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The Warden of the Prison Ship, Minerva de Silva, was a surprisingly affable woman whose heavyset build contrasted with rosy cheeks, curly red hair, and a wide smile. She said to Tarak, "So that's what a Star Marine looks like - You could pass for my son, you know that? You know, I didn't believe that the Ascendancy Military would use children at first, but considering that you must be prodigies and all, they must have given you guys a pass to volunteer for Ascendancy Service..."

Tarak had met the Warden of this ship and his immediate feelings to her was a gut feeling of disgust. Yet he never let anything show, after all, someone who was good at their job could smell something like this with ease. So he let her continue to speak, as he calmly listened hearing as she spoke of the voluntary service as Tarak said in a calm smooth voice, "All of us happily volunteered for the honor to protect mankind from the vile grasp of the Aliens and their Coalition". Tarak had been trained to say this line from many higher-ups when government officials came to interview Star Marines.

Then a pause from the Warden, "We have a few people claiming to be Star Marines, and they have the abilities and powers to match, but they aren't loyal, if you get my drift. Do you want me to remand them to you guys as well? I'd be happy to do so... Once we have our meal, of course."

Tarak gave a nod and said, "We would be happy to take the prisoners off of your hands and thank you for the meal". With that Tarak sat down with the Warden and his companions as he waited to be served.

And with that, a few crew folk would gladly serve Tarak, Trajen, and Avelyn some heated MREs, even as Warden de Silva was saying, "Oh, and Kherol is sending one of his people here to meet with you guys - Vice-Admiral Kotaro Winterborn himself!"

As Tarak was given his food, he thanked the men and listened to the Warden as he heard something that made his heart sink. Another person was coming here to meet with them, the Vice-Admiral himself. Tarak had a bad feeling he wasn't here to see them off in good wishes. Yet his face was composed like a tranquil river, there was clockwork in his mind racing to figure out a way to set this up in their best interest, after all, he couldn't just use his Omni-tool to talk to the others.

Tarak knew one thing for certain he needed to hope the others get what they need quickly before the world comes down on them. As Tarak noticed his other companions seem to make some form of contact, maybe it was just a friendly gesture, or it was to secretly pass info, he had no clue, all he knows is that they will need to tell the others to hurry, even if they don't know what this new development means. Yet he knew that he needs to keep the act, so he started a conversation with the Warden to keep her attention towards himself. "Excuse me, ma'am, has everything here been okay? It seems to be crashed on a rebelling planet didn't seem to be the best conditions".

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Samuel had noticed something odd occur in the midst of everyone's scurry, Nero's magic went out of control. No, he didn't lose control, it evolved! It enhanced and formed to a new shape, now it was an area casted spell. Nero didn't just enhance his own magic, but also Samuel's magic and armor. Samuel didn't know what exactly happened, but all he knew was that this was the time to act, just as Nero stated.

Samuel wanted to do his more…effective attack, yet it seemed that damn sword can keep up a pretty solid defense, so instead, Samuel used his other idea. Taking up a baton quickly, he formed a stone tube that is holding the baton facing towards Crow. Inside the tube, Samuel is using his electromagnetism to speed up the baton in the tube before launching it out towards that Bird-brained merc. This magical attack is just the equivalent of a railgun, so he has high hopes in the fact that it will punch through the shield, or well, at least keep the bastard busy for a few moments so they can leave.

Once the baton was ready, Samuel got ready to move. Once launched, a loud boom echoed the area as the baton was let loose at speeds faster than any bullet flew. Samuel was ready for this though as he braced for it as he opened up his stone wall that is pushing against Crow to allow the baton to go through and hit his shield. This was when Samuel began to make a run for the designated opening that was to be made.

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Millard had taken a good look at everything. His knowledge of ships was slightly limited, but he knew his general location, as Jan finally took them to the cell blocks, where yelling could be heard throughout. Honestly, Millard's first reaction upon hearing this yelling was to silence them. Yet he held his tongue he didn't wish to play too deep into the character, after all, there is no one in this Galaxy that is that aggressive.

Once they finally reached the Star Marines, he saw 2 faces he had no clue of, a small child who looked like she was a small husk of a 4-year-old child and a very irritated young man. Honestly, he had no clue who they were or who they could have been, but he had to try and find a way to know who they were. So when Laurey wanted to go off with Jan by herself to collect the Realist, this got him exactly what he needed, time to talk to the kids and they were still keeping everything moving.

Millard looked towards Laurey and said, "Alright Hawthorn, you and Jan take a walk, while we straighten these kids out". Millard had now looked back as he noticed Finbarr had already taken to the more agitated of the two kids, as Millard decided to go to the quiet of the tow, as he kneeled down and asked the girl through the gate, "Hey there little one. What's your name?" Millard had no clue the age of this girl, honestly, he thought she was around 6 or so, so for him, he felt strange with being super aggressive to her. He wanted to show he was serious, yet to be serious with a small child unable to do her magic? That just seemed like overkill.

