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Current All right, brain. You woke me up early, so I'm going to bed early. Don't fuck me on this; I expect to be asleep within the hour.
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does anyone know
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currently rocking 5 hours of sleep, i know that might be a bountiful amount to some of you sleepless fucks. but im not gonna be RPing today lol
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monkaS i have recieved 666 likes 0-0 thats the satan number
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oops, accidentally broke another mod while trying to get this mod installed. I GIVE UP! I should have listened to Todd and just stuck to the Creation Club...


Call me: Zoey, Boey, or Zoey Boey
Pronouns: She/her
Homestate: Texas
Time Zone: Central Time
School/Work: Online college
Available: Usually
Available available?: No
Means of Production: Seized
Liberals: Owned
Sunglasses: On
Products: Consumed
Justice: Shining
Sex: Repulsive
Ace?: Pilot
Part 6: Never
Bread: Garlic
Water: Wet
Homework: Late
Giant rat: Making all of the rules
Spider: Manned
Grill: propane
Role: played
Taco trucks: On every corner
Ryu: Stanned

I'm Zoey Boey, previously known as Zoey White. I'm 20 years old, and I live in Texas, near Fort Worth. I've been RPing for a majority of my life but I've only discovered this website recently. It's my favorite site for sure and I plan to stick around for a while. I tend to post pretty frequently. I like to think I'm friendly and reasonable enough, but I guess everyone thinks that. I think I'm agreeable and I don't let my ego get caught up with stuff, but you know, that's what everyone thinks. I can get frustrated at stuff in real life and sometimes I feel like breaking something expensive but I usually just sit there and fume and try to get back to it and then fume some more until I give up, and that's basically why all my college grades are so garbage. But...I'm pretty chill most of the time. Because I think roleplaying is fun.

For roleplaying, I like sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes. Modern day stuff- really anything. If the concept speaks to me I usually try to join up. I try not to get ghost any of the RP's I'm in or quit due to lack of inspiration. Usually I don't do anime, with the exception of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which I enjoy greatly. I think I have a pretty good mastery over the english language, but when i'm ooc i tend to give all that up and type more like this.

i guess i figured since this was going to be my new bio i might as well try a little harder? but y'know, why, this is how i usually type anyway.

anyway i used to keep track of all of my rp's here but that was a pain in the ass. u dont need to know what rp's im in, only i need to know that. i also play a lot of video games, it's my main hobby. been doing that since i was like, 3 years old, literally, which is kind of nuts to think about. been playing games since before i could remember how to spell my own last name

you can call me zoey, or you can call me boey, or you can call me zoey boey. or come up with some cool hip new nickname off the top of your head to be extra hip and cool. anyway i guess thats it. i was tired of having nothing here so i'm going to keep this here for a while. it's a bio, right? might as well use it.

since i'm a self-indulgent ego maniac i'm going to write some more stuff about myself. me me me me

favorite movie- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this is the best movie ever made. i've been a fan of Spider-Man ever since i wore my first pajamas which had the webhead on it. (edit: you can thank my mom for that. dont get me wrong i love some disney princesses but both of my parents turned me onto this superhero from the moment i was born, i don't even think they realised how much he would mean to me) he's the best superhero. he has the coolest powers, the coolest personality, and the coolest costumes. spider-man 2 on the ps1 was one of the first games i ever played. he's an inspiration to us all. i love him and any alternate versions of him, Spider-Gwen being a personal favorite ever since Spider-Verse came out though I had played as her before in some spidey games with alternate costumes. anyway, i've seen all the Spider-Man movies and this movie is a perfect meta-textual examination of the franchise as whole. as a character, as a story, and as merchandise. the heart and soul of spider-man. not to mention it's just fucking fantastic movie even if you aren't a mega-stan of spidey like i am. go see it.

i hope they dont fuck up the sequel, but to be honest the first one will always still be there. so even if the second one is bad we'll always have the first one.

favorite book- Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

this is a really important book. i was tempted to put some of my favorite fantasy or sci-fi or romance novels on here but Crazy is actually important. it's also one of the only books i've ever gone back and reread multiple times. it's a deeply tragic tale that not only strikes all of it's emotional beats but is also based 100% in fact. it's informative and an absolutely enthralling read. it really allowed me to see the cracks in the system that had previously been blind to my previously 14 year old self.

favorite tv show- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Yonaka Aimi

Yonaka's plan was dismissed by some, (Akina, surprise surprise) but Mai Li, being both smart and brave, was onboard with it. Everyone seemed very defensive of MaiLi, which, of course they were. Just take one look at her and try not to get protective. But Yonaka wanted to make sure that Mai-Li's ambition had a place to go too.

The taller, purple hair woman stayed by Mai Li's side as everyone talked. When Minato announced his plan, she couldn't help but roll her eyes a bit.

