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In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 9AM
Location: Castle Hall of Sun Elf Kingdom
Interactions: Rosaria/Saorise @Potter, Annya/Sophie @princess , Raven @Tae, Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos, Nuallán @13org
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 0 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Annya returned his greeting and offered food as well, which earned the small woman a bit of a toothy grin in response. "Thank you for your, and your sisters, hospitality." He stated before shifting fluidly away from her. His movements lacked a type of grace, but his animalisticness added its own to him. He'd never win a dancing contest but movement and combat he'd probably be pretty damn good. He moved wide around the humans gathering at the food cart to give them a little space. After all they had probably never seen anything like him before.

As he shifted away the dark skinned human essentially lost any semblance of civility. More dagger waving, exclamations, words put in others mouths, insults, disrespect to the man-servant of Princess Rosaria. Basically making a right ass of himself while also assaulting food for no reason, as if stabbing a roasted chicken was threatening. If this had been his own home there would be questions for a week on what the flying object from his dwelling would have been. But this wasn't his circus, nor his monkeys.

While the dark skinned human kept talking, and was almost immediately reamed into by Annya, Kharne used a knife present and carved off a chicken breast and snagged a drumstick. Food and a show! His teeth made short work of the drumstick, bone and, while Princess Rosaria started speaking. He tried chewing quietly, but bones snapping and crunching up was a little hard to muffle with lips. Annya was fire, Rosaria was ice in this situation it felt like. Annya told it how it was and didn't seem to care if her words upset, while Rosaria tried to cool and calm the situation down.

Either way this chicken was good and it was time to move out judging by both Princess' saying so after all the girls got changed. Why did women take so long to get changed? His armor was on in five minutes! Still he popped the chicken breast into his maw while he waited and made sure his hands were clean of any chicken grease. He did take note of...Nuallán? hovering around the dark skinned human. He could just get slight whispers but from how the man moved it was a clear display of 'I could kill you and there's nothing you can do about it'. That got a tiny smirk from the giant.

Still he shifted back over to Princess Annya. "Once we're in less of a rush and more settled I would like to discuss what my duties are going to be, Princess." He rumbled respectfully.
In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 9AM
Location: Castle Hall of Sun Elf Kingdom
Interactions: Rosaria/Saorise @Potter, Annya/Sophie @princess , Raven @Tae, Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos, Nuallán @13org
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne watched both princesses for a moment, each one taking a different approach to the humans. Roasaria seemingly trying to act...motherly or sisterly to the humans? Annya was more blunt and acted a bit more liker royalty, which meant doing what she wanted within reason within the castle. But Rosaria had her manservant provide clothing and refreshments to the humans, which got the nearly nude males attention and the red haired girls after her bout of laughter. Red head went to food, nudist, his name was Ismael?, went for clothes. The other male was reacting very poorly and didn't seem very observant. What was spanish? Also who flailed a dagger all around, it was the lowest of low weapons, a literal last resort.

Shortly after it was dictated who was going where on the kingdoms side, he was going with Annya while Rosaria's butler would be going with the other princess, and the humans would be split evenly three per princess. That was okay, each princess had a wealth of experience thanks to their ages. He didn't get hired out by randoms anymore and he did gather information of the various higher end clients he went with. Annya spoke to him which got a nod from him. "Greetings, Princess Annya. It's a pleasure to work with you." He rumbled, his voice almost painful to listen to with how deep it was. Like a rumbling thunder overhead.

Some props were given out, different styled ears for different humans to disguise that they were actually human. He felt that it was too simple, but if you were just doing a quick look the ones with elvish ears would be passed by. A more thorough look might spy what the humans actually were. The demi-human ears were easier hiders since the fluff would hide the entirety of their ears and not just cover the top. Then again three random elves and demi-humans traveling with this nations princesses is rather conspicuous... He mused to himself.

Annya took offense to what the strange hat wearing human, Caelan, was smoking and promptly extinguished the thing with a pinch of her fingers. The boy promptly stomped his foot like a child while complaining about it. That got an eye-ridge to quirk upwards, just how old was this punk? Unfortunately it wasn't his place to discipline the boy. He was only tasked with protection...did that task include protecting them from themselves and stupid decisions and actions? He'd clarify things with Annya when they got moving.

