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Current I play both sides so that I always lose.
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Can your Father still claim you if the Mail Man delivered you?
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I challenge you to a game of Paradox Billiards Vostroyan Roulette Forth Dimentional Hypercube Chess Strip Poker!!!
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So I realized that the highest honor anyone can get is not to get a Nobel Peace prize, nor getting your name taught throughout history. It's being made into an Anime Character with giant boobs.
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So where do I go after Elysium? I just made it through after beating a Chad-dude and his giant burly friend with horns at a break dancing contest.


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I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything. And I have been roleplaying for about 8 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

I am normally a very easy guy to get a hold of. If you use one of the following contact info I should get back to you within 10 minutes, if you use discord just @me and I can respond within a quick time (If I'm at my keyboard that is).

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Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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Velles 5th

Location: Merchant District of Ersand'Ernise
Day of the week: Taldes
Time: 5:00 HE
Collab By: Trypano @A Lowly Wretch, Desmond @Th3King0fChaos, Brother Wolf/Lamb @Force and Fury


Interaction: Highstakes

Location: A fountain by the Arboretum

Interactions: Zarra @BreathOfTheWoof, Ingrid @dragonpiece, Sven @Force and Fury, Dory@jasbraq, Ayla@Ti, Casii@Pirouette, Ymiico@Salsa Verde

Enough is Enough

Desmond showed up to the fountain about on time, maybe a minute early, but being early is better than late. The hissing of the gas lamp made him uneasy, it was almost like the sound of a snake in the distance, and the energy it caused made him wary of being near the lamp. It made him feel as if he was standing near a burning fuse, waiting to explode something. Yet either way, he noticed a few people each wearing the same thing, a red ribbon. Desmond wore his and his wrist, something tucked and neatly made to make it very easy to hide in the cuff of his shirt. He gave nods to those he knew, and then simple little head bows to those he did not know.

They waited for roughly up to 10 minutes, nothing but waiting, they sat and waited, and as Desmond began to grumble to himself he saw a flash, a poster seemingly appeared. They all moved over to it as they all read it silently to themselves, then another one, then one last one. They wanted to test them, to see if they had the right mindset for this. As right when they finished reading, Desmond heard Ayla, speak up first. He at least decided to give her the courtesy to speak and not be interrupted, that was until she had been talking for over a minute and was not even done with her hypotheticals, as Ingrid spoke over Ayla, Desmond did the same, as he had something to say, and he would not be denied that, "Laws are made to protect the general people against abuses from others, organizations, and the government itself. But when it fails to do those things and becomes unjust, then we must break them. As it is not just right to, but we must, to show the corruption and unjustness of it".

Velles 5th

Location: Torragonese Desert - The Dragon: Burdensome Beasts
Day of the week: Taldes
Characters: Ayla @Ti, Zarina @YummyYummy
Isabella @Pantothenic, Jocasta @Force and Fury, Marceline
Nazih @Ziegenkonig

Desmond sat upon his Halassa in a very relaxed manner, he was facing off the right side of the Halassa as one leg was crossed over the other as he looked off into the vast expanse of the desert. He and Velani already spoke decently enough of their approach. Sabotage is low on their priority, amongst the 2 of them their goal is to defend and make their way across the finish line, one much faster than the other. Desmond he is curious in actually searching for specific items, loot, and other things, Velani not as much. As Velani was off making water to fill their canteens, Desmond sat upon his Halassa thinking. In his thought he seemed to shift in uncomfort from his new clothing, it was large clothes and garbs meant to cover every inch of him from the sun while trapping moisture, it was an uncomfortable feeling, almost counterintuitive to the survival tactics he was taught as a magusjeager from the colder climates, however, this is a different environment, so he needed to dress as such. He adjusted his body, he shifted some of the clothes, some items strewn across him, and even seemingly something underneath his clothing.

As he waited, thinking about why he was here, what he was doing, and why would he even care for a box and keeping it out of the hands of other countries, he heard a yell from behind as his covered head turned to see Ismette and Miret had made it through their round, and now it was their turn.

Here Be Froabas

As they covered the many open distance of the desert, Desmond had faced off against and deterred the many attacks that had been aimed at him. He used much of his magic to guide and control his Halassa. Yet the one he could not handle was the one that came above, as when a Froabas came swooping down, his Halassa had hunkered down as many people tried to use this time to knock each other off. Desmond and Velani had prepared to defend themselves as Velani made shields to protect them from other attacks as once they were able to move they kept going, as next came an area that would be where the pair would go their separate ways.