But in the midst of his questioning, he heard the voice of a man he knew, his voice could cut its' way through any crowd, Joey. Strangely enough, it sounded like the man was on the level below him. Millard had a very intense urge to check on the man, yet right now the mission was to blend in, so he will have to leave Joey where he is for now, Millard knew the boy could wait a little longer.

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The Matthews Twins

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Samuel had Crow right where he wanted him, well, until the lights went out. Even with the quick update given by their support team, honestly, it wasn't enough for Samuel to understand what just happened. The moment the lights went out, Blue crow moved and now his orientation is allusive to him, Samuel's idea was to go and turn on a light just for the fact he was literally useless in the dark.

Samuel couldn't try making a large attack here, he has no clue on the size he would need to actually be effective, and with his sister and Nero moving too. He would run a higher risk of hitting them rather than helping. Yet he knew, if he turned on the lights, he could either make himself a big target, or he could make someone who gets caught in the beam a big target.

All that could escape his mouth was a frustrated 'tsk' as he just continued to force the earth wall forward, he couldn't pull off the next step of the plan as he could unwittingly get someone caught in the trap.

Iris let Molecular Deconstruction take her part in the fight as she gathered a microwave gun for the not robot robots. At the same time, she identified the rate of spell slowing the birdman was producing. She spent the rest of her time getting a read of his invisible sword. The way he held it was enough for her to get a rough estimate of its length. At the current moment, the man was already getting pushed back. However, our advantage was taken by the call to turn off the lights.

With the lights off, Iris immediately changed to get out of here as this might be their biggest chance to continue the mission. She feels the wall and remembers what is outside the room. She decided that going down in the corner would be the safest exit, plus Samuel should be able to wield it back in place as we are leaving. She knows the thickness of standard floors and ceiling in armored ships. She says over coms to Nero and Samuel, "Making an exit through the floor 10 meters South to Samuel and 17 meters South-South East to Samuel pre blackout. 7 seconds until the exit is ready" She spoke clearly. She drops the Molecular Deconstruction on the crow to make the exit.

Samuel heard the new plan Iris setup. He let off a silent sigh as he knew what Iris was talking about. He quickly orientated himself in preparation to leave in a quick fashion, yet does not let up on the wall. They needed to keep this fool pinned to the wall so they could exit more seamlessly, all he needed to do was get ready to leave and probably seal off the exit that was going to be made.


Mentioned: @Letter Bee@FalloutJack & Team Horus' Action

The Matthews Twins

In collaboration with: @dragonpiece

Samuel witnessed a sight he had not seen in a while, a silvery aura that impacted magic. Samuel's immediate idea was something similar to his Big Brother's magic, however, upon seeing it affect his magic as well, Samuel found that it was completely different. It slowed magic down, as Samuel realized his magic was slightly slower than normal. However, this small waist-high wall wasn't really much of a slow process, either way, so he was quick to take cover, but his thoughts were racing as he made a quick plan in his head. Yet something seemed to almost break the gunfire. The Crow spoke.

Samuel heard the most inane formation of words he has ever heard. Only on children? Samuel's thoughts upon this idea were to make the idea of a super-soldier program made to indoctrinate children to make super soldiers able to reproduce? Honestly, it would make sense why the age range was so narrow for the kids. But it seems this might be too deep of an idea for this strangely cladded man. However, like a clock kicking back into gear Samuel began to hear guns sounding again as he slammed his fist against the Earth wall to make it grow and head towards the 'robots', Blue Crow, and Nero. However, when it is heading towards Nero it starts turning into a ramp for him to run up the wall. Yet for the others, they have a wall that is quickly speeding towards them as it will try to slam them and crush them against the metal walls of this ship.

Iris's eyes locked onto the weird bird man as an aura seemed to engulf him. Iris put it together quickly that it was the most probable cause of the anomaly and she didn’t like it. Her link to her brother seems unaffected though. A definite relief for Iris as it did pump her and Samuel's powers further than their natural limit. It seems that the robots are going to decompose pretty soon as they are still breaking down at a fast rate. She crouched towards the earth wall her brother has made. It wasn't long before the odd man spoke once again.

The information he spouted was honestly not that surprising. Iris never linked a reason why it had to be kids but she sure the fuck knew to not believe the words from the scientist's mouths. Whatever the case, the cocky man seemed to try distracting us with possibly world-shattering information. And to Iris's expectations, He pulled his gun out and fired a magical shot. Seeing the angle of his arm, she projected it was coming near her and Samuel. "Move!", Iris let out as she dived to the side, taking refuge behind a presumed empty armament container. The shot seemed to be of plasma shot quality. She gave a look towards Samuel and nodded her head, indicating she was going to get closer to do some real damage. As she moved on the outside she tested how much slowed her magic was.

Samuel saw as his sister dived off with a yell, 'Move!'. Samuel witnessed a silvery-white plasma shot punch through his stone wall as it nearly took his sister's head off. She quickly got up though and she ran off with a nod, Samuel knew what was in her head, so he got ready.

