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Okay, now that I'm home, let's start pumping out a few more details:

1. The standard races from the series and most of the abilities associated with them will still apply. However I do plan on adding a few things, particularly to the Earthlings so they don't feel like they are perpetually falling behind. And on the subject of races, I'm going to try and make each of the races feel as unique as possible, with each potentially having their own unique options available to them so that each might have their own appeal.

2. Saiyans. They are indeed a thing. No, they are not completely extinct, in fact there will be a few more of them present than in the canon series for reasons I will go over at a later time. However, I may implement a nerf here or there for the Saiyans to keep them from becoming as disgustingly overpowered as they got in the canon series.

3. Power Levels. This one's a bit trickier for me to explain, because while they will technically be present, I also want to stress they are not by any means going to be the end-all-be-all of what a character is a capable of. In fact I have no intention of implementing any strict rules regarding numerical power levels. Even though there will be people with Scouters who will read power levels from your characters, those numbers aren't really going to be all that meaningful. Much like the show, your power levels are going to be rising and falling based on your control of Ki among other factors, so they will quickly lose their relevance anyway.

4. The Dragon Balls themselves. Honestly, I'm considering the possibility of not including them at all. If nothing else, this will create a much more intense feeling of stakes since death would now be much more of a permanent fate and thus carry more significant weight to it. This point isn't set in stone, though, so if anyone feels we should include the Balls then feel free to say as much. I'll probably base my decision on what the general consensus ends up being.

5. Sagas and Arcs. Yep, we'll be using the structure of telling the story over a series of Arcs and Sagas - yes there will be a difference. Arcs will be shorter and sometimes more fillery, while Sagas will be longer and more plot relevant. I've already got a decent idea what the first two will be (The first being an Arc, the second being a Saga) and possibly a third though it will be delayed until later on. But feel absolutely free to suggest ideas for Arcs and/or Sagas. They can be used for exploring characters' personalities and backgrounds and be the platforms from which their character arcs can launch from or progress to. In other words, I very much want them to be just as character driven as they are sweeping and epic.

With those points in mind, the opening Arc will, as tradition dictates, be about Saiyans arriving on Earth - though not for the reasons you might be thinking of. For you see, though Planet Vegeta and its King have indeed been killed off, from there is where things will be completely different. For one thing, the Saiyan King left behind not one but two sons, and the older of the two wants nothing more than to kill his younger brother so that there is no one to threaten his claim to being the new Saiyan King. He sends out the few survivors he managed to gather to find a new planet for the Saiyans to take over, and in the process hunt down the younger brother and kill him. Said brother just so happens to be on Earth, having landed there 5 years ago and has been living there among the humans in a self-imposed exile. And I think I'll leave it there for now, wouldn't want to give away everything right off the bat.
A role play for those who wish to tell a wholly unique story while still following the core rules of the Dragon Ball setting. No canon characters will be appearing, save for a few villains with whom I'm going to be taking some liberties. More details later when I get off work, but for now I'm putting this out there so people can post their interest if they feel so inclined.
The same way you deal with any drop out. You figure out what story elements they offered, keep what is absolutely needed, and write out what isn't.

Mecca, Green Sahara
@Nerevarine@Tenma Tendo

BGM: Primal Eyes

Truth be told there was no stopping the Lost Soul Beast. There was only two ways to do it, and the second involved simply killing them. As for the first, Ezra honestly had no idea if he had the strength to pull it off. The Lost Soul Beast went to attack once again. Ezra braced himself but found himself saved by a projectile that came from one of the two young women. The unexpected shot hit the Beast in the head, glancing off the helmet but was enough of a surprise make it stagger back a step. That was when orbs of light surrounded it and shot forth chains in an attempt to restrain the Lost Soul Beast.

Against all the odds, the chains actually did hold for now. The purple-armored Lost Soul Best struggled to move, but only really managed to move itself about an inch or so before the chains would tighten their hold once again. This was it! It had to be. No other opportunity would present itself to get this right. It was now, or never! Ezra shot forward, sprinting as fast as his legs would carry him. He pulled back the blade of his weapon in preparation for a high speed thrusting attack that would hit the Beast square in the lower torso, "HYAAAAAAAH!" Ezra cried out as his attack came ever nearer to Lost Soul Beast. But all once, the the image of Shun's face flashed in his mind. Ezra's eyes widened in surprised horror, realizing all too late that he had stopped his own attack just short of hitting the Beast. And also before he realized it, his eyes began to water with tears. It was plainly obvious what happened. He couldn't go through with it.

