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I tend to stay away from magic because it feels too's like being in an rp with a gun, point, click, boom. Hell if anything I actually make it impossible for my characters to even USE magic >.>
I'm kinda curious why a plains elf is so short...wouldn't they be taller? -is just a curious butt-
@MagratheanWhale I rarely do flight even with flight capable characters. More into power jumps and gliding really since I tend to have rather heavy characters
@MagratheanWhale Was mostly thinking of a half-dragon/half-race. 3E and 3.5E they're a monster race, 4th allowed pretty much every race to be a player character, and 5E they're homebrew x.x (I just really like dragons lol)
You say any dnd race. Does that include some of the monster races as well? (Like kobolds, gnolls, the more bestial types?)
This seems pretty interesting... o.o I'd like to see where it goes
Brod's eyebrows scrunched together as a breeze washed across his back. He was laying in sand, but didn't remember falling asleep near any beach. The sound of waves rushing up onto a shore sounded, he hadn't been near any body of water. He hadn't drank any alcohol either. No point keeping the eyes closed... He thought as his lids finally opened. Grunting they went squint due to the sunlight, too damn bright. Pushing himself up a bit he wiped the sand from his face, the most annoying substance on this planet. It gets everywhere.

Glancing around once his eyes adjusted he took note of several people nearby and some cases. A couple of which were carried off into the shade by an unknown man. Another grunt and he was up on his feet stretched his back a bit before cracking both his jaw and his neck. "What a pain..." He muttered to himself as he observed his surroundings. No phone or wallet, pockets empty aside from sand. Water on one side, what looked like the tropics on the other, and beach to the left and right.

The man under the tree was fiddling with one of the cases that had been nearby. Brod let him do his thing while he went to the other downed people. "Oi, you lot alright? He asked while kneeling down to shake their shoulders if they weren't roused already. They'd all figure things out once they were all awake.
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