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Current I am still trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop, I get lost after 42 and I accidentally bite it.
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If Michigan was to be just turned into a lake. Can we call it Michigone?
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So how long do you think it takes for a vampire to die it is has a splinter stuck in one of its arteries?


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I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything, except smut. I left that shit in fucking Kik and I ain't going back. And I have been roleplaying for about 7 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

I am normally a very easy guy to get a hold of. If you use one of the following contact info I should get back to you within 10 minutes, if you use discord just @me and I can respond within a quick time (If I'm at my keyboard that is).

AND PLEASE IF YOU THINK I FORGOT AN RP MESSAGE ME!!!! I CAN GARENTEE THAT I FORGOT AS I WAS PROBABLY PRAYING TO THE GODS OF CHAOS THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO WIN THE NEXT GAME OF MAGIC I'M GOING TO PLAY!!! (In all seriousness I'm very forgetful and scatter brained, just send me a message and I should be able to pump out that post in no time)

Contact info: (I know, don't judge)

Discord is- KingChoas #4030 (Ain't too hard isn't it?)

If you need my phone number: First off, who are you and why? Second off, Please don't spam me or I will find you and shove your phone down your throat and make you puke it up and do it again into a trash compactor and watch you cry. Then buy you a new phone. (Just saying I hate spam, also if you get my number you are the 3rd person to every get my phone number, next to my mom and my sister.)

The partners I am looking for right now is people who are chill and relax as well as just some genuinely nice people to chat to and play with. Any style is fine, just be ready as there are time where it will take some time for advanced posts will take me a few days.

Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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Argen dislikes the idea of of leaving the others by themselves, but Ettamri and Muu can handle themselves so he isn't worried as much about them and Katya. He does feel extremely suspicious still, but that is something he will have cleared up when he figures out who the person is. His work is easy today, good he needed something going his way as it would be even worst of a head ache if they were sent through all of that hell just to be put through heavy work of making some place to sleep. Argen stayed his normal stoic silent as he worked his work, yet he notice another voice that surprised him, Ettamri.

She came back quite quickly, a bit too fast to have really done any proper cleaning. She probably didn't want to go and wash with the pilgrim, but this left Muu and Katya by themselves. He sighs out as he says to Ettamri, "Yes it is Argen, so I'm going to assume the person is no danger". As Argen is grabbing his supplies to set up for cooking.

He is slightly annoyed that she left the others, yet she must have a good reason to do so. There was no way she would just leave them with the stranger without a good reason.
Would you be alright with having a man with dyslexic fingers and a burger for a brain to join the fun?
There it is, a juicy squelch sucking sound from the Denny's dumpster. The neighborhood was alerted to check the street. They felt that Chinese people had entered
Banned for using an exclamation point


Argen pulls Katya to the side and shifts himself as he will slightly let up his spear guard yet will not leave himself open. He wasn't too sure of the whole pilgrim thing but not being immediately attacked as they talk seems to be a good enough sign. Argen will not be letting his guard down. Argen is watching for any quick movements, if the person goes for an attack Argen will be out watching for it, he just doesn't want to find himself being sniped by a knife he didn't notice or a find himself with a bolt in his throat.

Argen watches as he stays near Katya as they are given the all clear, he is keeping his mind sharp as he isn't in the best shape at the moment to idle, he begins to question the idea of the pilgrim as a single person out in this weather is suicidal. So either they have a nail loose and can't be trusted at all or they aren't telling the truth.


Argen watched as his teammates took the gear of the fallen. Argen understood this as he has been doing this with every time as it has made it easy for him to cover the costs of gear and made his life easier.

Argen looks around and begins to rub the side of his head as he feels a sharp pain spark up as his headache worsened for a moment then slowly subsided as he stops his wincing and sighs as he continues looking around and watched for any unwanted guests as he listens into Oscar comforting Katya. Argen is thankful that someone could do that as Argen finds it hard to do such a thing as he wouldn't know where to begin if he was to even try. He just doesn't know what to say to the small one, he is just happy some does know what to say. She has a spark that his friend had, and he wants that spark to shine for as long as it can. Even just for a but longer.

This trip has been doing better than he expected, but he is in a worst position than he would like. He can feel his head just pounding this entire time, as they walked through harder conditions his head began to pound more and made it hard to focus on smaller tasks. It made it for multiple times he broke concentration and spent multiple moments just taking snow to the side of his temples in hopes it helps.

This trip is worth the 10 gold, so far. Sure that is quite a bit of money, dividing that among everyone who is here that is 7 people, that is a gold piece plus some left over, what is like that 120+ silver. That will be nice for the winter, if he didn't have a debt he needs to pay it would be a lot better. He'd want to get more money if he was to keep up with not only the debt, but also expenses just to live and get stronger. This definitely blows, but what else can be done? Some extra work, but it would still be good for the better part of the winter.

