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Current In the middle of exams. Apologies to all RPs for the silence. Responses will come soon tho!
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Wildest thing I learned was that the Mistborn series is loosely tied with the Stormlight Archive in this incredible novel universe Sanderson is making.
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I think The Long Night was amazing. The Battle of Helm's Deep for GoT, and it pulled it off wonderfully.
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This is a bit late, but 2019 has officially been blessed by Tom Brady. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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I'm gonna get a lotta hate for this, but the Wheel of Time series is an unreadable mess.


Yo! I'm Torack, you can call me Jay!

I've been RPing for a long, long time. I blame it on my overactive imagination, but it's a wonderful medium to put all these creative ideas into some sorta use. My favourite genre is fantasy. Straight up fantasy. It can be high fantasy, low fantasy, dark, modern. I love fantasy, grew up with it. I also like sci-fi, dystopian settings, etc.. Characterization and character driven stories are my favourite type of RPs, I like seeing them grow and change and the way characters react to completely shit and horrible situations. It's always a fun time.

Personally, my hobbies include reading, although recently the only types of reading I've been doing is from text books ffs. I like sports, any type of sport really, except soccer. My legs are way too clumsy for that sport. Music is something I love, R&B mostly, although I'll listen to mostly anything.

I also love pie. Pie is life, especially pecan pie. It's damn near traumatizing knowing that I haven't eaten any in like five years. Sad times.



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I'll be making a character sheet soon! Been crazy busy on my end, but should hopefully open up with a bit of freetime on the weekend
Throwing my interest in this as well!
Throwing my interest into this!

Arosha Tye

Standing guard at the Shuttle

The command to hold back was given and Arosha nodded, holding herself and her squad back as the rest of the squads and their leaders set out, watching them with mild interest as she prepped her rifle and chose a few of the stragglers to stay with her. Ten in all including her. It wasn’t too bad, a perfect mission for a squad. The place they were told to hold wasn’t too large or spacious, though the way the corridor was set up in relation to the shuttle did pose a bit of a problem, but she could handle that.

Once everyone else had left the shuttle, she turned to her men. “Right, we don’t have a lot of cover here,” she said, “we better make some. I imagine the others are going to take their sweet time with things, so we better get comfortable.”

They nodded and began getting to work. Arosha stepping in to help them move the boxes around. Thirty paces from the entrance on either side to make a sort of bluff of hard-shell boxes as cover. But because the place was so damn empty and nearly devoid of anything worth using as cover, they had to get crates from within the shuttle. Emptying them and placing them behind the boxes or around them. It took them a while, and while they were working, Arosha had two men stand guard and keep an eye out.

“Three on that corner over there and another three there,” she said pointing the positions out, “privates Lianlin, Carohai, and Darran with the shuttle.”

“Yes, sir,” they said in unison and began getting into position. Arosha herself stayed in the center of it all, her A280 blaster rifle in hand, wearing her black and grey combat suit with her custom-built Togruta helmet, visor drawn up. She looked around, her sensors picking nothing up. And nothing for several long minutes. That was the thing with battles and war. Lots of waiting and lots of lounging around. It reminded her of her days back on her home world, waiting in ambush for the storm troopers and invaders.

Funny how they were the invaders now. Funny how fate worked like that. But she was glad she was in this. Doing this work – not standing around the shuttle – but with the Scarlet Moons. Fighting back against the tyranny. But damn could it get boring sometimes. She moved several paces back so her back was against the wall next to the shuttle and looked over at her squad mates. They all looked just as bored as she felt, some of them taking out their rations and eating, a couple playing cards with a stack of credits on the side.

“I hate this,” she heard one of them grumble. Brones, a private with dark hair and green eyes, tanned skin. “All this waiting around. You’d think storming a base would be more interesting than this, but instead we’re stuck on guard duty of all things.”

“It’s not exactly fun, but it’s important work,” Carohai said from where she was sitting. “What if we need to make an emergency evac, or things get dicey and everyone needs to haul ass back to the shuttle. Could be the stormtroopers set something like that up. Could be they set themselves up to wait at the shuttle.”

“Reminds me of a mission I’d been on in Ithor,” corporal Joenis said, “had to root out an imperial base that was launching attacks on our position. Go in under cover of night, stealth our way into their base and set up a load of bombs to go off at the right time. Sergeant got hasty, left only a couple men to watch the ship and an imperial patrol passed by. Decided they’d wait around the ship and see what comes back. Invited some friends over with them too. It wasn’t a particularly fun night for us.”

“How’d you get out alive?” Darran asked.

“I legged it with a few others. Hid in the nearby forests and lived off the land, hiding everyday from trooper patrols until we managed to call an evac our way.”

A few of the others piped up with stories of their own as they waited, Arosha listening to their tales while also tuning into her sonar every now and again to see if anyone was making their way towards their position. It seemed no one was, and eventually a lull settled over the squad once more, everyone going back to doing their own thing. A lot of bored looks.

Which quickly changed when the sounds of blaster rifles going off sounded from the other levels of The Crown. Everyone, including her, turned from bored to alert in an instant and from alertness to restlessness. The sound of combat and their friends and comrades potentially going down while they waited in the back wasn’t exactly great for morale, she imagined. She saw the eager faces of her squad, the frustration that she shared with them of not being able to go out and help. To potentially save some of them.

