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Fun fact: in the lore for a board game (Kingdom Death: Monster), the closest thing to their world's ultimate evil is an "Entity" called the Goblin. There's content forthcoming for battling the Goblin Dragon (as dragons are the physical manifestations of Entities), but for now its entire relationship with the game is a random event where the Goblin looks at you, and you instantly die.

I don't know whether to be in awe of the detail or disappointed that the ultimate evil in a world more Lovecrafian than Lovecraft isn't just a regular ass fantasy goblin.

wordcount: 697 (+1) +8
Midna: level 7 EXP: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (37/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky - Inner-Mountain

The big man was happy to dance it seemed, hammering in with a mechanical fist and sending it towards her. Right as it got close Midna socked the ice golem in the back with a ”Shatter sucker!” causing it to reel right into Big band’s ... trumpet solo?

She hadn't been expecting that, nor how time seemed to halt for everything but the little performance. Just as soon as it had begun it ended, and Band showed that he didn't really need Midna’s own big fist to deliver a devastating combo, because he had an unending barrage of his own up his sleeves.

Within only a few scant heartbeats the frozen brute had been reduced to splinters of ice, and then ash which exploded outwards all over the area they were in.

”Damn big man, if you wanted to make the finale a solo all you had to do was say so,” Midna joked, mighty impressed by his punching action, as she used her shadow hand to waft the falling ashy cloud away from them. Then she shrugged and added ”Guess I shouldn’t have had tried to grab the spotlight if I didn't want to get show up huh”

”Anyway, chains free, so we should finish up here and head up soon as possible,” she said afterwards, looking over the burning wreckage and minor avalanche of ice she had created with her fire un-safety, which had buried the skelly spirits more than she could be bothered trying to dig them up.

There wasn't much other looting to do either, other than the ice golem that was which she most certainly had not earned a claim on, because apparently the other creatures hadn’t died normally, and had instead turned into ghosts and fled away to who knew where. Worse, they’d apparently torn up the members of the group they’d gotten their claws on something fierce, and they weren't able to gradually patch them up using Sectonia’s little passive restoring aura either. Yoshitsune had especially taken some of the worst of it, something that Midna felt a bit bad about.

”Be safe you too” she told the samurai and his key wielding escort and then, unsure what else she should add, simply watched them go, the friendship bracelet on her wrist slowly dimming as its twin got further and further away.

There wasn't time to dwell on that sad little moment however. The specter of the monsters that had hurt her friend still loomed threateningly over the group, and the gnawing cold wasn’t going to stop its relentless clawing at their extremities. So they had to move on.

Onwards and upwards.

For most people, that meant riding in the cart gripped by the big claw of the crane. As they piled in and started ascending Midna wasn't quite sure who’s nerves were going to be more wracked by the end of the climb, the pile of people inside it fearing for their own lives, or her, floating right beside it, worrying about all of them.

At least she knew Raz would be fine if they dropped, along with someone closest to him, and Theon too, because it seemed like he was confident he could also have survived that drop they had both had on his own, but that left an awful lot of people who could still plummet to their doom if things went south. The question that Midna did not want to think about was who would she try and catch if they did fall, or, rather, who she would allow to fall to prioritize some one else.

To distract herself from that line of thought (after the sight of Band propelling himself through the air via fiery expulsion got old) she picked on the other thing they had to worry about instead ”So. Those ugly bat things. Must have been tougher than they looked from afar huh?” she said, having missed the entire apparently pretty horrific experience due to her boat adventure. Considering the state of Yosh, Tora and Laharl, those things had not been a fun time to fight and, if they were still on the loose, then she wanted to know what she’d be up against.

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 1,524 (+6)
Bowser: Level 10 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (173/100)
Bowser Jr: Level 9 EXP: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (107/90)
Kamek: Level 10 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(27/100)
Location: Bottomless Sea – Carcass Isle
Feat: Rika

The other fighters wisely got out of the way when the koopa king and his crew of clones came to cause crippling carnage to the child of kos. It saw this and in response it raged (which was basically it's only reaction to anything at this point) and attacked, trying to break their formation. The shadowy turtle dragons weren't speedy slouches like Nadia’s water doppelgangers however, and so while the blows damaged the magic binding them together, they kept coming, heedless of harm.

