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Just thinking about if we want new people or not and be easier to pick up and organize stuff.
I am in but should we make a new thread for this though?
Temuk Kiarix

To say that he was nervous was an understatement when listening to the Admiral's speech. That after all of his hard work and study. He is here and finally ready to start the next phase of his life with the Federation. But with one last test to prove himself and one he is driven to pass as well. Maybe even learn more about himself in the process. Literally, in his case, and it is a hope that he has, but who knows if he will during this final test. Temuk knows that his parents are proud of him, at least his adoptive parents, his real parents... he hopes they would be proud of him as well.

After the speech and getting his orders. Though with some staring eyes, which he has gotten used to and ignores. Temuk went back to his room to gather his things and get ready to depart.

Once in his quarters, Temuk sat down on his bed and rested. Calming himself down to try and get rid of his nervousness. His first time with a crew, and while he is nervous about it. He should try not to seem nervous and look normal. Normal..., Temuk chuckled to himself at the thought. The people there will probably wonder what species he is like during his time with the academy and while he can say Reman. Any more information about his species, and he has barely anything to say. It is what it is, even after explaining that to some more inquisitive cadets at the academy. Going to have to deal with that when it comes up, and for now, it's time to rest and gather himself.

After two hours and seeing it was time to go. Temuk got up and looked at the mirror one last time before leaving. "I can do this... I know I can." One last short prep talk to himself, and after getting his things. Temuk left his room and headed to the shuttle bay.

Once there, he got there. Temuk got a look at his future crewmates who were lined up at the Athena. Some of them looked familiar, while others he did not recognize. Well, it was time to see if there will be any staring eyes. He thought, and he made his way to the shuttle and reported to the personnel there.

"Chief Astronomer Kiarix reporting in."
Alexander Nells

Camphor's Lab

Guinea pigs? Really? Alexander had a tired expression on his face. After taking in the sights of the city, he could see on the way here. He expected someone not to have a take like that about their new job. Plus, one of them spoke up about it while two of them were busy introducing themselves. While he did agree with the man, he could only silently sigh. This is already looking great, he thought sarcastically. He took a minute to look at Cora, who was still on his shoulders. Watching the scene from her perch and seemed relaxed but sort of hiding behind him.

He had half a mind to stay silent but went against it. He should say something at least before exploring the lab or talking with his future co-workers.

Speaking up, "Well, I kinda have to agree, we are not guinea pigs. That is not what the job is about, and before that gets talked about more. I am going to say my name is Alexander Nells, and this is Cora". Alexander pointed to Cora, who poked her head out, and the rest could clearly see her. "It is nice to meet you all." He said with an awkward smile. First impressions are everything, after all, and maybe he made a good one.
Mateo Secada

Kaitiaki HQ, New Zealand

Mateo was busy in his corner of the base after enjoying some of the nice climate of Kaitiaki and relaxing for a bit, which he needed after the closeness of the last mission. But now it is time to start gearing up since Skye told them that there will be a briefing tonight. He has no idea of what the next mission will be, but hopefully, it will not be as close as the last mission. It had been a while since he had used a wingsuit, and was glad he still knew how to use it. Though Mateo would gladly use his normal suit any day.

Though as Mateo was prepping and making sure that his suit was ready to go. Did he step back and think about that promise that Skye made to him. There were Tejedors at that party, and while he stuck to the mission and Thiago, for Skye's sake, was not there. He still missed a chance to get real intel on Thiago and figure out where that he is. Sure, there was a chance he could not capture the Tejedor that was there, but when it comes to getting his revenge on Thiago. Mateo did not care after hunting him for years.

Anger started to grow in him, and he stood there completely still in thought as he suddenly punched a nearby wall. Angerly breathing as he tried to calm himself down. Another missed opportunity to add to the list of failures in trying to find Thiago. He has to come in his sights sooner or later and if Skye will keep her promise. Mateo never told her why he wants Thiago dead. That Thiago, with some of his goons, invaded his house and killed his parents before nearly killing him. Mateo still has the bullet scar to prove it.

Mateo knows why Thiago did this. It was personal since it was Mateo's father who killed Thiago's brother while Mateo's father was still with AFEUR. Apparently, the two were very close, and he felt the need to avenge his brother after taking over the cartel.

He then slowly leaned against the wall as he calmed down. Another thought entered his mind. Mateo has been burned before by people he thought he could trust. The DNI betrayed him possibly from the start, and could he be betrayed by Raven? That remains to be seen, but he has been more cautious this time around, and if going with Raven is a good idea, he will have to see. Until then, business as usual as so far he thinks Raven is good. His teammates certainly help with that, though it took time to get used to being around someone who is nearly eight feet tall.

So, after calming down, Mateo resumed his prep work and relaxed a bit. He should be ready once the briefing is close to begin and they will be told what the next mission will be, whatever that might be.
I finished my cs.

Alexander Nells

Byjerlfal City Airport

"Oh, you want to pet my Noibat," Alexander, sounding surprised. Alexander turned his head to Cora and spoke in a soft tone. "Cora, you okay with letting Leo pet you?" Cora looked at Leo, and after a moment of thought, she worked up her courage and nodded yes. "Okay, it looks like she is okay with it, he replied, and he raised his hand up for Cora to jump to and held her in front of Leo. "Just do not be careful with her. She is shy, and being around alot of people has kinda scared her."

Now, turning his head towards Frieda. "Hello, Frieda and Pix," Alexander giving a warm smile and a wave with his free hand. "I have no questions at the moment, Frieda. I am just glad I made it here, and it seems at a busy time with Valarie being here. Going through that crowd was not fun, and Cora here is a bit scared, but she should get better once we get out of here." Alexander then looked towards the crowd, is Clarissa in that crowd? He thought as the crowd started to disperse. It's easier to go through it now, and hopefully, she does not take too long to get here.
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