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Current Rest in Peace Stan Lee, 1922-2018
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Finsihed reading Worm a few days ago - holy shit.
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When you've seen Infinity War and your friends treat you like a king so you don't spoil them.
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Having some internet issues right now - Snow storm knocked out the power. Posting from phone rn, but low on battery. Will post anything I'm missing when the power is back up.
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The battle was won. Thankfully, this was a video game - otherwise, the hundreds of goblin bodies would have made traversing the landscape very difficult. It didn't help the exhaustion that swept over Dennis, his body shaking and barely managing to sheathe his sword. A look at his resources helped to reassure the fact that he did everything he could - all of the tanks around him were feeling the weight of the battle. The war chiefs death was cause for celebration, but Dennis was acutely aware of the lack of praise and triumph in the tanks around him. At best, there were a few sighs of relief, a scattered few muttering under their breath.

Lots of people died. It didn't take a genius to figure that out. Looking at a few of the people in the raid showed that Dennis had some of the most HP leftover, a chilling realization for him to make. In the end, spamming his abilities and throwing himself headlong into danger really didn't make too much of a difference.

The door to the next floor simply appeared in the middle of the empty battlefield, promising entry to the next floor. The thought of going straight into what appeared to be a massive jungle of flora and unknown fauna seemed extremely dangerous, especially since the group had just survived a horrible experience. The thought of retreating and waiting for Data Link to send something in their newsletter crossed Dennis' mind before the PMs started coming in. Dubstepp and Holly had already entered the second floor and were recommending they make their way to the next town. Dennis chose to not respond, instead joining the throngs of players who were rushing into the second floor.

Naomi was giving out healing, causing another pang of regret for Dennis. He tried to keep an eye out for the others and keep them safe, but having to stick with the other tanks was pretty restricting in that regard. Still, he needed the health and really didn't want to bring it to attention.

The message that Karru was deceased was a lot less powerful than Dennis thought it would be. While a few weeks ago he might have collapsed and started crying that one of his friends was gone, he was instead left with a coldness that seemed to radiate in his core. Maybe he knew, on some level, that he was lucky that only Karru died? Many players lost their lives in this combat, so only losing a single member of the guild, statistically, was a good thing.

It helped a little. Not enough, but it did help.

The group started their march, and Dennis quickly hurried to catch up. His shield breaking had caused a bit of inconvenience, but at the very least, it weighed him down less. The difficulty the Paladin had in keeping up in the rough terrain was welcome - it proved a good distraction to the fact that their group was one man short.
The ringing never did stop. Or, if it did, it did not stop in time for Hayim to recover from his exhaustion. He barely registered the words that Udrassa spoke, his mind rapidly drifting from the realm of consciousness. Thoughts invaded his dimming mind, regret that he was unable to help the humans yet, fear that they would be trampled while he was asleep and most important of all, the foreboding feeling that he was under the effect of the spire still. The effects were not warping his body, nor could he feel his mind shifting as it did earlier, but it may have simply chosen to attack his being instead. Give him the same level of consciousness as a simple plant... Turn him into a vegetable.

It was a mix of adherence and fear that Hayim felt as sleep claimed him. He refused to retreat to his realm no matter the cost, the thought of his precious humans suffering being too much for the young god to bear. However, he was fearful that he would never awake from the rapidly encroaching darkness, the encompassing mass that it represented. Perhaps it was a part of his simply plant brain - the natural aversion to darkness, and love of the light. Or perhaps it was his childlike nature. Either way, he entered the world of the unwaking with a very keen sense of apprehension. His last moments were crowned with the gentle coverings of a flower, the trees seeming to offer their protection to the young god as he drifted to sleep.

Awakening was never easy. The young god was lucky to not possess a heart - his fear was quick to come, but seemed to have a certain limit. He couldn't have a 'heart attack' like the humies. That fact was little comfort to Hayim, has he came to in a familiar place. Ah, how he spent so many millennia like this, every few nights revisiting it. The sound of cicada chirping, dusk casting everything in purple-orange light. A warmth next to him that he could never manage to look at normally, resting its hand on his delicate body. Normally he was semilucid, allowing the tranquility to ease his sorrows and allow him to simply exist - the prayers of his worshipers streaming through his mind as a soft lullaby.

There were no prayers, and he was not tired in the slightest. The cicadas chirping was ravenous, a cacophony rather than an orchestra. There was no warmth, the one who provided it was nowhere in sight. Hayim did not like this

Hayim was not happy.

