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Arthur Everwood

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Thunder, Lighting, and Light Seraphi Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Arthur Everwood, Sylvia Copeland @LuckyBlackCat

Arthur watched from far above as the other students got into action with a retreat to the hallway. He assumed that the more senior students would fly out to fight the Ni-Seraphi. After all, many had been training to deal with that threat.

But the seconds went by with no one flying up to join him. Those were precious seconds in a situation where time was scarce.

Arthur hadn’t paid much attention to the safety presentation of ESP. In truth, he had little idea of what it was supposed to look like. Too many possibilities were playing out in his head. Are they all just retreating? Or are the senior students out there in need of help? he thought. He didn’t remember seeing them leave. But maybe there was a different way that was out of his sight.

The uncertainties played over in his head. While an obvious choice to someone familiar with the protocol, Arthur wasted seconds deciding what to do. And seconds were precious.

"Let's go!" Sylvia called from below, snapping the teen out of his turmoil. The situation became clear. There was no front assault, no flying out to fight these monsters, and the only thing to do was run and survive. But by this point, he was the furthest from the hallway by strides.

Arthur began to notice the horrific shrieking coming from above him. It was reminiscent of a wounded owlette, but coming from a cluster of larger bodies gave it a far more frightening quality. Arthur could see the pupa already coming in from above. They readied to attack. Some were far too close for comfort.

An ordinary student may have frozen up in fear. But an odd calm and certainty washed over Arthur. He had been in this situation before. Sure, the pursuers were different, but he had needed to break into a quick getaway plenty of times over. If anything, the creatures’ visible bloodlust and disregard for self-preservation could work in his favour.


Arthur committed his entire force to flying downward head first. A combination of his will, winds, and gravity helped him pick up speed quickly. As he checked back, he saw that he was creating some distance between himself and the pursuing pupa. He slowed to maintain the current gap. If he went too far from the pupa, they may lose interest.


With a twirl of the wrist, the napkins orbiting the teen began to peel off. With a larger surface subject to air resistance, they shifted back behind him and suddenly sped up again to maintain a small distance behind. As commanded, they swirled into a circular formation behind him and created a shroud.

The pupa could no longer see him clearly, but he couldn’t see them either. The next move depended entirely on faith.


Like a well-practised move, Arthur made a sharp turn away from the quickly approaching ballroom floor. The turn was so close that the sides of his unbuttoned jacket scraped the ground before he pulled up to a safe distance.

Behind him, many of the pupa were not so fast to react. Many of his pursuers plummeted straight into the ground. He could only hope that they would stay there. There wasn’t any time to slow down and check.

Moments later Location: Academy Hallways Participants: Arthur Everwood, Sylvia Copeland @LuckyBlackCat, Leah Clearwater @vietmyke

As Arthur approached the entrance to the hallway, he was still flying far too fast. It would be a collision course with the other students if he didn’t act now. He pulled up into a standing position, letting the drag pull him back with his suit and mask. The latter finally gave in and flew off his head to be left in his wake.

It should have been as easy as placing his feet down and transitioning into a final sprint through the door. But he was going too fast; he had done too little to slow down. When his feet hit the ground, Arthur tumbled instead. He fell forward into a clumsy roll that ended with his back thudding against the floor, barely inside the hallway.

The doorway sealed behind him almost immediately after. The smile of relief spreading across his face soothed the pain shooting up Arthur’s back. He was just happy to be alive. None other than Leah Clearwater had saved him. It almost made him feel bad about the trouble he caused in House Eusebia last year.

“Thanks, I owe you one.”

“And you too.” Looking over toward Sylvia.

Hey, sorry, I'll probably be absent at this end too

Arthur Everwood

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Thunder, Lighting, and Light Seraphi Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Arthur Everwood

"Listen carefully. The Hunting Melody of the Ni-Seraphi is exactly what you are hearing now. This is not a drill. Those monsters are here and will be at our doorstep any moment. Do what you can to prepare. We're initiating ESP. Remember your training. You know what to d--"

In Arthur’s mind, the reality of a Ni-Seraphi attack was theoretical. The whole concept of ESP wasn’t something he would actually have to engage in. But now with the explosion and the ballroom’s music abruptly giving way to that horrid melody, Arthur was in a panic.

