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When you've seen Infinity War and your friends treat you like a king so you don't spoil them.
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It was really good that Dennis managed to draw most of the Goblin's attention. Bad news, unfortunatly, was that his one of his best defensive pieces of equipment was destroyed. That kinda made him a little upset, but he quikly forgot about it as he was dogpiled, his health bar plummeting as clubs smacked into his unprotected body. Luckily, pain was much easier to deal with when you were assured that you were going to be able to pull through it, Dennis trusting his durability even without a shield to guard him.

The Resolve Passive helped a lot with that as well, but Dennis was drawing his attention to the retreating goblins. As River and Naomi casted their spells and began to refill his healthbar, Dennis decided against using Even the Odds. Radiating Challenge was still on cooldown, but Dennis popped off Mass Aggravate as soon as it was available.

Or, he tried. Most of his actions were locked off for some reason, and it took several seconds until they were unlocked again. Was that what the stunned condition did?

As Cecilia danced around the brutes, Dennis was very glad that he didn't have to deal with enemies like her. Her raw agility and dodging made her seem so... annoying to fight. Hopefully that wouldn't encourage the Brutes to attack her when Dennis' aggravate wore off. Dennis completly ignored Karuu's attacks, instead focusing on tanking the next round of hits.

Wait for Stun status to disapear
Mass Aggravate

Edwin, unfortunately, did not manage to speak with the pale man again - He never spoke up to respond to the young man, and Edwin was seriously hoping that his attention to the three figures had been seen as rude. Still, it was hard to be upset when he was being talked to by the Blanchette Rouge! The stomp that precluded her speech was familiar in its extreme force - Uncle Jason's familiar had a similar tendency of accidentally making incredibly loud noises, so Edwin jumped a lot less than many of his fellow initiates. Ms. Rouge went on to clearly and consciously explain the fundamentals of the Red Hoods, as well as how the Initiates will progress in status. Ms. Rouge was such a good public speaker - Edwin nearly screamed when she got close enough for him to reach out to her! He didn't though, screaming would be really rude.

The fact that Ms. Rogue said that they wanted to tame monsters was especially relieving - That was what Edwin's magic was all about, after all! Still, the look that she gave the older pale man was a bit concerning. Maybe she didn't like that he was so heavily armored, even though he was a recruit? If that was the case, Edwin was glad she hadn't seen his Dagger - that was Edwin's most prized possession, and he really didn't want her to not like him because he had a weapon to start out with. By the time she finished her speech, Chamos had crawled back onto Edwin's sleeve, and the young man began to follow the crowd of initiates towards their future living quarters.

Mr. Dougal was such an interesting man! Apparently, he was in charge of the initiates who were forced to be here if what Edwin's guard said was true, and Ms. Rouge trusted him enough to have him lead the future Yellow Hoods. If he ever got the extra time, Edwin thought that asking him how he got that scar would lead to an amazing story! Unfortunately, he would have to wait to ask, as one of his fellow initiates began to give a speech to her companions - it was fun until she started using magic to release people. Didn't she hear Mr. Dougal when he said to 'do what he says and there wouldn't be a problem?' And the kind guard that led Edwin here seemed quite sure that you were supposed to keep the shackles on until an official removed them. She seemed fairly knowledgeable about the supernatural - other than the fact that she mistook Edwin for a summoner! Summoning and Binding were complimentary schools of magic, but Edwin was raised to be the Binder for his Cabal - His father was already the Summoner!

When she released his shackles, Edwin quickly put them back on, not allowing her to grab them - He appreciated her thinking about his comfort, but the last thing he wanted to do was be on Mr. Dougal's bad side. He'd have to thank her in private later... Maybe during the trial!

'Are you a fahckin idiot, kid?! That was a good chance to get out of these shits and ya blew it! Am I lyin!?'

'Sorry Chamos, but I don't think Mr. Dougal would be happy about us walking around without the chains they graciously gave us...'

Edwin chose to ignore the string of swears that followed since his Dad said swearing was icky and bad. Instead, he focused on everyone introducing themselves! Ms. Eliza seemed like a very nice lady! She was whispering with Ms. O'Shay, so they seemed to be close - maybe they were friends! That would make bonding much easier. Both her and Ms. O'shay being spellcasters was a comforting sight, and it helped ease the sense of homesickness that Edwin was feeling since he left.

