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Not much changed with the view as Feng moved through the city at a slow pace. Shopping stalls, people, guards, armed men and women, the occasional horse or dog. Was it because this was a special day or was the city always like this? Who wanted to live with all of this damned noise?! Either way he was making his way to a rather enormous building, much larger than shops and houses. By now he had finished the meat on the ham he had and a shiny white bone was all that remained.

Cracking it between his fingers he raised it up and sucked the marrow out as he took note of what was possibly an important person considering the guards around him. Shiny unblemished armor, atop a well kept horse, an old frail man trailing behind, and guards. Was this the soon to be king? He seemed...young and inexperienced. Well the only way to gain experience was to do things, the young man had his whole life ahead of him to become a good king.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to follow along and possibly get to the coliseum. He kept his distance but his height didn't exactly let him blend in with the crowds. Although he could have fallen back further, there weren't that many people on horseback with shiny armor...
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Big Red ignored the forced excitement and just instructed the girl. Very few people actually enjoyed training from what he had seen in his village and during his travels. Still he observed and used the stick to help correct her footwork or how she held herself. Gently nudging her limbs in a specific manner. Despite her 'defeats' she was learning. It took a good bit of time to get good at anything and there wasn't much of a rush to bring up her fighting capabilities.

"The good thing is you know nothing about melee combat. So you have no bad habits to break, a clean slate to work with." He said as her stick was knocked from her grasp again. Time passed as the pair trained her. She was progressing but probably not as fast as she'd like. Even natural born fighters didn't progress despite tutelage. After some time and it was clear Druid Girl was done. She was clearly tired so they'd stop for now.

Her comment made him let off a brief laugh. "Yes there is a lot to take in. Not just yourself but also your opponent. But that's a lesson for another day." He stated as a casual flick of his wrist sent his stick flying off into the woods nearby. She asked who taught the pair how to fight. Archer Girl mentioned quite a few people, most of which seemed to be family members. "Hand to hand I taught myself, every person in my tribe has their own way of fighting with their body. But I learned weapon fighting from my great-grandfather. He was the weapon master of the tribe before he passed away." Big Red continued.

Then the growl from the dark skinned girls stomach came. Which apparently embarrassed her to no end. He never understood why the females of the pink races got embarrassed by their bodily noises and functions. A gesture towards the town with a slight shrug followed. "Lets go then before she decides we'll be a fitting meal." He stated before turning towards the town and started to walk. The two girls might want to bathe after food, but he hadn't worked up any sweat. He was the cleanest of the bunch today!
Heavy footsteps were just barely heard over the crowds of people talking among themselves, or shopping in the stalls. Feng was moving at an almost lazy pace through the crowds, the common folk moving out of the huge mans way when they noticed him. In one hand was a giant axe, the haft of it being used as a walking stick and the blade covered by a leather 'sheathe'. In the other he was a partially eaten smoked ham hock. His eyes, almost hidden by the shadow of his brow, observed the packed streets. The whisperings of the coronation coming from multiple directions.

That really was the only reason why he had come to this city. He wanted to see the new king with his own eyes, hear what he had to say. Would he be a worthy king? Or a puppet of the Faith sweeping across the land denying people a useful tool. The closer he had gotten to these lands and to this kingdom the more wary he got. There was no tolerance for magic, a death sentence for any practitioner most likely. But luckily his Relic, that ebony coin, was safely hidden and its effects impossible to tell without some sort of magical sensory.

As he had wandered the main areas of the city he had heard where a major event would be taking place. The coliseum, which was interesting. He didn't think there would have been a combat portion, he had never heard of a king actually fighting anything. But then again those stories may have been severely outdated. He did live on a mountain for his whole life, only choosing now to actually travel somewhere beyond the safety of his territory.

