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2 days ago
Current Bee u needa get outta here
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2 days ago
Bee u needa get outta here
2 days ago
You require lots of things. Amazingly, though, I'm not required to comply
2 days ago
Isn't Mara a children under 14 tho?
20 days ago
All I've got is a gun, Mr Spectre.


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Yeah, so I guess I'm looking for roleplay partners who are into transformation as a theme. Not sure if I'm wanting to do slice of life or high fantasy or something else, but for now I'm looking for an idea that can entice me.

I don't know. PM me.

Also, as mentioned in the title and tags, this is not meant for kids because... Yeah... Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you guys, I guess. Sorry about the lackluster interest check.
Oh, that was you?@JBRam2002 I just thought it was some rando sending a friend req. Gotta give me a tagged message or I legit won't know who it was.
@JBRam2002 Get with me in discord, meng.
@JBRam2002 Presently a fighter/monk, rogue/fighter and witch/rogue as far as my understanding goes
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