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back in my home state. actually a real nice hotel compared to the last one that had cockroaches in the bathroom. so thats cool and good. ready to get home tomorrow. blehhhhjgkjgkjhatk
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Piccolo: Three Guys Now

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Sakura Level 10: 30/100
Karin Level 7: 01/70
Location: Suoh
Word Count: 541
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Sakura Level 10: 31/100
Karin Level 7: 02/70

Back from Split Mountain or from battle, Sakura and Karin were both fairly tired and in want of some rest before the big day tomorrow. Still, Sakura threw her arms around Karin and the heiress obliged her hug.

”Karin! Things have been so crazy. I wish we would stop splitting up so much!” Sakura exclaimed.

”I simply believe it’s the most economical use of our roles as long as splitting up is needed. Like avoiding putting healers on the same team.” Karin said.

”Yeah, yeah, whatever, but after we’re done here we’re not splitting up anymore.” Sakura said. ”What did you see?”

”No small amount of corruption and failure.” Karin said sourly. She was sitting on a couch, one leg crossed over the other. ”The city’s power structure is rotten to the core. It’s driven people mad.”

”Right?! What the heck! I saw a scary hospital, and it turns out the scary hospital guy works with the people in charge! And we have a massive bounty on our heads now.” Sakura said.

”Indeed. Fortunately I can’t imagine it will stick after we’re done here.” Karin said.

”Well, we Friend Hearted some people who were high up the ranks, so hopefully that’ll clear things up, too.” Sakura scratched her head.

Karin sat, thoughtfully for a moment. ”What will happen here after we defeat the guardian?”

”There’s a big ‘goosh’ of energy, and everyone around is free of Galeem’s influence.” Sakura explained.

”Everyone in Midgard. Mass enlightenment. Things will change, but I can’t imagine they will change as fast as we would like.” Karin said, staring off into the middle distance. ”Sakura, it’s all well and good to blitz through this town, destroy the Guardian, and leave. The Seekers are needed here. But people have lived entire lives within Midgar. Don’t we have a responsibility to help?” Karin said. She leaned back.

”...yeah?” Sakura said with a squint. ”But I’m still not sure what will really happen once we defeat Galeem. I’m hoping we can all go home, somehow.”

”In the meantime, people may need our help. And what if the change isn’t instant? The Seekers haven’t been fighting like none of this matters. We haven’t been ruthless, willing to kill whoever gets in our way because it will all be erased. Galeem’s world is still a world, and it still needs protection. And Galeem isn’t willing to do it.” Karin leaned forward, locking her fingers together.

”What do you mean by all this, Karin?” Sakura asked, scooting closer.

”I’m just saying…the crusade doesn’t need to be endless. It’s not as simple as planting a flag on the tallest tower and moving on. There are things that need attending too. Here, in Midgar. And I have to check back in Limsa.” Her orange eyes met Sakura’s. ”Your parents. If they’re out there, they might be here, don’t you think?”

Sakura looked away, pursing her lips. ”M-maybe.” She observed her clenched fist. ”But first things first. We’ve done all this to find a way to the Guardian. We have to face it down. Tomorrow. Let’s get some rest, okay?” Sakura said, rising back to standing.

”Right. Of course. The wisdom of the present. We set out tomorrow.” Karin said with a little smile.
Sakura Level 10: 30/100
Location: Split Mountain
Word Count: short
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Sakura Level 10: 31/100

”You’re not an intruder, Luka-san.” Sakura had reassured him. ”I’ve only been in here like, one time, anyway. We’re all just a bunch of randos who’re all working towards the same goal, so you fit right in.”

Once on the mountain top, looking up at the stars with Midna, Sakura lay on her back and folded her hands on top of her belly.

”You can’t see the stars in Midgar.” Sakura noted distantly.

At some point, more tired than she realized, Sakura’s eyes slowly closed and she drifted off into a light nap.

Karin Level 7: 00/70
Location: Neuron HQ
Word Count: short
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance---
Karin Level 7: 01/70 lebel up

Well, it seemed like the problem was taking care of itself. If Karin was in charge, she would recommend seeing this through and destroying whoever survived. But the Seekers were doing a full retreat and there was nothing to be done, since there was no one in charge. With a huff, Karin followed behind in the retreat.

The escape wasn’t terribly difficult for Karin, so she elected to make it more difficult by staying behind and making sure no one lost their step. With her speed and grapple hook she could navigate quite efficiently, though it required the entirety of her focus. Especially to glance in front to make sure no one had fallen. On the off chance they got unlucky, she could be there to ensure they didn’t lag behind for long.
The Incorrigible Iceburn!

