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Current About to play some Battlefield 1
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Getting ready to move into my new and first apartment. I may be offline for a bit until we get internet in the place but I'll let everyone know when I do
3 yrs ago
If you are interested in a fantasy RP that is about dragons and magic, take a look at Acension. The link will be in my bio.
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3 yrs ago
Might get the Witcher 3


I consider myself an adaptive writer. I've RPed in some high casual-low advanced RPs and some RPs that are nearly one liners but I try to stay consistent at least with my characters I make. Ive been on here for some time (passed the time it claims. Just forgot the name of my old accounts but whatev). I am interested in high casual/ low-advanced rps and have been trying to get a few off the ground. If anyone is interested in Co-GMing with me just drop me a message or something and we can discuss ideas and whatnot

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@ayzrules will work on it tonight during work (at least thinking abouhow to add to the backstory. And then as well will try to fix some of the things you have brought to my attention for my character. I will do that during lunch break.

Overall I'm hoping to have time to work on it tomorrow morning after work
I'm about to go to bed before work shortly so I will say depending upon how my night goes at work, I will try to give clarity to those questions. Also for background I want to discuss and bounce the idea off of you two so hopefully if all goes well with work I may be able to respond


I'll post her here but i don't remember if I filled everything out. That can be discussed after review

I had finished the car but before I saved my laptop had an update and I lost everything I added. ;( I will work on it before work tonight and after I get done work tomorrow morning....fml
OOC will be up this evening, provided I donโ€™t pass out before then :D


When can we expect an OOC?

Lemme know when you have a cs ready to go. Also will be sending you a pm shortly related to the rp
Alright I'm interested but I need to pm you some questions about the story @ayzrules if you have time
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