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If Michigan was to be just turned into a lake. Can we call it Michigone?
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So how long do you think it takes for a vampire to die it is has a splinter stuck in one of its arteries?


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I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything, except smut. I left that shit in fucking Kik and I ain't going back. And I have been roleplaying for about 7 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

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Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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"Well I hope I can give you some good training" Oscar says as he smiles at Nathaniel as he notices light glowing in his hands. Oscar quickly immediately slammed his feet into the ground and tenses every muscle in his legs realizing something was about to be fired at him as Nathaniel speaks out again and seems to be trying something he never has used. Oscar took in what was happening, as Nathaniel was forming energy in his hands, Oscar took a bet as he shifted his body to dive away from where he was and off to the side of Nathaniel and closing the distance.

Once Oscar had tensed his leg muscles to launch himself as fast as he can towards Nathaniel. This was a cultivated speed made from boxing and wrestling, so he is more than fast, this was a speed the superseded his natural sprint speed as it was firing off his well-cultivated muscles for a quick burst of energy very few can even match naturally. With this, he moved fast enough to get away from the area he was originally at. Even if Nathaniel tries to shift his aim, he would find Oscar is too fast for him to shift where his hands are as they fire off their beams of energy at an empty space. As Oscar had moved forward he had now found himself extremely close to Nathaniel.

From this, Oscar realized he needed to use this momentum to his advantage in this fight. As he slid into a low stance while on both of his feet. He shifted his body during this slide to face his body to Nathaniel and swing his blade out towards Nathaniel. This was in hopes to have the blade hit Nathaniel straight in the midsection with his blade. Oscar knew that Nathaniel would have very little time to react, as Nathaniel hadn't sparred enough to know the proper way to dodge, and even if he did, he definitely needed to put it into practice.

In any case, even if this attack hits or misses, Oscar will immediately go back onto the defensive and start bounding away from Nathaniel and back at a safe distance. Still following Oli's instructions of move and strike.

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Herman began to play with Emily and scratched her as she purred into him. Emily started to knead a nice place in Herman's lap as she started to nap there as he continued to pet her. As Fredrick himself came over Herman began to listen with great care as Fredrick seemed a little out of it. As Herman lets his smile rest on his face as he looks towards Fredrick to let him know he is there.

Fredrick began talking about his first class. Herman knew of this class for being filled with interesting characters and colorful personalities. Yet Herman never thought any of them being such trouble makers to start 2 fights! In a single class? Absolutely no discipline, especially with someone like Fredrick. As even now, Herman watches on as he sees Fredrick cares deeply, if he didn't he would not be worrying about it to the point of losing sleep.

Herman stops petting Emily and pats Fredrick on the back as he says, "You are a wonderful soul. You worry so much for them. I understand people can be restless. Yet that is as, they say, what comes with teenaged hormones." As Herman continues to rub Fredrick's back, "You are doing well, there was no fight, no? That means you did good!" As Herman lightly throws his hands in the air in celebration, as Sherly shifts with the hand-raising as she raises her wings as well, making it seem like she is also mini celebrating with Herman.

Herman smiles as he continues, "You do a wonderful job with the students. They respect you, and you respect and care for them. That makes you a good teacha', and you should be proud to be such a wonderful teacha'." As Herman gives Fredrick a smile and sets his hand back behind Fredrick and resting on his upper back. Herman continues into his supportive talk of Fredrick, "For without you they would be going to a school filled with them only training and fighting, but you.." as Herman is holding Fredrick's back with his one hand and with his other he taps onto Fredrick's chest as Sherly floats to sit on Fredrick's shoulder and nest there as Herman continues, "You give them something many in this life can never get. Normality."

Herman gestures emptily to the room as if gesturing to the entire school, "Many of these children will never know what Normality is. Truly. Yet you came to this school to give them that. You give them something to make them feel as if their worth is not determined by the power of their Arms. That they are human too and someone is there who is there to help them, and not nurture their Arm alone. But their being and their person. And that is something you can be happy about.

