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After reading for a long time, Adara looked at the time and realized that the night had already passed "Guess i read too much. It's already time for the first class." She said as she stood up and walked out of her dorm.

As she was searching for the class she selected. "Spellcasting, right? Or was it Spellmaking?
Argh.. i will ask once i find a teacher"
She mumbled.

As she was making her way down the halls she spotted a classroom that looked quite normal with what looked like a teacher sitting in it, so she decided to ask her where the spell-whatever class is held.
"Hello miss, could you perhaps tell me where the spell-something class is held?" She said whilst trying to put on a friendly face.


As Adara was walking towards her dorm she was still thinking about the encounter earlier.

"Did I say something wrong?" she mumbled with a confused expression. "No that can't be it, as it is an accurate evaluation of my abilities, and what was he talking about not needing a body to preform any sort of necromancy?" She tried to understand what he meant by that remark.

After thinking on it for a while it left her mad "Impossible, impossible, it's just impossible!. How can you manipulate something dead without there being anything dead?" She just couldn't any make sense of that comment. "He must be ignorant on it. Yeah, that must be it." she concluded

"And what was that about friends? I don't know him, didn't have a pleasant conversation with him and even have to share a room with him." She said whilst looking irritated. "Friends... That's a new one"

"Ah yes, R-2B. Finally found it" she said with a sigh of relief. "the entrance is rather small, i wonder if that guy will fit through" she chuckled as she went through "It's quite cozy, for an attic at least. Only problem is that hellish sound from under me" her opinion of the room quickly went down "guess I'll just continue reading" She said as she sat on the bed and grabbed her book

"It's actually not that amazing, I would even call it below average." She said with a hint of sadness as she seemed to remember something from her past.

"I'd show you... but I don't have the resources to even show it in the smallest bit right now." Adara added, seeming to become even sadder and pessimistic, clearly unhappy to talk about it.

"If you want to actually see it, I can show you some other time when I have what I need for it. But as of now I can't show you anything.

"If you want to see some magic, you might have more luck with someone else."


Realizing he wasn't just gonna leave, which would make reading a hassle.

"Sure...." Adara sighed as she closes her book. "ask away then, although i cannot guarantee that you will get an answer to all of them, mostly depending on how personal they are "


Upon noticing that there was someone standing close to her, she was visibly annoyed by his presence but decided to at least introduce herself too

"The name's Adara, call me Ada if you want" she said whilst looking very irritated.

"Can i ask why you bothered me? If you don't have a reason in particular, could you please leave and let me enjoy my book again"


After forgetting about the interview, Adara was reluctant to go to the welcome party, after all it was really noisy.

After a while she decided to enter. Immediately regretting her decision already upon seeing all the uproar.

"Figures.." she said with a sigh whilst going to the least occupied part of the room and started reading all the while mumbling to herself in a very irritated way

In hiya 2 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
the name's jasbraq. I'm fairly new to roleplay and willing to try a lot of different scenarios. Some franchises i really enjoy are: star wars, type-moon(mostly fate) index series.
For preferences i like complex stories with deep lore the most, but am open to other kinds too.
For my hobbies it would have to be studying history and mythologies, with my preference being everything pre-industrial(not that i dislike those eras)
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