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Current Fallout Tactics has death claws that can talk, scary killer robots, and the ability to have a tank. It just doesn't... Sit well with the rest of lore.
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First arrival of Jedi two months into the survey

Doctor Kane folded her hands, taking a deep breath the blonde woman, with a touch grey, placed her elbows on her desk lifting her eyes to look at the intern before her. "Kaleb. What do you mean, you lost the terrain mapper!?" She added the end of that sentence slamming her fist down on the table in her building making the young man jump. The petite doctor put the fear into her students, co-workers, and interns when they failed her this was no exception.

"I just... I heard something in the woods, it scared me so... I just dropped my bag and ran Doctor Kane! I was worried it was one of those Sith who doesn't want us here!" The tanned skinned young man answered, nervously wringing his hands as the older woman pushed her glasses up glaring hard Kaleb. The rather plain blue-eyed young man with a nervous personality pushed his slightly too long back scared of further berating.

"You will get back out there. Find that bag. If you do not, I will do far worse things to you and your future back on Coruscant than any Sith could dream up! Is that understood, Kaleb!?!" Zaniah Kane added with an angry growl as she leaned over the table leaned angrily over the table her piercing green eyes glaring at the young man who couldn't even summon words before turning and rushing out of the administration building. He would have walked right into the approaching Jedi had the Miraluka not seen him coming, stepping out of the way as the scared young man ran. As Airus approached he thought carefully, he could feel the anger and distress radiating off the doctor deciding it was best to approach her with more flattery and let her know right away how happy he was to work with her.

A few of the other students muttered, even the senior staff watched the Miraluka pass by weaving through the busy camp with his head tilted downward making straight for administration. While not a Jedi archaeologist Airus's job here was to look over what they knew, research local history, Jedi archives, and other relevant information from any source to help try and move the search in the right direction. In two months both Sith and Republic efforts had only mapped half a kilometer each. The with progress slowed every day by more trees, wildlife, rockslides, and the locals pushing for both teams to find solid proof of the location before being allowed to begin a proper dig site.

Airus entered as the doctor had just seated herself once more, taking a breath still getting over her intern's sheer idiocy. "Doctor Zaniah Kane, I'm Jedi Knight Airus Vel Aath, I've read your book on the Mandalorian Wars. You have a very gifted mind to be able to understand the Mandalorian's motivations so clearly. I enjoyed the book immensely and recommended the copy be required reading for Jedi studying the Mandalorian War." Airus spoke bowing graciously before his host, as Doctor seemed surprisingly floored that Jedi knew her work so well and thought so highly of her.

"The honor is mine Master Jedi. I'm so glad you've come, while the team is doing there best this environment just isn't cooperating and we've got too many areas to search. We need someone with more resources and maybe a clear head... Though I didn't expect a Jedi historian to be so..." She didn't finish the sentence as she looked him over pushing a stack of datapads filled with information towards him. Clearly trying not to insult or insinuate things about him.

"Young? Believe me, I know... But I've published works as well. I do know how my way around research quite well, Doctor Kane, I promise I will not disappoint." The Jedi smiled at, offering her a handshake that the Doctor stood and readily accepted. "I'd like to stay longer but I don't want to be a burden in your camp. I'll take a Speeder over to town and work on reading up there. You can call me on the holo should you need anything doctor, the Jedi serve the Republic and you are in charge of the Republic presence here." Airus added, seeing her aura change from her once angry mood to a much more mellow and perhaps even flattered tone. The Jedi Knight felt he'd done her some good and helped those under her some by at least relaxing Base Camp Resh's director.

Collecting the datapads and leaving the administration building he saw a group of students whispering to one another he could feel how nervous they were just being near a Jedi. So he turned his head towards them, giving a smile and wave as he passed them by they seemed to soften some. Yet in his heart, Airus knew it would simply take a lot of time and effort to rebuild faith in the Knights of the Republic. Hooking his bag onto the speeder Airus lowered his hood and set off, following the trail markers he took the speeder straight towards town. He'd decided to stay in the neutral village in the middle of the survey area, where he could inspect the Republic outpost if he wanted and escape the noise of the camp to read in peace.