Bowser, once again overconfident, also tanked the damage as he foolishly led the pack of clones, but this wouldn’t stop him either and so the king leapt full on into the danger and crashed down onto the Orphan with a ”THIS IS FOR PEACH YOU COLOSSAL CREEP”. He was followed a second later by his clones, who piled on, and soon enough the king and the copies where clawing, kicking, stomping and punching away at the orphan, who even with its monstrous strength, could not find the space or power to haul them all off of itself at once. Not until its fury and pain built to a climax at lest, because that was the point at which it exploded.

This was no mere pus ball planting detonation, it was something now and devastating. The clones were shattered, hurling a cloud of dark mist around the orphan. Out of this cloud Bower went tumbling, the heavyweight having been launched by the detonation. Flailing and trailing viscera from a myriad of cracks in shell and scales the king flew clear of the blast and then came crashing down atop some of the nearby rocks. Right on his noggin.

“Bowser!” ”Papa!” ”Sire!” went up a trio of heavily alarmed cries as the king slumped down onto the stone. The Troop raced towards his side, and got there only a moment before the rescue cats rushed in and began to ferry him to safety. The king's son tried to grab hold of his father, but the cats were good at their job and would brook no interference with their patient, even by his shocked relatives.

So the prince was forced to watch his papa depart, hand outstretched after him, before all three of them turned back to the monster that had just taken Bowser and their last life line from them.

The shadowy mist of the slain minions fell away, and there it stood, the orphan, transformed. The club of flesh had grown massively, forming into a grotesque scythe-like blade, while the pseudo-cape on its back had transformed into a pair of tattered wings. If that had been it, maybe the second phase could be handled the same as the first.

Then it called the storm. Lightning arched down, striking the carcass the orphan had emerged from, and from there a wave of lightning rolled forth across the beach.

”Quick, run both of you!” Kamek commanded the pair while she floated up and out of the way of the lightning.

“Moving!” Rika called back up, already moving away from the storm wave along with jr who realized ”That's gonna hit my stuff!”

“It’s going to hit Peach!” Rika pointed out rather more urgently.

”yeah that too” jr replied, before looking past her to the cliffs behind the rocks that their retreat from the lightning was going to cause them to run right into, ”I’ve got an idea!”

He spelled it out as they moved, and then when they got close they put it into motion. Jr reached the rocks right by Peach first, then turned and crouched, threading his fingers together and holding them low. As planned, Rika put her foot into this offered boost and was then chucked up the honestly not particularly imposing cliffs, her anti gravity gauntlets letting her get some more air.

Then Jr turned, grabbed the princess and hauled her limp body over his shoulder with well practiced ease, and then followed after Rika, platforming his way up the cliffs.

Kamek, hovering above them, was relieved to see both had gotten clear. Then she panicked for a moment when something latched onto her broom and caused it to lurch down. She steadied herself and then swept her wand down to blast his attacker, only to find the sentient meathook installed in jr’s clown car had decided it did not want to be fried by the storm, and had latched itself onto the convenient hook shot point that was Kamek’s broom, before hauling its base (and the rest of the clown car), up over the lightning.

The mage was about to blow a fuse at this shock, but then got an idea of how to help instead. As she drifted back and dumped the car on the top cliff top she re-summoned her toadies, who floated down to the cliff base to give boosts, lifts or act as stepping stones for anyone who might not be as practiced in the art of jumping good as a denizen of the troop’s world.

Nadia was someone who certainly didn't need their help, the athletic feline flipping right over the top of the thunder wave, and in doing so, ran first right into the Orphan and then, when dodging him, right into the wave of lighting as it bounced off of the rocks (an almost optimal situation for those who had went past those rocks, not so much for those still down on the beach) and went back towards the sea.

As the aqua infused feline shook and convulsed from the lightning, Delsin actively threw himself into it, absorbing the power and once again going toe to toe with the Orphan on his own. And once again it ended badly for him. With Jr and Rika much too far back to intercede this time, the beating the conduit took did not end with him needing to be healed, but with his death at the orphan’s hands, it’s blade coming down again and again until the newcomer’s body failed him and all that remained of the man was his spirit.