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The Matthews Twins

In collaboration with: @dragonpiece

Upon the start of the mission, Samuel and Iris used the moments of the ship hovering above the ship to drop down and enter using Iris' Molecular Deconstruction to allow the entry teams to slip in and do their work. Samuel, Iris, and Nero slipped in together as then the twins saw their resident Rouge start running off and seemingly clearing the way.

As Iris was making their infiltration point she let Nero know that if she or Samuel got spotted by the enemy they would click their tongues at the same time to indicate it.

Samuel had prepared the additional EMC jammer for Nero in case he needed the extra insurance. Samuel himself is his own EMC jammer so even if the EMC breaks, he can just do it himself. However, the travel was so easy, that even Samuel thought this was a trap. maybe they might have been low on manpower from the crash. But still, Samuel would not let his guard down, his focus was always on the next room. He was always ready for the next thing to go wrong, yet nothing did go wrong.

Iris tried to have Samuel and her stay in the maintenance tunnels for most of their infiltration but without any form of information on the layout, they eventually had to go down the halls of the ship. Iris carried a jammer with her just in case Samuel becomes occupied or if Nero required another one. Samuel was the one taking point as they checked the rooms, Iris was always at the ready to heal him or make a new exit or entrance depending on what they needed.

Upon moving deeper in, Samuel spotted an armory and wished to check in case they could find something to help them along the way. Samuel sent a quick message to Nero telling him that they will be entering an Armory to see if there was anything they could use to their advantage in there. He allowed Iris to enter first as she was the one who could defend anyone who was in there. Samuel followed behind her and ready to fire, yet found nobody. Upon a quick inspection, most weapons are gone, unless you count the tools of torture to be weapons, yet, all Samuel saw was the ugliest things humans made to use on their prisoners.

Originally iris as opposed to entering the armory as she felt they were already prepped enough for the mission but Samuel was right to believe there might be something of use. As they entered, she did a quick sweep of the room and didn't see anything on first inspection. Iris could see the only thing left was the "correctional" tools that she and Samuel had experienced during their training days. These tools used to be the object of her fears, now they seem to be nothing more than devices to help them. "Samuel we are going to the prods and sonic guns. They will come in handy to incapacitate guards." Iris grabbed a prod for herself and offered a sonic gun to her brother.

As Samuel grabbed the sonic gun, he heard a terrible sound come from behind him. The hammers of guns being pulled back and ready to be fired. Samuel's first response was to turn and bring his gun up. There he saw a strange sight, a man with terrible fashion choices with 4 robots wielding rifles. Samuel was pissed, he was hoping this was gonna go smoothly, yet right now was not the moment, as there seemed to be some guy here with some decent equipment. What Samuel hated though was the fact that he found himself 'trapped' in a room with his sister. As he said in a low tone, enough for his comm to pick up, but was directed to his sister so it seemed he wasn't speaking to someone over a commlink, "Tch, fuck. My bid on the armory was really shit it seemed". Using the code that they were spotted plus adding in their location to allow Nero to come and help without them noticing as Samuel prepared to fight.

As Iris handed Samuel the gun, she heard some movement from behind her and she turned slightly after her brother to see… A bird? No, A man with a bird mask. Honestly, it was a little cool by Iris's standards. She saw his gun and then noticed the odd-looking robots and their riffles. She couldn't make out if the riffles fired normal rounds or plasma shots, making her hesitate to pun up a barrier of deconstruction between them. She weighed making a hole below them to escape but for all, she knows she could drop them into the reactor room. They were stuck with 5 guns pointed at them. She waits a second before clicking with Samuel as she keeps her eyes on the enemy. Once Samuel gives her the signal she'll drop the deconstruction directly on them and destroy all the robots and the gear of this Bird.

Once Samuel sees his sister is up to speed, he quickly forms a waist-high earth wall to use as cover and to take some of the direct fire. As then he tries to drop quickly and go prone to break up where he will be entirely in case they try to shoot where he was. As he prepared for a fun fight.

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The Matthews Twins

In collaboration with: @dragonpiece

In the midst of the fighting, Samuel had watched everything unfold. The fighters pulling away from the ship, to the larger ship their team had left to deal with the people on the bridge. Samuel saw his sister try and help Amy, and Samuel scoffed in his head. Amy should be the one who is there for them, but when they need her, she falters. Samuel lets out a sigh as he lets those thoughts leave his mind, maybe she didn't know the full extent of her power, he wished she would have tried, yet it seemed in the little situation they had, the others had made contact and had fooled the Ascendancy. There, Samuel had dropped his magic, knowing he didn't need to keep up this field, though not too tiring, it was annoying to do while making sure he didn't fry the ship's systems.

