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@Whoami I've now added the Pendant's description based on your suggestion
Alright, Luna is awesome. With the pendant, I'm not entirely on the same page as to how exactly it helps Luna. The way I'm interpreting it, it seems like a tool used for some foresight? I imagine I will have a lot of agency on how relic behaves. I'm imagining it being used at crossroads and diverging paths where, if one path is looked down, Luna is shown very quick flashes of her own future down that path, along with all the physical sensations of what she would feel, hear, smell, and taste, down that path. Perhaps the other climbers are completely absent in the images even if they are there, so she can't divine how the fate of her fellow climbers will unfold. Perhaps the pendant will always show flashes of what must be done, or what will happen, in order for the BEST outcome to be achieved down that path.

Yeah basically anything talking about gods or other worldly powers mechanically means you. Though I reserve the right to fuck Luna over for dramatic "oh no, a power stopped working in the middle of a fight, oh god why, what have I done to displease you?" purposes or just as narrative flavor added on top of however we're going to be doing the new blessings/remembering past skills thing.

As for the pendant, I was mainly thinking it would be a glowing compass kind of thing that would point to which tunnel at the crossroad she should go to go up, but all it would be doing is verifying that it wasn't a dead end and not that it was in any way the best. Your idea of confusing and cryptic sensation overload precognition visions is way better IMO, though it does sound like more of a workload on your end. If your down to do that I am completely onboard as well.
Application with a cultist(?) warlock.

@Lucky mask gang mask gang mask gang
@Dark Cloud sup

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 174(+2)
Bowser: Level 9 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (27/90)
Bowser Jr: Level 7 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (20/80)
Location: Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Pirate's Cove

The Bowser obliged Peach's request after a few moments of confusion and mime from Jr of a tossing style boost rather than simply holding her up in the air boost. The king had been on vacation and then mind controlled for the entirety of the Rabbid fiasco, so it came as something of a surprise to him that the princess could create healing waves when landing after being tossed.To Jr, of course, it was no surprise, but he had almost entirely forgotten she could do that till she suggested it. It had been one of those abilities that got used in one adventure and then he’d never expected to see again, yet here it was.

With a few pulses of power the princess fixed up what the Vulnerary hadn't, but even with that Sakrua didn't wake up. It looked like they were going to have to wait and hope that Briny Beard’s belief that she needed to let her mind rest and recuperate along with her body was correct. While they did they ate, munching their way through Bowser’s take away bounty.

“Ish sho good” was Rika’s response to how the food was, not stopping her munching to answer, before asking “Ish ther mo?“

”Hungry lady aren't you? There is, but save some for the heavy sleeper,” Bowser told her. Indeed the group, along with a little help from Marie who’d been summoned twice to quickly enjoy two halves of a meal. All that was left was a small assortment of gradually cooling foodstuff that had been set aside for Sakura ”Also don’t talk with your mouth full”

The cruiser swallowed and looked down with a combination of embarrassment and disappointment.

”Hey don't look like that. Maybe after we’re done with this disguising introduction thing we can go for-” he was going to suggest ice cream before realizing it was getting pretty late and changing it to ”Hot Chocolate? Yeah. Hot Chocolate.”

Rika didn't know what that was, but the idea of trying more new, hopefully tasty, things perked her right back up again.

”Can we?! Oh oh, I’ll have mine with cream, and marshmallows and sprinkles and-” Jr pounced on the possibility

”If they have those kiddo”

”They better!” Jr replied seriously to which Bowser gave a small good natured chuckle before ruffling his son’s hair

With Sakura still not up when they were done Bella, possibly to fill the air and avoid them all awkwardly sitting the staring at the street-fighter till she woke up, turned the conversation back towards Spirits, wanting to use one as a way to walk on land and as a way to change her appearance, both as a disguise and as away to distance herself from her Abyssal nature.

“I’d also like to be able to walk around and not have to hide from people, I think” the cruiser didn’t actually feel any guilt like Bella did, mainly because she didn’t really understand the negative impact of her actions as part of the fleet in the same way the princess did, but she did understand that if she didn't look like an enemy, then presumably people wouldn't attack her, and she could walk around and go places freely. Like whatever everyone else was going, or to wherever the food had come from. Both excellent places to go, in her opinion. “And if a spirit lets me do that that sounds good. So does being stronger. Which Spirits do too?”

