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Heyo, Ogo, leggo

Hiya! Morgan here. I'm twenty-nine. I am the mountain mama.

Used to be hella active, now I mostly just lurk. Feel free to drop a message if you catch me snoopin', I probably won't bite.

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Oh. Wow. That's some real unhinged energy going on in there.


Kaori’s brow raised at the sound of her vibrating pocket, earning her curious glances from the squad, except for sweet, sweet Buddy, who was flying high on Thoughtless Airlines. She blinked. He hadn’t been expecting a message from anyone…

Fishing the phone out of her pocket again, her confusion morphed into surprise.

Isaiah Akana.


She had expected a response, sure, but that quick? Pfft. Boy had it bad. She smirked at the thought before opening the thread, which quickly turned her smirk into a full blown smile.

She waited for the follow up, but when it didn’t come, she felt confused. He was just playing along, right? Like, he was going to send a punchline. Right? Surely he didn’t…that wasn’t…Warmth grew in her cheeks. What if he did? She gave him an opportunity and he took it.

Her reaction garnered the attention of her crew, so Kaori spun around, hiding her face as she crouched down again, hugging her knees. What the actual fuck Kannyboy? What should she sa-


Another message scrolled across the screen, followed by…by…




The bugs exchanged concerned looks. Boss took a defensive stance. Buddy stared off into the middle distance in blissful ignorance.


A menacing sound arose from the girl, sparking fear in the hearts of her subordinates. The bugs held each other in terror. Boss closed his eyes, steeling himself for his end. Buddy continued to stare off into the middle distance in blissful ignorance. The anticipation was overwhelming…

But it settled into a laugh. A cackle, really. Kaori shook her head, shoulders bobbing with laughter. It continued for a few moments before she hung her head, pressing a fist against her temple. “You dummy…” she muttered, looking off toward the window. “You really had me going there for a sec.”

It was deserved. She felt just a tinge embarrassed that she let herself get worked up like that, but it was whatever. Nobody was around to see that. Just her. And the crew but…heh. They’d take it to their graves.

Or else~

Whatever. It was funny. He got her back. Well played. She was still going to slug him in the gut. Or finally get around to finding a stepladder. Jerk.

As she was putting together a response and plotting retaliatory violence, a familiar voice startled her. She peeked over her shoulder just in time to see her favorite TA leaning against the door to the classroom. Ruh roh. Busted already. It was fine - it was okay. Ideally she’d have been in the classroom before he noticed her, but she could work with this. Sure. Just had to uh…

Kaori pushed to her feet, taking a moment to compose herself again before spinning about face, one fist against her hip, the other near her face, finger extended. She flashed Jason a wide grin - her best salesperson grin - as she prepared to pitch.

“Heeey, c’mon, I’m not that devious.” she protested with a grin. “I’m just here on official Laventon Institute Student Welcoming Committee business.” she explained, nodding. “And as founder and chairwoman, it’s my solemn duty to make sure that all new students are given a proper warm L.I. welcome, y’know?”

She glanced over at her sack of pokeballs. Uhh…

“The balls are just welcome gifts. A little treat.” she continued, searching his face for annnnny hint that he might actually be buying it. When she wasn’t convinced that he was convinced, she sighed, dropping the facade. “Okay, just gimme like ten minutes at the end of class to give my pitch and I’ll make you two free balls of your choice every week for the rest of the semester. Deal?”
oh oh - just wanted to send you all some love for the holiday if you celebrate and love even if you don't. be safe and be well~


@Lady - I as Ogo fucking LOOOOOVE Lancer. What an absolute sweatheart. Mom friend is one of my favorite kinds of people. Kaori will probably not latch on as quickly as I have due to that whole independent streak, but by God, somebody help her. I'm sure she'll warm up to it though~

@Remram - Love the new name, and yes, I'm sure they'll get along swimmingly. Legit talk - I figure since they're both second-years and their thesis subjects both rely on obtaining and studying many many pokemon, it's possible they had plenty of similar classes. Gingko likely finds Akana super fun, and that's enough for her to latch on. And to be completely honest, the flirty text was just going to be a haha goof, but that response was fun, so I now plan on doubling down on that. If at any point it makes you uncomfy, shoot me a dm and I will pump the breaks on that so hard and reel it back, oki?

@anothered - Muk Man is stupid fun and I'm here for this actual goblin of a guy. I was playing with the idea of having Kaori actually be a listener of his show. I figure that she's gotta listen to SOMETHING to while she crafting balls and manic ufo man sounds like such a good fit. Does he do anything with his voice for the podcast or would it be fairly recognizable? Definitely not going to have her put it together right off the bat, but it might be something fun to hint at.