The Team

Once again, Iceburn's costume had changed to 'suit' the occasion. Her hair included. Oh did Pei love her temporary hair dye. Now the short cut ontop of her head was a vibrant shade of orange. Her outfit itself was back to the usual black and bold pink costume, though the most notable change was the extra thick waterproof boots. But her top was still a body-hugging sleeveless belly showing top made out of some durable-adjacent material. Orange hair, black and pink outfit, and showing plenty of her unusual light blue skin. "This," She would say if asked, "Is my Attack Hair."

Iceburn sat in the middle. Thankfully her hair was short enough that even as it was whipped around in the wind, it didn't get in her eyes. "You wanna stop backseat boating, Cora?" She asked, amused.

Iceburn leaned back, draping her arms onto the side of the boat and shut her eyes, listening to Daphne give confusing instructions to Viktor. Maybe it was because there was so much communication already, or maybe it was because of the weather, but Iceburn wasn't as talkative as usual. The only talking she did while she had her eyes closed and head tilted back was trying to sound out the word 'bug spray' backwards. "Yars...yar- yarps...yarps bug. Yarps gub. Pfft, hehe." Quietly to herself. "Sounds like someone Obi-Wan would order drinks from. Yarps Gub."

The heat wasn't exactly pleasant for someone who ran as cold as Iceburn did, but ironically the humidity did help. The water was thick in the air, it gave her more to draw from. As for the mosquitos that plagued Vincent so, well, Iceburn wasn't exactly suffering free either. But she was emitting a slight mist that seemed to drive the buggers off a little, and she was of course wearing bug spray. Still, Iceburn frowned as she looked on her left shoulder and saw a signature red bump.

"Well, I definitely like the plan that involves Talos and I flying way above all these bugs." Iceburn admitted with a grin. She did find it a little amusing that Vincent, and Stormcaller were trying to make sure that Nymph knew she was in charge. Even Viktor made sure to ask for objections. That struck Iceburn as something of a paradox, but a cute one. It was sweet of them. But Nymph didn't really strike Iceburn as the leader type. She was soft-spoken, timid, and probably didn't even want to be leader in the first place. But Iceburn was a team player, so she didn't voice these thoughts aloud and didn't make them obvious with her body language. Though every once in a while someone might catch her looking at the back of Daphne's head with a good-humored look of pity.

Iceburn leaned forward, focusing up."I'm ready to look as long as it takes. We have a few hours until sundown, after that we'll have to skedaddle on home. Hopefully it doesn't take that long. I can't believe they are dumping chemicals into the Everglades of all places. There's gotta be a corrupt park ranger somewhere letting this go under the radar. Maybe threatening to feed that guy to alligators is how Batman found the general location of this base in the first place." Pei said. Talking a lot. So much for that. But she did have a pretty good streak going, for a while.

"It's kind of weird to imagine Batman in Florida." Iceburn tapped her chin. "Where would he pose? Does Florida not have any local superheroes? Did they all get eaten by alligators? There's a small chance we run into a talking superhero alligator who defends the swamps from evil. These Captain Planet villain lookin' ass dumping chemicals into the Everglades. How low can you get?" Iceburn shook her head.

Then she cleared her throat. "A-anyway. Ready to fly when you are." She smacked Vincent lightly on the shoulder.

Karin Level 6: 59/60
Location: Neuron HQ
Word Count: short
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance---
Karin Level 7: 00/70 lebel up

Karin smiled coolly and nodded with satisfaction as the Penance problem was taken care of, not feeling bad about the whole thing in any way at all. Penance is now in perfect health and free of any mind control. A net positive in every conceivable way.

When the black hole came, Karin grit her teeth and shot her grapple hook down at the ground as soon as possible, slamming into the roof but not getting sucked all the way into the mixer around it, her entire body floating in the air for the duration.

After it was over, they had a new foe to deal with, massive, corrupted Jena, while their true enemy escaped. Jena, Karin concluded, had to be the most incompetent person on the face of the World of Light. ”How dreadful for the human race that buffoons like you continue to fail upward.” Karin said, rolling her shoulders.

Whenever the creature came her way, Karin would jump out of the way and then come down on any outstretched limbs, looking to damage its fingers and wrists with combos before grapple hooking away to nearby floating debris. Karin used her unusual mobility to be a persistent yet hard to reach threat.
Sakura Level 10: 29/100
Location: Suoh
Word Count:
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Sakura Level 10: 30/100

“Holy crap…” Sakura said, peering into the massive space. ”This is a computer?! How many bits do you think it has? 64 or 32?” She asks, jokingly.

