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Current Just in case anyone’s waiting on a post from me, it might take awhile - my internet has been down the last few days, and it’ll be back on Friday at the earliest.
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Gonna be watching my Uncle's house and taking care of his dogs for the next few days - I won't have my computer there, so I will not be able to respond to any of the RPs I'm in until around January1st
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Midterms are hitting hard - if I'm a bit slow in writing replies for the RPs I'm in, the college monster has eaten me.
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Seeing PROMARE tonight with the boys - Trigger is godlike, and if you think otherwise, fight me.
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Finally everything is back online - Freedom! Will write a post or two before going to bed for the night.


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Luckily, the guy she was talking to seemed willing to at least humor Rich. That was good - at worst, she'd have someone to bounce ideas off of, and at best, she could actually make this trip into something worth her time instead of an excuse to escape classes. When he inquired what the pair should do, she paused and thought about it. Really, she was expecting him to have something in mind, but asking would be kind of awkward, especially if he didn't have anything he wanted to do...

When Rich realized she was silent for nearly 8 seconds, she laughed very loudly. It was somewhat of a nervous tic she had, but she didn't find it too debilitating in her daily life. Not to mention, it bought her enough time to think of a good plan of action!

"I'm glad you ask, my newfound ally! I am as of yet undecided - Would you prefer to prank some people, or look for something to eat?

Rich thought about it for another few seconds, before her energetic disposition fled.

"Honestly though, anything is better than looking at this ancient stuff..."

Really, at this point, Rich was starting to get a little upset with herself. In her haste to leave her house in the morning, she didn't bring anything with her to even attempt to sell to her classmates, so her chances to make any real profit from this trip were basically nonexistent.

Can't wait for this to start up! Really excited, I don't think I've ever written in a Soul eater RP before.
Sorry for the wait - classes are just starting up where I'm at so things are a little hectic and I haven't had time to work on this guy. It's pretty late when I'm finishing this, so let me know if anything needs to be changed.

@Lunarlord34 and @CelesteEste
Just got back from getting dinner - You can totally have that Meister spot if you want it Lunarlord, I was only making a Meister because I thought we were missing some. I have a good character planned for Meister or Weapon, so it doesn't matter to me.

The gemstones that Rich had checked into were significantly less interesting than she initially assumed. Sure, they were really pretty, and she could definitely see the value in having one... But in the end, they were still stuck behind glass containers. It wasn't the same as holding it, but Rich knew it was obvious that the gems would be behind at least some kind of protection. The thought of using her special ability crossed her mind, but she immediately disregarded the idea. It wouldn't be worth the trouble, especially when selling the stolen gem would be nearly impossible. After another few minutes of looking at the gemstones, she finally grew bored and decided to look elsewhere in the museum.

Even if everywhere else wasn't as interesting, at least walking could help distract her from the trip. She only really decided to come because she wanted to avoid some of the other students at school. She couldn't even try selling anything to anybody - not when the gift shop had that area cornered... and the fact that security would probably escort her away.

Dinosaurs, Mummies, Neanderthals - none of them struck any chords with Rich. Sure, they were interesting at a glance, but Rich preferred things with more tangible existences. The gems still existed, and compared to a fossilized skeleton, were much easier to identify as valuable and sell. Extinct animals and plants meant nothing to her.

As Rich explored the massive museum, the thought of taking notes for the inevitable quiz - another student on the trip said that it was likely, and Rich didn't doubt that. Still, without a syllabus or checklist of things to look at, Rich honestly didn't feel like even trying to study. If it meant spending the entire trip reading pointless pieces of trivia, it probably wasn't worth it.

She passed a few other students, but she only decided to interact with the guy looking at a small toy on display. She wasn't interested in the attraction in the slightest - no, the young man was what Rich was looking at. Honestly, Rich barely knew the guy, but compared to the occasional student she passed by, this was the one with the most personality. Well, Rich was basing that solely off of the fact that he was listening to a Walkman, but at the very least he might be a good way to kill a few hours. She got within his sight and motioned for the man to remove his headphones.

"Pretty lame museum, huh? Wanna help me find something cool to do, chief?"

It was pretty boring in the Museum, but Rich felt that it would be at least tolerable with someone else there. She always felt more comfortable in a pair.
Oops, sorry for causing worry - have been busy the last few weeks with a few winter classes. I’ll try getting a post out in the next few days.

