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Asura growled at the sudden pain, the bladed limb bit hard. It seemed he was vulnerable to slashing attacks? That was odd but still he persisted. The skill up was interesting though, Blood Drain wasn't as useless as he thought it would be. But did it work with dead bodies? He'd have to test this after this little bout of training. [color=red[i]System, monitor Skill Growth. I'd appreciate knowing if any Skill increases from these actions.[/i][/color] He thought as Steve cracked him with a rock on webbing. Not a bad idea, a makeshift flail. But only good because the party was so small.

"Don't worry, Mother. This will maybe make me less...hurtable." He stated, trying to talk on her level. As Steve swung again he tightened himself up, why not work on Harden as well? He braced for impact while also cutting himself again. A pseudopod touched Mother Slime, better to show her. Like how he took Dire Rat bites and got Piercing Resistance which made him harder to damage with that form of attack.

"Ardur, if you have the energy can you give me a Heal when I ask? Bladed attacks seem to cause more damage." Asura said while the muscle pixie worked on making cordage for the Flak Beetle plating. Armor wasn't a bad idea, but he was a slime. All he could do was have Shells like the one he was sporting. He didn't want to test the skulls durability with the rock flail, he'd play with that later when he wasn't seemingly trying to get himself killed.
Kaze's nearly closed eye cut towards the fire breathing boy. He looked a bit put out that no one had really commented on his fire breathing. "Kids today are less impressed by things due to technology, don't let it get to you." He rumbled out as the teacher entered the room. How did he know the dinosaur man was the teacher? The way he dressed, the way he held himself, and the fact that all the desks except the teachers was taken. Another yawn and then his jaw shut with a meaty snap before his eyes closed.

But just because his eyes were closed didn't mean he wasn't paying attention. His ears were cocked forward, focusing on the front of the room as the draconic teen relaxed. When the teacher ended his speech, much of which was strange philosophical stuff, Kaze uttered one word. "Rawr...." And then he was quiet as the others stood and said their peace.

Sighing, why did schools always do this, he sat up. He didn't need to stand, he was big enough as is and he was lazy. "Kaze Rin, I'm doin this cuz I feel like it. Being a Hero wouldn't be bad, we'll see if I get there." He growled out monotonously before relaxing on the desks he hoarded once more. As unenthusiastic as one could get short of being a corpse.
Kaze narrowed his eyes slightly when Claude went on about boxing Bigfoot and selling the video to Animal Planet. Then she continued going on about more television oriented things. "You do realize he or she is probably out here to be left the hell alone if they even do exist. Being constantly transformed is not exactly the best experience in the world." He stated, gesturing to himself as a prime example.

"Hell I lived in the forest for a long damn time before I came to the Haven. It took a lot of acclimating to live with you normal mutants." Kaze continued grumpily. Then the girl got distracted, as usual. Sometimes he started to think she didn't have the right hair color.
Asura's blade chopped through the straining tongue, slapping both Ardur and the frog with the severed ends. The punctured frog was trying to crawl away, but its blood was pouring out like the tongue of the second frog. Ardur freed himself and promptly smashed the skull of the frog gathering its tongue, so Asura rolled over and promptly crushed the others frogs delicate skull with a half energy Smash. No point going full blast in something already half in Death's parlor.

"I wish I had joints to crack damn it. It was always satisfying to do that after a fight..." He muttered grumpily. Ardur spoke up about finding a safer place which got a sigh from the slime. "Honestly, there aren't any safe places. This is wild land with monsters around every tree, in every bush, and in every canopy." He stated as he rolled over to the Frog that Ardur had finished. He slithered into its open mouth, leaving behind his Bowhorn Skull for a moment. A rather nasty sucking sound and Ardur could tell by the movements that Asura was pulling meat and bone and organ into himself. Essentially leaving Ardur with the elastic skin.

