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Nebra's attention was set on the halfbeast and as she listened she began to pout. "E-Even though I'm not that used to the cold, I... assure you that i can be of use" She said as she started doubting herself. Does she have it in her? Is she strong enough to reach her father's dream...... Thinking about such questions started to piss Nebra off. If she isn't strong enough, she'll just need to become stronger.

Grabbing onto the halfbeast's she quickly noticed how cold she felt. Being Distressed about this she pressed her ear on her chest "What?.. There's barely anything"
Nebra responded after hearing such a faint and slow heartbeat. "What are you?... How can you even move with a pulse so slow?" Having been completely distracted by the abnormality standing in front of her. Nebra decides to do a more hands on examination. Looking deep into the halfbeast's eyes "Your eyes look quite lifeless but i can feel life resonating from you."
Noticing the bizarrely big sword for such a fragile looking girl "How are you able to lift that sword? You don't seem to have a lot of muscle on your body to be able to fight with that thing."

After overhearing a certain group in the tavern talking about an expedition Nebra thought to herself. *Could this be an opportunity to get some contacts that could help me complete my mission, but the north….. that’s a bit too cold for my liking.* She slapped her face *Can’t complain about the cold after I picked up your task. Isn’t that right father?*

“Now then, where did they go?” Having lost sight of them, she started to panic. *How could I let such a fortunate opportunity go?!? Wait Nebra, think. They can’t have gotten far.* She thought to herself whilst running out of the Silver Piglet. *Where would they go? Wait! the explorers guild, that must be it!* She started dashing towards the guild hall. Once she entered she started looking frantically around her.
“They have to be here somewhere……… Ah, found them!” Nebra said before running towards them.

“excuse me, could i accompany you on this journey? I promise that I could be quite useful”

took a while, but here goes

Margrave Laura & Vizier Siduri

collab post with @Zinita

Margrave Laura was in her room, calmly reading a letter and containing her emotions as she did so. All she knew was that this would not be good optics, that was guaranteed. Sighing, the woman put the paper aside and stood up, putting on her green cape and leaving her tidily and well organized, if a bit dusty, room.

She advanced through the halls of her mansion, the marble flooring reflecting a stern look on her rather cute face, as she approached her vizier’s “office” (read: bedroom).

Knocking exactly three times, she called out. “Siduri, are you up? We need to talk.”

Siduri looked towards the door closing her journal. “Ah, yes. Come in. Is there something you need miss?”

Laura opened the door gently, stepping in and nodding to acknowledge her protegee. Her mouth twisted a bit. “Remember last month when we were dealing with the matters of the transportation of the students meant to represent out federal unit in the Western-Imperial Matches of Prowess in Spellcasting? In particular, that you mentioned that the route we were taking to transport them to the training facility was having a lot of trouble with krakens and the sort?” though she made an effort to keep her emotions hidden, it was easy to read exactly how annoyed she was at the moment.

“So I take it they aren’t able to participate anymore. Then we’ll be in quite a predicament, as we don’t have a lot of students that could replace them.” Concern covered Siduri’s face as she tried to think of a solution. “I could try to disguise myself as a student, although the potential scandal could be really bad, so I guess that idea is out of the window.” as the mood worsen she tried to lighten it up. “Hey, maybe we can just invade one of our neighbours and get their students.” she said jokingly.

Raising a hand to her chin, the margrave gave actual thought about the topic after merely shaking her head at the previously proposed solution. “Well, it is that or to try to recruit kids from Fae Creek, and at that point I’d rather try my luck at the former than the latter...” she said at first before looking at her Vizier, knowing she was being silly, making a pitiful face at that realization.

“Fae Creek huh, so we’re that desperate.” She chuckled “I guess invasion really is the best solution, but the extra paperwork would kill me.” After thinking things over she gave a warm smile. “Hey, even if they’re problem children, we have you to discipline them into shape. If it worked on the local troop, surely it must work on a couple of kids too.”

She smiled at her ever helpful Vizier, wanting to hug her for a moment. “Well, you have only heard about that place from me, once you fully see the situation you will understand it's like rolling a boulder up a hill.” she looked to the side for a moment. “Yet… I think even Krakens know about that school’s reputation, and that ought to help if we need to send them somewhere as the creatures wouldn’t want to risk a nasty stomach ache.”