”Yeah. So. Thing is there’s a lot of monsters out there. I mean like actual monsters, big angry beasts. Taking down one of those could give us a spirit, and nobody’s gonna complain if we do. Also even if you free em, they’d still be dangerous animals so killing em wouldn't be a big deal. Kinda tricky to find one that goes on land out here though I guess? Sea monsters might make good disguises and will make you stronger, but they ain't gonna let you walk. Probably.” Jr said, suggesting how they could get a Spirit without killing any people. Didn’t solve the problem that getting spirits always involved killing all together however.

”But I mean, if you really don't want any more deaths then, uh, there's stuff that’s already dead. Seeing as Peach can pull spirits people have out you could, you know, kinda, borrow ones we already got?” Jr suggested, before hurting onwards

”Like, maybe Rika could have my Brachydios spirit? I mean it's cool and all but see I’m going to be doing a lot more flying and it kinda gets in the way when doing that. I almost blew up the ship’s dashboard, like, three times! Also I’m not using it as much as I could” Jr said, feeling like he had to justify his generosity ”Plus, think of how cool she’d be with it. She’d turn those gauntlets into Brachydios themed ones and then get like, giant explosive punches! How awesome is that!” because it was ultimately a slightly selfish suggestion. The ship girls were cool, jr thought, and using this he they could make Rika even cooler.

“That does sound cool. But what's a Brachydios?” Rika asked, sensibly wanting to know what a thing was before it got put in here

”It’s like a stompy purple dinosaur with horns on its head and wrist that make explosive goo. It was really scary, or well it was the thing that was scary but anyway it’d make you big and strong and scary too. Scary in a good way though. You’ll get to see it in the spirit if Peach does take it out.”

“Cool,” Rika replied, “If you think it's a good idea then it's a good idea.” Rika agreed simply

Before they could go through with it however, Sakura came too, rousing slowly and, understandably, asking if there was food left for her.

”Yup,” Bowser replied simply, directing a large clawed finger at a bag sitting within arm’s reach of her from which delicious smells were emanating.

Despite no doubt being hungry (comfort food was an excellent way to try and get over another loss in Bowser’s opinion) instead of going straight for the food Sakura instead became dejected and offered an apology. For losing? For worrying them? Possibly both, the Koopas both concluded. Rika didn't think about why and instead awkwardly scooted over to Skaura’s side and, ever the mimic, wrapped her up in a hug like she’d seen Jr do to Bowser.

Unable to properly articulate the relief to the end of the complicated, painful, feelings she’d been repressing in regards to Sakura’s continued unconsciousness in as meaningful a way as she wanted, Rika just put her heart into crying “Your OK!” as she awkwardly embraced her friend.

”You good?” Bowser asked. He hadn’t seen the fight, but from what he’d been told it had been bad, both physically and likely mentally, although not for the reasons he and Jr thought.

”You want help getting revenge?” Jr asked, punching his palm, perfectly illustrating the pair’s collective misunderstanding of Karin and Sakura’s rivalry.

wordcount: 1,747 (+3)
Midna: level 3 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////// (7/40)
Location: Sandswept Sky - railroad

The strange detonation left them in the dark, both figuratively and literally. All they could do was push forwards and- ”No, wait, no we don’t” Midna remembered there was a relatively straightforward way of getting info about what had happened, at least if the mercs knew anything about it. Actually now that she thought about it, the detonation had been worryingly close to Alcamoth, it would be good to make sure it was still in one piece. With a simple incantation she summoned a Moogle who appeared upon the disk decorating her mount’s forehead.

It wobbled for a moment, arms spinning, then caught its balance and said “Hello again, Kupo. Got more errands for people?”

”Questions actually” Midna replied

“About the big explosion” the moogle guessed, to which Minda nodded, and so it helpful explained “That was the Dead Zone going kablooie kupo. The Red Team left because they said someone dumped a body in the middle and that it was going to go boom any second. Looks like they were right kupo, because now that place is gone. A good thing too, lots of nasty things multiplying in there apparently, which is why someone decided to explode it in the first I’d bet, kupo.”

”Well. Guess that deals with Red’s target,” Midna said, which was good news, although the existence of a way to blow up entire cities was concerning. Then again, how many bodies were there in the world of light? No new ones at any rate. ”Red got out ok then? What’s next on their agenda?”

“Some were hurt, but the rest went off to meet with the Blue team in a city sitting on the south west ocean, kupo” Midna nodded. So they were, at the moment, the only ones going east at the moment. They were ranging far, far beyond any base of support then. Good thing it was just them, with an army this would have been a logistical nightmare. The Moogle wasn't done however, as it got to some of the bad news. One of the party had died in the zone, which was regrettable, though Minda couldn't place the name and, “also Linkle took this thing called the Skullheart. It’s supposed to grant pure-hearted wishes, but it turns anyone who’s wish doesn't meet that criteria into a monster called a skull girl. Strong scary necromancer kupo. Apparently it’s real strict with what’s ‘pure’ and so it thought Linkle’s wish was no good and then, well...”

