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"You must lower the moon! It is your duty!"

The Alicorn stood her ground, staring at her opposition without fear, but her eyes were filled with sadness and grief. Right before Celestia's eyes, her sister Luna transformed into a nightmarish enemy. They took to the skies around their castle keep, powerful collisions of arcane magic practically lit up the night sky. They battled fiercely, their tactics resembling a mix of Unicorn and Pegasus training. Both equines loped around each other as their magical blasts tore apart the castle around them. It was a duel between Alicorns that would surely be remembered as one of biggest of all time. After a seeming eternity of evenly trading blasts, one of Luna's shots struck true and Celestia's form went crashing back down into the roofless audience chamber of the keep. She was motionless for a moment, but then the floor in front of her opened up and a set of six gemstones floated up into her possession. With a painful flap of her wings, Celestia took to the air once more, the six gemstones following close behind her thanks to her levitation magic.

"You must stop this, Sister! You go too far!"

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, Luna was gone, and in her place was only Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon quickly spotted the gemstones and realized Celestia's plan. She fired one last powerful beam of raw arcane magic at Celestia, hoping to blast her out of the sky before she had a chance to cast the spell. But she was too slow, Celestia's horn shined with radiance as the gemstones floated in front of her, beginning to fly in a circle that suddenly blasted an even more powerful beam forth from it. The two beams of arcane energy collided with a crackling and explosive flash. They appeared to push against each other, but only for a fleeting moment before Celestia's beam easily overwhelmed that of Nightmare Moon. The dark mare let out a blood curling scream as the beam covered her and forced her right up into the night sky until the mighty beam hit the very moon itself. It was done, the banishment was complete, and all across the land Ponies of all three Tribes were able to see the aftermath of the final attack: an unsettling image of a pony on the surface of the moon.

Suddenly Celestia also screamed in pain, her tear-streaked face contorting as sparks of energy leapt between her and the six Gemstones, while her scream echoed throughout the area in the form of her booming royal voice. Without warning, they all exploded in a flash of arcane light. Celestia's lifeless, slumbering form crashing back into the keep while the six Gemstones flew off in separate directions across the land.

Ten years have passed. Celestia remains in her deep slumber, showing only the faintest signs of life and none at all of ever waking. The land is divided by the Three Pony Tribes: Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies. Decades ago they once waged bloody war with one another over the lands. It was only the birth and intervention of the two Alicorn Sisters that prevented them from destroying one another, the sisters able to broker an unsteady truce between them. But both are gone now, and with their disappearance, war is inevitable. It's no longer a question of whether someone will strike, but who will be the one to strike first.

All three Tribes are ruled by their noble families: most of whom own entire towns or villages, while others are just simply the strongest or most powerful of their peers. Sometimes, it is a combination of both. But such harsh leadership has been stirring unrest among the common peasants. The divide between rich and poor, noble and low-born, is an incredibly wide one that seems to only be getting wider and wider. From the peasant communities, a flame of rebellion has burned here and there. Battlecries in the name of the Moon and She Who Rules It ring as masked rebels attack anywhere and everywhere. At first the uprisings were small, local and isolated. But in the recent months, they've begun to converge into a much more massive force. At this stage, the nobles and their armies have no choice but to respond, also beginning to mobilize with the intention of quelling the so-called Lunar Legion at any costs.


The concept of this RP is to tell a tale that is heavily inspired by Fire Emblem, while also set within the universe of My Little Pony. An odd combination, but one I think will work quite nicely as we blend together the fantastic elements of MLP with the war and political intrigue of Fire Emblem. You'll be able to take the role of one of a few playable races and class before setting forth to make your mark on history.

The main thing to know before signing up for this is that I've taken some liberties with the MLP canon. Equestria was not founded at the time of Nightmare Moon's banishment, and the banishment itself took it's toll on Celestia, rendering her in a comatose state that she doesn't seem likely to ever wake from. The plot will then focus on a 100 year period of Ponies with no Alicorns to lead them or guide them, and the conflicts and political power plays that arise from that.



Some classes are exclusive to certain races while others are "neutral" and thus can be used by any race. Such will be noted in the list. Also I'm going to include links for the classes at a later time.

1. Cavalier===>Paladins (Earth Ponies)
2. Knight===>Generals (Earth Ponies, Yaks)
3. Fighter===>Warrior (Neutral)
4. Thief===>Assassin (Neutral)
5. Archer===>Sniper (Neutral)
6. Myrmidon===>Swordmaster (Pegasus, Griffons)
7. Pegasus Knight===>Falco Knight (Pegasus)
8. Griffon Knight===>Griffon Lord (Griffons)
9. Pirate===>Marauder (Neutral)
10. Nomad===Ranger (Yaks)
11. Mercenary===>Hero (Neutral)
12. Mage===>Wizard (Unicorns)
13. Healer===>Justicar (Unicorns)
14. Inquisitor===>Justicar (Unicorns)
15. Shaman===>Druid (Unicorns)


Coming soon!

Character Template




I don't have time to get an OOC up tonight (Curse, you real life!) but I will, come hell or high water, get one up tomorrow night for sure.
@Reflection Oh, let me give you a more substantial answer for your question. Yes, Gryphons are definitely going to be playable. I have no solid plans for what I'll do with their kingdom, but there will be Gryphon mercenary armies in play for the early game.

Are either of you still interested? I know it's been a few days and I apologize for that. I'm still able and willing to start if you are.
So um... how many more days are we giving them?
Anyone else? Would have liked a bit larger of a group.
@Reflection They... exist? Gryphons can be playable, but I don't see them playing a particularly major role in plot events. The story is about the Three Tribes primarily, after all.
Sorry if the title isn't exactly inspiring, unfortunately I haven't thought of a proper title to call this yet.

Anyway, on to idea itself. It's simple really, a Fire Emblem-inspired RP set in the MLP universe. I've had some vague ideas on how to handle character classes but those aren't set in stone yet. But the setting itself will be an alternate version of the canon universe. Liberties will be taken with the established canon in order to tell a more compelling story. Things play out normally up until Celestia is forced to banish Luna to the moon. Before this, both Celestia and Luna have used the Elements of Harmony on previous threats in the past, but this was the first and only time a pony used the Elements completely alone. This ended coming back to bite Celestia, as the experience leaves her totally drained and in a comatose-like slumber where she will remain until she is fully recovered. Her sleep is a long one, though. A hundred years passed where there was no Alicorn royalty to keep the unsteady truce between the three Pony Tribes, and now it seems like chaos is inevitable.

Notice that I never referred to the sisters as Princesses. That's because they aren't. They had become Alicorns, but the Monarchy of Equestria had not been established yet, and so they were not recognized as Princesses. That's also why I referred to the ponies as the separate tribes, because at this point in history they have not come together yet.

So in a nutshell, the RP will focus on the 100 Year period of Celestia being in her comatose state, and the political strife and conflicts that arise from that between the Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies. I realize I'm being a bit vague on the details, but that's because I'm purposefully leaving some blanks so that I can remain open to suggestions and other contributions for how the setting can be better fleshed out.
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