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Current I play both sides so that I always lose.
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Can your Father still claim you if the Mail Man delivered you?
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I challenge you to a game of Paradox Billiards Vostroyan Roulette Forth Dimentional Hypercube Chess Strip Poker!!!
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So I realized that the highest honor anyone can get is not to get a Nobel Peace prize, nor getting your name taught throughout history. It's being made into an Anime Character with giant boobs.
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So where do I go after Elysium? I just made it through after beating a Chad-dude and his giant burly friend with horns at a break dancing contest.


About me:
I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything. And I have been roleplaying for about 8 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

I am normally a very easy guy to get a hold of. If you use one of the following contact info I should get back to you within 10 minutes, if you use discord just @me and I can respond within a quick time (If I'm at my keyboard that is).

AND PLEASE IF YOU THINK I FORGOT AN RP MESSAGE ME!!!! I CAN GARENTEE THAT I FORGOT AS I WAS PROBABLY PRAYING TO THE GODS OF CHAOS THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO WIN THE NEXT GAME OF MAGIC I'M GOING TO PLAY!!! (In all seriousness I'm very forgetful and scatter brained, just send me a message and I should be able to pump out that post in no time)

Contact info: (I know, don't judge)

Discord is- KingChoas #4030 (Ain't too hard isn't it?)

If you need my phone number: First off, who are you and why? Second off, Please don't spam me or I will find you and shove your phone down your throat and make you puke it up and do it again into a trash compactor and watch you cry. Then buy you a new phone. (Just saying I hate spam, also if you get my number you are the 3rd person to every get my phone number, next to my mom and my sister.)

The partners I am looking for right now is people who are chill and relax as well as just some genuinely nice people to chat to and play with. Any style is fine, just be ready as there are time where it will take some time for advanced posts will take me a few days.

Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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Cold Comfort

Upon stepping through the portal, Marz was mostly equipped for travel, little did he know they arrived in a new city. Upon meeting the two lovely women, he noticed something about their accents, as Marz' face seemed to scrunch as he looked around, realizing where they were, Hoch Dorumvir. "As always, never a sight of-".

In that moment Marz felt someone fall onto him, he stood firm like a wall against the wind as he barked out, "Oi! Why ya pushin'?!" Marz finally turned to see, multiple people nearly pushed over by their teammate returning to them, and all Marz said was, "Damn, didn't expect to see you so soon".

During their time being guided by the Hegelan ambassadors, Marz noticed many things, and called much of it out. Many shops seemed to be selling items and goods, some of moderate quality, most were shoddy at best, yet worst of these sellers was what they asked for their poor quality items, "40?! I could crap out one for 13! Are you really regulated? I'm pretty sure this was something you had your child make and now you are trying to offload onto some sap!" Marz couldn't even make it through the mercantile district without nearly a fight breaking out, as someone tried to call him a fake craftsman. Which lead them to head to the bunkhouse that was for outsiders.

"Dat's awful, it's like we're right next to the stables-oh so we are". Marz was covering his nose as he was looking around. He shook his head once the talking seemed done and he decided to leave to investigate the city, he was always curious about some of the city's architecture, but more importantly, he was curious about the crafting within the city. So he turns back to the mercantile district ready to either see some of the works there, or get into a fight.

Primitive: Into the Fire

Desmond felt himself get thrown through space and time with great force. However falling through the air hasn't been something too strange to Desmond, as Desmond began to manipulate the energies around him. Using kinetic magnetic magic around him and on himself to manipulate himself to slow his fall, and then his own physical finesse to flip himself through the air and allowed him to land gracefully on his feet.

Desmond took a solid step forward and then a lighter step before he now found himself meeting the eyes of Yalen and Isabella as they were told it was a Sand wyrm. Tku seemed worried Jocasta facing the Sand Wyrm, and Benedetto seemed to take notice of Ayla and Zarina being gone as well.

Desmond nodded as he began to check his items and thought, Why would it be here?

