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I came here to have a good time. I sure ain't disappointed.

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Oh, yeah.

I’m floating in the stream of reality. It’s cold and uncertain, this river of existence, and it carries me everywhere. Some part of me, present and unphased, knows: I am the apex. Time brushes my skin, tender and warm. It is familiar. Inviting, yet bleak. The colour of life and entropy, swimming between my eyes and through my body; beginning in front of me and inside me, ending nowhere.

Reality falls. The roar is deafening as it crashes, and I know that I should be crushed beneath its weight. And yet…

I am in a house now.

I know this place. The colour of life is gone, but entropy remains, and I can feel its happiness – it is a cancer, and for the first time in my life I wish to take joy away from something. Screams stare at me from the shadows. They look familiar… the voice… its fear, its love…


The house falls away, and I am met with reality’s cold embrace once again. The river shifts and cracks, like a wild storm. Lightning and thunder in the causal abyss. Time is bleeding now. I see red – it is youthful and good, my better in every way. I see a woman who loves me; a man who ruined me. I see friendship and enmity, like snakes entwined. I see lost youth. Found wisdom. They join the storm now, and the lightning lashes out in a chorus, and together they say

Barry, wake up

They tell me I’ve been in a coma for two months.

A student found me on the floor of CCU’s chemistry lab, surrounded by shards of hot glass with a smoldering hole in my lab coat. Apparently there were no clouds in the sky, which is weird, on account of the lightning that struck me the local news attributed it to some sort of freak “flash storm”; there for long enough to fry me, but gone in time for the clock on the wall to tick past another second. I was taken to the hospital, where the staff spent most of the next eight weeks just… waiting for me to wake up. I recovered from the lightning strike pretty quickly, I guess there were no burns, no blown eardrums or nerve damage. The only thing wrong with me was that I really liked to sleep.

I have no immediate family none that can come visit me at the hospital, anyway so once Iris found out I was being kept there, she got the orderlies to put her down as my emergency contact. When the doctor gave me the okay to leave, she was there to take me home.

“You missed graduation,” she says, eyes fixed on the road. Her hair’s longer. Past her shoulders now. She looks good.

“Damn it,” I say, “Three years of college in the trash. Guess I have to retake it. Ah, but the tuition…”

She takes her eyes off the road to give me a concerned look. “What will you do?”

“Sell my body. It’s the only logical option.”

“God, you’re so right. Tell me how it goes. I could use some extra money.”

We share a grin.

“How was graduation, anyway?” I ask.

“It was good. Pretty long. I think they sent your diploma to your apartment.”

“Oh, cool.”

My apartment’s a single room hole in Leawood, on the corner of Kanigher and Carmine. It’s in a squat old building, a little run down, but not enough to raise any red flags – just enough to know that yep, this is where a college graduate who got struck by lightning would live. Iris walks me inside and tries the elevator.

“Out of order? Still?”

“It’s like I was never in a coma.”

The walk up the stairs is slow, but nice. Iris catches me up on the past two months – she finally saved up for that new TV she’s had her eye on; she got offered a job at the newspaper she’d been interning at, the Citizen (“Holy – congrats!”); Wally, her nephew, visited from Blue Valley, and came to see me at the hospital.

“Wally visited me?”

“Of course he did. He loves you and your nerd brain,” she says. “…And he wanted to see if he’d get zapped when he touched you.”

I laugh. He’s a good kid.

My apartment’s the same as I left it. A mess. Iris is right though, they did send me my diploma – it’s on the floor by the door, right next to a late rent notice. Mr. Shipp was nice enough to press pause on fees, I guess, at least until he heard that I woke up.

“Beats a hospital room, huh?” says Iris, making herself comfortable on my sofa.

“Yeah. There’s no place like home.”

She sits up a little straighter.

“Do you remember anything? From when it happened?”

“No, nothing. Just that I was doing cleanup at the lab.” I pause to think, scratching the back of my head. “I had these crazy dreams, though. I remember some of them, I think. Floating on the… the river of reality. Something like that.”

She looks amused. “Man, what kind of drugs were they giving you?”

“Oh, the best kind.”

She laughs.

“I missed you, Barry.”



A comfortable silence settles between us. I join her on the sofa, picking up the TV remote from its resting place between two cushions, exactly where I’d left it. The way I see it, I have two months of television to catch up on, and there’s no better time to start than now. I flick it on, and Iris picks a show. We order pizza later, and before we know it the day’s turned into night.

