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Current Desu before dishonour.
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It's days like today that I truly believe this ADHD is both a blessing AND a curse.
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Hi everyone, I'm Rabidporcupine, some loser from Australia and a clear example of what happens when a person lets their degeneracy overtake their humanity. My most well known feature is my encyclopaedic knowledge of anything related to anime, and the fact that its pushed out any knowledge that could actually considered important for my survival. Well, that and the fact that I don't know how to entertain people without ruthlessly insulting myself...

Anyway, now on to the important stuff. I've been roleplaying since about... the beginning of 2017 I think, when my computer broke and I desperately needed to find something other than Crusader Kings to entertain me. My memories pretty shite, so I can't say for sure.

Other than that... Well, I'm not sure. I enjoy writing, which I guess is kind of a thing with most people who join RP forums. I use to write a lot more actual story type things, but like I mentioned before, my computer broke. I even wrote a fanfiction, which starts off garbage and doesn't get a whole lot better.

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Sorry for the wait guys, I'm just a little bogged down now that my course is starting. I'll see if I can get something out tomorrow night, but it'll probably end up being Sunday or something.
@Raptra@King Tai@PokimKyOshi

Adrien was really beginning to enjoy himself here, swinging through the forest and avoiding Dav's attempts to stop him. The net was a good idea, and probably would've worked if not for the fact that he was amazing, and able to dodge any throws with ease. However, it was nothing on the shield, which seemed to be blocking any potshots his hidden drones took at it with relative ease. In fact, he now had them flying around the boy for that very reason, trying to distract him enough for Adrien to set himself up for phase two of his plan, which would be even funner than this part.

In other words, Dav was surpassing Adrien's expectations, but it wasn't long now until the tables turned back in his favour once more.

And then his one of his drones picked up on an odd sound pattern. It was distant, and he couldn't pinpoint it, but it sounded like... growling? Yeah, no, growling and some kind of panicked shouting.

"Wait, Dav, hold up a moment!" He shouted to his partner, perching once more on a branch as he began the process of tuning in all his drones to search specifically for similar sounds. If he had a face, he would have frowned at the absence of any following sounds. He knew he'd heard a shout, and judging from the tone and pitch, it had probably come from a student. Silently, he commanded all but one of his drones to begin actively searching the area for any further traces of what might have happened, before starting to swing back to where the teachers had been. The single drone that hadn't left to search was the one closest to Dav, which Adrien now used to talk to him through.

"Hey Dav, sorry to quit on you like this, but I've been hearing some odd sounds, and I think some of the other students might be in danger. I'm going to see the teachers and let them know, but if you aren't planning to follow me back, you should take my drone and start warning the others."

Within a few minutes of finishing his message to the telekinetic young man, Adrien spotted the teachers talking to another student and dropped down next to them.

"Dr Roy, Mr Alexander." He started, walking towards them accompanied by a drone he'd called back. "One of my drones picked up on some weird sounds while I was training, and I felt I should let you know. Here, I'll play it back."

As he spoke, he sent a silent command to the drone, which promptly replayed the faint sounds of the growling, and the students panicked shout.

"Just so you know, I am planning to go and see if I can help out right after this. I just wanted to make sure you knew, and maybe see if you could give me any hints to deal with whatever this is. Tell the drone if you do, because I've gotta start searching properly."

And then, with the shot of a cord that zipped into the treeline, he was gone once more. Meanwhile, in his room, a new pair of drones activated, each one carrying an odd, bulky pack underneath their main chassis. After all, depending on what this turned out to be, he was probably gonna need a lot more than some shoddy makeshift wire-slingers...
@Lucius Cypher

Ok, here's Urist. I'm pretty sure I didn't screw it up, but if I did get something wrong, just let me know and I'll fix it.

Cool, thanks! I should mention though that this will probably be my first proper serious DnD campaign, because usually me and my friends are kinda laid back rule wise. Combine that with me being kinda dumb in general, and I may end up making a few mistakes every now and then, so I just wanna apologise in advance, and make sure you realise I'm not actively disobeying the rules, and am instead just getting them wrong by accident.
Don't suppose there's room for a new fella, is there? I've been kicking around the idea of Urist McUrist, worlds tallest dwarf! Except he's actually just a human who was raised by dwarves, and either doesn't realise or refuses to accept it.

Deity: Farore
Time/Date: Day 1, Morning
Location: Burgut's Wagon
Tagging: @Crusader Lord@Holy Soldier

"Ah, come on Princess..." Cid sighed as Zelah handed him all the rest of her food, which wasn't really that much in the end. "Are you trying to make me feel bad or something? I'm not gonna take all your food, especially not if this is it..."

Looking at the small pile he'd been handed, he passed just a little over half back to the girl.

"There, now neither of us have to starve to death." He said, nodding in satisfaction at what he was going to consider his good deed for the day. However, before he could make his altruism known to everyone, he heard Koja mumble about how he wasn't a slave.

"Well, then you have nothing to worry about. Let me just say though, a free person usually doesn't spend their whole life trapped in a cage. Or a big tank of water, if that helps you understand what I'm trying to say."

Still, he was a little surprised when Koja said he'd catch fish for his friends, as if Cidro was included in there with the other kids. He honestly wasn't sure it had actually been intentional, but he decided not to question it in case the Zora changed his mind. Instead, he just got into position to catch the twins and Koja just in case they fell. He probably wouldn't need to do anything though. As long as they were careful, they should be able to pull it off without much tro-


Damn it.

