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Oh, she's crying. Not what I expected but still enjoyable. Abaddon sat the tray down, stowing away a few lemon bars for the nicotine depleted doctor. Abaddon's new teammate didn't inspire him as much as he wanted. Honestly if a few just gave up it would be preferable than keeping the dead weight. Abaddon let out a mental sigh, Is this really what the Ascendency committed war crimes to do? Sure some of them are semi-intelligent but I feel they are no more intelligent than a high ranking officer if even that. They might have skills to boast but they are special for their magic yet some didn't even show it. I have hope for some of them though.

Abaddon saw enough of whatever this could be called and left the room, still wearing his apron. With the short path being chosen, maybe Abaddon can lessen his disappointment in the Star Marines but if he is to listen to his inclinations, he should prepare to dig deeper. As Abaddon continued to make reservations about this mission he arrived at the kitchen to remove his apron and finish cleaning. Soon, he felt someone heading into the kitchen. Abaddon made a hasty exit, not trying to interact with some of the new people as he knew he might be a bit biting to them. He headed to his room, first to grab his digital library, and second to grab the good doctor some "medication". It should be a good time to self medicate.

Without a single shit given, Abaddon opened Millard's door and set down an assortment of drugs, including some more cigarettes for the doctor. "Want to party?", as he started to pull Millard's custom shot glasses out. Abbadon sat the bottle in the center of the table and the Mary Jane to the side. He took out this green needle that seen to have an orange lubricant at the end. It was a Rau've drug that makes biological creatures extremely docile and cooperative. To Abaddon though, it fills him with this unending giddiness, an effect between cannabis and LSD. He also has some more new-age drugs for the experienced.



Iris may have messed up her introduction but that's okay, she could always make a better 2nd impression. While waiting for Nero to make his introduction, Iris started to go through her candy bag, looking for something to cheer her up. As she was looking for some nice bitter chocolate she suddenly stopped and turned her head to Nero for the very blunt introduction. Nero, thank you for being you. I really appreciate it. Well, now it was time to celebrate with some white chocolate as Iris is convinced she didn't make the worst introduction.

Iris was munching on some chocolate when a smoker came in. Iris just silently watched as he introduced himself as Dr. Millard. She saw the smoking and thought it was kinda normal for rebels to smoke. I wonder if he has weed? Would he give it to me? What is weed? Iris had entered observer mode, just watching everything going on.

As Iris was watching the little conflict between Ariel and Dr. Millard. during this, she had found a chair in the back and just watched from the corner. When the mission came up she just thought the planet's name was a bit lazy but then thought what else would you name it. Heh, Peanuthaven. She was quite amused by the name now. Maybe there is a place called Cornucopia! Apparently, the mission is to pick up an AI called Realist. The cash reward was so large Iris just didn't process it.

Soon the conversation shifted to the route we should take. Iris was out of her comfort zone about this so she just waited for other people to speak up. She was partial to the short path though. Only for the pleasure of seeing pretty planets.

From her corner, Iris watched as another girl entered the conference room. The girl's tattoos and piercings captivated Iris and she started to imagine what kind of tattoos she could have. Maybe like a tree on my ribs? Oh! Maybe me and Samuel can get matching tattoos. I'll have to talk to him about it. Iris pulled out her omnitool and started to look into some earrings as well. Now that I'm out of the military maybe I can wear jewelry more often. Change my hair up. I can finally have my own wardrobe. I'll probably still steal Samuel's clothes.

Iris would only look up to see what the commotion was. Abaddon's lemon bars, Trajen joining in, kitty Finbarr being so adorable, the bubbly Amy doing the super cute things. She came back into focusing on her surroundings when she caught Narvia crying.

Narvia seemed to be having familial memories come up from the lemon bar. It was painful to see her so weak but it's alright to cry every now and then. Iris decided she isn't the one to help at the moment considering she is kinda out of the loop, to be honest. She definitely knows she'll try and hang with Narvia at a later point. We'll do normal girl things. Maybe we can do a sleepover! Oh my god, we need to have a sleepover. We can invite all the girls. I don't think Natasha will come but you always need to offer. Hopefully, Laurey and Amy will come. Iris started to plan a sleepover, it will take time to plan everything but it'll be fun.