”What?” Midna couldn't believe it. Well, she could believe that that girl had been reckless enough to do something like that, people didn't merrily follow a compass needle into a time fractured warzone without buckets of self confidence, ovaries of steel and a complete disregard for their own safety after all, but that anything she might have wished for was impure? Preposterous. ”Then what happened?”

“They said that before anyone could do anything, a member of organization XIII, that's those leather cloaked guys with weird names. Not the master of masters. Different people kupo. One of them snatched her up and took her who knows where though a portal. Big turtle boss says for everyone to keep a look out for her kupo, to be suspicious of those cloaked people and to think about if they know any way to remove cursed wish giving skull hearts from people.”

Midna didn't, at least not off the bat. Maybe if they captured her she could try and work something out, but it wasn't her area of magical expertise. She didn't know if anyone else had anything they could use to help either. She shook her head head sadly. Between the city bomb and linkle being monsterified the Deadzone was as bad as its name suggested.

“That’s all. Need anything else Kupo?” the moogle asked gently

”No… No I think that’s all. Or, well, I guess if anyone else asks we’re getting closer to the mountain? Oh and if you take on 10 weak spirits of the same type it’ll turn you into the spirits you're taking in. People might like to know that.”

“That is new Kupo,” the Moogle looked around to see if it could spot who’d completely transformed themselves before Minda infomed it that ”It was a wolfos, but they’re back in the twilight real right now”

“Oh ok, Kupo.” It replied, a little disappointed, before asking the group “anyone else need anything?”

After it was done, the moogle vanished after a final ”goodby and good luck kupo” leaving them to continue their night running. Or night riding in Midna’s solitary privileged case. Both her and her mount were well adapted to this. Indeed the bright star and moonlight shining down on them was more than enough for them to see clearly through the night and, as a result, Midna actually got a clear look at the mountain they were traveling towards. Admittedly having a hazy blob turn into a clear lump wasn’t the biggest change, but she could see the shape of the, presumed, guardian slowly circling it. Good to know where they were going, a touch unnerving to have it looming over them the whole time. Was it watching or were they just insignificant specks to the Guardian?

The team kept following the tracks as they stretched out, seemingly endlessly, towards the mountain. It was rather impressive that anyone or thing had had the resources to just plonk this much metal down in the middle of the desert, though she still had no idea what it was for. Part of the reason only came clear when the sand started to change from a packed to more liquidy, causing her wolfos to start to get bogged down in it. She followed Tora’s advice and steered onto the track, and then gave Poison a big hand when Braum needed pulling out of the quicksand.

”We’re lucky these are here,” Midna noted, though she didn't know quite how lucky till the report came in that the liquefaction kept going, sand turning to a sea of syrupy delight. ”Maybe we’ve actually been walking on brown sugar since we left the ruins?” Minda suggested, and while she somewhat wanted to go back and check that hypothesis they were left with little time to muse on the upcoming absurdity as the desert decided that now was an excellent time to get nasty.

First came a rumbling and then suddenly a pair of red slugs burst from the sand, dragging two of their companions off into the quicksand. Following in their wake was a swarm of small metal machines that buzzed around above them and pelted them with energy pellets. Midna and her wolfos dodged and dashed around on the limited space of the tracks trying to avoid the shots. At first she tried to grab them with her shadow hand, then she hurled sand at the flying things, but both of these were incapable of hitting the nimble buzzing machines.

For her third strategy, the princess jabbed a finger at the ones flying around above her and then out of a portal came her new Vibrava, briefly increased by more than three times in size and much more imposingly draggony as a result. The adolescent drake flew upwards like a massive projectile, smashing multiple machines with sheer mass and crunching another one right in front of it before pausing at roughly the same altitude as the swarm and unleashed a bug buzz. Its wings buzzed thunderously and produced a violent storm of soundwaves around itself, buffeting the drones (and forcing the princess, who was directly below the source of the ear splitting sound, to cover her ears defensively) before dropping down into another portal and vanishing again. All this occurred in a scant few heartbeats.

The princess shook her head to clear the ringing and spotted that both the medic and the scout had freed themselves from the beasts and the sand, before both she and her Wolfos had to leap out of the way of the giant bullrushing sandfish as it plowed over the tracks, smashing their two big guys, Braum and the Heavy, into the quicksand in the process.

