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@Randomguy I'm more interested in the Isekai experience than world building.

World building is fun too, but I am just out to enjoy a light hearted adventure, formulaic perhaps, but with a nice share of surprises. I typically world build only when it's needed and not beforehand, just incase the material becomes useless because of a great flood or something like that.

PM me if I didn't lose you.
Call me Zeph (or Zeff if you prefer). I'm a dude and typically want to play a male role for my main. I've been roleplaying for a long long time. I'm typically most comfortable in a fantasy setting, albeit I've broken out into post apocalypse and some sci-fi RPs which turned out okay. Lately, I've been hooked on several anime that I've been following. Many are Isekai, but not all. And I've got a serious itch to get an anime inspired RP going.

Here's a list of Anime I wouldn't mind just carbon copying and running with. However, this list is hardly complete. Feel free to suggest other Anime, just as long as they are sorta down the same line of stories as these. I'd be happy to give a new anime a watch.

Anyway, I'm open to ideas on how to run stories like these. If you want to balance power, start at a specific moment in time, use an OC, change one thing in the world settings, replay a portion of the story with our own creative touch, or any other changes, I'm definitely open to it. However, before long, our story should look very different than the anime.

One idea I'm fond of is if we were both playing overpowered MCs, we could each DM each other, so to speak, and control the other people in the each other's MCs experience, eventually building up to a showdown, where our MCs are somehow pitted against each other with huge collateral damages.

Anyway since no one likes surprises here's a basic list of my RP expectations/habits.

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