And his ash.

Rather than be sad or enraged by this death, for Kamek it was a eureka moment. The missing piece of the puzzle of how the sun princess had done what she had done drifting down and settling in the sand. It wasn't just the spirit that was needed, it was also the body. The ash. Two parts of a whole unmade that needed to be brought back together again.

”I can fix this! I just need space to do so!” Kamek shouted out to the others, informing them of what she had just worked out and then requesting their help in putting theory into practice ”Get the monster away from the spirit and ash and I can bring him back!”

”Yeah, I can do that” Jr replied from where he was standing right next to the floating mage upon the cliff. He set down the fainted princess up there where she could recover safely, and then waved to his minion who was sitting on Kamek’s broom ”Mimi, with me”

”Young master wait I didn't mean-” Kamek tried to protest, not wanting to have jr face the beast that had only moments ago felled his father, but it was too late. With Mimi riding his shoulder once more the prince leapt back down into the fray.

“I’ll keep him safe!” Rika told the mage as she went down after the prince, to which Kamek responded by urging her to ”Stay safe yourself as well!”

As they young ran headlong into danger the mage was left alone. Or rather with Peach, who was another part of the problem. Kamek only had so much medical support she could give, and there were several people in need of it, so she directed her available resources as best she could. Relying on Blazermate to handle the more immediate issues down on the beach Kamek focused on the major patients. Three White mages were directed up to the cliff side, where they used their power on the fainted princess.

The other one circled the fallen Delsin like reverse vultures, waiting for his resting spot to be clear of the conflict. When it was, the two would swoop down, hurriedly brush the fallen ash into a concentrated pile, put the man's spirit on top, and then one would step back, raise its wand to the heavens and cast Raise upon the fallen hero.

This all required them to not be attacked or caught in the splash damage of the orphan’s wild attacks while they were doing their thing of course. Ensuring that did not occur would be up to the others, who needed to draw their foe away without getting killed themselves. With their one tank out of the picture and a portion of their healing support focused on trying to raise Densil, such a fatal mistake it was more likely now than ever.

Still, they had to try.

Jr and Rika’s plan was to try their pool trap again, though this time Jr tossed out a splatter of burning goop instead of shocking, just in case the Orphan calling lighting now ment it was resistant to the same. Hazardous terrain swiftly set up, Rika and Jr spread out a little bit and then they, and Mimi, pelted the monster with projectiles, with Jr hucking bouncing fireballs while Rika (and Mimi via copycat) adding rifle fire to their attention getting volley.
Goblin yelling FREEDOM time.

wordcount: 599 (+1)
Midna: level 7 EXP: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (28/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky - Inner-Mountain

Midna fled like the wind as the wreckage of the ship rained down around them. Most of it was burning wood but, as if to seek vengeance for its demise, the detonating ship also hurled one of its cannons her way. The princess just barely saw it coming, tugging her mount’s tufty fur, getting it to skid to a halt just the nick of time. The hunk of rusted metal smashing down right in-front them and showering them both with fine fragments of ice, forcing both to shield themselves from the frozen hail as best they could.

”That was clo-” she began to say, right before an agonizing crack barked out, the ice she was standing on splintered in a reaction both to the blow and under the weight of the rusty weapon now resting on it.

”Ah fu-” was all she got out before the entire sheet of ice her mount was standing on collapsed and she and her wolf-dran were unceremoniously dropped into a short carves filled with vicious blades of ice. Instinctively, she sent her wolf-dran (along with its horde of bones it hadn't dropped) home and slowed her own fall with levitation, the princess coming to a stop in the air just above a particularly nasty looking set of frozen spikes.

She breathed a sigh of relief, gave one of the spikes a kick, and then said ”I really don't need your attitude today karam, ok? So chill out. It was just a boat. And almost dropping two people to their deaths but that was their fault for being there”

She ascended out of her little debacle pit muttering about how even climbing up had been foolish, and then took in what was going on in the cavern. Yoshitsune was in trouble, but her friend only had one monster on him, said monster was being swarmed by allies and, by Midna's analysis (which was ignorant of its only weakness being fire) it wasn't even a tough looking one, so she was fairly sure he’d be fine.