“You think they’re that nasty, krakens don’t get stomach aches easily” She started laughing.
“They can’t be that bad that even a kraken wouldn’t come close. From what I heard the teachers would make a nastier meal.” She said as she tried going back to a serious face.
“But hey, I think I could handle them as I’m quite the problem child myself” Her face saddened for a brief moment. “Ah!... Forget I said anything, it’s another tale for another time.” as she quickly reverted to her normal soft smile.

“Well, I know if I was a kraken I would definitely not eat any of those kids while you would be dinner for sure!” she told way too seriously at first, in the voice she used to command troops, before realizing what she said and going red all over. “Ah I sound like an idiot already and I merely thought about Fae Creek for one minute! That is the accursed influence of that place.”

She slowly regained her cool. “But, yes, perhaps with you by my side I can finally make use of that academy, it's worth a shot, a last chance for them to show service, if you may.”

“The most useful people tend to be found in weird places, perhaps when they grow up they’ll become a great asset, so it would be wise to align them to us so they won’t stray away.” She made an evil smile that would even make demons jealous and Looking quite embarrassed quickly after that. “Oh my, that was a bit unnecessary, wasn’t it?”.

“I KNOW.” the Margrave said in an undignified childish way. “But ANYWAY, enough of this silliness, you are right, perhaps we might find a diamond in the rough, and even if we don’t, then at least we can show up at the competition, it would be rude not to participate.”

She laughed at the adorable display in front of her. “Always the do-gooder.” She chuckled as she tried her hardest not to pinch the cheeks of the margrave . “But that’s why I like you, leave the grey areas to me.” Siduri said as she gave a reassuring smile.
“Then let’s plan a surprise visit, can’t have the staff find out and prepare for it.”

Laura smiled back at Siduri, patting her head gently. “And I am glad to have you around too. Yes, a surprise visit sounds perfect, it will avoid us having to deal with the Headmistresses and her silly antics.”
Can't wait to see her in action, she sounds like a very cute person. Although its too soon to go to the classes we could do a little collab post perhaps?

yeah, a collab post sounds good


After reading for a long time, Adara looked at the time and realized that the night had already passed "Guess i read too much. It's already time for the first class." She said as she stood up and walked out of her dorm.

As she was searching for the class she selected. "Spellcasting, right? Or was it Spellmaking?
Argh.. i will ask once i find a teacher"
She mumbled.

As she was making her way down the halls she spotted a classroom that looked quite normal with what looked like a teacher sitting in it, so she decided to ask her where the spell-whatever class is held.
"Hello miss, could you perhaps tell me where the spell-something class is held?" She said whilst trying to put on a friendly face.


As Adara was walking towards her dorm she was still thinking about the encounter earlier.

"Did I say something wrong?" she mumbled with a confused expression. "No that can't be it, as it is an accurate evaluation of my abilities, and what was he talking about not needing a body to preform any sort of necromancy?" She tried to understand what he meant by that remark.

After thinking on it for a while it left her mad "Impossible, impossible, it's just impossible!. How can you manipulate something dead without there being anything dead?" She just couldn't any make sense of that comment. "He must be ignorant on it. Yeah, that must be it." she concluded

"And what was that about friends? I don't know him, didn't have a pleasant conversation with him and even have to share a room with him." She said whilst looking irritated. "Friends... That's a new one"

"Ah yes, R-2B. Finally found it" she said with a sigh of relief. "the entrance is rather small, i wonder if that guy will fit through" she chuckled as she went through "It's quite cozy, for an attic at least. Only problem is that hellish sound from under me" her opinion of the room quickly went down "guess I'll just continue reading" She said as she sat on the bed and grabbed her book

"It's actually not that amazing, I would even call it below average." She said with a hint of sadness as she seemed to remember something from her past.

"I'd show you... but I don't have the resources to even show it in the smallest bit right now." Adara added, seeming to become even sadder and pessimistic, clearly unhappy to talk about it.

"If you want to actually see it, I can show you some other time when I have what I need for it. But as of now I can't show you anything.

"If you want to see some magic, you might have more luck with someone else."

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