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Asura continued going at a good clip. He only slowed due to the added weight of the pixie, even though it was fairly light. He saw the dire rat look shocked, disbelief in its eyes, which got a laugh out of Asura. He wasn't a heartless or cruel being but he had no delusions on what would happen to a very wounded tiny being that had no offensive capabilities and had no magic left to protect or heal itself. Why let the pixie suffer?

Still he rolled along and went over a ledge. Stupid ground all looked the same given the lack of actual full blown light. He landed with a squishy plop next to Jason. The slime who he had let shoot him. Without hesitation he shoved the other slime out of the way before rolling further as M.S came landing nearby. "Found mom." He stated simply while staying between the two slimes. He relayed that Jason wasn't food or another slime for assimilation.

Asura was trucking along, rolling towards the greatest amount of hub bub that was occurring in the cave. Lots of yells, screeches, and hollers. As he moved he was observing his surroundings and going slow enough that Momma Slime could keep up with him. She didn't seem to have mastered the Limited Shapeshift I yet. But she was developing proper speech thanks to being in contact with his mind. As he rolled he saw a unique opportunity. A dire rat was starring at itself but it looked fully healthy.

Nearby however was a Pixie, clearly wounded and it had no energy left to fly given it was walking. Or maybe its wings were fucked. Given his limited knowledge of insect-like wings it was better to just put it out of its misery. So he rolled by the contemplative Dire Rat, Ed, and rolled right over the pixie. His mass hitting it like a truck and absorbing it on his way by. Even if it was alive it wouldn't be for long, a flexing of his liquid self and he'd try to crush its skull to give it the fastest and least painful death he could provide.

Asura's movements were clear to Mother Slime behind him, he avoided the dire rat. It was obvious that it was different from the other rats she had probably encountered given the fact it hadn't attacked easy prey like that pixie. But just in case he called back to her. "Don't attack rat. Different targets." He said, she could understand speech he hoped, not just slime thoughts.
Asura was very slightly amused that the mother slime shrank back after he spoke. It seemed he had a small defense in case her instincts took over again to try and assimilate a slime. He remained stationary when her pseudopod touched him to transfer her thoughts to him. As safe as we can. Defense not perfect. But yes, eat more, eat bigger. He thought back to her.

Some residual memories were passed to him, at least that's what he thought they were. Or was she looking in multiple directions in comparison to his binocular vision. A brief touch again came from him. Before attack, let me talk. Special creatures nearby. He thought, trying to convey his desires to her. With that he rolled up into his ball shape and started to roll. He rolled right over the small ledge with a plop before going towards the groups of monsters.

Asura gave a huff at the response of the mother slime. Might not be you. But am your young. You made me, no point taking back. You just shed me off again. He thought to the slime while keeping in contact with the larger slime. He was trying to think of a way to keep the vocabulary down but to also get his message across. A few seconds and he thought a bit more at the mother slime. He tried sending his lack of desire to attack her since she made him.

Eating us bad. Work together to get more food, better food. But some things not food, unique and needs to be saved. He continued on, trying to get a picture for the slime mother. A picture of a soul, or essence, being put into young creatures of the cave. This would probably be too much for her but he wasn't good at saying things to get what he wanted across.
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Asura observed what was happening for a moment. He listened as Edith talked to the slime mother. She kept it simple but it might have been to vague? His assumption on vagueness was right when the mother slime engulfed Edith and their colors merged at the edges. Blue, red, to purple. It only lasted a while but it seemed his subconscious thoughts crashed into the mother slimes mentality. It seemed to hurt her judging by the screamed thoughts in his own direction.

The bigger slime drew back, abandoning Edith while it seemed to recover slowly. If slimes breathed she was breathing heavy judging by those movements. But Edith got explosive, which made Asura sigh and move between the two. "Calm down, the way you spoke pretty much gave her permission to assimilate you." He stated before turning more attention to Edith. "Besides, this slime is older and bigger than both of us combined. I get the feeling slime size also dictates power or defenses." He continued, his wariness getting the better of him.

