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Current *Generic comment about Otaku making him suicidal*
7 hrs ago
Otaku is making me glad I don't own a gun. I would be eating the barrel.
10 hrs ago
I don't understand half of what you just said, but it's still pushing me to drink.
10 hrs ago
But have your statuses started making you sad yet?
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@Ezmeralda You may post.

They are, but at this point their attention is on the noisy swordsman.
@NobodiesHero Now would be a good time to pick the locks
Yo peoples, waddup
Felix continued to run, still trying his best to obfuscate his true objective. The only problem, though, was that he'd finally made it. He didn't have a choice but to stop now. It was time to start phase two. The young man looked at the guard who'd moved to block him. A smart move, if Felix had been planning to juke and get out of the way.

That was not his intent. Felix pushed further forward, turning his body to slam the guard with a shoulder tackle, attempting to strike him clean in the chest, high enough to knock the man wheezing, with any luck, taking him out so the young swordsman could face his two compatriots. Felix drew his sword as soon as he had a moment, turning about to face off with the other two. "Listen up! If you two bastards want to live, better to turn and run now! Go back to your families and forget about this fight!" He said, pointing the tip of his sword at the neck of the closer man.
Felix noticed the leader and swallowed his spittle. The captain seemed like trouble, and it was not a confrontation he wanted to happen. He moved through several hallways he recognized, hoping to continue to obscure his actual objective. He tried his best not to duck into any unfamiliar territory, not wanting to let himself become cornered. As he ran, he used his scabbard to knock over anything he could, in order to slow his pursuers. Eventually he got to a point where he knew he'd need to double back. Hopefully he'd caused enough ruckus to get some of the guard over to Stefan.

Now was time to move. He looked around for the rogue, who'd been suspiciously out of sight during most of his antics. Left, right, and up, he looked everywhere but behind him as he started moving for Katherine's room, hoping that the path from here would be smooth sailing.
I will post tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. Been letting my depression get the better of me, but I'm gonna fight through it while I'm all sore from getting punched too much tonight.
@LadyinInk I am blaze hi
Kinda bump
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