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Barracks under Siege

Involved: Dorothea, Manfred @Force and Fury, Qasem & Viktor @YummyYummy

Gunfire rang constantly from the direction of the barracks. The headquarters of law enforcement in Mandelein was quickly established as a stronghold to keep citizens safe. Constable Leonhardt was leading the stand from the roof of the building while Laura sniped from the old tower and other constables tried their best to repel the beasts from elevation. A couple wielding spears were the only units standing between the beasts and the improvised haven that wasn't a makeshift barricade made of wooden junk. Luckily for them, the beasts lacked the intelligence to exploit the shortcomings of their defense, but their brute strength was going to be enough in just a few minutes.

The constables weren't the only ones fighting - Viktor was there too. He wasn't in the safe zone, and instead took on the beasts. He had started from roofs, and after taking down one of the creatures, ended up dragged down by a more aggressive of its kind and was forced to get close and personal. Not that he couldn't do it, he held his ground with a knife and his own impressive strength.

“Hohenfelter!” called out the Magusjaeger as he kicked the still very active beast away. “Just in time. I counted six of them, plus this one.” he explained before charging it to swipe the slightly disoriented beast. He was managing on his own, but soon there would be more beasts upon them, “There are more coming. But they're mostly busy with the barricade. Not that it has much time left.”

Indeed, four of the six were mowing down the defenses and soon would be primed to commit a massacre. The constables were the only ones truly holding them back. If their barricade and two men on the ground fell, it'd spell the end for the barracks.

Six of them? How many of these freaks of nature are around? The idea that there were more than one beast was something that was already discussed but this? How was this not spotted beforehand? Should I use it in such an open space? Dory thought to herself, being rather hesitant to use magic that might have her viewed in a worse light than she already is.

She readied her rifle and steadied her aim. "We have to make sure these things don't hurt anymore people."

Manfred nodded. "You do whatever you need to stay safe, love." He glanced significantly at her headwear, hiding his scowl of disapproval. Then, looking at Viktor, he sprung into action, raising his rifle and snapping off a series of shots at the monster his fellow magusjaeger had kicked.

Qasem kept himself close to the conspicuous couple of the group. He sought out opportunities, as he knew the true threat that lurked in Mandelein, and it was not the primitive beasts that littered this town. But for now, he pointed his lion's stinger toward the second beast that had taken an interest in them and chugged his 'magic juice'.

Manfred's shot struck true, and then they were all over it: him, Dory, Qasem and - unexpectedly - Viktor. If the latter two didn't do much, then the same could not be said for the power couple. Manfred and Dory attacked in tandem, and it wasn't long before one of the monsters lay dead at their feet. Cigar hanging out one corner of his mouth, mustache magnificent, Manfred began by blowing half the second one's face off. the others finished the job. to their credit, even Viktor and the Darhannic were useful. He grinned. "Hah! Like shooting fish in a barrel!"

That was how it continued. If Manfred had once struggled with mastering magical combat and with his new rifle, neither was novel to him anymore and the use of both came easily. Dory, as well, was absolutely deadly. Viktor killed a beast in one shot. Such was the ease with with they dispatched these monsters that Qasem could run interference and strengthening at will. Something that should have and certainly could have been a life-or-death struggle was more or less trivialized by the application of sheer Drudgunzean FIREPOWER.

When it was over and the final monster lay scattered about ten yards from Manfred in pieces, he turned to his beloved and smiled warmly. "The couple that slays together stays together, no?" He blew her a small kiss and winked in the direction of the flabbergasted crowd, just as he had with Dory a couple of minutes earlier, only this current wink didn't say, 'I am going to fuck you stupid tonight' like its predecessor had.

When she asked about his cigar, he glanced sadly at the butt of it lying on the ground, used up and forlorn. Then, he reached into a pouch, pulled out one more and, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin, conjured a lick of flame and lit it up. "For mein Spratzmuffin." After getting it started, he held it out to her.

