Edward goes by Saint since he's the Vinnie's golden boy." Addressing the other rookie still not over his nap in the cockpit from earlier, he allowed the others to introduce themselves then continued.

"Right, listen up." He spoke as on screen a layout of the beach ahead was shown. Three built up bunkers jutted out from the rocky hills at the edge of the beach with a small base and forest beyond. Between was a gentle slope clearly meant for landing moving supplies up the beach, Ruziyane wasn't famous for its navy though it did have one, these guns looked like they came from their ships. "Homeguard reports state the area has a moderate Frame garrison. Mostly older models, the bunkers and their guns are the main threat here. A couple shots from those will halt the Crawler and send water flooding in. So... Here's the plan to prevent that." Their navigation screens would light up as he showed predicted paths of movement and upload data from scouting reports to each of them. As he lit a cigar, knowing the techs would complain about him clogging up the filters.

As he spoke the paths and little green triangles with their call signs moved towards their expected AO. "Ingram, you and Ogre will be punching clean up the beach from the landing point. You are going right for the middle bunker. I'll follow you in, once it's down our goal is to break the line and hit what's behind those defenses. Cassandra, Jackson, you will take the bunker to our south, Homeguard forces left you some pre-sighted data, should be receiving it now. You've got firepower and surprise, but just in case Rimau, you and Ramshakle will be picking off targets that go after the twins while they focus on taking that bunker offline. Remember these things were built with navy grade firepower in mind so don't stop hitting till you are sure it's offline." The Commander then turned his attention to the remaining three pilots. "Klara." He added with a clear disdain in his voice, not much of a fan of the captured enemy now turned ally. "Wraith and yourself will be moving up with Commando and Edward you've got the longest distance to cover. Arnfinn, you'll target the bunker while the other two focus on pushing up, hammering everything you've got. Homeguard has given you the same presighted data, with a gun like that you should have the firepower to bring it down."

He'd at least done his best to mix experienced pilots with their less combat tested counterparts. Ingram and himself were the odd men out but they had the closest target and more importantly the job of trying to draw fire from the others afterwards. When it came down to planning he knew he would have to take Klara or Ingram with him up the middle and he wouldn't trust that woman as far as he could throw her. At least Ingram had his daughter and a grudge over his wife’s death, Klara had been cooperative but he didn’t trust any high born. They knew what the Empire was and had still chosen to service in its name.

Rimau probably had more combat experience than himself, the woman was the right call to back the twins. They'd need someone who could steady them, they may have been three light frames but their firepower combined was well beyond any relic the hegemonic forces here could be fielding. He wished they had more time, practice runs and drills they could do a hundred times over... But Gyrland couldn't wait any longer, the royal family had to be found... The Homeguard couldn't do it alone any longer and their organization what was left of it would fall apart.

Edward, even if he was green, could be trusted to fight. They had an insurance policy against Klara, which didn't mean he would trust his life to her though. Arnfinn was combat tested and a proven warrior, he'd be perfect to depend on for bringing down the bunker as well as to handle anything the greenhorn couldn’t. "Speaking of which, Edward, time to show them all what Vinland sent you out here with."

Edward smiled as connected Aurelia into the battlenet, suddenly all of their screens lit up for a moment as each frame found itself humming a moment, a new voice spoke up. "Greetings Phantoms, I am Aurelia, Vinland's first Battle and Support artificial intelligence. How can I be of service?" The screen, usually meant for face to face communications, lit up. Aurelia's chosen Avatar avatar displaying itself for the crew as she gave a wave at them all. "Pleasure to make your acquittance I've read plenty about you all."

Commander Kaas grinned then spoke into the comm. "Well go on boy, tell them about your girlfriend." Edward gave a groan as he sighed and then spoke up unwilling or afraid of back talking a superior it seemed.

"Right, this is Aurelia. First of our completely autonomous learning AI initiative. She'll be able to link our systems and keep everyone running smoothly using Commando as her relay. She's not gonna be able to do the work for you but she can help update and manage systems, she'll also relay messages in real time probably faster than we can." Edward spoke up for the first time really, having up until now been nervous.

