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Current In the middle of exams. Apologies to all RPs for the silence. Responses will come soon tho!
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Wildest thing I learned was that the Mistborn series is loosely tied with the Stormlight Archive in this incredible novel universe Sanderson is making.
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I think The Long Night was amazing. The Battle of Helm's Deep for GoT, and it pulled it off wonderfully.
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This is a bit late, but 2019 has officially been blessed by Tom Brady. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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I'm gonna get a lotta hate for this, but the Wheel of Time series is an unreadable mess.


Yo! I'm Torack, you can call me Jay!

I've been RPing for a long, long time. I blame it on my overactive imagination, but it's a wonderful medium to put all these creative ideas into some sorta use. My favourite genre is fantasy. Straight up fantasy. It can be high fantasy, low fantasy, dark, modern. I love fantasy, grew up with it. I also like sci-fi, dystopian settings, etc.. Characterization and character driven stories are my favourite type of RPs, I like seeing them grow and change and the way characters react to completely shit and horrible situations. It's always a fun time.

Personally, my hobbies include reading, although recently the only types of reading I've been doing is from text books ffs. I like sports, any type of sport really, except soccer. My legs are way too clumsy for that sport. Music is something I love, R&B mostly, although I'll listen to mostly anything.

I also love pie. Pie is life, especially pecan pie. It's damn near traumatizing knowing that I haven't eaten any in like five years. Sad times.



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If you still have a slot open for a tank, I'd be more than happy to fill it!
That actually did clear it up a whole lot!

For some strange reason I just kept imagining that warp tunnel graphic Star Wars uses when a ship goes into light speed and it just jumbled everything up! But yeah, thanks a whole lot fam!
So I've been watching videos and scouring the wikis to get more of a sense of Warhammer 40k, but one thing I still don't understand is the Warp. I know it's not totally relevant to the RP, but I thought no harm in asking anyway. So far, I know is used to travel far distances between space, but what is a Warp Storm? Can the Warp just appear and spit out demons if there's a whole load of negative energy gathered in one place?

Name: Hellstompah

Nickname(s): Grinz

Klan: Blood Axes

Role: Gunner

Common Armament: Shoota wiff Kustom boomer

Anything else: Hellstompah likes collecting the scalps and ears of those he's killed, wearing them as fetishes on his armour and his belt.
So, I'm very new to the whole 40k universe, but I love the whole over the top nature it has!

Bump - Added a new plot!

Tara-Til Vex




Coravax IV, within the nation of North Dulwar

Tara-Til has pale skin with short, white hair that tumbles just to brim of her shoulders and light, barely noticeable freckles dot her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are an augmented silver, cybernetics constantly whirring within her irises to enhance her view or give her information on the various objects or personell she comes into contact with. And on the left of her face is a long scar that goes from just above her eyebrows to her upper lip; three scars above the eyebrows as if from a sort animal, and a single gash down from right under her eye her traveling slightly obliquely upper lip.

When not on any sort of mission, Tara can be seen wearing vibrant colours of whites and yellow pieces attached to her body instead of the muted blacks and dark silvers of her combat plates. These leisurely plates are sometimes accompanied with nano-tech enables, retractable skirts that spring from the plates on her hips, or even full on dresses for special occasions.

While in combat however, she wears plates of black and dark silver in colour, the edges on the plates harder and more striking to give off a more aggressive feel to her cybernetic pieces. And going along with that theme, she usually wears a jawpiece cybernet with prominent lower canines that fits with a plate she attaches to her face that gives a strange, almost demonic visage.


Witty: Tara is the type of person with a mouth. She's constantly talking and will talk to just about anyone with ears. Thankfully most of what she says is interesting, at least to her. She's quick on her tongue, constantly making witty remarks here or there, or sliding into conversations that she isn't part of just so she can say something clever at the right time. It doesn't even matter if anyone acknowledges it, she knows they secretly love it. They just have to!

Cunning: One thing a person would least expect out of Tara is her cunning. She likes to play the affable idiot who's constantly throwing around clever remarks here and there, but if she wants something done or is trying to achieve a particular goal, she will work behind the scenes or try to manipulate certain individuals into doing whatever her goal happens to be.

