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Current Midterms are hitting hard - if I'm a bit slow in writing replies for the RPs I'm in, the college monster has eaten me.
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Seeing PROMARE tonight with the boys - Trigger is godlike, and if you think otherwise, fight me.
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Finally everything is back online - Freedom! Will write a post or two before going to bed for the night.
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Update - Power is on, Cable and Internet still down. At least I can charge my phone!
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There is a power outage in my area - sorry to the threads I need to post for, but I’ll need to wait a few hours or till tomorrow. All I have for now is a phone on 20% battery


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Finally posted - sorry if it's brief and a little incoherent, I just finished up my last Final a few hours ago and am still a little fried.
Ken Ozawa

Ken had successfully managed to integrate himself into the group... or, at the very least, he's managed to sit with them at the cafe they had moved to. He still didn't know any of their names, but then again, it didn't matter too much. Ken wanted to keep his interactions with these monsters as limited as possible, and that was most easily accomplished by being just familiar with these monster hunters, rather than helping them save the city.

At least, that's what Ken told himself. Whether or not he would do something to defend people from these monsters was another thing entirely. The girl that spoke oddly and addressed the group had reverted them to their original forms with no struggle, and while Ken felt he barely spent any of this... 'energy' that she talked about, he hadn't felt any real offensive capabilities like the other hunters. Did Ken really need to be so close to these monsters if he had no way of protecting himself?

Ken stopped thinking about that line of thought, instead of thinking about the girl who led them to the cafe. She claimed she wasn't human, and while Ken normally would have dismissed her as some teenager trying to seem cool in some weird way, the large monster that the group had defeated shattered any pretenses that Ken held about the world. Hell, he had superpowers - the weird girl could be a fairy for all Ken knew.

One of the boys, the one who had been controlling the odd chain earlier was buying food for the odd girl, as well as the girl who had asked for food at the end of the last fight. That was nice of him - Ken was glad that he wouldn't have to be the one to buy the homeless girl's food, considering he now had time to think things through and realize his status with the group. If he really wanted to join - something that could seriously injure him - then all he had to do was demonstrate his powers. He hadn't seen any of the other warriors use healing abilities, although the one girl who got injured was healed by the time she reverted to her normal form.

Ken didn't order anything for himself - he hated eating out, and only followed the group to the cafe in order to get more acquainted with them. If he was going to spend money, he preferred to spend it on something that would be useful to him for at least a week or two. For food, he could just get some from his parents while he was still young.

While drinking some water from the thermos that he always had with him, Ken noticed one of the warriors introduce themselves. The one who had the paintbrush was called Nori Hirai. At least Ken finally had a name to ascribe to the paintrbush warrior. Ken chose to remain silent for the rest of the time at the cafe, not wishing to try and force himself into the group since he provided only superficial aid to the first battle. He could integrate himself next time a monster attacked, or if one of the other members initiated the conversation with him.
Will get a post out sometime tomorrow

Edit: Finals are holding me up - post will be out Wendsday, Thursday at the latest.
Just finished up this guy, so there might be a spelling error or two. Let me know if anything needs to be changed to make it fit better.

Definitely Interested - will get a character out sometime tomorrow or Sunday.
Just finished this, but it's pretty late where I am right now - It might have a few mistakes, so please let me know if anything needs to be changed.

Definitely interested - will work on a sheet after work.
Definitely Interested!
Yeah, I’m okay with that.
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