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Name: Yang
Race: Earthling/Human
Ki Color: White
Power Level: 910
Location: Starts: Ginger Town; Ends: North Capitol
Tag: @IceHeart, @Weird Tales, @Chev, @King Cosmos, @Holy Soldier, @CaptainSully Open

Yang breathed heavily, fatigue and exhaustion beginning to creep up on him. Did... did they win? Was he really gone? For a moment he was convinced it was too good to be true, that any moment the conqueror would appear again completely unscathed and launching his city-ending attack to kill them all. But the attack never came. He never reappeared. It was true, then. They actually scraped out a victory. Through his heavy breaths, Yang allowed a smile to appear on his stoic face. It was over! Finally over! But his wasn't the only breathing he could hear, and when the second set of breathing seemed to stop, Yang spun around in alarm.

"Master!" he cried, having to lunge forward and catch Feng before he dropped from the sky complete. Yang put his master's around his shoulder and floated them down to the safety of the ground. A few of his new allies had gathered around to ensure their victory. But Yang was too preoccupied with his master at the moment, "Master what were you thinking? I told you I had it! You could have stopped!"

"Had to... be sure..." replied Feng, his voice nowhere near as strong or commanding as it had been during the battle. Instead his tone sounded weakened and... and tired, "I'm... proud of you... Yang."

"Why are you talking like that? We've won, you just need to rest and regain your strength." it seemed the disciple had not yet realized it. By then, Ryuhei had mentioned taking someone to the hospital. Yes! A doctor! That was what Master needed, "Just a moment, I'll go with you, but would you mind helping me carry my Master?" he heard a weak chuckle from Feng.

"My fate... was sealed quite a while ago... no amount of medicine will change that." he said, even as his breathing began to slow already.

"How can you just give up like that?" Yang demanded, now starting to look angry, "Just because you..." his voice trailed off and finally the realization hit him like a speeding truck. The Seals... Master had used them not once but twice in one day. And at his age, that could mean only... and that was when the warrior's face became streaked with tears, "It's my fault..." he lamented, "If you hadn't needed to heal me then-" but he felt a hand weakly reaching up to grasp his shoulder.

"Then... I would have used it in battle and we'd still be here anyway..." Feng said, wanting to assure his disciple that he was not to blame for this. Apparently using the technique even once more was enough to seal his fate, regardless he still would have ended up here, "Besides... I'd already decided long ago... a warrior's death was more preferable than dying in some sick bed somewhere."

"But... but the Seals. My training isn't finished." Yang's anger had subsided, replaced now only with sadness and regret.

"Fear not..." Feng said, his hand reaching into a pocket only pull out a small book, "...far to the North, there's a temple. A great and powerful wise man resides there. He was my own Master, you must convince him to train you. You and anyone else you bring with you."

Yang took the book, "What... what is this?"

"...The truth." Feng whispered, his eyes closed and the warmth started leaving his body. At about that time, his breathing stopped altogether. Master Feng, founder of the Crane School... was now dead.

Yang had layed Feng on the ground during their conversation. He stayed knelt over the body, eyes closed. But suddenly he spoke up, "We weren't good enough... I wasn't good enough!" he voiced raised as he continued, "This won't happen again! I'll make sure I'm strong enough to stop all this death from happening again, I swear it!" but then, he began to calm down once more, "I'll help take whoever needs to go to a doctor, but I'm going to that temple after that. Anyone who wants to can accompany, but make your decision soon because I'm leaving within the hour and I don't plan on waiting for anyone to catch up."
A more or less second character to compliment my first. Letter should already have a good idea what my intentions are with this one.

"Saved a town? No, but I've tangled with my share of monsters." Drake said, crossing his arms. People seemed to like showing off their Arms around here, made evident when Xris followed up his introduction by doing just that. Apparently he could make copies of himself. Some kind of Strength in Numbers power? Personally, Drake preferred having strength in himself rather than in numbers, but it was all just preference at the end of the day. And then the tomboy spoke up, questioning Drake's ability to back up his claim before, of course, showing off her own Noble Arm.

But the third guy to speak elected not to present his Noble Arm. He instead questioned the logic of announcing a presumably top secret assignment to one's classmates, which admittedly was a valid point. Drake spent some time listening, especially to Carsi's eventual reply. That was when got his chance to speak up again and he didn't hesitate. Drake rarely ever did. "I'm sorry, run that by me again? A raffle?" he cocked an eyebrow, a look of confusion appearing on his face, "The security of the President herself... and it's determined by random luck? What kind of sense does that make? Why not choose the team based on ability level or on skillset specifics?" maybe Carsi also realized this and that was why he was inclined to simply arrange the raffle regardless of the outcome?

But Drake would be a liar if he claimed not to be somewhat interested in the prospect of kicking some Disabler ass. His last encounter with them went well enough for him, but what he really needed was chance to cut loose and properly gauge just what he was capable of. He clenched a fist and smirked, but rather than join in on the Noble Arms show-and-tell he just reached for his coffee and took another drink. Despite being the first to speak up and being one to declare himself a hero, Drake elected not to display his Noble Arm, "Oh I'm sorry, I guess this is the part where I was supposed to show everyone my Noble Arm? Drawing your weapon and waving it around when there's no battle taking place isn't what I'd call very good heroic conduct. And besides... I just hate the idea of giving away spoilers." that last part he said with a quick and playful wink.
@Double, Thanks! Can we talk on Discord, btw?

It's kind of late for me right now so I don't think I can.
@Letter Bee Character is effectively done now. Bio could probably be expanded but the most important stuff is there for now at least.

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