Iris was relieved that talking to Amy was enough to get her going again for now. With that, Iris waited for her to broadcast her message to the other ships. Iris was hiding this anxious excitement about finally using her magic again. The last time was at Proxima and let's say that she didn't really have a good time at that fight. Right as Amy was going to release her magic, the fighters came back through another ship, making this message unnecessary. Iris slumped back into Samuel as all that stored up tension released quickly with no payoff. Now she just felt sluggish. Iris released her magic and turned to Amy to see what she was doing now. Iris could see she was relieved that it was over and that she was heading over. As she gave the hug, Iris had a hard time resisting Amy's hug. She did give in and hugged her fully back to try to celebrate with her a little. As Amy left the communication room to tend to her headache, Iris had an odd feeling as she came off as someone who would usually not let a headache. Whatever the case, Iris turned to her brother and smiled towards him, "You did great Samuel!" Iris ruffled his hair for a bit before getting off of him, "I should check to see if anyone needs some fixing up. Want to come with?"

Samuel threw a smile to Iris when she turned to him as she congratulated him, he sent the sentiment right back at her, "You did great yourself". As she hopped off of him as she asked if he wished to come and greet the other, to which he responded with a "Sure". As he got up from his sat as he grabbed her hand as they started to head to the hold where they all are. As he began to say hello to everyone who came back, to see each of them and how they fared. His eyes scanned each person, Tarak was fine, his suit was slightly cut but otherwise fine. Nero came back with a new toy and some released tension. Finbarr seemed like his old self. Yet Narvia came out a wreck as he saw her with enough burns on her to look like she had stepped into a microwave and decided to wear a tin foil mask.

Iris locked hands with Samuel as he grabbed it as they head to the bridge to see the people. She saw that almost all of the fighters had returned unharmed. Then her eyes had landed on Narvia. She was badly burned and seemed to be running on adrenaline. Iris pulled Samuel along with her as she made her way over to Narvia. Once she got close Iris did a quick assessment of her injuries. This wasn't to check how she should be healed but to try to understand what happened on the Arkeim Razor. Seeing the plasma thrower Iris had to assume that there was a pyromaniac using a fucking plasma thrower inside the bridge. Always a good idea to use it when he could melt screens and possibly any number of important instruments. Well, whatever happened doesn't matter at the moment I need to heal her. Iris spoke lightly, "Hey Narvia, hold still for a second and I'll get you looking all pretty again." Iris reached her hand out to an unburnt part of Narvia and gently laid a hand on her. The feeling Narvia felt would be a bit overwhelming at first as all the pains and aches she felt after the fight would vanish as if they were never there. The burns were all gone and not even a single scar to show for it. It is as if she never got hurt in this fight. Honestly, this magic can be a bit intensive if a lot is gone. Luckily she was just burned, technically not much was missing. Iris backed out of the group now having done her job as a healer.

Samuel followed Iris after everything was said and done. He knew nothing that happened on the ship, but he knew enough to get the sense that Narvia was caught in something dumb, she was the only one who had any injuries, well really she was the only one who seemed to have seen action. Either she went in and fought everyone by herself or, the likelier option, she was caught up in something she didn't see coming. Yet he wouldn't hold it against her, there are things they can't control, so he just shrugged it off as bad luck, as he now focused on just relaxing. They still had a long ride.

====================Nearing Plenty====================

Iris was pretty relaxed after the battle. She was still running around to update what people look like that way If any of them got injured she could help out. Amy was the exception to this rule though. Iris could tell that she wanted to be left alone and Iris frankly didn't want to force herself in unannounced. However, Amy's disappearance from the ship stuck in her mind as it was part of her job to see people. Slowly, thoughts of what Amy was going through started to weasel their way into Iris's mind even when she was off duty. Iris looked for distractions to keep her mind going in other ways. She looked at fashion, watched YouTube, And even read articles about stupid things like chihuahua being rats. The last one she'll choose to buy into though. After all this thought Tarak gave out our roles for the mission. Iris was just happy that she was going to be able to play an important part in all this. Working with Nero was new but hopefully, it will be fine. Tarak also asked her and Samuel to make some mini blackout zones. A project was a good distraction for the bit of guilt she was accumulating by leaving Amy alone. She worked on the design for around a day and came up with an innocuous steel box with magnets on the inside so it could stick to the walls of the ship. With that out of the way, she went to her brother to see if he was up to enchanting the box with her.

Samuel had spent his time doing little things around the ship, he cooked, cleaned, and did many of the more basic menial labor. He didn't think much on the previous mission, may it be the fact it was just so simple? Probably. The mission required little to no of his attention, and the afterthought was even less so. The only thought he was left with was the fact he had very little thought in the abilities of Amy. She froze up right from the get-go, sure the ship was getting attacked, but to freeze up because of a few potshots just seems stupid to him. Maybe he just not being considerate enough, but she chose to go against the government of humanity. And most beings know of the very hideous things they are willing to do, so to come here half-hearted just doesn't seem like something people would do. But who knows? Samuel is just doing his own thing as then he was approached by Iris to help make a magical EMC jammer. He was more than happy to help, honestly, something like this would be fun, combining magic with Iris is always an extremely fun thing to do, that is how they made her gauntlets and Greeves, so if this turns out well, they might be keeping these for other operations. However more than that, he is really happy to make something with his sister. So he went and sat at their desk so they could work in the comfort of their own room.

