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From this point on, feel free to control some of the NPC's whenever you need to. Like for instance Launchpad and Gadget so you can carry on a conversation with them while Ashe is on her way to the Land of Dragons.
Disney Castle

"Oh? Well I don't know if..." the Queen's voice trailed off a bit. She wasn't expecting anyone to so readily volunteer, especially over what was admittedly just a bad feeling. It was also pretty apparent that the Queen didn't enjoy asking for such dangerous tasks of anyone, much less someone she'd only just met for the first time. Luckily for Ashe, Leon wasn't afraid to vouch for her.

"That might not be a bad idea." he admitted in a thoughtful tone, "She's still pretty unknown to the Empire, so I doubt they'd be expecting a move like that. Besides, if someone like me or one of the others in Traverse Town went, it'd probably just draw unwanted attention. At least this way our intentions can still stay relatively under the radar."

"Well," said the Queen, a smile reappearing on her face as she gently placed a hand on Ashe's shoulder, "if Leon trusts you, then so can I. If you really are willing, Ashe, then I'd like you go to the Land of Dragons and investigate what happened to Daisy. Oh, but you'll need a transport, won't you?" her face lit up a bit with an idea that came to her, "I think we may have just the vessel for the job. Would you please accompany me back into the Docking Area?" by that point the trio had made their out to the Courtyard so they would go back the way they came to reach the place the Queen mentioned.

"That's right," Leon said, pressing his palm to his forehead as if he'd forgotten something, "Ashe, you should know before you go: Sam was the one assigned to be Daisy's bodyguard." he was referring Samuel Drake, someone who - like Ashe herself - lost his his home to Heartless and found himself in Traverse Town. Not that the two of them were particularly close or anything but Leon did seem to recall them sparring with each other once or twice. Leon did wonder why Sam wasn't around when the Imperator attacked and now he remembered that this was the reason for that.

"I believe you were the one who recommended Sam to me when Daisy's mission came up, didn't you?" asked the Queen, thinking back to a week ago and recalling the details.

"That's right, I did. I believed he could handle it. Now I'm starting to worry something happened to him as well."

In the Docking Area, the Queen showed Ashe and Leon to a specific bay that was closed off to the general public. In fact only specific individuals were allowed in and the Queen had to vouch for Ashe and even Leon as well before the they were allowed through. Within the closed docking bay the space looked empty, "Here we are, this will be your vessel." the Queen said, even gesturing to what was otherwise an empty space, "Oh dear, I almost forgot. Um, turn off the cloaking field if you please!" with that request, a Gummi Ship appeared to shimmer into existence right before their very eyes, "This is the Talon. It was the last Gummi Ship design the King personally worked on before his disappearance. It's equipped with a cloaking device to keep it from showing up on radar and scanners, and its outside shell are made of special Gummi panels able to reflect light and render the ship virtually invisible. It's the perfect vessel for a covert mission."

The ship's hatch opened with a hiss and someone emerged from it. They looked male, based on their tall height and broad shoulders. As his form came fully into view, the person was revealed to be actually a humanoid bird - a pelican to be exact. He wore a reddish brown flight jacket, had what looked to be short red hair combed back so he could comfortably wear a pair of pilot goggles on his head. He wasn't alone, a mouse even smaller than the Queen seemed to be perched on the pilot's shoulder. She was tiny compared to the Queen, about the size of a chipmunk to be exact. She had long dirty blonde hair and light blue mechanic's jumpsuit, "Golly, we're sorry about the cloaking device being turned on, Your Majesty. I was just making sure it was fully operational." the mouse girl spoke, her voice high pitched but not quite as much as the Queen.

"It's alright," the Queen said with a nod, "Ashe, this is Launchpad McQuack and Gadget Hackwrench. Gadget has been following the King's plans for the ship and putting it together, and Launchpad has been acting as the test pilot during the development phase. Launchpad? Gadget? We'll be letting Ashe use the Talon to find and bring back Daisy. I'd like the two of you act as her supporting crew."

"Sure thing, Queen M." said the pelican, named Launchpad, "Don't worry Ashe, I can crash anything with an engine that moves. I'll have ya there and back again in a jiffy!" he said, not even seeming to notice that he used the word "crash" in place of the word "fly".

"Uh, Launchpad, you did it again." said Gadget, quick to correct her colleague, "Don't let his poor choice of words scare you. He really is a great pilot. Besides, I can fix anything he breaks no matter how bad the damage is. I promise you're in good hands. I built this ship from the ground up, I know it better than my own backyard!" she certainly sounded enthusiastic enough. Quite the eclectic crew this would make.

