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oops i thought i had the day off but i dont think i did. my college, for some reason, has a calender of all of the holidays. all of them. even the ones we dont get off. thanks website very useful
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Okay! Writing this status as a reminder to myself more than of today, I am no longer joining any more RP's until ALL the ones I am currently in have run their course! I'm in too many!
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oi oi oi


Update: Currently taking a hiatus from joining any more RP's. I'm still going to finish out the RP's I'm in, but I'm in college right now and I'd rather ween off my recent habits of scooping up any slot in any RP I'm interested in.

The end goal is to finish out the RP's I'm currently in, and then, become the GM of my very own RP! I haven't GMed since I was a kid on a crappy kids RP site, and even then it was only for a very short period. And super easy and dumb, because I was 12. But...I'm going to give it another shot! I think I've got my RP legs and I've picked up some things from good GM's on my two years on the site, and I think I can build my own style. We'll just have to see. I'm sure I'll have plenty, plenty of room to improve, but...I'm looking forward to starting. So, expect that in, like, four months, lol. Anyway, back to the bio.

I'm Zoey Boey, previously known as Zoey White. I'm 20 years old, and I live in Texas, near Fort Worth. I've been RPing for a majority of my life but I've only discovered this website recently. It's my favorite site for sure and I plan to stick around for a while. I tend to post pretty frequently. I like to think I'm friendly and reasonable enough, but I guess everyone thinks that.

For roleplaying, I like sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes. Modern day stuff- really anything. If the concept speaks to me I usually try to join up. I try not to get ghost any of the RP's I'm in or quit due to lack of inspiration. Usually I don't do anime, with the exception of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which I enjoy greatly. I think I have a pretty good mastery over the english language, but when i'm ooc i tend to give all that up and type more like this.

i guess i figured since this was going to be my new bio i might as well try a little harder? but y'know, why, this is how i usually type anyway.

anyway i used to keep track of all of my rp's here but that was a pain in the ass. u dont need to know what rp's im in, only i need to know that. i also play a lot of video games, it's my main hobby. been doing that since i was like, 3 years old, literally, which is kind of nuts to think about. been playing games since before i could remember how to spell my own last name

you can call me zoey, or you can call me boey, or you can call me zoey boey. or come up with some cool hip new nickname off the top of your head to be extra hip and cool. anyway i guess thats it. i was tired of having nothing here so i'm going to keep this here for a while. it's a bio, right? might as well use it.

since i'm a self-indulgent ego maniac i'm going to write some more stuff about myself. me me me me

most played video game- For Honor

i've sucked upwards of 500 hours in this game. i know to some real Gamers out there that doesn't sound like much but it's a lot for me. i also tend to play a greater variety of games, for example i have no unplayed games in my steam library so don't @ me with any of that shit. (edit: except XCOM 2 but it was on sale and i haven't beaten the first one yet) anyway this game is a broken, unbalanced mess, but cut 'em some slack it's the first time a game like this has been attempted. it's really fun, and the aesthetic and universe is perfect for me. plus it's SJW so very few loser nerd white boys infest it, like Mordhau for example, another great game. the fanbase of For Honor is actually really solid and i enjoy spending time in it's community a great deal. even though half the people who play this game don't know anything about it and all they do is complain and when you tell them to get good all they do is complain some more. and then when you tell them actual facts about the game they just say you are wrong or that's stupid. but most of the time it's just memers and gaymers and we're all having a good time. i love it. i hope they make a second one some day

favorite movie- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this is the best movie ever made. i've been a fan of Spider-Man ever since i wore my first pajamas which had the webhead on it. (edit: you can thank my mom for that. dont get me wrong i love some disney princesses but both of my parents turned me onto this superhero from the moment i was born, i don't even think they realised how much he would mean to me) he's the best superhero. he has the coolest powers, the coolest personality, and the coolest costumes. spider-man 2 on the ps1 was one of the first games i ever played. he's an inspiration to us all. i love him and any alternate versions of him, Spider-Gwen being a personal favorite ever since Spider-Verse came out though I had played as her before in some spidey games with alternate costumes. anyway, i've seen all the Spider-Man movies and this movie is a perfect meta-textual examination of the franchise as whole. as a character, as a story, and as merchandise. the heart and soul of spider-man. not to mention it's just fucking fantastic movie even if you aren't a mega-stan of spidey like i am. go see it.