On the other hand, there was Big Band and Therion who were basically on their own (separated from a number of others via some large and maybe magical icewall) vs a big and very scary looking ice monster that seemed to be taking quite a beating and even then going down.

The question of where to go to help out was pretty obvious as a result. The princess found herself a shadow, and there were plenty thanks to all of the burning bits of wood she’d scattered around, and from there hopped her way from patch of darkness to patch of darkness, heading towards the two ice golem dueling gentlemen.

She popped up right as Therion was jumping back and away from the ice golem, announcing herself with ”Room for one more?” as she slid out from the shadow of the wall and got herself behind the golem, so that she and Band were on opposite sides of it.

”How’s about you and me double team this ice cube into powdered snow?” she shouted to him, before winding up a shadow hand into a fist and slamming into the golem as many times as she could, trying to sync up her strikes so that they’d alternate with the one man band’s own. In that way, she’d ensure that the golem was always in the process of recovering from one blow right before the next one came in from the other side, co-op comboing it over and over till it broke out of the pummeling, or simply broke entirely.
More fleshed out backstory of a goblin. Kinda tapers off in detail at the end, but I think the origin story bit is more important than the shonen style escalation/shark jumping that happens after the instigating villein is overcome.

Anyway, enjoy a goblin overturning a generic fantasy universe:

Oh, by the way, I was thinking about doing something that our friend Zoey suggested in Discord. I hesitated at first because it seemed indulgent of me, but maybe it would be fun. Zoey mentioned that it might be a better way to celebrate 100 pages (rather than finding things that the RP isn't doing well) to mention what some of your favorite moments have been in the RP so far, during your time here. So if this seems like a good idea and you can think of anything, I would be all to happy to hear from you guys!

Having been in this for the full 3 years there have been so many great moments, so rather than try and pick a best one, I'm going to roll this back to a simple fun one a lot of you weren't here for, which is me and lug simultaneously rping the two different versions of Bowser you get, the imposing big bad vs the ineffectual comedy villain, as a result of megadrgonbowser coincidentally being the first boss. This culminates in his (presently dying) Bowser tying to convince my Bowser to take in his spirit, a ploy that would corrupt mine to be like his. This is resolved by having my Bowser, who had already entirely fallen for the ruse and was going to take the spirit, spending too long bickering with Tora over the issue that his Bowser gives up the ghost and then the dangerous, to my bowser, spirit is snagged by someone else from under the king's nose. post in question

Is it a profound or dramatic moment like some of the other moments? No, not really, but is indicative of something unique I've been having/getting to do for this rp, which is looking at a situation, thinking what Bowser would do, realizing that waht he'd do is perhaps the dumbest thing that you could possibly do in that given situation, and then being compelled to exactly that anyway.

and that is a lark and a half.

For now try and get me general character pitches so I can give you a thumbs up/down/notes/whatever on it.

If your still open to more slots, and it seems like you are, then i have a char pitch for you:

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 1,203 (+6)
Bowser: Level 10 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (167/100)
Bowser Jr: Level 9 EXP: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (101/90)
Kamek: Level 10 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(21/100)
Location: Bottomless Sea – Carcass Isle
Feat: Rika

”You're quite welcome” Kamek replied to Nadia’s thanks while Bowser mainly shrugged in ‘well what else was I supposed to do, just let you die?’ kinda way, and then instantly regretted doing so due to his wounds.

Then the smoke cleared, the moment of respite was over and the monster fight resumed.

Bowser grunted in pain as he tried to square up against the incoming Orphan’s vengeful charge, more gore oozing from his cracked shell that had been over-strained even further by holding and unleashing the light as he did so. Fortunately for him Link was there to save his bacon, tossing a simple spear in-front of him and then in a flash freezing it in the air.

The immovable object met the not quite unstoppable force of the Orphan’s blow and brought it to a dead stop, which had to hurt, or at least be a surprise to the monster. It certainly was for Bowser, but others were more proactive than him in taking advantage of the situation, with Sakura, Ace and the freshly fighting fit feline racing ahead of the king to get stuck right in.

