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6 mos ago
Current Rest in Peace Stan Lee, 1922-2018
8 mos ago
Finsihed reading Worm a few days ago - holy shit.
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1 yr ago
When you've seen Infinity War and your friends treat you like a king so you don't spoil them.
1 yr ago
Having some internet issues right now - Snow storm knocked out the power. Posting from phone rn, but low on battery. Will post anything I'm missing when the power is back up.
1 yr ago
Heading out to washington for a friends wedding, so if my posts have disgusting spelling, they will be fixed when I get home on Saturday. Sorry for the inconvienence.


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Yeah, finals are hurting me pretty bad rn, will try to get my character out tomorrow.
Will probably get a CS up in a few hours, gonna go for Chariot.
Interested, if there is still space
I am also interested.
Anything need changing for this guy?

@A Lowly Wretch
Sorry, things have been hectic on my end - should get a post out by tomorrow or so.

Edit: School and work have been kicking my ass lately - I'm going to have to drop out of here. Sorry for the short notice.
I'm interested in this but cannot think of anything to add - will try thinking of a suggestion again in a few hours.
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