i hope they dont fuck up the sequel, but to be honest the first one will always still be there. so even if the second one is bad we'll always have the first one.

favorite book- Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

this is a really important book. i was tempted to put some of my favorite fantasy or sci-fi or romance novels on here but Crazy is actually important. it's also one of the only books i've ever gone back and reread multiple times. it's a deeply tragic tale that not only strikes all of it's emotional beats but is also based 100% in fact. it's informative and an absolutely enthralling read. it really allowed me to see the cracks in the system that had previously been blind to my previously 14 year old self.

favorite tv show- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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ok i developed some kind of weird bizarro illness on thursday so i am sick with my head hurting

if it goes away i will get a post up
Annabelle Lafeyette

Annie's parent's house

Annie frowned, scratching the back of her head. She recieved a letter this morning, didn't she? Something about her adopted parents? And now this? Should she even say anything? They'd probably think she was crazy, and Annie didn't want that. Maybe...Annie began to work her jaw, moving it from side to side, a nervous habit.

"Uh, yeah. Those are my parents. The one on the left is Mallory, and the other one's June." She smiled. "They're uh, they're at work right now. I also have to go back to school soon." She looped a finger into her ponytail and began to twirl it idly.

"Um..." Annebelle began to to tell them about the letter, and the strange thing the kidnapper did with his hands. But she trailed off. She probably didn't think what she thought she saw. There was simply no way it happened, a trick of the light, an illusion. The letter was a flukey, scammy coincidence, and nothing more. The police would find the kidnapper and Annie could put all this behind her and go back to school, being a normal kid with great parents.
lemme know if there's anything i need to add or change, i just kind of went for it so we could move the fight along
Chloe Bridgette Cakebread-Yonaka

Chloe grimaced and covered her ears as another bomb went off, almost blowing the Russian to smithereens. Chloe smiled apolgetically over at the Speedwagon Agent.

"Bloody hell! You alright there, Tupolev? That was close! We gotta get this bastard!" Chloe called out, hiding behind a rock. She levelled a beige colored arm towards a small cluster of buildings. "I saw it! They're shootin' at us from over there!" She glanced around.

"Well, I'm assumin' we're not about to let these Nazi bellends blow our whole operation, right? We gotta get 'em! And I've got a good way to close the gap!" There was no way Chloe was going to sit back and let her new friends get decimated. Wrapped around her shoulder was a leather holster, and riding on her back there was a classic british submachinegun- the Sten Gun. Simple, tube-like design with a magazine receptable on the left side of the gun. Unholstering the gun she held it between her hands, slammed the magazine inside and racked the slide. Determined but nervous eyes complemented her uneasy, toothy grin.

Fellow Stand Users would began to see yellow energy flick up the young woman's bare arms and legs until a glowing aura surrounded her form.

"Puttin' on the Ritz!" She called out to reassure herself of her convinctions.

Over Chloe's shoulder apparated a ghostly, porcelain, lanky, towering seven foot tall humanoid. It was all bright white skin with wood and brass apparel. A pair of luscious doll-like lips and a strong, pointed nose could be seen from underneath the polished wooden sallet helmet, striking green eyes shadowed within. It's oak crop top was connected to segmented mahagony trousers via four suspenders. Attatched to it's back- no, embedded in it's back was a record player, and from this record player two gramaphone horn tubes rose like snakes wher they embedded itself in the Stands shoulders and burst out the other side like brass exit wounds.

Chloe and the Stand turned to glanced at each other at the same time, their ponytails drifting in the wind.

"Disc 3, Side B. We need cover." Chloe nodded towards her truest self.

The Stand responded, moving it's too-long arms quickly to the apparatus embedded in it's skin and oak top. With expert precision, taking no more than a second, it swapped the disc in the record player with another one stored in a slot at the top of the player. As it moved, there was the soft, warm crackle of vinyl static, as if the entire thing was merely an illusion conjured forth by the sound of a vinyl disc.

