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Asura 'blinked' when Mother Slime pulled away, normally he could give her a little more knowledge than that. But a brief flash of her memory and he learned a little bit more of the damage she took. He's lucky he's dead. He thought angrily before engulfing what he could of Mother Slime, which probably wasn't much, and gave her a reassuring squeeze. "You'll be fine. He said before settling back and getting the HP Drain once more. Joyous.

When she didn't get Magic Resist from probably dumping all of her points he gave a very slow 'blink'. "You had nine should be at least up to a one... Asura said as Mother Slime complained about not getting the skill she desired. "Unfortunately the only way to get that skill now, without more points, is to actually get hurt." He explained, conveying the thoughts with pictures. Like him getting hit by Jason's Stone Shot to gain Earth Resist. He kept it as simple as he possibly could to avoid hurting her mentally again.

Meanwhile his System requests were brushed off, something about permissions. "Contact Admin, request permissions Status and HUD access." He said just as Ardur finally got the hell out of his cocoon. A big naked buff pixie critter. And the local mana crystals were...blowing up? That was a little worrisome. Along with that damned call being stronger than earlier.

"As tired as I am we need to go investigate this. I'll see about gaining more Stamina along the way...or else I'll need healing because of this damned HP Drain." Asura said, annoyed that even in this world melee and stamina users got fucked over when it came to the Resource Pools. Stamina was always a Rest and Eat while magic users get to suck down potions or Crystals. That sizzling from before, he tried to bring it back and he also tried to directly transfer what little mana he had into his Stamina pool.
Asura sighed as Mother Slime asked her questions. This was part of the reason he had never had kids, even with a mental link she wasn't fully understanding. "We'll actively hunt once we leave the cave. We have a little business to take care of before we go. As for three and four, those are numbers." He said, showing her the basics of numbers through the telepathic touch slimes shared.

"Faster lets you move and attack faster. You saw how fast I move, yes? Magic Resist lets you not get hurt by magic. The higher these numbers are the stronger you are and the less you get hurt" He continued to explain, emphasizing words with feelings so she'd know exactly what he was talking about. "Just put the numbers in for now, we'll work on what you want to once you think of what you'd like your skills to be. Alright?" He asked tiredly. He let her feel just how tired he was considering he had finally used all of his Stamina.

That new sizzling sensation though was a little...worrisome. System, Status Screen. Stamina and Health level. Experience bar on HUD with Health and Stamina gauges. He thought, trying to make it so he could see his information without having to contact the System.

He felt a little better despite the sizzling, so he tried to lift himself like a one pseudopod push-up. Trying to balance his liquid self upon a single 'digit' to try and tick his Strength over to available. Sure he could use points but there was no reason to when he could work himself to the...core.
Its been a week since they've even been online...
Asura was making short work of the Dire Rat within his body. Pulling it apart easily and examining it thoroughly. It was essentially just a bigger rat, but its skeleton spoke a little of its health. Unfortunately he was no doctor or vet so he was largely clueless as to why its skeleton was so rough. While he concentrated he was watching for any danger around him and caught sight of Mother Slime trying to be sneaky and stealing Ardur's Fanged Lizard.

"Mother, spit out that Lizard. The pixie needs it. We'll find you more food after I rest." He said sternly, like a father sternly talking to his child. She came over and showed him that she had leveled up and was asking what she should build into. At least that's what he figured since she was showing and asking him things. While he looked he felt a mental tingle, trying to draw his attention elsewhere. He snorted mentally and shoved that aside to focus on the task at hand.

"You don't have anything really close to being active. So we'll work on that." He said, explaining by showing her that once something hit 1.0 it became 'active'. He also gave simple examples by showing her memories of what each of his skills did. "You should put three points into Faster. Four points into Magic Resistance. Lastly put the last two points into Mental Resistance. We'll work on your other Resistances when Ardur finishes evolving and I get my Stamina back" He stated as he actively Rested.

While he relaxed he was concentrating on trying to regain his Stamina faster. Like Resting in various video games that made pretty much every resource come back at an increased rate. At this point it was the only thing he could try to do considering he had no Stamina and he was essentially 'full' of food despite already devouring and digesting it all. A body could only work with so much after all.
Kharne had done a quick patrol of the village, keeping an eye on the soldiers while keeping out of sight. Even the Falcon's had a hard time trying to find him once he decided not to be found. Being black and dark colors made him blend in with shadows easily and he knew the village far better than them. Once he made sure there were no threats he moved to the 'Command Post'. He could hear and smell multiple people within, and without a second thought he swung the door open and ducked into the building.

