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Asura looked over the information given to him mentally. Yeah he kind of figured Zieglar would be very powerful, especially with that equipment. Probably high quality given his Templar status. While he was doing this Ardur's Gods, Divine Spirits, whatevers, were explained. An ancient one worshiped by few, a barbaric one worshiped by few, and one who possibly protects worshiped by a lot. Who would have thought the one who potentially protects would be the more worshiped one! Never mind the fact some people didn't worship women based deities. Whatever, he didn't worship a damn thing anyway.

When the knight began talking again Asura paid some more attention than normal. "So far the only consequence has been the disruption of a caves ecosystem. Which made a Death Dungeon." He said before molding himself back up into the crash dummy form. Trying to get more definition instead of leaving it so blank. "But proper food would probably fit Ardur here better than what we've been eating. But...I would like to clear that dungeon sooner rather than later. I have all my energy, but no mana." He said while giving Zieglar a handshake. The hand was actually made larger, some mass taken from elsewhere. It was close to his own hand size but still roughly the same size as the Knightly humans.

Withdrawing he splashed down into his puddle body and contacted Mother Slime. We'll be following the humans for now...but be wary. I don't trust either of them. He thought while waiting to get moving depending on the other mans decision. Either the friends house, or to the dungeon and fuck shit up.
Lizard Fighter followed the pair idly while he looked at the town. He hadn't really paid attention to what the place was like when he first entered, just immediately went to the Guild to get signed up. He'd have plenty of time to look at the town while on Patrol that evening. Soon they left the town and arrived at the palisade wall. He was honestly wondering why they hadn't upgraded the main wall to stone. It would hold up better against anything that'd actively attack a town than mere wooden posts hammered into the ground.

The guard explained what they were to do in an un-enthused voice, which was to be expected for one in his position. "Is this the only pyre?" He questioned as he stripped down to his pants. His arms and torso bare, the armor folded and tucked into his rather empty looking beltpouch.

The druid immediately got to work, hauling a dead fox, in still decent condition, to the fire. The reptilian man went into the dirt as well, checking about before pulling a long dead deer from one of the upper spikes. It had tried bounding over but undershot. His powerful limbs made the corpse tear off the spike, pretty much pulling it in half, before hauling the gooey pieces to the flames where they were deposited with a sizzle.

He was already covered in some congealed nasty blood, that would explain why he was just in his pants and those strange leather boots. It looked like he'd be handling the larger corpses while the girls could handle something in their weight class.
Lizard Fighter waited patiently for the Guild Girl to do up the paperwork to register the Adventurer's for a menial job that anyone in town could do. Why was this job registered to the Guild? were people that lazy? She did explain that they couldn't grab multiple quests at once, supply and demand of the quests. Someone could be after an easy job like the Ditch or Patrol after a tougher job. It made sense, which earned the woman a shrug.

The woman then continued on, explaining what they were to do to get the job started. Leave through the East Gate and contact a guard who was stationed. Easy enough. "Thanks." He stated before nodding and leaving the counter to approach the two young women. One hiding behind her mug, the other still as floofed as when she poked him.

"I'm going to assume by your beaming face she accepted?" He questioned while glancing between the two. "We're to go out the East Gate and contact a guard. They'll tell us what we're to clean up and where to put it." He explained as he checked what little gear he had. His weapons were snug in their sheathe and loop. His pouch was secure on his belt, his armor and clothes were in order. Aside from possibly a Stamina Potion he didn't think he'd need any medicines. This was all until the two girls decided to get going, he hadn't planned on being the party leader so they'd set the pace.
Asura simply 'blinked' when the knight began to laugh. Well there was humor there, a monster telling a human about manners. Especially a Templar apparently. "I'd say more about my manners but I doubt you'd believe me." The red slime said, giving off the sense he was a lot older than he probably should. The boy had started to bow when introduced which made a mouth appear on Asura and quirk into a half grin. A subconscious reaction at this point given how often he gave himself a mouth.

Now there was religion talk, which got a quiet groan from Asura. He honestly shouldn't groan, but he always hated gods and how they were the answer to everything by lunatics. When his name was mentioned his attention came back to the knight. "It's strange but I seem to be able to understand languages. I've spoken, or understood, Rats, Lizards, Goblins, and Bugbears. Slimes talk telepathically through touch to each other." He said, deciding to give information freely. It was a gamble that giving information like this would keep their hands from their weapons.

The boy could probably be easily taken out through numbers and just overwhelming him. But the knight would just annihilate them easily. Asura 'glanced' at Trent who was eyeballing the pair of slimes. "Yes she spawned me...and has grown very attached." Asura stated simply while reaching over and giving Mother Slime a couple pats. Then Zieglar started to talk after gathering his thoughts. Spurring Asura to listen once more.

While the old Templar talked Asura played with the broken Source Crystal within him. Trying to use it as it was but getting a message that it was out of charges. It was clearly a magical item, so he pumped what little mana he had into it to charge it up to full. He owed that whisp an ass kicking for trying to take his fucking loot. Still, Examining the Source Crystal told him a basic description. So he used it on Zieglar and Trent to see what it'd reveal.

"They aren't gonna raid from what I figure. Rattleskull decided us smart monsters were too dangerous and tried wiping the cave clean. Which ended in some goblin deaths and the death of that overgrown monkey." Asura stated before raising a pseudopod to a surprisingly detailed chin for a slime. Yes he was playing with his body at this point. "Dunno what those green turds are up to right now, we left yesterday because of the place turning into an automated dungeon full of undead." He growled out, clearly displeased about losing such a good training ground. Well it'd only be good until probably the second evolution.

