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level: 5
day/time: Day Three - Very Early Morning
Location: Tetris Castle
Tagging: various npcs @Holy Soldier Bentley @ONL Shantae [@Guardian Angel] Haruki James @Zarkun Cuphead @Majoras End

What followed Naija’s retelling of the events of the attack was a lot more talk from Dr Light that she did not much understand which, along with Bentley's own foray into the unknown, left Naija’s head spinning. As a result she genuinely appreciated the final section that involved an attempt at education that, while it mostly went over her head, at least gave her enough familiar context for her to latch onto that she could understand the implications of potential the disaster that irreparable annihilation could bring even if the specifics still eluded her. At any rate, she had plenty of time to mull it over as bently launched into his hacking session and unloaded another load of mumbo jumbo that the Naija quickly decided just to ignore as she got the impression it wasnt really directed at anyone but back at the turtle himself.

Taric meanwhile,as a worldly and well read warrior, had managed to grasp the doctor's explanation to a better degree than the tired fish woman. He might not understand the references to higher technology, but he recognized the danger the eraser blade represented.

”This is most troubling, a weapon whose wounds cannot be undone could do untold damage, for could it perhaps kill that which would not normally die? I fear it might be able to it annihilate fundamental parts of our worlds, leaving them forever broken.”

Naija had little to add to the knight’s question for it was while she was mulling this all over that her tired mind had finally taken in something Dr light has casually mentioned in his lesson:

“Thus, why we can still save the hero, Mario.”

Thus the fish out of water, ignorant of so many things found in the worlds of the Arcade including the revival item she herself had been in possession of since the smash arena incident, gracelessly launched herself over to the good doctor, grabbed him by the coat, hauling herself up to be face to face with the bearded fellow and asked, in a manner much like a man named after another slippery scaled creature might ask:

“We can still save mario?!”

Her parroted query was loud and raw with the mess of emotions gripping the woman. Hope that the tragedy that she saw as her personal failure could be undone, guilt that she was not already helping with whatever task was require for the mustachioed hero to back to them and a slight undercurrent of confusion as to the purpose of funerals.

Captain Piper

Level: 2
day/time: day 3 - morning
Location: From Ulfric's Tent to Markarth
Word count: 1,022
Interacting with: @Zarkun, @Holy Soldier

Piper wasn’t entirely sure how long it was between the moment Azura disappeared from sight into the dark forest and the arrival of twilight hour when the camp started to wake up but she was glad when it finally arrived, as it meant the wait was finally over. What had been a somewhat enjoyable evening getting to know some of the Stormcloaks had turned to one of worrying and second guessing herself as to whether she had made the right decisions with letting the singer go out on her own. Casual conversation with the guards was replaced with pacing too and fro or repeatedly doing maintenance checks on her equipment. Cleaning her blacksmith sniper, counting her remaining rounds, making sure her joints where properly oiled and so on. She was not normally a worrywort, she sometimes sent her crew off on heists without her after all, but her lack of knowledge of both Azura’s capabilities and what triles she might face in this frigid place let her mid run wild with fears of potential disaster. Add to this the feeling of helplessness caused by sitting still in the same place in a stationary for rather than the mobile ship she was used to for several hours and it all added up to a rather unpleasant night. With light fast approaching she was glad she could now put those thoughts behind her and focus on the task at hand.

Her sleepless night and forewarning of dawn's arrival by one of the last watch-women had allowed her plenty of time to prepare, and so she joined the others fully fueled up and raring to go, making the Boss the only person Ulfric actually had to wake up. Vent had apparently risen early and taken the time to change getup, while the boss arrived (eventually) in what appeared to be a foul, and somewhat disheveled, mood. She thought it might have been to do with Azura’s disappearance, but this was disproved when he only noticed this halfway through their march to Markarth, thought to his credit he did quickly figure out where she was, so Piper did not feel the need to bring up her prior knowledge of this.

The match itself was a long and sluggish one, though Piper at least had the advantage of company. Being a mobile campfire got her quite the following, namly a huddle of Stormcloaks, some of them part of the night watch who had tracked her down specifically for company or warmth, surrounded her as they traveled, the group conveniently masked the warm glow emanating from her chest that could have tipped off any of the enemy’s scouts to their approach. When they caught sight of Markarth in the distance Piper finally got a look at the place they were going to rob liberate. Bathed in the light of imminent dawn it was a considerably more impressive than the wooden fort they had spent the night in, a town seemingly carved into and out of the rocky hills it was built against. She took the opportunity, while they approached for a distance, to try and mentally match what she could see of the the actual city, the bits of it poking up from behind its walls at least, to the previous nights crude mock up of it. She did not have long to do so however as they soon had to take to hiding from the Forsworn guarding the front gate.

Her complete lack of stealth capabilities, from her bright glowing chest piece to her red “hair”, polished bronze body and novelty santa hat meant that she was unable to watch the sneaking missions of her two allies, let alone believed she could join in without giving them away, and instead she made do with the whispered commentary of a nearby nord who did not mind lying in the snow and creeping a little closer to spectate the proceedings. Not that there was much to report most of the time, as the woman somehow lost track of both the Boss and vent despite the bright purple atier the two were sporting today. The only two brief flurries of information she received where a poor attempt at describing the Bosses the boss’s athletic takedown of the gatehouse guards in real time and his subsequent touch flailing, followed by Vempt’s ninja strike on those down below.

