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In my opinion the detrimental effects of a lack of soul juice on the living, namely sickness, weakness etc. is reason enough for Katharsos's soul recycling plant, as dust is needed for life to thrive on Galbar. Removal of soul decay produces a conflict with sides: the selfish old dead, the suffering living and diminished young dead. Burning oneself becomes a selfless act rather than an unfortunate inevitability, Gods can chose sides, have competing solutions to the problem or can simply be apathetic to the entire affair etc. In contrast to this Soul decay as an isolated problem away from the soul crisis only really has two solutions, keep mercy killing or stop soul decay.

With the amount of detractors soul decay has atm it's likely that we/they will want to take actions to prevent soul decay pretty early on IC anyway if it remains a feature. How and why this is done and by whom could be interesting questions to answer but overall the entire affair is mostly a forgone concision as nobody but demons and death benefit from preventing the cure. I also feel like the answers to the questions are mostly answered by starting parameters as any god who cares about mortals is going to have to face this eventually. The only real thing standing in the way of the cure is the MP hit that the god/group who solve the problem will take and the subsequent burden of guilt for any disasters that result from the cure. I feel that the combined cost and inevitability of solving soul decay would be detrimental to the mustering of motivation to write it in the first place. So it could end up just sitting ignored in a corner with no one wanting to deal with it while the question of "why are none of the gods doing anything about this" and "why aren't mortals asking for something to be done about this" endlessly nag at them. I could be wrong about that ofc, maybe someone is hyped to cure soul decay, hell maybe I'll end up begin that person, or maybe some has a god willing to die on soul decay's hill which will add conflict, but that is my prediction based on my limited rp experience.

In summary, soul decay's days are likely numbered and the decision that I feel needs to be made is do we want to end it now, or do we want to see it's death play out IC?
I think your going to have to go and write up exactly what:
Function souls perform in making something alive which would normally be done by meat irl
How those functions degrade due to soul decay
How demons and the like are affected by not having souls, tying this too the above to points
Separate the soul system explanation from Katharsos's solution to the problems the above cause

Level 1 EXP: //////////////////// (11/20)
Location: Ancient Gardens
wordcount: 863

Success! The kings intervention gave his allies an opening to deal with the kirby-napper as the hat was dislodged from the Smasher’s head and moments later a well placed shot, on that narrowly avoided striking either of the other large targets in the melee, reduced it to ashes. As he recovered from his clash with the now defeated smasher the king glanced first to his hat, relieved that Kirby was in fact inside it. A glance in the opposite direction, prompted by Blazermate, revealed less fortuitous news, namely a final set of robotic opposition. The king promptly realized that his initial analysis of the forces in the junkyard had been incredibly wrong. The robots were in fact working together, omnic shield bots lining up to protect a set of engi bots that where rapidly assembling smaller versions of one of the turrets guarding the previously seen distant menacing figure who they themselves resembled. The Rabbids meanwhile where cowering before him, as they well should, but they and kirby where both exposed to fire, and the king was unsure as to the odds of him successfully extracting the pink puffball from their and the bot’s line of fire. Unable to formulate any particularly good/complex plan under pressure the king fell back on two old faithful problem slivers. Intimidation and aggression.

“PROTECT MY HAT AND YOU GET TO LIVE” he roared at the Rabbids before charging up the hill at the bot’s rapidly forming entrenched position, steel toed boots pounding across the asphalt of the pit stop. though they had been temporarily stalled by the hack cannon fire soon began to pour down from the omics as they attempted to slow the charging juggernaut's advance. The king grunted in pain as the first volley of shells struck him, the explosions searing body and face guarding hand. Bowser was slowed slightly by this volley, and if they were capable of emotion the bot’s might have been heartened by this, along with the knowledge that their elevated position and the king’s weight might make ascending the junkpile under fire next to impossible. Sadly for them when he reached the foot of their fortification the lizard tyrant did not climb but instead leaped high into the air over the second wave of cannonfire before crashing down halfway up the hill-side. Where his foot impacted there was an almighty crunch as his wight crumpled metal like paper along with an electrical zapping sound as a slow moving ring shaped shockwave emanated from the impact sight. Right after the king threw the remains of the warrior car straight at the shield wall, the impact with the barriers throwing off the aim of the closest bots. Before he could lose footing due to a junk avalanche or the bots could work out how dangerous the energy shock wave the king cleared the rest of the way up the hill with a second leap, arriving right as the sentries were completed. They immediately locked onto the incoming colossus but their knock-back effect was not enough to halt his impact in the middle of their formation.

