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Question. are aliens allowed? yay or nay?

Interested, though I am not sure what I am going to do char wise yet.
My thoughts:

one thing that I think contributed to the slog is that Play by post doesn't really suit linear exploration. Having everyone do a post of "I go north" is a bit of a slog if north is the only way to go. on table top the decision to take everyone north takes like 5 seconds, where as here it takes a week of people posting basically the same thing.

I'd suggest focusing more on rooms if you use the dungeon rout. so like the raptor swamp and Russian camp are good examples of situations to be solved that everyone can get involved with somehow, either though discussion or action, where as the first areas of the bridge and forest where basically box ticking of "we search the one searchable area" or "we go forwards" which are both kinda busy work that only really the first few people can put a creative spin on.

it might be a good idea also have loot rolls be rewards for clearing encounters instead of environment interactions? or rather you could automate the searching of an area after it is made safe (with the danger passed you take some time to explore the area. X finds a rifle in a closet, Y finds some herbs growing outside, etc.) Which lets you pre-prepare the item rolls/descriptions while you are waiting on them to solve the area.

Co gms to help manage separate groups or assist in item rolling/description writing might also be helpful as if its only one person you can have them roll for others but not themselves and you can also have them run their rolls/posts past you for approval before it is permanently stamped on the IC tab.
you put a hell of a lot of work into all this. it's impressive.

as for trying again, maybe we can brainstorm a way of adjusting the mechanics to reduce the slowdown?
The Emerald Empire

Crinwalry - 3 days after the battle of Fort Cher

The northern coastline of the bay of lights was tranquil that night, the sea lapped gently against the edge of the forests that grow along its shore. To the east the warm glow of the human city of Crinwaley could be seen, a sea of candlelight slowly dimming as its inhabitants said their goodnights. Deeper in the forest faint lights of cold gold could be seen, the magical lights of the Dreaming Forest, made by both deliberate light fixtures and as a byproduct of the magic being performed within. While the children who prepared for war, while their progenitors twisted nature to their own ends, their machinations dulled by the woods in which they worked. In the sky above the moon hung, blessing the land with its pale light, while to the south, beneath the waves, five pools of glowing lights of blood red surrounding a greater center that mirrored the celestial majesty above.

As the last lights dimmed in the city a disturbance arose at the water's edge and from the deep blue emerged figures, cloaked in darkness. They did not look like they belonged there, but their bodies, ment for life within the sea, propelled them forwards with unnatural grace nonetheless. A dozen or so of these creatures emerged from the water together and ascended a small hill just beyond the coastline. Some of the climbers used partisans or staves, to lightly assist them in the ascent. Other carried short swords who’s blades pointed forwards from their handles rather than up.

The small party reached the top of the hill that looked over the surrounding area and was topped with a large stone tree, a monument of remembrance to the Tree’s fallen kin who gave the region known as the Grave of the Pioneers its name. The sea creatures ignored the monument, turning instead their attention towards the Grove in the forests beyond. One figure moved ahead of the rest and placed their staff to the grass, grasping it with both hands before beginning to chant softly and unintelligibly, power flowing into the implement, which after a few moments flared to life, focused on a gemstone suspended at the top held by two claw like extensions. A beam of blue burst out of the gem, shooting into the forest beyond.

The light of the magical implement revealed the seafolk to be Rayneids, merfolk native to the bay of lights. Somewhat akin to mermaids or the morkt, they were humanoid in apperance up until the waist, at which point their bodies seamlessly transitioned to that of an eel or sea snake, a long serpentine tail that could propel them through the water or allow them to snake across the land. Those with armament wore sleek form fitting bronze armor on their upper halves, the heavy plate padded on the inside with kelp pods to provide buoyancy. These were sacred guards, sworn to defend the priestly moon kissed daughters, who were garbed in scale hugging robes made of shark skin leather dyed crimson. All present wore either visored helmets or masks made in the image of their Primordial mother who’s resting place their kind were sworn to protect.

