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Fuck it he'd play with the System later. Right now he focused on sticking to the animals face. Analyze Monster. He thought as he tried to worm deeper into its sinuses just before it hit the tree. Specifically him on the tree because of how its horns were placed. Grunting he lost concentration for a moment and slid off its face. Shaking himself mentally he shifted and looked at the deer-like creature with a scowl.

It bleated, or made some sound deer made, and rose up kicking its legs. He wasn't particularly threatened, all it could do was stomp on him, its horns were useless with him being to low to the ground. "Just observe it for now, if it looks like I'm in shit intervene. Try to actually Analyze it, that's a skill." He called over to Ardur as he slithered forward as fast as he could. He took on the general shape of a snake to make himself even harder to hit, and it should startle the beast since most herbivores tended to avoid snakes or attempt to stomp them to death.

When he was close enough he attempted to Smash one of those delicate looking legs right at a lower joint. If he could take out a leg that would severely limit its mobility and attack capabilities.
I've got just one question o3o we're using the base 27 point buy system? Or are we using something else on the d&d 5e builder?
Gimmegimmegimme o3o I've played ddo :p
Kaze simply raised an eyebrow at that. "I'm surprised we aren't expected to hunt and gather. It'd be a fun activity." He said as the teacher gave him his answer. Yay, canned food. Yuck. He'd hunt for his own stuff later on, for now he deposited the luggage he was carrying in the main room minus his duffel bag. That he held his a wing and went back outside. From there students could hear the creaking of wood, the occasional snap of a branch, and some rustling. The behemoth of a student had made a giant hammock in the trees, higher up off the ground. A good thirty feet up.

Giving it a test lay he nodded to himself before his ears perked up. Someone had called his name, judging by the sound it was Claude. Sighing he rolled out of the hammock and landed on the ground with a loud thump. He poked his head into the building just in time to see the lava girl go up the stairs. "Dammit Claude you know I don't do stairs that aren't concrete or registered for my weight." He growled up at the excitable girl. He folded his arms and gave her a stern look from the bottom of the steps.
If Asura could grin, or smile, or perform any facial feature without Stamina usage he would have. The System informed him what Slime Shell was, maybe he could abuse this with skills he didn't know how to truly work with. Or to figure out ones that were mentioned. System Analyze Unknown Skill: Better. He thought, testing the latter immediately. While he waited he looked over the Skills he finished off. Sure he could have trained Stronger further, but it didn't hurt to top it off with a couple points. He still had excess for something if he needed.

As it darkened he heard the methodical sound of wood chopping. Well this was a fantasy world, he wouldn't have been surprised if there was a hermit somewhere. Or if they had accidentally neared some sort of outpost hidden in the forest. It didn't matter, the burrow was hidden to a degree and it was doubtful someone of intelligence would decide to investigate a hole in the ground.

So Asura finally slept, healing damage, regenerating Mana and regaining Stamina from the day. He wouldn't have been in this situation if he hadn't lost his shit on Jason. Holding so many Skills active was a bad idea this early in the game, he'd need to be more conservative in the future. As light came into the burrow, so to did an animal face. The thing snuffling and digging woke him up and immediately agitated him. Growling he hauled back, anchoring himself with three pseudopods, before launching himself forward as hard as he could. Smash! He hollered as he launched himself at the face of whatever it was. He was hungry and thirsty, and this was a very convenient meal.

Assuming he struck he'd Cling as best he could to the face he just plowed into, blocking its nose and mouth with his body. Hell he even stuffed some of himself into its nose to further anchor himself. If it pulled him off he'd try to take its sinuses with him!
Thankfully whatever that chemical was that caught fire wasn't strong. It was doused quickly enough by the dirt and Asura's own liquid body. Mother Slime looked a bit singed, but she'd recover soon enough with some sleep. She let out a sigh, which sounded like someone poking into silly putty, she'd never get the full english language...

The System chimed in and let Asura know he leveled up again. Ardur seemed to say what he wanted his points in, Asura was a bit more private than that. Two points into Overwork, one point into Mental Resistance, two points into Stronger. He thought, using only half of the points he had for the moment. "System, Analyze Unusable Skill Slime Shell." He said aloud, he was going to see if the damn thing would explain exactly what certain Skills were. He could figure out things if he had some sort of description.

Ardur began messing with the Beetles body, seemingly divvying out the food it'd provide. While he was doing that Asura slithered into the Flak Beetles 'nest' and began to tunnel. He absorbed rocks into himself to act as teeth to tunnel more effectively. He pulled the loose dirt into himself, filling his 'inventory' before going out and discharging the dirt around the opening to make the hole more difficult to see. Ardur soon joined in in the digging though.