”I’ve got you!” Midna called out as she raced to the edge of the tracks, had it leap over the quicksand then dismissed her woflos before it got stuck and floated the rest of the way over the sands using her levitation. As she drifted across the last meter she summoned the Vibrava, now merely at it’s standard size, and commanded it to ”Keep them off of me!” before focusing her power and bringing out a massive shadow hand, big as the large men she needed to fish out. She made a grab for Heavy and tried to either pull him out and throw him back to the tracks or, if she couldn't manage that, use her power to help drag/shove him to safety as the man added his own power to the mix. Once the heavy was free, and if Bruam hadn’t received other help and was still in the sand, she’d help him as well.

As she did her Vibrava buzzed too and fro around her, firing beams of dragon fire at anything that tried to harm its princess and even selflessly body blocking energy shots, ”Don’t actually die to protect me from scratches bug!” The princess admonished the beast as one way or another she finished her rescue attempt, ”Now help me to get back to land-” the Vibraba flew in close when she commanded this and then grabbed her arm with its chameleon like feet and hauled her both out of the way of an energy shot and back towards the sand back faster than she would have been able to float under her own power. The Princess cried out in surprise when it happened, but considering it had been obeying orders and that it had worked, she didn't complain or berate the beast once she was back on the tracks.

Instead she dropped down, dismissing the Vibrava and summoning one of the two wolfos below her. She didn’t run when Poppi called out too. If she went all out she’d likely outpace everyone and so instead of trying to save her own hide she moved to a defensive position near Braum and Heavy, ready to cover the retreat if the others ran or push in if they held their ground, her mind blazing as she tired to strategize a way to get them out of this alive.

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 932 (+2)
Bowser: Level 9 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (25/90)
Bowser Jr: Level 7 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (18/80)
Location: Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Pirate's Cove

Jr sighed with relief when it turned out that yes, the old sea captain did have medicine on board his ship, which was very sensible of him. To an extent jr’d gotten used to Blazermate, and then Kamek, being around to provide healing, but as the boy administered the concoction he mentally added “healing stuff” to the list of things he should pick up from the alleyway when he went there next.

After he’d given her the potion all that there was to do was wait and hope she recovered. As they were waiting the long anticipated arrival of the Princess Peach occurred, along with ”Papa!” Jr cried out upon seeing his, slightly different looking thanks to the double fusion but still very recognizable, father arriving alongside the princess. He hopped down from the fishing ship and sprinted over and then jumping up to give his dad a hug

”Wow, hey there Junior” the king said as he caught his son in his arms and returned the embrace

”I thought you’d be gone longer! Did you beat the dead zone’s boss already?” Jr asked as he dropped back down again.

”Ahh not quite. We cleared the way, but the palace is gonna explode real soon so we’re gonna let that blow over on its own. Heard you’ve been pretty busy over here too” Bowser explained, before noticing ”Uh. is she ok?”

”She should be now. Briny Beard had some medicine that I gave her. She just got beat up by her rival though so...” Jr told him without needing to elaborate on the last point as the king nodded understandingly in response. That kind of thing wasn't something you just got over even after the twentieth time. Especially after the twentieth time

”But yeah, we’ve been busy. First, I got tyrant and then ” Jr started running his dad, and anyone else in earshot as a byproduct, through what they’d all been up to that day. The two strolled back to the fishing boat as Peach worked her magic and de-abyssalised Ranger, rejoining the conversation as the matter of getting their new friends a change of clothes to let them slip into the town came up.

”There’s still the metal bits.” Jr pointed out ”Can’t really hide those under a dress or whatever... Maybe we can paint them to look more friendly? Or just less abyssal so people don't realize that’s what they are.”

”If you're going to do that maybe don't use your brush and stick with normal paint” The Bowser told him seriously.

”Aah ha ha, yeah um.” Jr laughed embarrassedly before continuing ”Or I mean, maybe we can cover them with cloth in a different way. Like a tarp? I don't know. Be easier if we just had some spirits, bet we could get you legs working and change the metal stuff a bunch with them, but it’s not like you can just go into town and get some like you can with gear and clothes and stuff” the prince said, the method Sephiroth was in the middle of using to do just that not even crossing his mind, before scratch the back of his head thoughtfully and accidentally tapped his ponytail with his Brachydios wrist horn.

”hmmm” he hummed contemplatively. He’d have to think about it, but that was somewhere they could get spirits from, and he was really sure that Rika would look super cool with that one in her.

