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Hey now. Missouri's not so bad. There's......ummmm.......hang on.......

....ooh, there's a Six Flags there. So that's something.

In the grand scheme of things, Canada is closer to Missouri than Neptune is.
"I'll do what I can," Bill said with a nod towards Hyo. "I golf with the House Banking Committee Chairman. I'll whisper sweet nothings into his ear the next time we're on the links."

Bill suddenly remembered that he hadn't golfed since... well, since he was informed about the alien crisis. As much fun as it was for him, who had the time any more?

"But back to Russia," he said with a glance towards the veep. "Madam Vice President, you raise some good points. Sweden is willing to share their communications with us and have given us snippets once things have been translated. So far it's basic questions about our planet and people, how old we are and if we're carbon-based. Shannon Volgel is our ambassador over there and she's been instructed to treat the Swedes with kid gloves. They're responding well to that, less so with Russia's more forceful approach. They're already wary and I'm afraid if we go along with the Kremlin, they may cut us both off and control the conversation entirely. Things get messy when that happens."
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Well I'm convinced. The man said there's no kryptonite, so's there's no kryptonite- that's how this works, right?

There's a hell of a lot of posts to read here- not that I'm not looking forward to it- but I don't know if I'll be able to commit without getting a full grasp on what's going on. Whole lot of moving parts here it looks like, and finding my own lil' place might be difficult. Lot of the characters I'd normally gravitate towards are already being used too. But, y'know, I'll keep an eye out.


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Oh yeah, the notorious stolen strap-on.


<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

In that case, my condolences to your wife.

Please don't put any more duress on the soon-to-be Widow Wraith than necessary.
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The Ongoing War.

Get it right.

Followed by the curtain call. Batman: The Hundred Years' War.

"Vive la justice. Vive la Gotham. Vive la France!"
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I fought Killer Croc.

I'm sure I did other things with Dick in that game, but that's my biggest takeaway. Alot of my stuff was reactionary and heavily lenient on interaction. I don't think I ever actually had plans and story arcs in mind for Dick, given I was 14 at the time and didn't have much writing experience prior.

Beyond writing two scripts, one that adapted the old Playstation Spider-Man game cutscenes word-for-word and another that half-heartedly tried to merge Tim Burton's Batman and the Ben Affleck Daredevil film into one giant ripoff Batman origin movie. Both of which were roughly 12 pages long.

I remember Batman: The War on Crime. Wasn't its sequel called Batman: The War Continues or something?
Unfortunately, the board I first posted on no longer exists. But it was a kaiju-themed RP where I played King Ghidorah. I'm sure it was godawful, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And that's all that fucking matters. I Avada Kedavra'd Osama Bin Laden as much for my own fun than I did for the US.
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Are you talking about the same Dark Master Matt who was a wizard, and who was also able to turn into a falcon... to aid him as an assassin for the President?!

Not so fast. He was also a werewolf who could see the future. And he had twin wands he wore on hip holsters.
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