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16 min ago
Current I will never not be complaining about post rates
2 hrs ago
8 hrs ago
It's actually just three sheep under a black tarp.
23 hrs ago
Playing Crash 4, and hoo boy it is an ordeal, but it felt good getting through a stage deathless on my first attempt to do the entire stage deathless.
1 day ago
Lots of people get horny during the summer?


So yeah, this is Blaze. I'm sorry you had to see this. I do 1x1s of the we're all going to hell variety. 31 ( ;-; ). Living in EST. Male. Uh... Stuff. PM me for RPs of questionable moral fibre.

If you want to RP, I'm most easily contacted on Discord (Blaze_Gamma#6210), but I check my PMs here too pretty often.

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Visitor Messages

PPQ Purple 1 mo ago
Define slow. Like, what speed do you like to RP at? Am asking because I too find this place to be too slow.
Dark Cloud 2 mos ago
Alphabet Soup?
Heiress of Ice 10 mos ago
Oof sorry to hear that... People these days, they just don't know the greatness of security cameras.
Heiress of Ice 10 mos ago
So for hall trash does the "he who smelt it delt it" rule apply? I'm not sure but I thought to move this off the status bar and just say that if you're ever looking for a long term role play partner I could be done for some debauchery.
KZOMBI3 11 mos ago
same here man, same here. all the LEWDs, but i have written so few lately 😭😭😭
Demonic Raven 1 yr ago
Feel free to message me if you ever want to do any of my ideas in the future! ^~^

Best of luck on your search for the a vapid RP! x3
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
If I ever wrote a song, I'd name it "Gamma Radiation" in your honor. I have no idea why.
Miraboreasu 2 yrs ago
Miraboreasu 2 yrs ago
You certainly won't hear me disagree on that one.
Miraboreasu 2 yrs ago

One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us…
Miraboreasu 2 yrs ago
Eevui 3 yrs ago
: )
Briza 3 yrs ago
principium tertii exclusi. memoria aeterna.
Althiel 3 yrs ago
You have been noticed by the senpai. Prepare your hindquarters.
Briza 3 yrs ago
moshi. moshi. ☎️
Jurassic Weeb 3 yrs ago
My bad, dude. Even online I can't keep names and faces avatars straight.
The Ghost Note 4 yrs ago
It's the Anti-Life Equation, you fool.
Mistiel 4 yrs ago
Your second status translated back into English as "I will eat saurcrack". I'm assuming you meant sauerkraut? Either that or you're into some kinky stuff. O,o
Shurikai 5 yrs ago
Fudging yes, I want to do it!
Shurikai 5 yrs ago
Oh really? Actually, I meant to ask you about that FF thing you put up. Is it same/similar to the one we did before? Because I liked that one.
Shurikai 5 yrs ago
I remember you too. Too much trouble to just send me a PM? :P
Mai 6 yrs ago
I was saying that it's a shame I don't know anything about One Piece because had it been another anime series, I would've love to work with you.
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