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4 days ago
Current ok, there's a thunder storm. just gonna leave a message here in case my internet goes out again, lmao. i dont THINK it will, though
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6 days ago
I'm back, and so is my internet.
18 days ago
Next thursday the Kishibe Rohan OVA's arrive on Netflix. So if you're a jojo fan who's caught up on the anime you don't want to miss that. I know I'm excited
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2 mos ago
i think im gonna try to participate in the guild discord. so if you see me being awkward in there that is why.
2 mos ago
applesauce is the nectar of the gods


Call me: Zoey, Boey, or Zoey Boey
Pronouns: She/her
Homestate: Texas
Time Zone: Central Time
School/Work: Online college
Available: Usually
Available available?: No
Means of Production: Seized
Liberals: Owned
Sunglasses: On
Products: Consumed
Justice: Shining
Sex: Repulsive
Ace?: Pilot
Part 6: Never
Bread: Garlic
Water: Wet
Homework: Late
Giant rat: Making all of the rules
Spider: Manned
Grill: propane
Role: played
Taco trucks: On every corner
Ryu: Stanned closest i could find to the origina source of my profile image. looks like the original was taken down

I'm Zoey Boey, previously known as Zoey White. I'm 20 years old, and I live in Texas, near Fort Worth. I've been RPing for a majority of my life but I've only discovered this website recently. It's my favorite site for sure and I plan to stick around for a while. I tend to post pretty frequently. I like to think I'm friendly and reasonable enough, but I guess everyone thinks that. I think I'm agreeable and I don't let my ego get caught up with stuff, but you know, that's what everyone thinks. I can get frustrated at stuff in real life and sometimes I feel like breaking something expensive but I usually just sit there and fume and try to get back to it and then fume some more until I give up, and that's basically why all my college grades are so garbage. But...I'm pretty chill most of the time. Because I think roleplaying is fun.

For roleplaying, I like sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes. Modern day stuff- really anything. If the concept speaks to me I usually try to join up. I try not to get ghost any of the RP's I'm in or quit due to lack of inspiration. Usually I don't do anime, with the exception of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which I enjoy greatly. I think I have a pretty good mastery over the english language, but when i'm ooc i tend to give all that up and type more like this.

i guess i figured since this was going to be my new bio i might as well try a little harder? but y'know, why, this is how i usually type anyway.

anyway i used to keep track of all of my rp's here but that was a pain in the ass. u dont need to know what rp's im in, only i need to know that. i also play a lot of video games, it's my main hobby. been doing that since i was like, 3 years old, literally, which is kind of nuts to think about. been playing games since before i could remember how to spell my own last name

you can call me zoey, or you can call me boey, or you can call me zoey boey. or come up with some cool hip new nickname off the top of your head to be extra hip and cool. anyway i guess thats it. i was tired of having nothing here so i'm going to keep this here for a while. it's a bio, right? might as well use it.

since i'm a self-indulgent ego maniac i'm going to write some more stuff about myself. me me me me

most played video game- For Honor

i've sucked upwards of 500 hours in this game. i know to some real Gamers out there that doesn't sound like much but it's a lot for me. i also tend to play a greater variety of games, for example i have no unplayed games in my steam library so don't @ me with any of that shit. (edit: except XCOM 2 but it was on sale and i haven't beaten the first one yet) anyway this game is a broken, unbalanced mess, but cut 'em some slack it's the first time a game like this has been attempted. it's really fun, and the aesthetic and universe is perfect for me. plus it's SJW so very few loser nerd white boys infest it, like Mordhau for example, another great game. the fanbase of For Honor is actually really solid and i enjoy spending time in it's community a great deal. even though half the people who play this game don't know anything about it and all they do is complain and when you tell them to get good all they do is complain some more. and then when you tell them actual facts about the game they just say you are wrong or that's stupid. but most of the time it's just memers and gaymers and we're all having a good time. i love it. i hope they make a second one some day

favorite movie- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this is the best movie ever made. i've been a fan of Spider-Man ever since i wore my first pajamas which had the webhead on it. (edit: you can thank my mom for that. dont get me wrong i love some disney princesses but both of my parents turned me onto this superhero from the moment i was born, i don't even think they realised how much he would mean to me) he's the best superhero. he has the coolest powers, the coolest personality, and the coolest costumes. spider-man 2 on the ps1 was one of the first games i ever played. he's an inspiration to us all. i love him and any alternate versions of him, Spider-Gwen being a personal favorite ever since Spider-Verse came out though I had played as her before in some spidey games with alternate costumes. anyway, i've seen all the Spider-Man movies and this movie is a perfect meta-textual examination of the franchise as whole. as a character, as a story, and as merchandise. the heart and soul of spider-man. not to mention it's just fucking fantastic movie even if you aren't a mega-stan of spidey like i am. go see it.

