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Rafael had already awoken a long while ago. His black carapace contrasted harshly with the soft green of grass. Few people were around as he sat up much like a machine would. The dull white eye flickered and 'turned on' before he looked around. long had it been since he saw such a simple plant? It was well maintained but lacked the jagged edge of something repeatedly mowed along with the tread of wheels. His dark fingers brushed over the soft plant-life slowly, letting the memory of it sink into his mind before he got to his feet. His toes wiggled in the life beneath him before he looked around slowly. More people were appearing and others were trying to enter the cave in the massive wall.

"A single plasma blast would probably take it out..." He muttered to himself as the people were forced back by something invisible. A barrier of some sort? He approached the dark opening, the people near it moved back as he drew near. He walked forward with his hand held up but encountered no resistance like the others had. How odd, maybe it was selective? He hadn't noticed the new markings on his hand since they blended so well with his color scheme. Shrugging he delved a little deeper before halting. The area was unknown, there was no previous intel on the location. Chosen people were allowed in it seemed.

Are we in a video game or something? He asked, was he a 'hero' of some sort? Well if memory served, and it always did, a hero would have a party of allies to help bare the burden of whatever the objective was. He nearly laughed at that thought. He was no hero, they were probably the lackey of one. So instead of delving deeper he turned and waited to see who else would come. And come they did!

A spunky girl, a woman in some heavy looking robes, a lizard-man swooped in and hunkered down, an ancient looking plague doctor, and what seemed to be a fox-girl judging how she transformed. None noticed him since he kept his more luminous parts dark as they started to talk among themselves. "You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, girl..." He said, his voice was harsh sounding and deep and seemed echo as if numerous people were talking at once. "Over-confidence leads to ones downfall..." He continued, clearly amused as the luminescent bits of his body finally flickered to life.
I know, just trying to think of an intro XD
@Starlance I could go for some good games. Shooters feel like they're just reskinning themselves to make it all shinier and prettier. "Go hear and kill anything moving between you and it." Gets dull after a bit....
I wouldn't wanna make a character similar to theirs o3o I just remembered I have another character that could possibly pop in...
Pretty much 90% of what dragonmancer did. Big beefy dragon guy only not primitive mindset and would have been a smith and stoneworker. XD @Lurking Shadow
Blah, can't think of a character now D:
Welp looks like my character idea is moot...
So anthros are allowed? (Since that's just a humanoid animal)
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