But here was a good question. What the hell was a coliseum? He'd have to stop and ask...or just follow the more mobile crowds direction. He'd stay away from the side roads for now and stay on this main one.
Big Red gave a low sigh before stepping back from Archer Girl. It seemed like Druid Girl wasn't a visual learner, and despite moving slow she hadn't followed what his feet had done. He rubbed the back of his neck while watching he two girls interact. "Focus on the foot work. Upper body can come later since weapon fighting is mostly edge alignment. A staff has no edge." He said as he moved off to the side away from the two. She was willing to try and that's what really mattered, with proper footwork she could actually move away from danger without exposing herself to the pointy bits of it.

He watched the two with a critical eye to correct mistakes on both girls. "If I were human sized I'd just put your feet on my own and teach you the movements that way...but I'm just a little too big." He mused as the day progressed. Learning the sweeping footwork wasn't hard until you started to go faster. Hell maybe if they got higher ranked and got more money he could hire a proper monk to teach them all. He was basic and instinctual, advanced things were beyond him.
Drachen glanced between the coachman and the smaller woman when she speaks up after the driver. Was there an issue being early? He didn't imagine the man getting a lot of time to socialize, and judging by his quietness and dourness he probably didn't even want to. Then the girl reciprocated his greeting, which earned her a nod of that great and shaggy head. "Yes, strangely enough. He replied before his eyes turned out to look at the youth picking his pace up towards the carriage.

A short moment later and they were instructed to keep their masks on and go by aliases from this point onward. That just got a nod in response, so Mister Red huh? It made sense considering the mask he slipped on was blood red, angry looking, with a couple horns. He only had it because it was a gift from a fellow overseas, he had gone to Japan and returned with souvenirs for friends. But still, Mister Red, Lady Gold, and Mister Cobalt when the youth finally got to the carriage. The little door was opened and the woman was allowed in first, which was normal. Ladies before gentlemen and all that jazz.

The boy offered for Drachen to go second since he had arrived last. This got a shrug before he got in. Although his weight did rock the carriage on its axles. His size and weight were seemingly an absolute rarity. A normal sized man with his weight would probably have great difficulty just walking and breathing! But either way, he settled into the carriage opposite Lady Gold and tried to keep his legs and feet to himself while nearly taking up the whole seat. If the two university students had read fiction they could try and pin him as a fantasy ogre.
Big Red gave Druid Girl a look, she was listening but the little glimmers in her eyes said she wasn't believing what he was saying about exercising. "Always think in baby steps when it comes to physical capabilities. If you can comfortably do twenty push-ups today, you should be able to do twenty-one in a couple days. Same with anything physical whether it's strength related or stamina related." He said while giving the pair a slight flex show. He clearly didn't develop these muscles over-night, that build was one built on dedication to the physical arts and he clearly didn't expect them to even try and match his might. You didn't need immense strength to cast magic or shoot an arrow.

While in his stance he watched Archer Girl correct how she held herself with light movements. He remembered his own instructors smack where he was wrong with a walking stick. But not everyone learned through pain, he doubted bonking the poor girl would help her improve anything, if anything it'd probably have the complete opposite effect. "Once you get used to it and learn the footwork it's very easy to fight like this. Even with a weapon, because this is one of the basic stances for all forms of melee weaponry." He explained while catching the stick that Archer Girl tossed to him.

So she knew it as well despite being an Archer? He was genuinely surprised but let her say her piece as well. She gave the go ahead to strike, clearly aiming to block an overhead. The stick was held in his left hand, which coincided with his back leg. "I'm not going to be moving as fast as I can by the way, you wouldn't be able to watch the footwork that way." He said before his back leg swept in then forward in a crescent movement. The only point he was truly not balanced was when his foot barely tapped his other foot and left a trail of dust and a streak of lightly disturbed soil.

Now his left was leading, which if she looked at his upper body meant his left hand was now leading as well. The stick came up before it came down almost as if he were flicking it, but when it came into contact with Archer's stick there was a loud crack of wood on wood and he was putting some force behind it and was pushing down and forward to make Archer go down and back. He wasn't using his full strength, but about the same as your typical adult human male swinging. "Your feet never leave the ground until you're good with the stance. You lead with your weak hand and follow with your strong." Big Red stated before continuing. "If you want to try just speak up, I've found few learn by watching and more by doing or experiencing."
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