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Very well, where do I begin?

My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.

My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds - pretty standard, really. At the age of twelve, I received my first scribe. At the age of fourteen a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles.

There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum... it's breathtaking. I highly suggest you try it.

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"Woe to you, blind guides! You say, 'If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.'" - Matthew 23:16

T H E D E V I L O F H E L L ' S K I T C H E N

M a t t h e w M u r d o c k D e f e n s e A t t o r n e y / V i g i l a n t e H e l l ' s K i t c h e n , N e w Y o r k C i t y , N Y
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"You believe people can change? I don't think we can. Well, maybe we get a little... nicer. A little angrier. But we can't change our fundamental nature."

Five years into his career as an attorney by day and vigilante by night, Matt is starting to have doubts about the level of brutality that he inflicts on a nightly basis. His senses allow him to control every encounter so that he doesn't go so far as to strike a fatal blow, but his restlessness along with Elektra's influence has begun to blur the line over where he stands. He seeks weekly penance in the form of confession from a nun that watched over him, Sister Maggie, but he's started to challenge God's wisdom in the face of his own inner-turmoil. He wants to be something better than he is, but he can't figure out what that would be.

Making matters worse is that while he and Elektra have been able to keep the small-timers and the wannabe members of the Maggia out of Hell's Kitchen, there's been a new presence beginning to loom large over the fledgling criminal underworld that's been operating in the district - a distant voice in the ear of every petty crook that instructs them on how to claim their piece of the Kitchen, and the considerable wealth to back up all of these endeavors, so long as they pledge loyalty. This figure calls himself The Kingpin, and while he isn't a major player when compared to the likes of Hammerhead, Caesar Cicero, or The Owl, he's been cutting enough deals to potentially, with time gain control of not just a single operation.. but all the Kitchen's illegal output.

Matt Murdock has a choice to make, and soon. Uphold the law by trying to fix the system from within, embracing a side of himself that yearns for true justice... or let the Devil out for real, letting it consume his soul at the cost of saving Hell's Kitchen from complete damnation?

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Only behind Batman, Spidey, and Supes, Daredevil ranks high among my favorite characters. He's someone you can do so many things with, as alot of the prolific runs have taught, but there's something very appealing about his relationship with morality and how he often falls very short. Law and order are nice concepts, but justice is a whole other ballpark, and that's what is going to define Matt's journey towards truly becoming Daredevil - which he distinctly hasn't become, because I want to take the ideas of Born Again and his other low points of Matt's from the comics and use it to enact a tipping point.

He's not a particularly good guy right now, as he maims and tortures criminals without a second thought. The question is, if he puts on the red suit, does he become Daredevil in the traditional sense? Or does he decide that Daredevil is what needs to be feared by all, and really use it as his advantage in an act of letting go of all of the things that he perceives is holding him back?

The reason that Elektra and Kingpin are so focal to this Matt aren't because they're simply enemies to overcome, but they're shadows - echoes of what Matt's inner thoughts are telling him to do. A sort of literalization of the Angel and Devil on the shoulder idea, with Elektra indulging his promise to God not to allow more blood to spill onto the streets while Fisk takes on the role of what Matt would become if he looked at his vigilante crusade as a mission to keep the streets clean, no matter the consequences.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Supporting Cast:

Elektra Natchios - Matt's partner on the streets, having traded in the life of an assassin for fellow vigilante. While they're devoted to one another and even engage in the occasional one-night stand, Matt refuses to let their relationship move beyond that because of Elektra's willingness to let herself be known by the criminals they fight. As a result, he doesn't include her in his daily life, fearing that she might destroy the only normalcy he has life.

Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson - Matt's boss and mentor. No longer the bumbling sidekick, Foggy is instead an adept, seasoned attorney that runs the practice of Nelson, Murdock, and Page. While certainly still eccentric, wearing bowties and regularly blasting swing music after a hard day's work, Foggy is more authoritative in his approach to holding Matt accountable.