"Why do you hesitate? Stop Shun now!"

The voice surprised Ezra. His eyes shot toward the right hand of the Lost Soul Beast. On its middle finger rested a very ornate ring shaped similarly to Shun's helmet, but with small bat wings extending upward for decoration. It was largely iron or steel in color, save for the central piece that was a deep purple amethyst similar to Shun's armor. The ring could speak, and was the source of the voice that spoke. This was enough to snap Ezra out of his hesitation, but he could already tell that the Lost Soul Beast was about break itself free of the chains. It was too late to strike it down now. Instead there was only the next best thing. Ezra reached up and forcibly removed the ring from the Beast's finger before taking a short hop backwards. He quickly slid the ring on his own finger and began to channel the ring's power.

Ezra swiped his ring-adorned hand forward until it drew a pentagram shape in the air. That pentagram expanded in radius and encircled the Lost Soul Beast. Just as the chains had finally broke, the pentagram summoned forth a Corridor of Darkness that swallowed the Lost Soul Beast, transporting it to some other place. The point was, it was no longer here and the hard fought battle could finally come to end. As for Ezra, he dropped the Keyblade, the weapon vanishing in a flash of Light and Shadow before he himself dropped to his knees. He was at a loss for words. He had a chance, one chance to potentially end it... and he hesitated.

"Huh? Apprentice?" Vic pointed to himself awash with a look of confusion, "Well, no... not really." and just like that he let himself fall back into silence. He was no diplomat, he was barely a fighter. In fact the question of why he was even here in the first place still nagged at the back of his head even now. But his quiet wasn't meant to last it seemed. The youngest of brothers excitedly introduced himself, and apparently his name was Victor. According to Agni, they were similar. Unfortunately, Vic just couldn't see it.

"Friends? Me?" he looked confused again. This was the second time in the same day that a stranger asked to be his friend. This never happened back home, people kept to their own and stuck within their clicks or inner circles, always hesitant to allow anyone new inside them. But these brothers were practically the opposite of that. Well, two of them were anyway. Ignitio remained skeptical of basically everything, and that included Vic as well, "Well, sure, okay." he said, nodding but honestly had no idea what else to say.

Well, he was saved from further conversation by Judah, who led them to a safehouse. Based on the conversation, it sounded like the Princess wasn't really a princess. That was honestly a little disappointing, as it meant Vic wouldn't get to meet a princess after all. Oh well, at least the mission was going easily enough. He'd been kind of expecting them to have to fight their way to wherever the Princess of Heart was, but instead they were being led to her peacefully and without any hassle. Once they entered the building, Judah called to the girl named Lucy, who emerged from behind the hood of a truck. The sight of her made Vic stop in his tracks.

The way she looked, her obvious inclination for tools and machinery. It was like looking at a grown up Ashley! Vic found himself staring at her, but only a fleeting moment before he realized it and quickly looked for something else to focus his curious gaze on.


Mecca, Green Sahara
@Nerevarine@Tenma Tendo

Ezra's breathing began to grow heavier. With each lash of the whip, his own fatigue creeped up to him another inch closer. He obviously wasn't going to last in a dragged out fight. The Lost Soul Beast was just too much of a monster for that strategy to work. Instead he needed to do something more decisive. In truth there was only really one way of stopping the Lost Soul Beast, but actually mustering the strength necessary to pull it off?

The Lost Soul Beast began to advance again, but Ezra decided to drop his strategy of keeping his distance. With another lash of the whip weapon, its segments wrapped tightly around the base of the Beast's sword and the hand that gripped it. Ezra pulled as hard as he could, disarming the Beast was likely not possible, not with such a stark difference in their physical strength. But Ezra could at least try to keep the Beast from swinging the weapon. The Beast's arm trembled and shook, it's fury only seeming to grow even more before it suddenly yanked its arm back with inhuman strength. With the whip still wrapped tightly around, Ezra found himself flung forward, right toward the proverbial jaws of death.

He had to think fast, and an idea popped into his head, "Dark Firaga!" he shouted, releasing an explosive dark fireball from his free hand when he was close enough to physically shove it right into the Beast's face. The explosive force knocked Ezra back, but it also did so to the Beast, who staggered back and looked like it actually took real battle damage for the first time since this battle was begun. As for Ezra, he staggered to his feet. The whip weapon glowed a bit before it returned to its original Keyblade shape. The two women approached and seemed to be flanking him on both sides at about this point. So from this point it looked like Ezra wouldn't have to fight alone.