Why had Asura done this? He had seen Ardur pluck at the skin and mutter about using it. So now the Hi-pixie had a whole unblemished skin to play with. Mother Slime spoke up about dinging, how was he going to help her when she refused to understand things. She just slammed all her points into one option. Pulsing out of the frog he reclaimed his Skull and went over to her. As he moved he looked over his own skills, checking what was close to ticking over into an available skill. "For now put whatever points you have into Faster." He told her, then gave her the mental image to show which was Faster.

Looking over at Ardur and Steve he got an idea. He has Earth Resistance almost ticked over. He had gotten that far because he had let Jason throw rocks, then Stone Shot's at him. "Ardur, you and Steve...throw rocks at me. I want to see if that will make a Resistance go up." He called over as a pair of his pseudopods turned into blades. Each blade roughly the size of a paring knife, but having a serrated edge to cause more damage. This was going to be a major test of his. Could he build up his Resistances himself?

With that thought in mind he proceeded to cut across his own gelatinous body. There probably wasn't anything in the area that could contend with the group, even with a weakened Asura. So now was the time for testing.
Kaze's ears flicked back when he heard the robot girl speak up. She had been surprised by his presence once she noticed him lumbering away. He ignored it though, people in the school would get used to the sight. Hell there was probably someone bigger and more strange looking. He went straight to the classroom, the other teens parting before him like a school of fish in front of a shark. His lazy gaze didn't change much, occasionally looking at a specific student to file them away for later.

He stopped briefly at the door of 1-A before pulling it open with a flick of his finger. Stepping in his tail closed the door behind himself. There weren't too many present yet, so he took the rear of the classroom. His bulk took up about three desks and he didn't even bother with the chairs. Settling in he laid his chin on the center desk and closed his eyes fully. More students began to file in, one of which was the robot girl who seemed excited at his presence before...and was even more excited now.

One great eye opened to lock onto the robot girl. "No I don't breath fire." He stated, his voice unsurprisingly deep. Actually it made the windows vibrate slightly within their frames. He closed his eye and yawned, his lips curling back to reveal a frightening array of teeth within that maw of his. He seemed to be settling back into what looked to be a nap.
Kaze had analyzed the Entrance Exam to see how best he could fit into it. The behemoth of a wanna-be hero decided to disable the robots so others can perform the rescuing and Hostage situation. He was very combat oriented after all, the bullets that the robots shot were rubber and did no damage to him so he used himself as a shield for the dummy rescuee's. The melee oriented robots he disabled by strong blows to their joints before piling them onto the shooting bots. The grenades they launched were swiped back at them via his nimble tail. They were probably just as harmless as the bullets but it was better to not find out. The laser droids agitated him, he took a couple of those focused beams of light and they burned a bit. The moment he saw that type he pulled a car door off and used it as a shield before pummeling it into a mound of scrap metal.

The draconic teens score was exceptionally high considering he took minuscule amounts of damage, did negligible amounts of damage to the environment (read steals car doors), and disabled a good portion of the robots he encountered by wrecking their joints but still leaving them 'alive'. If he had gone for the Hostage like other youths he might have landed first place. But that was a lofty goal for the lazy reptilian being.

Needless to say due to his exceptional scoring he got into UA. One of the best Hero Academies around. Already rookies were heading into it, and the behemoth was following at a sedate pace. Some would say because he's so massive he moved so slow, but no. He just didn't feel like moving fast. His crimson eyes were half lidded as he started to pass by two girls, one appearing to be armored, the other a nervous smelling purple haired girl. He cast his gaze briefly on them before continuing on his way. His footsteps were strangely quiet despite his size and obvious weight. He was a predator type being after all...

Hopefully this will be an interesting learning experience... He thought as he moved. His pseudo-wings stretching out behind him now to work out a kink in a joint. The rustle of leather, crackle of joints, and what sounded like steel girders bending, before they settled back to his enormous shoulders. The pseudo-wings acting like a strange living cloak. Would the teachers frown on him if he took a nap?
Full Name: Kaze Rin

Hero Name: Lord Dragon

One of the first things noticed about Kaze is his immense size. He stood at an intimidating eight feet tall and looking like a professional weight lifter without steroids. Or as some people liked to say "He's built like a brickhouse." Normally after they hit him once and they hurt themselves. Covering his body is a natural armor, surprisingly malleable plates and scales that seemed to harden on impacts. Attached to his shoulders are a pair of giant pseudo-wings with terrifying claws at the joint that act like a second pair of hands. Lastly he has a long tail that's strangely agile and prehensile.

