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Current If you're looking for a FC for a badass female character (yes, this is shameless self advertisement-fite me):…
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@Otaku95 @Azure Flame oh my GOD that is the best video that I have ever watched
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@Otaku95 is that a song lyric? because if so, those are the best lyrics I've ever seen
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will barely have wifi for next 10 days. sorry!
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lol 2 mths ago i was salty about ap exams and now im happy because i did well and i never have to take them again god bless


TBH I probably spend more time making aesthetic boards/sets than I do actually writing/roleplaying

I also have an unhealthy obsession with steampunk and I'm extra as hell

I usually do high-casual/advanced RPs, though I'm always open to anything

HMU @ if you want character graphic thingies

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Just reached 25k today, after ~7 hours (1-2 hour break in between, plus lots of mini breaks for food throughout) of writing! I also went to my first write-in and it was SUPER fun!!!

I'm still behind though, sigh. And I don't know how much longer my inspiration for this weird random story thing that I'm 95% pantsing is going to last :D
Me: Huh, I haven't included a single romantic arc so far. I think it fits the main characters' themes, though, and I don't really need it for the story to function. Also, the sidekick mentor definitely isn't the main character and that vendor I mentioned like once isn't going to make an appearance.

Me, three days on: nevermind they're gay

gay couples are the best couples tho ;)
@shylarah sure, go ahead! ;D
Random question, but do you guys have any word crawl/sprint/dare/etc recommendations? I've been doing the ASOIAF/GOT word crawl and enjoying myself immensely

part 1 of the crawl:…
I'm completely winging it this year and I decided to do it at the last minute, lol
honestly I don't plan on making whatever this mess is into an actual book/novel because I'm basically just writing stuff for RP characters outside of the actual RP but yeah it's a good time (I'm soooo behind though lmao)

ive tried something diff this year (mixing English and spanish w/ translations of spanish in's not the smoothest writing style but it works for the feel Im going for) and it's definitely helping the word count ;)))

what are yalls usernames??? HMU @ayzrules

(originally made for A Grimm Tale (polyvore))



(originally made for Back Alley Magic (polyvore))


Elodie could hear the thing coming after her as she ran.

It let out a terrifying screech, its metallic parts screaming as it began to pursue Elodie. She risked a glance backwards-there was no way that she would be able to outrun this creature. Maybe if I can get near the edge of the forest, and back to town... she thought desperately, trying to force her aching legs into running faster.

Elodie could physically feel the thing-slash-creature-slash-alien catching up to her. The ground was literally shaking underneath her feet as she fled. It's getting closer, it's getting closer, oh god oh god oh god oh god...

Then-Elodie fell. She lost her footing and tumbled head-over-heels over the ground, carried by her own momentum. She screamed in surprise and fear, and oh god, she could see the thing, it was practically on top of her, oh god...

The creature advanced, its dagger-like teeth in full display and the other blades attached to its body flashing in the moonlight. Elodie whimpered as it got even closer, turning away from the monstrous sight. And then-

-what the hell? Was she falling?

Elodie quickly realized that she was tumbling backwards down a steep hill. Pain shot through her body as she fell down the gravelly slope. She felt a sharp sting in her right palm; she must have cut it on one of the rocks. When Elodie finally slid to a halt, she found herself in the middle of yet another crater. She winced as she sat up. Everything hurt.

Elodie looked around, frowning. She could still hear the creature-alien-thing, but it hadn't followed her down into the crater just yet. There was a small creek flowing through the area, and she noticed some sort of metal object resting inside the shallow water. It appeared to be made of metal. Elodie inched warily towards the strange object, her muscles tense.
^^^ ooo yes jump rope is always good! rope is an apparatus for rhythmic gymnastics so when I used to do the sport, our coaches would always make us do double jumps (it's where you get the rope up and over two times for one jump-sort of hard to explain, sorry eeek), usually 20-30 in a row, and that definitely helps for quick warm-ups :)
Elodie slowed as she neared the...the...the thing. She was able to discern something vaguely oval-shaped in the clouds of gray smoke, illuminated by the light. Elodie could feel waves of heat washing over her, practically burning her exposed flesh (like that time she stuck her hand into the oven while her older sister was baking cookies, just to see how hot it really was) as she cautiously picked her way over to the clearing. There was a crater-strange-and disturbed soil and trees littered the area.

It was eerily quiet. Then, the silence was broken as a mechanical whirring sound filled Elodie's ears. She winced, flinching away from the noise. Something shifted within the smoke, and Elodie watched with wide eyes as she saw flashes of what looked to be wickedly sharp blades. She quickly took a couple of steps back. She saw neon orange and silver made pale by the moonlight, and then-

Oh my god. Her gaze locked with what could only be described as a mouth filled with "teeth" that looked about the size of a typical medieval sword. Elodie saw pitch-black metal plates and spider-like limbs crawl out of the crater, the entire alien or contraption or thing bristling with deadly blades or scary-looking firearms. Elodie's heart was pounding, her mouth dry. Oh my god, she thought, over and over again. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Before Elodie could turn on her heel and get the hell out of there (like every fiber of her being was screaming to do), the thing-was it alive? Elodie had no idea-turned, and Elodie screamed.

It doesn't have eyes, she thought numbly as the shriek ripped itself out of her throat. It doesn't have eyes. Why doesn't it have eyes? Oh, who gives a shit? Why doesn't it have eyes? Elodie's thoughts were getting less coherent by the second as the shock and fear of coming face-to-face with...whatever this was began to set in.

The creature, or alien, or thing, screamed as well. But it was not a human scream. It was the roar of construction equipment and the hiss of a viper and the snarl of a lion all rolled into one single sound, and Elodie began to shake. It climbed fully out of the crater, streams of smoke still floating through the clearing, and howled. It came forwards-toward Elodie.

Panic and fear took over Elodie's mind. Her thoughts became nothing but one bright white blur as she turned on her heel and ran. Logically, she knew that she would have never been able to outrun the creature, but one finds that all logic goes down the drain when faced with terrifying situations such as the one Elodie found herself in. Her breath came out in ragged gasps as she ran, unsure of where she was going, but knowing that wherever it was, it was better than here.
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