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For those who are losing motivation, don't worry - we've all been there. If there are story beats you'd like to consider, or if I can weave additional plot elements into your character's current arc, I'd be happy to talk and discuss with you.

I'll have additional plot posts up soon moving everyone forward.

As well, I've already heard from a previous applicant who will be joining us.

An important thing to keep in mind: if there is ever any struggle or situation or something holding you up, be it personally, professionally, in-game or out-game, feel free to talk to me about it. I'll help if I can, and if it's related to clashing personalities involved in the game, time management, boredom, or something you just want a stranger to lend an ear to.

Talon sucked his teeth. The others were planning out their various skills and talents that would enable them to blend into the circus without suspicion. He wondered if there would be any sort of audition process, or if they would be simply slotted into their positions. Talon figured he'd do something acrobat related, not too dissimilar from Nightwing's upbringing. His concentration was broken momentarily when Nymph approached the more boisterous of the new recruits. It was unsurprising - Nymph was the kindest one of all of them.

The two bruisers (those being Cybergirl and Rain) were talking together in hushed tones. Talon felt impatient with them both, but primarily Rain. The thick-necked muscle kid had preached a big game about taking things seriously, and yet it was only a few weeks into being on the team did he start breaking rules himself and destroying the team's Jeep. Talon didn't quite know if it counted as hypocrisy, but he knew that if anyone else had pulled something like that, Rain would be the first person to snort and shake his head. Talon hated people like that. Talon needed to engage with someone else before his irritation was too noticeable.

"Batman. Has Zatana found anything new about Hex? Or Gold Rush? We've been left in the dark for days now. And is it really wise for us to go into the field already with these two? We don't know what they can do."

Talon was treading a line. When it came to Batman, he was well aware that had it been up to the Dark Knight, Talon would have been sent back to some version of a normal life, without the benefit of engaging in hero work. Shipped away to some orphanage or foster program. Talon knew that Batman disapproved of his upbringing, and that he was still waivering on allowing him onto the team already. Because of this, Talon felt he had a lot to prove to the Bat. But upon returning from their first mission?


No confirmation of a successful mission, no report on his leadership. Just a talking to for the others who had broken protocol.

Talon wouldn't forget that snub.
Hunter x Hunter is the raddest.

I'd totally apply for this game save for coming up with a cool nen sounds so creatively exhausting and I would be BAD AT IT.

Having said that, go Phantom Troupe

Talon's week had gone by in a blurry haze. The heated interaction he almost had on the Jet with Rain had quickly extinguished thanks to Zatara's magic, and they hadn't spoken of it since then. In the interim days between then and now, Talon and Rain hadn't spoken, only glaring at each other in the halls or as passing ships in the training area. Talon knew that Rain was in the wrong, and he refused to be the first to try and make nice. But the longer it went on, the more that Talon wanted to have it out with him physically.

But the confrontation with Rain was not weighing the heaviest on Talon at this time. No, it was the sudden disappearances of both Gold Rush and Hex. When Talon joined the team, it was Gold Rush who had first really interacted with Talon, and Talon was a little starstruck, having known him from watching his commercials and exploits on Oracle's television set. Talon had been looking forward to becoming friends with him, and now he was gone. But even moreso than that, Talon was surprised at how hurt he was that Hex had left. Hex was Talon's first friend he had made on his own, and the ghost boy had opened up to him quickly. There was obviously something going on with Hex behind the scenes and between missions, he was seemingly distracted all throughout Talon's first mission. And now the boy who had talked to him even when he was at his most infuriated and embarrassed was gone. No explanation. Talon assumed they must not have been as close as Hex had implied.

Of the rest of the team, Talon had felt himself feeling more comfortable with a few of the others. He didn't know much about Brightheart, but Mirage and Zatara were much more willing to be around Talon (or at least put him at ease.) Talon even had put some time aside one day to watch some of Zatara's "vlogs." He was impressed at how many friends (Zatara called them subscribers, but Talon couldn't tell the difference) Zatara had. Even Metamorph had a more welcoming energy with Talon, although that seemingly would come and go - Talon honestly had a hard enough time picking up on people's energy, but with Metamorph, there was something even more complicated to it. Talon wasn't exactly equipped to diving deeper, and so settled with being friendly if not overly communicative (to Talon's level at least.)