Into the Depths

As Desmond and Velani reached the caves, Desmond and her made chemical compositions that can burn for light for her, While Desmond used Arcane to create light for him to see. As her5e was a place that would be a place that would be a difficult place to guide the Halassa, however it was perfect for searching for treasures and goodies. As Desmond was not as lucky to find rare treasures, no gold, no silver, no special weapon, no he found a lone Dragon egg. A smile crossed his face as he kinetically lifted it up and took it into his grasp before he headed off through the tunnel system before he continued off into the

Gilded Fruit

Once Desmond and Velani exited the tunnel system, they found themselves not far from each other as they both charged through to the large cactus with the Golden Prickly Pears. As once they made it to the bottom of the cactus, they provided support to each other, Desmond used kinetic magic to try and pluck 2 fruits for him and Velani while she supports him and protects him from this very oblivious area of sabotage. As once they both had hold of their fruit they both began to race off throwing some magic behind them to deter others from trying to attack at them again.

An Up Hill Battle

Desmond and Velani challenged the climb together, as his RAS was too low for him to challenge it by himself. Velani used her Binding to make more solid places for their Halassas to step while Desmond played defense, throwing attacks at those who were trying to throw them off and using magnetic to keep himself and Velani attached to their Halassas. Instead of trying to harass others, they both pushed on to try and secure higher spots in the race.

One Last Push

As the last leg of the race was completely flat terrain that was a battlefield, spells were slung, people went flying, as Halassa went mad. Desmond and Velani knew the best course was to keep to themselves and play defensive in this fight. That did not mean others did not try to fight them. As Attacks were thrown, Desmond was outpowered here, but not outmatched. He could not counter the attacks directly, he needed to stop them from attacking, forcing them to flinch, or even just stopping them before they were ever able to attack. Desmond used quick flashes, kinetic jabs, and electric shocks to force people to flinch from their planned attacks. Velani played stalwart defense as she made barriers when it came time and caught their Halassas when it came to it, which was the sole reason Desmond was not sent back to the start of this last leg from Zarina trying to sabotage him.

Yet through it all, even when Desmond did not come first, he felt as if he had a fun time, he had found some interesting things. He was able to protect the Dragon egg he found, he was able to participate in a race that he has heard multiple times about but never was able to view before, and now he has some interesting stories to talk about. As Soon enough he dismounted and gave many pets to his mount before he was approached by Zarina for an interesting proposition.

Location: Ersand'Enise Auction House


After the Melon Derby had finished and a few words were given to Zarra about him causing such property damage, it was finally time for some celebrations for after. As Team Snaked and Afraid & Team Shortlisted were able to secure 4th place! Leaving Desmond in a very good mood as nothing much could have really gotten him down. The Team did well, they had secured a placing much higher than Desmond could have imagined, Desmond had some fun, and he thinks he's made a decent enough impression upon his shorter teammates. Some strange things happened, he thinks he may have been hit on by someone he didn't even see, however he wasn't too sure, it could have been someone who was mocking him, yet it did not matter. Desmond was in a good enough mood to go and buy himself a coffee, as he left to go to Zeno bucks.

That was a terrible idea, the moment Desmond made it there he saw that a crowd was forming around the owner of Zeno bucks, Zarina, and the spitting yasoi, Casii, as they were both brawling. As they threw punches, people roared and yelled in excitement as he saw Silas and Marceline seeming to set up a betting pool. Desmond made his way over as he saw the crowd getting too excited as it seemed people began to fall into the bets, as Desmond decided to help, 'Why not? It's just a bit of help'. The little bit of help had carried him into then needing to run away from the crowd as it roared in excitement, more and more so 'till the point where a full brawl occurred. One man bumped into another, one didn't take kindly and neither did their friends, as then fighting began to happen, as the man who was originally overseeing this entire fist fight, Zeno Sectoxomactex, had now searched out those who had possibly stolen or lost the money. Desmond was passed the hat they had used to collect the money as him and Silas split ways and used the many different people to break up who had what and if they ever had the money. As once Desmond had escaped, he had passed the hat off to a respectable boy to take care of. Desmond shook his head as he decided to maybe make himself sparse and even somewhere else, as he heard there was an auction going on, maybe if he decided to go and make some bids and even win something the heat would be lifted off of him as Marci and Silas take some heat before they go and take their cut from the 'bids'.