"Okay, ladies, gentleman," She gestured to her compatriots. "Follow me lead, we'll be shovin' boots up Jerry's bum in no time." Chloe kept up a face of good humor, but her Stand's mouth was a line that quirked into itself on one side, as if someone was contemplating a difficult math problem. It's eyes were hidden underneath the helmet but one could assume it's painted on eyebrows were furrowed in concentration.

With that, the record player began to spin, and the effects of a smoke grenade burst into life from the Stand. Chloe was now completely submerged in a thick grey fog that no sharpshooter could penetrate. Chloe moved into the middle of the group, standing out in the open. Anyone looking to fire upon the group wouldn't be able to see anything through the massive cloud. Chloe moved with a quickened crouch run, her Stand about ten feet to the left of her to maximise deployment range of the smoke so her allies could follow her.

"If anyone shoots at me...shoot them!" Chloe called out, a laugh entering her voice towards the end.


DIO noted the dry sarcasm and the desire to know more. How much would he love to explain his true powers to Dracula. How he longed to tell anyone! Only a few people, like Enyaba, knew the true power of DIO's Stand, that ineffectual wench with her disgusting pig of a son. Only she and DIO's one and only true confidant, Pucci. But someone like Dracula would understand completely. An equal. Never before had DIO met anyone with similar life experiences, as much as he loved the company of Pucci. But...unfortunately, DIO could not trust Dracula with that information. Moreover he could not trust the Crossroads. Anyone could be listening in with abilities unknown to DIO. However he could tell Dracula the power of a Stand, since DIO himself found the subject fascinating to pontificate on.

"A Stand is a manifestation of one's soul. A projection, if you will, of one's true self. They can take any form, though most commonly they are humanoid creatures of various shapes and sizes. In a way, it is what one truly looks like. The souls that inhabit the bodies we are given at birth are, with the power of a Stand, allowed to roam free and exert their desires upon the world.

For example, there was one young fellow I recruited to my cause named Noriaki Kakyoin. He was a quiet, reserved man, he felt like the world couldn't understand him, as if he had no true friends. He viewed his Stand, which was granted the name Hierophant Green by tarot cards, as more of an imaginary friend. But indeed, it was his Stand, his soul. It is a verdent green with yellow eyes, and it's skin appears to shimmer with water just under the surface.

It has the ability to spread it's limbs out like tentacles, damaging and maneuvering around the environment at will. It can even crawl inside people and possess their very bodies, bending their movements to it's whim. Finally, it has the ability to harden the water within itself into emerald like stones which it fires out of the palm of it's hand. He promised me no one could deflect it, but given how he was defeated soon thereafter, apparently that was untrue."

DIO leaned forward as he spoke, clearly passionate about the subject. "Do you see? Do you see how his life experiences shaped the powers he granted himself with a Stand? Fascinating, is it not? No one can choose the powers awakened within them, but when one does acquire a Stand it is as if you had it all along. Like discovering an extra limb, or sense. It was there the whole time, just out of view. Some of these connections with one's willpower and life story to the Stand are abstract or tenous at best. It is a power beyond total comprehension, for a Stand can be literally anything. It's wonderful. The possibilites are endless, but I know that my Stand is truly the most powerful Stand of all. No Stand can defeat it's power. While I would love to explain it to you in depth there are many factors preventing me from doing so." DIO took a sip of wine.

"And one more thing- only a Stand User can see a Stand, unless the power of the Stand states otherwise. My Stand would be entirely invisible to you, as if I possessed a potent form of telekinesis, when in fact it is my very soul manipulating the environment."

DIO smiled. "You might think me a liar, which I understand. I, DIO, did not know they existed until it was awakened within myself during a long meditation. But, allow me to show you a mere parlour trick compared to my Stand's true power."

The wine bottle in the middle of the table began to levitate. It moved over to Dracula's glass, the stopper was removed, and it refilled the wine infront of him. It was a telekinises of total control, the wine bottle did not shake or drift. It was as if it was being held in someone's hands.

