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26 days ago
Current you too VT
2 mos ago
If that ain't your answer, nothing is lmao
2 mos ago
[@LadyAnnaLee] They're on season 18 of Red vs. Blue.
8 mos ago
Broke: uploading softcore porn of yourself on a Taiwanese LARPing forum. Woke: it's not porn, it's "boudoir images"
9 mos ago
That was a royal "you," man


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Cool. And how advanced was the technology that we're now dredging up/rediscovering?
Generally speaking how far along from the apocalypse do you want people to have rebuilt? Do you want tribes, city-states, a second society?
@Melkor I don't think Aerandir is being hostile just because he disagrees (and provides unwanted criticism). The game will be better with you than without you so I hope you guys can talk it out and clear up any misunderstandings.
Do the royal family have names (including house name) yet?
By the way is it pronounced "Owen" or "O-woon'"?
And does the lack of a map free us up to invent our own countries, towns, and landmarks for the purposes of our stories?
@IceHeart you have a spy system in place? Thinking someone who works closely with the princess and prince.

Or a personal body guard... one of the two/both together.

You and I had the same idea. 👀 (Well, after my initial idea got shot tf down. lol)

Wanna collab so our characters clash in an interesting way?
Cool thread. Are you looking for a straightforwardly good and heroic cast, or do you have room in the game for characters of dubious motivations and questionable methods? For example will you accept assassins, warlords, Machiavellian schemers, that kind of thing?
@rocketrobie2 I could run this RP with a small cast of, say, four dedicated people. A combination of that many characters (two initiates/rookies and two upperclassmen, for example) would be enough to explore multiple personality dynamics within the group and make it feel alive despite being mostly populated with NPC's.

If @Dead Cruiser is in, and I'm willing to play a young, dumb DMPC, then we have enough to start, cuz a personal friend is already interested as well. But finding a fifth person would be ideal so I don't have to resort to a DMPC.
@Dead Cruiser Sure is. Not as necessary as the Vice story or the Gaijin Rider articles for basic research, IMO, but it sets a tone, especially for those who want to see a slice of the scene's origins in the early 70s.

Good to see you. Thanks for posting.
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