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Current I eat negativity and shit out hopes and dreams. Like a tree, but for pessimism.
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Good news, I'm not failing out of my cooking course tomorrow! Bad news, it's only because I nearly sliced a chunk off my finger practicing for it and needed stitches.
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Desu before dishonour.
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It's days like today that I truly believe this ADHD is both a blessing AND a curse.
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Jeremy couldn't help but grin as he walked back into town. It had been eight years, eight whole years, since he'd last seen the little slice of madness that was Gravity Falls, but somehow it seemed like it was still exactly the same as he'd left it. It was surprising, but nice. It was almost like he was a kid again. The only difference was that he didn't really see many people he actually recognised, and of the few who looked familiar, none of them recognised him. That was less surprising though, because while the town might not have changed, he certainly had! Surprising all his friends with it was actually one of the things he was most he was most excited for!

Right now though, he had another, even more important task to focus on. He'd been up since obscenely early that day, just a little before the sun had even risen, running around the woods and looking for anything new that might've popped up on the weirder side of things, just like he used to as a kid. Unfortunately though, he hadn't been able to find anything yet, and had eventually gotten too hungry to stay out there any longer, which sucked because he'd at least hoped to pop in and say hi to some of the weird things he'd already met back then.

But, on the other hand, food was food. As someone suffering from hunger, food was an appealing concept to the ol' caveman brain. Therefore, he figured it was finally time to reacquaint himself with the questionably nutritious, but unquestionably delicious food of Greasy's Diner. Not only that, but he had some pretty good memories of he and his friends all gathering around there, so maybe he'd be able to run into a few of them there too! Kind of a two stones with one bird type thing!

And speak of the devil, he'd just caught sight of someone he was all but absolutely sure was one of them, hiding behind a mailbox and spying on... he hadn't quite caught whatever she as looking at specifically, just that it was probably either near or in the diner. Naturally, he decided to sneak over and crouch beside her, just far back enough to be out of her field of vision, and mimic her hand binoculars himself.

"Ok Sid, what's the plan?" He asked, not even trying to keep the excited grin off his face. Maybe that'd already be enough to tip her off all on it's own...


Thankfully, it looked like the mood was finally starting to ease up after Joseph had brought it down with his paranoia before. He was glad for that, at least. With everything they'd been going through recently, they deserved the chance to actually treat this vacation like, you know, a vacation. And with any luck, the others would be able to.

He, on the other hand, had no such luck.

"Hey man, would I be able to get you to fill this with Everclear?" He asked the bartender once Jamie had finished, putting an empty flask onto the counter. "If I'm here on vacation, I should probably try to make the most of it."

The bartender gave him a look, but it only lasted a second before he took the flask and went to fill it. Joseph was honestly sort of surprised he was actually allowed to ask that, but considering the reaction when Chad asked to be carded, he guessed this place wasn't particularly strict with that kind of stuff. When the bartender came back, he took the flask and sneakily swapped it for another one under his shirt, which was already pre-filled with a comparatively sane alternative to the ninety-five percent alcohol he'd just payed for, rum and coke. After a quick glance around, he was pretty sure no one noticed his switcheroo.

Maybe Jamie was right, and he was just being paranoid, but he'd be damned if he wasn't going to be careful just in case. At least this way, she and Chad wouldn't have to worry that he was still acting nervous or out of character. They'd see him tanking ridiculous amounts of alcohol like a champ exactly the same as he usually does, which might seem weird to Chad but he was pretty sure Jamie was used to it. Meanwhile, he could keep an eye out for anything strange without being too drunk to react properly.

He snapped out of his thoughts when Chad asked if vacations and stuff like this were common, and couldn't help but chuckle at the idea.

"Yeah, like Jamie said, he's usually too grumpy for this kinda stuff. I'm pretty sure being angry and shouting at us are his main hobbies, which I personally feel is why he and I get along so well." He said, taking a quick swig of his rum flask before continuing. "At the same time though, he's actually a massive softy. Not even deep down, it's like, right below the surface. He probably decided we needed a proper break after all the chaos from a couple of months ago. And seeing as I'm pretty sure he basically considers Jamie his unofficial extra kid, and I'm practically his best friend, it's only natural that he'd want to give us a proper break! Just this once though. Probably never happening again."

He paused for a moment, something occurring to him.

"That being said, Chris did organize a camping trip once a little bit back." He said, not quite able to hold back the laughter at the memory. "Jamie got lost in the woods on the way there, and the rest of us wound up... not really fighting, but definitely either messing with or getting messed with by Omega Bears. It was pretty great. Also Mexico, which wasn't really organized, or a vacation, but it's at least pretty fun to look back on."

He took another drink, before looking back to Chad.

"You look worried. Is it because of what I said before, or because, and I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, you don't look like the most confident drinker in the world?"

Man, that’d be weird if for some reason, all the characters had some connection to the theme song, or otherwise just knew it from somewhere, but couldn’t remember why or where they’d heard it.

He is and he is. He’s one of the most well received Jeremy’s so far.
@Dark Cloud
If we’re going off that logic, this Jeremy is basically Doofus Jeremy. Not because he eats shit, but because he’s just that much different to most of the other Jeremy’s.
@canaryrose Oh Canary Canary Canary...

If you think there’s only three, you’re kidding yourself...
I mean, one of our best characters, sure. I think we all know who our best character was though...

@canaryrose Also hey Canary my character is a Jeremy again.

Also also should we make a discord or something?
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