What was to be a fun time became something Desmond was afraid of getting into, especially so early on in his life here. Sure it started off fine, Desmond made some bets on some different things: 3 Prime mana shots Desmond will be splitting with Penny after some friendly banter, some somber banter as they talk of what could have been hassling because Zarina believes he owes her and Casii money, and then a friendly painting duel. Next came the Pyrite rock Desmond and Ingrid were very interested in as for her it was for mining, for Desmond it was to try and recreate Sirrahi technology. After which finally came something Desmond could not pass up, a Hydra Skull big enough for him to wear. Desmond had an idea for something so he wanted it, as he bided and got it for 6 magus, not a bad deal. Yet the final thing to come was something that had brought something trully troublesome to their door. An unassuming music box with strange characters carved on it. Some symbols resemble mighty dragons, others mountains, but nobody seems to be able to translate. Some say it predates the fall of the Avincian empire. It is currently broken and requires a brilliant mind to work on it. Extremely fine craftsmanship can be noticed when thoroughly inspected. At first Desmond wished to get it to work on it, it was for his own pride, yet it became more and more apparent that they were betting on something that was more than just a music box. As the bidding soared, it reached levels Desmond was left worried, he put in so much and others seemed to put more, Ingrid's and Desmond's funds were quite high, yet it seemed as if they betted against a whole bank. Desmond swallowed as a voice cut the bidding, "I believe, that we should perhaps make this a closed--door auction, as there appear to be only three parties still bidding". As soon began a fate-changing encounter.

Later that day when Ingrid finally woke up, the group had been waiting for her to make sure she was okay, Desmond threw some quippy lines while they spoke trying to lighten the mood from what was a stressful situation. As once people were calm and ready, they talked about the box, as it was found it was a box able to pacify one of the biggest Dragons known to man, the Tyrannus Monsigneus. As that night an Order was formed, as it had multiple individuals as the core of the group: Sven, Ismette, Ingrid, Desmond, Benedetto, Woren, Dorisay, Ghaven, Talkhen, and Korin. These people all knew what this was, what they were doing, and knew the plan was simple: they needed to get 27,00 Magus to buy the box themselves so neither Revidia nor eskand can get it. Once they do that they will fix the box so they can use it. For fun. Demsond wasn't sure why he agreed with any of this in the first place, evne the bidding, yet he was here now, and feet weren't made facing backwards. So for Desmond, the only path was forward.


Mentions/Interaction: Arne'altan'jaros, The Skygge @Force and Fury, and Vali @Wolfieh

The fighting was intense with the Havetskriger was fierce, they had lost 15 of the 30 foot men who had helped the these 4 great heroes. However after the fighting they were able to beat the creature down to a state where they were able to restrain it once more. Yet their work was not done, taking down and restraining the beast was but the first of the crisis, now came the many raiders, bandits, and sea folk whom seemed to have came to take from them. Kol's face was stern, his anger was something immense, he drew in energy as he stepped forward and barked, no, roared. Each step was heavy as he called those around him and nearby as he carries his voice with gift, "These Greenlanders have came from the pits of hell and brought its fires with them!" As Kol roared out to those abled men who ran, he knew this was not something they could do with just the army. They needed every abled person to push back against the fires and raiders, "Why do you run? This is our home, they come to burn our home! Bring water! Bear fangs! They come to burn us! Let their fires burn our hearts, we are not a people to cower!" Kol throws his hands out to each side and begins to fill those around him with Essence Magic, he roars once more, "Now, we save our home from these invaders! Send these Hellraisers back to where they belong! Quell the fires with the cleansing waters of our home!"