"Alright, Lets get started!" Iris said to Samuel as she pulled a second chair to their desk. The basic physical mechanisms for the EMP have been made so now it would just be Iris and Samuel talking like normal. The size and lack of complexity made it quite an easy task. "So Samuel, have you made better friends with anyone yet?" Iris knew that Samuel's tendency can cause a bit of an issue when it came to friends.

The creation of the EMC jammers was of little trouble, and honestly of little importance. What he wanted to do is do something with his sister, and this makes for a great excuse for them to spend time together. As it seems Iris made the first move as she asked him a simple question he had no real trouble answering, "No, I haven't really made the effort. What about you? Have you became closer to anyone?" Samuel didn't really think much on the topic, they only knew the crew for a few days, and were sent on a mission almost immediately, so socializing was not really on the to-do list for Samuel.

"Eh, not in particular. I have to go around and see people as part of my job but those are little things. If anything, I'm just getting better at talking to them in general." Iris pulls out some snacks for them as anytime is a good time for snacks. "Working with Nero should be pretty interesting though. I am a little worried that I won't be able to stay stealthy though. What about you? I know you're much better at stealth than me but do you think you are Nero stealthy?"

"Mm thank you", Samuel says as he grabs some of the snacks Iris provides as she speaks. She brings up the idea of working with Nero, honestly, Samuel is interested in seeing Nero work, he is just concerned if he'll just drag Nero down. As he hears Iris has a similar fear, "Honestly, I don't think I'm as good as Nero, I think I'll do okay enough. I just hope he'll be taking the initiative in the stealth and going ahead of us". After saying this Samuel gives a small chuckle because of this.

Iris feels a bit less worried that Samuel is also concerned by Nero's stealth ability. As she listened she downed like an entire Twinkie without thinking. "He probably will, I think he is aware of how ninja-y he is." She went back to work for a bit and then back to talking to her bro. "Is it cool if I get a subscription to a few things? They are absolutely essential, promise." Iris leaned on her brother, upping her cuteness in an attempt to stay under his radar.

As they talk and work, Samuel found himself in thought, thinking of how the plan could go. He ate a few things as they worked as he heard Iris speak again. There he heard words that fired off a near-automatic response, "What are the subscriptions for?" Samuel had lived his life with Iris, she always pulled the same trick, talk to him, does something with him for a bit until he was distracted, and then go and ask for something. He has never once failed, as he had always stopped her from buying the dumbest of things, like when they were given some credits from their officer to get what they wanted from the local planet, there he stopped Iris from buying into money rats who were trying to sell Iris on a get rich quick scheme. However, even after all of these things, she still wanted to buy more nonsense.

Fuck. That response was so quick and so on point that it felt like she was just punched in the stomach. Iris turned to her brother and sat on Samuel. "Well, you see, it's stuff for us to have fun with. So what do you say, can you do it big brother?" Iris pulled out the big brother card a strong card. Mix that with her sitting on his lap, Iris was sure she could get his credits out of him.

Samuel was waiting for this move, sitting on his lap and acting cute, yet even with expecting Iris to pull out this. He was not fully ready for the 'big brother' card. Yet as he tried to stop, he felt his defense waver as he looked away and said, "Okay if that is what it's for I suppose it wouldn't be bad". Samuel knew he should have had more spine, yet he just couldn't keep hold when Iris pulls out all the stops.

Iris's slightly pouty face changed the instant she got the okay from Samuel. She put on a big smile and her eyes gleamed with excitement. She started to hug him and tug him around a bit, "Oh! Thank you thank you thank you. I promise it isn't for dumb things like usual. They even say they got 100 billion members so I'm sure it isn't a scam!" Iris grabbed her multitool and started to go to Netflix to set up an account, showing Samuel. She also got a Roku, Hulu, and Disney+ membership. "Now we can have movie days!", Iris says as she gives her brother a hug and some cuddles. As they went back to work she activated stage 2 of her plan of setting up her personal subscription services. They were magazines and things for adults like weekly digest or the cosmopolitan(not that way). And last but not least, the galactic swimsuit catalog. Iris has been needing swimsuits for a while and she thought it would be a good choice. After all, the magazine says it curated only the finest models for their high-end swimsuits. She didn't understand why the finest models were needed but that’s okay. Hopefully Samuel didn't see this or he might start mumbling to himself again.