Bowser moved to follow them, but his faithful advisor and long suffering caretaker drifted down and put himself in the way.

”If you’d wait just another moment, sire, and I’ll have you right as rain in just a moment” Kamek insisted, indicating with a free hand up to her hovering heal squad.

”Ain’t got no more time to be sitting about twiddling my thumbs, get outta my way” Bowser replied, a retort that lost most of its impact when he tried to push the mage out of the way only to stumble and cringe in pain.

”Urgh, fine” he relented, and allowed the old koopa to administer his injuries.

As it turned out the amount of time Kamek needed to recharge meant that she ended up using her healing on Bowser right before someone else really really needed it. That person being Delsin.

As the restored Bowser moved to re-engage, the Orphan suddenly dis-engaged, blowing right past everyone and hurtling off towards the back of the cove. Right towards where Jr was, just as his family had feared might happen.

The bark of rifle fire that greeted the Orphan’s assault on those outside the battle proved that their precaution had in fact been well worth it for all it had deprived them of Rika’s firepower during the melee. Not that the ship girl’s fire halted the Oprhan’s advance mind. Even Delsin, who stepped up to the plate for the first time with his flames and chains, only managed to prevent the Orphan from getting to the boy because it stopped to give him a beating and nearly ripped his arm clean off in the process.

”Hey! Get off of him!” came a shout from Jr, accompanied by the water balloon like body of a Swoopin' Stu to splash into the Orphan’s face.

The horror whipped its head towards the boy prince, losing the stinging goop in the process, and proceeded to get a cannon round to the chest from a very nervous looking Rika standing between a retreating prince and the monster. With a howl it leapt at the ship girl, who fired her rigging mounted sixpack of guns as she rapidly sailed backwards, moving as if she was floating on water rather than standing on the ground. And that was because she was floating on a liquid, it just wasn't water for once.

The Orphan slammed down onto the oil stick of goop the prince had spread while it was taking apart Delsin, the same goop that was letting Rika wave surf instead of run, causing the blue and yellow mess to promptly unload its considerable electrical load right into the ocean borne horror.

While the massive charge would have left a certain plummer screaming, convulsing and utterly paralyzed for several seconds, against the nightmarish abomination it merely caused a very brief moment of muscular spasming that cause it to stumble. While not show stopping by any means it did at least unsteady it enough that it was unable to immediately chase the ship girl as she skated away on a trail of goop the retreating prince was leaving behind with his brush, and was left open to attack from the heroes racing in to aid the trio (and Delsin certainly needed some aid that was for sure).

Despite his concern for his son, the less than agile king brought up the rear of that pack, and slowed even more as his quite safe son broke past them, followed by the slime skating Rika.

”Are you both ok?”

”Yeah, obviously!” jr replied for them both before Rika asked “Are you? You keep getting hit really badly”

”Eh I’m tough” Bowser replied simply, which got a nod and agreeing ”mmm, he is!” from his son, but the hovering Kamek, who had had to fix the king up three times at this point, wasn’t looking to have that situation repeated.

”If I may sire, I think you should take some backup in with you this time rather than just suffering through everything yourself” she suggested.

The king glanced sideways at the two younger members of the Troop who he did not want to be taking those hits and then replied ”Yeah no, you three stay safe, I've got this. Ain't no one who can to take those hits the way I can after all!" with pride.

”How about more of yourself?” Kamek replied (talking over an objection form Jr about how he was tough too dad!) with a grin, having a plan that had been inspired by Nadia’s tactics.

”More of myself?" Bowser asked, briefly confused, but then snapped his fingers as he got it ”Oh! Yeah! Let's do it!'

”Marvelous, now then” the mage replied, before floating up above the other three and facing the (currently embattled with the others) Orphan and half taunting half chanting ”You might have easily cracked my king’s shell like an egg”


”But let's see how you deal with a full carton of carnage!” Kamek cackled as she finished his spell and a quartet of massive dark portals opened up and then, with a “Mi mi!” from the little copycating pokemon on his broom, the four were joined by a fifth, slightly smaller, portal. Out of these dark voids five copies of the Koopa King dropped, their steel capped boots hitting the sand heavily, before the five dark mirrors of the king's already dark heart raised their maws to the sky and roared dramatically.

