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"Saiyaman, Saiyaman...
Does whatever a
Saiyan can!

Shoots ki blasts!
Any size!
Catches thieves,
and he flies!

Look out!
Here comes the Saiyaman!"
Kishimoto Arcade
@Crimson Lion

They... won? They won! That went surprisingly well, all things considered. But Riku wouldn't complain. He actually had detected the location of the Taurus units but when the Full Armor was shot down that was no longer relevant. Team Imagine Victory won by virtue of eliminating the enemy team members.

It looked like the other battle hadn't end yet, and so their team would have a brief window of time to perform repairs or make other relevant preparations for the next battle. Good thing, too, because that first round made it perfectly clear that Riku needed to think about more heavily arming his Gunpla. The Shin Musha Hyaku Shiki was, in its current form, a one-trick pony - albeit a very powerful one. Maybe it could do with having a back up weapon or two, just in case something happened to the Izanagi in the middle of the next battle? The Manticore needed to be equipped better for aerial combat, but as there was no time for that much of an overhaul, the surfboard shield would simply have to do.

Hmm... by this point Riku was looking over the spare weapons and parts he'd brought with him. Eventually he hurriedly removed the twin beam cannons from the Manticore's shoulders and replaced them with two entirely different weapons. One was a Hyper Bazooka that was equipped to the left shoulder, and the other was a Dober Gun that was equipped to the right shoulder. He also took the beam shield generator off the arm of a Victory Gundam and used super glue to fit it to the left arm of the Manticore. Unfortunately, there was no time to apply any paint changes, meaning the beam shield projector, bazooka, and dober gun would all retain their default colors. Also, Riku couldn't find any weapons he could really add to the Shin Musha's arsenal, but he wondered if Naoki had brought any extra parts or weapons he might be willing to loan out?

"Hey, uh... Naoki?" Riku asked him, seemingly out of nowhere, "Did you happen to bring any extra weapon parts with you? I think my Shin Musha could use a backup weapon or two, but none of the weapons I brought seem like they would suit it. I was hoping you might have one I could borrow for the fight against Seo's team."

He had also been listening in on the talk concerning the Mercs. They certainly sounded as tough as he guessed they would be, if not more so. Seemed to even have Takemori worried and wanting them to come up with a new strategy. Well... the only one Riku could offer was one that they may not want to resort to, "I'm pretty sure the Yamato's trump card could probably wipe them out. Though I can't help but feel like it would be a waste to use that much power on just two enemy Gunpla."
Who all - besides Blade - had their Gunplas destroyed? Since Riku's Gunpla didn't take hardly any damage I'll just have him help someone else with their repairs if they want.
@Omega Man Surprised there's no mention of Ventara or anything else from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Though I suppose that would fall outside of the Saban universe so... *shrug*

Ah, what the hell? I've been playing Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez so it'd be nice to scratch that particular itch here. Count me in.
Yusaku & Sparky

"Bah! I hate public PC's!" he muttered to himself under his breath. Yusaku was currently sitting in a booth in Cyberverse, an internet cafe that had opened fairly recently. Yusaku hated having to use places like this. Public PC's were almost never up to his standards. But ever since he was... "employed" by ATLAS, he'd pretty much refused to use his own rig at home. He was certain they'd bugged it somehow. And until he could ensure that his home PC was clean, he'd just have to force himself to use places like this instead. Employed... more like drafted or enslaved as far Yusaku was concerned.

"There, finally!" it had taken him a bit more time than he was accustomed to, but he finally set up the video call. Doing this on public computers was always a nuisance. He needed to make the IP Address completely anonymous, which meant installing the VPN software he had created for himself. Most common VPN's simply masked the IP Addressed and occasionally linked it to a foreign server to get around region-locked content and websites. Yusaku's VPN program did that, plus a little more. It also gave him a means to bounce around the IP signal, so that his activities were virtually undetectable. And of course, when these sort of meetings were concluded Yusaku would also have to take the time to uninstall everything he had put on the PC plus any other extra measures needed to cover up his actions. Such a pain.

