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Current I play both sides so that I always lose.
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Can your Father still claim you if the Mail Man delivered you?
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I challenge you to a game of Paradox Billiards Vostroyan Roulette Forth Dimentional Hypercube Chess Strip Poker!!!
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So I realized that the highest honor anyone can get is not to get a Nobel Peace prize, nor getting your name taught throughout history. It's being made into an Anime Character with giant boobs.
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So where do I go after Elysium? I just made it through after beating a Chad-dude and his giant burly friend with horns at a break dancing contest.


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I am an amateur writer at best as I have had a bit of experience writing short novels and stories as a side gig (Don't ask me for help unless you are desperate. I barely know what I'm doing half the time!)

I mostly Rp on medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, and modern slice of life. However, I am always willing to do anything. And I have been roleplaying for about 8 years now.

I have a pretty open schedule right now, other than planning DnDs, and looking for a job. (Still praying that one day I can get payed to play DnD or by playing videogames, but I haven't made a dollar yet).

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The partners I am looking for right now is people who are chill and relax as well as just some genuinely nice people to chat to and play with. Any style is fine, just be ready as there are time where it will take some time for advanced posts will take me a few days.

Other than that I like to listen to music and anytime someone asks me to do a thing, 90% of the time I will just do it as I just don't care enough. But I will not sing, my voice is garbage and I am not confident enough to even try to learn now.

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Collaboration of: @Th3King0fChaos, @A Lowly Wretch, @dragonpiece, and @Force and Fury

Our intrepid heroes had spent this little time doing what needed to be done, first among them, the students of Ersand'Enise, each of them made their claim to what they require to give their support. For the support of Desmond Cutter-Gretz Von Sausex-Eisenac and his ship, the Golden Sun, a single favor from the Uncrowned Queen of Segona. For Ingrid Penderson, the powder monkey of the Golden Sun, she too asks for a favor from the Uncrowned Queen of Segona. As for Trypano Somia, the Navigator and Doctor of the Golden Sun, she requests for the ships of her family to no longer be attacked by Captain Xavier Falzon. Finally, for Ismet'ych'lahin'dichora, the one to fill the Golden Sun with wind, she requests for her people to be allowed to live in peace within the land of Segona.

Once their requests are promised to be satisfied, they began their plans. Among the many ideas, they messed with the Lantern and upon Ingrid's use, she found out something important. After a quick prayer and inputting magic into it, the group was able to find out that the Lantern Penny found is in fact Shune-Zept's Lantern! Yet this knowledge seemed not to help much at the moment as it seemed to only light up for a moment before returning to its dormant state.

However, during this time of study, the group was able to formulate a plan, using Desmond's and Trypano's knowledge to fire cannonballs filled with phosphorous to hit the Maria Nera's Gunpowder room to hopefully sink the ship in one go, yet if to fail Desmond prepares to close the cover by destroying more of the rock ceiling. Yet no matter on whatever occurs, the intrepid crews of the Golden Sun and Flamant Royal finally fly their flags and set sail. For the Golden Sun, they raise a crimson red sail and flag with a gold sun embroidered upon the sails and flags.

Spider's Den

Location: The Witch Woods

Mentions/Interaction: Vali, Twice Born @Wolfieh, the warriors under Kol's command, and Talit'yrash'osmax @Force and Fury

As Kol and his forces entered the Witch Woods, the Spider began to make it's move. The forest came to life, it's branches opened up like knives and struck with speed few can see and with precision that could kill men in moments. The water that pooled were like hiding vipers, as the rain came down it added to the pit of snakes that would lash out and take all that were near. Even the rain that fell was that of small hornets that flooded the entire area, puncturing everything it touched, as the water reddened, Kol felt his blood boil. As his armor broke the blades against it, even with the precise aim, it seemed to not his, like something was stopping it from even touching his skin. A silhouette seemed to form around him as his arms and head seemed to twitch. Frustration was a fuel, rage was the engine, and there was one answer…

A roar erupted from the giant as the clattering of armor from him seemed to become drowned out. The thunder itself seemed to almost hush itself in the face of this one man's fury. Kol drew in energy from everything around him, draining the energy from the leaves, the heat from the very heat from the area. Men knew what this meant as they split away, Kol was going to begin his march forward through this marsh of death. As a chill ran through the area, Kol's mind filled with raging wyverns, as heat radiated from him his mind willed against the rage of these beasts. Kol witnessed the raw power of these beasts as the infernos erupted, in front of a wyvern Kol stood as it brought it's head up before roaring flames onto Kol. As his eyes flashed back to the now burning woods, as in his current roar fire is flowing from his mouth, and like a might wyvern he reels his head up and ignites the upper trees before finally the fire disappeared from his mouth.

