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Rowan Moore

Interacting with: Ambrose: @psych0pomp Audrey: @Gisk Eckhart and Freyja: @Fading Memory

As Ambrose had suggested, Eckhart confirmed that the object Rowan held was a moonstone. She took another careful look at inspecting it from every angle. She had no idea what this etched stone was before it was explained. So how did Ambrose know? Rowan didn't have him pinned as someone knowledgeable in stonework. Perhaps she underestimated him, but there was no way she would admit to that.

"...that moonstone is the symbol of one such group of like minded individuals. They are wise in their own way, and their matron's power comes from her home world and not of the Song itself. She must have divined your presence in some way, take it as compliment and invitation."

It was a compliment indeed. Rowan gazed at the moonstone one last time before slipping it into one of her belt pouches.

Rowan bowed her head with a smile to Eckhart in thanks. She had many more questions to ask and to say to the man. But he seemed occupied fielding the group's questions as it was. Which left her mind to wonder about the explanation he gave.

The people in this land seemed transfixed by this song, even Rowan was following its tune without fully realising it. Did it carry some religious significance in Yo'Bikur? It clearly carried some divine power with its ebbs and flows. So would a group that doesn't draw power from the song be considered heretical? From the way Eckhart regarded them, this clearly wasn't the case. In fact, assuming Rowan was being mistaken for one of these individuals, the unusual reverence from the crowd would mean they are highly regarded.

If this moonstone gift was to double as an invite, it was one she would be eager to accept when the time arose.

And what did he mean by home world?

'Questions for another time...'

"As for his trinket... That is, I believe, a child's toy meant to be given to good friends..."

Rowan was taken out of her pondering when she heard Ambrose had been given a kids toy. She couldn't help but giggle to herself.

"Well when you go to partake in the sacred soup, make sure to grab the kiddie meal eh Ambrose?" While Rowan spoke in a joking tone, it didn't carry any mean-spirited intent.

Rowan followed the etchings on the bridge. The deer she had seen earlier instantly caught her attention. The flicker she had seen earlier that day must have been some way of her peering through the veil into this world. Then the snake rose from a waterfall which she couldn't help but associate with the lake. And finally, a light peering from a mountain. That was happening now. All these events grew more recent chronologically as they drew closer to their destination and the tune became louder in her head.

"Aud, do you believe in destiny?" She picked up her voice a bit to welcome others into the conversation. "These stones have been here a long time. But if I didn't know any better..."

Eckehart pauses here, and faces the group.

"Are there any other questions before we make audience with the princess? She has been waiting for you, all of you, for a very long time."

Question answered I suppose

"...If what I'm hearing is Rulania, and you're saying it is, then I just want to cross as fast as possible." Freyja says quietly, a small blush filling her cheeks. "If she's been waiting on us, then I'm ready."...Ever hasty, that Freyja.

Rowan came up and stood beside Freyja, if a little further back. "I'm ready as well. I assume it is rude to keep royalty waiting."

I'm enjoying it so far. I like the detail put into everything

If anything I think things might be developing a bit quickly atm. It kind of has a cycle of big setting change to one post cycle to another big setting change. But that's just me and I'm sure things will slow down after the intro stuff
Rowan Moore

The talking between her friends and acquaintances fell into the background of Rowan's mind. The scale of change to herself was enough, but the surrounding environment was equally alien to her if not more so. The mix of strange colours and odd amalgamations sent her mind racing to find reason in all of it. Why were the islands floating? Why was that tune still ringing in her ears? And the dragon flew above the grand city before them. Such a landmark of fantastical creatures that never existed for a simple reason, the environment could not accommodate it. Rowan gazed upon it all like she would a distant lightning storm back in New Hope. There was beauty and danger alike that brought her awe.

But her passive ogling eventually turned to calculated surveying and then finally to movement. Her two feet were planted firmly on the ground. A brief raise of her heels offered no more and no less resistance than as if she were back in New Hope. That was a base of reality she could centre herself in. Furthering that, the grass was mostly the same colour. Grass was green for a reason, the fact that it wasn't sporadic rainbows of colour meant there was some reason for that. While these basic realities were a meagre comfort in the vast span of fantasy in front of her, they still provided some comfort nonetheless.