@Crimson - I would like to preemptively apologize on behalf of Kaori's bugs. Goob and Champ might take a special interest in Bebe :)
And for Pine, well...awkward peeps are the prime target of her well-meaning meddling. She will want to get this boy some friends and I could not blame him in the slightest if he finds that annoying.

@Evee - If you're still with us, be aware, if they end up getting along, Kaori will want to get one of Natalie's doodles tattooed on her.

@NoCo - I suppose we already discussed Yew and Gingko's relationship history, so I'm just looking forward to see how they actually interact. HEHEHE. Thanks for putting this thread together, it's a fun time :3

his relationship with Ginko

Open to interpretation :D
Huh. Well, Kaori would fully support Pine's dream to become a Batman Villain. There's no possible way this could go wrong : )
Quick! Show this lad the miracle of friendship before it's too late.
Mm! I could definitely get down with that. I wasn't going to force a friendship, so my idea was that she was just going to attempt to take advantage of an acquaintance's potential kindness and leave the option for him to just say 'no' outright. But if they were actually friends? Well, absolutely no hesistation then - she's cashing in all the friendship tokens for this. And it makes sense to me, I imagine her friends would need to be at least a bit laid back to put up with her antics.

And friends get cheaper balls. So like, everybody wins. Except the first years. Heh.

at least Tofu might appreciate the moon balls

Interactions: @hatakekuro

“Heh heh heh…”

A passing student gave the cackling woman a wide berth as he moved around her from where she crouched, peeking around the corner with a greedy - no, hungry - look upon her face. Ew…was she actually salivating? The young man shook his head - not his Mankey, not his circus - and made his way down the hall, passing by a taller blonde man wearing flowers in his hair. For not the first time during his stay in Jubilife, the man sighed, resigning himself to just quietly accept the eccentricity of his peers. As he then proceeds down the staircase out of view, another cackle cracks through the quiet halls.

“Heh heh heh…”

“Scy scy scy…”

Another head had popped around the corner, this one as green as the dollar signs in his trainer’s eyes. Its cackle joined the woman’s in an awful chorus, causing another student who had been meandering unaware down the hallway toward them to glance up from the floor, spot the dreadful eyes peering at her, then promptly turn an about face and march off away. Whatever that was, she wasn’t remotely interested today.

“Heh heh heh!”

“Scy scy scy!”

“Krawsh krawsh krawsh!”

A third head - this one decidedly more blue than green - joined the pair turning the chortling Doduo into a crowing Dodrio. By now, any of those unfortunate enough to be entering the first year’s Advanced Ecology classroom would be subject to a rather unsettling ocular patdown by the clowns down the way. The thought was enough to spark another cough of guffaws from the goof troop.

“Heh heh -” THACK! “-OW!”

“Scy scy -” THACK! “-THER!”

“Krawsh krawsh -” THACK! “-HER?!”

As the knucklehead Cerberus collapsed in a pile of arms, wings, and other appendages, it was Kaori who first sat straight up, beat-up trucker hat in one gloved hand and rubbing her head with the other. She was dressed in her usual bright yellow trousers and tan tee. Her cheeks were puffed out in a pout as she regarded her attacker with wide brown puppy eyes. “Jerk! Asshole! Meanie!” she whined, soon joined by similar cries of protest from Champ and Goob as they also sat up, each nursing their own bumps given by the one before them, silencing as a large shadow began to cross over them.

Boss loomed large over the trio - while by all means the smallest of the lot in stature, his presence was overwhelming and the leak's even moreso. Kaori chuckled nervously as she glanced at her hooligan helpers. “Uhh heh heh…yeah, maybe Boss is right, gang, this ain’t no time to be fooling around.” she sighs, moving to her feet. As she does so, Champ shoots Boss a narrow look, but quickly withers under the oppressive Leer he receives in kind.

It’s only when the Heracross pops up beside the angry Farfetch’d that the bird’s nerve slips and the anger and irritation is replaced by panic and terror. There’s no time to escape as no sooner does he become aware of her before he’s pulled into a tight, crushing embrace, Goob rubbing her face affectionately against the feathers on his head.

Kaori watches it all with a fond grin before she glances conspiratorially around to see if anybody was paying too much attention. They weren’t. People were used to her…let’s call them antics at this point. Or at least warned to maybe stay clear of them if not. And the newbies…well, they were smart enough to get into Laventon, weren’t they? Surely they’d know better than to get involved with…whatever this was.