Desmond thought why that Sand wyrm could be here, they are dangerous creatures, he knew that much, but why did they show up next to one? Was this on purpose? Is someone trying to spook them? Desmond thinks it might be since they maybe near that area Harrachora spoke of, which should have been made by the Sirrahi. From what Desmond remembered they found a hungry Sand Wyrm in a tunnel attached to what Desmond had speculated to be a Sirrahi ruin.

Maybe they were very near the Sirrahi area that the group would be speculated to perish in. Maybe this was the warning to leave. Or, they were teleporting nearby and producing one of those same portals he first saw from the Disskas, either way, they were close.

Once Desmond had finished his weapons checks he says to the others making a light notice towards Benedetto, "Let's go to them, we need to make sure they are okay. if this thing is anywhere near as strong as the one we faced before we will need to have all hands to take it down".

A Cryptic Message

Desmond had spent much of his year in Ersand'Ernise quite productively. He had constantly been putting things into motion, funding new ideas and projects that will eventually bear fruits. Yet there were times he needed to let off steam. Most of the time it was him doing as he pleased, yet on days when he needed to be in the Arsenal, he had often gone to the river near Blackfield Arsenal and ate there. At one such time, while catching a quick bite to eat and idly inspecting one of his rifles, he noticed something sticking out of the end of the barrel. It was...a paper.

A smile grew on Desmond's face, as he knew what this meant. A new adventure awaited, and he was wondering when they were going to be called on again.

Upon the day when the message asked them to meet Desmond steps through the portal to Hogh Munkhelad, a place he was mostly used to at that point. When he entered he waved hello to the people he cared for as multiple were people he had worked with before, or he had some relations with.

However, he had a few new members join him on his adventure, first was Henry the giant happy Dragonhound with his favorite stick. Billium, the cute Fireboar with a happy attitude, likes to play with most animals he sees. Then Desmond's newest companion, Ani, the Firetail dragon whom Desmond had caught from the wild, tamed, and now lives with him as one of his lap dragons, she is a diva and knows she is the most beautiful dragon here.

Desmond took notice of those around as he began to sit down to start checking what he brought with him, yet he began to hear someone speak out, Evander. Desmond took notice of him and instantly took notice of the conversation that he had made with Dory. More like accusations and aggressive prompting. He asked multiple questions upon what Dory has done, how did she bring Manfred back to life from death, and in that moment a fight began. Manfred stepped forward to defend his lady's honor as he went to punch and Evander dodged as they began to fight.

Desmond saw his animals instantly rear up and were prepared to attack, yet he let out a quick and sharp whistle that only his animals could hear as they heeled as Desmond stood up and checked with Dory. She seemed shaken as he spoke to her, yet in that moment, they felt Benedetto appear and showed that 3 men, the 2 nobles were nothing to the commoner with 9.0 ras. Desmond and Dory sighed in unison, as the possible bloodbath was averted. Once it was done, Desmond comforted her a bit more until Manfred returned.

As the fun came to an end, people returned to some of what they did, yet before anyone got comfortable, a bird flew by and grabbed their attention.

Desmond stood and marched forward with the rest of the group, taking command over his animals once more as they went into the great unknown.

They appeared in a dark and empty place, as Desmond, Ashon, Evander, and Ymiico. Here Desmond and Ashon began to rib and make fun of Evander. Desmond had no clue for why Ashon had such beef yet Desmond wished to poke back at Evander in a way where only words could be played. Desmond wanted to poke and prod him, as he was trying to either make fun of him or make Evander swing. Yet Ashon seemed incredibly vicious and yet, Evander only made a few snide remarks back. Small and simple things.

Even with these opposing forces, they were able to perform the puzzle and meet the expectations of the eminent Arch Zeno Karan Harrachora, whom was playing with Henry by throwing Henry's favorite stick.

Yet even with this funny scene, when it was time for business, it was intense. Missions were given, as 2 sets of groups left. Leaving a strange band of people, their mission? Rescue a group of people consisting of, Isabella Lowell, Zarina Al-Nader, Marceline Hohenfelter, Ayla Arslan, and Jocasta Re from what is a fate that was certain death.