Renovation's Might
@Letter Bee@MagusDream

BGM: Good Morning

The sounds of knocking woke Vic from his name. He sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes. As soon as he realized someone was knocking he jumped from the bed and quickly went to answer the door. When it opened, Vic didn't see anyone at first, at least not until he looked down and saw the Moogle looking up at him.

"Morning, kupo! We're here!" it seemed like the same Moogle Vic talked to earlier. Just as he was asked, he was coming to wake Vic, "Kupo, I think Tocsax wants to see everyone in the meeting room, better get over there, kupo!" the Moogle didn't stick around long, he probably had other duties to intend to. So Vic was left alone to his own devices for now.

He closed the door and retreated back into the room. Vic stood in front of the mirror and did his best to get rid of his bedhead hair. For a moment he sat down on the edge of the bed, but stood back up when he felt something pressed in his pocket. He pulled it out and smiled to himself. It was an old, worn baseball cap, red in color. Inside the cap was another object, flat and round, white in color and depicting a blue lightning bolt in the center. That's right, he remembered these. They were from home. His mind went back to the morning before the attacks started.

BGM: Love Theme

"You ready for school?" Mom asked, her warm smile filled with love and comfort, "Good. Dad's already left for work, so now it's your turn to get going." she watched Vic grab his bag and the brown lunch bag before he took off for the door. Without really thinking, she stopped him, "Hold on." she started rummaging through one of the drawers, "Now let's see here... ah!" she produced an old red baseball cap and gave it to Vic, "This used to be your Dad's. He always said it brought him luck, so maybe you can use it too?" she knelt down a bit and put the cap on the boy's head, "And this is from me." she presented a white badge that she pinned onto the cap, "It's a charm that'll help keep you safe. What do I mean?" she winked at him, "Well, you'll just have to keep it and see for yourself. Okay get going, Hun or you'll be late! Love you!" Vic waved back at her as he ran off to catch the bus.

BGM: With My Father-in-Law

"Hmm..." Vic stared at the cap for a long moment, before nodded to himself. He put the cap on his head, looking himself in the mirror to make sure it fit him right. As for the badge, he left it pinned to the cap, just like Mom had fixed it that morning. He didn't know if Mom was serious about the cap bringing Dad luck or the badge protecting him. It didn't matter either way, these were the last two things he had from home, and that alone was enough for them to mean the world to him. But even so, he supposed it wouldn't hurt to give them a try. Who knows? Maybe they would bring him some luck and protection? With one last smile to himself, Vic clenched his fist and nodded to himself in the mirror with determination. Then he left the room, having a meeting to get to and not wanting to be late.


The briefing went well, or at least Vic thought it did. He wasn't accustomed to this sort of thing so all he could do was make assumptions. There was some introductions, though Vic stayed quiet. Talking to one person was hard enough, much less a whole room full of them. According to Tocsax, they were splitting into 3 teams. One team would go to Germany and defeat a man named Hitler, while another team would go to Russia and do the same to a man named Stalin. Vic had never heard of either men or the places, but the descriptions made them seem like exceptionally bad people. Finally, the third team was go to Britain and recruit the person Tocsax said was a "Princess of Heart" and her bodyguard. Well, the first two assignments seemed pretty frightening, and Vic always wanted to meet a Princess... so he filed himself into the third group. It also helped that Agni was in that group as well and he was one of the only people in the ship that Vic could feel any level of comfort around.

So he followed Agni and his brothers. They chatted a bit but the teams were quick to part ways afterward. Still keeping quiet and to himself, Vic found himself on the transport taking the third team to Britain. It was a short trip, so Vic found himself standing in London proper in what felt like no time at all.

But almost immediately, the team was set up and threatened by a stranger with a Keyblade. Another person who could summon one without the help of any friends? Now Vic was sure there was something he was missing in terms of how all of this worked, but he'd have to figure that out later. For now, the mission needed to be the primary. concern. Ignitio was quick to fire back with a threat of his own, but Agni and Victor seemed able enough to reel him in. As for Vic, he still didn't say anything. He did, however, glance nervously between the team and the stranger. He really hoped not to fight anyone, which was of course the fourth reason he chose this group over the other two. Their mission sounded like it had the least amount of fighting of the three.

