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Current Nihilism is freedom. To be without purpose is to be free of the oppression of destiny. To be without cause is to be free to make your own. Woe to he who has an outside reason to be. For he is a slave.
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Let's not go too far off the deep end. They do have to fit inside the box. And in spite of just how big this thing is, and it's big, it can actually be kind of cramped in here.
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I can agree to that compromise.
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But life is empty. Always has been and always will be. It's just a way to pass the time until you die and vanish forever into blissful oblivion. So like don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
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Of course not. But you can't consistently get it out of human writers either. That's why you read all the millions of manuscripts sent to you by would be Tolstoys and Tolkiens and pick the good stuff.


Long ago in the distant past there was only color. Color to be loved, to be hated, color to please thoughts and corrupt minds. Color to color but newer shape. And than one day everything changed. We do not speak of this event nor of the times thereafter. For they were dark times when color took shape and shape rejected color. To this day the two remain separate, ever touching but newer becoming one. With one exception.

What you see before you is the purple cube of the cosmos. The merger of shape and color and ultimate avatar of the color purple in its physical form. Its N-dimensional form exists beyond your comprehension leaving but a shadow in the form of a cube for you to perceive. A cube with right angles and yet no sharp edges.

It's guardian, a being of it and yet distinct from it and one with it all at the same time dwells within. Or perhaps they dwell together, or just dwell. The later is most certainly true these days a the cube orbits earth having after an eternity in space discovered the internet and its endless supply of cat videos. Now the two orbit hungrily in search of satellites to consume so as to feed its insatiable hunger for cute.

Special notice:
I will not be joining or starting any new games on this forum. I am only sticking around for the one I am already in.
If I have a moment of weakness and apply or show interest for a game please reject me and remind me of this pledge.

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Yea, you knew this was going to happen. Sorry it took this long for me to pull the trigger. But you know how it is. It's newer easy. However I did give you my word and my word is law. So here it is. I quit. I quit not just this game but most likely this forum entirely.

The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly and far less importantly it's the pacing.

You see, I have not failed in life. On the contrary I have been quite successful. What I mean by this is that I have achieved educational and skill excellence which allows me to have a high paying job that only takes 8h per day 5 days per week. The remaining 16h each work day and 24h each weekend day are mine to do with as I please. All of them. No exceptions.

And whilst some of that is going to be wasted on sleep, grocery shopping and other frivolous activities that still leaves a solid chunk of many, many hours each day absolutely free. And in the age of the plague which prevents me from going out more than absolutely necessary and thus partaking in most of my regular fun time activities what I please I please to spend most of that time roleplaying.

That just isn't going to happen here. You people seem to have so little free time or desire to play that quite honestly in the months since I came to this forum I haven't gotten 16h of playing done TOTAL. Let alone filled up a single day.

That just isn't ever going to work for me.
Far more importantly however it's how you do things here that I can't enjoy. I tried to explain this to you but you either don't get it or you refuse to. And it's not that I tried to change your mind either. I know I can't do that. But at least I wanted you to understand WHY I am unhappy. And I still do because maybe than you will see why I absolutely have to leave.

So for the sake of education and posterity I'll try another go at explaining what to me roleplaying is all about.

You see, roleplaying is not about chatting with random strangers on random topics on a chat program. That's what chatrooms are for. Roleplaying is also not about writing texts and posting them up on a site to be clinically read and responded to by others as if I was filling out paperwork.

What roleplaying is about is sitting around a virtual table/camp fire with your friends chatting, hanging out and generally having a party centered around the common connecting factor of an active game. The actual in character posts be they one line sentences or multi page novellas are just a small part of that. A part that intertwine with that banter organically and inseparably and indeed stems from it in an inextricable way.

And the pacing is irrelevant to this. You can have one message every couple hours or days or hell years. You can spend a couple hours once a week on a session. Or you can spend 15 minutes via SMS (anyone still use those?) or on IRC exchanging some quick chatting every time you take a break from work. Or anything else. What matters is that the feeling is there. And here it isn't.

Indeed what you do here in the way you split in character posting from the general hanging out and banter is the exact opposite of that. You are taking something that is fun, enjoyable and altogether wholesome and turning it into something that's empty, clinical and cold. It removes all the social aspects from the game and frankly all the fun.

Back in the good old days me and my friends would newer have even imagined someone would with a strait face say "this site is not for chatting but for roleplaying". And if someone had the statement and the person making it would have been considered plain and simply insane.