He sat up after being knocked off Grumble’s chair, his pastry snacks scattered around him. Everyone also seemed to be in a panic after a quick survey of the area.

In his theoretical version of a Ni-Seraphi attack, Arthur could support the frontlines but would choose to stay back. It wasn’t his war, none of this was a fight he would choose, and he wasn’t going to throw away his life so freely. But that was just a dream of a perfect world, one where he could choose not to help and things would end up fine.

Reality was much more cruel.

Arthur’s stomach sank as he spotted a group of first-years starting to take to the skies. He recognized a few of them from tutoring flights. Had they lost their minds or just misunderstood what they were supposed to do? Their reasoning didn’t really matter to Arthur because they had no business taking on the Ni-Seraphi.

They had some capabilities in combat and perhaps together that gave them the confidence to even attempt such a thing. In a few years, maybe they could make a difference. But as it stood they had the tell-tale signs of first-time flyers, barely able to take on a breeze alone last five minutes against a real enemy.

As much as Arthur would have liked to kick back and watch it all work out in the end, he could see students younger and less experienced than him rising to the occasion of an early death sentence. It wasn’t something he could just sit back and let happen.

Theory meant he didn’t have to think about the people who fall in such a conflict. Reality meant knowing them, having spent hours with them. He couldn’t have inaction weigh in his conscience like that.

He stood up and shook off the pastry crumbs that littered his suit in the blast. A gentle breeze gathered around him as if limbering his aeonhart for the fight ahead. All of his abilities were about gathering motion after all, a wind-up process took negligible vitesse but let his power add to an existing but ever-shifting flow as opposed to creating one out of nowhere.

Using his hands as anchors of concentration, he positioned them in front of him with the left directly in his line of sight and the right pointed toward the crowd below. His right hand rose gently causing a pile of napkins to erupt from the food table to join a steady orbit around him. His left hand fell violently and the first years in the distance became unsteady in an instant. Their struggle to stay in the air resulted in them quickly descending with Arthur using his remaining concentration to prevent free fall while he flew up to talk.

“If that's all it takes to knock you out of the air, there is no way I’m letting you out of the ballroom.” Arthur lectured from above. “Listen to the Illuminaires, don’t do anything stupid.” The hypocrisy of words were lost to him in the moment.

Kaspaan and Arthur

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Thunder, Lighting, and Light Seraphi Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Arthur Everwood, Kaspaan Mustaven @Deja

The glee and suspense of the evening simmered into a haunting song. It brought the hairs of his nape up to attention, unnerving in its ambience. It had caused enough of a disturbance to halt the dances in the ballroom, and the weather had worsened. It dawned on Kasp that this was because Grumble was gone. That thought was shot out of his head when Grune and her warning bellowed through the halls. Kasp felt a shiver run down his spine, something he almost never did, his heart loud in his ears as well. This was not a drill alright, he could spot huge visages in the distance being shadowed by militant lightning. Ana spoke before him, directing her flock like a good Illumnaire would. Seeing Raffaella be taken under protection was enough to entice his bravery forth. His fists clenched, then froze into limbs of spite. With a short glance to his own House leader, perhaps with a bit of uncertainty, he crouched down and then lept off into the night air with a frozen wisp of wind in his wake.

He'd barely cleared the horizon of the ballroom before a gust of wind forced him to end over end in a descending tumble, Kasp flailed about. He quickly caught himself and glared up where he thought a daemon might be frostycuffs ready.

"I don't think you should go either, Kaspaan." Arthur advised from below. Compared to his tone with the first years, this held more respect for his classmate's abilities. "This isn't combat practice."

