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Roland Corrin

It was late at House Corrin's Estate and a particularly long day for Roland. Busy was his day, helping out his brother with running the duchy and doing other similar work. A process that Roland had never thought about doing before and simply left it to his other family members in his youth. But, back home and with family after what happened, Roland feels inclined to help out despite not knowing the details of how to rule. Still, he has been getting the hang of it and being a use for his brother.

But now it is the time to relax and unwind after a good dinner. Crayfish is always a good choice and his favorite. So Roland found himself on the balcony and lying down on a recliner. From the balcony in the back of the estate, he had a good view of the city and the Torna Mountains, but instead, Roland looked up and gazed at the stars. Despite not knowing much about the stars or the constellations that have been recorded by scholars. He did enjoy looking at them when he wanted to relax and now seemed like a perfect time for it.

"I knew I would catch you here."

Roland knew the voice and turned his head to see his brother leaning on the railing, looking out towards the city. "Well, old habits die hard, I suppose," Roland replied back. "But why are you here? Shouldn't you be with Gwyneth at this hour?"

"Yeah, I should..., but I wanted to talk to you first about something."

"And what is that, dear brother?"

"It is just that I have been thinking about things, and I have been wondering. What are your plans for the future?" Nathan turned around and was now leaning against the railing while looking at Roland. "I know, of course, that business we have going but past that. I got running the duchy and raising my child once they arrive into this world. But, have you ever thought about your future?"

Roland lay there for a moment to think before talking, "I... I have not thought about that far."

"Really? Nothing at all?" Sounding disappointed, Surely you can have something planned for after, like finding a wife, for example."

Roland chuckled at the thought, "Finding a wife? I suppose that could be one, and I have to admit it would be nice to have what you and Gwyneth have."

"Love is a good thing, and I highly recommend it. But, you are not the type to just lay around the estate. I mean, you were a royal guard for a reason, and not many can say they earned an honor like that."

"That is true, and I know I do not want to be a lowly mercenary that is for should."

Nathan was about to say something when a butler showed up and offered a short bow before speaking. "I am sorry to disturb you, master, but there is an elf at the door with official business from the Queen. It appears to be advisor Vulluin Urimyar, if I am not mistaken."

Both Nathan and Roland perked up, with Roland sitting up in the recliner. "Where is he now, Conrad?" Nathan asked while standing straight up now.

"I have directed him to the lounge, and he is waiting there with servants. From the look of it, they are bearing gifts."

"Did Vulluin say what kind of business he is here for?" Conrad, Roland asked.

"No, he did not, sir."

Roland got up from the recliner and walked over to Nathan. "Well, in that case, I should probably meet Vulluin and see why he is here."

Nathan spoke up, "You sure you want to do that, brother? I mean, I am the duke after all, and how you feel about the queen."

"Yes, it is late, and he did not say why he is here, and I figure that after having a long day like you had. You could use some rest, and I am more than happy to entertain... a guest of the queen for you, and if Vulluin wants you, then I will just get you."

Nathan thought about it for a moment before replying, "I am okay with this, and try not to screw things up," Nathan remarked jokingly.

"I will not, and well, time to see what Vulluin wants." So Roland exited the balcony and headed straight towards the lounge. Truth be told, he did not want to do this, but he was willing to do it for his brother's sake. Since who shows up at this hour of night anyway? Couldn't Vulluin just wait till morning or something? Either way, time to meet Vulluin and see what he wants.

So Roland entered the lounge, a great room like any nobility's lounge, and as Conard said, it was advisor Vulluin Urimyar in the flesh. Roland could recognize him anywhere and addressed the elf. "Hello, advisor Urimyar. If you are looking for my brother, then he is preoccupied at the moment. I am here if this matter does not concern him." Roland sat down on a chair as a servant brought a fresh teapot with cups to the table. Roland sent her away, and she waited near the door if anyone wanted anything.

"So, advisor, what brings you to Tarin at this hour?" Nothing bad, I hope, Roland thought as he waited for the advisor's answer."
Okay so I will not be able to post tonight or expect either Monday or Tuesday for a post from me.
Terror at New Cannan

1. Expected to follow standard site rules
2. No godmodding or powergaming or etc...
3. No OP characters
4. A max of two characters
5. Minimum of one paragraph


@Theyra I just realized I've used Vullian twice, so if it's alright with you, I've shifted the time of sending Vullian to your estate so it happens after the gala.

That is fine with me.
<Snipped quote by Theyra>

Yes, they're good to go now. I'll add them to the compendium. Do you have a name preference for them? "Corrin Household"?

Not really, so just use what fits.
@Estylwen Yeah, I forgot about that, and I have made my edits. Are they good now?

Trapped and Confused: Lost Memories

It was not supposed to happen like this, but when things go wrong, they go wrong, and now you have nothing. Not even your memories or at least you still remember your name. A small blessing you still have that after your memories were stripped from you.

But here you are in Arcadia, the last city on Earth, or at least that is what the mayor and the government officials say. It might as well be since we had no contact with anyone since the founding of the city and the building of the wall. Which honestly seems to keep people in rather protection from the outside. Since that is one of the laws of Arcadia, as you will find out. No one leaves, even though it is a wasteland out there, and who knows if there is civilization out there.

Still, things are not so great here in the last city on Earth, but I am sure you will find that out for yourself. However, one thing I will say is that conflict is brewing within Arcadia. But I will let you find that out all by yourself. Either way, things are going to get interesting in Arcadia and how you and your lost memories factor in well, time for you to find out.

1. Expected to follow standard site rules
2. No godmodding or powergaming or etc...
3. No OP characters
4. A max of two characters
5. Minimum of one paragraph


Hello and welcome to the rp. So this in rp you will be playing as an amnesiac person who finds themselves in the walled city of Arcadia. They have no memory of this city, how they got there and why they are here. The only thing they know is their name and nothing else.

Now, one thing I will say is that your character is not a native of Arcadia, they are unknownly fresh arrivals to the city.


Just a heads up, I have made changes to my cs with Estylwen's permission. The major change is that Roland is not a Duke anymore and is a Knight while his older brother is Duke.

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