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@AmpharosBoy Wow, I actually forgot about that particular episode. Just... please no waifu dating sim game.

@Majoras End Yancy's not there to be a babysitter, just working a summer job. Honestly, since he's the same age as Jack and Ami the three are more likely to just become regular friends and just kinda hang out sometimes. At least that's less creepy than a grown manchild like Soos hanging around a couple of 12 year olds for no particular reason.
I think I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Yancy is pretty much destined to become the new Soos. He'll be an employee at the shack, almost certainly doing the random custodial/handyman stuff that Soos was always doing. And he'll probably be wearing one of the trademark "?" T-Shirts as well, like as some kind uniform for the Shack.
@IceHeart Are you still in this?
@AmpharosBoy Funny, I read it all while imagining Biff Tannon's voice.
@TruthHurts22 So what you're saying is, you're basically Stingray from Cobra Kai Season 2. Please tell me that means you'll try and get a job as a school security guard just so you can attend school with us. xD
@rocketrobie2 Ah, yes. The Slammersons. A distant cousin of the Tannon family. I hear they migrated to Miami in the 70's after a bit of bad blood developed between them and Raff Tannon, Biff's father.

Considering what town this is, an odd coincidence has a decent chance of turning out to be the exact opposite of a coincidence later on. xD

I'd just like to establish that I had not read anything about Amelia's profile before writing Yancy's. No really, I swear. Some odd coincidences though, like her dad getting a job as a security chief and Yancy's dad apparently working with "systems/security". And, yow know, Yancy's decision to look for a summer job at the Shack. Honestly I kind of assumed that that would be the best way to get a front row seat to the plot. :D
Went ahead and assigned myself a color. Everyone else was doing it! <_< I didn't want to be left out.
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