Said roar was the first warning the heroes fighting the Orphan got of what was going down behind them, and of what was about to come bearing down on them all.

Bowser stepped into the line of shadow hims and said to them ”Follow my lead copycats. Let's see how this smuck can handle six of me dogpiling it!" before giving a battlecry of ”CARGE!" and then doing just that.

The King went storming towards the Orphan with his five doppelgangers flanking him, sending an entire scrimmage line of heavyweights bearing down on the lone Orphan (which could prove to be a problem for anyone who didn’t get break off their duel and get out of the incoming royal rampage in time) with the express intent of collectively pinning it down and then kicking the ever living snot out of it.

The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 1,533 (+6)
Bowser: Level 10 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (161/100)
Bowser Jr: Level 9 EXP: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (95/90)
Kamek: Level 10 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////(15/100)
Location: Bottomless Sea – Carcass Isle
Feat: Rika

The first thing Bowser got when joining back up with the rest of the troop was questions about Jr’s well-being from a concerned Rika and Kamek.

”He’s good, no sweat. Kid’s tough as nails after all, plus I made a pretty good catch. Looks like all that sport finally paid off” Bowser said, getting a “kyu!” in agreement to the first part from his shoulder, reminding him that, ”Oh, also he said you’d know how to use this one” before holding out a hand towards Kamek, whereupon Mimi ran down his arm, onto his palm and then hopped onto the tip of Kamek’s broom, where it sat itself down like a witch’s familiar. Which was quite appropriate given the gender swap.

Rather than worry about whether she should be augmenting her attire with an appropriately pointy hat however, Kamek was instead a bit worried about Jr now that his main minion was here with them and not covering his back, and she said as much to Bowser.

”Yeah he’ll be fine…” Bowser replied, only for a worm of worry to push itself inside his mind and start wiggling around creating mental images of all kinds of grim possibilities, mainly centered up the question of what happened if the brutally effective monster went after jr while he was on his own, working on his machine? True, it hadn't actively attacked anything not been attacking it, no healer murdering attempts had been made for example, but still, Bowser’s mind was none the less presented with some very unpleasant imagery of his son being on the receiving end of blows even he had barely withstood, much to his displeasure.

Judging by the looks on the other two’s faces, he wasn't the only one getting those intrusive thoughts.

”ah… maybe I should” kamek began to suggest she go baby sit him, but Bowser had other ideas.

”Rika go keep watch on Jr, ok? Make sure he stays safe”

“Who me? But I just-” the ship girl who had almost died after failing to dislodge Jr’s attacker tried to reply, but the king was adamant, clapping her reassuringly on the shoulder and guiding her away from the battle.

”Off you go, I’m counting on you!” he told her, practically pushing her away from active danger before turning to his old advisor and telling him ”Now let’s go pay that ugly mug back tenfold!” which got a determined nod from Kamek (and Mimi). Soon enough Bowser was tromping back into the fray at last, joining the Ace while Kamek and Mimi hovered above, laying dark mines (which involved Kamek casting and Mimi copycatting him) as traps to turn the Orphan's erratic movement against it.

This worked remarkably well as after getting ice smashed and fortuitously failing to trounce the child responsible the Orphan dropped down onto the minefield, causing a bevy of blasts to briefly tip it over. Sizing the opportunity the king leapt forwards and delivered a meteoric punch right to the Orphan’s chest, only to back up as Ace got stuck in, which gave him just enough space to avoid the first retaliatory blow from the monster.

He tried to come back in after that, but the Orphan started to put its range avoidance strategy to use in melee as well, using its fast movements to dodge around the slower Koopa, while also keeping the faster monster hunter between the king and itself, causing him to not be able to go forwards, and ace to have less room to back up in.

The brief moment of frustration came to an end when the Ace got himself clipped and sent hurtling towards Bowser, who did his best to catch the hunter, but he still got sent sliding backwards through the sand a short distance as he absorbed much of the cadet’s momentum.