Isabela and Marceline may not be the strongest, yet as tethered and decent enough mages they are hard to beat. Ayla Arslan was a skilled mage, and with some time and assistance, she has shown quite some growth as a mage.

Yet why send Evander, Desmond, Tku, Fiske, and Benedetto. Desmond may be a strong combatant and an intelligent man, yet his RAS was nothing special. Tku was an average mage with no background in combat. Evander and Fiske were both strong individuals yet fighting was the least of the priority. Benedetto was the only one who could possibly swing on the same level as Zarina Al-Nader who has Dragon blood running through her, and Jocasta Re who by all intents and purposes was on the path to becoming as strong as Hugo within her life.

What could go wrong?
Task Force Charlie: Recon Between Friends

"Mission Charlie: the spaceport near the capital city of Balya Gora has been under the control of the NPDRE, but some transmissions indicate at least one DropShip has arrived from off-world since the coup. It is very likely that whoever the Crimson Fists are working for, they're also providing new hardware for the Espian Guards. We need to know what is coming off of that ship, and who is sending it to them.

"Task Force Charlie will consist of Alley Cat and Desperado. The Raven can scout out the spaceport at range, with the Phoenix Hawk providing cover if needed. If a full scan of the spaceport proves not possible from a distance, or there is no approach without giving away your position, ditch the 'Mechs somewhere safe and approach on foot. Your priorities are to get sensor scans, photographs, captured documents, anything to give us an idea of who is supplying Federov and his cronies, and what they're sending against us. This is strictly reconnaissance, so do not engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary."

Ziska had listened to the Colonel’s briefing with the carefully cultivated disinterest of a professional soldier. Which wasn’t disinterested so much as the open mind required to fully absorb the complex information doled out by command. At least that is what she told herself. Some monk had told her that. Some washed-up MechWarrior spouting Zen Buddhist catechisms. Hiding behind four walls, growing a wizardly beard, and cultivating a spirituality Ziska had found grating. She’d just wanted a place to sleep, not a lecture.

Tarak listened to the briefing and collected the brief information he needed for his mission. Even if it seemed simple he had a bad feeling about the operation, for some reason, there has been a lack of annoyance with the briefing, so obviously, there is going to be some catch. Tarak looked to Ziska, ”Well guess we are going to be running recon,” Tarak said with a chuckle as he began to leave to prepare, ”-make sure to bring a coat. Might get a little cold”.

“What is a little reconnaissance between friends?” Ziska pantomimed in reply, as she stalked out of the room in search of someone else’s jacket to borrow for the mission. There was too much blood on the jacket that Kesi had wrapped her in following the good doctor’s careful administration of antibiotics and a neat line of stitches.

Tarak shook his head and laughed as he left to collect his own equipment, he grabbed his combat gear from his small sleeping area. His arms, his warm clothing, his boots, and gloves, with his bag and gear. Once finished, Tarak loaded up, as the long road to the spaceport begins.

Noise. Noise. Noise and more noise. Ziska swore loudly in the cockpit of her battered, but functional RVN-3L Her techs had done some proper work. A combat rush job, no doubt, but an exceptional one at that. A few loose armor panels, a few grinding joints, and striped paint were nothing. Nothing given the damage she had taken from the Crimson Fist Longbow. She had paid them back though. Scratch one RVN-3L. Scratch one Crimson Fist pilot, probably. Something was interfering with the souped-up sensors of her bleeding edge war booty and Ziska didn’t like it. In fact, she hated it. She couldn’t burn through the jammer. Not unless she wanted to paint a giant target on her and Tarak. Mech. Spaceport. Ground-based Vehicle. Aircraft. The options were endless and they didn’t have time to sit around measuring radar emissions. Not anymore, they’d waited long enough already.

Tarak sat in the cockpit of Black Phoenix, leaning back after he ran basic diagnostics while waiting for a callback. He sat and waited, again and again, he just tried to keep himself busy while he was on watch for Ziska. Tarak eventually called out to Ziska on a direct pulse transmission, ”Aye, got anything? We sit here too long our mechs might be turned into landscape”.

