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Asura growled internally at the systems message. They were doing so damn good to. System, what are requirements for Unavailable Skill: Better. He thought, trying to word things a little differently. He did acquire a skill though, one that would be useful later on in combat once it was ranked up some. Outside the cave the goblins were distracted by something.

That something was making a rustle, stip steppin, and the quiet rasp of metal on leather. Yeah it was time to leave, they couldn't contend with even low powered humans in their condition. "Relax...keep quiet and lets go. We're to weak to do anything right now except observe... He whispered to Mother Slime, Ardur, and the Spider Monster. As quietly as he could he moved West.

Away from the smoke, the goblins, and this rustling sound. While they moved Asura continued to try and get that burning tingle sensation back, and if he got it he'd be trying his damnedest to make it 'burn' hotter. It felt like it was all mental games and that wasn't necessarily his strong suit. He was incredibly direct and straight line thinking.
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Kaze was sitting atop a small crate, weapon in hand. Sparks flashed along the blade while a soft rasping sound emanated from the steel. He was running a whetstone along the simple, but large, blade while the ship docked. Most of the grew and other hunters had stood, but the large man did not enjoy being on ships. Whether it was sand, water, or air. Sturdy flooring but strange movements weren't his cup of tea, but he hid his discomfort well as the ship pulled into the dockyard...port...whatever people called an airship landing area!

Standing up he sheathed his sword, stuffed the stone into his hip-pouch, and followed along behind the others as they got off. They were met with an excitable elderly Wyverian. The guild master wasn't out currently so the short man in bulky clothing trotted off to find him for them. Such a strange fellow. It feels like the older they get the more energy they have... He thought to himself. The other hunters, another man and three women, started to talk.

"Slay them quickly and efficiently. Do not prolong pain and suffering if we're to actually kill them." Kaze rumbled out, his voice deep and rumbling like distant thunder. Flipping the faceplate of his helm up revealed off-white colored facial hair, dull gray eyes, and sun-darkened skin. His own baggage was non-existent. He came as he was, armor, weapon, a few basic items in his hip-pouch, and the clothing on his back.

"Lets hope this new place has some interesting creatures..." He stated, stroking his beard once before starting to move into the city. They weren't told to stay at the port and Hunters tended to find their own way as they went.
Kaze glanced up from his work, putting the blade in a dark looking liquid that immediately caught fire. A wave of his hand and the flames were put out. "If you plan to explore you'll need another person. This is the 'easy' area." He said while he pulled the coals out in the furnace. Spreading them so they'd cool faster but leaving a mound to start it up easy later on. His tongs sunk into the oil, pulling the scimitar blade out and setting it off to the side. It could stay soaked in oil, it was good for the metal.

Setting his leather apron off to the side he reached over and snagged up a Battle Axe. The heavy two headed weapon felt right at home in his hands. "You're not exploring the wilderness by yourself right now. There's more monsters than usual about." He stated as he closed the door behind himself. He left the door unlocked, no one in town was a thief. But he did have an magical alarm set and he had a teleport to get back if needed. For now he went with Alfy, no need to let the girl get banged up trying to get shiny stuff for the smith.
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The system actually gave him information instead of just giving an error or a lack of permissions. System, Analyze Unavailable Skill: Better. He thought as the group moved further away from the undead and the pond and closer to the light that was the entrance to the cave. As the moved a huge spider monster dropped down and chattered at Ardur. There were monster bugs in the cave? It followed the evolved pixie like Mother Slime followed Asura. Interesting.

While Ardur spoke, Asura listened to the goblins. Ardur wanted to leave, but there were apparently humans in the area. "We're kind of screwed either way. In the cave we know what we fight. Outside could be stronger monsters, and the goblins are going nuts about humans being around." Asura said, actually lost on what to do. Before he just kept trudging ahead despite what the cave threw at him. But he could feel himself growing weaker, this lack of Stamina sucked. So he tried to rekindle that strange burning from earlier, trying to force his body to metabolize what he had eaten at a faster rate.

Asura didn't think he had any mana left, if any was burned at all, so he tried to convert that as well while slinking along behind Ardur. A pseudopod snuck out and touched Mother Slime. Try to stay quiet. Don't attack goblins. He thought to her, trying to cut back on how much they were killing. Maybe later when they were all rested up.
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Kaze nodded his head when she mentioned going up the mountains. "True, but there's more dangerous monsters further up. Mountains don't make for gentle breeding grounds and food is more scarce." He stated while he continued to hammer away at the metal. Slowly making it take shape before stuffing it back into the hot coals. She looked to be in thought before she light up. He knew that look well by now.

She said he should make a pickaxe, a big one. "Too much metal than what I'm currently working with." Kaze stated as he used a brush to clean the oxidized metal and slag off of the anvil. "You could also have suggested a piece of armor. I'm not just a weaponsmith." He stated, a bit of grump in his tone. The tongs found the shaped metal in the coals before he pulled it back and started to pound on it some more. Using the Face of the anvil and the Horn to give it the curve he desired and to keep the metal nice and flat where it was supposed to be.

"So aside from eating dirt and losing your footing, what do you plan to do today?" He asked, looking at her while shaping the iron. Multitasking, and having done this a million times, at its finest.
Asura's Smash finally rekilled the dire rat. Whatever had killed it had simply left a corpse behind, but the slime was never so wasteful. He slurped over the corpse, uncaring that it was rotting, and started to focus on digesting it. He was trying to forcefully channel what he digested directly into Stamina to get that up and going again. That hit point drain could kindly fuck off. He knew he'd be moving slower but that sword...water...spirit thing was keeping the undead at bay.

System, what is Focus. Analyze unavailable skill Focus. He thought as he moved away from the undead and towards the exit. A small retreat until they were all ready to get going again. The sword spoke, but it was to Ardur, so he ignored it for the most part. It was demanding a Hero...which meant they should bury the damn thing. But only after they destroyed all the undead and that core. Especially the core since that was probably what was doing this strange call.

"If we have to we'll just sprint past the goblins. But I'd like to stay just inside the cave. Outside of their sight and outside of the undeads vision. I'll make a wall or something for some protection if I have to. But I have no Stamina again." He said as they moved. He made sure Mother Slime was close by, even falling back some so she could be ahead of him.
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