The boy also had to laugh at Peach's indirect way of suggesting Bowser carry Bella around till she found a way to get land legs. The comment went right over the head of its intended recipient however, till Jr told the princess ”I’ve already carried Rika around a bunch today already! Papa’s not the only one who’s got the muscle for that kind of thing” while giving a flex, that his dad caught on.

”Ohhh.” the king said in comprehension before floundering for a recovery ”Uh I mean” before earnestly cheering on jr ”Yeah that’s my son! Those guns run in the family”, before giving his own flex and a hearty laugh, which was cut off by the sudden and luminous detonation of the Deadzone.

”Well,” Bowser said at last as the light finally died down, ” super glad we didn't stick around. Annoying we couldn't get its power but, eh. Whatever. It’s great to be rid of that awful place.”

”Anyway, who wants dinner!” The King said, after everyone had gotten over witnessing the vaporization of an entire city, holding up a few bags that all held the closest the bar had been able to supply to takeaway boxes.

”oh boy, gimmy” jr cheered, eagerly accepting a bag of dishes picked especially for him by his dad.

Rika, who’d been sitting patiently next to Sakura and monitoring her condition, perked up as the smell wonderful from Jr’s bag hit her. “What is that?” she asked

”It’s mine” Jr tried to say protectively though a mouthful of cheese burger, this was the good stuff he wasn't giving it away, but his father calmly spoke over him, letting people know ”I brought enough for everyone. I think. You two have got a lot of mouths. Also I didn't know what anyone else liked so I just got a bunch of stuff,”

The various types of junk food Bowser had gotten from the bar was exactly a highbrow introduction to human cuisine, but as the cruiser devoured everything set before her it was certainly an enjoyable one. If the ship had had any second thoughts left as to where her loyalties should lie whatsoever, those last little embers where completely wiped away by a plate of fish and chips.

wordcount: 1,514 (+3)
Midna: level 3 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////// (4/40)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Crown of Sand - Sphinx Temple

”Well aren't you a charmer” Midna replied, taking Yoshitsune’s in stride with an easy grin. As for his suggestion for adding a bit of combat to the race, Minda was all for it. ”Can’t say I’ll be able to spare your own good looks, I’m so pumped up feel like I could break down the world right now, but I’ll keep my new claws sheathed just for you” she teased.

With the outlines of the race set the pair, and any others who cared to join, lined up on the impromptu starting line. The princess was fired up and, although she was acclimatizing to the high even the brief wait for them to start was still close to agonizing. So it was that when they did start the princess held nothing back. Her shadow hand came out in a flash and delivered an all mighty shove to try and destabilize Yoshitsune right out the bat, before she took off at a run. And what a run it was. Her new slippers hammered into the stone floor, the princess’s legs were a blur and even with that speed of limb her body moved faster still, each footfall bringing a great leap of motion forwards.

She made great pace for the first two laps, blazing a trail and using her shadow hand to great effect to both block and strike. Indeed the princess was enjoying the on the move duel so much, and was so confident in her new speed, that she focused more on the battle than she did on running for most of the race. Then, halfway through the final lap, she put on a burst of speed and disengaged the rolling melee in an attempt to sprint to the finish. It was then that the power gained front he dragon dance decided to fail her, crashing away in an instant. So sudden was the disappearance that Midna was unable to handle her own momentum, causing her to trip and crash into the wall, though the impact was more embarrassing than it was actually harmful.

Frustrated, a little dazed, and feeling like she’d just had a sugar crash, Minda made the last leg of the race under her own power, and although her legs had been enhanced by both her fusions they weren't enough to let her beat the motorized samurai.

”Yeah it was good till I burned out right at the end like that,” Midna replied a touch bitterly when the samurai said he’d had fun, before shaking her head clear and saying far more pleasantly ”Really though, it was fun, and was useful too. Going to have to work out why the power went away like that and it's much better to know it does that now than find out in the middle of a fight.”

That could wait for a few moments however. For now they were all packing up, picking out items and preparing to get going again. By the time Midna had fully recovered and re-acclimated to not being souped up on dragon power most people had gone through the items and were just about to set off, leaving her to pick through what was left before they headed out.

The results from the myriad of Trapiniches and Vibravas was a large pile of useless (to them) animal bits, which was a touch disappointing, though also educational. The dull fading spirits were good for mass fusing and not much else it seemed. As for the rest of the spirits, and the stuff from the loot boxes, the most notable thing about it all was the large number of hats and other head decorations that came out of it, all of which Midna dismissed out of hand as they could never be more useful than her current headgear.