Dorothea did not show any hesitance this time. She wasted no time with worrying and threw her strongest tolerated magic at these monsters. "Eat Scheisse, all of you!" A feeling of satisfaction ran over her as these beasts fell. Glancing towards Manfred with a smirk. "But of course we'd stay together, love. And nice shooting, well... for a Kerreman."

She gave the man a little wink before pointing at the cigar. "Mind giving me a puff?" Manfred made a little horrified face at her 'Kerreman' comment. "Oh? Ya? And that Koppelman you so eagerly use? Where is that from, my dear?" Dory whistled unknowingly. "I do not know, dear. Where does it come from?" "You cheeky bitch," He lowered his voice. "I'm gonna fuck that little smirk right offa you tonight." "Well... only if you could lead, that is." It seems that such a comment only made her more smug.

The threats had been destroyed. Viktor wasn't one for theatrics as much as the youths, but it did prompt a chuckle from the experienced magusjaeger. His Koppelman was reloaded as he kept a lookout for any threats. “Impressive, Hohenfelter. And the lady.” he nodded toward Dory.

Second Wind

Qasem sighed in relief. So much carnage was avoided by their quick intervention and his colleagues' brazen recklessness that ended up paying off. "Are any of you hurt?" he called out as he walked toward the barracks. But then he stopped. They all felt it - intense heat coming from the right. And during this brief moment of distraction, it could emerge from the alley behind Qasem. The creature leapt at the Darhannic, and the man quickly turned to use Lion's Stinger as a quick barrier between him and the threat. It was another beast, but thinner, shorter and definitely more agile. Where the others were around two to three times the volume of a person and some being double the height, this one was a couple of centimeters shorter than Qasem. It also didn't have the mighty strength of the beasts, but it would be enough to keep him pinned. For a moment he had a clear angle to impale the reckless beast, but something was wrong. Something made him hesitate as he saw the beast lunging at him.

"Help!" the creature had scratched him up, and was now trying to rip a piece off him with its teeth.

But just as his calls for help reached the others, the surge of energy they had sensed crashed into the group. It was one of those fiery beasts! One with its eyeballs literally melted and spread the flames onto buildings it passed by. Viktor was the closest to its course and wasted no time focusing it down with his Koppelman, while Dory would have a piece of barricade flung at her from the beast's flailing arms! Manfred, on the other hand, was the best placed to fully assess the situation being the furthest from the flaming monster.

Dory, thinking quickly enough, managed to propel herself away from the piece of barricade flying her way. Qasem however, was not as lucky, getting bit on his arm by the beast that had attacked him before. Luckily for him nobody truly saw that he was afflicted. The beast that had attacked Qasem before turned its gaze at the others. It looked a lot more lean than the others that they had encountered before.

The thing’s attacks did not have too much punch to them compared to the others but hitting that bastard was the hardest thing even for the three magusjaegers. The speed of it caught even a veteran like Viktor off guard as the beast stabbed into his abdomen with its claws before retreating. After much back and forth attacks and evasions the beast was finally hit, growling loudly as it cried in pain. It however was far from being done with the group.

It lunged towards Dory but the Feskan froze, was she an easy target? Could she be frozen from the fear of death from the thing coming her way? It was then that the girl moved, grabbing it by the beast’s throat and arm before using its momentum and what little kinetic prowess she had to slam it to the ground, ready to snuff out its light before Manfred yelled out. "Schläfere das Ding ein!" without much acknowledgement towards the other Dory tightened the grip as her chemical prowess did its work, soon enough putting the beast to sleep. "Gute Nacht, du Dreckskerl”

Adventure around the town

Searching for the search party

Dory & Laska @Force and Fury

Just thought I'd write this as a proof of concept

Finding a way in

Dorothea traced the castle’s walls wearing her cloak to conceal herself around her surroundings, her glasses making her sight a lot sharper in the darkness than it usually would. She knew she could probably take the guards out if needed but that could cause more problems than she would’ve like to deal with. ”verdammte graugeboren.” The Feskan mumbled to herself, clearly annoyed by having to find a more difficult way in compared to her companion.