Kol turned to those behind him he then ordered, "Arne, you must go to the Grontempel, there are fires the must be put out and pillagers who must be coming from there". Kol then looked to Vali and the Skygge as he said, "You both go to the docks. My Brother, you will need to grab as many people as you can and must go quickly, for them to leave they must leave by ship. Make sure to clear the Market place as you can as you go and leave others to finish there while you go to stop them from leaving". As Kol looked to Then finally Kol said, "We must leave now, I will go to the Kongesalan. There are raiders and fires there that must be put out before they b-". Yet before Kol could finish what he was saying his head began to turn as they all bore witness to the Great Tree being touched with fire. Kol spoke as his feet began to move towards it, "We must go". As Kol roared once more to all who were looking, "GO! Our city shall burn if we do not! Go to where you were told!" As Kol began to draw energies from the fires and began to enhance himself to leap and move through the city. As Kol drew from the energies from fires, he tried to put some out as he moved, assisting by giving others Essence Magic, and using Arcane to draw in the heat and flames quickly to continue moving. Anytime Kol came across a raider, pillager, or Hellraiser he took their heads without mercy and without resistance. Kol, Deaths Hand had arrived, and all in his way had Hell to Pay.

Velles 5th

Location: The Docks of Ersand’Enise
Day of the week: Taldes
Time: 5:00 HE
Interactions/Mentions: Sinn’ulen’luunetar @YummyYummy, Carmillia @Animus, Silas @Tackytaff, Trypano @A Lowly Wretch

Desmond had a 'big job' extended to him through Silas, it was one that could net them 600 magi, Desmond was in some need of cash, so he accepted without much question of other than, "Will there be any fighting?". Desmond was met with a surprise as he found out this was a job that wouldn't need blood, must be an important grab in his mind then, as when he found out who they were going to talk to, Desmond thought this got much more serious, as a smile came to his face. Once they had met and was vetted by an envoy, they had made their way to a seemingly lonesome dockyard where they had stepped upon a ship where they met the infamous broker himself, Sinn’ulen’luunetar. Some say he is able to procure you anything, may it be Dragon scales from a Gehenna, an apple from the tree of life in Eskand, or even the Crown jewel of the Perrench crown, if you pay the price, he can get it for you.

Desmond listened calmly as he showed no signs of his curiosity, not that Sinn seemed to allow them to speak. He kept the meeting brief as he was quick to tell them what they needed, one drop of blood or five pieces of hair. Once Sinn put away the vials, he left the bag on the barrel and Desmond quickly took it before they were shooed away. Once the 4 youths left the docks and moved towards an area less suspicious yet still quiet, Desmond fished out the envelope and read the parchment as he turned it to the two girls for them to see and said so Silas could know, "Well seems we are after the Golden Boy of Covenant. Does everyone know who he is?" Desmond asked in a general sense as there might be a possibility someone here doesn't know who he is. However, he is such an interesting character Desmond doubted it.

Velles 5th

Location: The Proving Grounds of Ersand’Enise
Day of the week: Taldes
Time: 5:32 HO
Characters: Nazih @Ziegenkonig, Oksana @Ti, and Casii @Pirouette

Nobles, Commoners, Merchants, and Artisans, no matter the walks of life, no matter what rung of the ladder of life you are on, one thing is for certain, in the ring all men are equal. Yet those outside the ring are not, they neither follow those rules nor care for them. They will deal in underhanded dealings, those unable to fight will find a man who can to gain money and do dirty bids. Some will bet on their own fighters to lose, and sometimes even have their fighter lose. Dirty money passes between blackened hands, hidden motives shifting and controlling the ring of fighter, and even now silver tongues and evil deeds will try and make a move and shake the known fact that within the ring: 'All Men are Equal'.

Standing outside the Proving Grounds where roaring cheers and be heard, there stands a slightly taller man with a hefty build, a large coat and shirt of elaborate colors, with a thick mustache that attaches to his sideburns that goes up to a balding head. He seems to be frustrated and slightly panicked as he pats his forehead with a handkerchief as he huffs and sighs before he takes a toke from his pipe and lets out a sigh was the smoke flows out. He seemed to be in talking to the many people around him who seem to be trying to get his attention yet he seems all but unable to hear them as he gave them no mind. Yet his attention was drawn to a smaller man who was being followed by multiple other individuals, each of whom coming from different walks of life however they all were reached out to for different reasons. Some were seen to have been in the proving grounds a number of times should have some knowledge of some of the more regulars and odd ones in the area, others because of their connections that might make them good for assisting with this troubling buisness, and a select few are here for in case that they fail.

