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Current Good news, I'm not failing out of my cooking course tomorrow! Bad news, it's only because I nearly sliced a chunk off my finger practicing for it and needed stitches.
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Desu before dishonour.
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It's days like today that I truly believe this ADHD is both a blessing AND a curse.
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Hi everyone, I'm Rabidporcupine, some loser from Australia and a clear example of what happens when a person lets their degeneracy overtake their humanity. My most well known feature is my encyclopaedic knowledge of anything related to anime, and the fact that its pushed out any knowledge that could actually considered important for my survival. Well, that and the fact that I don't know how to entertain people without ruthlessly insulting myself...

Anyway, now on to the important stuff. I've been roleplaying since about... the beginning of 2017 I think, when my computer broke and I desperately needed to find something other than Crusader Kings to entertain me. My memories pretty shite, so I can't say for sure.

Other than that... Well, I'm not sure. I enjoy writing, which I guess is kind of a thing with most people who join RP forums. I use to write a lot more actual story type things, but like I mentioned before, my computer broke. I even wrote a fanfiction, which starts off garbage and doesn't get a whole lot better.

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Michael was excited.

He'd actually never really been to an actual school before, so he couldn't help but wonder just how it'd all go while half listening to the speech the principal gave. If the literal thousands of hours of anime he'd watched were any indication, then it could either go great or terribly. The odds where honestly around fifty fifty. Then again, it was a school for kids with superpowers, so the chance of this being a nice slice of life scenario was slim to none. So yeah, odds were probably actually closer to eighty twenty that he and his fellow students would get thrown into some kind of crazy, life threatening adventure.

For a moment, he briefly considered the possibility that maybe basing his idea of how the school year would progress on anime plotlines was kind of dumb, and he should just try and get back to listening to the principals speech again.

Thankfully, the principal shot down that line of thinking by announcing that there would be coed rooms, but that there was also going to be a 'sports festival' at the end. Say what you want about Michael's intelligence, but he understood his weebshit. He, like anyone else privy to that sad, secret language, knew that 'sports festival' was code for 'tournament arc'.

Honestly, he didn't have to delve too far down into the depths of his brain to realise that Prism may just have somehow developed some weeby tendencies at some point, and created a tournament arc because they're objectively the best thing ever, but there was no way he wasn't going to make sure he was ready if something resembling a plotline did decide to worm it's way off the page and into his real life!

And then his attention was immediately hijacked once more as Prism told them that they'd find a keycard with their class and dorms under their chairs. Far more importantly though, one of those classes was taught by Wolverine. A wide grin found it's way onto his face when he looked at his card, and sure enough, it was the one Wolverine was teaching. Clearly, that meant that along with his goal to make as many friends as he could, he now also had to set aside some effort to annoy Logan with! They already knew each other somewhat well thanks to all the times they had both accompanied his dad on adventures, but now the man had to spend time with him, meaning this year was going to be even funner than he'd expected!

But wait! He was getting distracted! He was forgetting the most important part of the speech he'd just barely listened to!

He was going to have a roommate here. Sure. Fine. Not unexpected. But he knew that, if he wanted to make sure the room was correctly decorated and up to his standards, he'd have to get there first. Sure, he understood that he'd still have to negotiate when his roommate actually got there, but it'd probably be a lot easier when the posters were already on the wall.

As he picked up his stuff, he took a quick look at the name on the card next to his.

Amalia Stark

"... Yep, nope, not getting anything from this." He said, before shoving the card into his pocket in mild disappointment. He'd hoped to get a bit more of an inkling of what kind of person his roommate might be from the card somehow, but sadly, all he really got was that it was one of Iron Man's kids, who he knew next to nothing about, and probably a girl if the name was any indication...


Either way, this wasn't really the time to be messing around. He could do that after he got settled in. Trying to be quick, he weaved between the other students and made his way over to the 1C dorms. He saw a couple of people gathering in the common room, and while he wanted to go over and introduce himself, it would have to wait until after his current task. Thankfully, when he made it to his room, it was still empty.

"Ooh, bunk beds! Haven't seen these since Hydra!"

Despite the less than stellar memories of those days, he was actually kind of excited by maybe finally getting a top bunk for once.

Until he noticed the metal that had been used for the bed frames, his eyes widening.

"Whoa whoa, hold up a sec... Is this vibranium?!" He asked, before leaning in to take a closer look. "No, no... Not the pure stuff, an alloy... Still though, this is... wow..."