"Crap!" Cid whispered as he frantically brought his arms up to try and stabilise the tower. However, it seemed like the three had managed to come apart in midair, so instead of trying to just catch one tower and hold it back in place, he had to try and catch all three of them at once.

Alright, lets see how this goes.

His first move was to try and get a leg between the bottom twin and the floor, in the hope that he'd be able to muffle the sound with his own body, if only a little. From there, he blew some air at the twin who had been at the top. This wind was drastically more powerful than blowing air would normally be due to his powers, and he managed to push the twin back up to where he could try and grab the side of the tank. Finally, once that was done, he moved to catch Koja.

Which knocked him over too.

Thankfully, he managed to manipulate the air beneath him to cushion his own fall just enough that it didn't make too much noise. However, he was pretty sure that all the magic he was using was probably causing the edges of the tarp to flow around a little more than it normally would have, so if anyone was watching, it might not be great.
@DocRock@Bone Father

"Nice!" Kai said with a grin, giving a thumbs up to Shinon. "I was a little worried you wouldn't actually be open to the idea of giving anything up, so I'm glad. And, if you want, I bet we cold get that pelt turned into a pretty good armour set against... Were white stags ice or electric resistant?"

He stared off into the distance for a moment, lost in thought, before shaking himself back to reality and looking to his two new guildmates once more.

"Eh, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Anyway, yeah, let's get to the fortress!" He said excitedly, before gesturing to them to move closer. "Now, I've only got the one teleport scroll left, but it used to let other people teleport with the user if they stood close enough in the game, so I'm sure it'll work!"

Once the two had gotten within range of the scrolls effects, he used the item, choosing to teleport back to the office he'd awoken in.

"Sooo, welcome to Fort Edenkyte." He said. "Right now, we're just in my office. I'll probably be in here a lot while I work on rebranding us from an evil roleplay guild into a good old family friendly hunters guild. Actually, I should probably let all the npcs we made about the change to our goals... That... has the potential to go really well or really, really bad. While I get to work on that little speech though, I'll let you guys go have some fun. Astra, could you go with Mister Jones and show him around the workshop? And meanwhile..."

Scrolling through his menu again, he found a list of npcs in the guild, and searched for a few minutes until he found the name he was looking for, quickly sending them a message.

Within moments, the monstrous being had arrived at the office, having to crouch awkwardly just to get through the door due to his enormous size.

"My lord." He growled. "You summoned me?"

"Hey, Leedo!" Kai said, giving a small, casual wave to the monster. "Would you be willing to take my friend Shinon here down to the deep forest?"

For a moment, the creature looked surprised at the casual way Kai was speaking to him. However, he quickly regained his composure, bowing his head to the orc.

"Yes, my lord." He said, before turning to Shinon. "Greetings miss, my name is Leidos."

"Don't let the appearance fool you, he's just a big ol' softie." Kai said, patting the horrifying colossus on the shoulder. "He's gonna take you down to the mines, because we actually broke into a giant cavern by accident a little while ago. In that cavern, we found one of those glowing underground mushroom forests, and I mean really big mushrooms. However, there are a few fairly dangerous mobs in there, and they're a bit too dangerous for your average npc soldier. Anyone above level twenty five should be fine though, and with Leedo by your side, you should have no problems scouting out the place. If you're interested, I mean. I'll pay you, and again, there are a few unique monsters in there that you might find interesting."

He turned back to face Indy again.

"Now, like I said before, Astra will lead you to the workshop. If you have any questions, feel free to ask her or shoot me a message."

However, he sighed as he looked back to the desk.

"I might not be able to get back to you right away though. I've got... paperwork... to do... Eugh."
Well whaddaya know, I really didn't expect to actually find the willpower to do it... Even if it is kinda short and crappy.
@Kamen Evie@bobert778


"Uh, yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am." Sage said simply, feeling a fear he hadn't felt in a long time as he spoke to the terrifying woman. Just feeling her gaze on him was intimidating enough that he hastily reconsidered continuing with the 'arrogant sage' act.

Eager to try and get off the worst part of her bad side, he quickly turned back to face the chaos he had accidentally caused, beginning to sing once more.

"Klu vei, suth'rei vitra, kran sei, maktrana lu'usa. Sei, midyo lithei, sei no cidro, malon lo sidha."

As he sang, the spirits in the land began their work. Beneath the sinkhole, the roots that had formerly been grown to trap Sierpe twisted and grew once more, pushing and rearranging the dirt to fill the gaps in the earth. At the same time, his peculiar dancing and staff movements caused small barriers to form in the air, pressing the mounds of dirt that had been kicked up by the creatures panic back into the holes, which also helped to fill them in. Once the road looked... well, at least similar enough to the way it had before that it probably wouldn't trip and injure any passing horses, he focused his attention on the roots beneath the store, which pierced the ground and shifted to fill the areas that had been destroyed, pushing the storefront back into the shape it had held before.

And then he fell back to the ground.

For a moment, he just sat there, trying to calm his breathing as sweat ran down his face. Unfortunately, despite his training, Sage was still rather new to being... well, a sage. While asking the spirits to help him by forming barriers was fairly easy for him, requesting the manipulation of wood was a far more advanced, and equally more strenuous.

After about a minute, he stood back up, swaying a little as he did so, and turning back to face the elderly woman, still sweating profusely from the efforts of the past half an hour.

"Again, please allow me to apologize for the problems I've caused you." He said, bowing. "If I can help in any other way as a means of compensation, please let me know. I'm... I'm afraid I don't have very much money, but I will gladly use my talents as a sage to help however else I can."
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