"Remember, Ashe: you're going to search for Sam and Daisy. Don't draw too much attention. If the Empire is there just observe them, don't try to take them on alone. Especially if one of the Imperators are there. I'd recommend looking for Sam first, he can help you search for Daisy and protect her on your way back here. Be careful, and good luck." Leon said with a nod, deciding to take his leave so he could return to Traverse Town.

Land of Dragons ~ Time Unknown

"Who are these creatures to so brazenly attack my palace?" the words of China's Emperor sounded calm and collected, yet furious at the same time. He was old man, but full of wisdom. Currently the Imperial Palace was under attack by what seemed to be never ending wave of strange grey-colored creatures. The attacked began just as the Emperor had met with the Dignitary from Disney Castle: Daisy Duck.

Now the two of them were searching for a way to escape the palace along with Daisy's bodyguard, Samuel Drake. Sam was able to keep the grey creatures at bay for now, but deep down he knew he couldn't keep this up forever, "An excellent question, Your Excellency. Any ideas, Ms. Daisy?"

"I've never seen them before." Answered the Duck in question, "If they're Heartless then it must be some new type or something. But something tells me it's more complicated than that."

"In any case, we must find my Generals. Shang and Mulan will surely be able to lead us to safety." the Emperor sounded confident in his two protectors, or maybe he was simply worried for their safety? Either way neither of the two were anywhere nearby so unfortunately it would fall entirely to Sam to get everyone out of this danger.

"Another wave? You've got to be kidding me..." said Sam with a groan. All this fighting was becoming exhausting, but he couldn't just throw in the towel. The Queen, Leon, they were counting on him to make sure Daisy stayed safe and could complete her mission. Motioning for his charges to stay put, Sam darted forward with his Lightning Edge already drawn from its sheath. The grey creatures moved around in a very slinky nature. It actually made for more difficult targets to strike at. Still, Sam went into a slide across the palace floors as his blade sank into the head of the grey creature to kill. As the others began to crowd around Sam decided to try out a new tactic he'd been working on. He spun his body around, the blade of his Lightning Edge actually sparking with electricity as it sliced through the creatures around him. Some were destroyed outright, but the others appeared to be stuck in place, held there by electrical energy, "How do ya like that? Time for the clincher!" with a series of quick leaps, Sam jumped from one helpless enemy to other and finished each of them with a rapid succession of jump strikes. With no more enemies in site for the moment, Sam held up his mechanical arm squeezing the upper and forearm around his blade as he pulled it through with a metallic hiss. This action was always to ensure the blade was cleaned off before he returned it to the sheath holstered on his back.

But the sound of clapping and an unfamiliar voice sent a chill down Sam's voice, "Not bad, not bad. Fight fight fight." turning to face the source of the voice, Sam was horrified to find a cloaked individual holding a pair of wicked chakrams against the throats of Daisy and the Emperor. It was one of the Imperators, this one not bothering with his hood. He had bright green eyes, a pair of triangular marks under each of them. His hair was tall, spiky, and red like fire, "But it looks like you went and ignored your superiors here. Too bad for you, I guess."

"We'll see about that..." Sam's hand reached for the hilt of his Lightning Edge, but the Imperator's voice stopped him.

"Hold on now, don't do anything naughty or this job of mine might just get icky. Wouldn't want that, would you?" asked the Imperator as a portal of some kind opened up behind him, "Hate to grab and run like this, but I have to be somewhere. But hey, I'm not all bad. It's not like I'm leaving you without someone to play with. Bye-bye for now." he gave a wink as he pulled Daisy and the Emperor through the portal behind him.

Sam tried to run after them, but was too slow to reach the corridor before it closed, "You won't get away from me that easily! ...Huh?" Sam felt a presence behind him and managed to dive out of the way of someone's blade from behind, "Bring it on, Imperial Bastard!" the Lightning Edge was already drawn but then Sam caught sight of his new opponent. An Imperator, this one keeping their face under a hood. But that wasn't the shocking part. Their weapon... it was a black-colored Keyblade, "But that's-" he couldn't finish the thought because the Keyblade-wielding Imperator already went on the attack and lunged forward before Sam even had time to react to anything.

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<Snipped quote by Double>

To be fair, they're individual specialists. Didn't often deploy in teams, if at all. Look at Sephiroth's attitude towards working with others.