Indeed we didn't even have separate threads for the two. We would just have one game thread that would be filled with continuous chatting about the game interspersed with the occasional random tangent, side chat and of course in character post. The later serving both as a means of advancing the game, showing off to our friends how good we can write and making the things already discussed previously canonical.

And the thread was always moving. When ever someone posted anything IC his post would be annotated with out of character explanations and detail. People would respond to it. They would ask questions, plan their next move out loud or just give commentary. We would sit there chatting about how we should proceed, figuring out clues, generally discussing the setting or hell just giving each other compliments on our writing. And in the end of the day all that lead to this exciting and ever moving feeling of "Yea dude. What you wrote was cool. Now let me one up you with something even better."

And that to me is how it should be. That is the roleplaying I enjoy. Not this... what ever it is. Frankly every time I post I feel as if I was writing an essay for school. Only I don't even get a grade for my trouble.

So that is it. I quit. Again, sorry for delaying you for this long. But now you can carry on with your game. And I hope that you can enjoy what ever it is you are doing now that I am no longer here to bother you.
On my life you will have my final reply on this situation by this time tomorrow.
Given the situation so far I honestly expected more people to just openly tell me to go away. You still can by the way. The primary reason why I asked is to give you a guilt free way of doing so if you want to.

Either way I shall decide in the next couple days.
What do you guys think? Should I stay on in this game or should I leave you?
Given your reactions to me so far I think it's fair from me to ask you to put it to a vote.
The Jellyfish, easy. It plays to the two great things in life, the color Purple and tentacles.
<Snipped quote by PPQ Purple>

First off, complaining carries more if you actually do the thing you're telling us to do. Second off, you're seriously going to complain about having a Discord? That is the literal exact socializing you've been asking for!

Yes, if a tool can not provide me with its primary function and instead forces me to seek out other tools to do the same than it is in fact useless as a tool. Shocking, I know.

If I have to go to discord or any other different site to socialize than what exactly is the purpose of me being here than? I can just go there and delete my account here.

This site has thus far been in fact useless in that nobody on it socializes at all. And I can honestly see why. Every time I say anything people just jump to shout me down. And than they are surprised I don't feel confident to engage with people. Again, shocking.

That's why I barely say anything and just retreat further into darkness. Because every time I peek out I get spat at. And since I don't have this problem in real life or any other site or social interaction I know it ain't me.

And god knows I tried chatting up the OOC thread and I tried engaging with you all and making some sort of community out of this. The first pages are proof of that. In fact I invested a lot more time and energy into it than I ever usually have to. But I eventually just gave up because nobody else was interested.
@PPQ Purple Look, I fundamentally agree with you, but you yourself haven't exactly made much effort to socialize either. And for the record, I don't count complaining as socializing.

Well what am I supposed to do? All I can do is chat on this thread and that ain't happening. So I gave up and broke.

<Snipped quote by Double>

I agree though from my recent experience even though I don't like it too much discord has been good at keeping roleplays alive and make it easier for others to bond even when people are busy.

The thread really has never been the best place to socialize. People have always had ways to talk off-site.

If I have to go off site to chat to the people I am supposed to socialize with on site than why did I register with the site to begin with?
If we are already complaining I'll be honest. I haven't been enjoying this game for months now. And it's not even the slowness that gets me. I thought long and hard about what is missing for me when playing on this forum. And the simple fact is that it's not the pace, it's the soul.

Roleplaying is not a solitary activity. It's not about posting up a piece of text occasionally and than going back into the shadows to wait for people to respond. That's called sitting alone in the dark being lonely.

Roleplaying is a social activity. It's absolutely the same as going to a party or playing sports or playing a video game together only for those of us more literally minded. It's not just about artistic expression (although that is a part of it) but about meeting new people and sharing that expression with them and doing so in an atmosphere of camaraderie, energy, excitement and just general hanging out.

Put simply, it's a social activity for us nerds. And when I came to this forum I was primarily hoping to get some of that sweet socialization. It was supposed to make up for the fact I am stuck in my home without anyone to hang out with. And that's just not present here. :(

To be blunt I've seen more socialization and hanging out at a funeral.

I won't be quitting or anything. But that's mostly just because I don't want to let you people down and not for my own sake. If anything I personally feel even lonelier now than when I joined.
I've got nothing to add at this point. Will wait and see how it plays out.
Random question of the day. Animated gifs? Yes/No? And no, I haven't started on anything yet. I am still mulling over ideas.
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