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Shibuya District, World of Makai

Even in the dead of night, the streets of Shibuya were lit like a sports stadium. Like many metropolises, it was a city that never truly slept. Someone somewhere was always out for some reason or another. There seemed to be just such a person in one of the lonelier alleyways. An alluring woman, slender and with long raven hair. She wore a similarly black dress, one that allowed her to show off her hourglass figure. She walked alone with an almost seductive saunter, her stilettos making a loud echo on the pavement. She wasn't alone for very long, in moments she found herself face to face with a man. He wore what looked like some kind of light grey or white coat, it's hood drawn to partially obscure his face. No words were exchanged, just a beautiful smile and a gesture of invitation before the woman began to saunter off, expecting the man to follow. And follow he did, until he found himself alone with her at the dead end of an alleyway.

"So the rumors were true." a voice, the man's. He seemed to look glance around himself in curiosity before focusing his attention back on the woman he followed, "Still seems like a strange place for something like this." the woman still did not say a word. She glanced back at him with an inviting smile, even letting one of the strips of her dress slip down almost like a preview of what she was promising. The man said nothing more and took a few more steps closer to her. The woman's smile widened almost with joy, but just as the man would have been in arm's reach she let out a high pitched shriek. Her once beautiful face contorted into something monstrous and terrifying before she suddenly twisted around to lung at her human prey. However, a flash of light burst from the man's hand as he spun his body around, summoning his key-shaped weapon directly into a spin slash that repelled the attack and sent the Horror staggering, "Tonight the hunter becomes the hunted. Sorry about that."

Meanwhile, there was another who had not made his presence known. He watched the encounter from above on a rooftop. When the "woman" revealed her true nature and moved to attack, the man made his move. With a heavy curved sword in hand he dropped straight down from the 20 story roof he was standing on. On his way down he slashed his sword at the air, the blade appearing to cut a swath into another dimension, and from it several pieces of purple armor flew out and formed themselves around him. By the time he hit the ground, he had fully donned his armor and the Makai Knight brought his mighty blade crashing down on the surprised Horror, appearing to cleave it in two. He heaved the heavy sword around in a show before pointing it at the other man. This garnered an almost annoyed reaction from the man with the Keyblade.

"You know I had that one, right?" he asked, blunt and in a matter-of-fact tone and completely unfazed by the Knight's show of strength.

"I saw an opening and took it." answered the knight, his voice sounding slightly distorted from under his helmet, "Besides, since when were we keeping score?" unfortunately the Horror wasn't quite dead yet. It started reforming itself right behind the Makai Knight. This prompted the Keyblade Wielder to suddenly point his weapon in the knight's direction so that a beam of light could shoot from the tip, zipping past the Knight's head and hitting the Horror before it could launch a counter strike, "See? The kill is still yours, happy now?" asked the knight.

Before the Keyblade Wielder could answer, swarms of Unversed began appearing in the Horror's place. At least, that was the name the two brothers had decided to give these mysterious monsters. They always seemed to show up in the aftermath of Horror attacks or even while one was in progress. The Makai Knight and the Keyblade-wielding Makai Priest went on the attack, fighting as if they'd rehearsed this exact scenario a hundred times before. Thankfully the Unversed group wasn't a large one and the two cut them all down soon enough. But before the two could relax they found themselves at the epicenter of a portal opening around them.

"What the?" the Keyblade Wielder exclaimed, but before anything else could be said or done, the two were gone from their world. And the place they next found themselves would not be friendly at all.

BGM: Ventus

Thankfully the fire was mostly just instantaneous. A quick, instant lashing that was gone in just as a much of a flash as it first appeared. That of course left Vic there, crying a torrent of tears and trembling like someone lost in the arctic. The vision was still in his head, the hooded stranger, and his the red of his eyes was like something glaring into Vic's soul and plaguing him with nightmares. But in his own mind's eye, Vic could see the image slowly but surely begin to melt away. Fear became slowly replaced by calm as a feeling of safety and reassurance seemed to wrap itself around the boy's mind.

"I don't know if this helps you, but how about being my friend?"

It was probably just his own mind playing tricks on him, but for a moment Vic swore he heard one of the voices he'd been longing for. In reality, his shot open and he looked through tear-blurred eyes. And just for a second, it looked like Terrence actually was there, his stronger hand on Vic's shoulder in a gesture of comfort. He could even see Ashley sitting nearby as well. Vic fought back a sob but before he could be to happy, he wiped the tears from his eyes and saw two strangers where he thought his friends had been.