The other complicated feeling that Talon had been dealing with was in regards to Nymph. Again her powers had gotten out of control, and Nymph had started to close up around the others. More than once Talon had lingered in a room hoping that she would want to open up and communicate more, but Talon was having little luck. Thinking his relationships had regressed before that even had a chance to grow, Talon began to withdraw and isolate, spending more time in the Library. It was here one day that a passing interaction he hadn't expected would start a catalogue of changes for Talon...


Now however, it was time to be briefed for another mission. Talon was expecting to be left out of the leadership role this time around. Probably it was a matter of taking turns, or learning who steps up and how. Talon himself however was, unsurprisingly, in a sour mood. Yesterday he had his second meeting with Black Canary. A one on one therapy session that had started after their previous outing. Although the first one went well, and Talon mostly kept silent, the second one had Black Canary dig a little deeper into who Talon had been, and who Talon was now. She spoke to him in sign language, and she was able to cut right to the heart of a lot of what Talon was feeling. Not just about the situation he was in on the team, but about how he felt about himself, and how he felt about the others. It was an uncomfortable conversation, and Talon was still struggling with a lot of Canary's questions from the night previously. He had sipped a mug of coffee at breakfast and nothing more, as the topic of the two new recruits (replacements for his former friends) pushed Talon out of the room to sulk.

Later, he and the team were lined up with Batman presenting them the details of the mission. This time they would be infiltrating a circus, and each of them would be responsible for coming up with an act of some kind. Great. The others all looked excited as the prospect of an exciting mission, but were interrupted by the arrival of the next two members of the team. The first called herself "Demonslayer" and she carried a Katana. Talon's eyes were drawn to the blade briefly. The second entrant was stone cold, who walked in on the phone, thick boots on her feet and an arrogant look on her face. She certainly commanded everyone's attention. She ruined it by talking. Talon rolled his eyes.

Demonslayer seemed pleased with her sword trick performance, and the other already was grating on him.

Glad at least these two are having fun. He thought to himself.

Talon couldn't stand that look on Rain's face. His stoney look grated at Talon, and the tone of his voice sounded as if the jerk would have gladly been doing anything else. Talon appreciated the straight-forward nature and details Rain provided, but it came off to Talon as a smug superiority and implication that Rain felt he was stuck at the kids table. He wasn't wrong exactly, but that was the whole point. Still, Talon was grateful at least that Cybergirl was willing to speak up about it. Talon knew that Cybergirl and Rain had become pretty fast friends from the start, it made Talon more confident to speak up against Rain's choice of words.

"I told you before this mission started: I didn't need you to babysit the others, I needed you to support them. When you are the leader, you shoulder that blame too. Until mission de-brief this is still my team, and if you're going to insult my team - I'll take it personally. And I don't emote well unless I'm throttling some jerk who thinks his tights are too big for the team." Talon had gotten near face to face with Rain, and he could feel a fresh wave of anger and fury run throughout him. In all probability this was just likely due to the adrenaline that was still coursing through his veins from the mission.

"They did what was asked of them, and when things went south they handled it. Are you going to act like a dick anytime some girl clings to you?" Talon was wearing himself out with the amount of talking he was doing, but he was flustered enough by all of the information he had been given by Rain. As far as he could tell, the mission went FINE. And he'd be damned if Rain ruined what everyone thought was a success with this display. Talon was the leader of the mission, he wanted a clean record. None of whatever this was. Now Metamorph, Brightheart and Nymph would have an asterisk next to this mission. It reflected poorly on Talon too.