As Herman smiles and slaps Fredrick's chest a little, So there will be ups and downs, but like a father, be patient. Yet never let them go too far. And remember…". As Herman leans in and says one more thing as he holds up his free hand making a symbol for one as it seems to get a little serious as his smile fades away, "Make sure you have fun with them!" As Herman's smile comes back even bigger this time as he slaps Fredricks' chest again. As he laughs slightly as he hugs Fredrick and says, "Please, cheer up! If you smiled more Emily would always come running!" as Herman hopes he helped even a little with Fredrick's worry for the moment.



Oscar watched patiently, watching Nathaniel and his very slight movements. Oscar learned that watching for the fist to tell when a person would punch would give you no time to dodge. So he waited and watched Nathaniel's lips and forearm, waiting for him to say go and watching for the slightest moment a bullet would be fired. For a slight moment Nathaniel would let loose on him, like in his vision.

Once Nathaniel started the match, Oscar noticed the slight twitch in Nathaniel's forearm, meaning he was in the act of closing his fist, the shots were about to be let loose. Oscar took in a quick breath as he jumped back and away in a diagonal direction away from Nathaniel, moving away from the incoming bullet fire. They seemed slower than Oscar had intended to dodge, as they weren't missing by a large margin, but Oscar expected to have to up his timings for the next volley, yet this seems like a comfortable pace.

Oscar had a keen mind in a fight, so much so he even paid attention to the number of rounds Nathaniel has fired off. As Oscar knew from many movies and from a decent understanding of guns, that revolvers have 6 rounds in their chamber, and Nathaniel had fired off 6. Meaning Nathaniel had used half of his shots already, most likely leaving 3 in each revolver, which tells Oscar he can't rush in yet. He will need to reload soon, after all.

Oscar takes a quick wide birth around Nathaniel, staying around 15 feet away as he circles Nathaniel, as it gives him ample room to move, without being out of range of a lunging strike when the time comes. Oscar's face never loses his smile as he says to Nathaniel while running around him in a circle, "So is this your first spar?". All while never truly losing his focus in this fight, as he was very ready to dodge or lunge in when the time comes.

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Herman has spent the first half of his day relaxing, meditating, watering his plants, and many other just menial activities to pass his day by until he is needed for his actual services as a teacher. As he finds himself finally needing to get ready to start teaching.

Herman finds himself on a nice large stone in the middle of the courtyard. He is suspended in the air on his polearm. As he is sitting in a very relaxed position with both of his legs crossed and his hands grasping each other in his lap. He is lightly humming as Sherly is on his head. The Owl on his head began to who as she 'sung' in tune with Herman's humming. Slowly Herman's humming rose and burst into song as he was getting extremely excited as he has so much he wished to do with the kids, but he must wait. As he stands from his sitting position, almost like he was made of air as he stands perfectly from his crisscrossed position. He stands and stretches as he takes a kneeling position as he looks off and looks to see as people are running around as they are off to the lunchroom, Herman knew what that meant.

Herman had now found himself in the teacher's lounge whistling music to Sherly as she is eating from his hand. He is feeding her right now as he is holding pieces of meat for her to eat. As he whistles, he notices a wonderful face to see as a wide smile comes from Herman's face, "Fredrick! I am doing well. How is yourself? Oh, Emily! Come 'er to Baba!". Herman sets Sherly into his other hand as she eats as Herman heads over and starts to scratch Emily on the back right at the base of the tail, Herman found this to be one of her weak spots very quickly. Herman gives Fredrick a wonderful smile as he starts to coo as he scratches and lightly plays with Emily.



Oscar had quickly taken a quick look at his gear as he adjusts and finishes his preparations in suiting up in his protective pads. He knew these were gonna be important as everyone will be using their Noble Arms. Even if everyone will be holding back, Oscar knew even in spars and training there are risks, well for most.