Karen Page - Matt's law partner. As a defense attorney on her own merits with five years under her belt, Karen has remained the heart and soul of what Matt and Foggy do by regularly reminding them what merits the law still has, and taking both men to task when they seem to forget. Karen and Matt harbor feelings for one another, but Matt's distant behavior regarding his off-duty hours - coupled with the times she's found a mysterious Greek woman enjoying his company at his loft - keeps her at bay.

Wilson Fisk - A renowned land developer and leader of business, Fisk is beloved by the public for his unwavering critique of corrupt officials and law enforcement, even garnering him a few supporters for a Senate run. What few are privy to is the fact that Fisk is a mover and shaker behind the scenes aswell, supplying resources and guidance to those in the criminal underworld that need it. This has earned him the codename 'Kingpin', and a spot among NYC's worst mobsters that think he's worth far more to them as an asset than an enemy. Recently, Wilson has taken particular interest in Hell's Kitchen as a testing ground for something that could result in an empire.

Sister Maggie - Matt's biological mother, unbeknownst to him, and his religious counsel.

Lawrence Cranston -

Ben Urich -

Mary Walker -

Leeland Owlsey -

Vincent Patillo -

Melvin Potter -

Jonathan Powers -

Detective Larks -

Detective Taurens -

Officer Day -

Turk Barrett -

Stick -

S A M P L E P O S T:

A sample post that can be used in the IC if you so desire upon acceptance. This post should provide an example of your vision for the desired character. This sample post should meet all standards outline in the rules and additionally include dialogue, mannerisms and other actions representative of your intended portrayal.

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V I C T O R V O N D O O M | S U E S T O R M | J O H N N Y S T O R M | C L I F F S T E E L E
A D V E N T U R E R S B A X T E R B U I L D I N G , N E W Y O R K F U T U R E F O U N D A T I O N
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"Knowledge is power. In all the universe there is no greater truth."

The Baxter Building is home to the Future Foundation, an organization founded by Doctors Franklin Richards and Niles Caulder with the mandate to improve the world through knowledge. The Foundation boasts a varied staff from dozens of scientific, creative, and general academic fields. It also houses an extensive student roster of what the organization hopes will be a bright, new generation.

Six years ago, the Future Foundation's star students, Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom, designed a device capable of interdimensional travel. They, along with fellow students and siblings Sue and Johnny Storm, and accompanied by the head of security and noted adventurer Cliff Steele, intended to use the machine to open a doorway and explore the strange new world. A malfunction and catastrophic failure put an end to the test, though, as the five were dangerously shunted into the other dimension. Clifford was severely injured in the arrival, his body mangled by a dramatic fall, and a deadly race against the clock ensued as Victor tried to repair the device before their suits' emergency oxygen ran out.

Reed and Victor each accused the other of messing up the calculations and causing the malfunction, and the heated argument led to Reed walking away to clear his head. With little time left, and Victor rushing to fix the machine, the Storm siblings went off to find and return Reed to the group. All they found, though, was Reed's shattered helmet and a cosmic storm that swept over the pair. The siblings managed to barely escape from the storm and return to Victor just in time for the four of them to transport back to their home dimension, leaving the fate of Reed unknown.

Weeks of quarantine followed as the staff at the Baxter Building forced the trio of Victor, Sue, and Johnny to undergo extensive testing to ensure no hazardous material had made it back with them. Cliff, meanwhile, was put on life support as his body slowly failed. During quarantine, the Storm duo began to display extraordinary power, which only prompted further testing at the urging of their father.

Victor, released from quarantine before the others as he displayed no similar symptoms, and having reflected during his weeks of isolation, had taken personal responsibility for the dimensional mishap that had cost them both Reed and Cliff. Deciding that he couldn't allow his mistake to take the lives of two good men, Victor, with the aid of Dr. Caulder, began to work on a project to save Cliff's life. Though his body was failing, Cliff's brain was in-tact and healthy, and after weeks of careful designing Victor finally had the solution: nanobots. While he couldn't save Cliff's organic body, he could ensure the man would live by replacing it with a mechanical one.