"I just... want my home back, and my friends..." he voice was once hushed, his tone timid and nowhere as loud and assertive as when he had lashed out. Deep down he knew going home wasn't an option right now. That monster in the hood made it all vanish, and so stopping him and his 12 cohorts was what Vic would have to do if he wanted any hope of ever going home and getting the people he loved back. But this stranger in front of him seemed to have similar desires, and at the very least was offering a hand of friendship. That was the first time anyone had done that for Vic since he met Ashley and Terrence.

BGM: Boy Meets Girl, Twoson

"O-okay!" Vic finally responded. No matter how confusing this all was, the last thing he wanted was to be alone. But next time had to be different. He couldn't just keep freezing up and expecting to be bailed out. No, he had to do his part, and that would mean figuring out how to summon the Keyblade without Ashley and Terrence giving him the strength to do it. It was probably going to be hard, and he'd have to face the hooded monster again eventually. But giving up was not an option, Vic refused to let it become one.


Name: Yang
Race: Earthling/Human
Ki Color: White
Power Level: 1,365
Location: Yunzabit Heights
Tag: @Silver Carrot Open

"Fukurou Forest?" Yang knew of the region, of course, after all it was where Master had built his home. Likely this person's town was in another part of the large forest region, away from Master's home. But this also meant that she was not who he was looking for, but perhaps she knew of them? Only one way to find out, "I am Yang Wuxin, former disciple of the late Master Feng. He lived in an isolated home that can also be found in Fukurou Forest. Before he passed, my Master instructed me to seek a temple somewhere in this area and to seek training there. Do you know of it by any chance?"

Admittedly Yang was also stalling for time, as he was also waiting for Korvus and Ryuhei to catch up to him. He couldn't imagine they would be too much longer so at this point it was probably better to go ahead and wait a little longer for them. In the meantime, he could find out a little more about this stranger, "Once I find it, I'm going to convince the master living there to train me. Two others will be joining me, and you seem to be strong yourself, so if you wish to do a little training then I don't see why you couldn't join us."

Agni and Ignitio weren't the only ones awakening with confusion. Vic barely got his name out before... something grabbed him. Maybe it was someone? Hard to tell, especially after being frozen first. But when he came to he was somewhere else entirely. He found himself in the interior of a spaceship, not that Vic was actually aware of it being a ship. For all he knew he was just in one of the buildings or one of the rooms of the palace. But whatever calm he may have had thanks to his brief conversation with Agni was completely gone. Fear once again washed over himself. Fear, panic, and the burgeoning signs of anger and frustration.

He heard voices and turned around to spot the two strangers he had tried to speak to earlier. He also spotted the stranger who saved him. But most importantly, one of the two was pointing a gun at the third and demanded an explanation. Of course, Vic too wanted an explanation, but was too panicked to even think straight. He wanted to be returned home, he wanted to be with his friends again. And all at once he couldn't help but see the terrifying PSI user in his mind while replaying his previous two encounters with him over again in his head.

Vic squeezed his eyes shut, tears even beginning to trickle down his cheek before he suddenly let out a piercing scream. Raw PSI power swelled within his mind and instinctively shoved away anyone who thought to move closer to him. And then, with only minimal control of his own power, Vic channeled his PSI until screaming out a single command, "PK FIRE!" this made a burst of psychic fire lash out around the kid, as if designed specifically to incinerate enemies attacking him in a clustered group. And of course, Vic had no idea whatsoever that he was in a sealed ship in the middle of space. And to be honest, he was probably too panicked to care either way.
I mean... if it's Power Rangers wouldn't it make sense to have the whole team?

Well Vic wasn't really left with much of a choice. Heartless were appearing in droves and this person was apparently the only one around who wasn't actively trying to kill him. The stranger led Vic in the direction of a palace. On a normal day, a suburban kid like Vic might be awestruck by such a sight, but for now the palace was instead under siege and so sightseeing wasn't on his mind. Honestly Vic had no idea how anyone was supposed to deal with the giant machine, but the stranger who saved him seemed to have it covered. It was when he transformed his Keyblade into a shoulder-held cannon that Vic suddenly realized that the stranger even had a Keyblade in the first place.