When Oscar hears Nathaniel accept his off of help, Oscar finished fastening his gear and turns to Nathaniel with a smile. As Oscar started to take a look at Nathaniel as he adjusted his gear, "Yeah, these can be very difficult to put on. Especially if you have neither the most lengthy of limbs nor do you have flexibility". Oscar continues to tighten and adjust the gear as he says, "Hey jump". Oscar uses this moment of lift to adjust the gear further to account for any strange movements.

Once Oscar finishes the process of getting Nathaniel's gear on, he pats the boys back and says, "Alright you are good to go!" As Oscar gives Nathaniel a smile as he stepped back. As he quickly taps his headpiece as he asks, "Alright remember we aren't here to take the other one's throat. We're here to practice what we learned today. Alright?"

Oscar throws Nathaniel one more smile as he takes a bit of a step back as he stretches his arms up and interlocks his hands. As he starts tilting his body and adjusting his back as a few pops and cracks of the spine sound out. After a few of these, Oscar lets out a sigh of relief as he sets his arms down and starts loosening his body. After this 30 seconds of prep Oscar felt ready for this, no matter if this is a spar or not, Oscar knew this is going to be a tough one. After all, he's never fought someone with a gun before…really he hasn't fought anyone who had a weapon. So this spar is going to be interesting.

A few more moments pass, as Oscar is finally ready, as he sets his right hand above his heart. As a golden light appears into his hand. He begins to pull his hand away, as a sword begins to form in his hand. Starting with the gilded handle, leading to the ornate hilt, and finally the sublime blade. One that radiates a soft humming energy that glows and leaves a warm feeling around Oscar. Gilded and elegant, the blade itself looks glorious as he sets the grip into both of his hands and takes a very traditional and basic stance. One foot forward, while the other is off behinds and slightly off to the side. As he regulates his breath waiting for Nathaniel to take up his start position.

Once Nathaniel takes up his start position Oscar asks him, "Whenever you are good to go we can start". As Oscar knew his best chance to win this spar is to come out of the gate running, and using him calling when they start to his advantage. Yet, that wasn't the point of this exercise, it was to learn how to move and fight. So he will wait for Nathaniel to call when they go.

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Cynthia gave a huff and a puff once she made it to the end of her laps. No matter how physically fit you are, it seems stuff like this can get anyone worked up and breathing hard if you are not focused on your breathing. Quickly Cynthia rights her breathing as she holds her hands above her head and starts walking over to the circle and sits down with everyone else.

Cynthia listened with intent as she does pride herself in her skill, yet is always willing to take in the teachings of others. Yet she was slightly distracted with how she is still feeling about Vane and his work with Virgil. She was worried about what could be done with Vane and how far he would stoop for power. Would he really go to the level of selling himself to that man? No, he must be doing it for another reason, yet what came more prominent in her mind was the words left by Henry. As his words cut to her as it left itself in her for a while.

She listened for what was asked of her, Make a mental mindscape, hu? That'll be an easy one As she started to make a street intersection in her head, like that of her Home in Germany, that she protected and fought for so much time. A small smile came to her face as she made a person stand in front of her, Vane. As came out a pair of metal gauntlets as he took up a bit of a stance, shadow boxing and waiting for Cynthia to come near. As with a slight chuckle she went.

She stepped forward dipping in and out of his range, never attacking, as she wished not to break the illusion of the mental world, as she wouldn't know how he would deal with her attacks, what she did was dip, dive, and shift around the attacks. Knowing fully how to shift and shimmy her body around every hit and even knew how to even try and repost, yet she never did, as she knew if she did she would make the whole point of this training become useless. Yet when she heard Mr. Oli call time, she quickly dodged a swift left hook and led to a high kick straight to his chin.