More weeks passed. Cliff remained in a coma, his body slowly being dissolved and rebuilt by the nanobots. Victor spent the days at Cliff's bedside or going over the schematics for the dimensional portal and how to guarantee safety and success in the future. The Storms were finally freed from quarantine after the two months of testing proved they posed no inherent danger to themselves nor others. Sue, a gifted biologist, immediately took a fascination with how the cosmic storm had altered her and Johnny's genetic makeup, and set about feverishly studying her new biology. Johnny had also developed a fascination with the changes he had undergone, though for him it was pure excitement over his new capabilities - and his desire to show them off. The three tried to find a new routine of normal, with each failing in their respective ways.

Then, Hell broke loose. Or, more accurately, Subterranea. A disgruntled, former staff member of the Future Foundation, Harvey Elder, enacted an assault on the Baxter Building using an army of giant subterranean creatures he called Moloids. The attack nearly succeeded if not for the intervention of Sue and Johnny Storm, each wielding their respective new powers, the quick-thinking strategy of Victor, and the then-awakened Cliff Steele - now in his new robotic form. The foursome and their fantastical talents drove back the creatures and defeated Elder's plans.

With this success, Victor realized the potential the group could achieve given their newfound situation. Taking after the costumed adventurer's of old, Victor bestowed upon the fledgling team the title of:

Doom Patrol.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Mister Fantastic and the Fantastic Four are overrated. Doctor Doom and the Doom Patrol, though? Perfection. I really don't think I need to say any more about why I'm motivated to write this.

This is a group that has been around for years and has multiple adventures under their belt. They've been to Atlantis, visited Attilan, explored the Negative Zone, entered the Microverse, delved into Subterranea, and emersed themselves in Avalon. They've tangled with the likes of Blastaar and Annihilus while in the N-Zone. They've survived political upheavals and prevented the assassination of an Inhuman King. They've helped to fight off an alien invasion force that threatened New York City. And they've even dealt with the return of Reed Richards, maddened by his time in the Negative Zone, and prevented his homicidal revenge plots on several occasions. As such, they're a cohesive unit that has settled into their respective roles.

Like the Fantastic Four of the mainstream universe, this Doom Patrol is a dysfunctional family. And I'll be exploring their interpersonal dynamics just as much as I do their wacky adventures. And their zany escapades are a perfect vehicle for me to interact with the rest of the roster - which is my primary goal for this roleplay.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

The Future Foundation is home to many brilliant minds. From founders Franklin Richards and Niles Caulder to senior staff members Will Magnus, Steve Dayton, Bentley Wittman, and Phillip Masters. Their student roster includes the likes of Mal Duncan, Karen Beecher, Julie and Alex Power, Rita Farr, and Alicia Masters.

I'm not going to go through the entire list of enemies and allies faced and encountered, instead I'll save that to be revealed in the IC. You can infer from the places the Doom Patrol have explored who they might have met (also keeping it vague so that it doesn't affect potential Inhuman, Atlantis, etc. players). But I will describe the team's archnemesis:

Reed Richards was lost to the world for four months. That's how long it took for the survivors of the Negative Zone incident to exit quarantine, and for Victor to design a new, stable device for them to use to return to that dimension and attempt to rescue Richards or find his remains. However, time doesn't pass in the Negative Zone as it does on Earth, and for Reed Richards nearly three hundred years had passed. Thankfully, the same cosmic storm that had changed Sue and Johnny Storm bestowed upon Reed a genetic alteration as well. Not only was his body now capable of stretching, expanding, and contracting dramatically, but all of his internal organs, veins, and the like had been replaced by a singular bacteria sac. As such, he no longer needed to eat, drink, or breathe. Nor did he age as a human ought to. These changes saved Richards' life and allowed him to survive in the harsh landscape and acidic atmosphere of the Negative Zone for centuries. This gave him a lot of time to think. And stew. And cast blame.