"Chump detectives it is, Mai li-chan." She slapped the girl on the shoulder. She smiled under her mask.

"inspire them to loosen her lips a little-"...Tch. No way was this guy this clueless. Sometimes it felt like he was the only person in the world who understood her. Other times it felt like they were continents apart.

Yonaka picked up her kendo stick and shouldered it. Long, slender limbs slung under the weapon, her fingers keeping it balanced on either side. Ikue. Yonaka didn't like Ikue very much. If Yonaka was in charge, she'd have Ikue come to these meetings herself, or get lost. Maybe she was just saying that because, for some reason, the reaction to her plan ticked her off. People were talking and looking at her like she would just happily feed Mai Li to the wolves. Ambushing the ambushers was her plan, obviously. She had said as much. What, one layer of facetiousness and they think she'd leave the new girl to die? Well, screw what they thought. Yonaka frowned underneath her mask and glared at the phone, Ana, Akina, and Yuya, that shifty bastard. Guy was always giving her weird looks. Even a frustrated look at Minato, though she waited until he wasn't making eye contact with her to do it.

Once he was done giving out his plan, Yonaka turned tersely. "Come on, Mai." She jerked her head to the door she had entered from. As she pulled the door open she let the stick fall and dragged it noisily behind her. It clacked behind her as she descended each step.

If Mai and Yonaka ended up alone together on their walk back, Yonaka would look to the girl. "So? You think you did good?" She asked.
im ok with no discord personally
been meaning to get a post up! will have it soon
gosh, oops. i really was intending on getting a post out but it slipped my mind. i can still do that if you'd like.

Level 3: 13/30
Word Count: 549
Location: Al Mamoon- Rocket Inc
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 3: 14/30

Jesse listened to Midna's explanation and was placated for now. Even if this whole thing did seem stupidly dangerous. Maybe she was just biased because she almost died. Like, as in she was fatally mortally wounded. Maybe they were all used to that kind of thing or something. Jesse had come close to dying sure, but on her world if you got hit like that, you were toast. And if Jesse died, than her friends at the Bureau were toast, too. And she still was trying to process the enormity of the situation she was in.

"It was either walk into a battlefield or let people die. That's what I mean. You can't always engage in the optimal situation." Jesse said. She placed a hand on her hip and thought for a moment.

(I'm used to being in charge, or fighting alone. I'll have to get used to this, turns out.)

Jesse rubbed her chin. Considered Midna's moral plight. "All right. I'll follow along. But we need to do better. I can't die for this sidequest. I still need to know what's really going on here."

Soon, they came to a maze. While the others talked, Jesse kind of tuned out and just observed the entire area. Tempting as it was, she wasn't going to try and start ripping these conveyor belts out of the ground. What would be the point of that? Spite the designer? There would also probably be some kind of trap mechanism or other negative consequence. No, destroying the maze is a last resort. If she was getting chased by a monster or something might give it a shot.

Jesse pursed her lips and surpressed a smirk as Midna floated right over the maze to the exit. Lucky. "I used to be able to do that." Jesse commented. "Soon. I'll be able to do it again. Until then, I'll just have to solve the maze like the rest of the plebeians."

Jesse let herself get taken by the conveyor belts, being flung and spun about the place in the starting area. Just to get used to things. Smoothing out her hair (probably pointless), she rolled her shoulder and got to work on solving this puzzle.

For the first part she followed behind in the eager Mao's footsteps. As she surveyed the environment, she realised he was about to take a wrong move. "Wait up." Too late. "Calm down, Mao. You can solve it easy from there, I'm sure."

The Director looked through the blue glass around her, concocted her plan, and began being pushed a round the place. Hesitating at one part to make sure it was the right move, she continued onwards. Soon she was in the same room with Midna. "All right." Jesse huffed, flattening out her shirt. "Not the most motion sickness activity I've undertaken in my life. We're all good." The Director did look a bit unsteady for a second, blinking a few times and wobbling.

Regaining her composure she nodded at Midna and approached the elevator. Crossing her arms she leaned up against the wall nearby the elevator and waited for whoever wanted to go first to do whatever they wanted to do. Joining this mission half-way through meant she felt zero need to take the lead on this.

On the N-Train

"Mmno, no cash." Pandora responded, dealing out the cards to Marcie and Travis. Even if the quiet girl hadn't responded, the older woman was dealing her in anyway.

"The aquarium, eh? I've seen some mighty strange marine life. Once, I saw the kraken tear a ship apart in the north Atlantic ocean." Pandora said. "Terrible thing. Those poor sailors. Our ship managed to escape, but I wouldn't be surprised if that creature was still lurking beneath the depths. Twice as big as a whale."

They didn't get very far into their card game before the pirates attack.