He stretched out a pseudopod to touch the mother slime again. Don't eat us. Help. Protect. Grow stronger. He thought to her. Trying to get her to be their ally. The simple nature helped, a more complex being would be more difficult to persuade for the red orange slime. Diplomacy by words was not really his forte after all.

Asura held his defensive posture while the larger slime slid a pseudopod towards him. He was keeping himself very compact despite before liquid. When the limb touched him thoughts flowed through his mind. So that was how slimes were supposed to talk, through touch and thought? He guessed that she was saying he was familiar, something about being big then being small. Maybe slimes bred by getting big then shedding excess and undesired mass?

Edith started asking him questions though, interrupting his thoughts. "I'm familiar, which means she spawned me. She kind of sort of described how I came to be? Me big me. Me not me then small me." He stated as Edith returned the gesture of touching the mother slime. Keeping to his stance he did extend a limb to return the gesture to the mother slime. His thoughts were silent but it was a simple touch. Even as a human displays of affection came hard. This being had spawned him and didn't seem to mean any harm to the pair of slimes. He also didn't have a clue on how to transfer thoughts through his limbs.


Asura gave off a laugh. "I didn't really have a plan. I hoped maternal instincts would keep her from eating us and would help us stay alive. If she tried to fight I'd hold her off so you could flee before I followed." Asura stated while keeping a wary eye on the approaching slime. He forcefully moved Edith backwards so the huge slime didn't just drop on the pair and slurp them up like jello cups.

His fellow souled slime started singing to the mother slime which made him blink in confusion. Did the monsters in this cave even understand music? Either way he waited to see what the slime mother would do. Would she try to eat them? Would she somehow communicate? Or would she just go back to doing slime things? They'd have to wait and see.
Asura shook his head as they moved. "It's not a matter of talking. Most of these creatures are pure instinct and we're either prey or rivals." He explained. Had this girl never gone out into the wilderness? Was she purely a city girl who knew nothing of the natural world? Judging by how she talked he'd have to take a guess and say yes that was the case. As the moved in the dark she moved closer to him. A little amusing really.

The further along they went the darker it got and the more vegetation was on the ground due to moisture. For the moss to grow so well the soil or water had to have some acidic content in it. As he moved he sucked some of it into himself, eating as he went. The darkness was slowly being adapted to, no man-made lights helped as he adjusted. Suddenly the pair bumped into a small ledge, if he had been human he could have just stepped up easily.

Asura vaguely remembered this ledge. Like a childhood memory in the normal world. A squeak of a rat put him on guard until he heard the unmistakable sound of liquid engulfing something. Silence reigned for a moment before the familiar slime burbling echoed out. " Move behind me and get ready to run if that is violent..." He muttered to Edith. The huge blue slime was moving towards them and he was unsure if he could handle her if she was violent.

Edith asked a few questions which earned her a shrug while he shifted into his man-blob form. "Don't know. I'm not sure how slimes reproduce but she wasn't around when I was small." Asura stated while taking a more defensive posture. Which meant contracting into a smaller compressed version of himself. He'd let Edith do the talking, he'd do the attacking if he needed to.
Asura gave a derisive snort when Edith said like minded. "And most of the creatures here are mindless. I've already been attacked randomly by two creatures." He growled out while she climbed up the slope towards him. She was using little appendages instead of using her whole body to cling to the surface like he was. She was still too stuck in her 'human' mindset. The voice was quiet though, so maybe they ran off to get friends or something might have eaten em. Either way they were safe if they moved.

Edith had pointed to the large trail that had been spotted. "Lets get going. Maybe we'll run into the other slime I met before. It was soulled like us considering it did more than eat." Asura said while shaping himself into a ball and started to roll. Not the perfect sphere she had but one that was more "flat" so there was more surface sticking to the slope. He didn't want to find out what might be in that water aside from tiny fish.

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