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Aaawr, don't want to pick Siloh up? X3

It's just that he's coming from a totally different direction. Ninja Village is located in between Anistar City and Couriway Town. That means he'll be hoofing it through the mountainous routes that wrap around the western side of Kalos in order to reach Santalune City so he can go south back to Vanville.

He can be there to pick Siloh up provided he arrives early enough. It just depends on when he received his letter and departed compared to the others, I guess.
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I’m thinking an Airport.

I'm thinking Kay's the exception there since he's traveling from Ninja Village, which is still within Kalos.


Word Count: 769
Level 8 Roxas: 31/80
Level 6 Ganondorf: 20/60
Exp Gained: +2
NEW EXP Balance--- 33/80 | 22/60

Carnival Town
Sandswept Sky

It wasn’t hard for Roxas to recognize some of the other Seekers. Bowser and his Troop were pretty much impossible to miss no matter what changes they went through. Queen Sectonia was also equally hard to miss as well. The Orsterrans, on the other hand, took him a moment to remember. But he did indeed see them both at the Twilight Town meetup. But there was one particular person Roxas remembered that didn’t seem to be present anymore. And it didn’t take him long to inquire from one of the other Seekers what happened to her. Jesse had apparently decided she’d had her fill of fighting Galeem and took her leave.

It saddened him. Jesse, along with Midna, had been the first Seeker Roxas really got to interact with other than Sectonia. But she had clearly made up her mind, and so she would be missed. The Nobody then also realized that Omori was missing too. But unlike Jesse, he wasn’t gone because he had parted ways. Apparently he had fallen victim to one of the Consuls and the Seekers had no choice but to take him down along with a group of other allies that had previously parted ways with them. Just how strong were these Consuls if they could turn Seekers against one another like that?

And then there was the one new face among the other contingent of Seekers, whom Roxas did not recognize. Ganondorf, the tall cloaked man in dark armor. For a bit he seemed to be giving Roxas an occasional look whose meaning he couldn’t comprehend. But what Roxas could tell about the man was he was practically teeming with darkness. Maybe that was it. Maybe the Gerudo Warlord was being put off by the Light in Roxas’ Heart.

”Hm.” Ganondorf finally said to the lad, ”Another would-be Hero of Light. How… quaint.”

”What’s that supposed to mean?” Replied Roxas with a bit of tension in his tone.

”Nothing to worry thyself over.” The man responded. ”I was merely… remembering someone from mine own world.”

Roxas paused a long before he finally said anything back. ”...Right.” Something about this guy was making him feel uneasy. Maybe it was the obvious power of darkness he was drenched in. Or maybe it was something else entirely. Well, maybe he’d get a little more comfortable around him over time. At least he hoped he would.

”I understand that thou can eliminate Galeem’s influence without using a Friend Heart.” Ganondorf said out of the blue, ”Pray tell, is this true?”

”That’s right.” Roxas confirmed. ”It’s a power my Keyblade possesses, among other things.”

”Interesting,” Ganondorf said. ”very interesting, indeed.”

Roxas had seen that kind of look before, and he shook his head with a smirk. ”Don’t even bother.” He said, seemingly able to guess what the warlord was thinking. ”The Keyblade chooses its master. It’s not something you can just take by force.”

”Naturally.” Ganondorf said with a bit of a deadpan tone. ”Not that I would ever dream of conspiring against my fellow Seekers.” He added, even though Roxas found it really hard to believe that. ”And besides, I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would willingly embrace the Light such as that.”

Later on, both Ganondorf and Roxas were among the Seekers in the Big Top. Frankly, Ganondorf was about to turn around and leave, having little interest initially in playing minigames. But then the Orb Machine was mentioned, and this at last piqued his interest. A machine that could dispense Spirits in exchange for prize tokens? Maybe there was a good reason to take part in these games after all? Of course, the other thing that convinced him to stick around was the sudden appearance of Captain Falcon. The man in question was the first one to accept the challenge and follow Ballyhood through the curtains. Well this meant the Seekers wouldn’t have to scour the town in search of him it seemed. Instead it seemed as if the Captain had found them, albeit by happenstance.

Roxas, of course, had no idea who Falcon was. ”Who was that guy?” He asked no one in particular. And Ganondorf happened to be standing nearby enough to give him an answer.