Doesn't that sort of contradict the point of the RP in some respects? Hard to do the team work thing if your soldiers are brought up on the idea of doing the exact opposite. Man no wonder SOLDIER failed in the games. xD

I'm beginning to think that the 1st Class SOLDIERs are a bunch of children, who couldn't team work their way out of a paper bag.

Funny how 1st Class has so far proven to be the worst members thus far. Lol
Name: Samuel "Sam" Drake
Age: 24
Gender: Male


Sam stands at an average height for a man, just barely under six feet. He keeps a more lean build, though, says it works better for his "line of work" than a hulked out build would. But Sam's most noteworthy feature is his left arm, or rather, his lack of one. In it's place is a mechanical prosthesis, advanced enough to allow for realistic movement but also customized for certain combat enhancements. Namely, that customization boils down to the alloy being lighter weight for swift movement, and somewhat sharpened finger tips for clawing and gripping into otherwise smooth surfaces.

Weapon of Choice: Straight-Edged Katana nicknamed "Lightning Edge"

Sam's prosthetic arm can also be used as a makeshift weapon when needed, though more often than not it's used to block and deflect blows from enemy weapons.

Personality: Sam is a pretty cheery guy for someone who is an amputee. He likes to keep a smile on his face, even when times are rough... especially during those times. According to Sam, the toughest times are when people have to force their biggest smiles and save their tears only for the bitter end. Without smiles or morale, it becomes easier to give in to despair. Sam'll even crack the occasional joke or deadpan the situations he finds himself in. But even Sam knows there's a time and place for everything, and when it comes time to buckle down and get serious, Sam is more than willing to keep the jokes to himself and pay attention to the matter at hand.

Backstory: Originally from the city of San Fransokyo, Sam grew up as one of the top athletes in his school. In particular he was the star runner for the track team. One of the fastest people on two legs, or so his friends would boast about him. Sam wasn't so hot in the classroom though, booksmarts just wasn't his thing. For those times he often had to get help from egghead younger brother, Riley. Though confined to a wheelchair, Rilely was a smart kid, always taking things apart just to see what made them tick, only to put them back together with his own added improvements. In fact, by the time Sam was in his senior year of High School, the 15 year old Rilely had already graduated early and was looking to apply for the prestigious San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Riley never had the chance to begin his classes.

After being accepted, Sam was driving Riley to the Institute for his orientation and it was on this day that world just seemed to end. There was an accident, and Sam lost control of the car and it ended up flipped over in a ditch. Sam was the only survivor, his left arm needing to be amputated. Sam spiraled into depression after this, never stopped blaming himself for the accident. He quit the track team, gave up on his own college scholarship and had even started drinking. But one of Riley's friends from the Institute showed Sam what Riley's project was for entering the school. A set of prosthetic legs based on robotic technology, apparently Riley was hoping they could be used so kids like him could walk again, and so Riley himself could start running with his brother.

Inspired, Sam recruited the aid of Riley's friend to finish his little brother's work. After many days and nights of reading and rereading Riley's notes and making few changes and adjustments, they made their first prosthetic: a left arm for Sam to use. But Sam didn't stop there, he kept fine tuning the build, making it stronger and able to move more and more like a real arm. Alongside this he started practicing martial arts, curious to see just how far he could push the prosthetic arm as well as his own body. Soon he had Riley's friend craft him a sword he later nicknamed "Lightning Edge". But it was sometime after this that mysterious black creatures started overrunning the city. Sam tried to fight them off with his new sword and arm, but there was little that a single person could do when the whole world seemed to be getting overwhelmed.

The next thing Sam knew, he was in a place he later learned was called Traverse Town. Not one to let a second world fall like his own had, it didn't take Sam long to join up with those who were committed to defending the town from threats like the Heartless and the Empire.

~Command Deck~

Blitz; Non-Elemental; Basic
Sliding Dash; Non-Elemental; Basic
Binding Strike; Non-Elemental; Basic

Magnera; Basic

Command Styles:
Traverse Town ~ First District

"Pretty slim to none, I'd say." Leon said, providing an answer to Ashe's question, "Unfortunately, not quite everyone who loses their world ends up in Traverse Town. Sometimes there's the occasional exception that ends up elsewhere." Leon only knew this because he recalled Riku winding up in Hollow Bastion when Destiny Islands was swallowed up as opposed to Sora who ended up in Traverse Town instead. Besides, the idea of a two worlds that train their warriors identically? Way too much of a coincidence, and Leon had long since stopped believing in those.

