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Current Watch Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Absolutely incredible show, wish it was more than 10 episodes. Rebecca best girl.
3 mos ago
One more semester, and I get a super overpriced piece of paper. Let's gooooooo
5 mos ago
I've been on this site for 2000 days. Please stop making me feel old, I just want to write cringey character with anime face claims.
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11 mos ago
I’m officially 21 years old - kind of weird I had to wait until now to drink, when the government trusted my dumb ass to drive a car at 16
1 yr ago
Gonna be running a campaign with the Fate Core System today. Hopefully the players don't realize I have no clue what I'm doing.


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In OBLIVION 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Gonna be a bit busy tomorrow, but I'll try to get a CS out either Thursday or Friday!
Interested if there is still space!
Kind of barebones, but wanted to get something out before I get swamped this weekend.

Not too familiar with World Of Darkness, but interested nonetheless!
The dark skies seemed to stretch on forever as Iris stared from her balcony. Over the last few weeks she had spent in Japan, she had grown quite accustomed to the lack of sunlight. If this nation wasn’t such a backwater for magecraft, Iris would expect Dead Apostles to have started flocking here. But even though the skies were dark and barren, the buildings and streets far below were alive with light and activity.

Fuyuki City. Normally Iris would never arrive at a place like this, not without hearing rumors of Mystic Eyes. But this depressing city was apparently the host of a grand ritual, the likes of which Iris had only learned about during her time in the Clocktower.

Iris turned her head back, looking into the penthouse behind her. The room that was once immaculate was now completely wrecked, graffiti sprayed across nearly every inch of the walls and a giant summoning circle dominating the center of the room. It had cost quite a pretty penny to rent such a luxurious room in the Hyatt Hotel - but for a Master like Iris, the expense was well worth it. While not as bustling as it was before the eruption, the hotel still hosted dozens or even hundreds of patrons - scientists who have come to study the eruptions' influences, travelers who wished to see the devastation, and even a few diplomats who have come to discuss foreign aid.

They would serve as excellent shields, barriers to prevent other Masters from reaching Iris and her Servant. The woman turned back to the devastated city, calling out to her Servant as she did so.

β€œArcher - tonight is the beginning of the war. As a conqueror, how do you suggest we start?”

The servant chuckled at the words of his so-called master. It was a soft but noticeable sound, one that traveled clearly along the midnight breeze. It wasn’t often that he found himself consulted like this. Upon being summoned, he was almost certain he’d be met with a master not to his liking. Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised by their current arrangement. Archer found his hands reaching up to meet his chin, stroking it in a manner that showed he was deep in thought.

There were multiple things to consider in a situation such as this. He had no doubt that he wasn’t the first to be called into this new era. That thought unnerved him, if only slightly but was what allowed him to respond suitably.

β€œWe already have a nice place set up, a base of operations. My first thought, since that is complete, would be to survey the area and get a feel for just what we’re up against. To beat an enemy, we first have to know them.”

Archer’s brows knitted themselves together, worry was written on his face. His hands seemed to cling onto the railings with even more vigor, all while his head geared itself toward the sky. Now facing the moon, his features were on full display. Sun-kissed skin was illuminated by the faint light of the sun’s other half. With how lively and full of vitality he looked, you could almost say he looked human, but how far from the truth that was. More accurately, he was a conqueror, a beast whose only purpose was to decimate the battlefield. How fitting, he found it that he was again to be used as a tool of war.

β€œMay the games begin.”

He muttered the words under his breath, a small smile snaking its way onto his face. Things would soon get far more interesting than he could even imagine.
Fall classes just started up for me, so it took a bit longer than I would have liked. Here's my application for Sloth.

Finding a good face claim is hard - I'll try and get my character posted by Tuesday.

EDIT: Make that Thursday. Got classes all day tomorrow. Thankfully I only have to finish the personality section and format.
How old are the Hosts on average, considering they are immortal? Trying to get a good idea for personality and history, a guy who's a couple thousand years old would be pretty interesting to play. Might make a Roman boomer or something.

Also I'm gonna go with Sloth, but can switch to something else if someone else is deadset on that.
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