Kol's eyes landed back down and forward as he sensed the 'spider', as from the fire he created a Yasoi woman stepped out. She was one who stood tall even among the swamp and death, she must be the one who has been controlling this forest. This woman fought like a true mage, the forest was her weapon, so even a missing limb would not even affect her. Kol locked eyes with her for but a moment before she disappeared. It was time to fight, Kol raised both of his hands and pointed to either side of him and roared, "Charge!!". He commanded those following him to charge forward as when they did he looked to those infront of him and envisioned raging beasts charging forward. He filled each man in front of him with strength of beasts hundreds times their weight, endurance only seen of the berserkers to no longer feel pain, and fury that only those who rage against a Brother killer can find within them. He filled them with visions of transforming into monsters who have no sense of fear, no concept of death, and no understanding of defeat.

Kol thought of what was before him and wished his Brother and his group would come to his aid for this hunt, yet this was not the time to hope, this was the time to act. Kol looked to his people and began to bark orders, calling to those in his command to begin giving orders to those they are under and they come across. Burn trees, as you move, and create small infernos. The spider can't see everywhere, so as they created chaos in the forest, it would cut down on the deaths as they made their way through as she needed to look through the large sources of energy. Kol knew that they could only do so much as of now, so to at least have multiple groups cause chaos while the main group slowly pushed their way through would be important. But for Kol, he needed to find the spider and apply some pressure, so he followed his Dogs of War, the berserkers whom Kol filled with power and had now rushed headlong into death. He followed the trail, as he filled himself with Visions of the Hawk, as he felt himself leave his body. As his eyes opened he began to see like the Hawk, with such precision that he could even see the presence of people, fire, the lightning, and now he begins to hunt his target, the one-legged spider.

Abandoned Neodymium Mine
Eunsan Mountain Range
250 Kilometers Southwest of Balya Gora
March 22nd, 3030/ 0400-0730
Reya Wyatt @Pilatus, Marit Saarinen @Starlance, Ingrid Daschke @wikkit, Emma Ziska @Abstract Proxy
His clothing: Boots, long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, holstered handgun with 20 rounds

Tarak heard Ziska from behind yelling about not being a taxi driver, he chuckled slightly as she made her way over. Tarak was getting his mind out of this funk, at least for a time, and to see people able to smile for a bit was something like a medicine. Especially seeing Reya able to smile, Tarak knows the tell-tale signs of someone who cried, even if they hide it. As he assisted Reya down, she spoke of how they were unable to retrieve her stereo system, and almost when he made another idiotic line about them sharing his in his cockpit, yet the fun police arrived. Frau Ramrod appeared and seemed to have been the same as ever, she arrived yelling. She started with Ziska, which almost bought him enough time to sneak away, yet almost was not good enough as before he could fully get away, she called out to him. Most likely with the wrath of 1000 of her ancestral honors.

Tarak froze mid-step, making a bit of a joking stance like he was imitating a cartoon thief tip-toeing through the dark before being found. Tarak spun on his feet to face the Duchess as he stood at attention, in an almost too tall stance he stands there and says in a slightly bombastic voice, "Yes Ma'am?!" As she spoke, Tarak's chin was higher than normal, as he was trying not to let Ingrid see a slight smirk forming, yet the others could see him as he said once she finished, "Ma'am, is this about me not-pft-flirting with you?" Tarak almost couldn't get that last bit out, as he was about to laugh just thinking about saying that. As after delivering that line, he prepared to run away, knowing that she might start either yelling or fighting.

Location: Isla d'Amato's waters upon the Flamant Royal

Interactions: Trypano @A Lowly Wretch, Ingrid @dragonpiece, Amelea, Penny, and Ismet'ych'lahin'dichora @Force and Fury

When Desmond looked to Ingrid to see if she was okay. he realized that she had very little clothing. To the point he saw somethings that he did not expect. As Ingrid got up, it took just a quick moment longer than normal for Desmond to stand himself back up. Just a mere second, but to Desmond he was lost in thought, no, more that he had no thoughts. Yet Desmond flickers back to his senses as he rises from his spot as he beginnings to fix himself. His shirt and pants rode up, and his pocket seems…to hold a note. He looked to it as it seemed to have been from Onarr, he winced slightly as he read it, 'Fucking really? In the middle of this?'

