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Current In the middle of exams. Apologies to all RPs for the silence. Responses will come soon tho!
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Wildest thing I learned was that the Mistborn series is loosely tied with the Stormlight Archive in this incredible novel universe Sanderson is making.
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2 yrs ago
I think The Long Night was amazing. The Battle of Helm's Deep for GoT, and it pulled it off wonderfully.
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This is a bit late, but 2019 has officially been blessed by Tom Brady. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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I'm gonna get a lotta hate for this, but the Wheel of Time series is an unreadable mess.


Yo! I'm Torack, you can call me Jay!

I've been RPing for a long, long time. I blame it on my overactive imagination, but it's a wonderful medium to put all these creative ideas into some sorta use. My favourite genre is fantasy. Straight up fantasy. It can be high fantasy, low fantasy, dark, modern. I love fantasy, grew up with it. I also like sci-fi, dystopian settings, etc.. Characterization and character driven stories are my favourite type of RPs, I like seeing them grow and change and the way characters react to completely shit and horrible situations. It's always a fun time.

Personally, my hobbies include reading, although recently the only types of reading I've been doing is from text books ffs. I like sports, any type of sport really, except soccer. My legs are way too clumsy for that sport. Music is something I love, R&B mostly, although I'll listen to mostly anything.

I also love pie. Pie is life, especially pecan pie. It's damn near traumatizing knowing that I haven't eaten any in like five years. Sad times.



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Interactions: Bee @Hey Im Jordan
Location: Coleus Cottage
Time: Morning

In the kitchen, JD started gathering several ingredients and a packet of turkey-bacon for what he had planned. He wasn’t entirely sure of the new students and what their diet preferences were, so he decided he would make two separate breakfasts, one meat-based, and the other vegetarian based and let whoever came by take their pick. What he needed to decide was what the vegetarian breakfast would be based around.

Falafel was always a safe choice. Thus, rummaging through the kitchen he brought out some chickpeas he’d boiled a couple days before from the freezer to let thaw, then started going through the pantries to find the ingredients he needed to make the dish. And that's when he noted some of those ingredients were missing. Nothing that was too terribly essential, but the falafel would taste a little funny without tahini and he wasn’t about to subject the newly arrived students to some sub-par meat-substitute.

He looked around for a few minutes more, trying to find something that could mimic the flavour, or at least something that could mask the flavouring of the falafel without tahini. But he found nothing.

Sighing, JD leaned against a counter and looked around. There were plenty of ingredients to make hash-browns, but that was boring. Still, what choice did he have? It frustrated that he already came up with a plan and most of it was already there but, because of one ingredient, he couldn’t see it to fruition. And it annoyed him to no end, and in no way did it help with his anxiety. Thoughts were running through his mind on what to do, on ways he could fix it. But just going ahead and making the falafel would see some students not liking the taste. And if he didn’t go through with it, whatever hash-browns he made wouldn’t be as good. And he already took the chickpeas out of the freezer.

JD took a deep breath. And let it out slow. Making the falafel was unfortunately out of the equation, unless he wanted to run out of school grounds to the store. But there was no time for that.

Gathering the ingredients, he made a batch of hash-browns, a stack of pancakes, a small bowl of mashed potatoes, and another bowl of baked beans. He also made a batch of turkey bacon and a large bowl of eggs.

Just as he was finishing, he heard footsteps coming down and looked over to see Bee stepping into the kitchen. “What’s good, fam,” he responded. “Yeah, there’s more than plenty. Take whatever you want.”

Interactions: Idette Blanc
Location: Wellington Grounds
Time: 5:30 am - 7:00 am

His phone’s alarm went off, blaring loudly and buzzing against his cupboard. Groaning, he sat up on the bed and turned off the alarm, attempted to wipe the sleep off his face, and looked out the window. It was still dark, the sky just starting to brighten as it slowly approached dawn. He lay back down for a moment. Today was the start of the new school year, when all the students who hadn’t stayed at Wellington would be coming back. He didn’t know how to feel about it. One part of him was glad the place had gone quiet during the summer, where he could do what he mostly wanted to without all the social obligations that came with being part of school.

And another part of him was glad they were coming back. For the exact opposite reason. It had been somewhat boring staying at Wellington. He certainly wasn’t alone in staying at the school over the summer, but there were far less students and a lot of the friends he’d made during his stay weren’t around. And now that they were coming back, he’d have a lot more people to talk to, and chill with instead of being alone with either the same people or relegating himself to talking with the teachers. Which wasn’t all that bad, but still.

Getting up, he started getting ready for his morning run. By the time he’d stepped out of his cottage, the sky had brightened. Still somewhat dark, but bright enough that he could see. And the morning air was pleasantly chill, which he wasn't dressed for at all, instead wearing his uniform shorts over a pair of black compression pants and a simple grey shirt.

He warmed up for a few minutes, then started jogging to the track, and by the time he’d gotten there his body had heated up enough that he could barely feel the chill anymore. And as he ran, he thought about home. It would’ve been nice to have gone back instead of staying at Wellington, which was as pleasant a place to stay as anywhere else. But, seeing the other students leaving for their homes had brought about a pang of jealousy, many of them going back to loving families and parents that wanted them home.

Every time he thought about going back however, he was filled with anxiety. His stomach would roil up and his chest would tighten. His parents were loving, in their own way, but the demands they put on him. He was glad he was out of the house and glad their constant pressure wasn’t on him. It probably would’ve helped if he shared how he felt with them, but knowing his father, the old man would’ve told him to “man up” and get his head right instead of wallowing in his emotions. And even with all of that, he still missed his home, missed his siblings and the rare look of approval his parents gave him when he did something right.

He didn’t dwell on it overlong, though. Pushing the thoughts out of his mind, letting it empty out as he ran. The endorphins coursing through his veins giving him that runner’s high and making him feel a whole lot better by the hour mark.

Taking off his drenched shirt, he walked back to Coleus cottage, taking his time to enjoy the morning. Taking a paved path that cut through a lush grove which led towards the cottages. And as he approached his own, he saw Idette walking out of Wisteria. "Yo," he called out in greeting with a head nod before going inside his own cottage and grabbing a water bottle from the fridge.

Getting back to the common room, he plunged himself down on the sofa to catch his breath. The muscles of his calf and thighs throbbing, and his foot giving the occasional twitch. He sat around, resting for a while and staring at the ceiling, a small smile on his face while hydrating himself. Then he got up and showered. When he got back down, wearing a navy blue shirt and a pair of grey joggers, he went into the kitchen and started making breakfast for everyone, hoping the smell would wake someone up.
I'm just hoping JD will get along with everyone!

I assumed there was going to be some sort of PM or something based on the stars and moons, since the OC said that handing them out is handled by the GM and co-GM. I misunderstood that completely, so my bad. I'll give him 3 stars since that's what I had in mind for him!
Oh snap! Can't wait!

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