Those caught at his immediate landing sight where crushed by his bulk, those right next to it found out what the energy ring did as a second ring emanated from his new landing site, striking a small number the nearby engineer bots. The struck targets convulsed wildly as the electrical ring zapped them before moving on, passing though the foes as if they where not there. The slow speed of the ring meant that those further away had plenty of time to respond after seeing the fate of their comrades, and the remainder of the bots mostly managed to make a short hop over the shock wave. The sentries however where unable to do this and one by one their gun’s when silent as the ring struck them. The omnics at the front then had to deal with the initial shockwave, taht ws only now cresting the top of the hill, and the second one almost simultaneously and a number of them were paralyzed. Those that were not had their formation broken by needing to turn to keep track of the attack on their rear, shields turned inwards or unaligned as they tried to watch their back and block the front-line simultaneously.

The King did not stand idle as his impacts rocked the bot’s world and a number of bots and disable sentries were engulfed in flame as he took advantage of the chaos he had created. However though he had created an opening and disrupted their formation their focus was now on him and Bowser was not in the best of shape thanks to the beating they had leveled against him during his change. Pistol and shotgun fire from the engineers joined the cannons, as did the chirping of a few repaired sentries. This firepower drove the king off of the hill, his majesty turning tail and retreating at a right angle to the direction he had come his shelled back protecting his wounded front as he drew their fire, hoping that his disruption of their lines would give his minions all the opening they needed to inflict some serious damage or get to a better position.
Hm, trying to figure out what to post. Only downside of being support, not much I can do mid combat without a few offensive support abilities.

Dodge everything trying to kill the healer perhaps? 50+% of support game play is trying to avoid being focuse fired down and killed after all.
@Holy Soldier @Zarkun
I'm swapping over my char's missions. Piper on shadow and Constantina on warcraft.
seeing as I have to chars, one goes in each. In the spirit of the upcoming leadership assignment a Coinflip has decided that Constantina is going to fight titans, which will make this a pretty normal mission for her all things considered.
Ok, I just got back into XCOM, now I kinda want an arc to be messing with all that stuff and maybe forcing our characters into an XCOM like battle for a bit. Dunno if that'd work, but it'd be pretty fun.

Combine them with some zombies maybe. Zombie arc sounds fun.

so what you want is Chryssalids then. you monster, you've doomed us all.
I hate to be one of those people, but your post involves actions that don't take Zer0's into account. Figured I'd point out in case your just overlooked things thinking that Zer0 was still somewhere else or something, but he did just pull off an aerial maneuver to knock the hat off of the Rabbid in question. (Which may or may not work, obviously, but it's still attempted.)

no no it's fine to point that out. my apologies. let me just edit that a quick moment

edit: and done

Level 1 EXP: //////////////////// (9/20)
Location: Ancient Gardens
wordcount: 946

As they approached the battlefield it became clear that the hooded exposition giver did actually know his stuff, or was at least capable of making decent guesses, because here could be found what looked like an ongoing civil war between Galeem’s forces. Two factions of robots fought both each other and the rabbid faction within a racetrack turned junkyard. One set of robots was made up of rather boxy bots who’s main advantage seems to be the deployment of large blue energy shields that guarded them from fire, the other of imitations of crude imitations of the human form armed that came in a multitude of variants, most notable giant titan bots and dedicated healers. Finally it seemed that the rabbids where rapidly approaching their full roster in terms of forces, lacking only valkyries and peek-a-boos if the king remembered his son’s retellings correctly. Frankly this entire war was was a great affront to the noble sport of mario kart in Bowser's opinion, the three way battle making made the usual cart races such a place would contain look like leisurely sunset drives drives in comparison. Finally at the end of the field was someone whose presence could be felt even from this far away, though instead of fear the king notably only experienced a sense of relief.