Sakura spent a bit of time wandering around, distancing herself from the group by a small bit. “ECHO!” She shouts, cupping her hands around her mouth just to get a feel for how big this place actually was. Not infinite, because an echo did come back. A security camera, however, did pan her ways.

”O tto!” Sakura flailed and hid behind cover. “Ehehe…that was stupid. My bad. I just didn’t see anybody so I figured.” Sakura reddened. To be fair, it did seem like they had gotten by all the people security, now it was just the automatic stuff.

“Let’s go.” Sakura said, taking Midna’s hand and keeping her eyes open to watch herself get teleported.

“Wow, that’s so amazing, Midna-san. I don’t know what we’d do without you. I guess you and Blazermate-san should never be on the same team so both can use teleporters, huh?” She asked.

Sakura glanced around the place. “Yeah, seriously!” She sat down, feeling truly safe and unbothered for the first time in a while. “Phew…”

The street fighter wasn’t as concerned. “It’s probably fine. We’re doing our thing.”

When Midna offered up a chance to get out of this place, Sakura was more than obliged. “Aha! Sounds awesome!” She clapped her hands together. She left a quick note:

Midna-san teleported us for a quick break. See you soon!

Once there, Sakura blinked, taking in another massive vista. The World of Light was full to the brim of absolutely bonkers huge places. The night, however, was pleasnt, if chilly. Sakura waved at the massive bird thingy, imagining the fantastic circumstances in which it was freed. She smiled, clearly pleased at the idea of seeing tangible good the Seekers had done, even if she wasn’t involved. At the very least this bird was getting to mind its own business, free of control and forced conflict forever more.

“That crap can’t be good for your lungs. That’s the worst pollution I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to Beijing.” Sakura said with a sigh, scratching her head. Though, it might just be clouds. It was hard to tell. She looked up at the sky above and saw the stars, foreign stars, of a distant planet. The twisted moon caused her to tilt her head.

“It’s kinda cool looking though, right?” She asked. Maybe it was just the novelty of seeing a different moon so up close.

“I wonder if those stars are even real. Everything is so mashed up together here. But the universe is so unbelievably big, I have a hard time imagining we’re in a real one. There would be so many other worlds out there…why would all the Guardians be on this one if there were more?” Sakura asked.

“I dunno. It just seems fake to me. No way Galeem could steal the entire universe like that.” She said, looking up at the sky. “I bet if you could fly up there you’d see they’re just really bright lights just on the far side of the moons and other planets up there.”
Karin Level 6: 58/60
Location: Neuron HQ
Word Count: short
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance---
Karin Level 6: 59/60

Karin felt like she had picked her targets poorly- even with Sandalphon and Goldlewis helping Geralt and her, Penance was an immovable tank. But slow. Very slow. If someone had high ranged damage output, they could just stay out of range and shoot Penance down, forcing her on the offensive despite her immense tanking ability. Instead, the implicit threat of the rest of the battle happening while they waited Penance out forced Geralt, Goldlewis, and Karin to take Penance on exactly how she wanted them too. Someone like Susie would have been a better fit for this battle.

Too late, now! The bout had to be finished as soon as possible. Karin jumped over the radiating thorns. ”How can you possibly enjoy fighting like this?” She asked Penance.

”You simply stand there and spam the same cheap spell over and over again! It’s completely brainless, anyone could do it!” Karin complained.

That was when, finally, Geralt and Goldlewis wore through and Penance was left vulnerable. Relatively, anyway. Despite being tired and exhausted, she committed fully to defense, blocking the trio’s dogpile attacks as she was forced backwards. Karin took the lead and snatched her wrist, crashing into Penance with her shoulder and throwing her a large distance away. Karin had higher mobility than the other two, and she zipped up on Penance as the judge rolled to her feet.

Karin and Penance made eye contact as Karin approached, and the moment seemed to stretch. Karin was low and forward in her dash, her arms tight and held to her body like knives.

In a matter of moments, the battle reached its conclusion. Penance swung at Karin and she flipped over, landing behind Penance, side-stepping to avoid a crushing follow up. She stepped in to capture Penance’s arm and interpose her free arm against Penance’s shield, before slamming her elbow into Penance’s jaw. The judge jerked backwards and Karin delivered a swift barrage of kicks, sending the exhausted and defeated Penance sliding along the ground to land near Goldlewis and Geralt.

