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looking forwards to crashing a ship

@Archmage MC
@Guardian Angel Haruki

I agree with arch-mage, plus a small rant about the very end of it all

Sister Sophia

Scorched Forest Depths -> The burning Forest King (the king’s pyre?)

She sighed with relief as the buzzing of wings could be heard ascending into the sky. The big one was leaving and had presumably taken Clotho with it. So why wasn’t the big thing hadn't left yet, so she sneaked a peek round the tree and saw the tree thing staring right at her. Her heart caught in her throat, pounding madly in fear. She stared right back, their gazes locked as she waited for it to attack.

But it did not, instead she watched in confusion as it left behind a strange glowing orb right between her and her knives, then ascended to the sky. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the big bird left, emitting an chilling shriek as it climbed towards the heavens and was almost immediately lost in the stormy clouds above.

She half expected the strange glowing orb to lash out in some way as soon as she emerged from her hiding spot, but fortunately whatever it was it didn’t appear to be some kind of psychic sentry turret. She was still going to give it a wide berth up until the point Geromory decided to knuckle walk right past the thing. Seeing that it was apparently harmless she followed suit and ended up stopping for a moment to examine the strange orb and to rest. ”touch it” she reached down with her human hand and gingerly reached into the glowing mote.

The energy seemed to notice her presence and suddenly raced towards her, embedding itself harmlessly in her body. After a brief moment of panic she noticed nothing bad had happened. In-fact she didn’t feel any different at all.

”That… could have gone worse I suppose.”

After retrieving her fortunately undamaged knives she ended up trudging through the forest looking for somewhere to rest for the night. She was exhausted and had no idea where her next opponent was, so now was perhaps a good time to get some rest. In the end she found a rocky outcropping which was preferable to sleeping in when compared to the ashy slop that was the forest floor. Her power armor made sleeping basically everywhere the same(warm and dry but still uncomfortable) but she would rather not have her jetpack get clogged up with mud if she found fuel for it. She was pretty sure that the vile growth had not compromised the internal pressure of the suit, the twisted growth having interwound with the metal as it broke free, so theoretically she did not have to worry about drowning in the mud either. Also, sleeping out in the open acted as something close to a shower, washing the ash, blood and sap from her armor and revealing it’s original white coloring beneath. And so shere she sat, legs crossed, and waited out the night along with the weird mutant Geromory.

Dawn came and with the ending of the storm of the previous night it really did seem like a new day rather than simply a continuation of the previous that had been briefly interrupted by night. Even from within the charred corpse of the forest she could see some of the activity now occupying the city with her binocular vision. It was ridiculous, the place was supposed to be abandoned apart from the college's research staff, who the hell was flying choppers around. Worse, the massive bird of Clotho’s companions was still in the city, hovering far above. As far as she was concerned the announcements of the second round and its associated participant's threat paled in comparison to that thing which almost certainly wanted her dead. At least she assumed it would, but it appeared that the green orb might have done something after all, because overnight her wounds had healed. It was bizarre, what possible secret agenda did the wooden angel have? Apart from the mutation and lack of supplies it was as if the previous battle had never occurred.

Speaking of supplies, she need more if she had any hope of surviving the next bout and so made the arduous trip back through the burnt woods to the forest king. It wasn't hard to find, the great tree still burned, a giant funeral pyre for its Queens ambitions. After the long trudge, made longer by her attempts to be stealthy lest Clotho’s minions were still alive. Reaching the remains of the supply drop she found that, apart from a single melta fuel cell found by Geromory, everything had been destroyed by the fire. She loaded the cell and, assuming that the cautious walk and their scavenging attempt had taken about half an hour she decided to use her first phone call.

She retrieved Clotho’s phalecary from where it hung round her neck, hoping to avoid having to pull her own out from under her helmet and tried to get in contact with him. If that failed she would begrudgingly fish hers out from her armor, actually examining the two souls for the first time. They were disturbingly similar.

”Good morning. Care to hook a sister up with another supply cache? Also I have a small amount of info about that massive bird in the sky if you're interested. It’s with Clotho, who is somehow not dead, plus a bigger more heavily built creature like her and a winged wooden creature shaped like an angel. The other two came down, revived Clotho and then returned to their massive bird. My guess is they are either going to be looking for revenge against me and/or are going to be coming in last second to try and take the wish by force once there’s less competition. That’s what i would do in their place, but who knows what the twisted minds of those xenos will lead them to do."
@Etherean Fire @UnknownScarlet4
the abilities are however, written like strengths so they should be fine if moved there, then they just need weaknesses and an ability of some kind, probably "Save First Base" which Restores some HP

I'm still here, Lurking

level: 1
day/time: day 2 - morning
Location: Platform City - The Barrel Roll
Interacting with: @RokkuHoshi Steve, @Crosswire Jack and Shadow, @Guardian Angel Haruki Shantae
Bastion: 2/2. linked ally: none

Taric wandered what kind of place Jack’s world was where getting into melee combat only risked being punched rather than say, being cleaved in twain or torn asunder. He considered bringing it up but all the possible grisly death they could encounter where not something you talked about while eating. Instead he simply nodded, showing that he agreed he would help keep the man clear of those types of dangers

While Jack was not overly confident in his ability to get them inside it seemed Shantae had also been sent for to handle the virus, hopefully she could gain help from the organizers of this call and he could go with them to see whether they would accept his assistance.

