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1 day ago
Current Right, all the waffling out of the way, no more arguing about crap. 2 days left til my home is my home.
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2 days ago
Just 3 days left til I'm a homeowner
5 days ago
Yay, in addition to draining all my money (again) due to the appraisal changing closing costs, our close has to move forward 4 days, which means first mortgage payment is pushed forward a month. Bluh.
6 days ago
Said this before, but buying a house is expensive. Appraisal did come back, house valued 5k less than offered
7 days ago
Appraisal appears to have come back.


So yeah, this is Blaze. I'm sorry you had to see this. I do 1x1s of the we're all going to hell variety. 31 ( ;-; ). Living in EST. Male. Uh... Stuff. PM me for RPs of questionable moral fibre.

If you want to RP, I'm most easily contacted on Discord (Blaze_Gamma#6210), but I check my PMs here too pretty often.

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