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Bump Round 2. Let's see if we find one who lasts longer this time (no pun intended)
Salutations fellow 6's & 7's.

A bit about myself;

♦ I am Jolenta, that is my name.

♦ I am 30 years old. I identify as Non-binary and my pronouns are She/Them. I tend to playing multiple characters irrelevant of sex and gender expression.

♦ I've been roleplaying since MSN and AOL days, avid forum RPer in days where forums were stuff like Zetaboards or Xanga. I've been on so many platforms and avenues the most embarrassing of such being Gaia Online, Habbo and Minecraft.

♦ I enjoy discussing and world building and vibing with my partners. Talk to me about ANYTHING, I love it! Be a person with me, it helps me come out of my own shell.

♦ I only PM through PMs. I would prefer my partner to be 18+. I am mostly seeking mature RPs, high action/violence, horror aspects and of course a heavy focus on Smut.

♦ Full-time Chef! Extremely turbulent schedule. I work typically 50-60 hours a week so please be patient with my replies.

♦ I am Ghost Friendly! It happens, I've done it too. Sometimes I remember six months later a fantastic RP I was doing that just got lost in the sauce, makes me really sad to have that shame of failure hang over so I don't wish that on anyone.

◉ An Isekai roleplay, or simply put being transferred into a video game from the real world.
◉ Arcanepunk / Fantasy style world. Love these types of high magic universes.
◉ Zombie apocalypse, classic. Would be down with adding a spin to it like a historical or fantasy element?
◉ Most horror, mind control, slasher stuff, psychological, etc.
◉ Faerun, I would love to explore concepts along the Sword Coast.
◉ Harry Potter, fuck JK Rowling but wizards in the modern age is a cool concept and Hogwarts is a good setting.

final bump before i give up :)
Updated lookin' for new RPs!
Week 2 bump
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