When the newly established Doom Patrol returned to the N-Zone they were able to successfully find and rescue their old friend. They soon found out, though, that the man they had left behind was not the same as the one they now brought back to Earth. Reed Richards wrought psychological Hell upon them as he, while quarantined and under near-constant supervision, managed to sow discord among the Doom Patrol as well as access the Future Foundation's security system and use it to attempt several deadly 'accidents' for which he framed Victor. It took days to discover Reed's actions, and by then it was too late as he managed to escape his quarantine pod and set off a series of chain-reactions within the building that destroyed a significant portion of the laboratories, decimating crucial projects, and killing three staff members.

Reed would return several more times in various attempts at revenge through masterfully-crafted plots. As of late, the former friend turned arch-nemesis, now known as the Maker, takes refuge in the European nation of Latveria where he has formed a partnership with the country's ruler, Kristoff Vernard.

S A M P L E P O S T:

The world was a kaleidoscope.

That was the first thought Susan Storm had as she looked out the viewports. Brilliant colors swirled and briefly formed into fractals before flashing by. Euclidean space seemed to give way to the abstract the deeper she and her fellow passengers hurtled into the unknown.

The sleek vessel she now stood upon, with its chrome interior and deceptively minimalist accommodations, shielded the blonde-haired scientist from the terrors outside. That same beautiful incandescence of colors, she knew, would tear her body into a billion separate atoms in less than a thousandth of a second. After all, the Microverse was not to be trifled with.

"It's terrifying." She spoke towards the transparent cockpit but her words were meant for another.

A man, tall with a handsome face, stepped up beside her and placed an arm around her shoulder. "It's wonderful, Sue," he corrected in his slight European accent.

Sue Storm smiled softly. She knew after all this time better than to try and convince Victor Von Doom otherwise. As much as he was a man of science, capable of clinically detached observation, he was also an artist. And to Victor, there was no better expression of art than that of discovery and innovation.

To borrow the words of another famed voyager, "to boldly go where no man has gone before!" That was Victor's drive in life. His passion.

She tilted her face towards his and raised on her tiptoes. Susan planted a gentle, lingering kiss against Victor's lips.

Though it was not his only passion.

P O S T C A T A L O G:



C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"Even in the greatest darkness, a spark of light can still be found."
"For King And Speedforce."

Sir Wallace of the Lightning Cross is my continuation, and technically, the sequel to where I wanted to take Eobard Thawne's Flash Story in Absolute. He's from earth 1349, one that's been devoured by The Great Darkness. Wallace is a warrior equipped with the speedforce, a soldier who lost his war. He will have to learn and adapt to the world around him, not to mention the fact that he has a younger doppelganger and a whole slew of people who wear the faces of his slain comrades. This story is about a man who left his doomed world behind, failed his duty and has to cope with the fact that he just wasn't good enough to be the hero his universe needed.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

"Shadowlands" is something I throw out a lot. And it's the brainchild I thought of while I was doing my last Flash run. A world where the Great Darkness, the source of the Shade's power, is devouring a world, and how the entire universe is affected. How the shadows is the anti-thesis to the speedforce, Shadowlands was Thawne's big heroic moment, his first real stepping up into herohood, one I'm continuing with Wallace, albeit in a different way than I originally intended. Through the lense of Wallace living in Earth 1, I will tell the story of Thawne's heroism, his own failures and most of what happened in that doomed world.

And what may befall this one, too.

Wallace's motivations aren't defined, to him. He doesn't know what he can, or should do. He was saved, either from death or from eternal rest. He used to have very clear motivations for what he did, and now he doesn't. And he does not know how to cope with that. In it, he'll find new relationships, primarily in the Flash family, but maybe outside of that, too. He'll have to learn about the sides of the speedforce his king never wanted him to learn, and he'll have to find his place in a brand new universe that is both foreign and scary.

