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Current Would a vegan Gangster be unable to have beef?
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I am still trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop, I get lost after 42 and I accidentally bite it.
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If Michigan was to be just turned into a lake. Can we call it Michigone?
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So how long do you think it takes for a vampire to die it is has a splinter stuck in one of its arteries?


About me:
I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything, except smut. I left that shit in fucking Kik and I ain't going back. And I have been roleplaying for about 7 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

I am normally a very easy guy to get a hold of. If you use one of the following contact info I should get back to you within 10 minutes, if you use discord just @me and I can respond within a quick time (If I'm at my keyboard that is).

AND PLEASE IF YOU THINK I FORGOT AN RP MESSAGE ME!!!! I CAN GARENTEE THAT I FORGOT AS I WAS PROBABLY PRAYING TO THE GODS OF CHAOS THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO WIN THE NEXT GAME OF MAGIC I'M GOING TO PLAY!!! (In all seriousness I'm very forgetful and scatter brained, just send me a message and I should be able to pump out that post in no time)

Contact info: (I know, don't judge)

Discord is- KingChoas #4030 (Ain't too hard isn't it?)

If you need my phone number: First off, who are you and why? Second off, Please don't spam me or I will find you and shove your phone down your throat and make you puke it up and do it again into a trash compactor and watch you cry. Then buy you a new phone. (Just saying I hate spam, also if you get my number you are the 3rd person to every get my phone number, next to my mom and my sister.)

The partners I am looking for right now is people who are chill and relax as well as just some genuinely nice people to chat to and play with. Any style is fine, just be ready as there are time where it will take some time for advanced posts will take me a few days.

Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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@Dark Jack I'm sorry but it seems I will be unable to get that post I promised up. So you can move things along as Arcturus succeeding in tackling Ishin.
I'll throw up a post soon. @Dark Jack
As Ishin pulls he braces himself as he hears the gun fire. And with a strength he could only muster in a prayer. He pulls with his arms and legs with the force of pistons. He then had a moment of hope as he felt his body start to move backwards until he sees the beast's hand come through and grip onto the gun he was trying to take. As multiple thoughts ran through his head as his body told him to pull even harder and try to over power the beast.

Yet, as he hears someone yell, “Get away from that!” Ishin finds himself moving on its own more and more often. As Ishin's hands opened on their own as he let the gun slip through his hands. His tensed muscles finally released as he throws himself off the wall. As he finds his leg strength is incredible as he threw himself a good few feet as he starts a roll.

As Ishin recovered from his roll he lands in a crouch as he holds his left hand down to balance himself. As he looks onward towards the door, missing the mark underneath him, as he waits to see what comes through. He processes what he just did, that wasn't a natural launch he did. It felt as if his muscles expanded and bulged for a moment to give him greater strength. Maybe it is that fight or flight thing. Where when you are met with a life threatening situation your body can push beyond its normal means. Whatever the case is Ishin knows that whatever happens next, it's gonna be a real pain if they can't take down that big beast.
I'll be throwing a post up soon @Dark Jack
Also if anyone has been thinking I've been late on responses. You are right I just take a while to try and respond with my strange hours at work for the moment.

Yet with discord I am normally on top of it. So, I made a chat for that exact purpose!
@EurmalEye Hey! You are more than welcomed to join! It's still open to everyone!

It's up, making characters is the next step.

Alright I found time where I can do things other than sleep and work!
(Sickness has made doing anything else a true pain)
The Festival of Destiny

Come one, come all!

Friendly faces from across the lands are invited to Andour City, for the famous Festival of Destiny, held every five years. All present in the city may partake in a week of merriment and festivity. Rare and exotic delicacies! Delights, performances, games and amusements! Religious observations, ceremonies, free weddings at any temple! A grand contest of arms! And of course, the great Parade of Destiny, in which the city honors those Marked and blessed by the Gods, where all Marked are invited to march across the city, hand in hand with their fated partner.

All are welcome! All are invited! By the grace and generosity of the Royal Family, King Dreyen Allervai and Queen Landra Allervai, we celebrate the bounty of the Gods and the joys of fate.

Come one, come all!

Welcome to the Festival of Destiny! This is a High Casual Fantasy and Romance RP about celebration, fate, and finding that special someone. Set in a D&D / Pathfinder inspired fantasy world, players will play as Marked, people from all over the world born with a special mark on their bodies that signifies that they have a soulmate somewhere in the world that they are fated to fall in love with. Everyone’s mark has a different design, but when a fated pair falls in love, their marks change and transform into a new one, one they share that usually takes elements of both.