His eyes widened with surprised. So there were more of them? The moogles back home didn't mention the existence of multiple Keyblades, and so Vic had never been aware that others besides his own existed. But, how did this person summon theirs without any help? That was something he might have to ask about if the opportunity ever came up. But that opportunity didn't seem likely. The stranger managed to wreck the machine and neutralize it, but someone else appeared and began to monologue. And then one other appeared, an older person who was soon flanked by six black coated figures on either of his sides. One of them, on the old man's far left, simply teleported from what seemed like out of thin air. And as the old man began speaking, that figure's glare glowed red from under their hood and was fixed squarely on Vic and nobody else.

"Not him... not again!" Vic trembled, stumbling back and falling on his rump on the street. He stared in terror at the glaring figure for what began to feel like an eternity. And that was when Vic realized that time had basically frozen. And the glaring figure was responsible for it.

<Ness... you still live?>

The thought projected itself into Vic's head, and it unmistakably belonged to the monster glaring down at him. Vic was too terrified to reply. Time seemed to unfreeze, and the other figures accompanying the old man vanished one after the other. The glaring figure from Twoson seemed to linger a moment, as if fighting back the urge to go on the attack. After a tense moment, the figure vanished in a manner similar to how he appeared, albeit somewhat... glitchy.

Vic could hear the voice of the old man nearby. He wasn't addressing Vic, ignoring him in favor in threatening the one who helped him instead. But Vic only partially processed what happened. The image of the glaring figure remained burned in his mind. And it kept him frozen on that spot, terrified not just for himself but for what might have happened to his precious friends. It wasn't until he heard another voice that Vic finally found himself able to move again.

"Excuse me. If it's not too much for me to ask, are you OK? I couldn't help but notice you do seem scared."

Turning his head toward the source of the voice, Vic met the gaze of another stranger. This one looked even more outlandish than the first he had met. Vic remained quiet. Shyness was always Vic's one crippling weakness. Socializing, especially with strangers, was just not something Vic was ever good at doing. It was the primary reason he preferred using PSI to talk to animals instead.

"My name is Agni Blackheart, by the way. What's your name?"

Vic couldn't just stand there dumbstruck. Not replying would just be rude. And so he mustered whatever courage he could and responded, "...Vic." in an almost cartoonishly timid tone. He shivered, visibly shaken and utterly confused.

Name: Yang
Race: Earthling/Human
Ki Color: White
Power Level: 1,365
Location: Yunzabit Heights
Tag: @Silver Carrot Open

Just as Yang had heard, Yunzabit Height was a cold place. It wasn't all ice, most of that could only be found on the highest peaks of the island. That didn't stop the island from having a brisk chill, made even more unforgiving by the near constant winds that blew over the island. It was almost like this island was an epicenter of sorts for air currents that traveled to the rest of the planet. Yang stopped when he reached the shoreline and hovered in place in the air. The wind gave him a chill, and his borrowed cloak flew behind him like a flag. Yang scanned the initial area, seeing no structures or any signs of life.

"Must be further into the island..." he muttered to himself, and prepared to fly further inland. But he stopped when he suddenly sensed that he wasn't alone. Someone was relatively near, apparently having just arrived. This was Good, Yang believed, assuming it must have been Korvus or Ryuhei catching up to him. He flew to where he felt the power level, but could see no one. At least, not in the air. That didn't make much sense. Surely they would have flown here, right? Still, the power level was right around here somewhere, in fact Yang had to be practically on top of it.

The only place they could be then, was on the ground. So Yang lowered his altitude until his feet gently touched the ground of a plateau. He looked around, scanning the area for any sign of life. That was when he spotted the Beastman, a wolf or other canine type, possibly female if their height and physique was any indication. Yang approached her, but slowly. She was a stranger to him, after all, and Yang was nothing if not cautious, "Hello?" he said once he would have been in earshot, "Do you live here? Perhaps in a temple?" there was always a chance that she was whom he was sent to find, so Yang had to be sure.

Now Playing: Night of Fate

"Uh..." Vic groaned as he awoke. He sat upright, feeling a crick in his neck that he immediately started stretching to treat. He slowly got to his feet, and glanced around. It was only now that he realized he was no longer in Twoson Town. Eyes widened as the boy's gaze darted around, almost in a panic. Where was he? Where was this? What happened to Twoson? Terrence? Ashley? He saw no one around, at least none he recognized. Finally he looked up at a darkening sky and saw the portals. Heartless? So even here, in this strange place, they were still present? He took a few running steps in the direction of portals, intending to fight again. He stopped, however, he saw a particularly large portal appear in the distance only to produce a giant humanoid machine.