“Jamming,” Ziska practically hissed back, making no effort to hide the disgust and annoyance in her voice. “ECM, but I can’t ID it. Could be a BattleMech. Could be a combat vehicle. Or hell, it could even be some souped-up ECM setup some busybody had time to set up to blanket the spaceport. Fancy a midnight stroll? I know, I know, you’re busy trying to win the heart of the utterly immaculate Miss Wyatt, but you’re not going to make much progress attaching yourself to the corporate nobility if we don’t bring back any intel for the Colonel.”

Tarak sighed as he began to adjust his gear, lacing his boots, and tightening his jacket as he took off his cooling jacket. Tarak pinged back to Ziska, ”Eh, I’m always ready for a midnight stroll, just hope that lovely Miss Wyatt won’t be too jealous of another woman taking me on a date before she does”. Tarak chuckled before he adjusted his helmet, ”Let’s get going, don’t want our entire convos recorded, Colonel might have an aneurysm on the playback”. As Tarak began to scout for a good place to hide away their mechs.

Stepping into the cold, Ziska pulled the jacket she had borrowed from Kan tighter. The leather jacket was worn, but comfortable, and smelled faintly of lavender. Kan was too nice, Ziska reflected. Too calm. Too Free. Ziska could never quite understand how the Capellan woman had decided repairing BattleMechs was her calling in life.

As she moved, a strange change took hold of the MechWarrior. Her banter ended. Her eyes shifted instinctively across the surrounding landscape, never settling, always looking. Ziska moved slowly, and efficiently, each step, quieter than the last.

Minutes of walking later, the two dismounted MechWarriors stood at the edge of the shrub forest. Crouching low, Ziska laid down on her stomach, edging forward until she found a small break in the foliage. From her combat pack she brought out her rangefinder binoculars and wordlessly watched.

The spaceport was busy. Transport vehicles were darting to and fro, laden with heavy crates. Laborers, tiny bees even with the rangefinder binocular magnification, buzzed around, busying themselves with matters of logistics. Ziska let out a low breath, a busy spaceport was what she wanted to see. Busy was good. Busy meant that unfamiliar faces would stand out less. Busy meant deadlines. Busy meant everyone was too busy to pay attention.

Tarak crouched next to Ziska as he stood on guard, his heavy gear that normally made him seem like he had a death wish came in handy today as he was covered from head to toe against the cold. He had his rifle in hand as he made sure the coast was clear, then he went right next to Ziska and put his hands over his eyes and made fake binoculars with them as he said, ”I found snow, rocks, a big cat eating a rodent. So I guess I found dinner if this goes for long. What you got cat?”

Ziska shot an amused look at Tarak from the corner of her eyes, keeping her gaze locked in the viewfinder port, “Three objects. Big. Very big. Vehicles it looks like, maybe aircraft. Can’t really tell, everything is covered by tarps. They're either very lucky or they are trying to keep things stealth.”

Handing the rangefinder binoculars she had ‘recovered’ from a dead NPDRE officer, Ziska bristled with irritation. “Take a look, maybe you can spot something. Otherwise we might have to get closer.”

Tarak takes the binoculars as he said, ”Let’s hope I can see something your beer goggles can’t”. Tarak began to look as he saw much the same, 3 large objects, each covered by tarps. He saw how a couple of hands passed around it, yet just their luck, it was mostly technicians who neared there. Tarak sighed as he lightly passed the rangefinders back, ”Well, looks like we’ll need to get closer. We can take out some eggheads and sneak on in. Get close on those 3 mysteries, take some pictures, and maybe if we get lucky do some acquisition of a couple of things. Maybe even see if they left keys in the ignition?” The last thing made Tarak smirk as he turned to Ziska.

Tarak and Ziska both set off down, taking a bit of a short yet steep and shadowy path, allowing them to dodge a few of their spotlights. Tarak and Ziska took similar paths down, they pushed their way over to what seemed to be a terminal area where they found a technician working on a panel outside of a small shack. Tarak looked to Ziska and gestured to himself and to the tech as he began to make his way closer to the technician. Once Tarak had made it close he quickly kicked the technician’s knee out from him and grabbed his head with both hands before he shifted the man to one side before he took a grip of their hair and the bottom of their jaw before pulling both violently to force their head to turn in a strange way and snapped the neck instantly. A clean kill, Tarak set them next to the shack as he turned and gave a thumbs up to Ziska before he entered the shack.