In short, Wallace is the Future Trunk of the Flash family.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Knights Of The Lightning Cross, The Riders Of Lightning, Deceased:
King Savitar
Lord Bartholomew Allen Sr.
Sir Bartholomew Allen Jr.
Sir Jaysus Garrickum
Wizard Maximilian Mercurius
Lady Jessiah Quick
Honorary Knight Edward Thawne of Earth AC.

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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E V E C O F F I N ♦ W I T C H ♦ C O F F I N H I L L ♦ B L A C K M A G I C
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

”Some debts can never be repaid.”

The Coffins, founders and original settlers of Coffin Hill, are an old family with their roots in Salem and their hands dipped in blood and muck. They have a history of power, wealth, and terrible secrets. Eve Coffin is the last living branch of her ancestral tree - and she is determined to let it end with her.

In 2009, at fifteen years old, Eve and her closest friends delved deep into the woods of Coffin Hill; they went in search of the fabled witch, seeking to strike a bargain. What Eve had failed to understand was that she was the Witch of Coffin Hill; in those woods lived only the creature that lived in servitude to the Coffin family, the source of their power and status. All they had accomplished with their ritual was untethering it from her bloodline.
Four girls had walked into that dark forest that day. Only Eve walked out, and she had been forever marked by what had transpired within the cradle of those trees.
She fled from Coffin Hill that night. Neither the town nor her parents would miss her.

Ten years later, she returns, discovering that the creature in the woods had hungered in her time away; that hunger and rot had spread to the town beyond the treeline. People had been going missing, nearly always reported near or travelling in the direction of the woods by those who’d seen them last. Only Eve knew the true culprit responsible for the horror that now befell the town more frequently than ever before. A decade to the day, she went back into those woods, ready to do battle.

She emerged three days later, not saying a word; Eve collected her things and left Coffin Hill forever, taking the curse of her family with her.

It’s been a year since she emerged again from those woods. Eve drifts now, haunted wherever she goes, too scared to stop moving in case she brings ruin and misery to stay with her. She is The Coffin Witch, the last one there will ever be, and she spends everyday repenting for the sins of her forebearers, carrying the burden of her family name with her.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Eve's motivations are fairly straight-forward, even if the work involved isn't: use the witchcraft of her family to undo the damage her family has done, and protect the innocent from the malevolent beings of the occult world, and then eventually die alone with no children or legacy and let her family's sins die with her. She drifts from town to town, city to city, and does what she can to fight back against the ever-encroaching darkness as she travels.

My own goals are to use a new character that we haven't seen before in these games to write supernatural/occult mystery and drama stories. I read Coffin Hill a couple years ago, a friend's copy rather than one I picked up myself, and I liked the character of Eve and the horror-occult leanings of the story. As she travels she'll also be very open to crossover stories and community events, something I usually avoid in the endless iterations we churn through, and something that I feel might re-light the spark. If I want to write solo stories, I could just work away on googledocs; if I'm writing as part of a greater collaborative, then I should get involved. So let's get involved.

S A M P L E P O S T:

<Snipped quote>

P O S T C A T A L O G:


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W I C C A N / C H A N G E L I N G

And by message I mean app.
Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!


C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"I've fought for the same things, even when they don't seem fashionable. It's a neverending battle, but we can't quit."

Five years ago, an experimental craft said to be able to sustain an atmospheric breach with leisure was launched by LexCorp CEO and famed astrobiologist, Lex Luthor, during a worldwide press conference. When the shuttle began to break down and malfunction, however, the crew aboard the S.S. Lena seemed fated for certain doom. While the gallery of reporters watched the scene play out in horror, including The Daily Planet's own Lois Lane, a rookie journalist that was assigned to shadow her stepped out of view and pulled apart his shirt to reveal a uniform beneath - with a symbol, alien in origin, that unmistakably looked like the letter S. Within minutes, cameras broadcast the shuttle's miraculous rescue for all the world to see as the being who had caught it - with his bare hands, no less, while suspending his own personal gravity to fly through the air - gently landed and placed the craft a mere mile from the launch site, fully intact and with all crew unharmed. That was the day that the world was introduced to a man that would later announce himself as a friend to humanity, a champion of the people that would fight for those who could not fight for themselves. His name was Kal-El of Krypton, but the public latched onto another name that The Daily Planet had coined - Superman.

