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I'm in a busy period of uni stuff at the mo, so me posting is going to be a bit slow I am afraid

Got a pretty busy few weeks ahead I am afraid so I may be a little slow, but I will aim to get something done for Sunday


I think my pair are ready to head out. I imagine Lily would rather cook her fish than eat it raw right now, so I'll pass on that bit.
as a result, unless anything interesting comes up in the mean time, I'm holding off on posting till we're out of 2 fort.
insert mandatory bee memes here

Your setting is really cool. Definitely making something for it.

cool. got mine up as well now
Sister Sophia VS Jin Sunrise

Round One
Location: Hidden Settlement

This was going well, Sophia thought to herself as her opponent went to fetch her a drink. A more sensible mind might have recognised this as going too well, but zealotry and self righteousness have a tendency to blind someone to their own flaws. It also didn’t help that a lot of her spare thinking time had been spent in revulsion at the vile arm she now bore.

As a result she eagerly accepted the carton of juice as a chance to feel just a little more human again. When the announcer attempted to start the fight anyway Jin visibly tensed but Sophia simply rolled her eyes at him. The watching asshole was simply grasping at straws, trying to interpret that toos as a first strike. Speaking of straws, she punctured the carton with her own and began to drink.

The forest seemed to hold its breath for the inevitable. Jin was beside himself with glee, though he did his best to hide it, the stupid woman had ignored the drones warning and drunk the poison, any second now she’d keel over and die like vermin.

The forest’s metaphorical face was going blue by the time she finished drinking, casually tossed the carton aside and turned to lead the way out the woods.

"City proper is about an hour's walk this way I think"

”Wait, how are you feeling?”

"I’m fine, why do you ask?"

It turns out that ratpoison takes several days to manifest any symptoms in humans, though unsurprisingly nobody present was aware of this.

”Oh. No reason”

"Why would I... not be..."


There was a click followed by a faint hum as Jin drew and flicked on one of his beam katanas, the bright red blade flaring to life. He lunged at his opponent, aiming to cleave her unprotected neck off with the pulsing blade and finished this fight with a single stroke.

From the treeline Gemory, who had been waiting for the other shoe to drop, threw the ugly artifact Sophia had been given as hard as he could before vanishing back into the woodlands. It would take an awful lot of skill or luck to hit a shot from his hiding place outside the village. Fortunately the Emperor's puppet had all the luck. All of it.

The red ornament hit Jin right in the side of the head at speed, throwing of his balance and giving the iron angel time to light her wings. The blast of fire, smoke and kicked up dust knocked Jin back again as his foe took to the air. Jin rolled to his feet, a bruise marring his right cheek, and raised his blade in a defensive posture towards the now screaming woman hovering gracelessly before him.

"What have you done you traitor!"

”Oh please, I was never on your side you gullible zealot. And I think I’ll let you stew on that.”

She quickly drew her bolt pistol and pulled the trigger, sending a round rocketing towards his face. The conniving bastard didn’t appear to have the reaction time to get out of the way. Compared to her previous foe he was a joke, he was just some smarmy asshole with a techno heretical sword.

In a seemingly impossible burst of reflexive speed Jin brought up his beam katana and parried the rocket propelled bullet, sending it flying right back at Sophia. She was living up to her idiocy, who tries to shoot someone with a beam katana? Sophia was utterly bemused as the round pinged off of the glowing energy weapon, reflected straight back at her.

It never made it, the impact with the sword had activated its inertial fuse and so the shell exploded in between them.

”Well that was unexpected, but you can’t stay up there forever and I bet you’ll run out of rounds and fuel before I get tired of parrying. Then it’s just my katana vs those little knives of yours and your freaky arm.”

While the katana wielding brat smiled smugly at her she wordlessly she put away the bolt pistol and drew the flame pistol, sending a gout of flame towards the assassin. Jin however had noticed the telltale flicker of the pilot lite on the weapon as she drew it and immediately set off running in the opposite direction at break neck speed, the flames licking at his heels till he escaped the flamers range. Still running, in order to put distance between himself and the nun’s flames, he draw his golden sidearm and hammering out all 6 rounds as fast as possible to dissuade her chasing him, aiming to hit her unprotected head.

Sophia barely had a moment to bring her disgusting arm to block her face, two of the rounds slammed into the meat, the other 4 missing or denting her power armor. She screamed wordlessly in pain, the sound quickly muffled as she forced her helmet back on her head. In the brief moment of protecting her face and redoing her helm she lost track of the assassin.

Flying higher into the air she swept her gaze across the settlement, the burning ground Jin had stood on beneath her and blood oozing from her freakish limb.

"Come out heretic, come face holy retribution! I shall burn you to ashes you wretched cur, In the name of the Emperor I shall smite you with"

Jin ignored the rest of this ongoing rant, even as it took on more melodic quality, as he reloaded his revolver and planed. He had ducked in through the building through the hole, and removed his entrance afterwards. He should be safe for a while, if she kept shouting like that it would be easy to avoid her and every second was to his advantage as she burnt more and more fuel staying out of striking range.

"Fine If you're going to hide like a rat then I’ll smoke you out like one!"

It was at this moment that the telltale sound of the jetpack cut off, replaced shortly after by a blast from the flame pistol. She was still some way off from his hiding spot, why was she? Oh. he could hear burning now. A constant burning. Then another, and another as she systematically burned the village to ashes.

"Soon you’ll have nowhere to hide from the light of the Emperor"

Jin simply rolled his eyes, finished loading his revolver and got ready to move.
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