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6 days ago
Current MOST foods are bland without salt, fat, and acid, though. Don't hold it against beef in particular.
21 days ago
Yeah, 3 whole days in quarantine and a lot of normies are already acting like it's The Walking Dead out there. Toothpick and matchstick donations appreciated so I can carve the world's tiniest violin.
1 mo ago
Shadow of the Vampire? What We Do in the Shadows? Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust?
3 mos ago
3 mos ago
Anyone else log out so they can read cringey embarrassing Free RP's without their names showing up in the "X Users viewing this page" header? No? Just me?
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Yeah. I don't want it to die either.
He needed some time between posts in the first thread, too. That in itself isn't a big deal.

The reason it puts me in a difficult spot however is that he made it clear he had plans involving my character. So I'm waiting as long as I can to give him the opportunity, but it's starting to seem like I should simply continue with my original plan instead. I could have another post up soon-ish.
Can't be helped, then. I didn't notice the RP until it hit the front page an hour ago. Thanks anyway.
@TootsiePop Does that DQ me from being interested, then? The announcement post from two days ago mentions "New people interested," and I haven't seen any prereqs about having to be in the Discord or something in order to apply. Apologies if I'm missing something.
@Tuxxle 77 If I'm understanding correctly ... submit your app within the next seven hours (1AM EST) and you're eligible to be placed onto the whitelist tomorrow, meaning you're accepted into the RP and invited into the Discord. Any later than that and you'll be put on a waiting list instead.
The gearheads will sacrifice their rides by traveling via two story RV - paid by AJ, of course. I might allow one gearhead to bring their car because it doesn't hurt to have one car.

No motorcycles? In the OP you promised motorcycles. 🥺
OK, some quick inquiries on the new map/travel details:

1. I've often heard that an army's "regular" pace (not running from an enemy, ordered by the superiors to rush B cyka blyat, or otherwise in a hurry) is more like 25-30 miles by foot? Then more like forty if they're skipping meals, shorting themselves on sleep, and otherwise needing to get the fuck where they're going ASAP. I don't know what "with luggage" means, however, since I'm assuming any sufficiently provisioned group of travellers has some kind of baggage train with it. If "with luggage" means you're carrying all your possessions on your back then fair enough. I've done that and it ain't fun.

2. Since a war is a-brewing, should we surmise that it's springtime, or at least fast approaching it? Particularly since you said this setting is analogous to the 10th Century, I would believe that barbarian raids are happening during spring and autumn, when there are harvests to steal; and that military campaigns end in late summer so soldiers can return to work their farms at harvest, hole up for winter, and then (if the levy is called again) resume fighting in the next thaw.
How long ago was the civil war? Would characters be walking around (besides immortals like elves, obviously) having fought in that war?

Also, were there one or two battles of particular significance and scale? ie. if this conflict was the Hundred Years' War of your setting, then which battles are its Crecy and Agincourt?
Hi. I have questions.

1. Do we have to be knights, nobles, and otherwise people of good breeding, or are cutthroats and mercenary types okay? Can people join this hunting party hoping to ransom the queen, assassinate her, or something equally scummy?

2. I have an idea involving two characters who travel together. I will gladly partner up with someone if he/she would like to play the second character, but if that doesn't happen (and I'm guessing it won't), am I allowed to play the two simultaneously?

3. It's not that these characters' backstories are anything special, but I generally prefer for backstories to be asked about, and subsequently explored, IC. And for other characters to know only as much as they're told, to wonder whether they're being told the truth, etc. So would it be okay for you to critique the full apps in PM's, and for me (pending acceptance) to post an abridged version in the Characters tab so most of the story isn't common knowledge?

4. How does the magic system work? Who can learn magic and under what circumstances? How do most people treat/view magicians in this world, and how rare are they?

I'll send any necessary clarifications in a PM. Many danks.
She's lovely. And I assume Edward bit her to turn her into a vampire, right? That would explain why she still looks so youthful after the 27-year timeskip.
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