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Current snoop dogg and higher brothers did a collab and i feel like i'm living in an alternate timeline or something
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o ya 1920s dresses are kinda meh. Victorian gowns r where it's AT
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idk bout you all but i sure don't get paid to be here, for one ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
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@Undead Eyes no offense but that's too much work and I'm not about to treat this site like I would a job. soz
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i've been eating nothing but baby carrots for the past 3 days because i had a huge bag and they expire today...why am i like this


lame sappy tree-hugger piece of trash who spends too much time on Pinterest and/or clicking thru haute couture collections oops

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hi friends i've listed steph's relations here:

hmu anytime here or on discord <3
HIHIHI didn't know you were gonna join rpg too ;D! <3 <3

Alejandro beamed at Phillip and Imani. "You know that I'm glad to see you two as well," he said to Phillip and Imani, resisting the urge to make some kind of not PG-13 remark at Phillip's next words. "And Imani, oh, thank you. Your gown is absolutely lovely."

Alejandro couldn't resist complimenting Han on her tattoos, too. "I agree with both of you," he said, grinning. "Princess Han, I love your tattoos."

He glanced back at Phillip and Imani, his eyes pausing at Phillip - he had to remind himself not to let his gaze linger - before flicking towards the princess from Massylii. "How were your flights?" he asked, because it was the polite thing to do (and nobody would accuse Alejandro of not being polite, when he was in public. Even if people like Phillip thought he was ridiculous and insufferable behind closed doors, or whatever it was that Phillip had called him the last time they were together). "And Phillip, how is your sister? I haven't had a chance to talk to Gen yet; does she like Aciras so far?"

Although Alejandro was used to the formality of events like these ones, it was strange being so formal with Phillip, after everything that had happened in between them. And besides, Alejandro and Gen were friends - but again, he was nothing if not polite when he had to be, and Alejandro hadn't been sure if Han knew that Gen was Phillip's sister.
Boombayah (Blackpink)
Kill This Love (VSQ version)
Devil (CLC)
Vampire (IZ*ONE)
Puss (Jimin of AOA ft. Iron, from Unpretty Rapstar)
Icy (Itzy)
Rebirth (Red Velvet)
Empire (Wengie & Minnie of G IDLE)
DDU-DU DDU-DU (Blackpink)
Ancestors (Dumbfoundead)

...only 1 of these isn't kpop lol
@Shinobu hahaha it wasn't intended to be originally! but both PV and urstyle have a 'group' function, which we use to organize rps

@Shinobu some pre-mades:

an ex of finalized plotting info:

some events:

a story example: (there was a story involving one of the characters i included posted before mine, so I incorporated what the other girl wrote for scorpius into mine. Also, since this was originally on polyvore, all the comments have been lost rip)
Welcome to the Guild! If you don't mind me asking, what are "polyvore/urstyle" Roleplaying? I've never heard of those terms before and my curiosity is certainly peaked.

polyvore was the original site, but urstyle has replaced it since it died

in general, the format is as follows:

-GM (mod) writes up "pre made characters" (like a paragraph or a few bulletpoints about the character, sometimes with provided name/age/fc). people pick which pre-made they want to write for, and multiple people can "audition" for the same character by filling out the CS

-CSes (auditions) are accompanied by "sets", aka collage-ish things to show the aesthetic and stuff of the character

-GM picks who gets to play each character after CS/audition process is over

-usually followed by a plotting period, where people message each other with ideas and char first impressions and such

-the "IC RP" itself is basically one post ("story") per event (GM provides lil blurbs about each event), accompanied by a set for each event. people would make the set and ask people to comment to include their characters and/or work out inclusions via PM beforehand. there's a greater degree of freedom re: controlling other people's characters than there is on here (you can write into your story that someone else's character said something or w/e, and obviously if the person who the character belongs to objects you change it but more often than not people don't seem to have too much of a problem)

not sure how well I explained this but happy to link examples lol

there are definitely exceptions to the general format most people have done -- i'm THAT bitch and don't really like story RP style, so my rps on there tend to be more aligned with how things on RPG usually go lol

@ me any time if you need help <3

lmao, my sig is a lyric from that ^^^
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