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The Great Gus

Gus listened intently to Faline's explanation, the gravity of their mission sinking in. The Duskrot pandemic, Dragonian tombs... and a secret Emperor's club? – the hell has the old fart gotten himself into? As Amandine playfully confronted him, Gus couldn't help but smirk at her boldness. He chuckled at her words, appreciating her straightforward approach.

However, when she plucked the coin from his hand and mentioned his old man's involvement in a mission for the Emperor, Gus felt a mixture of surprise and concern. He glanced at the coin, now held by Amandine, and couldn't help but feel a deeper connection to the cause. The mention of a pretty necklace and a secret club led by Faline added layers of intrigue to the already complex situation.

Gus's mind raced with questions, but he kept his composure. Amandine's whispered words about Faline's tension didn't go unnoticed, and he couldn't help but be intrigued by the dynamic among this group of mercenaries, seemingly more like a group of misfits than a true band of mercs.

As he reclaimed his coin, Gus wore a pensive expression. "So, the old man's involved in something big, huh? And here I thought he was just off chasing women again." His tone was a mix of amusement and concern. "If he's working for the Emperor to tackle this Duskrot mess, count me in. Plus, it's bound to be more interesting than being stuck here. Let's find this necklace and whatever else you would need me for."

"Lead the way, Faline. I'm ready for whatever surprises this journey has in store for us. And, hey, if you ever need someone to lighten the mood or cheat a few bandits for a good cause, I'm your guy." He performed a bow, soon pulling his head up to wink. "People have also said that I'm a very good masseur, if you would ever find the need for it."
The Great Gus

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Gus grinned, the sarcasm rather obvious. As she questioned him about the old man, Gus's expression shifted, the charm fading into a more serious demeanor.

"Well, you see, the old man's been something of a mentor for quite a while. Taught me everything I know about this trade – the art of illusion, the finesse one's hands can have, and the secrets roaming around with the dregs. But the bastard's usually never gone for that long..." Gus's eyes betrayed a hint of concern beneath his usual carefree exterior.

Gus sighed, running a hand through his disheveled hair. "He's got this knack for leaving without a trace, but this time it feels different, you know? Usually, he leaves some cryptic message or a hidden clue, but this time, it's like he just vanished into thin air. I can't shake the feeling that something's not right." His eyes, usually gleaming with mischief, now held a touch of vulnerability.

"I owe him a lot, more than just the tricks of the trade. He took me in when no one else would, taught me how to survive. Losing him... it's like losing a piece of myself. If you guys can help me find him, I'd owe you more than just a few drinks. I'm not used to playing the concerned apprentice, but when it comes to the old man, I can't help but worry." Gus's gaze lingered on the coin in his hand, a small, sentimental artifact that symbolized the bond between him and his mysterious mentor.
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The Great Gus

Gus loved to gamble with the simpler folk; it always turned a profit. ”Seems I win the entire pot again.” The man laughed contentedly as he collected his due from the table. "Damn you, maybe it would be more fair if you weren’t at the table," one of the bandits gave the dashing rogue a stank eye. ”Hey now, I’m not a cheat or anything like that. I’m not one of the dirty mages that would use their filthy trickery in a game like this.” Gus lowered his head, hanging in head in disappointment at the accusation.

It seemed like it was the call to duty as the various captains were drumming up the men for the attack. The main force had been stalking the quarry for most of the day, and now their little camp is going to provide the reinforcements to take down the group. Their foe was vastly outnumbered, and the job was sold as easy pickings. It was very easy to infiltrate; even the battle mage was able to glide within their ranks effortlessly.

Then he noticed Conn’s action with the bandits. It caused him to look rather frustrated; did he really have to do it just when it was getting good? ”I’m so sorry, fellas. I promise to buy you a drink next time we meet, ‘kay?” With a swift motion, he grabbed the back of the heads of both playing bandits and hit them against each other. He chuckled as the bandits slumped unconscious, their cards and coins scattered across the table. He made sure to grab all the coins he could, especially the one he wagered, which bore the mark of his mentor, a symbol of daggers and treasure.

”Well, that escalated quickly,” Gus remarked, flashing a charming grin at the remaining bandits. ”I would prefer it if you would just let me knock you out, but I assume you guys aren’t really for that idea.” The remaining bandits eyed Gus warily as he grinned at them. One of them, apparently the leader of this motley crew, scowled and spat on the floor.

"You think you can just waltz in here, cheat us at cards, and then play hero?" A hulking bandit approached him, cracking his knuckles. "You're gonna pay for that, pretty boy."

Gus maintained his easygoing smile, seemingly unfazed by the threat. "Now, now, no need for hostility. I am just doing my job, I’m sure you must understand."

It wasn’t much longer when Gus broke out through the bushes, with a couple of arrows hot on his tail. He ran into the clearing, where the other team of mercenaries he was supposed to join were bunched up. He raised his hands towards Torsten, then flashed a smile at the red-headed beauty, Faline, behind him. “I signed up for the right side after all. I was starting to doubt myself for a good moment back there.” He flashed his special coin towards them as an arrow pierced his figure as the body fell on the floor and faded away, as he seemed to step out of no-where behind the illusion coin in hand, “I am led to believe you know where the old man vanished to.”

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They could be a background team.

Like he employed him to infiltrate and he swaps sides during the battle.
I heard it was open by my friend @Ti, so I wanted to try and throw my attempt in. Tell me what you think ^^

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