Vic swallowed hard. He'd seen some Heartless before, but whatever that machine was was something else entirely. He also suddenly started feeling a sharp pain in his mind. Someone was projecting their thoughts and feelings and doing so with an almost dangerous intensity. Vic clutched his head, finding himself unable to move or concentrate. This went on for some moments until, all at once, it stopped. During that time, Vic had seen some images pop into his head. None of it seemed recognizable, and probably came from whoever had been projecting it. Still, Vic breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of the mental pain finally being gone. Then he steeled himself and started running again.

The closer he got to where the machine appeared, the more hectic things became. Soon Vic found himself under attack, not by the machine but by Heartless instead. He reached out a hand, remembering that the Moogles once told him that his Keyblade was the only thing that could permanently defeat a Heartless. Vic tried to summon his Keyblade... but nothing came. This was confusing, and unfortunately the boy had little time to think it over. Instead he frantically put up a PK Shield to keep from being pounced on, then countered with PK Fire. Then he tried summoning the Keyblade, but again nothing happened.

Is it because I'm alone?

Now Vic was starting to become afraid. With the Keyblade, he at least knew he had a means to actually defeat these monsters for real. But it was gone, he couldn't get it to appear and he had no idea why. His only idea was that his friends were the reason he could summon it before. They did give him more strength than he felt he had on his own. Where were they? What happened to them? That was beginning to worry and frighten him even more than the Heartless. Speaking of, the Heartless went on the attack again, but Vic was able to put up another PK Shield to keep them at bay.

What do I do? How did even I get here? What's going on?

The fear in him grew, causing him to begin projecting his thoughts as if instinctively. It wasn't like when the machine appeared. Vic's thoughts were scattered, frantic, but most of all they were more like a trickle compared to the torrent that was Amuro Ray earlier. And unlike Amuro... everyone could feel these thoughts projected to their minds. This may have been similar to the Gundam's pilot, but most definitely not the same.

Noel mostly ignored the other thief. He could tell right away that they were nothing alike, "Why would anyone aspire to this kind of life?" he asked, half-joking and half-serious, "Stealing from people who did nothing to provoke you? Living one's life with the law as their enemy? I don't aspire for this life, I aspire to get out of it." he pulled himself away from the other thief and left the throne room rather abruptly. He could have waited for a room key, but why bother? The Calling Card would open any room he would ever wish to gain entry to, and from the sounds it it seemed like none of the others had fully realized this fact yet.

"The sooner I get this over with, the sooner I can salvage whatever's left of my life back home." he muttered to himself as he began to wander the halls. He didn't get much time to explore, as alarms were sounded throughout the palace. Hmph, they hadn't even started and were already under attack? This was either very good news or very bad, depending on this how this all played out. One look out a nearby window told Noel all he needed to know. A massive force of Heartless led by a giant machine of some kind. That settled it, he was officially out of his mind for considering working with these people. Police, Soldiers, even Heartless were all one thing. But that giant metal thing? How was anyone expected to deal with that? Still, Noel had to do something because like or not, he was caught up in this mess.

"Were you looking for me?"

Noel looked around quickly. Someone was watching him, even taunting him with laughter. Noel darted around the corner of a corridor where he believed the voice was coming from. It spoke again, but this time coming from directly behind him. Noel spun around to catch a glimpse of who he assumed was his enemy.

"Catch me, then... if you can." a black coated figure in a mask that covered his whole face spoke with a taunting tone, even giving a bow as if wishing Noel before stepping back into a dark portal that opened behind him. Noel didn't hesitate.

"You're mine!" he lunged forth after the masked intruder, through the corridor and without any thought given as to where it led to or how in the world he would ever get back.


Eagle Land ~ Twoson
Playing: F-F-Fire!

The skies darkened over the once peaceful Twoson. Creatures previously identified as Heartless appeared en masse from the shadows and from several portals opening around town and even above in the sky. This was not the first time these monsters appeared in Eagle Land, but this attack put the previous one to shame. No, it wasn't just an attack, this was a full on invasion! The defense system created by the Moogles did as much as it was able, but the Heartless's numbers were overwhelming compared to their first appearance in this world. To make matters worse, a giant Heartless appeared in the center of town and went on a rampage. It had long, beefy arms, a heart-shaped hole in it's chest, and everywhere it went it seemed to conjure up pools of blackness that summoned smaller Heartless in its wake.