”Fast so ärgerlich wie damals, als dieser Travendour-Junge es tat.” After quite some soft grumbling and mumbling Dorothea found herself a pipe with metal barriers going through it. It was a sewage pipe… Toll... Das scheint der beste Weg zu sein, mich zu verstecken. She sighed. Soon enough the smell hit her nose. Götter, es stinkt

After a couple seconds of taking it all in she made an opening big enough for her to fit through with the use of Chemical magic. After taking the smell in for a bit longer made her realize that it did stink as much as she thought, as if it has not been used that often. Is the castle understaffed or something? Not that it mattered much with the current trek though she couldn’t help herself but use some Chemical magic to make it smell a little nicer for herself.

Barrier after barrier was dealt with in the same way. Scheiße! Did they really have to put so many barriers in the way? This is starting to get tedious. Quite a bit after she stumbled upon a room that looked akin to something of a basement. It looked so old that she could feel the dust cling to her. Her companion to her annoyance was already there to welcome her. ...Angeberin… Then they spotting something that would not fit a basement… but rather a dungeon as a chained up skeleton that… did not look human… Yasoi?... No, it looked more beastly than that. ”What.. is that?...”
Happenings at the church


@Yummyyummy, @Force and Fury

The first of many tasks

Of course Benedetto would resort to violence the first chance he gets, however it is too hot to argue too much with him and his ways. Why the hells do they all have to resort to violence that quickly? I mean I hate those people that always think peace is the best solution but hells, this is getting ridiculous!

Then this armored person… Really? In the desert? Is this person insane? ..To think someone that would probably be one of the highest ranked dumbasses in the Red Table Society would talk to Benedetto like this? Are they wishing for a swift death? I mean why such thick armor?... Talk about old fashioned..

Before this might get dirty or he gets tasked to do something he bent light to make himself unseeable to the human eye and scurried to a bit of a safer distance away from the Red Table Lady and Benedetto before he could be hit by any of the two’s attacks. Idioten, both of you…

The Artist arrives!... In the desert?...

Fiske followed suit of the others as he was thrown out of the portal although he was not one to make an ungraceful entrance. The boy used his kinetic magic to redirect his momentum into a flip, landing gracefully on his feet soon after as he took a pose akin to having finished a dance. “Opa!~” Bowing towards his nonexistent audience

He soon enough got to realize that his normal attire was not suited for this arid.. Hot.. Horrid place. A desert. Quickly drawing and casting to keep his body from potentially overheating. “Why do people choose to even live here?!” He grabbed onto his collar of his vest.

Seeing the others prepare to fight got him rather hesitant to stand out any further. A shiver appeared on the poor lad’s expression as he spotted Benedetto’s grin. “A way to get there?..” The boy was on his toes, prepared to move out of the way if the Revidian wanted to show off his brawn like usual.

At last, Callanast

Not just one Hegelan city but two in a single day. Even if the Perrenchmen did not look that amused on the surface, however in his mind were all sorts of joyous thoughts roaming. What a wondrous city.

Hearing the merchant rabble in the mercantile district had no effect on him as he was at this point still admiring the infrastructure and the city as a whole. He scarcely picked up what their guide was telling them.

A bunkhouse? Perhaps they were not expecting a man of such high standing as himself because otherwise they would have had a less smelly abode, would they not?

Yvain was so absorbed with his own thoughts that he did not notice her cousin was already away, a shame. Guess I’ll be out on my own then. With that the Perrenchman set off. Looking around, he soon became rather hesitant to buy anything. What do I want?.. A smirk appeared on his face. One of his wishes finally came true and he does not know what to do or get. Perhaps it might be best to just wander around.
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