Desmond sighed as he finished adjusting himself and heard Amelea land onto the ship and said the craziest thing of the day. 'Penny is a royal? Oh fuck, I fucked up hard, shit, I told her to take a risk and go to the Revidians. I thought it would have been okay because they had someone who knew the language very well and they could woo Nerio if need be. Oh fuck, I pray she doesn't hold it against me. Oh I'm fucking dead, when we're out of here I'm dead. Desomnd had this inner monolouge yet it seemed Penny paid no mind to Desmond and what he did. It was what Amelea said that sparked something, why are you here.

Desmond was pulled from his initial thoughts as almost like a trigger word resounded through his mind. 'Why am I here? I was going to Ersand'Enise to learn magic. Why did I do that? My 'Family' wanted me to. Why did I accept the escorting of Horik by the school? Because I thought it would be interesting and could gain some favor. Why did I go up the tower? I was curious of what the message held. Why did I enter the room of Paradigm? Because I was interested to see what he was calling us for. Why did I accept the quest…'

Desmond could not produce an answer, he had no clue why he was here. He was not offered anything more than the possibility of something here. Desmond breathed out slowly, he knew he couldn't answer, he had no idea what the answer could be why he is here. 'To do good? I can't really do that anymore, can't right the wrongs I've done. Have some agency? I never had such a thing, and even now I don't. Personal wealth doesn't do much for me, I have as much as I need and want. So why?'. Desmond had no clue, he had no clue on why he was here, he found himself here yet has no clue what made him even want to do this. Obviously it was a dangerous mission. 'It does not matter now. It will not matter, you are here, complete the mission, the rest can come later'. He cleared his mind before they fully started talking. Thinking like that clouds the moment that is most important, the moment you pull the trigger. And at that moment, hesitation leads to you and everyone counting on you to die.

Abandoned Neodymium Mine
Eunsan Mountain Range
250 Kilometers Southwest of Balya Gora
March 22nd, 3030/ 0730
Reya Wyatt @Pilatus
His clothing: Boots, long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, holstered handgun with 20 rounds

Tarak looked towards Reya and she seemed to take amusement from his offer, as it seemed a bit of playfulness came about. Tarak gave out a slight chuckle and a smile as he said, "Oh~, how could you tell?" Tarak lightly tossed the cassette into the air before grabbing it again as he continued, "Who knows? Maybe this is a ruse and it's filled with a bunch of love songs?" Tarak extended his hand out to the sky as he sets the cassette over his heart and exclaimed, "What if it is filled with all the songs that make my heart feel something!" Once he brings his hand down to cover his face as he looked toward Reya. His eyes landed upon hers as he gestured his hand away from his face and extends out towards Reya as he finally said, "Feel something for you~". As Tarak's hand was extended out, he prepared to assist her down.

Dogs of War

Mentions/Interaction: Vali, Twice Born @Wolfieh, Hrothgar the Black, and the warriors under his command @Force and Fury

The sounds of metal clasping and clattering together, yet it sounded more solid, as the metal hitting each other seemed to be solid yet not letting off a resonating sound. Kol stands tall as on each of his sides people stand holding a piece of black armor that is to be fit to him. Some seem to struggle with each piece as it seemed to weigh much more than expected, yet to Kol it has became a simple weight now. He had trained to fight, run, jump, climb in this armor, and now to him it is nothing more than his armor now. As the armor began to form on Kol, these scales that once covered a great Dragon now covers the man who slayed it. As they attached piece after piece, his thoughts led back to the war council, the heated talks about how they are to go at the beach of Relouse. Yelling could be heard of each side: If they were to go straight on, they'd surely be routed, the beach could not allow them to the beach all the ships they have brought to allow their forces to flood the area, they'd be killed in a choke that the cliffs formed. Others spoke about turning the cliffs into rubles as they sent wave after wave until they could send all of their people through. Yet a third option was tossed into the pool, one that was silently spoken between those closest to Hrothgar.