"Yeah, you're right. Should we round up all the others?" Kaspaan spoke hurriedly with the tune of the night slightly unnerving him. His flight prowess was slower than most but the ice condensation dragged him down. He looked down at the hurried crowd of first years and their peers and Illuminaires protecting them. Yes, they needed to be more defensive at the moment. "Lead the way, We need to help out where we can, You take a Daemon class yet? They'll be Larvae out n about ready to strike..."

"Rounding up the others is good. Try to keep the first years safe, don't let them get hot-headed." Arthur looked down at the crowd below. He grew some new respect for the Illuminaires who got everything under control. "Larvae could slip by the frontlines, they'll need you for that."

Answering Kaspaan's assertions, Arthur did not lead the way. Instead, he floated in place.

Kaspaan looked down at the crowd and then back to Arthur visibly flustered as this was not what he had been expecting as his first Emergency Safety Protocol. Then again, that's why it was in place. He tried to think back to his lessons and recalled with a worried furrow that Grune might be hurt right now, or Professor Grumble even. He floated down near the ground where the assembly was as he spoke.

"Alright, I'll go help the tikes, but what about the others?" Kaspaan strained to say under a bravado grimice. The uncertainty affected the boy more than he care to admit.

"Leave that to me." Arthur said back with a sudden grin of confidence. But it posture betrayed the quick facade.

Arthur floated nervously waiting to support the approaching frontline.

Kaspaan's barely got to the ground before the shrieks of demented Larvae could be heard over their broodmothers' song. His fist were now firm bricks and he drowned out the drone by grinding his jaw, perhaps that would steady his nerves. Kasp didn't have the best eyesight so we failed to notice the true scale of the beasts out in the Endless. He did spot Fasha however, and his other dance partner of the evening both fulfilling their leadership roles. This was confidence in real form for the young noble so he gave his own shout.

"Alright first years on me I need eyes so I can smash n bash!" He didn't have to hold back for fear of reprimand now. He was almost giddy when he frostly spoke to the small crowd of younger children and teens milled in his wake. One even spoke up, a shaven-headed boy with rather bright eyes and a forked tongue, "I taste them, they are close Kaspaan! Real close!"

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Moderate Rain Location: Main Ball Room Participants: Arthur Everwood @Jumbus Petyr Nostrade (Mentioned) @Aeolian

Upon entering the Ballroom, Arthur was enticed by the music immediately. He walked along the second floor in a soft waltz and took in the sight of the students in flight. Tonight, they were to dance among the stars themselves.

And to think Arthur was going to pass this up with the rest of the Willow Gang. Not that Monty made a particularly good case to avoid it anyway. When he began some pearl-clutching speech about keeping to the prestige of high-profile events, Arthur immediately made up his mind to disregard the order.

He often found himself forgetting that much of the group had enough money to buy out his hometown if given the whim. Speeches like that brought him back to the same obvious truth. Many Willow gang members only cause trouble because they see themselves above the consequences. Wealth, power, prestige, almost all of them were born with it and use that fact to justify how they act. Although he was part of the gang, Arthur felt a wall of separation because of this fact.

It wasn’t to say he disliked the group. On the contrary, he would have never joined if there wasn't something in it for him. But he wondered if Monty had considered that Arthur wouldn't see any invite to those upper-crust dances.

Petyr Nostradé was the odd one out in this assessment. At first, Arthur had assumed he was like the others. He carried himself in a manner and discipline that radiated higher class society of some sort. On the contrary, Petyr is an orphan of common origins. One might think humble beginnings would provide some connection between the two. Yet that commonality had never formed into much. Petyr didn't wear his heart on his sleeve, and his lack of obvious motive to join made him feel like the most distant member of the group, at least to Arthur anyway.

Arthur’s train of thought was suddenly interrupted as he saw Mrs Grumble float out of her chair ahead of him. A look of concern was pretty clear on her face and she seemed to be taking caution in making her flight seem inconspicuous before she took off into the night sky. Arthur knew a quick and stealthy escape when he saw one.

She probably left the stove going.