Mr. Whitlock seemed nice if a bit Prudent. That was a good thing, Edwin's mom taught him what that word meant a few weeks ago! Edwin really hoped that the man's urgency to get to his room wasn't because he wanted to ignore them - Edwin wanted to get to know everyone over a warm bowl of porridge and he didn't want Mr. Whitlock to think they all can't be friends.

Mr. Dragomir, on the other hand, was a bit darker than Edwin initially thought when he bumped into him. Edwin blushed a little when he realized that Mr. Dragomir was staring at Ms. Eliza. Edwin agreed that she was a pretty lady, but didn't they just meet? T-that was a little l-lewd...

Mr. Fendral seemed very honest! Although Edwin would need to ask what he meant by rumors - Edwin was a bit unknowledgeable about the outside world, so the boy didn't really know much about anyone's families other than his own. Still, Mr. Fendral seemed a bit too young to have white hair - Uncle Jason had salt-and-pepper hair, and he was 46! At the very least, Edwin wasn't alone in the desire to follow orders, as Mr. Fendral also wanted to be rechained.

Edwin released a brief sound of fear and surprise when he saw the Brown-haired man pointing an arrow at Mr. Dragomir. What the hel- HECK. What the heck was this man doing!? Mr. Dragmir didn't do anything wrong! Unless... Did this man have his eye on Ms. Eliza, and was upset when Mr. Dragomir was staring at her? That was NO excuse to threaten him with an arrow! Moving as quickly as he could, Edwin tackled into Mr. Dragomir, attempting to knock him to the floor.

Of course, it did nothing. Mr. Dragomir probably had a solid 100 pounds over Edwin, and he was in full plate armor. Still, Edwin flipped around and used his body to try and block the path of the arrow to Mr. Dragomir's body.

"P-please don't fight! Can't we all be friends?!"

Almost instantly after he asked that, the other man wearing plate armor pulled out his sword and held it to Ms. O'Shay's neck! WHAT THE FU- Frick. What the frick!? It was a good sign that he was listening to Mr. Dougal, but that was still no reason to nearly cut off a woman's head! Women are supposed to be treated delicately, so the fact that the Armored man was so eager to assault her was a bit uncouth!

Edwin wouldn't be able to stop both the Archer and the Armored man at the same time, without putting Chamos at risk of being squashed, so he simply stood in his position directly in front of Mr. Dragomir and prayed that Mr. Dougal would stop this.




It was lucky that Denis was not the type to grow frustrated, because Cecilia running face first into a situation that could easily kill her has happened more times than he was comfortable allowing. As she jumps past one of the shamans, Dennis finally managed to close the distance between himself and the closest brute, who was thankfully focused on Cecilia having sidestepped him. When he was close enough to have every goblin within his range, he used his Mass Aggravate to get their attention and give Cecilia a chance to get out of the situation.

Dennis followed up with a Radiating Challenge toward one of the unharmed Brutes. The shamans were more interesting, but they probably had spells that could target their allies - at a glance, the brutes seemed almost entirely focused on DPS, so directing as much of it as possible towards himself was beneficial. Dennis gripped his shield, hoping that the barrage of attacks hitting him wouldn't get through all of his armor.

Hopefully, his mana would last through the combat until he could get some Chakra magic...

Run up to nearest Brute
Mass Aggravate
Radiating Challenge on Goblin Brute 3
Victor quickly ran the towel over his face, eager to wipe away the droplets of sweat that clung to his head. He was pretty lucky, all things considered - he got into a position that dozens, if not hundreds had applied for on accident, and he was making more money than he ever could as a janitor. Not to mention, he got free room and board, health insurance, and access to the gym whenever he wanted. That was where his first visit in the mornings was, and the reason he started waking up at 5 AM. A hard hour long workout, a long and relaxing shower, some time to steal some food from the mess hall, and still having a bit of extra time to hit on the ladies!

It didn't hurt that most of his companions were morning people. Victor always enjoyed having company.

When he finally got back to his room, he started his shower - he finally got to the point where he didn't feel like dying when the cold water hit him. Apparently, cold showers were healthier for you, according to the free health magazines they leave in the lobby. And anything was better than going back to steroids. By the time he finished his shower and checked himself out in the mirror, Victor was feeling ready to start his day right!

