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Current Okay, turns on my brain is still fried from finals and I'm totally burnt out. I'll try again tomorrow since I really do want to write stuff, but my fingers feel super fat and slow and my brain is dumb
17 days ago
Okay, all finals are done. Expect replies...soon. I have a back log, so I'm gonna start working my way through everything I've missed.
19 days ago
i got an 85/85 on my final history exam. kneel before your queen and beg her to spread her bountiful knowledge of 17-19th century America
22 days ago
five more days until im totally free of college. free to wait out quarantine and live my quiet and peaceful life
29 days ago
might not be able to reply. school is closing out and the online courses are heating up fun fun fun fun fun fun fun


I'm Zoey Boey, previously known as Zoey White. I'm 20 years old, and I live in Texas, near Fort Worth. I've been RPing for a majority of my life but I've only discovered this website recently. It's my favorite site for sure and I plan to stick around for a while. I tend to post pretty frequently. I like to think I'm friendly and reasonable enough, but I guess everyone thinks that. I think I'm agreeable and I don't let my ego get caught up with stuff, but you know, that's what everyone thinks. I can get frustrated at stuff in real life and sometimes I feel like breaking something expensive but I usually just sit there and fume and try to get back to it and then fume some more until I give up, and that's basically why all my college grades are so garbage. But...I'm pretty chill most of the time. Because I think roleplaying is fun.

For roleplaying, I like sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes. Modern day stuff- really anything. If the concept speaks to me I usually try to join up. I try not to get ghost any of the RP's I'm in or quit due to lack of inspiration. Usually I don't do anime, with the exception of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which I enjoy greatly. I think I have a pretty good mastery over the english language, but when i'm ooc i tend to give all that up and type more like this.

i guess i figured since this was going to be my new bio i might as well try a little harder? but y'know, why, this is how i usually type anyway.

anyway i used to keep track of all of my rp's here but that was a pain in the ass. u dont need to know what rp's im in, only i need to know that. i also play a lot of video games, it's my main hobby. been doing that since i was like, 3 years old, literally, which is kind of nuts to think about. been playing games since before i could remember how to spell my own last name

you can call me zoey, or you can call me boey, or you can call me zoey boey. or come up with some cool hip new nickname off the top of your head to be extra hip and cool. anyway i guess thats it. i was tired of having nothing here so i'm going to keep this here for a while. it's a bio, right? might as well use it.

since i'm a self-indulgent ego maniac i'm going to write some more stuff about myself. me me me me

most played video game- For Honor

i've sucked upwards of 500 hours in this game. i know to some real Gamers out there that doesn't sound like much but it's a lot for me. i also tend to play a greater variety of games, for example i have no unplayed games in my steam library so don't @ me with any of that shit. (edit: except XCOM 2 but it was on sale and i haven't beaten the first one yet) anyway this game is a broken, unbalanced mess, but cut 'em some slack it's the first time a game like this has been attempted. it's really fun, and the aesthetic and universe is perfect for me. plus it's SJW so very few loser nerd white boys infest it, like Mordhau for example, another great game. the fanbase of For Honor is actually really solid and i enjoy spending time in it's community a great deal. even though half the people who play this game don't know anything about it and all they do is complain and when you tell them to get good all they do is complain some more. and then when you tell them actual facts about the game they just say you are wrong or that's stupid. but most of the time it's just memers and gaymers and we're all having a good time. i love it. i hope they make a second one some day

favorite movie- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this is the best movie ever made. i've been a fan of Spider-Man ever since i wore my first pajamas which had the webhead on it. (edit: you can thank my mom for that. dont get me wrong i love some disney princesses but both of my parents turned me onto this superhero from the moment i was born, i don't even think they realised how much he would mean to me) he's the best superhero. he has the coolest powers, the coolest personality, and the coolest costumes. spider-man 2 on the ps1 was one of the first games i ever played. he's an inspiration to us all. i love him and any alternate versions of him, Spider-Gwen being a personal favorite ever since Spider-Verse came out though I had played as her before in some spidey games with alternate costumes. anyway, i've seen all the Spider-Man movies and this movie is a perfect meta-textual examination of the franchise as whole. as a character, as a story, and as merchandise. the heart and soul of spider-man. not to mention it's just fucking fantastic movie even if you aren't a mega-stan of spidey like i am. go see it.