Almost instinctually, he quickly scanned the area for any other teachers and supervisors. But none could be found. It seemed the academy was putting their trust in Grumble to look after this thing, which was a humorous idea to Arthur. As much as he liked her, Grumble wouldn’t be the first person he would call if he were to supervise the ball.

As he got closer, the haphazard way she let her knitting equipment drop felt out of place. Grumble tended to be more particular about her chosen craft.

She must have really had the stove going he thought dismissively.

Still, the only teacher looking after the ball had suddenly slipped into the night without a word to anyone. Certainly, this could mean trouble if the wrong kind of students were to take notice of that fact. Why, if her rocking chair of supervision were to appear empty, it would mean chaos for Minerva’s precious event. A good student couldn’t let that come to pass.

What the students needed right now was a symbol of authority and discipline to show them all that the event was under control. And it was a grand coincidence that a reputable member of the academy such as himself was here to fill those boots.

Leaning over the rails, Arthur gave a gesture resembling a music conductor toward the food table below. With a raise and flick of his hand, a group of select pastries danced to his commands. They flew up in a swirling line, tumbling ungracefully in the winding current that drew them higher and higher toward him.

Trusting in his ability to do the rest of the work, he leaned back again and fell into a lounging position on Grumble’s empty throne with his legs hanging off the side.

“One, two, three…” Arthur quipped to himself as the pastries fell into his lap one after the other.

He furrowed his brow. There was supposed to be a fourth pastry just behind them. He quickly scanned to see where it ended up but got his query quickly answered as it landed squarely on his face. His abilities weren’t the well-oiled machine he liked to think they were.

Arthur chuckled as he cleaned his face and began digging into the snack. A few bites to eat and he would be in the perfect mood to dance.

Day 1 Time: Twilight -> Night Weather: Light Rain -> Moderate Rain Location: Ballroom Balcony -> Main Ball Room Participants: Arthur Everwood @Jumbus Lisa Goldheart @Frettzo

"I don't think the rain will let up any time soon."

"Yeah?" Lisa shrugged, turning her head just enough to look at the source of the rustling and thumping that was now approaching from a corner of the balcony's ceiling.

Arthur gently descended into view from above the balcony's cover sporting a silver feathered mask resembling a smaller bird of prey. While the colour didn't match his hair, the shape did. The feathers seemlessly gave way to his naturally windswept style. Lisa's own mask was smooth and featureless for the most part, with the only real details being the two slits through which her golden eyes reflected the light of the lamps.

He finished the descent with one step on the balcony's railing and another on its floor like the end of an oversize, yet elegant, staircase. With a glance at the meagre shelter, he returned his line of sight back to Lisa before continuing. "And frankly, Miss Goldheart, I don't think the cover will do you good for much longer."

Arthur finished that sentence with a grin while making his way toward the doors inside. He knew Lisa had plenty of names she would want to be called more than 'Miss Goldheart'. But he liked to speak fancy on the occasion, knowing it would annoy her. Would it get him hit one day? Probably. But that day was not today... he gambled.

"What makes you think that? The rickety and half-rotten wooden supports or maybe the thin fabric they built the tarp out of?" Lisa sighed, "I'd rather get soaked out here than go back in there, you know how it is... Or maybe not. What with being a second year and everything, must be tough for you being surrounded by 14 year olds, huh Archie?"

Arthur chuckled at the question. "You got me there. When I do manage to show up, it can be a nightmare. But I have my own ways of getting by." Almost to further answer the question, he brought his flask out from his jacket pocket and took a final sip. While he didn't appear outwardly influenced by the drink, he had achieved the desired buzz.

He then returned the flask to his jacket pocket and continued to the doors. But stopped just before going inside, turning on a heel and leaning next to the doors instead. "It sounds like a bad time in there if you're willing to risk a cold." A wind flow picked up above Lisa's head to redirect any loose raindrops. "Should I be worried about what I'm going to see inside?" He joked lightheartedly.

"You? Nah. I doubt girls are as insufferable as boys, you'll be fine... As long as you don't drink too much, that is." Lisa said while making a vague movement with her hands. "I'll be heading back in soon to help keep things running smoothly, so try not to give me any more work to do."