The burning light was a signal rather than a weapon, part of a setup made to allow the two ancestors of the primordials a way of meeting without either having to risk the dangers of the other’s realm. The Bay of light’s depths and the hearts of the Dreaming Groves where both equally perilous to those who did not belong there, each guarded with a paranoid zeal. The light called to the Trees to send envoys out from their mist to come meet their neighbours. Soon after the signal was sent one appeared, a small collection of dryads accompanied by a singular ent emerged from the woods and ascended the hill to meet the Rayneids. One among the group was Selzona the cold, recently arrived from the north baring the mysterious staff that had been deposited on her doorstep. The one who stepped forwards however was a local Dryad man, dressed in ironbark armor and wearing a wolf skin across his shoulders, its head settled on a shoulder pad.

“Greetings. I am Harkfen the Pack-master. To what do we owe the pleasure of this meeting?”

One of the priestesses slithered forwards, a different one form the signal sender who herself was visibly tired and supporting herself on her staff. This priestess wore crimson leather robes decorated with silver stripes on the shoulder pads. Her mask was white and featured three red ovolide eyes forming an arc above her own which where shielded by red stained glass. Four ten centimeter long blade like teeth from some carnivorous seacreture were embedded at the edge of the mask in-between the eyes, forming either a crown or set of horns.

“I am Akara, daughter of the burning moon and representative of the Cetera-Matris.” The use of Cetera-Matris raised some eyebrows among the assembled treekin, it was a name they had only heard the Rayneids use to refer to themselves on two prior occasions, and the were unaware of its significance. “We have come to grace your presence with our piety because of your message. We found it odd that you would bother us with the trivialities of the pointless powerstrugles of mortal races”

Akara had been instructed to remain quiet about their knowledge on the continental conflict, at least initially, by daughter Alexix, so as to not fowl their second source of information with the influence of the first. Alexix herself was too busy with talks with other allies to come personally and also did not want to make the Morj suspicious of her absence should they pay another visit.

There was silence as Harken debated with the Trees and Dryads in the area how much military information to divulge to their neighbours. They were without Yaval, the great tree far too preoccupied with the business of war to interject at that time, more than happy to leave the local affair to local management. After a consensus was hurriedly met before the pause became an insult Harkfen responded.

“As mentioned there will be an increase in shipping over the following weeks. While we have agreed to let your infrequent attacks on human vessels slide we insist that this activity cease for the time being so that it does not target flesh and blood allies of ours as they come to our aid.”

The Rayneids reaction to this demand was hidden by her mask. After a few moments of consideration she replied “These vessels would be military vessels correct? The agreement was that we do not strike those. This state of affairs still stands, your allies are free to pass above our domain as you are. Was that all you needed to talk to us about?”

“Not quite. We believe the nature of the invasion may be of some concern to you. Andromach, slayer of Lucrore, the primordial of rebirth, marches against us with her Matathran army in an attempt to seize the port town of dreich port” theis managed to get a reaction from the Rayneids, some visibly recoiling.

“Slayer of... Preposterous, no mortal can harm a god”

“So the story goes. What we do know for a fact is that she is incredibly dangerous in combat and that her people despise the primordials with a passion.” the dryad maintained a calm disposition even as the Rayneid retorted with righteous fury.

“You can not taunt us into abandoning our sacred duty with such blasphemous stoires! How dare you...”

Realising he had pushed her too far, Harkfen quickly interjected to placate the furious Raynid.

“We don’t mean to involve you, it is simply a warning to stay clear of the port until matters are settled. We aren't entirely sure what their plans for the port are or how fast they will enact them, nor can we hope to assemble a force guaranteed to block them from reaching the coast in the first place. Rest assured that when they take the town they will not be allowed to hold it for long, nor shall any ships constructed be allowed to leave port. All that we need from you is patience while we deal with this matter, that you do not put yourselves at risk by accidentaly arousing Andromach’s wrath.”

