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The representative practically yelped in surprise at his sudden fall, or rather his near-fall. He was caught by Niko in time to avoid hitting the ground, but Niko himself was glaring down at him. At the question, the representative began to quiver. Of course he was scared out of his mind, but he did shoot a look at Han.

"You said it was-"

"I'd answer the question if I were you." Han said immediately, cutting the man off. Clearly Niko was in no mood for playing the runaround, and he looked a lot angrier than Han expected him to. Something must have come up, but that discussion would have to wait.

"You'll never find him, you know." said the suit between chattering teeth, "The money came through enough outside channels to be untraceable. Nothing will stop the contracts from being carried out!" he was making an attempt to still be defiant, but his shivers were betraying his fear of the situation.

Contracts? With an S? As in plural? That was unexpected. Who else could possibly be a target other than Niko? And who were the other assassins hired? Hopefully they would be able to get this information out of the suit. Han decided to speak up again, "You still haven't given us a name." he said, his tone cold and seemingly uncaring.

"Fine, fine!" said the suit, looking like he was about to throw himself to the wolves, "My client, it's-" a bright flash of light followed by a roaring motorbike engine silenced him.

"Get down!" Han shouted, and suddenly dived forward and tackled Niko to the ground. It was just in time too. The motorbike nearly ran them down. But they could just make out another sound, a rather sickening sound of flesh being cut open. The next thing the two knew, they saw the rider of the motorbike, coming to a halt and holding a bloodied katana in his hand. It was him, the sword-carrying man that had previously met with the suit earlier. And on the ground was the now decapitated body of the suit in question. He'd been silenced, that much was obvious.

"...Goda!" Han said, starting to go into a fighting stance. He clearly knew man, and now also would wear a look of frustration and worry on his face.

The man named Goda slowly wiped the blood from his blade before returning it to his sheath. After that, he shot Han what looked like friendly smile, although the look in his eyes made it clear that this apparent reunion was far from friendly, "Han, Han Han..." Goda said with a seemingly disappointed tone in his deep, gravelly voice. "Sparing your mark and helping him turn against your client? What kind of self-respecting assassin does that?"

"What I do is none of your concern, Goda." said Han, showing a genuine look of hate in his eyes for the first time since he'd met Niko, "And it's none of my father's, either. You can tell him that when you return to report to him."

Goda simply held up a wagging finger, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You think just 'cuz you're the boss's favorite that means you get to mouth off like that? 'Fraid that's not how it works, kid." he twisted his neck a bit and some audible cracks and pops could be heard. Then he pointed a finger directly at Niko, "You gonna finish your job, or am I gonna have to do it for you?"

"The contract was mine alone, and I chose to reject it. You and my father have no say in what I do or don't do. Period." Han said, refusing to let himself be intimidated.

Goda simply shook his head, "Not the answer I wanted to hear, kid." he gave a fake exasperated sigh, "Guess you're just gonna have to learn the hard way, then." and as if on cue, 6 black clad figures emerged from various hiding places. They were dark gi's that looked strikingly similar to the one Han himself wore. In fact they were very nearly identical. That denoted only one thing, that these people had trained in the same place Han originally had.

"Fortunately for you, I'm bit busy. But my boys here are more than happy to finish the job. Oh don't worry, they're under orders not to kill you, Han. But the boss never said shit about roughing your ass up! Be seeing you!" he took off on the motorbike as the 6 assassins began to close in on Han and Niko.

"I'm sorry, Niko. This is my fault. It seems this mystery of ours involves my personal problems as much as it does your own." Han said, his tone apologetic, "I'll tell you more when we get out of this, I promise."


I don't know what answer the guy should be giving us.
Wu Han

The majority of the night was spent in conversation. Han learned of Niko's story and his true reasoning for entering the Tournament. The RAMI Explorer tragedy was not something Han was overly familiar with. He'd heard the headlines before, but that was all. At least until this very night. Niko was pretty certain that the MMC were the ones who arranged the hit, which if true, would confirm his suspicions about the tragedy itself. Together they reasoned that should they question the man Han negotiated with, they may be able to get a name or identification out of him. But that would have to wait until morning.

During the night, as he slept, Han had a dream of when he was young boy, still in training. His father was instructing him at the family estate, and held nothing back. Again and again, he threw the young Han to ground, each time ordering him to attack again. Soon Han was getting exhausted, and it seemed like his father was about start losing patience as well. But an elderly voice stayed the father's frustration. It was Wu Yanzeng, Han's great-grandfather and the one who had trained Han's father. He couldn't walk, and instead had been wheeled forward in a wheelchair by Miwa, his personal attendant. With a soft smile, he suggested that Han's father give the boy a break, that he was exhausted and needed rest. With a sigh, Han's father reluctantly agreed, having stated that he some work that needed taken care of anyway. Once alone, Han conversed with his great-grandfather, them taking a peaceful walk through the gardens of the estate. Yanzeng had offered a bit sagely advice to Han that day, and he never forgot it.

When he awoke, Han whispered the words to himself, "No matter how hard he tries to push me, he'll never make me into something I am not."