Arriving he checked his speeder with the Republic personal on site and headed for local cantina, while not the best place to relax they did have rooms for rent and he'd been set with one here after he'd requested it. Airus had made the request knowing many of the students and personnel from Coruscant might not be fans of the Jedi, staying away from them might be for the best until they were more used to the Jedi presence. So Airus checked in, placing his bag in his room and stowing the few things he'd brought for his task. He walked down the stairs and took a seat at a table in the cantina, finding the whole place rather nice. The forests reminded him of Tython and it's wild untamed lands, so rich and ready to be explored.

Ordering a hot chocolate from the barkeep as he took a seat, Airus buckled down and began to read through documents, forgetting how strange it must have looked. A Jedi with no eyes reading from a datapad, sipping a hot chocolate in a bar, and in such close proximity to the Empire some the locals poorly whispered poorly jokes about Jedi and Sith being more bad neighbors than enemies not that the Jedi understood at least absorbed in his reading occasionally adding a notation on something as he went along.
Historical Significace of Lannik Dig Site.

Lannik, a system caught in neutral territory and one that neither the Republic or the Empire had become aligned with. The planet itself has hosted to major battles in some of the more recent galactic conflicts. The first being a bid to capture the planet by the Sith Empire founded under Exar Kun and allied with the Krath cults. This battle occurred it what is now known as The Great Sith or The Holy Krath Crusade, Exar Kun's forces fell upon the planet and valiantly defended by the Republic, it fell to Exar Kun's Empire.

However, Exar Kun's Sith would fall from infighting. Mandalorian Crusaders commanded by fallen Jedi saw a great loss in the war blamed the Jedi and Republic for these deaths. Though peace would reign for a short time the Mandalorians held a grudge and believed they had found an enemy worth fighting. As such the next Mandalore, Mandalore the Ultimate slowly began a campaign to decimate the galaxy.

The Mandalorian Wars, and as some scholars refer to it massacres disguised as war. The Mandalorian's slaughter tore across the outer rim and was only halted by the Jedi Knight Revan. This same Revan would go on to cause the Second Sith War or the Jedi Civil War as it is also known.

While Revan Sith Empire was winning the war, the Republic saw success at Rodia and pushed liberating Ando, Manda, and Bothawui, all the way to Lannik. These victories would lead to Malak, Revan's apprentice, challenging him to a duel and began to show cracks in the Sith Empire that helped the Republic turn the way around.

Lannik Dig Site background and location.

Recently a survey was done by students from the University of Coruscant along with their professor that discovered a Republic outpost. This station described the ruins of a fortress of impressive size from the Great Sith wars that had yet to be explored. The location was lost but it was known to be within traveling distance the outpost as they observed it from the outpost.

The Republic and the University of Coruscant set to work preparing a survey time, as Jedi agreed to join. However, the Lannik government in their bid to remain neutral informed the Empire as well offering both sides a chance to sent excavation teams and surveyors over. Knowing that both sides would spend credits on this and in turn bolster Lannik's economy through the worker and press this dig would get.

The Lannik Government even helpfully arranged for base camps to be set twenty kilometers apart from each other. These base camps are named camp Resh, the Republic camp. Camp Esk for the Imperial camp with both at the opposite point of a twenty-kilometer circle cordoned off for survey and excavation. A few independent researchers are also present, the local Lannik set up in the center of the dig site near the Republic outpost to 'ensure' it is shared between both sides. They have created a small town around the outpost for Imperial and Republic personal selling luxury items and other amenities. Even a bar has opened with rooms for rent for visiting offworlders here to see the dig site personal.

These ruins are believed to be buried in an area covered with dense forest along a plateau where the fortress supposedly is located. The surveying must be done by hand as such the work to locate the fortress will take much longer than other dig sites in the past. North of the city of Palesia this site is nestled in the entrance to a great valley, it is a short shuttle ride away from the city through the route is treacherous shuttles and speeders are the only way supplies are brought in.

