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Captain Piper

Level: 2
day/time: day 3 - evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Word count: 413
Interacting with: @Zarkun, @Holy Soldier, @Mattchstick, @Lugubrious

The boss really can't commit to being nice can he. There always just has to be a backhand involved in any apology or compliment he gives

”That's not what I... Ah never mind.”

At least her poor word choice ment nobody realised what she had been planning to do. Planning to do because after arriving at the fortress and hearing the odds they were up against wandering up into the mountains alone at night seemed like a bad idea, as did leaving the already small team alone to face that many laser gun welding deer hat enthusiasts and their animal themed bots commanders. Once she heard the Bosses surprising sane, if simple, plan, she silently kicked her whole solo expedition plan into the dustbin of bad ideas and focused on the task at hand.

”That's actually… yeah that'll work. Sets us up for a pincer move on the wolf too which is nice. We can figure out specific tactics once we actually set eyes on the place, seeing as no plan survives the boarding impact. Only thing I can suggest as far as overall strategy goes is that we try and focus on luring the laser gunner guys into places where our melee fighters can ambush them to get some guns of their own while avoiding places where we’d be advancing across coverless ground. This for example,“ she pointed at the crude depiction of the riverside with its long walkways and bridges ”looks like it might be awful exposed whereas this” she pointed to the varois homes and stairways leading up to the treasury house “looks like it’ll be alot better for gap closing.” She imagined this was rather obvious for everyone, the warriors themselves had certainly learned the advantage of cover, but she believed it worth repeating just incase it prevented the boss form ordering any suicidal charges.

She was pleased to hear that Azura seemed to have more tricks up her sleeve than just her enchanting singing voice and after a few moments of contemplation suggested that: “maybe if we can spot some of them from here” she pointed at what looked like some large rocks or buildings across the river from the penguin's lair “I can get their attention with some fancy marksmanship and maybe pull them down to the riverside where they’ll be in the aforementioned coverless danger zone and in rage of your, uh, magic”

She was still getting used to the idea that magic might be real.

Captain Piper

Level: 2
day/time: day 3 - evening
Location: Forest of Skyrim
Word count: 547
Interacting with: @Zarkun, @Holy Soldier, @Mattchstick, @Lugubrious

At least Ruben wasn't threatening to shoot them for insubordination, and he was actually thinking about the situation rather than being a yes man, but aside from those two points he was living up to all her worst expectations. She was forced to admit that his comments were accurate when it came to them being outgunned and not splitting up the party was generally a sound plan, but his dismissal of Azura’s abilities was narrow minded in her opinion, and his comment about “orders are orders” was simply despicable.

”Stick with that attitude and one day soon you’ll find yourself faced with a decision, to do what's right or to do what you are told. She warned him, speaking entirely from experience. When she had reached that threshold she had deserted the royal space force rather than being tricked into bomb civilians. When the day came for Ruben to face his own crisis of loyalty she hoped he chose what he should do over what he was meant to do. If he had not failed that test already that is, she did not know the man, nor his history, so perhaps he was already long past the moral event horizon due to thoughtless obedience.

The boss continued the trend of brushing off Azura’s abilities, like they hadn't even felt them. Had they even felt that power? She could say. As for his reasoning for not sending her, it was the most self serving reason for ‘protecting’ someone that you could conceive. The way this was shaping up the prediction she had given Ruben might come true all to soon.

While vent laid out the other potential consequences of ignoring the call Piper mulled over her options. Mutiny was out of the question, with the odds beng at best three vs two any violent confrontation involved would cripple their already limited firepower, and she suspected that her taking over leadership of the team would clash with the local’s fear of the steel gods. They might think her some kind of infiltrator, spy or saboteur and that would no doubt end messily. There was another option, one she was very familiar with that would let them go through with it without the boss having the horror of responsibility resting on his shoulders.

She avoided joining in with the trading of barbed words, despite the various degrees of prejudice displayed against robots it contained. It was becoming clear, at least in Pipers opinion, that this team, mission and situation where all rapidly becoming unsalvageable. If it was just the boss they could have all simply ignored him. However, with Ruben mindlessly backing him up the opposition’s resolve seemed to be rapidly crumbling, Azura falling in line while Vent more or less walked out on it all to bring Ulfric into the mess. That, she suspected, would likely kill any potential for future insubordination or arguing with the boss lest they damage relations with their new allies. Though she suspected rejecting the call might be worse in that regard.

As Vent turned to catch up with Ulfric she put her rather simple plan into motion, striding after and then overtaking him with a simple, meaningless ”Right then”. when she reached Ulfric she asked him:

”So, what's the way to the fortress.”

took me long enough

I like the idea- pretty strange. Can we keep the vampire dragon and the huge vampire bat monsters 'off-screen' though? We're going for a lowish fantasy vibe in a highish fantasy setting, so these things will have more of an impact if they're like, frightening things in the background rather than front-line and center.

yeah I can do that
Wanted to run a cult/god/race past you before I make a char for/involving them

tl:dr vampire cops
will there be a map?
if there's time to finish it before the IC gets underway, I might make a faction based on a former lost colony/colonies that experimented on gene modding to adapt to less than ideal conditions, bit like 40k's Abhumans.
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