First up, going to the mess hall. Protein is best used as soon as you finish your workout, so Victor wanted to load up on all he could for breakfast. Not to mention, burning off the extra calories meant he could splurge a little, maybe have a few extra eggs. If he was lucky, he could find Ms. P and try his hand at wooing her again - 32nd times the charm! Unfortunately, no one of interest was in the mess hall by the time he got there.

Interest meant chicks, there were no chicks there this early in the morning.

Resigning himself to a solitary lunch, Victor quickly collected a meal fit for two men before sitting at an abandoned table. The speed with which he began to wolf it down was only rivaled by the nonchalance everyone else was treating him with - to them, this was a daily occurrence. Given the size of his plate, as well as the obvious fact that he needed to get seconds, it appeared like Victor was going to be there for a while.
Edwin was nearly bouncing out of his seat by the time the carriage stopped at the Red Hood Keep, hands gripping his robes. He could hardly believe that someone like him was joining the Red Hoods, an organization that he had idolized for years up till this point. Sure, it was a little scary that his alternative was death, but it was perfectly understandable - after all, Edwin did deal with demons. As the thought crossed his mind, the slithering movements of the centipede in his cloak reminded Edwin that he wasn't alone.

It took a lot of willpower not to immediately jump out of the carriage when it stopped. The last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself, and the man he had spent the last few hours talking with was especially interesting - apparently, he had gutted vampires that could rip Edwin in half! That's a red hood for you, tough as nails and defending the weak! Edwin waited for the grizzled man to climb out of the carriage before he grabbed Edwin by the collar and dragged the young man him out behind him. Edwin was quickly slammed into the stone wall of the castle, hitting his head hard enough to cause his vision to blur.

"Listen here shitface, I let you off easy on the ride here since you're so compliant - Now you're just like any other prisoner."

The guard slapped manacles onto Edwin's hands as he spoke, using the chain to drag him instead of his collar. Once again, the Red Hoods showed their mercy - this guard was willing to break the rules just to give Edwin a little more comfort on the ride over here! The young man nodded his head as he was forcefully dragged by his guard, eventually managing to regain his footing and walk behind the man. After a short walk and making their way into the keep, Edwin's guard let go of the chain and was beginning to walk away.

"Alright shitface, my job was to get you here - you're under Finlay's jurisdiction now. Don't do anything to get me in trouble or I'll make you wish you took the death sentence."

"Oh heavens, I would never try to get you in trouble, sir! Thank you again for taking me all the way to the Keep!"

It was a bit hard to wave goodbye in his manacles, but Edwin's parents always said it was the thought that counted! The guard didn't seem to care too much and was drinking out of some metal container at his side - something that he had done at least four other times on the ride to the Keep. Being a Red Hood must really dehydrate you...


'Alright Kid, we got in the castle - what stupid bullcrap do you want me to do for you now?'

The voice broke into the back of Edwin's thoughts, the dark and insidious kind of whisper you hear when standing on the edge of a large cliff. Edwin tensed as he heard it - even after a month or two, he still wasn't used to hearing his familiar speak.

'Ok Chamos, next up is becoming a Red Hood! For now, you can investigate things from the ceiling - you deserve a break for waiting so long in my robes.'

Edwin tried to be discreet as he slid up to the nearest wall, feeling the small centipede make its way from his sleeve to the stone surface. The creature immediately began to crawl up and away, seeking refuge in the rafters above. Old Chamos deserved a break though. After all, Edwin needed all the help he could get becoming a Red Hood, and his only real asset at the moment was the small imp.

Edwin turned away from the wall, accidentally bumping into someone as he did so. Edwin was quick to bounce back from the collision, holding up his hands and making sure that the person hadn't fallen or gotten hurt. He was an Older Man, his white hair and pale skin making him appear far older than he probably was. He was also much more physically imposing than the young man, being about a head taller and armored - the collision, Edwin realized, couldn't have been more than an inconvenience for the individual. Still, it was always polite to apologize and introduce yourself when you make a mistake.

