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Pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing a Batman of the Beyond variety in one of these.
@AndyC is… The Man Of Steel @Master Bruce is… The Dark Knight

Together, they are...

CLARK KENT was rocketed to Earth as a dying civilization’s last hope. Found and raised by a kindly couple in simple surroundings, he was taught humility and the virtues of humanity as the world around him turned increasingly cynical. Bestowed with amazing powers far beyond those of mortal men, he sought the answer of his true origins and discovered that he was not of this world. Deciding that he would forge his own destiny as a force for good in amongst mankind, he travelled to Metropolis, America’s greatest city, to begin his double life as a mild-mannered reporter working for a great metropolitan newspaper and an aspiring savior to those who could not save themselves. He is destined to cause the innocent to look, up in the sky...

BRUCE WAYNE was eight years old when his parents were murdered infront of him. Vowing to never allow that fate to befall another, he spent a fortune travelling the world to learn the greatest secrets of the detective and the warrior alike, to train his mind and body to reach the peak of human perfection. Damaged from his traumatic memory, he honed his eternal unrest towards fighting a never-ending war against crime, acquiring an arsenal of weapons that he alone could wield aswell as a dark disguise to overcome the criminal element of his corrupt home of Gotham, America’s worst city, in a bid to use fear against a superstitious and cowardly lot that preyed upon the innocent. He is destined to haunt the wicked, to force them to know him as only vengeance and the night…

This is how a universe was changed forever.

This is how legends came to be.
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Flying fish chariot Aquaman it is then!


Out of my own morbid curiosity, who are your usual go-tos?

I assume beyond Batman, Daredevil, but I couldn't hazard a guess at who else.

My go-tos are generally everyone else's go-tos. The holy trinity for me are Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman - those are my top three favorites in general, even outside of RP. Daredevil and Nightwing hold a special place for me as player characters, Wolverine's been a favorite for awhile, I've enjoyed playing Captain America in the past, and I like playing Wally West's Flash (or a Wally-fied Barry). Basically, any of the major popular superheroes from when I was growing up in the 90's - if they were in a cartoon or had a cartoon to their name.
So does when does the Angsty Bat Arrow make an appearance?

Heh. To tell the truth, I'm more of an old school Green Arrow fan. The bleeding heart liberal who's not afraid to wear a ridiculous goatee along with his Robin Hood tights, quite frankly. Arrow's version leaves me pretty cold, aswell as the New 52 version that tried to copy it. So if I were to play Ollie, you'd be getting more of a Kevin Smith/Judd Winick era version than anything current. Nothing resembling Bats.

Not that I've contemplated an app or anything...

In all seriousness, I thought about playing Ghost Rider and doing an all-out horror tale, or The Punisher, or some version of The Hulk where Banner isn't the alter-ego. But I think my indecision is what caused me to realize that it'd be better to stay as a passive than commit to anything I won't follow-through on. Byrd's doing a pretty fantastic job with Batman and my usual go-tos are either taken or would wildly step on the toes of established concepts here, so I'm content to let it ride until something really grabs me.

Oh look @Master Bruce is here. Lurking.

Just reading the IC thread. So far, everyone's been doing a great job and I applaud the game's universe as it's slowly building.

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*flips table*


*flips a second table*


*flips third table*

*is confused as to why there are so many tables in this room*

I, erm...

My bad.

*looks at litany of befallen tables*

And despite the overall belief, I'm not gonna challenge for Bats. Got someone else in mind. You've rocked the shit out of the cowl in the past, so I'm excited to see what you've got planned.
<Snipped quote by Master Bruce>

You know if this Hmm turns into a sheet. I wonder who it'll be for.

Was I that obvious?

I should also probably say that in light of Byrd dropping out a few weeks back and my struggles to keep up with the game even since before dropping out as Batman, I'm publically extending an invitation to @HenryJonesJr to become a member of the GM staff no matter how the vote goes.

Most of you probably don't know this, but the Ultimate One Universe concept actually originated with him on the Hype, so I wanted him in from the ground floor. The only reason he wasn't was because, at the time of launch, I couldn't get ahold of him and we'd already settled on the three man team of Morden, Byrd, and myself by the time he got back to me. So the idea was already out there, it just didn't seem nessescary at the time.

Henry's proven himself to be a more than capable GM and, despite the launch of his own game, could probably handle RP related business for UOU just as well as Morden has. I've unfortunately just not been as reliable as I'd hoped to be and I can't allow Morden to be burdened with essentially running the game himself due to my continued absence.
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