Kharne really wasn't one for meet and greets, he didn't really want to be here but he was contractually obligated. He'd rather be outside working on his weapon usage or bettering his body. But he should learn how to be more social...but this situation wasn't really the time for that. So many things to think about in this moment...
Big Red took Druid Girls words mentally but just shrugged outwardly. He could have gone either way, it felt like he'd be able to grab two quests for each direction anyway. He gave the smaller girl his own raised eyebrow. "What? If they have an inaccurate map it's better than no map at all." He rumbled before stroking his chin slightly. Druid Girl offered to go and get the rest of what they would potentially need for their sewer outing.

"Sure, I'll deal with the guild girl to see if we can get both at the same time." He replied before the girls went off to go get the gear. His task felt like it was going to be a little harder. It went smoothly last time because of the distance, maybe the danger involved would net him these two? Either way he approached the counter with the two sheets in hand.

"I still remember the rules of not taking two under normal circumstances. But can my party take these two? No one seems to want to do them despite their proximity and we're already going to be down there." He stated to the guild girl. Not to mention it was doubtful that the sewer creatures would be kind and stay separated for both jobs.
In Avalia 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 9AM
Location: Castle Hall of Sun Elf Kingdom
Interactions: None, Currently observing.
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne's eyes were closed while he stood way off to the side in the Castle Hall. His thoughts were to the previous night, the declaration of war from the Dark Elves. Which weren't surprising really, if you were condemned to a small location you'd get pissed off too. But instead of the diplomatic approach the arrogant ones decided to take on the rest of the world. Granted their dark sorcery was powerful judging by what the history books said. But it had been shown in many a skirmish that Kharne had been in, you could be insanely powerful and skilled but numbers would destroy you eventually. Or you could be outsmarted. Either way the message was sent and diplomacy probably wasn't on the table anymore.

At the sound of magical vortexes one of his eyes snapped open. The two princesses and some other high end mages were finally performing the summoning. Several of these portals were opened and out popped, tumbled, and flopped some humanoid beings. Once they were out the vortexes closed and the princesses approached the little cluster of humans. It didn't seem there was a rhyme or reason to who was called. Each person, except the two flopping women, were very different from each other. Still that steel colored eye ran over each of the magically brought over humans. Only the mostly nude male was seemingly built for combat. The rest were slight females or a strangely slight male.

Granted a lithe build didn't mean useless, but in his mind that would mean they would be geared towards magic or light arms. Things he couldn't really help with except potentially teach how to fight against a huge and powerful opponent. Granted he had only been hired to protect, not to teach. Although judging by the younger princesses statement she'd be taking care of and training some of the humans elsewhere? It was smart to take different groups of humans and separate them, but there was also strength in numbers and combining resources like trainers. It was a gamble of safety and success either way you looked at it.

But there was another issue. He couldn't split in two, there was only one of him. Where would he be going? A question for the two princesses for later after everything was more settled. Still he stepped forward a more, getting closer to the group. Not that it was hard to miss him, what with him being well over the heads of the eves and built like a damned house. Maybe his presence would have the princesses tell him where he was going without him having to ask? He really wasn't the most vocal of beings unless he was comfortable.
In Avalia 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
This sounds pretty interesting, I like fantasy stuff ^.^
Big Red listened to the Druid before shrugging his shoulders. It was a thought, still viable, but not at the rate of consumption the magic user needed. Said magic user was mowing down on breakfast again, he was still fine from last night. After the eating frenzy of one, and a meal for the other, the three went to the Guild as it was opening to see the new jobs available. If there even was anything new.

Surprise surprise there were new jobs, and an old job. Each one seemed to pair though, bugs and rats, delivery and exploration. Each one could be knocked out either simultaneously, or one immediately after the other. The thought of bandits came to mind, but what bandit stole building materials. Especially building materials for a farm. You'd have to be insanely desperate to steal something virtually worthless to all but a carpenter.

But he doubted the Guild would let him take the two long distance jobs at the same time again. So it was really a question of one hundred eighty coppers local versus one hundred fifty to two hundred coppers long distance. Scratching his cheek idly his gaze went sideways to Archer Girl who talked about the sewer being being their potentially better prospect. "I don't mind the sewer, and we'll prepare for it if that's the route we go. A map, torches, lantern if you wish, and you two can have thick cloth on to block bug bites." He said, more suggestions than actual orders.

