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The lovechild of my stories compiled together into one strange little former slave.

A forewarning to any who might've clicked on this post- this is a story that heavily invests into the responsibilities and obligations of a medieval Lord. That means dealing with the day-to-day duties of governance relating to the fiscal management of the realm, military affairs, labor shortages, minor spats between one's subjects, smuggling: the list goes on. It isn't for everyone. It isn't for the vast majority of people, and in this case I'm searching for a DM/GM interested in playing against Sylvan as a player character.

If you're a massively obsessive history buff or someone with a professional background in this sort of esoteric garbage nobody cares about? I welcome you to my home.

Now, what is the actual substance of this post? More than anything it's the setup of two things: first, the figure whom I lifted my profile name from, Sylvan, the character I propose I'd be playing for this story. A long-standing favorite of mine, they're a talkative, thoughtful individual who for the sake of our story shall be finding themselves unceremoniously designated the heir of the Lord whom has been their guardian for much of their life. Having been adopted as a slave in their youngest years of life, they recall nothing of their former life, and now spends in their new economically backwater home, often being the victim of hateful and venomous bullying by other children and adults alike for their origins and strange foreign skin. Despite this, they've developed a loving relationship with their lord, and take as many steps as they must to become a student of history, trying to become as useful a servant as they can.

This is a task easier said than done given that their former master, despite having emancipated and freed them as soon as they knew one another, is a useless bipolar sot who has failed to live up to their obligations the moment they became the ruler of their land.

With a land wracked by poverty and depopulation, hounded with vicious and revanchist pagan immigrants, the barony hasn't seen better days in centuries. And, now, with an apathetic drunk at the wheels, it has only further spiralled out as more fortifications are lost, farms abandoned, and the invaders grow ever more bold in their attempts to cull those that would shun them the land they would call home.

Now, why Sylvan of all people? I'm happy to leave that up to my GM/Partner as well as the vast majority of the creative choices. I don't care what they do long as they fulfill a handful of basic prerequisites. They are, however, an intelligent creature who is surprisingly willing to flaunt the law and indulge in blatant corruption and scrupulous activities for their own ends. They're an extraordinarily conniving little monster, though this says nothing of their actual ethics. They aren't a bad person in the slightest. They're simply willing to abuse their position and not adhere to the traditional norms of what's normally respectable to see their job done well.

That is the main selling point of Sylvan. They're a lord, certainly, but it's incorrect to think of them as one. They're an abnormal person, and, I'd like to think, very unique in their story and personality. In case it wasn't clear: their gender is ambiguous, though they are a bisexual regardless of whatever it is.

I have a writing sample provided in my profile and will request them from all interested parties: below are the things I consider partially unnegotiable for the story.

1. The world does not exceed the sixteenth century in technology across the planet.

2. Sylvan will, at one point fairly early in the RP, preferably after a decent amount of setup and lead-in, become (Lord)'s designated heir.

3. The land that Sylvan comes to be the ruler of is an economically, technological pit that will take great amounts of effort and innovation to drag it out of.
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