It was a little odd that they looked like one of the human robot variants, yet seemed to be working with a boxy robot but it didn't bother the king too much. Perhaps he was making his minions fight each other as well as the rabbids for his amusement? Not something the king would do personally of course, but these were all just robots after all, so he could see the appeal, wasteful as it might be.

The king himself arrived at this second set of crossroads just in time for the strategy discussion/speeches to commence. Like most of the others these were promptly ignored by the king, though instead of charging head first into the fray Browser instead took an interest in one of the many junk piles found in the scrapyard. While his claws digging through the metallic detritus Bowser made some vaguely affirming noises in response to the centurion and michel’s strategizing before finding what he was looking for.

“AH HA. HAVEN’T SEEN THIS PIECE OF JUNK IN A LONG TIME BUT IT’S PERFECT.” he exclaimed as he dragged a rusty old-fashioned-themed purple cart emblazoned with a spiky mustache emblem from the scrapheap. Bowser promptly rammed his hand through one of the doors before his claws cleaved through the floor of the vehicle, fingers wrapping around the spine of the chassis before stabbing back though the frood once more. Grinning to himself the king marched past the centurion with his improvised tower shield, one inspire by the energy shield equipped Eradicator Omics and Crushers battling in the central field.

“COME ON. LET’S GET YOU A MORE SUITABLE WEAPON.” he said to him, before hurrying after the direction of the team’s leroy jenkins-esque charge.

When bowser arrived at the pit stop the battle was well underway but his arrival most certainly did not go unnoticed, primarily because it was punctuated by a roar and a tire that had been ripped from the Wario Shield smacking into an unfortunate Pyrobot. This resulted in an almost immediate response in the form of a hail of gunfire from most of the combatants not immediately engaged with one of the heros or each other. The king laughed menacingly at the seeming ineffectiveness of this warm welcome.The bullets did minimal damage to his scaled limbs that was quickly repaired by Blazmate, ricocheted off of his shelled chest and made mincemeat of the Wario Shield that did its level best to guard the king’s face, the bulky front hood blocking shots primarily due to defence in depth.

“YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT BELONGS TO ME” he roared, pointing his free hand past his face guarding shield at the Smasher who had the king’s hat, who at that very moment was somewhat preoccupied with critting ass and sticking fools. Undeterred the king advanced into the chaos rushing forwards as the rabbid’s where thrown into chaos by ratchet’s medic annihilation, ramming his warrior shield in the way of the the Smasher’s overhead swing at roadhog. The two massive shields collided with a mighty clang followed by a the horrendous sound of metal crumpling as the Warrior car turned shield lost the contest of might and was promptly reduced to scrap metal as its structural integrity was brutally compromised and it promptly fell to pieces, leaving the king with sore fingers holding a rather large metal stick that was the car’s spine and a pile of scrap metal at his feet. Still, it its 10 seconds of service it had done its job admirably, keeping Bowser’s face free of lead and leaving the smasher on the backfoot. The king's face was left guarded by naught but warding hands and caught was as of balance by his clash with the Smasher as the massive rabbid was itself, right in time for Zer0's lightning fast attack on it's hat. The ninja dashed into the triple brute melee, navigating though the ocean of big buff boys like a slippery eel to deliver a sword blow to the King's massive stolen hat. Bowser's eyes locked onto this even as he was reeling from the aftershock of the block, watching with bated breath, hoping to see that blow to succeed at dislodging the hat and dreading that it may have harm the hat's occupant.

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