There was a tense silence during which the only sound was the distant lapping of the waves against the shore, and the slow calming of the Sisters breathing. Finally she spoke, calmly.

“You concern is noted. But know that we do not require your, or anyones, protection. We are perfectly capable of handling our own affairs”

“It is, of course, but a suggestion and a warning. We would not presume to dictate to a presence and order as ancient as your own. But I hope that you consider our council on the threat that Matathran poses, a threat we would not wish you to risk the security of the Burning Moon in involving yourselves in. we can handle it. Alone.”

“And yet you have allies incoming across the sea”

“Ah. yes. Those we have paid for and others who wish to restrict the spread of Matathran’s influence. They will ensure our victory is not a pyrrhic one.”

“Hmm. I see.”

The dryad waited a few moments to see if there was anything else the masked sister would add, but with little forthcoming he decided to wrap things up.

“So. In appreciation for your time and cooperation, we would like to give you a gift” as was tradition. Harkfen motioned too two dryads among the group, who bought forwards a chest containing a number of weapons, tools and armor pieces all made out of bronze to the specifications of the Rayneid bodies and needs. These had been prepare well in advance for if such a meeting would occur and the chest had been gathering dust in the local grove for some time now. The sister indicated for two of her guards to retrieve the chest, but instead of ordering or personally retrieving a gift in return, as was expected, she instead entered a brief, hushed, discussion with the other priestess and two select guards before turning back to the dryad.

“We appreciate your generosity of your forges. Rather than trinkets that you cannot use or arms that we cannot afford to give, I give instead knowledge you desperately require. You face not only Matathrna and shenra but also the Morj of the northern deapths.”

Harkfen was unfamiliar with their name, but Selzona was not, having dealt with their raids on the northern provinces before. The ice witch quickly pushed her way past her kin to join the diplomats.

“What are those tentacled slaver doing here? How do you know?”

“Earlier today we received an unexpected guest, the queen of the Morj...”

The priestess then recounted to them the Morj plan, or as much as they knew of it at least, and the nature of the deal they had had little choice but to accept. Not that the queen had been anything but polite and accommodating, but the threat that she represented, real or imagined, had been there hanging over the negotiations the entire time.

“We were already rather unhappy with the situation, but if what you say about Matatrhan is true…” she finished ”We are either made oathbreakers or accomplices to heresy. Not a decision we are prepared to make without lengthy consideration of the consequences.”

“Even if the murder is a fabrication, we assure you their hatred is real. We appreciate you telling us this and your resisting their attempts to cajole you into joining their war effort directly. Know that our pact is still in-place, there will still be peace between us.” Harkfen spoke truly for the Emerald Empire when he said that, for Yaval was now watching, listening, guiding. Plans were already being made incase the Rayneids spoke the truth. While there was little reason to believe they were lying the possibility did not escape them, they would need to make investigations to verify the claim.

“We can't do anything overt to assist you, even this meeting risks, but if what you say about the Matathrans is true, something we will verify through another source, then there may be ways we can assist you indirectly without drawing the wrath of the Morj. I cannot speak of them now however as I must return to Alpha to commune with my sisters and The Burning Moon on any further course of action. May your kind live to see the end of days Harkfen, for when the moon burn with crimson flame and the sun freeze over our mother will rise and rapture shall be upon us all. Your cooperation and respect for our vigil will be remembered upon that day.”

“Your dedication is an inspiration to us all, Daughters of the Burning Moon.”

“If the invaders allow it, and your words hold true, we may meet again. Farewell Harkfen.”

“Farewell Akara”

With that the delegation turned as one and slither back down the hill, disappearing into first the night and then the dark watters, baring the chest of bronze with them. The Dreaming Forest watched them go. Once they were out of sight Harkfen turned to Selzona.

“How bad is this”

“I don’t know. The extent of their interactions with us has been primarily raiding, either by bands of their own kind against ships or by bands of enslaved humanoid warriors, bound by collars similar to the ones we use exclusively on animals, against land targets. What the true extent of their might is, that I do not know, and neither it seems do the Rayneids. Any idea what this other source of information they have is?”