i hope they dont fuck up the sequel, but to be honest the first one will always still be there. so even if the second one is bad we'll always have the first one.

favorite book- Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

this is a really important book. i was tempted to put some of my favorite fantasy or sci-fi or romance novels on here but Crazy is actually important. it's also one of the only books i've ever gone back and reread multiple times. it's a deeply tragic tale that not only strikes all of it's emotional beats but is also based 100% in fact. it's informative and an absolutely enthralling read. it really allowed me to see the cracks in the system that had previously been blind to my previously 14 year old self.

favorite tv show- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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secret text

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@Hedgehawk Figured as much. Well, it was fun. These RP's just have trouble keeping everyone, I guess. Thanks for having me
@Lugubrious Awesome! Gonna move her over to where Sakura is on the CS tab.
@Lugubrious If she does a little bit of damage to enemies, she gets a little bit of healing back. It's relative to her own health, not the health of her enemies. So if she steps on a bug or something and totally kills it, she won't get anything back. But in the game if you walk up to a bad guy and he's hitting her with bullets and she's shooting him with bullets, she can kind of match that DPS with her healing per second. And the crystals drop on the ground where the bad guy gets hit, so she has to walk over and get within a few feet in order to get the healing benefits.

Okay let me try to sum it up instead of being dumb. If she shoots a dude with a bullet, the amount of healing dropped will be a little less than the damage of the bullet she fired.
@Lugubrious Ok! I made the changes. Re-worded her resistance to pyschic attack and added some in-world bio stuff.

About her pyschic power resistant, I just didn't want to qualify it too much. Her mental power is her defining feature in the game. It's literally how she uses and does everything. Even her gun. But yeah "most", for sure, obviously there's Galeem.

If she's accepted, should I start posting as her soon, like a solo bit, or just wait until she gets almost reached?

Edit: Um, oops, Jesse's first power, Health Elements, was incomplete. I made some kind of mistake, I don't know what. So you'll need to read that again, sorry.
Ok! Here is my second character @Lugubrious. Let me know if there's anything I should change or add.

Also pretty interested!
Emily Dawson

"Mhm!" She nodded at Eli. "No problem. It was fun!" She waved at him, smiling. It seemed the tension was broken, thankfully. The rest of the day passed without much event. The teachers at their small school had long gotten used to her quiet mumbling. Emily tries to keep it as low as possible, it's mostly under her breathe at this point.

Emily didn't mind school. She could learn some cool things from it. Besides, she needed it if she was going to be a well rounded citizen. "...the modern idea of a well rounded student originally comes from ancient Greece. Athens, specifically. Though of course at the time it was only for land owning men, like most things were back then. Greek statues actually had color on them, the paint just faded over time. Now we base our government architecture on a misunderstanding of what the original democracy used to look like. Weird, weird, huh?" Emily said aloud when the end of the day bell rang.

At first she was going to wait around and see if anyone was gonna stick around for her journalism club. No dice. Oh well. She thought she would go out and see the sights of the town. Explore a little. She liked to do it. She found herself outside in down town. Thinking about things. Thinking about....Halloween. Emily had her book bag clutched to her chest. For some reason she never used the straps, just held it there like it was a bag of potatoes.

Emily saw Violet, sitting alone on a bench. She seemed upset about something. Emily found herself approaching, and, well, it's not like she could keep her mouth shut forever. She made eye contact with Violet.

"People are afraid you're gonna murder them, huh? Place a curse on them. Because every year for the last seven years someone goes missing around Halloween (and I know all their names.) Is that a good coffee? You really like caffeine." It was like a drive by shooting, but of words. Emily paused her walk though, taking some steps closer to the Heiress so she was in conversation distance.

Victory was closer than she knew. Just a few moments after her amazing pun, the ship and everyone on it came to a grinding halt. Fortunately, the two in the boiler room were well armored. Victory reacted quickly to the change of momenteum. She and Sir E. Braum were about to go slamming into the wall infront of them. Fortunately, the two were well armored. As she flew forward she turned and raised a hand, changing her Hard Light shield into a foamy cushion for Rumi to land on. She wasn't sure how strong his armor was, but she knew hers was strong enough to take the impact of a mere ship crash.