"She's based here out of the crawler, so other than us living here, she’s another reason to keep it safe. She can do the work of an entire support platoon, coordinating fire and updating our HUD's as we move along. Though I'd be polite, she picked the researcher's humor back home when they had her in testing. Didn't help, the Commander has been trying to teach her sarcasm." Edward spoke clearly annoyed with Walter still over his insistence on trying to teach her non-mission related information.

Walter rolled his eyes. "If it's going to be human-like, it needs a sense of humor. You barely have one and I sometimes mistake you for a machine." The Commander spoke to Edward giving up with a sigh of defeat.

Aurelia then spoke up for herself. “Commander, shouldn’t you be focusing on the mission briefing? After all I’m Edward’s responsibility not yours.” She was clearly opinionated. “Besides, if someone is going to give him a hard time ought to be the person using his Frame as a glorified comm buoy.” Aurelia addressed them with a smile. “Either way, we should focus on the operation first. I’ll answer questions afterwards or Edward will, I promise.” Aurelia added as the conversation was cut into by Captain Karsten.

“Hangar doors will drop in one minute. We will follow at quarter speed, good hunting Phantoms” He spoke as from the catwalks mechanics and engineers watched, even the security personnel gave them waves. The room shook a moment then suddenly it grew quiet, the massive hangar bay doors opened a meter of sea water flooding followed by rain at forty-five degree angle pelting hard enough to sound more like hail, think mists rolling off the water. If not for the optics and advanced equipment it would be like fighting blind.

Commander Kas and the Cavalier led them out, taking a few graceful long strides before his thrusters kicked on, as he took up position on the beach, letting the others follow him up out of the water. In the distance they could just make out jagged shadows through the spray and surf as they came ashore. “You know your teams. Break off and handle the guns. Once the guns are destroyed, push past the line, they’ll have a base nearby to send reinforcements in from. Once we hit them, they’ll know we're coming but we can see and they can’t.”

@Theyra Arnfinn and Outlander are approved!

North Western Coast of Gyrland, The Crawler


Captain Karsten felt the Crawler lurch as it made it's way up the coast, quietly thankful this thing was tested against water. "Who the hell thought the best time to do this was during a monsoon!" A couple of bridge officers braced on consoles before moving, to check the other stations. "Please tell me we are getting close to land!" He groaned, days out at sea getting ready for the operation had made him a bit woozy; he wasn't fond of boats, it was why he joined the damn army. He grunted as the crawler came out of the deeper waters, they would be getting closer now. He flicked the intercom on, as he tried to peer out into the rainy darkness of early morning but the sky was pouring cats and dogs. "All pilots to your stations, prepare for launch. Security and engineer personnel make sure everything is tied down or off the hangar floor!" He spoke as the treads hit a sand bar bursting through it as they entered the coastline proper. "They can't see us coming but it'll be up to you to clear a path inland for the Crawler, we are ten minutes to launch repeat ten minutes to launch Phantom Brigade." He placed the intercom back down and held on to his chair, rubbing his temples as took deep breaths trying not to lose his lunch as another fifteen foot wave struck the Crawler from behind.


"Get your asses in gear! Strap it down or get it upstairs! I swear to god you lose my spare parts! I'll wring you snot nosed brats's necks and run this whole hangar myself!" Pops was barking orders as he marched up and down the catwalk watching the mechanics and engineers scramble between the legs of the Frames around them. Crates were lifted with cargo cranes or run upstairs. Freddie and Jack were running crates upstairs doing their best not to fall as Amber went over final checks on the Frames, Rosie meanwhile was working the cranes from her tablet. Remington and the Tailors were helping the scouts seal up the containers the ground vehicles were in, hoping the flooding wouldn't be to bad from the water that would get in when the hangar doors opened.

Lady Grey leaned on the catwalk cradling a cup off tea, watching as the hangar buzzed with action not even the most violent rocking of the vessel caused her to flinch or lose her balance. She stayed perfect still sipping her tea content to watch others work and observe, that was all she seemed to do anyway. She'd been in the medbay earlier though she had been pushed out as the good doctors were forced to make room for crates and supplies to be dropped in their work space to keep them dry. Of course it gave her the perfect time to evaluate this new brigade made of a bunch of ragtag soldiers from around the world. By any and all logic they'd be at each other's throat in a few weeks when supplies got thin and they had to make tough calls. Or maybe they'd band together and get through this... Either way, she was going to have an interesting time learning all about them... And seeing what the Ruzi's were up to.

