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got that post up and updated Julian with an actual description and a new image

The alien seemed happy to hold her tongue and so Shen turned her attention to the others again.

It seemed that dress up was the name of the game today, as joining the cowboy where a baseball player and a bearded man who looked like a pre occupation dictator or general of some kind. There was also some kind of bird looking alien which despite its rather meek appearance Shen still didn’t trust. The original invasion’s sectoids had been runty wee things too, but their wrist mounted plasma pistols and psionic powers made them a dangerous foe.

Everyone seemed to take Julian's attempted murder surprisingly well, though Jack’s ‘joke’ about leaving the backstabbing for latter was somewhat concerning. More bizarre was the fact that Jack claimed he had died before coming here and Marston’s comment about it being hell where preposterous.

”The outsides may be a hellscape there’s probably a rational explanation for all this, one we might be able to discern through gathering data. I am 90% sure I didn’t die and the structure and people I was in came with me intact, so I don't think I died in some instantaneous way as that would have left a mark on the surroundings if it also killed everyone else. Is anyone else in Jack’s situation?”

”I’ve been living in an acceptable location since the day you killed me, Lilly.”

Ignoring julian she considered the various out of place outfits of the group for a moment and added.

”also what is the last date you all remember it being? I am ” ”we are”” from the year 2036 but a lot of you look like you're from pre-occupation time periods”

Shen’s current hypothesis was that she was still on her world but that something had messed up time in some way, the concept of multiple worlds being smushed together was somewhere further down the list as so far everything could be considered something that could have originated on her world, from the elder’s labs, from the future or distant past.

The two of them went after the cowboy and the baseball paladin, Shen presuming that everyone would be happy with a walk and talk situation. Or more specifically a work and talk situation, as she and Julian briefly stopped by the junk filled room and made a sweep of the room’s contents. Hopefully there will be something of value in here, she can't believe she missed this on her first examination of the base.[Roll for search]

”maybe we’ll find a pointed stick, that'd be in keeping with this places tech level.”
probably overpowered due to the fact that I couldn't deiced between some of the art I liked

@Holy Soldier

I'm enjoying it and it's letting me get a feel for Naija's ground based fighting, which is useful to do prior to missions considering how much of a glass canon she is.
I made a species that I will then make a char for if your ok with them. traders probably.


doing pretty good. been listening to allot of Friends at the table recently which is a fun table top rp podcast thing. I'm also going to commit to actually posting on Monday this time seeing as FrozenEcstasy has been consumed by hospital dramas
@Whoami seeing as @Out of Touch hasn't been on in 12 days should we just move on without them?

level: 4
day/time: day 2 - Afternoon
Location: Mama’s kitchen -> War Room
Interacting with: @Guardian Angel Haruki Frisk Dreemurr, @ZarkunAlice Harnick, @Holy SoldierCloud, @Etherean FireBanjo Kazooie, @WingsOfBronzeBartz

”We lost him? Darn it! Where the heck did he go?”

After bidding farewell to ms Mama she returned to the castle with the others, rather upset about this until she found out about the fact that Guil had apparently located the stolen items. Unfortunately the veterans were not being sent to get them, instead that was the job of a whole host of new heros, some of whom she had seen at mama’s (like the helpful lift giving cloud) and others she was unfamiliar with.

Naija approached the child who had for some reason been put in charge of the mission. In her experience a child in positions of power was a recipe for disaster, but she did only have a sample size of one. As a result she was a little concerned with the choice but assumed the council had used a fair and logical method of deciding who was in charge. The same one that had ended up with her in charge of a squad. ok, slightly less confident in their decision making skills now.

”Tiny human child. I have one vital piece of advice for you: never split the squad. You have to all stick together like glue in order to remains safe. At the very least be in pairs like Slayer suggested. Also try to stick to a plan once you’ve made it.”

Naija’s eyes were locked with Frisks, her tone deadly serious. Some of her maternal instincts had kicked into gear regardless of the child's hero status and she wanted to make sure they made it through this ok even if she couldn’t be there herself.

”Second of all, I want you to have this. It’s a healing fruit we got on our mission. Hopefully you won’t need it but take it just in case.”

Her advice delivered she reached into her inventory and retrieved the napple, handing it over to them.

”Finally, if i could ask a favor. If you happen across a belt and matching set off boots both featuring feathered wings, would you mind acquiring them for me? The thief somehow stole them off of me while I was chasing him and I would very much appreciate you retriving them.”

She asked this last part, a little sheepishly, of the whole squad. She really enjoyed being able to fly and so was hoping that the wings would be with the thief still, or had ended up wherever the soul had gone.


level: 1
day/time: day 2 - Afternoon
Location: Platform City -> War Room
Interacting with: na
Bastion: 2/2. linked ally: none

Taric made his way to the War room with the others, taking his time while walking through the castle to admire its architecture.

When it came to the mission briefing room taric hoped his intrusion would not be distracting, he would talk with the organisers of these missions once they were less occupied with sending out a team and get himself involved. He intended to stick with Shantea, Steve and Jack and as none of them seemed to be on this mission at the moment he could bide his time in regards to getting out there.

As for the team itself, Taric was perhaps one of those less bemused by the child on the mission. After all Annie, one of the champions in the league of legends, was but a child herself, yet you would not want to be caught underestimating her pyromancy and giant flaming bear.

so hopefully this is still alive because I made a char. still a wip, I need to expand the personality section a bit more and obviosly there is the prior run in bit.


Choices choices so many choices. She presumed knife ears probably wanted to go to the library. Lyminia might still want to check out the marketplace? She had no idea what the bloody goblin wanted, which wasn’t much of a change of pace. As for her:

”I could go for lunch right about now"

Hopefully the 3 areas were close together, she would rather not hang around in a library full of books she couldn’t read.

She vaguely listened in on the answers to Lyminia’s questions, noting the disinterest of the gods in people like them. A shame, but not unexpected. Then again there was the chiefs suspicion that one of the gods had something to do with their gifts, so perhaps they were watching, even if they weren't going to respond to questioning. Not that that gave much comfort, the gods watching her while she crashed and burned wasn’t going to get her out of any dangerous situations.

She was pulled from once again wondering which god might be responsible by the appearance of a new goblin who looked to be the same age as them. Pretty short too. She wondered how she got here.

”Hi there" she greeted them ”did ya wake up after us?"
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