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So I bought New Gundam Breaker. Just thought I'd let everyone know since that game is likely going to be distracting me quite a bit over the weekend. <_<
After logging back in, Takatora found the buzz surrounding Adam's video even more inescapable. In the online world there were even more people talking about it. Some were in discussion, others were debating who would actually win in a match up. Takatora was pretty sure he could even hear a rather heated debate - in the loosest terms, since it seemed to be becoming an argument - coming from somewhere but chose not to pursue it. If the players around here knew that he was a personal acquaintance of Adam's, they'd likely be swarming him right about now. Either curious to hear his thoughts, or perhaps as an angry mob if they were fans of King. Either way it wouldn't be pleasant.

"Focus, Takatora." he told himself aloud in a whispering tone, "You're here for you're own reasons." he continued telling himself as he made for the battle registration table. He'd probably take it easy and look for a solo event he could use to test the waters on the Hayabusa's full capabilities. But as he walked, he was making one last double check of the Hayabusa's specs when he noticed something in his character screen. A friend request, having been in his inbox for nearly twenty four hours now. Right, I'd almost forgotten about them. Alright, I humored the Meijin so I guess there's no harm in humoring the other guys for now as well. With a bit of lingering reluctance, Takatora accepted Isamu's request from the previous day which would naturally send one in return automatically.

"Right, now to focus for real..." he muttered after closing his character screen. It was time to knuckle down and get serious. Sento had shown him just how powerful the Hayabusa could be when it was in Kiyotaka's hands. Now it was time for Takatora to start bringing out that potential. Assuming GBN's rules even allowed that to be physically possible. He didn't know what he was going to do if this turned out to be waste of time.
Takatora stared at his phone in disbelief, "Adam... what are you thinking?" thinking back, the last time he saw Adam was the previous day, he migrated to the Japanese server to observe a battle involving King. Was this the reason? Takatora remembered a specific part of Adam's private message. I'd seen all I need to see. He wasn't planning this from the beginning... was he? There was no time to think about it. Takatora pocketed his phone and grabbed his book bag. Today was still a school day, and so he would have to wait until the afternoon to get the Hayabusa back from Sento. In a way he was almost nervous about what Sento would say about it. What if it wasn't as strong as it seemed? Or worse, what if it was too much to him to actually handle?

He could barely pay attention throughout the day, instead having to resort to remaining on auto-pilot for most of it. Between thinking about his inevitable trip to Sento's later and overhearing a number of conversations concerning Adam's video, it was difficult not to have those thoughts racing through his head. Eventually, the school day came to its end and Takatora practically made a b-line to Sakuraba Plastic Models. He was anxious to get the Hayabusa back, but even more so about hearing the result of Sento's appraisal.

It was almost midnight. He couldn't afford to remain up all night, but at the same time he couldn't afford to go to bed yet until he reaped the results of his work. At last, something appeared in his inbox. A video, and the young man watched it intently. So that was what King looked like? Interesting, it was almost strange knowing that he was likely one of the first people to ever get this good of a look at King's person. When the video finished, the man reached for a nearby bottle of water and drank from it, actually downing what was left inside. Then he stood up, the video paused on King's grimace, and picked up a nearby mobile phone. He awoke it from its idle mode and then looked for a specific contact before pushing the call button.

"It's me." Adam said, when he heard the recipient of the call answer. He wasn't speaking in his native Romanian, in fact he wasn't even speaking in English either. He was, in fact, speaking Japanese of all things, "I take it you saw the video?" a pause, "That's true, everyone in the GBN community has seen it by now. I'm letting you be the first to know... my challenge was accepted." another pause, "Actually, no. I have another reason for calling you. I'm going to email you the full specs of the Blood Baron, it's been too long since it's last appraisal." another pause, "Yes, I'm well aware there are shops here in my country, but you're the only person in the world I would ever want to entrust my Gunpla's secrets to." one final pause, "Right, I'll send it in the next hour or so, so keep an eye on your inbox. Thank you, Sento. Goodbye." and then he hung up. The next 20 or so minutes was spent putting together a list of his Gunpla's specs that he then put into an email that he sent to an old friend. When that was done, he could finally lay down in bed and get some much needed sleep.

When he made it to Sento's store, Takatora entered the door without any pause or hesitation. He was getting even antsier about the appraisal. But once he was he inside, he heard Sento's voice coming from the back end of the store. It sounded like he was on the phone. As Takatora approached the counter, he could hear a little of what Sento was saying.

"You do know there are shops in your country, don't you?" there was a pause, "Well, now you're just trying to flatter me. Oh fine, I'll appraise it for you. An hour or so? Alright, I'll be waiting for it. Goodbye." and then there was a click. After that, Sento emerged and spotted Takatora, "There you are, right on time. That's good." he went behind the counter and reached under it. When he stood back up again he presented the all-too-familiar case for the Hayabusa, "Just like it was when you brought it to me, just as promised."

Takatora practically snatched the case from him and quickly opened it to check on the Hayabusa. True to his word, it looked absolutely no different than when Takatora brought it in. The fact that Sento could so perfectly recreate the build after dismantling it was a testament to the sheer level of his building skill, "So...? What can you tell me?" Takatora asked after an awkward long pause.