As Iris was planning she couldn't help but reflect on why she doesn't miss her parents. She tried to come up with a reason, something they did wrong but she couldn't think of one. She just didn't care. Iris couldn't shake the idea that her apathy towards her parents was some sort of defection in her psyche. To ignore this possibility she went to eat more of her candy and discovered she has consumed every piece..."Oh no" was all she could muster as she peered into the now vacant bag. She looked up to see what Samuel was doing as he was finishing his reasons for the long path. She quickly stuffed the empty bag into a random drawer and then got next to Samuel to say, "I agree with Samuel." She hoped Samuel wouldn't notice it but who knows.


Abaddon hopped out of Kirin and had Mirrorshard follow him to his chambers. All Abaddon could hope was that Millard and Laurey were still in their rooms or Mirrorshard's life would come to a very abrupt end. Luckily for Mirrorshard, they seemed to have slept through literally all of the alarms. Honestly, Abaddon considered Millard might have passed to the great beyond after last night's drinking. He didn't understand why he would challenge a Kaisoken to a drinking game but it was very fun to stay and watch him dance in his speedo after the 17th shot of whiskey. Well, whatever the case, he better be up for the introductions.

Abaddon welcomed Mirrorshard into his room, letting him enter before himself so that he may take the room in. The walls were lined with shelves that housed various weapons and items of cultural significance. A large carpet covered the floor. The carpet was of rauve make, the outside edges were a bluish-green that shifts into blue then purple is it races the center. Against the north wall, towards the center, sat some sort of shrine. On closer inspections, it was bits and pieces of previously shattered Kaisoken. Each piece displayed the name of the Kaisoken. There was only about 30 or so but to a Kaisoken it was easy to tell that they were all from separate worlds. The amount of death being openly shown filled Mirrorshard with a new kind of feeling. One of true fear that and one of admiration if his master's work.

Mirrorshard, lost in thought, was snapped out of his trance as Abaddon forced him to take a seat on the floor by pressing him down. Mirrorshard could swear he was overpowered with just a light touch of his master. Abaddon leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. Abaddon could see the fear festering in Mirrorshard with every moment that went by. He let Mirrorshard steep in this fear as he watched him slowly squirm under his gaze. After enjoying himself enough, Abaddon picked himself off the wall and began to explain his plans, leaving certain pieces unexplained to create mystery. At the end of this talk, Abaddon left Mirrorshard with only one command, "Go to the far reaches of the stars and stoke the flames of the oppressed, of the disenfranchised, of the wounded. Do this and they are sure to follow you. Now go my disciple." Abaddon opened the door to let him leave. Mirrorshard made his exit.

Once Abaddon had confirmation he had left the ship he let out, "Thank fucking god he's gone, I swear if I needed to do anymore I was going to shatter him." he said like he was exhausted. Abaddon perked himself up at the prospect of new arrivals and thought he should make lemon bars for them. It wasn't long until the kinslayer was making lemon bars in his personal apron. He thought to himself as he made the snack, I'll hide these in one of the larger draws. Get a read on the kids before offering the lemon bars. Hopefully, this will go well. Abaddon made enough for 60 people, go big or go home in his mind. He stacked them decoratively on a silver platter and hid them in the room. Now to wait for the little rebels.

As the little trouble makers came in Abaddon out of habit began to examine them. Their structure, equipment, movement, and even the slightest mannerism was added to his analysis. This intensive profiling was broken as Natasha called Abaddon a limbed Kaisoken...I feel so offended. I know it is a description but why that? Abaddon's posture stayed the same but he was a bit annoyed.

He noticed Finbarr laughing at the limbed Kaisoken comment and he became a little more okay with it as it got someone to laugh. Then, he immediately got irritated when he heard Finbarr had portals. He recalled the time he was launched through a portal into a freaking volcano. He is quite happy to see him as a comrade. Not sure if the vent thing was a love of covert ops or some sort of weird innuendo. Either way, Abaddon likes him.

After Finbarr, Avelyn introduced herself as a gravity manipulator. Abaddon found her display of skill interesting but what caught his attention was her suspicion of him. Maybe it was his name, his race, or even his beautiful jacket. Abaddon world rather her gaze than whatever Mirrorshard was doing.

