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@Exit Okay, I have made some edits and added some minor details to my cs. Does my char's reasoning for his stance on Benders better now?

Somewhat interested, but not sure of what to play as element-wise. Thinking an air or earth bender. Maybe fire since no one else is going for it.
Just made a small edit to my cs. Forgot to list that he carries a pistol and knife on him.
@PennyOkay, finished my cs is done,

In Code Vein 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Desmond Mores

Interactions: Erik

Desmond was not sure of what to say really. True that he and Cerise were not close and did not hang out much while he was at the Commune. But, she was still a member of the Commune, and she seemed like a good person to him at least. While he feels some loss about her leaving so suddenly, Desmond has to think about how the others feel about this. Loss is something that he had to get used to when living at his home settlement. Sometimes someone does not come back from salvage or supply run, and you have to live with that. That does not mean feeling nothing when someone you know dies or simply leaves. Just Desmond is more used to it than most, though that thought of losing anyone else close to him again... He would rather not think about that.

Still, silently, he walked over and picked up the letter from the table that Cerise left for him and read it. Letting out a sad sigh as he finished it. He is going to miss Cerise despite the short time they have known each other, and he does wonder what exactly she saw in her vestige that made her do this. Though that is something he will probably never find out, so he will not dwell on it.

Putting the letter down on the table for Vincent to read and turned to face Erik."Well, this is.... unfortunate and for the mission. I think I will be staying back just in case Poppy needs a hand with Amelia. Unless you really need people for the mission."
I am doing fine.
Thinking about joining this and I got a char idea I am thinking about. Either Sk8te or Sk8te affiliated. Basically a guy who belongs to a family who used to be Heirs. But, were betrayed by a close ally and lost most of their wealth and influence, and lost their Heir status. Now are just barely above Creds.

So he would either be a supplier to the Sk8te or maybe some kind of information broker that is aligned to Sk8te. Or a member of Sk8te on the most tech-savvy side. Both seek revenge for what happened to his family and is a rebel at heart and would like to see the Heirs gone.
Tempting really and I would love to be in this but, it looks like you got enough people unless you are willing to allow more? Otherwise, I would bring a Manx char.
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