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Updated lookin' for new RPs!
Week 2 bump
Salutations fellow 6's & 7's.

From pits of darkness that hang above all our spirits I am here to find a few roleplays. A quick glance over me will show I used to frequent the site more but somehow as you age time seems less. But here I am now seeking an RP.

Some things to know about me, I work as a Chef full time which is usually 50-60 hours a week. I also run a D&D campaign once a week and partake in a martial arts gym once a week. So clearly I am busy. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner but do not hate me for being unable to reply every single day, I'm usually a 1-3 replies a week person. I don't expect a massive crushing reply but something to sink my teeth into and allow me to do the same for you is all I ask. Typically I play doubles or a whole cast, I am fine with a single main character if that is your preference. I also prefer 18+ partners, I engage with darker themes and do not fade to black which are themes I find unable to even approach anyone who is underage with. That said, I do write smut RPs if you have an idea for one, usually my flow runs between 30-70% smut. I am not the best writer and do not expect the same for you, Wednesday is a word I write and do not trust and I will always remember in 1st grade Nicole teaching me "Friend" is spelled FRI-END because you and your friends love fries. Just to give you a frame of reference for how writing in my head probably works.

That said let's get onto plots/ideas which I will definitely add to. (NOTE; I usually only do 1-2 RPs at a time)

◉ Naruto.
◉ Marvel.
Fullmetal Alchemist.
◉ Pokemon.
◉ Harry Potter

◉ An Isekai roleplay, or simply put being transferred into a video game from the real world.
◉ Arcanepunk / Fantasy style world. Love these types of high magic universes.
◉ Zombie apocalypse, classic. Would be down with adding a spin to it like a historical or fantasy element?
◉ A "World Tournament" style roleplay.
◉ Most horror, mind control, slasher stuff, psychological, etc.
◉ Body swap, either we change bodies or claim new ones of some kind.

- I typically like to make a character sheet even a short one.
- Please be kind to me! I am sensitive.
- I only play OCs, you may be Canon characters from Fandoms but I will not.

Naruto; the Oni War

In an Alternative Timeline sometime during the Warring States period, before the establishment of Hidden Villages, there grew a massive power known as the Oni clan. The Oni Clan began as an estranged clan ignored by the rest residing inside the Ryūchi Cave where they were mutated by strange Natural Chakra which would transform them into bloodthirsty beasts unable to control their rage. Until a figure known only as the Black Snake appeared. Somehow teaching the Oni clan how to control their strange abilities while instilling in them his belief on war which he called the Will of Scales. The Will of Scales explained that only through bloodshed could peace be met, eventually when a point of pain and suffering was reached it would be followed by an equal amount of peace and prosperity. The Black Snake Sage believed if they wanted to break from the cycle of constant suffering through war, they needed to wage the largest war the world had seen. This belief spread separating the Shinobi world splitting clans and families to create the largest militarized force the world had ever seen with one goal, to wage the bloodiest war imaginable.

Three generations later and the Oni war rages on. One side the barbaric Oni clan lead by the Black Snake spreads across the west of the world razing entire villages in their wake. On the other side the rest of the world sits, the Daimyō fund almost every Shinobi clan to feed into the war effort alongside any Samurai or able-bodied man willing to fight. Which is exactly what the Oni clan desires.

So that's the setting/plot I guess. There are no Hidden Villages so Konoha and Suna and other such things don't exist but there still are large settlements where many clans may reside near or in. Shinobi Schools don't exist and you are expected to be trained by your family or anyone you can find in the arts they know while also developing your own. I expect us to start at around age 14-16, about when we'd see our first battle against the Oni clan. We do not have to be from the same clan but I will most likely play a Female character as I am a female and it's just the most comfortable for me. Hmm I am not sure what more needs to be said so any questions or ideas please PM me! I hope to find some cool peoples to RP with :)
I am a part time Roleplayer who goes in and out of hiatuses so over my 9 year career I haven't been entirely consistent but I have roughly 9 years of Roleplay experience under my belt. I've done everything and more but what I enjoy most about Roleplaying is tension and characters making tough choices, growing characters and expanding a cast or even an entire universe before me to have fun with. Most of all I really enjoy some gritty violent action and some classic epic adventures.

With that said I'm not totally into the idea of doing a Fandom because I'd like to create the world as we go but I'm totally open to fandoms listed below as long as we play completely OC characters and try not to mess too much with established canon characters.

Original Ideas

1. A "brutal" / alternative Pokemon Roleplay set in a Post-Apocalyptic setting. Injury and death are probable, Pokemon are used as tools of war instead of kind pets like in their real life counterpart. There are no weapons beyond bats, knives, etc. And people tend to fight and kill using their Pokemon but not always so. We play as two Pokemon Trainers getting tangled up with a Pokemon Cult, one with the intent on destroying the world. More information available, just PM me.

2. A Power Ranger Roleplay inspired by this mock trailer. Set slightly beyond this period, new generation of Rangers.

  • Dragonball/Dragonball Z
  • Naruto
  • Pokemon
  • Marvel (mostly X-Men)
  • Star Wars

I'm currently searching for some new Roleplays after my last one ended, hoping to maybe take on two Roleplays this time but hoping for at least one. A little about me; I prefer playing Female roles but can play either, I prefer to set a loose plot with nothing too restrictive and then build on top of it as we go along, I enjoy new and inventive Original Content, I have very few limits in terms of blood, gore and other X-rated themes so I prefer my partners to be of 18+. I believe I write to a Middle-High level something below Advanced but with slightly higher than Casual. I tend to create a single protagonist that I and only I control but every other character is free for your influence. If you want to kill off someone I invented, go ahead. Partners shouldn't feel creatively cornered by me, I want you to direct the story and invent new areas of the setting alongside me, not follow behind me waiting for me to push the story along.

So with that I guess we move onto ideas:
  • Pokemon Roleplay - I have an idea where we take the role of up and coming strong trainers caught up in a prophecy spanning across various regions and touching upon various Legendary Pokemon. I'd imagine we each start with a legendary Pokemon in a weakened state, unable to reach their true power, acting like something of a spirit guide. (I would like Articuno). I'm also up to discuss potential Custom Pokemon AKA Fakemon, one for each of us. Would like this to feel very dark and depressing. [Adventure, Action, Drama, Violence, Mystery.]

  • Naruto - I'd like to play an AU Naruto RP, I don't have a full plot in mind but I imagine we are two Shinobi partnered up for a massive mission including a large cast and a lot of betrayal and tough decisions. I'd like this Roleplay to not be light hearted like the show but rather cruel and violent. [Action, Adventure, Drama, Gore.]

  • Space Crew - I'd like to take up the role of a space crew, one of us would play the Captain and the other would play a passenger or member of the crew who is not officially part of the crew. Maybe someone of special importance or abilities. I imagine each member of the crew would have highly unique abilities but would remain relatively humanoid. Up to discussing this idea heavily to figure it out and what our ultimate goal is. [Sci-fi, Mystery & Suspense, Drama, Adventure.]
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