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Current Slow replies over the next day or two - got news that grandpa's cancer has progressed further than anticipated...
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Reading those statuses as 'gummy bear' rather than 'grumpy bear' makes for much more entertaining thoughts.
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Apologies for the delay in replies, RL interference. Should be able to get back to everyone by the end of tomorrow.
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Writer's block just hit me in the face -_-
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Progress is slower moving today than I would prefer, but slow progress is still better than no progress, so onward I go!


Welcome! I suppose if you're here you want to know a bit more about me. Where do I start? The beginning is always best, unless you're Star Wars and then the best parts are the middle.

It all goes back to 1999/2000 when some friends and I wanted to play the next generation of Sailor Moon villians. These were the days before we were permitted computer access and our stories took place in the form of passing notes at school and spending weekends building stories.

Then, as freshmen in 2003, the internet became our playground. I had moved and the stories had slowed down, yet as high-school students we had a new and wonderful tool. There have been at least half a dozen Zetaboard-like forums we bounced around in addition to IRC chat rooms. High school was all about the darker side of Team Rocket and it took some twists and turns that, in the long run, fizzled out.

College was a time of real world priorities and, for me, the discovery of two life-changing hobbies; renaissance festivals and Dungeons & Dragons 3.5! On the weekdays after work there would be small-community fantasy forums and Warcraft while on the weekends there was either campaigns or festivals to attend.

In more recent years the online forums I was a part of have fizzled to maybe one or two posts a month, if I'm lucky. While I completely understand that real life has the priority, I long for more, and so here I.

All the RP parts of myself aside, you might want to know the more mundane shite. I am:
• 32 yrs old (fking whoa, right? Old af over here)
• Female, poly, demi/pan, and typically very difficult to offend
• Available thru Discord Guild Channel
• A video gamer (primarily WoW, STO, ESO, Fallout4, 40k:Inquisitor - PC & XB1)
• A rennie (two guilds; First is Landscknecht group called Heiligensturm and the second is a Baroque French Privateer group called Clan Dark Sail)
• A Warhammer player/painter (gasp! 40k armies include Eldar/Ynnari and Thousand Sons::AoS Gloomspite Gitz *squee*)
• A seamstress (historical clothing and quilting primarily)
• A cook! Well, home cook. Recipes are more like guidelines anyways

TL;DR - I'm a girl who has been RPing and doing a lot of other nerdy things for 20 years. PM if you want to know even more!

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@Dark Cloud You shall see lol
Are we supposed to type more or wait ?

If you want to respond to the conversation between Jun and Tenria that's up to you two. I'm working on the post that gets them into the wizard toward and in front of Lady Itylara
@Moonshadow My post is done.

Looks good. I'll get some more work done on this tomorrow. Today has been sidetracked by some tough family news.
Here’s my campaign, but idk if we can do see how many times we each roll

If you click back to the dice campaign title, it will take you to: which shows how many rolls have been made for that campaign. There is also an option to make notes when you roll so you can put a brief description of what each roll was for.

Using my own example:

This allows the viewer to see not only the dice roll total but also how many times it has been rolled for.
Gonna give this a little bumpety bump bump
It's true, I won't be participating. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, and I'm just really struggling on the CS. I'll be unsubscribing to this.

No worries, best wishes! :)
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