"Ah, thank goodness! You've came! It seems a fewer amount than I expected…"

The man looked to the those who are now standing in front of him, 4 people who have accepted the request from different sources and each of which who come from different walks of life. The larger man shook his head as he said, "Ah, where are my manners? I am Rodrick Von Dyper". As he took a light dip of his head, he seemed to have attempted a bow if he was less 'wealthy', besides that, he brought his head back up as he then continued, "I am most thankful of your showing up. As you know I am in needing of assistance, the Guard and Century had neither believed nor cared of this so I had to look towards other means".

He spoke with a huff towards the end as if he was being worked up by just the thought of the treatment he was given. "Even when I sent them the anonymous letter I received, all they told me was not to send them scribblings. Scribblings! Bah, they obviously don't know how to read if they thought of it as such things. Either way, that is why I called you here today. I received a letter that told me that one of the other groups here today will be attempting to 'take out' my fighter, Jorge". The man took a sigh and then a breath as he seemed to have been talking too long before he recomposed himself before he continues. "So now I brought you 4 here to look into the other competitors and deduce which of them will be trying to sabotage my fighter and then stop said sabotage".

As once the man finishes his last word almost on cue a giant beast of a man lightly taps on the man's shoulder. As Rodrick turns he goes and looks up at the man as the full size of the man is now fully seen. The man easily stands head and shoulders taller than even the working men here, with a wide and thick frame that could barely fit into a wagon, with fur-like hair covering his face and arms as his hand seems thick and scarred up as the hair seems to cover thickly yet still shows the much wear it still had. As when he spoke his voice bellowed out in a deep and solid voice.

"Hey boss, we need to start heading off, the sign ins are beginning"

Rodrick nodded as he looked towards the 4 he had hired and said, "Ah yes, this is Jorge, we will be heading off, the tournament will start in about an hour and a half. I wish you all the best luck". As Rodrick began to leave, his pose began to follow as before Jorge left he waved to the group and gave them a smile begore he left with Rodrick. Leaving the 4 people now here to figure out what they shall do, an hour and a half isn't much, but they were given a pass using Rodrick's name to enter the under area where the fighters and handlers are and can talk around and maybe 'find' evidence and possibly stop the possible sabotage to take Jorge out of the competition.

Abandoned Neodymium Mine
Eunsan Mountain Range
250 Kilometers Southwest of Balya Gora
March 23rd, 3030
Gawain and The Green Knights
His clothing: Boots, long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, holstered handgun with 20 rounds

Once Tarak, Reya, and Ziska made it to the meeting after their little shenanigans, Tarak was able to go through the meeting without an issue. However when Hugh was introduced the air felt different, everyone was on edge as Hugh was introduced, even Ingrid seemed completely on edge as Tarak thought he heard the sounds of teeth grinding and as if she was prepared to draw her sword as she grumbled to herself something along the lines of: Hugh is a risk because he could be a spy. Tarak could agree with the sentiment Ingrid was feeling however it was also a gung-ho sentiment of being ready to cut him down at this moment that Gawain seemed to not want to allow. As he set down the law onto the multiple possible people who seemed to have been in the same mind as Ingrid. After which they learned Hugh's story, Tarak could say it is pretty unbelievable, however, Gawain seemed willing to believe, Tarak thought it was possible for him to believe the story, well, not allow Ingrid to slice his throat in broad daylight. After that Gawain let the warriors loose and allowed them to celebrate with some of their spoils they had just procured.

Tarak had another plan, as once dismissed he headed straight for the small blockade the Misfits had made for their little base as he saw them at work. Each one too excited to contain themselves as they are finally able to have a proper meal and drink after such a rough time. As Tarak made his way to the tinkering table as he saw the stereo he had liberated being right now tinkered by a slim blonde young man who seemed to whistle and tap his foot while working on the stereo. Tarak called out to him with a bright smile, "Hey Samuel! How's the stereo going?". The man looked up to the giant and said with a smile, "Oh, it's going well, I just finished up the wiring. Give me another 30 minutes and I can get this into a better casing so you can give it to your Special Friend" Samuel snickers as he is about to go back to working before he remembers something as he turns back and says, "Oh yeah, Iris wanted to talk to you. She said something about maybe getting the Spider back up and running".

