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Current There's one silver lining to this whole thing, though: the one ISP who chooses NOT to raise prices and throttle bandwidth speeds, and advertises this fact, will receive an inundation of new customers.
6 mos ago
"Craving" is just a more exotic way of saying "Thread I'll post in three times before I'm bored and moving on to the next one."
6 mos ago
[@Ophidian] Roleplaying without players has been known throughout the centuries as "writing a book."
9 mos ago
If you can't handle me at my Free, you don't deserve me at my Advanced.
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O Father who art in the squat rack, hallowed be Thy form. Thy swoledom come, Thy lifts be done, in the deadlift as well as the bench press. Give us this day our daily whey.


P͓̖̤̼͈̤̦̦̭͆̇ͫͦ͐R̻̦͔͋͋͋̄͛̍ͤA̵̴̴̯̱̺͙̜̜̮͉ͫ͑ͦ̔I̧̢͙̩̭͔ͬ̔S̶̲̰̪͉͉̫̝̝̾̄͢͢E͂͆ͣ͛͊̾͏̱̖̯̻́ ̛̤͚̹̩̩̟̑ͫ͊̐̒͜B̩̜͚̰͕̥̞̬ͨ̇̊̍̿Ĕ̿ͭ̍͒͏̦̦͙̙͖͖̹ ̛͔̖͓̱̎̄ͫͥ̒T̢͉ͮ̎ͪ͐͐̓ͭ̅͡O͔̼̩̯̺̣͔̠̓̃ͮ̐͆ͯ̽͋ ̻̭̉́̕͜K̸̬̯̤̹͉̭̜̪͒͛ͭ͢A̵̢̖̯̲̞̥̩̾ͧ͋̒̔ͮ̇̓Ȑ̻̞̞̖̞̗̂͂̌̅̌̇͢Ŗ̜͖̜̘̼͉͇͕͇̾͐̾̓ͮ͟A͖̟̠͔̣̯̘ͧ͠ͅS̡̛̫̪ͭͮ͊̂͛̍̔̆̚

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@BrokenPromise The sp00py meta shit is honestly the weakest part. I was hoping for a Katawa Shoujo-styled exploration of the girls' respective mental problems and home issues.

Also it's kind of sad that Steam tags and clickbait YouTube thumbnails have ruined the surprise for everyone. I was lucky enough to get to the game early enough where I didn't know what to expect from that threatening content-warning at the beginning.

Still GOTY-worthy though, the existential crisis I've been having since playing it is a 10/10

SPOILER: {{ Natsuki best girl }}

This cuts too deep man
why do people pretend Fate isn't shit anyway
When you remember what the name Natsuki reminds you of DDLC and want to reference it but resists the urge.

But if you're more interested in making a fantasy than a story, maybe try the 1x1 section.

I'd do this with both the players acting as omniscient narrators, or at least as the girl characters, leaving the male lead to an NPC role. Because once the MC starts going down one girl's "route," the others will feel left out and grow frustrated with the game.

Unless, of course, the MC gives equal doses of attention to many girls, in which case he becomes (IMO) less likeable as a character, which also harms the game.

The genre isn't well-suited to group play, least of all when you enter it with selfish intentions.
So you want to be a better roleplayer?
Read the thread you're signing up for, so that some of your questions may be answered without your needing to ask. Read the other players' character sheets, so you can design relationship potential within your character: romance, rivalry, friendship. Read other threads too, even the ones you have no intentions of joining, to see how other players handle this same process.

Read classical literature for its masterful grasp of language, and to understand the historical context of many of our favorite clichés. Read Young Adult lit for fast-paced, gripping plot ideas.

Read good books to learn what works, and what to do. Read bad books to learn what doesn't work, and what not to do.

Read resources on your characters' careers and hobbies. Whether it's heraldry, brewing, or computer programming, you owe it to your character, and to your readers, to portray these activities with some degree of accuracy. It will also help you to write longer posts, as you will suddenly know some of the jargon, some of the details to which you should be paying attention while on these topics.

Furthermore, engage yourself with other types of texts entirely: film, poetry, comics, video games, short story magazines, pulps; because you never know where a good story may arise, and because creativity takes many forms indeed. T.S. Eliot once said that "good writers borrow, great writers steal," so why would you not want to steal from as wide and diverse a selection as possible? That, after all, is how your writing becomes truly unique and inspired; ideas are not created in a vacuum. Star Wars is just Flash Gordon plus Westerns plus Kurosawa. The Witcher is just Elric of Melniboné plus Slavic folklore.

>no GRANDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA anywhere in this thread

Disgraceful. All of you.

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.
Elmore Leonard

The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.
Philip Roth

I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: tell the damned story.
Tom Clancy

I almost always urge people to write in the first person. … Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.
William Zinsser
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