A small child ran for his life right behind his parents. He looked back in panic and to his horror tripped and fell to the pavement. He scrambled to get to his feet as his parents turned to help but one of the monsters was already jumping in for what they thought was the kill. Time almost froze for a moment, but then an arc of lightning struck the Heartless and reduced it to nothing. Another boy, this a little bit older came running forth, scrambling to pick the fallen child back up on their feet and rushing them to their parents. They ran as a group for a bit before the older boy stopped and turned to face the oncoming wave of monsters. He placed his forefingers on his forehead to concentrate his mental energy. And then, as a small cluster of Shadows moved to attack he thrust his palms forward.

"PK Fire!" a small amount of psychic energy shot from his palms that shortly exploded into a gout of flame that incinerated the attacking Heartless. But the large kept walking forward, slowly and menacingly.

"Vic!" two voices cried in unison. At that moment, the boy named Vic was joined by two other young people: an older boy named Terrence and a girl named Ashley. Vic let a smile appear on his face at the sight of friends. Around them, he felt strong, stronger than he ever felt he was when alone. He reached out a hand, and in a flash of light the weapon known as the Keyblade appeared once again in his grasp.

"Right then..." Terrence grunted, brandishing a pitchfork he'd grabbed from the farm, "... y'all ready to kick monster tail or what?"

As if they were a well-oiled machine, the trio appeared to dart out in different directions. Terrence charged forward, unafraid of the monster staring him down and bracing himself for a nasty fight. Ashley darted to right, and started setting off a series of fireworks and bottle rockets she'd managed to prepare ahead of time. As for Vic, he hung back, and just as the giant Heartless tried to spew forth a series of dark energy balls, he used another of his handy Psychic powers, "PK Shield!" and before Terrence could be struck, a barrier appeared around him and took the blasts in his place. That was when Terrence started swinging away with his pitch fork, letting the three prongs dig into the monster as much as it could. That was also about when the fireworks and bottle rockets came soaring in and knocking the monster for a loop as well.

"He's open! End him, Vic!" Ashley's voice, calling out from the place she'd launched her last rocket.

Keyblade in hand, Vic ran forward. He used PSI to launch himself up for a clear shot at the monster's head and hit it with the blade with everything he possibly could. The Heartless reared back and slowly melted back into the darkness from whence it came. The trio of friends cheered, believing this would put a stop to the invasion. But rather than slow, the invasion only picked up more momentum! Three more of the giant Heartless appeared, and the three friends looked around with expressions of terror. But Vic swallowed down his fear and readied himself to fight again. Giving up simply wasn't an option. But then, another made their presence known.

"It is you, then." the invasion almost seemed to pause, as silence fell around the area. The voice that spoke, actually it wasn't speaking at all. It was using PSI to project its thought as a form of telepathy. Vic sensed a presence coming from a nearby roof and looked to see it. He saw someone, wearing a black coat and hood. Everything about their features was completely masked and shrouded by their attire. Still, Vic couldn't afford to be afraid. He launched a PK Thunder at the stranger, but their figure simply disappeared into thin air before they could be hit. In an instant the figure reappeared, right in Vic's face. This startled him enough make him stumble back, even falling down to the pavement. He looked up at his attacker, seeing nothing but a menacing red glow where his eyes likely were under that hood, "No power is greater than mine." the figure declared, once again projecting their thoughts using PSI.

Vic scrambled to his feet and swung the Keyblade to attack. Even Terrence and Ashley joined in, the latter using one of her heavy wrenches as a makeshift weapon. But all three froze in movement before the hooded figure. He was using his PSI to hold them still, frozen and helpless. With a small gesture, all three attackers were flung away as if they were nothing. The Keyblade slipped out of Vic's grasp and vanished the same way it had appeared earlier. Before Vic could do anything else, an invisible force picked him up and held him in place the air, Vic feeling like the very air and life was being squeezed out of him by this person's psychic grip.

The figure teleported directly in front of Vic and glared from under their hood, the glowing red seeming to intensify even further. They appeared to move as if to finish Vic off, but suddenly reared back. Whatever grip the figure had on Vic was now gone and the boy dropped to ground with almost lifeless thud. He was rapidly losing consciousness, but before he was out completely Vic watched through blurred vision as the hooded attacker almost seemed to... glitch out of existence. Then everything when dark.
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