Talon was thinking of all these things as he stared down (well, up) at Rain. The black domino mask around his eyes emphasized his angry stare, and the two of them didn't blink. Talon's ego wouldn't let him be the first to break. Rain's face was a mask itself.

The air was tense, and could get violent any second....

And then one of Zatara's bubbles floated between them both. A massive one that was like 3 or 4 bubbles grouped together. Talon could see his own reflection off of the shiny skin of it. It was RUINING Talon's stare. And then it popped lightly sprinkling them both in the eyes. Talon broke and looked annoyed.
Submit them to me, I only really need characters that figure prominently into our story posted up. A characters parents or things like that isn't too necessary at this point, or at least full character sheets for them.
As the game continues outward and we expand further into the halls of Sarayashiki and beyond, the Character Page will continue to increase with the Named NPC's we meet along the way.

This will include enemy gangs, other members of the Sarayashiki student body, and others that figure into the plot proper.
Is the image broken for everyone or is it just me?

I’ll finagle with it tonight and see if I can get it to show properly!
Outside the Student Council Assembly Room...

The two students with the sign-in sheets attached to the clipboards looked up from the list - the young girl at the table was smiling up at Akina - "Ms Akina" as some of the student body had called her. She was very well liked, very well respected, and she carried a large amount of influence among the other students. The young girl - her junior - looked up and was met with the strange sight of one of Sarayashiki's most popular girls standing next to a boy who looked like he could crush the table they were sitting at with barely a flick of his wrist. The boy at her right was flipping through the sign in sheet, purposely avoiding the gaze of the delinquent Takuya in front of him. Feeling he was taking too long, the girl took the clipboard from him, started scanning for Akina's name.

"That's Akina Umeko, you turd. I'll find her name." The girl started flipping through the list herself. But after scanning the two to three pages, she also came up short.

"I'm...I'm sorry Ms Akina, I don't see you on the list here. What club are you a part of with this...friend? of yours?"

Ten Ton, growing impatient with the process, leaned in close. He was pressing his weight down on the table. The large boy was always an imposing figure, even if he was ultimately a friendly person at heart. His intimidating aura usually got him and his friends through particular situations - or help to avoid them. Worried that something would stand in the way of the Sarayashiki's gang plans, he thought it best to step in. Plus, it would be a good chance for him to impress Akina. She was a total babe, after-all.

"Listen, there must be some mistake. My friends and I are on here, and we're expected inside. So let's just move aside for us, yeah?" He may have been smiling, but his face certainly seemed frightening. The boy at the desk looked too nervous to even make eye contact, and the girl was shocked that Akina would have this person with her. Maybe there was some kind of issue with the paperwork. Maybe it wouldn't be that much of an issue if she just let them thro-

"No students allowed who aren't either from an approved club, or on that list."

The two student government representatives froze as the sliding door to the assembly room was suddenly eclipsed by an absolute mountain of a man - anyone would be surprised that someone as hulking and massive as the boy in the school uniform wasn't actually some sort of professional wrester, or sumo. His long black hair was tied back in a ponytail, and his arms were thick as a mass of tree trunks. His voice sounded like gravel and glass crushed beneath a boot-heel.

This boy was:

Student Council Treasurer - Shino Akimichi

Shino looked down at the two students at the desk, and with fierce glaring eyes, dismissed them without a word. He picked up the clipboard they left behind them as they ran into the assembly room to get away from him. His hands were catcher's mitts.

"Umeko...Umeko...nothing for you here. And nowhere does it say anything about Ten Ton Takuya being invited. You and your street trash friends aren't welcome here." He pointed to the clipboard, holding it in front of Ten Ton's sweating face. Akina noticed that even though Takuya himself was considered a big kid, this one dwarfed him. And his menacing, almost quiet demeanor carried considerable weight. Shino gazed past Akina and Takuya - over to Minato Ishida.

"I'm not sure what you expected, Ishida. But the three of you need to take your shit elsewhere. This is Student Council turf."
Thank you for saying something.

I think it makes sense to avoid using language like that moving forward as a blanket rule.
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