i hope they dont fuck up the sequel, but to be honest the first one will always still be there. so even if the second one is bad we'll always have the first one.

favorite book- Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

this is a really important book. i was tempted to put some of my favorite fantasy or sci-fi or romance novels on here but Crazy is actually important. it's also one of the only books i've ever gone back and reread multiple times. it's a deeply tragic tale that not only strikes all of it's emotional beats but is also based 100% in fact. it's informative and an absolutely enthralling read. it really allowed me to see the cracks in the system that had previously been blind to my previously 14 year old self.

favorite tv show- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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@LadyRunic Well I just ended up posting anyway, even though I'm tired. I don't know why I'm not on discord right now. Thanks for that about Faeril, I'm not sure when Dareen would ask but it would be soon maybe? I dunno I don't think I'm in the best state of mind for making story decisions right now, lol.

Winton, downstairs in the Inn

Dareen scoffed humorously as the brothers spoke to each other, placing a hand up against her covered chin. She was half paying attention to the game- but it was something to do. People were folding and raising and it was great. Dareen had a lot of experience losing at gambling. One reason being she never really learned when to quit. Folding was boring, she was there to play, not watch other people play.

"Call," Dareen said, sliding over the appropriate amount of chips. She glanced over at Jandar and Fahima. Dareen enjoyed making small talk. Small talk eventually turned into banter, and she loved banter. There had been times where she had laughed so hard she had cried just by talking to her old mercenary friends. She wasn't expecting to get that here anytime soon, or ever, but anything was better nothing.

"Okay. guys had like...servants and stuff, right?" She asked, raising a painted eyebrow. "What's that like? You just get them to do whatever you want? And they just do it?"

Dareen thought about what that would be like. Just having someone to put your shoes on and get you food. One boy in the streets played king and had some of his underlings be his servants. That was a strange day. Everyone got sick of it and threw rocks at him, but he had everyone going there. The idea of having someone do everything for her made Dareen feel guilty and embarassed, she couldn't imagine the mindset needed to just have people do stuff for you because you asked. Even if you were paying them. Unless Dareen really hated them, but people generally didn't have their worst enemies as their servants. That was just called taking dangerous slaves and usually ended with a knife in the back of the neck. Dareen blinked away her wandering thoughts and tried to focus on the cards in her hands and on Fatima and Jandar's response.

post coming tomorrow for sure, sorry about the delay
Galia Guardstrike

As Mort warned the group something was coming, Galia came to her senses quickly. Her heart began to race. Could it be helped that she only imagined the Beast itself making it's appearence? What a joy it would be to have this over early, instead of having it drag on for days, weeks, months. Though she knew in her heart that this would be going on for a while. Nonetheless, she quietly removed her covers and came into a crouching position, looking over the shoulders of her comrades to see the creature that had materialized out of the treeline.

It's leering sneer caused Galia to tighten her jaw and raise her brow. Some unfortunate herbivore of nature twisted by the evil forest, no doubt. This wasn't the Beast. It couldn't be. Galia felt she would know it when she saw it. That there wouldn't be uncertainty. This was some corrupted minion of evil, it must be. A liason of despair. It was watching them. Here to intimidate. She wondered of it's intelligence, of it's sapience, whether it was possible for it to be malicious or if it was just an empty-headed construction of muscle and flesh piloted by insticts far beyond it's own limited comprehension. It was impossible to know.

"It won't come out here. We're still in Fero." Galia reassured her companions. Her minds eye flashed to the stacks of superstitious stones the villagers had piled alongside the road to mark their border and stave off sinister forces. They must be doing something, yes? Or, at least, they are correlated to the end of the Beast's territory, if not the causation itself. The Beast, for all her desire to destroy it, had never left it's forest. It's territory was clearly marked. It had drawn a line in the sand, and had never crossed it in Galia's ten years here in Feros Province. So what was this? A scout? A messenger? There was no way to know! How could this damned forest get inside her head when she hadn't even entered it yet?

Cursed creature. Galia slowly gripped the sheathe of her sword and wrapped her strong fingers around it's polished wooden handle, preparing to summon it's steel at a moment's notice.
Damn, okay, well, not quite. I had a fast day today. Sorry about that. Tomorrow, though, for sure. Thanks for being patient.
I'll be posting soon! Most likely tomorrow, hopefully in the morning.