"Oh, jolly good." The cards were removed from the hands of whoever was holding them and moved quietly back into the card box. "Well. If you were worried about being bored, tonight's guests are going to need to be entertained." She indicated the adjacent train car.

Blitz and Dhampir barelled onwards to confront the invaders who had loudly announced their presence.

"Travis. Marcie." Pandora nodded to the both of them. "You'd better not keep them waiting. I'm sure you'll do fine. Failing that, I'm sure you'll at least survive." The woman had one leg crossed over the other, and made absolutely no movements to move from her seat whatsoever.


"...What the fuck?" Penny murmered under her mask to herself, briefly breaking character. What were they doing? Why were they acting so weird?

Penny Lu might not be the smartest of the smarts, but she did have what apparently nobody planning this entire operation did: experience. Criminals didn't act like this. Sure they could be scared of her, but not like...whatever this was.

Before she could fully contemplate the situation, a little flashlight cut through some of the smoke and illuminated her silhouette. A bit of bad luck, but Shadow Scythe Vengeance turned it into an opportunity. in an impressive bit of sleight of hand she placed a smoke pellet underneath her shoe.

From her pouch she produced a Stink Bomb, or rather, a Gas Bomb. The chemicals inside, designed by a reformed supervillain, were a nasty concoction. Weaponized and re-themed not to just smell really bad, to assault and stupifiy the senses. Like modified skunk bear extract and tear gas. With the other hand, she flung a scythe attached to a chain like a grappling hook. It wrapped around the center supporting beam of the warehouse rafters.

"VILLAINS!" Shadow Scythe Vengeance declared, her voice deep and amplified. Now the light from Leo's phone wasn't a nuisance, but rather a dramatic spot light. Her shadow was enlarged, and painted upon the billowing grey smoke behind her. The beady eyes of her lenses, deep-set within her mask skull, glittered menacingly.

"For too long, you have poisoned the good people of Brookside. It ends tonight!" Truly, she was the reaper-esque visage of vengeance, staring down upon all of them with judgemental intnet.

"This is your one and only warning. Surrender now, and you will not be harmed. If you resist..." She lifted her grenade hand and raised her index finger on all of them. She indicated everyone in the room. "...then prepare for a long, dark night."

At that moment, one woman fired some kind of flaming projectile in her direction. In reaction, the put pressure on the pellet and broke it, creating another burst of smoke in her immediate area. Scythe hopped backwards off the rafter. The tension in her grappling hook kept her suspended a few feet below it. Flicking her thumb, she primed the Gas Bomb and flung it through the smoke at Beth. Someone who could both attack her at range and create consistent light would be a problem.

Should the gas bomb go off and it's particulates inhaled or come in contact with the face, the effects would be painful. Like getting pepper sprayed and suffocated at the same time. Scythe pulled herself up and hopped right back onto the rafter and once again began moving about in the smokey darkness above the warehouse.
well its not been that long.

im still working on finding time to RP today so. should happen soonish.

Level 6: 07/60
Location: The Maw: The Depths
Word Count: 355
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 6 : 08/60

The TV connected, but the monster didn't seem to be stopped by it. Instead they blundered onward in a horrific mockery of walking. Clutching the bottle tight, Sakura wondered if they could see her. He wasn't acting like he could.

Geralt and Bella ended up throwing bottles to distract him. Whenever they threw one, he blundered over to it with a terrible noise.

He locked onto Peach, though, the poor Princess being too slow and too loud to escape his wrath. But for a brief moment, Sakura thought he had detected her instead. As it charged towards Peach, Sakura squeezed her eyes shut and hunched down. Like she could do nothing except brace for impact. Nothing happened to her, however. Sakura let out a breath and watched as poor Peach was squished right up against a chain link fence and flung across the way. Horror flashed across Sakura's features. She managed to surpress any vocal reaction though, having realised what was going on.

Mirage was planning on doing something. To be honest, Sakura didn't really have any good plans. The brunette carried her bottle with her like it was the only thing connecting her to this world. As quickly and as quietly as she could, she pattered over to Peach on her tippy toes. Her purple shoes making very small, but still present, tapping noises. Hopefully the racket and schemes the others were making would protect her.

The path ended up with Sakura getting pretty close to the proxy, but some adrenaline based determination kept her moving forwards. "Flight" certainly wasn't her fear reaction. Never had been. Maybe she only froze earlier because punching wasn't an option. Now, though, someone needed her help. Standing idly by wouldn't help their situation.

Sakura gently set her bottle down and rolled Peach onto her back. Lightly, she slapped the side of the Princess' face. "Wake up, Princess Peach! Wake up!" She whispered in an attempt to rouse her. Failing that, she would hook her arms under the Princess's arms and drag her to the shadowed area under the Communications Console, to get her out of the open.
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