In the time since The Man Of Steel's first dramatic appearance, Superman and his mild-mannered alter-ego Clark Kent have only looked to further that initial mission of peace. Whether that means saving a village full of people from a raging fire half the world away, writing an exposé on the troubled conditions of the less fortunate for The Daily Planet's online edition, or simply standing between the citizens of Metropolis and a ravaged byproduct of science and mutation gone horribly awry - making such enemies as The Ultra-Humanite, The Atomic Skull, The Silver Banshee, and the alien-tech equipped terrorist outfit known as Intergang - Superman has become a beacon of hope for some and a figurehead of justice where traditional systems have failed. But others, such as Lex Luthor and SHIELD's Nick Fury, regularly treat Superman's presence as a potential threat rather than a potential ally.

While Clark started off confident that he could eventually win his skeptics over, it's become clear that for as long as Superman remains active, others will fear him and even attempt to best him, putting the city of Metropolis and even the world itself in considerable danger. That's why it took little convincing on his part to begin working with others, coordinating a response team in the event of a worldwide catastrophe - one that soon arose in the form of Starro, The Conqueror. Calling themselves The Justice League, Superman has taken on the task of acting as the defacto public face of a group that otherwise shields their true identities and hidden homelands.

Whether facing ongoing threats to humanity and intervening to lend a hand in public crises, or simply trying to rebuff the often skeptical Lex Luthor's latest claim about his true intent, Superman continues to defend Earth's citizens in the name of truth and justice.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

This seems pretty self-explanatory. Superman is one of the key foundations of the superhero myth, if not the foundation of it, and I've always loved the character. The reason I'm taking him on in this game is because I think the set-up provides a unique opportunity to see Superman on the frontlines of something he's rarely had to ever face in the comics: heroes with opposing ideologies. While DC and Marvel's heroes are at their very core fighting for the same things, they're very different groups of people. Superman represents the best of his type of hero, but he's a far cry from characters like Spider-Man and The Avengers, and I think that presents an interesting moral conflict.

I hope to set up parts of his mythology that seem obvious, such as his more prominent enemies beyond Luthor and his extended super-family, but through the context of a truly shared universe, where costumed heroes are alot more of a commonality. I also want to establish real, tangible dynamics with characters like Nick Fury, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and others he wouldn't ordinarily get much time with.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

As of right now, Superman's allies consist of Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Ron Troupe, Steve Lombard, Cat Grant, and the rest of the staff at The Daily Planet, which is simultaneously one of the last dinosaurs of newsprint and one of the most popular online publications to exist, serving as a testament to old-school journalism and facts in the face of it's rivals' clickbait and misinformation. Whenever he needs a hand with something scientific, he consults Dr. Leo Quintum of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Jonathan and Martha Kent are still alive and well, living on the family farm in Smallville... along with a recently acquired addition. A blonde teenage girl, found by Superman a year earlier. After discovering her while trapped in a crashed escape pod, and wearing his kryptonian symbol, Clark took it upon himself to see that she remained protected until he could know where she came from. She is unable to speak any known Earth language, but Clark has entrusted his adoptive parents to teach the girl the basics of life on Earth, as they did with him.

And of course, he trusts the members of The Justice League. They're all aware of his dual identity as Clark Kent, a secret that he willingly gave up when the decision was made to make the group a permanent fixture. Though the two members of the League that he considers his closest friends are Batman and Wonder Woman, having teamed up with them both multiple times before the Justice League's formation.

As far as his enemies go, Lex Luthor still remains his most vocal critic - though in the five years that they've fought eachother verbally, it's never resulted in a true altercation. And even if he's been suspected of utilizing illegal means to further his empire, Luthor utilizes the law and his public image to his advantage, making him virtually untouchable. Beyond Lex, Superman has battled only a few members of his rogue's gallery, with more to come as the game progresses.

