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Kaze yawned as the group moved through the wooded area around the school. He was letting the younger students lead the way to the spot they were supposed to meet Felix. That massive cloak was back on him even though Cole knew what he looked like. But Kaze hadn't seen the other students before, so no point scarring them to early. Under the hood his ears flicked back and forth, he could hear the sparring up ahead so the group was going in the right direction.

When they broke the treeline he took a quick sweep of the clearing. Boy clutching his head, knocked out minotaur under some trees, and plant girl doing plant things? "Sup, Lil Puff." He said while giving the lioness a wave. His attention turned to Felix and gave the older man a slight bow. "Hey, Gramps." He said. While Felix wasn't that old the guy was wise like a grandfather and Kaze tended to give people he liked a more personal nickname.
Well...I was somehow right XD What is this sorcery? o.o
Drakey did it!
It poofed o3o
I vote yes on monsters o3o
Kaze's head tilted at the rather odd reaction. The two had been getting along until the smooch, so something in her past was related to that kind of gesture. Not in a good way considering the volatile freezing reaction. Shifting a bit he watched the smaller woman leave the arena before he turned his attention to Sarah. "I'm fine, I burn at a high temperature." He said while touching the frosted areas. Steam rising from the metals surface.

What the other girl said made him shrug. "Whatever it was it turned one of the human races simplest ways of showing affection into something dark." He rumbled quietly before shaking his head. "She'll open up about it when she's ready, maybe time will change her reaction." Kaze continued on before leaning back in his seat.
@PKMNB0Y He can only hold so much lifeforce/souls without actually using it for something. Which is why he tends towards having it go towards regeneration. He's not inherently evil despite his ability of eating you, just self serving unless someone earns his respect -shrugs- but if he's not accepted, he's not accepted. Not gonna push it o3o
Wut? o.o -still thinking of character-
@KaiserElectric -boops your Determination-
@Drakey Do both o3o multitask!
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