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Current Good news, I'm not failing out of my cooking course tomorrow! Bad news, it's only because I nearly sliced a chunk off my finger practicing for it and needed stitches.
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Desu before dishonour.
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It's days like today that I truly believe this ADHD is both a blessing AND a curse.
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Hi everyone, I'm Rabidporcupine, some loser from Australia and a clear example of what happens when a person lets their degeneracy overtake their humanity. My most well known feature is my encyclopaedic knowledge of anything related to anime, and the fact that its pushed out any knowledge that could actually considered important for my survival. Well, that and the fact that I don't know how to entertain people without ruthlessly insulting myself...

Anyway, now on to the important stuff. I've been roleplaying since about... the beginning of 2017 I think, when my computer broke and I desperately needed to find something other than Crusader Kings to entertain me. My memories pretty shite, so I can't say for sure.

Other than that... Well, I'm not sure. I enjoy writing, which I guess is kind of a thing with most people who join RP forums. I use to write a lot more actual story type things, but like I mentioned before, my computer broke. I even wrote a fanfiction, which starts off garbage and doesn't get a whole lot better.

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From the looks of things, Jeremy and Luke are probably either gonna end up best friends or never even meet each other out of laziness.
Technically it might be able to count as a coven, but really it's more of an apprenticeship. He definitely isn't in one in Salem, because he's doing everything he can to make sure they don't realise he knows about all that supernatural stuff until it's too late. Also, he doesn't particularly resent anyone from the supernatural community, but he steps in to stop them when they start targeting innocent people. Again, he does it to hunters who target the more innocent members of the supernatural community as well.
Alright, here we go, hope he doesn't suck too much!

Related question to Sanity's, what would you say the situation is with demons in this setting? Like, do they exist at all? Because I'm using one of my classic characters, and in just about every version of him where it's possible within the setting, he's spent most of his live being dragged into fights against demons by his best friend Hannah. Also things like homunculi. Are they possible to create? I mean, it's fine if neither of these fit, I just wanna know if I can follow the usual backstory or if I should alter it.
Hey, I too am interested. Would it be ok for me to play one of these many new people moving into town? Maybe having him live with a sister who's been there a little while?
Ok, I'm interested. I'm thinking of playing a guy who falls somewhere between a weaker Warlock and a Hunter, has pretty much just arrived in town to try and live a quieter life despite having an unfortunate tendency to accidentally end up right in the middle of everything, and generally just tries to pretend he's a normal guy who doesn't know anything about the magical world, either to avoid getting caught up in it all yet again or to keep potential enemies from seeing him as a threat and giving him the advantage.

I promise he isn't as edgy as he sounds, either.
Alright, after like three weeks of being a lazy asshole, I finally got that post up. Hopefully not too bad, but hey, who knows? It might be...

Leo chuckled to himself as he saw the varied reactions of irritation from his 'Kiddo comment'. This kind of teasing was always fun. However, the glare from the homunculus did have a certain chilling feeling to it, one which seemed to spark some kind of primal nervousness deep within him. He was able to hide it, of course, but he couldn't quite help the feeling that it felt somewhat familiar...

However, he was knocked back out of his thoughts when the other guy on his team responded to his question, and he shot him a lazy looking smirk.

"Oh, don't worry about that. I can finish this in about ten minutes if you want! Just depends on if you want it done well or not. That'll be a little longer..."

He laughed a little louder than he had with any of the others when the friendly girl introduced herself, mentioning how fun fishing sounded.

"Haha, nah... Not really... It gets pretty damn exciting right around the very end, but it's one of the most boring pastimes in the goddamn world all the way up until then. But, fish is delicious, and it lets me sleep three hours while I do it, which means its actually the best way to spend my time."

Now, he was a little taken back by the bow, because god, how long had it been since someone had bowed to him? But, it wouldn't do to leave her hanging. He might not have been the most polite person, but he was at least willing to answer someone who greeted him.

So, he mustered a wave that looked only slightly less lazy than it felt.

"Hey, I'm Leonardo Vadris, but everyone just calls me Leo. Nice to meetcha." He said, before he let out a sigh. "And yes, I know they said we were all dead. Clearly that isn't true. No need to bring it up again."

And then he noticed that everyone was beginning to file out of the room.

"Anyway, I guess it's officially time for us to get moving, huh? I'll just follow you guys. I'll get lost otherwise."

Leo was almost beginning to rethink the hawaiian shirt he was wearing when they walked up to the police. Not that it wasn't the superior form of clothing no matter where you were in the world, because it clearly was, but it seemed a lot of people tended to disagree with that statement. He'd actually heard a few people saying something about how anyone who would wear a hawaiian shirt in the cold air of britain was clearly a madman. He hoped the police wouldn't think the same.

Thankfully, they didn't immediately try to take him in for questioning while Euphemia was talking to them, so he supposed that was an upside.

The downside, of course, being that they weren't allowed to check out the crime scene.

He had just been making a plan of action when she made her hand invisible, and informed them that she would be able to do that for all of them.

"Yeah, I guess that's probably a better idea..." He said, tucking a small piece of paper with runes that looked suspiciously similar to the norse word for 'Freeze' back into his bag. "Anyway, I have a few sticky notes in here. If you can get us past the police, I can write up some runes that should get them to just stop paying attention to anything in that area, at least while they're still active."

He was already pulling the pad of sticky notes out even as he finished, idly spinning a fineliner between the fingers of the other hand.

"And don't worry, I'm a little out of practice, but I'm like... oh, seventy-five per cent sure it'll work properly? Maybe seventy-four."
Don't worry, haven't forgotten yet, just having a hard time posting between school being dumb, my computer being dumb, and me being dumber than both of them combined.
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