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I am persuaded by the softness...but none can blame me!
I shall always wait for the softest elf :3 for she is nice and heals me XD
Kaze stretched a bit more as the strange horned girl seemed to be having a mental existential crisis going on. Those were some interesting faces she was making, were all humans and elves malleable like that? The myriad of women in the group proceeded to let her know that yes, she was female. The big mammaries were a bit of a tell along with rather wide hips made for birthing. Still it was time to get moving, and off people went. The crisis girl moving strangely, going faster than her pace should indicate. Weird but magic was a thing.

Shrugging those huge shoulders he followed along behind the group. The half-baked paladin was up front with...a summoner swordswoman? Was that what the strange shadow canine thing was? Whatever, magic was a curious thing to him. He didn't practice magic himself, what he had been doing was ki based. His own spirit and life energy being made to do something more beneficial than just being there.

Still he kept up with the group, mainly staying near the angelic summoner. No one had really introduced themselves yet, and saying 'hey you' was too damn vague to get someones attention. "What's your name, little miss? I'm Kaze." He rumbled questioningly to Yinha while also simultaneously introducing himself.

Aside from introductions, he was at the back just in case the Imperials got smart and tried to pincer. It was a big place, but those bastards recruited any warm body they could it seemed. Although he honestly didn't know the combative make-up of the group. Only the Paladin up front and the Light wielding Angel summoner next to him.
It's so dumb...the internet is made for porn! There's a whole song about it!
Pffft, they are a click away from pron
You underestimate my ability to do my own thing in small alleys
A loud crack rang out in the town, followed shortly by the plonks of wood falling into more wood. Behind the tavern/inn a behemoth was chopping firewood. Great logs had been sawed into similar lengths to fit in a fireplace, and were stacked to one side. In front of the giant reptilian man was a huge and weathered piece of wood, clearly the chopping block. And all around him were split pieces of wood, but the axe was off to the side. He had been cracking the logs into firewood with his hands, slamming his fingertips through the wood and stopping just short of the block beneath.

His ear swiveled towards the building, it sounded like more people were coming in than normal. He had been paying his room fees by helping the owner with chores around the place. Mostly a lot of heavy lifting type of work like splitting firewood. Rarely he had to play bouncer when someone got a bit too much alcohol in their system. Still he crouched down and scooped up a heaping mound of split wood onto his shoulder with a huff that sent some wood dust flying about.

Turning he tugged open the back door of the building and stooped into the place. His bulk blocking the light from streaming in behind him. A quick tug with his tail closed the door as he observed the crowd, standing head and shoulders above them. Some newer new people, one looking like she was going to make trouble but seemed to change her tune. Snorting quietly he went to the hearth and loaded the iron wood brackets with the firewood he carried into the place. Then he placed a smaller stack right outside the actual fire pit so it could be tossed in when needed.

He didn't mind doing the work, it was all simple and easy to do. Get it done fast and he had time to fully explore the town, and some of the surrounding woods. He had been here a week already and still he hadn't gone into the deeper parts of the woods that had so many rumors. Righting himself he started to bend backwards, letting a series of deep cracks sound out. A good back stretch and spine crack felt so good after working honestly. Straightening back up he turned and went around the edge of the room to get to the counter. Dusting his shoulder off as he went.

"Woods loaded up and more is stacked out back." He rumbled out to the owner, the giants voice unsurprisingly deep. Rumbling like a landslide coming down a mountain.

Why was he taking his time about getting to the deep forest? He had no reason to rush. Most people rushed headlong into things and got burned by their impatience. Although some worried about their finances when they went slow. But Kaze knew money came and went and he had no problem making camp outside of town. But that was neither here nor there. He turned his attention to the small crowd of the building. Specifically eying the new people, the three were unique compared to the townspeople.
They finally got to the farm, a ramshackle set up the farmer had here. Hell his people built better than this and they lived in a bloody swamp! Wasn't his problem unless the farmer made it a job later on. Still, it was surprising that they got paid at the job. They had been paid at the guild before on the previous two jobs. Was it because they were out of town and not within spitting distance of it? He'd have to ask, he was still so ignorant of the guild ways.

While he observed their surroundings the man started putting the mare away in the poorly built stable...barn...thing. He came back snarky as ever about payment. Which he fished out of his pants and tossed to Druid Girl. Words passed, no he honestly didn't really expect the man to undercut them on their money. Especially since...he was a farmer. An older one at that. Whereas the group was youthful, and probably much stronger than him.

It seemed the man had things to say, but he was right about something. If you cried for every person who died you'd be crying all day. Which would lead to nothing getting done.

Druid Girl spoke up again, but this time to the group and it was about prep. "I'm fully prepared...but we should get more information out of him. Like which direction they approach his farm from and if they've taken anything. They're roughly northwest, but it never hurts to have information...and we might be able to get a rough count of them from their footprints." He said as he started going towards the barn.

As he walked Archer Girl spoke about goblins most likely having good night vision. This got a nod from him, that was very good information to have. It was day time, and if they had good night vision that'd mean they were more nocturnal. He entered the barn, taking a second to glance around.

"I have some questions about the goblins. What direction do they come from to get to your farm? And what exactly have they taken?" Lizard Fighter asked, his voice carrying through the barn easily. He wanted to know what they took so he could be prepared for it. A sickle can be a weapon, same with a hoe. Even a shovel could bash someones face in if you were trying.
And full of murderous soldiers who would probably oneshot the kid with an arrow >.>
Kaze had tilted his head when she recoiled. Okay, no fever otherwise she'd have fallen on her ass. He wasn't exactly well-versed in human body temperatures, but he knew they were always warmer than himself. Aside from being off her rocker the girl was apparently fine physically. Possibly. Who knew, he only knew how to take a body apart not actually fix it don't judge!

She went on to introduce herself, with a bit more of her strange lingo to start it off. Serafaye? Interesting name for a strange woman. Then she went off to talk about strange places while fighting...the fuck was a Severanoxis? Reaching back he pulled a thick folded paper from his pouch and unfolded it. It was a map, a very extensive one judging by the scrawling words for locations, drawn in landmarks, etc. "Never heard of this Herculon Gorge..." He muttered out as he scanned his map.

When he finally pried his eyes from his map he witnessed the strange girl playing with someones face. Making his eyebrow raise up slightly. Reaching out he poked Serafaye's own cheek, making the softness squish up. "What was that about not just touching people?" He questioned, honestly mammals and their no touchy weirdness.

Finally the jester spoke up about the group needing to move out since the 'treasure' had been found. Folding up his map he tucked it back into his pouch before stretching his limbs. He had rested up enough that he was fully charged up again. "I'm ready to go when everyone else is. Judging by the sounds combat is dying down...but which side won though is the question." He said, both adventurer and imperial had gone for the groups. So it'd be a fight to get the hell out of the ruins as well.
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