“No. we had no idea they even talked to anyone else. We are the only ones that realy use the bay”

“And the Morj are the only oceanic power in the region.”

“I wonder who they are talking about then? A question for after the war I suppose. For now, there is work to do. Work that staff you found certainly is helping in immensely.”

“I suppose. But who sent it is another question for after the war. There seems to be many such questions arising as of late.”

But they were, as stated, questions for later. For now, the delegation returned to the faintly glowing forest, back to the experiments.

That is understandable. it seemed like a hell of a lot of work to do.

question, would it be possible to have a peak at the tables if you still have them and it isn't to much of a bother to do so?
I'm interested to learn more about this

Need at least seven nations total to get started.

Hm...Seven Nations....

so you can form a seven nation army?


level: 2
day/time: 3 - evening
Location: save point inn
Interacting with: @ONL, @Guardian Angel Haruki, @Zarkun, @Majoras End
Bastion: 2/2. linked ally: none
Starlight's Touch: 0/6

After taric had looked out of the window several people charged out of it, as if joyus to be free from the room. One was a the now monkey shaped Shantae and the other a pursuing Varrock who, after ordered them to stay put because he worried about an ambush, belted it after the Shantae in-order to get the team to stick together. As soon as he left however, it became clear that that worry was misplaced, as their shadowy stalker was instead seen belting it up the road, then over the rooftops, escaping with whatever information they had gleaned.

”Looks like we won’t have to worry about an ambush then.”

His attention was then brought to that of the ship that had appeared in the city, hanging ominously as it was above the castle, by the binocular welding Bently.

” I see it. I imagined that is not a normal sight in platform city, hasn't been anything like it while I’ve been here anyway.” admittedly he had only been here for a day” I for one will not be catching up with our limber friend any time soon, so unless you have any gadgets that can catch up with our sneaky speedster friend” maybe there were rocket boosters on the chair somewhere ”I suggest we get to Tetris castle immediately incase that airship starts to become a problem. Charger, inform your man that we are setting off early. The 5 minute wait is redundant now anyway, what with the would be ambusher racing off towards the horizon as we speak”

Captain Piper

Level: 1
day/time: day 3 - evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Word count: 1,044
Interacting with: @Zarkun, @Holy Soldier, @Mattchstick, @Lugubrious

Cooler heads prevailed. It was to Pipers great relief that their attempt at peace had been successful. Whether this could be primarily contributed to whatever force Azura had created or to their collective assistance that they were friendly could not be discerned, yet the warriors slowed in their charge, coming to a halt before them. With relief she lowered her hands back down to her hips, ready to draw her gun once more should danger arise.

With the danger seemingly averted, she then had to bear the weight of the Nords stares. Not that she wasn’t used to this kind of attention, a combination of fame and infamy meant that back home steambots only familiar with her through rumor would often do the same. She did her best to dispel their awe/fear/curiosity with a friendly greeting.

”I’m not dwarven, not sure what that is. I’m Piper, Piper Faraday. ‘S a pleasure to meet you all”

Just after they had initiated a dialogue there was a brief moment where everything looked like it was going to come to blows anyhow, as the boss seemed to not realize that violence was now uncessisery, and Ruben showed himself to be every bit of the mindless military grunt she had worried he might be. Whether Azura and Vent’s quick, condescending, retorts to this foolishness was going to dissuade them from unnecessary bloodshed became almost immediately irrelevant at the appearance of warriors, wearing some killer hats, who did not look like they should be wielding the kind of tech that they proceeded to open fire with. The futuristic looking rifles reminded her of volt tech and as such there was little doubt of how dangerous they here, even before they started incinerating any and everything they hit. That they attacked both the stormcloaks and themselfs insuitied that this was not another misunderstanding, these were the people that they were here to stop.