Karin stood up straight with a breath, lowering her palms in a calming stance. ”I suppose I can give you more credit than that.” Karin admitted now that it was over.

Level 8: 010/80
Word Count: shor
Location: Mercy Dream
Points Gained: 1
NEW EXP balance--- Level 8: 11/80

Jesse nudged Ganondorf on the shoulder, reaching up a bit to do so. Ganondorf, of course, was taller than her, though Jesse wasn’t exactly short herself standing at 5 feet, 10 inches. “We made it. Couldn’t have done it without you, Ganondorf.” She was happy to hear Nadia had greeted them.

“Our reward, a big, shitty, spooky prison full of who knows what. Out of the fire, and into the differently colored fire.” Jesse remarked. Good one. She thought sarcastically to herself. She leaned over the railing and got a good look at the massive complex. Many of the floors seemed open for a person capable of flight to access without much difficulty. The boss could realistically be anywhere within this place. If Jesse had to take a guess, though, the chances were it was deeper within the complex, on the bottom floor. The Seekers had already done some work on dealing with the monstrous inhabitants.

Suddenly Bowser appears, battling Mind Flayers and disrupting Jesse from her butterfly watching. At the same time, somewhere, Sectonia seemed like she was in a bit of a pickle. While she’d probably be fine, she wouldn’t be able to succeed in her goal of getting the treasure.

“You can help the Koopas, I’ll go with your, er, minions, to help the Queen Bee.” Jesse said. “I’m sure you’re sick of me by now, anyway.” She said with a cheeky smirk. “I’ll meet up with you after we’re done!”

Jesse began following the sound of conflict and the Moblins, since they seemed to know where they were going. As she traveled, she looked across the gap and saw a group of Chop Goblins carrying the chest away. From the chest, new Chop Goblins popped out every second and scattered to presumably where Sectonia was. She could hear high-pitched, aggressive voices. "Chop chop! Chop chop!" The goblins said as they emerged.

“Holy shit. That’s going to get out of control real fast.” Jesse said to the Moblins, who lined up at the railing and began throwing spears across the way.

Jesse switched to Grip and began popping the Chop Goblins in their big heads, turning a few to dust. When she had killed one of them holding up the chest, she leapt into the air and began to Levitate over the large fall. She reached out with her hand to pull it towards her with Launch. It wrenched out of one Goblins hand, flattening him against the railing and decapitating him as it passed over.

Jesse watched as another pair popped out and plummeted three layers to their deaths. She reached into her jacket to produce the Tool Gun. Fine manipulation of a heavy object was difficult, and the Chop Goblins popped out to the side of the chest on Jesse’s right. One of them plummeted, but another managed to jump far enough to cling to the fence she was nearby. The Moblins stabbed it through the gaps in the fence, killing it and preventing it from causing her any trouble.

Jesse attached several balloons to the back of the chest, so that it slowly began to float upwards while the opening faced downwards. Then she floated back over and clung into the railing, her Levitation running out before she could float back over.

If all went well, the chest would begin to float up while any Chop Goblins that came through were faced with an immediate death drop. It would eventually float towards the ceiling of Layer One. They emerged, they fell, they splatted. It was a grim existence.

But Jesse couldn’t help but laugh at the absurd sight. “Chop chop? More like 'drop, drop,' amiright?” She said to the Moblins on the other side of the fence with a grin. If she had known they were called Chop Goblins, the pun might, might, have had a slight chance of being funnier.

“Yeah, no? Maybe?” She asked, not getting much of a response from Ganon’s creatures. “Do you guys speak English?”
Shinra Building Complex - the Daycare

Midna’s @DracoLunaris, Sakura’s @Zoey Boey, Pit’s @Yankee, Luka
Word Count: 3,282 (+4 exp)

The "daycare" sure was bizarre. Everyone had followed Luka in, either unwilling to split up or just as curious about it.

”So I was really hoping that this would just be a Daycare for the important people working past this security checkpoint but looks like that was pretty foolish of me” Minda broke the silence to comment on the cycling ring they were looking at. ”I mean what even is this? They’re rotating eggs?” she asked before hissing with annoyance as the center of the room flashed brightly, blinding her to whatever was going on in there.

"Hey, they're holding Pokéballs!" Pit pointed out, finger indicating the line of people queuing into the center room. As he said it, he seemed confused. Weren't Pokémon outlawed in Midgar? "And that light kind of looks like... wait..."

