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Latin, indicative active present first person conjugated boāre
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New Latin, from Greek, rye


noun | ʙ ʀ ɪ • ᴢ ᴀ | \ ˈ ʙ ʀ ɪ̄ ᴢ ə \
a genus of grasses (family gramineae) native to the old world & south america;
distinguished by broad spikelets & cordate lemmas — see quaking grass

what made you want to look up briza? please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).


“ there was someone there & they had been there. there was no one there.
there was someone there & they had been there & they had not left
but there was no one there. ”

— cormac mccarthy

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“Καὶ ἐκ γυναικὸς τὰ κρείττω.”
Saint Kassiani
“Have you counted the trees?”
Leo Tolstoy
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The transmissions in her headgear fizzled; and the thought of her mother quickly vanished; but D did not bother to move. Her mind began instantly counting the glowing eyes staring at her. However, she stopped her mantra of numbers upon noticing looming shadows hovering ethereally around each tiger. Parting her lips slightly, D drew in calculated breaths, and her toes wiggled in anticipation. She was not sure if she should be scared or excited, and her mind was racing in both directions was her body stood in the parting ways, at the crossroads of which step to take next -- mindlessly staring through her dark eyes while too unsure of what to do. For several seconds, she remained like this, trapped in a detention mindset and then she finally relented and let down her guard:

Her helmet shifted under the pull of her arms when her body relaxed, leaning on one leg with a hip curving outwards in an inquisitive manner. She drew in a deep breath and decided to find the best way to maneuver herself through this. There was some book she read (but did not finish) from Malaysia or Japan about therianthropy, and holy zoology, Batman, none of it said anything about how to properly socialize with these beings, especially after what most likely seemed to be...

Her thought disappeared as she rested her shoulders and bent her knees, deciding the bickering words pestering her mind would be less than suitable for introducing herself to paranormal creatures, and she propped herself into a non-threatening position. It was the least she could do. If they wanted a fight, hopefully the big girl in the back wouldn't fail her like she did back at the restaurant. D put her headgear to the side of her and let the heavy machinery take a small break. It was malfunctioning already in the eerie wilderness of Duskwick.

Girlish Pollyanna desire always got the best of her, and even in the first scenes of this adventure, D had no way to shake the attitude. She took relaxed breaths, reminding herself of her lifework and training. It was nerve wracking not to have her father here, for one, but to have her first mission without him be this...

Maybe they will all be like that tiger from Aladdin...
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