"Perhaps one day you may see my Stand perform it's mighty abilities. But there are too many risks in divulging that information to you now, I hope you understand. My plan was to go our seperate ways after this little meeting. I have to acquire 100 tokens to leave the Crossroads within thirty days. If not, I will be mildly inconvenienced upon my return. A man with ambitions like myself has no shortage of enemies, you see." DIO explained.


There was a flash of blue light ontop of the tower. The elven woman opened her eyes with a gasp, holding her belly where the two holes previously were. Fortunately, they were gone. Color had returned to her face. Back to life again. There was a dragon creature, a massive behemoth of a beast. Where had it gone? The last thing she remembered was seeing it curl up next to her tower. Eltariel stood to her feet and glanced around. There, about fifty feet away, was the dimunitive corpse of her previous shell, a sight that always made her uncomfortable. An existential kind of dread began to well up that she usually chose to ignore.

But no sight of the beast. Eltariel leaned over the side and saw...a man? Dressed in scale-like clothes, not quite unlike her own, though his was certaunly more draconic in inspiration in comparison to her utilitarian design. Could he be...? Was that even possible? Could such a creature shrink down to the size of a normal person?

Either way, she would have to find out. The less people by her tower, the better.

Eltariel leapt off the side of the tower, falling the entire distance before rolling gracefully to a stop. Her swords were sheathed in her back once again and she crossed her arms. She wasn't sure what to make of him. Since this possibly could be the creature that saved her Tower, she owed him a great deal. Or, it could just be a strangely dressed man who stumbled out of the woods. But her instincts told her that the former was the case, considering he and the beast shared similar visual motifs.

"Hello?" She asked aloud. "Are you alright? Sorry to wake you, but you wouldn't have happened to see a giant lizard creature around here, would you?"
Sorry!! I haven't been on discord or on this site much. i tend to just leave my laptop in sleep mode and plugged in. it's already 11PM. But, I will most certainly try my very hardest to get a post up tomorrow. early tomorrow, if i can
Jamie Teale

Jamie looked at the back of Scott's head and then nodded. After a moment she threw her hands in the air, frustrated. "Whatever! Guess I'll wait then." She plopped herself back down in a seat, her arm splayed across the table as she leaned far back, almost parallel to the table, drumming her fingers impatiently.

"If another wave of Vlhakians are coming we're already fuckin' dead. I don't know how they got so damn close without anyone knowing. Did that have to do with all this Robins-is-a-spy bullshit? Jesus Christ, how the hell are we supposed to protect this country with this infrastructure supporting us?" She ranted uselessly.

"Well, shit. Atleast Jackson's alive." She slapped the table. "I just hope we can actually get our shit in gear enough to actually counter attack before next Christmas. Currently not very confident in that at all."
Clara Cabello and Alejandra Jonas

September 9th

Clara squinted up at the sky from underneath her sunglass. The sky was too bright too look at normally, which is why it was good she had her sunglasses. AJ's eyes on the other hand, were two narrow lines of pure squintage, her eyebrows furrowed. AJ had given Clara her sunglasses back.

"You seriously don't have sunglasses?" Clara asked with a faux-accusatory tone. Her voice was a little too loud for the environment around her.

AJ squinted up at Clara. "No, I guess not." Clara rolled her eyes and snapped the orange tinted glasses off the bridge of her warm beige nose. Almost everything from her reddish hair, light brown skin, bright orange slightly cropped shirt right down to the deep brown of her eyeballs made Clara the epitome of warm color schemes. The only exception to this were her skinny jeans, which were blue, because she didn't where to get red jeans and her flattering color palette was probably unintentional. She just liked the color orange.


"Oh no, I'm f-"

"Heeeeere." Clara said with a smirk, waggling the sunglasses between her fingers. AJ accepted them and put them on slowly. Where Clara was warm, AJ was cool, with her dark purple beanie and natural green coat that she had her hands perpetually stuffed into. The two were quite the complementary pair.

Now it was Clara's turn to squint and she did so. No amount of superpowers filted the light from sun any better. "Why do our do I have to squint? Couldn't we evolve so where we don't have to squint?"

