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Current Uh... The fuck?…
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Woop, finished Babylonia in FGO. Apparently the Final part gives a huuuuuuge amount of bonus currency if you finish it before it unlocks in a few days.
5 days ago
1x1 rps, maybe, but the sections n... You'll never find a worse hive of scum and villainy. Also a lot of porn.
5 days ago
Just avoid 1x1s. It's a deathly pit from which no soul can escape unstained
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@KiraVanhelsing not really. We can work out details via pm
So, Blaze is back with a rough concept for a RP.

This will probably need some work done, but the base level is, a warrior, having performed a great service to his lord, has been granted the right to marry the lord's daughter. Though the two have never met, they're thrust into a sudden betrothal, and are now having to live with this new person.

So stuff. I'm willing to suss out things with anyone who's interested, so yeah.

Sorry about the scant check.
Bump maybe. I don't know if I want to do this theme any more, but...
Felix frowned. "I mean... I'm more worried about that ass back at the manor following us back to the village and then... Well, he is in charge there, even if he doesn't come around..." He stood and brushed himself off. "Far as I know, he doesn't have governance over at that next town, right? Besides, I don't think we're a danger to anyone else... I mean... Who knows about you at this point? Him, Emmerich, your parents, and me, right? We have time to figure this out."
idk, bumpity
another one
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