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I've been waist deep in two simultaneous nation Rp colabs, which has been why I haven't been active here for like a week. Also I've done the thing with Seth where I write a character and then realize I'm not sure what I want to do with them. Might need to rejig him to be less reactionary or just scrap him entirely. idk.
I changed the hosting site so let me know if you can see it now or not.

it's working now. and I have to say, that is a really nice way to record inventory items. I am really impressed with all the work you put in for this, it massively adds to the already excellent writing of your gm posts.

level: 4
day/time: day 2
Location: Smash Arena
word count: 1,011

Naija almost felt sorry for Gnorc as the Hero’s onslaught of attacks blasted and bloodied the big brute, toppling him over once again.

”So. Just standing there and taking a beating it is then”

She readied herself for the inevitable third phase of the fight and was flabbergasted by their foes decision to up and run, at surprising speed too. In her experience bosses always fought to the death, this self preserving attitude was completely foreign to her experiences of big monsters and so she sat flummoxed for a few moments staring after him.

After coming to her senses she was going to case after him but it was at this point that the horror goblin, sporting a fair bit of masonry and splintered furniture as part of it’s oozing mass thanks to her playing leapfrog with it earlier, made it clear that it wasn’t done with her, as it gave a bubbling wer roar and came at her, perhaps in an attempt to ensure its master’s escape was successful.

”You don’t go down easily do you?”

Freed from needing to stay close to Gork in order to attack and bait him into an attack, Naija was able to hop away from it, her powerful swimmer’s legs carrying her across the ground on swift and nimble leaps. Her bouncing gait keeped her just ahead of the disgusting blob’s many wriggling appendages and hungry mouths as she drew the beast away from the hole in the wall, a hole into which slayer promptly strolled into in order to chase after Gnorc. That left her, fox and the rather out of breath Cloud to deal with the three remaining goblins. In her estimation she would have the easiest time dealing with them due to her primarily range based approach keeping her well away from the may dangers that the gooey goblins could pose.

”If you two want to go help deal with the thief or Gnorc go right ahead, I believe I can handle these three freaky blob monsters”

She also still had the things, the keys and the Phoenix Down she had rescued from the prize table, that the thief might have been after on her person, taking those too where it was racing about would be counterintuitive. Bet she stay away from the thief till it was dealt with, she didn’t want to be the victim of a sleight of hand thievery twice in one day. All she needed to do now, if the other two wanted to be on their way, was keep the three horrors from chasing after anyone who left. To do this she decided it best to get all their attentions at once and so she lead the battered one off towards each of the other two in turn that. These she pelte with brief flurries of energy bolts, deftly avoiding those she had already got after her while doing so, till both the beasts made her their target of scorn, drawing their attention from the other heroes and the two exits that could lead them to the un-vaccinated people.

”Come on, look at me you disgusting things!”

The enraged and scorched, Goblins rushed her, bumping and oozing against each other as they came at her in a wall of flesh and flailing tendrils, as she lead them towards the center of the room. There Naija bounded up onto the still intact ring’s rope wall, using it as a springboard to launch herself up and away from the monsters, turning mid air to rain down a concentrated bombardment of shots on the leading flesh slime, the raging energy of the shots vaporising eyes, limbs and chunks of flesh. Unfortunately, the goblins had plenty of those to spare, and while it was pushed back, it was far from dead.

Naija landed, now a little worried of her ability to deal with these in a timely manner. A swift hop landed her atop one of the corner posts, and from there she hammered the beasts as they tried to slime up the small wall past and the ropes that made entering the arena awkward. She managed to inflict some damage on all of them before the two healthier goblins seemed to change tactics, though whether this by accident or intentionally she could not tell, and tried to circle round the edges of the arena. Not willing to give up her elevated position just yet, as it was preventing some of her straight line shots from simply hammering into the ground as they wobbled along their flight path, Naija split her attacks, one hand’s worth of energy shots raining down on each flanker, slowing their advance.

This left the middle wide open however, and the goblin she had initially been dealing with, the one sporting bits of masonry and some now burning furniture, finally managed to enter the arena and charged straight at her, squealing and howling with hideous feral fury. Seeing this, Naija halted her rapid blasting and began to charge a bigger attack instead, waiting as it came at her. Then at the last possible second she leaped over the top of the monster, causing it to ram straight into the post as she let out a charged hex shot behind it, the 6 large charged shots hammering into it, pushing it forwards and causing the post to cleave it’s oozing body in half as it’s rear end was pulped by Naija’s energy followup storm of small shots.