When Samuel heard the first bit of glee, he was happy. Until she said something about 100 billion users, his suspicions grew as he asked to see what she was buying, there he saw some of the most basic subscriptions. He sighed as he thought something crazy was going to happen, as she exclaimed about having movie days, and honestly, that doesn't sound too bad. Yet as he worked he noticed Iris making a few other purchases on her Omni-tool. He wouldn't bring it up, he knew she wanted some other things, so he thought it'd be fine, after all, a magazine subscription or two wouldn't be bad. He just hopes this won't become a constant thing, and he hoped it isn't too expensive.

Iris started to scroll through some of her new fashion magazines, showing Samuel and hoping for his honest opinion on how she would look in them. Iris wasn't ashamed to show some of the more revealing clothing to her brother. In fact, She hoped he would get extremely red. Most of the revealing stuff she wasn't considering but it was fun to act like she was to confuse him. come on little brother, BLUSH!

Samuel had been working as Iris was scrolling through her Omni-tool as she asked for his opinion on the clothing she was looking at. He saw multiple very revealing clothing, as she was asking his opinion on what he thought. Honestly, he thought she would look good in it, however, he felt really weird with the thought of her being in these, as he started going red as he said while looking away, "I think they would look great on you". He couldn't control his blush, but he can control his voice and how much she can see his face. He doesn't know what she is thinking but it seemed strange that she would choose such outfits.

Once Samuel started to turn his head away Iris started to get a really smug look like she one. VICTORY! After winning she stopped teasing her little brother and started to take their work seriously. She stopped talking to Samuel for at least an hour as she was working hard trying to push through the repetitious nature of making the mini-EMPs. Nearing the end of the construction period, Iris's lack of action with Amy came eating at her thoughts again. She would have let them pass on their own but she didn't have to. After all, her best friend was in the room with her. "Hey Samuel, do you think Amy is doing alright?" Iris's face looked as if she was in some minor discomfort.

Once Iris seemed to finally get back to work, Samuel took this time to focus as well. He was used to making magical gear, making his weapon, making Iris', and making many others for the Ascendancy, he was used to menial tasks. Yet after a good little bit of time, the silence was broken as Iris asked something odd. Samuel tilted his head as he thought, I don't think she is in any pain or distress that I know of. Maybe something came up and she is just caught up in it. Samuel was trying to build some understanding on the situation as he looked at Iris as he sees she looked discomforted like she did something wrong, yet he didn't know much about the situation they had together, so he'll play it safe, "From what I can tell, she might be going through something, but I think she's alright overall. After all, she did do alright after your little pep talk, maybe she is just recomposing herself before the mission". Samuel didn't know much on Amy, her strange aura didn't make her very appealing to approach, Samuel felt off about her, but this could also be the fact she looks…different. But that is his own problems, he isn't one to force how he feels on to others, he is just hesitant near Amy, she seems too weird.

Iris sighed out and looked towards Samuel, " I don't know, she didn't come to see how the boarding party was doing after they got back. That and I haven't been able to see her the last few day has me concerned to say the least. I know that she may have been shaken from the first fight but you know…" Iris looks like she is trying to put her words back in order to properly convey her discomfort for the situation. "Bounce back? Yeah, I thought she would bounce back from her mistake and return to that cheerful person she had shown us. I can't help but worry that she needs someone to comfort her right now…" Iris slumped back into her chair and continued talking to Samuel, "But your probably right Samuel. I'm probably just overthinking the whole thing." Iris sat back up and started to work faster, an old habit she got whenever she went against her gut.

Samuel saw as Iris seemed to look like she slowly seeps into her own fears. Maybe Iris was right, maybe Amy needed someone to talk to, however, what if she didn't need to talk to anyone? What if talking only hurts more? Samuel didn't wish to put them both through struggling with now even more painful emotions, with the ideas of weakness and the inability to help. So when he saw Iris quickly get to work and even go faster than normal, he knew she was going against her own gut feeling. Yet, Samuel stayed silent, knowing this had to be the best option.

====================Start of Operation====================

After collecting together to get ready before the operation is to begin, Samuel finds himself at the precipice of the begging of the end. He is about ready, he's all geared up with his weapons, equipment, and he will be giving the EMC jammer to Nero, because, well, Samuel is able to use his magic to do the same. As he sees Nero takes the initiative and stated exactly what he expected. Nero would be using his skills to go ahead and clear a path, as Samuel and Iris will be going and acting as support. Samuel saw this coming, honestly, he was more than happy to take the job, as he is more than ready to use his magic to help, and honestly, leaving the job up to the professional is more than up Samuel's alley.

Everyone gathered before the mission. They already distributed the mini-Emp's all that's left is to go off on the mission. The guilt for not trying to check on Amy had entered remission. That was until Iris saw Amy with a noticeable change in her mannerisms. At first, Iris thought this was do to Amy's efforts to steel herself for this mission. That analysis didn't hold for long as Iris started to notice some of the signal of distress she was giving off. Iris wanted to go over and try to help but she just couldn't find herself to distract herself from the mission. She forced herself to focus on the mission. Then she heard a dull thud coming from Amy's general direction. All that focus she had built up went away as Iris whipped her head towards Amy to see what was going on and she could just see Amy struggling. Iris was about to head over when Avelyn started talking to her. This tempered Iris as she continued to pay attention to the mission. She noticed Ariel even go comfort Amy. Iris felt relieved that more people were there for her but she couldn't help but be dissatisfied that she wasn't. Iris swore to herself that she would be there for Amy when they got best. Now she just needed to focus up and get it done.