Basic Thread Rundown

This thread is a hub thread that acts as a neutral zone where all sides must respect the treaty and interact. It does mean you can use words but you cannot use violence those who do will have the Lannik security forces detaining them. While you may be released breaking the treaty in public sight will make your side look very bad, might cause lasting problems from your superiors.

Jedi and Sith are seen regularly here, along with many normal people and a handful of guards for each side. This thread should allow for those more curious to learn about each other or the relics hidden here. With time there will be reveals of where the fortress is, items in it, who owned it, and etc.

For those Sith who wish to perhaps tempt a Jedi or Jedi who wishes to see the Sith as more than enemy to be killed. This thread also exists for civilian characters who want to research ancient battles or soldiers who want a cushy guard duty job after rough fighting. This is a thread of social interaction and character interaction.
Airus Vel Aath

Airus had relaxed holding Sena's hand when Sena shouted her warning, her senses were keener than his own. So Airus took a breath gripping his staff tightly, he turned his head towards Sena. "Go to your room, wait for Solace or me to come to get you," He told the younger Miraluka, before turning back towards the turbo lift. He heard the sound of blaster fire below, gripping his staff as he stepped into the turbolift as he focused his breathing,

He had to be ready, he had no clue what exactly was going on though Sena had told him about bad people he didn't know if they were on the ship or-. Then Airus felt the thump of turbo lasers hitting nearby and groaned, oh joy so it was that kind of bad. "Damn it... I'm a doctor, this not the kind of stuff I should be dealing with today." Spoke the man as he stepped out of the turbolift and rushed towards cover.

"Alright, first what the hell is going! Second, Solace where do you need me?!" Yelled Airus at the gathered crew as he gripped the staff in one curious what they needed doing to get them out of here.

@Ellri Added two writing samples and made the changes. Ready to go I think.
Edited the age by two years, added several more bits of criticism. Also added review from a fellow archivist and an incident report about possible dark side usage.

Removed Airus fighting at the Sacking of Coruscant and changed it so he served at Dantooine lashing out at the Sith present there which one Jedi believed could have caused him to use the dark side.

Also added edits discussing his connection to his master and how his ability as an Empath has made him shrink from working with other Jedi closely.

Basically rounded out the character, a few other minor edits.

Alright, so gave it look over I'm fixing up grammar issues. As for why he has three Master's listed.

Master Vorlya Sisk is a very recent promotion to Master, I thought about listing her as a Knight still in some of the reports to have that come across but I was unsure if that would sound like I forgetting to keep her rank the same or if the intention would be clear.

Master Turus is a very elderly Master and one he reached the position very late in life through wisdom and understanding the force through meditation.

Master Sar Dan'ii was a Battlemaster and well-respected teacher on Coruscant who took in promising saber combatants as her student usually.

As for his survival of the battle of Coruscant, he and his master were believed dead at first. Airus was found when they moved to search the ruins of the temple in lower sections. They were not at the temple when the attack began instead were heading for the starport instead of returning to the temple they left it his Master believing it would fall.

He had and his master had survived in the initial attack, they retreated to the lower levels his Master wanted to organize survivors and strike back.

Before they could do anything a single Sith Lord who had pursued them dropped down. Airus's Master had already been wounded so he disobeyed her choosing to stand at her side rather than go try to find others. Airus was thrown aside into a pile of stone rubble, his master killed by this Sith while he lay injured and unable to move.

I was thinking the details of his survival would be something kept rather secret.

As for his age. Well, he joined the order at age two, served as initiate until twelve he was originally slated to has his promotion at twenty after the battle of Coruscant they delayed that and served further as a Padawan until age twenty-two under a different Master. So he served as Knight for six years currently.

Either way, I'm working on edits now. Hope this isn't too much.