"Clara," AJ warned with a whisper. "No one else is talking this much. You're the one who said you were worried about standing out, right?"

"Tsh," Clara brushed a strand out of her eyes and lowered her voice. "I just didn't think this would take so long."

"We've been here for all of two minutes."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just antsy. Can't shake the feelin' I'm being watched."
"We've been over this, Clara."

"I got a gut feelin'. I don't get 'em often, AJ, but when I do, I tend to follow 'em." She said. Before AJ could speak, Clara interrupted her with an outstretched hand.

"Hey, sorry. I promised. I'm here for you." She reassured her sister.

AJ nodded, her eyes concealed by the reflection of Clara's face in the orange sunglasses. Clara rolled her neck from side to side and kicked at that same patch of grass growing inbetween the concrete. Suddenly, she tensed up, remembering something.

"You're an idiot: Do you even realize you could die? Just wait, the ambulance will be here any minute!"

Crack, splat, bang. Clara remembered pushing that kid jogger down the stairs. In the attack, with all the poison. It was an accident. Was she dead? She wasn't moving from what the thief remembered. Well, that's what she gets for sticking her nose in other people's business. She should of just taken her wallet back and ran. How many times did Clara say no cops? No ambulance? Too many times. It wasn't Clara's fault. Clara kicked at the grass again, a frown spreading on her face. Stupid kid. All Clara wanted was her wallet. But if the concussion didn't kill that jogger, than the poison gas would have.

She'd never killed anyone before.

The young thief flinched and turned rapidly away from AJ, almost spinning, as if someone had punched her in the nose and she was trying to play it cool like it didn't hurt.

"I'm fine. Shut up." She said.

"But I didn't-" AJ began, looking over concerned at her sister.

"I said shut up, AJ," Clara warned with a little smile at her own expense. "I'm just...I can't talk about it now. Not here, I-I'll explain later. " She'd fucked up people before. The most damage she'd ever done to someone was stab them with a pocket knife, but they would survive. Knives were scary and those guys had it coming. Plus, she only stabbed them a couple times to get them to run away. But this was different. That girl, stupid as she was, was only trying to help Clara and she died because of it.

"This whole event is a huge downer." Clara explained quietly.

AJ shrugged. "Pretty much. But that's the point. It's supposed to be cathartic."

"Right. Cathartic. Back in my day we just bottle up our emotions inside and never ever showed them to anyone." Clara complained ironically.

"You're only like, a year older than me." AJ retorted.

"Yeah, but I been on my own for way longer. You were...with your parents, or whatever." Her momentum hit a stop as she accidentally brought up AJ's dead parents. AJ grimaced a little, scratching at her purple beanie.

"No, yeah, I get it. Don't worry about it. It was funny." AJ was the one apologizing, strangely enough.

" someone gonna talk? Osborn set this whole thing up, right?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone is going to talk. We're just waiting for everyone to show up."

"Okay. I'll wait, I guess."

AJ nodded, and smiled. She was happy that Clara was here. She could be a real asshole, but there was a reason they stuck together this long. AJ reached out and slowly held Clara's hand. The older sister blinked. AJ felt Clara squeeze her hand a little bit, and the unlikely pair stood in solidarity.

Alleyway of Eldra, Shalador

Dareen startled a little bit at the sudden weight on her shoulders but was relieved to see it was only Jandar. Strange to think how while before she only treated him with a basic amount of friendly apathy he was now someone she was looking forward to seeing. With all this bullshit that's been happening. She turned to look at him and then squinted, giving his body a quick onceover.

Ranina, whoever she was, was totally gone. Jandar was talking to Dareen in a silly outfit, the ex-mercenary broke character.

"I'm fine." She wiped her brow with the back of her hand. "I just...there was this street kid I think might have noticed us. I gave a little chase but he slipped away. But enough about me, you look hurt Ja- ohan?" She cleared her throat, straightening her dress out and trying to go back to looking like Ranina. Almost saying Johan's real name was kind of a wake up call.

