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Current I think The Long Night was amazing. The Battle of Helm's Deep for GoT, and it pulled it off wonderfully.
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This is a bit late, but 2019 has officially been blessed by Tom Brady. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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I'm gonna get a lotta hate for this, but the Wheel of Time series is an unreadable mess.
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Sorry for the delay to my partners, cold had me out. Replies will be pumped out shortly tho!
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Lmao I think there was a misunderstanding. Cutting as in cutting weight xD
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Yo! I'm Torack, you can call me Jay!

I've been RPing for a long, long time. I blame it on my overactive imagination, but it's a wonderful medium to put all these creative ideas into some sorta use. My favourite genre is fantasy. Straight up fantasy. It can be high fantasy, low fantasy, dark, modern. I love fantasy, grew up with it. I also like sci-fi, dystopian settings, etc.. Characterization and character driven stories are my favourite type of RPs, I like seeing them grow and change and the way characters react to completely shit and horrible situations. It's always a fun time.

Personally, my hobbies include reading, although recently the only types of reading I've been doing is from text books ffs. I like sports, any type of sport really, except soccer. My legs are way too clumsy for that sport. Music is something I love, R&B mostly, although I'll listen to mostly anything.

I also love pie. Pie is life, especially pecan pie. It's damn near traumatizing knowing that I haven't eaten any in like five years. Sad times.



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Lucivar DeLuxor
Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

Lucivar's eyes widened for a moment when he felt Fatima's arms wrap around him. He wanted to say something to console her, but before he could, he saw Gen summon his blade and Faeril enter the room. His lips pressed together as he looked around, but this was a damn right mess, and the appearance of Faeril brought back the Dea Al Mon's mention of a Black Widow and turned his head toward the proprietress. He didn't know if the Dea Al Mon was talking about Faeril and it would be foolish to jump to that conclusion. But a simple witch bringing them all together as she had with, as of yet, an unknown purpose did seem rather odd.

It brought some comfort knowing that Andress was going to look into her. Lucivar patted his Queen on the arm while his eyes were still trained on Faeril. "And what exactly did you expect bringing strangers in your home with no explanation, Faeril?" He asked, "Unless you explain exactly what we're all doing here, bloodshed will be inevitable. I'll give the benefit of doubt to my new court, but unless you start explaining, Witch, I'll have no choice but to assume everyone in here is an agent of Dorothea and act accordingly."

Lucivar DeLuxor
Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

He stiffened the moment he felt power bloom from Fatima's direction, instincts driving him to throw up his shields and turn to the source. He watched Fatima approach and sit on Dea Al-Mon's lap, his lips thinning as she spoke. He didn't expect his Queen to get involved in this. Lucivar was trying to diffuse the situation, albeit not as effectively as he would have liked, before the need for her intervention. He realized now he should've stayed quiet as that would probably have done more to lower the tensions in the room. He let the stress of the last couple days get to him and thus forgot himself. Still, something about all of that rubbed him the wrong way: how easy would it be to take them all down now? Three people who knew of already that were affected by Dorothea's madness were there with him, and if he were any madder he would say they were trying to form some sort of rebellion. Alas, he could only trust a few in the room.

The only ones were Fatima, simply because fate had bound him to her and it felt wrong going against that. Her and Vaclav and his escort if only partially because of what happened to their home. Everyone else were potential threats to his safety. Even this Faeril.

But, he took it no further and instead bowed to Fatima when she approached him. "My Queen," he said and stood, "None shall leave this place so long as you wish it." He hated saying it, but what else could he do? The need to protect his new Queen of his from the fate of the last was strong, and he needed to gain this one's trust, to be at her side at all times to prevent another tragedy. He couldn't do that by disobeying the first order she gave him.

Lucivar DeLuxor
Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

The room grew hostile quickly after he'd arrived and he looked around frowning at the one named Gen. Ever since he arrived the day before these men that belonged to the proprietress were doing nothing more than antagonizing him, and now they were prisoners? Held because of some lofty ideals their Lady had claim to? It was a new day, he was trying to let go of yesterday's aggression, these were friends after all. He couldn't speak for the Dea Al Mon, but Vaclav and the woman with him must've gone through enough.

Lucivar felt a sort of responsibility for them. He couldn't foresee the destruction the Hyallian's caused, presumably destroying their homes, but he could try and help them here. "They're under my protection," he said, "if they wish to leave, they can. You can try to stop them, though I highly suggest don't.".

He turned his attention back to Vaclav and the Dea Al Mon, "What about your friend? I don't think I've ever seen your kind around these parts. What brings you to this residence?


Andressa let herself be dragged by Fatima, giving a worried glance between Lucivar and this man Gen. He was a damned prickly man, Lucivar and she sometimes wished she could knock him over the head. Subtlety she always tried telling him, but the man was Eyrien and she supposed that his blood always drew him towards aggression. At the very least he was defending someone, but she turned her attention away from them and to Andressa and the other woman, offering a smile.

