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”The road to Hell is paved with adverbs.”—Stephen King
”Write drunk, edit sober.”—some guy that was not Ernest Hemingway
Come one, come all! Welcome to my (sorely lacking) search thread. Though my account states otherwise, I’ve been around the block; I’ve been roleplaying for nearly two decades, therefore I’m hoping for serious inquiries only. For all my experience, however, my ad-building skills are poor, so please bear with me.

» Please be 21+; I’m in my late twenties, and while I know there are plenty of talented young writers it’s a matter of comfort.
» I’m only looking for M/F as the central pairing for the time being. That being said, I’m very LGBTQ+ friendly and may create a number of supporting characters that fall under that spectrum. I’m not opposed to spin-off intimacy with our secondary cast should the opportunity arise, either.
» I can and will play any role or gender. Currently dying for someone to give me to the opportunity to build a strong female lead, though.
» I play a large cast of characters beyond my main, most well fleshed-out and with thought put behind them, but I do not double in the sense of, “we play two characters at all times so we each scratch an itch.” Personally it comes off as unnatural, and more often than not one pair gets favored over the other.
» Quality over quantity, always. Above all else I want to read posts with effort behind them, whether they’re 200 or 1k+ words. Forewarning, I may get long-winded; in that event, do not feel the need to post match. I can just get swept up in scenes from time to time!
» I do not fade to black. While plot always takes precedence, I do enjoy some smut sprinkled throughout. My average plot-to-smut ratio is 65/35, but I can easily float below or above those lines depending on who I’m writing with and the story we’re building.
» Limits or triggers: I have none to speak of, besides a few very heavy kink-centric ones that we can discuss if there’s potential for that kind of content. I will always respect any and all limits or triggers you may have, though!
» Discord is my favorite medium for roleplaying/OOC chatter, however I’m happy to remain on-site, use google docs, or e-mail if any of those are your preference. I’m flexible!
» I may ask to exchange writing samples— not because I doubt your capabilities, but just so we know if we’ll have good flow. Too many times I’ve had people ghost after I pour myself into an intro, so I’d rather avoid that and make sure we’re a good fit beforehand.
» Personally, I can typically get out one response a day, or several if we’re both around. I don’t expect everyone to have as much free time as I do, but I’m looking for someone who can get out a response every few days, at minimum.
» No furries- I.e., characters with cat ears or the like

While I’ve got a number of pairings listed below, I’m not barred to the simple, two-part ideas listed; if you have something in mind that you think may vibe well with my tastes, don’t hesitate to pitch it to me. I love trying new things. For concepts I’d like to try but have no easy two-character name for, I’ll have a word bank below.
asterisks denotes cravings or plots

⊳ Demon/Human**
⊳ Demon/Angel
⊳ Satan/Human**
⊳ Guardian Angel/Human
⊳ Vampire/Human*
⊳ Werewolf/Human
⊳ (Demi-)God/Mortal
⊳ Gifted/(Non-)Gifted
⊳ Hades/Persephone*

⊳ Dealer/Addict*
⊳ Serial Killer/Victim
⊳ Mafia/Law’s Family*
⊳ Assassin/Target
⊳ Bodyguard/Client

fantasy // modern // gritty // heaven-hell // occult// angst// enemies-to-lovers // slow-burn // historical // drugs // urban // supernatural // forbidden // politics // drama // hurt-comfort // forced bonding // toxicity // greek mythos // organized crime // monarchy // magic // horror // unlikely pairs // (legal)age gaps

⊳ Game of Thrones
⊳ Hannibal Lecter series (movies/books- not the show)
⊳ Ancient Magus Bride
⊳ The Dark Tower-INSPIRED
⊳ Outlander-INSPIRED
⊳ Noragami-INSPIRED

You made it! As stated earlier, please feel free to throw me any ideas you think may click with me. For any that made it to this point, please don’t send me a message that just says, “hey rp?” Give a bit of an introduction to who you are, what interests you, and the like. A little effort goes a long way.

Hope to hear from some people!
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