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Hello there,

I've been absolutely craving a pokemon 1x1 roleplay.

I have a few different ideas as far as stories. I'm open to playing as trainers, or really any profession within the pokemon world. I'm also open to the idea of playing as the pokemon themselves, depending on the roleplay.

A little about me:
- I've been roleplaying for many, many years
- I tend to roleplay a casual amount, about a paragraph or two, as a general rule, I give what I get. The more inspired I'm feeling with another writer, the more I tend to write. I don't like one liners, however.
- I like a partner who will work with me and discuss ideas for stories, or things we might like to happen
- I am fine with smut, in fact, I enjoy it, however, I don't like that to be the only thing that happens, I enjoy a good story and characters.
- I do prefer to be reached on Discord rather than here, I'm very active there, I check it every day, while I tend to forget to log on and check here.
- I prefer to play females, but I can be persuaded to play males on the rare occasion

Feel free to PM me, and I'll be happy to share my Discord!

I've been rping for several years and have been writing again a lot here lately. I would prefer to rp on Discord over here, just because I'm more attentive on Discord and the RP will likely be much more active.

I'm wanting a FxM roleplay with a strong romance element. I'm fine with a little smut, but I really want the romance to be the key focus. I do prefer to play the female.

I liked the idea of a friendship, or even a work relationship between two people, who have no intentions of having anything extra begin to grow more affectionate towards each other. One or both parties could be married, happily, or unhappily, but the core idea is that the two main characters have a strong attraction towards each other that they aren't supposed to have. I'd be okay with Teacher/student pairings with this same idea as well, or even Boss/worker.

Let me know if you're interested

@LuckyBlackCat@Crimson Flame

Ember's eyes lit up with true interest, her passion in life had always been centered around pokemon, even when she was a kid. It was true, of all their friends, she had likely changed the least. Only one thing "oh yes... I've done research on them, of course... you do know that they're considered one of the greatest mysteries to some researchers. I mean, they know basic facts of course, like their typical height and weight..." she continued to rattle off her tid-bits of Porygon information, before she paused, her cheeks flushing a little "oh... sorry, I uh... just get excited then..." she gestured with her hand to indicate her mouth running off.

At the mention of him, she turned her attention to her beloved Eevee, who puffed out his chest at once when being noticed "yes, this is Finn... He loves meeting new people. Wanna say 'hi'?" she cooed up to the fluffy guy on her shoulder. "Vee!" he exclaimed, confidently, bouncing down off her shoulder. Leaving her scramble to catch him in her arms, giving a slight sigh of exasperation, before a soft giggle "yeah... He really has a mind of his own when he wants something, there's no stopping him... Almost the opposite of me really" she admitted, her eyes falling to the ground shyly, again. "It's um... been a long time" she admitted, looking a little embarrassed as the realization struck her that she had not done a very good job keeping in touch with her friends in the years. She had gotten so wrapped up in her research career. "But... I want to change that now" her eyes wide, and a small smile brimming. "I mean... that's why we're all meeting isn't it?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder towards Andre' questioningly.
Baxter glanced up as he heard the quickened foot-steps of Connor behind them, a grin appearing on his face as he took in the guy's disheveled appearance. "At last! Where ya' been, man?" he asked as the guy made his way up and Darcy handed him a coffee energy drink. "Gotta be bright eye'd and bushy tailed, ya know" he added, with a cute sideways smirk.

At that moment, he spotted the two Jason and Nora as they slunk their way along the side of the building towards them, though none of the other's seemed to notice. He kept silent, unable to hide his small laugh before they bounced out, roaring loudly. He watched as Darcy jumped a bit, but started laughing at Connor's reaction, who probably hadn't even known that the two were already here somewhere. "You good, Connor?" he asked, as he clasped him on the shoulder.

Finally, he turned his focus back on the building, looming over above them. "'Ay, Connor, you gonna come with me and map out camera, locations?" he asked, glancing back towards his friend with a slight smile. "We might even catch something cool just on an initial sweep"
Ember watched the little pink creature as she chewed up her poke puff happily "so cute..." she mumbled to herself, before feeling a soft bonk against her cheek. Glancing over and spotting the annoyed look on Finn's face "oh, don't look at me like that... You already know how I feel about you" she added, reaching up and scritching behind his ear. He leaned into the scratching, murring in satisfaction before she stopped, turning to face the others. "Ready to meet some of my old friends?" she asked the little Eevee, who wagged his tail enthusiastically, feeling much braver than she did.

Following behind Andre, she smiled, a little shyly as their friend group began to gather. It had been several years, and while she and Andre hadn't changed quite as much, it seemed a good portion of their friends had over the years. It wouldn't take long before she was feeling more talkative, like she usually was, but it had been so long since they'd seen each other, it was like meeting a whole new group of people al it once. It was difficult not to feel a little overwhelmed. Her eyes were instantly taken by the bright Porygon as it came up to Andre, excitement taking over the shyness as she approached, kneeling down beside the electronic creature "wow, I've never actually seen one up close!" she exclaimed.
I also agree that a good start would be settling in for the night, kind of get a chance to introduce everyone in normal circumstances.
Baxter followed the two up to the giant doors of the Asylum, glancing back over his shoulder, towards the gates, reminding himself to ask their cameraman to get a good shot of the exterior for the editing and introduction later. Turning his attention back to the building looming over them, jumping as the patrol car pulled up and blipped his siren once to announce his appearance. He stuck his hands in his pockets, looking somewhat uncomfortable with the authority figure. He tried not to look surprised as Darcy stepped up and explained their reasoning for being there. It really was a completely different situation, wasn't it? He was so used to them breaking and entering, sneaking in just to get what little footage they could and running away. This was... legit. It was a nice feeling.

"That... was awesome" he admitted, as the cop unlocked the door and headed away, glancing down to the girl, an admiring look on his face "you're getting really good at this" he added, giving her a playful, maybe even flirtatious nudge with his arm. "I hope those guys get here soon, I want to set up and get going before it gets too late" he said.
Baxter made a quick dash to his SUV, grabbing his dufflebag before getting back into Darcy's car. He took the passenger's seat while Dyl climbed into the back. He glanced over his shoulder towards the guy in the back as he asked about the information Darcy managed to get her hands on. Turning her attention back to her as she began explaining the backstory "sounds... perfect" he finished, with a chef's kiss, grinning towards her.

His eyes widened, the grin slipping away from his features as they approached the gate, taking in the large building, the place would have looked ominous even if it hadn't been pouring rain around it. "Has there been a lock he hasn't been able to get past?" he asked, in an attempt to lighten the mood. Glancing back up to the building, he began counting the windows "I hope Nora and Jason bring enough still cameras... We're going to want at least one on every floor. Do you have any hot spots of activity?" he asked. Darcy had often brought the excitement and energy when it came to selling a place, but he had never been able to hide his own excitement once they got to the location. He was eager to get inside and see what waited for them.
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