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4 mos ago
Current Fuck yeah, girlfriend. Sit on that ass! Collect that unemployment check! Have free time 'n shit!
2 yrs ago
Apologies to all writing partners both current & prospective. Been sick for two weeks straight (and have to go to work regardless). No energy. Can't think straight. Taking a hiatus. Sorry again.
2 yrs ago
[@Ralt] He's making either a Fallout 4 reference or a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky reference i can't tell
2 yrs ago
"Well EXCUUUUSE ME if my RPs don't have plot, setting, characters, any artistry of language like imagery/symbolism, or any of the things half-decent fiction has! What am I supposed to do, improve?!"
2 yrs ago
Where's the personality? The flavor? the drama? The struggle? The humanity? The texture of the time and the place in which this conversation is happening? In a word: where's the story?


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@Metztli Oops, forgot the tag.
Define "short-term RP"? Is there a date in the near future where you won't be able to game for a while? Or you just want something low-commitment? Etc.?

Cool interest check.
Well, for one thing I like its adaptability. Rather than being confined to a single genre or style, we could realistically play any setting we want; we could be an Achaemenid satrap and one of her cataphracts, a mamluk serving her Ottoman empress, Frankish knight and duke, really whatever we wanna do. Of course it could even be strictly fantasy, like a half-Victorian-half-medieval, gothpunk, old-school Castlevania type of deal.

I also like power dynamics in a pairing, as well as the obvious and multi-faceted sources of conflict, from arranged marriages to court intrigue to war.

And finally, I appreciate that you're not looking for smut, and that romance is strictly optional for you; something to be eased into if there's character chemistry, rather than coerced from the circumstance.
Evening. You still looking for The Queen's Guard? Normally I play the badass in pairings like that but I'm more than willing to give the princess a shot, haha.
Still looking
A point I can compromise on, as I've experience with it, most certainly; it simply isn't a primary or even tertiary reason why I RP.

Also, most of the characters in the prompts currently up are underaged, so there's that side of things.
I hope this goes well, having just played Bloodlines and experiencing the good parts of it before YouTubing the terrible second half. Really appreciate anybody willing to pick up some unconventional VtM storytelling.

<Snipped quote>

Also, this. Probably my favorite bit of the whole prompt; welcome back from your hiatus, and nice first post upon landing.

Heyyyy I remember you. You were one of like 8 people who never heard from me again one day lol

I hope you didn't think it was personal, or a matter of taste or anything. I kinda withdrew from the world and forgot about the existence of hobbies and work-life balance and joy and reasons to live for a while.

If you're still looking for edgy gothpunk things like that (and you think we can negotiate on some of the points where our styles diverge) then hit me up; if not, no hard feelings because I totally get it. And best wishes either way, my friend
Hello. After dipping from the Guild for two years because I was hopping around between dead-end minimum-wage jobs while on COVID-induced fever dreams and forgot this site existed (lol oopsie), I'm back seeking long-term partners. I'm primarily looking for vampire stuff, but really any Gothic Fiction stuff is feasible. We can create something original within the conventions of the genre, or we can play in the Vampire: the Masquerade setting. Up to you.
About Me
  • 29 years old. EST. Crippling unmedicated ADHD that makes it hard to post sometimes (unless we do this thing on Discord, which I check daily).
  • Advanced-level grammar, spelling, and hopefully style. Casual to Advanced-level post length, depending on the needs of the scene. I've been doing this for sixteen years and counting, so hopefully I know what I'm doing by now. Mostly. Somewhat. A little. At all.
  • I only play original characters, in non-fandom game settings. Not interested in writing fanfiction about that show you like. Sorry.
  • Similarly, if you've ever loved romance RP but dreaded having to write awkward sex scenes with an uncomfortably enthusiastic partner, you've found the right guy. I am thoroughly uninterested in roleplaying sex, as I am perfectly satisfied with my real-life, flesh-and-blood sex life and therefore do not need to experience it vicariously through my characters. You can rest easy knowing I'm not noodling my gummy worm during our rp sessions!
  • Normally I'm only interested in M/F romantic pairings (not yet comfortable with my skill level in relating to and depicting other pairings in a way which is simultaneously realistic, respectful, and compelling), but owing to vampires' unique nature as distinctly asexual creatures who imitate sex and charisma in order to prey upon gullible humans, this time I'm honestly good with whatever!
  • Worldbuilding, character writing, and the art of a story in general are extremely important to me. I want our game to be not just unique from every other vampire thing but also immersive, intriguing, and compelling.
  • I've been Storytelling in the Vampire: the Masquerade V5 metaplot for about three years. I'm no master, but I'm slowly-yet-surely acquainting myself with the lore. I've played Bloodlines and Coteries of New York as well.
  • If we go with V:tM as our setting, I'm cool with rolling up character sheets and having dice at the ready, or with going rules-lite. Either is fine.
  • Totally down to hear your ideas, incorporate your input, and approach our story as a collaboration instead of a GM-player dynamic.
  • 100% capable of "doubling" and playing NPC casts. I like to think I've become quite good at making them feel engaging and real.
  • I'm cool with going with one of my ideas, going with one of yours, or blending and fusing elements from both.
  • I want to hurt our characters, but I don't want to hurt you. I respect all content boundaries, communicate consent before especially touchy scenes, and want us to feel safe expressing needs and wants with each other. It should go without saying that my game spaces are LGBT+/non-cis/POC-friendly as well. I hope you'll let me know if you feel uncomfortable with a scene, if you wanna change elements within the story, etc.
  • I'm looking forward to writing with you.

About You, My Ideal Partner
  • 21+. Cool with violence and guts and stuff, of course, but also a little more familiar than the average RPer with more nuanced, adult storytelling.
  • Willing to fade-to-black preceding explicit sexual content, because there's terabyte after terabyte of free porn on the internet and you know how to find it all by yourself when "the need" "arises."
  • You know the difference between M-rated content (violence, sex, torture, gore) and actual mature themes, and are comfortable with the former and skilled with the latter. You're capable of providing, and willing to provide, thoughtful, introspective, adult storytelling to our game, with nuanced, imperfect, but compelling characters. See bullet #1.
  • You are an active storyteller, not a passive one. You do not merely reply to my posts but yourself contribute to the worldbuilding, the character development (including advancing our characters' relationship), and the plot.
  • In regards to grammar, spelling, syntax, and style, you're at least solidly on the Casual spectrum somewhere. I don't really care about post length but please be kinda good at the whole writing thing. This point is flexible if you're ESL (English as a Second Language).

About My RP Ideas, Which I've Assembled into Half-Assed Plot Synopses
I'm good with playing either character in each pairing.

I have more (particularly for Vegas & NOLA), but writing this has taken too long so I'll just post now and edit other plot hooks in later.

Please send a PM if interested. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Man, I dunno whether to be flattered or sad. 😭

I hope you'll reconsider, but all the best to you regardless.

let me know if it sucks ass lmao @princess@Tae
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