Almost immediately all eyes were upon him, which earned the lot a flat stare. S'venia introduce him and that he'd essentially be their body guard. "I had to make sure no one was doing something stupid." He rumbled out, the room just barely trembling at the deep base of his voice. Actually his voice was almost painful to listen to!

Soon things became a questioning of who was best used where, and the tiny elven being propping a bowl on the table. The group got to witness the rest of the forces that were supposed to arrive get slaughtered by something large with a porcelain mask. "A single being wiped them out? That doesn't sound like a useful force..." He rolling thunder voice rung out. He was clearly unimpressed.

Now the other leaders were explaining how their forces would be best used. Speedy scouts and a magical shield line. Useful. "You know how best to use me. Either have me as a reserve or send me to shatter the line." Kharne stated before he felt a tap on his wrist. He turned his attention down and gave Beatrix a bit of a hard glare. "Don't touch unless you wish to spar." He growled out softly as he shifted fluidly away from her.
Is everything ok with the admin?
It sounds interesting...Wouldn't know what to do honestly cuz most races I'd be aren't listed XD
Noise, that was the first thing that came to the behemoths mind as he padded through the street. The noise and bickering and bargaining of so many people and voices. Kaze had given up using his ears for anything aside from what was close by. Which was nothing, people gave him a wide berth as he moved, distrustful looks on their faces. His impassive eyes wandered, taking in the overly colorful decorations, and buildings, and stalls. A snort was earned from the simplistic being.

His nostrils flared and he followed a familiar scent. The scent of water and nature, which lead him to a little park. Well little by his standards, it was probably massive compared to the other races here. Unfortunately there were a lot of people here too making a ruckus. A line in front of a bored looking woman. Just Kaze's presence alone seemed to spook off a few of the people. A few muttering about getting the new guild to go after the draconic man.

Those ones earned a growl and his lips lifting to bare those terrifying teeth. Soon it was only a handful near the woman, but the thought of a new guild piqued his interest. Maybe he could get in on that little venture. The huge being made his way, his footsteps thudding audibly despite a lack of footwear. Some humans were left and strangely a being taller than himself. That was rare. Still he looked them over briefly before turning those dully glowing crimson eyes towards the woman. She was mechanically saying the same line over and over to each person who approached, probably been doing it all day.

So he reached around with his tail, snagging up the charter to give it a once over. Silently he signed it and stood off to the side after replacing the charter with his tail.
Asura gave off a barely audible grunt when he got hit by a Poison Spit. He'd have to deal with those later if Ardur and Mother Slime didn't take care of them now. But currently a tug of war was happening. He didn't have any Stamina and the Wisp didn't have the magical strength to pull the Source Crystal free from him. But like every fucking magic user he used a spell and chant and hit Asura with a water orb. That was the only way to describe the spell. And it hurt a good bit too.

He landed with a splat, hoarding his half of the Source Crystal. He'd mess with it later, if it was even useful when it was broken like this. "Try to steal loot from someones kill again and you'll follow this bastard." Asura growled as multiple cracks and thumps rang out around him. Ardur had taken out a Lizard in a rather cruel fashion and Mother Slime pummeled the remaining one. Pulling himself together he shifted in the semblance of rolling his shoulders.

"Ardur, could you give me a heal?" He request as he moved to the remains of the Dire Rat Jason had killed and tried to eat. It looked unappetizing but it was food. He sucked the remains in, purposefully draining its blood first to quench his thirst. Then he started to digest it meticulously. Examining its anatomy while he did so.

Asura's sluggish brain brightened up momentarily. "You mentioned a core, and corruption, Ardur. Where is this thing?" He asked, his raging voice once more that monotone. He was fully back under control at this point, his target killed. For now anyway. This was a fantasy world and he wasn't going to think Jason was fully dead yet. Mother Slime called for him to eat herr, was that here or was that her?

"We'll bring the other Lizard with us, Mother Slime. No point eating it just yet since we both have a good meal. I'm...not sure what Ardur eats." He called back before waving for her to come over. While he spoke he was looking over the Skills he could put points into. Most of which he knew how to build up himself so there was no point to making them tick over into use just yet. He also didn't want to waste any points to level up things he could do himself rather quickly. So he'd save them for now. System, how much experience do I have? Show me Status Screen. He thought and brace himself mentally for another oncoming headache in case it did that static shit again.
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