The RP will take place over the course of the week-long Festival of Destiny, a celebration held every five years by the cosmopolitan (though primarily human) Kingdom of Andour, during which Marked come from all across the land, hoping to meet their beloved (or for any number of reasons – a celebration needs entertainment, supplies, professionals, many dignitaries from the Kingdom and its allies are expected to make an appearance, and so forth). Festivities will vary from day to day, but in general you can expect the RP to have an ultimately light-hearted, rom-com, adventurous tone, as players roam about, get into hijinks, partake in the various adventures and amusements the festival has to offer, and hopefully find true love by the end of it!

Any and all (humanoid) characters are accepted: you can be a princess, a wizard, a dragonslaying knight, a pickpocket, a crime boss, an innkeep, a blacksmith, a soldier. Whatever you want. This is a lighthearted RP, but that doesn’t mean that serious topics or characters are taboo; feel free to have as dark and tragic a backstory as you want for your character, it’ll make it even more fun when we throw them into the festival. When the RP begins, I will secretly match all of the characters together, and over the course of the RP, fate may twist and turn to bring certain characters together… or drive them apart. Either way, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!


1. Don’t be a jerk.
2. Post quality is High Casual. I’m not a massive stickler about grammar, but I do have a bare minimum of expectations. Two paragraphs or more a post is fine.
3. Posts should come at least once every five days – if you’re going to be unable to post longer than that, just let me know beforehand. I promise, I don’t bite.
4. This is an RP about character interaction, so characters should ideally be complex and have a good deal of depth to them.
5. Worldbuilding is encouraged! Make up a kingdom across the sea, make up an order of knights or a mercenary company, make up whatever you want. Work with other players if you want! Be creative! Have fun with it!
6. Multiple characters are allowed, though for now I’m going to limit it to two a person. I also reserve the right to close admissions down the road to characters of certain genders / orientations, in the name of everyone getting a partner, should an imbalance develop.
7. All standard guild rules apply. If things get heated, fade to black or take it to PMs, please.
8. Have fun with it! We’re here to tell a fun story about true love, adventure, and magic.
9. Post CS applications in the OOC or PM them to me, then move them to the characters tab when approved. Whichever way you want is fine. Hell, you can even mail them to me via passenger pigeon, though I’d probably ask how you got my address.
10. Be excellent to each other.
11. Party on, dudes!

Character Sheet

Ishin watches the scene unfold in a shocked state. As he watched the two men strike the arm that crashed through the door and a flash of a memory comes to him. A flash of him watching as a door comes breaking down, blood spilling out, and screaming of women. As his eyes begin to fills with blood and he starts to shake as his vision comes back to the waking world where he sees the large bestial hand that came crashing through the door. The hand tore itself out of the pinned area with the spears as it does it spilled blood everywhere. And something made Ishin step back almost as if it was running from something he didn't see.

Ishin's hand subconsciously gripped onto his axe and took a back step away from the front of the door as his axe is now positioned in a way to do an upward chop. His mind is completely clouded as he watches blood spill and his mind replays that little scene in his head over and over. Something is keeping him from concentrating, it's like his mind is telling him to run away, yet it's like his body is telling him to fight. Yet the moment the gun shot rings out Ishin snaps back to the waking world as he finds himself away from where he remembered and that he is now watching Arcturus dive away from the gun fire. Ishin brings himself back into the waking world as he lifts his head and focuses, as his mind tries to blank he stays focused and keeps himself in the present. Dreams need to stay out of his mind right now, they had a fight on their hands and that there is now a barrel staring them down.

The room seemed to darken, what is going on? Maybe he is focusing too deeply and he is losing his peripherals? That doesn't matter as Ishin heard Arcturus speaks up, he makes a good point. They couldn't hold here forever, or even long for that matter. They need to either run or fight their way out. Yet, that is a difficult order to ask as the beast they have on that side has to be tough. Maybe they can find some way to get away, yet that ringing is so strange. What is achieved from it?

'Stop thinking about that damn bell', Ishin lets out in a sigh "We have no real way out". He begins to shift his way over to the side of the door, trying to keep out of the watchful eye of the gunman and thinks for a moment, should I really try this? To hell with it all! As he goes to grab the tip of the gun and put his foot against the wall and launch himself away to try and yank the gun from the mans hands. Hell maybe he can take the gun and they can use the shots in it, but the hopes is to take the gun away from the man using it. That gives them a fighting chance again.
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