"You're probably right on that account. I'll be on my best behaviour." Arthur gave a parting smile and mock salute before heading in the doors.

Day 1 Time: Dusk Weather: Overcast Location: Harold's Academy, Arthur's Room Participants: Arthur Everwood @Jumbus

"I'm sorry Nana."

Arthur looked in the mirror contemplatively and sizing up the suit he would wear for the night. It was a gift from his grandmother and one of the few things he had received from her since being at the Academy. She purchased a suit and shipped it over in the thought that he would be going to so many 'big-city events'. And of course, he wrote all about them in the letters he sent back. But he had lied to his grandma in those letters.

The truth was, due to all the trouble he caused in his first years, Arthur found himself banned from most of the grand social events. He could understand the Academy's decision considering there was a good chance he could ruin it. But it still hurt having to lie about that to the folks back home. While he wrote back about everything going swell, the suit just hung in his closet for the better part of a year.

When they lifted the ban so suddenly, Arthur was taken off guard. He was hardly some good little reformed student. But he could guess that his trouble-making tendencies had eased up enough to where they didn't see a need in keeping it up. Or maybe the headmistress secretly wanted him to shake up the whole ball. He chuckled to himself about the absurdity of the idea.

Either way, it was no secret that the young man had mellowed out somewhat from his start at the Academy. That could be a concerning sign that he was growing duller in his convictions. But Arthur knew that wasn't the case. If anything, there was only room to calm down from the firebrand he was only a year ago. The change was an improvement. Despite his current flaws, he might even impress a teacher or two now...

He shuddered at the thought. Maybe not that far.

Still, the Moonlight Marsequrade his chance to prove to the Academy that he could be somewhat trusted. If he were to screw it up, that's probably him banned from events for another year. So he had to be on his best behaviour.

On the way out he snatched up a hip flask of some whiskey he bought from Walter a few days back and slipped it into his coat pocket. Even on his best behaviour, a few rules needed to be broken.

Day 1 Time: Evening Weather: Light Rain Location: Harold's Academy, Rooftop near the Ballroom Participants: Arthur Everwood @Jumbus

Some light rain was a non-issue for one of Arthur's mystic talents. He could sit outside as long as he wanted and remain completely dry. And tonight he was making use of such a talent sitting on a rooftop watching the lamplit street below. A gradual wind current churned above him to redirect the raindrops further down on the roof's decline.

His dorm was far too empty with everyone heading off for the ball and it was far too early to be considered fashionably late. So Arthur opted to spectate the other students filtering into the Ballroom's entrance from a distance. It was a passably entertaining sight, certainly helped along by the occasional swig of his flask. With any luck, he would be buzzed by the time he actually arrives.

Here are some proposed character thoughts/relations. These are based off impressions I got from the character sheets so if you think it presents your character in an incorrect way. Please let me know, I'll be happy to make edits or removals. Also, each one is Arthur talking about it from his subjective point of view, while he asserts a lot of things he is rarely correct about his assumptions.

If your character isn't here, I imagine they haven't been acquainted or his opinions would likely just be rephrasing the character's reputation section. But I am open to suggestions for other characters.

Mentioned Students

Petyr-@Aeolian Anastasia-@Ti Leah-@vietmyke Raffaella-@Emeth Lisa-@Frettzo Manny-@Ebil Bunny

Arthur Everwood

Coming from a troubled past of thievery and evading academy admissions, this rebellious 2nd year from the House of Harold has proven himself difficult to pin down, especially with a gift that allows him to leverage the power of the wind to outmaneuver his foes.

@Aeolian Just finished editing up my character sheet and its all done now. Looking forward to your feedback when you get the chance.
I've been working on this for most of the night. While the personality and reputation sections are blank, I'll be filling those out tomorrow plus I think my other sections give a pretty good idea of them already.

Mainly posting early to see if the History section is all good and that name-dropping the Willow Gang in relationships is alright as well (not making him a member but I thought it would be fitting that he's on good terms with them).

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