Feeling quite good about herself, Cynthia left quite chipper as she started going and resting for a few moments as she listened to the Couch again. As then they were told they were going to be sparring with people, she was more than excited to fight a good few people around her, as her eyes immediately turned to Henry. Oh, she was ready to tear that boy a new one, yet it seemed that someone beat her to the punch. "Tsk" came from her lips as she left to look around more, as she spotted Oscar! She was excited really, she knew he was a strong person and a good fighter. Look at him, his body was built for sure, and from what she noticed about how he moved he definitely had some experience. She wonders though, where did he learn those skills? She pushed those thoughts out of her head as she started to make her way over, as she saw someone already take him too! She sighed in frustration as that was two people she wanted to fight as she started to look around as her eyes landed to Jordan.

Cynthia's eyes lit up as people seemed to leave him alone, many probably not wanting to fight a man with a gun. She was more than happy to fight him though as she wanted to see the skill Jordan had, after all, Mr. Oli did talk about how he had high hopes for him. So she headed over with a bit of a skip as she landed in front of him as she said to him, acting a little cutesy as she found it normally helps with people who don't know someone. As she said to him as she looked at him with a smile, "Hi Jordan! I would like to know if you would be my partner?"



All Oscar could hear was ringing as he felt stinging radiate from his nose and outward. As he begins to hear people call out. 'Nuuuuuuh, Man, that hurt', was all that came to Oscar's head as he slowly tried to bring himself up, He took notice to everyone staring at him as he felt a tightness begin to form in his chest. As his breathing was slightly forced as his body was entering a fight or flight mode as it was already hurt so it was sending adrenaline as if threatened. All of this was happening fast, well until he felt a pair of hands grab onto him and lift him up.

At first, Oscar was confused as he noticed they took him to be in front of Nikolay, as Nikolay greeted him with worry. Oscar sighed with relief as he rubbed his face and said, "Nmm, no I-I'll be fine. Just hurt a little, other than that I'm more than fine". As Oscar takes a quick step back as he continues, "Naw, I'll be fine. Thanks for the lift man". As he heard Coach Cinter call out to them to all group up. Oscar gave a quick nod and wave to Couch Cinter as he said to Nikolay. "Well I guess that is our bell".

=====Oli's Lesson=====

As Oscar made it over to Couch Cinter, he began to sit down and rub his face. Hopefully to get the redness off of his face and to help soothe his nose, as it took the majority of the impact. As Oscar began to stretch on the orders of Couch Cinter, as per the ritual of the class, Oscar did his stretches as he was assuming a full-body exercise day was coming. So he did a few extras he learned that he liked, as he limbered his body up. Loosening the once tense muscles as they were finally exiting their heightened state after his body realized there was no danger.

Once Oscar was more than limber he began watching everyone else as they did their stretches and workout. Oscar just laid back for a moment before Couch Cinter had started his actual lesson. Oscar had always enjoyed the lessons in these classes as Oscar was always a very kinetic learner, so lessons Couch Cinter gives have always stuck to Oscar like glue to sandpaper. For Oscar, he is always waiting in anticipation of what Couch Cinter will be teaching, as Oscar does have pride in his skills, yet to say they are a novice in comparison to Mr. Cinter is an understatement.

To Oscar, Couch Cinter's lesson seems like a no brainer. Hell, Oscar had learned moving is more important than any strike or grapple he can muster. Oscar had practiced and trained himself to be fast and agile. Allotting him a different style of fighting than his body naturally tended, to be a slippery and aggressive approach. Yet as Couch Cinter continues he speaks of the lives as a Noble Arm Master, to be a fighter: as a warrior, a soldier, and a protector. As a smile comes to his face as he hears this, as that is his dream, to help others and eventually have people understand that Noble Arms Masters are a force of good, not evil.

As now came Oscar's favorite part of this class, the physical part of the class. As they were ordered to stand, Oscar did it quickly as he began to make a slight bit of room between himself and those around him. As the Couch told them to activate their Minds Eye and imagine the worst situation for them. Then to run that Situation in your mind, as you physically worked your way through it. Fighting, dodging, and anything you can do to try and just figure your way out of it. Oscar could think of a million things that could be absolutely terrible for him to fight: Guns, experienced weapon fighters, Any ranged attacks, and multiple people. So Oscar was going to play hell with himself today.