”I wasn’t summon either, however I will be attempting to join now that I have found out about this situation. If I may ask, in the interest of knowing the capabilities of those who we will be working with, where do you talents lay? Are you perhaps a mage or martial artist, or are your skills more medical in nature?”

He asked because unlike him with his mace and armor or Jack with his pistol and dog it was not immediately clear what her preferred method of combat was, if she even as a fighter.

As for their cuboid friends questions about wood and leather.

”You could always buy some, I would Imagine they have stores that sell practically everything from every world in platform city. Or at least the more common good from them anyway.”

At the very least the wood this bar was made out of had to come from somewhere, as did any cow related foods on the menus of the various restaurants.
In Apotheosis 19 May 2017 23:13 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Well it was good that the pricing system was going to be simple, and free magic testing was nice. She wasn’t entirely sure why he pointed at the sky after offering that though. She wasn’t entirely sure what he meant by “create your own luck” either, and ended up thinking that luck manipulation was a type of magic.

As for her questions it was good to know that hunting would come naturally, and she would presumably have Golden eyes with her to help and maybe some of the others like the sneaky one who had accompanied them, should cover the strength in numbers bit. As for the cooking bit, it struck her as odd that her gift would suggest cooking so much if it was less effective for them, almost as if it was made with humans in mind. Kluuto’s gift was also geared towards humans as it gave her the ability to communicate with them. All this was rather odd.

Moving on from that there was the sneaky one who had apparently pissed of their two serious goblins with his rather odd disbelief of Sabu’s ancestry. The guy had scales and was previously on fire, that looked pretty dragony to her. She was not however going to jump on their being mad at him bandwagon. She was pretty sure Sabu could protect himself from their fellow newborn without the others’ help. At this point she just wanted to be off to town so they could move on from those two fawning over their senpai.

"How bout we leave him be and get going? I'm sure Sabu can protect hims own honer from an ankle biter like us"
In [ migration ] 19 May 2017 3:18 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I am/was kind of waiting for @LostBrotherGrimm to redo their post so that I didn't force them to change anything in the middle of writing.

level: 4
day/time: day 2
Location: Smash Arena
Interacting with: @Holy SoldierCloud and Mama
Mentions: @Guardian Angel Haruki Frisk, @Bright_Ops Luigi, @Etherean Fire Fox, @Holy Soldier The Wario Bros

”Thanks! I’m Naija by the way. Nice to meet you”

She hopped over and up behind Cloud on his bike. She dispelled energy form so as to not accidentally burn anything with her hands and then, after a brief information dump to the fourth wall about the importance of wearing helmets while riding bikers that came out of nowhere, was completely disassociated with the scene’s urgency, would never be mentioned again and was entirely out of character, withdrew the Valkyrie helmet from her inventory and put it on.

She held on tight as instructed and had way too much fun riding the mechanical mount with Cloud. If they weren't on the hunt of an inpatient grave robber then she would almost certainly have been whooping for joy during their tragically short journey to Mama’s.

When they arrived the helmet was removed and the two of them made their way inside to where Fox and Luigi were apparently confronting a grotesquely fat man and a super lanky man who both had attires oddly similar to those of Mario and Luigi. More brothers or perhaps cousins? Whoever they were they were, judging conversation between them and the heroes inside, a nasty pair who were apparently jumping on the “Mario’s death is Luigi’s fault” bandwagon with gusto and had also been the culprits for the thievery. As a result they did not get to leave Naija’s “hostiles to kill” list. She hadn't caught the threat about blowing up the building but if the other’s weren't engaging there was probably a good reason for it, so she held back for now. She decided to see if she could find another way inside, perhaps she could help the poor woman who was running around serving them or surround the Wario bros for when the heroes did attack.

Naija exited the building again as frisk entered, trying yo disguising their leaving as Frisk’s entrance (what was a child even doing here?), and went round the back of the restaurant searching for a side door. It was likely that a place like this had a staff door or rear kitchen entrance and Naija would use this to try and get inside. If it was locked that might cause a problem as Naija wasn’t used to locked doors that needed literal keys and so after failing to find a puzzle that opened the door she would knock to see if she could get a response. When she encountered mama she would ask:

”Hey there Miss… Mama? I’m Naija, I’m with they guys round the front. The good guys not the blob guy and his stick friend. Can I come in and help you? Either with cooking or with just putting the pressure on the thieves by having them surrounded?”
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