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I will probably re-rout a scouting expedition to investigate the SOS

@Some Wierd Bird

If you are looking for someone to pay you to go there, the Dummy tech might be wiling (depending on the size of the junker force) to provide either their own equipment or manufacturing for munitions, replacement parts or whole vehicles in return for assistance in securing the fortification.

ok then. in that case do either of you know any good way of doing colabs?

Should we also do a colab for our volcano top get-together, seeing as it's going to be a 3-way conversation which would take up way to may normal posts to do properly?
Space Pizzas maybe lol

I can have the former happen.

why has nobody ever made a full pizza from star destroyers in order to roll through the cosmos in a giant delicious flaming imperialism wheel.

also ok cool.
Sure. Considering they are at the southern desert, it can definitely be arranged.

do you want to join in with the mountain top meet-up or want me to send some Dummies over to be terrified of your space triangles?
just so you all know, the plan of my post has been run past @Zarkun, so I am not making moves for his faction that he is unaware of. (though if you do have any issues with it, please let me know)

Also for anyone else, does anyone want to also have an encounter with the Empire? Probably with that Stormtrooper character I made, Falon, with a few new buddies as well.

I could be up for that.

There's a bot knocking at your door

The Dummy craft hurtled across the sands of the southern desert on their scouting mission. For the first hour the desert had revealed nothing but sand, however the group was rapidly approaching a small speck of mountains that rose out of the featureless desert. For about an hour the CPU thought it might be a volcano as a result of it’s loneliness but eventually dismissed this assumption when it once again remembered it was not actually on a planet and therefore its rudimentary knowledge of Geology and plate tectonics did not apply.

The CPU vaguely remembered one that it may have noticed something like a node on this particular mountain during the first few chaotic days of fighting it had experienced before it had fled below ground, which was the reason why its first scouting group was heading straight for it. If there were others like itself they would have undoubtedly have occupied such a node. If there were not then all the better, as it would be able to claim the node for itself.

Shure enough, as it’s ships got closer and the mountains became clearer, the vast, tree like megastructure became obvious to the sensors on it’s leading fighter craft. The Node appeared to be located in some kind of canyon or low peak as only the upper half poked up into the sky, the base hidden by the surrounding stone. There did not appear to be anything built nearby, nor any aerial activity, but perhaps a faction living there were hidden like the base of the Node was. It was certainly a well defensible location, likely featuring plenty of surface caves to use as hidden bunker entrances and the ridges would be excellent hiding places for AA installations, so the CPU did not count the lack of visible activity as evidence that there was no one there.

With that in mind the CPU decided to land a little way off from the node, ordering it’s craft to decelerate and come to a hover above the slopes of the mountain. It took about 10 minutes to make the ground land-able, one of the rocklets opening up and letting it’s 4 dummies to jetpack the last 20 M to the ground, where they used diggers and sprayers to make a level platform upon which the 8 pods and 2 falcons subsequently landed. The CPU took a few more minutes to properly reinforce the position with simple rampart and to position the landing zone’s brain unit in a covered location next to an escape rocklet.

Leaving the dreadnaught, 6 dummies and the two falcons to protect the landing zone the CPU started to march the remaining 20 dummies and the second brain unit up the side of the mountain. The ascend was rocky and steep, but with a combination of the Dummies’ tireless marching and the occasional jetpack boost meant the squad took about 10 minutes to reach the ridge that was hiding the base of the Node. It turned out that it’s earlier baseless assumption was true, as the vast metal tree sat in the center of an (hopefully)extinct Caldera volcano, which meant that the Node was in the middle of a flat basin surrounded on all side by a ridge, though there did appear to be a place where the wall had collapsed, forming a less steep entrance. Thanks to the parched environment of the surrounding desert, what might normally have been a small lake was instead a flat surface of sunbaked rock.

The lead dummy also Spotted some distinctly human figures down in the basin who appeared to be a kind of survey group. Most of them where bulky humanoid figures wearing heavy armor with domed visors and large shields on their off hand, who were carrying boxy firearms(marines). Accompanying them where an equal number of slightly larger and much fatter black clad units that seemed to have weapon gauntlets (marauders) and a small number of similarly sized hunched back machines featuring wheels on illogical places on their frames and a turret mounted atop them that featured what might have been a pilot light(Hellbats).

