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Broke: uploading softcore porn of yourself on a Taiwanese LARPing forum. Woke: it's not porn, it's "boudoir images"
3 mos ago
That was a royal "you," man
3 mos ago
[@BenG85] Doesn't take a mathematician to see a common denominator. If you've managed to make THAT many enemies in that short a time, then saying "Wow what a hateful dogpile" isn't even a defense lol
3 mos ago
"Constructive criticism" attacks the ideas and the actions, not the person. Skullwombat has been nothing but professional in explaining why the admin in question is anything but.
3 mos ago
There is ONLY ONE REASON for a moderator to abhor, and openly punish, transparency: that moderator has something to hide.
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The scenes which always floor me are the ones which make me sympathize for fictitious people. Negative emotions especially, where I hate a cruel character, and pity his victims, and regret the decisions they have made which I, the omniscient reader, know will turn out badly; these drive me up the wall in the best way. And it's like, how can you know a story is completely made-up and fake but still invest emotions in it anyway, you know? But that's the hallmark of great fiction. You care despite knowing, on some objective level, that it's a waste of emotional energy feeling sorry for people whose lives and whose pain aren't even real, because these fake people and fake events feel just as human as you are.
@The Mad Hatter American recipes measure by volume, not by weight, so it'd be an easy matter of buying an American measuring cup. Of course, whether you'll have to sift your solids or dump them in wholesale will be a matter of trial and error (thus why measuring by weight is the master race, as you no doubt know).
Honestly, your measurement scales are so odd. Are all your cups the same size? Or are they like our "deciliter" cups? I can never figure it out, despite really trying. I've been wanting to do some amazing recipes that I've found around on the internet, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe you know and can enlighten me? Then I can share some of my recipes. I have the best recipe for rasberry muffins with flavored buttercream frosting.

"1 cup" is an American customary unit equating to 8 fluid ounces by volume.

Any and all baking should happen by weight, because the customary system is not precise enough to measure out the exact ratios needed to achieve the chemical reactions happening in dough to the right quantities. So I'd buy a cheap $12 kitchen scale off Amazon and find recipes that weight themselves out in grams instead.
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If you want to discuss bans do it in PMs.

If you want to talk specific bans feel free to PM me. More than happy to discuss them there.

There's a reason you don't want these discussions to be held in a public space. Will we receive an explanation of these reason(s) or will we be left to conjecture?

Cool. Nice version of reality.

Oh, okay. Makes sense, thanks.
Yeah. I don't want it to die either.
He needed some time between posts in the first thread, too. That in itself isn't a big deal.

The reason it puts me in a difficult spot however is that he made it clear he had plans involving my character. So I'm waiting as long as I can to give him the opportunity, but it's starting to seem like I should simply continue with my original plan instead. I could have another post up soon-ish.
Can't be helped, then. I didn't notice the RP until it hit the front page an hour ago. Thanks anyway.
@TootsiePop Does that DQ me from being interested, then? The announcement post from two days ago mentions "New people interested," and I haven't seen any prereqs about having to be in the Discord or something in order to apply. Apologies if I'm missing something.
@Tuxxle 77 If I'm understanding correctly ... submit your app within the next seven hours (1AM EST) and you're eligible to be placed onto the whitelist tomorrow, meaning you're accepted into the RP and invited into the Discord. Any later than that and you'll be put on a waiting list instead.
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