"For starters," said Sento, hanging a small poster board on the wall behind him before beginning to write notes on it, "he was a lot more prepared than I used to give him credit for. Not only does it have the Scale System for underwater mobility, but he also equipped it with Trans-Phase Armor to be used in a pinch. Turns out the black paint job isn't just for looks, that particular paint has a peculiar oil mixed into it that somehow renders the Gunpla nearly invisible to enemy scanners and radar. So much like how the Deathscythe and Deathscythe Hell could be used for stealth operations, so too can the Hayabusa, but he took it further than that. The legs have a clay-like substance reinforcing them. This provides a dampener of sorts of that allows the Gunpla to step silently despite it's scale size. Not completely silently, but enough to make a difference."

"Scale System and Trans-Phase Armor? I... didn't even know about that." Takatora admitted, suddenly feeling a little foolish for having piloted a Gunpla he apparently knew very little about.

"A standard vulcan, nothing particularly unique, just an emergency back up weapon. The twin beam sabers are an interesting choice, near weightlessness of a beam saber allows them to be swung faster than a solid. That combined with their beam energy blades make them ideal for high speed strikes capable of burning through physical defenses. Of course there's also the Dragon Buster, it's weight allowing for powerful swings that deal devastating damage, it's ideal for larger and more heavily armored opponents such as Mobile Armors. But the real trump card, the real masterpiece to this build..." paused before gesturing toward the katana, " that sword there, the Dragon Sword."

"It's just a Katana, though..." responded Takatora, to which Sento practically slammed his hand on the counter.

"It most certainly is not 'just a Katana'!" exclaimed, before clearing his throat, "While it may look like the same Gerbera Straight used by the Astray Red Frame base model, this sword has been modified. Now it holds a powerful secret. With each swing, each strike against opponents, the blade can collect and store particle and kinetic energy bit by bit. Over time, it builds up, and then it can be released for a single, extremely powerful strike, far more deadly than anything than even the Dragon Buster is capable of. From what I gather, you can actually see the signs of the energy the blade stores whenever it pulses with electrical sparks. Evidently those aren't just cosmetic, but instead act as a visual cue for keeping track of how much energy is stored in the blade."

Takatora blinked in disbelief. Could that really be true? He had to admit, he had noticed the Dragon Sword occasionally sparking with electrical energy but... he always just assumed that was a design choice for dramatic effect. He never would have guessed there was an actual functional purpose to it, "I... honestly had no idea. Is it really that powerful?"

"I thought you might ask," Sento said, "so I dug this up." he pulled up a video clip on his phone for Takatora to watch. It was battle footage of the Hayabusa, but was recorded a long time ago, meaning that Kiyotaka was the one piloting it. He was in battle against a Psycho Gundam capable of firing a large beam shot from its chest. The specific moment of the clip showed the Hayabusa's sword almost constantly producing sparks up and down the length of the blade. The Hayabusa boosted forward, making for a direct frontal attack against the Psycho Gundam which fired it's chest beam. But the Hayabusa didn't dodge, instead the blade gleamed as the black gunpla sliced into the beam, releasing the stored energy and producing a golden-like aura that burst from the blade and seemed to extend it's length and greatly increase its power. After that, the beam from the chest laser actually split into two, indicating it was being cut in half by the Dragon Sword as it continued boosting forward. After a moment, the Hayabusa blew past the Psycho Gundam and sheathed the sword in time for the big Mobile Armor to split it into two halves before exploding.

"...Wow." was Takatora's only response.

"Of course, your mileage may vary." warned Sento, "After all, what you just saw was Kiyotaka at his best. The actual power and effectiveness of the sword likely boils down to the skill level of the pilot. I doubt you'll be cutting down Psycho Gundams anytime soon. It's also very possible that what you witnessed was Kiyotaka's special technique awarded to him upon reaching Rank C. If that were the case, then you may not be able to use that attack at all. Even when you reach Rank C, the attack you are awarded with is one completely unique to you, which would mean this particular attack may simply be impossible for you to even use, much less master."

"But what choice do I have? I don't have any Gunpla of my own, so I'm just going to have to master the Hayabusa. Even if I can't be as strong as him, I can still use what you told me to be even better. So... thanks." he took the Hayabusa and hurriedly left the store. He was now more eager than ever to log back into GBN. If for no other reason than to try out the other systems and functions of the Hayabusa.

"I really hope..." Sento said with a sigh after Takatora left, " show more ambition than that. You'll never grow if you just stay like this forever."
@Renny Oh, before I forget. Feel free to add Sento to the NPC list.
@vancexentan Takatora didn't make the video. A pilot named Adam Roman did. A pilot who is currently at Rank A and is in the top tier in the European Server. That's kind of the main reason why the video went viral in the first place. Because it's one top tier player calling out another.
Waiting for the timeskip. Don't think anyone wants to watch/read Takahashi's brooding while he builds king rex in real life. He won't have anything to say about it until the next day, and he probably won't care much about the open challenge. 'Hype men' aren't usually Takahashi's thing so a challenge to the king won't interest him all too much unless the plot deands it.