After a beat to put two and two together, Pit's eyes widened and he whipped around to face the other three. "You think this could be where they make the P-Types...?! It's practically right out in the open, I was expecting some kind of secret lab or something!"

Luka looked aghast. “If that’s true…well, I’d shudder to think of the implications. Things might be a lot different than we thought.” His face tightened as he squinted past the cyclists toward the Daycare’s center structure, trying to make out more details. “I know we’re short on time, and not in great shape for any more fights, but do you think we should check it out?”

Sakura shrugged nervously. She had ducked behind a nearby desk. ”I mean, it’s pretty creepy. But aren’t we kinda screwed if we get caught?” She asked. ”There’s dozens of people in here.”

That had not escaped Luka’s notice, but he seemed less afraid than one might think. “The question is, how many of them are combatants. I don’t see any weapons out there. Just eggs.” He put one hand to his chin. “With all the eggs around, plus equipment or other stuff precious to their operation, just the threat of us wrecking the place might be enough that we could get in and out unscathed.” Luka looked up at the others. “Your call.”

Pit couldn't say the lack of weaponry meant there were no fighters around, after all if they really were fusing with Pokémon then they'd be able to shoot lightning, fire, and all kinds of other things. But Luka made a good point that the powers that be may not want to risk damaging the daycare in a fight. More than that, though...

"We definitely have to check it out!" Pit said, fighting to keep his voice down. "What if they're fusing people against their will? We can't just leave them. Plus they're killing a bunch of cute little baby Pokémon!"

”Even if they can’t risk fighting back, they can still raise the alarm” Midna pointed out, but not to shut things down ”So I suggest we go in there like we’re meant to be there. If we’re luck these people won’t have had time to have heard we’re enemies of the state yet.”

After a moment spent thinking, Luka nodded. “That’s not a bad idea. Even if this place creates the P-types that join Psych-OSF, it seems more like a Shinra deal than an OSF one. Chances are they didn’t receive orders from the brass.”

With the majority in favor, the team got moving. They strolled into the Daycare at a measured pace, making no attempt at stealth. Even if they had, the outer track of this room was well-lit and lacked hiding places, especially given the number of bikers essentially on high-speed patrol. In fact, when the Seekers crossed paths with the cyclists, they barely acknowledged the newcomers’ presence. They just steered around to give them a wide berth so as not to endanger anyone; clearly, they were already doing everything their jobs required of them. A short time later, everyone reached the entrance to the Daycare’s center structure. With no doors in the way, everyone inside could see everyone outside and vice versa, but if the people in line for fusion looked nervous, it wasn’t because of the Seekers. Luka guessed that didn’t know how things were run around here either, and that they amounted to little more than patients at a doctor’s office.

Without raising any aggression or alarms so far, the team could enter and scope out the central chamber. In truth, it really did look like a doctor’s office, at least in part. On one side of the aisle, four operating chairs surrounded by medical instruments machines were spaced out evenly, and against the wall was a smaller chamber about four times the size of a phone booth, elevator off the ground and featuring a sort of spigot that made it look almost like a giant gumball machine, albeit with pitch black walls and a door instead of glass. On the other side of the room, the walls were lined with a number of large cells, stacked up all the way to the ceiling with walkways around each row, accessible by personal lift. These ones featured darkened glass that the newcomers couldn’t see through, as well as a pipe system leading toward a handful of hoppers, each of which contained several eggs. There were four PCs arranged in this part, and in the center stood a big desk covered in papers, ledgers, and computer screens. Nobody was sitting there currently; instead, the doctor was helping a subject into a chair. The subject looked young, with short dark hair, and to Midna at least he looked just a tiny bit familiar. Once seated comfortably, he offered the pokeball in his hand to the scientist, and right after he accepted it he happened to see that the Seekers had arrived.

“Good evening,” he greeted them, his voice calm and affable. He was a pale man, with slicked-back platinum blonde hair accentuated by a very long cowlick, half blue and half red, that wound around his head almost like a halo. He wore glasses, gloves, and a long white lab coat with blue and red triangle patterns scattered across it. In addition to being somewhat barrel-chested, he had large, fluffy, bulky white wings on his back. All in all, while he looked every bit a professional scientist, he was also unmistakably avian -or perhaps even angelic- in appearance. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. My name is Colress. What can I do for you?”

”Ilia” the princess lied with a tone of casual authority she had never used with the Seekers, one which despite this seemed both well practiced and trained. She deliberately flicking her Flygon tail behind her to draw a glance of attention to her fused nature as she continued ”My associates wanted some reassurances that everything you are doing here is-” she paused, flexing her fingers as she made a show of search for the right words, before concluding ”-for the greater good”

The smiling scientist pursed his lips, his eyebrows raised slightly. There was a trace of laughter in his eyes as he discreetly glanced at Luka, who was trying not to wince.