"...Um..." Vic started, but shut himself up quickly. Never in his life did he ever feel so out of place than right now.

Mecca, Green Sahara
@Nerevarine@Tenma Tendo

Unable to move. Unable to even speak. All Ezra could do was watch. He knew, just as Shun did, that the Makai Armor's remaining time was miniscule at best. Knowing that fact did not make watching Shun's transformation any easier. Right before his eyes, Shun was gone. In his place was a monster, a beast of unnatural strength and power. And to make matters worse, the sheer rage and hatred of the Lost Soul Beast made it the perfect beacon to attract the Unversed into this world. As if there weren't enough problems. But Ezra could do nothing!

But, then he began to notice that he was no longer alone. Someone else moved to attack his captors other than the Lost Soul Beast. Two someones to be exact. Young women, probably within the same age range as himself. Who they were or what reasons they did this he did not know. If only he could warn them! The Lost Soul Beast would attack anyone that found themselves in its sights, even would-be allies such as these. But then, Ezra found himself staring stiffly at the visage of one of the girls. She'd come to him specifically and seemed to be guarding him while also trying to use her own magic on him. He was in no position to resist or protest.

But a man appeared soon after, and he brought with him a wave of black creatures. These were different, not like the Unversed, and Ezra had never seen them before. But the girl seemed to know what she was doing. She moved them to another position and used her own power to fight back the wave. In his mind Ezra was becoming increasingly furious. He needed to move! He needed to fight! His eyes began to show tiny movement, twitching and struggling to change expression. In those same moments, the tips of his fingers also began to twitch and struggle to move. Finally! The paralysis seemed to begin losing its hold on him!

BGM: The Key of Light

Shakily and forcibly, Ezra's right hand raised up. The light of the girl's magic had washed over him and was already washing the paralysis away. Then, a flash of Light and even some Darkness as well burst from his outstretched hand in order to produce his Keyblade, Blackened Soul. Then he finally shot up so he could sit upright, finally able to move. His gaze shifted over the girl whom he had been staring at for so long during his paralysis. Seeing her smile and offering a small nod of thanks.

"Keep... keep focusing on the creatures. I'll... make sure my brother's attention is on me." he pushed himself to his feet and pointed his Keyblade in the direction of the Lost Soul Beast to indicate him as the one he identified as his brother, "And... thank you." he tightened his grip on the Keyblade and made a dash forward.

BGM: Stand and Fight

Ezra cut down whatever Unversed or other creature got in his way as he seemed to make a b-line for the armored menace, "SHUN!" that got the Lost Soul Beast's attention. Ezra made a decisive opening attack, putting as much of his momentum and strength as he could into a slash that was aimed a the stomach area of his intended target. The Lost Soul Beast moved its heavy sword to take the blow like an improvised shield, only to suddenly return with a mighty swing of his own. Similarly, Ezra used his Keyblade to take the brunt of the swing, though the impact still knocked him back a fair few feet.

"Fine then..." Ezra's eyes glanced down at his Keyblade, which seemed to become a flash of Light and Darkness as if it were dismissed. But rather than vanish, the Keyblade actually broke apart, many of it's pieces scattering only to reassemble into a wicked whip-like weapon. With a spin of his body, Ezra brought his newly formed whip weapon around for a wide arcing swing that allowed him to strike at the Lost Soul Beast without getting within reach of the sword. Perhaps by keeping his distance he could minimize his chances of having to take another blow. But could the whip hit with enough force? Ezra had no idea. When the Lost Soul Beast began to run forward the Makai Priest had to think fast. He held out his armored hand, and it suddenly produced a large and powerful fireball that also seemed to be blackened by Darkness, "Dark Firaga!" the projectile shot forth and the Lost Soul Beast had to jump back in order to avoid getting caught by the blast. This put him at a distance again, and so Ezra could resume his previous strategy of preventing the Lost Soul Beast from getting too close.
@Yam I Am I do own Echoes, but haven't played very far into it. Still that sounds neato. Sign me up!
@Yam I Am I couldn't help but notice a distinct lack of any mention of magic. How exactly are magic classes meant to be incorporated?
Ugh, the IC pages are about to outpace the OOC ones...

Blame it on everyone talking through Discord. Also, the IC being more active than the OOC is somehow a bad thing? I freaking wish I had this "problem" in any of the games I once tried to run.
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