As the Orphan left the pair behind and raced off to smash the engineer’s turret the young prince was having difficulties with his own broken machine, and was at that moment waist deep inside it's hammer space glove box, grumbling away as he looked for an item that was no longer in his possession ”where is it? Where is it?! I know it was in here somewhere!”

“What are you looking for anyway?” Rika, who was agitatedly standing guard, the ship girl unable to actually stand that guard still as she watched the battle from a much too close vantage point.

”The stupid hammer! I can't fix my car quickly without…” Jr was saying before pausing, having an idea and pulling himself out of the car ”oh wait I know! I can get Blazermate’s wrench guy to fix it!”

“I, ah, think he just got sunk” the ship girl let him know. It had been far too quick too, just one shot and the once mortal man had been a goner. That had almost been her.

”Oh come on!” the prince threw up his arms in frustration at this run of bad luck.

“So is it just broken for good now then?”

”What? No, I can fix it myself. What do you think all my technical brains were in that hammer? Ha no. It’ll just take time without it, time we ain’t got” the boy said, and on that he was surly right. Every moment the Orphan got was another moment it had to deal a singularly decisive blow on any one of them, and next time it might not be a striker who bit the dust.

”So forget trying to do that,” he declared, grabbing his gadbrush and giving it a twirl, before fiddling with a little hidden control mechanism which flushed the tip of the brush with burning goop ”Instead, let's go paint the town red!”

“That’s mostly orange” Rika pointed out before asking “Also why are we painting a town? And what town?”

”Less questions more butt kicking” Jr replied, taking off at a run back towards the fight.

There, while Bowser and Ace had been untangling themselves, some of the ladies had taken their palace in the fray, with Sakura hadouken and Bella’s tripping supporting Nadia’s full frontal assault supported by her dopplegangers, which was going well right up until she was overwhelmed and knocked down by a colossal blow that knocked both copies out of commission and almost destroyed Nadia outright.

What stopped it finishing the job was aid from Bowser and Kamek.

Bowser stormed in roaring ”GET YOUR UGLY MUG OFF HER!” before physically grabbing the still half prone Orphan and hauling it above his head while it raged. With a wild swing it smashed the king in the back with its mace, causing the king to cry out in pain as he stumbled, but he soldiered through and with a roar hurled the monster into the carcass of a washed up whale, who’s rotten body gave way with ease, burying the Orphan in a mire of gore and bone.

This costly throw gave Kamek enough time to direct his white mages to heal the fallen catgirl, giving her a burst of healing on top of her natural regeneration that would likely have her right back on her feet, but that left the King’s back wound unattended to.

Not that he was going to let that stop him. Though his shell was cracked and oozing gore it still held the light he had absorbed earlier. More was drawn in now as the king raised his maw to the sickly moon and devoured its light, causing the shadows to twist as the light faded, and then grow long as the power coalesced into in a glowing orb of pure white light held between the King’s bestial fangs. As the orphan was on the verge of clawing its way out of a prison of blood and bone for a second time in its life the king violently snapped his head towards it and unleashed the charged up energy in one singular strike.

Light streamed fourth in a beam wider than the Orphan was tall, bringing a brief dawn to the cove as it hammered into the horror, as well as the corpse holding it briefly captive within its shattered ribs. The whale, which had been dead even before its bloated body was stolen by Galeem, promptly exploded, sending smoldering chucks of blubber and bone fragments showering across the area.

”How do you-” the wounded and winded king had to pause for air for a moment half way through his taunt ”-like that ya shmuck!”

The smoke and cloud of kicked up sand and vaporized blood cleared over a few tense moments, and as the veil slipped away it revealed the form of the Orphan simply standing there. Despite its chest having been burnt by the core of the energy beam, the viscera soaked horror’s perpetually exposed teeth made it look as if it was grinning at the king, as if the blast had simply done it a favor by freeing it from the mire of gore he had tossed it into. Then the half imagined moment ended as the monster screamed and came rampaging out of the blast crater, sprinting forth to finish the job of breaking the presently gobsmacked king’s back.
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