Arosha wanted nothing more than to send her squad forward, clearing out the halls and providing aide. But she had her orders. And she’d stay put. The fighting continued for a while longer, almost becoming a constant drone above and below them when she suddenly picked up movement from her montrals and stood alert.

“Positions everyone,” she ordered, “movement ahead.”

They dropped whatever they were doing and whatever conversations they were having and began maneuvering themselves to get into cover. Rifles and pistols at the ready. Arosha moved up, getting into cover behind one of the crates, feeling several figures approaching from ahead, hearing their footsteps clanging on the metal floors. She signaled their number to the squad. Six.

A second later something was thrown and clanged a couple of times as it approached them. “Brace!” Arosha called out as she ducked behind cover. A soft blast followed with a plume of smoke going up. Then blaster lasers started coming out from the other side. Hitting the boxes, crates, and the wall behind them.

“Return fire!” Arosha commanded, and peeked out of cover herself to fire a few rounds.

Portland, Maine

He felt out the source of the power he sensed earlier, tracking it with his mind. It wasn’t particularly easy considering its vast distance – he only had a vague idea of where it was, and even that was difficult to concentrate on. Like an out of focus image that just wouldn’t get back no matter how hard one tried. And just as jarring if not more so. Power bloomed around him as his clothes shifted from ordinary street clothes, to a black and gold suit and a caped hood that covered his face.

Damian took a step back and began casting again, power once more filling the space of the small shop when he felt a hand on his wrist. He looked down. His wife, Jessica had a look on her face. A look he knew well. Damian stopped his incantation and lifted the hood, the shadowy magic concealing his face disappearing.

“Woah, you can’t just try and leave like that, Damian,” she said, “what happened. What’s going on? Where are you going?”

He nodded and took a deep breath, then nodded to the book in her hand. “I’m Sorry. It’s just... I saw a vision in one of the pages,” he said, “I don’t know what it was that I saw, whether it was the past or the future… or some potential. But that scythe in there is powerful. Dangerous. And I can feel that power like a knot in my gut. Someone or something’s going to use it and I don’t think it’s for good reasons.”

She nodded and he could see her trying to understand as worry slowly replaced the frown. “And this scythe, where is it? Here?”

“Lightyears away. I can’t say exactly but it’s far.” He knew this must’ve been hard for her, he tried to understand where she stood in all of this as she was no doubt doing the same for hiim. Her husband, now some sort of super hero, going off and saying he was going to be lightyears away. He could understand why she’d worry. Frankly he’d be surprised, and maybe even a little hurt if she wasn’t. A part of him wanted to bring her along, to experience this part of his life with him and be a part of his adventures; it could even draw them closer together. But he knew how foolish that thought was. The risks were too great.

And it hurt that he couldn’t do anything about it. He enjoyed her wit and he knew more than a few moments where he could’ve used her comedic timing to ease his tensions. But it was what it was.

“And this is a credible threat? Not just some potential future?”

“Enough of a threat that it’s making me a little sick, yeah. I’m sorry for this. This day off was meant to be with you.”

“Don’t be,” Jessica said. “Go. I kind of needed you out of town anyway.”

He blinked and raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Yeah. You don’t need to worry yourself over the details. You just go have fun doing your magic-stuff.”

He gave her a sidelong glance, trying to read into the playful smirk she was giving him before he bent down and kissed. “I’ll be back soon.”

“You better.”

He placed the hood back over his head, and once more sorcery bloomed around him. Moments later A massive, dark hole that seemed to suck the air out of the room appeared behind him. The room growing darker around it. The shelves trembling and books tumbling out and onto the floor. He heard the shopkeeper fumble and scream somewhere near front in startlement as he levitated himself off the ground and disappeared into the hole.


Unknown planet

A massive dark hole appeared over a desolate, ruined road, wide and filled with detritus, paper, cinderblocks and strange abandoned vehicles. And out of the hole, Hood levitated out, his feet several inches from the ground as he examined his surroundings. Tall buildings to either side, as tall as skyscrapers back home with the distinctive appearance of apartments. Tall, rectangular shaped with a strange layered design that now looked marred with dirt and signs of ruin. One of the buildings just ahead and to his left was caved in, parts of it across the road.

And above him the sky was a bright red. The world’s sun small with a blue-red haze to it. No warmth came from it that he could feel. Cold, and barely bright enough to consider it as day.

Hood looked around. Ruined vehicles everywhere. Abandoned. Not like the cars on Earth but similar enough. Landing, he stretched out his senses to try and feel for life. He felt nothing until he got a blip directly ahead of him beyond the rubble of the ruined building. Lifting himself up, he levitated again and flew forward until he saw it. A lone figure, standing in the middle of the road some hundred yards from him, its back towards him. Standing there and doing nothing.

He couldn’t help but wonder if the figure was the one he was looking for. If that man or woman was the cause of all this. Perhaps not. Even so, he approached and began putting up layers of defensive spells around himself.

Then, the figure turned. Old white hair on top of a blue face written with sorrow.
Post will be dropping soon hopefully. Sorry to everyone for disappearing for a bit there.
If you still have a slot open for a tank, I'd be more than happy to fill it!
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