The cliffs were but a small mountain, any able Eskandr has once in their life climbed a wall, a mountain, or a cliff, and today was going to be nothing different. Like a hidden viper, they will send forces in a pincer, allowing for a feint to occur, then the true force comes and drops the axe. Kol had volunteered to be the one to take the cliffs, few had the similar powers or prowess Kol has. He was to be the one to spearhead, and he hand-picked those lords who are to follow. Those who understood the meaning behind Death's Hand must understand fully what is to happen, no one the Hand of Death points to will be able to run from it.

As the fog began to lighten, Kol knew they were to reach their destination soon, and so it was time for him to make his appearance. As Kol had finally stepped from his chambers, he stood in front of hundreds of men preparing themselves. Many seem to be giving last prayers, others take out herbs, mushrooms, or tinctures as they begin to consume them. As it seemed men change to beasts as they almost become crazed, barely leashed by the shamans that are accompanying these berserkers. Kol began to make his way to the helm of the ship as he looked back to his people, they looked to him as if waiting. Kol took in a breath as he took in the energy from the sea, the energy around him began to feel palpable to even those who are unable to use the Gift, as he let out a roar to the skies. Almost like a war horn was sounded, as the roar of the Eskandr were against the waves almost sounded like the clamoring of beasts trying to be released from their cage.

As the ships closed in on the cliff, Kol stood upon the helm of the ship he looked to his side and saw those who will follow his lead. His Brother of the closest order is to follow behind, Kol then looked to his other side and some of his most trusted Jarls. Of them many had sworn loyalty to him after him taking the crown of Strumreef from his father. They were the ones to know the fate of their land without his hand, and what it bears, and now they followed it. As they looked towards Kol he gave them a head nod as each of them flew off in a soaring leap, as Kol watched his people launch themselves to the sky his mind began to fill of wyverns, as he himself soared.

Like a boulder hitting the earth, Kol landed with such force that it crushed the ground under him like fresh snow. He pulled in the energy when he would land to make the landing deal no pain to Kol. As he stood at the cliff, the last sliver of Sun finally set upon his back, as soon, Kol felt his body lighten, as he knew it was time. He looked towards Val and said, "Brother, go an take this group and scout ahead. Any hidden mages or groups will need to be dealt with". As he raised his hand, he gestures to a group of hunter-like warriors, strong and slender men and women, armed with bows, slings, and javelins. Many of them seem keen and ready and from a quick glance quite a few seem to have some skill in the gift. They were going to be hunting stragglers and hidden mages they might plan to use from this wilderness, disrupting possibly larger groups before Kol and his group would plow them down.

Kol turned to his men as his hand landed upon one man, then another, then another and multiple as he began barking orders to them. These men who Kol pointed to will be the ones directing groups and splitting them up, as they were going to be splitting into 2 trains, each will be sent to hit different parts of the northwestern wall. The first and the larger of the forces will be heading directly towards the gates, while the other one will be taking a wide berth to clear out and rout the possible hidden rear guard then meet back up with the other half of their force. Kol was going to be heading the 2nd force to clear the possible hidden rear guard, because if they were to be at the wall and then a secondary rear guard pulls up and pincers them against the wall, even the weakest Shamans and Mages the Greenlanders can muster would be ten folds effective.

Kol then looked to the men who are ready to follow and yelled to them, "FORWARD!!!" As the men roared they ran forward to the forest, as Kol looked towards it, he thought about his Blood Brother whom he sent in first. Kol knew he would do fine, he was a hunter of great renown, and all this force was to do was to clear out any stragglers or big groups Vali left behind. Yet as Kol looked towards the woods he and his people were to head towards, he felt as if there was something within that looked like a hidden predator. Like a spider as they enter its web.

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Time: Night Time
Location: Inn by the Sea
Interactions/Mentions: Rue/Sairose @Potter, Raven @Tae, Bowyn @Helo, and @Kazemitsu
A full suit of Steel Half Plate & a
Steel Targe
Steel Half Plate
Steel Longsword

Inventory: A rogue-ish set of clothing, his dog tags, and a set of faux demihuman Wolf ears, a Ring of Disguise, two rations of food, water flask, a bar of soap and a few other portable hygienic products.

Ismael tossed a nod to Kharne when he spoke about mercenary work pays better, it was very true, and he knew that. The pay for a Small Arms repairman working for the military and with the military is night and day. Even with this light conversation and then the introduction of 2 new party members, Ismael had a bad feeling, like the night was going to get annoying.

