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Current Joyous with glee.
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Kind of, yes. That's what democracy is all about. Your country is just like any other organization you are a part off. It's the members who own it and their effort that makes it what it is.
12 days ago
A country is a collective entity of its people. How good it is depends entirely on how much its people collectively respect it and how much they are collectively willing to work to make it good.
18 days ago
Only a truly selfish man takes no pleasure in knowing something he created brought joy to someone else. Beauty, in all things, exists to be shared and not created and thrown away.
18 days ago
No, attention would be if I asked people to notify me that they read it. All I need is a place where my work won't go to waste. I already have far too much of that sitting on my hard drive.


Long ago in the distant past there was only color. Color to be loved, to be hated, color to please thoughts and corrupt minds. Color to color but newer shape. And than one day everything changed. We do not speak of this event nor of the times thereafter. For they were dark times when color took shape and shape rejected color. To this day the two remain separate, ever touching but newer becoming one. With one exception.

What you see before you is the purple cube of the cosmos. The merger of shape and color and ultimate avatar of the color purple in its physical form. Its N-dimensional form exists beyond your comprehension leaving but a shadow in the form of a cube for you to perceive. A cube with right angles and yet no sharp edges.

It's guardian, a being of it and yet distinct from it and one with it all at the same time dwells within. Or perhaps they dwell together, or just dwell. The later is most certainly true these days a the cube orbits earth having after an eternity in space discovered the internet and its endless supply of cat videos. Now the two orbit hungrily in search of satellites to consume so as to feed its insatiable hunger for cute.

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I will not be joining or starting any new games on this forum. I am only sticking around for the one I am already in.
If I have a moment of weakness and apply or show interest for a game please reject me and remind me of this pledge.

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I've got nothing to add at this point. Will wait and see how it plays out.
Random question of the day. Animated gifs? Yes/No? And no, I haven't started on anything yet. I am still mulling over ideas.
Given that the pace of this thing is once a month or so 2 days won't matter that much anyway.
So er... I am the topic? I might just enter my avatar picture.
Speaking of things. If that's ok with the GM the new canonical reason why none of you have ever heard of my species is because they tend to self exterminate before reaching space flight. With my planet being a rare (not only, just rare) counter example owing to the intervention of a Kai and swearing off certain techniques as forbidden.

Well, I mean that was the old reason I had in mind since like the inception but I didn't figure to ask for permission until now since it's becoming relevant.
On the plus side all this waiting around for months has given me the time to refine the background lore for her species, their history and power. Although most of that stuff is stuff I had designed from the onset.
Yea, enough is enough. Some times you just have to take your self up by the horns and take action.
Well that was embarrassing. That, more so than anything else is what snapped Mia out of it all. Defeat was one thing but this... this was running away.. only worse. At least if she was running away like a complete coward it should be on her own two feet.

Seriously, how could she ever allow her self to fall this low? What was wrong with her? Enough, she reasoned was enough. She wasn't just representing her self here but her entire world, no her entire universe. Hell judging by the fact none of these aliens knew of them quite possibly literally her entire species in all universes. By her horns she would do better than this.

And if she couldn't win this time than fine. She would just have to do what she always did. The only thing she knew to do.

She would get stronger. And than she would win.

Mia stood up silently. Casting one glance on the portal she said under her breath. "I will be back." Than she turned to the others.
"I am alright now.", she lied.
"I don't know what we saw back there. And I don't need to know."
"What I know is that there is no point in us knowing until we can do something about it."
"We need to get stronger. Much stronger. What ever it takes."
"And I do not know how."

She figured she was saying what everyone thought. And she hoped that somebody had an answer.
I have to admit that it was so long that I'll have to sit down and try to remember my character.
Can't you just say that they are off on another mission doing something in the background or something?
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