Commander Walter Kaas stepped down, helmet under an arm as he looked over the Frames in their bays, nodding his head before tugging on his helmet. The heads up display appeared giving him readout on each frame and its pilot as he strode across the bay. "Listen up, we're gonna be dropped in the shallows, the storm will make it rough but we're going straight for the beach. Hit it and then hit their coastal barricades, identify targets and keep each other up to date. Crawler isn't gonna stop and neither are we, punch through and give it a corridor inland. Once we make it into the hills they can't track us. Show me what you can do, people." He spoke looking across at the different bays before he got the one upfront. The Cavalier, a temperamental beast that wanted to cook him alive unless he threaded the needle putting fire power and speed to use, he respected it... Reminded him of riding horses in his youth.

He thought over his current unit as he sealed up his cockpit. Klara Weiss, former Ruziyane nobility and ace now defected and supposedly eager to serve after her family were killed by friendly artillery strike. Not the first time he'd heard of the Empire sacrificing its own units to try and kill their foe.

Jack and Cass, an inseparable duo who knew each other inside and out... Jack was standoffish but he took orders well, a good soldier at least. Cass was a bit more wild and free, but she knew how to make her frame dance on the battlefield; he'd only seen the pair in training but they could fight like a squadron with just the two of them. While Cass would do well with the unit, Jack would need to find a way to get the stick out of his ass. Tight asses tended to be disliked among soldiers.

Next was Ingram, a family man who had lost it all. Damn good soldier too, even if he did come from Ruziyane. Irregulars didn't last without some skill and he had taken to the training and preparation well. He'd brought his little girl along... He couldn't fault Ingram, if Walter's own family hadn't been killed in the invasion of the capital he'd probably have his little boy here on the crawler... Well he'd be a man by now if he was still here he thought. He took a breath then settled on his last two pilots Rimau had been fighting with the Homeguard and he'd personally asked for her. She was the kind of soldier who just wanted a chance to do the right thing in the right place. He'd give her that chance here. Of the veteran's here she was one he was most impressed with, no one just earned a King's Star and if he had his way he'd give her a King to properly give her a medal for the service she'd given.

Lastly was Edward, while he had an impressive amount of training like most Vinland soldier he had never really faced the horrors of war. He considered him greener than the twins, even if he was Vinland's golden boy. As he checked the life signs of each of the pilots climbing into their frame's he noticed Edward had been in his... And his heart rate was unusually calm, flipping on the open comm channel he decided to give the rookie a wake up call. "Royce wake your ass up!" The Black Hound barked, loud enough that anyone on the pilot's comm channel would hear it. And its result, the loud jolt and fumbling of someone who just smacked their head on the roof of the cockpit. "Get yourself together boy we are launching soon... How the hell can you sleep through this shit kid?" How the hell was he supposed to take a pilot serious when they were napping before a massive operation like this?

The Commando

Edward jolted awake at Black Houd's shouting, his face impacting the monitor in his cockpit. "Right sorry won't happen again sir!" The young man's face was flushed, thankful no one could see him at least as he began to run through the Commando's final checks. Thinking it best to stay silent for now, afraid of getting in trouble if he tried to justify his nap. The Black Hound was intimidating even if Edward Royce callsign 'Saint' was one of the best of the best in Vinland, it didn't really matter here. Most of the folks here apart from the twins had seen plenty of combat. Now embarrassed in front of all of them he figured it would be best to just not say anything.

Shaking it off he muted his comm line running a hand along the Commando's consoles. "Alright... Aurelia let's get you ready. Gonna need you helping organize all this data coming in once we get out in the storm." He talked to his machine, having still been a bit to nervous to really talk with the other pilots. But this run was supposed to be a cakewalk so... Maybe they could talk a little out in the field? "Well Aurelia at least I have you to talk with... Techs said your supposed to grow and change more with time. Maybe you'll be able to do more than collate data and predict enemy movements eventually." He added before starting up his reactor to and check his rifles charge.

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