=====Mind's Eye=====

As even before Couch Cinter called for them to start, Oscar's eyes were darting across the room, making a large mental mindscape that consisted of a large ruined city area with many broken buildings, destroyed cars, and a large road. This city is filled with many people, different weapons, powers, and abilities. All of which can put a man down if a good strike is made. Oscar takes a deep breath in and when called to start Oscar began to run forward, immediately having his mind create new obstacles as people run and move, as Oscar's 3 minutes begin.

As Oscar ran forward he was immediately attacked on both sides by spear wielders, each of them having a very distinct look. On his right is a young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice body, as she looked at him like he was the scum of the earth. As the other was a pale man with short black hair, with a lean frame, and a coy look on him, as he looked at Oscar like he was just another person to take down. As Oscar began to dance around the spear attacks, each one perfectly in sync with the other person as they come launching at him with ferocity as then he saw both of them somehow gets to his sides as they stabbed at him. As he dived back and far to go away from the attacks. As he dove back, he placed his hands down first to lighten his fall, as he immediately saw someone was running at him with a large staff and a fireball attached to the end. He immediately reacted to allows his body to fall slightly as he straightened his arms as he pushed hard off of the ground as he springboarded up and over the fireball that was heading at him.

As he landed back onto his feet again he saw behind him the two people who were attacking him on the ground as they seemed burnt but alive. As the person in front of him seemed to hold out his large staff and start their assault. Oscar started to dip and weave around the attacks that were coming at him as something like an itch tingled his back as he tackled the person he was fighting to the ground as a bullet flies past his head. As in the tackle, Oscar use a rolling maneuver as he slammed his target to the ground and knocked them out as Oscar quickly righted himself and was now facing the long street.

As Oscar looked down this long and broken street he saw what seemed to be two people on a rooftop, one on a mounted machinegun while the other one standing there holding two guns in their hands. As Oscar ran forward to them, using his speed and knowledge to dodge the bullets just about to be fired at him. He never knew where nor when the attacks were going to be hitting him, all he knew was when he got this slight itching in his back he had a feeling something was about to happen, he dived fast and hard out of the way. As his mental imaging was intense, never allowing himself a moment of reprieve. After years of shadow boxing and people watching he was even able to start putting people, he remembers into this world. Never as good as the original, yet good enough to be a challenge, as he slowly took ideas and skills from others that he watched and fought.

He slowly learned the shot patterns, as the person on the machine gun always sprayed in consistent and accurate bursts. Trying to catch him while he was moving and shifting, yet always a little too slow. While the other person seemed to always fire off a few too many rounds making the fire a little to spread, allowing Oscar to dip and weave the shots as he broke up his figure with a quick piece of cloth. Yet right when the 3 minutes were up he saw multiple shots fired from both of them as he saw them all aiming for his head. He was too close to try and dodge them now, he just made it to the building so he had only a moment to think. As he shuddered for a moment as the bullets were about to hit, his mental imagery was broken by Couch Cinter's yelling for time.

As Oscar comes out of the mindscape he sees he is breathing slightly heavily, he did put his body through rigorous fighting, and even dodging around and over people as his mind used them as obstacles. As he took a breath in and breath out he worked a good sweat up as he grabs his shirt and started to wipe off his face, revealing his body to those who cared to look, yet bothered Oscar none. His body was toned to hell and back, as it can be seen that his body was shredded and strong.

=====Out of the Eye and into the Storm=====

As he put his shirt down he looked on towards Oli as he started talking to everyone after their little rest, they had to find a partner they don't normally work with. Oscar was more than happy to work with someone new, as it seemed he didn't need to as someone came to him. As Nathaniel seemed to come up to Oscar. Oscar smiled as Nathaniel asked to partner with him as Oscar said with a happy smile, "Sure I would love to!"

Oscar began to grab equipment for both him and Nathaniel as he began to put on his own gear. As he looked over to Nathaniel and asked, "Hey would you like any help?" Oscar knew these damn things can be really hard to get on and even more annoyingly to try and get fitted right. Oscar just had a very great body for them.