His coloration is interesting. His "underbelly" is a royal purple, along with the membrane of his wings, while the rest of his body is jet black like space. His eyes glow slightly and are a deep crimson. His horns, spikes, claws, and teeth are all completely white despite his age. Lastly if you see the inside of his mouth it glows a dangerous looking green right down into his core.

Kaze doesn't really wear normal clothing. Instead he has a long kilt that's dark red with a golden boarder. Holding it up is a steel band that's a foot wide and three inches thick with a massive ruby in the clasp holding it closed.

Age: 15

Class: 1-A

Dragon Body: A Mutant Type Quirk, Kaze has the appearance of a humanoid draconic being. Scales coat his body, his fingers and toes end in claws, he has pseudo-wings on his back, and a long and surprisingly prehensile tail protruding from his backside. The 'Dragon Body' seems to be a myriad of other types of quirks stuffed into one body. The animalistic strength being one, high endurance being another. But unlike mythical dragons, Kaze does not have an elemental breath attack. Just an overall huge boost to his own physical capabilities, and he can glide. His wings too immature to actually allow flight.

  • Peak Human: On a physical level, he is at peak human capabilities in nearly all aspects. He's above peak when it comes to his strength
  • Iron Body: His scales aren't just for show, they offer a great deal of protection. Their shape, their tiny size, and the patterns all make him incredibly tough when it comes to slashing and piercing styled attacks. His dense muscles also help reduce heavier impact damage.
  • Combat: When it comes to fighting he's exceptionally good at it. Thanks to his animalistic make-up he fights in a way that is very hard to predict, especially with added limbs thrown into the mix.

  • Heavy: He is incredibly heavy, weight almost one thousand pounds, this makes him slower than normal and harder to maneuver when charging, or when being controlled in some manner.
  • Cold Blood: Given his reptilian nature, the cold will make him hibernate and eventually die if exposed for long periods of time.
  • Under-thinking: He doesn't always think things completely through, acting mostly on instinct or just gut feelings. Obviously not the greatest thing, but not the worst thing, a hero can do.

Unlike what Kaze's gung-ho body looks like, his personality is very laid back. Preferring to lounge and watch others instead of actually doing things with others. Maybe it was because of his reptilian nature, watching and being a lethargic behemoth. Although when he does interact, it's in almost a deadpan manner and incredibly blunt. The draconic boy never sugar-coated what he was saying. This lack of tact didn't earn him many friends.

Despite his supposed laziness, he does get riled up. It's also very easy to do so, a lazy giant with a short fuse isn't very good. This probably ties into his animalistic tendencies, at the hint of aggression or provocation he returns it in force and forcing adults to restrain him.

Kaze comes from a decent line of draconic women mating with quirked males. He's a strong result of these quirks melding into a singular stronger quirk. This of course led him to being the lazy teen he is now, never having to really work for anything that others did. Strength? He had that in spades, his muscle structure huge and powerful. Reflexes? His reptilian nature covered it. Endurance? He could go for hours and tank powerful hits. He learned that after a bull decided to slam into him at ten years old.

His lack of a work ethic bugged him honestly, but then again he couldn't figure out a way to really work himself. Everything felt so...easy when it came to physical activities. He could have worked on his temperament. But his parents weren't exactly helpful in that and the teachers of his old schools just settled on restraining the volatile teen.

After thinking of ways to help himself, and potentially help others, he settled on looking into Hero stuff. Sure there were a few hotheads, but for the most part they didn't seem to get riled up to much. He didn't have too high of an expectation of himself, who ever heard of a lazy hero?
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