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18 hrs ago
Current Shout out to all y'all who can still get on guild.
22 hrs ago
plz no my knees r my friends.
1 day ago
I need my knees to walk!
1 day ago
I didn't do it, honest
1 day ago
Seems legit


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Visitor Messages

Iceborne 30 days ago
Eevui 5 mos ago
: )
Briza 5 mos ago
principium tertii exclusi. memoria aeterna.
Althiel 5 mos ago
You have been noticed by the senpai. Prepare your hindquarters.
Briza 6 mos ago
moshi. moshi. ☎️
Jurassic Weeb 7 mos ago
My bad, dude. Even online I can't keep names and faces avatars straight.
Ruler Inc 1 yr ago
It's the Anti-Life Equation, you fool.
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
Your second status translated back into English as "I will eat saurcrack". I'm assuming you meant sauerkraut? Either that or you're into some kinky stuff. O,o
Shurikai 3 yrs ago
Fudging yes, I want to do it!
Shurikai 3 yrs ago
Oh really? Actually, I meant to ask you about that FF thing you put up. Is it same/similar to the one we did before? Because I liked that one.
Shurikai 3 yrs ago
I remember you too. Too much trouble to just send me a PM? :P
Mai 3 yrs ago
I was saying that it's a shame I don't know anything about One Piece because had it been another anime series, I would've love to work with you.
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