==================After the Fight==================

Millard had spent a good portion of the battle on Akriem Razor in the Medical Bay preparing the pods. These pods were state-of-the-art healing chambers that could be used to keep an isolated area secured as the pod will begin to administer proper medical procedures to diagnose what is wrong and what tools to use to heal the person. Millard knew many of the dangers that could be found while on the battlefield: plasma burns, bullet holes, deep lacerations, blunt force trauma, and many more pains man can bear to another. Yet no matter how many years of medical school he has gone through, he is never ready for what is to come through his door, all he can do is be ready for anything, even if he has no answer.

Yet today was not one of those days, as when the boarding party had come back Millard called for them to come to the Medical Bay to get a once over. It started with the most pressing person: Narvia. She had burns that ran deep and across about 25% of her body, which could have been deadly as he had no way of rehydrating her without putting her under in one of the pods and having her be in there for a few days, which had a 70% chance proving fatal if the burns ran too deep. Yet Iris had magic that set the person's body back to what they were 4 hours ago, perfect! Narvia wasn't burned for more than a few minutes, so she was healed up in a jiffy.

Everyone else was more than okay, Nero had no scratch on him and honestly came back happier than he was before. Finbarr was okay as he seemed to be his usual self, Abaddon was Abaddon, and Tarak was very insistent that he was okay. Millard knew Tarak was fine, the kid looked like he could flip a tank and take a car hitting him at full speed, yet Millard wanted to make sure he didn't have any internal damage and found nothing was wrong, just an opening in the suit that was immediately patched up by Iris as she just fixed it in a moment.

After all of this, Millard went around and checked on everyone, making sure people are okay, seeing if anyone was hurt from the attacks, he was not surprised to find no one else was hurt, he was just surprised how injured Narvia got in comparison to everyone else. After which, he left to the Medical Bay to await further orders, or until they leave the immediate combat area.

==================Nearing Plenty==================

Millard listened as Tarak was given leadership for the operation. Millard was honestly confused about this move, Natasha and Millard had plenty more experience in a leadership role than Tarak. Sure Tarak leads a band of misfit super kids, yet Natasha was a captain for the Ascendancy and their Captain now. Millard had gone to officer training school and had lead multiple squads into fights as a leader and a medic. Even if Tarak's plan was about the same as Millard's, the problem with this approach that Natasha has taken is the fact that she gave up control as a leader. Of course, there is a time and place to do so, but on the first mission? No one was being deployed from beyond the reach of the captain, and now you look like a weak leader who can't think of a strategy as simple as that, even if that is not you.

Who knows, Millard might be overthinking things, he just has a weird feeling that some people might try to over step leadership in a bad way. But right now, he's just going along for the ride. After all, he was made squad leader! What a promotion.

==================Start of Operation==================

Millard had taken to don his disguise, a well kept but worn armor that fits the part for a grizzled squad leader. As he was given a new identity, Millard Renaulds, a squad leader who has a week or two left until his 20-year contract has been served. Millard looked at that and laughed as he just realized Tarak might be playing a bit of a joke on him about it. Yet he finds it to be in good fun as he prepares his gear to go down. He won't be wearing his more customized gear, like his Doctor's clock, or his custom helmet, but he will be bringing his own weapons down, he is more comfortable with them after all.

Millard looked to Laurey and Finbarr to see if they are ready as he did one over each of them, making sure they knew who they were and made sure they looked the part. They wouldn't want them to get shot because Finbarr thought he was a girl. Something was off when he thought about it though, why was Laurey going? Sure the Realist could be damaged, but why is she coming with them? Was it to put up and act? This seemed strange, Millard thinks something is up. He'll stay quiet, he's just keeping an extra eye out for anything peculiar.

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The fighting had finished, as Tarak watched the fighting unfold. He witnessed Abaddon's skill, Nero's deftness, yet when his gaze was cast upon Narvia and Finbarr, he was dumbstruck. He watched as they floundered about with the two of them, and got hurt in the process. Not just any simple wounds, Narvia had suffered immense 3rd-degree burns across 25% of her body. Honestly, if not healed in short order, she will die from the lack of water in her system. As his gaze turned to Finbarr who was almost toying with his opponents. Tarak was happy the helmet hid his face, honestly, he was disappointed, not at how they handled the fight, but how Narvia seemed to react to the whole thing.

Tarak looked away towards the door to see the Ascendancy come in and give them the news. 'That's good at least. They think we're with them'. As they traveled back, he was silent during the ride, it was nothing unusual, he just didn't want to talk after watching that shit show of a fight.