Positive reactions to himself already left him a little put-off, definitely with how Natasha introduced him. But as she spoke that she was the granddaughter of the Dragon, Abaddon realized she was from a very peculiar origin. Hearing Narvia's desperation to reunite with her family struck a chord with Abaddon. He can only hope the answers she finds at the end of her journey spares any further pain.

Tarak was a big guy and the way he walked made him seem competent in a fight. Seeing power armor once again reminds him of his days gathering dust with some of the mercenaries who would take the job. His smile told the rest of the story. He thinks they will get along well.

The twins, Samuel and Iris, made Abaddon reminiscent of his twin brother Floke. Not in any particular way, just in the way of seeing family made him for a second question his choices. But he quickly hardens his resolve and moves on.

Nero was next and he was very simple. He kills and that's it. All Abaddon could think as he heard that was, ooh, he's dark and damaged. I like him. I mean of course Abaddon was much more damaged but still. Maybe he can have some fun with him.

At this point the doctor made his entrance, smoking like usual. However, that stopped real quick as Ariel shut it down. He couldn't help but laugh in his head at being told off by a little girl. As he was laughing he felt something hot twisting on his arm. Abaddon looked down at it, physically turning his head. He turned back to everyone like this was normal. A second went by. Then Abaddon turned back to it, startled at Millard's audacity. He sent a message to Millard's mind, well, no lemon bars for you doctor. But it all leads to the wonderful sight of him handing his cigarettes over.

And somehow even later, Laurey arrived. Abaddon's knowledge of her was so little he didn't even know her last name. He did think she was on drugs so more interesting than most people

Ashton and Flame made a quick introduction. Not much to say about it. Abaddon's hands moved to his back to start pulling the lemon bars out. But then Natasha started the Moonstrike thing and it ruined the moment. He just listened, either option is fine to him but killing poachers would be fun. They talked more about logistics but it was boring to Abaddon. But finally, there was a moment, a gap in speaking for him to pull out the lemon bars! "Anyone want lemon bars?" gesturing to the group of kids.

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Abaddon was sat in the 8th terminal access point like usual, trying to make sure the main hatches hydraulics would pressurize correctly. " I have no idea how to fix this but I have books for a reason" Abaddon quietly said as he flips through hydraulics for dummies. " I think this will do it, just need to run a test to make sure though" as he starts to set up for a manual activation of the hydraulics. "Natasha will turn me into a sword if this opens up mid-space jump." All pressures normal, it moving normally. Abaddon pumped his fist in success. He walked out of the terminal, slammed the door, and stretched his nonexistent back. He checked this off of his to-do list and continued with his day.

The day was busy but somehow boring. Natasha loved to capitalize on the Kaisoken physiology, having Abaddon work 20/7. It was fine to Abaddon though as the work Natasha had him do was more stimulating than sitting around doing nothing. The monotonous day was broken as Natasha called Abaddon over the intercom that they were leaving to meet the Star Children and to have a fight. If there was anyone to witness Abaddon, they would have felt his presence explode out, being riled by the prospect of a battle. Abaddon dashed to his quarters, throwing on his large black trenchcoat. The trenchcoat was heavy set with purple highlights to make it pop. He grabbed his custom hammers and more importantly his sword. The hammers were on full display as they were held onto Abaddon's trenchcoat. His sword was slightly wrapped to obscure the material it was made of, leaving some of the material exposed to frighten onlookers.

Abaddon made his way to the vehicle deck and hopped in Kirin. He had been thinking for a while to get a custom hoverbike. Something with extra thrusters, he wants to go at least Mach 12 in it. Something to really for his need for speed. However, he had been too busy with work to talk to a dealer so that will have to wait. As they were about to leave, Abaddon looked at who he would hopefully be fighting. He was mostly disappointed until he saw a Kaisoken like himself. "Oh! A follower! I knew that my beliefs would spread but to see such an active perpetrator is always good. Oh, but I feel such confliction Natasha! My orders from you are to battle him but how I would love to speak to him! I can't disregard orders like that so I'm sorry my innocent Mirrorshard but I shall shatter you like everything else." Abaddon was slightly bummed having to kill his first follower but oh well. At least he could give him the highest honor of being shattered by his master.