'This place may be strange. But it follows some logic, therefore it can be understood.' Such a sentiment soothed Rowan's anxieties for a moment.

Then her attention followed straight to the dragon. It looked beautiful dancing above the city before finding its resting place. Such behaviour could only bring the assumption that this one had some peaceful relation to the people of the city. But it got her wondering, if the world she left behind wasn't able to accommodate something like a dragon, what sort of environment could? What sort of other dangers could be lurking in this new world. It didn't pass her notice that the dragon sported impressive claws and presumably sharp teeth. Much like the grass being green, the dragon had those for a reason too.

"Y-You're all freaks!- You're blue- she's a deer!- Paper boy paper boy-"

Odaya's sudden outburst was enough to break Rowan from toiling on her thoughts further. She could finally take in the appearance of her company and found there was some truth to it. Rowan herself allows herself a light-hearted giggle at this. Odaya was correct, there were some crazy-looking figures which helped release the tension. But it was more because she found Odaya's expressiveness endearing and didn't want to see her laughing alone.

As for the following conversations in the group, Rowan kept to being a passive observer and seldom made an impact on their discussions. Although she took particular note of Freyja was hearing a song. Perhaps it was similar to what Rowan was hearing just with a voice this time.

'Why does she hear a voice?'

At some point in the journey, Rowan became aware of the special consideration from the crowd. Although their behaviour seemed respectful, she would be lying if she said it was adding to her sense of angst about the situation. Compared to the spectacle the others displayed in their new forms, Rowan's was quite understated. So it left her wondering what had got the crowd to pay her any particular mind.

Rowan eased the feelings with the practised response of a short head bow. She sure hoped that was the correct thing to do. A nervous chuckle escaped her every now and again.

Someone grabbed her hand from the crowd and Rowan stumbled a bit in shock. Then just like that, the hand let go leaving something weighty in her hand. "Oh, excuse me, you dropped someth..." Quickly turning to the crowd, however, offered no answers as to who had done this. No one was quickly retreating, nor was there a hand which remained outstretched. Just the same unrecognisable faces of an equal suspect.

What was left in her hand was a beautiful polished stone marked with moon and stars. In other circumstances, Rowan could mistake it for a nice display piece at a gift shop of some sort. But who would go out of their way to place the rock in her hand in such an abrupt and mysterious way? What type of object necessitated such a means of transferal? And who wouldn't want to be seen after doing such a thing?

"Hey, does anyone know what this is?" Rowan said toward the group, trying her best not to draw the crowd's attention to the stone in the process.

I'll try to have my post out tonight

Edit: all posted. Sleep time now
Now that I’ve got things organized on my laptop, I’ll post a little sneak peak for everyone tomorrow as an apology for my computer delays :) and just for funsies.

Nice, is this sneak peak another post? I'm currently writing up my post. But it has been a multi-evening thing as there is quite a lot to cover.

Kind of posting Rowan as being passive in the 'spawn' area but will have her looking to spark conversation on the journey to wherever the group is being led.
@Fading Memory love the post. I have gotten Rowan's Yo'Bikur form added to her CS and I will try to have a post out within the next 2 days

One small note though, the vines for Rowan are hidden beneath a layer or two of clothes. So she looks normal from an outsider's perspective. Hope that's alright
I dig it. Everyone’s posted now and I’ll respond with the NPCs when I can. Feel free to interact freely until I do.

Sounds good. I'll probably have another short post for Rowan coming soon. I found her entrance into the new world pretty passive as far as sparking interactions go. But I'm also busy so it may be the case you post before me which I'm all good with
Rowan is going to be the only one looking fully human by the end of this lol
Well now I gotta know what the power is!

Is it something we'll receive during the prologue, or not until after the time skip?

The power to control goblins, but only on a Wednesday afternoon
Post up

Just a heads up that I'm going to be away for the next week. I can likely make a small post if need be, but it will be via phone so be warned lol
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