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Current hi shameless self promotion roll thru if u like sparkly ball gowns and ~drama~…
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2 mos ago
if anyone's doing nanowrimo this year add me on the site @ayzrules
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2 mos ago
i've been eating nothing but baby carrots for the past 3 days because i had a huge bag and they expire today...why am i like this
4 mos ago
i am somehow leaving china with more stuff than when i came thanks to my mom ordering things from chinese websites and trying to save on shipping!!! >:(
7 mos ago
i cant remember the password to my webkinz acct and im honestly devastated


TBH I probably spend more time making aesthetic boards/sets than I do actually writing/roleplaying
I also have an unhealthy obsession with steampunk, haute couture, and Pinterest and I'm extra as hell
I usually do high-casual/advanced RPs, though I'm always open to anything

HMU @ or on pinterest @ayzrules

My CS's:…
Personal FC Directory:…

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@murdoc feel free to move ur guy over btw, just lmk when kingdom sheet is posted

@Glyph I've been assuming that there is some kind of public knowledge about everyone, yeah! or you could treat it as a "first impressions" kind of thing-i.e. what would they think upon a first meeting or whatever
@Mistress Dizzy I find a lot of my pictures on or the fashion spot (if I see someone who has a fitting vibe, I google them and try to find more pics)! i also have my own lil gallery thingy if I'm stuck…

hope this helps!!! <3
bro just personal opinion but I don't want to RP a test i am in testing hell right now

(....but i'm down for it if that's what gets voted on in the end :D)
[OOC] Academy 003: Fuck off (Superhuman Academy Roleplay)

@murdoc he looks good and I really like the direction you went in for him!! can't wait to see the kingdom!
I like the "big gay celebration" idea lmao but I'm cool with whatever
Hi friends!

Quick update-IC will probably start sometime at the end of next week, since ya girl has to do some dumb exams :^))))))

I know that some of you are itching to get writing, so in the meantime, I'd recommend filling out the first impressions/relations sheets for your characters!

Also, feel free to begin plotting betrothals/character relationships if you would like <3 Please let me know if you and another person agree on a betrothal so I can update the official list in the first post! And I'll run everyone through a random pairing generator before IC starts, in case it inspires ideas

Here is our discord:
Here is the character guide (because we have a lot of characters and it can get confusing!):…

And here is Lea's relations sheet (very much WIP) if you guys need an example!

LMK if you have any questions/need any help at all!!!
character descriptions:

Lea Lynton-the super extra, super sparkly, and super pink tree-hugger princess of Aciras. Always has an abundance of energy.

Mai Mei-a princess of a large developing kingdom who has a hard time forgetting her past (both her personal past and the past traditions of imperial Liang). A total snake

Isabella Cotilla del Reyes-the princess of a Catholic country ruled by a dictator-king known for his oppressive polices, harsh censorship, and extremely conservative ways. A total ice queen and will 100% eviscerate you with words if you get on her nerves. Hates her father and wants to escape from backwards Evalusian society through a foreign marriage, but also has been in touch with revolutionaries and needs to choose if she'll stay and fight or GTFO.

Alexander Aguila de Agustin-the sparkly, flamboyant prince of a country ruled by stuffy old conservative Catholics but composed of increasingly liberal young adults, thanks to the influence of the Internet. Hella gay, but not "officially"
ignore am dumb
hi friends here is the RP discord server

and here is the character guide!…
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