" Relax and Meditate, if you can, see if you can get rid of your Mana Burn. Even if my Stamina runs out I have more health to work with. Maybe forcing everything to get so low will make my 'pool' bigger." He said before going back in to dig out the 'Nest' further. Widening the 'room' but using what he could to reinforce the sides and top. It was only dirt after all and it could collapse. "If your spider friend could uh...spread some webbing on the 'ceiling, that'd be nice though. To make a catch net just in case it decides it wants to cave in." He called out. He remembered that spider silk had a stupidly high tensile strength for what it was and Steve was massive compared to human world spiders.
Doop doop dee doop
Asura felt the Flak Beetles exoskeleton crack and give slightly from that in close Smash. If he had more room he'd have probably crushed it. Before he could wind up for another blow he was suddenly dragged out along with the Beetle. Sky, Beetle, then Ardur was revealed to have been the pulling culprit. Honestly Asura would have preferred to stay in the narrow confines where the Beetle had literally no chance to fight back. Still, he was out and had to deal with it now. But the Beetle was trying to get the webbing of the Spider off instead of trying to right itself.

Steve zipped in and gave it a good bite, before backing off as a spark of flames popped up. [color=red][/i] Uh oh...Bombadier type of beetle?[/i][/color] He thought questioningly before Mother Slime got fed up. She had remembered his plan from when Rattleskull still lived to use the bones as weapons. The had made herself a morningstar essentially and crushed the Flak Beetle quite dead. [color=red"Ardur, Steve, get back!"[/color] He exclaimed, actually shoving the pair away as the older slime lifted her cudgel. The chemicals of the insect caught fire with oxygen and was spreading from the corpse and had covered Mother Slime when she squished it. She obviously yelled for him to help since fire, nearly feral being, no mix goodly.

Lunging forward he spread himself out to blanket Mother Slime to smother the flames with his own liquid-like body. "Smother it! Kick dirt onto this shit! He yelled while also trying to absorb the substance into himself while trying to put the flames out on the trapped Mother Slime. Why she didn't 'suck it in' like she had before when he was being attacked in a Dire Rat tunnel he didn't know. But she was simple minded, so he was trying to do what he could to help her.
Asura hadn't planned for Ardur, or Steve, to interfere until they were all sure on what the bug could do. But the evolved pixie blasted towards the bug and pulled it up by two legs to expose its underbelly. Steve, the spider since Asura technically didn't know its name, stuck a leg and its buzzing wings down. Asura lunged, slamming his body into the beetles, nearly toppling it, but it fell back down. Right on top of Asura. But before he could get another attack in, the sky grew dim.

Wait...that wasn't dimness. Fuck... Was what he thought before Mother Slime came down on top of the beetle with a well placed Smash. Which pushed it down onto him, pinning the both of them beneath her bulk. The bug was already starting to dig, trying to get some space to do...something. Who knew what bugs were thinking. Asura spread himself out, latching onto the legs that were squirming and holding them in place as best he could to minimize its movements.

"No digging for you..." He grunted out before trying to Analyze the monster. He was looking for weak points from his very limited view. He knew its underbelly was soft, it had felt a little squishy when he hit it. Ah fuck it, he'll examine it after it was dead! So he hauled back as best he could, and using the Beetles legs as an anchor, Smashed into its underbelly as hard as he physically could in such tight confines.
Kharne felt the air changing as he continued his approach. The surroundings changed as well, flickering between reality and this...spirit world. He had never seen nor heard of such a being that seemed to exist, and control, both planes. That laughter rung out again, but he just tuned it out. It was probably to make people unsettled if they somehow resisted the freezing that this creature did. Then again it probably found all of this to be great fun, its body was essentially nothing but metal. How did one kill what might not even be truly alive?

At a certain point he felt that sensation again, that immense weight. But he wasn't covered in ice this time. Clenching his jaw he pushed himself, forcing his body to continue forward. The sudden winds were cold, freezing like his old mountainous home. Steam wafted from his body from the unnatural coldness. Another step and reality changed again, it was the ghostly appearance now instead of the one of iron.

Its strange smile grew wider as it gathered energy in its palm. "You got me unawares once..." He growled out through clenched teeth. His body moved as the Butcher rushed him. His bones sounded like steel girders bending from him forcing his muscles to react. He wasn't as fast as he normally was, but he had seen how the Butcher would move its hand. A ball could be thrown, or thrust, but it only went in a single direction. Forward.

Kharne shifted slightly, letting his bulks weight help move him out of the way of its charging thrust while he tried to grab its wrist. He was only guessing he could even touch the damn thing, but its arms and torso seemed solid while its lower body was the more ghostly of it.
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