The sight waiting for them in Third District was a surprising relief. Despite the battle against the Imperator taking place here, the district itself suffered no permanent damage and repairs would likely be fairly swift and easy. Even their friends who had fought here - Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud, and Tifa - though they looked a bit worn out from the battle were otherwise no worse for ware. Not everyone who fought an Imperator walked away in such good health. They were notoriously strong opponents, the Imperators, reportedly able to fell entire battalions with little effort.

"None of you look badly hurt," said Leon to his friends, "that's a relief. But I need you guys to stay on guard a while longer, in the meantime Ashe and I will head to Disney Castle and report what happened here. Well, it's best not to keep Her Majesty waiting, she tends to get worried easily. Let's go borrow a ship from a Cid head on out." Cid, Ashe would remember, was a mechanical expert and famed for his love of Gummi Ship design. Lately he'd been acting as the commander for the Traverse Town Fleet. Getting a ship from him was a simple enough matter and, within the hour, both Leon and Ashe would find themselves being welcomed into Disney Castle.

Disney Castle

Even these times of conflict, Disney Castle never lost its color or liveliness. It's stretched up high and touched the sky with dark blue peaked roofs. But that was only the view from the Courtyard. Leon and Ashe's ship docked with the Gummi Ship bay located in the Castle sub-levels, so they'd have to go up a few stairs before the castle could be seen from the outside. But first, they were greeted by a friendly welcome. Queen Minnie herself had decided to personally greet the pair in fact. She was polite as always, offering a cordial bow as an initial greeting.

"I just received the report from Traverse Town," the Queen said, her high-pitched voice lowered to a softer tone due to sadness, "I do hope no one was hurt." Queen Minnie Mouse, as her name suggested, was a mouse. She was short, the tip of her large round ears only reaching about waist high next to Leon and Ashe. She wore her usual pink dress and a gold crown on her head. Ever since the King's disappearance all those years ago, Minnie had to rule in his place. She tried her best, but admittedly there were some days that even she felt overwhelmed by it all.

"Not this time, Your Majesty." Leon responded, offering a short but noticeable bow, "We managed to fend them off this time, but attacking a central world within the Alliance like that. They're definitely getting bolder."

"Oh dear. If the Empire continues to attack so brazenly, other worlds might be frightened into surrender. We simply cannot allow that. I'm glad you came Leon, do you remember when I sent Daisy to the Land of Dragons?"

"You said that was a diplomatic mission, right? Something about negotiating with their Emperor about joining us? Did something happen?"

"I don't know, and that is what worries me. Daisy and her bodyguard have been good about sending us status reports frequently, but we haven't received any word from them in nearly a week. Oh, I dread to think something might have happened to them."

The Worlds were once one, but became shattered into many in a catastrophe no one truly remembers. Since then, they have remained separate, with great distance between them until each evolved into an individual world in their own right. By present day, the times of the Worlds being one has been completely forgotten. Now they exist as if they had always been separate, and with no knowledge of the other worlds' existence. That all began to change when the Heartless started appearing. Within the Realm of Light, each World has a Heart, a Keyhole granting access to the equal-but-opposite Realm of Darkness. From these openings, creatures of Darkness were discovered by kind-but-misguided scientist named Ansem the Wise. Ansem studied the Heartless, and the Realm from which they came extensively. His research even went as far to create man-made Heartless that he marked with an Emblem so that they could always be distinguished from their Pureblood brethren. This obsessive research eventually led to the opening of the Keyhole of Ansem's world, Radiant Garden. With the floodgate opened, Heartless overran the once-beautiful Radiant Garden until only a hollow shell of the world remained.

At around the same time, a powerful fairy enchantress called Maleficent was preparing to make her move. She'd discovered the existence of other worlds nearly ten years ago, and was now in her final preparation to begin an invasion to rule all worlds. When Radiant Garden was overran by Heartless, Maleficent moved right in and took the castle and its world for her own, renaming it Hollow Bastion. From here, she contacted a select group of like-minded entities from other worlds. With promises of power and the right to rule their respective worlds, they came to align themselves with Maleficent's plans. Only one entity stood in their way. A world called Disney Castle - ruled by the kind-hearted King Mickey - discovered Maleficent's plan and began work to thwart it.

And finally, on a tiny world called Destiny Islands, there lived three children. These three children would eventually come to hold the fate of all worlds in their hands: Sora, Riku, and Kairi. With Kairi having mysteriously moved to Destiny Islands from parts unknown, the three children plan to set out on an adventure to discover Kairi's home, and any other lands and worlds they come across in the process. But fate had other plans. A a fateful night, a storm hit Destiny Islands, and from it Heartless began to emerge and swarm. Riku, viewing this as an opportunity to expand his horizons, dived headlong into the rising Darkness and vanished. Kairi, too, was also taken away by the Darkness. Standing alone, Sora managed to summon the fabled Keyblade and defeated the Heartless boss. But by then it was too late, and Destiny Island's fate was sealed.

