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Voi Narum


Voi chose to remain quiet as the woman rejoined with her posse, and the old man and his dragonkin left. He has the thought to go after the thief and get his money, but even if he tried to. He has no weapons nor the numbers to deal with the thieves who have a head start and outnumber him, thanks to the woman. Seriously, if she wanted the protection money, then actually show that you can actually do it and not let the thieves go without any resistance.

Still, Voi, chose not to go after the thieves and after mentally hitting himself for getting himself into the situation, which he knows should have never happened. Since he has lived with a merchant for years, he knows why going alone into back alleys is a bad idea.

So he thought of his next move, and the first thing he thought of was being better prepared for he does not want to lose anymore of the money that Garth gave him. Voi knows he will need this money during his stay here, and it would be best to spend the rest of it on stuff he needs.

Thus, Voi figured that his next move is to visit the marketplace and get some supplies for himself. Mainly a sword to defend himself and help deter possible thieves. But, before he left the back alley to find the marketplace, He briefly thought how he could sense that the old man felt the same as the woman who wanted money from him. What it meant was something Voi insteads to find out, but for now. It is time to stock up on supplies so he headed to the direction of the marketplace. Time to see what else this city has to offer.
I’ve been dabbling for like a decade or so, and been specifically faffing with 5e for a long time. I have a very broad and situationally deep knowledge of the setting and will gladly help anyone who needs info :)

Honestly, because of how well you know the setting. I am tempted to ask you if you could be a co-gm or not. Not that you have to, and if not, then it is okay.
Hoi chum, you have my

I'm even currently running a Tabletop of Shadowrun 5e, I'm quite passionate about the setting and genres and themes it wields.

Nice and I was not sure how many people here are familiar with Shadowrun so it is nice to see someone that does know of it.
Shadowrun: Lost Heir

The Sixth World, as it is called, can be both a wonderful and dangerous place if you are not careful. Magic has returned, and with it came Metahumanity, elves, dwarfs, orcs, trolls, and other supernatural races. Fantasy has became reality, but with all change, there is both good and bad. In this new world, mega corporations have risen in power to the point that they are on par with nations. Nations have collapsed and reformed into something new. New diseases such as the HMHVV or the Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus that turns people into flesh eating monsters of legend.

A lot has happened since the beginning of the Sixth World, and there are many stories but our tale focuses on a group of shadowrunners(elite criminals) that have been approached by the head of a minor corporation for a task. For this person has recently discovered that his daughter, who died years ago, might somehow be alive. The task is simple, locate the daughter, and if it is her, then bring her home.

A task that, while it seems simple and maybe a bit hard. It will get more complicated than they think, and locating the daughter is just the beginning.

1. Expected to follow standard site rules
2. No godmodding or powergaming or etc...
3. No OP characters
4. A max of two characters
5. Minimum of one paragraph
6. This is a cooperative roleplay, so no backstabbing and try not to kill each other


Hello and welcome to the rp. Set in early 2075, players will be playing as shadowrunners that have approached by the head of a minor corporation for a simple task. To find his daughter, who may be alive, and if it is her, then to bring her home. Unwilling, finding themselves in a more complicated situation than a simple, find the girl job.

So, in regards to archetypes and races. For this rp, I will be limiting the races to humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs and trolls. All of their variants are allowed. For archetypes, while I have listed what they are, you have free reign to mix them if you want. Just limit it to, say, a mix of two archetypes.

Also, I am looking for a co-gm, so if anyone is interested, then say something.

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to ask.

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Voi Narum


Voi, while still in pain up from being hit in the balls and being thrown at someone. He stayed on the ground for a moment as he listened to what the pirate said. Then he tried to stand, and slowly, he did despite the lingering pain. It did make him wish he had a staff or something to help him up, though.

He hated this, more so that now the pirate wants money from him. So far, so bad since coming to this city. But first, he responded to the old man who was with the Dragonkin girl. Speaking with lingering pain in his voice as he turned his head to them. "I will be fine, stranger, but first."

Voi turned his head again to the pirate, who he now noticed as staring right at him. But it felt like she was looking deeper at him somehow. He did not have the time to think about this since there are more pressing issues at the moment. Like someone else wanting his money.

Though Voi did not want to give anything to her and his face showed it. "Thieves already took my money. If you want gold, then you should have taken it from the ones that robbed me. Otherwise, you are getting nothing from me." Voi said with anger in his voice and with a cold stare.

Isaac bin Kamaal

Location: Isaac's apartment building
Skills: N/A

"Will do, Robert and you do the same," Isaac nodded back, and afterward, Robert left to do other work. Isaac went to the elevator and clicked the elevator button. Barring the sick hobo, the morning has gone well so far. It's a good thing his apartment is near Central Park, so he does not have to go far, and it is always nice to jog there in the morning. Even in winter, going to Central Parl always eases his nerves. He always liked being in a green area in a city. Things are peaceful there most of the time, and that place is a breath of fresh air from the busy city life.