An orange skinned, violet haired, slender, young looking woman with bright green eyes, a blue, sleeveless crop top, skirt, and thigh high boots, all adorned with steel braces, boots, and belts, floated casually near the ceiling of one of the hallways in Titan tower. Apparently, she was in a good mood. She hummed an unrecognizable and frankly unmelodic and discordant tune, one unknown and disquieting to human ears but pleasing and comforting to her own. Like she was full of helium, she pulled herself with her flattened palms while looking at the ceiling tiles and lights. Her long purple hair was straight, and flowed elegantly downward. Starfire had put extra work into her appearance today, wearing her formal attire and doing herself up nice and pretty. No particular reason other than self-esteem, and things had been kind of slow recently. She had spoken to the other Titans, the, uh, "original" Titans, her best friends, earlier over the computer screens. It was fun, but it wasn't the same as them actually being here. She missed them often, though she knew their cause was noble.

But now she was feeling good, and expressed her contentdness with literally light-hearted floating about, a happy balloon stuck to the ceiling after a child's birthday party. Evil had been stopped at every opportunity. Jump City was safer then ever before, and the newer recruits seemed to be acclimating well into their new environment. Not to mention her close relationship with Robin was steady as ever. Indeed, there wasn't much to be sad about. Robin had his worries, as he always did, but he was a vigilant protector. It was his job to worry, and her job to keep spirits high. Or, something like that.

Reaching the end of the hallway, Starfire gently backflipped and landed on her feet. Folding her hands behind her back she walked heel-toe into the kitchen. Ka'van and Robin were there.

"I have been thinking..." Starfire began, skipping any pretense of greetings or introductions. "...about flavor. Some things taste delicious, yet others taste unpleasant. Temperature also affects flavor, for heat causes chemical reactions within the tongue that increases sensitivity. Yet some things taste bad cold, and good hot, or vice versa. Surely, a thing that tastes bad would taste even worse when it was hot, but this is in many times not the case, or sometimes even the reverse is true. I enjoy carrots, but warm, they are repulsive. And earthlings often do not delight in the delicacies of my homeworld. Deliciousness seems to be such an arbitrary thing. Decided base on nothing more than the randomly generated whimsy of the taste buds we are born with." She paused for a moment, one finger on her chin. While she spoke in great volume, she spoke deliberately and with a controlled verbosity.

"This all being said, Ka'van, do you enjoy warm, wet oats? Did you partake in them often before you came here? I find them to be quite plain, though nourishing and easily consumable in vast quantities. Have you tried warm, wet oats seasoned with mustard?" She asked, leaning over to him. If there was one thing to two of them could bond over, it was the two of them being foreigners on this world. Starfire was happy to be his teacher about all things Earthly, if only for the reason that she had finally met someone who was less knowledgable on Earthling culture than she herself was.
I will be posting today!

Winton, downstairs in the Inn

Finally, Dareen thought to herself. A good drink. In a thankful absence of her previous disguise, Dareen had went with the plan of making herself as masculine- or perhaps, as neutrally gendered, as possible. Thick clothes and armor hid her more feminine aspects, and she had put on a hood that more overshadowed her face. In addition, she had applied some of her old war paints. The entire top half of her face was covered completely in a shade of dark red. Meanwhile, a thick scarf obscured most of the lower half of her face. Anyone looking at her would just assume it was a traveller who enjoyed his privacy. It was a much easier role to play, because she could just shut up and not do anything and no one would bother her. They could whisper and look all they liked- Dareen was used to it. As long as no one spread word of a Pruulish yellow jeweled female Witch, it was fine. To be honest, Dareen had no idea how wanted or known of she truly was. Better be safe then sorry, and her aristocratic act was a miserable and humiliating one. Not that Dareen didn't deserve some of the universal making jokes at her expense, but "Rahina" put her fellows at risk.

Now, though, she could relax, if only for a moment. The mercenary was decent enough at cards, though by no means was she a professional. She leaned casually on one arm rest of her chair, with her hand of cards resting on her thigh that slowly bounced up and down. Her cards were meh, but the round had just started and folding was boring. With two pair, she was willing to get a feel for how the other brothers played. She raised an eyebrow and watched the silver-haired boy barrel past their game.

"Hmm. Raise." Dareen said, leaning forward and sliding two additional chips from her pile into the pot. She kept her voice quiet, but with only her company within earshot she was comfortable not putting on some silly, raspy, fake voice.
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