Airus Vel Aath

The doctor didn't answer Brin's accusation, plenty of people used the force who weren't Jedi, the girl herself was proof enough of that not to mention he didn't carry a saber, unlike her."I'm just a friend of the captain's from childhood. I come from a place where the force is common. When the galaxy changed, I decided it was better to be close to people I cared about than away from them, so I'm here." He spoke, waving off the idea of being a Jedi, as it was something too good for a person like him to be, in turth that was how he felt. Airus just took a moment breath, when the blaster fire was exchanged he'd nearly charged headlong forward until he reminded himself the crew could take care of themselves, they didn't need the doctor in a fight it wasn't his place. So he kept his distance, he could sense Solace's approach while he might have wanted to run to Sena and care for her he knew that doing so would be leaving a risk to the ship unattended thus the doctor kept Brin square in his sight.

Of course, there was yet another presence this one panicked, nervous, and scared one that alarmed even Airus it had gotten so close without detection. Very few force sensitives with training to do something like that were alive and few would be that startled by something like that, an odd combination of effects to be sure. Solace gave him an order, one he would carry out with time he did have to maintain normal appearances. However, he decided to give Solace a warning he could sense much from the Twi'lek none of it was good, his talent as an empath made him good at reading aura's and emotions though it was hard not to get caught up in other feelings when they were strong enough.

++Solace, she's trouble I know we don't exactly run with very honest and upstanding people but she seems about as moral as Kabal. Just... Be careful, I don't want anyone to get hurt over trusting someone again I might not say it often but being here does mean a lot to me. I'll take Sena up the lift and get her a treat while you do with things down here, just... Don't make me need to prepare for surgery, please?++ The fellow Miraluka nodded and gave Solace a small smile as he tapped his staff once more again the ground, moving towards Sena he placed a hand on her back walking with her into the turbolift.

"Come with me Sena, we will go up to the conference room and I will make you some hot chocolate and you can take your new friend to meet all the other plushies afterward. If you want we can even see if our good chef has any cookies left you could have since you were so brave back there." He gave Sena a very gentle pat on the head before stepping into the turbolift, deciding it was best to focus on his tasks. Get Sena away from danger and then find the disturbance in the force, contain that until he and Solace had a moment to discuss this without prying ears or eyes.
Airus Vel Aath

When the girl agreed Airus relaxed however at her insult and noting her movements he lifted his heavy Bes'kar staff and thumped it against the hull of the ship. "Gedet'ye, gev."(Please, stop it.) He spoke Mando'a with not even a hint of an accent, he knew the language well thanks to his time spent among the people. Yet he froze a moment when he heard the familiar beeping from the little droid, it made no sense in binary but they were the first few notes to the Republic national anthem, All Stars Burn As One. "Your droid... Seems to be an old friend of mine, a fellow veteran, both of you come along for tea then." He gave a smile to the little astromech a friendly wave to boot.

As Airus stepped back, offering the weapons taken from the Twi'lek girl to Sable he caught sight of something strange... Small but equally confusing appearing more like a Wookie child than anything he recognized. In an instant, Sena was upon the creature hugging it tightly as Airus gave a chuckle. "Well I suppose we will have to wait on Sena joining us Vasani'Brinme, she'll want to greet her new friend for a bit. Sable? Would you make sure Sena is alright while I take our guest, Vasani'Brinme, to the conference room until Sena's sister gets back to discuss what to do with our stowaway?" The doctor gave a chuckle as he slowly stood up straight backing away a moment he turned towards turbo lift and started to walk towards it, stopping by the doorway to wait for Brin.

By all appearances Airus wore bandages over his eyes on his hands, he spoke well and calm even in a situation where emotions would run high. He appeared as an old doctor hiding his face and body due to war ravaging his body it was said that the Confederacy of Independent Systems forces used horrifying weapons and murdered indiscriminately even medical personnel of the Republic. He knew the young Twi'lek's droid which would suggest he was older than her by enough to have served in the Clone Wars. He was force sensitive she knew that much and that could make him something more than the sum of his parts might suggest.
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