“Dead men tell no tales, I suppose,” Ziska said indifferently. What was one more body? What was one more casualty? War was war. Innocent or guilty, it didn’t matter.

Following Tarak into the corrugated metal shack, Ziska smiled at their good fortune. Tools. And spare jumpsuits. Props for their deception. She didn’t bother waiting and tossed her jacket aside, stripping out of her clothes, and zipping into a mech tech jumpsuit that looked sufficiently used. No name. No rank labels. Perfect for a civilian. Which she was. They both were. Just simple technicians trying to get a difficult job done.

“Ready?” Ziska asked, holding a toolbox in her hand with some authority, her pistol stuffed carefully within, glancing through the door that she faintly cracked open.

Tarak was in a tight fit for his suit, yet he had fit well enough in. He slid his gear within his own toolbox, a pistol within, a photography device, and a few stray wires and circuits in case they find certain items. Tarak looked to Ziska with a nod as he said, “Eh, as I’ll ever be”. They both began to make their way out, in search of shinies, their first target is going to try and see what is under the tarps and go into the storage bays, while trying to avoid any real detection. Tarak is a sore thumb, so he decides to try and stick a little in the shadows, his height makes him very easily seen.

A year came and went, time passed, and for Desmond, it was a very filled time. He had 2 businesses he had dedicated himself towards. The first is a ruby mine he had found and is now a junior partner of. Then the second is of Black Field Arsenal, a longtime dream that has now came to life for Desmond. He had planted Black Field Arsenal in Mudville, there he had hired multiple workers there to not only build on the land he had bought, but also work within the Arsenal it self. Slowly but surly, the Arsenal grew in renown, multiple people began to come and cleared stock constantly, his new ammunition did well, and his new weapons flew off the shelves. However, the most lucrative items were introduced when he introduced his heavy arms. Black Field Arsenal had began producing cannons and heavy arms, much of the cannons were ordered and bought in cast iron. A strange thin of the time as many consider them inferior to brass cannons, many seemed pleased with their results, as they should, Desmond designed them himself to apply greater restraints and resistances to higher pressures, allowing them to be able to compete with many of their bigger cousins, while retaining a lighter weight, and a lighter pull on the pocket books.

Yet this was just a bit of time Desmond had spent of his everyday life. He went to school and continued his learning, on days off he focused upon his work as a Lamplighter, a businessman, and still training in his preferred method of force, physical combat. Desmond trained more and more, now using his title as the Underground Champion of Ersand'Ernise as a tool, taking fights he deems worthy, focusing his techniques and skills, from unarmed combat, to swordsmanship, he uses this time to hone his skills, as his fencing began to improve, as he began to focus much of his time to it, gaining new found skills and has shown something within the ring. No matter the size, no matter strength in the gift, a man can be something great.

He did neglect some things, people around him often saw him a bit less, it was only those who were living with him, those in his zeno group, and those who worked with him who saw him. Other than that, he worked quite often, filling his time, and even going over it, leading to some bad habits. Desmond had created a spell specifically to allow him to sleep for less time and still be productive. He filled quite a bit of his more studious times with coffee, leading to a full addiction. Yet, Desmond lived a filled year, not a moment wasted.
The Madman's Dash:

This is a yearly opening day tradition where the eight colleges of Ersand'Enise compete in a no-magic relay footrace from the Parade Gate to the Queensgate in alliances of two. Each chooses its fastest members (including masters) over a series of categories. The winning colleges earn Lucky Lou and Lil' Red, a pair of trophies said to date back to the very founding of the school. These are theirs to hold onto for the rest of the year. Lucky Lou grants one extra advantage roll per cycle and Lil' Red grants one free use of a skill above your magic level per cycle, and these were the results:

Round 1, Backwards Footrace-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 16
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 50
Team Eclipse- 46
Team Flaming- 32


