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For when it comes around, @Naya Lady is, in fact, @SnowLeopard, so there will be no issue with her posting in the IC.
"Tch..." Felix made another awkward parry, but it was clear he was still at a disadvantage. But, he saw that they'd finally liberated Katherine, and with that, a healer. Probably for the best, since he'd done quite a bit more damage to the previous man than he had expected. The spear once again grazed Felix, smacking on the same wound from before. "Dammit... That really stings..." He mumbled as he turned on his feet so he was at the guard's back. "Sorry about this," he said, driving his sword into the older man's side, full force, moving up from just above the hip. It would be a gnarly wound for sure, but not one that would be lethal if treated quickly.

That being said...

Felix quickly turned, seeing the one armed man. He didn't seem to be threatening at the moment. Better to sort these things out when they were free. For now, he pulled out a wrapped parcel containing a spare tome and staff and tossed them to Katherine. "Those guys aren't doing too hot... I say we get them stable and then get the heck out of dodge."
Presently seeking a few more players. Campaign is presently at level 3. Game still at 6 PM EST on Saturday nights.
@NobodiesHero Go nuts. I've kinda been all over the place
Gojūsuke wasn't as prepared as he wanted to be. He still moved backwards as intended, but his opponent reflecting his earlier strategy was not something he had planned for. The young martial artist barely evaded the turn and the hook, the secondary blow only just missing his chest. He was slightly off balance. True, he had the option of doubling back further, but he wasn't exactly the running sort, and realistically, it just meant he would either have to charge back in or deal with being chased.

He planted his feet to the ground to reaffirm his balance, but as a consequence, his guard was sloppy. His head covered, his lower body was wide open, least for a half a second, which would be more than enough time for a moderately swift opponent to take advantage of.
"Tch!" Gojūsuke shifted further forward. While if he needed to, taking a hit was not his first choice. The attack was swift, but not unseeable, and regardless of the intended strategy of the boxer, Gojūsuke had his own plan. He slid forward and to his left, raising his right arm as a guard to push the fist away from his body and face. If he were more into it, more intent on going in for a killing blow, he'd have maneuvered the block into another attack, grappling the boxer's arm. Instead, he left his attack as a guard. He still didn't know what to expect, but the benefit of guarding the way he did, was it allowed him better reach as an in fighter, and it opened up his opponent's right side, denying him the use of his left, least until he had a chance to turn and bring it back into range.

The southpaw this time made another shot, using his hip as a launcher to fire off his left hand at the boxer's ribcage, under his armpit. It was something that had been drilled into the young fighter, a spot that blows to couldn't be softened, only blocked or evaded. Regardless of circumstance, once Gojūsuke reached his full extension, he'd snap back, creating a bit of an opening. The quiet was annoying him. This guy really just seemed too placid.
Gojūsuke frowned as he looked at the ring appear around him. In the end, a gaunt looking figure appeared. The martial artist scowled. The figure before him definitely wasn't human. Considering he was supposed to be from a Nexus Earth, this was something unexpected.

The voice was also something unexpected. "Unspirited... Whatever." Gojūsuke sighed, taking up a fighting stance. He held his left arm back, his right guarding his face and upper body. A southpaw. "Old man... I'm going to wipe the floor with this bony bastard, then you're going to get me a real fight. Someone with some actual spirit, you hear me!" He said, staring down the, as far as he could see, walking corpse before him.

"Alright then, let's see what you can do!" Gojūsuke leapt forward, keeping his right arm up as a guard. He was going to test the waters, making the first strike. He snapped a quick fist for Tre'yan's chest, quickly retracting it to hold in a defensive stance. It was clear up close that under the kimono, Gojūsuke had both his hands wrapped, and, much like the boxer, had wrapped feet, choosing not to wear any shoes when fighting.
"Gojūske, are you paying attention?"

The young man yawned, covering his mouth. "Yeah, yeah, look, can we get this over with? You said you were gonna give me a good fight here, right?" He asked as he stretched, his loose fitting kimono easily accommodating his motions. The outfit, whose top had a flame motif, was certainly one designed to be ceremonial, but it was also built for training, and as such, had to allow for some movement. "So what, just gotta beat this guy you're callin' to a pulp, then call it a day, yeah?" He asked.

Gojūsuke's attendant sighed. "Perhaps you're oversimplifying things a bit, but yes, you're to fight the champion that will be summoned here."

"Yeah, yeah," Gojūsuke sighed, looking around the dark room. "Chamber of Dreams, huh? We can pretty much fight till death, and then we'd come out right as rain after. Bit boring if there's no thrill of that chance of death in it."

"The point isn't to have the 'thrill of death'." The attendant sighed once more, the young man having always tried his patience. He'd been training Gojūsuke for 11 years, since the young man was 8. Maybe a week ago, Gojūsuke had attained the title of Master, though all it really meant was that he'd learned the basics, and could handle himself in a fight.

This had bolstered the boy's ego far more than his skills could back up. "In any case, now that we're here, I'll explain who you're facing."

"Hell yes," Gojūsuke smirked, slamming a fist into his palm. "Hit me with it. Am I going to be facing a warlord? Sun Tzu? A god of war?"

"You'll be facing a boxer."

Gojūsuke's smirk faltered slightly. "Whatever, so where're we talking from? Somewhere fantastic, right?" He asked, quickly recovering.

It was the attendant's turn to smile. "He's from a Nexus Earth."

Gojūsuke's smirk evaporated now, quickly as it had come. "Wait, you're serious? So you're just setting me against a shmuck from a place where people are just... Normal?" He asked. "And a sportsman? So it's not even someone who's..." He ran a hand through his messy brown hair. "Ugh... Dammit... Fine, so what else."

"Well, let's see here," the attendant pulled out a note. "Tre'yan T'Mass, diseased at age 29-"

"Wait, diseased? You mean I'm fightin' a damn zombie!?"

"Don't interrupt." The attendant said. "But yes, diseased. He's a boxer, orthodox stance, featherweight champion, 6'1, around 120 pounds."

"... Ugh... Dead men don't have spirit..." Gojūsuke muttered to himself. "And that tall but only 120... Like I'll be fighting a toothpick... Dammit! This is completely lame!" The young man stood at 5'11, and weighed in at almost 170 pounds. While he wouldn't beat the man in height, Gojūsuke was likely to look like a truck in comparison. He zoned out at the rest of the explanation, feeling sorry for himself about having, in his mind, such a lame person for his first bought.

The Chamber of Dreams could summon willing champions from any number of worlds to fight. The battle always took place in an arena familiar to the one summoned, so no doubt, the smokey chamber would turn to a boxing ring as soon as the T'Mass guy was called. Gojūsuke cracked his knuckles, having lost some of his steam. "So just call the guy already." He said.

"Of course, of course," the beleaguered attendant mumbled, holding up a hand. "Tre'yan T'Mass, the Chamber of Dreams calls upon you as a champion! Come to us, so that we may strengthen our spirits and bodies against the strength of your fists!" He called out a small incantation, and the smoke began to swirl around the room.

While Gojūsuke was less than enthralled by his selected opponent, there was still some sense of anticipation to the dramatic flair of the chamber. He prepared himself, ready to see this skinny bastard he'd be fighting appear.
I mean, he's giving me a boxer, so those hands ARE basically wrapped in marshmallows. @Skallagrim
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