That left a small number of other items which Midna gave some consideration. After a bit of experimenting she eventually stuck the monkey sticker on the inside of a Spaulder of the Bat, managed to shove the ‘maglev’ device ‘inside’ it after a few goes and then attached the entire thing to her shoulder via the guard’s straps. The entire arrangement seemed to have various powers, although it took her awhile to work out what any of it was. At the very least it meant she could put the shoulder armor between her and an enemy like a small shield, which might give her slightly better odds of surviving a blow that got past her defenses, without impacting her maneuverability as much as a fulls et of armor would.

With that all put together the princess set out on foot for once, intending to experiment with her new abilities (it was rather difficult to dance on wolfos back after all) as they traveled. The sandy corridors certainly provided opportunities for this, with giant animals, undead and small wrapped up things with rifles. These mini encounters were mostly straightforward and they allowed Midna to work out the specifics of how the dragon dance power up functioned. Namely it stuck around a short while after the dance and that duration could be extended by being in combat. At the same time running away like she had done when she tried to break away in the race) or just winning the fight would make it end. She also learned it was very, very difficult to set it up before a fight, because someone dancing and exploding with power wasn't exactly subtle and she had to start pumping it up while foes were nearby or it would fall off before they ran into some.

”I might need to take you up on those pointers” she said to Primrose after she’d learned all she could about the dance, ”Like how you manage to find the time and nerve to dance while in the middle of a fight. Or how to do it on the move.”

She also learned to tap into the more earthen side of the Flygon spirit, gaining a strong connection with the ground and, specifically, sand. Unfortunately it wasn't with the light world’s sand but instead with her own. There was probably some kind of elemental philosophy about being connected to the land of your birth involved in as to why, or so Midna assumed, but the gist of the situation was if she brought sand from the Twilight realm to this one she could use it for various sand based attacks. It was very useful for blinding the one eyed gunmen so she could get in close without being shot. It was also cathartic to be on the offensive end of sand based warfare after the nightmare that had been the Flygon’s sandstorm.

Throughout all of this her new Vibrava followed alongside her, scampering or buzzing along and occasionally helping its mistress out when it could or when it was ordered as it too got used to its new powers and position as an aid rather than a ride.

Eventually they reached a sandy slope that would take them out of the structures and back into the sun. The princess did not exactly look forward to going back out, but they couldn't exactly keep track of where the mountain they were headed for was inside either, so out they went. Several of the heroes jumped down and rode the sand before her and, with a sigh, she followed after rhythm. Then she learnt exactly what +30& SLIDE and -30% FRICTION had meant.

”Make way!” She yelled at those ahead as she glided down the sand ramp. Partially sliding on the sand, partially floating above it due to the Maglev effect, she accelerated both to and at a frightening speed, forcing her to dodge and weave around those ahead to avoid any collisions. As a result of the hair raising speed she missed out on most of the marvel and wonderment some of the others experienced during their trip down the sand slide.

Mostly she appreciated that the sun was going down and that the strobe effect the pillars were generating wasn't quite so bad as a result.

She wasn't the only one who enjoyed that, though the others had their own reasons like admiring the beauty or it being cooler at night. She was just looking forward to being able to see without squinting all the time.

Sadly the world had other plans. As they set off following the things Joker had called tracks (”What kind of animal leaves metal bars as tracks?”) the sun set, and then, seemingly, rose again with a vengeance. Suffice to say this was not a good time for Minda as she, and her wolfos (which she had swapped for the Vibrava in order to avoid more jogging), had to shield their eyes from with hands or paws. Even with this Minda was left bleary eyed and cursing Galeem in her own tongue under her breath after the light had finally died.

”Whatever it was, I hate it! Please. Goddesses. No more blinding lights at least till morning.” was all she had to say on the matter when Primrose asked what it was. It wasn't like she had a useful answer to the question anyway.

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 360 / 430 (+1)
Bowser: Level 9 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (23/90)
Kamek: Level 7 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (88/70)
Location: Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Outside The Bismarck

”Yeah now that’s what I’m talking about! Just because no one there’s worked it out doesn't mean there isn't a way out. There just has to be one,“ Bowser said, very glad that they had something of an expert when it came to dealing with curses and woes in the form of Geralt. It was also good that the Mercs, and presumably the main party, had a better way to find Linkle in the first place thanks to the Cadet’s scout flies.

After that, Ms Fortune launched into a more in depth explanation of what had happened over in the dead zone from her perspective, including a whole host of encounters and adventures that she’d had before his team and her group had met up. Peach, understandably interested, stuck around long enough to listen in, which gave the King time to get his nosh on, making an order that consisted almost entirely of a very large ham thought it was more of a snack for the titaneous king. Despite this it only ended up being about as much food as Link got on his plate. The hero of Hyrule knew how to chow down it seemed.