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.

Bit of a controversial take, but no one really stepped in to claim Hal... so I'll allow it.



What an excellent way to announce that with the opening of the IC, we're waiving the 24-hour contesting period on all future applications! The Punisher and Howard The Duck are hereby ACCEPTED!

"If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet." - John F. Kennedy ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ A SINGULAR UNIVERSE ROLEPLAY ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

G M (s): Master Bruce ♦ HenryJonesJr ♦ Hillan G E N R E S: Superhero, Fandom T Y P E: Sandbox with linear and Collaborative Arcs
T H E S T O R Y S O F A R:

By most respects, the Age of Heroes began during one of Earth's darkest periods. In the days of World War II when the Allies were most desperate, a beacon of hope was born. Steve Rogers became Captain America, and helped to turn the tide. Along with the Howling Commandos and the superpowered agents known as The Invaders, Rogers helped to cripple the Nazi deep science division HYDRA, and turn the tide of the war, even if he was lost in the process.

Following the war, costumed adventurers inspired by Rogers popped up in the homeland, and banded together to form the Justice Society of America. They fought corruption, crime, and saboteurs during the cold war, and were generally supported by the public at large. Though, good things were not meant to last. The good will began to fade as super powered individuals began to increase in the 60's and 70's, and along with them the rise in metahuman collateral damage. In response to "Mutant", as the humans saw the metahumans, bigotry, the JSA disbanded and costumed heroes went into the shadows.

Things were quiet, with anti-mutant bigotry festering in the background, for decades. In order to track the movement and growth in the metahuman population, the United Nations formed SHIELD. Using the brightest minds in science and industry, the organization prepared for the day that metahumans would once again act out in the open.

That day came when a man with an "S" on his chest flew and caught a prototype LexCorp space shuttle out of the sky with his bare hands, saving countless innocent lives in the process. While the appearance of the so-called Superman was largely seen as a celebratory moment, some, including Lex Luthor, saw nothing but a potential threat. In response to the appearance of Superman, costumed heroes once again began to appear across the world ready to fight for good, and the public responded with approval.

But for every action, there was an equal and opposite one. As awe inspiring as the arrival of Superman was, the same could not be said for the appearance of a creature known only as The Hulk. The green goliath rampaged through a small town in New Mexico until he was driven off by a re-emergent Captain America and SHIELD. The raw destructive power of the creature struck fears into the hearts of humanity, and made world governments question whether metahumans should be tolerated.

So things went, with heroes and the villains they fought appearing and clashing across the globe.

Then, the creature known as Starro rose from the sea and began to enslave the people of Earth. Before its job could be completed, however, a team of heroes that called themselves the Justice League rose to oppose it. The League stopped the creature and became beloved for it, though the joining of such powerful entities drew the eyes of power-bases throughout the universe. It also drew the eyes of SHIELD, who started to put together a team of their own.

The first challenge to that new power came when the Chitauri, a hive-mind conquering race, appeared in Earth's orbit. When the Justice League moved to intercept the invaders in space, the Chitauri opened a portal above New York and launched their forces behind the superuman team. In response, SHIELD's team, dubbed The Avengers, deployed into the city and ended up ending the Chitauri threat. The two teams stood on an awkward stance of existing in their own spaces, though clearly on course for a clash at some point.

Now the world stood, seemingly protected by the world's mightiest and greatest heroes. But forces beyond comprehension have moved into position, and the World of Heroes will be tested as it has never been tested before...
So after deliberating on who would get the coveted cape and cowl, with solid arguments being made in favor of both players, me and my co-GMs have weighed in with a final vote for the game's Batman. With a solid concept in place that meshes well with the game's setting we're hoping to build just slightly edging out the fact that both apps were worthy of the Caped Crusader, Gotham's Dark Knight in this game will be @DocTachyon.

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