Once satisfied, Kaori squatted down on her haunches and clapped her hands together, before motioning toward the others. “Okay, okay, gather ‘round and pop a squat.” she urged the others as they formed their little huddle, Kaori and the bugs squatting while Boss stood full height, chest out. Arm on shoulder on one shoulder, wing on the other, a grinning Kaori cleared her throat before announcing the start of the first official, if not impromptu, meeting of the Laventon Institute Student Welcoming Committee!

“Alright gang, listen up!” she shouted, getting grunts from her bugs and a nod from the duck. “We all know why we’re here, right?” she asks, glancing from side to side. At their nods, she launched her arm in the vague direction of the classroom she had been staking out, extending a finger for emphasis. “Inside are a bunch of fresh, malleable minds, probably scared and overwhelmed at the ‘First Day of the Rest of Your Lives’” she monologues, mimicking the way her own greeter had phrased things at her own orientation and pausing to build anticipation. The bugs eat it up. Boss remains stoic as always. “So it’s up to us to make them feel at home! WE, THE LAVENTON INSTITUTE STUDENT WELCOMING COMMITTEE!” she shouts, thrusting up a fist. The bugs join her. Boss looks aside.

Another student watches on with mild curiosity and irritation. He’s heard the rumors of some bright yellow weirdo on campus, but this is his first time seeing it first hand. Somehow even weirder than they say. He hugs the wall, trying to quietly and stealthily pass by. Partway through, however, the menacing Farfetch’d makes eye contact and starts mean-mugging. The student takes the hint and moves along faster. Kaori remains oblivious to all of it as she continues on with her monologue.

“Remember, everybody has a job to do: Secretary Goob, Secretary Champ - you two are on cheer squad.” she states, answered with grunts and nods. “Vice-Chairman Boss, you’re with me: we’re handing out goodie bags.” Another nod, another grunt. “And most importantly…” she starts again, moving to her feet and turning around. “Secretary Buddy: how’re the balls?” she calls.

Down the hall perpendicular to the Advanced Ecology hall, a lone Paras stands next to a large burlap sack. He watches on with vacant eyes - not a damn thing going on behind them, let’s be honest - and a slack jawed grin. After several quiet moments, the Paras snaps off what can only be called a salute, gathering a chorus of admiring fawning from the rest of the crew. Even Boss watched on approvingly. Secretary Buddy was on Ball Duty, a task reserved for only the most reliable Committee Members. Who would be more fitting for that than the paragon of diligence himself?

With the roles assigned, the plan in place, and morale sufficiently raised, Kaori and co were good to go whenever. But not yet. She crossed over to the large window and peered out to the campus below, at the little people marching about like confused little ants trying to find their path. It was still too early. She needed to wait just a little longer, make sure there were no stragglers, then she’d begin her rounds. Starting with Jason’s class. Sweet Jason Yew. Surely he’d be kind enough to let her make her pitch…or lazy enough to not just throw her out. Right? Nah, he was a good guy. He liked fun, right? He’d definitely let give her a few minutes.

Probably. He’d probably give her a few minutes. Maybe. He might.

Could she bribe him? What kind of balls did he like? Uhh…

Oh. That reminded her.

Kaori pulled out her phone and navigated to her messages. It didn’t take long to find the thread she was looking for. Isaiah Akana. Kannyboy. As close to a regular as she got with the business. She scrolled back through the last few messages before composing a new one. After a few moments, she read over it again and grinned, biting down on her tongue.

Kaori blinked. Oops. Why did she do that? She hadn’t meant to hit send yet…right? Probably hit it by accident - she was wearing bulky gloves after all. She snorted a little laugh, debating leaving it as it was just to fuck with him. Ultimately she decided to add some context, having decided that maybe teasing her best customer was a less than stellar business decision. He provided the most thorough data. No reason to make that awkward…

She added a sticker and shot another message off to him before stowing her phone back in her pocket and slapping her cheeks. C’mon, Gingko, getcha head on straight.

With that settled, Kaori turned back to her crew. Boss watched as Champ and Goob started psyching each other up. Buddy grinned thoughtlessly at her. She grinned back, moving to join the smaller bug. She grabbed the sack and peered inside, looking over the balls in one final inspection to kill a little more time. There were no nerves in her gut, only excitement. Maybe it wasn't the wisest use of her rather limited free time. Maybe there were better, more efficient ways. But this one worked for her. It was her way. And that made it better.

She tightened her grip on the sack.


HA! You beat me to it - I was legit putting together a DM to ask if he'd be interested. Obviously down for it - it just makes sense. They're both seconds so I'd imagine that she'd shamelessly hound her own class about it first.

Offer stands for Willow and Yew too - if ya want a fancy ball, Kaori's woulda had you covered. Either custom-made specialty balls or artsy'd up cosmetics for their existing balls.

First years beware - she smells more customers.
second year stronk~
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