Edit: about halfway through my next post, should be up by Monday.
Oh wow, this filled up fast! Well, if there's still room, I'm also very interested! Not sure if I'll make a Meister or Weapon, but I'll probably wait and pick the one that is needed to fill out the others.


Rich cracked three eggs on the side of the frying pan, allowing the contents to land with a furious sizzling sound onto the metal surface. She had been awake since 5:00 AM, a tradition that she had upheld ever since she was in elementary school, and had spent the last few hours preparing for the day that laid ahead of her with intense fervor. Rich counted off her tasks in her head, seemingly going down an imaginary checklist - she'd showered and applied all the makeup she deemed necessary, her bed was made and looked as if no one had ever slept in it before, her hair and clothes were in perfect order, she had her wallet and lighter in her pocket, and her bag with all of her school supplies was slung over a nearby chair.

Pretty successful, considering it was only 6:00 am. Rich smirked smugly at the fact she had already completed most of her morning routine so quickly, considering she had so much extra time until classes started. Having extra time was a beautiful thing - Rich could make herself an extra nice lunch, check over the homework she barely focused on last night, or even arrive at school early and stalk the halls for easy ways to get some quick cash. Who knows what kind of stuff was left lying around in the early morning in Linden.


Rich's smirk disappeared almost as soon as she heard the groaning coming from nearby. A door creaked open, and a woman with unkempt brown hair and dressed in casual clothes stumbled out of the room she was in. Rich's mother had an hour before she needed to clock into her job, and she was only just waking up - Rich would have sighed if she hadn't grown accustomed to this.

"Morning mother - I'm making breakfast, so you can start getting dressed."

Of course, Rich's mother instead simply sat at the table, resting her head against her arm and trying desperately to stay awake. Rich frowned when she saw this. Her mother worked 14 hours yesterday, 2 more hours than usual - it was to be expected that she'd be exhausted. Rich turned on the coffee maker as she cooked.

"Are you excited that today is Friday?"

Rich didn't hear a response, which probably meant that her mother probably nodded her head or used some other nonverbal cue. She didn't press the issue further - if her mother didn't want to talk, then it was best that they didn't talk this morning. Rich finished making the scrambled eggs and coffee and slid bread into the toaster as she made her mother a plate. Rich didn't eat breakfast most of the time, and today was no different - instead, she made herself a lunch using about a third of the scrambled eggs that remained, scooping it into a Tupperware container and grabbing some fruits to go along with her lunch.

"...Thanks for breakfast."

Rich paused, fridge door open. She didn't respond. A few seconds later, the toaster buzzing broker her from her trance. Rich grabbed her bag and made a beeline for the exit.

"Have a good time at work."

Rich paused as she was making her way to school. She loved taking the path she took to school - it added an extra 5 minutes to the time it took her to walk there, but it allowed her to observe the object of her dreams. In front of her, behind the glass of the motorcycle dealership, was the brand new 1999 Honda CBR600F4X. The fact that Rich remembered that name when she couldn't care less about cars was a testament to how much she loved that bike. She shook her head and kept walking to school after staring for a few minutes.

While she loved the bike, her license didn't allow her to drive motorcycles in the city. And even if she could drive it to school or work, it was far too expensive to only be driven rarely. She simply kept walking to school, resigning to having to wait a few months until she could upgrade her license.

Rich got to school two hours early and, as expected, the school was very empty. Rich spent her time going over her homework, and by the time classes were actually starting, she felt very confident that she would get at least a B. Classes went normally for a short while, but when the time came, students started filing out onto buses. Rich was one of them, eager to avoid the rest of her classes for the day.

Rich chatted with the person sitting next to her on the bus ride, but the ride to the museum was uneventful, to say the least. By the time they finally arrived, Rich was actually looking forward to looking at a bunch of bones. They accounted for everyone and made sure attendance was normal before all the teenagers were let loose to explore the museum. Rich found dinosaurs to be boring, and while many of her fellow students were going towards the gift shop to waste their money on knick-knacks, Rich couldn't think of a good way to take advantage of the situation. Besides, she couldn't even begin to explain how dull she found the stuff they filled gift shops with.

Instead, Rich made her way to the one exhibit that interested her - the exhibit on gemstones. People who knew Rich might have been a bit skeptical and nervous that she was going into an exhibit with such expensive items, but Rich didn't have any bad intentions by it. Honest, she just wanted to see something more interesting than dirty bones and taxadermied animals!

...And it didn't hurt that the gems were under very heavy protection. Even with Rich's special power, there was no chance she could steal something like that without anyone noticing.
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