Sakura stood up straight with her hands at her side, hoping the uniform she wore lended their whole group a little more respectability and believability. ”That’s right.” She said. ”...They’re with the Board of Ethics.” Sakura added, taking a moment to search for the right words.

“Interesting. I wasn't aware of any such entity. I do tend to absorb myself in my work, though, so who knows,” Colress replied after a moment, his manner and tone unruffled. “If that's your sole concern, then, well, yes. Without the shadow of a doubt.” After sliding the pokeball into his pocket, he crossed his arms, his expression still one of polite neutrality. “I’ll admit that isn't a very informative answer, though. A single word isn't liable to convince, well, anyone. Is there anything else the, ah, ‘Board’ would like to ask? I'm quite happy to speak candidly, you know.”

”We do have a tendency to be forgotten in such a large organization, so no offense taken” Midna replied, seamlessly playing along with Sakura’s addition to the combination of joke and ruse, before agreeing ”and yes, it will take more than that. You could start by talking us through your process. From the outside looking in you’ve got a pretty unorthodox looking set up in here, so some clarification would be appreciated to clear up any possible misunderstandings”

Still looking amused, Colress complied. “Well then, I must be sure to do the best I can. Let's see…” He put his hand to his chin, thinking about a way to describe the operation simply but effectively. “In brief, this is a clinic where the supernatural animals known as Pokemon are cohabitated, bred, raised to adulthood, and then harvested for their spirits. These spirits are then used in transfusions for people like young Souta here to grant them various abilities.” He tousled the nervous-looking boy's head in order to help calm him down.

He then turned his attention back to the newcomers, his expression curious. “I understand how this may seem distasteful. However, have you considered the meat industry? How much beef, chicken, fish, and pork it takes to sustain a city like Midgar? If you never see it firsthand it's easy to ignore, but every burger and filet is an animal that died so that we could live. As per the same regulations, we ensure that every animal is completely unconscious so that none suffer.”

Colress crossed his arms. “There's also the medical industry. How many millions of lives have been saved by medicines developed through animal testing?” Glancing over toward the patients in line with a sympathetic look, he continued. “And consider Midgar itself. A city fraught with constant danger. Laden with institutions few can trust. If the life of one animal can give you the power to protect your home, your family…not to mention the ability to access Psynet, I believe it's a worthwhile trade.” He nodded toward Midna’s tail. “Wouldn't you agree?”

Alright, so they weren't killing baby Pokémon, and Colress made a good point. Pit wasn't at all sure about the level of a Pokémon's sentience (in his experience some were and some weren't?), so the thought to bring that up didn't cross his mind at all. What Colress hadn't addressed so far was the people element to the operation here.

The group's pretense was flimsy, and though at first Pit tried to keep up with it by crossing his arms, doing his best to appear authoritative, and letting the others do the talking, now he gave that pretense up.

"What about him?" he said, gesturing to the boy named Souta, then to the line of people at large. "What about them?

"Having a Pokémon and fusing is illegal, but you've got both going on right here! And civilians fighting Others is illegal too, so it's practically like forcing people to join!"

He turned away from Colress, facing the people yet to have fused. "Is that something you all signed up for? On your own, or because you didn't feel like you had a choice?"

Put on the spot, the queued patients looked uncomfortable, which allowed Colress to step in. “Why don’t we answer your questions in order? It’s true that it’s illegal for citizens to own psychic-type Pokemon or perform fusion themselves. Why do you think that is?” His questioning gaze seemed to invite Pit to slow his roll and think. “It’s because of the inherent risk. In the city, psychic-type Pokemon will suffer because of ambient psynet overload, and either shut down or go berserk. As for fusion, what do you think would happen if ordinary people could obtain potentially unlimited power through murder?”

He crossed his arms. “Think of it like a gun. If anyone could get a gun without any kind of official process whatsoever, and then use it to easily obtain more guns, it would be anarchy. By strictly controlling fusion, we limit who can get a gun, how many one can get, and also establish records so that if anyone misuses their gun, we know exactly who it was and can take action.” He shrugged. “It’s natural that those who wish to protect Midgar by joining Psych-OSF would want power to do so, but recruitment is by no means required.” Nodding at the patients, he reached his conclusion. “Everyone here is here because they want this. If they feel like they didn’t have a choice, it’s not because we’re forcing them, but because it is a terribly cruel world we live in. One where everyone needs a little help to survive.”

