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@Weird Tales I just wanted to thank you for changing your mind, and apologize for being so stubborn and abrasive when making my arguments. I must have sounded like a right ass from your perspective, and I'm sorry for that.
@mattmanganon I know that's a joke, but... I mean, that's pretty much what my feelings boil down to. He looks intimidating, his attacks look awesome and have kickass-sounding names... but that's about all it is for me. Just pure flash, no substance or anything.

I've always been a sucker for Turles myself. The idea of a low-class Saiyan that became disgruntled with his own culture's bullcrap and said screw them and went rogue? Hell yeah, that sounds badass! He starts his own little army called the Crusher Corps and has basically killed entire planets just to grow fruit from the Tree of Might to power himself up? Also pretty awesome. Hell when you think about it, Turles was basically Goku Black before Goku Black was even a thing.

I'd love for Yang to fight Turles. The idea of someone who would just kill entire planets to eat fruit that makes them stronger would absolutely disgust a disciplined pacifist like Yang, seeing that as something flies in the face of everything he stands for. (Spoilers: He'll probably feel similarly about the Super Saiyan form later on as well and likely have no desire to use it himself.)
Broly is a literal Villain Sue. At least the other movie villains had the decency to actually have some kind of explanation for them. Broly just comes out of nowhere and is magically the most powerful Saiyan ever that everyone is afraid of and could never hope to match, aka... a freaking Villain Sue. If you want to kill Broly then be my guest, but I'll not just stand there in awe like a dumbstruck idiot while you do so. That would just be stupid. If I wanted to see 99% of the cast stand around in dumbstruck awe while a single character dominates a villain, I'd just rewatch the actual series itself, God knows it abused the hell out of that trope with Goku. It doesn't help that Broly was one of those villains that just refused to stay gone. They brought him back two more times, a third if you count the upcoming movie. Why? What is so appealing about this guy that I'm just clearly not getting?

As much as I hate how often they brought back Frieza in the Super Era, at least he was a villain I actually liked. With Broly, eh, I just don't get the appeal with him.
My reasoning for having set power level increases was so that players wouldn't constantly increase while leaving others behind. I could work it by having a maximum power level cap for the current arc

<Snipped quote by Double>

The original fight between Frieza and Goku clearly showed that final form frieza at 100 percent power was stronger than ssj Goku. He just burned through his power quicker and Goku was fucking inhuman with how he refused to stop fighting.

No he wasn't. Goku was the one whose power level busted the scouter when they're powers were measured worlds away, not Frieza. Goku was literally toying with Frieza the whole time until he literally got bored.

And you're missing my point entirely. I have no interest whatsoever in having all fights we ever fight in instant devolve into "Everyone dogpile the villain!" Not only is that a dumb strategy that has never worked in Dragon Ball, but it's also setting us up for battles that are bland, repetitive, and impossible to keep track of. How do you not see this?
<Snipped quote by Double>

Having the stronger power level isn't an instant win. Frieza at full power was stronger than super saiyan Goku, but Goku kept on fighting and made him burn through his energy and beat him

What version of DBZ were you watching? Super Saiyan Goku was stronger right from the start, to the point where Goku was the one who stopped fighting because he was bored. There was even a filler scene of Frieza's men on another planet using a large scale Scouter that measured Frieza's power level just fine but broke down when it tried to measure Super Saiyan Goku. Goku was stronger at that time. Several times stronger in fact.

The Saiyan didn't appear to be stopping him, and so Yang flew ahead unimpeded. It took nearly a full minute of his top flight speed to finally put the city in view. In that time, he sensed a number of things happening, and none of it was good. He stopped just as the long-haired Saiyan was coming into view in the distance. He had to make some kind of plan first. There was already bit of environmental damage to the area resulting from the fight, and from that alone he already knew he was in over his head. Many of the other fighters here had stronger Ki than he himself had, and none of them had even so much as wore the Saiyan down. Yang didn't stand a chance. But at the same time, doing nothing just wasn't an option. To do nothing meant that the Saiyan won, and that the people of Earth would certainly suffer.

A swift blur of movement caught Yang's eye. Someone launched a surprise at the Saiyan from behind! It was slim, but Yang saw an opening and without any further hesitation he moved to take advantage of it. His own body shot forward like a rocket on autopilot. He tried to suppress his Ki as much as he could afford to, but hopefully his timing allowed for his own maneuver to go forward without too much impediment, assuming the Saiyan's scouter worked like Yang had heard. According to his Uncle, Scouters could read Ki from an individual and translate it into a numerical value to determine an opponent's power level. Yang also heard that Scouters could only measure one person's power level at a time. The hope here was that the Saiyan's scouter would be measuring the first attacker's power level and as a result of that be too slow to alert the Saiyan of Yang's presence.

Whether or not the first fighter's attack connected wasn't Yang's focus. He had his own target, and in this rare chance that he was hopefully granted to catch the Saiyan off guard, Yang targeted... his scouter. He threw a punch once he was close enough, but that was only a feint. With his other hand he reached for the Saiyan's Scouter. Even if the Saiyan swatted Yang away, hopefully Yang's ploy worked and he would find himself in possession of the Saiyan's scouter. Should that be the case, Yang would waste no time in crushing the device in his hands.

"You may stronger than us, Saiyan, but without your scouter you may as well be fighting blind!" a curious choice of words. For all anyone knew, Yang was a total stranger who had just arrived. How did he know what a Saiyan was? And probably most importantly, how would he have known about the scouter and known to target it like he had?
My plans are to keep power levels under control. DBZ is infamous for letting power levels go into space and become absurd. I want to try and have some consistency in power level increase

But why force those of us who didn't start at 800 to forever be unable to catch up? That feels like we're being punished for no good reason.
Well the plan was for him to join forces with Raditz as soon as he got there, but because of how diako attacked him, he threw that out the window, as why wouldn't Raditz a member of the same species act any differently? Also I don't remember who but someone got stuck with Diako cause the person never followed up after Josh left.

That would be me. I already decided I'm going to post today because I'm tired of being stuck.

Anyways, there are plenty of options to avoid having too few villains to go around. Apart from my suggestions involving Saibamen and Movie Villains, these are also possible solutions:

1. The Frieza Force is an army spread about the entire galaxy. Just because we only see a fraction of it in the show doesn't mean we can't incorporate more of it to provide a larger force for us to deal with on Namek.

2. The Androids/Cell Arc... I won't lie, this one's going to be difficult to deal with. There aren't any underling type enemies to speak of apart from Cell Jr, and those didn't show up until the actual Cell Games. Until then we're just going to have to decide ahead of time who's going to be the most useful in defeating Androids 16 through 20. I think my suggestion involving the movie villains would be most useful here, since we could then throw in 13, 14, and 15 in addition to the main 5.

3. The Buu Arc had me stumped for a while, since the closest thing Buu gets to underlings is splitting himself up into Mini Buus. But then I remembered something crucial... and that is Dabura. His role in the actual show is short and he ends up (much like many characters) criminally underused. But Dabura is the King of the Demon Realm, which suggests that he naturally has his own army of demonic servants and warriors, right? So what if Babidi not only employed Dabura but also Dabura's army along with him?
An easy fix for the Saibamen is to a take a page from the various DBZ video games. One of the DBZ games is an RPG on the Super Nintendo and Saibamen are of course a random enemy encounter you get early on. But if I recall correctly that game used recolors later on to indicate a Saibamen as being higher level than earlier encounters.

What if we did the same thing? Raditz uses the lowest quality Saibamen and then Nappa plants his own batch later and then the heroes are surprised when these different color Saibamen turn out to be more of a challenge than the batch Raditz used?
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