"Andressa," she offered the other woman as she sat in greeting, then turning to Fatima, "I've never made a potion. Truthfully, I've never had the need to. I mostly deal with State affairs and... well I'm particularly good and finding information if you need it."

Lucivar DeLuxor
Askhevron Residence in Askavi

Walking towards the kitchen, a step behind Andressa, the smells of the herbs being crushed and the lingering scent of burnt pancake mixed with coffee hit his nose. He could hear the small buzz of conversation as he drew closer, but even that didn’t prepare him for the amount of new people he saw. Two new men he’d never seen before, both of them with white hair, and one of them curiously a Dea Al Mon. Darkness, but Faeril really was planning something with all these people here. What that was he had yet to find out, but he was slightly put off by the appearance. There was another as well on a mat with Fatima, giggling, also with white hair. And the fact that his new Queen was so calm around these people helped put him at ease. Somewhat. She was still incredibly childish and pure, and there was a part of him that wanted to interrogate these new people, figure out who they were and what their business here was.

Lucivar could imagine Fatima’s displeasure at that. And why he suddenly cared about what she thought was a little off-putting, but to be fair, their entire first meeting was off-putting. Within moments of meeting her he was already bound to her by powers beyond his control and as her First Escort, he had a responsibility to protect her and her new fledgling Court. And playing dirty could compromise its integrity. He’d have to reign himself in, for the moment at least.

The mention of Queen Karlianne drew his attention to the man talking with the Dea Al Mon and he approached, seeing Andressa walk over to Fatima with the corner of his eyes. “So you heard about that, did you?” he asked with a polite, conversational smile, “Unless you were there when the attack happened, of course. Assassinated, unfortunately, right before my eyes. A bloody fucking mess, Darkness fend.” He held out a hand, “Lucivar DeLuxor, I was the Queen’s consort.”

The expedition was dreadful and cold. Their legs had been chained together and he was forced to bear the cold, frigid air of the north the entire trip, his cloak the only thing keeping him warm. Never during his travels had he been to a place so fucking cold, and trying to get used to it on the sea as they were was futile. The water would often crash into them, making whatever efforts they’d managed in keeping warm all that much more useless. It was only small comfort that he had a gambeson underneath his armour to keep him somewhat protected from the cold, not nearly enough however.

Still, he was brought up onto the deck as they arrived in the north. A dreary place, harsh and unkind to its people. Almost the exact opposite of where he grew up. Oh, this was just going to be fun wasn’t it? The smell of spices that constantly filled the air back home was gone, replaced with the brine of the sea and the scent of cold, hard stone spent too long in ice. The place looked, and even smelled cold. Everywhere was white, the few places that weren’t was where the mud had turned it brown and into some sort of slosh.

And everywhere Itkovian looked, people were looking back at them, huddled underneath layers of clothing and fur, their eyes cold and hard. Mistrusting.

Where the hell had they brought him? They told him he was to be seeking redemption and a part of him thought since he was given his weapons and armour that he was going to be fighting in some protracted war where the Order were desperate for recruits. Alas, that wasn’t the case. This was a freezing landscape and he had no idea what he was meant to do.

They were ushered out of the ship, Itkovian’s helm under an arm as they walked through the city. He heard the curses flung at him and tried to mostly ignored them, his mind wondering how he’d manage to turn this to his favour. It was certainly a dreary place, but something could be made of it, he just had to look for opportunities. At least for the moment they were going to be staying in a town, which was honestly better than what he’d initially imagined.

It seemed he spoke too soon however. The town wasn’t meant for them, but rather the city of tents was… and although it looked back, truth be told it wasn’t that bad. He’d lived in tents before while out with his mercenary band, but the cold was something he was going to have to get used to by himself. Which was going to take a while, and he was loathe to strip down to his small clothes for sleep during the night. How the hell were they going to manage that. Fuck.

They were ushered to meet the Captain, young looking fellow, and not nearly as charismatic as Brush Tath, but who would be under these circumstances. He listened to the Captain speak and his words were reasonable. Beyond reasonable actually, he’d never thought he’d come here and be told he was free, to do as he wished and only answer to one man. It seemed too good to be true. But he thought about it for a moment. The people here looked like they hated them, so what good that would bring he had no idea, and if he was in any way dishonourable, he’d try to escape. Which, undoubtedly, would lead to a slow death in the wilds.

He was in truth a prisoner here. He’d just have to find a way to make the best of it. “Aye, I agree to your terms, Captain,” he said, “seems reasonable enough.”
That's actually the main reason I went with minimum requirement for background. It doesnt take much digging at all to know where Georgia is from, but I would love to have some IC conversations.

I dunno. I actually like making my characters beforehand so that I know what they're like and can easily slip into their shoes at the start of the RP. Helps me realize who they are at the beginning, and from there start slowly building up their changes and developments as conflicts arise.
It actually kinda is, tbh. I wanna see just how awesome this turns out!

There's my application! Sorry it's a bit late!
I'm interested!

Dibs on the Dark Arts professor!
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