He chose to leave. His exit was clear before him, extending to the heavens like a spear, like one of Ragnadon's mighty claws. A tree - the world tree. His tree. No, not his tree, NOT HIS TREE - Hayim ran for it. Leaves struck out ahead of him, clambering to throw the light god forwards as fast as possible. Nothing chased him - the cicadas dimmed their calls, and the silence grew overbearing. Hayim did not breath, so the only thing breaking up the single, oppressive silence was the movement of grass under Hayim's legs. He didn't slow as he ran to the tree - he leaped through it.

Hayim was in a corridor, shuddering slightly. He was in a room, with a single massive set of doors dominating it. Its ornamentation drew the gods attention for a fraction of a second, before the presence of his siblings wretched him from it. Oao... Hayim couldn't remember the last time he had talked to her. Rai was similar in that situation, but the pair were on friendlier terms - Hayim knew his status with the humies, and the Humies respected him highly for his craft.

As the god of treasure spoke, Hayim remained silent. He was unaccustomed to this place - there were no plants in sight, so his escape had to wait... No, escape was impossible as long as his siblings were there. He couldn't leave them behind, even if there were plants at his disposal. Hayim was aware of the only way out of here... Well, there were two ways, but Hayim refused to return back to the dreamscape. Not as it was now. That left the doors.

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The canopy shifted as the kind human from earlier stopped speaking. Above Hayim it shifted, revealing the wooden face of a woman far above him. Her voice cut through the silence of the forest clearly, thanks to both her grand size, as well as the lack of activity everywhere else. The chime continued to ring out, causing his leafy legs to shake with each successive ring.

"I am Udrassa, once the wise woman of this tribe. I am now, as you can see, merged with this great tree. Though I would love to speak with a divine one such as yourself I am afraid there is little time. Having absorbed as much essence from that pillar of light as I have I can distantly hear the chiming. It may affect me worse but I worry you may be experiencing it far greater than I. I humbly ask you to allow us to explain ourselves, however long you may have to hear us out."

Another chime - Hayim nearly collapsed. He barely remained standing, his exploits this day having drained him of far more energy than he was used to expending. He could feel his will draining with each successive chime.

"Ok... Please hurry though, Hayim wants help you all as fast as he can, and Hayim feels very tired right now..."

Hayim chose to lean against the tree, hoping that it would allow him to withstand the chimes easier. He couldn't retreat back to Akhuz, especially not when he was so close to healing the humies. He'd have to stay and make sure his siblings didn't try to destroy the forest until he could help them recover their old forms.




Dennis had long since prepared himself for the fight - he knew well in advance that it would be both larger, as well as more dangerous than any other conflict he had experienced up until that point. He honestly hoped that maybe, if he was lucky, he could be lucky enough to be assigned to the Vanguard and provide much-needed support to the frontliners. His job, however, was with the rest of his guild in the Main force. Keeping them alive was his top priority, with the other players coming in as a very close second. Taking enemies out was not what he had in mind this fight.

Cecilia ran off ahead, a habit that Dennis was rapidly growing to dislike more and more about her. This time though, there was nothing he could do - she signed up for the independent mission, so he just had to trust that she wouldn't end up getting her skull caved in. As his companions launched spells and River sent out his pets, Dennis chose to try and make his way towards the front of the army of Adventurers - his paladin slowness had been a blessing in disguise, as it left him out of the range for Brutal Taunt when it was cast. Unfortunately, by the time he caught up with his faster and less encumbered teammates, River's pet was already shot out of the sky and the trainer was casting his lightning spells. The paladin paused readying his Mass Aggravate.

The world exploded.

It started to rain. Blue orbs dropped from the sky with great speed, striking the ground and lighting it in a blue glow that broke the earth below it. Dennis was a bit ashamed to admit that his first concern was the regret that his shield had broken - he immediately rectified this by using his Mass Aggravate, trying to draw the hordes of goblins to himself in order to allow the others to escape. Now wasn't a time to curse his bad luck, or swear vengeance on the game developers, or yell at the goblins, or speak to his teammates. Now wasn't the time to think, or breathe. Dennis just had to sit and take the abuse, do as he was supposed to do. Help.

That simple acceptance of his responsibility made the whole, chaotic scene around him a little less debilitating. He continued to spam Mass Aggravate, settling for a Bless or Greater Bless on himself when he was waiting on cooldowns.
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