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Current Rest in Peace Stan Lee, 1922-2018
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Finsihed reading Worm a few days ago - holy shit.
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When you've seen Infinity War and your friends treat you like a king so you don't spoil them.
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Having some internet issues right now - Snow storm knocked out the power. Posting from phone rn, but low on battery. Will post anything I'm missing when the power is back up.
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Heading out to washington for a friends wedding, so if my posts have disgusting spelling, they will be fixed when I get home on Saturday. Sorry for the inconvienence.


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Character is nearly done, will probably finish sometime tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.


Scavenger nearly screamed as the monster jumped unexpectantly into view. She immediately closed the tab on the computer, pissed off and fuming. Her home base didn't have electricity, let alone Nexus-access, so she usually came to one of the Nexus-Cafes in midtown for her horror movie fix and to charge her phone. Unfortunately, 'Assault of the Variants' wasn't nearly as good as she expected from the reviews - the monsters were crap looking and the characters weren't realistic in the slightest. As if that wasn't enough, it had the audacity to use Jumpscares, something Scavenger only tolerated in the best of films. Whatever, it wasn't like Scavenger paid much for the cafe or movie. She just shifted into an employee for the former and stole the latter.

Scavenger decided that this visit was a bust, and went to her Vivify in order to talk about how shit the movie was. She had a loyal fanbase of nearly 60 people who read her blog! That was a pretty big number, and the higher it was, the sooner Scavenger could make her breakthrough onto the horror movie scene. 'This film is actual garbo - uses horrible CGI, plot is assinine, and characters are 2-dimensional. DON'T WATCH!!! Will make an in-depth review when I get home.'

Posting that in order to satiate her adoring fans, albeit temporarily, Scavenger saw that she had a Privy notification. She checked it absentmindedly, expecting something boring like a new burger joint being built, only to pause when she found that the incident was caused by Variants. The Underground asked her about a job tonight, but she was busy with movie night - now that she realized this movie was actual trash, she suddenly had some free time. Good thing too - if she was there the whole time, she'd have to help set the place on fire, and she HATED the stuff. M.A.D used it every damn time she showed up somewhere. And more importantly, she could hang with Graffite, who sometimes watched films with her and even followed her on Vivify.

And of course, the Underground might hand out a few bucks for the help, which is always nice.

Scavenger exited the cafe and made her way to the car she stole an hour prior. She always tried to steal a car when she could and see if she could switch license plates later, but this seemed pretty urgent and she stored a few stolen ones back home. Quickly her appearance warped into that of a young blond woman, one of the various forms she kept for work. A hand sprouted from her neck and held the phone to her ear, and she left both hands on the wheel as she pulled away. She quickly dialed Graffite and started talking into the phone before he even picked up.

"Yoooo, Rocky Road! I know you're in this mission, where you at? It's Scavenger, I can give you guys a pickup!"

Thankfully she was already in midtown, in one of those nerd streets. That newsfeed was very recent, so Graffite and his guys couldn't be too far. That was the sole reason she wasn't already speeding down the street.
Approved CS' can go in the Char tab, right?

Tried giving this a "Government Profile" feeling for fun, can change to a more traditional CS if you want though.

This is Rough Draft 1 with a few things missing, but I'm pretty sure I got all the important bits in there - anything need changing?

Pretty sure this guy is filled out properly - anything need fixing?

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