Ismael and Kharne had gotten into an argument with Sairose, 'Great, you wanna run off too? Y'all have a few fucking screws loose'. Rue spoke up after her maybe 20th or so check on Sairose asking a slightly strange but valid question, "Do we have wolves? Hmm…". Ismael wanted to play up the idea of mystery, maybe get a little few chuckles out of it as he then said, "…Hmm, we do have wolves, but they are much bigger than the ones I've seen here. They are much bigger, and meaner, they had larger teeth that are the same size of my arm. And they can swallow you whole in one bite".

Ismael continued on this little rant about how dangerous the wolves were as he began to notice each person around him. Kharne, Bowyn, and Rue all have very different physiology, their bodies looked human-like, yet they had features very different to what he knows. As he continued to speak about the big paws that could smash boulders and a nose that can smell fear, he began to take notice of the features on each person. Maybe different reactions can occur based upon what emotions he invokes.

Yet as he spoke, he noticed Kharne almost staring out the window and thought back to the argument they had with Sairose. Thankfully it settled down and she promised to not head off and make them…'and there she goes'. Ismael almost curses out loud as she literally ran off on her own without even telling them. The only reason he noticed before Kharne explicitly stated it was because he caught Kharne's ear twitching while Ismael was taking note of Kharne's features.

Ismael tossed himself back onto the bed and sighed in frustration. Ismael just listened for a moment, as he heard Kharne speak about Sairose and them coming to this world and Ismael spoke up as he laid there, "Yeah it is a bit to take in-", Ismael let another sigh out as he continued, "-yeah she probably has a plan, she seems a little smarter than to just run off to god knows where and get captured". Ismael then turned over onto his side as he looked towards the group more, he looked to both Bowyn and Rue as he said, trying to switch the topic away from Kharne sulking, "So how did you two meet?"


The sound of a heartbeat begins to resound throughout the ears, the only thing that can be heard other than the ever-growing sound of a heartbeat is heavy erratic breathing.

In the dead of night, the sound of feet slamming to the ground, dead vegetation snapping underneath the force of a set of feet sprinting, rocks clattering together and getting thrown up as leaps and jumps are performed, and grunts letting loose anytime a collision with a large object is either done or nearly avoided inbetween quick and sharp breaths. Lights are constantly flashing through a large tree line as whimpering can be heard. Looking down in hands garbed in thick gloves there is a small girl crying, as light flashes over she looks up in fear, her eyes seem to flash over to the side as trees begin to collapse and get sent flying. A quick duck under one that comes flying seem to almost reveal a large and fast mech almost flying over, as in slow motion it looks down and the once white light it has seems to lock on and turn red.

Thump Thump Thump

The roar of machines comes from behind as bullet fire is let loose from all directions. Lights are constantly passing through the trees as they shift between white and red. Trees begin to get crushed, wood splintering, rockets whiz by, and the whimpering grew to outright crying. Vision begins to dart wildly as other great machines seem to constantly burst through the trees and seem to overshoot their intended target. Through the ever-growing heartbeat and sporadic breathing, the crying is starting to become the only thing that can be heard.


Smoke fills the area as the glow of red and orange light seems to fill the area or follows. The crying becomes something like wailing, yet even that seemed to be fading out as the heartbeat seems to even be ramping up further. Everything seems to blur as the smoke seems to be choking out the erratic breathing, leaving coughs and wheezes as the trees fly by, and light seems to break through the trees.


The world seems to slow to a standstill. The blinding light finally fades away as there stands hundreds of men, in front of them all stands a line of younger teens and adults. From left to right guns slowly lower to the back of each of their heads, each of them try to break from the grips of the men, yet are unable to, they yell and scream, yet nothing can be heard as the heartbeat becomes so loud that even breathing can't be heard. The moment the guns level, a loud bang can be heard.

Abandoned Neodymium Mine
Eunsan Mountain Range
250 Kilometers Southwest of Balya Gora
March 22nd, 3030/ 0400-0730
Interactions: Reya Wyatt @Pilatus
His clothing: Boots, long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, holstered handgun with 20 rounds

Tarak awoke in a cold sweat, lurching up at such a speed that it could have been missed in the dark. Tarak is taking in gasping breaths as he begins to look around, everyone around him seems to be asleep. Some more restful than others, yet asleep nonetheless. Tarak swooped his legs off of the boxes that were commandeered for him to make a place to lay on. He grabbed his watering can as he looked to the clock that is set up, 4 hours. Tarak sighed as he looked at the clock that said 4 O'clock, he thought about how it was some of the better sleep he's gotten over this time, at least he didn't wake anyone up this time. Tarak began getting up and grabbing his clothing, as he dressed himself, he quietly walked through the cave, he was going to be heading to his favorite spot he found.

