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Kaze didn't even pay attention to the talk of money. But he listened to the small bits of information that Cyrus told them. They'd be bunking in the town hall for roughly two weeks until the guild hall was actually built. He was used to sharing space with people so he wasn't particularly bothered. If it got to much he'd set up outside of town. Close enough to be safe but far enough to be left alone. He watched Cyrus and Clara, both seemed displeased with his halfassed introduction, he really didn't care. They'd get to know him through action, not words. Anyone could talk a fair game but few could actually back anything up.

The final member to actually talk was the sword and shield guy. Edon. With everyone introduced they left the building and went for the Departure Gate. This is where Kazuki spoke up, making a plan for the group to do both parts of the job. "Shouldn't take too long. When we're done with the prey should we just come and help you two?" He questioned, he was assuming that they could take out fifteen ioprey before Kazuki and Clara could take out the iodrome. As he moved he shifted his gear a little revealing the five iron picks he carried, a couple healing potions, a couple cool drinks, a little satchel that held three paint bombs, and the ever present hunting knife to carve up kills. He looked to carry little, he'd probably learn to carry a lot more.
Well joy I'm just going to assume this is dead like every other rp I friggin join up in. I hate wasting my time

Kaze simply listened as he ate. Didn't hurt to listen to experienced hunters like Kazuki. Although from his walks he already knew how the prey species tended to attack, except the status ailments like poison from the ioprey. Another person came in, wielding a hunting horn, and just started talking. Very rude. But he got her name while he ate the pin tuna soup, Tamietta. Clara, the other girl, welcomed her to the group only to have Cyrus reprimand her. A bit of a squabble already? Shaking his head he emptied his bowl of its contents. He hadn't been particularly hungry but it never hurt to eat before you started to travel. Well overeating was bad but that wasn't an issue.

Before he could stand Cyrus wanted everyone to sit, eat, and introduce themselves. Couldn't they do that on the way to the job? It's not like it's right outside the town gates. He listened to the others introduce themselves, Tamietta and Kazuki. Crossing his arms and resting them on the table he just gave the group a dull look. "Kaze, hammer." He grunted out, it'd be a pleasure to meet them if they weren't forced into an introduction. He just wanted to go hunting already and learn some stuff.

Kaze simply watched the interactions between the village chief and the wounded hunter. So this was the retired hunter of the village? Interesting. "My name is Kaze and I use Hammers, I'm not particularly experienced. Also if you need it I can butcher monsters." He stated before holding his hand out for a shake. "And your name?" He asked, no one having said any names just yet. Food was provided as more hunters appeared, this got Cyrus an appreciative nod as he set his hammer down and took a seat. The older man mentioned five ioprey, then upped it to fifteen along with the ioprey leader as a bonus.

This got the hammer man to thinking since the Yukumo man was talking about guild rules. "So no one gets in trouble they could hunt the ioprey leader and I could go alone and slay the five ioprey. I'm assuming this is starting stuff so it shouldn't be too difficult, right?" He suggested. He had seen a couple of the prey species and while they looked agile and dangerous they also looked fragile. If memory served they were bird part of the avian species despite the lack of wings. Maybe it was because of their movements and light hollow bones? He'd ask sometime later.
Is this rp still alive? I'd be most upset if it died...
Oooooh I see!
Ah, just going by what I saw in every guild hall ever XD
I have finally made a post o3o Once intro posts are out of the way I tend to get a bit better and faster. Intro's always feel so awkward x.x

Kaze gave out a grunt when he cracked his back and observed the village from the dock. "Last time I get on a boat..." He groaned, not overly fond of the hammocks nor the smaller beds. "Give me some comfort and a little danger any day over a glorified tub..." He continued as he moved along to not hold up traffic. on and off the ship. His hammer was nestled at the small of his back and didn't look like it slowed him down as he shifted and moved through the sailors and other passengers. He ignored the merchants, just giving them a vague wave, since he didn't have to buy anything just yet. He'd see what they had once he sort of settled in or after doing some work.

So his destination was a bee-line to the Guild Hall to put in his registration with the village. He doubted he was the first but it never hurt to have more than one hunter, even a rookie. You could only learn how to do the job when you're new. He entered the hall and took a look around slowly. Taking note of the unmanned quest counter and a table currently occupied by an older man, two men around his age judging by appearance, and a woman. They were talking among themselves but the older man would probably have the information he required.

So he approached the table. "Excuse me sir, who do I talk to to register as a hunter?" He asked, his voice a deep rumbling sound. Much like far off thunder. His eyes looked over the others briefly before refocusing on Cyrus.
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