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None of your damn business.

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In New Skin 4 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
This replies above me need better comments. They're too plain and there's not enough passive-aggressiveness.
The deed is done.
Somewhere without extradition I assume?
You're still Monk.
Having @Byrd Man call you a detective... there's no higher honour.

I have a hierarchy of detectives, though. Adrian Monk isn't at the bottom, but he's not at the top.
So, assuming it's not an individual from one of the two teams that never happened (Runaways and X-Factor), that leaves Hawkeye or Nova. Technically could also be Sentry, but ew. Or Kamala Kahn, but that seems unlikely. My bet is on Nova.

Settle down there, Monk.
Alright! So, I'm honing in a few character ideas, but first I had an RPG etiquette question for the class:

One of my character choices is another player's (inactive) concept. I've sent them a PM about it, but it doesn't appear they've been active on the Guild in a while. How many of y'all would move ahead with the CS anyway, and how many of y'all would wait/move on to a different character? As it is, applying without permission feels a bit like hitting on a buddy's ex-girlfriend to me...

If it's a season one character, then Wraith has pretty much issued a bull stating that inactive season one characters can be wiped clean.
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