"Urk..." Pit wasn't good with dealing with rhetoric. He struggled for a response, but Midna stepped in for him.

”That sounds very logical and thought out, which does raise the question as to why all this was a secret in the first place? Given the total moral catastrophe that the previous version of this project was, you have to understand that the board is just a little skeptical that the justification you now need to give public is all there is too it” Midna, whos tongue hurt from biting it, now relaxed her jaw to responded to the sales pitch they’d just been given, before asking ”For one but are people aware of all the side effects? The way fusion changes not just the body but also the mind, and as well as the way that fusion always comes with negative effects as well as positive ones? For two, there is the issue that Midgar is only a small part of this cruelly crafted world. Will non-citizens entering the city for the first time be able to apply for this if they have fused before arrival? The same goes for those who arrive with psychic pokemon companions, are they seized, detained, and processed?”

A lot of the references to things like animal testing, factory farming and gun control had gone way over her head, but the issues she had brought up, oh she was very intimately familiar with them.

Sakura just stood there, arms at her side, watching the discussion unfold. Suppressing her nervousness, she still thought that this was a bad idea. Maybe she was just being cynical for once, but this Colress guy didn’t look like he bought their disguise at all. She gripped at the legs of her pants. ”You Board of Ethics people sure ask a lot of questions.” She said. As for her thoughts about what Colress said, it all sounded about right to her, but what did she know? They were here to place down a sneaky teleporter and now there were witnesses to them coming in here.

Her remark seemed to bring a smile to the scientist’s face. “Why, you took the words right out of my mouth, young lady,” Colress said breathlessly, holding his hands up in a helpless manner. “That was such a barrage, I can scarcely even begin to respond. I’m all for a friendly debate, but is the ‘Board’ more invested in asking questions, or receiving answers?” His tone was jocular. “A verbal firefight is liable to sow needless confusion and panic, and I’m no orator.”

Colress sighed wearily, putting a hand to his head with a pained expression. “You know, this brings to mind a certain group of animal rights activists. Extremely uninformed, especially about the big picture, yet more than happy to rock the boat at every turn. Could you imagine if such people were to infiltrate a restricted area like this, posing as Shinra employees? Why, I’d have to ask them for their IDs.” He shook his head, as if to say perish the thought. “To see the world in black and white like that…I’m almost envious.”

After shaking his head, the scientist produced the pokeball he’d pocketed earlier. “I’ve enjoyed this ‘meeting of the minds’, but it’s been a long day. We have just a few more treatments before we’re done, and I’d rather not keep these folks here any longer than need be. Nor bother them needlessly. If you have any other questions, please direct them to my boss, Professor Hojo. Now, if you don’t mind leaving me to my work…” Colress smiled. “I certainly don’t mind leaving you to yours.”

At this, a somewhat nervous Luka stepped forward and spoke up. “We understand, Dr. Colress. We’ll leave you to it, thank you for your time.” He tentatively reached up to take Midna by the hand and gently pull her back in the direction of the exit.

She let herself be pulled away, Midna simply had a last word it seemed, and it was one that had nothing to do with ethics and that was simply that ”Not to worry, I’m sure we’ll have words with him soon enough” before striding away, tail swishing behind her. Then she paused, and half turned to ask ”But I’ll leave you with this: who would win in a fight, a soldier with some of a pokemon's power, or a soldier and a pokemon who fight side by side?” before continuing without waiting for an answer.

Once they'd all left, Pit let out a heavy breath. He seemed agitated, but uncertain.

"Aw man, what should we do?" he wondered aloud, shifting from foot to foot. "You think they're all really volunteers in there? But we know they're using the P-Types for evil, so we could... shut it down? But..." Pit looked up at the tower, so close by now. He sensed the hesitation Sakura had been giving off since they spotted the place, on top of the lies Midna had told to avoid a straight up confrontation, so maybe going gung-ho would be stupid if it meant they were caught before getting to Arahabaki. But leaving it alone felt wrong too, on behalf of both the people and Pokémon involved.

"Argh, what should we do?!" he repeated, vigorously scratching his head with both hands while trying to force the answer to manifest in front of him. His golden laurel ended up a little lopsided, and remained silent.

Luka looked conflicted. “Right now, we should focus on Arahabaki and the Guardian. They’re our primary concern. If we should be doing anything about Colress, it should be counting ourselves fortunate we ran into someone who cares more about his work than about us.”