To make his headache any worst an intense smell assaulted his nose he winced once again as his head felt as it was just stabbed. He took a moment to have his senses come back as he readied himself as he prepares for the worst. He cautiously looks around as he starts to noticed his skin feel warmer and there seems to be mist starting to form. As he begins to realize this is a hot spring. Good for the bodies recovery, or so he was told. But still this could be nice to get everyone back in spirits, if not just a place to warm their bones for a bit.


Argen immediately takes grip of his weapons as he goes to Katya and bring her back they don't know what is here. With there being a hot spring it would be enticing to any creature out in this cold as it would make their life nicer being warm. Argen goes to try and get Katya in behind his shield so he can pulls himself and her back to the cart with his spear ready to stab whatever comes at them. 'Of course there has to be some complication. Nothing ever comes easily'.


After cleaning his face with some delicate maneuvers so he doesn't spring up more pain, Argen quickly dries his hair with some of his cloth so he doesn't get cold too quickly from the loss of heat, he begins to set his gear back in order. As he sets his helmet back into his bag as it will most likely lead to more pain, as it might make hits he will take become near fatal, like that last one.

Argen gets ready to set off as Oscar began to talk about him taking it easy Argen sighed out with a forced half smile, "I'll be alright, I won't be pushing myself too hard. I just think sitting for a few minutes will do me no real good". As Argen takes side positions again when they begin to head out to meet up with their scouts. Argen was quiet as he did need some time acclimating to his headache and the stiffness, but he did keep good spirits as it seems he was the only person to have been wounded, it ain't that bad, as its better than having Siwon or Muu who both would have probably taken that hit and might have not lived, so it could have been worst.

Argen does know one thing now though hand to hand is the worst situation to be in, never get into that situation if you can help it.

Argen wasn't fazed by the bodies, as death was a norm. Still seeing the dead always left a bad taste in his mouth as it does always show him that death looms over all. Even those who are devout in their faith.


Argen just sits there as katya works her magic. He sighs out in relief as he feels his faces swelling slowly fade away. He slowly feels his face come back to a normal state. His eye sight came back, strange he wasn't thinking about that, yet it definitely feels like a weight was taken off of his jaw as could now feel he lost some teeth. Argen was always told that the helmet was more pain than what it was worth. He can see what they mean by that, the dents might be a big bad thing as now he really can't wear the helmet as the dents are getting too severe.

He takes the helmet in his hands an just ribs it slightly as he sets it down and nods his head towards Katya and says, "Thank you. I appreciate it. When we make it back I'll get you plenty of cake". As Argen now begins his very thorough process of cleaning his face and gear, this is gonna take a bit of time to not get the rest of his body dirty, yet it would be nice to cool of his face from the rushing blood that used to be there.


Argen's eyes slowly open up as his eyes are shaking as he can hear his ears ringing and a small bit of blood in his mouth. He watches as the snow slowly disperses across the ground. As he watches as the blue haired priest slowly move in as she begins to speak. He can't make out what she is saying as he is slowly having the ringing in his ears to go away as he hears the small girl counting down as he slowly grouns out, "Uhhh....hey small one. What ya counting".

As he slowly pulls himself up and says, "I'm good. I just got hit a little hard. Other than that I'll be good". As he sits up straight and starts popping his back, and just act as if he's fine. Yet he knows that was a hit that will be a hit that will leave him a little weakened, he knows the healing would be better for a more grievous wound. His left ear is definitely be ringing for the next while.


Seeing as his kick sent the spear through, he found his plan worked, giving Argen hope he had a fighting chance. Taking the hit as a blessing he came around to try and grab his spear, until he noticed something. An ape sprinted by and his spear was missing as Argen was left in the cold as he now had to fight this fast beast with nothing else.

He finds himself immediately sliding backwards and low to dodge the apes large arm hold his shield. As he takes a stance to start fighting with his hands as he didn't know who was there to help him and he sure wasn't gonna look away to check to see who can help. As Argen is biding his moments as he watches and breaths waiting for the creature to swing wild and throw a hook into the wound and gouge out anything he could. Argen knows he has endurance and stamina, and if he can survive long enough it will bleed out or he will get some aid.

But as if a heaven sent came down as ice froze over the ground and the apes legs, Argen used this chance to stay outside of the apes range and came around its side as he went slightly behind it and tries to swing a heavy hook into the creatures open wound in hopes of tearing out some flesh and organ in hopes of causing massive bleeding.
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