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Shortly after Kaze left the police showed up. How did he know? He was on nearby rooftops with his concrete and explosive rock cargo. It'd be suspicious if some random guy, clearly not Japanese, was lugging such a strange thing around. He didn't need to get stopped by patrolmen. So rooftops was his way of getting back to the DHA headquarters. Although once he got into more residential areas he would have to avoid the rooftops. Houses weren't built to handle his weight jumping in a concentrated area and the little alleys would be easier to lose people in.

So without further adieu he jumped. He hopped from rooftop to rooftop of the warehouses, specifically landing where a steal beam was. They were all cookie cutter so he went straight until the warehouses ended. From there he jumped off and into a copse of trees and looked around. His eyes still reptilian to better see any potential wandering dangers before he took off again. He should probably work on his speed, but that was a future endeavor.

He was quick enough to leave the industrial district behind, the cops had congregated at the warehouse fire and were already probably calling in their fire department. Although that fire really shouldn't last long, the building wasn't really flammable...but maybe something explosive was stored nearby? Meh, shouldn't store huge amounts of explosive stuff anyway. That's dumb.

With his mind wandering he kept his steady pace to get back to the Association so they could examine these rocks that seemed to blow up when...something happened.
Asura for once was glad they didn't encounter anything else when they retreated. Nothing worse than having no stamina, no items, a party member down, and being poisoned then getting ambushed. Surprisingly it was dark outside, had they been in there for that long? He didn't remember fights taking forever, if anything he remembered them being over fast despite it feeling like an eternity had passed.

Zieglar jumped up and helped get Trent out of harms way and into the campfire light. "He abused that shield of his heavily, so I'm not surprised he took so little damage." He commented as he seemed to spread out, relaxing near the flames. Sure every little bit he felt his health tick down, but he felt like the poison would pass before he died. He still tried to eat the poison with his acidic innards nonetheless.

Zieglar spoke up which got a question in Asura's head. "How can you tell a Core has been destroyed? But yeah, we didn't get to it. It has assimilated anything alive and has a lot of undead. A decent chunk of the horde has been destroyed and the more advanced units seem to be permanently dead as well. Choke point helped us not get overwhelmed and Trent getting his hands on that sword also helped in a big way." He said before 'shrugging' at needing healing.

"I'm out of Stamina, I'm poisoned, and I've taken some hits. So healing wouldn't hurt." He continued while moving out of the Bownhorn skull. It wouldn't survive another encounter so no point keeping it on. Zieglar cast a spell, Lesser Theriac, which Asura tried to decipher. He might not want to use magic but he wanted to understand it. If he understood it he could counter it or cancel it out entirely!

Once he was healed he was given the message he was ready to evolve again. "If you're taking watch you're going to be alone for a bit. I can evolve again." Asura stated while accepting the mystery stew. A slurp and it was all gone within his body, the bowl being cleaner than it ever had been before.

While he digested he examined each option he had. Two were immediately nixxed, they didn't fit what he was trying to do. He could continue to go along with what he was, which was essentially a speed tank. Or he could still be a small speed tank that could control other creatures. It said there were dangers from relying on others power, that was true enough. But why would he neglect himself? Only a fool would ignore personal growth. Still he had a higher suitability for it so maybe that meant a higher Variant chance?

System, five points into Spiritual Awareness, eight points into Limited Shapeshift IIII, and I choose Parasite Slime. He thought before going cocoon. Lets see if there was going to be some interference this time. He tried opening all of his senses to see if there was some being, because that stall last time had royally pissed him off. He didn't need interference damn it.

Unspent Skill Points: 9
Big Red watched the two eat with a single raised brow. They were voracious, acting like a couple of wolf pups tearing into their food with unwarranted savagery. He'd have to test some time how they'd react to someone pulling food away. Would they bite the hand? Shaking his head he calmly pulled apart the buns he had bought and ate each piece surprisingly civil despite his jaws clearly not being designed to chew food.

They were done before him, unsurprisingly from how savagely they tore into the flour based product. The pair talked about bathing, which he really needed since he was still covered in goblin and blood of several beings. The blood would stain his gear, but it was all leather and hide anyway except for the knee and shin guards. Druid Girl mentioned needing to get another set of clothes, which made him tilt his head. "Why not wash while you bathe?" He asked before she zipped off to the inn.