"As you can tell by my answers, pretty much everything but what your people did and do. The place was turning into a dungeon starting...a couple days ago maybe? If I hadn't used all my Stamina destroying the Dungeon Boss I'd have gone around and destroyed all the undead as well." He stated, clear grumpiness in his tone. "Sustaining four Skills at once is not good. He continued, more to himself than to the knight. "But yeah, Rattleskull dead, some goblins dead, dungeon began forming probably because of all the death happening, a slime like me only magical took over as boss, hurt Mother Slime, I drove him to the point he killed himself, ran into some undead and killed them before fleeing. Was quite the party that day." He drawled, purposefully leaving out anything Ardur or Mother Slime had done. If he was the potential threat they might leave the others alone as just unusual slightly strong monsters.

"Anything else you'd like to know? Asura questioned in the most amiable tone of voice he could muster. Which was a lot better than his usual grumbling and growling.
The Archer Girl explained her situation about the Rats. One injured and diseased, the other fine but vanished. That sounded about right, maybe the well one went back home realizing Adventurer Business wasn't for them. "Probably should have scouted a bit more from the sounds of it...or just dipped in the sludge to mask your scent." He said, scratching his cheek lightly. It was a common thing to do in the swamp, to cover ones self with the scent of the surrounding area to hunt easier.

Her sudden blush made him blink. "I might be humanoid but my sense of smell is still greater than a humans. I've lived in a swamp, it's hard to beat that smell." He stated, it was why he grabbed the Ditch Job. A, he was used to the foulest of stenches. B, diseases were naturally hard to get for his people. They were a hardy lot.

The girl noticed the magic caster he had taken note of and asked if they should ask her to join. "Doesn't hurt. Go ahead." Lizard Fighter said with a shrug of his shoulders. He wasn't opposed but he also didn't think a magic user had the endurance to haul dead bodies. "I'll register this and ask about the Patrol deadline." He continued before shifting fluidly over to the desk once more.

Sliding the paper across the desk he looked at the Guild Girl. "Two, potentially three, for Ditch Cleaning. I'd also like to know the deadline for the Patrol Job." He stated.
Lizard Fighter's hand went to his chin as he looked at the quests with a lazy eye. Then the Rat Infestation one was taken down by a Guild Girl. Alright so they didn't allow overlap. Rats wouldn't have been hard, the environment would have been similar to the swamps. Probably smell the same too. Snorting he reached out and tugged the Ditch Cleaning quest from the board and was about to turn when a tap on his elbow, and the sound of huffing, came from behind.

Turning he looked down at the girl with poofy hair. Did she get hit by lightning? Or Shocking Grasp? She asked him if the Ditch quest was still there, so he held up the paper. "I was going to grab it since I just signed today." He stated, his voice deep and raspy. He was trying to keep his naturally loud self quiet so as to not disturb anyone.

Not that that seemed to be an issue in the Guild since party leaders were hollering for their people to ready up. Those green eyes cut towards the man yelling and leaving a woman sitting at a table to sip at her drink. "Two can make it fast. Doubt there's any true danger." He continued, giving her the option to come with once the Quest was Registered to them. Leaning down his nostrils flared, taking in her scent. "Did you try to solo the Rats?" He asked, even a bath and clothes washing didn't get rid of all the sewer stench.
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The soft tap of claws on floorboards rung out as Lizard Fighter entered the Guild. Yes he had a name, everyone did, but it seemed in this line of work saying ones name was taboo. Maybe it was an attachment thing? Whatever, the pink race was weird. Yawning widely, displaying those sharp nearly serrated teeth of his, he approached the counter. Lizardfolk weren't common to see and even some of the higher ranks were openly eyeballing the enormous being. About as common as seeing a pure-blood high elf outside of the forest it felt like.

The Guild-girl behind the counter stared at him before clearing her throat. "Are you looking to sign up?" She asked, which earned her a simple nod from him. "Wonderful! Please read this form and fill it out." She said, putting on the classic businesswoman's smile. Lots of teeth, closed eyes, tilted head. They were lucky he knew common, how to speak and write it. Taking the piece of paper, and a quill, he went off to one side so others could do reports or whatever else. He wasn't an Adventurer he didn't know what they did.

Looking the form over it was fairly simple. It essentially spoke of the dangers involved in the career, payment, not liable, blah blah blah. He signed his name and what class he essentially was. A Fighter, very general in the combat area. Sure he specialized in certain weapons but a good portion of the dealers of death had the same forms. With the form filled out he waited only a few minutes to turn it in. Another group had sidled up to give their report. Bandits, so they didn't just go specifically for monsters? Good to know.

Stepping up again he handed her the paperwork she had initially given him. A quick speed read and she gave that beaming smile again. "Alright, it's all in order! Here's your Guild Tag, please keep it on your person at all times." She said, sliding the porcelain tag over to him. Blinking he scooped it up and put it on, it almost blended in perfectly with his chest plating. "Thanks." He rumbled out quietly, his voice like distant thunder.

"If you'd like to start immediately, there are jobs posted on the board right there. Or you could just browse and wait for more experienced Adventurer's to go with." She said while gesturing to the job board. Nodding his head he shifted quietly over to the board to give it a good once over. He kind of wondered if there was any overlap at times, did people forget to take a posting down? And what kind of job was cleaning a ditch? That didn't sound very adventurous at all. But it was the easiest money he could see of the three jobs. To wait and potentially get combat experience with giant rats or goblins, or get easy money cleaning up ditch corpses? Decisions decisions...
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