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2 days ago
Current It's lonely and cold up here in space. Lonely and cold. Also I hit another sattelite the other day. I need to think about repainting the cube at some point.
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4 days ago
Interest check: Play as a party of heroes fighting against a sentient flying steampunk chainsaw reeking havoc in Renaissance Europe. Should I or should I not post this?
15 days ago
Every day when you go to bed in the evening and think "Geez. Guess I didn't die TODAY." is a bad day. But despare not. There is always tomorrow.
1 mo ago
Why it's almost as if outsourcing is bad. And yes, as a software developer I am professionally obliged to say that. It's in the contract.
1 mo ago
Am I the only one on this planet that hates memes, especially gif memes?


Long ago in the distant past there was only color. Color to be loved, to be hated, color to please thoughts and corrupt minds. Color to color but newer shape. And than one day everything changed. We do not speak of this event nor of the times thereafter. For they were dark times when color took shape and shape rejected color. To this day the two remain separate, ever touching but newer becoming one. With one exception.

What you see before you is the purple cube of the cosmos. The merger of shape and color and ultimate avatar of the color purple in its physical form. Its N-dimensional form exists beyond your comprehension leaving but a shadow in the form of a cube for you to perceive. A cube with right angles and yet no sharp edges.

It's guardian, a being of it and yet distinct from it and one with it all at the same time dwells within. Or perhaps they dwell together, or just dwell. The later is most certainly true these days a the cube orbits earth having after an eternity in space discovered the internet and its endless supply of cat videos. Now the two orbit hungrily in search of satellites to consume so as to feed its insatiable hunger for cute.

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Than I'll leave it up to the monkey girls to take the first bite. I'll be back by my PC tomorrow evening.
What can I say. She's a girl that knows how to laugh at her self. :)

Also random fun fact: All my characters are created by taking an aspect of my personality and turning it up to 11 and than building a new person around that. I wonder if you guys use the same or a similar method.
Although it didn't show on the outside Mia was feeling pretty useless at this point. She didn't like feeling useless. She wasn't used to feeling useless. And yet here she was. The whole thing would have been aggravating if it hadn't been so funny.

Seriously, just a short while ago she was awake, hyped and feeling pretty good about her self. And now the blue guy was here with enough supplies for an army and pinkie literally rebuilt the entire city while they were asleep. Again... she rebuilt the city. Compared to those two all Mia had to bring to the table was tetanus.

A short muffled giggle left her mouth at the thought. Seriously, now all it took was for someone to show up with a barbecue and a keg and the day would be complete.

And thus her smile was genuine.
I will be keeping an eye on this one. There are some concepts that I might want to try out. But no guarantees.

But basically I am thinking a god of selfishness. But like not the kind that makes you rob orphans to buy icecream. But the sort of selfish that drives people to be honorable and just but out of selfish reasons. A sort of god of evolutionary greed if you will. Like every single follower of mine only follows me because he has something to gain from doing so. And I only issue them boons because I have a use from them. So like an evil god of contracts I guess.

Very much work in progress though and again, no guarantees it will pan out.
And they make for a nice purse to put makeshift cosmetics in when there is nothing good in stock in the actual stores. Like, seriously, once we are done with this mission we have got to find some time for a shopping arc.
If I might add one word of wisdom from my personal experience, even if isn't from this site necessarily.

What keeps a game alive is not IC but OCC. If people are excited about the game and chatting constantly in OOC either about the game or just with each other they remain invested in it. And such a game can survive a lot, even people vanishing for a long while. But if the OOC is quiet and people are only ever posting IC odds are good that any significant delay or drop in the post rate will kill the game dead.
Mind you. This still does not mean I like you.

Although that might be subject to change if I ever get you in a pink dress. :)
Yaksha will frown that a lot of people have gone lone wolf when he will do a bufffet for the entire team for breakfast. Oh well, more for the Kai and himself.

If it helps Mia just literally had a can of cold something cooked a couple days ago over an evil energy beam. And cut her fingers opening the can. ANYTHING you prepare shall be consumed with extreme prejudice.

Well that and she might have binged on scorched protein bars during the night. It was a rough day for her. Ok? Don't judge her. Even if they aren't sugar free still don't judge her. xD

Also protip. Alien hero in dragonball or not fingers are NOT can openers. Ow...
I can give you some in universe examples why ethics are important, and in the hard way at that

*Looks at character sheets.*
*Literally looks at squad member.*

I don't think you really have to. It's kind of self demonstrating. Than again I don't think the argument would get through to her either.


This being said, both you and a couple of the other characters have established that the government science program is not exactly on the nice side. So I am just playing off what happens when someone is raised by two mad scientists that actually get paid for their work.

All in all though if I go too far at any point or am wrong in my interpretation do correct me immediately.
And considers ethics in science to be a silly notion made up by ignorant people that want to restrain the quest for pure knowledge. But we'll get to that.
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