As Tarak free climbed the wall, he began to feel his grip weaken, he realized all of this is finally taking its toll, yet he was not going to let the others see it. As he continued to climb he finally reached a lip as he clambered up and over as it revealed a small alcove large enough for one to two people can fit comfortably. As Tarak finally made it up, he sighed as he looked to the area as he began to lay down. He put his hands behind his head as he took in a breath as he began doing sit ups, he was going to work this out of him, he couldn't do anything else. Leaving would be suicide, Black Phoenix isn't as limited on ammunition as some of the other Mechs here, however that does not mean he can go about galivanting. He needs to think every damaged piece of armor he deals to the enemy can be easily repaired, for him it is permanent until they can find better facilities.

Yet he can't stop thinking about those taken by those a part of the group of the military coup. The NPDRE took many of those who were found with the Green Knights' non-combatant groups. Taking many different people, and split up those he is closest to. The Orphans had seen rough times, they have lost people, yet as long as they were together they could make it through. Yet now, they have split apart, many either lost, taken, or worst, and all they could do is sit here. Tarak gritted his teeth as he began to do sit-ups faster, he then switched to push-ups as he started doing them in very rapid succession. He was getting sick of waiting, he wanted to do something, they have lost so much, and as they wait they lose more. They lost multiple Mech pilots from the Coup, they lost multiple Lances from these Crimson Fists, and Tarak has not even been able to do anything.

Once they lost that last Lance, morale dropped to an all-time low, with Bobby saying what he said on an open channel it made most begin to lose hope. It told them how dire the situation was, and now with them wallowing here, most are about at their end. Tarak threw himself up to his feet as he did a hop into the air before landing back down into a push-up and continuing to do this up and down. Tarak and his Lance had ran recon, they seemed to have been one of the lucky few in this as when they were hit, they were hit by ground armor rather than BattleMechs, yet luck would be far from it, multiple of the Mechs were hit, with Black Phoenix losing a few hundred pounds of armor in that short fight, and without any supplies or materials, they can't repair a single thing. Tarak clenched his fists as he stood up, as he began to Shadow Box, they had to do something, nothing comes to those who sit and wait.


Tarak had finally descended from his little perch and began going about his morning routine. He began going to where the Orphans have cut a little area for themselves, it is a small fort made of some empty boxes, torn tarps, some rope, and some equipment. There Tarak had seen many of the people he literally grew up with withering away, yet when they see Tarak they seem to try and straighten themselves up as much as they can. Trying to make themselves look like they aren't losing hope, putting on smiles, and even trying to do work that they made up. Tarak knew what they were doing, it was something they all figured out in the Scrap Yard. Tarak wore a smile as he walked around and checked on them. When the meager food and light water rations were given out, Tarak made sure that everyone had their fill. They could not bulk up their food, their food was already bulked up as much as they could without having it become more sawdust than food. Water has also begun to run low, as Espia had no natural freshwater holes. They had to desalinize the water and it is difficult to do without being forced into a cave and without any of their ships or larger machinery.

Once finished, Tarak got up, and gave each of his siblings hugs as he then began his work as a Mechwarrior. He began checks on Black Phoenix, first starting her up to make sure she still has life in her, some small checks over the limbs making sure that any severed myomer fibers, worn solenoids, and any nonfunctioning actuators are taken care of. Well, patched, oiled, or covered to make sure that it doesn't become a greater liability later. He let out a sigh as he found a few of his systems weren't running at full efficiency, half efficiency would have been passable yet he sadly was below even that, yet he was happy that the Jump Jets, the hand actuators, and the knee actuators seemed to be working. That at least meant if things got hairy, he had some way to fight some bigger mechs, or survive for another day. Yet next was his main armaments, and he would need some assistance with that.

