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Very interested in this.
Mirko Iskra

So maybe living in the outer colonies had some benefits after all. Mirko thought he would watch the students from Mars get sick during their trip to the moon. A thought he would never ever think of a good thing about living in the outer colonies but seeing the Martian cadets lose their lunch and were sick for a good portion of the trip. It made him glad he is used to zero G, unlike the Martians. However, he did not really try to talk to anyone during the trip. Mainly kept to himself and, like the rest of the outer colony cadets. Plenty of time to talk with his fellow cadets once they have reached the Doppler and not when people are sick and losing their lunch.

Still, Artyom did give him some advice on what to expect, and he was not joking about the strict military procedures. Mirko kinda wished he was joking but either way, he got through it, and the shower at the end was nice. Good showers were a rarity back home at Vesta, despite him staying with Artyom for a bit on Mars and getting great showers there. It was still nice, even for the limited time he had.

Standing for an hour in file doing nothing, waiting for an old man to show up and give a speech. It sucked, but he endured it and only wished that somehow the whole thing was more bearable. Yes, it is probably a military thing or something but did they need to have them stand for an hour just for a speech? Not to him, and still, he understood was the old man said and about the lances.

And now, after all, that was over, he was now in a room with some cadets. No one was talking, and during the silence, Mirko tried to get a feel for his fellow cadets, and he recognized one, an outer colonist like him from the trip. The others, no clue, really, and he was tempted to say something. But he chooses to remain silent and wait for someone to speak up, if anyone at all did that before their instructors arrived. So the other outer colony colonist chose to speak up and break the ice. Aron Krol is his name, after him that Mirko had the confidence to talk. "Mirko Iskra," he said with his right hand slightly raised. "Also, former miner in the outer colonies and maybe Aron. But I feel like we are due to more talking and not getting into our mechs today. So yeah, more jerking around."
Interested, might do Jinn if that would be allowed.

Okay, I have realized that I may not have the time to run this right now so I am closing it.
We are still looking for new players if anyone else is interested. Here is the link to the thread, Thread
Your kind has many names, savior, champion, hero but also villain, destroyer, terrorist. Somehow years ago, your kind managed to control and harness the power of the void. A dimension few have been to, and even fewer understand. A feat considered impossible, and your kind used this awesome power to protect the galaxy from the Scourge. A robotic race hellbent on assimilating any sentient organics they can find in order to make themselves more powerful. The first generation proved to be a deciding factor in the war and when the Scourge was eliminated. They were hailed as heroes and would not sit idly by for long. They decided to help people, protect the innocent, and dealt several blows to infamous groups and nations. Led by a shadowy individual only known at the Oracle. Your kind was seen as a force of good in the galaxy. However, something happened to them. I am not sure what, or I do not believe anyone knows what happened to them except the Oracle herself. To what caused them to turn heel and attack the ones they used to protect? This went on for years before they suddenly vanished. Most of your kind were not seen again, mostly. Some of them would surface, and death normally follows them. Your kind was called the Ethereals, and this is the legacy that they left on the galaxy, hope, peace, death, and war.

But that was them, the first generation of Ethereals to grace the galaxy. You, my students, you the second generation of Ethereals and will not fall like the first generation. I knew the Ethereals well and worked with them many times. I even learned how the Ethereals got their abilities. That was before they changed and... they turned murderous. I did not always agree with the Oracle's methods of how they handled the first generation. Which, I do not seek to make the same mistakes. Unlike the first generation, who did not have a choice and was given their role by others, I gave you the choice after I rescued you from the Oracle's grasp. Those among you who choose to stay and be trained in the ways of the warrior.

My students, you are ready but remain aware. The galaxy will not welcome you with open arms. Most will shun, hate, and even try to attack you because of the deeds of the first generation. While others might be willing to accept help from you. You must earn their trust and show that you are not like the first gen. There will be many challenges I wager that you will face. I am hopeful that you will overcome anything that comes your way. Now is your time for the second generation to leave your mark on the galaxy. Let it be one of justice and honor and not of cruelty and death. Go forth and claim your destiny, my Ethereals.


So this is an old rp idea of mine and one inspired by Warframe if anyone is familiar with that game. So players will be playing as the second generation of Ethereals after the first gen, once known as heroes, turned and became villains before most disappearing and making sporadic appearances ever since. The rp will be about the second gen earning their place in the galaxy, uncovering a thought dead threat while discovering what caused the first gen to turn, and facing a new threat in the process.

As for what powers you can have, mind control and time powers are not allowed. Other powers you can have as long they are not op.

The setting is in the future, thinking around the 2400s. For what is available to the player's gear, power armor with shields and or customizations and like in the game. Players can use all sorts of ranged and melee weapons like plasma, laser, or projectile weapons.

So that is the rp and if anyone has questions, just ask and I am looking for a co-gm if anyone would be interested in that.

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