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o ya 1920s dresses are kinda meh. Victorian gowns r where it's AT
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idk bout you all but i sure don't get paid to be here, for one ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
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@Undead Eyes no offense but that's too much work and I'm not about to treat this site like I would a job. soz
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hi shameless self promotion roll thru if u like sparkly ball gowns and ~drama~…
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lame sappy tree-hugger piece of trash who spends too much time on Pinterest and/or clicking thru haute couture collections oops

HMU @ or on pinterest @ayzrules

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you know what, i cant really reject that power until ive seen it in the context of the character

โ–  Setting will be the Year of our Lord MMXIX (2019), initial day sometime between September and November (will be decided in the OOC). I've got the name and general aesthetic of the town, but need to decide on a state where my fictional city can believably exist.

super pink cheerleader who is more than just slightly ditzy but can throw front-fronts like nobody's business?

and gotcha, ty ty
yoyoyo sorry im late to the party but would you be mad at me if I literally chose the trolliest power for Comedic Effect TM

aka telekinesis but only on make-up for now because shit is funny Very Legit Reasons

also also, have u decided on a setting? small town where do u know yet + yr (?)

@Hoekage I'm definitely still interested! I just have a lot of catch up to do eeek
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potentially interested, if only for the part about killing edward cullen guy lmfao


(Originally for CCC: Crazy Rich...Sorceresses?! (Urstyle))
@ayzrules never join my rps again

wasnt planning on it SMH
<Snipped quote by Mara>

you think that's gay

wait until i drop my pants, I'll show you some real gay shit.

this is why RPG needs a dislike button!!!!1!!!1!111!1!!!1

oh, and if it wasn't already clear, i'm probably interested? depends on when u get the ball rolling cuz finals r coming up m8
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