Insightful: Behind the layer of talk is an insightful, deeply wise individual. Tara knows how to read people, thanks in no small part to the augmentations and cybernetics of her eyes which allow her to catch subtle drifts in facial expressions and slight subconscious movements that indicate how a person is feeling. Although she never uses this for malicious intent, she does use her insightfulness into peoples' feelings to manipulate them or get them to do what she wants them to do.

Insecure: Deep within everything is a sort of insecure fear that she harbours where nobody will like her. She knows it's a foolish thought, but it's a part of her, a fear that she constantly tries to fight, as well as fighting the urge to constantly win others' approval of her. Although being in the military has given her a great deal of self-approval and has decreased the need for others', she still finds herself hurting sometimes when she feels ignored or when others get angry at her antics.

Security Personnel; secretly part of COVSPEC

Cybernetic Augmentations:
- Projectile resistant cybernetic plates
- Cybernetic face-plate with thermal and night-vision capabilities
- Cybernetic eyes with face recognition software, zoom capabilities, and vision enhancements
- Cybernetic ear-piece for comms and low frequency voice detection
- Retractable blades on her elbow plates
- Reinforced combat knife hidden within her left thigh plate
- Sidearm coil pistols hidden in her right thigh plate and axillary plate under her left arm

- Standard issue M-47 coil assault rifle
- RABA coil submachine gun for security staff

Previous Branch
COVSPEC; she was acting as the Utarahn ambassador's assistant on Earth in order to keep tabs on the humans and learn more about them until she was assigned to the Andromeda project after she uncovered the project's proposition on Earth while it was still highly classified and told her CO's about it.

Tara was born in North Dulwar in the planet Coravax IV, a planet slightly larger than earth with an artificial ring around it, constructed by the Utarahns. Tara's childhood was average for a young Utarahn, she would frolic around and play with the various children in her neighbourhood, and since her family was in a neighbourhood of politicians and foreign dignitaries, the children she would play with were usually from a foreign species: mostly humans or Rateia.

The early exposure to the various species and the many different cultures within each was what initially drove her curiosity to learn more about each, especially her own. Thus once she was in college, she began studying interspecies psychology and how each species of the UGC reacted and expressed the various emotions within them, and how their psychology functioned. Once graduating, she continued her studies to get a PhD in common subconscious ticks and body movements that were expressed in each of the species.

While leading a particular research in the similarities of Humans and Lorins in regards to various strong emotions, she was contacted by the intelligence branch of COVSPEC and invited to join them in gathering intelligence for the Utarahns on the various species throughout the galaxy. She quickly accepted, and from there two grueling years of training in physical and armed combat followed, then two extra years in espionage and how to blend into a crowd and change one's entire personality to seem like a completely different person. Once her training was done, she was sent to Geordis Prime, a planet colonized by the Rateians, and there she acted as one of the guards for a Human weapons manufacturing company.

It was her first exposure on the field, and she proved herself and her capabilities when she uncovered Rateian plans to force several Utarahn colony leaders to sell pieces of their colonized lands rich in both resources and exoctic, nutrient-rich crops in return for various favours. She then proved herself again when she came up with a potential solution to dissuade the Rateians and the various colony leaders from following through on their deals.

After the mission was complete she went home to visit her parents for half a year before she was sent to Earth as the Utarahn ambassador's secretary and assistant. While there she learned more of human culture and their strange, but similar of working things through and she grew to slowly enjoy her stay on the planet. After her first year there, she distinguished herself yet again when she uncovered another plan, a top-secret plan still in its infancy on a potential trip into Andromeda. Although the humans only had a piece of the information, she followed the clues to the Haven Megastructure where she uncovered the majority of the plans.

Human and Rateian counterintelligence eventually discovered what she found out and as a way to keep her silent until the project was publicly disclosed, they gave her a position on the flight to Andromeda. Her superiors on COVSPEC telling her to keep a close eye on what's going and what the true intentions of the various other species' are in going to the new galaxy.


Relationships [Optional]
- Buth-Rae Vex - Her father
- Dina-To Vex - Her mother
- Yir-Dalan Vex - Her brother

Character Theme
Lmao I love how his thoughts on Tara are "spare parts"! They're gonna get along well, I'm sure
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