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As Cynthia made her tirade she began to realize she was alone with her feelings at this very moment. True what she said would be seen by some as unreasonable as the circumstances would dictate. Yet she looked around the people in front of her is looking at her in more confusion rather than with people willing to follow her lead. The people looking at her seemed almost disappointed as they looked at her as if she is some crazy person who is putting out some inane thoughts and ideas. Yet, some of her confidence came back as she heard her classmate, Nikolay, speak up and start talking about the relative strength of both himself and Nathaniel. Cynthia was more than prepared to try and get them onto her side to fight Virgil and his goon Vane. Yet those ideas were dashed with the introduction of the ideas of Hailey and Henry.

Cynthia never knew Hailey was even there, as like a ghost Hailey came over and admonished Cynthia against her hatred towards Vane. As Cynthia looked stunned for a moment she didn't really think much on the fact of Vane just being a tool for Virgil, as she saw him as an ally against Virgil, and still does, just one that needs to be righted from the wrong side. She was about to speak out against Hailey as she felt genuinely upset at the fact Hailey would go and try and stop her from her own anger, yet before a word could be uttered from Cynthia's lips she felt the presence of a waking giant, as Henry had decided to make his presence known.

As Henry looked onto Cynthia, he seemed larger than normal, slightly bigger, was he always big enough to dwarf the lights? As he spoke in his native tongue, it was smooth yet strong, he gave the same voice and feeling of a father, as he looked down onto her with reproach. As his words were spoken they hit in a few places Cynthia did not expect to hit, as she suspected Henry to be a little dim witted, like that of a meat head. Cynthia watched on as Henry, began to stand, as his very face showed disappointment as his eye looks that of a man pained to see such things. As he spoke these words he speak is that of blades and daggers, as he ends the his long speech with a single sentence that striked home, deeper than any wound that could have been created. This singular sentence honed in onto the idea, that she was as bad as Virgil. That good for nothing and lying scumbag and her on the same level? Impossible!

Cynthia couldn't contain her anger as the moment she tried to speak out she finally noticed something, Henry and Hailey had already left to talk amongst themselves, leaving her there, speechless in front of Nikolay as she looked on, as she felt that anger turn into frustration as she just stands up and says to Nikolay slightly frustrated, "I will talk to you later, I gotta go. I do need to run my laps as class will begin very soon."

As Cynthia began to take off, making a hasty exit and starting to run her laps. As she is very frustrated at really, everything at the moment, as she notices Oscar...and began to chuckle to the funny position he is in now.


Right before Oscar ran off to do his laps a chuckle came out of his mouth as he saw Jordan hold up his hand for a high five. As Oscar quickly gave the other man a high five as he said, "Well I'll be off".

As when Oscar began to head off he saw Cynthia come in, as Oscar waved slightly to her as he began to start his laps. Really, this was easy for Oscar, as he never pushed himself on the start of the class. As he jogged the first 4 laps, he sustained a solid speed as he easily clocked in what people will normally go on a bicycle ride. As Oscar got into his jog he brought his hands up in front of his face as he began sway his body lightly. As when he jogged he began to sway wider as started throwing multiple strikes as he almost started running. As he began to throw jabs, hooks, upper cuts, and the whole works. As his body swayed and shifted, his body seemed to flow smoothly into each movement, as every step seemed to set up perfectly to transfer his energy into his next movement.

As his foot steps landed, they seemed to have sounded softer with every moment of movement, as if his body was naturally adjusting to his exercise, and even to an extent his body seemed to have relaxed further.

As after a bit, Oscar never knew what was going on other than his body moving, and him needing to finish these laps. As every turn was a high burst of movement as he launched himself faster and faster each time. To the point when Oscar had made it to the sprinting portion of his laps, he had zoned out of everything.