Sora survived and found himself in a strange town. Here he made a slew of new friends. Leon, Yuffie, Aerith and Cid; who were all aware of the Heartless and the power of the Keyblade. It was here Sora met his closest friends and allies, Donald and Goofy. During all of this, King Mickey instructed Donald and Goofy to seek out a "key" and then guard it. This search took them to Traverse Town where they joined Sora for a quest to find the King as well as Sora's missing friends. A grand tale unfolded from there. The trio traveled from world to world, occasionally doing battle with Maleficent's allies and sealing the Worlds' Keyholes along the way to prevent them from being swallowed up by the Heartless. Eventually the quest took them to the ruins of Hollow Bastion. Here they confronted Maleficent directly, as well as Riku who had joined her side in his search for the missing Kairi.

After a fierce battle, Kairi and the other missing Princesses of Heart - whom Maleficent had gathered for her nefarious purposes - were freed and awakened. However Riku was not so fortunate. A ghost or spirit calling himself Ansem had taken over Riku's body and retreated to the ominous End of the World. Sora, Donald, and Goofy followed suit, and confronted Ansem deep within the End of the World at the ruins of Destiny Islands. What happened next is a blur. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and even Riku and The King never returned from End of the World. Their fates remain unsolved.

Nearly ten years have passed. Those remaining at Disney Castle and Traverse Town believed the battle against Ansem to have been victorious despite the loss of the heroes in the process. But a new enemy soon made their existence known. All at once, fleets of Gummi Ships emerge from where Hollow Bastion once stood and begin attacking worlds one after another. This force only calls itself The Empire, its ruler remaining unknown to almost everyone outside of it. Instead the Empire was mostly commanded by a set of hooded figures calling themselves the Imperators. In response, Disney Castle scrambled to rescue as many worlds as possible, managing to unite a number of them together into a World Alliance.

With a threat of war between multiple worlds looming in the near future, and heroic figures such as Mickey and Sora nowhere to be found, things have begun to look bleak. Now the responsibility of saving the worlds has fallen onto the shoulders of anyone and everyone willing to stand up and fight.

Character Progression System

We'll be using a freeform-version of the Command Deck from Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. With that in mind, use the various Commands from both of those games as a reference for how Spells and Attacks will work. Just like in those games, Attacks or Spells are first typed as either Physical or Magical, then typed as either one of the elements (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, etc) or as Non-Elemental. From there, they are classed either as Basic, Advanced, or Ultimate level. The only part of the Command Deck system we'll be ignoring is the Deck size cap, as it will mostly serve as a reference list for any and all Spells and Attacks your character knows how to use. Below are some example Commands:

  • Quick Blitz - Physical/Non-Elemental - Basic
  • Thunder - Magical/Thunder - Basic
  • Fire Strike - Physical/Fire - Basic
  • Sonic Blade - Physical/Non-Elemental - Advanced
  • Blizzaga - Magical/Blizzard - Advanced
  • Spark Raid - Physical/Thunder - Advanced
  • Ars Arcanum - Physical/Non-Elemental - Ultimate
  • Mega Flare - Magical/Fire - Ultimate
  • Time Splicer - Physical/Stop - Ultimate

Every character is allowed to start with Guard, Dodge Roll, plus 3 Basic Commands. Whether those commands are Physical or Magical or a mix of both is up to you. As we reach certain points of progression I will let players know that they've earned a new Command to add to their deck. Minor points of progress will earn Basic commands while major points of progress (the defeat of a Boss for example) will earn the party Advanced Commands. Ultimate Commands, being the most powerful spells or attacks of their kind, will generally be earned less often to balance them out.

That just leaves me with Shotlocks and Command Styles. Shotlocks are a very powerful type of Command that targets many enemies at once, while Command Styles are a powerful shift in fighting style to incorporate elemental attacks or other such gimmicks into one's regular fighting style. These are very powerful, stronger than even Ultimate Commands and as such will be the most difficult to obtain. Acquiring these very powerful abilities often requires the completion of a story arc or taking a major step in a character's personal journey.
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I sort of left it in the air whether someone else was going to post to gauge my continued motivation with this project. Seeing as no one did, I thought it was a polite thing to let things end quietly. As of this point, I'll make it official. This will be my departure from this project. No hard feelings, mate.

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