Tarak headed out to find their resident laser weapon expert, Reya. Tarak spent about 5 minutes until he heard the tell-tale signs Ryea had passed through, some people seemed to have been hiding some of their weapons, and none of the Mechwarriors seem to be around. Tarak talked to a few people around as he finally made it to the area Reya seemed to be, she seemed to be checking over some weapons. Tarak called out to her in a calm tone, "Rey, can I get a bit of your time? I would like you to come to check Phoenix's weapons real quick. I might have a track I'll let you borrow if you do~". Tarak threw a quick smile and gesture over to Black Phoenix as he held up a cassette, it looked worn, yet it had written on it 'Assault Metal'. It is a cassette filled with some of the 'greatest hits' Tarak was able to find throughout his time. He continued as he lightly waved it and said, "All the way from Lyran Commonwealth, even has some of the trademarked music the Solaris Games has". Yet when he said this, he heard a loud and commanding voice resound through the cave. Gawain calls his swords, Tarak thought to himself, 'Took you long enough'.

Location: Isla d'Amato near the water

Interactions: Trypano @A Lowly Wretch, Ingrid @dragonpiece, Onarr @Bork Lazer, Amelea, Penny, and Ismet'ych'lahin'dichora @Force and Fury

Desmond watched as Ingrid had began to notice the world and compose herself. She seemed like she was mentally pushing everything to the side until it was all over, 'Good, we'll make it out yet'. As she began to dress herself, she tied up his jacket, and that was when Desmond realized how big Ingrid was, he never fully understood until that moment. He almost chuckled at her outfit, it did not suit her, definitely was not a part of her wardrobe. Yet is seemed once she made her clothing do, she readied herself by clearing he mouth out with water, using magic nonetheless. Desmond did chuckle at that as it did show their difference, Desmond saw Magic as a tool, she saw it as an extension of herself. In this moment of thought it seemed Ingrid had fully composed herself and prepared to move forward. Desmond gave her a nod as she handed back his hat, he flipped it onto his head as he said, "Alright let's go".

As they left the alleyway Desmond realized that it was not only her top taken off, Desmond walked a little closer to her and slightly off to the side where the larger group was. He was being nonchalant about his actions, but he was trying to cover her bottom side from those looking. As they walked by Desmond looked to Ismette and Onarr as he called out to them, "Come on we need to talk on the ship. We need to see what's happening with Penny". As they moved past them and near the Princess he looked to her and said, "We will be talking on the ship, when you see the sail raised on the ketch, red will mean we fight and white will mean we are leaving". Desmond left it brief, they could not waste time, they had mages on the way. He let out a sigh as he heard a whistle come from the group of on lookers, Desmond just tilted his hat as they continued, this was not a great look for the crew yet it was what they had to deal with. Yet once they made it to the water Ingrid created a sheet of ice, as she stepped on she shifted herself to make enough room for him. Desmond took a step on and was about to slip, yet he began to focus his magic onto the bottom of his boots and started to make the ice underneath him much more rough and able to create friction between his boots to allow him to stand just fine. This was a trick that Desmond was taught to work on all terrains, to shift and change not only the ground he is on but also his boots to allow him to walk with ease.

As they neared the ship, Desmond prepared to do a kinetic jump, as he pulled in kinetic energy, he waited a moment as the moment he was about to jump, he first jumped off of the ice and then used his stored energy to throw himself into the air. A kinetic jump in the end never needs you to physically jump, all that needs to be done is using the energy to propel yourself. So Desmond decided to use the energy to push up against his legs while drawing in the energy at the moment of impact to allow him to be launched without hurting himself. As he flew up he used the kinetic energy to make sure he made it up and the moment he was about to land on the ships deck he drew in the energy to soften his landing into nothing. Desmond looked back and didn't see Ingrid, as he looked back into the water and saw her trying to climb the side of the ship as she fell again. He began looking for a rope as then he felt a draw of energy as he saw ice beginning to climb up, yet not connected to the boat. And a wave seemed to past that flipped it over and send her into the water. Desmond let out a sigh as he said, "Alright let's get her up".

As he looked to Ingrid, he used the energy he had to launch Ingrid out of the water, yet he didn't realize how light she was, so she went up much faster than expected, to the point where she was right infront of him in a moment, and he had no time to react to her coming up and over as she lands straight onto him. As he fell with Ingrid landing on top of him, as he fell over, he landed on his back and Ingrid had landed on his lap and lower stomach area. He looked up to Ingrid and said through a slight grunt, "You alright?"
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