Somehow, despite the fact that he was in a literal floating city, it was only upon seeing vibranium bedframes that he realised just how ridiculously expensive all of this was. And, while he appreciated the gesture of course, he was beginning to wonder if he couldn't put the honestly pretty decent supply of vibranium in front of him to better use. Already, his mind was jumping between all the cool weapons he could make, if only he could get a hold of someone who could actually teach him how to smelt the stuff properly.

Thankfully though, before he could begin dragging the mattresses off the frame to prepare it all, he realised that was something he should probably discuss with his roommate when she made it there.

"Ok, you're off the hook for now, but if Stark gives me the ok, oooh hooo, you'd better watch your back..." He said, squinting at the beds.

The bedframe, being an inanimate object, didn't respond.

"Yes, accept your fate. You will be given a better life in my armory anyway..."

And then he began to chuckle, which quickly turned into full blown maniacal laughter as he started putting up his posters, which mostly consisted of safer anime series, assorted boy bands, and Hugh Jackman films, with a particular emphasis on his musicals.
Alright, so technically it's tomorrow, so I'm kind of a liar, but on the other hand, it's 4am. I don't know where I'm going with this, but the answer is quite possibly a very sleep deprived nowhere.

But I got the post done goddamnit, so I've won! The days of me taking ages to post are temporarily over! I've beaten the system! I've beaten sleep! I HAVE WON!
Jeremy Lindall

@Polaris North@Akayaofthemoon@Majoras End@AmpharosBoy
"Yeahyeahyeah! It's me!" Jeremy said as he rocked back and forth on his heels from excitement. "I know right? I used to always have to look up at the kids who were younger than me! Now though? Now I can probably lift those kids with one arm! It's great! And I only got here yesterday night, so I just had to get settled in."

He grinned when Amelia suddenly stopped signing and blushed. He was pretty sure he knew what was going through her head, so decided to go ahead and act on his guess.

"Wonderin' if I still remember how to sign, huh? Well no need to worry, it's a little rusty, but I think I remember most of the important stuff!"

That and he'd been sure to study up on American Sign Language again before he left Hawaii in preparation for this very reunion... However, before he could display this fact, he saw another old friend enter the diner, and it just so happened that said old friend noticed him at the exact same time.

"JACK!" He shouted, no longer caring, or even really paying attention to how loud his voice was getting. His old friend said something about not being sure whether to marvel at his new height or hug him, which was understandable, given his awesome growth spurt, but he still ended up smirking.

"Well, let me save you the trouble then!" He said happily, scooping Jack off the ground in a bear hug that only felt like it could snap his spine. "This is great! I thought I'd have to wander around town for a few more hours before I'd met back up with everyone, but look at us! Ami, Jack, Sid and Garfield!"

As he spoke, he saw Amelia writing something, and realized with surprise that he'd basically forgotten the other guy she'd arrived with was there. Honestly, he would've apologized and greeted him anyway, but it turned out she was writing an introduction for him. Apparently his name was Ludwig, and he was something of a mystery hunter, just like the rest of them were. Grinning, he leaned over to take the guys hand in his own, shaking it vigorously.

"Hey man, it's nice to meetcha! I'm Jeremy Lindall! I used to live here 'til I was eight, so I'm an old friend of all these guys! Still, I'm pretty sure I know a lot of the weird stuff that happens around this place, so you just come to me with any questions you might have, yeah? I'll see what I can do to answer 'em for you!"

And then he spun back around to face Mr Garfield, who had asked him about playing the ukulele for them some time.

"Hey yeah, definitely! I've actually been practicing a few of the old songs Uncle Greg used to sing when I was a kid. Hell, back when he was a kid, the way I hear it! So yeah, I'll play 'em whenever you like!"

As if it were even possible, Jeremy somehow managed to perk up even more when Mr Garfield mentioned the Mystery Shack. Memories of running around the building with either Ami and Jack or Sid when she wasn't getting politely banned for accidentally breaking stuff returned to his mind. Actually, why were they always separate? Is it somehow possible that he'd never actually hung out with Ami, Jack and Sid at the same time? Because if that were true, he'd have to rectify that, and what better time to do so than today?

