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@Play Misty Heckers! Wild post, hunnie sausage! sniff sniff 💗 Makes me want to go ahead and get Peb's all connected to the group. Pebble so small she prolly walk right on through Budi bois legs HAHAHA! Heck yea, the great Gus be a bombo! I'm lovin all the characters to bits!

Oh my, thank you for the compliment, Pandolin. Am also enamored that you think of me as equal to last night's supper ;)

I do look forward to Pebble joining the group soon. Am equally delighted by your character ^
@jasbraq I do apologize for not mentioning The Great Gus in my post. Was unclear if you were going to post. I do sincerely hope you can continue playing. I think The Great Gus is a fun and brilliant character ^



Budi was an orc, not assiduous or given to self-conscious tendencies. Robust and jovial in his own way, crude and primal, he would do as he pleased and say what he wanted, with never a second thought.

The orc could not establish deference for Dorian's pretty man appearance and choice of shiny armored attire. Budi was of barbaric temperament and found armors of the type to be of cowardly creed. The orc could not help recurrent cynical looks for the pretty presentation of the governor's son. However, such did not mean Budi was bugged. It was merely Budi's archaic nature. Furthermore, the orc did feel respect for Dorians simple acknowledgement of the concerns for his mentor. Budi open-mouth grinned. He thought it was amusing to mock Dorian by using his finger to flick off a small particle of dust from the man's armored shoulder while he explained things to the group.

Budi had a keen sense of smell, like all orcs, and his primal nature was strong in carnal liberties. Pleasures were to be taken from the scents of women, no permission required. One of Budi's favorite aromas was a woman's hair, as Faline was the first to discover. The orc did fold close and sniff her fiery red hair at the time she completed her mentions of the mages of Volenstul. Faline's hair produced a delicious aroma that caused Budi to simper and moan. It would do the fair woman well to, perhaps, ignore the orcs advances.

Maltar, the hunter of monsters, was an intrigue to Budi, a sexual rival to note, and a man he would not pause to belittle if only for the sake of maintaining alfa status. The orc did puff his mighty chest with curios confusion when the hunter spoke to the empty air beside him. Maltar's behaviour caused Budi to snort with amused derision. He would not pretend to understand. On any accord, responses of derision were of common value for Budi, indeed an aspect of an orcs need to conserve dominance of a primal nature. He would naturally respond in similar ways to everyone, and often.

Amandine was not excluded from Budi's advances. While the small, blonde lady finished speaking of the emperor's vault, a magical stone, and approach a book laid out on the table, the towering orc found convenience in partaking of her scent from a position behind her. Amandine, too, was of an aroma that produced a simper and moan from Budi.

Truth to be of note, the massive orc was getting to know his company in his own unorthodox way. The sniffing of admirable women. Dusting of a shoulder. Derisive snorts. There were many facets and means by which Budi expressed his interest in others. Yawning was another, yet his yawn was done with a teasing grin while Torsten spoke of remedies and antagonizing people. A joke, perhaps, only Budi would appreciate. Nevertheless, Torsten did strike a chord of interest in the orc. Seizing the night to enjoying niceties, definitely right up the alley of the orc.

Budi may have appeared distracted by his behavior throughout discussions among the group. His behavior, perhaps, may have been misunderstood as insolent or not paying attention. He was not the most intelligent of brutes, and his playful, robust personality did betray an attention disorder. The orc, however, was well aware of everything everyone had said. The knowledge was stored in his walnut brain.

The great mountain orc chuckled as Torsten closed his eyes and slept. He gleamed wide at Maltar and snorted. He playfully glowered to Amandine. His eyes roamed the body of Faline with a laden grin. He scratched his chin thoughtful about Sir Anviltank seated in runed mechanical armor at the table. Last of all, Budi turned his best twinkled smirk to Dorian.

"Budi has not left home in mountains since he was a boy. Budi is adult orc now. Budi is happy Hon is alive. Happy... to be here." Budi's face stretched with an enormous blue smile as he looked around at everyone. "Like big-little talky man says, we leave in morning." The orc looked at Dorian. "Where do we play niceties?" He looked at Faline. "Where are beds?" Budi winked at the half-Elvian woman.
@WhiteAngel25 You are welcome, Doll. I do look forward to it. Will PM soon ^
Apologies for not posting at this stage. Got busy. Will endeavor to post asap. Please do not let my delay hold up progress in the postings of other players. Thank you for your patience.
Will post within two days.
Had considered it. Did think you had a reason, Pandolin ^



The former taupe giant, now a blue hue like all northern orcs, did significantly duck to enter the back room. Since leaving home, Budi was enjoying the company of strangers. A convicted stare swathed the amused simplicity of his thoughts and scowled the group. One eye did narrow fondly on Faline as he strongly spoke his name to them all. An orc wink shimmered at Amandine. The pheasant looked scrumptious, and he ate a handful. He chewed slowly as he glared at Torsten, Maltar and Gus. Healthy competition.

Sir Dorian tried to settle the group and explain why he brought them all there. The orc did not sit; he loomed close to the pretty man and inspected him as he spoke. He eyeballed Faline when she became unsettled. Budi did not understand all that Sir Dorian said. He was amused at the thought of a sapphire sun. Sir Dorian concluded his speech. Budi raised a large finger and poked the pretty man’s shoulder three times.

“Tell Budi where Hon is.”

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