"What happened in there?" She said quietly, giving Jandar the side-eye. Then she saw Mikhail vanish out of the bookstore, and for a moment she was surprised before she realised he must have slipped in while she was distracted by the child. Dareen shook her head and held her wrist in her hand. "Sorry. You can tell me later. We'll focus on your cousin for now." She got the allegory quickly. Dareen tipped her head up and, like Mikhail suggested, tried to maintain what little remained of her disguise.
De'kae, the Druid

De'kae looked numbly up at the woman who had accosted her with her overt friendlyness. Maybe she could just pretend like she didn't understand her just to make her go away. Kay's head hurt and she was in a bad mood, coming off of a terrifiying, life threatening experience, with mortal wounds just freshly beginning to heal.

Kay didn't move, continuing to lay on her back. Her legs felt like they were made of wet paper. The Druid Elf was also still soaking from the fall. A thousand pounds of weight lay ontop of her and there was no way she could to even attempt to struggle against it for now.

Kay closed her eyes and sighed. When she opened them she glanced back up at Amberelle and smiled wearily. "Yes, I can understand you. Yes, my ears are real. And I've known how to make my hands go pew pew ever since I learned it as a little girl. It's called the Life-Weld." She explained with a flat, annoyed voice.. But Amberelle here was just trying to make friends. She seemed nice, really nice, actually. Kay imagine they could be good friends. Manners cost nothing, she reminded herself.

"Sorry, Amberelle, I...I'm in a bit of a bad mood. There was a giant spider, you see, and it attempted to maul me to death. That's why I'm just going stay down here for a little bit and...vegetate. Or something. I don't know." She brushed a wet strand of hair out of her face, still laying on her back.

"My name is De'kae, by the way." She stretched out a pale limb in an vertically inclined attempt at a handshake. "My friends call me Kay, so you can call me that, too." She smiled warmly.


ABI was online. Natalia nodded to herself, satisfied with her work. The inside of the Powered Armor thrummed to life as the heads up display and various indicators flashed to life. Now she had a much greater understanding of her enviroment. And, most important of all, her trusted companion, ABI.

The Powered Armor, previously an unmoving, stoic monolith, suddenly moved with a lot more character. It glanced around, confused, and brought a metallic hand up to scratch it's bald head. Natalia's memories were instantly transferred into that of the machine's via the subdermal link.

"Oh, man. We're in a little bit of trouble, huh, Nat?" The Armor spoke with a chipper, American accent. It was speaking aloud, clearly enough for anyone nearby to hear it, like an obnoxious tourist having a loud conversation with her friend over the phone. Natalia's voice was hollow, tinny, and quiet, only audible for those who pressed their ears against the torso of the Powered Armor.

"Yes." Natalia responded.

"It seems like we've been transported to some kind of...weird, alternate dimension. Could this be a result of the veil anomaly being broken? That would kinda suck, huh? We almost saw the stars." ABI said, wistfully disappointed.

"Almost." Natalia responded flatly, staring at HUD readout about the temperature of the local area.

"I'm sorry, Nat. I know how much you wanted to see them. Maybe they are through those doors over there, huh?" The Powered Armor levelled a massive finger towards the door.

"Potentially." Natalia responded.

The armor turned and stared at Ariamis. "Well, hello! I don't think we've met, huh? At least we haven't said our names. My name is Abi! I'm a big giant robot. I think you already met my friend Natalia before! Big blue circle under her shirt, missing a leg, kind of creepy dead looking eyes?" The robot waved and then flattened her palm, making an 'iffy' gesture by rotating it from side to side. Speaking of dead eyes, the small white glowing slits that made up the optics of the machine had little, simulated eyelids that expressed a surprising amount of emotion.

The inventor on the inside of the machine let Abi do her thing. She was programmed to be sociable, friendly, and empathetic. She felt her weight shift around as the AI moved the suit of her own will. Natalia had brought up a holopad on the inside of the armor and began tapping through various readouts. As she suspected, there were no nearby Wifi connections, nor could their location be identified via GPS. They were obviously deep underground. But Natalia believed they were in an extradimensional space. Various kinds of science, unknown to her, were being used by her compatriots. Things similar to magic. She couldn't be sure, but she was assuming she had been taken to an alternate dimension.
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