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Let's all go to the Mystery Shack together! The whole gang, all five of us! And then after that, you guys can come with me when I go say hi to the Manotaurs again! Oh man, they're gonna be so surprised by how big I've gotten, it's gonna be awesome!"
I'll try to get a post out tomorrow.
@AmpharosBoy@Polaris North@Akayaofthemoon
Jeremy Lindall

"Yep, the one and only!" Jeremy said happily when Sid seemed to recognize the name almost immediately. He laughed loudly when she mentioned how big he'd gotten and asked where he'd gone to do it."Hawaii! Yeah, it turns out that the giant genes were just waiting a while before kicking into gear, but now I don't have to worry about being too short for anything 'til I'm old and grey! Speaking of which, you dyed your hair black, which I've gotta say is a nice touch. I reckon it suits you, and not just because of the whole old-timey cartoon thing either."

He was probably going to continue, but he was interrupted by a pat on his back, and turned around to see someone who, despite not standing out anywhere near as much as Sidney, was still almost instantly recognizable to the boy.

"Mr Garfield!" He said, surprised at just how similar the man looked to when he and his family moved away. "Nah, no cats required actually. I love Hawaii and all, but I'd been getting pretty homesick for this place recently, so I eventually managed to convince mom and dad to let me come back and stay! But yeah, nah, things've been great! Had a bit of a growth spurt, developed a love for hawaiian shirts and the ukulele, developed a way bigger love for food than back then, it was awesome! But then when I think about it, I honestly still preferred my time here... I mean, wandering around in the unknown is in my blood, and compared to this place, Hawaii just doesn't have enough of it."

And then he saw someone else enter the diner who he immediately recognized. She was followed by someone he didn't, but oh well, he was sure he'd get to know him well enough soon.

"Ooh, guys, shut up, shut up! Don't say anything to give it away!" He whispered, before looking out from his booth again to see her and her friend sit down in a booth. He could barely hide the laughter when he called out to her, pointing to himself. "Hey, hey Ami! Do you recognize me? Do you remember who I am?"

Now, it may be true that he looked extremely different from the last time they'd seen each other, but after all the time they'd spent running around the area with Jack when they were kids, he had an inkling that she might be able to recognize him by the stupid, goofy grin on his face alone.
Jeremy Lindall

Jeremy could barely keep the smile off his face as he walked through the streets of Gravity Falls. It'd been too long since he last saw this place, and he was a little surprised to see that it had barely changed. Happy too though. He hadn't seen many people he recognized though, and of those few, there were none who recognized him. But hey, it's not like he could be surprised by that. He knew how different he looked, and one of the things he was most excited for was to surprise all his old friends with it!

Right now though, his mind was focused on other priorities. He'd been up since obscenely early, running around in the woods like he had in the old days, searching around to see if there was anything new on the weird side of things. Sadly, he hadn't found any yet, and he'd eventually gotten too hungry, which sucked, because he was hoping to maybe say hi to some of those weird things he'd already met way back when.

But, on the other hand, food was food, and he hadn't eaten at Greasy's Diner in nearly eight years.

And funnily enough, by the time he'd finished his little mental recap, he'd made it right to the diners door. Upon entering, he was struck with nostalgic smells of extremely unhealthy diner food. It almost brought a tear to his eye, but hunger beat reminiscing in his head, so instead of just standing in the doorway on the verge of blubbering like an idiot, he instead went up to the counter and made his order.

"Hey there miss!" He said, not quite able to keep the excitement out of his voice. "Would it be alright if I just asked for four servings of bacon and eggs, but in one plate? I haven't eaten all morning, so I'm basically starving to death."

If he was being honest, that was only mostly a joke. He legitimately was getting pretty hungry, and he was beginning to suspect his stomach was starting to eat itself. Surprisingly though, the waitress he asked barely even raised a brow before going ahead and telling the kitchen his order. Then again though, when you live in a place like Gravity Falls, things like weird orders probably just weren't that weird anymore... So, glad that everything had gone simply, he went to find a seat, and no sooner had he done so that he saw a flash of black and white that seemed more than a little familiar.

"Is that who I think it is?" He said to himself, before standing up with a wave and called to the figure. "Hey Sid, that you? It's Jeremy! You still remember me?"

Alright, here's the dumb, fun-loving colossus that is Jeremy Lindall. Hope the height isn't too much, I can tone it down if he is.
Cool cool, I'll be working on an app when I get home I'm thinking. I might need to PM you with a few questions for him though.
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