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Current I'm done
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Yup... still nothing.
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Ugh.... this vampire is up waaay too early. *slams coffin lid*
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Yup. Sometimes you come up with an amazing dish, and sometimes you are forever banned from making dinner ever again.
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It would seem that I have likely been cursed, because my RP luck is just bumpkus at this point


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@Blessed Blight

Matthias sat alone in the dimly lit tavern, concealed beneath the shadows of a corner table. Gingerly, he sipped of a viscous, ruby liquid in a crystal chalice clutched between his steely fingers, keen, red eyes quietly observing the few patrons remaining. Long, damp strands of crimson hair clung to his sullen face, neatly framing his stern, angular features, sharp cheekbones and a pointed chin ending in a meticulously trimmed goatee. Over his broad shoulders was draped a long black cloak, barely covering a modest, charcoal Victorian suit with a frilled, white button shirt and an elegant red cravat tied around his neck.

For a moment or so, the man sat in demure silence, watching...waiting...

The soothing warmth emanating from the hearth kissed his pale flesh, a welcome contrast to the cold, bitter rain outside, fat drops pattering the window and snaking down the sheen surface of the glass. Dappled shadows danced across the walls and along the floor, like abstract shapes swaying mesmerically amidst the dull, vermillion haze.

Matthias sighed taking another small sip of his beverage of choice. Just then, the door creaked open and a figure ambled into the light. Matthias peered over his chalice, fixing his eyes onto the young woman as she stepped through the doorway, letting in a shrill gust of cold air momentarily robbing the tavern of its comforting warmth. He watched as she made her way over to the bar, a few cautious glances here and there before she asked the bartender for a cup of tea.

The first of many aspects that caught his observation were her fingernails. They were long and sharp, similar to his and those of his ilk, but unlike the dark color of his nails, hers were more of a crystalline, oddly fascinating.

There were also her eyes, glowing and radiant with soft golden hues, like the sun that once kissed his fair skin...now an abhorrence to him.

Matthias remained transfixed upon her as the night waned on. After a while, however, he slowly stood from his chair and sauntered over to the bar, the light shuffle of his polished, black riding boots trailing across the barroom floor.

"A bottle of your finest wine, my good sir." He whispered to the barkeep, his voice baritone. He then sat down beside the young woman, calmly adjusting his cloak.
@Mas Bagus

I'm sorry to say this but I'm going to have to withdraw, good sir. As of now, my mental state is not the best. I need some time off to recuperate. I really looked forward to this, but right now I can only handle so much. Again, I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

Guys, I am so sorry to say this, but since the RP has been moving slowly and at some points was at a complete standstill, I have lost interest and will not be continuing it. Plus I'm not in the best mental health right now. I know I promised you all that this would be a good RP, but I just can't continue with it.

I'm sorry for everyone that I let down, and if you're upset or angry with me, I fully understand. I honestly hate pulling the rug out from under you like this, but I wanted to make it clear that this RP is unfortunately dead.

Perhaps in the near future when I am ready, I will revive it or come up with a new concept. Until then, this is Vlad Tepes signing out.

I wish you all good fortune and happiness.

@Visyn Still hanging in there.
@Mas Bagus Thank you. ^_^ I look forward to your in-depth review later then.
Why do I seem to be getting huge GATE vibes here?
@Mas Bagus@A5G

Hi, nice to meet you too. I edited Corvin's CS so his active abilities/spells are cut down to four. Also added weaknesses and drawbacks.
@Mas Bagus So about that vampire... Here he is! Let me know if there's anything I need to change. I tried my best to fine-tune his backstory a little so it would give him a purpose for joining the others in this adventure.

@Mas Bagus Sweet! I've had a character lined up for a long time, but I could never find the right RP to put him in. I'll need to do some more sprucing up on his CS, but when I finish, I'll let you decide whether or not you approve of him beforehand.
I may join, but before I do I must ask. What are your thoughts on vampire characters?
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