”Captain Falcon.” He said. ”He was one of the original fighters who stood with us against Galeem in the beginning.” The warlord explained before adding. ”We would do well to add him to our ranks before we leave here.”
@Crimson Flame
Since Kaylan did his first gym challenge 5 years ago, I'd be curious to know if any of the Gym Leaders were different back then. Like if Clemont and Korrina are teenagers now, would they still have been Gym Leaders five years ago or would their predecessors have been the Leaders at the time?
@Crimson Flame You can use Dorian if you want. It practically gives me an excuse to use him as Kay's driving force to master Nega Evolution or even Ash-Form for Jiraiya.

Anyway I transferred over the character and made the necessary adjustments to backstory to account for Jiraiya not being with him. The Jiraiya CS is still there but he's specifically labeled as "Not in Party".

I know the Pokemon is fully evolved. For balance purposes, I'm willing to have Kaylan have no Pokemon on him at all to start with so that Jiraiya can rejoin him later, if such a compromise is preferable.
Obviously for the sake of balance/fairness, if a trainer is challenging the league for a second time, they would be pulling an Ash Ketchum and committing to starting fresh with a new team. Minus perhaps their original starter as the sole holdover from the first team.
I think it'd be kinda funny if one these older characters is a washed-up trainer who took on the League Challenge once before, lost, and is now having another go at it.

Word Count: 630
Level 5 Captain Falcon: 3/10
Exp Gained: +1
NEW EXP Balance--- 4/10

Sandswept Sky
Carnival Town

For the time being, Captain Falcon was in one of Carnival Town’s many food courts peppered throughout town to give tourists and other funseekers a place to rest and enjoy meals. In his case, Falcon was in the food court just outside the racetrack entrance. He was currently chowing down on an order of tacos from one of the many food vendors. It tasted pretty good, but it simply didn’t compare to the bundled tripe that Captain Falcon considered to be his favorite.

Then he overheard some talk about falling objects crashing onto the edge of town. Falcon wasn’t entirely sure how he could have missed something like that. For a moment he considered investigating the rumor, wondering if maybe it represented some kind of potential threat. But the murmurs also went on to claim that the objects were merely some new visitors having come to enjoy the fun and games, so the Captain decided that looking into it was probably not necessary. Other than that, the conversations going on at various tables weren’t of any real interest.

After finishing his lunch, Captain Falcon went to pay his tab only for the vendor to insist that it was on the house. This wasn’t too uncommon, given the celebrity status of most of the racers, so Falcon thanked the vendor who he assumed was a fan and offered an autograph instead of payment. To this, the vendor was happily willing to accept. Signing autographs had long since been second nature to the F-Zero Pilot, so signing this one took him no time at all. After that exchange, Captain Falcon went on his way.

He considered returning to the racetrack, but paused with some hesitation. He’d honestly not done much here other than racing. And the more he thought about it, the more he started to think that maybe he should give himself a break from the racetrack for a while. There were other ways to enjoy oneself in Carnival Town, and Falcon didn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t go ahead and see some of those other games for himself. From what he understood, Ballyhood’s Big Top was the place to go if one wanted to take part in some competitive minigames against - or in some cases alongside - other visitors. And so it was there that the F-Zero Pilot went.

The Big Top wasn’t hard to find. It was the only circus tent in the entire town, and it was a massive one at that. So spotting it even from a distance was quite easy. He went through the opening flaps in time to catch the tail end of the explanations for how the games and Orb Machine worked. He also noticed a slew of visitors who appeared to be looking to take part, and absolutely none of them looked familiar to him. Were they the ones who came down in the falling objects? Maybe they were, and maybe they weren’t. It honestly didn’t matter to Falcon either way. As far as he was concerned, these people - no matter where they came from - were the competition.

Right after this was when Ballyhood zoomed through the gap in the curtains, beckoning all who was interested to follow behind him. Well, Captain Falcon had long since made his mind up and was quick to step on up, announcing his presence to the others in the tent in the process. "In minigames or on the track… Captain Falcon ALWAYS plays to win! So good luck to all of you fine folks." He told the other people there with a smile and thumbs up, "Because you’re gonna need it to beat ME."
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