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Asura took note of the rather well equipped goblin running towards his hiding place. Well, well equipped in a primitive sense of the word. He touched Mother Slime to get her to stay and potentially rush out if things went bad for him. Her had used this kind of tactic before in various strategy games, send out a beefy feeler to lure out someones ambush. Well they'd only get half of it if the goblins were even that smart.

"You're awfully far from your green friends, girl." He said, revealing himself to her. The dark behind him would hide M.S unless Orchid really looked hard for the bigger slime. Of course she'd probably focus on the talking slime since at most others just kinda squelched. "What are you running from?" He questioned while keeping himself non-threatening. Aside from his kind of scary face, it wasn't easy keeping a face solid when you're goo.
As the blast door started to close Kaze stepped back into the hangar area. His canister was sealed once more and tucked back onto his belt while his tail slid a rather large gun off his back. It looked quite old but was clearly reinforced and looked a lot like a cannon with a barrel clip on it. "You lot shouldn't be splitting up and moving around so much by yourselves. The room isn't secure." He said while Cassius went about looking at everyone's shields.

Aside from sand Kaze had been untouched so he honestly didn't see a need for the scan except on Kathrine. The giant draconic man started to walk around the hangar with his gun held at the ready. Strangely no one could hear his footsteps unlike back in the briefing and on his own ship. Like any predator he had learned early how to walk to make minimal amounts of sounds and he wasn't in a 'safe zone'.

"I don't really need to say this but every room will be secured before we press on. If you have the means vents will also be sealed along with access hatches. I'd prefer not to be mauled from behind." He said, it was less ordering since Cassius was the leader but it was also common sense to do this with something as dangerous as the X parasite.
Just been a bit busy. Gots a gf o3o been years since I've been in a relationship XD
-waits like Sonic does. Tapping foot and occasionally looking at a watch.- o3o
Kaze continued his mad animalistic sprint despite his cargo. David was light compared to what the draconic man could lift and the other two were like lifting paper. Amber flew off though, a slight surprise, and Kathrine was yelling about being put down. "No point wasting whatever powers you suit." He said as he chewed the distance up between them and the bunker. Despite the sand he moved swiftly and didn't stop until they were at the bunkers caved in door. He skid, sending up a wave of sand, and promptly set David, Kathrine, and Cassius down.

Reaching back he pulled a canister off his belt and pushed a button. The top hissed open to reveal dozens of small metallic orbs. Plucking a few out he launched them at where the Serris were heading. A dull glow and three shrill bangs erupted, causing the sand to ripple. Where his Sonic Bombs were were three small craters and hopefully three disoriented Serris. He figured he had gauged their speed but he could be wrong in his old age.
He already reacted
Posties? o3o
Hey at least he doesn't have gas!
I forgot Amber had flight XD Then again Kaze has seen people have very...dumb ornaments to their weapons and armor o3o
Tell me what you had in mind, I is curious!
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