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4 mos ago
Current you too VT
11 mos ago
Broke: uploading softcore porn of yourself on a Taiwanese LARPing forum. Woke: it's not porn, it's "boudoir images"
12 mos ago
That was a royal "you," man
12 mos ago
[@BenG85] Doesn't take a mathematician to see a common denominator. If you've managed to make THAT many enemies in that short a time, then saying "Wow what a hateful dogpile" isn't even a defense lol
12 mos ago
"Constructive criticism" attacks the ideas and the actions, not the person. Skullwombat has been nothing but professional in explaining why the admin in question is anything but.


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@Dark Cloud Sorry dog but I have to drop. Best of luck to you and your Thinblood.
Two years, I guess. My Advantages make more sense that way.
1. Have we selected a city yet?
2. Does the Prince of this city have a name?
3. Is it the same Prince as when I was Embraced back in the 70's?
4. How long has it been since I was unstaked?
I guess a template. I gave Mythweaver a shot and it doesn't have the V5 sheet.
You laugh, but that sounds like him ngl

What's the date in-universe?
@Dark Cloud don't worry my Charisma stat is mediocre as fuck lmao
He'd desperately want to be the party face (you know, as you do #justventruethings). Whether he gets it is up to the coterie.
Depends on the plan to introduce older character I guess. Plan A was a Ventrue embraced in the '70s, probably NYC.
Sounds like it's necessary. So the choice is really between there being a game and not. Not much of a choice, if you ask me.

What's the party composition looking like so far though?
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