Shrugging he went off with Archer to the spot they had gone to the previous time. It was secluded, near the town, and they were already a little familiar with it. Also since it was brighter than the last time it was easier to find wood for a fire so the girls and their clothes could dry off. Fire was made, circle of stones from the river, the reptile undressed and went into the water with his scrubby brush.

The water flowing lazily past him was quickly dyed red as he scrubbed vigorously. He had essentially taken a blood shower when he pulled apart that goblin, arterial spray was a bitch. He'd be at it for a while since the blood had had time to dry on himself.
The big reptilian man simply shook his head as he followed behind the pair. Bread wasn't really his thing but it would be filling enough to get real food. Meat took longer to digest that dough so you were full for longer. The only issue with meat was the price of it if you weren't a hunter. Well...Steppe Archer could technically hunt for them, but how good was she in the forest and plains versus a steppe? It couldn't be that much different.

They zipped through the crowd, following the Archer who was following her nose. At the building...she struggled with the door. Wut? Humans and their weird brains. Druid Girl even squeed at the sight of the bakery. Both girls went in, he was slower to enter mostly because he was still covered in a good bit of filth. Both went about getting their respective pastries. He honestly didn't know much about bread, his people didn't bake.

He didn't feel like anything hard right now, and it was most likely the darker the loaf the harder its crust was. Shrugging he grabbed a couple buns and paid for them shortly after Ms. Intensive Food did. He followed her to the entrance, ignoring the look the shopkeeper was giving him. He probably didn't smell the grandest. "We should, no point cluttering up a shop." He said before ducking out of the shop while starting to munch on his soft bread buns.
Kaze's flashlight either found corpses, or more yurei that had blood on their hands. Either way his attention was drawn back towards the middle of the warehouse where a Treant showed up. That...wasn't normal. Treants were forest guardians, this was an industrial area with little vegetation worth protecting by such a being. It's almost guaranteed to be a construct made of vegetation and demonic power, so it'd have the feel of a real treat. "I kind of figured that, bud. I'm not a dumb kid anymore." Kaze grumbled as a catwalk came screeching along the ground at him. The initial target avoiding it, bike and all.

Well that was the joy of being a Devil Feeder for so long, he didn't need to dodge things like this. His foot came up and he promptly stomped on the steel rigging, stopping it completely and warping the metal beyond use. The Feather lady spoke up, short and curt. Rocks, wounded. Well the wounded were taken care of, the fuck did one do with exploding rocks?!

"Yes Ma'am Ms. Feather-lady, Ma'am!" He said, mock salute and heel click. Some smartassery was required! So he went to the explosive rock clusters and eyed them. Going around he crouched down and chopped the ground, cracking a portion of the creeping cluster away from its previous growth zone. He did the four times, one of each side, before jamming his fingers into the cracks. With a grunt he hefted out a rough cube of concrete, about two feet by two feet, with blowy uppy rocks out of the ground.

Of course now there were sirens drawing closer. Who the hell called emergency?! It'd be awfully suspicious if he was caught carrying a chunk of concrete for literally no reason. So rational thinking, he couldn't hide, he couldn't just waltz out, but he could blow out the side and move away from authorities. Then the ghostly voice whispered through their minds again. "Snakes only got one head..." He muttered before lifting a leg and kicking the wall. The entire section of sheet-metal blew off, the rivets ripping off easily. Unlike cartoons the sheet didn't just fly fully in tact, this piece buckled and folded before flying away from his outstretched leg.

Without further adieu he moved on, he'd head for the local DHA base so they could get the rocks examined.
I requires da discord, didn't know it was a thing o3o
Kaze glanced to his side at the smiling red-head before returning his attention to the scene before him. More Hunters were showing up by the second and seemed to be entering pretty thoughtlessly. No wonder why the DHA was finding Hunter corpses, they were all needlessly reckless. He wasn't one to talk most of the time, but when he ran headlong into a situation it had already been scouted. An example, did anyone else notice that the yurei were being unnaturally aggressive? They were ghosts but they were not fleeing.