In hindsight Ruben had been the wisest of them all, though it was mostly accidental. Unlike the rest of them he didn't have to make a mad dash to take cover from the laser blasting tribals. Taking cover was something Piper did without need to here Ulfric’s call, ducking her head low as her metal feet pounded against the ground to bring her to the temporary safety of a large, sturdy, tree. Not that she had ever seen a tree before today, but she was pretty sure that was what it was. There she took a few moments to assess the situation as she drew her blacksmith sniper. Vent and Ruben where safely in cover, but the last she had seen of Azura and the boss had been them going down. Her worries that they might have been hit were quickly quashed as first Arura started singing, shunting her out of the serene lull she had not realized she had been in, and the boss started arguing with one or more people she could not hear. About not having any guns. So he had been planning to just punch the wariors. What an absolute madman.

Against her better judgment however, she decided to help him out despite the risks of giving a gun to a nutter. Grabbing her carrion pistol with her claw hand she leant out from behind her tree and lobbed it, with the safety on, towards the boss, aiming for it to land in front of him. In her opinion he should be thankful she didn't try and clonk him over the head with it.

”Boss! Got a gun for you.”

She really hoped she wasn't going to need that till he got a replacement, her scoped revolver might be powerful, but it wasn’t the kind of gun you used while on the move or in a dust-up. Or a snow-up in this case. She ducked back behind her cover, only to pop out the other side a moment later, blacksmith sniper held out at arm's length before her. The took careful aim for about a second, using the long scope mounted laser sight as a guide, and then pulled the trigger when the little red dot was firmly aimed at the center of a forsworn’s forehead. The hammer came down, followed by an amighty crack as the revolver fired, the deadly accurate shot soaring towards its target. Piper, however, did not wait to see the impact, instead taking cover again as the Cylinder rotated to bring to bring another cartridge to bear at the back of the barral, ready to be unleashed.

As she waited out any returned fire she took note of how vent was doing. The boy had seemingly gained a set of sturdy looking bright red armor out of nowhere, amor which was almost impossible to miss in the white wilderness they were fighting in. Quite a comparison the the almost invisible Azura, visible only because her singing gave you an idea of where to start looking. Whatever weapon he was using had a far better rate of fire than her sniper, blasting away at the forsworn with multiple three round bursts of laser fire, but he was spitting up his shots rather than focusing fire. So either they were each incredibly powerful or humans went down a lot easier than bots. Whatever the case, when she popped out from her hiding spot she avoided firing on those vent had to avoid the possibility of overkill, quickly lining up another headshot and, with a clack-bang, she let it fly towards another forsworn’s poorly protected face. Not wanting to sit around waiting for her tree to get annihilated by laser fire, and not wanting to find out if the laser gunners where a significant threat in melee combat as well, she subsequently gave ground, quickly sprinting further back into the knot of trees they were taking cover in, using the previous one for cover as best she could, before quickly hiding behind a fresh tree.

Piper was not, she had to admit, armed to deal with this many enemies, she was more a priority target kinda gal. She wished the grenade launcher and piercing laser armed Fen was here to clear out the goons, but she would have to make do with hoping the assault weapons of her comrades could do the job.

Captain Piper

Level: 1
day/time: day 3 - evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Word count: 1048
Interacting with: @Zarkun, @Holy Soldier, @Mattchstick, @Lugubrious

After her little speech the final member of their group introduced himself. With Vent she had assumed was a military man but with this gentleman there was no doubt. Heavy body armor, a massive rifle and a professional salut had made this clear before he even got to his rank and specialisation. Also, everything he said pretty much made sense, which was a nice change and fit with her perception that this was a team made up of individuals who had dealt with some pretty extraordinary stuff over the course of their lives. She was thankful that none of the others seemed to be as insane as the boss, though whether Vent and Ruben where the kind to follow orders no matter how absurd remind to be seen.