As they rode towards Mirrorshard, one of the child soldiers, Tarak, suggested that Abaddon speak to him try and bring him out. A simple method that Abaddon considered but decided against for the sake of his own bloodlust. But with it being thrusted towards him he couldn't ignore the peaceful option. Abaddon leaned on Kirin's door, spread his legs slightly, and held a fist to the side of his head to show his annoyance. If he had eyes they would be rolling as he said "Fine." Abaddon's tone clearly showed that desired a fight of some kind. His slumped posture straightened up as he grabbed Natasha's omnitool to record a video. Before recording Abaddon was sat there, trying to conjure a small speech in his mind that would draw Mirrorshard out. He rocked his read back and forth thinking. He had stated that he is a follower of me, meaning he believes that the Kaisoken are weak. He is part of some pitiful group called the 'Restarters'. Judging by his tone, he might be sympathetic to other races causes or, like most Kaisoken, want revenge for the Ascendency's crimes against our people. It should be a point to not disclose I have sold tons of my people to them before and during the war. His superiority towards humans seems to come from a place of pain, I should focus on that. He's so young, probably desperate for approval and recognition!

Abaddon's head stopped swaying as he curled inwards a little as he let out a malevolent chuckle "Alright, I'm ready for the camera!" he adjusted his sitting position, leaning forward, putting his elbows in his knees. He took his sword and out it between his legs having it lean towards the door. He hit play and started his video to Mirrorshard. "Mirrorshard," Abaddon spoke in a deep, calm manner all in order to exert his excellentness, "I have been made aware of you by the news and I must say I'm quite impressed. You have fully transferred over to our species' ultimate form. And to do it so young only proves that you are special even among those like us."

Make him feel special, make sure he knows you recognize him, give him the approval he so desires. Abaddon takes his arm opposite from the show and gracefully moves it out of the way, opening his stance, like he was physically inviting Mirrorshard, "I'm quite happy to see that you consider yourself my student! I believe that it is some sort of destiny that I am only a few minutes from you. In fact, I'm on my way there." Abaddon said while slightly speeding his pace, lifting his tone of voice higher to posture the excited master. "However," Abaddon says as he begins to bring his arm in again closing the invitation as he continues, "you seem to be in quite a situation at the moment. One that would stop me from speaking with you! I am working on a way to strike deep back at the Ascendency of Man at this very moment. One that will echo a tale of hubris for eons. Right now your actions, although righteous, are preventing this grand plan. I ask that you stop so we can meet. I can provide a way for you to escape but your people will have to fend for themselves. It would be wise to disarm the bomb as well as it seems a task force will handle the situation soon. Sadly you are outgunned." Lowering his tone to show condolences for what he is about to say. "The authorities would have you shattered and your people tortured. Do not let your time come to an end yet Mirrorshard, there is so much more to do. As for your people," Abaddon sits up fully showing he is about to say something, "have them surrender, it is the best way for them to survive. If their spirit is too strong to surrender, you, as the strongest speciese must make them submit. I look forward to seeing you." Abaddon stops the video and hands the tool over to Natasha "You can figure out how to get the video to him I presume." Abaddon leaned back satisfied with himself. Maybe if he plays his cards right, he can do his job, talk to a follower, and murder Mirrorshard. That would be lovely.
Abaddon's extra exceptional skills

Exceptional Strength ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon's hunting and crusades against his own race has gifted him with incredible strength.

Exceptional Endurance ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon body has adjusted to his life of conflict, growing harder and harder across the millenniums.

Exceptional Combat Prowess ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon had long enjoyed battle and killing. He had trained his mind, body, and soul for combat.

Exceptional Spell Resistance: Another weird adaption Abaddon's body has made in his pursuits, Spell Resistance. By constantly warring with Kaisokens, Abaddon's body has begun to resist the effects of harmful spells.

Iris's extra exceptional skills

Exceptional Hand-to-Hand ranked up 1 to 2: Iris natural athleticism and proficiency for martial arts have been accentuated by war

Exceptional Athletics: A natural gift Iris had been gifted with from birth

Exceptional Strength: Although small, Iris's muscles have been honed to create forces much greater then what could even be possible accounting for her size.

Exceptional Comforter: Although war had definitely left scars on Iris, it had also taught her how to comfort those in panic. This was specifically useful for her brother Samuel who developed anger issues through the war.

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