"I'm ever so sorry, sir! I wasn't looking where I was going - My name is Edwin Cohen! Wh-"

Edwin was cut off as he finally saw the three figures standing on the podium. The one that first drew his eye was the large man, a being that easily dwarfed the other two individuals. The sight of him reminded Edwin of the Demonology textbooks his mother always read to him to make him sleep - still, Edwin doubted that the Red Hoods would employ an actual demon, especially after the fuss they made over Edwin's familiar. The man was clearly of prestige but was almost immediately forgotten by Edwin as he saw the remaining figure.

That armor, the general size and shape, the fact that she was a woman of high importance in the Red Hoods... Was this Blanchette Rouge?! Edwin had never seen a picture of her, but she was by far his favorite Red Hood. Well, she was the only Red Hood that he knew by name, but that didn't dismiss the fact that she was apparently a great woman!

It didn't take long for Edwin to decide that talking while she was trying to get their attention was probably ruder than ignoring the older man. Instead of continuing his introductions, Edwin simply stood where he was, paying attention to the figures on the stage and trying to see if the man he bumped into was upset.




Satisfied with the healing that Cecilia received, Dennis followed the others on the way to the Bridge, doing his best to keep up despite a paladin's rather poor speed. The bridge was quick to appear, and heavily guarded by a dozen small greed humanoids. The sight was somewhat intimidating, even if Dennis' display said that they were all low level. It was Cecilia who made the first move, catapulting over the river with an ease that briefly made Dennis very jealous. At least, until he realized that she was leaping over to a side that had none of her allies, and just as many goblins.

Dennis rushed forwards, his pace significantly faster now that he was running. He nearly made it to the mouth of the bridge when River's pet spewed out some strange debuff. That was a lot more helpful then Dennis pet ever was in combat... Ignoring this, he finally made it to the first group of Soldiers, using Mass Aggravate in order to gather them all towards one of the Bridge's edge. When he got as many as he could into the area, after taking a few hits during positioning, Dennis released his next spell - Repel the Enemy.

Golden light erupted from all around Dennis, and if he was lucky, the goblins would end up falling into the river below. Dennis was not looking for much damage - but by knocking them off, he could buy time for Mass Aggravate to cooldown, and at the very least it made them sitting ducks for the Lighting spells that Willow and River loved so much. If any soldiers remained, Dennis would position himself between them and his allies on their side of the bridge.
Hayim continued starting through the world tree, looking into the war that went on in reality. Perhaps it was the natural healing effects of Akhuz, or maybe exiting the range of the spire simply let the changes revert faster - it was almost like Hayim could feel his mind dumbing down to its normal level. His body, however, seemed much slower to respond, with no changes being noticeable to the god as he stared at the plant dragons. By the time the dragons were totally transformed and corrupted, Hayim's eyes drifted once more to the fruit.

It had engorged itself tremendously, and its vibrant red was far more potent than any fruit he had ever created. The fruit caused fond memories to arise in Hayim's slowly returning mind - particularly memories of feeding the weaker ones to oblivious children. Hayim never found amusement in the pained expressions they made, but their parents were eager to laugh at their misfortune. It took a little longer for Hayim to remember his excuses for those incidents, that he could simply relieve the pain at a whim and there was no ill will intended.

As he watched the giant fruit burst, spreading it's burning seeds and juices across the forest of Animal-friends and Humies, Hayim wished more than anything that he could alleviate their pain at that moment. Hayim felt almost guilty that he was relieved - since he was in Akhuz, he wouldn't need to hear the Humies scream. The air was filled with the sound of sizzling plant matter, pierced by the roars of several dragons who were struck by the red fruit. Hayim tensed, tentacles wrapping around small outgrowths of root that surrounded him.

The light was shrinking - but like when a Humie cups his hands around a flame, it merely focused the light that already exists. The assaults delivered by Hayim's siblings were superficial earlier, but now Hayim had to actively focus in order to see the damage before it was simply negated. Hayim hopes were dimming somewhat by this point - if the light was like a fire, then intensifying would only mean it was growing stronger. Still, the god would never abandon his post, even if he was regaining his old impatience. The Humies and Animal-friends were still stuck, crying out in pain and fear.

Hayim contented himself with watching the unfolding battle, praying that his siblings would leave the area soon. If they did, then the chance that they would accidentally kill any of the transmuted inhabitants of the jungle would be far lower.

Will get a post up tomorrow.

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