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Current The good thing about conducting conversations through statuses is that you can look at a random profile and just witness someone absolutely losing their mind.
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Declaring creative bankruptcy.


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Is it possible that my target audience is literally just...Me?
<Snipped quote by threetoads>

I am quite interested in your musings, please, I often find I get my best ideas if somebody spitballs something for me to bounce off of ^.^

Added some to my original post! They really are 'general' though.
I am curious, did you have any particular story in mind? Or a vague idea of what you were thinking? A preference in the setting, aside from it being Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi? Modern? Fantasy? Or is that something that you would like to flesh out with whoever you wind up writing with?

I have some ideas yeah but ideally I'd like to flesh it out with whoever I write with as opposed to forcing my ideas through.

Happy to post some...General musings if that would help though.
Edited because I realised I'm more interested in writing some original stuff as opposed to something fandom-based. At least currently. Still looking for someone to write with!
A bump?
Made a slight edit to emphasize wanting to write something original vs. just fandom stuff.

Also a bump I suppose.
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