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Captain Kura's spy cam switches over to Slink's room, only to show a black screen. It had been like that for a week or so with him making renovations to his room. But the space rodent hadn't really blacked out the cam, Kura's discerning eye could pick up traces of discoloration and dust on the surface. It was Slink's newest addition of a giant black cube in the middle of his quarters.

An arm popped into the view then half the rodents body as he passed by, crawling like a gecko across the surface. The sheer proximity of Slink to the camera's lens made it evident that there couldn't be much more than the rodent's width between the cube and the wall. Certainly the Saiyan warrior would have no dream of accessing the room without destroying something. Just what the hell was he doing in there?

Slink couldn't be more at home with his new addition. No one would be able to reach him in here. Not even the crew. It not necessarily because he didn't trust the crew, which to be sure he doesn't trust them. He just felt at home in enclosed spaces, being out in the open brought nothing but unnecessary stress. Plus his new metallic labyrinth of choking crawl space had everything. A bedroll to sleep on, a surface to eat on, and a soundproof box for tests. On weekends, he does all three things in the same place. That is a treat.

"Rise and shine, crew. Get your asses to the Mission Deck in ten, gotta brief everyone before we touch down."

Captain pays bills, I should make pace. Take the fastest route.

Slink crawled along the cube and up top to the place where the cube's vent meet the ship's. As if it were an everyday occurrence, which is was, he popped the grate of and slipped into the ship's ductwork.

From the ceiling of the mission deck, the rodent descended down. Head first, then body with the tail supporting the weight as he inched closer to the set. And finally, a short drop into his seat.
When Discord?
Thinking about it, yea. Doing some edits might be nice. I haven't read the sheet entirely until now oops, but it was something that crossed my mind when I was skimming through what positions had been filled when I was finishing up the sheet. Looking at equipment, abilities, etc, I am more than willing to see about changing the skills up slightly, maybe playing more into the gunner/assassin type role if it becomes more of an issue.

Otherwise, Aftershot is moved over as he is.

I'm usually a bit of a stickler about these things. But I don't see it as much of an issue either. Sure they both have invisibility cloaks. But it seems as though Aftershot's is a bit more combat oriented with a short duration but I assume more control. Where as the intent for Slink's is that it has a good duration but has pretty rough switching times which means its quite hard to use in a combat scenario. Plus I highly doubt Aftershot will be crawling around in vents.

So yeah, I think it should be fine from a concept. But will have to wait to see how it plays out
Just finished reading the rest of the characters. I think there will be some interesting dynamics for sure.

Added in a couple more details in the equipment department. Mainly wall and ceiling climbing and a jetpack that doesn't pass safety regulations.

Okay, first of all...I love him. xD

I think this looks great, and I can appreciate the fact that he has some preset antagonistic forces for me to play with >:3. Still, one small nitpick is that he lacks a piece in his biography mentioning how he came into contact with The Star-Breakers; doesn't have to be anything crazy or complex though it could be hehe, but the note is nice regardless.

Beyond that small bit, Slink oughta be good to roll out!

Thank you. Had fun writing him up. I'm perfectly fine with you doing whatever you want to with the med-tech corporation.

Added some backstory of him meeting the crew so I'll shift him over to characters.
Here's my application. Please let me know if I'm light on anything

I love some Guardians of the Galaxy. Could be keen to play the sneak/scout role. Will try to have a CS up tomorrow if there's space left
Oh looks like I got in late. Still want to put my two cents in even if I'll be doubling up on some classes. I'll just drop the two concepts I had.

Quite like the idea of this. Have a wizard concept if there's still room.
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