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3 mos ago
You ever look at all the shit built up in your hairbrush and wonder how the fuck you haven't gone bald yet?
3 mos ago
Breaking news: a furry who roleplays as a Nazi turns out to be a sexual degenerate, to the surprise of absolutely no one.
4 mos ago
Skim milk is just water cosplaying as milk.
4 mos ago
pressing F5 every fifteen seconds like it'll actually do something squad WHO THE FUCK UP
1 yr ago
[@Ophidian] Roleplaying without players has been known throughout the centuries as "writing a book."


P͓̖̤̼͈̤̦̦̭͆̇ͫͦ͐R̻̦͔͋͋͋̄͛̍ͤA̵̴̴̯̱̺͙̜̜̮͉ͫ͑ͦ̔I̧̢͙̩̭͔ͬ̔S̶̲̰̪͉͉̫̝̝̾̄͢͢E͂͆ͣ͛͊̾͏̱̖̯̻́ ̛̤͚̹̩̩̟̑ͫ͊̐̒͜B̩̜͚̰͕̥̞̬ͨ̇̊̍̿Ĕ̿ͭ̍͒͏̦̦͙̙͖͖̹ ̛͔̖͓̱̎̄ͫͥ̒T̢͉ͮ̎ͪ͐͐̓ͭ̅͡O͔̼̩̯̺̣͔̠̓̃ͮ̐͆ͯ̽͋ ̻̭̉́̕͜K̸̬̯̤̹͉̭̜̪͒͛ͭ͢A̵̢̖̯̲̞̥̩̾ͧ͋̒̔ͮ̇̓Ȑ̻̞̞̖̞̗̂͂̌̅̌̇͢Ŗ̜͖̜̘̼͉͇͕͇̾͐̾̓ͮ͟A͖̟̠͔̣̯̘ͧ͠ͅS̡̛̫̪ͭͮ͊̂͛̍̔̆̚

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Speaking of the old multiverse, the PW mods should really look at it and figure out what when wrong. Why did it lose interest so quickly? What should we do to ensure it doesn't immediately die? Those kinds of questions should be asked and answered to make sure this PW lives for a long time.

There's such a thing as too much freedom. It resulted in a few death-spelling discrepancies for that RP, where the cast was irreconcilably divided on key details such as:
  • Characters' powers and abilities
  • The tone of the game (some people taking it seriously, others creating "joke characters")
  • Intentions (e.g. genre)
  • Writing level
The game didn't have a vision, and by playing too loosely with player freedom it made sure that no one could ever really lock down a certain tone or direction. For example the people who wanted a lot of character development among the crew on a spaceship were distracted by dogfights and shootouts, whereas the action people were bored by development of characters they hadn't yet come to care about. Or, the Star Wars, "Fantasy with a coat of space-paint" people were at odds with the hard-science Star Trek crowd, etc.

Instead of being another Science Fiction universe where "© ANYTHING Can Happen™!" the next one, at least if it wants to survive, needs to understand that too much player freedom is just as bad as too little; that when players are pulling the story in opposing directions, a sandbox is just as suffocating as a railroad. It needs strong leadership and at least a loose idea of the direction in which it wants to corral players so that they're always acting within the story as a cohesive cast, a unit, rather than like hounds chasing squirrels. They can't be competing with each other for head space and contradicting each other's ideas at every turn.
Most RP partners are shit because most people are shit. Keep searching and don't take it personally. Much like "friends" IRL, most will betray you or forget you exist, but the one or two who stick around make the squeeze worthwhile.
>nominating your own RP
I'm a sucker for genuinely bad guys showing off redeeming qualities, especially in terms of good manners, a code of honor, that sort of thing. Like that scene in any cheesy fantasy story where the hero and the villain are squaring off, and one of the villain's henchmen jumps in trying to tip the odds in his boss's favor. Then the villain kills him and apologizes to the hero for his men's bad manners/weak discipline.

Conversely, I hate the Jax Teller sort of character where the creator's clearly trying to create a "badass," but isn't willing to commit to it because the character also needs sex appeal for the boring mid-40's middle-class housewives spotting him on daytime TV. So you know, he's a biker, and bikers have long mangy hair and big beards, but they can't be too long, so let's make the hair neck-length and let's make the beard a pitiful little six-o'clock shadow. And he's muscly, because he needs to win a fistfight if he gets into one, but not too muscly because lol gross? xD Medieval ranger/rogue types are the worst for this but it pervades all genres to a degree.

So when I see faceclaims like this, or this, or this, combined with descriptions of rugged individualism and a steely exterior hiding a secret heart of gold meant only for those special someones, I'm noping out hard because I'm not interested in heroes trying too hard to look bad. But I'm all over the inverse, a genuinely bad guy whose vanity compels him sometimes to follow the rules.

It ain't logical; we just like what we like. Really the lesson I'd want to convey here is that you should write whatever you want. Someone inevitably won't like it (and you'll see this in the variety of responses to this thread) but that's okay because that one dork will come along and fall in love with it. Or those hundreds and thousands of dorks, because clearly a lot of these ideas have some popular appeal despite how bad they are :^).
Are you allowing non-combat roles, like more from the film than from the book/videogames? I'm in if so.
Subscribed; not interested in Dragon Age but please keep me in mind when the next original Fantasy thing opens up cuz they all sound aces 👌

Edit: and yes I have an "about me" ready to go and yes I think we'd be a solid match. Just saving all that for when you're actually looking for what I can offer ya dig
Warriors as in ...

? Or are you talking about another Warriors?
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