Through the morning, he and Niko had a short breakfast before hurrying to catch the ferry. The contract had instructed Han to report the success of the kill by calling a specified pager number, and then meeting the contact at a predetermined address in Hong Kong. So, Han essentially suggested he call the number in order to draw out their target under the pretense of completing the contract and transaction, and they could nab him then. He was certain to ask for proof of the kill, but by that point they should theoretically be able to spring their trap. While Han approached the target, the plan was for Niko to wait in a secluded spot they would scout for ahead of time. Han would then lead the target toward that spot where they could take him by surprise and hopefully not make too much of splash with what they were doing.

It had now been twenty hours since their sparring match the previous night. The address itself was for a resort hotel, and the meeting would take place within its open bar. With what time they had, Han and Niko were able to find a decent enough spot to set their trap in, which was a narrow alleyway between the hotel and it's neighboring buildings. Nearby of course, was a vehicle they rented to transport their target with. As Han came near to the opening of the bar, he could make out the familiar figure of the business man he had met the previous day. So far so good. But before Han took any more stops, he noticed something else that made him freeze in his tracks.

The target wasn't alone. Someone was seated next to him at the bar, appearing to be talking with him. He also appeared to wear a suit, but he was nothing like the target. His suit looked far more expensive, and also had less subtle colors to it. It was mostly white, but appeared to possess red, fiery splashes of color along the hem and edges of the sleeves. He looked about middle aged, perhaps in his mid to late forties. His face bore a rather distinct scare going along the upper left corner of the forehead and ran along across the bridge of his nose and stopping somewhere in the midpoint of his right cheek. An object leaned against the inner wall of the bar next to its legs. It was a sword, a Katana to be exact. And to make all of this worse, the man was someone that Han recognized.

Oh no... what's he doing here?

He couldn't walk in there now, not with him in there. The representative might be fooled by Han's ploy but the man sitting with him? He'd expose it in a heartbeat. Han took a breath, resolving himself not to panic. They were probably discussing a separate contract or something, surely. If these people were anything like what Niko suspected, then such a side business was surely not out of the question. So, instead of going in immediately, Han found his own hiding place. There he would wait, until the man with the sword took his leave. Thankfully, he did so after a few minutes. He walked outside, sword at his side, and even stopped mere yards away from where Han had hidden himself. Thankfully, the man was also on his cellphone and so he payed no attention to his surroundings as he walked away. After another minute or two, Han breathed a sigh of relief and finally went to enter the bar.

"Ah, there you are, you almost had me worried when you arrived late." the businessman said when he spotted Han enter. He gestured for Han to sit but Han declined.

"I'm afraid I can't stay. But the deed is done."

"Yes, but, well... you'll have to show me proof. You know how it is." the man said.

"Of course, the proof is in my car, we'll have to go outside to see it."

"Why couldn't you have just brought it with you? The proof is merely a photo, yes?"

"It's... more complicated than that, I'm afraid."

The businessman sighed, exasperated but at least satisfied with the story, "Oh, fine, then. Lead the way."

Despite the earlier snag, things were still going pretty well. Han could only hope they continued to as well once he and the target had reached the ambush point. Hopefully Niko was there and ready.

Is there a strict posting order that I wasn't aware of?

Which one of us should go first?
@Balthazar007 I thought this was the Dragon Ball world map?

And that the Tournament was on Papaya Island?
Clearly, this is what the setting is missing.

XD Just kidding? Is totally not kidding
"As you wish." the assassin said in regards to the money. He was in no position to negotiate or make demands. This was his mistake, and so he would accept any terms to make up for it. As for the offer, well, Han obviously would accept it as well. He took the offered hand and shook it to seal the deal, "Until the truth is discovered and justice served, I am at your disposal." for all the calm and philosophical verbose he'd displayed previously, here he was instead direct and to the point. He always did find it important to distinguish how he conversed with others casually versus how he did so in business.

There were fireworks in the distance. The festival was in full swing, though it did nothing to alleviate the tension in this particular scene, "Perhaps we could discuss the details indoors somewhere? I'm still rather soaked from my unexpected swim, and a chance to dry off would be appreciated." even as he spoke, he found himself wringing water out of parts of his gi as much as he could, but as he said he would need a chance to get out of the clothes altogether to truly dry off.

There was also something else, an inkling deep in the back of Han's mind. Something else about this contract didn't sit well with him. He was not the only assassin in existence, and so going to all the trouble of framing this man as an evil individual just to goad Han into striking him down felt very much like more trouble than it was worth. So why, then, did this particular client go to such lengths? If Han were a more arrogant sort, he would have assumed it was due simply to his skill level making him more sought after, but of course he did not actually entertain such delusions of grandeur. Perhaps he was just overthinking this?
I believe it is supposed to indeed be BladeSS4's turn, yes.

By the way, to answer your question from a while back about what I think the threat is? My thought was Saiyans, or some group from the Freeza Force or something, hence why showed concern about whether we were ready for that.

Of course, on another note, here's hoping we get to do something with a truly awesome villainous group in this storyline:

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