”You kinda missed out the bit where I kicked Dante’s butt. Guy just assumed we were bad news when we got close for some reason and then just wouldn’t stop no matter how much people yelled at him to knock it off. You know why. Between that throw down and us arriving in the zone we mainly had to deal with these creepy little tentacle things that were infesting bodies. Super nasty. Way worse than the zombies. Be a great thing when that big explosion goes off and wipes em’ all out, there were just so many and it was disgusting. Bleh” remembering the flood was enough to spoil the king’s appetite, so it was fortunate he’d devoured his way through his meal while Ms Fortune had been talking.

He also, now that he was thinking with his head rather than his stomach, felt pretty guilty about eating when Jr was cooped on a ship somewhere with Sakura and some new friends for some reason. Then he had an idea. The king wandered over to the bar and asked ”HEY. DO YOU DO TAKE AWAY?“

Geralt covered explaining everything to the admiral more than well enough, and for the most part Kamek left him too it, his main contribution being bringing out a striker (The End, who complained about being brought as a show piece at his age) to demonstrate the ability. At the end of it the admiral offered to use the fleet to help them reach the bottomless sea the very next morning, which was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it was good to be making fast progress, on the other it didn't leave them much time to prepare. Tonight night might end up being a late one, Kamek expected, if they wanted to get their ship geared up and make sure everyone would be able to be useful when battling out on the ocean’s waves.

There was also the matter of how the Navy were going to be using the information they’d been given, namly to permanently destroy all the abyssal vessels they sank. Before today, Kamek might have agreed with that without a second thought, but after Sakura’s actions and the freeing of the two Abyssals there was suddenly a moral dilemma on the line. One that was complicated by the red eyes of the Navy’s people. Would they attack as soon as they saw or even heard about the abyssals without them being able to explain? Quite possibly. While the trust they’d just earned could make now the time they revealed the final bit of info they had, the mage felt it best they stack the deck in their favor as much as possible before they made the leap by using Ranger to vouch for them. It would not do to have come this far only to be accused of colluding with the enemy.

”We appreciate your offered aid in turn Admiral,” he said simply instead before asking ”Just in-case anything else comes up before the morning, do you have a preferred way we get in contact with you again?” in-order to leave the door open for the reveal of the abyssals without insinuating there was anything else going on.

If nothing else did come up the mage would head outside the office and, should Geralt accompany him, say ”Seeing as our new friend was a no show I think I’ll go check on them. Do you want to come? Or update the others on what the admiral’s plan is?”

Either way, or a third, Kamek had one last piece of business to attend too, fishing out the blue Cia spirit from a pocket, ”and if we are heading out tomorrow, probably best to get this over with as soon as possible now that we have a quiet moment, so I have time to get used to whatever side effects this has,” he said, before pressing the spirit to his head, presuming that it would allow him to gain the magical knowledge of the dead sorceress as his own.

The Koopa Prince

featuring Rika
wordcount: 1260 (+3)
Bowser Jr: Level 7 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (16/80)
Location: Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Pirate's Cove

”They’re rivales. nemis.. nemes.... They fight a lot and like they don't like each other but also do like each other but in a I like hating you kind of way. Look it’s hard to explain” Jr tried to clarify what a rival was to the two abyssals, basing his understanding off of his papa’s rivalry with Mario. Unfortunately that relationship was about as one sided as the one Bowser had with peach, so it wasn't the best basis.

”Whatever lets just go see this fight I bet it’s going to be cool”

“Yeah. um. How am I going to hide these? And also walk out there?” Rika asked, indicating to her giant gauntlets which where strapped to her back.

”Here, let me just” there was the sound of tape ripping and then the large gauntlets were detached from Rika’s back and left to float freely. ”Ok and now i just... upsy-daisy” the prince said, while scooping up the rather heavy ship girl up in his arms and then holding her above his head, leaving the now elevated ship incredibly surprised. Part of her really had been expecting the prince’s self professed carrying ability to be overblown but no. She was being transported with ease.

“I. How?”

”Told you I’m naturally strong. Though I mean even some toads could pull this off easy as pie. People from other worlds are a bunch of wimps. I mean they can’t even jump three times their own height, how how do they even get around?” he asked as he carried her though to the ship’s bridge and then set her down in a chair where she could watch, the women’s giant gauntlets trailing after her, hovering just above the ground. Once everyone was in place the prince hopped into his clown car that was resting in the pilot's chair as the two streetfighters were finishing their conversation. As the shipgirl landed as close to the glass as possible, her eyes drinking everything in, the prince rummaged around in his car’s glove compartment and found a bag of popcorn. It was cheap prepackaged stuff from the mart in Lumbridge, nothing compared to making some fresh, but it was the best he had.