Tarak sighed as he began making his way to the Twin's room, where he saw a young blonde girl struggling to do push ups. She seemed almost too focused in her struggle to realize that Tarak made his way into the room as he was able to take a quick inspection of her. 'Her wounds seem to have been healing decently all things considered. Might be because of her innate tenacity', as Tarak inspected her he saw the noticeable scars spanning her arms and legs from what happened. Tarak began remembering what happened, she was in his lance as they were hit by the Crimson Fists, she took some devistating hits and was nearly killed in the quick exchange that occurred, it was honestly a miracle she was able to make it out after the beating the Spider took from the bombardment they sustained. Tarak felt himself get pulled from his thoughts as he heard a voice call to him, "Hey, Tarak!" Tarak's eyes were now looking down to the young girl as she looked up to him as she continued, "Hey were you sleeping or something? You were just standing there".

Tarak shook his head as he came to again now bringing himself back to the present as he said, "Hu? Yeah, I was just tired after all the stuff. So you wanted to talk to me about something?" Iris looked to Tarak worried as she said, "Yeah, was hoping to talk to you about possible sorties or something to go and get parts to patch up the Spider back into a working condition again". Tarak said with a thought on his mind, "Ah another kit bash? I can see what we can do, you do know it will be a while before we will go out again, and we did sustain some damage, so it will probably be a while before we can start to get the Spider back up and running again. And before then you still need to et back into a much better shape". Iris looked down as she rubbed her arm as she seemed almost saddened, she seemed to become lost in thought as tarak set his hand down onto her head and said, "It will happen in due time. We will get the Spider back into the fight when you are ready, just make sure you take care of yourself. There is no need to get the Spider up if you can't pilot her properly". Iris reluctantly nods and accepts Tarak's words as he began to say goodbyes before heading off to check in with the other Misfits, and then finally back to Samuel to get the Stereo that has now been given a new housing to make it a much more portable device and even given a fresh coat of paint.

As now Tarak makes his way off to find Reya, as he had a gift to deliver.

Desmond rubbed the back of his head as he walked the streets of Ersand'Ernise with 2 other males in front of him, they all wore thick fitted grey pants, white tough white coats, and each had a long grey cape that signified who they were, Lamplighters. Yet unlike Desmond who seemed to walk calmly and easily, however, the two walking in front of him seemed like they walked like kings. Their steps were firm and their eyes seemed almost like they look down on others, yet it seemed like they were watching for something, waiting. As Desmond finally pulled out his scroll tube to look at his schematics from the guns he got from the Sirrahi. He was beginning to figure out now possible chemicals needed for now propulsion, and he was struggling with something very important that the bullets seem to do, by striking the back of the metal casing it ignites the gunpowder and then shoots the bullets out. Desmond has been thinking about what he could do for such a thing, he's tried gunpowder, he's tried different chemicals, yet nothing seemed to be as good as the Sirrahi tech other than his own magic. Yet he wishes to recreate it to lower the burden he will need to use his weapon, yet as he starts to think about what he could do or who he could go to for this. Desmond sighed as he looked until a yell resounded in Desmond's ears as his head whipped up and saw something as he rushed over while throwing his scrolls into his satchel and yelling, "Hey what the hell are you doing?!"

As there looms his two patrolling partners, one with a wooden cudgel in hand as there is a smaller male cowering on the ground as he holds his head as blood pours out. Desmond pushes them out of the way yelling, "What the fuck?!" As Desmond goes down to check on the man, he was maybe a little under the height of a man his age, maybe similar in height and size to Silas. Desmond whipped around and demanded an answer once more, "Why did you hit him?! What did he do?!". His partners looked to him smugly as they said, "Stopping a thief. You see his grubby hands had an apple, obviously, he stole it". Desmond then shoves the man who said that back as finally they saw Desmond's full size. Desmond quite often seems unimposing, almost everything about him is average, he was pretty good looking however other than that he was average and even thin looking because of his clothing and build. Yet now, he seemed to almost loom over them, his height was slightly above average making him tall enough to look down upon the one he is talking to as his age made him taller while he stands chest to chest with the boy. And at that moment, Desmond's eyes looked sharp and cold as there seemed to be something dark and looming. Both of the Lamplighters seemed to almost draw and fill in response to his aggression, yet Desmond seemed too calm, as his body seemed to even become a lower and lower energy source yet it flared with energy, as he drew from his own internal energies to seem almost invisible while flaring his own manas. Something hard to understand in just a moment.