Yvain de Berbignon- 16 points
Marz Mohfolk- 50 points
Ayla- 46 points
Jomurr- 32 points

Round 2, Hopping-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 64
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 58
Team Eclipse- 82
Team Flaming- 82


Penelope Pellegrin- 48 points
Ingrid- 8 points
Dory- 36 points
Esmii- 50 points

Round 3, Blindfold-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 92
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 94
Team Eclipse- 102
Team Flaming- 103


Qasem Laghmani- 28 points
Silas- 36 points
Fiske- 20 points
Ysilla- 21 points

Round 4, Floor is Lava-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 126
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 161
Team Eclipse- 133
Team Flaming- 127


Zarina Al-Nader- 34 points
Ashon- 67 points
Laska- 31 points
Ymiico- 24 points

Round 5, Swimming Race-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 178
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 214
Team Eclipse- 202
Team Flaming- 181


Sven Bjørnsson- 52 points
Cal- 53 points
Kaureerah- 69 points
Owain- 54 points

Round 6, Three-Legged Race-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 213
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 224
Team Eclipse- 248
Team Flaming- 197


Evander Synesti & Tku- 35 points
Nazih & Niallus- 10 points
Sunny & Luna- 46 points
Casii & Ismette- 16 points

Round 7, Egg Balance-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 267
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 266
Team Eclipse- 291
Team Flaming- 235


Desmond Catulus- 54 points
Riu Kai-Tan- 42 points
Yalen- 43 points
Zeno Mendenhoffer- 38 points

Round 8, Wheelchair Race-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 319
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 304
Team Eclipse- 344
Team Flaming- 293


Tan-Zeno Jocasta Re- 52 points
Marceline- 38 points
Maura- 52 points
Isabella- 58 points

Round 9, Straight Footrace-


Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 382
Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 360
Team Eclipse- 394
Team Flaming- 333


Marlijn Vaanse- 63 points
Benedetto- 56 points
Yuliya- 50 points
Trypano- 40 points

[Final Results]

First Place- Team Eclipse- 394

Second Place- Team Get Fucked and Stay Fucked- 382

Third Place-Team Flies From the Mountaintop- 360

Fourth Place-Team Flaming- 333

Chosen Trophies-

Team Luna has chosen Lucky Lou:
Granting them one extra advantage roll per cycle

Team Sunny has chosen Lil' Red:
Granting one free use of a skill above your magic level per cycle

Student Magic Specializations

❖ Desmond Catulus: 2 1 1 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 1

Classes taken for Semester 2-

Binding and Magnetic class

Introduction to Literature, Rhetoric & the Written Word in Virangish
Etiquette, decorum & Forms or Address in polite society
Sewing, cooking, repair & construction Essentials
Instrumental and vocal music, songwriting & Ensemble

Magnetic (+1) Arcane Binding (+1) Chemical (+1) Kinetic (+1) Atomic Blood Temporal Dark Command Primordial (+1)

This is a placeholder for when all the collabs and shit are done

Ebbs and Flows

Mentions/Interaction: Queen Eleanor @Force and Fury Caelum @RezonanceV, and Camille @Pirouette

The Dragon was vanquished and brought to heel, and for the victors, each of them took an item. For Arsène he had taken 2 treasures, a mystical hand cannon that was designed by the Yasoi and had found its way to this beasts lair. As the item he received that was much more coveted was that of the egg of the great Sun Tyrant, Rí na Gréine, he was given it by that of the young lady knight, Camille. Once the spoils were distributed and their multiple strange encounters done, the group split off once more, as Arsene, Camille, and Caelum left with Queen Eleanor to give relief to King Arcel at Chamonix.

As once they made it to Chamonix, they found that the Eskandr had surrounded the city, leaving much of the Perrench forces pushed in with a massive disadvantage. Now releif has come, Arsène looks towards the city, the fire, the fighting, his needed to end. Arsène sought council once more with Queen Eleanor, now in wishing to take another small force, fast and furious to harass the Eskandr, stripping away forces to either open them up in trying to deal with them, or allow an opening to strike and offer true relief to the city.

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