"Ah, good. You're on time, YuYa-san." a face had appeared on screen. The details of what he looked like were kept obscured by a combination of dim lighting on their end in addition to what sounded like a voice-altering program. Their voice as heard over a pair of earbuds wirelessly connected to the cafe's PC. Wouldn't want to risk anyone being able to eavesdrop on this conversation. YuYa, however, couldn't risk responding verbally due to his current location. Instead he had to stick with using the text chat.

[YuYa]: No voice from me this time, I'm afraid. My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

"It's fine. As long as I'm able to obtain what I need, I don't care how the transaction is conducted. I trust your location is at least secure?" the client asked.

[YuYa]: Of course. The data you requested is in hand and ready to be sent when you are ready on your end.

Yusaku held up a small flash drive in front of the PC's web cam for his anonymous client to see, eliciting a nod on the screen, "Transfer whenever you're ready, YuYa-san."

[YuYa]: Beginning transfer. Hold a few moments.

From Yusaku's end, he connected the flash drive into a square adapter device that he then connected into the PC. The adapter was an encryption device that would put the transferred data into an encrypted file of Yusaku's own design. The encryption was to prevent this data from being readable in the unlikely event of an interception by some third party somewhere. A matching decryption program would be needed in order to read the files. Thankfully for the client, Yusaku had already sent them the program previously and instructed them to run it with the files once they had received them.

Simultaneously, Yusaku's burner phone was alerting him to a bank account transfer. A decent sum of money was being anonymously credited to him from many different sources. It was the payment transfer from his client's end. Both transfers were completed at about the same time. This was when the client finally spoke again.

"The transfer went well on my end. Yourself?"

[YuYa]: Completed successfully. Simply run that program I gave you Yesterday and it will decrypt the files for you.

Yusaku was trying to hurry this along now. During the transfer, he heard a very familiar vibration coming from his backpack. And while it was irritating that he was being called now of all times, he couldn't end a meeting like this so abruptly. The client nodded and spoke once more, "Of course. Efficient, punctual, AND user friendly. This is why I have come to rely on your services, YuYa-san. I'll be sure send any friends or associates your way if they have need of you."

[YuYa]: Thank you. Much appreciated.

And at last the connection was ended. With the call finally over, Yusaku hurriedly retrieved everything he had connected into the PC. He also uninstalled the custom VPN program from the PC and even had it format itself into the hard drive state it was in 3 days ago. As far as this PC was concerned, it was like Yusaku had never been here. All the while he retrieved the Digivice from his backpack and read the alert that was sent to him.

Unlike other Digivices, Yusaku's didn't beep or flash brightly. This was because he had been taking the time to study the device as best he could and had figured out how to change a few of its... settings, for lack of a better word. He couldn't figure out how to change or disable the vibration settings, but he at least was able to keep the device from becoming too loud or flashy so as not to risk it compromising him while he was in the middle of a business transaction like the one just now. Just because he had to play by ATLAS's rules didn't mean he couldn't at least do so on his own terms.

"Looks like we're up, Sparky. Better get your game face on." he said to the device as he was running out of the cafe and toward the misty section of Nerima.

Meanwhile, just before the Airdramon could get within attacking distance it was suddenly slammed by an explosive fireball. As it scanned for the source of the attack, something came screaming at it from out of the misty sky. It was a fiery, winged lion making a dive at the Airdramon while its body was covered in searing flames.

"It's about to get HOT!" announced the Digimon as it was making its attack, "Flame Dive!"

Elsewhere, a hooded figure walked into the scene from the mists. A combination of a hood and black bandana around his neck made it nigh impossible to see his face, especially with all the mist. They had walked up and stopped next to Daichi just as he had gotten back to his feet, "Why does it feel like I'm always cleaning up everyone else's messes?" asked Yusaku to no one in particular. He stood watching the fiery winged lion duke it out with the Airdramon. He also held a digivice in his hand, which was more than enough to identify him as a member of ATLAS.
Also most of your characters are minors. How is no one except Mari in class rn?

Yusaku probably doesn't bother with school. He's already a rather intelligent hacker and information broker so... *shrug*
@mattmanganon Are they... supposed to go down that easily? If they are then... what's the point in having all of us respond to the emergency?

@mattmanganon No concern for an Olympos XII Digimon? That makes me sad. Lol
@mattmanganon Why do I get the feeling that Yusaku is going to be a rather frequent offender of the permissions rule because of his "ends justify the means" nature?
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