Even if he doesn't care about it, viral videos tend to get spammed in people's inboxes and on message boards due to, of course, being viral. It'd be pretty hard for him to not at least see the video or overhear a bunch of people talking about it.

Edited my post to include Adam's video going live later that night. Feel free to have your characters view and react whenever and however you think they should.
Later That Day

By the time Takatora had made it to the store, it was close to its closing time. He'd spent so long logged into GBN that he wasn't going to have enough time to really do much today. He didn't let that stop him, though. He could at least ask Sento to teach him starting tomorrow if necessary. Thankfully the door wasn't locked yet and so Takatora entered the shop. No customers were around, probably because it was only minutes before closing time and the sign had even already been flipped over from "Open" to "Closed", meaning that Sento was wasn't expecting any more customers. Takatora looked around and his gaze became focused on the central display case, causing his eyes to widen. There must have been dozens of Gunpla on display in that case. From varying series, movies, and other official sources. And true to Sento's reputation, they were all beautifully constructed, each one almost perfectly emulating the model's look and feel. Some had battle damage added for artistic effect. Some even had sprinkles of dirt on them to simulate how heavily utilized they were in the lore of the series they came from.

"Ah, I'm sorry to say that I've closed for the day-" called a voice from the back room. The door to that room opened, and a young man emerged into the main room of the store. His expression shifted slightly when he realized who it was that entered. Not one of negativity, in fact if anything he became rather intrigued, "I was wondering when I'd see you..." said Sento, scratching his head briefly as he stepped closer to Takatora. Sento looked to be be in his early twenties, like someone of college age. Or perhaps a year or so older, with him it was difficult to tell, "He came to me too, after all. It's only natural that you would eventually follow his footsteps."

"Sento..." replied Takatora, brief hesitation in his voice before he seemed to regain his determination, "...I need you to tell me the secrets of the Hayabusa." he said simply, even holding up the Gunpla case for Sento to see.

"I'm not sure what I could tell you," Sento admitted, "you know that I am not the Hayabusa's builder."

"But you taught him what he knew!" exclaimed Takatora, raising his voice slightly but then continuing in a more apologetic tone, "You more than anyone can help me understand it. Don't you always claim that you appraise a Gunpla with a single glance?"

Sento allowed himself a prideful smile, "Well... that is true." he replied, seemingly forgetting to show humility of any kind, "Are you saying you want me to appraise it? You do realize that usually requires me to take it apart...?"

Takatora hesitated again. The idea of someone dismantling the Hayabusa was frightening to him. But there was no other choice, Kiyotaka was no longer around to tell anyone the secrets of his Gunpla. After a hard swallow Takatora nodded, "You'll be able to reassemble it, right? So... do it." and then he noticed Sento snatching the case without any further hesitation or confirmation.

"Ah, what a nostalgic build. Brings me back. The black paint job, the incredible fusion of two body frames..."

"Two body frames?!" asked Takatora, genuinely surprised by this, "You mean it's a hybrid build?"

"Of course," Sento said, raising an eyebrow, "surely you could tell that much on your own by looking? The Hayabusa is a combination of two different base models..." he paused, eyes scanning the shelves before he snatched a pair of boxes and showed them to Takatora, "...these two, to be precise." the boxes were for the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame and the MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame, "I'll appraise the build for you, but I'll need to keep the Hayabusa for tonight. It'll take me a couple of hours to get a more thorough look at it, and it's already closing time. Don't worry, you'll have it back first thing tomorrow exactly as it was when you brought it in, you have my word."

"Are you sure?" but before any further conversation could be made, Takatora was practically shoved out the door and it was locked behind him, "I guess that's it then..." and he started for home.

Brother... please forgive me.

Later that Night

In the middle of the night, a certain video went live. It was viewed, and shared, and then re-uploaded. By morning, virtually every inbox in GBN was buzzing with messages about the video, links included. Discussions began to murmur, and then after a while some of them turned into heated debates. Anyone who clicked the link, no matter where it circulated from, was treated to the following:

Please say that Sento is an exception to that rule. I don't think either of us can actually come up with 100 different builds. Not unless we're doing it slowly over the course of the game whenever Sento is brought in to battle for any reason.

Edit: Also the wording I used in describing Adam's video? It also very conveniently be used against Takatora as well. The Hayabusa isn't his. Someone else made it, and that's the only reason Takatora has won any battles. A nice little way kickstart Takatora's character arc in earnest.
True. I think Riku upgraded 00 Diver into 00 Diver Ace after only like five or six episodes. That's not even mentioning the upcoming the character in the RP - Sento Sakuraba - who despite not battling anymore has literally 100 custom gunpla builds in his personal collection. Plus another 100 straight assemblies kept on display in his store.

To clarify something, the Adam thing doesn't need to resolve immediately. In fact it makes more sense for it to be something that builds up over a bit of time, like building hype and publicity in a highly anticipated grudge match.
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