He picked a kernel out and flicked it up to catch in his mouth, made a ‘it’s not that great’ face and then turned the bag towards the ship girls and asked ”Want some?” His offer was taken first not by them but by Mimikyu, who popped out of her Pokeball to take the offer that hadn’t been directed at her. The mascot mimicking ghost Pokemon had had her ragdoll disguise damaged by one of the fleet’s more monstrous machines, but had done a remarkable patch job of the outfit while inside her pokeball .

”Oh you're happy to come out now are you?” Jr asked sardonically, having been a bit annoyed when it had refused to fight after its outfit was damaged. The mon landed on his shoulder and slinked a very long arm around to snatch a popcorn kernel from the bag, before bringing it back and sneaking it under the rim of its outfit to eat with whatever it had that counted as a mouth under there. While it did it bapped the cotton ball head of the disguise to the side and rubbed it against jr’s cheek affectionately.

”Yeah yeah. I’m glad you’re ok Mimi,”

Rika watched this with fascination and then quietly reached in and took a popcorn from the bag. She sniffled it, gave it a poke with her tongue and then devoured the thing, looking delighted as she did.

“Mmm that was good what is that?”

”uh. Popcorn… it’s a snack. Do you want another one?”

“Yes!” Rika replied excitedly as she snatched another induvidual kernel from the bag, taking an amount of enjoyment from it that Jr found rather bizarre. Then he realized she probably hadn’t had snacks as a nameless unquestioning minion, which didn’t sit right with Jr at all. Even Goombas got their snack on every once and a while.

”Do you. Do you want the who-” he began to say before being interrupted by a “kyu!” He sighed, grabbed a handful of popcorn out the bag for Mimi to enjoy and then retrying ”Do you want the rest of the bag”

The answer was entirely predictable, and the Abyssal cruiser spent the fight that was just about to begin alternating between watching with awe and joyfully going through the bag corn by corn. The first half anyway.

And what a fight it was. Jr had seen Sakura fight, of course, but never had he seen her fight against someone who fought like she did, only against monsters and more standoffish types like Bella. Against her rival (who wore red, a bad omen that) the street fighter really got to shine, the pair duking it out in a flurry of blows and, in Sakura’s case, fireballs. The boy had expected himself to be above actually cheering Sakura on, but found himself, (along with Mimi, combat sport being practically hardwired into the pokemon’s spirit) being swept up in the action and yelling encouragement and support.

Despite having an added diminutive supporter in her box however, Sakura’s prediction that she’d win despite her disadvantages failed to come true. Though at first they seemed evenly matched, as time went on the schoolgirl turned shipgirl's weakness started to show. Jr couldn’t understand why, but she seemed to refuse to use her new navel weaponry, leaving them, and the lost muscle mass she’d traded for them, as nothing but a hindrance. He could see how, if unburdened, she might have stood a chance, but instead the fight eventually came to an inevitable end, though not before Sakura received a final utterly grueling and heartbreaking, literally, beat down delivered by the girl in red. Jr felt like he should do something, intervene, but like almost everyone else he was transfixed as a mere spectator of Karin’s callus victory.

So instead it was Bella who made the first move, falling out of her chair and, desperately and undignifiedly, crawling to her savior's aid despite jr’s best efforts to try and stop her (which ended with him being tail slammed into a wall for his trouble). After recovering, and being accosted by Rika who also wanted to go but was in even less of a state too, the boy ended up chasing after the princess while carrying Rika over his head again (with Mimi riding on his shoulder). He joined Bella at Sakura’s side and, after seeing the grief stricken woman and their badly hurt friend, swallowed all the things he was going to yell at them. Instead he put Rika down, the ship also crawling to Sakura’s side and went to rummage in his duffel bag.

“She’ll be ok right? Right? Even if she sink’s she’ll just wake up again like I did? Right?” she asked, once again not wanting to accept that when anyone outside the fleet died they stayed dead.

”These work on people, right?” Jr asked Mimi hopefully as he pulled out one of the potions he’d gotten from Steven Stone that morning, to which the mon shook its head

”Drat. Um. Uhhh.” The boy glanced around the cove as if he could simply find healing aid somewhere nearby and then spotted Briny-Beard’s ship.

”Hey. Briny-Beard” he yelled over in the captain’s general direction ”do you have a first aid kit on your ship! …. Also try not to freak out about these two, their friendly”
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