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Asura didn't have any issues sleeping but he kept an 'ear' open for anything unusual. They were undisturbed through the night though and when he woke up he got a system message. He wasn't hungry, he was rested, and he was thirsty. The only source of water he knew of was in the cave. But he could drain what little blood was left in Rattleskull's body to stem off the thirst for now until he HAD to go back. With that he surged his liquid bulk into Rattle's body, taking the major routes and draining any blood he found.

He made sure to take a good 'look' when he was inside, mapping out what he could of a humanoid body. He knew no two were the same but if he did this more he'd learn more. Once the body was fully drained he started to train himself once more. Trying to climb and cling to the wall while lifting the heaviest stone that he could. A third thing he did was touch Mother Slime if she was awake. "What did you put your Skill Points into?" He questioned.
Kaze watched impassively as the door and acid caused a good deal of damage to the eye door. It wasn't enough to kill it, which was surprising given his acid was the most potent known. But Zen zipped under to give it the killing shot. Cassius was climbing on him, which earned the cat man a shrug. "I'm used to being a mobile fortress." He stated before using his Tesla Gun to just fry the remains of the infected humans.

The door the eye was guarding blew open to reveal a mass of putrid flesh wielding many guns. Blaster rifles which wouldn't be much of an issue, and missile launchers. Those were the danger, but Zen disabled one right away. Stepping forward Kaze used his tail to open his Grenade canister and launched three of them into the mass. Literally into.

His wings snapped out and he braced himself while he shielded the others with his bulk from the oncoming blast. If the others remembered his sonic bombs and just the shells from his shotgun they'd do well to hide behind him. The grenades glowed briefly before exploding powerfully, splattering a good portion, if not all, of the mass. Unless it was really ginormous.
Asura gave a loud snort. "Yeah and our world is just so awesome. At least here I can let myself go a little." He said, hinting that he had some killer tendencies in the real world but had control of himself. "As for treating the mobs good, no. I'll take care of me and mine and any who I deem worth my protection. Everyone else is food to grow stronger. Diplomacy has never been my strong suit." The red slime said, more of a growl than his normal calm and collected speech.

Asura waved to Mother Slime to follow him. A pseudopod latched onto what was left of Rattleskull and dragged him along while Asura moved. "You're lacking a tank and with me around you'll have two. Mother Slime seems attached to me for...some reason." He stated, idly sucking up the blood Rattleskull would have left behind. No point wasting anything from the dead Boss.
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Asura gave off a short laugh, possibly the only time anyone would see him laugh. "This world is exactly a video game. System messages, leveling up, inventory screens, ability stats, it's all exactly a game. Except we don't have the benefit of having free lives." He said before eying the exit to the cave.

"I really need the sleep, or rest. My hit points are dropping because my stamina is all gone." He stated before gesturing to the cavernous walls. "We should stay near the entrance to the cave for now. At least we'd be able to escape in two directions or just hide among the crags." He continued, gesturing to his own little nook that could hold a couple of the others.
Asura observed what Mother Slime showed him. Slimes were weird with their memory sharing and base telepathy. But still, he watched what she had, and noted the runes changing to fit the language he could read and write. Another interesting little detail. What she showed though was her skill list, which was incredibly short and unworked. "Yes, those are skills. You have thirty eight points to put into said skills." He explained, making her focus on the thirty eight.

"The numbers next to those words are how far of a progress you made with them." He continued, explaining as best he could for her. He gave her memories of his own that showed him putting the points available into the skills he had available. Also he showed her that the numbers went up by doing the specific tasks assigned to the skills themselves. Such as Smash.

While he mentally taught Mother Slime his attention went back to the group of other monsters. "Leaving because of a danger factor? It's been dangerous since we first woke up." Asura said and then shrugged. "The mobs here probably aren't work much experience anymore but I'd like to try and defeat at least one of everything. So far I only need to take down a lizard, pixie, and slime. Along with these undead that I haven't seen any of." He continued on. "Or I just may join you. I only grind when I'm alone..."
Asura listened as mother slime spoke, apparently monsters hadn't gotten the status screens? Or was her old life so simple she just never noticed? Instead of explaining he touched her side and showed her what he meant. The Skills Screen and some of the things he was capable of doing. "Those are skills. I'll be working on more tomorrow. But right now I'm tired." He said while he relaxed more to regain some Stamina. He was trying to actively Rest like in a game but he doubted that'd work.

While he rested it looked like some other monsters were getting active. They had to be evolved forms considering that they didn't look like the starter beasts. They were clearly allies as well with each other since they were all different and NOT trying to mash each others faces. As they neared he simply waved at them from his little hidey hole. "Going for a nightly jaunt?" He questioned tiredly.
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