Back on the ship, he was given a once over by the Doctor before he was told to rest up. Even though he was more than combat-ready, yet Tarak knew the Doctor just wanted to make sure he was okay. So Tarak left to his room to rest, knowing the next stop is Plenty, unless Natasha wants to make any other detours for some godforsaken reason.

====================Heading to Plenty====================

Tarak had re-armed and was ready to head down to retrieve their AI. Tarak had known a few AI in his time, many knew multiple emotions and felt real. So this was like busting out any other person to him. Tarak was ready to take actual lead again, as he was even given liberty to split up everyone into teams. He knows each of them well enough to get a basic understanding of who will work well together, so now he began to figure out what is the exact game plan. Were they charging in? Sneaking through? All that depended on what was there. However they had no clue what is down there, all they could be certain of was that if the Ascendancy has people on the ship then they would need to be wary. He built a game plan with this exact contingency in mind, as he slowly laid out the plan to the group.

"Alright everybody, listen up. We don't know what is down there, so we will go in with the idea that there will be Ascendancy inside, and we'll be working around them."

As he looks to Flame and Ashton as he continues with his plan, "We will not make a Communication blackout, Kherol knows we are here, and I know he isn't stupid enough to think we are just some random band of idiots who got lost in space for long. He might have even passed along that us Magic inclined kids are here and should be wary of them, so we will have to do this the old fashion way".

As Tarak looked back to everyone and started to point people out as he spoke, "Alright, so were are going to be splitting up into teams: Flame, Ashton, and Narvia will be team one of the infiltration group."

Tarak then turned his attention to the next group he has in mind, "Nero, Samuel, and Iris, you will be team 2 of the infiltration group. "

"The job you Six have is to enter from the top, with Iris' magic, as then you guys will be using stealth to find the Realist and get out as the decoy team goes in ."

As Tarak's eyes began to cast over the rest of the crew, "Myself, Trajan, and Avelyn will be Decoy 1. Our job, with Decoy 2, will be acting as support to those we find inside as we will be acting as a group who is meant to collect the Realist. Decoy 2 will consist of Finbarr, Laurey, and Millard. Fin I need you to age yourself up to blend in with us older looking people. And Laurey you will be acting as an engineer to make sure the Realist is intact. So brush up on your knowledge of AI".

After that, Tarak casts his eyes to the next group, the group who will be staying up on the ship, "Phi, Ariel, Amy, I need you three to act as support as you will try to find the communications room and reroute all comms to never leave this ship. You will then use what is left on the ship to tell us information you can find with the cameras, and any developments that are made."

As Tarak casts his eyes to the last of the crew, their Captain and Abaddon, "I assume you already know why you do not need for me to tell you what to do. You two will be on the ship because of precautions to keep the ship safe and secure"

As finally the plan is laid out in full bare. The Decoy teams will be sent in through the entrance to 'search' for Realist, and take them off of the Ascendancy Troops hands, as they will act as the distraction as the Infiltration teams will head in to find Realist. Each infiltration team is equipped with a Micro Electro Magnetic Current jammer, provided by Samuel & Iris through magic, which will be activated and deactivated when they are to take down someone. Once found, the Infiltration teams will head back outside, where they will wait for the Decoy teams.

The Decoy teams are meant to be there to distract the Ascendancy Troops, and if they get hostile, which they probably might, are meant to take them down quickly as the communications team will go and take control of the ship and all functions to help with the search and keep communications quiet.

After which, this is where we will use the Rebels to our advantage, we will send a message to them, to raid the ship to look as if they took Realist, which is where we will leave as if we were overwhelmed by them. At that point, we will leave for off-world and leave looking like we were called off-world, which is where we will go off the radar and exit the stage like we were never here.

Tarak knew this plan had holes, yet it was better than going ham-fisted with no plan and just getting screwed once they leave as there is a barricade keeping them here. And most of the captains are probably aware the Realist is not meant to leave the Plenty. Was this slightly sacrificing some of the Rebels? Yes. Did Tarak think this was bad? No. The rebels were fucked from the word 'Go', this barricade that kept them there is the same thing that is keeping the Planet under lockdown. Once they run out of materials, the Ascendancy was going to land a large hammer on this planet, best to use your resources now rather than lose them. Tarak didn't tell anyone how he thought though, he knew many people would back-lash at the mere idea of him thinking like this. Yet what needed to be done was set in front of him

====================Start of Operation====================

With the prep he did, Tarak was ready to head down. He had gotten prepared a set of fake IDs for each person, personnel information, a new name, rank, and had set stories for each person. It was interesting, Tarak seemed to have a level of knowledge in doing this that was extraordinary. Honestly, he knew a bit, he had Phi help him a good bit to really clean everything up. As these were to make sure the Decoy teams had a smooth time trying to at least get on the ship before anyone asks otherwise.

He knew the plan would fail somewhere, he was ready for it, this plan was cobbled together, but it was better than nothing.

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