She slammed her back against the wall and waited out the rest of the crash, using her limbs to keep herself steady. Everything went somewhat quiet. Needless to say, the smile had left Brooke's face under her helm. It was time to get serious. They didn't have any time to waste.

"We have to find the others and regroup." Victory said to her heroic compatriot. She turned to the door of the boiler room. The whole ship was crashed. No longer did it rock gently back and forth in the waves of the water.

Her plan was as simple as that. Making sure all the heroes got out alive was more important than capturing the villains.

Victory tried the handle of the boiler room door, just in case. Of course, they were locked in.

"I'll get us out of here. Those cameras of yours will be useful in locating our allies. Scout ahead while I break this door down." The gleaming goliath hunched over to the boiler room door. Cocking her fist, she brought it down on the edge of door. It dented, slightly. Victory was much stronger than an average human in her armor form, but she didn't have specialized super strength. The pounding of her gauntlets against the door resounded loudly. It didn't matter. They had to get out. What good would being hidden, trapped, in the boiler room do? It was either a noisy escape, drowning, or being found by supervillains.

Once there was a small gap in the door, Victory transitioned her foamy cushion for Rumi into a prybar. She braced herself against the door with her shoulder and began to pull, hoping to break the things long. Or just tear it off its hinges entirely.
Here's the fourth member of the new villain team. Let me know if there's anything I should change or add.

Kasugano Sakura

Level 4: 21/40
Location: The Docks Talking to @DracoLunaris and @Lugubrious
Word Count: 578
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 4: 22/40


...Well, actually, not that ouch.)

Sakura finally returned to consciousness. Her rhythmic, automatic breathing became briefly manual as she inhaled. Her eyes opened and she was staring up at the sky. The space where, just one second before, Karin Kanzuki had been looming over her. At least, from her perspective. She knew she had been knocked the heck out, hard. Normally a friendly street fight didn't go that far. It was Sakura's own fault. She should have given up at that elbow. What was that move, anyway? It seemed crazy. The move was burned into her mind. She wanted to learn it, too. This was the kind of excitement, the reason she loved street fighting. Even the concussion wasn't a huge deal. A day of rest and her ki would take care of it. But, that didn't seem to be necessary. Like she had thought before, not that ouch. It was probably the most restful knock out she'd ever experienced. Had someone healed her? The sky was pretty, so her brown eyes continued to observe it.

Unfortunately, one thing did sting. She got knocked out by Karin. Again, normally, not a big deal. But now Karin was gone. She was still under that nasty Galeem's control. Which meant she was in trouble. And the way Karin looked at felt like she had lost the respect of Karin. Because she kept trying that trick. The Heart trick. In a way, she was trying to end the fight early. It didn't really matter if it was cheating or not, because Karin thought she was. And that felt bad. Really bad. Especially after how far their relationship had come. To an outsider it might seem like they were pretty soundly enemies, but there was a bond between them. A strong one. One that was weaker, now, perhaps even severed. That sucked. Really sucked. She didn't want to lose Karin's friendship. She didn't want to lose Karin at all. But she had. Both of those things. It was a total, utter defeat. There was a difference between losing and being defeated. Losing was fine, it was part of the journey. But this was more than just a loss. She couldn't stop thinking about it.

Well, she could, momentarily. Because she smelled junk food. Her stomach rumbled. Sakura turned her head. Bowser and Peach were there. Brineybeard, too. Ranger was back to normal. Bella and Rika were out in the open, but it didn't seem like there was any danger. The sight, as down as her spirits were, made Sakura smile.

"Something smells good." Sakura said. Her voice was the lowest in energy it had ever been. Her friend slipping through her fingers like that was devastating. But she was trying to stay in a good mood. "Is there, uh, any left for me?" She asked. She rose into a sitting position, rubbing the back of her head. She wasn't sure what to say. Sakura felt like an apology was in order, for some reason. Did they worry about her? Did they risk something for her? If Bella or Rika had been caught out in the open because of her antics, Sakura would never forgive herself. It seemed like it worked out this time, sure, but...

The small smile faded. "...sorry." She cast her eyes downward, now knitting her fingers together nervously. Sakura felt small and embarassed, sitting on the ground. She hoped she didn't drool. She hoped they didn't worry about her, or stress out about it. Man, this sucked.

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