As vent finished dispatching the guards at the gate only one Forsworn was left alive, one who had been taking a piss break nearby and who returned upon just barely hearing the quiet sounds of their comrades assassination to find their bodies strewn across the snow. Before they could raise their weapon in an attempt to exact vengeance however their head was struck, harmlessly, by a lingering red laser beam. Behind a rock several hundred meters up the road piper pulled the trigger of her blacksmith sniper that she was aiming at an entirely different rock. The bullet leaped out of the barrel, following along the path laid out by the laser sight, striking the other rock off of which the beam was inexplicably reflecting and then ricocheting off at a 90 degree angle, sailing off towards the head of the unfortunate Forsworn. They couldn’t see the hidden flash, but they heard the crack of the gunshot, muffled somewhat by stone and snow, moments before their brain matter was spattered across the ground.

Back up in her hiding spot Piper did not stop to ponder how exactly attaching a scope to a weapon added a laser sight function, nor how said beam allowed here to aim near perfectly at targets completely out of her line of sight and istead simply asked the watching scout:

”Did I get them?”

After receiving confirmation from the missions narrator she clicked open the revolver's cylinder, carefully removed and then replaced the spent cartridge with one from one of the pouches on her hips. After locking the cylinder back in place and giving it the traditional spin she stood from her sniping position and prepared to advance towards the gate alongside Ulfric‘s army.

”Right then, let's get to it.”

The previous night

Atop a rolling hill overlooking the city stood a frameless door. The door, that had not been there the previous day, was as mundane as they came, made of wood cleanly painted white and featuring a small door handle of brass sat above a simple lock. At its center sat a dull iron knocker, faintly rusted. What was unusual about the door however, was the fact that it was floating a few centimeters above the ground. Up to this door runs lupa, safely out of her disguise in the rather isolated location, her dark fur letting her blend into the night. She grabs the knocker and pounds away for a few moments before stepping back when the door is opened by another Lupa.

“Hi. I found food for sticky!” the first wolf girl exclaims, holding up her hand to present a number of crickets struggling futility in between her furred fingers.

“Good. You’re just in time for dinner to” the door opener informs her, stepping aside to let her double inside, briefly revealing the interior of an apartment on the other side of the doors, where a number of other Lupas are in the middle of doting over a variety of tank held pets to the sound of a kettle boiling and the frying of what might be meat.

“Sweet.” The cricket catcher responds before dashing inside towards an un-womaned tank holding a gecko. The door clicks shut moments before she presents the lizards with its dinner.

A few minutes later the door opens once more, briefly re-revealing the room that was now devoid of Lupas save for the one that steps out of it holding a noodle pot that had had a number of chunks of a ugly grey meat added to it. She sits down on the side of the hill in the grass and looks down towards the glowing lights of her destination, one full of glamor, danger and, hopefully, monsters. Digging into the unhealthy meal she reflects upon the distance she had to travel to get here, jogging across the kilometers of country lead on by an insatiable urge born of her patron Feral that still gnaws at her while she while she sits and plans. All too soon the meal is over and, after tossing the plastic to one side, the woman steps back through the door into her magical democide.

Over the next two hours a steady stream of Lupas subsequently emerges from the door the original entered into, though it would be hard to tell they were in fact copies of her. Where as the previous set of clones, all reabsorbed so they would not miss out on dinner, had been straight up duplicates, these ones were warped beyond recognition. Chitinous shells and armor from beetles covered some of their bodies, hiding semi functiona wings, others had triple jointed legs somewhat resembling grasshoppers, others had small tentacles around their mouths and strange grey skin acros which color would briefly flicker as they all waited for their creator to finish. Occasionally one or two would dash away from the restless group and return a little later with a captured animal, such as a bluebird, cat, spider or skunk, and would re-enter the apartment, after which the subsequent clones would have some of the features of the captured creature. The mutant clones were not an ugly mess of animal parts however, as each had seemingly been sculpted in such a way that their myriad of additions fitted together to look a little like over designed magical girl costumes, at least from a distance, disguising their true monster girl forms. Each was also given some kind of mobility aid, such as wings, leaping legs, web shooters, fish tails or gecko pads, and most also had a weapon or stealth measure of some kind to help them get out of trouble if they couldn't simply outrun it.

After the last girl had been made, and the captured creatures had been safely released back into the wild, Lupa stepped outside once again, the door vanishing behind her as it shut this time, and observed the roughly 20 clones of herself assembled before her. Each had been carefully crafted by casting a myriad of Beast buffs on herself before she made the copy so that they look absolutely nothing like either her or the usual combat modded clones, hopefully ensuring that anything done to night could be associated with her once she actually got involved with the local magical girl scene. It was, perhaps, uncessicirily cautious, as Lupa was not intending to rustle any feathers with this initial scouting mission, but she could never fully trust her clones not to get into trouble.

Lupa, looking plain before he myriad of minions, took a few moments to address herself before they set off.

“Alright girls, you know the drill. All we want to do is get a lay of the land, so no picking fights and or spooking the normal people. I want to know monster hotspots, what mythical creatures are here and where and who the local magical girls patrol and if they are hostile. We need to know where we might be able to safely open our door, where we can get a local map or a free meal, where there's entrances to the overcity, who might live in it here and who is dangerous or helpful, where we can hide, where we can nick some easy money from or get a temp job, where we can get some human disguises for you lot, where the parks and streams are and anything else we can sue to keep Feral calm and fed and ourselves happy. Also, maybe we could try and make some friends this time? Anyway, we all got that?” there was a general corus of enthusiastic affirmation from her other selves who had all been raring to go since they were made “Alright then, let's get to it. Wolf pack, move out!”

A series of howls broke the evening quite atop that lonely hill overlooking the city, a corus joined unnervingly by that ancient hungering thing inside that lived inside Lupa, and then in an instant they were all gone, the only evidence of the packs prior presence a discarded noodle cup and a bunch of disgruntled animals.

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