Iris’ head falls gently onto my shoulder, asleep. She looks peaceful. I notice, not for the first time, how beautiful she is. Electricity tingles through my body.

Eventually, I feel the persuasive tug of sleep. Asleep for two months, and already I’m eager to get back to it. Hah.

I can only fight my eyelids for so long. As I let them close, I think strange thoughts – thoughts of time and blood. Lightning and thunder. Wild storms of life and entropy.

They feed into my dreams.
My apologies for asking a question that was already answered.

Nah, don’t worry about it! The OOC moves real fast here, it’s probably a given that you’d miss it between all the gifs and sex jokes, lol.
@Divine Darkness If I remember right, there’ll be a three month gap between the end of this season and the next.

EDIT: Yeah, what Superboy said.
The Sparks is the defence mechanism.
The Sparks has the authority to take action to restore the balance.

Jennifer Mei Sparks

The Spirit of Technology

Jenny is the Spirit of Technology. Over one hundred years old, she hasn’t aged a day past twenty. Technology is an extension of her, just as she is an extension of it. Electricity is hers to control. The Internet is her domain. She’s knowledgeable in several martial arts, has experience in covert operations, and can go through a pack of cigarettes in speeds that can only be described as inhuman. Don’t piss her off.

Jennifer Sparks was born a long time ago, when the world was changing and growing dangerous. It was clear from the start that she was different, built for a new, posthuman Earth, and she spent much of her life in search of the purpose that came with it. She’s seen many things, been to many places, and now, over one hundred years since she was brought into this world, she may have finally found it. The world has finally caught up with her. Superhumans have risen, no longer in hiding. Change – great change – is on the horizon. In the wake of the Silver Surfer, Jenny knows what she has to do. What she was made to do. But first…

She needs a team.

W H A T M A K E S T H I S C H A R A C T E R " U L T I M A T E " ?
This Jenny lives in a universe where Marvel and DC coexist. The opportunities this presents for both her past and present-day stories are abundant, and I really want to take advantage of that as I go about establishing her place in the Ultimate One Universe. Story-wise, Jenny’s arc this season is pretty simple. She’ll be travelling around the world in search of people like her, who want to make a difference, and make it now. The potential for interaction is huge, and I’m really looking forward to telling the kind of high concept, high stakes story that made me love Jenny’s character in the first place – the story of a grumpy old woman who, in the end, just wants to save the world.

Jack Hawksmoor – God of the Cities.

Angela Spica – Employee at Stark Industries.

Elijah Snow – Spirit of the Cold.

Jakita Wagner – Badass.

The Drummer – Technopath.

The Doctor – Shaman.

John Stone – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Henry Bendix – Director of Stormwatch, S.H.I.E.L.D. and C.A.D.M.U.S.’s sister organisation, concerned not with domestic or international security, but rather, protection from the billions of stars that surround the Earth. The public doesn’t know of Stormwatch’s existence.

And More – Well? You’ll see.

The final Captain America post is coming tonight when I have time to finish formatting it, and I don't want to say I'm ending on my best... but it got me pretty jazzed, tbh.

You really meant it, huh? Freakin’ awesome, dude.
<Snipped quote by GreenGrenade>

My lawyers have informed me that a "like" is not a legally binding contract.
You and your game are safe this time, but I'll get my revenge.

My people are sending yours a cease and desist letter as we speak.

Leave me and my 100%-ed game alone
I haven't caught up with the IC by any means, but I'm enjoying the hell out of the most recent posts, guys. Keep 'em coming.

Also, I took some neat little (non-spoilery) photos in Spider-Man and wanna share them, so... here we go:

EDIT: I'm taking this like, @GreenGrenade, as a contractually and legally binding agreement to this plan. My lawyers will get in touch with your lawyers.

Dammit. Walked right into that one.


Aaaaaand the rest of my life just suddenly disappeared.
Also, all you bastards taunting your Spider-Man fun in my face. I tried to watch several different Let's Plays on YouTube, but people just kept skipping details and ignoring side quests, the tokens, cutting off dialogue and J.J.J. conspiracy talk, etc. The only thing more frustrating than not being able to play it myself is watching idiots play it incorrectly. And, yes, you can definitely play a game wrong.

I’d legit stream it, shitty Aussie wifi willing. Any excuse to keep playing it until new game plus gets patched in.
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