He wasn't all brawn and no brain, the girls had a lot of skin exposed and bugs carried diseases and poisons in their bites. They had far more to worry about than a swamp-dweller like himself. His only real worry were the rats honestly, rodents could chew through a surprising amount of materials and he wasn't stone hard.
Big Red made short work of his meal, even crunching through the bone with those dangerous teeth and powerful jaws. Maybe he had some alligator in his family history? He did also crunch a goblins arm with his mouth previously. "Does magic burn much energy?" He questioned, she wasn't a very active girl from what he had seen and she was clearly tired from the days training.

Still the rest of the day and evening went by without a hitch. During the night he had cleaned his armor as best he could, but blood really was very staining to everything but metal it seemed. A quick nap and there was Druid Girl whisper talking at his door before she went off. Pulling his armor on he left his room to meet the two girls downstairs at the bar. Archer Girl mentioned going foraging for fruit, which wasn't a bad idea. It wasn't good to eat heavy things in the morning when your body was just waking up.

"Do you know the local fruit and where to find them?" He asked with his head slightly tilted. He normally didn't get fruits or vegetables. When he caught game, assuming he could catch anything, he ate their full body. Something he noticed humans didn't really do unless they had no real choice.
Big Red blinked once before shaking his head. "In my tribe we do not mate for life, or even a portion of our lives. The strongest males breed, the weakest do not. Granted if a female doesn't accept your advances then that's the end of it. Rarely does that happen though, and sometimes it does give others a higher chance when before they had none." He explained, it seemed his people were still more or less survival of the fittest and might makes right.

The day progressed very lazily after their chats and baths. Druid Girl went off to do something in the market area and Archer Girl went with her. He didn't feel like the pair needed a chaperone to do their stuff and he felt like giving himself a light work out. So he went to the inn they stayed at, paid for his room in advance and went to a quiet corner to do various exercises. By the time the two girls had turned up he was doing a handstand and lowering himself before pushing himself back up.

There were a few people observing him, mostly because he was a lizardman, the rest because handstand push-ups were quite difficult. Even more so when your weight was heavy. A quiet mumble came from him, one hundred and something while Druid Girl announced the pairs return. "Where do you even put all that food away?" He questioned as he went down then back up in a controlled manner. Archer Girl ordered a more normal amount of food. "Goat haunch." Came his grunted reply to the inn keeper.

After a moment he flipped and was on his feet looking at the pair of girls and came over. Despite exercising, he wasn't sweating at all. Probably just a reptile thing. He was noticeably warmer to be around though.
Big Red just shrugged in response to Druid Girls tirade about the well and river. He was fine without a bath tonight to it was up to the pair on where they went. Archer Girl had a good mindset on not being peeped at even with a well in the back portion of buildings. There were still windows and more than one way in. Especially if the wells were communal to their little neighborhoods and districts. Then she spoke about nobles which got a raised eyebrow from him.

"Just because they're nobles doesn't mean they don't have eyes...or a libido." He said with a shake of his head, then a snort at her exclamation while she covered her clothed self up. "When we first met I gave you a once over. But there's a time and a place for oogling and that isn't at this juncture." He continued on, an almost lazy drawl to his tone. Hell were their species even compatible? He had never heard of a half lizardfolk, not even in legends and stories.

As they moved through the town to the east entrance she spoke up about inter-party relationships. "Those are the successes. But I imagine if there was a break up the party would crumble." Big Red stated, he hadn't heard it but he had seen many a human break up during his travel to Palisade Town and it was never particularly pretty. But maybe adventurers were different? It was doubtful but hey he had been wrong before. Her last comment and snicker got a single brow raise and a bored look. But otherwise no actual reaction to her teasing.

Arriving at the river the two went to bathe and he made the fire. Archer Girl even nabbed a couple fish and just cooked them whole before mowing down on them. Then she asked a question. "I highly doubt it, a set of Adventurers going to the river probably isn't that uncommon for new Porcelain classes." He mused while doodling in the dirt with a stick. If either cared to look he was drawing up designs for weapons, a few of which looked abnormally painful to be hit with despite their weapon classification.
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