Hopefully they were friendly, but just in case the CPU positioned most of the Dummies to stay back just behind the ridge, it’s Brain unit as far down the mountain face as possible while still in command range and it also warmed up the engines of it’s craft for either an emergency evac or to provide reinforcements. With that all set up it sent it’s communication Dummy over the edge and down into the basin, accompanied by 6 blaser armed dummies that trailed slowly after it, their weapons in hand but lowered and pointed away from the soldiers below. The communication Dummy did it’s best to wave at those below in a friendly and enthusiastic manner while the CPU made it shout.

"Friendly: Greetings fellow sentient being. I wish to talk business"

The voice coming out of the robot’s head mounted speaker system sounded exactly like microsoft Sam, as CPU had spared every expense when making its diplomacy bot.

Dostya’s room looked more like an operating theater than a place someone lived. The floors and walls were all covered in white tiles, various medical and mechanical equipment was stacked neatly on tables and a privacy curtain covered the already shuttered door for the consideration of those outside during the day who might be squeamish. Pushing their way past this curtain was a guard carrying a large boxy pistol that ended in a curved dish rather than a muzzle. It was a precaution anyone who dealt with Dostya was used to and one that, while it had never been used, did mean the guard didn’t freak out about the fact that Dostya’s collar was currently resting on a table next to her prone form. The reason for it’s removal was obvious, as her spinal column was currently exposed to the open air for him to see. Operating on the wiring running along her spinal cord was a drum shaped piece of machinery from which many arms tipped with surgical equipment extended. The device, sometimes referred to as a medical droid by some and the knife spider by those that found it disturbing, was plugged into Dostya’s skull by a long cord, as she used it to operate on her own body.

“16. Stop what you're doing and get to the Auditorium as you were instructed”

"The Auditorium? um..." one of the laser mounted tentacles attached to her waist snaked up from where it was laying and inspected the board with it’s targeting mechanism. Completely ignoring the EMP pistol now pointing right at her she thought to herself When did it become morning? Oh dear. I got caught up in my work again didn’t I. She had also shut of her hearing for 5 minutes when the alarm went off, then subsequently forgot about it.

"Oh. uh. Hang on, I just need to finish... Ah! there you are"
One of her back leg rapidly kicks the ground like a rabbit, which might have been cute if the taloned foot didn’t pulverize the tile it was previously resting on. The medical droid’s many limbs carefully remove a length of wire from her spine and then replace it with a fresh one, ceasing the leg’s assault on the floor.

“Are you quite done?” the guard asks impatiently, still pointing the weapon at her, as Dostya’s synthetic flesh is stitched back together.


The droid completes it’s stitching, then quickly cleans and subsequently dries the length of the incision. Dostya then stands, unplugs the droid, gingerly check that her leg now works correctly and then goes to one of the only normal things in the room, a simple wooden closet. She rummages around inside for a bit, trying to decide what to wear, before pulling an oversized blue sweatshirt out and subsequently doing it. She turns to leave and only then seems to notice the pistol.

"um?" “colar” "oh. Right. Of course."

Only when her oversized collar is back in place is the weapon lowered, though it is quickly replaced in the guard's hand by the control system for the collar itself. The guard then steps out silently, expecting her to follow. As she stomps down the corridors of the institute she wonders briefly as to why they need her in the auditorium.

"They need me to fix the projector or something?"

She jokes. The guard, unsurprisingly, is not amused.

After she squeezed gingerly through the doors to the doors to the Auditorium it became clear that it was a meeting of some kind based on the number of other already being there. This should not really have come as a surprise, but she had spent the walk daydreaming about replacing all her teeth with drills for purposes she could not comprehend, so she managed to be surprised anyway. She was spared the age old question of schoolchildren everywhere of deciding where to sit by her size, though unlike Centipede and Monster it was her own fault rather than poor luck. It was kind of a shame that she couldn’t go sit with Blink, he was one of the few who appreciated her gift fully, but the two at the front weren't half bad.

She, for a lack of a better word, pranced over to the front group from the door and, after turning to give a wave to Blink, took a seat. Her heavy bulk rested flat against the floor as her legs and pincers tucking themselves as neatly as possible against her side. She greets Beast and Centipede with a cheerful voice that in no way betrays the fact that she hasn't slept in 24 hours. The fact that she sounded a bit like Hatsune Miku is the most likely the source of that obstruction of information.

"Good morning! Any idea what this meeting is all about?"

She was assuming she missed some announcement yesterday, because this seemed highly unusual.

I think Dostya would be horrified that her muse shuts up around Cipher, then after a while she might find it relaxing to not have cybernetic schismatics hammering at her mind for attention.


would you be interested in having Dostya be the one who built Asmodeus's cybernetics?

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