They then all had to then sit though the boss’s analysis of them, Azura was spared seeing as she had declined to introduce herself, Vent’s feedback was as confusing as his own speech had been (what was japan, let alone a sex doll?) and Ruben’s formal military attitude was immediately shot down which she imagined might annoy him. As for herself, after the boss failed to recognise any of her carefully chosen feminine aesthetics other than her vocal pitch, he proceeded to show what might have been touching concern for her wellbeing where it not for the blindingly obvious and patronising nature of his advice. Still, she might as well alleviate any concerns on her running out of fuel:

I have coal to last me a few days, so it should be fine. Up in space water is a bigger issue for us than fuel, we actually use it as currency, but down here that problem is alleviated by, well, it laying all over the place.

As she relayed this information the santa hatted steambot patted a rather small cloth sack hanging from her belt that presumably held her vital fuel supply. Nobody had much of an opportunity to respond to the subsequent bequeathing of nicknames however, (hers making her sound like a robot that was fueled by femininity, the rest getting ones just as bizarre and/or unflattering) as they were all distracted from conversing by the sudden appearance and subsequent rapid disappearance of a screaming man. Which was very weird, peticularly seeing as he seemed to be part of the group they were supposed to be meeting. While the boss attempted to console he with more patronisation she figured it out, resulting in a clang as she facepalmed.

”They think I’m one of the ‘steel gods’” she groaned, unaware that most of the party had already silently come to this conclusion. By the time she removed her three fingered claw from her line of sight the Stormcloaks had sent out their response to the perceived threat: 10 men and woman armed with thick armor and melee weapons, which struck her as odd. While she had fought both against and alongside bots willing to use melee combat they were all insane (apart from that one gorilla shaped one who was just an ass) and none fought without some kind of firearm armed backup. Did they not have that option or where they just crazy. This far from home, who could say?

The manchild the increasingly incompetent seeming council had put in charge of the mission’s first response to this misunderstanding was to fight the warriors now legging up the hill towards them. He didn’t even have any weapons, what was he going to do, wrestle with the heavily armed and armored warriors to the ground and then slap some sense into them? Have them all do the same? That was ridiculous Piper thought. After all only the sofar unnamed (she refused to use the bosses nickname even internally) other woman of the group had a weapon that gave her an edge in melee similar to their the axe and sword wielding aggressors. Barring any unseen backup melee weapons the others might have like her brass knuckle, gunning down the incoming troops was all their arms were good for, and unlike with bots they couldn't just stick the confused nords back together later and then explain things. Still, Piper was not someone familiar with fighting people that listened to reason, and so she saw little other choice than attempting to take their accidental foes down nonlethally despite how stupid that felt. What felt equally stupid was that he decided now was a good time to come up with a team name. Shure, he couldn't actually do anything till the Stormcloaks got here, but that didn't mean talking about that now didn’t feel off. His name suggestion certainly did not help in that regard.

”Just Crew will do fine Boss. I’ll try and break some of their weapons ‘for they reach us.”

Pipe had been lining up her first shot which she intended to use to start carefully decapitating the warrior's axe heads with well aimed snipes to the shafts when she was interrupted by Azura’s stunning serenade of an introduction and her call for peace. It was here first experience of magic and the song left her awestruck in addition to intended effects. She slowly lowered her blacksmith sniper to her side, thoughts of violence forgotten, as she just had to stand there and take in the spellbinding performance.

It was Vent who drew her back to reality and to the threat before them with his reinforcement of Azura’s speech. Good to see she had been wrong about him, but it did mean she now felt like a hypocrite. To his words she added:

”I assure you, I am not your enemy, and I am not one of these ‘steel gods’ your leader told the council about. I’m actually mainly made of copper, bronze and brass”

Seeing as here appearance was the cause of the confusion she did her best to look unthreatening, holstering her revolver, backing off slightly and then raising her hands up in the air in order to show her unarmed state. The materials rundown she gave may have felt out of place, but she hoped the strangeness of the inclusion of the additional information would help them change their perception of her, moving her into a separate mental box from the one the ‘steel gods’ where in.
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