Sakura nodded. ”Seriously.” Sakura said. ”We’re so close to the home stretch, Pit-kun.” She was very eager to face the Guardian. The idea of screwing it up at the last second was a stone in her stomach.

Pit closed his mouth tightly, biting back the "buts" he could think of. It was times like this when he was unsure of what the best course of action was that he was most thankful to have his friends and allies' voices in his ear, since he didn't have Palutena's. One quick internal struggle later and the angel sighed. "You guys are right. Beating the Guardian will help everyone, and we can... always come back and make sure everyone's alright after that!"

”We also know what the head of the snake is called now, and Professor Hojo sure seems to have a lot of bodies we’d be able to deal with in one fell swoop if we have that word with him” Midna pointed out with a flex of a briefly clawed hand.

As the Seekers left the Daycare, a bright surge of prismatic light from the facility’s central chamber prompted Luka to look back over his shoulder one last time, his misgivings clear on his face, before he closed the door behind him.
Sakura Level 10: 24/100
Location: Suoh
Word Count: shorb
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Sakura Level 10: 25/100

Sakura was excited. It was time for a dangerous mission into the heart of the city to find the Guardian. Finally, the Seekers had waded through all the muck and confusion and had cleared the way to get to the big bad at the center of it all! No way Sakura would miss out on this.

Her agility and dexterity more than permitted it, but stealth wasn’t exactly her forte. Still, with Mental Connection and Teleport, she was a nimble and agile sneaky little Street Fighter. As long as she didn’t get too close to any guards so they could hear her footsteps.

A lot of these people she recognized. They were once her allies in the tunnels, but they would no doubt turn on her because of their orders just like the others. If only she could just waltz up to them!

”Stupid face, plastered all over the city…why am I even wearing this crummy uniform if it isn’t even a disguise?!” She muttered to herself. Though she looked down at her cool cropped body armor and combat boots, and tilted her head with acknowledgement. It was pretty cool. But she was going to change out of it again soon enough.

Teleporting was loud, as Luka demonstrated. Sakura used Teleport and Mental Connection to keep up with Luka, mostly following in his footsteps given their similar ability. She hopped from building to building, staying in a low crouch. She didn’t want to risk any close contact with the defenders and preferred to stay as far away as possible. Eventually Sakura found her way to the gate. She scaled its height with a hop and grabbed onto the edge, peaking over and scanning the area on the other side. Seeing some crates and some rubble to hide behind, and seeing how far away everyone was, she teleported to that spot and officially made it to the other side of the checkpoint.

”Hoooaah…watchaa…” Sakura made quiet, sneaky ninja noises to herself under her breathe proud of her stealthy accomplishment. She would follow the general direction of the Seekers, coordinating with Luka using Brain Talk to make sure the team didn’t get too separated.
Karin Level 6: 57/60
Location: Quarantine Valley
Word Count: short
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance---
Karin Level 6: 58/60

Karin didn’t mean to steal any limelight, but her relatively tiny fists weren’t good for much other than capitalizing on weak points that she created with brute force, or that her teammates provided for her. ”Ah. Splendid. Another easy victory for the Seekers.” Karin clapped her hands together quietly.

When Giovanna showed up and invited them to pursue Jena, Karin cast a reluctant look over her shoulder at Quarantine Valley. Neuron was to be handling this, yes? That was the plan. In that case it made sense, she supposed, to go where the Seekers could do the most good by eliminating the most evil. Even with all her skill, she was only one woman, and the Seekers seemed to want to pursue their foe.

It didn’t quite sit right with her, even if she could easily rationalize the decision. Though she knew if Sakura was here, she would follow her heart without question. Karin stepped onto the nostalgic craft and followed the rest of the Seekers to their destination.
It was a two-for-one special. Neuron and Reunion tyrants, all worthy of a proper thrashing. Their allies had been turned against them, however, revealing the presence of a Consul member among them. Even better!

”Next time let’s abandon anyone who hasn’t been Friend Hearted, shall we?! They tend to be more trouble than they’re worth!” Karin shouted, rushing to Geralt’s side to help him deal with the powerful Penance. She had a shield that was protecting her, and it would extract its tax in blood and pain before it was broken.

Karin did her part, suffering the recoil damage and striking the shield with her palms and legs, and then jumping and dashing backward to try and avoid as much damage from Penance as possible. When Geralt took the lead again, Karin fired her grappling hook to a nearby metal plating on the railing and wrenched it free, pulling it towards her and then flinging it towards Penance in a single smooth motion.
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