As everything inside of his sight seemed to slow down as his body moved with every step in perfect harmony. As he felt his body slowly firing off his muscles to make each movement, as Oscar felt as he held almost full control of his body. Until he heard off to his side, as he heard something that frankly made him just stop, Henry admonishing someone. As with the abrupt stop he felt with his speed, as his foot slammed into the ground, he felt his leg plant itself and not move as his body launched forward like a Pole vaulter.

As a loud clash and clattering could be heard as Oscar slams onto the ground face first and into the floor. As he skids a good distance as his body bends in an unusual way as his back bows and makes him look like he's a giant circle, as his feet touched the back of his head. Once all of his momentum ceases, his spine rights itself again as his legs spring back and lands on the ground, leaving his entire ass high into the sky as he makes a perfect A with his legs and face directly against the floor. As a slight groan can be heard from him as he doesn't decide to get up for a bit.


Oscar had a slight chuckle in his voice as he watched Nathaniel have a very hilarious expression, one that was expected for Oscar at this point as Nathaniel seemed like he didn't mean to say such a thing to him. Oscar thought it was absolutely funny as Nathaniel spoke to him Oscar responded to him, "Hey don't let it catch you up. It was an honest mistake. And have fun!" As Oscar patted Nathaniel on the back as he began heading off.

As Almost like the devil, Henry appeared at a perfect time to come and sit down with them. AS Oscar patted Henry on the back when he got over as he started to speak to him in German, "Hello, Henry. You did good there. Hailey seems to be doing well because of you." Oscar gives Henry a nod as he looked off to find Nikolay coming over as Oscar calls out to Nikolay, "Oh hey Nikolay!"

As Oscar saw him sit down slightly off form the body guard group Oscar looked over as he heard Nikolay speak. Oscar at first was very off put by the fact that Nikolay's voice changed, then Oscar thought up of a reason for it to make sense, he was practicing his voice acting! It would make sense because of how good he was! Oscar played to it as if nothing was happening, "Yeah it is actually a nice day to train. I feel energized!" Oscar says as he give a smile and throws up his arms into a strong man pose.

As Oscar heard from behind him Jordan speak up! He hasn't spoken this entire time, Oscar turns to hear him ask about their mission as then almost like a ghost Oli was there to interrupt before Oscar could even speak. As Oli began to speak he informed them of the new situation, as the senators seem to be coming in a week rather than today. This lifts a weight off of Oscar's shoulders as he realizes that they actually get a week to work together. Which Oli quickly commented on as this is a good thing.

As Jordan spoke up again as Oscar shifts his head to Jordan to listen to him, as he brings up the idea of the training together. As a smile comes onto Oscar's face as he says, "Hey that'd be great! Um, well since we have time. Wanna meet up after school? It would probably be a good time for everyone to be able to work together and spend time with Oli to help us."

As Jordan exclaims out he hasn't eaten. Oscar looks at him for a moment as he never notices until now that, he hasn't eaten either. Oscar had went on multiple weight managements so there are many times Oscar forgets that he is hungry, as when he is hungry he just wills through it until one of his scheduled meals. As he thinks about maybe eating, yet he can get by without eating for a little while longer. He does have food bars in his bag, so he wasn't too concerned about his well being.

As Oscar takes a sigh out as he does a bit of stretching, "Welp I guess that what we can start with is getting in a nice work out as we go through our classes. Then we work out our kinks in team work. We should be splitting up then at that point we do need to get to classes". As Oscar throws the both of Henry and Jordan a smile as he waves everyone on the bench off as he begins running off to his do his laps.

Oscar wasn't very concerned with his laps, these are nothing more than pleasantries to Oscar. As a few laps jogging is more than easy, then 2 laps sprinting, that was normal for a burst of speed needed in wrestling and boxing. As even if Oscar had a decent reach and a good frame, he always preferred being the aggressor. So he had learned to make very high energy bursts of speed, then worked on and extended the length that he could sustain that speed. To the point where he could clock in a solid 22mph and sustain that speed for a good bit before needing to slow down to regain stamina.

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