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RIP Charleston. Gone too soon.
So I'd like to do just an individual character as opposed to a faction. K?
Name: Jon Shaw

Age: 38

Faction: None

Appearance: Jon Shaw is 6'2 and runs around two hundred pounds. He's white with pale skin, has dark hair in a short cut, and brown eyes.


From the time he was a kid, Jon Shaw lived to steal. Growing up in the East End, the single child of a single mother, Shaw learned at a young age to provide for himself when he wanted something. He would shoplift starting at the age of six. By the time he was eleven, Jon was boosting cars for joyriding around Gotham. When he was fourteen he started turning the cars in to chop shops and getting paid. When he was sixteen, Jon was arrested for grand theft auto and went to juvie for six months. His time there made him a better thief, a more cautious one who never wanted to see the inside of a cell again. At the age of eighteen he was released out into the world, that night he preformed his first burglary.

Almost twenty years later, Shaw made a steady and quiet living as one of the best burglars in Gotham. In addition, he has a side job as the underworld's version of a private eye. If a crook is in a jam, needs something recovered, or just needs a solution that doesn't involve killing then Jon Shaw is your man.
I know it's pre-Batman, but what year is it set in?
I'm interested.
Gonna bump this up.
¡Viva México!
The country boy mafia. Nice.
Distinction aside, I don't want too many of them and instead want to focus on the cartels, the Mexican people who fight them, and suffer at their hands.
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