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2 yrs ago
Woop! Shipden Peak RP has started. Can't freaking wait for this to unfold.
2 yrs ago
The Witches of Shipden Peak RP is starting this week! I'm equally excited and nervous.


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Roleplay Preferences
I mostly enjoy writing in the Casual section of the guild. Character development and exploring character relationships motivate me. I like to really think myself into my character and their view on others and the world around them which is why I prefer to stick to one character per roleplay. I love world-building but I am also easily overwhelmed with very detailed concepts I haven't been met with before. So you could say I love a decent amount of world-building and prefer original builds. Once everyone has settled, expanding that world and its concept is a great way to create more depth and keep me as a player hooked as I love to discover new things!

My favorite genre is and has always been fantasy. I guess you could say I love escapism to a point where I like to flee the mundane world entirely. I also feel drawn to sci-fi roleplays but I have noticed that those usually intimidate me. I feel like I am not adept at writing about technology and all that sci-fi goodness so I mostly just pine over how awesome some OOCs look and never apply to them.

When it comes to fantasy I feel right at home. For my mind, it is much easier to grasp magical concepts and worlds than sci-fi ones. As a result of this, all the worlds I write up (be it here as a GM or elsewhere) tend to be fantastical in one way or another. I especially enjoy adventure RPs and witch RPs. I like to see new magical systems and am always eager to learn more about the worlds I RP in.

Additionally, all my characters are queer, always. Since I am queer myself and can't imagine playing straight ^^

Latest Roleplays
Although the days of witch hunts are long past us, life isn't roses. While the upcoming election is threatening witches with a potential anti-witch politician claiming the title of president, unrest is stirring in the corners of the world. A rise in threats has been detected - unnatural beings, magical beasts, and other supernatural phenomena pull media attention and feed directly into an anti-witch campaign.

The Death Knight's Squire (GM)
A D&D One-Shot. A group of adventurers is hired to find the missing grandson of a wealthy couple visiting the town. He was taken by a mysterious knight who rode his horse into the deadly woods nearby, taking the young boy with him. But the knight is not a simple man, he is said to be a resurrected ghostly figure forever in search for a squire, kidnapping young boys who never return home.

Wandering Topside [1x1]
The Cult of the Dragon has come to Phlan, a lawless refuge on the Moonsea. Now, with no significant authority to stop the cult, other power groups in the Realms – the Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Lords' Alliance, and even the Zhentarim – must unite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark purpose in the city. Meanwhile, Rhana, a drow rogue with a questionable past, and Salissa, a dhampir bard with flair, find themselves somehow involved in this as they tackle different missions aimed at stopping the cult.

Other Places of Interest
This is just my character archive. I have recently reorganized it. I made a whole new thread for it, moved the CS I wanted to keep for memories sake over and am now less ashamed to have people stumble upon my creations.

How To Run A Multi-Arc RP (by BlueSky44 and Morose)
Some helpful tips on running and organizing your roleplay and what to do when your story is concluded. This should help you when running a multi-arc roleplay. You will also find some tips on setting up an Interest Check and OOC here.

I always write my IC posts in gray due to finding the white color pretty straining on the eyes.

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Okay, its been 11 days since the last GM post. I'm not sure this is gonna get picked up with how it's looking.
Are we picking this up again then? If so I'd like to get started and get a decent posting pace going please :)

We're still at least 5 players it seems. That's a decent number for dnd. But if we need new momentum for the game I wouldn't be opposed to getting 1-2 fresh players in here to shake things up.

Action: none | Bonus Action: none

Kida looked visibly confused at the scene that played out before her. She wanted to offer the man assistance but he seemed not to need it and the things he said just sounded like a foreign language to her.

She turned to Pacha once the man had hurriedly left them. "What is.... groove?" Surely there was an explanation for the behavior of the emperor. Maybe throwing off whatever groove was was an offence in these lands?
Maybe we need a lil check who is still here?
I've been waiting for posts by the other character that went to the emporer's castle with me.
So have we lost a bunch of players or where did everyone go?
DND and a non-terf HP sound interesting. I'm mainly interested in how you'd imagine a DND roleplay with just two people. Will one of us GM? Will we just use the world but no dice/mechanics? What's the idea?
The last IC post was 27 days ago. That's a bit too long for my liking.
I am still kinda waiting for a post by Captain Li Shang
Is this still happening?
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