”Die! Die! Die! Die!”

Finally after some cathartic overkill and screaming, the two halfs of the goblin gave up the ghost, the mess that remained of it unable to continue functioning as it had been effectively liquefied into a gory puddle This did nothing to deter its fellows, as the two, now on opposite sides of their fishy foe, charged up into the arena simultaneously. Naija couldn't help but giggle maniacally to herself as she prepared to face them, having fully succumbed to Energy form’s lust for violence she was now having a whale of a time.
Nuuuuuu! We need to know about the super secretive shadow organization and its puppet figurehead! DX

but that would remove the mystery, which is half the fun of super secret shadow organisations
Seeing as we're going to be doing the Circus next, I'll put in a vote in for pipeline


While Greed was trying his damndest to clamp down on the iron dragon thing the mad bomber and his jester companion reappeared, presumably done with whatever they had been running around the back alleys doing. Seth waved at them.

”Hi, I’m helping”

Operation: “get the Covenant to leave us alone as we bail”, looked like it was going poorly as Gubbins performed some theatrics and produced a bomb. Seth’s backing off in the brief moment between the bomb’s appearance and explosion caused Avarice to lose grip of the dragon. They only saw Gubins disappear into the ground, after which the cloud obscured their sight of all the capes in the alley. Seth, thankful of the gasmask he was using to hid his face sparing him forms the immediate effects of the gas, blundered out of the smoke cloud and back out into the street.

”Least we know they’re leaving. I suggest we do the same”

”No shit. This was a complete blowout”

Seth muttered to himself as he emerged into what would be best described as a hostage situation going on outside to which he had missed all the nuance and moral debating that had brought it to this point.

“I walk without any further intervention from the heroes, and they’ll survive to be taken into custody and be subjected to your ‘Justice’. Disagree to my terms, I give them mine.”

Seth wanted absolutely no part of this, but with the angry metal thing now obscured somewhere in the smoke cloud, making the way back a massive “here be dragons” no go zone, the only real course of action was to go through the confrontation.

”Greed! Stairs!”

Or rather, over it. Adverice, as commanded, swung the golden coins out of the smoke cloud towards the 3 wards. Instead of soaring onwards as an attack however, the formed a short golden stairway in front of Seth, which he promptly ran up. Adverice masterfully deconstructed the steps Seth had used and then moved those coins up to form the ones further up before the punk’s footfalls reached thin air, allowing the pair to rise into the air born by both of their power. Once the golden platform reached about 3 meters above the road, greed began to run the golden platform to parallel to the surface and Seth ran onwards, aiming to go right over the heads of the wards and over the crashed vtol craft to use it as cover as he made his escape.

”Random independant cape passing by, just ignore me”

This maneuver was extremely taxing on Avarice’s stamina and Seth was really hoping that The ward’s would be to inexperienced, confused and occupied with Cell to react in time. If they did react then it would be a fight with only 2 of his friends in fighting condition.

around: @PlatinumSkink@Sickle-cell@knifeman@Banana
@SkinnyTyBakuda never used bombs like that, but the PRT brought a stockpile of confiscated tinker-bombs and carpet-bombed like half a city block to deal with the S9, IIRC.

I guess maybe that was in an AU. I read a few right after I read Worm, so it's not entirely remiss that some of the stuff in them blurred together with the canon events in my mind.

edit: going to aim to have something up tomorrow, seeing as tonight my train of thought for a post goes: stumble out of the smoke cloud into a hostage situation, nope the fuck back into the cloud in-order to avoid that and then blindly fall into the hole before it gets closed. Which is silly.
bit late on the whole frozen air situation, but there is the time-stop bombs made by Bakuda as examples of frozen in time areas, though I cant for the lie of me remember what it's described as looking like. I'm specifically thinking of the blast radius that for the last 2/3 of the story has 3 capes trapped in it and a memorial build around it.
I was assuming, perhaps incorrectly, kiddo was going to be making a mini post pulling her capes out. Which is why I haven't posted.
@Kiddo that's fine, real life comes first after all.
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