Yet that was not what scared them it was when Desmond looked down to the man and met his eyes while saying, "Do something". Both shivered as Desmond stood there before he pointed to the Lamplighter he isn't looking at, "You will Heal him and continue our route. I am taking this one back to be turned in. I will be back in 10 minutes, you better be doing your job correctly". The Lamplighter he was pointing to seemed to stand still watching in fear until Desmond turns and barks, "Go!" As the Lamplighter kneels down and begins to heal the boy before heading off. Desmond turned back to the lamplighter he is looking at as he says to the young man who was hit behind him, "Hey kid are you okay?". The boy said with a soft voice, "Yes sir". Desmond then turned to him and said with a smile, "That's good, you get along now, you should clean yourself up when you get a chance". Desmond then looked back and grabbed the arm of the man he is looming over and says, "Come on".

As they left the area, they felt eyes looming on them as they all saw what happened, most would have never seen nor cared until someone made light of it, and now? They all looked as if they witnessed something despicable, something as if a crime was committed. The Lamplighter felt the pressure looming on him, he has never felt this, he was always the one right, the one in power, and now? He is being dragged in by a Commoner, a low-born man who is here for the money. He was now being treated like some criminal like he was a commoner who committed a crime. This is the position Desmond should be in, not him! As the man thought as they walked, yes, as a Noble he shouldn't be here, this is the place of a Commoner. As the boy attempted to start manipulating the chemical energy within Desmond he felt his grasp slowly working in, yet the moment he tried to tug any which way, he felt electrical energy fill him and shock his system violently as he let out a yell.

Desmond sighed as he shook his head, he was ready for anything, and this? This was way too easy to see as Desmond goes to grab the man's head and looked him in the eyes while saying, "Smart move, Dumbass". As Desmond brought his fist back and punched the boy across the face as the Lamplighter's lights were put out.
Melon Derby

Hour 1

Desmond talks to both Korin and Woren about first heading off to a dangerous place, one of the most dangerous in the entire school. To prepare for this moment Desmond bought a lovely wooden pole for today, yet made some modifications. He bore a hole into a basic melon before attempting to freeze the melon into a solid mass and then fusing it to the pole to create a melon warhammer. Once he feels it is solid Desmond heads off with Korin and Woren to check the den of the Devil himself, the water where Mallow abides. Once they made it near the water, Desmond began instructing Woren and Korin in their search for any high-value melons nearby. While even taking on the Devil himself to raid his nest and take the possible melons placed there.

Hour 3

Once Desmond had finally made it back to base and the Water-Melon was secured Desmond knew it was time to strike out again, after changing. Desmond went to his room an grabbed a set of dry basic clothing and changed into it. Once finished he headed off to retreive his very helpful partners Woren and Korin and get them up. He got both of them up and they licked their wounds before they headed off to a spot Desmond remembered from his Lamplighter watch, the Fieldgate Tower [A-9].

people bristle and prepare to defend as the trio walks by, but Desmond makes it to the tower at the very bleak edge of the city without incident. There, after climbing six flights of stairs, he and his hegelan companions find a fat hundred-point melon and a pair of grenades, one cheekily shoved down a carronade's barrel. They also find a decent-sized aberration on one of the parapets.

Once they made it up the tower Desmond began looking around and grabbed another 100 point melon and 2 melon grenades that he split away from each other with one being with Korin and the other being with Woren. Yet the thing that made him worry was the aberration as he saw it. He sighed and let it be as he began looking around as he noticed quite a lack of movement in the Nobles Dorm. Desmond thought for a moment as he remembered the more travelled areas and thought about there may be some roads less travelled that has some things as they will be heading from their position to The New Gate and head towards the tower at [U-2].

On their route, Desmond and his partners find two more hundred-pointers, a slew of tens, and two grenades.
After Finding a few more melons Desmond, Woren, and Korin all make their ways bac to base to secure their findings ad prepare for the final defense that is going to occur. They secured plenty of things now it is time to try and hunker down. They had some more time before the points would be tallied.

Hour 4

Desmond, Woren, and Korin make it back to their home, one that seems mostly fine. As the final hour dawned it was time to get ready, they lit the fire place to ward of future attempts at use it as an entry way.

They hardened defenses around the house and melons, it made it much easier to know where they were but it helped keep them more safe since they were there. As the rest of the Melon Derby seems to go off without a hitch as Zeno Moonlight's group was able to snag 4th place.
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