More footsteps, more Hunters, except he recognized this one. One Miss Yokoi Beniha, the lady of the feathers as he called her. Since he paid attention to her he spied the drop of blood that came from above her. Finally taking a step into the building his hand left its pocket, pulling a flashlight out with it. Clicking it on the bright light was flicked up, searching the catwalks for the source. From his left a yurei came screaming at him, its fingers curled in rigid talons. Unfortunately for it, it was far to slow. His other hand snapped out of its pocket and grabbed the specters face, unlike his right this hand was black, scaled, and clawed.

If one looked a little closely at the yokai spirit they'd notice its face, and skull, was bulging between his fingers. With an almost casual air he tossed the specter to his right as if he were going to skip a stone across water. The initial impact cracked the concrete floor before it began to actually skip along the ground until it struck the building-side. Blowing out the sheet-metal with a tremendous dent. There were so many Hunters here he didn't really feel the need to get into the fight unless he was attacked directly.

While he searched, and played around, a living girl and corpses was revealed. And another Hunter came swooping in...literally. Fiery phoenix wings, a pillar of flame, luckily this building was metal and not something actually flammable. Well fire was a purifier of the supernatural. Same with salt and those paper talismans the Japanese priests and priestesses were fond of.
Kaze's rough and scarred hands were nestled in the felt lined pockets of his long coat. The hem of it barely brushing the ground with each step. A girl screamed by one a motorcycle, the stench of gasoline heavy with her and her lance pointing out as if she were about to go jousting an opponent. His pace remained the same, an unhurried step followed by another. Inhaling his face lit up by the embers of his cigar before he exhaled, sending out a cloud of vapor and smoke that obstructed the view of his face save for the mystical glow of his eyes.

Any idea why so many yokai are gathering in one spot? He questioned his demonic partner. There's too many reasons I could list off before you actually arrived, boy. Came the response. The huge man simply huffed and plucked the cigar from his mouth. His thumb casually brushed off the ember before he slid the thing into a pocket at his chest. With his vision completely clear he observed the girl make quite the entrance into the warehouse. Which left the main doors wide open and unguarded.

That was his job damn it.

Still he didn't understand why every Demon Hunter was called in on this. For mostly yurei? Shaking his head he meandered towards the warehouse, smelling the gasoline and then smoke from the flames. Pulling his hands from his pockets he gave a couple applauding claps. "Flamboyant entrance and declaration, ten out of ten." He called over, his voice booming and rumbling like distant thunder. Yes he was teasing her just as a gunshot rang out. Then the near silent fwip of an arrow flying through the air. Well two marksmen and someone to draw attention, not a bad strategy.

What part did he play? Well since no one had done a group huddle to see who was doing what, he played the guardian of the gate. His eyes shifted from blue to a deep crimson, changing his vision so he could see yokai/demonic energy like other demons could. What good would a guard be if they couldn't actually see the enemy potentially trying to sneak out, huh?
Asura hardly noticed the change in his body, the System message let him know a bit more than just the limber feeling. But his Stamina was gone, so he couldn't use any skills until the Poison was gone. But the more poison damage he took the more of a resistance he built. There was too much shit to keep track of, nevermind retreating from a horde of undead. Trent was pretty much out of it, huffing and puffing while trying to speak.

"You can blame the previous boss of it. He was like us except he fucked with the wrong guy." He growled out, that was probably the only difference. A typical dungeon probably didn't have so much mentality to work with, Rattleskull hadn't exactly been the most intelligent of beings. A human mind probably fed a dungeon core better than 'Smash all dat not gob.'.

Still despite dragging the human teen they were making good progress. Mother Slime was leading the way, Ardur and Steve were keeping the undead slowed in the back. The spider making it hard for the monsters to move while Ardur pelted them with rocks and the critters kept piling onto each other. Well the dungeon core may have had some intelligence, but it clearly couldn't make its minions smarter. Probably only provided basic commands.

Ardur decided to get fire mixed into it, so he chucked Trent's torch at the writhing pile of undead. He didn't know how long that would last, it took a lot to get a body burning. "Don't fall behind, we need to leave and recuperate!" He called out to the pair, getting separated would be dangerous since they had some dead weight right now. Hell another good push at full strength would probably finish this place up and return it to normal. Assuming the habitat would ever recover from such heavy slaughter.
Kaze isn't angsty...he's just a grump half the time >.>
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