Then the elevator made a sound, and the door opened to two people. Which Isaac quickly stepped out of the way, and once they were gone. He walked in and pressed the fourth-floor button. Good thing there is no elevator music in this place, he thought as his last apartment building did, and it was somewhat annoying. For some reason, they went with a dull and slightly annoying tune that made the rides up and down not fun.

Now, the door opened, and Isaac saw no one waiting there. So he got out and walked leisurely down the hall to his right. It is still early in the day, and he is in no hurry to rush things.
Voi Narum


As he walked around the city, it was a strange feeling to notice that almost everyone was staring at him. Yes, Voi knows his appearance can be... considered a rare sight. Even back with Garth, it took time for people in that town to get used to him. The combination of his white skin, blue eyes, and white hair tended to make him stand out. Perhaps he should have worn some clothing to hide his appearance or something. He does have the money, thanks to Garth, so he can just buy something here, like a hood or something that can conceal his face.

Though as Voi was distracted by his thoughts and the people staring at him. Voi did not notice he was walking into a deserted back alleyway and where he made a mistake. He came there alone, and soon, he was pressed against a wall by three thugs.

Great, next time, pay attention, Voi. He thought as he listened to what the thugs wanted and before he could speak. Voi heard two voices, one from a dragonkin and another from a pirate? Either way, both seemed to want to help him from his situation. But he felt something about the pirate woman; she felt different from the rest and felt like nothing he had felt before. Voi did not know what this meant, and he was not in the situation to try and figure it out. The first thing was dealing with the thugs.

So, with a defiant look on his face despite the danger, Voi spoke to the thugs. "Perhaps backing out now is the best option right now for you three." He may not have a weapon but he has trained himself on how to fight. It's time to see what happens next.

Yeah, the same questions as the others. What kind of characters are you expecting, and is this just a jump in rp rather than one you make a character sheet for?

Cal Redwood

Morning Routine

Another day, another morning, Cal thought as he could feel the morning sun on his face, and he lay in bed on the second floor of the old plantation. Alerting him that the sun had come up, he lazily opened his eyes and slowly got up from his bed. He was careful not to wake up Matt or Thomas, the other two who were still sleeping in his room. While he did miss sleeping alone and did not have to worry about waking anyone up. Not being cramped in a barracks was as nice, and the quality of the beds was certainly better than the ones he had on the road.

So after getting up and carefully getting his clothes and putting them on, Cal quietly left his room and started to stretch. It was a part of his morning routine, and once he felt like it was enough. He headed downstairs and to where he kept his drones.

It is a good thing they do not take up much room and are lightweight, or there might be a problem. Either way, he did what he always does. Check to see that they are still working and fully charged. It is a quick but careful step since no one touches them, and he keeps them functional since finding and repairing them. But, as always, his two drones still work and are fully charged.

This is not surprising considering the care he provides for them since they represent the main useful thing about him. Being an aerospace engineer was cool and worthwhile to him. It does not really have much use in surviving an empty world. While drones are useful, they are limited by the need for electricity. Each one has only twenty minutes of power before they need to recharge, and with no electricity in the plantation. That means whenever he uses them, it is precious power he cannot get back, and he would feel even more useless with depower drones.

Once he was done with his inspection of the drones, Cal did the next thing in his routine. Getting something to eat, he walked over to the kitchen.

Cal did not see anyone in the kitchen. He did see that someone had left some food on the counter. His eyes went for the instant oatmeal, and it was a done deal. It only took a minute to make the oatmeal, and he took a spot at a nearby table and started eating. He tolerated the taste, but it tasted better than some of the other old canned foods that they had. Still, a good morning so far.
Kzaye Zuvew

Keldabe City // Mandalore // Mandalore Sector

"I suppose everything has its positives and negatives in this galaxy of ours." She certainly is enjoying herself, and he would agree with her, he thought as she talked. He did not become the leader of the Wraiths out of glory or wanting power. But because the Wraiths were his family and with his position as its general. He does not plan on wasting what he has. Plus, he hates people who do not have a spine, which some people in the Confederacy's military clearly did not have.

Every nation has its highs and lows, including the people in it and running them. I can certainly say that the Republic has its perks and its people, and..." He paused as if he was rethinking what he was about to say. "But I feel like the people of the Republic do and would not like me for obvious reasons regardless of my character." He sighed quietly and briefly turned to look around to see other people before turning back to Minah.

"Though, me personally... I think I would rather hate the nation than its people. Unless we are talking about the Hutts, in which case screw them." Kzaye felt like letting up a bit after saying that, but he was not sure about an Imperial he did not know. But he was curious to see where this conversation will go. "So I suppose I can say you are not my enemy for now, but who knows what the future brings. Though having a diplomat as an enemy would be a new one for me, however, not many carry what I see you have."
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